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Here is an episode of The Live Mana Podcast that I was featured on hosted by Joshua T Berglan. Joshua saw the Christ Consciousness video that I put together and was really moved and wanted to have me on to discuss my views in more detail. One of the reasons that I felt led to cover this topic is because we have so many people giving their opinion and speaking as experts on the subject of Christ Consciousness who dont even know or acknowledge Christ. We have people on the christian side demonizing everything that resembles anything spiritual and have given it over to the new age and then we have New Agers claiming Christ Consciousness who dont acknowledge Christ. This is the reason I felt led to give my take on the subject which in reality is a very biblical look on the subject. Christ consciousness is simply living with the same consciousness that Christ had. The renewed mind is perfect christ consciousness. Although there are varying levels of this and revelation plus experience leaves it as an ever expanding subject, Christ Consciousness begins with the renewed mind in Christ. I had a great time and it was a very genuine conversation. If you haven’t seen the Christ Consciousness video that I put together I will link it below. Be sure to check out Joshua T Berglan’s work further on the Live Mana Podcast. He hosts some really powerful and honest discussions.



Christ Consciousness Explained From A Biblical Perspective

Christ Consciousness Explained From A Biblical Perspective Who hath known the mind of the Lord that he may instruct him, but we have the mind of Christ. | 1 Corinthians 2:16 Christ Consciousness is simply the renewed mind in Christ. Christ consciousness is something that is attainable for every believer and is expected for us in our spiritual growth in walking with the holy spirit…

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[Applause] [Music] [Music] what’s up everybody this is gratitude unfiltered and you can’t see me I don’t know what’s going on with the light I’m just trying to find a different spot to do this and it’s good to see you guys I’m back and so yeah it’s just me now so it’s for the best and the again this show is gratitude unfiltered because we go places and talk about things that frankly are not for everybody and and it makes a little bit of people uncomfortable because I speak a truth that is well hard to digest for some one of those things as you guys know but that watched the show you know my beliefs you know that I am a follower of Christ and yet I’m welcoming and accepting of people of all belief systems what’s up Kimberly how are you thank you I have a different microphone so I don’t know how I sound or anything but what’s up Lauren Harris so I’m you know you guys know my belief systems and at the same time you guys know that I am welcoming to all beliefs I don’t care if you love somebody of the some same sex I don’t care if you’re Buddhist or atheist if you are Christ conscious I don’t really care I’m here to love I’m here to spread love and I’m here to show people that regardless of what you’ve done in your past regardless of the the crap that you’ve been through it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been to jail all the drugs you’ve done it doesn’t matter if you were abused if you were an abuser it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter if you have a disease you are welcome you are loved and you have the opportunity to use all of that stuff to be a blessing to other people and this show is gratitude unfiltered for the very reason that I’ve experienced most of those things and yet I live a very joyful happy life and I get to love a lot of people I get to relate to a lot of people and frankly not everyone’s gonna accept me but I ain’t trying to talk to you anyway so one of those things that I’m I’ve been I always die I love different viewpoints I love having my beliefs challenged I love expanding my consciousness in my beliefs because frankly we live in a big freaking universe and we live in a world where a lot of beliefs are challenged we question we judge we we have Wars based on religious beliefs and lately I’ve noticed there’s a really big new movement called Christ consciousness there’s the course of miracles book that that came in my lap on accident yeah I’m reading this book going oh my god this stuff is so profound yet at the same time you can do some research and it’s pretty controversial and people say that a borderline Satanism and I’ve never seen a video that was more open to beliefs of Christians yet aligning went with Crick Christ consciousness and showing how it blends together I’ve never seen anyone do it create a video quite like truth Zika who’s coming on our show he is has a massive YouTube following he’s an amazing podcast and he challenges people’s beliefs and sensibilities and I frankly everybody’s welcome on the show I don’t care what your belief system is hey Kimberly Julie good to see you Jamie good to see you guys so I’m open right now to having my mind expanded and my beliefs challenged and I want to see what this is all about it is an absolute honor that Derek ake a truth seeker is going to be on the show so ladies and gentlemen thought a further ado let’s bring Derek aka truth seeker to the show what in hey how’s it going good dude thank you so much for God your voice does sound good I so that really is your voice in the voiceover um which one no no that’s not as far as the intro that’s not me that’s somebody else doing the intro oh I’m talking about the video I discuss I’ve actually seen a lot of your videos but what drew me to you bro is the video that you did on Christ consciousness yeah well really quick for the Facebook audience what’s up Lotus good to see you what for the Facebook audience tell everybody about who you are first and foremost and what got you on this this movement movement of seeking truth oh man that’s a really long story but uh anyway you got time well it will impact whatever we can man the weird thing about those stories is you never know where to start like I’ve told those stories many times where I’ve come from what got me into it it’s a long story but you never know where to start man because like we can start from birth you know we can start from childhood and having supernatural encounters and we can talk about watching supernatural movies and things like that that kind of gets you into this type of understanding or whatever so I think a lot of that stuff kind of came into play for me and I’d really never know what where to start but um anyway I go by the name of true sigue on my esoteric spiritual hip-hop artists I have my own podcast the true seeker podcast if I was to give a quick rundown it’s really quick just so we can get into some juicy stuff which a lot of this stuff is juicy too but uh um you know came from a broken home man I was into you know you know I got into witchcraft and gangs and stuff like that at an early age mixing that stuff together witchcraft and gang activity that wasn’t a good concoction but I did it and ended up opening up some doors and portals to realms that I had no control over and I ended up getting maybe call it possessed or going schizophrenic had demons speaking to me and pulling me in and out of trances and I couldn’t control it it wasn’t fun it looks cool on TV but when you have it happening and you can’t control it not fun so that happened to me when I was like 16 I had been saved a few years before that filled with the Holy Spirit upon asking Jesus to come into my heart and cleanse me of my sins and Holy Spirit came in fire shaking crying beautifully encounter changed my life forever got into the witchcraft got into that stuff got in over my head goin schizophrenic going crazy cried out to God because I knew the peace and joy and love of the Holy Spirit that I had abandoned for about two years kind of out there playing in the world with that that was in September 7th of 2000 I came back to the Lord and I’ve been walking with him ever since got into the church started doing the the regular Christian experience prayer meetings Bible studies worship conferences you know I’m saying the whole nine yards and then fasting and praying but the more I started doing that taking it seriously seriously my my encounters begin to go deeper begin to look into other books that were taken out of the bible scriptures they say don’t worry about those scriptures nobody knows we’ll find out in heaven you know and really getting into some of the deep deeper things of the scriptures that’s where my heart was and God just beginning to take me deeper in the word through revelation and didn’t having experiences and uh in the spirit realm and prophetic movements and things like that and anyway so that kind of happened and it started changing my music because I was doing gospel rap so to be a psalmist or be a you know a writer or creator you gonna write about what you’re going through open and honest and I’m going through these things and I’m putting it in my music so I was a evangelist telling my story about how God saved me from witchcraft how God delivered me things like that going to churches wrapping to the use and telling my story for like 10 years and then started going deeper into angelology and writing that in my music and studying it and put it in my music and then having in counters with angels and encounters with lights in the sky and things like that man all of these crazy experiences man that I was like backing up with the scripture in it and the scripture begin to unfold for me man and become more real and heaven wasn’t this place you go when you I have been as a place like literally out there with the Angels travel back and forth to man so anyway my faith began to shake and build and well as I was open about this stuff it really wasn’t good in the church realm they really was like hey watch out be careful stay away from this guy that was about you know 2012 when all that stuff started happening mixing it with my music and doing podcasts talking about this type of stuff and so I really got blackballed from the majority of the churches that I once served at and things like that so um that happened that was 2012 it’s been a road ever since and it took me a while because I kept going back and forth like thinking that this was God and that’s not God okay this is God that’s not God gods in this he’s not in that in like this weird duality thing that almost drove me crazy and it’s driving a lot of people crazy right now going back and forth and hey that’s not God that maybe God you know all of this weird stuff and uh you know found out it was God calling me into these deeper realms man what we make some people would call mysticism or or whatever the case is or other religions or whatever the case is I’m just open to it all Christ is still my foundation and I’m just ready to explore and experience the depths of what God has man so I can appreciate that because I never considered blasphemous by churches yeah I think he just answered that Lord was asking have the churches plunge you at all for your beliefs oh yeah yeah definitely definitely you know you start being vocal about it and stuff like that I mean yeah it was it was hard you know cuz you know you’re hugged by the Brethren they greet you with a kiss I mean you know what I’m saying they tell you and if I’m talking to grown men on the phone that I’m in ministry with and they’re like I love you brother and usually when you talk to someone on the phone and say I love you you have to say I love you back and so for me to say I love you too like I had to really mean it you know what I’m saying so though those times kind of um stuck out to me man because I meant that I really would would die for these people you know I’m saying like this is the Brethren man and I would and to be blackballed and things like that because of of the beliefs and stuff like that I thought it would open up dialogue because that you know in the beginning I made sure that I improve everything with the scriptures got notebooks you know all the times the Bible talks about trans States Oh Ryan the pleiades the Stars meditation like all it like demons angels spirits all of this stuff I’ve got it all in my music and I’ve got I can prove it scripturally for the most part I thought it would open up dialogue but they didn’t want to hear you know so they’re not interested in conversation because they they lose control when they do that and coming threat yeah you see the Catholic Church modifying its stances on various issues over the years you got a question that right you have to ask why you have to ask what feels right to your spirit and I believe that like I’m a follower of Christ and for me it’s my walk it’s my relationship with Jesus that matters it’s not what the church says like I mean defending Muslims or mean defending Buddhists or anyone have a different belief system or someone that’s gay or transgendered or like my job on this planet is to love and I don’t necessarily if something doesn’t feel right in my spirit then it doesn’t feel right and I stand against it but if I feel right and aligned with it I I’m all for it now I want to get into this Christ consciousness stuff because man reading that book reading that books are there’s a dog back here the course of miracles really is it’s it’s like eye opening and at the same time going wait a second but Christ says the only way to the Father is by me but yet we have the Spirit in us and like why can’t like why can’t we bypass all that and go right to God why can’t we connect to the universe like and there’s all of these questions and they all seem to contradict each other and then you go do research on Facebook or not really do research on Facebook you do research in the Bible you do research on YouTube which can get confusing it seems to all contradict each other yet you come out and you kind of make sense of all of it can you give your stance on how Christianity Jesus in Christ consciousness morph together for me it was real simple you know there’s a I’ve got a kind of a responsibility as you do and contention somewhat we have all of these people out here talking about Christ consciousness yeah don’t know Christ they don’t know how you telling me about Christ consciousness you have no relationship with this Christ that the first of all that’s a contention it hold on we gotta straighten some things up we have to talk about this so for us just to be silent and watch the documentaries or watch the videos and things like that you know I feel like you know what I gotta kind of give my take on it which it honestly is a very biblical take this is a very simple take about renewing the mind and walking like Jesus walking in the in the same consciousness the mindset of Christ ie having the mind of Christ its Christ consciousness let’s unpack that what is that everything like everything is in there we’re learning new things the weird thing about it is when we’re looking into like other religions or esoteric documentaries or whatever the Lord pulls you to or wherever you happen to see a lot of times man that stuff helps you unpack even the Bible that’s the crazy thing I say up you know just the Bible that’s all I need is the Bible no outside sources no outside information and we’re trying to interpret the Bible with with the Bible but there’s other books Enoch you know what I’m saying there’s other books that were taken out why were they taken out what was in there and you start to unpack this stuff and it makes all of this other stuff make more sense man of why Jesus understood why was Jesus casting out spirits everywhere what you know what did he think spirits were how was he able to see them the Holy Spirit speaking to him audibly the Holy Spirit speaking to his spirit and they walk into a crowd of people and they know the thoughts of people well that sounds like empathy I have friends who aren’t Christian who who walk in that you know and you start learning these other things and for me I started just opening myself up and stop judging people according to the Bible or whatever as far as like if if you are Chris anyway whatever that means at this point are you a Christian yeah man I got a Bible okay you’re my friend you know how did the meet people who had the fruit of Christ men they were walking in Christ consciousness they had the fruits of the Holy Spirit which Jesus taught us how to judge people judging is is a good thing the Bible says a spiritual man judges all things but he says judged by the fruit and we’re able to tell the fruit of people and so when you’re hanging around with somebody around somebody for a certain period of time you better tell what type of person they are by partaking of their fruit that their deeds and their actions there’s fruits of the spirit there’s fruits of the flesh there’s things that people do when they don’t spend time with God or they don’t spend time with the holy spirit so all of that kind of fits in the Christ consciousness man all of this spirituality and who Jesus was and what he imparted to his disciples man it gets deep and and in every little my new piece of it its nonchalant but no it’s deep we can get as deep as we want you’re talking about hearing the voice to the Holy Spirit what does that sound like what does the voice of other spirits sound like are they petitioning me are they speaking through the television are they speaking through the Stars it gets into a whole bunch of stuff man and so we have these different examples in the scriptures of some really far-out stuff that was going on and it’s beautiful to me and it it’s uh it’s it’s engaging for me that’s what Christ consciousness is man walking into consciousness of Christ very simple but complex at the same time which is the entire entirety of the scriptures you know in life in general is that for you meaning that do you still pray to Christ or is it is it different or you’re taking on I mean because there’s there’s a lot of different views about what Christ consciousness is and it sounds like still your faith is in Jesus you’re pretty much you know what is really is a biblical perspective man it’s nothing extra biblical but as we explain it people would maybe think it was far out you know what I’m saying but no as far as when I pray I pray to the Father you know Jesus kind of bridged that gap between me and the father and I believe that and so he may he he made me write with the father and uh kind of tore down that veil in between that kind of made things blurry or made us have to go through a priest to go through anybody to get to God now we can go within the kingdom of heaven is within we go within and meet with the Father and Jesus gives us that right and teaches us how to do that and he did it so you know what I’m saying so I pray in his name I fellowship with the Holy Spirit I spend time and intimacy and prayer with the father very Christian most could if you’re not a if you’re not a Christian if you’re not doing that like that should be 101 so you know it’s it yeah I get called all kinds of things we were live a while ago doing a livestream we do healing sessions in prayer and stuff and somebody jumped in the chat was like hey what kind of what kind of chat is this man is this a prayer group somebody somebody said this is a Wicca group this is a Christian group this is that and everybody had something different to say and this is beautiful because that we just accept we accept everyone you know what I’m saying and and this Commission that to go out there and and share the love of God the love of Christ with these people you know basically what this really is for you is basically you’re taking this anointing with the blessings that God that God has given us all gifts but we all have a supernatural gift available to us in the more pure that we live the more righteously that we walk the more available these gifts are to us and you’re just essentially tapping in those spiritual gifts that have come through you through the Holy Spirit is this correct yep yeah yeah but they begin to unfold we’re told that they’re only this or like there’s different names and terms in the Bible we have the word of knowledge the word of faith the word of wisdom you know a lot of stuff really unpacking it points to ESP extrasensory perception is that they explain this stuff really good the feelings there’s like an overview in the Bible there is no in-depth training and hey do it like this when the voice speaks to you why the scripture says that the Spirit of the Prophet is subject unto the prophets there’s some weird stuff that goes on in the ethers there’s weird stuff that we pick up on and if you trust me there’s people in bad situations for going they’re pastors asking them what this dream mentor asking them what is this voice or what is this being that showed up in my room through all I was praying and this angel approached me oh there’s no such thing as angels hey there in heaven you know you’re getting all this weird information from people who have no idea what it’s with the spirit realm is you know what I’m saying so the spirit of the Prophet the Prophet is subject unto the Prophet and the church has really you know kind of dropped the ball in that area so they’ve run ran to the new age they’ve got the answers hey you want to know what that is we’ll tell you oh that we got the answers and so we have to as as believers as the body of Christ start asking the hard questions and answering the hard questions and guess what it’s not all demonic just because you don’t understand it just because you’ve never heard of it just because you was told it was evil it’s in demand it doesn’t mean that it is and we’re finding that out man and it’s beautiful so how do you fight off I would imagine with the work that you’re doing that you fight off a lot of you get a lot of spiritual attacks yeah how do you protect yours um it’s through release you know you try to just like daily walk in the spirit you know if you walk in the spirit you won’t fulfill the lust of the flesh and do the deeds of the flesh and the things that kind of bring you down and in and open you up to those attacks and so if you’re walking at a high level of you know vibration if we want to call it the lower level entities really don’t deal with you like that anymore when you start out they do like when I was in the woods craft and I had demons trying to pull me out my body and ugly demonic stuff and that was early on I’ve dealt with that most of my experiences in the spirit realm and meditation I haven’t been demons haven’t approached me in my sleep and all that kind of stuff it’s all been beautiful and whatever level that you’re vibrating on when you go into the astral realms when you meditate when you go to sleep at night when you dream when you get alone in your in your mind in your imagination that’s what you’re going to be entertaining those type of beings that you’ve been dealing with during the day so that’s like 101 and I kind of um I kind of coined this thing man because when I was coming out of witchcraft like really dark demonic witchcraft I called TBN I needed prayer right to pray with me on this on the prayer lines back in 98 and they gave me the scripture James 4:7 and so I do music and stuff and I sign all my CDs all my posters on my autographs I sign it with this scripture James 4:7 submit yourselves to God resist the devil and he will flee and that helped me man that was my go-to scripture I’m coming out of Satanism and witchcraft and demons and all this kind of stuff so I that was my Scripture so I’ve kind of adopted it as a formula for spiritual warfare because everything is God man all is God Lord is one everything everyone is in God we’re an expression of God we’re in the body of Christ were connected everything every single thing nothing is separate from God man submit yourself to God if you submit it in every single area of your life check yourself you know yourself if you got hidden sin if you got things that you haven’t been confessing whatever you got to confess it get it out there to the light don’t do anything in secret right submit yourself to God resist the devil if there’s some temptation if there’s things going on that you need to resist show a little bit of resistance so some type of resistance submit yourselves to God resist the devil and he will flee and I try I mean that’s that’s my motto and it’s it’s work and I help people it’s practical you know what I’m saying and as deep as deep as you want to make it but I really believe man and I mean and I do believe that you know some of those dark times in our lives were sent by God I think everything is God I thank God at this point that I went through that stuff that I had to fight those demons that I came through the other side and I got a story to tell and I got a passion in me about this stuff and I wouldn’t have it like the light is just as important as the darkness everybody wants to be in the light as he is in the light but until we are in in those times of darkness until we’re in in those Kate have those cave moments were running from the enemies we don’t a contrast of how beautiful and how marvelous that light is man so thank God for that contrast man I really do I love I love that because I’m able to look at all the dark extremely dark times in my life and I look at that now I was like that allows me to go to places that other people can’t go yeah because I’ve been through it I survived it I’ve been going through a well I kind of broken three free from them but about three weeks ago and previously before that I went through about two and a half weeks of just brutal spiritual attacks that were crippling yeah my sleep date like day mears nightmares night terrors anytime that it the it’s like the enemy had a chance to get at me he was coming at me and it was tough it was tough for the people around me it was tough for me it sucked but I had a really good friend and mentor Lauren Harris reach out to me and he is like that maybe the more the biggest blessings of your life that you went through that and in the first time that he went through it and I’m like now looking at him like yeah yeah it is because I was able to see some things that I hadn’t seen before and it gives me an ability to understand what suicide is like for people because I was like living it in my head and I was skiing in my and I’ve noticed that like I’m battle like my visions for other people are more accurate than my visions for myself all right I I really I’ve really tried to grow spiritually and over the last four months five months it’s started with removing sex it started with removing alcohol than removing cannabis and then it’s been the series of stuff and there’s spending more and more time with God to try to understand what is available because the more time I spend with God the more I notice how powerful these spiritual gifts that were all given are yeah so I really relating to what you’ve done what you’ve been through and it’s not they don’t necessarily parallel each other some of the same experiences but they’re close enough that like I feel you and I love what you’re doing I love what you’re up to I would like to ask you to man like what is your like this is kind of a broad question and it’s open-ended you can answer it however you want but what is your take on the I am but what do you think I am really me everything everything I am everything and you could break it down as intricate and and I had a buddy of mine he just sent me he sent me a banner I don’t know where my wife put it away I need it’s over there I’m not gonna get it anyway sent me a banner with all of the names of God what was seven of them seven of the names of God and uh and you have just you know saying jehova sholom jehova nissi jehova rapha jehova sic can do all of these Hebrew names and they mean different things or different aspects of the one God and even that word man I am okay we’ve heard it so much you know we sang about it in church you know he is the great I am but that word the Hebrew Ohia by Hashem you hire bahasa Mahalo I am that I am and it means I am that I am but it also means I will be whatsoever I will be so breaking down those names for me it’s like for me I didn’t have a father in my life well guess what I know God as my father do you need me to be your strong tower I’ll be your strong tower do you mean need me to be your defense do you need me to be your lover do you need me to be whatever this this is man whatever you need I got you I am that to you you didn’t have it you need it I’m there for you whatsoever those are just some but it gets broader you know the name of God or maybe even gets into me some of these other people experiencing God through other ways through other avenues because he is in there he’s he finds a way to meet us there no matter what we’re in man and in our darkness or whatever um the great Billy Graham man before he died he did a video some years ago you might have seen it but it was I think it was Robert Schuller he was doing at his church and he was talking about you know in the end times I don’t think we’re gonna see this big great revival of all the harvesters coming into the church I don’t think we’re gonna see that he says but I do believe that God has a people for his namesake he said they may be in other religions they may not even know Jesus they may have not even heard the name of Jesus but they’re his children and they’re called according to his purpose they may have not even heard that name this is the greatest evangelist of our day at the end of his ministry he’s run his races did his thing and at the end he’s like you know what God has people set up in all these places that you don’t even know and it’s kind of weird I’m just kind of kind of going back to that scripture where you know the prophets were we’re kind of getting weary they’re like man were the only ones living righteous man it’s just up saying nobody else doing this he’s I hold on and I got was at seven hundred seven thousand prophets who have not bowed their knee to bail and they’re standing strong and you’re like the only one no no no no I have way more people out there who were standing righteous and living boldly out there so it’s beautiful just to know that God is open and there’s so many more scriptures that God reveals himself through nature and through the sunrise and he writes his laws upon our hearts and it’s up to that consciousness and that conscious decision and Jim saying that we make and we know when we’re doing right or we know when we’re doing wrong because the Holy Spirit’s dealing with this that’s not just for Christians like that’s for everybody man everybody knows if you go into that store and you steal that piece of candy or whatever that kid you know you’re doing wrong man that’s the law of God written on your heart and we all have to deal with that law nobody’s exempt from that now there’s drugs and there’s different things and ideologies and stuff or you can kind of change that and try to silence that voice but it’s there that still that still small voice is there written on the heart of every individual man so it opens things up man I you know it’s funny you say that I don’t know why this triggered this memory but I remember when I was trying to stop using cocaine and I was not a I mean I had been to church and I tried to like connect to God and the Holy Spirit but I remember when I was bad cocaine addiction and I I remember this feeling the sick just awful feeling when I was fighting it like I wanted it and it was it was like my body was saying no no no no and I was ignoring it I was like pushing through this feeling and now what I recognized that feeling to be is that’s God telling me no mm-hmm and I ignored it for years and now that it’s like been the ultimate guide and I’m so thankful to recognize how God or the Holy Spirit communicates with me to tell me this doesn’t feel right this is it right by me this is not going to honor me this is not going to get you where you want to be I called you to do something specific do it and that doesn’t matter if it’s a business deal if it has to do with sex it has to do with the relationship like if it doesn’t feel right I recognize that feeling so much now that I don’t even screw with it like I just go okay you want that doughnut but okay everything and I’m the doughnuts a loose analogy by now yeah yeah like yeah that you only know and that was even before I was a believer but now that I walk daily and see Christ daily it’s a whole other experience for me you know take you to some really cool places man you’re talking about Halloween your destiny and the plans that God has for you that still that’s the Holy Spirit that’s still small voice that leads you and guide you learn that voice learn you know when it says do this don’t do that and just try it try it and you start seeing things happen see everything everything is connected and God’s got you is I want you doubted me do this go here listen that’s where the pieces man do that and everything everything falls into place that really does I love it let me ask you something what did you want to be when you were a kid probably a rapper you know rock and roll star yeah yeah well I want to do music I was just so connected to music yeah how do you stay inspired now man because you kind of like I get the impression I mean we this is the first time we’ve ever talked but just I’ve been kind of creeping around a little bit on you I love what you’re up to like how do you stay inspired what is it for you man it’s just the whole song and dance for me to keep me inspired and then to create encounter for people and the ways that I’ve encountered God all of them not some of them I’m open about it on the podcast and it just creates dialog and things like that but I love to see people come into relationship with God and have their minds blown and be embraced by the holy spirit for the first time or the first time in a long time or if you do it every day like come in encounter with God and man that that changed my life and I like to extend that out to people and it that never gets old I feel like there’s the eternal reward I get you know I’m saying monetary reward from my music and stuff but there’s something deeper in it you know I’m saying there’s something of eternal value that I know I’m storing up treasures in heaven when I do and in it’s fun man I enjoy it it’s hard it’s not always you know easy stuff man this is we’re living real life with people and that’s what it’s about man just the whole mystery and song and dance with God is just so beautiful you never know where he’s gonna take you it’s never over it’s never too late and it’s beyond our wildest dreams and for us to be able to kind of colabor with God and creating that and working with them instead of working against them like many of us have done for too long we’re working with God now okay God what do we do what are we saying what do we create you won’t do this okay let’s do it working with the king of the universe that created everything like how does that get boring so you know I’m saying there’s different ways to start your stuff up we get stagnant from time to time man we have to we do things if we don’t follow that voice when we go against it sometimes we got to pay for it you know four weeks of a dry season or mutton set times you know what I’m saying I hate that but we have to learn to kind of keep that fire lit man and keep kindling it and blowing on it and actually Fanning the flame like the Bible says the flame that’s within you I love I I’m so grateful that you came on today man and uh get tell everybody how they can find you totally man if you just go to goo typing truth seeker truth SEK aah whatever platform you’re into Facebook YouTube Spotify like music podcasts it’s everything’s out there I create content man I try to be open and honest about I love talking about this stuff man and uh you know so I’m on I’m on everything check out my podcast check out my music and that’s those two right there so oh man listen I am so grateful that you came on and yeah I’ll definitely keep watching your stuff I’m a fan poking around and I’ve just loved what I’m listening to and I love I love your spirit and what you’re up to man so thank you so much I think yeah thank you for having me brother I enjoyed this conversation and like I said I enjoy talking about this stuff and you are you being open to man sharing some of the weaknesses and stuff and like you can’t like we’ve been told in the churches for so long that you can’t show them that side hey you just he just mentioned he had a coke addiction you know that he mentioned that he struggles with that man you being open and honest about that stuff it’s it sets people free they’re like well he can do it he’ll say he did it I can do it and it lets them know that’s what testimonies about man sharing that testimony telling as many people as you can look this works hey that stuff it didn’t work don’t do it I want to do it anyway look look don’t do it it don’t work okay whatever but I’m letting you know don’t do it testimonies man they encourage people to what what God did for you he can also do for them yeah it’s so true and that’s why I do what I do and I do it on a Palo Jetta CLE I mean I talk a lot about much worse stuff than a coke addiction but uh it’s not to glamorize it like don’t have like some fun times but you know what it always led to destruction and a piece of my soul and and it took a lot of work I’ve been digging out of a giant casket freakin grave for a long time and even though I was set free the consequences of my pass and of ignoring my calling have been tough and but guess what I get to live enjoy every day because of what I’ve been set free from and that’s the point of what this show is all about this is why I love having people like you on because you you went there and and I’m grateful that you did and definitely a fan of yours and you guys check out truth seeker aka Derek Cross Kurth gross card sorry and you’re a blessing brother all I’ll see I’ll be in touch hey man thank you so much god bless you man so long oh thank you Trucy to everybody that dude rules you guys have to check out like his YouTube his podcast he’s doing it he does amazing work and you know we have to regardless of what your belief systems are you’ve got to challenge your beliefs because if you don’t challenge your grit believes you can’t stretch your faith and if you can’t stretch your faith you can’t grow and sometimes we have to we get to take risk sometimes we we can take on challenges sometimes we can fight for you know that we can fight against God we can challenge God and I think that’s okay I don’t think we have to be you know I don’t think we just have to accept everything that’s presented to us you know like I mean I have my freaking my freakin beliefs challenged every day it seems I mean and every day my faith is just getting twisted or it’s spun on its head and it’s not always easy but we get to you know ask questions and have our sensibilities challenged and I think one of the best things for me in my beliefs in my my belief that the Holy Spirit is in me is that if something’s not right for me then I know it I don’t need some preacher to tell me that something’s right or wrong I can feel it in my spirit I know so it’s okay for you to challenge your beliefs it’s okay for you to question God or for you to say this preacher is telling me this or this teacher is telling me this this mentor is telling me this but how does this feel to me how is this right for me God is this the right thing for me is this the right decision I think God answers those questions faster than he does your requests for a million dollars it just do and this is why I wanted him on because he had a very powerful video I brought up Christ consciousness the other day and and and a lot of people freaked out like oh my god this guy’s the dead like it’s the devil well it depends on which interpretation that you’re reading and and it’s interesting to have that belief but I’m thankful to have that relationship with Christ that I have because I get to ask these questions and not feel guilty about it I get my faith strength strengthened from it and and I get to to do to to walk in peace because when something’s right in my spirit I have peace about it that’s kind of Awesome that’s the whole point of having a relationship with Christ I believe and that’s it you know and none of us are gonna be perfect none of us are none of us are gonna make the right decision sometimes that we we think something’s of God and then we get quickly corrected it like no dummy that wasn’t me it happens and you know but I’m all for challenging my faith I’m all for challenging normal sensibilities I’m all for challenging everything because I know that right or wrong where consequence or not I’m gonna learn and I’m gonna grow and because of that it’s going to make my faith stronger because the one thing that’s undeniable is my my faith in that Jesus saved me from a life of misery and sin and brokenness and hurt and and and misery and doubt and and self-hate and self-harm and harming others in and so on but I’m also still going to question everything and along the way I noticed that God loves to answer me in his own little unique ways and I think that’s pretty special and I think that it’s pretty special because it’s available to everyone it’s available to everyone so I’m really thankful the truth seeker came on you guys should definitely check him out I appreciate everyone watching the show is we’re gonna start adding more guests gonna be doing more interviews morning gratitude is back and it’s gonna be on a regular basis morning gratitude is going to be an extension of my quiet time and as if you’ve if you’ve watched me on any gratitude unfiltered or morning gratitude over the last year and several months you’ll notice that the show goes how my mood goes but I’m always going to be authentic and real and vulnerable and I’m gonna express myself how I see fit and how I feel led to because I pray the same prayer before I walk onstage and pray the same prayer before I’m all guest on someone’s show I was on a radio show today that was a lot of fun I don’t prepare I asked the Holy Spirit to speak through me so whatever comes out of my mouth comes out of my mouth and sometimes it’s gonna offend some people and and that’s okay I’m gonna but I’m always gonna speak my truth and and and and it’s not always gonna be comfortable and it’s not always gonna make people happy and it’s not always gonna win over people but I’m not trying to live for anybody else I did that for 30 on 39 even after I gave my life to Christ I don’t think I had it figured out I’m still trying to please people I’m trying to make people happy and trying to fit in but I don’t care like I don’t care I I care what Christ says about me I care what God says about me I care about what I’m called to do way more than I care about pleasing any man because I can’t do it I’m tired of trying and and you know the calling on my life and I don’t know I’m gonna just talk off the top of my head here for a second but I you know I don’t know if before we’re born we choose what happens to us I don’t know that like there’s a belief system out there that that we choose our trauma before we’re even born and I’m thinking why the hell would I choose what I that why would I choose yet at the same time thinking about every one of those things it’s also the very thing that brings me the most joy but why would I choose that I don’t know that’s an interesting belief system but I’m gonna convince myself that speaking about the things that I talk about the way that I talk about them is is is it’s it’s not meant for everyone it’s not gonna end up on ABC Family Channel it’s not gonna end up on 92.3 FM it’s not gonna end up on any of that stuff my content is not gonna be for everybody but but there’s a population out there that it’s for and there’s people out there they’re struggling really really bad and they’re in their living secrets and you know I don’t know what’s more dangerous you know you know physically trying to hurt yourself or keeping secrets and living in shadows I was playing tool 46 and 2 and you know it talks about my shadow my shadow you know my shadow has a name then trying to kill that freakin shadow for a long time and he wants to stick around and sometimes it’s like other people bring my shadow to me but this is why I put the light on it you know when I relapse several months ago and went off the deep end I promised I made a declaration I swore I swore on my faith I swore that I from now on I’m going to put a spotlight on my shadow I’m gonna chase that stupid shadow around with a spotlight and I’m going to expose everything that goes on because I know if I go back to my shadow undead I’m not saying that to make you warm and fuzzy I’m saying that because it’s true it’s not easy being in my life it’s not easy being associated with me it’s not easy to associate your name with me and what I do and what I talk about the people that choose to be in my life god bless him but this is who I am this is what I’m gonna do I’m not gonna apologize for it because I am I know the assignment of my life doesn’t mean that I’m better I’m not better than anybody else it just means that I’ve accepted my role in this world I’ve accepted what Christ has called me to do and I’m gonna do it on apologetically the part of the only way to keep me safe the only way to keep people close to me safe like people worry about people safety that’s around me I’m freakin harmless I’m harmless as long as I’m putting a light on my shadow I’m harmless it’s when I let my shadow eat me I go hide in my little shadow it’s when that happens that you do need to be worried I’m not going to hide in my shadow anymore I made that promise months ago after a relapse that almost took my life again I don’t think people really understand what it’s like to almost die multiple times or to go into something with the intention of not waking up that’s scary that’s horrific that’s not fun that’s not light that’s not purposeful that’s letting the devil win I’m not letting the devil win so that’s why that’s why I talk these things it’s not the freakin scare anybody because it’s real life and I know I’m not the only one it doesn’t matter if you’re a gang member it doesn’t matter if you’re a drug dealer it doesn’t matter if you’re a murderer it doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO it doesn’t matter if you’re a postal worker you know what the demons are real and in in people and the shadows are real and in some people to live those double lives triple lives there’s people out there right now that are watching the show hi Nicole and April by the way I’m good to see you guys there’s people out here right now Aaron amber thank you the there are people out here right now that’s watching that were molested as a little boy or little girl by somebody of the same sex or somebody of the opposite sense and it warped it warped their Sensibility it warped their ability to understand what a healthy relationship is it run their ability to know what healthy sex is it run their ability a run their maybe even run their identity of knowing if they were gay or straight or bisexual or what there’s people out there right now that is living a double life there’s people out there right now that are going on apps looking for sex outside of their marriage or outside of their relationships they’re doing that right now because it’s feeding something inside them that is hurting but it’s like scratching that itch going down that path going into that darkness and that shadows it’s like it’s the only thing that’s making that person feel safe because that’s how the enemy lies to you I know this because I did it for most of my life and I would use drugs that would you I would find comfort and safety in cocaine and methane and feta means and whatever a ketamine and like whatever else I could get my hands on to dull the the noise in my head the monsters that were there there’s people that are doing that and they’re hurting themselves that they’re hurting the people that are close to them the most because they don’t feel safe to put a light on their shadow and if I don’t do this the way that I do it when no one else is willing to do it that means there’s people out there right now that are hurting there’s someone that’s listening to this podcast or someone that’s watching right now there’s somebody watching on YouTube there’s somebody listening on I Heart Radio or Spotify or stitcher or tune in or freaking Facebook right now there’s someone right now thank you for sharing there’s someone right now that’s watching this that is being hurt by someone in their life that’s living a double life there’s someone out there that’s covering up for somebody that in their life because they think that they have to protect them and by protecting that person they’re hurting themselves and then it’s affecting how they’re showing up for their children I know this because I was that person years ago is that person I just have the balls to talk about it now there’s someone out there right now that is seeking ways to escape and they’re doing it through some horrific ways and in it and it’s it’s a very dangerous path to walk on and it only causes harm and heartbreak and it’s really really sad and the problem is that if someone doesn’t talk about it then it’s gonna remain a secret and more and more people are gonna get hurt so why the calling on my life is to wreck any chance I have of ever getting a normal job or having a normal life where the person in my life that chooses to be in my life is comfortable with you know accepting me for what I feel called to do like I don’t know I didn’t want to do any of this stuff but I also didn’t expect God to spare my life and he did so this is the calling on my life and it makes people uncomfortable especially you know and get married and and and and there’s a good portion of the people in her life that think I’m crazy maybe it’s crazy to talk about these things but you know what crazy is what changes things crazy is what sets people free crazy which is what changes the world following the herd and doing what everyone else says doesn’t change shit sorry doesn’t I’m here to shake things up a little bit I’m here to talk about things that other people won’t talk about because I know someone’s hurting and I know what it’s like to really hurt really hurt and it wants up to really hurt people that don’t deserve to be hurt because I was hurt that bad I don’t want any more people to be hurt so if I talk about it maybe somebody else would get the kerbs to talk about it and then they’ll inspire someone else to talk about it because they deliver the message a little bit softer than I do like I haven’t perfected the way to talk about these things haven’t mastered it okay like I think I’m scratching the new surface here forgive me for not being the perfect speaker about these things but I’m just talking as authentically and real as possible because without doing it like I want to give someone else the courage to talk about it because if I give the courage someone else to talk about it then they’re gonna understand maybe I can say it this way and this is my truth and then they then that other person hears it in such a way that it inspires them to talk about it and then it starts this ripple effect of setting people free to me that sounds like a better life than anything else I could do so even if I lose everybody close to me in my life and doing so so be it this is what I feel peace about doing this is what makes me this is what makes me feel joy and this is what gives purpose to them otherwise a life that would make me want to put a bullet in my head this is what keeps me sane is what gives me purpose even if it isolates me from the rest of the world have a good night

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