Our Energy Is Being Harvested At Night By Ancient Spirits!

Our Energy Is Being Harvested At Night By Ancient Spirits!

There has been an increase in reports of people waking up at night with varying types of shadow beings in their bedrooms at night. People report waking up with some type of creating draining their energy or “loosh” while they are stuck to their beds. This phenomenon is not new and is traced throughout antiquity, and the spirits as well as their names have been documented by every sacred tradition. We in the west have come to know this phenomenon by the name of “Sleep Paralysis”.

The symptoms of sleep paralysis include an inability to move or speak, a feeling of pressure on the chest, and a sense of impending doom. Sleep paralysis is a nightmare for those who experience it and can be incredibly frightening. Sleep paralysis in dreams is another common symptom that people report experiencing. It occurs when a person becomes aware of their surroundings while still in a dream state, and they are unable to move or speak.

Many people have reported seeing hallucinations during sleep paralysis, such as the old hag syndrome. This phenomenon involves a feeling of a presence in the room, often accompanied by a feeling of suffocation, as if someone is sitting on the chest.

The old hag syndrome is one of the many reasons why sleep paralysis has been associated with ancient demons. Many cultures have documented experiences of demons, ghosts, and other supernatural beings sitting on the chest of sleeping people, causing them to be unable to move or speak. This connection between sleep paralysis and demons has led to a widespread belief that sleep paralysis is demonic possession. This documentary sheds light on the names of these beings within Greek, Hebrew, Hindu, Sumerian and how their names continue to show up throughout the Bible and all other ancient texts. It also explains how the apostle Paul knew how to summon these entities by the use of “Curious Acts”.

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Apostle Paul Breathing Out Demons

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