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Michael Heiser is one of today’s leading researchers on Biblical language and context. Michaels research also goes into what is know as the divine council of the elohim. Which are originally the gods of old that were sanctioned by Yahweh guard over and keep watch over different parts of the earth. This is reflected back in the new testament as principalities, powers, rulers and authorities.

When it comes to understanding the spirit realm we must be able to make the distinctions between the different types and hierarchies of the angelic and demonic orders as well as the spirits who are neutral and dwell in the unseen realms.

One of the big things about Michael Heiser is that his lectures and teachings are so deep and complex that it’s very easy for someone who isn’t on the same scholarly level that is on to get lost during his presentations. I know this is not his intention but some of the concepts he touches on that are very elementary are oftentimes too deep and profound for people to grasp without having years of study. There is a huge lesson in this because many teachers fall victim to teaching over people’s heads without even knowing it. This is the reason why in this episode I started it off by asking Michael to try his best and keep it very simple. Try and keep it so that if a person who has no idea what these concepts are and are hearing the information for the first time won’t feel overwhelmed and lost. So he did and like I said it still makes for a very good teaching with the focus being on trying to keep it very simple and you find that what is simple for Michael Heiser is very deep for the person brand new to this research. All in all I think this was a great introduction to The Divine Council of the Elohim and expressing some new ideas that many mainstream christians are not ready to hear. Which kind of leads us to another question that I asked Michael.

Why do you, a Biblical and religious scholar tend to reach out to the UFO and Paranormal community?

His answer was perfect. He said that the people in UFOlogy and paranormal circles tend to be the ones who aren’t afraid to discuss untouched topics and are usually people who are already asking the bigger questions. With that being said it’s different from being within the christian church circuit and be almost trying to convince people that his finding about the elohim and paranormal things in the Bible are true. At the lectures and conventions he already has an audience who are ready and will to learn and he doesn’t really have to set the groundwork for people who are merely there simply out of religious obligation. I found myself in this same realm with my podcast, teachings and music as well. The goal is not to convince someone to believe what I believe but to simply share what I have researched and found to be true. This is a beautiful place to be seeing that you don’t have to trick someone into believing your church doctrine or even need them to validate your beliefs. I’ve been there before and let me tell you, there is much more peace over here on this side of the discussion. You don’t have to dominate the conversation, you don’t have to try and get the last word in or anything. Just simply share your research and discuss the things you love that have potential to benefit and cater to the lives of the people interested in the same fields. Like attracts like and in the end whatever research you are interested in sharing or studying will find the right audience. I have found this to be true with the information and road I have been on as of late. Your vibe attracts your tribe. If you build it, they will come.

Michael Heiser is widely known for his theological/paranormal science fiction novels, The Façade and its sequel, The Portent. He is a frequent radio guest and has appeared on many talk shows, including Coast to Coast AM, The Laura Lee Show, Art Bell’s Dark Matter Radio, Future Quake, Radio Liberty, Canary Cry Radio, Skeptiko, Line of Fire, Crosswalk, Like Flint Radio, and Extraordinary Intelligence. Mike’s fiction has produced a ministry to people whose worldview is molded by occult, paranormal, and esoteric beliefs. Mike maintains three blogs that reflect his interests and expertise: The Naked Bible (biblical studies); PaleoBabble (debunking strange beliefs about the ancient world); and UFO Religions (belief in extraterrestrials as a post-modern religion).

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Today’s Podcast Is Brought To You By If You Would Like To Support The Show Head On Over To There’s Over 180,000 Titles To Choose From You Can Listen To Them On Your Iphone Android Kindle Or Your Mp3 Player Make Sure You Sign Up On The Computer So That We Get Credit We Get A Kickback For Everyone Who Signs Up For A Free Trial At Is Tm P You Are Now Listening To The Mythos A Spot Across Your Portal To The Paranormal Streaming Live Ultimate Assist Of Any Your Hub For All Things Spiritual Esoteric Power Normal Now Your Host True Seeker Tonight We’re Going To Be Speaking With Dr. Michael Heizer Tonight’s Show Is Entitled The Divine Counsel Of The Elohim Dealing With The Scriptures And Dealing With A Lot Of Ancient Holy Books We Hear The Word Elohim Tossed To And Fro A Lot Of People Have Different Interpretations About What That Means Tonight We’re Going To Go Straight To The Scriptures And Straight To The Text Dr. Michael Heizer Is A He Has A Phd In Ancient Semitic Languages And We’re Going To Be Uncovering Some Truths Tonight Because Many People Have A Lot Of Different Things To Say There’s A Lot Of Half-truths In This Field There’s A Lot Of Partial Truths And You Know Think Tonight We’re Going To We’re Going To Be Getting Into Some Deep Information And A Lot Of People Are Listening A Lot Of People Have Questions So We’re Going To Be Taking Calls A Little Bit Later If You Have Any Questions Or Comments For Dr. Michael Heizer Tonight Is Your Chance To Ask Those Questions If You Listen In Via Youtube I Appreciate Everybody Holding Me Down Over There And The Show And Everybody Sharing It On Facebook It Means So Much You Guys Motivate Me To Keep Doing This Without Further Ado We’re Gonna Welcome On To The Show Dr. Michael Heizer Are You There I’m Here Thank You How’s It Going Brother Very Good Thanks For Having Me On The Show Pleasure Man Been Looking To Speak With You For Some Time Now Been Following Your Work For The Last Couple Years And Pretty Amazed Pretty Impressed With A Lot Of You Work With Breaking Down The Languages You Know I Can Admit Some Of It It’s A Little Bit Deep For Me Some Of It Is A Little Bit Over My Head But I Do Understand The Concepts And Tonight We Want To Kind Of Take Some Of The Deep Understandings And Kind Of Break Those Down In A Layman’s Term Where Someone Who Is Just Here In These Terms That We Can Just Have A Discussion Where Everybody Can Understand That Is That Fine Tonight Oh Yeah Yeah I’ll Try Not To Be Boring I’ll Do My Best Did You Get That A Lot Is That Just Me Oh You Know Some Of This Stuff Is Uh It’s It’s Tedious You Know It’s Detailed Yet It’s Encouraging To Hear You Say That The Concepts Are Graspable And That’s That’s What We Shoot For So We’ll Shoot For That Tonight I Think When It Comes To The Bible When It Comes To You Know Mainstream Christianity Today Some Of The Work That You Bring To The Table Is Somewhat Revolutionary To The Mindset Of Christianity What What Types Of Feedback Have You Been Getting From The Mainstream Church I Mean Do They Look At You Sideways Do They Look At You As A Heretic What’s Some Of The Feedback You’ve Been Getting By Presenting Some Of Your Work Well I Actually Get That Whole Spectrum It’s A Good Question I Mean Probably You Know The First Time People Hear This Sort Of Thing They Look At You Like You Got Two Heads So I’m Used To That But There Will Also Be You Know People That Are Patient And They’ll Follow You Know They Won’t Just Sort Of Write You Off After The First 10 Minutes You Know And They’ll Follow Along And Then You Know It Becomes A Lot Clearer They Can See You Know Why It’s Important To Be You Know Precise And Your Terminology And What’s At Stake And And You Know Really How It It’s Sort Of In A Lot Of Ways It Doesn’t Change A Familiar Doctrine But It It Really Makes It A Lot Richer The There’s It Brings A Cohesion To Not Only Both Testaments But Things That Are Sort Of Scattered Around The Old Testament That Are Kind Of Odd But You Know It Helps Marry Some Of Those Things Together In A Coherent Way But You Know There There Are Some People Out There That Think I’m A Heretic Too So We You Know We Have To Give Them Give Them Some Kudos I Yeah Yeah They’re Gonna Give Not If Yeah Not Only So They’re Going To Get It On The Message Boards And The Blogs And The Youtube Comments Below Figure Out They’re Up I Mean They’re Defending The Faith As They Understand It And So I’m Yeah I’m Phonetic To That But You Know They They Need To Realize That You Know You Need To Get Your You Need To Get Your Theology Not From The English Bible You Need You Need To Be Able To Penetrate That And Look At Scripture For What It What It Says And What It Is And Realize That The Bible Wasn’t Given To Us In English And There’s Something Behind What They’re Looking At In The Text It Can Be Really Helpful If We Just Resist Thinking Of The Context Of The Bible As The 21st Century You Know It’s Not Unless You’re Going Back To The The Context Of The People Who Wrote It Any Context You Bring To It Whether It’s The Reformation Or The Catholic Church Or Evangelicalism Or Protestantism Those Are All Alien Contexts To The Bible They Are Not Biblical Context And That’s The Hurdle The First Hurdle Of People So You Have To Get Over I Think That’s One Of The Hardest Ones – Its – It Is You Know Is To Actually Read The Scriptures And Think That It’s You Know Speaking About You Or Written For You And Not Understand That That This Was Written To A People And For People Who Lived A Very Long Time Ago That Far As The Prophecies And Things Like That So That’s What I Want To Get Into Tonight I Guess The First Place We Can Start Off Is Kind Of A Place Where A Lot Of People Start Off In This Subject Is Dealing With The Word God In The Book Of Genesis What Is That Word Because We Hear That The Word God Is The Word Elohim And It’s Actually Plural And Means More Than One Can You Give Us A Breakdown On Your Understand On That What You Found Sure Elohim Is A Very Common Word In The Hebrew Bible It’s A It’s A Common Noun You Know It Means G.od Divine Being Generally But It’s Used As A Proper Name A Lot By The Biblical Writers And So It Becomes A Specific Name For The The Deity The Divine Being The God Of Israel But It Elohim Is Kind Of Like The Word Well I Mean Let Me Just Back Up A Second Elohim Is Spelled It Is Shaped Plural The Fancy Word For That Is Morphology Words Have Shapes They There Is A Way That They Are Formed If I Take The Word Form Fo Rm And I Add An S To It I Have Changed Its Shape I Have Changed Its Morphology And Depending On The Context The Word Fo Rm S Is That A Noun Like You’re Out On A Job Site Pouring Concrete Into Forms Or Filling Out Forms Is It A Noun Or Is It A Verb You Know Something This Forms That You Don’t Know Until You Put Those Letters That Make Up That Word Until You Put That Word In A Sentence You Have To Give It Some Context An Elohim Is Like That So Even Though It’s Shaped Plural It Can Mean And Often Does And Most Often Does It Actually Speaks Of A Singular Entity It’s Kind Of Like The Word Dear De Er In English You Know If I Just Looked At You Derrick And Said Dear And I Said You Know Followed That With A Question Am I Talking About One Or More Than One We Have No Way To Answer The Question Because It’s Just De Er You Have To I’d Have To Put It In A Sentence For You And Then You Know If I If I Said You Know The Deer Is In The Field You Know That De Er Is Speaking Of Only One Because Of The Verb Is Ya Elohim Is Kind Of Like The Word Deer You Have To Put It Into A Sentence For You To Know What It Means And So Even Though It’s Spell Plural It Can Mean It’s Singular And Frankly Most Of The Time That It’s Used In The Hebrew Bible It Refers To The Singular God Of Israel Just Just In Case People Doubt That Any Of Your Listeners They Go To My Website It’s Just Drm Sh Com And Then At The Top They Click On The Link For Zecharia Sitchin That’s My Such As Wrong Comm Site And Once They’re There If They Go To The Elohim Tab I Actually Have Pdf Files Of The Places Where Elohim Is Matched With A Singular Verb For Example Or A Plural Verb To Show How Its Distinguished So Not Very Exciting But You Know I Want People To Know I’m Not Making It Up Either If Anybody’s Out There Strong’s Concordance It Actually Will Tell You As Well In There I Think I Guess What We Can Move On Now To Is The Fact That Once We Understand That The Word Elohim Is A Plural Term Or Can Be A Plural Term And A Name As Well But What Does That Fit Into The Bible Where Does That Fit Into The Context There Yeah Every Occurrence Of Elohim You Have To Look At Its Context You Know What What It Tells You And In Genesis 1:1 For Example You Know We Have Elohim You Know Creating The Heavens And The Earth Bereshit Bara Elohim And Then So On And So Forth Well The Verb That It Goes With Bara To Create Is Grammatically Singular For People Who Know Hebrew It’s Just A Cal Form That’s Third Masculine Singular That Tells You Right Away That I Need To Take The Word Elohim In Terms Of A Singular Meaning So That So That I Have Subject Verb Agreement I Mean That That’s That’s Just The Way A Language Works That’s With My Illustration With Deer That’s An Illustration Of Subject Verb Agreement The Deer Is In The Field The Deer Are In The Field And The The Grammar That’s The Context The Linguistic Context The Grammatical Context Tells You How To Understand The Word And So In The Hebrew Bible This Difficult You Know There There Very Few Places Where There Could Be Ambiguity You Could Probably Count Them On One Hand With With Respect To The Word Elohim So Most Of The Time It Just Point-blank Tells You If You Can Get To The Grammar And People Can Get To The Matter If They Know Hebrew And If They Have Something Like The Company I Work For La Goss Creates Called A Reverse Interlinear Or Good A Good Website That Has Morphological Grammatical Information Attached To Each Word You’ll Be Able To Tell Whether In This Case The Verb Is Singular Or Not And Then You Know You Know How To Take Elohim Just Takes A Little Work You Have To Kind Of Know What You’re Looking For Uh-huh So We Have Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 26 This Is Kind Of A Popular One And It Reads And God Said Let Us Make Man In Our Image After Our Likeness Okay So Like What You Were Saying Let Us This Is Actually Meaning More Than One I Know The Christian Doctrine Says That This Is The Father Son And The Holy Spirit Speaking That’s What They Try To Say According To Your Findings Is This A You Know A Council Of Angels Who Are Over Creating Mankind Or Or Is This The Supreme God Speaking Alone To The Father Son And Holy Spirit Well I Would I Would Offer Actually Something Different Okay Aside From The Let’s Just Walk Through The The Verses Here And If Somebody Again Is On A Website Where They Can Get To The Word Level Information They Can Follow Along Here With Verse 26 We Have Elohim Said Well Let’s Look At The Words Said Is It Grammatically Singular Or Plural It’s Singular Vaio Merrigan Third Masculine Singular So We Have A Singular God Saying And Then Here’s What He Says Let Us Make Humankind In Our Image So We Have A Singular Speaker That’s The God Of The Bible The God Of Israel Singular Speaker Announcing To A Group Hey Let’s Do Something Let Us Make Humankind In Our Image So He’s Speaking To A Group And The Question Is Well Who’s In The Group And You’re Right You Know A Lot Of Christians Will Take This As A Reference To The Trinity As Though God Is Having A Conversation With Himself Or The Members Of The Trinity That Could That That Could Be Workable Here But The Problem With It Is Is If You Take Other Scenes In The Bible Where God Is You Know In His Heavenly Throne Or In Some Other In His Divine Abode In Heaven And He’s Speaking To A Group Of Elohim For Instance Psalm 82 You Can’t Have The Trinity There Because He’s Castigating The Members Of The Heavenly Host The Divine Council Is The Language That Psalm 82 Uses He’s You Know Reaming Them Out For Being Corrupt Well You Know Obviously That Can’t Be A Trinitarian Context Unless You Want Really Terrible Christian Theology There You Know Where You Have The Other Members Of The Trinity Being Sentenced To Death You’re Going To Die Like Man You’re Corrupt During You Can’t Have That And So You Know You Have This This Tension Already I Think It’s A Lot Easier And Frankly It’s In Complete Agreement With Other Parallels Other Parallel Texts To Have In Genesis 1:26 God Announcing To His Heavenly Hosts That Hey We’re Going To Do This We’re Going To Create Humankind In Our Image And We Can Talk About The Image If You Want That The Image Is Not An Attribute That We Have The Image Is Really A Status Or A Role That We Have We Have A Role In God’s Plan And The Divine Beings Of The Heavenly Host The Quote-unquote Angelic Beings They Have A Role To Play In Their Sphere Of Authority That’s Why It’s Plural There But You Keep Going Through The Verse When You Get To The Creation Part You Let Us Create Humankind In Our Image After Our Likeness So On And So Forth When You Get To Verse 27 It Says And God Elohim Created Humankind Well There’s Another Verb Created Is It Plural Or Singular Again It’s A Singular So You Only Have One Being The Creator Okay You Only Have One Creator In Genesis 1:26 And 27 And That Is The Singular God Of The Bible And If You Even Go Further In Verse 27 So God Created Humankind In His Image There It’s Singular Okay Or As His Image And As His Likeness In His Likeness God Created Again Elohim Singular Verb Brah Created He Him Male And Female So On And So Forth So You You Have Really Both Things Going On And You Have More Or Less Have To Pick Your Way Through The Two Verses To Get The Picture Gods Announcing His Intent But He’s The Only One That’s Carrying Out His Own Intent It’s Like It’d Be Like If I Said I Use This Illustration A Lot If I Climb At Work And I Walk Into A Room And I Say Hey Let’s Get Pizza Okay I’m I’m The Singular Speaker There’s Only One Of Me I’m Announcing It To A Group And Then We All Get In A Car We Go Down To The Pizza Place But I Order The Pizza And I Pay For It Okay I’m Just I’m The Single Actor But Then The The Crowd With Me You Know Get Some Benefit Out Of That They Participate But Only In Sort Of A Peripheral Secondary Way They’re They’re Observing In That Case They’re Eating With Me But You Have The Same Thing Going On In Genesis 1:26 And 27 So At This Point Genesis 1:26 We See God The Creator Singular He Spoke He Said Let Us Make Man In Our Image So Who Is The Us And Who Is The Hour As Though Are Those What We Call The Elohim Of Those The The Other Gods That He Set Up To Rule As Well And To Help Yeah I Would I Would Say They’re They’re The Other Members Of The Heavenly Entourage Of The Heavenly Hosts This Actually Really Requires Us To Get To Get Into The Term Itself Elohim And So That People Can Kind Of Parse This Okay Now About It Alright I Want What Your Listeners To Think About This The Word Elohim And Again If They Go Up To Either My Site Ww-why Announce ‘l Di Vi Any Counsel Cou Ncil Calm Or They Can Go To Drm Sh Calm And Just Find The Link There If They Go Up There Though What I’m Going To Say They Can Read So If Anybody’s Taking Notes Or Can’t Follow Just Don’t Panic So Elohim Is Actually Used Of Four Or Five Different Things In The Bible That’s That’s That’s Important Point Number One The Biblical Writer Uses The Word Elohim To Describe Five Different Entities Five Different Things One Is The God Of Israel That’s The Obvious One There Then There Are The Heavenly Hosts The Members Of The Spiritual World Like In Psalm 82 That The Plural Elohim Other Divine Beings That Are In You Know God’s Presence With Him Then You Have In Deuteronomy 32:17 You Have The Shading That’s Usually Translated Demons It Actually It’s Probably Closer To Guardian Spirits Or Something Like That But You Have Them Called Elohim In That Verse Deuteronomy Genesis 32 The First Couple Verses And What Event That Refers Back To You Could Have Angels Referred To As Elohim And Then Lastly In 1st Samuel 28 13 When The Medium At Endor You Know Is Asked By Saul To Bring Samuel Up And Lo And Behold It Actually Works She Panics And Says I See An Elohim Coming Up Out Of The Earth And Saul Asked Well What Does He So He’s Only Referring To One Being What Does He Look Like And Then She Describes An Ayah Yep That’s Samuel And They Have A Conversation Samuel Basically Gives Him A Message From God That More Or Less Says Your Dynasty’s Done With Your Toast So You Have Five Different Things Referred To As Elohim Now Here’s The Question Would The Biblical Writer Understand That Those Five Different Things Are Not Equal In Attributes In Other Words With The Biblical Writer Think That The Spirit Of A Deceased Person Is On The Same Level In Terms Of Attributes As The God Of Israel Or That Angels Are On The Same Level Or That Shady More On The Same Level As The God Of Israel Well It’s Kind Of Obviously No Because Everywhere Else In The Bible There’s A Clear Distinction There Are Things That Only The Only God Can Do And There Are Things That God Is That No Other Entity Is So That Tells You That To The Biblical Mind The Biblical Writer Elohim Did Not Refer To A Unique Set Of Attributes But That’s The Problem Because That’s Exactly The Way We Use G.od When We Look At Look Or Write Or Say G.od We Are So Used To Thinking Of G.od As A Unique Singular Being With Attributes That No Other Being Has And So It’s Hard It Would Be Hard For Us To Use G.od Of Five Different Things And Feel Good About It Because We Attach Attribute Significance To The Term But That Is Not The Way The Biblical Writer The Hebrew Bible Uses Elohim It Does Not Refer To A Set Of Attributes What It Does Refer To The Reason That You Have Five These Things You Know Spoken Of With The Same Term With Elohim Is Elohim Is What I Like To Call A Place Of Residence Terms It Doesn’t Tell You What A Thing Is It Tells You Where A Thing Belongs Or Where A Thing Is From Where It Lives So To Speak Elohim Are Beings That By Nature Are Disembodied And They Inhabit This Thing We Call The Spiritual World That’s All It Means If I Want To Describe A Being That It Does Not You Know Belong To The Human Realm It’s Not An Fleshed It’s By Nature Disembodied It’s Not Human Okay It’s None Of These Things That We Are If I Want To Use A Word To Describe Any Being That Fits That Address I Would Use Elohim That’s What It Is Now When You’re In The Spiritual World If You Know If We Can Imagine Ourselves Over There On The Other Side So To Speak In That War Old There Is Rank There Is Hierarchy There Is Differentiation And Attributes That’s Why I Like To Say In The Things That I’ve Written That Yahweh The God Of Israel Is An Elohim But No Other Elohim Is Him He Is Unique His Species Unique Among The Elohim Not Think About Our World We’re All Humans But Yet In The Human World While We Are All Humans There’s Lots Of Differences Between Us You Know There’s There’s Differences In Attributes And Skillsets You Know In Really Physical Ability We Have Differences All Over The Place Within The Human Population But Nevertheless We Are Still All Human That That Term Defines The Realm To Which We Belong The Species To Which We Belong And Elohim Works That Way But Again The Problem Is Is We’re So Used To Thinking Of Elohim And The Way We Think Of As Geode Way We Think Of G.od We Assign A Set Of Attributes To It And Then People Freak Out You Know When I’m In You Know In A Church Or Something Or On The Web Or Whatever And Say Look You Know You Got To Do Something With This The Biblical Writers Using Elohim Of Four Or Five Other Things You Know Yeah They’re Not All The Same Level The God Of Israel So But They’re All Elohim So You Know If They’re Patient Again To Hear Out The Explanation Of What The Term Actually Means How The Biblical Writer Actually Uses It It’s Comprehensible But When As Soon As You Even Get To That Point Oh You’re A Polytheist You Know You’re A Heretic And Bla Bla Bla You Know And I Again I’m Just Used To It Now And I You Know I’m Just I’m Tired Of Protecting People From Their Bible Yeah I’m Just Not Going To Do It Anymore Yeah But I Think It’s Pretty I Think It’s Pretty Plain From What You’ve Shown Just Those Couple Scriptures I Mean We See Elohim As A Divine Father We See The Word Used When Mentioning Demonic Spirits In A Sense Devils And We See The Word Used When You’re–when Is Talking About Spirits And We See It When It’s Talking About Angels So Just There From What You’ve Shared I Think Could Be You Know Pretty Simple For Anybody To Grasp The Context And Not Grasp The Tradition And Find Out What It’s Talking About And Seeing That There’s A Little Bit More To It Than Just God It You Know The Word God Is The Supreme Most High In Every Case Yeah I Don’t Want To I Don’t Want To Sound Too Too Harsh Here But You Know There Are A Lot Of People Who Just If They I Didn’t Hear This From My Pastor I Didn’t Hear This From My Pastors Pastor My Parents Passed Or My Parents Or Whether I Never Heard This Before Therefore Ergo It Must Be Wrong I Mean You Have A Lot Of People That That Really Don’t Want To They Don’t Want To Abandon What What This Sense Of Security They Have Associated With Tradition And I Understand That But I Think You Know We As Believers We Need To Get To The Point And There Is A Price To Pay For It I Can Tell You Firsthand But You Need To Get To The Point Where You Value The Scripture More Than Your Tradition And And That That Is A Difficult Thing To Do Because It Will Put You At Risk Of You Know Being Judged Or Maligned Or Misunderstood Or You Know At Best Tolerated You Know And You Don’t Want Your Relationship To Just Be Tolerated I Mean You Want Exactly What People To Trust You You Want To Have Good Friendships And Things Like That It But You Know When Push Comes To Shove What Work Where Are Your Loyalties Are They Are They With The Text Or Are They With What People Say About The Text Yeah And It’s Not Like Those Are Always In Disagreement They’re Not But But There Are Times When There’s A Disconnect And You Got To Make These Choices Yeah But It Does Also Leave You Know The Seeker Open To Actually Have To Admit That He Was Wrong Whenever You’re Seeing Something Or Whenever You Have This Doctrine That You You Know You May Have Been Teaching For Years You May Have Taught Many People And Then You Have To You Know You Have To Humble Yourself And Say Hey I Taught Many People This Doctrine But I Was Wrong And Whenever You’re You Know In This This Seat Of Authority Especially When Dealing With You Know People’s Eternal Salvation Is Really Touchy Subject For You To Say Hey I Was Wrong You Know For You To Actually Have To Renounce What You Was Teaching So You Have To Be Humble You Have To Be A Real Student Of The Word And Not Not Many People Are Willing To Do That Because I Guess For The Most Part It’s Going To Show That You’re Human In It And That You Do Make Mistakes But But Whenever You Fasters Are Mortals You Look What A Lesson Pastors Are Mortals You Know I Would Hope That People Who Are In Positions Of Authority That Their People Understand That That The Pastors On On The Journey To You Might Be Further Down The Road In Some Respects But Again They’re Just They’re Just People But The Problem Is If You’ve Been Teaching Your People To Put You On A Pedestal Yeah Well Then Then Then You’ve Got More Invested Than Then Let’s Just Do Let’s Just Back Up Here A Little Bit And Correct Ourselves And Then We’ll Move On I Mean It Then So It’s It’s Kind Of A Vicious Circle But Yeah You Get Into I Mean I’ve Had To You Know Tell People Hey You Know I Was Wrong About This Study That’s Not A Unique Experience Because I Wasn’t I Wasn’t Born Talking About The Divine Council You Know When I Became A Believer As A Teenager I Didn’t Know Anything About Anything I Mean I I Was Struggling With – Adam And Eve Were You Know It Just Yeah I Didn’t Know Anything And You Just You Kind Of You Go Along And Again I For Some Reason I Can’t Pinpoint To Some Great Decision I Made Or You Know Some Some Mountaintop Experience Here But At Some Point It Just Became More Important To Me To Affirm This Thing That We That We Say We Believe Is From God Inspired More Than What People Say About It And That Just Clicked In My Head One Day And I Again I Can’t Point To A Time Or Place But It It Was That Sense Was Just There And I Figured Hey When When The Dust Clears You Know God Will Still Be Standing And So Will The Word And And I Might Get Beat Up A Little Bit But You Know We’ll Get Over That Huh But You Know If God Can’t You Know Fix The Situation Whatever The Situation I’m In And That Doesn’t Say Too Much For His Ability Does It You Know You Just Have To Give To Trust Him With That And But There’s There’s A Price To Pay You Know And But It’s It’s Wonderful To Not Have Anybody Own Your Mind You Know Just Just To Not Be Owned In That Way And Be Able To To Be Honest With People Whether They Agree Or Not When We Talk About The Psalm 80 82 Verse 1 God Standeth In The Congregation Of The Mighty He Judges Among The Gods Whenever We Read That Who Are These Gods What Did They Do Because I’ve Heard Many Different Things And And You Know That’s Why I Wanted To Get You On A Show Are These The Principalities That Were Reading About That Are Over Certain Areas Who Sinned Or You Know Who Are These Gods That He’s Speaking Of Here Yeah I Think That I Think We Get A Clue In The Last Verse Of This Psalm Where The Psalmist Says Rise Up O Elohim Rise Up O God And You Know Judge The Earth For You You Know This Is Your Inheritance I Mean You’re Going To You You’re Inheriting All The Nations The Nations Are Your Possession And I That Language About Again This Inheritance Of The Nations And All That Sort Of Thing Gives Us A Clue As To What Is Going On Okay Because It’s Good That Language Draws On Deuteronomy 32 8 And 9 Verses 8 And 9 And If You’re If You’re Audience People In Your Audience Have Never Seen This Verse This Is One Of The Key Verses For Understanding Really The Whole Worldview Of The Old Testament And I Would Say Also A Lot Of What’s Going On In The New Testament 2 And Verse 8 In Deuteronomy 32 Says I’m Reading From The Esv In Case Anybody Wants To Know When The Most High We Know That Is Gave The Nations Their Inheritance When He Divided Human Kind Now You Know When When Did That Happen When Did God Divide Up The Nation’s Well That Was The Tower Of Babel We Know The Story When He Did That He Fixed The Borders Of The Peoples According To The Number Of The Sons Of God Now A Lot Of English Translations Here Will Read According To The Number Of The Sons Of Israel So There’s A Very Clear Difference Here Now The Esv Is One Of The Few Translations The New Rsv Is Another One The Nlt I Think The Latest Version Has This As Well The Esv Reading Comes From The Dead Sea Scrolls The Dead Sea Scrolls Here Read The B’nai Ha Elohim The Sons Of God So It Is The Most Texturally Up-to-date Reading Now You Don’t Have To Be A Text Critic Though To Know That This Is The Correct Reading If You Just Think About What The Verse Says When The Most High Gave The Nations Their Inheritance He Divides Up Human Humankind He Fixes The Borders Of The People 1/4 The Number Of The Sons Of God Why Isn’t It The Sons Of Israel Because Israel Didn’t Exist As A Nation Back At The Tower Of Babel Event There Was No Israel So Again I Don’t Want To Really Drift Going All The Texts Critical Reasons Why You Know In Terms Of Manuscript Studies Why Sons Of God Is The Best Reading But I Think If You Just Use Common Sense Here At Biblical Sense It Can’t Be Sons A Visibly Because Israel Didn’t Exist If You Go Back To The Table Of Nations In Genesis 10 You Know Which Leads Up To The Tower Of Babel Event When The Nations Are Listed Israel Does Not Occur In The Table Of Nations Why Because It Doesn’t Exist Yet What This Is Describing Is The Tower Of Babel Event When When You Know God Has Given This Commission Here We Are We Came Out Of The Flood God Says Be Fruitful And Multiply Spread Over The Earth And All This Stuff And So What Do They Do Well Let’s Go Build A Tower You Know That’ll Be Some Gathering Point And Give Ourselves A Great Reputation And They Don’t Do What They’re Supposed To Do And So God Says Okay If We Let This Go Again Speaking In The Plural Yo To The Council Again In Genesis 11 But Let Us Go Down And Take A Look But Then When You Actually See Who Goes Down It’s Yahweh The God Of Israel It’s A Singular Entity Looking At This It’s Like Okay They’re Not Going To Obey So Here’s What We’re Going To Do We’re Going To Split Them Up We’re Going To Confuse The Languages Divide Up The Nations Now I Refer To This As The Romans One Event Of The Old Testament Where God Says Look You Don’t Want To Obey Me You Don’t Want Me To Be Your God Fine I’m Going To Scatter You And What I’m Going To Do Is I’m Going To Assign Each Nation To Another Divine Being To One Of The Sons Of God And If You Go To Deuteronomy For Deuteronomy 4:19 And 20 Is The Parallel Passage This If You Look At The Language There It’s Actually Sort Of A Flip Side Of The Coin Deuteronomy 4 Says Beware Lest You Raise Your Eyes To Heaven When You See The Sun Moon And Stars All The Hosts Of Heaven And You Be Drawn Away And Bowed Down To Them He’s Telling You No Moses And Through Moses All Of Israel Don’t You Don’t Don’t Do This You Know Don’t Get Distracted And Bow Down To The Sun Moon And Stars Because Verse 19 These Are The Things That The Lord Your God Has Allotted To All The Peoples Under The Whole Heaven But The Lord Has Taken You And Brought You Out Of The Iron Furnace Out Of Egypt So It’s The Same Language As Deuteronomy Divides The Nations In Verse 8 And Verse The Lord’s Portion My Portion Is His People Jacob His Allotted Heritage So This Episode Again What We Think Of As The Tower Babel This Episode Is A Watershed Event In The Old Testament And In Biblical Theology Where God Disinherits The Nation’s The Peoples Of The Earth And Says Ok You Don’t Want Me To Be Your God I’m Going To Put You Under Lesser Authorities I’m Not Going To Relate To Your Purse What I’m Going To Do Is I’m Going To Go Over To Or And I’m Going To Call This Guy Called Abraham Or Abram And I’m Going To Start Over I’m Going To Start With One Guy And I’m Going To Raise Up For Myself A New People And To Make It Even More Spectacular This Guy’s Old And So Is His Wife So I’m Going To Do Something Supernatural Something Spectacular I’m Going To Literally Start With Nothing And I’m Going To Make My Own People And The Rest Of The Old Testament Is The Story Of That People Israel Against The Other Nations Is An Israel God Yahweh Against The Other Gods What Happens And What He’s Referring To In Psalm 82 When When God Appoints The Other Nations To The Sons Of God And He Points The Sons Of God To The Other Nations Again Both Sides Of The Same Coin He Is Still The Creator He Is Still The The Lawgiver He Is Still The Lord Of Justice He Expects That His Underlings Even Though They’re Divine Beings Even Though They’re Elohim Their Lesser Elohim He Expects Them To Rule Righteously According To The Way Their Creator Rules Because They Share His Image Let Us Create Humankind In Our Image They’re Supposed To Do What He Says In Their Realm Of Authority And From Psalm 82 It’s Very Plain That They Become Corrupt They Do Something They Mismanaged They Abused The Situation You Know Personally I Think In Elsewhere In The Old Testament Indication Of One Of The Things That That Was Offensive Was The Idea That They Would Accept Worship You Know From These Other Peoples As In The Place Of Yahweh I Mean All These Different Things And And Israel Was Supposed To Be You Know The Kingdom Of Priests Idea That Sort Of The Conduit The You Know The Light Out There In The Wilderness That Would Alert People Would Would Would Be Some Sort Of Teaching Mechanism As To Who The True God Was And Then You Know A Path Back To Him Through The Nation Of Israel Ultimately Of Course Through The Messiah But All Of This Just Gets Just Gets Messed Up In The Nations That Were Given Over Two Lesser Administrators Get Farther Away From God As Time Goes On Both Because Of Their Own You Know Futile Minds As Paul Says And Also Because Again Their Their Manipulated By Other Divine Beings So Take All That And The Answer To Your Question Is I I Do Think That What We Have In The New Testament Language Think About Some Of The Terms You Use Principalities And Powers You Also Have Dominions You Have Thrones You Have Rulers You Have Authorities The Other Another Term Is Stoichea The The Elemental Principles The Elements It Is That That One’s A Little More Abstract But These Terms Are Rulership Terms They’re Authority Terms They Refer In Some Way To To Some Sort Of Dominion Over Some Government Like Like A Yeah Like A Governing Bureaucracy Structure Or Something Or Other You Know That It’s Kind Of A Mystery In Terms Of New Testament Theology Whether You Can Sort Of Create A Coherent Hierarchy Out Of The New Testament Terms There’s Actually A Lot Of Debate On That It Personally I Don’t I Don’t Think You Can Clearly Do That I Think You Can Get Some That Are More You Know Above Others And But I Don’t I Don’t Think You Can Get A Whole Hierarchy Out Of It But I Think Paul’s Point In Using Language Like That Is Is To You Know Stick A Bug In Our Air For This Whole Sort Of Set Up In The Old Testament Where The Nation’s Those Who Are Not Believers Those Who Are Not Yahweh’s People Are Under The Dominion Of Something Else That Is The Story Of The Old Testament God Gives Them Up But But He Doesn’t Give Them Up Permanently Hasn’t Just Abandoned Them Forever Even The Abrahamic Covenant Genesis 12 When God Does Go To Abraham He Says Look I’m Going To Make You A Great Nation You Know Multiply You Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah And He Says You Know Those Who Bless You I Will Bless Those Who Curse You I Will Curse Through You All Nations All Families Of The Earth Will Be Blessed Okay I Mean He Doesn’t Completely Write Them Off But The Key To All This Again Is To Is To Come Back Through Israel To The To Relate To God The Way He Wants To Be Related To To Become A Part Of The People Of God Too You Know You Look At What Paul Does Like In Galatians Paul Says In Galatians 3 You Know He Really Really Goes After The Galatians For This He Says O Foolish Galatians Who Has Bewitched You It Was Before Your Eyes That Christ Was Publicly Portrayed As Crucified And He’s Having Begun The Spirit Now Perfected By The Flesh And So On And So Forth He Goes Look What Are You Doing How In The World Can You Believe The Gospel And Then Want To Go Back Okay And Put Yourself Under The Dominion Of The Things That You Just Broke A Relationship With Again Paul Uses All This This Sort Of Dominion Relational Language When He Talks About The Gospel Because The The Fundamental Issue Is Which God Are You Loyal To Where Is Your Faith Who Do You Follow Where Is Your Allegiance You Know We Can We Can Talk About Nitty-gritty Theological Questions And I’m Concerned About Those Paul Says But Here’s The Fundamental Issue Who Are You In Allegiance To And That’s Very Old Testament In In Its Thought Processes Because Of This Whole Event You Know With Deuteronomy 32 Psalm 82 All This Stuff Yeah Well Before We Go Any Further I Want To Address The Scripture Just A Little Bit Deeper So We Can Kind Of Paint A Picture Before We Move A Little Bit Further About These Principalities And Some Of The Things That They’ve Done And Some Of The Things That They’re Doing Even To This Day First Of All I Want To Say I Guess Basically Thank You Because The Way You Broke That Down Which Is So Simple Precise Where Anybody Can Understand That And If You’re Lost At This Point You Know I Encourage You To Rewind The Episode And Listen To It Again Because If You Follow It Along With The Scriptures You Will See The Picture That He’s Painting Is Right There In Front Of You But For Some Reason Over The Years You Know She’s Been Kind Of Hidden From People Because I Don’t Know If It’s The Church Has Certain Doctrines That They Want To Keep Away From People Or What But It’s Right There So It’s Very Beautiful But Deuteronomy Chapter 32 Verse 9 As We Move A Little Bit Further Because I’ve Heard The Terms In The Past And I’ve Done Some Research On It I Guess I Want To Ask Your Validity On This We See Here In Verse 8 Deuteronomy Nation’s We See The Most High And The Same Terminology Is Mentioned In Genesis Chapter 1 And Then We Go To Deuteronomy Capital Are These Separate Entities When We’re Speaking Of Lord God God Most High Are These Different Gods That Were Speaking Of Or Is Just Different Titles For The One True God Well The Most High Is Hebrew L Yone That That Does Not Occur In The Creation Passage That’s Elohim In Fact The Earliest Reference To L Yan Is In Genesis 14 When Abraham Is With Melchizedek Priest Of The Most High God Same Same Terminology There Elyon Yeah In Academic Scholarship There’s A There’s A Big Debate You Know Over Is This Language Indicative Of There’s A Most High Deity El Young And Then Sort Of Yahweh Is Is Sort Of An Inferior Or Sub Sub Deity Where It’s Elyon Dividing Up The Nations And Then Yahweh Gets A Piece Along With The Other Sons Of God Deuteronomy 32 8 On On The Surface Can Sound Like That Okay If You If You View It In Isolation You Could Argue That Position The Problem Is Is When You Go Over To Deuteronomy 4 Again The Parallel Passage You Don’t Have Le On Again Dispensing The Nation’s To The Sons Of God One Of Whom Is Yahweh You Only Have Me All The Way There And Specifically If You Go Back To Deuteronomy Yahweh Your God Yahweh Elohim The Lord Your God Has Allotted To All The Peoples There You Have Yahweh Doing The Dispensing And In Verse 20 The Lord Yahweh Has Taken You And Brought You Out Of The Iron In Other Words The The Clear Actor The Clear Dispenser In The Passage In Deuteronomy 4 Is The God Of Israel Is Yahweh The God Of Israel So Deuteronomy 32 You Could Again If You Just Isolate It You Could Think Well That You Know We Have A Yahweh Is Sort Of An Inferior There Among Others You Can’t Get That In Deuteronomy For At All So Let’s Go Back To Deuteronomy 32 And This This Gets A Little Hairy Again For For The Sake Of The Audience But In Semitic Scholarship If You Go To The Two Prior Verses Deuteronomy 32 6 And 7 You Have Some Phrases They’re Used Of The Canaanite High God Al Is That The High God Of Canaan That Are Used Of Yahweh And So There Are Other Scholars Who Would Say No We Don’t Have To Separate Deities Here One That’s Most High That Occupies The Top Position And Then And Then He Always Underneath Him Because If You Go Back To Verses 6 And 7 Yahweh Is Used In Verse 6 And Then He’s Described In Ways That The Canaanite High God Is And So That Would Argue That Yahweh Is Viewed Here In Deuteronomy 32 As The High God And So Most High Is Just A Title For Yahweh In These Verses If You Keep Going In Deuteronomy 32 You Don’t Have Any Reference To Again The Most High You Have Consistent References To Yahweh So It’s Getting A Little Esoteric But You Know Your Audience You Know Should Know That This Discussion Does Occur Among Scholars I Don’t Believe That We Have Two Distinct Separate Deities Here More In Psalm 82 Because Some Will Try To Take This Argument From Deuteronomy 32 And Then Import It Into Psalm 82 If You Have Somebody Out In Your Audience That Really Is Into This And Wants To To Really Get Into The Details Of It Again If People Go Up To My Website Just Dr M Sh Comm And Then Click On The Link To My Biblical Studies Blog It’s Called The Naked Bible Or You Could Go To Naked Bible When You’re On That Site The Naked Bible Site I Have A Link On That Site To This Discussion It’ll Just Say Something Like Divine Counsel For Psalm 82 Let Me Just Take A Quick Look At It So I Don’t Want To Mislead Anybody Here You Go To Naked Bible There’s A Tab That Says Divine Counsel And If You Click On That There’s A Whole List Of Posts That I’ve Done On This And Also Some Papers That I’ve Given At Academic Conferences That Go Into Excruciating Detail It’ll Probably Be Overkill For A Lot Of People But Just In Case There’s That One Person Out There That Just Loves The Gory Details That’s Where You’ll Get Them Huh Well There’s A Lot Of Different Aspects That We Can Approach This From And I Think You’ve Painted Awesome Picture When We Get Back To Psalm 82 God’s Standards In A Congregation Of The Mighty He Judges Among The Gods Okay Then We Go Down And We See We Can Go To Verse 6 It Says I Have Said Ye Are Gods And All Of You Are Children Of The Most High God But Ye Shall Die Like Men And Fall Like One Of The Princes Can You Give Us A Little Bit Of You Know Detail On That Is This Talk I Guess When It Mentions Princes Is This Talking About Some You Know Maybe Some Former Principalities Or Just Talking About Men That’s Really An Interesting Term You Know Verse Six You Know Er Ye Are Elohim You Plural Again It’s A Plural Pronoun Our Elohim So That Harkens Back To Verse One The Plural Elohim In The Countin Sons Of The Most High Again Picks Up You Know Harkens Back To The Ear Of Deuteronomy 32 Just Like The End Of The Verse So That The Context Is Clear There’s A Link Here Between The Two And Then You Get To This Nevertheless Like Like A Dom You Shall Not Again There’s Enough Number Of Ways You Can Go With That You Could Say It Refers To Humankind Generally Some Would Would Wonder Does It Refer To Adam Yeah Because It Um Both Of Those Would Speak To Humanity Either Way And Then You Get This Fall Like Any Prince And The Prince Is The More Interesting Term Here We Have It’s A Generic Term Tsar It’s Plural Here Cyrene Prince And It’s Used Widely Through The Hebrew Bible For Human Princes And That Would Make Sense Because If We’re Looking At It In Terms Of Catch The Term If We’re Looking At The Two Lines Of Verse Seven As Being In Synonymous Parallelism But The First Line Says One Thing In The Second Line Says The Same Thing In A Slightly Different Way Then You Would Say Oh Well The Princes Are Or Human Here But Tsar Is Also Used Like In Daniel 10 Of The Again Using A New Testament Term Here That The Principalities Did The Divine Beings That Are Set Over The Nations Now And That Makes It A Little Interesting Because Then You Would Have Sort Of An Antithesis Between The Two Lines The Other Thing Is And Again This Gets A Little Nitty-gritty Here The The The Term Itself We Assume It’s From The Noun Tsar And Then We Have A Plural Sorry It Might Be The Case That Instead Of The Noun Tsar Here We Actually Have A Different Route That Means In Certain Canaanite Dialects To Shine And You Could Actually Have Your Fall Like The Shining Ones Or Something Like That Again It That Would Speak You Know Again To Two Divine Beings I I Don’t Think It’s Clear What I Do Think Is Clear Though Is That The Elohim The Plural Plural Elohim Here Are Put Under The Sentence Of Losing Their Immortality They Have Contingent Immortality Just Like Human Beings Either The Are Human Spirits If You Want To Use That Terminology We Have Contingent Immortality And What What That Means Is That We Will You Know Live Forever Forever Excuse Me Unless God Decides Otherwise In Other Words We Don’t We Don’t Have That Attribute In And Of Ourselves It’s Not Ours To Control It’s Contingent On The The Goodness And The Will Of God If God Decides It I’m Doing Away With That And With You Then Well Then That That’s What’s Going To Happen So The The Elohim Here There’s Going To Come A Point Where Their Immortality Is Stripped From Them I Take This As A Reference To A Time Future I Take This As Eschatological Because The Final Re Inheritance Or The Reclamation Of The Nations Is Only Going To Happen At The Day Of The Lord Again A Time Future So I Think They’re Connected Here But I Will Say That That You Could Argue For Divine Beings Here If I’m Probably 6040 In Favor Of The Human Interpretation But But There’s Enough That Makes Me Wonder Whether There Might Be Something Else Going On Or We Might Have A Case Of Double Entendre Does That Does Happen In The Bible Like Any Other Literature Okay So If We Look At This In A Proper Biblical Timeline In The Term You Just Mentioned The Day Of The Lord That’s Referring To The The Second Coming Of Christ When He Comes Back To Set Up His Dominion And To Inherit All The Nations Then We Have But I Said Your God And He’s You’re All Children Of The Most High But He Shall Die Like Men This Is An Event That’s Going To Take Place When Christ Comes Back When He Comes To Just To You Know Destroy These Guys And Basically Knock Him Off Their Pedestal And Set Up His Kingdom So That These Other Guys Aren’t Getting Worship Anymore This Is Something That Already Happened Correct This Is Something That’s Coming When Christ Comes Back Is That Correct Yeah Yeah I Would I Would Say That’s Correct And That That Really Feeds In The New Testament Theology Because There Are A Number Of Things That That Jesus Does And He Says And Even More Importantly Where He’s At When He Does Or Says Them That Parking Back To What’s Going On Here Let Me Let Me Just Give You One Example In In A Luke The First Time That Jesus Sends Out Disciples Now He’s Sort Of Operated Anonymously And Then There Are A Few Events That Change That Where He Begins Sort Of The Public Proclamation That The Kingdom Of God Is Here And And The Kingdom Only Does Not Only Refer To A Future Earthly Kingdom There There Is A Spiritual Kingdom As Well That They Both Operate They’re Both Just As Real As The Other One And They Operate In Tandem So That The Kingdom Of God Is Inaugurated It’s Begun At Jesus First Coming His First Advent And When He Starts Announcing That It’s It’s In Conjunction With Believe It Or Not Exorcisms Okay Did Conversations And Defeats Of Demonic Entities And One Of The Things That He Does The First Time He Sends Out Disciples How Many Does He Send Out He Sends Out 70 Okay Okay And It’s 70 Or 72 You Have And I Don’t Want To Get Too Far Into Why There’s An Issue There But 70 Or 72 It’s Tied To The Way You Would Count The Nation’s Back In Genesis 10 The Count The Nation’s There You Have 70 And So When Jesus Says Look I’m Going To Give You Power Over These Spiritual Beings You’re Going To Be Able To Cast Them Out You’re Going To Be Able To Exert Power Over The Night And I’m Going To Send You Out Two By Two And There Are 70 Of You That Telegraph’s That The Time To Reclaim The Nation’s The World Every Nation You Know Out Of Every Nation You Know God Wants To Own Every Nation Out Of Every Nation There’s Going To Be People Of God You Know Jew And Gentile Distinction Is Going To Be Erased Real Shortly Here After The Crucifixion But He Sends Out Are Sort Of In Tune In Terms Of Biblical Theology That This Is The Beginning Of Reclaiming Re Inherited The Nation’s And It’s Linked To The Person Of Christ It’s Linked To What He’s Here To Do And So Again That That It Starts There But It’s Going To Have Its Ultimate Eschatological Fulfillment When The Lord Does Return And As The Book Of Revelation Says You Know Speaking To Believers He That Overcomes I Will Put Over The Nation’s A Believers We Can Go So Many Places With This Conversation Yes It’s So It’s So It’s So You Know Like You Said It Is Esoteric It’s Complex It’s Beautiful It’s So Much More Than What We’ve Been Taught You Know Well Why Do We Want This Truth Because It’s Right There Anonymous I Know John Says Behold What Manner Of Love The Father Has Bestowed Upon Us That We Should Be Called The Sons Of God And Then He Adds And That’s What We Are In First John Three Why Does Paul Use Adoption Language But Opting Us Into The Family Of God Why Does He Why Does He Refer To Us As Sons And Daughters Of God What Is A Use Family Language I Mean All This Stuff Going On Why Is It That John And Revelation Says Look To Him That Overcomes I Will Put You Over The Nation’s It’s Because We Believers The People Of God The Sons Of God We When We Are Glorified And Exalted We Are Going To Displace And Replace The The Fallen The Corrupt Beings That Are Currently Over The Nation’s We Are The Remain Constituted Counsel Of God You Go To Hebrews To Jesus You Know This Is This Is One Of The You Know There There Are Some Passages That You Know I Personally Just Get Emotional About And This Is One Of Them In Hebrews Two Were Where They’re In The Throat Jesus Is In The Throne Room Of God And He’s Announcing You Know Beef He’s Telling The Congregation The Council The These Are My Brothers He’s Referring To Believers As His Brothers In Front Of The Divine Council In Front Of The Congregation They Are Mine I Am I’m Their Brother They’re Your Family Okay All This Language You Know St. Hebrews Wanted To To Which Of The Angels Did God Say All This Wonderful Stuff Well The Answer Is He Didn’t Say It To Any Of He Said It About Jesus And He Said It About Us Okay I Mean You Just Go Through The New Testament With The Old Testament In Your Head Then It It’s Just So Dramatic In Places What What Is Being Said If It If It Just Has A Context And Again Our Problem Is You Know We’re We’re Living 2,000 Years After The Fact Or You Know How Many Times Do You Hear The Old Testament Preached You Knowledge It We Just Don’t Get A Lot Of This In Our Heads To Sort Of Filter The New Testament Through The Old We’re Filtering The New Testament Through Something Else Yes I Mean That’s Amazing Man So That’s You Know Being Transformed In The Twinkling Of An Eye And Being And Becoming As The Angels That’s When Christ Comes Back We’re Going To Take Their Place And We’re Going To You Know We’re Going To Dethrone Them Man That’s You’ve Heard It Preached In Church So You Heard It Mentioned In Church But They Actually Have The Break Down And Go Through And Say This Isn’t Just A Little Piece Of It This Is What The Whole Old Testament Is Founded On These Ancient Gods Who You Know Were Set Up And Have Taken The Praise And Taken The Worship Unto Themselves And Got Haughty And How They’re Still There They’re Still Want The Worship They Still Are Receiving It From People And They Still Want To Deceive But There’s Come At A Time We’re Going To Overthrow Them Those Who Are In Christ Correct Yeah I Mean You Again Hebrews 2 You Know That The Whole Line About We See Jesus Who Was Made A Little Lower Than The Angels The Hebrew Text Has Actually Has A Little Lower Than The Elohim In Psalm 8 Is Now Crowned With Glory Because He Suffered The Crucifixion You Know So That By God’s Grace He Would Experience Death On Behalf Of Everybody In Anything You Know You Get A Few Verses Later It’s All About Bringing Many Sons To Glory You Know I Will Proclaim Your Name To My Brothers In The Midst Of The Assembly Midst Of The Council Midst Of The Congregation I Will Praise You I Mean Just All This Stuff Jesus Says Here I Am With The Children God Has Given Me It This Is What It’s About I Don’t I Don’t Know How Else To Say It I Mean The Old Testament Is Is An Epic Drama There There’s A Lot That’s On The Periphery About We Sort Of Get Sidebars Like Oh There’s A Bunch Of Laws About How The People Of God Should Live And There’s This Episode With The Monarchy Over Here And But The Core Idea Is This Conflict Between Yahweh And The Other Gods And Yahweh’s People And Those Who Are Owned Those Who Are Disinherited And Need To Come Back Again To To The True God It’s An Epic Drama That Gets Played Out All The Way Up To And Through The Crucifixion And These Are The Gods The Way That Their Worship They’re Usually Not Worshiped Out You Know I’m Saying Directly They’re Usually Worshiped Through Something Tangible On The Earth Whether It’s An Idol Or Rock Or You Know A You Know Some Type Of Wooden Cross Or Something Like That Some Type Of Imagery That They Portray Through You Know They Usually Don’t Go Through And See People You Know Actually Bowing Down To Bail But They’re Actually Bowing Out To The Images And The Stars And The Things That Represent These Gods Yeah There’s A Certain Logic That Goes With Idolatry That Is Really Telling In In In Relation Again To The Contrast Between Other Elohim And The God Of Israel The Logic Of Idolatry Was Again Ancient People Are Not Idiots They Know That That Okay I’m Going To Make This Thing I’m Going To Make This Statue They Know That That Is Not A Deity It’s Not A Divine Bee Who Created Them Or Any Of This Kind Of Thing They Like If They If They Knocked It Over And It Broke They Don’t Think Their God Died They Would Just Go Make Another One Okay So We Actually Have Text Like This And You Know In The Ancient World Were A Deity Of God An Idol Is Destroyed In Battle So They Just Go Home And Make Another One They’re Not Idiots What Was An Idol For An Idol Was You Would Fashion This Thing And Then He Would Go Through A Ritual To Make It Habitable Or To Animate It To To Make It A Thing A Place Where The Deity Would Come And Inhabit It And So Why Would You Do That You Are Trying To Localize The Deity You Are Trying To Bring It To You So Then You Can You Can Relate To It In Some Way You Can Bargain With It You Can Cajole It Oh Look At All These Nice Offerings We’re Giving You By The Way Can You Do This That Or The Other Thing For Us Can You Curse Our Enemies And All Those Kind Of Stuff You Localized The Deity So That You Can Have Some Sort Of Relationship And In Some Sense Hope To Butter It Up So That It Works For You Or That You Get Knowledge From It From The Other Side This Is Part Of The Reason Why In In Biblical Theology And Israelite Thinking You Do Not Make A Graven Image Of Yahweh Not Only Was He Completely Other Than Anything You Could Make An Image Of But Yahweh Will Not Be Localized You Will Not Bring Him To Yourself He Does Not Obey Your Beck And Call He Cannot Be Tamed A It’s A Completely Different Logic You Know Then Then What’s Going On In The Idolatrous World And It Again To Me It’s Just Really Telling Again It’s A It’s A Theological Statement You Know This Resistance To Images Is A Theological Statement In A Lot Of Ways Chris I’d Like To Deal With Man Is Like I Said I You Know I Guess I’m At A Loss For Words Because It’s So Amazing And I Hope Everybody Will Start Reading The Scriptures Like This I Would Just Say Just Typing In The Word God’s In A Search On A Bible Search Software And Actually Seeing How Much You Know It Actually Pops Up And It’s A Lot It’s Not Just These Things You Know These Couple Scriptures That We Dealt With That You Know That Mentioned These Gods Now These Guys Are Mentioned Throughout The All Of The Scriptures And They Were Battling Back And Forth And A Lot Of Things They Were Coming Down And I Mean There Was A Lot Of Stuff Going On It Makes It That Much More Interesting So When A Lot Of People Tried To Downplay The Scriptures Or Try To Downplay The Bible And Say It’s Not Interesting Is Born This Right Here It Doesn’t Make Someone Question Their Face I Wouldn’t Think I Would Think It Would Make It Would Make Someone You Know Be More Interested In Getting To The Bottom Of It Because It’s Way More There And It Makes It A Lot More Interesting Like There Is Something You Know That That’s You Know Been Hidden For A Very Long Time I Guess With That Being Said I Want To Open Up The Phone Lines Because We Have A Few Callers Who Who Have Questions But Before I Do That I Just Want To Get Your Take On The Book Of Enoch Where Does That Fit And All This Do You Reference It Or Is It What’s Your Take On That Book Sure Right I Don’t Consider The Book Of Enoch Canonical But I Have To Confess That I Don’t Even Care About The Question Yeah When I What I Mean By That Is The Book Of Enoch Is Quoted A Couple Times Fairly Directly In The New Testament It’s Also Alluded To A Few Dozen Other Times So The New Testament Writers Knew Enoch And They Felt Very Free To Use Material From Enoch To Make Their Point Including Theological Points Now What That Tells Me Is That They They Assign Value To It I Mean They They It’s A Book That If If The New Testament Writer Assigned Value To It Then I Think It’s Worth Being Familiar With It’s Worth Reading Again It Needs To Be Part Of Your Of Your Pool Your Knowledge Pool To Help You Think Like The Writer Thought In Other Words To Help You Frame What Is Being Said In The New Testament Because They Were Very Willing Again To Use That And Other Things Too So You Don’t Have To Consider It Canonical To Do That And So On In One Sense To Me That The Question Should It Be In The Canon Or Shinden It Really Doesn’t Matter You Should Just Read It You Should Know You Should Be Familiar With It In The In There Were In The Jewish Community Are The People Who Lived At Qumran Apparently Did Consider It Canonical Because They Quote They Quote It Like They Quote Canonical Books You Know There’s Formulaic Language Like Thus Says The Lord Or As It Is Written Or Something Like That No And They’ll Quote Enoch In That Way And A Few Other Books Too In The Early Church Enoch Had A Couple Supporters Tertullian Supported It For A While As Being A Sacred Inspired Book And Origen Did And Kind Of Interesting If I Have A Book Called The Christianity’s Apocalyptic Heritage It’s A Scholarly Book By A Jim Vander Kam And There’s An Interesting Anecdote In There He’s Talking About Origins View Of Enoch And There’s Actually A Passage Where Origin Is Writing About This Where He I’m Going To Paraphrase Him He Says Well You Know I’m Kind Of Old Now And I’m The Only One Still Out Here Defending This Thing Yeah So I Have To I Have To Defer To The Spirit I Have To Assume That The Spirit Has Led You Know The Church To Not Recognize It And So I’m Going To Bail On It You Know I’m Not Going To Worry About It I Still Like It But I’m Not Going To Fight About It And I Yeah It’s Not Going To Be Your Main Battle I Hear You Right I Think Origins Attitude There Was Is Commendable You Know I Began I Said I Don’t Really Care About The Question Because I I Think We Should Be Familiar With It And Read It If For No Other Reason To Help Us Think Like They Were Thinking Yeah Yeah I Think It’s A Great Book I Do We’re Gonna Open Up The Phone Lines Everybody Who’s On The Line We’re Going To Go Down The List There’s Quite A Few There So If We Can Make It Quick We’ll Get Through These And Guys Can Act Michael Your Questions We Got A God’s Warrior Princess Who Are We Speaking With How Are You Doing Great I Don’t Have Any Questions My Name Is Rachel I’m Just Listening In Enjoying The Show Okay Thank You I You Don’t Have Any You Don’t Have Any Questions Um Y Know What’s Your Take On On The Higher Selves Or Or We All Have Guardians Specifically For Each One Of Us Yeah I Actually Do Think The The Idea Of Guardian Angels That Sort Of Thing Is Biblical I Mean There’s The Obvious Reference In At The End Of Hebrews Chapter One About Angels Being Ministering Spirits Again To To Serve Those Who Inherit Salvation Needle Believers And Again The Passage In Matthew So I Yeah I Tend To Think That That Is A Biblical Concept That We We Have You Know Guardians There There Are There Beings Assigned To To Look Out You Know For Us In Life And Perhaps Influence Us And You Know This Direction Of That Direction So Yeah I’m Not A Another Skeptic When It Comes To That Awesome Next We Have Libido There Yeah I’m Here I’m Just I Don’t Really Have A Question Right Now I’m Just Doing The Show As Well All Right Well If You If Something Comes Up Just Leave Me A Comment In The Chat Room And I’ll Bring You Right In Okay Okay Hi Brother Archaic Hebraic What’s Going On Yeah How’s It Going Oh Good Good Doing Good Ya Know You Have A Question Yeah I Do Dr. Heiser That’s Like You Are You An Obvious No I Don’t I Don’t Like I Don’t Think Henotheism Is An Adequate Term Just Like I Don’t Think Monotheism Is An Adequate Term Or Manometry I Think For Example Henotheism The Way It’s It’s Been Used In Scholarship Implies And In Many Cases Does More Than Imply That The The Deity Who’s Considered Superior Can Be Changed Can Be Defeated And Displaced And Replaced I Don’t Think In Israelite Would Think That At All Sorry Right Yeah I Don’t I Don’t Like Any Of The Terms Because They’re Modern Terms I Think I Think We’re Better Off Describing What A An Orthodox Israelite Biblical Writer Would Believe Rather Than Trying To Stick A Word On It Right Now How Do You Describe Their View Because I Mean Can Like With The Hanafi Ism And I Know You Don’t Like That Obviously But They Believed In Other Divine Beings Which By What I’ve Read You Know From You From Your Website And Stuff Of That If You Really Kind Of Support That Fit View But You Know I’m Wrecked It With You I Don’t Think No Yeah Yeah I Don’t I Don’t I Don’t Think I Don’t Think The Recognition That There Are Multiple Elohim Supports Henotheism Or Polytheism Because Those Terms Again Are Modern And There They Were Coined By People Who Assign Attribute Significance To The Term Elohim I Do Not So I Don’t I Don’t Think They Apply At All What I Would Here’s How I Would Describe It An Israelite A Biblical Writer Anyway A You Know An Orthodox Yahweh Worshiper Would Say That There Are Many Elohim Because That’s What The Hebrew Bible Says There Are Many Elohim But Among Those Elohim Yahweh Is Unique Yahweh Is An Elohim But No Other Elohim Is Yahweh And You Say Well What What Differentiates Ya Way What What Makes Him Species Unique So To Speak And In The In The Hebrew Bible There Are Things Like He Is The Only One That’s Described As The Creator Of All Things Visible And Invisible He’s The Only One Who Is Described As Sovereign Again You Just Have You Know Think He’s Only One Described As Pre-existence Before Me There Was No Other You Know That Kind Of Thing So That There Are There Are Four Or Five Ways That An Israelite A Biblical Writer Would Talk About Yahweh That Particular Elohim That Make His That The Telegraph The Idea That I Think That This Elohim Is Is Unique Among All Other Elohim So That’s That’s How I Would Describe That Okay Well Yeah Thanks For Answering My Question Sure Are You Good Rex Uh Yeah Yeah I Think I Think That’s Pretty Much All I Can Think Of Right Now About My Head All Right I’ll Uh I’ll Go And Put Your Mute And Saying To You Man You Guys Anything Else Um You Know Just Just Hit Me Up I’ll Bring You Back A Night I Sure Will Thank You Alright Brother We Have A Caller From Georgia On The Line You There Yeah Hey What’s Up Man Devon I Was On Them No No Not Much Man Um A Couple Of Questions Yeah Derek This Is For You Are After After The Show Could You Um Call Call Me Uh Yeah Could You Check Um Could You Call Me After The Show I Want Four – Okay Um Hi Hi Hi So Uh I Um I’m Listening – I’m Listening In – But I I Did I Did Have A Question About The The Second Coming Of Christ I’ve Been I’ve Been Oh I’ve Been Doing A Lot Of Research And Um You Know I Looked Into Uh You Have Balaji And Things And I Even I Even Took Some Notes And I Was I Was I Was Watching This Thing How How Somebody Used This Biblical Tech And And And And Loved It He Wasn’t He Wasn’t An Atheist But He Was He Was One Of Those Um I Guess You Could Call I Guess You Could Say Uh African Armed Christians I Guess I Guess Pin At-at Pan-african I Don’t Know Um My Friend Afrocentric Yeah Yeah Yeah Yes There You Go Um He He Iii Don’t I Don’t Remember All The I Don’t Remember All The Notes I Wrote Down But I Do Remember Matthew 24 When Uh When He When He Was Saying That Uh When He When He Was Saying That Jesus Um Said That Many Many Uh What Book Will Go Around Saying That I Am Christ And The Edges And Deceive Many Right So You Know Uh Somewhat So What Was Elaborated To Me Was That Um You Know People Will Go On Saying That Jesus Is The Christ Well When It When It Was Saying That He Did He Didn’t Say That He Would He Was He Was Saying That He Was The Son Of Man Right Well Son Son Of Man Is An Old Is An Old Testament Term In Most Places In The Old Testament And Also In Most Places In The New Testament The Term Means Human Okay Like Like For Instance Ezekiel Is Called The Son Of Man A Lot In In The Book Of Ezekiel And We Know Ezekiel Was Just A Human Being However In Daniel Chapter 7 There Is A Really Important Reference To The Son Of Man In That Chapter And That’s The Scene Where We Have You Know Daniel Describes A Vision He Sees He’s You Know In Heaven And He Sees The Ancient Of Days Sitting On His Throne And He’s In It He’s Sitting There With The Council It’s A Divine Council Scene And We Know That It’s A Divine Council Scene Not Only Because The Word You Know Council Is Used Congregation Court That Kind Of Thing But Also Because There Are Plural Thrones Okay So It’s Like A Board Room Meeting Divine Board Room Meeting In The Ancient Of Days Which Is God Is Described With The White Hair The Whole Bit Is There And He Sees Daniel Sees One Like A Son Of Man Coming Upon The Clouds To The Ancient Of Days Now The Interesting Thing Here Is That That Description The One Who Comes Upon The Clouds Or The Cloud Rider Who Rides On The Clouds That Kind Of Thing Is Actually A Rare Phrase In The Old Testament Only Is Four Or Five Times It Was A Title A Known Title In The Wider Ancient Near Eastern World Specifically Of Bale And Bale Was A Deity So What’s Going On Here Is That The Biblical Writer Uses A Familiar Title Of Deity So He’s Not An Angel He’s Not Sort Of One Of These Intermediate Beings Not Nothing Like That This Is A Deed Of Title The Biblical Writer Uses It Four Times Of Yahweh In The Old Testament Refers To Yahweh As The One Who Rides The Clouds The Master Of The Heavens In Biblical Theology It’s Not Bail It’s Yah So That Makes Sense The Only Time It’s Not Is That Passage In Daniel 7 So You Have A Deity Title Used Of A Second Person Besides The God Of Israel Because They’re Both In The Same Scene Now This Passage Is The Passage Jesus Quotes When He Is On Trial In Front Of Caiaphas The High Priest All Right When Caiaphas Says You Know Quit Fooling Around With Us Tell Us Who You Are And Jesus Says Hereafter You Will See The Son Of Man Coming Upon The Clouds With Great Glory And So On And So Forth He Quotes Daniel 7 Basically He’s Saying Look I’m The I’m The Son Of Man That’s In That Chapter And We Know That That Is What Jesus Was Saying Because Of What Caiaphas Does Right After He Says It He Tears His Clothes Which Was A Sign Of The Somebody’s Committed Blasphemy And He Says This Is Blasphemy We Have No More Need Of Witnesses You Know Get Rid Of This Guy And Go Kill Him He Knew Jesus Through The Title One Who Rides On The Clouds Who Is The Son Of Man He Was Claiming To Be Deity Now Let’s Take That Back To Your Question The Fact That Jesus References Himself As The Son Of Man Does Not Rule Out That He Is Divine A Divine Being Does Not Rule Out That He’s God Incarnate So If If Whoever You Were Listening To There Is Using That As An Evidence That Jesus Was Not The Son Of God Just Is Just Not Right He’s Just Not Correct So That I Think We Need It’s Another Good Example Of Where You Need An Old Testament Context To Figure Out What In The World These Guys Are Saying Right Right Right Because Because Like You Know A Lot A Lot Of A Lot Of A Lot Of People A Lot Of Books A Lot Of People Keep Talking About Like The Rapture And Then A Meta And Everything And It And It It’s It’s It’s Kind Of Its Kind Of Just Deceiving You Know I Mean I’m Not I’m Not I’m Not I’m Not Saying I Don’t Believe It I Just I Just Believe It In A Different Way You Know What I Mean Something Being Some You Basically I Here’s What I Think You’re Saying I Think You’re Saying You Believe In A Second Coming But Not A Rapture What What What Well I’m Not I’m Not I’m Not Saying I Don’t I Don’t Believe In The Rapture I’m Saying I I Don’t Believe It The Way Hollywood Would Portray In Christian Movies Like Like This Like This Big Thunderstorm And And People Um And God Is Striking Us Down Trying To Pick Us Up The Thing And I’m Like Well I Look At The Rapture A Little Bit Differently Because Um The The But The Bible Said That You Know People People Have To Die In Order To A Sin Oh As Far As As Far As Uh Being Glorified In Joining Joining The More Heaven Thing Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Alright I Follow What You’re Saying I Understand But I Understand How You’re Looking At It Oh Okay Okay Okay Thank You Oh Hey Devon Thanks For The Call Man And As Soon As The Show’s Over I’ll Definitely Give You A Call All Right Um We Got Another Call But I Want To Ask You This Michael Um The The Whole You Know Ufology Thing How Did You Get Involved With Ufology Because We See Your Name You Know In There A Lot And You’re Actually Teaching On Biblical Principles Biblical Texts How Does The Ufology Part Get In Here Like You Know How Was You Introduced To That That Field Was That Just A Field That Was Taken Some Of The Terms And Things And You Just Happen To Be There Or What Well There Are A Number Of Ways I Could I Could Answer That Question I Think Probably The Quickest Way To Get There Is It’s Something I’ve Always Been Interested In Casually And Then You Know As I As I You Know Went Down The Path Vocationally Of Being A Biblical Scholar And Theologian And All This Kind Of Stuff The Ufo Thing To Me Is Important Because People Who Are Into That Are Very Predisposed To Thinking About Big-picture Questions What I Mean By That Is You Go To A Ufo Conference And People Are Very Willing To Talk About Is There A God If There Are God How Do We Understand Him How Do We Relate To Him What Who Are We Who Made Us Who Put Us Here Why Are We Here What’s Our Purpose What’s This Stuff About The Image What Does That Mean I Mean They’re Actually Really Really Ready To Discuss Things That Are Important Theologically You Know I’ve You Know This Is Sort Of Half Serious And Half Not Serious But I Think I Think You’d Get Into Better Discussions In A Lot Of Ways With People At A Ufo Conference And You Do After Church Just You Know Because People Are Just There They’re There And They’re Thinking About This Stuff And So That That Makes It Important To Me And Then You Know Once You Know I Started Sort Of Commenting On This And A Lot Of This Has To Do With With My Novel As Well The Facade That Sort Of You Know Put Me On The Map In Those Circles And Once That Happened Then You Know I Felt The Need You Know To Address Some Of This Stuff About Well How Look At What People Who Are Into Ufo Stuff They’re Just Really Using That To Redefine Theism To Redefine Christianity To Redefine The Faith Or To Attack It So You Know I Felt Some Obligation You Know To Get Involved In The Discussion With Respect To That In Both In Terms Of If You Had Xyz Experience How Do You Really Parse This I Mean You’re You Know I Want To Give You Some Ways Some Things You Might Want To Think About Before You Conclude That Jesus Is An Alien You Might Want To Think About These Five Or Six Other Things Over Here So I Sort Of View That As My Role In It And That’s You Know Why I Think It’s Important There’s A Lot Of People As Well This Gets You Know Thrown Out There As Well And I Know You’ve Dealt With It The Whole Lucifer Thing Is Lucifer A Title Somewhat Like Elohim Can Be A Title Is Lucifer Not The Devil Is Not Satan Who Does Isaiah Chapter 14 Speak About According To Your Research Well If You Go To Isaiah 14 You You Know Lucifer Actually Is The The English Word Created From A Latin Word That’s Used To Translate A Phrase In Isaiah 14:12 Which In Hebrew Is Hello Ben Shekhar The Shining One The Son Of The Dog So Shining One There In Latin Is It Gets Translated With Lucifer And That’s Where We Get You Know That That Term Of That Name In That Chapter He’s Not Actually Referred To As You Know Satan And Devil Of Course Is Not A Hebrew Term So That’s Sort Of Off The Table But You Know I’m Of The View And This Is A Minority View That Isaiah 14 In Ezekiel 28 And Genesis Story There Is Sort Of A Story Of Cosmic Rebellion And So Even Though You Don’t Have The Terms Specific Term For Satan Occur In In These Passages I Think You Do Have A Reference To A Again A Cosmic Rebellion Idea So Conceptually I Think They’re There Good Reason You Know To Look At These Passages Together And Not Separate Them I Will Say Though That Pecan In Hebrew In The Old Testament Is Not A Proper Name But It Becomes A Proper Name In The Period Between The Customers Build A New Customer And Then Of Course In The New Testament Itself So That’s A Yeah Means An Adversary Uh-huh So It So That’s Almost Like A Title As Well Right Yeah Yeah Duh See It’s Not A Purse Epically Yeah I Know We See It Translated Yeah We See Peter As Acting As Satan As Well Acnes As An Adverse Baby Yeah As One Who Had In You Know Mind The Things Of Man And Not The Things Of God Well The The Angel Of The Lord Acts As God’s Vitton Gods Satan In The Book Of Numbers 22 That Does The Balaam Story He’s The Angel That That Opposes That’s What’s The Time What’s The Time Means To Oppose Or Being An Adversarial Stance Toward He Opposes You Know The Donkey Impedes Is Progress Wants To Stop Balaam So That The Term Itself Is Just Actually Pretty Generic You Know Just The Opposition Point Of Person I Want To You Know When He When It Gets Set In Opposition To God You Have Your Sort Of Sense Of Cosmic Rebellion Mm-hmm Well We Got Another Caller I’m Sure I Want To Forget About Them Uh Caller And Texas Are You There Oh Is That Me Yes As You Tell I See Myself Twice In Here I Didn’t Know I Was Texas Okay Yeah How’s It Going How Why I’m Good Hi My Name Is Ana Here Um Hello Um Well I Mean Which I Were Talking About Earlier Or Two Questions That I Had Already Written Down You Know The One About Genesis 1:26 And 27 God Referring You Know To Us And Who Us Was Referring To That One Of The Questions That I Had So Yeah I’ll Talk To Paul Didn’t What Was The First One Um Work In Genesis 1:26 And 27 Verses Twenty Thousand 20 Yeah You Already Went Up Yeah Went Over That So I I Would Just Want It To Get I Guess I’ll Look More In The Website Up To The Documents That You Have And Let The Seller To Get More Information I Guess About It I Guess I Was Going To Say If You Go To The Website Again Drm Sh Comm There I Have Three Blogs Okay The Third Blog The One I Haven’t Mentioned Yet Tonight Is Is Ufo Religions So If You Click On That At The Top Of My Home Page Drm Sh Calm Then Click On Ufo Religions Two Or Three I Think It’s Two Or Three Maybe Four Posts Ago I Actually Put A Hand Out Like A Pdf File Of A Pretty Lengthy Article That I Wrote On The Image Of God And In That There’s A Little Bit Of A Discussion Of The Plurality So If You Got That Document That Might Help You As Well Hey Yes I Have Both Pulled Up Saul I’ll Get Those And Look More Into It Good I Get End Another Question Was About Also On Some Say T2 I Had A Pastor Before That Basically I Think Taught About That Verse But He Was Saying More About Like We Ourselves Or Our Gods Okay Well My My Wife Could Testify That I Am Not A Deity I’ll Start Off By Saying That I Will I Will Disown My Own Divinity There In That Sense Because She Would Certainly Help Me With That But That’s A Common View That The Elohim There Are Human Beings The Problem Of Course That You Have Is If You Go Over To You Read Psalm 82 You Know The Talk About You Know With The Council Of L The Council Of The Mighty And So On And So Forth The Sons Of God The Most High And All This Kind Of Stuff If You Take That And You Go Over To Psalm 89 You’ll Notice Right Away In The First Five Six Seven Verses That The Descriptions Are The Same With One Significant Difference Psalm 89 Very Clearly Has The Council In The Heavens Get In The Clouds So The Council Idea Clearly Refers To A Spiritual Heavenly Council That Does Not Concern Humans The Other Problem With That Is I Would Ask You Know Whoever Said That To You At What Point In Old Testament History In Old Testament Theology Do The Israelites Do The Jewish Elders Any Human Being At What Point Do They Have Control Of All The Nations So That God Would Rebuke Them The Way He Rebukes The Sons Of The Most High In Psalm 82 Being Corrupt In Their Administration Over The Nation’s The Jews The Israelites Never Had Jurisdiction Over All The Nations Of The World It Just It’s A View That’s Common But Frankly It Just Doesn’t Work You Know When You When You Start Thinking About It Closely And Looking At Other Passages So Let Me Ask You This Too I’m Under The Assumption That The Us Spoken Of In Genesis 1 The Us Spoken Of At The Scripture Of The Tower Of Babel And The Music I’m Actually Under The Assumption That That’s Not The Father Son Holy Spirit Obviously And Then We Get To Genesis Chapter 18 Where Lord Appeared The Capital L Ord Appeared With Three Men Beside Him As Far As Context Is Concerned This Us Debt Was Coming Down This Us Let Us Come Down That Us Do This Let Us Do This And Did We See In Genesis Chapter 18 That These Us Came Down Am I Right To Assume That Well In In That In Genesis 18 You Don’t You Don’t Really Have Any Any Sort Of Specific Description As To You Know Where They Came From Or You Know Coming Down Or Anything Like That This That’s A Good Assumption Because We Find Out You Know In The Story One Of Them Is Is Yahweh And The Other Two Are Of Course Not Human So Yeah I Mean Again My View This Is Going To Sound Really Kind Of Dumb I View This Movie Simple Come On Now That Is You Have You Have You Have God And You Have A Heavenly Host You Know A Whole Bunch Of Divine Beings And Occasionally Some Of Them Come Along You Know You Don’t Know I’m Not Locked Into This Triune Language And I Think Your I Think Your Thought Is Really Good There You The Use Of That Passage You Know Would Certainly Suggest That You Know This Is Sort Of Normative You Know For A Biblical Language In Physical World View So That Capital L Ord There That If I Pull It Up That Translates To Jehovah That’s The Same As Yahweh Or Well In English In English Bibles The Way You Can Tell This Is That The The Publishing Convention Printing Typeface Convention Is If Lor D Is In All Caps You Know Like That’s All Caps That Represents The Divine Name You Know Why Hwh I Mean The Only Time That You’ll See A Departure From This Is When You Have The Phrase Lord God And Then God Is In All Caps What That Is Is If The Combined Divine Name It’s Yahweh Elohim So That Doesn’t Occur That Often So Most Of The Time Whenever You See The All Caps With The Lord That Is Yahweh If You Don’t See All Caps Like Let’s Just Say It’s A Capital L And Then The Ord Is In Lowercase Then It’s The Word The Hebrew Word Adonai Which Is A Different Term Which May Or May Not Be Used Of God It Just Have To Tell By The Context Okay I’m I Guess Another Question I Guess To Go Along With That We’ll Hold On Someone Someone Has A Question In The Chat They Want Me To Ask You This Is Kind Of Left Field Dr. Heiser What Are Your Thoughts On Spiritual Evolution Awakening How Do You Read To God With Your Beliefs Obviously The Religious System Is Bad Well I Don’t Know That I Have To Know What You Mean By The Religious System To Know Whether I Call It Bad Or Not I Would Certainly Call It Long For Anywhere From Incomplete To Flawed Yeah You Know There Be A Wide Range Of Terms I Think I Would Use There But I Think That That Hebrews 11 Here Is A Full You Know We’re You Know We Read A Bad Faith It Is Impossible To Please It Comes To God Must Believe That He Is And He’s A Rewarder Of Those Who Diligently Seek Him So Whole Idea Of Of Development Sort Of Being Drawn You Know Along In Terms Of You Know Spiritual Journey That Kind Of Thing I Think You Know Scripture Does Teach At Least If You’re Moving In The Right Direction You Know God Does Draw People Behind Across Those He’s Behind The Relation We Have To Prove Us Underrated All That Sort Of Thing It’s A Long Way Of Saying Yeah I Think God Is Active Rather Than Passive In These Sorts Of Tapes Okay Another Question That I Personally Have We See This This Entity This Being This Angel Does God Appearing Throughout The Scripture On Several Occasions And It’s A Title Being Used Who Pops Up To Do A Certain Thing The Title The Angel Of The Lord Is This A Separate Entity This Angel Of The Lord That’s That’s Called This Every Time Yeah This Is A This Is A Really Complex Question There Are Times When An Angel Of The Lord The Malecon And I The Milwaukee Away Is Distinguished From Yahweh And There Are Other Times And He Is Identified With The Ah Way Sort Of Fused With Yahweh So You Actually See Both But I This Is Actually Part Of My Dissertation Full Issue I Think That Our Concept With The Christian Concept They Godhead We Use The Word Trinitarian Even Taking A Step Back From That Even A Finite Area To First I Think That Whole Concept Is Part Of The Old Testament Theology I Think They Do That The Best Way To Illustrate Fusion Of The Two Is In Genesis 48 Where Jacob Is Blessing His Different And He’s About Ready To Die And He’s Blessing The Sons Of Joseph And He Says I Think His Must Made The God Who Preserved My Life In All My Life Long May The God Who Did This That Anything For Me Hizo Him Twice And Then The Third Line Is May The Angel Who Has Again Preserved Thee Blessed These Boards And The Birdman Blessed Is Singular It’s Not Plural So Basically You Have Two Different Entities God In This Angel As Killer Verb As Late They Bless These Boys And They’re Just Virtually Indistinguishable That Passage Because The Writer Could Have Used The Plural To Distinguish Them That He Doesn’t So You Have Sort Of This Fusion Going On So I Actually Think The Angel The Lord Is Invisible Yahweh In The Old Testament That He Is I Have This Crazy View Of Their Being To Yahweh’s In The Old Testament One Is Visible The Other Is Visible And I Think That Forerunner Of Godhead Thinking In The New Testament It’s Picked Them Back Up To How But You Could Embrace The Worship Of The God Of Israel Also Worship Jesus Not Think He Was Doing Anything Wrong Because Jesus Is The Physical Manifestation Of God The Father And I Think We Have That Loyal Testament System We Have That System Described In The Old Testament With Invisible And The Visible Yahweh And The Two Are The Same But Yet They’re Different Kind Of The Way We Talk About Jesus You Know Jesus Is God But He’s Not The Father But He’s Still God In The Sense That God Is And All This Language We Use You Can Say The Same Thing In The Old Testament And Different Passages Felix 48 Because It’s Just So Even If There’s Ever An Opportunity For The Biblical Writer To Say Hey I Don’t Want Anybody To Be Confused Once You I Want You To Completely Separate These Two That’s The Passage Where He Could Have Done It But He Does The Opposite Huh Yeah Because We See That Time Used A Lot And You Know We Hear A Lot As Far As Dealing With The Different Types Of Angels And A Different Type Of Gods And Things Like That In Your Studies Who Have You Seen The Watchers To Be What It Would You Know What Are Their Roles Well Washer Is Uh Is Primarily Things Second Term That’s Used In The Book Of Enoch And Other Books For Union Place Of The Odd Again Just Divine Beings I Mean If You Could Choose In Daniel 2 Now Parallel To The Word Holy One Why Take Watcher To Be Sort Of A Descriptive Term It First A Divine Being But It’s A Word That Gives You A Little Glimpse Into You Know What What They Do Or What What An Attribute Is It It Literally Means The One Who Watch Other Words Sleep You Know That This Gives Cover Watch Will Always Suitable And What’s Going On That Sort Of Things So By The Way It’s Used In Literature Predominantly Outside Of Daniel Term Earnings Starting To The Genesis Next Episode Okay The Genesis Six And Also Mentioned In Enoch Which Is Most Likely A Detailed Look At Genesis Six And Some Other Things And Actually Talking About The Watchers Being A Type Of Angel Who Watches And Records Everything And Reports It Back To The Most High Is That A Accuracy In Academics Terminology Enoch Is Put In The Genre Known As The Rewritten Bible What That Means Is Basically It’s An Amplified Version You Know Whatever There’s A Biblical Stories And Lots Of Details Get Added To It If Anybody’s Read Enoch You Know That’s Exactly What It Is Oh Yeah That Is Believe Oh The Terminology Is Used They’re Not Not Only In Enoch We There Are Other There Are Other Texts Do Believe Things That Where You Have The Term Watch Reviews But Biblically It’s Biblically Used To Clearly Refer To A Divine Being Someone From From The Heavens Uh-huh I We Have Another Caller I’ll Go Ahead And Take This Call This Is An Ancient Lady How You Doing Hey Pretty Good We Got A Question Yes This Is Connie Trauma Into The Light How Are You Thank You Pretty Good Hey Dr. Howser I Just Had A Couple Questions For You She Want I Never Exit Said That He Had Asked A Couple Things But My Computer Crashed Right Then So I Didn’t Hear Anything For One I Wonder Just Wanted To Know Like Just Your Personal Outlook Based On All Of Your Study That You’ve Done Allah The Ancient Hebrew Belief Systems Are You That Kind Of Changed How You Look At What We Determine Like Modern Christianity You Know Being Everybody Being Trinitarian And Internet’ Said That You Kind Of Ruffle A Few Feathers There Sometimes And Those Some Of The Things That You Speak Out About But Like Are You Does That Kind Of Change Your Worldview Like Are You A Geocentric Now Are You An Obvious To Trinitarian I Would I Would I Would Still Hold To Trinitarian Theology I Get There And Through Quite A Different Path Is Typical Which Which Bugs Simple But I Again I Can’t Really Divorce This From The Old Testament The Old Testament It’s Very Easy To The Straight A Two Person Godhead And Once You Do That Then You Begin To Notice That Some Of The Technology Used For The Second Person It Is Also Unit In A Few Passages Of The Script And It’s At Least One Is That They Have 53 You Have To Take That In Parallel To Parallel In Psalm 78 One Is All Three Of Them Actually In The Same Scene As It Were So What I Think Happens Is The New Testament Writers Use That Language Use That Idea When They Talk About Jesus Because There Are Four Or Five Places With Jesus Is Called The Spirit May The Lord Who Is The Spirit That Sort Of Language So Just As Just As The Angel The Lord Is But Isn’t The Ah Way And Just As Jesus Is But Given God This Is That Isn’t Jesus Not Just This Sort Of Tunis Going On And Then You Bring A Third One In There And You Come Out Trinitarian So I I Think It’s Consistent Across The Testaments That The New Testament Writers Are Thinking Of The Very Way Of Testament Terms And And This Idea That You Can Have A Deity Who Is More Than One Person Can Be Simultaneously Present At Different Locations That Is Not Unique To The Hebrew Bible You Know You’re Going To Find That In Other Religious Texts That’s Not Some Aberration Or Something But The Israelites Are Making Up Unique About Them Is If They’re Going To Isolate The Language To Yahweh He Is The Only One Who Could Be Spoken Of This Way And So Again I I Don’t Have Any Any Tension In That Respect It’s Being Transparent But If I Walk Into The Church Is Talking About This Sort Of Stuff How I Get There Yeah It’s Going To Freak People Out But Hey You Know That’s That’s What It Is Right And What About The Other One Like A Geocentric I’ve Actually Just Sent I’m Not In The Church Anymore I Go To A Home Church Where I Pastor Actually Got Kicked Out For His Beliefs For His 9/11 Beliefs Okay And So He Decided To Well The Lord Actually Decided That He Was Going To Start A Home Church So He’s All About Truths And Wanting To Get You Know Stuff Out There About The Bible And Obviously About What’s Really Going On In The World Everything So That Being Said I Have Really Researched A Lot Myself So I Was Like Okay Let Me Go Ahead And Bring You Up And Bring Up All These Other Things And One Of It Was The Cosmology To The Hebrew Cosmology And So I Ended Up You Know Giving Your I Can’t Remember Which One It Was But It Was Some Lecture That You Did Was Founded On Youtube And I End Up Sending It Out To The Other Church Members And I’m Just Trying To Get Their Take On With These And So It’s Kind Of Interesting To Hear What They Had To Say About That But For Personal Viana Yeah I Don’t I Don’t Hold You A Geocentric Universe I Don’t Think That That It’s The Intent Of Genesis To Teachers You Know Science Terms Of We’re Going To Learn Physics From Genesis We’re Going To Learn Ask Your Physics From Jettison I Don’t I Don’t Think That At All I Think It’s Their Way It’s A Very Typical Ancient Near-eastern Cosmology It’s Sort Of It’s A Theological State You Know It’s The Language That’s Used You Can Explain It In Ancient Indian Text You Can Find A Little Bit In Egyptian Texts A Little Bit In Canaanite Texts May And The Reason For That Is The Biblical Writer Is And All These Ideas Into Genesis And Then Turning Them Around To Sort Of Slap The Other Gods Around Because He’s Going To Be Inserting Yahweh Into The Text In Conjunction With All Those Ideas To Make A Theological Statement You Know It’s Yahweh Who Created This It Is As Well As We Know It And So I Think It’s About Theological Messaging I Don’t Think It’s About Articulating Any Sort Of Scientific Theory But You Know I’m A Creationist In That Sense I Certainly Believe In A Creator We Have To Affirm That Right Well I Would Be A Be A Duelist In Terms Of Creation From Distinction Between A Creator And The Rest Of Creation But Another Geocentric So What About Enoch Oh There We Go About Earlier Rights Just Should I Answer That Or What Is Fine I Mean We’re Coming On As At The End Of The Show And Um But Yeah Ancient Lady Hey Thanks For Calling And Definitely Stay Up With Us On Facebook And Everything I Appreciate You Pushing The Show As Well We’re Coming Up On The End Of The Show And Just Really Wanted To See You Know Final Thoughts If You Had Anything To Say Would Definitely Give Out Your Website And Everything And I Totally Appreciate You Coming On The Show And So Much Information Was Given Tonight And Definitely Want To Have You Back On Because We Didn’t Even Really Touch The Sitting Stuff Or You Know A Lot Of Other Stuff We Can Get Into Man But We Really Did Cover A Lot With The Divine Council Of The Elohim And Anybody Who’s A Beginner I Think You Covered It And Nailed It On The Head And I Think A Lot Of More A Lot Of Questions Are Going To Rise Up And If Anybody Has Any Questions You Could Definitely Get Out Dr. Heiser’s Email Address From His Website And You Can Contact Him Through His Website You Go To Michael Heizer Dot-com Michael 8et Is Er Dot-com And I Guess With These Last Few Moments If There’s Anything That You Had To Say That You Wanted To Reiterate On You Know Before We End It I Guess Now’s The Chance I Home Page Is Actually Michael F’s Kaiser Puts It Against My Name My Last Name I Got A Redirect And They Could Use A Wwd Are As A Doctor The Abbreviation Gar Sh Comm It Will Take You To That Page I Think For Our Subject Tonight Divine Counsel Stuff Go To My Home Page Drm Sh Comm There’s A Link On The Left Hand Side There’s A Link At The Top It Says Divine Counsel And You’ll Be Taken Directly To My Devoted To That Subject And You’ll Find A Lot Of There I Think Will Go A Long Way To Answering Questions Probably Raising Other Questions – Yeah Definitely I Mean You Know It’s Kind Of An Introductory Like There’s So Many More Questions That Come On Things Especially With The Search And Stuff Because You Tackle A Lot Of Half-truths There And We Definitely Want To Get Into That I Mean I Watched Your Whole Series With The Stitching Is Wrong Stuff And I’ve Showed A Lot Of People Some Really Interesting Stuff There Um You Know A Lot Of People Definitely Admire Sitchin’s Work And I Wouldn’t You Know Denounce It All But There’s Definitely Some Things That He Is Wrong On And You Addressed That With The Website Stitching This Wrong Com Yeah If People Want To Go To They Want To Watch There’s A Three-hour Video On Youtube Called Ancient Aliens Debunked I’m In That In Different Parts Of It But It’s A Really Good Documentary Far As The Contains Of The Ancient Astronaut Theory That Those Ideas I Think It’s Just Really Well Worth Watching It’s Got Over A Million And A Half Views Already It’s Only Been Out Since September How Would People Who Are Interested In That Subject I Just Got To Venner It’s Free Hours Of It Totally Well Like I Said You Know To A Blessing To Have You On The Show And We’re Definitely Gonna Have This Show Archived On Youtube You Can Go There And Check It Out And Check Out Some Of The Past Shows That We Had Some Amazing Stuff On There Next Week We’re Going To Be Talking To Jim And I Of The Group Conspirator Allottee Talking About Conspiracy Conspiracy Facts The Difference Between Conspiracy Theory And Conspiracy Fact Whose Movement And With Are We Speaking With Him Next Week So Thanks For Calling Dr. Heiser And I Definitely Want To Have You Back On We’re Gonna Have To Schedule Something Else I Appreciate You Coming Well I Appreciated This Plum Adele Alright Brother Thanks So Much And With That Being Said Man I Definitely Want To Thank All Of The Callers Everybody Participating In The Chatroom It’s You Know The Honor It’s A Blessing That You Guys Tuned In And We Just Got A Platform Here For Everybody To Ask Their Questions To Their You Know Favorite Researchers And We Feature Guests Every Week Some Of Them Have Different Belief Systems Some Of Them Specialize On Different Topics We’re Going To Be Speaking With Jim And I Next Week After That We’re Going To Be Speaking To John Illuminati Kongo We’re Going To Be Talking About Sacred Breathing It’s Going To Be An Amazing Show Because He Is A Deep Individual Who I Mean You Can Just Be Lulled To Sleep By Listening To Them Because All The Information I Mean It’s It’s Amazing And Then After That We’re Going To Be Speaking With Jordan Maxwell And I Know Nobody’s A You Know Stranger To His Name And You Got Questions For These Guys Or If You Have Input You Want To Share Definitely Contact Me And You Know Contact Us On The Show Send Me An Email Send Me A Comment On The Video If You Have Anybody That You Think That We Should Interview Any Topics You Want Us To Cover And We’re Definitely Going To Do It This Is A Show For You Guys To Call In And It’s A Platform For You It Wouldn’t It Wouldn’t You Know Exist Without You Guys So Thanks So Much For Tuning In Peace And Blessings To Everyone Listening Thanks So Much Again From The Bottom Of My Heart Shalom Peace If You Would Like To Sponsor The Show Or Advertise Elimi This This Podcast You Can Do So By Going To Aaron Three Support

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