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In this episode of the TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Mark Gober about his new book on how Consciousness Creates All Material Reality.“Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.” “The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.” | Eckhart Tolle Consciousness is the state of being and furthermore the awareness of that being whether it be Spirit, Soul, Mind, or Body. It is believed that we are not the body but a spirit having a human experience within the body. Becoming conscious of the thoughts that we have in our minds day-to-day we can see how we too play a role in creating the life that we want for ourselves. One may ease through life almost as a passenger with their settings on default when we become conscious of the thoughts we think we can see that they have the ability to shape our day and in turn shape our life. There is no power in yesterday and no hope in tomorrow unless we embrace the NOW moment. This is what many of the philosophers and religious leaders have been trying to teach us from the beginning, there is no such things as time, only the NOW moment. It is within this moment that everything resides, from making plans, decisions, inward reflection and meditation all come out of focusing on the now moment and embracing the power thereof. The NOW moment is the place inbetween breathes, yet we can use our breathing to become aware of it. It is the place between the thoughts, yet we can use meditation to interact with it. Unlocking the power of the NOW conscious moment unleashes the power for one to take their life back into their own hands and embrace their destiny. It gives the practitioner a timeframe from whence they are to start their tasks. NOW.

“Sow a thought and you reap an action; sow an act and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a destiny.”

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affects us how we can affect it does it come from the brain all of these cool questions and how it interacts with us in our day to day life so got a exciting show lined up for you guys wanna say a quick thank you to all the people who are supporting my work via patreon I would not be able to do this without your help so again thank you guys from the bottom of my heart gonna give a quick shout out to some of the latest patrons that we have within the last week or so first person just come across my stream this morning Herbert Gibson 2/3 which is my brother so shout out to my brother herb Gibson for coming on via patreon supporting my work shout out to him so I think it would be a really cool podcast to do to actually get him on here he’s got some crazy stories as well so shout out to my brother herb Gibson Lewis canal revolution shout out to you thank you for coming on believing in my work and let’s see Dale rake Lewis a Videla thank you guys for coming on become my patrons thank you 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for having me oh man thank you for coming on so we’re gonna be talking about consciousness what is it and I’ve listened to some of your past episodes especially the one with our mutual friend it was really good so I kind of I kind of got some ideas about some things I want to ask you and about death consciousness life you know all of these things kind of work together so we’re gonna get into some good discussion about your new book so if you want to I guess a good place to start would be just to kind of give the people a little bit of background about you your work and what you bring to the table we’ll start there yeah that sounds good so as you mentioned I have a recent book that came out in October it’s called an end to upside-down thinking and the subtitle is dispelling the myth that the brain produces consciousness and the implications for everyday life and we’ll talk about the details of the book soon but when I tell people about my book I’m usually asked what I do and whether I work in science or philosophy or something like that and people are often surprised to hear that I actually work in business so I’m a partner at a firm in Silicon Valley called Sherpa technology group we advise technology businesses on their strategy prior to that I worked in Investment Banking with UBS in New York one of the large global investment banks I was actually there during the financial crisis so from 2008 to 2010 is when I was in New York working with many of the very companies that were having financial struggles we were advising them so that was an interesting period and prior to that I graduated from Princeton University where I was captain in the tennis team so most of my life has been focused on athletics and business and it’s only been within the last two years or so that I became really interested in consciousness it wasn’t a planned thing it was I heard some podcast two years ago that really piqued my interest a bit and then I started to look into it a bit more and I heard about things that just didn’t really make sense according to the mainstream views saw that there was some science that backed it and a lot of science like from the US government from Princeton from University of Virginia and it really shifted my worldview 180 degrees so after researching for a full year I decided to put my thoughts on paper into a book prior to that I had no plans on writing a book it was all just personal interest because I wanted to know and that’s the book that is now out so whenever we hear the term consciousness a lot of different people obviously say a lot of different things what it is where it comes from things like that I just put out a little video about Christ consciousness right so it’s kind of a buzzword in this spiritual and in the philosophical communities consciousness what is it so from from your perspective what is consciousness that term in general so I think we try to use human language to define something that might actually not have limits to it so there there’s the minute we use language we are limiting something that’s not limited so I’ll give that caveat but the way I think about consciousness from a just a day-to-day everyday experience perspective is that you and I are having a conversation right now we’re both aware your listeners they’re aware right now what is that awareness it’s a subjective inner experience so when you say I am speaking that I that identity that’s what I mean by consciousness so it’s is it similar to the soul or the spirit of a person the you that’s behind the glasses or whatever or eyelids yeah so I typically don’t use the word soul because people have different definitions for it but the way I think about it and people can relate it to their own definitions if they want but it’s it’s the experiencer of my life like that which is witnessing my life that is always there experiencing it that’s my consciousness and it’s kind of this intangible thing that’s always there witnessing and it’s kind of untouched by whatever happens in the world but it is there experiencing the life of Mark for example does that make sense yeah we were talking about just just the other day in our school as a mystic sessions this this weird deja vu moments where I used to kind of be like on autopilot at work and I’m carrying car parts into a business and bringing them their stuff and signing paperwork and getting my truck and good and going on their route and then there’s this weird feeling that you get is like you’re kind of experiencing it backwards like it’s almost like the body is on autopilot like what am I doing here lifting these things and how did I sign up for this and it only lasts for a few seconds or a minute but you’re like what am i doing and how did I get here maybe similar to you know when you had that commute to and from work that you know seven miles have passed you’ve just been somewhere else and your body kind of takes over is that is that our consciousness becoming aware of itself what is that phenomenon and how does that relate to consciousness it’s a really important one I we’re kind of skipping to the end of the conclusions that I end up getting to and I have a feeling we have similar perspectives but it’s when we think about our consciousness as our identity like that sense of being and kind of witnessing our the life of our body it’s a it’s a recontextualizing of what we’re kind of taught we’re taught that we are a body and that our consciousness comes out of our body through a brain it’s just a bunch of chemicals and your consciousness comes out but what you were just describing what I think is more likely the case is that our consciousness is our identity and that our body is that which is experienced by consciousness so when you think when you were in that state of mind you were kind of experiencing that firsthand where the body was within your own consciousness and you were really I sound like you were identifying with your true identity as consciousness rather than as the body I know it would just open up for more questions and we just we’re just gonna dig deep I guess but um is that singular is there a collective consciousness is it mi the individual experiencing itself the way I think about it is that there is one big consciousness that is the basis of all physical reality and that each of us is an expression of that one consciousness yeah so for example the famous physicist Erwin Schrodinger he’s famous for Schrodinger’s cat in quantum physics he said in truth there is only one mind and that’s the same notion that there is it there’s kind of one consciousness that we are experiencing through a – through different bodies so each body is like the lens of experience and there there’s an analogy I like from dr. bernardo castro was a philosopher in this area and he he says imagine that reality is like a stream of water where water represents consciousness so consciousness is in this big kind of infinite stream and each of us as an individual we’re like whirlpools within that stream meaning that we’re made of water were made of consciousness but we have an individual localized experience so it seems like there’s only my mind in your mind but at the core level we’re connected at the level of our overall consciousness of the broader stream we get into a lot of spirituality spiritual talk we talk about discerning spirits and being able to walk in empathy being able to feel what other people are going to through being intuitive and things like that and it would make sense if we are all connected this way through consciousness if we’re all just this what we like to say you know I’m saying God experiencing itself through variances that people are having if we are there with that yeah totally and a lot of my book is is looking at the science that shows that those effects are real yeah and there’s a phenomenon in quantum physics which is a really important one it’s it’s one that we don’t see with our eyes on a day-to-day basis but it’s been proven for years and years so it’s known as entanglement which is the idea that when you have two particles these are like physical things ones here one’s really far away somewhere yeah when you affect one the other one that’s far away is affected at the exact same instance there’s a correlated change one is mirroring the other and there’s no time lag so that is suggesting that there’s some kind of interconnectedness between at least our physical reality and these are things that are total I’m blowing because our mind our limited human brain can only like kind of conceptualize so much and even Albert Einstein had a hard time with this he called it spooky action at a distance because there was this instantaneous thing going on whereas he thought the speed of light which is really fast but not instantaneous he thought that was the fastest than anything can go so he tried to disprove it and ended up only further proving that it’s real so we have this underlying entanglement in our reality and there have been many scientists like dr. Dean Radin at the Institute of noetic Sciences he wrote a whole book called entangled Minds which gets to your very point of is there something connecting all of us when we feel an intuition about a loved one from far away and we know something’s going on we all kind of had these experiences sometimes and there might be science to back it up I dealing with that with the consciousness what happens when or what you think happens when our life is over here on the earth and we’re not conscious of this realm anymore the way that we see it now those or saying the way we know it now yeah well I think the best evidence we have for what what happens and maybe those other realms is from the near-death experience phenomenon and this is something that I before getting into my research I would have said well isn’t the near-death experience just a hallucination that the brain creates because before you’re about to die your brain releases chemicals and you kind of hallucinate to make yourself feel better before you die yeah that’s what I would have thought but when I got into the actual science of it there’s it’s these experiences of people till they talk about unconditional love they talk about hovering over their body so their consciousness is like not even in their body and they’re seeing things in the room that we’re later verified as being accurate people talk about having a life review where they’re reviewing their whole life and judging themselves for how they treated people and in some cases they experience that life review through the eyes of the people that they affected during their life and they’re feeling the feelings that they caused for those people so these are the things that are happening in this other realm or maybe other dimensions or something and then they typically come back in their body so we’re cut off as to what we can see but for me the reason I think that those are real things and not hallucinations is that these experiences are occurring sometimes in people who have such extreme physiological trauma like they’re in cardiac arrest there’s no blood flowing to their brain their heart stopped and yet they’re having these lucid experiences where they’re hovering over their body and they see things in the room that are later verified as being accurate and there are a number of scientists who have studied this for example cardiologist dr. PIM van Lommel he has a famous article in The Lancet Journal for your listeners who are interested in that you can google it The Lancet dr. PIM van Lommel another one dr. Sam par Nia in 2014 had an article in resuscitation journal where he talked about one of these people who had cardiac arrest and yet remembered things in the room that were time-stamped at the time when his brain was off so again that these things suggest to me that the consciousness is not tied to the body and what happens to us after we die we had these little hints about what happened soon after death but beyond that it becomes really an inference yes with consciousness not being a part of the brain right and almost like the brain is kind of like just how we interpret these you know I’m saying this experience here on earth it kind of messes with me a little bit to think about deep right these little dings you know I’m saying that that kind of they kind of hang you up but it kind of mess with me a little bit to think about dementia and Alzheimer’s right if consciousness is not dealing with the brain and what we’ve experienced what we can communicate and stuff it just seems kind of weird to feel like that consciousness is dimmed or can’t express itself the way it wants to almost like the person is fully aware or maybe the body or brain is not letting them be aware and it’s just this weird thing to think that when you pass that person who has Alzheimer’s or dementia or they’re not really there anymore that death is in it almost like an um escape or release that oh now I can express myself in this other realm or other reality you know what I’m saying it’s almost like that light has been dimmed but death is gonna be a like a release to experience it so to kind of you know I’m saying link the two there for me it’s hard to unlink them that consciousness has to deal with the brain and when the brain gets damaged and we go through things and then it’s over versus like there’s gonna be something totally new once you you know cross over or whatever the case is does that make sense at all yeah I’m glad there are a few points that you race that are really important one is is the connection between the brain and consciousness it’s important that we establish that I’m not arguing that the brain has nothing to do with our conscious experience and that’s not what many of these scientists are arguing either what what the argument is is that the brain is more like an antenna it’s a very broad metaphor so when the antenna is broken or the antenna is damaged or it’s reconfigured than the conscious experience that the person has is going to be different it’s like the signal the consciousness itself is untouched but the lens of experience has changed so when you have someone with Alzheimer’s or some or brain damage they’re going to have a different experience but their consciousness itself has not been altered and to your point about well what happens when the body dies and the consciousness is sort of let free this is what people talk about in their near-death experience is that their body is almost a limiter it’s like a filtering mechanism and when they’re out of their body their consciousness is more free to act it’s they talk about it as being a liberating experience that’s d-man because you’re talking about the brain being an antenna so where is this consciousness is it in the body is it in the brain is it in the third eye like where is the consciousness because there’s all of these these deep theories from different religions Christianity touches on it a little bit the Greeks talked about it but they talked their description about Buddha says we’re seated in heavenly places with Christ right and it’s almost like there’s this avatar state in these higher realms these higher dimensions the Greeks believed that we were with the planets and things like that and you’re talking about that consciousness being beamed down almost into the BA you have the term of the higher-self like that like it resides somewhere else the brain being an antenna where is the consciousness or where is the the spirit is it in this meatsuit or is it somewhere else and we’re like animating it almost like the matrix or something well the way i think about that question you know it’s a good question but the way i think about it as a consciousness that everything is consciousness the entire physical realm is an experience within this one mind consciousness and even max plunk the famous physicists nobel prize winner he said I regard consciousness as fundamental and I regard matter as derivative from consciousness in other words this whole physical world is like an emergence within consciousness so where do I think consciousness is I think it’s everywhere and everything but then another question that you’re alluding to is well how is the body interacting with this that is a really good question and I don’t think it’s well understood yet because most scientists are thinking about the brain as being the producer of consciousness they’re not yet looking at it most of them as the receiver or the filter so we don’t fully know exactly what the relationship is but I want to give a few examples to that might that might give hints one is with organ transplant donations we find that when people take an organ from somebody else that they end up sometimes taking on the person’s memories and even personality traits yeah right so it’s like well I mean if that’s the case then is all of our consciousness just in our brain even if our brains the receiver so I’ll give an example that I talked about in my book it’s from a book called the Hearts code by Paul Pierce all where a little girl I don’t think she’s named in the book but we’ll call her Sara she got the heart from another girl named Jane okay and then Sara starts having nightmares at night where she feels like she’s being murdered by somebody and her mother takes her to a psychiatrist they find out that the heart that she got was from a little girl from Jane who had been murdered so Sara’s having nightmares and she’s having very vivid descriptions and her psychiatrist says well why don’t you just start telling me about this person that murdered that you’re having dreams about and ultimately the description was so detailed that they were able to give the descriptions to detectives and they found the person that murdered Jane the one who originally had the heart that’s pretty miraculous that’s that memories like that could potentially be transferred through another organ number one and it’s also not the brain so we’re raises questions what else in our body is kind of picking up as an antenna for our consciousness and for our memories and emotions there’s a scripture in the Bible that talks about like if we if we believe in our hearts or in our minds mind’s eye for any we confess with our mouth it’s like believing it’s like bringing that awareness to like this now moment we look at Eckhart Tolle who’s like a millionaire off of teaching people to bring their conscious awareness to this moment right now that there is no past present future like everything is in the now moment it’s all we have that’s all we ever will have and there’s so much power in that with planning creating a life that you want for yourself your goals your future um to actually write them down and things like that to bring that conscious awareness to the now moment and I find a lot of power in that is are you touching on things like that because we’re talking about the consciousness the awareness and then the title of your book is talking about thinking so thinking has to come and play it’s not just about this you know crazy spiritual consciousness awareness stuff but about using your brain and come into that now moment I’m saying for me that’s there’s so much power we look at as far as meditation and all of the things with that and how that’s used in a positive way to set goals for yourself and stuff so what does it come in like the thoughts that we’re thinking the things that we’re entertaining into your conscious awareness were like where’s the power in that with changing our life or whatever yeah well you raised a question about time at the core and that’s an issue that I get into and as I mentioned I think about consciousness as being the basis of the physical reality and even further than that consciousness is beyond all space and time so the way that we perceive time as a linear thing there was a path there’s a present there’s a future this is a really important topic and this is what I think Eckhart is is getting at is there first of all we cannot prove that there is a past so if I think about something that happened five minutes ago that is memory that occurs right now anything that happened in the past allegedly is an inference based on my memory that is occurring right now so the entire past that I could ever think of is occurring now in my mind and the same that goes to the future any future event that’s hypothetical it’s a thought that occurs right now so just conceptually time is maybe not what it appears to be we interpret things as being sequential that’s an interpretation that it’s so ingrained in society that it’s past present future but when we look at things like physics again Albert Einstein relativity this is very well proven time goes faster or slower depending on how fast you’re moving and we don’t experience it on a day-to-day basis because we’re all moving at roughly the same speeds but when you start moving really really fast in the galaxies time slows down relative to other people who are stationary so at the very least time is not fixed it’s relative depending on your speed so that’s a big deal because that’s not that’s a totally counterintuitive and it suggests that maybe it’s not what we think it is further than that I talked about a phenomenon in my book called precognition which is where we know the future before the future happens and actually some studies have been done and these have been done by many credible people like dr. Daryl BEM from Cornell University and a bunch of other scientists where the body is reacting to a picture that randomly comes up on a computer screen seconds before the picture is shown and no the person doesn’t even know what kind of picture it’s going to be sometimes it’s in a rousing picture like a violent image or something that’s erotic sometimes it’s like a mountain or something peaceful and yet the body is responding in a corresponding direction before the picture shown so it’s as if the future is impacting our past it’s a retro causality which totally is mind-blowing if that’s a real thing if that’s what the statistics seem to keep continue showing so this is all tier and original point about what is the now what’s the power in the now I think we it can be very helpful to appreciate what you said which is that all that is really occurring is this very instant and to get into that rather than letting our thoughts go too much into the past and too much into the future that can be the key to being present and to probably living a happier and more peaceful life yeah now that we know that or we can live our life like that’s true right if I mean it’s a good place to start something to try how do we bring that stuff into the now moment are there meditation techniques – have you experienced this with your own life being successful things like that creating your book you know what I’m saying was there any of that stuff I’m sure as you were you know I’m saying researching that stuff they were maybe some techniques mindfulness things like that that you could apply to your life to create the life that you want for yourself does that come into play with your thinking awareness consciousness and things like that yeah totally totally I’ve come across a lot of methods and for for everyone I think it’s different some people have just had different preferences for what works for them so really it’s whatever works for you for me what is always helpful is to kind of come back to this reality that I’ve now come to appreciate which is that my identity is not tied to my physical body rather it is the witness of my experience so sometimes if I’ll get stressed about something I’ll snap out of it and say wait I’m the witness to this experience yeah and that that’s a governmental yourself from the city from the whole situation like yeah I’m not doing it no more yeah right right I’m experiencing it but I’m the untouched witness by that so that isn’t a form of presence the minute you do that I mean Eckhart when he talks about presence I think he said something to the effect of one one conscious breath brink can bring you to the present and that could be enough to snap one out of if you go into an anxious phase you just take a breath and you’re there and at least restart the clock a little bit so I think it’s those instances while we’re in our day-to-day lives because it’s it’s somewhat easy to go on a meditation app or go on a meditation retreat and focus your time then but to do it in practice while you’re living in your everyday life that to me is the hardest thing especially after years of training and thinking that life was different it’s like an unwinding of whatever I used to think and I have to consistently and constantly bring myself back to the president say wait a second I’m the witness here no matter what’s going on or how stressed I am because of what’s happening in my life I am experiencing the body of mark but I am NOT tied to that so come back to be witness and then usually that will calm things down um as far as creating the life that you want enough I’ve had to do that the last two years or so three years maybe just being conscious of it and trying some of this stuff out and there were some times in meditation and on psychedelic adventures and things like that that I was kind of shown what I needed to do with my life and actually how to do it and there’s always we like to project our consciousness outside of ourselves as far as like one day I’m going to be this so one day I’m going to do that and we’re talking about time and we’re talking about this person that we see ourselves being or becoming in the future there was this huge revelation that shifted everything for me when I would see myself like that I want to do a podcast I want to be a healer I want to do this and this was things that it was outside of me like one day I may get the opportunity but understanding that I’m those things already reside within me I already am those things because I want to be them they’re already a part of me so it’s not one day I’m going to become this and and it was shown to me through revelation of life different ways in my life that I art that I was already achieving this stuff in small ways so looking at those things that we want to do the people that we want to become maybe I mean it probably works for everything if you need a spout you want a spouse in your life like that person is already connected to you somewhere so it’s just like I know there’s a gap there the things that are not as though they were like how do we kind of reel those things in but for me it was to see them not separate from myself or cease them something outside of myself that I need to try to obtain that it was already within and that we can go within through the conscious breathing through the breath or to bringing the awareness to the now moment now have you had any experience with that because we’re talking about Tom doesn’t exist the future doesn’t exist that is just a thought or an idea but you created it and it’s within you but you can pull it into your reality yeah I mean for me I guess my personal journey is maybe the best example where two years ago I just started learning about these phenomena Here I am with the book that’s out I had no plans of writing a book but I got really interested in it and then when I told friends about the research I was doing and their most of my friend just because of where I’ve grown up and what things I’ve done there from the business world so when I talk about things like psychic abilities and near-death experiences and start telling them the science there’s they say I’ve never heard of this before but this is totally Rock world-changing stuff and for a lot of people that I’ve had conversations with like that it started to shift things for them yeah so I said a very clear intention of okay well I’m having a positive effect on people so I I feel like I it’s almost an obligation if that’s something that I’m providing without even realizing it that maybe I can give that to more people so I said the really clear intention when I sat down to write the book which was the July 4th weekend in 2017 I spent four days in my apartment in San Francisco and didn’t leave basically I just wrote for four days straight and finished more than half of the book but I think the intention was really clear I ended up finishing it over the next few weekends it’s super clear intention of I want to make the information clear to people so that they can understand it and for those who are interested it could have a really positive impact on their lives so I think whether I knew it or not I was setting that very clear intention and now here we are a year a little bit after a year after I wrote it and the book is now out and hopefully having that effect on people now let me ask you this so with those techniques of mindfulness and stuff like that and creating it do you ever look back and say man how did I accomplish that because like there’s some things that come through and you do with using these techniques or whatever just being mindful and you accomplish stuff and there may be some time later you look back you’re like wow did I really did I really do that or was that almost without being too crazy with that almost channeled to me like how did I do that cuz you know what I’m saying it’s like we’re we get all that we we have all this power we could do anything we set our minds to and trust me when I started doing it like stuff started click and dude like quick like I was able to manifest stuff into my life just by thinking about it and taking those practical steps and uh and I was kind of blowing myself away like wow this is a lot faster than I thought like I thought this was gonna take you know years maybe months even but it turns out it only took a couple weeks for me to to kind of create this stuff have you ever been in those all moments like that as well maybe after the book was out or whatever yeah I mean when I sat down to write it and I realized that I had now I knew very clearly what I wanted the book to look like in terms of structure in a structure that is now the final book is is basically what I outlined initially but I said wait this is gonna take months for me to do because I’ve still work and it’s just it’s a research book so I can’t just sit there and write really you know I have to have a citation for everything but because I really wanted to do it I ended up finishing things much more quickly than I ever thought I could have I’m you know within that month of July the book what our draft of the book was done so that was something I couldn’t have envisioned when I sat down to write it there’s no way I thought it would have happened that quickly so when I look back at it and I reread it it’s like wow I was really in the zone there and it reminds me of my tennis days where it’s like some matches you’re in the zone and things are flowing you’re not thinking about the past present and future you’re just there you’re not even thinking about the now because you’re in it I think that’s what started to happen as I was writing it and I’ve seen it happen in other parts of my life and it so is there like is there like conscious techniques and stuff like as far as getting a game plan and because there’s people who you know they don’t really have a vision you know what I’m saying they don’t know what to do next like like I’m saying it like it’s a law I do it I go into that meditative state and kind of get a game plan about what I need to do and it’s not always easy or whatever the case is but if someone’s listening and they don’t have a vision they don’t know what they want to do with their life are they able to do it through through through these techniques and things it’s a really good point I think so when I think about most of the intentions that I try to set it’s it’s based on things that I will find passion in so I try to attract in things that I’m I will be passionate about without knowing what those are sometimes so I think it’s okay not to know but to maybe set the intention of I want to find the things that I’m just going to be so interested in I don’t even know what that is or when it’s gonna happen and not be attached to the outcome of well it has to happen within a week from now I think that’s really the key it’s not to be attached to the outcome of that with the thing that you’re desiring is to say well I put this desire out there whether it’s to be passionate about something or if it’s something even more specific but if it doesn’t happen I’m okay with it so it’s like if you get too attached to it maybe you almost prevent it from happening whether it’s a physiological thing or otherwise but if you just kind of let it go and say okay if it happens it happens doesn’t it doesn’t I found that to be the most effective technique it takes the pressure off also Utama having these different scientific explanations for whether psychic abilities or psychic phenomena that happens you know and in our lives it kind of helps it make sense whenever it’s you have both ways to explain it we can explain it and make it sound like really far out really woowoo bring up bring bring every thought to them say a single point and and all of this cool spiritual stuff but it’s really like if you change your thinking if you change the things that you’re thinking about you’re like naturally going to start walking in that direction if you’re thinking about your goals and writing them down and and you know bringing them to the the forefront of your mind and what the scripture says to kind of you know I’m saying meditate upon these these things daily all of these beautiful lovely things and kind of creating your life that way so it’s cool that it’s spiritual and it’s far out because I believe it is but if it’s just that then it’s rule but if it becomes a practical dinner site look these are practical things that you can do in your life to create the life that you want for yourself and their spiritual every single point about if we’re talking about contests if we’re talking and that’s the whole thing of just talking about your thoughts and thinking okay let’s get deep about your thinking and why your thinking is important on a lot of spiritual and metaphysical aspects that your thoughts create your reality or the things that you’re focusing on and things like that so it is really cool that you’re saying that you actually have all of these different practical ways or scientific ways that explain the far woowoo spiritual stuff and that’s the key yeah I totally agree and I want to point your listeners to a study that gets to this exact topic for your listeners who want to have the hard data for it at Princeton University which I didn’t even know about when I went to school there there was a lab for 27 years called the Princeton engineering anomalies Research Lab where the former dean of engineering this guy was a rocket scientist was running studies where people put their mental attentions intentions toward a machine and the machine was called a random number generator meaning that the machine would spit out zeros and ones in a random fashion when you look at the string of zeros and ones over the long run you get because it’s random what they ask people to do in these studies is to put their mental attention to the machine to try to make it produce more ones and zeros and what they found is that when people put their mind to the machine and they tried to will it to produce more ones and zeros there was a very slight but highly statistically significant effect which suggests that the mind is having an effect on this physical process without any touching of it they’re not touching the machine if their intentions shifting it so that is really strong evidence that our intentions can affect the physical world even if it’s a slight effect now do you think that that has something to do with what we call synchronicity as well of just seeing these things that we’re thinking about we’re seeing them everywhere or these different phrases that come to us that we’ve never heard and now they’re everywhere everywhere you know what I’m saying these different weird implications with synchronicity does that kind of fit into there somewhere yeah it does it does in a way and I think it gets to a lot of the issues we talked about one is time if time isn’t linear then it’s like the future affecting the past and vice-versa and who knows what but also this idea of entanglement where the universe is interconnected in certain ways so it might be that our thoughts are informing the physical reality around us in ways that we don’t fully understand and our limited human mind interprets the synchronicities as kind of the few it’s like the iceberg the tip of the iceberg that you can see but there’s a lot of stuff underneath it under the water we’re seeing that tip and we see these little synchronicities but we don’t know all the other stuff that’s going on in the universe to explain how these things work so the short answer is with regard to synchronous I’m much more open to those events being not random chance but there’s something going on with this entangled universe that we live in yeah she’s got to get to the bottom of what it is that’s going on sometimes I mean it’s kind of like the glitch in the matrix right you see the black hat it keeps walking by like this same weird thing every day and some of those arms synchronicities are insane man so it would be like we you know I’m saying we want to think that some type of intelligence or some type of consciousness is interacting with us which I believe right I believe what we call it God or whatever the supreme source or whatever it is like something knows that you know type deal right it’s like hey I’m aware that you know and I’m gonna send you these I like to call them bread crumbs right they’re just you know I’m saying little bread crumbs and hey you’re on the right path those type of type of deals for me a lot of people will tell you like when you have synchronicities to look at the information what is it what does it mean to you and I know that sounds cool is sometimes it is sometimes a lot of times it’s just random stuff that just goes on in your head and then it’s manifested throughout the day just these random thoughts and if that and if it’s just these random thoughts that are manifested in the connection there why can’t they be bigger things with our life and I think that kind of gets into that with your book a little bit man they’re actually creating those little occurrences and and they’re showing up in the physical reality right these thoughts and these weird connections that are there somewhere in the universe yeah yeah totally totally but when it comes to interpreting those events that’s where it can get really tricky because our human mind has such limitations that we can’t see the full picture yeah the way I like to think about it is imagine that we are we live in a two-dimensional world like we’re a flat piece of paper yeah okay that’s our world and a sphere so a round 3d circle is touching the the paper and then going through it at first when it touches it all the people in 2d world like us they see a point then the sware starts to go through and you see a circle all we’re gonna see is a circle because we’re in 2d land it’s like a cross-section of that sphere that’s all that we can perceive so we don’t perceive the entire sphere we’re only perceiving its contact with our 2d world but the sphere itself is 3d that’s just an analogy to use the this idea that we’re in this dimension or something and we see little bits and pieces and we try to interpret it from our limited lens of this dimension but maybe there’s something much broader that we just cannot comprehend because of where we are now with that have you have you played with that at all I know when I first got into spirituality or listening to these type of lectures about quantum physics and things like that like I wanted to try it so I try to get into telekinesis and like you know the PSI wheel making stuff spin like making pins roll and conscious connectedness and things like that have you ever got into that at all messing with that I personally haven’t gotten into it as much I think it just because I’ve been so busy yeah with the book and everything else but I you know it seems like there’s something there and there are many studies that show that that exists at least on a subtle level for me it’s been more about these intentions that we talked about it just being really clear with the things that I want and being much more mindful of the way I’m thinking yeah because if we view consciousness as the basic part of this a whole reality then it’s like the physical world is almost malleable it can be molded by how we’re thinking in ways we don’t understand and when you even get to the level of physical matter from the physics standpoint well Matt what’s your table made out of it’s made out of a bunch of atoms what are atoms made out of when you look at a microscope microscope the atom is stuff that we call this material world that seems solid it’s number one mostly empty and it’s arguably not even in the same form unless you’re observing it so this again gets back to the point of the physical world potentially being very much influenced by the way we’re thinking yeah so as far as like your thoughts and your ideas and creativity and things like that and then coupling it with spirituality and just a buck an inward belief what I guess what most people think spirituality is but it becomes practical we’re talking about that so you’re using it you’re talking about using it on a day-to-day basis relating in your um saying the writing of your book maybe even in in in business this is what you do every day right so it becomes practical and you use it in every area of your life right this mindfulness of this knowing or try to like is it to try to create an outcome like a desired outcome like I see it in my mind’s eye this is how I want it and I’m going to believe it I’m going to kind of position myself to do it and it starts happening so do so do you use it in business do you use it in marketing do you use it with your clients maybe even capturing clients and things like that do you see it done before it before it even happens and things like that and try to try to connect them or reel them in to the now moment is that kind of how it works a little bit – yeah it’s something I’m still playing around with on a day-to-day basis and like how it all works practically I think there’s just a general mindset with that I try to apply to everything I do and at first it was it was I’d forget about it because I was so used to my other way of think you know and now it’s more like everyday I try to be conscious about it whether it’s business or relationships or anything else yeah we’re interacting with people this just to be very clear on I’m the witness here and identifying with the consciousness rather than the body and things seem to stem from that but what we’ve talked about a few times is setting intentions for things in the future and I’m always very wary about setting specific intentions for things because it’s hard for us to know what we actually want this is something I remember from psychology when I studied psychology back in for instance there were lots of studies done where people would predict that they wanted something then they got it it wasn’t exactly as good as they thought it would be so for us to set an intention for something super specific I’m always just I’m very wary for it because I’m like well maybe I’m not maybe I need to be careful what I wish for so when I think about setting the intentions in my day to day life whether it’s business or other things I try to keep it really general anywhere it’s more about passions for things things that are going to help me and help others and whatever form that takes is okay because I know myself and I know that I don’t know now what I’m gonna want in the future yeah if you try to is to try to mend the – you know what I’m saying that’s why I talk about all the time is the fact that your mind is powerful you got to make sure you use it wisely and the whole even a thing the little video I did on Christ consciousness was about making those decisions with the renewed mind like making those decisions about what you want to do for yourself in your life with a good head on your shoulders making sure that what you’re building is what you want for the future I mean how many of us have spent time energy effort and money building things like you said only to figure out like man I don’t want this this isn’t what I planned or I wanted something else or I knew I shouldn’t have did this you know I’m saying from the beginning or it’s kind of like you know whenever we make decisions based off of being offended or being hurt or something like that and we see it through and we have to be careful because if you don’t put yourself out of that you’ll create a business you’ll create friendships you’ll create a platform based off of something that you know offer off of hurt or offer being offended or whatever here’s almost like I’ll show them let me show them oh they said I wouldn’t be successful let me show them and like kind of building it in the wrong direction right and so that’s that’s the whole thing with with it being just a mindset and how it comes into our practical day-to-day it’s just simply change the way that you’re thinking and have this you know these thoughts that you want to do these things you want to do at the center of your attention every day right and in it becomes practical because it becomes something I mean if you’re thinking about it over and over you’re gonna be making decisions you’re gonna be looking for this stuff even if it is synchronicities or stuff you’re gonna start seeing these things why because you’re looking for them and you begin to create that stuff yeah totally totally so I think we all have to be careful and mindful of the thoughts that we’re putting out and just be aware of why we’re putting the thoughts out so for me when I when I think about like kind of the highest level intention that I like to set it’s based on the research that I’ve seen just that gets to like the meaning of existence because that to me is the ultimate thing of what am I doing here and why and what matters is that the things that I care about from the limited ego perspective as some people call it or is there something much bigger going on and what seems to be the case based on the research that I’ve done and especially the near-death experience where people are having this life review and they’re judging themselves for how they act it what many of them and other people who are very psychic come back with is this notion that we’re here to evolve our consciousness right so that we come into the body with we come in here with nothing physical and we leave the body with nothing physical the thing that we leave with is what we’ve evolved at the level of our consciousness so if we think about that is really the core meaning of life and treating each other well as being part of being part of that evolution then to me the highest intention is around evolving our own consciousness and for for others to help other people in their quest to of all their own consciousness through whatever they’re going through and that might take a whole bunch of physical manifestations it might be different for me than for you than for your listeners but that might be the ultimate thing that everyone’s kind of striving for without even realizing it yeah man it almost seems like in this – just the way I look at it like it’s almost like we’re being tested like whether you know people believe that earth is a school a proving ground or even the Christian you know I’m saying perception is the fact that like what you do now determines where you’re gonna spend eternity either in heaven or hell so there’s all these different ideas that you’re being tested and tried here but as far as like on a consciousness level of like moving from one level to the next it’s almost like we’re presented with these tests and and it seems like the way that you pass the test is to get it right and to get it right is to make the right decisions the right choices which seems to be moving and responding with love with compassion towards people towards your boss towards your family member whoever it is like responding these ways you know if I found out that like the more and more we have these dilemmas or these type of situations or these people who come up in our life when we respond with love we kind of graduate and pass that test and we could wait but it go a little bit deeper in this consciousness staying in this spirituality thing in this business thing or whatever to thrive and responding like love to love almost like Jesus did right responding to your enemies love your enemies bless those who curse you those type of things and and in that which kind of goes back to what you were saying beginning you step away hey this ain’t this isn’t personal you know what I’m saying I’m a spectator and see what you’re going through I know why you did that we’re connected you know in the hole namaste in LA Colors ken I’m connected to you you’re connected me you are another expression of me do good to those who say who do wrong to you for in doing so you’re doing it back into yourself and it’s it’s like this weird song and dance with love with God with consciousness with the universe and with everybody and we’re all in it whether we know it or not right and we we’re responding to people and just do mere conversations man and just the things we’re thinking about the things we’re pushing and it’s crazy man but it’s beautiful and I’ve seen that have you does that have you does that make sense at all like the whole testing and like once I get over this and then I can go to something deeper and like I make we’re making a sound spiritual but even that’s practical right even that comes back to something practical that we wit which is in our mindset the way that we think the way that we perceive life yeah I mean that’s certainly something that comes up over and over again with people who have a near-death experience or other sorts of mystical phenomena this is a common thread and it might just be that our human mind because we think in such a linear fashion that’s just the way our brain works is that we we try to analogize and we call it school and levels and that just might be a simplification of something bigger but it seems like it’s something in that general direction and you talked a lot about this responding with love and just this notion of having love for all people that is again something that comes up with from people in the near-death experience that is very transformative for them and they usually come back into their bodies often they get divorced they change their job because they’re they are experiencing this like pure consciousness that when we’re in our body it’s harder to feel because we’re in this dense form but it seems like unconditional love is a property of the underlying consciousness that we all are so when we act in that way according to that theory we are just acting in accord with our basic values as consciousness and that seems to be like the maybe it’s the game if we’re trying to analogize it for just a human being it’s sort of like remembering that’s our actual state as consciousness sometimes people experience it in meditation on psychedelics in a near-death experience but in an on an everyday basis it’s our challenge to kind of recognize that true nature within us and within everybody if we’re all like Schrodinger says if we’re just one mind yeah then that’s kind of the whole thing it’s kind of treating other people like they’re you and being altruistic because when you’re being altruistic to help others you’re actually helping yourself because you’re the same consciousness whenever we have those experiences whether it’s you know I’m saying through breath work through psychedelics like you’re talking about it whatever the case says or reading the book man you don’t sound like you reading your book or listening to music like I’ve had that that experience with other people’s music and people have it with mine it changes the way that you think and you have that mystical experience you have that revelation through reading a book people have that experience by reading the Bible they walk away they want to love better they want to do these type of things so it’s like shifts the way that you think and then you go out and you perceive life differently you perceive the world differently you perceive nature people you’re connecting this and then you’re like you’re a little bit more connected man after having those expenses and those encounters so it’s just it’s it’s not all for naught it means something it changes the way that you’re experiencing reality and and and you know saying that’s in a good way right we have books and creativity and art and things like that they help us do that but there’s people who have had those bad experiences and stuff too and like the world is against them and I hear you guys talking about this stuff but it doesn’t work like that I have bills to pay I have this I have you know everybody’s against me I can’t keep a job those types of things and like how do you break that cycle man because there’s there’s things that we know work and we want to keep doing the things that that work and I think that’s what that’s part of the evolution there too like a you know what what triggers you you know what makes you feel a certain type of way what no matter what it is you got a you know I’m saying know yourself and and start doing the things more often that bring you peace and bring you joy and kind of help comfort you on this walk versus being around all the destructive stuff but how like what what is the the changing point that we can approach as far as wanting to change the life because there’s a lot of people stuck man they don’t under people don’t get it and I think the music the art the creativity the books and things like that kind of help them do it does it all come back to conscious awareness I think it does I mean you wrote a book on it so yeah is that what it all comes back to to me it’s all about having a clear picture of what reality is and the conventional view in most of science and most of society and I was certainly brought up in this is that the universe is random and just made of matter and we emerged within that universe and our consciousness just came out of our brain and if you buy into that it is very difficult to break the cycle because that way of thinking says well all you are is your body and there’s no broader meaning but once your body dies because that’s where your consciousness comes from then your consciousness is gone your memories are gone so life doesn’t really matter because once you’re dead it’s over and that’s definitely how I used to think about things because I understood once you die it’s over so if you want to come up with a meeting you can do it it’s just a rationalization so to me that’s why one of the reasons I felt so compelled to write this book is that if that is actually not scientifically accurate and there’s so much evidence suggesting it’s not then that assumption that we are a finite limited being that is separate from everybody else maybe that’s not a correct assumption there so at least for me the way I think about things it starts off with a a questioning of the current paradigm and then realizing their science that suggests it’s a different paradigm so once you kind of break that or open the door a little bit I think it can help people but what you talked about I think is really the key is for people to have those personal experiences whether it’s from music or from psychedelics done responsibly or our near-death which is kind of a traumatic way to do it to me the most natural way seems to be meditative States or breathing techniques where you can achieve those same states in you know in a way that’s not doing any potential trauma or harm to the body or it’s a lower-risk thing because the consciousness is always there just a matter of of accessing it so I would say for me it’s it’s gets two things one is something have having some form of experience and then number two is intellectually realizing that the assumptions of the mainstream thinking are number one very flawed and number two there’s a lot of evidence to question that it’s real awesome I’m with you on that man I’m uh I’m looking forward to to digging into the book let everybody know where they can go pick it up at man looks like it’s everywhere is it yeah it’s available on Amazon Barnes & Noble and many other bookstores and also my website which is just my name mark Dober ma RK g OB er comm has more information on my book and also in the next few months I don’t have a release date yet I’ll be releasing a podcast where I interview many of the same scientists that I talked about in my book so they’ll be talking about near-death experiences children who have past life memories psychic abilities but actually the science behind it and I hope that will be another way for people to kind of open up to this reality that seems to be very real but it’s not yet accepted by the mainstream that’s awesome and it’s kind of what I’m doing but on the opposite in as far as like the religious aspect so I’m taking the Bible apart and showing you what we may call new-age phenomena psychic abilities ESP and all of those things within the Bible right and kind of taking some of the woowoo off of that so it’s really cool that you’re doing it man just kind of bridging the gap in any way and it shows you that look at the end of the day we’re not so different after all and people like to lay claim like this is it you got it wrong or it is merely scientific or it is merely spiritual orders merely religious or it’s all in your head whatever the case says and we kind of take that away from them and say look I think it’s a little bit of all of it and we just have these whatever we’re focusing on it’s kind of what reveals itself to us and you know it just kind of be more open mind I’ve seen that happening and in the lives of a lot of people when were able to take that it’s almost like a religious blinders would I deal with right were able to pull that away and I’m and people are able to see that look we are all connected and just because I believe this or whatever the case says it doesn’t change who that person is and it shows that we’re all connected man and I really believe that yeah totally I think it’s awesome what you’re doing to I think everyone just has a different lens on I’m looking at things and they’re all important and for different people certain things will resonate more than others so in my case I just took the lens that I was kind of given in my training and tried to appeal to people that have a similar outlook and we’ll see how it does yeah it’s doing well man I appreciate this conversation brother and we have to do it again sometime soon let me know when you want to get up and we’ll do it again all right that was fun thanks so much thank you for all that you’re doing brother bless you man thank you okay you too mark Gober ladies and gentlemen check out his work it’s very similar man the the conscious now moment that’s where all the power is that’s that’s the only moment that we have like you don’t have tomorrow with what they say in a church you’re not promised tomorrow so that’s that’s it man that’s all we have is that is this now moment and the power of bringing your consciousness and your awareness to the now and I talk about it all the time I talk about like it’s the reason that I’m doing what I’m doing today is because of learning how to do it and nothing is outside of us like that’s the cool thing about for me about about Jesus right about the Scriptures is the fact that uh he’s given us everything within like we don’t have to go outside of ourselves to find fulfillment and that’s the problem with the world right we’re going outside of ourselves to find fulfillment we’re going outside of ourselves to to be happy whether it’s drugs whether it’s alcohol is addiction whether it’s sex whether even if it’s in another person right you’re finding your fulfillment within that person I think all of those things can be and it’s not that what you know all those things are bad but to find your identity in those things that are outside of you I don’t believe that that’s why I really like the scripture that says that the kingdom of heaven is within you and to me that implies that we don’t need anything outside of ourselves that the world is trying to sell us there’s this hey come here and get this like trust me there’s things outside of us that we can apply and things like that but to find fulfillment of to explore the kingdom to go within everything God has already given you everything that you need within that you can go inside and explore that stuff within you need nothing outside of yourself you’re not becoming you already are you already are when I was going through that there was a song because I’m really big into nostalgia so I listened to some throwback country from time to time anytime I hear throwback 90s country it reminds me of being a kid you know what I’m saying and it reminds me of being riding with my mom in the car and just being at her friend’s house and stuff and summers hearing that old throwback country and it was a song I’m gonna be somebody is someday and I would hear that and I would sing it even just a couple years ago and I had to catch myself wait not gonna be somebody someday you can like to even mouth that it’s like you’re putting your expectation outside of yourself that one day it’s gonna happen one day it’s gonna come to pass you already are you already are somebody you’re not going to be somebody the thing with me with you know wanting to become a healer right wanting to do healing sessions in healing therapy with people that I experienced through doctor just Tragos she led us in a you know I’m saying Reiki session in New Orleans at her practice and it was beautiful and I was just blown away on the fact that she gets to wake up and do that every day lead people in meditation and help them through traumas and overcoming and planning out their life and things like that we went and seen her we did that and it was a beautiful way to start off our men’s retreat encounter and then we went to the floating shop and did psilocybin mushrooms in the float tank and and I couldn’t quit thinking about that fact man that I wanted to be a healer I wanted to do what she was doing and and I’ve just had this weird wrestling almost with God and it was just like an overwhelming like ah there’s no way I can do it and there’s all these doubts and all these things against me to say why I couldn’t or I shouldn’t do it I’m not that well-spoken how are you gonna lead guided meditation when sometimes it’s hard for me to even formulate a sentence like I used to stutter all the time like really really really bad even if you go back and listen to some of the first podcasts I’ve ever done man it was even then it was it was still hard to to interview people and and you just practice and you get better and things like that but I seen that as something outside of myself that I couldn’t be and I just was just taken down this this journey with the Lord was just like you already are a healer and begin to show me things within my own life even my music man prayer circles that we do you know all of these different things the Lord show me said look you already are healing people you already are healer so don’t look at it like it’s something you might be or one day you could be if you played your cards right you already are it’s within you and you in that one it’s within you for a reason like you want to pursue that for a reason because I’ll put it within you all of those desires and things like that God gave them to you and we talk about it all the time like God didn’t give you those desires just to kind of hang it over your head and set up you know I was gonna give this to you but you dropped it but you dropped the ball so now I’m gonna give it to somebody else and this is weird maybe I don’t know if we feel like our teachers or our parents or somebody did that to us but many people feel like God is doing that to them like holding these things over their head that is just barely out of grasp just barely out of their reach like you could do it but you’re not because of ba-ba-ba-ba or because you have kids now you can’t do this because you have kids or and I’ve heard that one too you know you should’ve did it years ago you’re too old to get started bye bye bye and we just see people coming out walking in their truth who are just defying all of that stuff really it’s awesome um so you’re not going to become something you already are if it’s within you now you have to get from point A to point B to learn how to manifest that stuff and I think that everything we were talking about today is that practical things that you can do with the consciousness with awareness to manifest that stuff bring it to bring it into reality I talk about shamanism and I think a true shaman is able to kind of go into the astral realms into the spirit realm get those dreams out and manifest them and pull them out of that realm into reality and knowing that who you are you you have all the tools and everything you need to do that if I can see it I can believe it is what the world says right if you show me then I believe it people of faith we say if I can believe it then I will see it to understand even the very definition of faith that week we have evidence of the things that are unseen and be able to bring them into this reality my expectation brings about my manifestation and and it gets deep and ever how spiritual you want but at the end of the day I really do think it’s practical I really do think it’s practical Chris garner says I don’t know I think Satan is a collective Topa he only has the power you give him you know that I believe in the spirit of Satan as far as like the word means adversary and anyone can play that adversary I’ve had close friends play Satan in my life to become an adversary to try to destroy things I’ve built and stuff like that they’ve played the Satan but I do see it’s just how my mind works I do see that with uh with Lucifer right the whole Lucifer concept which is not biblical right it’s not a the Bible doesn’t explain Lucifer as a created entity that is that is Satan or whatever the case is right so the Bible doesn’t say that but when you when you use that term when you use that word people automatically think of this entity that that we have created named Lucifer not that God created but that we that we created Lucifer that that doesn’t exist that the Lucifer doesn’t exist and you’re saying that it’s a Tulpa you could we created this tapa at Oprah is a created being through consciousness through thought through speaking to it almost like a daemon but it’s something that you create not something that from the outside approaches you but that you create them you create the demon you create the top or you create it and someone I’m a mass of creation I’ve covered the Lucifer thing on many occasions it’s not biblical at all if you go back and read Isaiah chapter 14 in the Bible that’s the only time it’s mentioned and it’s it’s a title light-bearer and I’ll tell you what the devil is not a Light Bearer we know who the Light Bearer is the truth the true bringer of light the light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world some of these things is really beautiful man so not wanting to become something outside of yourself but knowing that you already are man these are like practical things and it really it kind of just like I was talking about in the in the in the conversation with him was the fact that uh like once I understood that stuff after my spiritual encounter experience or whatever once I understood that started taking those steps you know I talked about blood sweat and tears within your vision and it takes all of that that is the alchemy I believe blood sweat and tears I’ve cried over this you know what I’m saying while I was on my other job and just seeing like this was a pipe dream or this was a dead end or something like that literally cried thinking if I should give it up maybe it’s too late you know you got it these bills aren’t gonna pay themselves you know those type of ideas that can kind of steal your joy and steal that vision from you but once I started to do those and just believe it and say you know i’ma try it man it wasn’t years it was it was it was weeks it was weeks I put myself out there I did some interviews with some people and told the story made myself available did some distance healing with some friends over video chat and and they was able to feel it on the other side of the world as we would say these prayers and send forth the energy and things like that and people who had pain in their body they were being healed and there was like little bitty things man that was building my faith over just a couple weeks and the encouragement from friends I got to give shout out to a couple friends man at the time it was Kelly in the raw I was on her show and as many of you watching now who know who I am from those days of back in 2015 when I was going on there once a month and doing that but we did some open healing sessions together and stuff like that too on show but um so Kelly in the raw was a big influence for me to step out on their a even bigger one my friend Droog our you know just I would just open with him about my journey and just pouring into him and and both of us to each other and and within those months after that experience man we both started coming into those dreams and in visions that we had at that place and and to see what happened in his life and for him to see what happened in mine and we both played this this role in each other’s life of listening of encouraging you know and it worked man the power of the spoken word the power of expectation the expectation brings about your manifestation to really believe that and not just as some kind of like these people are making a lot of money off of these stuff for stuff for a reason cuz it works like it really does work the secret the secret was successful the law of attraction for a reason you know don’t have everybody fooled that stuff works and as spiritual as it is it’s practical I started to put myself out there and book some sessions paid sessions where people want it a personal session where I would lead them in guided meditation and energy healing and uh and and speak wisdom and speak prophetically over their life and things like that and I was commissioned and people started booking me like crazy I think I was doing several sessions a week out of nowhere and then two week to three weeks into it I’m like oh my goodness it was kind of overwhelming like it was really overwhelming how fast it happened cuz I’m like man this is gonna take years to to position myself in the right spot you know to put out the right marketing the right brand like I didn’t know but it was only a few weeks and I’m doing this stuff and like man it just to see healing flow into people and teaching people and leading them guiding them counseling and I was like oh my goodness there’s something that seems so far away that came like that and it’s like man it was scary it really was most of the stuff is they say if your dreams don’t scare you you need a new dream but then how fast it comes stick with it man keep keep it up expect it as spiritual as it may sound I don’t think you have to go out and do though the psilocybin mushrooms we’ve had this talk you don’t have to do that other people have we have we brought back the information you can if you want if it calls to you then do it you have to do it if it’s calling you there’s no way you could say no but it you don’t have to do those things to get the information we’re bringing it back we’re making it practical everybody saying the same thing you apply it to your life and see what happens I ended up man it was it was just mind-blowing but to see how practical in that spiritual a rule we want to make it sound but as practical as it was I believe in the placebo effect I believe in placebo I believe that if you believe in something enough you’ll get it I make the placebo effect the spiritual at the same time you know if you believe in something enough you’ll get it if your see what the universe works in such a way that whatever you’re seeking whatever you’re looking for you’re gonna find it and just like we’re talking about the placebo effect and believe in belief if you believe that Lucifer is a demon who’s trying to tempt you and taught you and he’s showing up in every crevice of your life then he’s he is you created that in your mind but whatever it whatever it is if you think Santa Claus is real if you think the Easter Bunny like whatever you if you can believe it enough you’re gonna see it even if you’re the only one it gets deep but even Jesus with the placebo effect man you know Jesus would come into towns and you know he is he would go in the cities and there were cities who believed him they were waiting on him he’d show up he’d healed everybody in the city he said he healed all that were sick among them every single person and then he would go into other cities where they knew him I said we Jesus is doing this no he’s a carpenter now he’s what a healer he’s healing people he did what he spit in the mud rub it together and healed a guy no no he didn’t I don’t believe it and if I you know we did this and he did dad and ba ba ba ba he’s just a carpenter he’s a regular person like us he went into other cities where they knew him and he was subdued he couldn’t heal anybody because of their unbelief that’s deep the Son of God couldn’t heal people wait a minute wait a minute yeah because of their unbelief he was rendered powerless because of their unbelief yep placebo he went into other cities were you know the woman who had the issue of blood she had supposed bleeding in her body for so many years this it was like internal bleeding and she was in bad shape and she knew when Jesus came through there were crowds of people around she knew if I can just touch him if I can just touch him if I can get through the crowd and touched Jesus if I could even touch the hem of His garment that I’ll be healed that was her expectation I’m pretty sure there was no power into him of his garment whatsoever at all I don’t think he wore a magical robe that Hill people but she knew that if she can reach through the crowd and touch to him of his garment she’ll be healed and she was so much so the crazy thing is that Jesus felt it he’s felt something happened it’s a held on who touched me like Jesus was able to connect with that faith he know he knew her desires he knew her thoughts and her motives he and he felt it and so he moved he thought the virtue leave him is that wait a minute who touched me he said man I haven’t seen nobody with that grit that greater faith man this woman know if she can just touch the hem of his garment that’s symbolic man just all you got to do is just touch it man touch the hit to him of his garment if you could just push through the crowd push through the noise push through the naysayers it’s now now you’re too old no man’s sport you know you’re too old for this you’re too old for that you had too many kids you know all of these things like there’s so many reasons for you not to do it but there’s so many reasons for you to do it whatever it is that you want to do with your life whatever it is you want you’re trying to create and it is practical there is trial and error you learn don’t do this do that don’t do this do that this works just don’t and that’s what we’re talking about the power of expectation so much so that a creative miracle happened in this woman’s body as recorded in the Bible there’s other instances where man people would do whatever they could to touch him Jesus was in the house speaking right and it was a paraplegic guy is ain’t no way we can get this guy through the crowd and past everybody to get him to Jesus there’s no way we’re doing this way too many people here there’s no way what did they do they took the guy on on the roof they told his roof apart they’ve cut a hole in the roof they cut a hole in the roof and they they dropped him down through the hole and Jesus seen the faith is like man this guy’s dropping in on me Wow he believes and why what he believes he got what he got what he came for he got a healing the woman who there was two different women who came and who had a child who was dead and they said look just say the word he’ll be healed I know how you got to do is just say it Lord Jesus say say the word he’ll be healed okay I love your face he’s healed he’s not dead he’s only asleep go back he sleep go get him something to eat he’s hungry he’s gonna be hungry when he wakes up right and it’s because of the expectation its the placebo you wanted it you got it so that for we learn to shift our thinking what are the things you’re expecting what are the things you’re hoping for are they big are they big enough Beni weaned says Benjamin says nobody needs a psychotropic 6 or in intelligence but they can’t help you don’t need anything but they can’t help Ben he says I’ll hit you up to $500 via patreon by the end of the month it was gonna be on the first but my ships got cut off to six days pro to one week but I’m going to get a second job oh wow man dude thank you so much brother I really do appreciate all of the support all of it and whether from the least to the greatest you know what I’m saying even for those who who can’t give who can’t support financially right you know I’ve been messaged a couple times where people have been offended that I I think the the patrons and stuff and um you know I don’t want to sound I don’t want to sound cocky I don’t want to sound rude you know there’s a lot of people who support for $1 a month and I say their name and they I guess they want their name said to a huge audience at this point man there’s no way I couldn’t thank everybody every day just wouldn’t I’m not able to do it but I’ll say this I think if you’re not and I’m not saying it about supporting me just a few if you’re not able to do $1 a month for somebody like we got other issues we need to talk about and you need this pot like you need these practical things man that’s gonna help you not just survive but thrive y’all I hear surviving no you people have a weird and I’ve had it right this weird relationship with money or money is the root of all evil money is evil even these having these weird poverty mindsets man thinking that uh that you know money the thinking money is evil and that just because someone has money then they’re not godly all cut types of weird understandings that I’ve been him and I kind of I kind of developed that myself years ago by studying the propped up Prosperity movement and how nasty and disgusting that thing was and how it was full of greed and full of all the stuff that I would push away blessings man I would self-sabotage I would I equate I preached against that riches and things like that man and there’s people who have this weird this weird relationship with money they don’t think that I mean those who seek after money are never gonna have enough you know you got to watch what you what you’re seeking for but you got to know that if God gave you a vision for something I don’t care what it is if God gave you a vision he’s gonna give you the provision now however long it takes to get from point A to point B that’s symbolic and how long it took the Israelites to get through the wilderness it could have happened a lot sooner but you didn’t learn the lessons could have happened a lot sooner I really don’t I really you know what I’m saying like I don’t like to see people struggling I don’t like to see people I like to see people thriving man and I hope you know whatever it takes and I hope that this podcast that you’re listening for a reason if you’ve if you’ve if you’ve gotten to this point in the podcast hopefully something spoke out to you and I and and I’ll say this too because I know I talk about your passion you know what I’m saying turning your passion into a paycheck you know what I’m saying how to be able to thrive off of doing the things you love for a living not letting anything hold you back that’s between you and God at the end of the day I don’t know what it is there’s hundreds of people thousands of people listening to this I don’t know what it is for everybody it’s different things for different people some people enjoy and they’re fine working at McDonald’s they’re cool with that they’re they’ve accepted it some people are fine being landscapers they make a great living doing it they love it they love their job I know carpenters people who are gifted and blessed to be able to do what they’re doing out there in the job world right they’re truck drivers they love it I’m gonna content with it if that’s you then then good I’m speaking to the person there’s something for you to but I’m but when it comes to doing this other stuff man I’m speaking to the person who know who feels like they were meant for something more it feels like they’re gonna go crazy if this is the way that it ends that’s somebody Chris garner my only goal is to grow an understanding of all things my mind cannot stop searching for answers I’m so thankful for all of you for your contribution to this gross I also love to help others yes I want I have to probe to preface it like your passions whatever man trust me I think I know people whose passion is carpentry I know some people whose passions are gaming and at this point you can turn gaming into a career yes kids that we’ve never heard of who are making hundreds of thousands of year $1 a year teenagers binary watcher says all you have to do is do what you do and put it out there without any expectation from anyone or anything and it will find a life of its own true creativity and creativity is the meaning of life yeah put it out there cuz I and then there was a time where this came Chris garner says carpentry is my meditation yeah man it’s different things for different people and do do what you love and that’s what it is you can create you can use carpentry to make things to help people and to inspire people trust me look at all of this stuff I have behind me I’ve got some really cool stuff that was done with digital lasers and cutting out wood and things like that and different things on my wall right um somebody had to do it somebody who was skilled in it and who loved to do that and they did it and I bought it and you know what I’m saying and that’s how it works and so whatever it is that makes you a heartbeat man whatever makes your heart tick whatever like sets you on fire man pursue that and use those practical techniques that we’ve been talking about those spiritual techniques that we’ve been talking about to bring that into your reality whatever it is even a spouse yes even a spouse your job obviously he said well was everything got to do with money was always on my jobs and stuff listen mostly I’m spending 40 50 hours a week at a job that you don’t like we need to talk about that 40 to 50 hours a week you get home you’re exhausted you can’t do the things that you want to do you’ve kind of I’m saying giving up on on your on your dreams and on your passing we need to talk about it let’s talk about it that’s a lot of time to be spending doing something being at a place that you don’t like to be at least that was me and the trust me the only person I’m speaking to is the young Derek out there driving a truck why because I know it’s many Travis says that’s me I get those messages all the time even people who were like driving drugs and they’re like broke your pocket helps me get through I want to do there so I’m stuck I wanted to make it happen I believe you I believe you could do it man if I could do it I believe you can do it whatever it is Chris Gardner says sometimes when I’m woodworking my wife has to remind me to eat yeah man you get caught up in your passing and it’s like time flies just part of it so I wanted to be in encouragement man because I needed somebody to encourage me and I still need people to encourage me binary watchers asking about the disc or wants me to drop the discord D our link to our disc or chat is in the description here so if you’d like to join our community as far as hanging out with fellowship and video chat I’m not video – well there is video chat but we haven’t got internet but voice chat and text messaging and all that kind of stuff our community is building through discord so that’s available to man if you have something that you can contribute that can help somebody if you see a need and you can create a a product or an idea or a service that can help you know drive your fulfilling a need no matter what it is spiritual need yeah it’s trust me okay just turn on the television man turn on the television garner says kids make it hard to step out of the job they make it hard but it can be done it you know what the kids do they they kind of make it uh they make you prove that you really want it because you’re not gonna pursue it if if you don’t want it especially with kids you know so uh you know they do somebody a good friend of mine and I know he didn’t mean harm but he told drew my buddy drew he told him look man you know your best he literally told him your best days are behind you you know give up and focus on your kids that’s what he told told him and that’s a fear right most of us have probably had that fear this guy actually just vocalized the fear um and I Andrew could have took that and say you know what you’re right I know it was kind of discouraging but um he didn’t let that stop him man he he is pursuing his dreams he stepped out I stepped out in faith he lost 200 pounds he wrote a book he met one of his heroes like all of these things that he would have net not he’s a freaking huge inspiration to others now what if he would have said okay you know what you’re right and their kids had to see their dad grow up discouraged hating his job obese almost 400 pounds obese and they had what they had to see him die like that unfulfilled like what does that do when you see your dad obese and then you see him working out every day that’s it does it impart something that says look you can do whatever you do you can do whatever you want as long as you work hard at it as long as you don’t give up even when people tell you look you should give up look you should go home get some rest whatever keep it up don’t give up and you can accomplish anything that seems like it’s all the reason not to do it right you can this excuses right so many excuses why you shouldn’t work out every day all you need a rest day you need a cheat day you know what I’m saying like all of this stuff that kind of comes up but that do drop 200 pounds man wrote a book and encouragement and inspiration to others and and there’s all these reasons against us even you know all of us every single one of us you have to fight past that that the voice of the naysayer Will Smith had a quote man and you can look up the video but he says the two most important things in life are reading and running so reading and running he says yeah because reading all of the people who have ever existed on the planet right all of these scenarios everything possible scenarios right all the books that are out there there’s nobody who hasn’t faced a problem that hasn’t wrote a book about it like there’s nothing new Under the Sun that exists that there’s not a book on so you haven’t a problem you’re trying to get to the bottom of you trying to find answers fun trying to find a way to do this people are writing books I mean I mean look at mark mark Ober he wrote a book you need techniques you need things you need ideas on how to do it read his book you tell you how I how this happened for me I try to vocalize it the best I can in my podcast this is what works I’m not hiding anything so books and then he said running and the running running was interesting because it talks about that we’re talking about the naysayer right he says running is important because when you’re on a treadmill when you’re on a bike when you’re running there’s a little voice that eventually speaks to you alright give up okay this is how you could take retired let’s go ahead and stop let’s stop and this is voice trying to convince you to stop you know he said no if I want results I got to keep going like there was you know that voice wasn’t there when I was slamming cheeseburgers and milkshakes and handfuls of fries that voice wasn’t there now why is his voice trying to tell me to stop while I’m on the treadmill to learn that voice that tells you to give up it tells you to stop and to keep keep going past it right you have to learn with that that voice sounds like there’s other voices out there trust me my sheep hear my voice in the strangers voice they will not follow I’ll let you know that there is a stranger’s voice out there if there are other voices trying to compel you trying to get you to come come and dine come and sit at our table come and do this learn to distinguish between the voices so he said reading and running are the two most important things in life and I thought that was so powerful talking about the the the the voice that works against you cuz it’s there like there’s a voice who can throw you some excuses out there why you certain we’ve had enough that’s it for the day you know all this kind of stuff but you have to you have to know within yourself if it’s something that you want and how bad do you want it you don’t want it bad enough okay I’ll give it to somebody who does trust me as somebody coming up beside you behind you who wants it way more than you are you thinking about going outside your marriage think about cheating on your wife cheating on your husband you’re thinking about it guess what if somebody’s been watching y’all for years who would love to step into your situation they would love to take your kids to the park like they would love to have a family have a faithful committed wife are you thinking about that keep entertaining it watch what happens there’s somebody out there who wants it more than you you got to stay on your game you got to do what is right Stephanie promised man tomorrow’s not promised this this time every it’s an attitude of in an attitude of gratitude and honor I give things and my method there’s a message in your presence I feel safe like you I approach everything with gratitude first of all for you guys for the support obviously for the platform for the music for the friends like everything for the even for the bad stuff we’re talking about demons people talking about their demons and stuff I’m thankful for that probably even more thankful for that then for all the good stuff because without that I wouldn’t know the contrast and you know we can go down that path but um I’m thankful for everything and with that you know I understand responsibility I understand stewardship you got to understand that with those who are entrusted with much much is required but those are only entrusted with a little littles required but the scripture which is truths it says if you’re faithful with the few the few things I’ve given you I’ll make you ruler over more show me you can handle that someone you can handle that 50 I’ll give you 5000 you can’t handle the 15 overwhelming it’s hard understand but just show me show me that you can handle it show me that you want it you know what I’m saying that’s what it’s about my video just cut off its back I think we’re back so faithful with a few I’m a cue roll over more be faithful with that stuff man be a good steward with your time with your energy with your family whatever it is your platform be a good steward with that stuff if I could trust you with the small things that make you rule over much looks like Arco Arco 2016 I can’t really read it’s really small I kill a kil I want somebody to take the well of a woman out of my life somebody would love to Travis are you a vegan and do you work out I’m not a vegan and I do work out Chris garner says without dark there was no light binary watcher the Brethren says you are a true seer mister true seeker talent included thank you sir talent included there’s some new music available via patreon I’m working on two new projects one is entitled colours and the other one is entitled the ESP EP and they’re both EPS 1 7 songs and one’s probably 5 songs or so but I’m halfway through with both of them and I would like to just finish one and get it out the way and then work on the other but like when the songs come they kind of with these two albums being themed like you know I’m saying they have to the songs have to be about something and if I have lyrics and courses and things coming to me that are better suited on another project and I have to put them there that’s just part of it but yeah all that there’s a bunch of new stuff and I’m excited about it there’s a lot of stuff coming out of me and it’s check them out check them out on patreon patreon helps me to be able to fund that stuff to be able to purchase the beats and Leasing and all that kind of stuff and recording and fees and artwork and all that kind of stuff that I need to do it so patreon is the best way to support my work if you head on over there you can get access to all that cool stuff Tim Reid says I’m tired of being told I don’t have Jesus in my life and that ingesting plant medicine is against God but depends on who you’re talking to depends on what you’re talking to its gonna tell you that you know I’m saying so if you’re hanging out with a bunch of Church kids yeah I don’t know who you hanging with like who are you letting speak into your life you know get you know I’m saying so those naysayers like I still get it you know and I still have to prove that I believe what I talk about right and even yesterday I had I had a former guest man some guy I don’t even really know him like that but we did our episode and the episode was decent it was like we kept it Christian for the most part about hearing the voice of God I knew the guy was a Christian whatever I had a good conversation with the guy anyway he’s kind of lashed out at me and like two different occasions kind of weird posting stuff on his Facebook page that I know he got from me you know from some of my podcasts and stuff but anyway he hit me up yesterday and it’s so weird cuz you get triggered and you want to lash out you know what I’m saying you want to do that and you got to hold your peace you can’t even know how bad you want to you’ve been on last out curse these people out they’ll screenshot it and send it to everybody and all this kind of weird stuff that goes on so anyway I try my best to kind of just have a dialogue and try to prove what I believe to the person we’re just making all these weird accusations about me or whatever the case is like I know I don’t owe them that but I want to give them that I don’t know o them anything but if it’s somebody who if I believe they’re really curious and they and they’re not just trolling or whatever the case is then I’ll try to spend time with that person and let them know my intent show them the fruit whatever the case is most of you guys can’t see the work being done on the back end physically most of y’all can see it in the spirit obviously if it’s speaking to y’all you know it’s speaking to other people and a lot of people believe in it believe in my work that way so they support because of that because they can feel it and they’ve been ministered to and they know but not everybody can you know we have I’ve had a lot of weird guests on here and I have to let people know just because I have a just cuz I don’t cut somebody off in mid conversation because they bring something else to the table I don’t mean I agree with them if I even ever say I’m shaking my head I’m listening like I don’t agree with all these guests that come on here man and the weird thing is the more guests I’m having on here the more I just want to do solo podcasts just cuz like a lot of weird stuff it’s just weird dilemmas man I’m just have to be open man like I don’t believe in all this stuff but I like I’m interested let’s have the conversation you know I’m a lot of times I’ll pick other things out of the conversation like the psychology behind it why this person wanted this person telling me this and why is this person marketing this aspect of themselves you know I’m saying like the different I have more questions I enjoy the conversation a lot of times but but just because I have somebody on here does it doesn’t mean that I vouch for them or whatever the case is and a lot of times even though I don’t cut them off or I don’t object or they speak something that I know is not true or or have a believe the opposite to be true I’ll try to straighten it up in my little post podcasts talks or whatever you know and I don’t want to it’s not it’s not my my goal to tear anybody down my it’s not my goal to disprove people it doesn’t make me feel better I know how the ego works I know how religion works I know how that works to make you you feel better I’m not doing that so it’s just not what I do here take it up with George Noory I learned from him I love I love the way he interviews people and he’ll just let people call in and say you know I had these crazy stories and he just let him go man and he’s I’m pretty sure part of him interested but then I’m pretty sure part of him is you know wants to call BS too and he has and I have so you know it’s just what you get man I’m I’m having the I’m having the uncomfortable conversations that a lot of people can’t have especially where I come from so put it that way I’m in the Bible Belt how many people are talking about this stuff here all right so Desiree says your thoughts on deliverance ahead of she said I had a very weird experience a couple weeks ago I believe in in deliverance I believe in counseling I believe in casting out of demons I believe in the laying on of hands spiritually and psychologically I believe that they’re both practical I believe that you know and strongholds and demons in the Bible or thought-forms in the mind right Bonaire watcher says but if your God is of denomination then why are you ask yourselves that God is going out to anyone that sees it that way okay Tim Ben says proving my side to my loved ones to them it’s trying to debunk the Bible thanks for your advice I mean like I said you know the closing words I had with mark is that you know most of the stuff that he’s talking about like I can give you scriptures on most of that stuff and there’s the weird thing is like most of this so-called New Age or so called a cult or so-called spiritual or whatever it’s in the Bible and it’s in is not against it like it’s proving it like Jesus used ESP Jesus used telepathy the disciples went into trance States all of these kind of things right and it’s proven within the Bible so those are the type of things that the Christian right will try to you know out-of-body experiences it’s in the Bible it’s in the books that were taken out angels visiting shapeshifters leviathans dragons witches wizards it’s all in the Bible man Tim move Tim ooh priestess heart 108 says I found your show after the cult priestess was on that was a wonderful show thank you interesting thank you watcher set by neri watcher says very rarely I comment but I’m always watching garner says your music got me interested the podcast got me excited but your authentic authenticity keeps me coming back I need to make stickers out of that it’s good um I didn’t Desiree says about her delivered she says a demon came out of me during meditation that’s awesome yeah I believe that yeah I believe in um deliverance I believe in I didn’t even know I had one for real that’s what she says that’s most of the time right because they like to masquerade as just beings as a part of you like a familiar spirit they’re familiar with your family your lineage they’ve been with you they’ve been with you it was your mother you know I’m saying in a speaking third-person you make you feel like you want to do those things it’s a voice speaking to you and it makes you feel like it’s you so you so therefore you don’t even know that you had one hopefully like after hopefully you can notice a difference right if you rid yourself of spirits or unclean entities or whatever then you can you can feel different you feel more clear-headed you see things more beautifully like whatever they are lying to you they’re usually lying seductive spirits that lied to you about people about God about the Bible do you know what I’m saying like all of this type of stuff so hopefully you feel lighter and and you take that with you that’s what happens for me I’ve had it happen you know many many times I’ve had like the deep crazy ones and then I’ve had well I just fill them leave man when I just released uncle fessing and release things I’ve been trying to like Uncle Fester sin and stuff you’re trying to hide from people trust me somebody who’s had pornography addiction and they’ve been hiding it from people in the moment you tell somebody there’s a release confess your sins one to another so that you can find healing there’s a release when you speak up speak about it why do you think people who have committed murders and all types of heinous crimes eventually they go turn themselves in and say I couldn’t live with myself but once I told you once I gave myself up look even though I know I might have to suffer the consequences I can at least sleep at night and you and you bring it into the light even though you’ve messed up even though you’ve done wrong you’re bringing it to the light you confess it binary says low love George Noory dude it’s a grandmaster Titan he is skilled at never alienating anyone no matter what yeah man he’s done it a couple times but for the most part I like his his style right he’s people like you know they I don’t know man I wasn’t with these people I don’t know if they’re telling me the truth or not all I could do is take their word for it I can tell you what the Bible says I can tell you what I’ve experienced I can tell you what other books say you know but um I wasn’t with you like I wasn’t there so how can I might be the final judge and say no that didn’t happen nobody can nobody can maybe it did maybe it didn’t maybe they’re making it up in there great storytellers maybe they believe their own story that they made up there’s a lot of that going on try versus stationary slash Flat Earth thoughts I don’t really have thoughts on it I’m a I’m a I’m a lean more tool uh I’ve just kind of really it’s kind of weird but just intuitively have always felt like there was full head when I was a kid so but I don’t know man um I did an interview with Santos Bonacci if you haven’t seen that one I think he’s one of the world’s most Leaney leading experts on flat earths I think that he gave up his platform for pursuing platters flat earth platters and I had him on to kind of school me on it I just picked his brain I don’t have I don’t know I don’t think none of us know I believe the ancients believed in it I’ll say that much Tim reads there’s so many Bibles which one do you suggest um it don’t matter it really don’t matter I like to read from the King James Version just because it sounds it helps me was looking words up in phrases in terms were like breaking down the Greek in Hebrew cuz it’s the closest that you can break that down in but as far as trying to read it man that you can go with the NIV NIV was the first one I read I started in Matthew and just read through most people that you started in John I like to say start in Matthew that’s why I started me and my wife read it all the way through together I’ll say started Matthew in RV’s good you know binary says I meant to say if your God is no denomination then why are you there you go that’s why I say yes after the demonic experiences as she felt light afterwards yes oh my god I didn’t even realize my bondage was so intense yeah man idiot and – until the Holy Spirit reveals it to you man most of the time you don’t you know I have encounters I wrote about it in my book about dealing with my mom you know my mom always telling me I was stupid and my mom telling me this and little my mom’s telling me that she you know herders over say you know she wanted that she should have had an abortion this was in like a private conversation with a friend and she said she wanted to have an assured out an abortion we’re all just weird stuff my stuff builds up man and it creates strongholds in your mind ideas that go against the knowledge of God right to go against what God says about you I love you you’re fearfully and wonderfully made I’ve got a plan for you a plan to prosper you a plan to bless you and not to harm you all of these things and then you hear other people saying other things you start believing the lie over the truth so for me you know I’m saying that opened the door for some spirits to come in for some ungodly beliefs to take you know form and my thoughts and I begin to believe it and you know was through revelation of the Holy Spirit were you know spending time in prayer I was actually cutting grass one day and I felt the Holy Spirit tell me you got a demon like what the heck I just just got born again I think I was like sixteen which was in 98 the Holy Spirit said you got a you got a demon just because of your mom so what didn’t know what it was so anyway I found out that night and put it that way I got deliverance confessed it told some people looking at this that’s what I thought I heard the Lord say sure enough had a manifestation you know so I was screaming and violently crying tensing up all that crazy stuff man this was not as a teenager but uh felt really good afterwards I could finally look at my mom and tell her I love her and meant it Kris garner says confession is the key to self forgiveness but the church took that away from the individual and appropriated it as it was to keep control and use people’s sins against them you may be a thot no no no it’s true man that’s true they’re telling you you know it is true they got to be careful who you confess things to you definitely have to trust them and have rapport with those people some people just go to anybody they’re just so free they just tell anybody you know so unsleep it into your body vegan or not and what they try to sell you and that means not only a physical diet but also what information you take in yep yeah be careful and that’s the only thing that I have to and I always catch myself with this but I mean that’s what I have to UM catch my cell phone I don’t know what all these guests are doing you know I’m saying I don’t even most of time won’t even know who these guests are a couple months so I use I use a a company a lot of times to get guests on who are making the rounds and doing podcast and it is because of spiritual and metaphysical people and paranormal and sometimes biblical or whatever and I get these emails and stuff for these people and I try to do a quick you know overview on these but I can’t do a full background check and all this stuff like I had that one lady on a couple weeks ago and we’re having a good conversation about consciousness about life and then all of a sudden she says she’s in a relationship with the ashtar command and the intimate romantic relationship and they just blew my mind so like I wouldn’t have had that conversation with her even though it you know it is interesting and I guess I enjoyed it you know but it would just blew my mind I was like man you know so I have to look at myself and say man what am i promoting like cuz I know inquiring minds want to know when people are gonna look this lady up they’re gonna look at her work they’re gonna look at her books they’re gonna look at all this stuff so I so I’m kind of in a sense responsible for you know introducing that work to somebody and I can see why people are like look man you’re promoting other so I’m not promoting it but I will say this that I do trust the work of the Holy Spirit enough to lead you down the path you need to be on no matter who it who it’s with or what it’s with trust me man the platform’s gotten so crazy over time that’s why I like to do a lot of solo stuff but even then if I mention an idea I mentioned the Kundalini I mentioned the Holy Spirit how they’re one in the same someone may do investigative work on the Kundalini what it is and you may be led to a false teacher or somebody who believes something different and they teach about the Kundalini but they teach you all these other things with it and so it’s it’s always gonna be that though so I can’t like I don’t babysit anybody it’s not not my job to babysit anybody but it is my job to you know to protect my platform and to trust the Holy Spirit’s work in your life just like I trust him in my life I trust him in your life whatever path God the divine creator has for you to check something out here a little there a little whatever it is I trust that man that’s between you it you got to get to relationship right with the father man not me like that’s between y’all so if you understand that going going in then you understand that moving forwards is that God can use anything and anyone to speak to you just like he used Balaam in the donkey speaking speaking from a donkey if God can use a donkey if God can use all of these rejects in illiterate people in the Bible people who couldn’t Moses couldn’t even formulate a sentence like I look at Moses story and its encouragement to me Moses couldn’t talk early on a lot of times you had to have an interpreter he had his sister speak for him right motor Jews and all these rejects killers you know I’m saying like sailors or like fishermen people who were like rough around the edges and stuff uses those people God can use us God can use whoever he wants he can use this lady with a stock man he can I believe it he does it uses everything binary says why the hell do you not have a twitch channel I do have a twitch channel and I was simulcasting like streaming on everything Facebook Twitter YouTube everything all at once it became to be too much of a hassle and so I’m not gaming live streaming gaming sometimes I want to but you got to understand like live stream a game at night sometimes that brings out the bad side of me man I’m so competitive man so I don’t want to might not want to uh televise all that stuff I get mad I get heated way so but as far as streaming gaming that’s why I don’t really do that I gain me and my wife game I have friends that I game with you know I like that see yup binary says I love your guest and also how it love how you bring it down to your foundation after the fact got a look at him and not everybody has the same foundation you know not everybody has the same foundation I may say a word or a phrase and other people interpret it this way or say it that way or I may have too much gray so I may have be too open you know what I’m saying these type of things and it just rubs people the wrong way and then chris garner says yeah cuz I definitely can’t game stream on here garner says game and made the spiritual people mad when they got to see that I was a real person he’s a real bully yeah they didn’t like the fact that I play pokemon with my family and uh you know that was so funny man like going through that stuff that was kind of a weird transition for me too but it was weird to get hate mail and stuff from people about that and people sending me stuff like it was funny it was just one case y’all this guy messaged me it’s like you’re playing Pokemon I hope you know when you open that app they take pictures of your entire house and they know where everything is inside your house and can hear you and all of this stuff and he’s like talking about all this weird fear-based conspiracy I hope you know you’re doing that you’re giving them permission there’s an agreement that you signed when you open the app and it gets them gives them all your information so we just did some investigative journalism my wife went to his looked up his name copy this used this guy uses his real name on his YouTube channel a wife copies his name puts it into Facebook pulls up his Facebook page where he’s offering everything about his life hi my name is so-and-so I work here I do this I do that my girlfriend’s name is so-and-so I’m in a relationships got her link you know what I’m saying Scott has dads named family he’s just offering it to the world he because we want people to know who we are we want them to look at us hey hey look look at my house you know I’m Sam obviously look at Facebook you’re offering information man look I’m scared I’m glad I didn’t have the internet when I was young man out of robbed y’all quick my people like I used to break in the houses and I was a delinquent like if people are like posting pictures from Disney World and all of this stuff you know what I’m saying and uh when they’re at work and they post their schedule long nothing long day at work 12 hour shift got this for another six weeks oh really okay you’re gonna be out of your house man I don’t I don’t know how I I thank God for Jesus man technology was a little bit behind me but I just know the type of person I was people are offering you’re volunteering information you ever owned the job you ever had those friends were like they just start telling the boss all types of stuff about everybody they’re just volunteering information hold me till the boss we did what you know you know they just volunteering information they can’t hold water people are giving that stuff out on Facebook they love you too they want you to know who they are notice me senpai notice me but then he’s like mad that you know I’m saying that like he opening Pokemon they know where you are bro so my wife gets all this information on him and she just responds in a comment and she’d enlist all his stuff hi my name is so-and-so so-and-so I work at blah blah blah my girlfriend’s name is so-and-so last week we went to Denny’s for dinner and we had a great time and went and see this movie at blah blah blah and she’s just going through his timeline she wrote this little paragraph okay you talking about you giving them too much information look you put that stuff out there you want these people to know who you are you volunteering all this stuff on Facebook crazy Chris garner says well if the CIA ever needs to borrow a cup of sugar they know where to look it’s in the cupboard man um it’s like man they you know they’re listening to you what are you doing you hiding something I think if you’re hot I mean obviously maybe a privacy invasion but then again people are just giving herself I talked to I’ve talked to a lot of people who they cover up their webcam you know they have a black piece of tape or a black cloth over it you know over their webcam and stuff and uh you know different reasons man but I mean I don’t have nothing to hide I want you to know what I’m doing that’s what I got a podcast look I just interviewed someone so share it out let people know you know so um and I’ve had people who who won’t have those deep conversations whether it’s about aliens whether it’s about angels or the Bible or whatever they want to they want me to sign up for like an alternative email address that is untracked and I didn’t want me to go and sign up and confirm it and use just to talk to them and go and check it I’m like almost I talk about my stuff openly like this is what I do like I have a podcast like promoting the secrets you know what I’m saying like I don’t have nothing to hide well you want me to sign up for this email – bah bah bah bah so hold on if you’re trying to I might not want to know the stuff you’re trying to tell me I just like the dark web type stuff Silk Road like that’s crazy stuff I don’t want to I might not want to know this stuff you’re telling me that’s there’s some weirdos out there man you never know where people are coming from have one guy jumping into discord one day and he was like he had this plan to overtake the government or something I wanted to know if I was in I’m like nah man but I’m doing my part raising the awareness raising the consciousness helping people spiritually mentoring people like I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing no we got to do this we supposed to overtake it we got overcome like man you don’t get out of my face how about this kind of stuff man no no I have wonder years ago when I was into the NWO and all that stuff I was on podcasts and other people’s shows back in the day about the Illuminati New World Order and this one guy he was on there and he was like he was an old man he was like uh yeah man I got my website set up and we uh we’re selling all these different equipment to help you in the world you know comes to an inn and water and rights and there was selling crossbows with I guess he got the most commission off for crossbows but he was like given this big excerpt on how like if the government’s coming to overtake you you get this crossbow and you line six people up and everybody loads their crossbows and when the first person shoots it they shoot it like an assembly line and when it gets to the six person by Tomic gets to that six person the first person has enough time to already reload and be ready to shoot again this man was like trying to I was like brah can talk to you about this man I’m sorry like I don’t want to I’m not trying to talk about this not me you got the wrong guy you go find somebody up there’s other people who love to have that conversation with you say man look ya’ll crazy so weird man but um tamo says yes the holy spirit she will never lead you astray the Shekinah shuckin ah she kind of glory of God yep you got it you have to learned it to that voice for yourself there’s people who are lead you astray man everybody else here out here saying one thing doing another everybody’s got a voice everybody’s got the way everybody’s got the truth everybody’s got the life but then nobody at the end of the day have any fruit nobodies you know they just building platforms there’s a bunch of craziness man so you have to go within for yourself you have to be able to judge all things and said don’t judge I don’t judge judge ins nasty no a spiritual man judges all things you should be able to tell right from wrong and be able to know what is good and what isn’t like that shouldn’t be like everybody should be able to have at least that much discernment if not you’re gonna get swept up into a cult I trust me I’ve had people hit me up on here wanting me to interview cult leaders saying no I’m not doing it I’m not debating with cult leaders on here and I a certain that I have standards man so I do have standard even though I we may talk about whoever channeling the energy or channeling so-and-so of the dead or whatever the case is this half the conversation I’m not trying to have a cult leader on here man I’m not doing it it’s just me I got my standards you know I have before I have before I’ve definitely had them on here before so yeah I mean with that I’m gonna go ahead and call it an episode of the true seeker podcast two hours and twelve minutes I enjoyed it enjoy hanging out with you guys Thank You Austin Kerr for the donation I did see that come through so thank you for that and thank you for everybody who’s been supporting and believing believes in my work as well who was able to support financially thank you guys who can’t support financially in you support with a like or shared just reach down right now click that like button right now see what happens I want to go back is here with this just because I asked you to do it I wanted to see if this video has more lights than a video where you I wouldn’t have asked so yeah just click that like button and if that was you thank you for that too so uh but yeah you get access to a lot of cool stuff on patreon I try to make it worth your wild I mean 200 plus songs for like and I’m still I’m constantly adding music up there Chris garner says best podcast ever thank you he says again thank you brother um this episode well he’s like I like each episode you do is the best the best of ask it’s getting better and better it’s weird man cuz like having these guests on like some people not some it seems like the majority of the people like the controversial stuff I’m I’m like bringing it home these days I really am I try to bring it home this is what works this doesn’t do this spirituality let’s get it in let’s meditate let’s pray let’s do this you know I don’t really get into a lot of conspiracies or even looked at watch a lot of videos maybe I should hell I don’t know but I’ve a lot of people what they like the controversial stuff you know I get the most views I get the most clicks I get the most likes but I never want to feel like I’m doing something to get that I mean the content the titles and stuff like the images and stuff like that’s just gonna reach out to the people who are interested in that type of stuff so I like that that I don’t have like mass-market or manipulate or something like hey this episode is about this if you’re into it let’s build listen to it but it just seems like a lot of people like the controversial stuff or maybe that stands out above the regular stuff Chris garner says shift happens Travis says look up Dave Winton winning tonight YouTube and research geoengineering true second I’ll do that thank you guys for hanging out with me um like I said I and so I’m talking about doing these set one-on-one sessions and stuff I’m doing them again I’ve made that available on my website again if you guys would like to book a private session with me that’s available on my website if you want to join the discord that link is available in the description just go to true seeker com all that stuff is available there thank you guys for supporting my work it means the world to me thank you guys so much and we’ll do it again soon peace peace [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker com and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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