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Paul Wallis | UFOs, Aliens, elohim and the Biblical gods of Eden | TruthSeekah Podcast

Paul Wallis joins TruthSeekah in this episode about UFOs and Aliens as they discuss E.T. Hybridization involving humans as well as the UFO / Alien Abduction Phenomena.

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Paul Wallis is the author of the International Bestseller “ESCAPING FROM EDEN.” He is a popular speaker, researcher and author of books on spirituality and mysticism. As a senior churchman he served as a church doctor, a trainer of pastors, and an Archdeacon in the Anglican Church in Australia. Today his work probes the world’s mythologies for their insights into human origins, human potential and our place in the cosmos. “ESCAPING FROM EDEN” was hailed by George Noory as “This generation’s Chariots of the Gods!” His latest book THE SCARS OF EDEN” is endorsed by Erich Von Daniken. Paul is a regular voice on The 5th Kind TV and GAIA

The Scars of Eden: Has humanity confused the idea of God with memories of ET contact?

‘Exciting. I absolutely recommend The Scars of Eden’, Erich Von Daniken
From the author of the bestselling ESCAPING FROM EDEN. Do our world mythologies convey our ancestors’ ideas about God? Or are they in reality ancestral memories of extra-terrestrial contact? How do ancient stories of contact, adaptation and abduction relate to people’s experiences around the world today? The Scars of Eden will take you around the world to hear first-hand from ancestral voices alongside contemporary experiencers and world-renowned researchers. Recent revelations from US Navy, the Pentagon, and French Intelligence bring the reader right up to date in examining what has been forgotten and remembered, hidden and disclosed. If world mythologies, including the Bible, have confused the idea of God with ancient ET visitations, what difference does it make? How does it impact society today? And why is this cultural taboo so widespread and, for the author, so personal?

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