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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah is joined by Kelli Cooper as they discuss using the Law of Attraction in business and balancing the flow of energy. Kelly Cooper is a writer and blogger who travels the world while doing what she loves for a living. Her husband Ryan Biddulph also does similar work with his blog called Blogging from Paradise and the two have become very successful while using the law of attraction in business. During the interview we talked about focusing on the positive energy instead of being overcome by the negativity and setbacks we face. It’s not that we ignore the negativity or act like it doesn’t exist but once you set your mind on your goal you cannot let any minor distractions throw you off your course. What you put out into the universe will come back to you whether that be positively or negativity the choice is up to you. You have a hand in creating your reality and by using the law of attraction it creates a state of mindfulness where you can create the life that you want for yourself with intention. The secret isn’t a secret anymore. There are practical ways to bring about your desired career or passion in whatever area of your life it is.

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very soon so that’s pretty much it the colors EP is pretty much done I’m waiting on one feature to come back the previews and all of that stuff is already up all of its own on the website true sticker calm and you can listen to the majority of it already on the patreon page as well so that’s what I’ve been working on the colors EP the guided meditations doing my my personal one-on-one coaching and counseling sessions as well everything’s at the website so all that’s out the way I’m gonna bring on today’s guest Kelly Cooper welcome to the podcast how are you my friend I am good Derek thank you for having me I’m always happy to connect with fellow like-minded truth seekers and gurus and I love them and but it’s not what was the thing it’s very real stuff so yeah I’m excited to talk about it okay that’s a good place to start so you do coaching you put together courses a lot of talk about the law of attraction how to apply it to our lives how to apply it to business really every area of our lives I’ve been focusing on lately how to apply it to spirituality and how to well you know creates miracles and healing and stuff and so those same laws that we would apply to our business or our favorite parking spot or whatever we bring that bring those same principles into okay we’re gonna go on this session or I’m gonna talk to you on the telephone and what we see is gonna manifest and create it so I’ve been it pretty much took my faith to a whole nother level with seeing people get healed and all types of stuff like that so it comes to when it comes to the law of attraction you’re mentioning you know some of these these practices and stuff being woowoo is what you bring to the table is it is it more woowoo or is it more practical or somewhere in between I would say like I’m 95 percent woo about everything just because you almost can’t not be with this sort of stuff because it’s just a different way of looking at things and the language we use but I would say I I’m not whoohoo about it I’m very practical down-to-earth and real about it because I think that there’s a lot of with personal development in general and the law of attraction in particular I think there’s a lot of stuff that gets lost over that then that’s not discussed and people struggle with it because they don’t they have all these elements of themselves that they don’t know what to do with all this negative energy and this negative thinking and then people are just like we’ll just trust the universe and think positive and blah blah blah and it’s like yeah that’s nice and theory but the reality is we didn’t grow up most of us believing these sorts of things being connected that elements of ourselves so yeah the reality our energy is you have a lot of crap like you have a lot of limiting beliefs you’re skeptical understandably you the world is a very the world is an illusion we have all this faulty thinking about reality but it seems very real to us so all of a sudden two asks your mind to just move into this completely different way of looking at things that’s a process and even even slow movement you can get results you don’t have to jump full bore like into believing things you really don’t because let’s face it your mind has always based your belief system on what it observes and then it draws a conclusion it makes a decision it decides this is what happened this is what I believe so all of a sudden the law of attraction and all these spiritual universal laws come along and they’re telling you know the inside starts first and then the manifestation then the physical reality takes shape around you so asking your mind to start believing things in a completely opposite way without any evidence when your whole life the evidence comes first then the belief that’s a very different way of operating so I think a lot of people there’s a gradual process that doesn’t mean slow but I think people would happens with the law of attraction if they intellectually understand certain things and then they think oh I believe this now and it’s like and then then no you actually don’t believe it now it’s okay you don’t believe it yet and I think it’s just you know people it’s just realizing it’s a process that you have to deal with some stuff that maybe you think you don’t need to deal with because you just activate positive energy and you get what you want and it’s like yeah that’s good but that’s like that energy is competing against like twenty years of light trap energy so it’s like your baby energy out like abundance these little risky vibes you’re trying to activate it’s wonderful but then I’ve sang to my husband the other day your real vibe looks like the pits of Mordor from the Lord of the Rings and it’s like fear and anxiety and all these different things and it’s like yeah so it’s like we got to kind of deal with the crap a little bit first and maybe people don’t think that’s maybe part of the process so in that sense I think my advice is more like practical and down-to-earth and that I acknowledge the reality of humanity where other people just like will just jump to all the good stuff and it’s like yeah that’s great but there might be some stuff in between you have to tackle first yeah and I think it starts there looking at it like a level of faith like okay we’re just gonna step out I can’t really prove it but we’re gonna believe it we’re gonna try it and then once we start seeing results in manifestation then we move from having faith to and even from belief to actually knowing okay this is how the universe of course that’s and you’re so right there like because it would starts with the willingness hey there’s something intuitively emotional level something is resonating with me here like I feel like I’m connecting with something that I’ve actually always known but didn’t just really think about and didn’t enter my consciousness so what I would say to people is your feelings or a guidance system alerting you to what’s true and untrue although all of that Law of Attraction the universe loves you got all that warm fuzzy stuff there’s a reason it feels so good because big yous like yeah this is how we communicate with you through your feelings we’re letting you know yeah that’s true that’s why that feels good all this stuff the reality we’re looking at now and it feels so bad lack limitations scarcely we hate each other everything’s falling apart there’s a reason that feels badly not just because our mind thinks it’s upsetting because there’s intuitively there’s a part of us that’s like yeah this really isn’t how reality is supposed to function we’re not supposed to be how we are something’s very wrong here so I would say to people you know learn to trust your feelings as much or not more so probably than your mind but it’s just a different way of evaluating things we’re not used to evaluating things from the level of feeling and intuition but yeah if something feels right about this and like you said as you move along manifestations come in and it goes from theory oh I should feel and think this way according to the law of attraction to get what I want to oh I actually have evidence in my own life and like you said that’s very powerful especially for the mind because the mind wants the evidence first and then the belief so we’ll let you believe these things more easily if it can point to something in your own life now something you read in a book or what abraham-hicks told you or what this person your friend told you about so yeah it’s really about just that willingness to start you need to trust the faith and yet you just got to keep going and the path opens up as you as you keep committing to it you start small and then there’s it like like you know I come I come from the scriptural standpoint right coming out of evangelical Christianity right and so I relate everything back to the scriptures but there’s a Scripture it talks about like if you start out with the few things the small things and you’re faithful with it you work it and try it you’re being trusted to rule over more so if you can try those small things or whatever and then you like wow this is real this is it’s almost like a it’s almost like a muscle that you have to work out you start picking up small exactly heavier things in it and then it’s big things but it has to start somewhere that faith and belief and then you test and it working and try it and then it’s proven to you and and the whole thing with just those different beliefs that we already know even from like a Christian biblical perspective I remember like there was all these things that we we knew on the inside but we didn’t know if it was true but we knew it on the inside and so coming from a Christian perspective we would start tearing the Bible apart just reading all these crazy verses that nobody talks about and you’re like wow this stuff new intuitively the prophets knew it yeah they practiced it the sages and seers knew this stuff and now we have you know some some texts or whatever that backs up this belief system in this way of life and it’s beautiful when everything sauce exactly you know cuz yeah because as much as we have faith and evidence there is still that part of us that likes that proof and whatever so that validation and stuff it can feel good because there is a part of our mind that’s very like sciency proof like put it in a test to prove this to me show me how it works see anytime we can get anything that we get that validation it is very powerful and you know talking about faith you know that that humans have the ability to have faith in something they can’t see and prove i don’t think that’s just a random thing we are able to do i think we were instilled with that because that’s the only way to connect to that world because we can’t prove it we can’t get this science like proof like yeah this is god and this is how the law of attraction contemn physics it’s probably the closest thing to all of that I don’t know too much about that I’m not as interested in that aspect of it but if you are a science person and you like the LOA look up that stuff and you’ll probably get stuff your brain will like and be like oh yeah maybe this isn’t some woowoo spiritual thing it’s actually science kind of animal which is kind of interesting you know so yes so the fact that we have faith that proves to me there is something beyond us we were instilled with the faith to connect to it because without a faith we wouldn’t be able to believe anything we couldn’t see so yeah like it all when we start to think about it it all kind of makes sense and it’s like oh yeah the the fact that we’re able to do that means that there must be something to have faith in or else we wouldn’t be able to do it so yeah there is something beyond us stop trying to understand it your mind with our limited consciousness of humanity and further limitation of you your your limited perspective of whatever human being you identify as if I’m me good luck like you’ll never do it you’ll hit a wall very very quickly and don’t don’t do it because it’ll just pull you away and keep you stuck in the world of the mind and the physic and investing so much in the physical material world and you don’t want to do that because ya know you could have a lot better than that don’t settle for what you’re seeing with your eyes talking about the feelings right the feel-good feelings um I got a message and I get these messages from time to time like different like evangelical Christians will listen to the podcast and they see numbers they see it doing good so they feel like they have to reach out and say like okay you’re doing it wrong this is the way to do it and some of them are just shots water but I read a message this morning and I’ve read these time and time again but they say you’re just telling people what they want to hear you’re not telling them the truth you’re telling them this feel-good message right about God and the way things are in and yeah I am the feel-good message because I think whatever God is would prefer your message then the fiery pits of hell or God is I think of God I remember I read this once it’s by a former someone very high up and maybe the Catholic religion a bishop or something and one of the things he wrote this article he no longer was of the faith and he left the church or whatever and one of the last things he said and it stuck to me he’s like if whatever God is if he saw what religion was he wouldn’t even whatever would not even understand what it is we’re doing they’d be like what what is this like we hate each other and this God and this it would punish like whatever God is I think is something so beyond our comprehension and we basically because we are we are a person we think of it as this big person in the sky that maybe we have to curry favor with and we have to please and he will punish whatever God is we are perfect in its eyes judgment is the realm of humans I’m sorry all you people that think that some force is judging us I’m sorry I think it’s kind of bullshit for what to what end who’s judging us for what who’s keeping score what who why do we need to be you know what I’m saying to me none of that makes sense though that’s all humanity judgment and you know deserving based on do so yeah I just think whatever good that’s what is that what God would want us to say not the bad stuff so through those people there I feel bad for people that have faith like that and think you got that way I imagine that’s a very miserable existence and I I feel empathy for people like that because that’s a sad existence I think God sees you that way and I don’t know I just that sucks to me I don’t know I wouldn’t want to be think that way about if I was a religious person I’d rather think God’s love and wants me to be happy and wants us to enjoy our human experience and we’ll help support us and whatever we need in this human experience so yeah I don’t those people yeah just ok whatever like sorry so much luck to you for your that miserable view of God in the world so whatever right right it’s either God loves you or God hates you right which which one I would rather base my existence off with the love I’ve been there with the hate the whole sufferings servant now and it’s really a gnostic approach they say that you have to suffer to be like this or to be holy or to be acceptable it’s like it’s like what it’s like the universe or God doesn’t need our suffering for like some kind of currency to like create what it’s it’s like we need to pay me with your salt I’ll transmit your suffering into money that I’ll then bump into your bank account it’s like ok and this kind of was that’s what we said about our feelings being a guidance system to think of God in religion in that way I imagine that feels really badly and that’s big you being like yeah no that’s not how it is don’t think that like that’s not God that’s not what this is and again it’s the guidance system so anyone out there like you have that idea of religion we’re like you think God is like angry with you or like it’s a curry favor and then you have to prove your worthiness and just really like that that feels bad right like think about Oh feelings guidance system yeah maybe does it feel good to think God loves you yes okay yes that’s true then yeah it’s um yeah just whatever that is it’s good it’s love and we can’t understand it basically I think cuz there there’s this a Christian notion in the church that I came out of what they would say we don’t because it says we don’t walk by sight we walk by faith and they say don’t trust your feelings don’t trust the way something you feel when it’s like hold on like if I’m around you and I feel bad every time I’m around you if I’m around you oh you do gossip and talk down and point out the negative yeah every situation and it makes me feel a certain type of way I probably should listen to those feelings like because I feel this way for a reason right and so feelings do matter they try to say well you know you guys are just into emotionalism and sensationalism emotions in especially with spirituality or God the universe changing your life being you know from moving from a suffering servant to a son or a daughter who is who is who are heirs right and yeah moving from the place of judgment to a place of acceptance that’s it that’s an emotional experience that’s very emotional yeah our emotions guide us and you know what and the thing is you people sending that guys the sessions religion if you if you have clarity about your religion or about your belief system you’re not sending if you set people like that they’re not sending messages like that that’s a lack of clarity because if you’re clear on your beliefs and someone else has a different belief there’s really no emotional charge to be opposition because you have clarity so when you get all worked up about someone else’s belief system guess what you don’t have clarity about your own and that’s okay but then be willing to question the clarity don’t look for it don’t try to pick apart the other person you can go back to feeling well about your own belief system now would imagine what you’re talking about triggers a lot of people with that sort of belief system I imagine as much as they might believe this is true on a deeper level we don’t like believing things that feel badly to us so someone’s walking around with this belief system that makes them feel miserable and that like you know God hates them and that they have this might be their meant to suffer and you come along oh happy love god is love of course that’s going to trigger them because they’re like no but this is true when it makes me miserable and you’re believing this thinking you’re happy no no but no so like yeah it’s like if you’re being triggered especially for it’s like crappy belief like question them for a minute you really want to keep believing all these crappy things it’s like but yeah people will want to and they’ll still do it so yeah it’s like especially with this sort of work you know if you get into this stuff you you will be challenged and you know as you get clearer the critics or people that don’t share the same views as you they they won’t come around as much or when they do it doesn’t the emotional response is completely different again like you said it’s all about emotions and feeling it really everything comes down to our feelings we like things we like because they make us feel good we don’t like what we don’t like they don’t like how it’s our feelings our everything so to say it’s nothing I can’t imagine living from that because for me is everything how I think I feel though I should be very in much trouble if I had to abandon that part of my being hey I don’t know your sound is a little muffled I don’t know if your hand is over the microphone maybe oh sorry I might have had it is it feel sound better now it’s still the same it’s just got a little muffle to it it’s not real okay but it’s not as good as it was I’m not sure maybe it’s a connection issue it’s fine though we could work with it so going back to the law of attraction where this started where were some of the the early Tom’s for you that that that showed you that this stuff was real where did you start out and and finding that look if I try these principles and apply this this way of thank you so much to my life I would say if I had to think about when I if I had to think about from the point where I actually was conscious of the teaching I would say one of the first things that really got me was like how I manifested one of my first independent health employment type into opportunities which was one of my intentions I had set was one of the things I always wanted to do for myself there’s a lot of me yeah you know what I know for a lot of you it seems like you can’t imagine how you’re going to get there you will just be patient and just like have a little faith I know you get what am I going to do how am I going to get it going I’m going to make some money and you know it’s all of that comes together but it was just like I said an intention about like I’ll be really cool to get paid for to do writing something I never thought about before I wasn’t a writer in particular but I was just like I was been writing for fun and one day yet I just had an urge to go to which is like Franklin not even know if it’s still around this website but visually like a priceless of all different postings and I saw a posting for this company that was looking for writers to create create content for their web properties and again this was not some long-held goal I have it wasn’t something I was attached to I was just like oh that’d be kind of cool and I sent my application I didn’t think about it and two days later they accepted me and it ended up being like a lucrative source of income for two years allowed me to start traveling the world and earning money while I traveled which was my other main goal and yet it was just one of those things where I set the intention I had this weird intuitive nudge to visit a website I never visit why did it pop into my mind I don’t know and there was this opportunity so it’s yeah it’s just like I’m like huh interesting like I kind of put something out there and I was detached that’s the big thing here guys the detachment that’s not easy though it’s a lot of stuff we want is very important to us and we like I can’t detach from it I need it I left have to let the universe know that I need it and this need energy is going to help but again we kind of want to tamper that down but yeah I would say that was one of the first things where I was like oh interesting and like you said it was just one of those things where you start learning these new different things and you’re just opening up space and you have trust I started paying more attention to my belief system how I was focusing that’s something most of us we don’t really do unless you’re and like you’re not a really a growth-oriented person you probably don’t think much about your inner world but yeah once I start paying attention and I started reading more book like you said it’s a lot of little things start happening in your life where you’re like wow like there’s something to this and like you said then you get faced about the bigger things and then you feel more confident and then that influences your actions and yeah it all just unfolds and I think the one thing I would say is that helps people with this teaching especially whatever bad feeling you feel now about your life it has nothing to do with you don’t have a boyfriend or you don’t have as much money as you like or you can’t find a new job yet it’s the story around all that stuff so if you can be a little patient with changing your energy remembering the manifestations not the answer to the positivity or looking for anyway it really will help you on this journey a lot more because you won’t always be in such a rush to get your stuff and yeah it’s really just if you can just let it unfold gradually and look for that group in that evidence you just keep going and it’s pretty awesome you’ll start to see that link very clearly it kind of it kind of sounds like you started off kind of big though especially from you know saying from a place of employment are you on say moving till I guess kind of but it really wasn’t like um it wasn’t like this thing where I’m like I’m going to manifest this thing it was just kind of this idea of like I had the awareness of this teaching and it was like oh yeah that’d be kind of cool and knowing what I knew about energy I saw how it came together but um yeah I guess technically I did kind of start off with bigger goals but um yeah I don’t know I think it’s good to set the intentions for the bigger stuff from the outset but just don’t feel pressure to get them know as quickly as possible be a little patient not because it has to take a long time but just because you don’t know the perfect timing for stuff the reality of your energy is you do have some change tire now and that could take a little time and yeah it’s just um so yeah put the big stuff out there if you want but don’t feel the pressure right away because they hope it doesn’t come by tomorrow the law of attraction doesn’t work or something like that yeah it stuck it starts with little principles like that and then you start to see little things connecting and synchronicity all of these things start to line up and you you figure out that your thoughts do have power and that right there you don’t think your thoughts having power I’m gonna go back to this point just because there’s some questions in the chat from my friend Ali talking about the feeling and so I think she might have misunderstood you about only doing what feels good I think the reason we need to folk on what feels good and what’s pleasing to the to the body to the mind to our families to our friends is because it’s not that where we don’t we do we don’t not experience the bullshit we don’t not experience the hard times we do right so it’s like not focusing on all the bad stuff and getting overwhelmed and not being able to see a good outcome because of the wind because of the waves in the in the trials of life that come the positive thinking helps us move and navigate through that stuff right it’s not that you don’t want experience heartache or hurt or hardship yeah the positive thing that helps you get through that right oh yeah oh yeah believe me anyone if you are interested in this interview when you go to study my work you’ll see I’m all about feeling your shit I will not tell you to camp it down to don’t answer the patient’s room yeah like the law of attraction is I think one of the big misconceptions is people see it as this tool like a personal development tool to like manipulate your reality and it’s like oh no no silly rabbits no no no little boys and girls law of attraction universal law always been operating in your life is one of the things that like holds the whole universe together so I think what happens is yet people jump right to the positivity the types of the vibration activation with the affirmations and the vision board all that stuff is wonderful but if you realize loa universal law oh I’ve always been creating my reality yeah you might have some negativity to contend with some negative beliefs to contend with something and not build Mesa lighten the load energetically a little bit so we have definitely engage with your feelings but always with the intention of healing them not the old way of engaging with our feelings where Clara’s kind of feeling sorry for ourselves and like oh woe is me nothing can change ya you might have your pity party you might go through that face first a little it’s okay but yeah we still your negativity with that intention of encouraging this energy to make room for new energy and that’s a whole different experience then well we just are like oh I feel crappy and life is crappy and I can’t do anything about it and we’ll just kind of wallow in it but yeah no definitely I do not advocate positivity like militant positivity that which that is basically just in you’re in denial about your feeling you can’t trick first the universe isn’t listening to your words oh wow look at her saying she’s so positive and she’s still so abundant and everything’s great but inside your energy is like survival mode fear oh my god oh my god what’s going to happen like that’s what the universe responds to so yeah there’s no trying to face your feelings trying to pretend you believe something dull trying to pile a thin layer of positivity on like a mile Mountain High mile high mountain of crap yeah that will not work in a very surface way you might see very little changes you can activate a little bit of energy but for consistent stuff the big stuff that’ll never ever work you have to move into a place of knowing right because you have you have your ideas you have your goals you have this course that you’re set out on one day the next day you wake up in a bad mood it doesn’t negate your course though you don’t just say oh I’m feeling bad it doesn’t look like I’m gonna you know I’m saying make it through this so that’s when especially it’s like in the scriptures or whatever because they’re so talking about the feeling thing don’t go by your feelings there because you may wake up having a bad day and you’re feeling like oh yeah that’s really great I’m glad you brought that up I’m sorry miss it but because yes well we talked about like following your feelings what me and Derek are talking about we’re talking about intuitive vide you like feelings the feelings of like the crappy feelings I’m not talking about the feelings that are the surface level feelings that are a reaction to your mind mental chatter that’s not what I’m talking those are feelings no that’s not the adult that crap is like don’t listen to that don’t that just about today yeah like the feelings we’re talking about there’s a good follow the feelings those are the intuitive when you’re connecting with spirit connecting with truth intuitive knowing feeling now suppress your feelings there’s a lot of Christians listening right so we’ll just say God in the devil don’t listen to you that’s like the reaction to your mental chatter that never ever stops by the way so you really if your officiant Loa type stuff yeah do your affirmations do your do all that traffic since you feel good but really getting rainin on your mind and your mental chatter will be the most powerful thing you can do for any sort of inner work like this because your mind is going to be your biggest barrier your mind has very different goals than your spirit and the law of attraction the space you operate from your it emotion intuition your mind doesn’t understand it it doesn’t belong there it will try to keep imposing itself and wanting to keep doing things its way because of though it cannot be yeah like it cannot be this way so yeah if your mind your your mind is going to be your biggest challenge is always going to want to pull you to conspiracy can amazing life your mind is like let’s just minimize your pain and that’s a very old video games all day and you deserve it exactly it’s like okay let’s minimize the pain by let’s go get the minimum wage jobs you can pay your bills I don’t like this uncomfortable feeling when you don’t have money and here it’s like go make passion for profits go live your dream job of your minds like no no I just want to make all my uncomfortable feelings go away and there’s very very little if we’ll the bar is very low for that so yeah just if you can reign in your mind that’s the best place you can focus your attention and then go to all the all the positivity all the vibration activation with a vision board yeah although that’s great but all that stuff’s going to work a lot better it’s like you have a base energy that’s cleaned up a little bit kind of like priming the wall before you paint it like all that stuff’s going to work a lot better if you have a vibration that’s a little kamar and more stable that’s more that Energy’s more of a match for that new energy and it’ll be able to stick better then when you’re feeling all crazy and negative and panicky and then I will negotiate some affirmations and I hope that’ll get me my money and it’s like and that’s probably not going to happen because your energy now is just too well at all to to let that other energy work into your world in any real way yeah and and not getting off the path goes back to having a good foundation in a goal of like yeah writing something down what does it look like what’s gonna eat it have a goal and not just like obviously we’re following the spirit daily wherever the spirit takes us but you or something that you’re working towards because those winds and those waves and different ideas that come they’ll pull you different places and you gotta have that that warm line that foundation no this is what I’m creating you know and not because I’m talking about to how like intuitive creative people have all of these awesome ideas I get a dollar a day great ideas but you don’t do anything exactly right or you get overwhelmed or you start working on one it’s going good and this other idea pulls you you work on it for a week and then you forgot everything you started on this one and it’s just stuff commenting I’ve got a lot of friends who don’t know how to tap into consistency because they have those ideas and they change they change Nicias yeah every week they got a new thing every other MLM a new offer hey I’m selling know what it is with it get the vision yeah I would say – yeah it’s good to work towards something but a couple things I would say about goals is make sure the goal is not to arbitrary what happens is or mindsets a lot of goals like that actually don’t mean anything so guess what when you achieve them you will feel much of anything because it doesn’t mean anything to double your income or to grow your email subscriber list yeah these are great goals for your business but guess what inherently that means nothing how much money you have or how many people are on your so it’s like when you reach that goal it’ll be like you’re minded like yay we got our 25% increase and subscribers and fears like yes oh who cares big deal what does that does it make you a better person are you better now we’re more capable or malleable so yeah so have your bolus with like your business and things you’re passionate about but just make sure they’re not super arbitrary like very specific because like I said you’ll achieve them and you will be like oh I don’t who cares now like I just didn’t make me feel good and also I would say to set some energetic goals in your life because all you’re ultimately after is healing and if you can activate the energy now of what you want guess what you’ll manifest more stuff that feels just like that energy so think about your business your personal life maybe your health your relationships with your friends your family your spouse whatever and there ethically how do you want these things to look energetically how do you want to feel as you move through the world and then those are very worthy goals too and like I said as you activate that energy within you genuinely just for the sake of activating it not to just try to get something you gotta be careful LOA people we get very much like I just want myself I actually don’t care if I’m happy that’s a very dangerous job you fall into we have some energetic goal and yeah and then from the energetic goals to what happens is a lot of inspired action stems from that higher vibration and any action you take the world of action will be your relationship with that will be much more different and much more harmonious and yeah but yeah try to work towards something you want to feel like you have some reason to get a bed every day like Eric was saying like that’s important for just overall well-being and just creative the creative energy being channeled towards something it is powerful yeah it’s not all about subscribers or having a huge audience because like I believe in growth I believe in the spirit that there’s growth I believe if what are you doing is it has life and it’s going it’s going to organically grow your reach is gonna get bigger you know I’m saying it’s gonna grow organically but it’s not necessarily the number thing like you can scroll Facebook and just see weird people with like 700 people watching them or a hundred people watching them and you’re listening like what in the world are they even talking about they’re making it up as they go they’re making no sense but they have an audience right so it’s don’t let the numbers fool you man understand wallabies over quantity as well right yeah especially with law of attraction and business stuff listen I get it like you have a business so your mind is like yes this is how we make our money but it’s like energetically realize that your source is God right and your business is just one channel yes on a mental level you’re like yeah this is how I make my money a lot of our energetic goals don’t make sense logically but you energetically stay open remember your business is just one potential source of one potential channel of infinite God is your source now if your working that with intention and your energy is good will you make a lot of money through your business yeah probably because you know you’re putting attention they’re focused you’re flowing energy towards it we always be open with business too it’s really easy to get into the getting mentality the getting comes no matter what try to have the energy of giving because if everything’s about getting something from somebody and like yeah at the core of it yeah you want clients you want exposure everyone has that self interest at heart with their business it’s fine it’s not a bad thing but energetically kept trying to get and then giving the giving energy very different feelings a very different journey and beginning and guys everything I’m telling you is implicit it’s implied the stuff will come on the outside come on this the way I talk about the LOA I feel like people’s minds get very agitated like what she’s talking about with just general feelings and just being happy and we want our stuff don’t listen to her go to the guy that’s going to tell you how to divide steps to manifest the boyfriend in 30 days or whatever everything I’m saying it’s implied will positively impact your physical reality the money the relationships the weight loss ever it is you want the new job but yeah like energetic kind of what you were said earlier it’s like really try to approach this teaching working like a spiritual like inner transformation thing not so much about just getting stuff on the outside you don’t have that hump anyway it has no choice because you’re changing your energy because trying to using using the law of attraction to get stuff you don’t have and changing your energy internally in a meaningful way to change your physical reality they are not the same thing said two different ways those are very different savings very different journeys and they will feel very different and the getting stuff you don’t have journey is very painful and frustrating and again I promise you the other journeys focus inward focus on the happiness and then activate your energy around money when it feels good or take your actions around whatever but that’ll feel a lot better you’ll get what you want immediately which is just to feel better that’s all you want anyway and the stuff comes anyway I do a review people are like don’t listen to her she’s tricking you mind she’s trying to get you to just be happy she doesn’t care about their money you’re getting a boyfriend no I’m not trying to trick you I promise but stuff comes anyway make it begin the goal the generosity of spirit all of that and the money and it comes and if you’ll enjoy it much more if you won’t enjoy the stuff you get if you’re trying to get it just to take your pain away because it’s not the true cause of your pain so it will work anyway so and that’s a lesson that it’s a hard we take a while to learn Tori but if that’s your pursuit if money is the pursuit you’re gonna be messed up like I come out of the Christian evangelical circles where we had a lot of contention with what is known as the prosperity gospel which is Taylor all they talk about is money how to get money how to get the next you know I’m saying reach the next level of employment once you get that job you need the next bigger job more money a bigger house speakers or maybe even an airplane like really crazy goals in it it moves from like God or being like a genie in a lamp like a jinn catching a genie in the lamp and making it grant you wishes because you’re doing the right thing or whatever and it messes up your pursuit and those who seek after money will never have enough because you always want more you’re not going to learn how to be yeah where you are on the process on the journey so if you’re focusing on your content what you’re creating what can i what do I have to offer people that’s going to help them where they are versus what can I create to generate income those thoughts come in you have to keep everything in perspective though moving forward and you know what especially especially if you’re one of the people that you’re trying to make your turn your passion into a business like yeah and I get it you you’re doing it there are dozens of guns right yeah and you feel and I did it like you’re not doing it as a hobby anymore you want to turn it into a business you want money but like you’re saying when it all becomes about the money nothing will drain your passion for that faster because yeah you’re no longer focusing on being of service and sharing your gifts and sharing your knowledge you’re like yeah I’m going to write this blog post I’ll say I’ll get a new client out of this and then I’ll get money and it’s like it’s okay you want the money but like you said when the money and the outside manifestations are the top of mind driver like you said you’ll never be satisfied especially with money because think about money there’s no limit to how much money you can make so your mind will never be satisfied with any amount and say right now we want to say I want to make the right the illustrious six figure that’s the big bowl right for people to disfigure earner on their online business so you make whatever the minimum amount of money to make six figures a month is giving to your minds going to be satisfied with that of course not because you can make double that or you know what I mean so yeah when we make the outside the bowl it’s like there’s no limit to what you can manifest from the outside so your mind will always be like and since your mind thinks the outside is the answer but it’s really not it will always pull you away from going within like no oh this amount of money didn’t make me happy let’s try to double that amount oh it wasn’t this maybe if you want a boyfriend you feel better it will always try to just get you to want something else to take away the P and it’s Nvidia it’s a very dangerous trap to fall into and yeah just make it really try to go internal with the journey ya want what you want and think about it if you feels good but really try to make the transformation the goal knowing the stuff comes anyway then trying to get something you don’t have and using the law of attraction it’s very painful and very frustrating it’s just it’s just the universe it’s just God like there’s a scripture that says delight yourself in the Lord and he’ll give you the desires of your heart whatever it is that you desire like it’s there for a reason like those ideas are not evil you know what I’m saying like people think they come from the suffering servant where they’re not worthy they don’t deserve anything I’ve been a bad person like that can go man that really can because I’ve spent so much yeah time like deserving huge mm-hmm yeah we’re gonna send deserving issues really big you know it wasn’t using with the law of attraction is easy for people to think the biggest barrier is whether or not you believe what you want is possible and it’s like yeah at the core that’s it and in the theory of manifesting that’s the only issue you would have to contend with but yeah the reality of manifest is very different like you’re saying as humans we have a lot of stuff court bringing to the table energetically especially if you’re coming from a more religious background worthiness than deserving by the way your worthiness and deserving your whatever you’re doing just that you exist here on earth that’s it you’re worthy and deserving it’s not about what you do it’s not about what you contribute please get that idea out of your mind that that’s the kind of idea you have especially if you want to create an amazing life for yourself you will never ever be able to do enough for your mind to think you deserve what you want it will never ever happen especially because you’re a flawed human being and then the good thing you do when you do the bad thing next week guess what you go back down again you’re not as deserving anymore so yeah that’s good Irving as a result deserving is eternal being God loves me today hates me tomorrow he’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like having that that uh flower he loves yeah he loves me not he loves me not yeah no never you’ll never do enough to think you deserve because inherently you think you will if you special if you have this idea inherently we’re bad and simple or whatever yeah we have worthiness and deserving issues guess what a lot of you guys you probably consciously don’t think this you might be very missable right now with a certain situation in your life but a deeper level your mind is it your things are exactly as how your mind wants them to be it doesn’t want you to have what you want it has a negative association with it if I get a lot of money people will think I’m not spiritual or what if my four family members are kidding me up for money and I’m gonna have to deal with them or a lot of this stuff you want you might have conflicting energy you might not think you deserve it yeah like there’s a lot of stuff going on that’s way beyond whether or not you believe in the law of attraction or you believe what you want is possible that’s why an attorney right it’s the holiest about getting stuff it’s about the saint of the case probably not in it yeah like you can’t take a journey of inner growth without looking at some of this stuff and like shining a light on some stuff of like that might not be so comfortable to look at but if you can just be honest with yourself always about how you’re feeling your motivations for wanting what you want and why you’re doing what you’re doing how you really feel belief wise as long as you can be honest always about what’s going on inside you’ll always be able to make the changes to internally to get externally improve your life externally in some way but that can’t happen if you’re voted in denial about your feelings or you pretend to believe stuff you don’t believe or you don’t address other aspects like worthiness and deserving self-sabotage and all that other kinky energy that is just part of human nature yeah it’s um because whatever you believe you create it yeah you yeah again I still there’s some people in the ted-ed they don’t like the you thing you have to do this you have to do this guess what whatever you but not whatever God believes that’s besides the point it’s whatever you believe if you believe that you are a sinner in the hand of an angry in the hands of angry God guess what that’s gonna shape and mould your reality but if you move from I’m loved and I am blessed and I am the righteousness of God I am healed all of these things you start believing that that becomes your reality it goes for you all be blown into what you’re looking for and this idea that you create your reality it’s not going to be this like antagonistic life blaming energy you did this it’s all your fault because you’re negative and God punished you it’s like no our manifestations are not a system of punishment and reward based on whether you did something good or bad it’s really just neutral feedback of energy it’s not again you’re not being punished for example if you have an energy where you don’t trust people and you think people are out to get you you might manifest the situation where your business partner steals money from you you didn’t feel that money because you did something bad it’s not your fault but if you had an energy where like yet people are bad I don’t trust them then you’ll manifest people that will mirror back that lack of trust to you by doing stuff that’s bad to you so it’s all just neutral feedback and this idea that you create your reality it’s not meant to be this blaming thing like you do it and you big bad a new best self it’s like no it’s empowering because do you like thinking your reality depends on the whims of other people and institutions outside of you and all these things that you can’t control your mind somehow likes it likes this idea because your mind doesn’t care if they’re happy and your mind just wants to preserve its crappy belief system and image of yourself and it doesn’t care if they’re happy but think about it these ideas to me if you can just let your ego agitation settle a little bit about the way your ego mind interprets these ideas you’ll start to see like I’ll actually kind of would like to think this like this is actually a good thing that I created if I created all this crap that means I can shift focus I can shift gears internally and moving forward create something better so it’s a good thing I don’t take this personally don’t let your mind oh your mind guys your mind is going to like mess with you every step of the way your mind does not care if they’re happy stop listening to it go to spirit go to heart that cares about you mine doesn’t care just anything your mind thinks is probably crap and it’s not true and it feels badly and and just don’t make a willingness to be like I can’t stop your mind from saying these things but what I can do is I could choose not to believe it and I can choose not to get emotionally invested in it and then if you don’t get emotionally invested in your mental chatter it can’t really hurt you as much anymore because the feeling the charge is what’s going to draw the experience you’ve not the words in your head yeah we’re talking about like not looking at God to be like this angry judge that’s looking at you and you’re moving away from judgment but let’s get it straight judgment is Israel we’re having one who suffer the repercussions of things that we did coming back as judgments as the Karma reaping the harvest for the things that we’ve sown bitterness hatred anger yeah negative stuff and whatnot in Richmond guys yeah just neutral feedback you’re not being punished I don’t think like I personally the view of karma where like you get comeuppance for being bad or rewarded for being good I don’t believe it again because that stems from the idea I don’t believe God is a judgmental force and it’s like who’s keeping score who’s deciding what’s good or bad like who makes you right so to me that none of that makes sense via Karma in the sense of yeah you reap what you sow you’re like you’re you’re pretty have an energetic signature into the world and you’re just getting stuff back and it’s just neutral feedback you’re not being punished or not being tested you’re not expected to suffer first to get what you want like anything quotable bad happening to you that indoors like there’s just something in your energy and making you a match to that experience and it’s just neutral vibrational feedback and then if you can go within and see okay what am I putting out there energetically how can I change this your reality changes and it’s a very beautiful simple system actually yeah and then you start receiving I mean I’m just using the word judgments beautiful judgments you’ve started yeah beautiful things back you’re doing a lot of stuff and it’s okay there’s no reason not to have it this human experience is very real to us we get up and live in this world every day of course we want it to be filled with we have our preferences we’d rather have money than struggle health even sick you know I’ve had all a lot I’ve had all sorts of issues and I prefer the the better the better versions instead so yes it’s okay that we want all this I’m God wants us to live in harmony and peace and have all of this and the way the universe is set up we’re set up to receive it it’s set up to help us but we can only be a beneficiary of this wonderful way of believing of operating if you believe this is how it works and you can’t be a beneficiary of this if you don’t believe you create your reality if you believe God is some force that you have to curry favor with and it’s just like inherently automatically kind of pull them at the dish that’s all the time and just like okay do something to make me happy make me happy and that should show me you’re good and I’m angry with you and make me not be angry with you like yeah if you believe all of that stuff this sort of teaching you know it can’t you can’t really do anything with the information because it’s what’s being asked of you on an energetic level you won’t be able to accomplish it because you just don’t believe that’s how it works so yeah it’s really just a willingness like if you have these painful beliefs about God and religion unless I’m not a religious person I can’t speak to all these different things about it but I’m religious a spiritual not religious that annoying thing that people say but it’s like drill goodnight there’s really no other way to say it but it’s um but I just you know based on my own so I feel like I do have that connection in faith I just don’t identify with a specific label of a specific religion but yeah anything that feels painful any thoughts about God or the universe or any fat force beyond us like that feels painful to you like be willing to consider that some message from like big you like this pain is like showing you you’re believing something that’s not true and that’s why it hurts and that’s how we alert you to what’s not true is like it has to hurt and you have to feel the pain and to know like oh yeah this is not true let me try to what feel better to think and it’s like oh god loves me yeah that feels bad feels really good and babies like yeah there’s a reason that feels good because that’s true you’re feeling guided system the crappy untrue stuff feels bad the good stuff that intuitively warms your margins right negative stuff you could deal with because you used to it and then you attract them you have the same type of people that have that same stinking thinking around you and you just plain it’s like a cesspool yeah you can’t get out of it because you’re used to it you accept you accept your lot you have no say in the matter you’re just it’s by the the by the luck of the draw maybe and but people have those ideas about God from their family it didn’t come from nowhere and make it up you were taught to perform by your family or through school and so a lot of people’s ideas about God come from the ideas of their father my father wasn’t there guess what God’s not there there’s no God that your parents only praised you when you did good stuff or you you know made them laugh or whatever so you feel like you have to do good stuff for God to accept you there’s many people right now healers and people who are doing the good work who they’re doing it out of a debt that they owe right they’ve caused a lot of bad things on the earth they were they come from a troubled youth in doing a lot of bad stuff so they’re doing this a lot of Christians even – they’re doing this so that you know they’re kind of trying to set the calmer right they’re kind of trying to set the story right away so they’re it still moves from a performance-based idea versus this this place where grace is is able to flow – to you because this unmerited favor you didn’t do anything to earn it so you don’t have to do anything to keep it or to lose it yeah it’s great nice freely given yeah it’s nice to know that like there’s infinite abundance of everything like there’s enough for everyone like we said earlier the universe or God doesn’t like nature like it’s not like some kind of alchemy where it transmutes our suffering into like the stuff it puts out back out into the world it’s like well I need I’ll give you money but if you I need you to suffer like 20 hours to be like a brand and the it’s not like you know what I’m saying like it’s a whole we paying with our suffering who needs are suffering in all of this like to me it is eternal sin so yeah I think I’m we’re not meant to suffer will suffer because of our humanity and we have stuff that with the way we view things the journey will involve pain not because it’s inherently painful or because we’re supposed to suffer but we all have our stuff we have our traumas or unresolved childhood issues are unresolved anger that we were taught is not appropriate to express the things that happened to us our mind has all these stories about the things that happened to us and the stories are what caused the pain not the actual experiences and then so that part there’s going to be pain in the sense we have this pain that we created ourselves but the journey is not supposed to be painful getting what you want getting to I have a happier place getting to a healthier place emotionally inherently should not be painful that’s why I talk about to what the law of attraction really try not to get into the trap of making it all about getting stuff you don’t have because that’s very painful because all you’re focused on it’s like what you don’t have and the pain of that and you can’t get to a good feeling place with the journey that that feels badly and that’s that’s something that seems so basic to us but like we don’t realize it and we somehow think personal growth in all this inherently some kind of suffering and like you earn your happiness by like doing the suffering of inner growth work and it’s like yeah you’ll suffer because we created pain within ourselves but we don’t really need to suffer so it’s important to make that distinction you suffer if you don’t deal with it if you don’t do it it becomes infected so all of us have been wrong all of us have been hurt right we have this thorn in our flesh or thorn in our finger and we’re used to it if we don’t deal with it it’s going to get infected and it’s going to spread down our body when you pull that thorn out it’s going to hurt it doesn’t feel good when you or even pulling the band-aid off it hurts but you have to do it you’re gonna go through the pain you’re gonna go through the software maybe you have to deal with it and I’m and I’d like to tell people as someone that really embraced my suffering and I’m all about diving into my crap it’s really not that bad like yeah like when you remove rollers good distance of your negative it’s just like it’s really like you’ll survive like they’re just feelings like they can’t really hurt you or kill you because one of the big things is like we resist the feelings we criticize we judge well thinking well I’m a person of faith I shouldn’t feel this way and you judge your lack of faith or you think I’ve been working on this issue for 10 years now I should be over this by now and then you judge that you’re still not over it that’s where the real pain of your emotion comes in the actual feelings themselves when you strip away the layers of judgement resistance criticism I don’t want to deal with this I just want to try to wrap it up and fight and disturb it the actual feelings themselves even more intense ones when all of that is removed from it they’re actually quite bearable and they’re really not that bad we’re so afraid of our negativity and will do anything to avoid it but guess what especially if you’re interested in the law of attraction if you do that your pain is going to roll you’re manifestations because everything you’re going to be doing is just to minimize your pain you can’t happen to the miraculous from pain minimization you think your mind your mind doesn’t care about miraculous and and communing with the love and glory of God your mind cares about I just want enough money to pay my bills I just want someone that will sleep in my bed next to me because I’m lonely and give me a baby before it’s too late well like that’s what you’re like that’s what your mind is willing to settle for and you’re thinking like ah that’s not so great unlike when you can have like the amazing amazing most amazing versions of everything and yeah it’s like and also too I would say with this journey whether it’s Law of Attraction or just personal growth in general make the goal to truly heal and transform your pain don’t make the goal let me find all these ways to not disturb it and so it won’t be bothered because that’s what most of us are doing and we don’t realize that we say we want to heal our pain and deal with it but that’s not actually we actually don’t mean that what we actually mean is I want to find a bunch of tools and techniques and philosophies and all these things I can do to keep my pain contained wrap it up let me rearrange the outside in ways that it won’t get disturbed that it won’t get kicked up and that’s what we’re doing and I realize I was doing that for a long time and yeah I was happier on a surface level I manifested all sorts of great things but what I was looking for on that deeper level that eluded me and I could not get that until I was like really ready to deal with my inner ick so yeah try to make the goal be careful of am I really trying to heal all this stuff am I just trying to wrap it up and tuck it away and rearrange my outside so none of it gets disturbed that’s a very different journey and like I said before that journey is all you’re doing is focusing on your pain and your pain will rule your life because it’s not actually going anywhere and everything around you’re going to try to control your life so your pain doesn’t get disturbed good luck with that because you can’t control anything outside of you the only thing you can control at the end of the day is your inner world and that’s it so you can heal that in a real way like you’re ahead of 99.9% of people in the world and even personal growth people you’re even that way ahead all them too so all of us were just running around trying to get stuff we don’t have and wrap our pain away so it doesn’t bother us and it’s like we can do that but it’s at some point it won’t be enough and it you’ll need more sounds good well Kelly I appreciate this interview I really enjoyed it go ahead and plug your website and all the cool stuff that you have going on Bob I you can find me at live life made-to-order comm I have hundreds of pieces of free content on there I actually do a podcast as well but mine’s a very ghetto bush-league podcast of me just talking myself for fifteen to twenty minutes it’s not like a real show it’s kind of like if you want to hear me talk like you’re talking here but just me you can listen to that um blog post I do private coaching I do one-off sessions as well as for an eight-week packages for people that really want to go deep I sell a bunch of courses on my site my forces are not programs like do this do that step-by-step stuff they’re really basically series of lectures with some assignments that come with them that help you explore your energy more deeply around the subject of the class so it’s not like a program like I’m going to tell you what to do to get something but if you want to explore certain subjects more deeply as it relates to the law of attraction and specifically like relationships business I have that stuff for sale that a lot of people like that ya live like made-to-order calm is you’ll find everything there if you liked what I shared about the law of attraction my perspective on it my content is pretty in-depth and you’ll have plenty plenty to chew on over at I live life in each order comm make sure y’all go over there check out her work she’s got a lot of really cool stuff over there Kelly again thank you for coming all we have to do it again soon awesome alright and thank you for helping me getting over my video YouTube supper boys I hate when my stuff goes on YouTube but I’m like you know what I gotta get over that so yeah this was very fun and yeah I had a great time and yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this and remember god loves you he doesn’t hate you he doesn’t want you to suffer he doesn’t need your suffering for anything it’s not necessary what does he need it for it does it nothing right he loves you he wants you to be happy he’ll help you with all your human needs but you just have to believe it works that way that’s the key we have that responsibility on our end to believe all these wonderful things to reap the benefit of them basically right I’ve been talking about working with God versus working against God it wants to work with you but it can if you don’t think it it he wants to help me he can’t unless you believe he wants to yeah before we go just just let everybody know what you’re doing right now because you’re actually traveling yeah all right is that what you’re doing for times like traveling and doing sessions when you travel what’s that look like yeah basically so since like 2011 oh sorry I’m not in like a good position here um my husband I have been doing our online business ventures and traveling the world and we do a lot of house-sitting which means we come to people’s houses and watch their pets bring us to a lot of interesting places right now we’re doing a two-month house in Oman which is a country in the Middle East if you haven’t heard of it I find a lot of people have in I’ll admit I didn’t know too much about it until recent years a very lovely City we’re in uh yes Middle Eastern culture is fascinating yeah so what I do my thing is I like to travel and I have my businesses location independent and I can work with my clients all over the world just you know need an internet connection they don’t need an in recognition they can work with you by phone but I do everything online and yeah that’s what I do and let me tell you guys real quick if someone had told me this would be my life like a bunch of years ago when everything was like falling apart my father I died I had no money I was anxious I would like my life with a giant net I would have been like nice story but I don’t know how that’s going to happen your mind doesn’t know how anything you want is going to happen the house none of your business it can’t see the infinite combination of circumstances it does not know the path it does not know who you’re going to meet it does not know the ideas and insights that you have not had yet so just have a little trust have a little faith work on just general vibe management just try to feel better overall just for the sake of feeling better that energy will you’ll start to see all sorts of stuff show up from that without even focusing on anything in particular and I was like very general rather than specific focus that never really feels that good to me so yeah just have a little faith have a little trust but yet you have to believe that God wants you to have all of these things and thinks you deserve them and I do believe that whatever God is does just think this way yeah that’s it so you created this with the law of attraction this life of journeying travelling the world doing what you love you wake up and get to do what you love yeah exactly and you know I wasn’t always an easy no-brainers yeah yeah it’s like you listen you’ll have to go through a lot of stuff internally because you’ll have a lot of beliefs you need to change you might get opposition so in that sense the journey is difficult but again it’s our human created difficulty inherently it’s not supposed to be hard yeah it will be difficult in that sense but just you know commit to figure out what you want you get that clarity and go after it and ya know that the true root of cause in your life is your energy your belief system action and all of that you’ll do all that stuff but all that’s level of effect everything in the physical world is just level of effect nothing’s truly created there that’s all a result of mental and their own energetic knows everything right so remember level of cause is your mind the outside world a lot of it’s just a big fat illusion anything that feels bad about the outside world is faulty thinking and it’s not true it seems real because this faulty thinking led us to collectively create all of this crap but the truth of reality if you can keep that in your heart the outside world becomes a lot easier to deal with and like Derek said before you kind of get what you focus on you’ll start seeing the good and the love yeah the bad stuffs still there too but the good there’s plenty of good and you’ll tune into that more and you’ll be able to exist in the world much more peacefully yep good stuff my friend thank you for coming on we have to do it again thank you Hey who is your who’s your husband Ryan middle Wow I was gonna say he’s interviewing I just looked at your name on on zoom here and it has Ron bit off a good friend of mine has done some some some work so he so your husband has a blog what’s the name of his blog blogging from paradise and he does a lot of like on his travels but his big thing is really just like blogging you know professionally and you know all that stuff so but he was talking about he’s very spiritual and he takes a very spiritual approach to business I think you would really enjoy talking I didn’t even know that was I didn’t even know that was your husband it’s how I looked on zoom and this had RB bit off possible yeah I know who he is Alonzo Pichardo has done a lot of stuff together I got an amazing interview with Alonzo on my channel that we did we did like a two-hour spiritual place right he’s very yeah I didn’t even know that into a you know like to hang up man that’s so awesome synchronous that’s so funny interview it was so good I’m um I don’t know obviously I don’t know the chat box I hope most of the feedback was positive and enjoyed it definitely was yeah good stuff it’s cool and people are just I mean you know a lot of these concepts are new new for people you know what I’m saying so everybody that’s trying to – you don’t say I move into this place of how do you know what does that look like for me in my life me and my 95 how do I create this again like you know yeah like if it is like religious people like I said I’m not religious so I can’t relate so much to like that conditioning and overcoming it there’s some advantage in knowing yeah knowing what I know about you know energy and knowing like the blocks people have I know with the religion some clients and stuff and I really do hope of people to say something to them that maybe got through at least a little bit to move them away from the suffering God’s angry worthiness into don’t not worthy because that’s that’s a deep energy if you’re going to work with the teaching like this that’s a deep energy to overcome and it’s challenging and I do hope that I said at least something to get people thinking like yeah maybe this is you that feels so badly yeah maybe that bad feeling means it’s not true yep yep yep and so like you know just like working through it I think that each one of these podcasts is helping people work through it I get messages every day from people who are thanking me people who are in religion trying to understand this level of spirituality and people coming out of the church and people who have kind of you know forsaking that a long time ago thanking me for connect the dots again how they’re you know God is for them and those type of things so it’s a look it’s like an eclectic audience of just I think probably for the people that moved away because they might they might want that connection but their connection they were taught was so distorted nice yeah it feels nice to them so like had that connection to God in a way that feels good and not bad yeah so that must be a nice feeling for people that want that connection but it was always taught of it’s a Krakken connection you know and it’s not a good feeling one so that’s I think you’re doing something that’s very very important and I think especially in this day and age more people are breaking away from that religious you know people are starting to feel like this is there’s something off here this way of operating and how its influenced the world has been very bad to kind of and yeah I think people are waking up and you coming from that background and having that face and still having believing you know – mmm you to present it I think that’s a very valuable contribution and it’s really great that’s very important work what you’re doing thank you and so thank you for everything that you and your husband brings to the table this was a good talk we have to do it again yes and I want to get him on as well yeah definitely I will forward him I could either give you an email or I could forward him your contact in but what would be better either way either way I will send him an email yeah awesome you have a great day I’m afraid you too thank you Wow right at the very end synchronicity man everything is connected you find out that it’s a small world after all right Wow I’m even know that that was that that was her her husband Ryan bit off and I’ve been checking out a lot of his stuff for a couple years now ever since Alonzo Pichardo me and him used to work together a lot and he’s done a lot of stuff with online blogging and making a living from home and Ryan bit off has a blog called blogging from paradise and it’s just really weird how everything’s connected like that I love it man what she’s talking about like people don’t want to deal with their BS right they don’t want to deal with the hard stuff I mean rightfully so people are looking for ways to to feel good look at opiate addiction the opiate crisis man and people instead of dealing with their problems they get addicted to opiates to numb the pain physically and spiritually to go within and deal with the hurt to deal with the stuff you have to deal with it man eventually you reach a point where you have to go in and you have to deal with the innocent levels its waves there’s no secret to say this is a one-time thing we offer personal sessions and stuff and and you have to be willing to work with somebody man it’s not it’s not like a one-time thing and everything’s good you know and you have to go through deliverance you have to go through you have to retrain your mind man you have to renew your mind the Bible says to renew your mind daily not come to Christ and receive a new mind in a good now there’s there’s levels and things that can come in a day their strides that come in a day there’s old paradigms and thought patterns that fall off in a day but it is a daily walk and none of us have arrived none of us have reached that final destination not me not you not any one you see on television anybody you’ve looked up to that you followed they’re still on this journey too in the laws of the universe the law of attraction all of this kind of stuff kinetic principles they apply to everybody nobody’s exempt we’re on a level playing field no one is exempt so stop trying to numb the pain go to the place of pain even even early I don’t like to talk about a lot of stuff but when I receive that message because I get them from time to time and date it does something like I’ll get like you know we’ll say 80 beautiful messages from people and then get one that says you’re stupid you talk like you’re uneducated you don’t know anything bla bla bla and for some reason you know we’ve talked about this a lot it it does something I think you can mess up your day especially like kids on the internet having to deal with of with trolls and bullies and stuff but it does something but go to the point of pain and realize okay what why does this stuff some am I looking for acceptance from everyone and and why every while everyone is is agreeing with me I’m good but when somebody disagrees you know we have trolls we have haters right everybody’s gonna have them especially once you get a platform you’re out there they’re gonna come but they’re gonna tell you things about yourself that your family and your friends might not tell you they’re going to look at you from an objective standpoint to show you things about yourself that you might not like not even if that’s their intention but you have especially when it makes you feel a certain type of way and it comes a lot when people lash out at you go to that point you have to go to the point of pain don’t try to act like it it exists don’t try to act like you’re your okay because every time something like that happens you’re going to have that feeling you’re going to be triggered when those people come around when edit and there’s so many people I’ve talked about this like people get upset when I say the word god I did it I did in that guided meditation I say the word Yahweh I am I writing I wrote the word Yahweh and someone got offended that I said Yahweh just because of their paradigm in the way like they were okay with God but they weren’t okay with the out–we because that represents something else to them that may or not may or may not be true from their realm of study and it triggered them you have to go to the point where your trigger to understand why it’s triggered there’s people that I’ve interviewed interviews that I’ve been on when I say God they get upset they don’t like that word because it reminds them of the Southern Baptist Church they used to go to in the that trigger you music smoke I remember man when I came out of like deep witchcraft right it was into some really dark stuff and God saved me pulled me out of that I couldn’t be around incense if I smelled incense smoke it reminded me of rituals and things that I did to make seal pacts with entities and I used rituals if I smelled it it immediately brought those thoughts and ideas back to me there’s nothing wrong with with incense in the scriptures the the priest burned incense continually in the temple and offered up prayers to heaven with the incense it’s nothing wrong with incense but for me it triggered me and it brought back these memories now I love incense I’m at a place where I can smell incense and burn incense or alcohol I remember coming out of that lifestyle I thought that in I was a Christian I thought that if I drink a sip of alcohol then those demons that were cast out those yeah that place of darkness that I left would immediately come back if I drink alcohol and I remember the first time I had a sip of wine for communion it was a scary I didn’t know I had to retrain my mind and understand who I was as a son and I’m not being pushed around by any wind of belief system or any wind of demon’s influence in the earth you have to know who you are go to that depth at that point where it’s uncomfortable and so for many of you listening this is a challenge like if you’re coming out of Christianity or you’re in Christianity like it’s so much like it triggers everybody differently and it challenges people in a good way in a great way and so people are being challenged and people being pushed and stuff so that’s good you never want to reach a place where you’re just like bitter and you think you got everything figured out it’s a growing process it’s a daily process um talking about attracting the things that you want in your life some comments in the chat I’m taking questions and things like that people are saying there’s a difference between your wants and your needs that’s true your basic necessities if your basic necessities aren’t met yeah you don’t need to be worrying about what you what you want your needs what your basic necessities are and I’m gonna tell you what God the universe Yahweh cares about all of it cares about everything your wants and your needs and your desires the scripture says if you delight yourself in the Lord he will give you the desires of your heart now what happens here is in the renewed mind in that process your desires change your desires to do evil your desires – just gimme gimme gimme your desires change your desires move from it’s not about me anymore it’s about my family it’s about the collective it’s about my friends how can I give back and that’s righteous when it moves from that and you understand that God cares about it all even as I and even the stuff to the stuff to enjoy this life yeah your best life now when you want your best life tomorrow or you want it in heaven you can have both because guess what on earth as it is in heaven as above so below we’re creating heaven on earth we are the only glimpse of heaven that some people may ever see and we have to understand who we are understand that power and authority that we walk in if not you’re just being pushed around you’re just like that kid on on uh what is that the kid on little giants I’m gonna try to pull this scene up let’s see hopefully I won’t get banned off of youtube I don’t even know if I can find the scene but anyway is who knows it’ll probably ban me if I played it but I don’t know if you guys remember that scene the little kid comes in with all the pads and he’s allergic to everything and he and his mom was gonna let him play let’s see this is like oh this is the trailer and stuff I’m trying to find it but oh well anyway he’s being pushed around and this would be a good scene I’ll have it queued up for the next one he’s being pushed around in a circle oh and that’s how someone you are you’re just being pushed around by every wind of doctrine every belief it’s part of the process you got to know who you are I got friends in the chat right now um and they’ve told me look I’m listening to you I listen to this guy I listen to her and you all have something valuable and you all have this way that you do it but I don’t know how that’s supposed to look for me in it and I tell them look it’s not it’s not any of us it’s about you maybe take a little bit of this a little bit of that a little bit of this combine it and it’s you you’re a little bit of all of it right that’s how it’s supposed to look whatever helps you whatever serves you the desires of your heart yeah God cares about it those desires are there renew the mind renewed the desires and understand when it comes to the desires like there’s a scripture man this principle and Deuteronomy I believe it’s Deuteronomy chapter 14 where it’s talking about the tithe right and it’s talking about how all of these Israelites would have to travel from out of town to celebrate Passover and to do these different feasts and festivals and there were to bring their ties with them and the ties was their grain offering their firstfruits cattle these type of things right just a percentage of that so that the priest could live and all that kind of stuff well if someone lived you know a hundred miles away or whatever and you got to bring all these cattle all this grain but it’s only you and just a couple people with your tribe like it’s gonna be hard for you to bring that to Jerusalem to celebrate so the scripture says if those of you who have all that stuff have to travel it says sell your your cattle your grain all that stuff sell it where you are get the money when you come to Jerusalem spend it in our economy and it says to buy whatever your heart desires this is God a commandment spend it on whatever your heart desires you say okay what is that well and it also mentions strong drink come here have a good time join into the festivities and the festival just spend it here in the economy but it has to deal with the desires God does care about you the desires of your heart man but again renew your heart renew your mind and your didn’t your desires will change I don’t desire the things I desired 15 years ago 10 years ago five years ago as you grow in the spirit as you’re led by the spirit your desires change and it become it’s not about you anymore it’s about the collective it really is and talking about judgment right and and fear and trauma things like that about God being the judge right and it’s not to say that God doesn’t judge right but it’s totally different for us to even approach because our idea of judgment is flawed God does not judge the way men judge God is or he does Judge he does rule but he rules righteously a righteous judgment that’s the difference we don’t even understand that we judge by our parents and this is the Scriptures we judge by appearance God judges by the heart he judges the intentions there’s a lot of people doing the wrong thing but with good intentions and this goes into Father forgive them for they know not what they do they don’t know what they’re doing until you give them the knowledge of the truth they don’t even know they don’t even know what they’re doing Paul goes on to break this down and said look I didn’t know what I was doing the Most High did not hold it against me the Most High don’t hold it against me I don’t know and you’re still trying to when you was in a place of ignorance you’re still trying to right wrongs from things that you did when you was in a place of ignorance God throws you your sins and your mistakes as far as the east is to the west and says he remembers them no more if God can do it why I mean why are you still trying to hold on to that stuff why you still trying to remind yourself and I’m telling I’ve just been seeing this and I’m trying to make sure that I’m not operating out of that this place of people who obviously empaths right people who are healers most of us and I’m telling you I’m almost at 200 episodes on this podcast I’ve had a lot of people on this show talk with a lot of people a lot of you guys have been with me this entire journey and I’m starting to see different things been connecting dots a lot of empaths a lot of healers are people who have been hurt I think it comes with the territory for you to be empathic for you to be able to show empathy a lot of times you have to have been through that stuff crisis counselors right someone who is in the field of being a crisis counselor they’re going to reach out to people that they resonate with I have friends who are shout out to Brooklyn she’s a paid to just became a patrons good friend she’s a crisis counselor and she’s dealing with people who are dealing with suicidal thoughts and addictions why why is she passionate because she went through that she went through that so that empathy she came out of it right she came out of it so that now she got help herself so now she can go back and help people and you got to understand the way the Spirit works is whatever field you’re in whatever sins you’re partaking of God has this funny way of cleaning you up and sending you right back to that same crowd look at Brian head walks from corn is so funny to see him come out of the rock star lifestyle and being addicted to crystal meth and opiates and all of this stuff hearing his story see him come out of that quit the band get into church get into Christianity years later as he’s gotten gotten healing God sends him back to the band Korn God sends him back to play in the band back to the people which are his family and gives him a piece about it and give some instructions on how to infiltrate that culture and bring forth healing love and understanding he’s going to corn concert it’s at the end hey you want to meet me the lead guitar is from corn let’s hang out he’s telling him about Jesus big groups of people beautiful story he is catching hell for that but I’ve still read comments now and his story he’s making he’s making a lot of new headlines and stuff they just come out with a movie but he’s catching a lot of flak for him going back to that I’ve seen these carnal Christians they would think that they were spiritual Christians though there was posting comments like as a dog return us to his vomit so does Brian head watch returns to corn and how can he go back to that and how could he play in the band and that music is this and that music is that and our people judging him and stuff like that but God has this funny way of pulling you out cleaning you up and sending you right back to the people that you came out of that’s what he does man and for those who have been forgiven much love much a lot of times we want to come out of the world and go hide in the church I did it you know it was a process part of my renewal of learning and renewing my mind was going through church culture and that church experience but when it was time to leave I knew I didn’t want to I didn’t want to I kept trying to go back but the most I set that door and he kicked me out man I had to leave there was other people that need it what I had and they’re not in the church right and I’ve always seen church I had Brian Jones on here he was my old pastor and I remember telling him he but the cave ministries I said look this churches to rehab you don’t hang out in rehab you go to rehab some people go once a week I got friends in rehab they work the system but eventually you graduate you have it going through rehab there’s a process forgiveness forgiving people that wronged you and then going to people that you’ve wronged searching your heart and making the wrongs right hey I’m asking you to forgive me I was this I understand now there’s it’s processing steps that you have to work once you do that you don’t hang out there you have to be sent back into the world you get cleaned up and you go out with a passion with empathy ready to win the world and you do it practically you do it with a genuine passion you’re really passionate for those people because you’ve been through it you’ve been through it not about being a zealot it’s not about judgment the way that we judge God judge judges with a righteous judgment we can even fathom the mind and heart of God when we just get a little glimpse of it we’re just caught up in a static euphoric glory when we just get a glimpse of the goodness that God has towards us when we just sit down and we do a meditation and we think about that we breathe in and we just that gratitude that extends from heaven within it’s more higher and more intoxicating than any drug on the planet to know how much the mind of God that created us some places here loves us and just take that one thought of love and just explore it I hope you get the meditation I hope you I hope you get that throne-room meditation that I created it does that I hope you get to experience that but man the love is overwhelming the neverending overwhelming reckless love of God man people have created songs about it and keep creating songs keep creating and exploring the depths of God’s love and this grace that that extends to us don’t hog it up take that love take that grace in in move go with it when we’re talking about faith we’re talking about understanding God the scripture says is that love is the is what fuels your faith like it is about love for who for God and for your brothers and sisters that is the law that is the commandment the whole universe loves us we are one Thank You Amanda understand that you are more than a conqueror you are worthy you have created in Christ Jesus to go out and do good works you got to do it it takes you you have to do it people we got we have to move away from the suffering servant of thinking that God will love us based on our works let’s go a little bit deeper based on our thoughts there they’re very important very important you manifest it you manifest everything what you think about the world that you create but their scriptures that say historic continually for me thoughts and not just thoughts but plans like yes plans to to bless you plans to prosper you these ideas to renew your mind verses coming from feeling you are beggar like a beggar on the street corner begging for love in the club begging for love on these apps begging for love you’re not a beggar man you a son and daughter of the Most High you’re the righteousness of God created in Christ Jesus to do good works each and every one of us moving back to that you putting the ball in your court what are you gonna do with it what are you gonna do with it not what are they gonna do with it not what is God gonna do with it but what are you gonna do with it the ball is in your hands let your next move be your best move who do you say that I am worried about Kelly Cooper who she says I am there’s some ideas things we can learn from we’re about true seeker who he says I am what about your pastor who he says I am who do you say I am it always comes back to you who do you believe in I put my faith in God blessed I’m still breathing better understand it man moving from the feelings right the feelings can deceive you we have to be led by the spirit we have to be able to discern the spirit to discern those feelings I’m telling one wait one day you might wake up and you you ready to win the world for Jesus one day you might wake up you’ve got all your plans and goals i’ma knock this out and and I’m ready to embrace this day and you’re doing it you’re making strides the next day you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and you’re just not feeling it just not feeling it it happens it happens that’s why we’re talking about which feelings are for me which ones are against me it is that is this the spiritual warfare about those starts to renew your mind God doesn’t give you a vision and then change it the next day I ain’t feeling good we tried to say tell me y’all oh all my friends man y’all better get stick with it man quit changing ma limbs I got to do it every day he creates a whole they got people who create new Facebook pages and new and trust me I’ve been there that’s why I can speak on it there’s new MLM he’s trying to sell me I’ll one day the next day trying to sell me CBD the next day he’s trying to sell me this and sell me that sell me this and get me to join up and I always say look because I’ve been a part of pyramid schemes I say look show me your first paycheck and I’ll sign up with bells and whistles I’ll be your the first on your list they never can show you the paycheck never or you got to sign up me to show you man okay I see show me your paycheck and I sign up that’s how that works get your vision write it down make it plain that’s what the scripture says in the book of Hosea write it down make it plain look at it every day there was Commandments and monuments and necklaces and tinctures and little statues and stuff that were created in the Bible that when they looked upon them it made them remember a covenant with God a promise of God we look at the scriptures and we remember the promises of God we look at the cross remember the promise of God we look at the rainbow remember the promise of God he says write it down and make it plain so that you won’t depart from it so that you can pull out that list literally write it down with his division get what God asked what the vision is he’ll give it to you he loves you he’s got a vision it’s to bless you it’s to prosper you there’s so many more places we can go with this it gets really really beautiful and that’s what we’re exploring in the podcast that’s what I’m exploring in my music and these meditations isn’t very beautiful and we’re gonna explore the depths of that but get that vision write it down and make it plain so you have to you might have to go back to it how did I start here but I’m now here if you’re looking at it and you’re keeping it continually in front of your eyes you’re less likely to depart from it and that’s why in the scriptures God commanded them to make monuments look you had this big triumph build a monument they would take rocks place them on top of each other you know what I’m saying it would build statues and little like I said little little statues and the mezuzah that you hang around your neck it has the scriptures it has the commandments rolled up in it and as the blessing of God rolled up in it and you wear it around your neck and then also you have the mezuzah on your door there was times where they would wear him on their head I didn’t in in the is called a phylactery you wear it on your head so that you were always reminded about the promises of God why because is how easy do we forget how soon do we forget so you have to look at this daily every time you come in and out your house you see that that reminds you of the promise of God write it down so that you’re reminded of the vision cuz you’ll forget you’ll forget write it down take a picture I don’t care so that you can keep returning to it also when you write something down you’re 90% more likely to see it out 90 percent more likely to see it out then just having a good thought oh Yama I’m gonna come back to that thought okay when next week tomorrow as soon as you think it look do you got all kind of apps on your phone where you where you can you can start writing things down I don’t know who it’s um got some weird people that might door yeah let me get off at ya don’t we see what they want a little Ison I don’t know who these people are anyway y’all pray for me I got that thing in the back I love y’all subscribe to the channel follow my patreon I got to go see what these people are [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page

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