Laura C joins TruthSeekah for an in depth conversation on the power of music, frequencies, colors and their connection to the human body and angels. Laura C says that we can partner with our angelic friends in high places to facilitate the restoration of Christ on Earth as it is in Heaven! Yahweh is leading her to explore and incorporate many of the ancient tribal sounds and instruments once used by the ancient Israelites and early Christians! These vibrational frequencies awaken an ancient path embedded deep within the hearts of worshipers from around the world! Laura’s journey is one of awakening to the love and beauty of God that she encounters on a daily basis through Christ. In her worship ascensions, Laura C hears the sounds of Heaven and releases them through her music, literally opening a portal directly to the heavenly angelic realms.

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Laura C releases sounds and frequencies from her ascended seat in heavenly places. Her deepest desire is to release the heart of Yahweh through music, and to encourage and inspire others to come into the fullness of the unique sounds and frequencies that accompany their scrolls of destiny. May you be blessed and may His full Shalom transform and renew you as you engage this music, and the discussions about the restoration of worship.

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