Demonic possession is a reality and there are levels to the experience depending on the entities associated with or assigned to the person.

Ask yourself… Do beings from another dimension have the ability to influence the lives of people on earth? Are demons and other disembodied spirits real?

What happens when people try and contact demonic spirits to gain spiritual insight? Is it possible to outsmart these ancient entities?

In this exhaustive article as we explore the world of Demons, Exorcisms, Nephilim, unclean spirits and their origins.


Demons and Demonic Possession

Almost every Holy book on the planet speaks about interaction with these malevolent beings.

Nearly everyone today is familiar in some way to the concept, but what exactly are they? What is their possible influence on humans?  Demons are spoken of 75 times in the New Testament and were an important part of Jesus Christ’s teachings.  Although their origins are debated, it is primarily accepted that demons can affect humans in a number of ways, including: physical illnesses, mental impairments, false beliefs, spiritual warfare, and even possession

What Are Demons?

Demons have been a topic of discussion for many centuries, dating back to the beginning of human writing. Their existence has been a question in many religions and cultures throughout history. The modern-day definition of demons is that they are malevolent beings from another dimension who pose as evil spirits or fallen angels.

Demon Picture
Demon Picture

However, it may surprise you to learn that this definition did not exist until around the fourth century AD when Christianity had begun to dominate Europe after being declared its official religion by Emperor Constantine. Prior to this time, “Demonic Possession” referred to any number of external forces; whether good or bad, such as angels and Greek gods (Zoroastrianism).

What Does The Bible Say About Demons?

The word “demon” is not used much in the Old Testament. However, there are numerous references to Beelzebub or Baalzebul, who was considered the prince of the demons. This name derived from Ba’al Zebûb , which means Lord of the Flies . People believed that flies were associated with death and decay, so this came to be connected with demonic forces.

What Is Demonic Possession?

Possession might be defined as the direct action of the Devil and his demons. This usually happens when a person’s own sins have created an open door. It is crucial to realize that a possession can’t and won’t occur without the consent, however minimal, of the victim. This consent predominantly takes the form of past sins and regrets. When a person is demonically possessed, he or she suffers from a complete seizure of their personality by a diabolical being. This allows the demon to dominate their person, allowing them to become, even somewhat physically, that demonic being.

Demonic Possession Picture
Demonic Possession Picture

The concept of possession by demons, especially among those who had practiced satanic rituals or worshiped other gods, continued into the New Testament era as well. The Book of Acts describes Greek followers of Satan invoking evil spirits (Acts 19:13–16). The Bible forbid such practices. At one point, God suggests that it is permitted to cast out demons (Mark 3:22-27). However, the early church leaders made the connection between unclean spirits and affliction by a foreign god. This was labeled as demonic possession, and often accompanied those who practiced idolatry and pagan practices. This led to an increased use of exorcisms to free people from these demons.

In The Gospel of Mark, Jesus is recorded exorcising demons by casting out evil spirits who are possessing people. By his power and authority alone, he spoke and was able to make the person well.

These encounters led to the New Testament perspective that certain people could be possessed against their will by demonic entities.

How Can Someone Become Demon Possessed?

Some believe that people may become possessed or influenced by demons. When a person falls into sin, they can be “taken over” or “possessed” by a demon. This happens when a person is powerless to resist evil influences (i.e., in dreams, when they are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs).

Some people claim to have heard Satan speaking through their television sets or even seen beings in their homes when dabbling in satanic witchcraft.

Casting Out Demons and Exorcisms

The Book of Mark describes the process of exorcizing demons by Jesus Christ. The original Greek word used is exorkizein (εξορκισθῆναι), which means to bind by oath or exorcise . Exorcism can be performed through prayer, though it’s often done with the assistance of religious artifacts such as Holy Water, crucifixes, and other items that are believed to be “holy”.

Casting out demons was not exclusive to Christianity. Other religions have similar ceremonies that date back thousands of years. During the Dark Ages throughout Europe, many people accused of being possessed were brought before priests for exorcisms because Demonic Possession was considered a sin against God by Christians. Most notably

 Casting Out Demons
Casting Out Demons

Christ often confronted and cast out demons, and gave His disciples power to cast out demons as well.  Today we call this exercise an exorcism.  In an exorcism, a higher authority is called upon to bind the entity to then control or command it to act contrary to it’s own will. According to scripture, Jesus is a higher authority that demons recognize and fear.  Catholic priests also call upon the Archangel Michael, who is believed to have the power to defeat evil beings as well.


Who Are The Nephlim?

The Nephilim were a race of giants created by fallen angels mating with human women. The Nephilim became evil warriors who terrorized the earth until being destroyed by a flood sent by Yahweh. In Ancient Canaanite mythology, the Nephilim were thought of as a seven-headed dragon with horns on each head.

1st Enoch 7:2 says that 200 Watchers descended to Earth and began mating with humans. These unions produced giant offspring called Nephilim.

The Nephilim were known as great warriors and prospered on Earth for 300 years.

How Many Nephilim Were There?

According to the Book of Enoch, there was a total of 360 sinning angels. One hundred Watchers became bound to the earth until Judgment Day because they revealed secrets about Heaven to human women. The remainder fathered the Nephilim and their giant descendants spread throughout the land. After this, we believe that God instructed Noah to build an Ark and save himself and his family from a flood that would destroy all other living things on earth (Genesis 6:11).

Nephilim Meaning

Noun: The Nephilim (/ˈnɛfᵻˌlɪm/ NEF-eelim; Hebrew: נְפִילִים Nefilīm)

The Hebrew word nephilim means “fallen ones.” In ancient Canaanite lore, they were giants who once walked the earth until they were destroyed for wickedness.

They were offspring of the “sons of God” and the “daughters of men” before the Deluge according to Genesis 6:1-4.

Nephilim Definition

Noun: A race or kind of people, especially one thought to be unusually tall and powerful.     

What Do The Nephilim Look Like?

They are described as hybrids of human and angel, hence their size which becomes gigantic – gigantic “giants” – At first they cause no harm to humans but later corrupt themselves with women and create offspring. By this time, God had decided to destroy them all, saving only Noah’s family.  – They are seen as bisexual for copulating with both genders of the human species throughout the ages before finally being completely wiped out according to The Bible via’s Ark during The Deluge.

 Nephilim Fighting
Nephilim Fighting

The Greek Septuagint refers to these creatures as “gigantes”. According to Enoch, the giants – the nephilim – began eating people on earth after their birth so God sent Uriel to tell Noah about the coming cataclysm before deciding what should be done with them according to each circumstance mentioned above.

Did Any Nephilim Survive The Flood?

Although many do hold on to the notion that some of the Nephilim giants survived the flood because Genesis 6:4 actually says that “There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that,”. Many believe that the “and also after that” part refers to giants still remain on the Earth after the flood.

Some interpret this passage as indicating that these Nephilim will still exist at the time of Christ’s return, when they will pose a threat to God’s people.

David Versus The  Nephilim Goliath
David Versus The Nephilim Goliath

It is also believed that Goliath and his brothers were the offspring of these fallen angels. The book of Enoch goes into great detail about these beings who chose to fall from grace and take wives for themselves among the humans. It is said that these giants were wicked and ate humans as delicacy. Many of the women who bore these children died while in labor. These beings cause wickedness upon the face of the earth. Enoch also describes a final war between the Nephilim. Many people believe that the main reason for the flood of Genesis was to wipe out the existence of these angel human hybrids called the Nephilim and to eradicate their presence from the face of the earth. In Greek tradition, the Nephilim are personified as the gods and Titans.

Fallen Angels In The Bible

In the bible, fallen angels are those who disobeyed God and were banished from Heaven to Hell. They have great power on Earth but cannot leave it. Instead, they take humans as their wives, attempting to corrupt all of humanity so that God will have no choice but to destroy the world and its inhabitants. The spirits of their offspring are the entities most commonly encountered through demonic possession.

What are Jinn?

Jinn (singular: jinni) are supernatural creatures in Islamic theology. They are referenced frequently in the Qur’an and other Islamic texts, sometimes spelled “genie” or “genies”; they were believed to be people who had been transformed into invisible beings after death because of their sins.

A mythology surrounding them emerged when stories of jinn spread quickly throughout the Middle East, Europe, Asia Persians called them “jangli” (wild men), Arabians called them “Jinn”, Hebrews called them “shedim”, Slavs called them “pchela”, Asians called them “Kappa”, Africans call them “Pech Merle”.

Jinn are spirits of the earth that possess extraordinary powers, and they live on a different plane than humans do (but they can appear in human form). While some people believe all jinns to be evil, others regard them as more ambivalent beings; some jinn may be benign or beneficial to humans.

Elements of pre-Islamic mythology persist in Arabic culture; the jinn is held by many Arabs to be an object of fear and respect. A belief has arisen recently among Arabs who follow Sufism: They believe that not all jinn were bad and not all jinn were good— that some adopted a neutral stance towards people. This notion appears to have been incorporated into Islam from Buddhism, as it echoes the Muslim tradition.

Jinn Are Genies

Genies (or genii) are supernatural entities in the Western tradition and literature. They often serve as servants or messengers to characters in various stories and myths (such as those spoken of in The Thousand and One Nights and Disney Aladin).

Jinn / Genie in Magical Lamp
Jinn / Genie in Magical Lamp

The Arabic word for genie is “jinni” (“jinn”, singular), which comes from the Arabic root jnn, which means “to hide” or “conceal”. Jinn are normally invisible to humans. In some cases, a jinn can choose to show itself in a visible form. Some people believe the jinn have the power to travel large distances at extreme speeds and can make themselves invisible while doing so.

In Islamic theology, you must be pure physically and spiritually before being able to see them. If you do something bad you will never see a genie again until your death of the physical world. A person is not allowed to summon a genie unless they are too powerful for it to harm them—similarly you cannot control one either since they are too powerful for their masters.

Genies were believed by many to be a race of spirits that inhabit their own world, one very similar to ours but separate from us entirely. According to legend, the natural world was full of signs and omens: Genies carved figures at crossroads and engraved them on walls; and since they inspired fear and awe, villages feared building over their work, so desert sand still covers older carvings.

Jinn Coming Out Of Magical Lamp
Jinn Coming Out Of Magical Lamp

What Are Jinn Made From?

Extradimensional lifeforms, known as the jinn, are spirits who inhabit an unseen world in dimensions beyond the visible universe of humans. Together, the jinn, humans and angels make up the three sentient creations of God.

Jinn are not the same thing as Biblical demons and are not known for possessing people. The Qurʾan mentions that the jinn are made of a smokeless and “scorching fire”, and they have the physical property of weight. Like human beings, the jinn can also be good, evil, or neutrally benevolent and hence have freewill like humans and unlike angels.

A common trick used against a malevolent Jinn was to play into its need to show how powerful it was, tricking the spirit into re-entering his lamp (or jar) and then sealing it – trapping the demon within before he could return to cause harm to his summoner.

Sleep Paralysis

What is Sleep Paralysis?

Sleep paralysis is an experience where you wake up unable to move or speak. It may last only a few seconds, but it can be terrifying because you may feel like someone – or something – is holding you down.

Sleep Paralysis
Sleep Paralysis

Sometimes it happens when you’re getting into bed or just waking up. You lie in the dark waiting to drift off, and then suddenly your mind wakes up before your body does.

You are conscious but  can’t move or talk for brief periods during waking hours. These episodes are sometimes described as “demon attacks”, which is not surprising considering how frightening they are when they occur. What links sleep paralysis to the supernatural or paranormal is that many people claim that they see demonic entities within their bedroom during these encounters. A person who is dealing with demonic possession can experience these entities several times throughout their life.

Shadow Beings

What are shadow beings?

Between 8% and 50% of people experience sleep paralysis at some point in their life. About 5% of people have regular episodes. It is believed to have played a role in the creation of stories about alien abduction and other paranormal events.

Shadow beings are often described as dark, shadowy humanoid shapes or apparitions about the size of a human. They are not always humanoid, though. Some shadow people are blurry, amorphous masses that change shape frequently .

Some people claim to have seen shadow creatures made out of rocks, coal and other inanimate objects. Others see them near mirrors and windows — places where spirits can grow stronger and more visible by interacting with their reflections.

Why Do People See Shadow People?

This is one of the most common questions asked by those who experience these visions: why would I be able to see something if it’s between me and the light source? People who see shadow beings usually report seeing them against a wall or from across a room.

Shadow Being / Night Terror
Shadow Being / Night Terror

Authors Kelly Bulkeley and Stanley Krippner suggest that paranormal experiences are linked to “sleep events” such as hallucinations during dreaming or out-of-body experiences. This is because people often report seeing ghosts during dreams or feeling as if they were floating outside their body. Conspiracy theorists claim that alien abductions are sometimes caused by astral projection; this involves projecting one’s soul outside of their body.

The “Old Hag” Syndrome

The night hag is a generic name for a folkloric creature found in cultures around the world, and which is used to explain the phenomenon of sleep paralysis. A common description is that a person feels a presence of a supernatural malevolent being which immobilizes the person as if standing on the chest. This phenomenon goes by many names.

People have claimed to see an old lady or witch screaming in their faces during these encounters. These phenomena have become to be known as the “Old Hag Syndrome”.

The term “hag” is often associated with witches. This is because of the old English legend which tells of Hag – an evil witch who would sit on people’s chests at night to suffocate them during their sleep.

The "Old Hag" Syndrome
The “Old Hag” Syndrome

The first known reference to hags or hags attacks comes from Halifax in 1699. John Freind suggested that suffocation was caused by “an oppression of spirits” together with a sensitivity to being touched at the time.

The first medical report of “night hag” came from Dr David Collins in 1781. He wrote that many locals believed that this phenomenon were brought on by witches or ghosts sitting on victim’s chests as they slept.

Demon Possession and Witchcraft

Can I Get Possessed By A Demon Through Witchcraft?

Playing with witchcraft is one of the quickest ways to open doors to demonic possession. Many people who take this path do not come out in one piece. A person will usually forfeit their sanity when they open doors to demonic possession and satanic realms via witchcraft.

Witchcraft and Occult Items

Throughout history, humans have been attempting to interact with the spirit realm. How could this possibly be done, and what are the consequences?

Can Ouija Boards Open You Up To Demonic Possession?

Ouija Boards are very real, and demon possession is very real. The two combined can be dangerous, especially when young people who don’t know any better use Ouija Boards to communicate with the dead.

Ouija Board

A poor choice in entertainment for children or teenagers can lead to demonic possessions that would require an exorcism of their homes or of the individual attempting to contact spirits through using a Ouija Board. We all remember “The Exorcist” movie, which was based on an actual case of demonic possession in Maryland. This incident took place after a twelve-year-old used a Ouija Board with his mother’s permission. He was possessed, and it resulted in one death and injuries before medical personnel could save him. It is much advised to never play with a Ouija board.

Commanding Demons

Authority Over Demons

King Solomon is said to have asked God for wisdom, and in return God made Solomon the wisest man alive. In occult circles, it is generally accepted that one of the gifts Solomon possessed was the ability to summon, command, and control demons to do whatever he commanded.

Some even believe that Solomon used this power to make these entities help construct the original Solomon’s Temple. In the Testament of Solomon, it is said that the Archangel Michael gave Solomon a ring with what is now known as the pentagram, and this sigil held control over these demons.

Can A Sigil Open Doors To Demons?

A sigil is a seal or symbol that is encoded with a specific purpose. It is believed by some that the use of sigils allows one to play an active role in their spiritual path, and by controlling spiritual entities, a person could better control their own life’s circumstances.

Sigil Magick To Summon Demons
Sigil Magick To Summon Demons

The problem that arises time and again when attempting to contact and control entities for a person’s own personal agendas and gains, is that complete control never truly occurs. When doing rituals and summonings, a person does invite these beings or entities into their lives. Once that door is open, even with all the precautions taken to control the process, these entities or demons tend to find a way to counter manipulate and get permission to linger around in that person’s life. Sigil magick and other occult practices can lead to demonic possession as well.

From there, oftentimes the person who thought they had control of the situation find themselves victims to torments, harassment, physical threats, emotional deterioration, destruction of families, and even possession in some instances.

The Truth About Demonic Possession (Documentary)

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