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Kirby de Lanerolle | Supernatural Life | Walking Like Jesus | TruthSeekah Podcast

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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah is joined by Kirby De Lanerolle (also known as the Happy Breatharian) as they discuss living the Supernatural Life and Walking Like Jesus.



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Kirby De Lanerolle’s explanation of God’s justice and grace in this episode blew me away. He explained the redemptive power of the cross and the transformational power of forgiveness through Jesus in a way that made it all seem new again. I believe that Kirby is well-rounded with scripture blending the supernatural and metaphysical with contemporary and ancient biblical Christianity. Kirby also spoke about the eastern vs western thought concerning Kundalini, Qi and Pranayama energies and how people are able to tap into their own energy fields to perform miracles. Although Kirby did not demonize these eastern practices, yet he emphasized that there was something that was missing from these spiritual schools of thought which he believed to be intimacy with God through relationship with Jesus and led by The Holy Spirit. Kirby De Lanerolle’s ministry has been a bit controversial because of the eccentric signs and wonder that accompany his preaching. During the interview Kirby said that he has seen cell phone and watch batteries charged while in the glory of God. He’s seen precious gems manifest out of thin air, supernatural healings and many other feats that defy the laws of physics all demonstrated through faith. Kirby believes that these supernatural abilities are accessible to everyone who desires and especially for believers in Christ.




The mind is very powerful, and through discipline and practice we can train ourselves to expect the supernatural and see the divine in our lives on a daily basis. This is basic Christianity, nothing more, nothing less. The Bible declares that signs and wonder shall follow them who believe, and is filled with stories of people who did just that. Faith without works is dead, but faith accompanied by works has the power to bring about supernatural manifestations daily in our lives. Many are drawn to the spiritual and metaphysical realms because they seem to explain the science of the supernatural. This is a conversation that the church needs to have because the fullness of these manifestations are embodied through faith and relationship in Jesus. Be not deceived, there is a right way and a wrong way to tap in to spiritual practice and it is through the gate of agape love that is found in Jesus Christ alone. Many are led into the new age, mysticism and occult because the answers that they seek were not found in church. If we as the body of Christ do not demonstrate the power of the supernatural and teach practical ways to engage with God in these realms we will lose a generation who are hungry for something real.









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