Joel Lambert Psychedelics

How Psychedelics Have Helped Me Heal… Joel Lambert – TruthSeekah Podcast

Navy SEAL Joel Lambert Share His Life-Changing Encounter With Psychedelics, Such As Ibogaine & 5-MeO-DMT, on this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast.

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Joel Lambert starred on the Discovery Channel’s show Manhunt, which featured some of the world’s most elite specialist tracking units. Joel faced extreme conditions and pressures. He and his crew were plagued with near death accidents throughout the entire production.

Originally from the Pacific Northwest and raised in a little logging town on the Columbia River, Joel Lambert grew up performing on stage and in commercials before selling all he had and running off to join the armed forces, where he served as a Navy SEAL for ten years, earning distinction and experiencing combat in places like Kosovo and Afghanistan. Returning home decorated and serving as a lead Instructor at BUD/S, the screening and selection school for men aspiring to join the elite Navy SEALs, he was drawn back into the world of film and television.

Joel Lambert Episode Topics and Time Stamps

00:00 Introduction/ Patreon, School of the Mystics, New Album ‘White Magic’, Retreat coming up, Spirit Realm Book, breath work,

05:29 Starting the conversation with Joel Lambert

06:46 Relationship with Drew and Joel Lambert’s spiritual awakening

07:56 Joel Lambert is still on Hollywood

09:13 Manhunt

10:48 Motorcycle accident and recovering career

12:11 Joel Lambert’s Spiritual Background Looking for healing after Navy SEAL’s in a zen temple

16:30 Psychedelic program for Navy’s

19:27 The exact experience on the Psychedelic program

21:55 A journey into Joel Lambert personal hell

24:11 Just surrendered

26:34 The second night

27:58 Joel Lambert used a phone that wasn’t there

28:21 Fire Ceremony

29:20 Facilitator’s experiences

30:58 Completely washed clean

33:12 5-MeO-DMT doses

34:28 Pure Consciousness

36:13 Coming back into Joel Lambert body

37:29 Dr. David Hawking and Joel Lambert’s experience

38:13 His life changed completely

39:32 Your preparation catapults you into realization and transformation

40:45 Coming back to earth, you know there is a higher purpose

43:11 Ayahuasca retreat and a whole new level of meditation

45:58 It is what you need it to be

47:22 The enlightenment is now

48:06 Levels of scriptures

52:01 Be present and make an impact

52:41 The flower of life

53:48 People are commenting

54:13 Call of Duty

56:13 Virtual Reality 58:35 Goodbye

Psychedelic Plant Medicine For Healing

The legalization of psychedelics in the United States would provide people with natural, non-addictive, and therapeutic substances to heal mental trauma. Psychedelics are not addictive like other drugs such as alcohol or heroin because these substances do not produce a physical dependency that will cause withdrawal symptoms when discontinued.

The benefits of using psychedelics can help people get over addiction to harmful drugs and be able to live happier lives without the use of pharmaceuticals.

Psychedelic therapy is beneficial for healing drug addicts and others who have mental trauma from their past experiences including abuse, neglect, war, etc., and how it can be used to alleviate depression in those with a history of substance abuse disorder.



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