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Healing From Sexual Abuse And Childhood Trauma | Chris Duthridge

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Chris Duthridge share his personal story of of sexual abuse and childhood trauma. Chris’s story is one of hope and overcoming obstacles and demons of the past.
Chris Duthridge was able to find freedom from years of sexual abuse and childhood trauma that led to a lifestyle of drug use and violence. Many people are suffering late into their adult year from things that have happened to them even as a child. We we find forgiveness and lend it towards those who have wronged us an even greater measure of forgiveness is then poured out upon us. Not dealing with childhood trauma only leads to creating more trauma and heartache to the lives of individuals of the people arounds us and even to the people we love. We must move from the place of victim and become the victor that God has created us to be. Standing and walking in a lifestyle of complete victory and not being a victim of circumstances is our God-given birthright but many of us end up on default and are blown around to and fro by the winds of change at even the slightest gusts. We must come to realize that life isn’t happening to you, but through you. Once we a conscientious of this we then can bring the power back to ourselves and create the life that we have dreamed of by possessing each “Now Moment” by taking every thought captive and speaking out life and peace over our path. This testimony of grace shows us that we can find forgiveness from our own demons and offer it back towards people who have wronged us. Chris Duthridge is now a professing Christian and says that his relationship with Jesus is what taught him how to find true healing.



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