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ANGELS, Demons, HEAVEN, Hell and YOU! —THIS GOT DEEP! — Curtis Childs On Emanuel Swedenborg

Emanuel Swedenborg was in direct communication with angels that showed him the process of ascension, also known as Spiritual Alchemy. Swedenborg’s divine revelation of Biblical ascension is now reaching a wider audience at the perfect time, when humanity needs it most.

I had an incredible visitation from the Lord where he taught me for a week straight. It was one of the most emotional and supernatural experiences of my life. He taught me more about the inner workings of angels, their types, levels and dimensions of consciousness, ascension and so much more, all within the Bible!!!

Guys, we are living in strange times… during this discussion with Curtis Childs, he shares the work of Emanuel Sweedenborg which who seemed to have somehow read the notes from my recent visitation… the thing is…. Emanuel Sweedenborg died on  March 29, 1772!!!!! 

The last several episodes of my podcast have been this way!!!! Synchronistic and filled with so much confirmation and revelation! This was by far one of my favorite talks.

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Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) was a Swedish scientist, inventor, and theologian who made significant discoveries in many of the natural sciences, including astronomy, anatomy, geology, and mineralogy. At age fifty-five, his intensive search for answers to ultimate questions culminated in an awakening that gave him a unique insight into the workings of the spiritual world. He spent the remainder of his life writing about his experiences and how human beings can come to a deeper awareness of the divine.

While obtaining his degree in communication studies from Oakland University, Curtis experienced an internal battle with depression that led him to question God and his lifelong interest in Swedenborgian theology. After a period of intense suffering, he recovered from his depression with the help of modern medicine, therapy, and a return to the spiritually uplifting messages he found in Swedenborg’s writings. Now, Curtis is applying his education and desire to help others find peace through Swedenborg’s insights by producing and hosting this weekly webcast. He’s happiest when he can use Swedenborg’s concepts to help someone solve something they used to think was unsolvable.


0:3:12 Curtis Childs Introduction

24:42 Angels And Divine Providence 1:09: Spirits Speak Like People In Our World

56:10 How Angels Speak

1:39:26 Everyone Channels Angel Personas

1:58:24 TruthSeekah’s Final Thoughts

2:30:40 Patreon Thanks Yous!

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