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Daniel Adams Revival Is Happening On ZOOM! Deliverance and Holy Spirit Outpouring (TSNL) TruthSeekah Podcast

Daniel Adams TSNL (The Supernatural Life) joins TruthSeekah in this episode as they talk about deliverance ministry, encountering demons as well as the up’s and down’s about being a public figure in ministry.

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Daniel Adams of TSNL (The Supernatural Life) is encountering people from all over the world who are hungry for an outpouring of Gods Spirit and ready to experience supernatural freedom! On his live ZOOM calls, Daniel sees people receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit for the first time as well as leads people in prayers of deliverance and is seeing amazing results. In this interview we talk about the growth and expansion of his ministry and the hurdles that come along with fame. We also talk about the reality of the spirit world and how to get free from demonic bondage. We have also been noticing a flood of people who are dealing with paranoid schizophrenia through a demonic attack known as gang stalking where people feel like they are a part of a group that call themselves “Targeted Individuals” where the government is spying on them through their internet devices, unmarked van’s with military personnel stalking their houses as well as sending black helicopters to torment the individual. Furthermore, we address this subject and offer prayer and consolation to anyone who feels victim of this spiritual attack on the mind.

Check Out Daniel Adams and The Supernatural Life Ministry (TSNL) At http://thesupernaturallife.org/

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AMAZING VIDEO! Daniel Adams Rebukes A VOODOO DEMON That Manifested In A Lady!

Check Out The First Talk I Had With Daniel Adams Where We Go In Depth On Demons And Deliverance… It Will Blow You Away!

Demons, Oppressions and the Supernatural | Daniel Adams | TruthSeekah Podcast

Demons, Oppressions and the Supernatural | Daniel Adams | TruthSeekah Podcast

by TruthSeekah | Sep 10, 2020 | AngelsChristianityHealingParanormalSpiritualityTruthSeekah Podcast | 0 commentsIn this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah is joined by Daniel Adams of Next Level Christianity as they discuss demons, angels, deliverance and the supernatural. Download – Listen In iTunes Daniel Adams is the founding evangelist and pastor of Next.

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