Paige Lee joins TruthSeekah in this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast as they discuss her new book “Choose to Believe: A Story of Miracles, Healing, and the Afterlife”.

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Paige Lee’s grief journey started when her only living birth child, Bryan Frost, was brutally murdered at the age of twenty-three. Starting with a wee-hours phone call on September 18, 2008, she enters into the worst nightmare any parent can imagine. She is consumed by her grief. When she believes Bryan reaches out to her from the afterlife, the story turns to her intensive search to find him and reconnect their mother-son relationship in a very real way. “And find him, I did,” she tells the reader. In Choose to Believe, Lee tells the story of that journey and shares spiritual and healing tools that can help others as they struggle to find meaning through their devastating grief.

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