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In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Phillip J Watt about the war between the independent and mainstream media. Since the rise of independent media we have seen self made media outlets such as podcasts and YouTube channels rise up the ladders or ranking of organic viewership. Some of these outlets reach a far greater audience than many of the mainstream networks such as Fox News, MSNBC and TBS. Now we are beginning to see pushback from these companies who have cornered the market in years past and seem to not be giving up without a fight. Many of the larger companies are pulling monetization opportunities from smaller channels who still reach a wide audience. They are now making it much harder for independent free through outlets to thrive. YouTube has undergone changes to its algorithms as well and it seems that any up and coming channel that offers a different perspective other than their particular narrative are seeing their channels demonetized, throttled and even banned. Some of these channels are long running YouTube pages with hundreds of thousands of subscribers and millions at their reach such as The Vinny Eastwood Show (New Zealand’s Most Viewed Alternative Media) and Kerry Cassidy‘s channel Project Camelot. This is most definitely by design seeing as many of the videos on their channels have been up for well over ten years and are just recently receiving channel strikes for their content. Free thought is under attack as these larger corporations are trying to silence alternative media listing many outlets as “Fake News”. This is not the time to give up the battle for what is right but to fight even harder for what we know to be true. Independent blogs and websites are still free to publish content and rewrite the narrative that has been scripted for us as a people as a whole. There is a large portion of video evidence that suggests that all of the major corporations are just regurgitating the same script word for word. One of the questions that we pondered during this podcast is “who is writing these scripts”? It is most definitely not free thought. Could it be the cabal or maybe the illuminati even? Whoever it is I believe that it is safe to say that they have an agenda that is multi faceted and much larger than anyone could ever imagine.

Phillip J Watt is a independent writer and self help guide. Many of Phillips writings have been published on The Mind Unleashed Blog. Be sure to check out Phillips latest book The Simulation.



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