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In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Phillip J Watt about the war between the independent and mainstream media. Since the rise of independent media we have seen self made media outlets such as podcasts and YouTube channels rise up the ladders or ranking of organic viewership. Some of these outlets reach a far greater audience than many of the mainstream networks such as Fox News, MSNBC and TBS. Now we are beginning to see pushback from these companies who have cornered the market in years past and seem to not be giving up without a fight. Many of the larger companies are pulling monetization opportunities from smaller channels who still reach a wide audience. They are now making it much harder for independent free through outlets to thrive. YouTube has undergone changes to its algorithms as well and it seems that any up and coming channel that offers a different perspective other than their particular narrative are seeing their channels demonetized, throttled and even banned. Some of these channels are long running YouTube pages with hundreds of thousands of subscribers and millions at their reach such as The Vinny Eastwood Show (New Zealand’s Most Viewed Alternative Media) and Kerry Cassidy‘s channel Project Camelot. This is most definitely by design seeing as many of the videos on their channels have been up for well over ten years and are just recently receiving channel strikes for their content. Free thought is under attack as these larger corporations are trying to silence alternative media listing many outlets as “Fake News”. This is not the time to give up the battle for what is right but to fight even harder for what we know to be true. Independent blogs and websites are still free to publish content and rewrite the narrative that has been scripted for us as a people as a whole. There is a large portion of video evidence that suggests that all of the major corporations are just regurgitating the same script word for word. One of the questions that we pondered during this podcast is “who is writing these scripts”? It is most definitely not free thought. Could it be the cabal or maybe the illuminati even? Whoever it is I believe that it is safe to say that they have an agenda that is multi faceted and much larger than anyone could ever imagine.


Phillip J Watt is a independent writer and self help guide. Many of Phillips writings have been published on The Mind Unleashed Blog. Be sure to check out Phillips latest book The Simulation. Listen to Phillips Podcast Mad Magic Here.

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listening on the podcast podcast apps if you want to catch the live show subscribe to the YouTube channel and there you’ll get a update whenever we go live and I’m trying to keep my stream updated at true sticker calm so you know when we have shows coming up and so you can kind of work it in your schedule it’s really cool a lot of people listen to us live when they’re at work and all that good stuff so excited about today’s show we got a lot going on a lot moving around in the spirit man so this is gonna be a good show today because this is a topic that we haven’t really discussed in depth I think that every show it’s kind of piggybacked off of one another and we talk about a lot of the same theories or the same belief systems about the matrix and about life and spirituality how we all coexist with these different levels of consciousness if it’s even real what’s going on so we’re gonna be talking about the simulation theory or the matrix essentially today so it’s going to be good 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so congratulations on that Kenneth I’m gonna be in the wedding as well so yeah huge shout out to tell my brother Kenneth that’s his family guy so yeah thank you guys for supporting my work backslash true Sica and everybody who supports me in any other way sharing my music lifting me up in prayer saying positive and kind words about me all of that stuff matters man thank you guys who were supporting me it whatever way you’re doing that people who were giving me wisdom when I need people to talk to you guys are there thank you everybody who supports me in any way or fashion so excited about this podcast today Philip J why watch what’s going on my brother how are you hey Derek I’m good himself well brother you all the way in Australia correct let’s draw it may against one I am right he s I’d say at least coffee I’ve had for a long time he said he had to set his alarm to catch this from guys he really wanted to be here so we’re gonna we’re gonna get into some good information he sent me an email a couple weeks ago we’ve been trying to make something happen I’ve had a lot going on with my release of my album and and and trying to spend a lot of time and energy on that so we finally found an open date to make it happen he sent me a list of stuff that he wants to talk about in his stuff that we talked about almost every episode so it’s gonna be really good I’m always open to talking to people about their experiences supernatural encounters psychedelic encounters and how they’ve changed your life and talking about the spirit around the spirit world so this dissimulation theory which essentially is what we would call the matrix we’ve heard it discussed on a lot of other shows but what is is that is that the world within a world are we in a dream state is that a we watching this kind of like the matrix are we in heaven watching looking down upon ourselves we want up there with the planets as the Greeks believe what’s going on when we’re talking about it the simulation theory well I think we should try and unpack that a little bit more in depth later because you know it’s such an amazing topic to think about the illusory nature of life and he can look at on many different levels you know as a digitized computer-based virtual reality you can look at it as a simulation just based on the the expressive losery nature of you know the difference between different layers of reality frequencies of consciousness as many ways to sort of think about and sort of participate in the matrix sort of simulation sort of apparatus so to speak but yeah look thank you for having me on during I thought I just sort of told the your audience a little bit about my background first before we kick off a little bit about me and why I want to come in your quad core podcast mate because you know I’m really impressed with so many independent researchers and thinkers and even just our alternative ideas these days the alternative media really is taking over the mainstream media the mainstream media is dying huge portions were populist do not trust them do not have folks them understand their propaganda outlets unfortunately a lot of the time they still follow what they sort of say and believe what the mainstream media says but and there’s an incoherence there and I really want to talk a lot about incoherent state ie getting into coherence you know into alignment through all the different layers of the self tuning with internally essentially and then a tuning externally so coming into coherence with the external world regardless of whether or not it’s matrix emulation or to what so degree it is but yeah so the mainstream it here is been exposed as as I said propaganda outlets so I so they’re basically job design to create psychological operations on mass and there have been really affected by a great bloody job and in the alternative media has been somewhat infiltrated after various degrees but they’re not it’s by actual people who are working in you know paid sort of shields as somebody might call it or whether it’s just ideas have been implanted throughout that process and has been caught like you know so people latched on to it in various platforms and and propagated a an idea or a concept or series of concepts that aren’t necessarily true and distracting us from sort of further uncovering the truth especially around the nature of reality which again that’s connects with the simulation but also what’s happening what was systemically on a material level so umpire the independent media for the last five years I’ve written you know over 100 articles I’ve got a podcast called redesigning society I’ve interviewed some amazing people and that I’m definitely gonna have view on it when I get that up and running truth I really look forward to taking a little break a little break over the last sort of few months and how to focus on my own affairs but I’ve had the pleasure to interview some amazing amazing thinkers and hearts such as Rupert Sheldrake in being Rader and Gordon why Maxie yeah yeah some really smart intelligent people who genuinely what I hope is roll a lot of my work hasn’t just focused on the issues I’ve also focused on the solutions so I you know good you can identify the solution the issue is all we want if you’re not really looking at what sort of opportunities we have to evolve and transcend issues and move forward in authentic honorable ways not destroy our souls as a clap even our future generations but also for you know the environment yeah nature we’ve been had such a massive massively powerful impact on our natural systems and life biodiversity and all that sort of stuff so we really need to consider how we move forward one guest I had on was Jeff Wharton his you know pretty much the icon of permaculture and permaculture is a fantastic model for interacting with the environment in ethical ways that actually provide your resources efficiently and effectively but also care for the environment as well but yeah there’s all these different grassroots movements really getting a lot of momentum because a lot of people in general starting to feel their inner incoherence that in a conflict you know just like I really don’t feel right for some reason and you know the materialist consumerist sort of paradigms can be a trigger for a lot of people cuz they’re like you know I’m chasing all this money these things and it’s really not making me happy a lot of time I achieve these things really don’t doesn’t make me happy and so a lot of people are starting to really understand what really embody really you know let the let the concept throath flow through them that real success is not having an achievement with a certain amount of money and a certain amount of appreciation for whatever work they’re providing him or whatever field as much as that’s great it’s great to be able to make you know a lot of money to be able to look up yourself your family that’s a system we’re in I’m not saying that that’s a silly thing to do and certainly not a silly thing to do to to be a leader in particular whatever field or discipline you’re in whether or not it’s you know writing in the alternative media or whether it’s been a scientist in quantum physics or if it’s just being a you know great manager at a company that wants to care for its employees it doesn’t really matter that’s all fantastic and we should celebrate that when we have been achieved sort of sort of different levels of influence or low levels of of love that we’ve been able to project out into reality but it’s not real success real success is coming into coherence within you all the layers of the health that I want to talk about later because we what was part of my journey was breaking down the different aspects of myself into subcategories and really simplifying for myself to understand well what’s wrong Phil and how do I identify and then how do I fix it so to do that I had to sort of really go through deep analysis of the self and and sort of go out that way but we’ll talk about I want to get a little bit later for sure but anyway so my background is in um I’ve got a background working for the government at a federal level policy development project management policy program sort of evolution I guess as well as Social Work I did I helped a lot of people in highly sort of socioeconomically disadvantaged scenarios lots of trauma lots of financial economic issues lots of poor conditioning and you know not just for adults but for kids as well entire family units essentially I’ve had to help to try and get them through this nightmarish situation that they’re in a lot of the time it’s self-inflicted a lot of times it’s a reflection of systemic dysfunction so to speak but yeah I said I did that for quite some time and I wasn’t you know had to end up standing out ethically on many occasions and really cause a bit of you know a lot of problems in my life because I do the right thing and you’re the right thing with status quo so to speak yeah so anyway I started to start writing I started blogging in next minute I’m writing for the mind unleashed on life if you already oh yes I definitely yeah yeah it’s a when I started writing from the header block over 7 million Facebook Likes so a huge audience and next minute my work was been read by thousands of thousands of people into the millions of people some articles are shared you know over a hundred thousand times alone and I was like how the hell did that happen to the team and and so those the my I sort of talked a little bit about my background it’s because I had I basically took on three major areas with my work the first one was spirituality or esoteric exploration or metaphysical sort of mayhem whatever whatever whatever all that process of connecting with connection so to speak and then I was focusing on personal development obviously I had serious depression when I was growing up as a teenager and you know it was not that I was diagnosed with that I was never on the meds I was self-medicating no doubt but yeah it was it was a traumatic treacherous sort of challenged to deal with that to really come to face my shadow face all that stuff and go erotica I really need to do a B and C and repeat essentially until I’ve got a new default mechanism in place my new nature I’m a new neurology takes over the old old poor programming so to speak and so I write a lot about personal development about how to heal thyself and what myself actually is you know connecting with the self and then obviously the other major carrier was systemic or social growth so what’s actually going on the system identifying the issues and I know a lot of it is conspiratorial there are a lot of sites and people being led down silly rabbit holes and being distracted from sort of unifying you know within the alternative space not that I think that we should all agree with each other and yeah you know hold hands and dance around a bloody circle it’s not all rainbows that’s fun too though that’s right but look at the end of the day we do have a lot of differences your Sun which is potato that we’re all something right to have their own beliefs and you know we don’t all have to think the same but what we should be seriously considering in the alternative media in general so like that though the actual players in alternative media is how we can come to some sort of agreement or set our set of agreements around what are what are sort of the important principles that we all sort of want to express to the masses because the masses are really confused to be out there they’re like you know I’m hearing all this conspiratorial starfire I sort of understand the corruption of governments and politics and stuff like that I still don’t trust the mainstream media sort of understands propaganda but then there’s all this conspirator stuff that just sounds crazy in and a lot of it is a lot of the truth around our world is so off planet that once you sort of go on the journey of waking up because a big part of the writing of my writing and the expression in this space is look don’t believe that you come to a plateau and then suddenly that’s it you’re woken up that’s not how it works it’s a journey it’s a never-ending ongoing your hair splitting journey of waking up and refining your experience of the truth and that means that okay it’s okay to have some convictions here and there but you need to be detached enough from those beliefs to be open to new information when it flows through so that you know we can evolve according to what the actual informational package is instead of you know applying cognitive dissonance and no that’s not correct and I want to fight and get into internal conflicts and look that incoherence and and because because I think as we were speaking prior to this going live a lot of april’s identities their connection to self rests on beliefs and rests on paradigms or even dogmas not that they would probably call it that and therefore to change those beliefs those dogmas means changing the self and that scary this fears insecurities as traumas as all these memories and all this stuff that will sort of help sort of facilitate the reluctance and the resistance to really undertake that journey of gnosis that journey of waking up in a genuine authentic way so yeah I’ve been really impressed on on one level with so much great information coming from dark so many sources hopefully we can work out a little bit of intelligence around how to connect better so put forward an informational package and agreement to the to the you know the masses the the mainstream world and say look you know it’s okay you know where were with you we’re all on the same team here all young do is quite a better future for Humanity in our environment and these are some things we believe in yeah and I we’ve got a lot of crazies over here but so do you guys and just make it look at it through a comedic lens look at through an intelligent lens you know we’ve all we we all should know by now that were being wrong aynura belen urinal times and so based on that pattern which are a lot of talk about symbolism and synchronicity notes for stuff later but based on that pattern it’s pretty clear that we’re probably going to be wrong about something right now so for the really body that understanding and go alright look on it’s great that police and I’ve come to this level of consciousness I don’t believe we expand consciousness I believe that we expand experience of consciousness and so more consciousness is just my awareness that citizen is where it is on that finite snapshot of infant Kostis as well I’m just having experience of consciousness and so the way I look at it is I’m trying to evolve my experience of it and hopefully evolve in a beneficial productive you know way that’s actually actually growing and having a greater experience so to speak but yeah and that’s what we should sort of recognizing ourselves that it’s it’s okay we’ve been wrong we’re probably gonna be wrong now but this is exciting the mystery is amazing and even if we do get to some sort of great clarity in this construct of reality that doesn’t mean that it’s actually aligned with a greater truth a greater construct a frequency of conscious that we can’t even begin to imagine so I think we should be a little bit humble about this sort of process because that’s its prey it’s great to to find new areas and explore ourselves and become more aware or expand out you know experience all of concerts but you know maintain humbleness look at some of the real basic or simple ways that we can sort of work together to sort of do it collectively as well heartless individually and have a good time as well and really work with each other with no good spirit and so this guy you see on Laurel time I’m sure truth where you know people are fighting over ridiculous stuff and you know one person walking definitely right right now big time it’s insane with like I said really close people about splitting hairs and that kind of stuff so yeah it happens you know and I’ve always seen it and you mentioned that your wife was kind of referring to your book as The Celestine prophecies what they mentioned about like when you do have that inner conflict with someone or you want to expose them or make them look look bad or speak negatively about them it’s to make yourself look good I know that’s mentioned within in that book and I can’t help but see that when someone would publicly shame you or put you down it’s to make themselves look good to get more followers to get more likes to get more financial support or whatever the case says that I’m dealing with that right now some really close friends doing that to me it’s it’s insane but I’ve been dealing with it since day one I think we’re always gonna deal with it so that I don’t think I don’t even know that we can have this core group of people like you’re talking about that we build with and we we have this code of ethics it’s even an unspoken code of ethics that there’s lines you don’t cross I’m cool with that I kind of approach every situation with that like I have a code of ethics that I’m cut from this cloth a different type of fabric than most people it honor respect and things like that and not everybody holds to those keys men there’s a lot of us out here doing it and whether I’m talking about coming from the Christian friends movement and a religious right those guys even into the conspiracy guys and some of the other big pages who want to rival a page like you mentioned the mind Unleashed I know right I know right I have hundreds of four hundred thousand five hundred thousand followers those people are evil like there they are in it for like the wrong reasons and they they’re ready to step on anybody’s back or neck to exceed and we’re like rubbing shoulders with these people thinking that we’re friends and stuff that stuff’s going on yeah it is it’s really unfortunate it’s just another reflection of the the inner authenticity that some people aren’t really focusing on like that it’s so important it’s great to expand our awareness around particular issues and wake up around this game called the system that the theft of the money supply the suppression of natural therapies and medicines that the central banking system in general the corporatocracy that we have today are the corruption the way that people are in the upper echelons of society are behaving even in what might be called evil ways the way they treat people and kids and the whole process and yeah then you just a matter for a long time yeah it’s great it’s important that we do focus on that but one of the other areas that is so so necessary is that we do the inner work each each single one every single one of us needs to do that inner work not just around health in terms of you know being a more functional human which is fantastic and absolutely necessary but also around some sort of spirituality and I don’t care how people look at their connection I just define spirituality as exploring the connection that we have to ourselves to our family our friends our environment and reality at large and so that can be done in a myriad ways it through myriad doctrines and and ideologies like religion or certain spiritual disciplines or old masters or you know sort of the so many brilliant cultures all expressions of cultures have explained pretty much the same thing throughout the known history so far anyway there’s so many amazing ways of describing the connection we have to reality that I really do connect on some fundamental levels but it’s expressed differently with different language and according to their own knowledge and understanding at the time but yeah it says so a lot of the people in the so-called waking up community that what I call the truth and freedom network is there working out what’s going on materially at least but they haven’t really loved them a lot of people still aren’t prepared to move past the materialist paradigm and they’ve been sucked into the dogma is horizontal of scientific materialism was just essentially a philosophy a philosophical dogma on life and okay as long as I do it ecologically so we know we’re interconnected in interdependent with at least at the life on earth it’s still a materialist paradigm and through interest lens yeah and once you sort of really embraced that you can move on to quantum physics and you can move on to other spiritual disciplines and you know that metaphysical exploration has that so has that always been a part of of what you’re doing or was there like a precipice a place that you crossed you like you know what I have to deal with that I have to deal with paying my bills and speaking my truth and trying to earn an income doing what I love was there ever a bridge for you to cross or did it just come naturally alright my journey started when I was about when I was younger I’ve got a certain energetic blueprint or soul that sort of you know the fundamental force that created a series of circumstances for me where it was inevitable that I was going to become conscious around my connection my spirituality but I did have a free will component of that and I began to ask questions quite early one of one of which was account the universe is expanding but what’s expanding to where is it where is the actual universe located and that spatial question sent my metaphysical mind spinning and I was probably at 12 and then I went on a journey of understanding synchronicities especially late teens and early 20s it was really compounded my connection to reality as in as much as including experiencing the trickster energy and its shadow and we can be sort of taken for a ride in this process as well so we’re going to be a wearing of or at least conscious of the duality aspect of these synchronicities but I really became conscious on that level first and that was my first sort of area of beginning to wake up and then I began to realize that I was mentally screwed my psychology my emotional infrastructure the subconscious traumas the the the wiring neurological war in the the program in the conditioning whatever you want to call it it was a massive scramblers dysfunctional it was causing me I was I was perpetuating the the bat-cycle at which resulted in self appears I was harming myself essentially that’s what I had to realize that ultimately because I I needed to take full responsibility and that’s part I did a presentation just last week at the abundance festival one of the primary principles that I encouraged into it was self mastery is the solution to the existential crisis that we’re going through individually and collectively and self mastery is coming to coherence through all these health Flyers and it’s not about being the master of the bloody universe it’s about being the master of your own truth and the master of your own sovereignty and and really taking that journey seriously so I did that I spent a lot of time takes a long time to heal Derek it really does it’s it’s you know the the analogy I like to use think about rewiring our souls in this way we’re walking through a forest through a track that’s pre-warn that’s the old path by the odd neurology what we want to do is create a new pathway so we’re gonna get out the machete in a chainsaw and start chopping down bloody trees and forging a new path through the forest and sometimes we would inevitably actually we’ll end up back on that old path and we’ll catch those oars out and we’ll go our there’s that new paths are there they’ll began creating but it’s really hard as I’ll still gonna chop it up and do it but I’m going to make decision to actually do it or not now hopefully and then you can maybe cut a new path to the to the new path from the old path and this is the analogy I’m really trying to get people to really feel this analogy and so but the more you do it the more you walk on old paths the new paths will say the more the old path over grows and the new path becomes the new reality so it does take time to create new pathways neurological pathways and conceptual apparatus is an infrastructure within wine and the bitter ultimately if you do it enough and repeat repeat repeat next mint you’ll be you know there’ll be a new default pathway or for all you responding like this on the conscious level but on a subconscious level as well where a very major yeah so I did all that which is again a live running journey um constantly needing to heal and grow around around certain things but I did sort of come into an equilibrium I was I able to get to a space where it’s like okay well now I’m not really dealing with pass here now I’ve just got to deal with present stuff so to speak and and and that’s you know but we’ve been for a while but then I then that’s when I moved into the space of what was going out in the external world so I was fortunate already have a you know a massive philosophical force field to protect me from all the that energy like the energy the harmful whatever you might call in frequencies that come from dealing with what’s actually happening in the shadow in the material external world that’s pretty phenomenal it’s quite scary for some for a lot of for all of us but it’s definitely scary for those who aren’t equipped philosophically equipped spiritually and equipped psychologically and emotionally to really process the information in a positive productive way and so yeah now look at this there’s always a challenge Derek Locke I certainly have found it difficult to to move into that space and create a financial base and in fact I didn’t I spent all this time spent 2,000 thousands and thousands of hours giving away for free because that’s just the service kind of a capital S service the spiritual service which is part of the presentation I did last week is that service to self uppercase self is so so important we have to take care of our ego the way that Weaver’s on their ego we have to take care all the layers of a health will to really love and respects the external world we really need to love and respect our souls no no vanity way no no no you know I’m comparing myself to other people trying to be better than them so make me feel better about myself way that’s ridiculous that’s the the senseless competition that people have within each other it’s only self harming at the end we’re back and so a long time ago not to try and compete with people I want to cooperate with people I really want to help people and really want to hurt and hopefully they can help me too you know and that work was powering and doing that absolutely and so I gave away thousands of thousands of hours of my time for free but in the end you know didn’t work out so how’d it take some I never tried a crowd at patreon page anything like that look like a lot to I think I’m going to consider doing that because I’ve had to focus too much on my career side of things at the moment in terms of how I’m bringing money into my home and surviving on that level but I would like to really try and do that you know sort of be able to generate money and income through my writing and engagement like I have made some but it certainly wasn’t enough to you know to leave and survive and even thrive and I think these people who are going to do this work to the extent that we do we said it’s absolutely fair that we should be able to sort of build audience and build a economic foundations doing that work that’s just that’s the system if people like what you do there’s special for you that’s really that’s great you know there’s nothing wrong with that I might consider that in the future at the moment I’m just I’m still doing the same thing just giving the information out for free and I’m happy to do that that’s all in vain but yeah as it revolves I can’t continue that on forever so I will eventually sort of shift my place around that man thought you touched on a lot already and I still have questions from the first couple of words you said man that I wanted to kind of deal down so I’m trying to keep everything in context of the different questions I have for you and I know you I saw on like my answers sort of it’s cool cool okay so on something that we’ve all you’ve touched on at the beginning and this is something we’ve been seeing a lot lately we’re talking about the media right and the mainstream media and what we’re doing independent fringe media essentially who runs the mainstream media we’re seeing these videos that are put together now of like man every major network on down to your local news this is a face on your local news that you can agree with you see them every day they tell you about your weather to tell you about traffic I tell you a joke whatever you’re you’re these people are in your home every day through the local news they’re being fed a script from somebody all of the competing networks are saying the same script word-for-word like I know if you’ve seen those nucleosis new videos they’re putting out where they’re all singing the same thing who’s writing that stuff well we’re talking about the mainstream media is it okay are we just paranoid to say it’s the cabal or the Illuminati is there a global evil brain out there that wants us all to believe and think the same things that they’re shifting the agenda with with the propaganda and stuff like that who’s writing that stuff who do you believe is well that question basically should apply to who’s controlling governments who’s controlling military pharmaceutical companies education universities all that sort of stuff it’s all tiny necessary yeah it’s all tied in so they answer that question would be to answer the rest of it more or less oh one example of editors recently is when the Iraq war we were spewing our propaganda to get popular support for the Iraq war yeah both the Australian Prime Minister and I think it’s Canadian Prime Minister I think they’ve got Prime Minister’s not presidents there the dates are the same script the actual you know the heads of the government of those two countries have the exact same thing unbelievable one buying like as if they were really got that really understand what that means that’s that we had to seriously seriously undermines the actual spirit of democracy and all itself but look there’s many many different accusations on in the way I look at life in general I’ve a lot of mediation relationship mediation I’ve done a lot of mediation with myself so I understand that the truth normalize somewhere in the middle right based on my own experience professionally and personally you know we have our own version the truth sometimes there can be a lot of contradictions but a lot of time aligned somewhere in the middle one person might be a little more right around one thing and not so much around the other it’s a my mind feel to get through but I don’t believe the Cabal are so to speak all the the power center have as much power as bad like us to bleak I think that the authority of many I have propagated it and made a little bit more more than what it actually is now in saying that there is still you know serious concern around pedophilic and sort of activity and human trafficking and sex trafficking and organ trafficking and all this really scary stuff that is very well known to happen and must be coordinated up the top somewhere so that’s a serious concern I don’t believe that people who are all these people at the top of these power pyramids that there might be corrupt they might be self-serving they might think of us as cattle to herd sure but I don’t believe all of them you know essentially hurt kids all right so there’s got to be a split somewhere in the deep state or the Cobell the power pyramid pyramid or what do you want to call it there has to be a philosophical a practical split on level which we may be seeing play out in certain ways through what’s going on in u.s. politics I don’t know that absolute truth around Ernie that I’m more than open to receiving your information to really understand what’s happening there but the the the the core group or secret society at the that is alleged to be the core of this well there’s a few there’s a Zionists the suggests there’s the neo-nazis the Kansa re and mafia or Mustapha pronounce that correctly there’s a few different ideological packages or audit ideological groups that are accused of this many people focus on the Zionists element but I think it goes much much deeper than that I think there’s all these different factions of power who are sort of maybe cooperating on some level and competing on another level I really don’t think we’ve gotten to the bottom of any of this a lot of people they want to believe it they want it they want to know who’s in control one group one person exactly it’s developed it’s really difficult I mean you have a look at the Jesuit influence through universities and their Zionist influence through money creation and it’s it’s a it’s a very confusing spice but someone someone’s creating their media someone is watching over things right I don’t I think the majority of us truth seekers or whatever we don’t feel like these are good people Oh based on their the results just have a look what’s going on around us if these people on top of these power pyramids have so much influence over Society so let’s just look at what they’ve created they’ve created a debt based monetary system where people are struggling to survive the lone thrive the where they’ve enriched themselves at the expense of the environment everyone else where we’re basically enslaved to debts and not just the people but the governments as well the government’s used to have sovereign money supplies in fact the Commonwealth Bank of Australia used to be between nine and ten and nine twenty four one of the one of the perfect models were if not the only perfect model of an independent central bank that was utilizing the power of money creation for the benefit of the people but Dennis Miller the guy who ran that who was next sort of banker from UK he mysteriously died at a young age after tolling when what he was doing a you know draw your own conclusions there but it seemed a little bit suspicious to me and then they put a board of directors on the bank and then basically reabsorbed the Commonwealth Bank back into the Bank of England central bank over there so we had a great at one stage so did the u.s. us ever I think three times they’ve had to they’ve had privately owned central banks the Federal Reserve obviously been the latest version instituted in 1913 around Chryst time where everyone was busy and not paying attention and so the theft of our money supply and our banking apparatuses is a serious concern we could literally be creating a lot of the wealth and the resources that society needs through having community owned banking systems and central banking systems where because for those who don’t know if you go to a bank get a mortgage or when you use your credit card or any of those circumstances you’re creating money and nothing you buy you signing that or put swiping your card that’s new money come out of nowhere and when you pay that back to the credit companies or the banks they will rip wipe that system that money away from the system again and then they’ll keep the interest so essentially for for the role of doing nothing obvious creating money based on some sort of system which is why blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies potentials for undoing all of that and taking bit control back the control back to to the people although there is concern about have been digitized we’ve talked about that later but we literally could be managing this money ourselves and all that money that’s created from creating money or nothing and wiping it off that the interest that’s generated from her that could be all reinvested in our communities for community infrastructure social programs whatever whatever we need so that’s something that it’s got stolen from us the suppression of cannabis trip domains these psychedelics but not just consciousness changing substances generally for the better they’re also very therapeutic they’ve got the healing capacity in the developmental capacity of these senses is phenomenal so that was taking away from us where our families and communities are breaking down and you know we could have literally designed a social system because we’ve got a scarcity based social system right now where we have to fight to survive but we could have an abundance based social system if we so choose but we have we done and so the fight to survive is very real until I could have a look at the sickness have a look at the sadness have a look at the stress have a look at the the disconnection the hatred the jealousy look at all the the suffering that societies in so if they are if they’re all if our good people I’m pretty sure they’ll be working to resolve those issues but they’re not Derek so what do you do we have to do it our souls oh yeah we do it ourselves and that kind of piggybacks on to the next question we covered mainstream media a little bit with that question talking about the independent media okay so if we look at the nbc’s and and fox news and all this kind of stuff and all the people that are watching this independent media with the internet podcast we look at Infowars we look at the Joe Rogan podcast some of these big shows out there are getting more viewers than the mainstream networks are getting and this is something that’s been independent of the people organically happening it’s going to continue to grow new companies in what essentially whatever there’s a need something’s gonna blossom there to fill it he got people who will bring food to your house for a small fee uber all of these beautiful things that are happening were able to create platforms and and thriving them I think now we’re getting lashed back finally I think that they seen what what kind of was happening there that they were losing numbers that they were that we were changing the narrative we were pulling the rug from under them even if it goes against them we’re seeing now the whole thing with fake news of them just calling it fake news banning what they call to be fake news to even platforms like Facebook and YouTube throttling certain media whether it’s conservative media or some of the alternative belief systems and stuff like that so networks we’re starting to see a kick back from it there’s like even with like YouTube if you use certain buzzwords they you can’t monetize your video and they’ll block it in in some cases they’ll pull it they’ll put a strike on your channel ad pocalypse they’re taking ads off of it we see what happened with the lady who went to YouTube who felt like this was happening to her this is her livelihood she freaked out went up there with a gun all of that crazy stuff there I think they’re starting to respond to the independent media they’re trying to throttle us we see it all the time what do you think is gonna happen with that and and have you seen it with any of your media or your interviews or anything like that absolutely my just on Facebook alone ohh wait witnessed three algorithm changes yeah of my facebook page isn’t an actual sort of it’s a part of the profiles a friend profile it’s not actually a page design you know the pages for particular organizations or whatever so all of the information that I disseminate should be reaching pretty much everybody who logged in because it’s just a friend profile but not witness that three times just drop dramatically I’ll send in the the independent media sites that I’ve worked with still work with it’s been phenomenal it’s literally happening they’re literally suppressing the truth and they’re keeping it contained as much they can and they essentially what they do is keep people in there echo chambers so the divide and conquer strategy is really strong it’s working amazingly they’re quite clever these people and they’re they keep people in their own fighting for their own whatever issue it may be whether it’s racial sexual or gender gender issues whatever the passion that that people really have about their own personal experience they help facilitate that with people and they get people fighting but and there’s nothing wrong with focusing on a personal issue that you know is important to you but what is also important is to see the bigger picture understanding that we’re all being screwed we’re all being suppressed we’re all being treated poorly by this social system and it’s up to us to emancipate ourselves and heal and grow in ways that we can to sort of expect them matrix to the best of our ability but the reality is that the the system in and of itself designed to harm and suppress the expansion of all of us and so we all we all need to be looking at that so if you’ve got a issue around you know whatever race you may be all that the injustice is in your country or whatever it may be that’s absolutely fine but we we also to be coherent need to look at it on a larger scale and how we’re all connect and and we’re all part of the process of meaning to look after ourselves so it’s that they’ve done an amazing job they have that really as I said divided people keep people in my echo chambers there but they’re really scrambling right now because you’re absolutely spot-on the narrative is changing and I’ll give you a one just quick example looking at what happened in Syria just recently oh my god that the differences in the narratives from the independent media compared to the mainstream media is so wildly off out of sync you think that they’re talking about different events but and it’s crazily stupid the difference that it’s almost like it’s a saw up and in and of itself to see who’s actually you know let’s let’s let’s track who’s and who’s not and sort of maybe they’re mapping out consciousness with this particular event because it’s so ridiculous to to to have the same event over and over again like this you’re in gas attack which has been proven to be falsified and lied about in the past and now you’ve got Raja who’s literally saying and I don’t know if Russia and China and this this whole so-called world war is really happening I don’t know if the upper echelon they’re actually working together and this is a fee propaganda campaign I’m open to the fact that this could all just be one big theatrical of the situation and they’re working at the higher levels but maybe they’re not maybe Russia a literally guy and Tarragona and we’re not falling for this situation anymore maybe they are trying to move power and go on to their own design when it comes to trading oil and all the rest of it maybe there is a serious situation happening regardless of that truth let’s just look at what its narrative was and the narrative coming out of Russia was now it’s a staged event we’ve got proof and not only was that a staged event but now we’ve got proof that the poisoning on the case in the UK we’ve had a Swiss lab – an independent analysis and I wasn’t this substance that you’re saying it is it’s his B’s ed substance and so therefore what we’re trying to tell the world is that the white helmet staged her chemical attacker was never actually happen nobody actually died because no chemicals use whatsoever we’re being set up you know we don’t want to go to war whole you know who like seriously wake up people basically and it’s so crazy at the moment truth that Russia could be doing their own false flags so if they could be sort of cattle capitalizing on the fact that we’re so split but the end of the independent narrative versus there may to narrative in the West it’s just so phenomenally off sync as I said incoherent that they could capitalize on that and go well we know that you know the people don’t trust the government a huge portion of them so let’s let’s utilize that for own benefit there maybe maybe that they did to this gas attack you just don’t know anymore yeah you know that’s the thing that think they’ve been doing it since the beginning with propaganda last night was the season finale of The Walking Dead I love The Walking Dead there so there’s a couple shows out there that that I like Walking Dead Breaking Bad some of these great writers and there’s this thing that they there’s this thing that they introduced on these shows now Breaking Bad The Walking Dead all of these these elongated series now um we’re and I think um Game of Thrones is one of them they’ll introduce a villain this villain will come in and do the most vile unspeakable things they’ll kill people they’ll torture people there’s still the Rob do stuff that make you they make you hate that person wins on screen then they change the narrative over a couple episodes and they’ll make this person like have this come to Jesus moment and kind of be like like come to senses or they have everything taken from them and then they’re humble and broken and they change and they’ll make you love them and incur and even draw you to tears when something happens to the evil dude that’s been raping and killing and all other stuff they’ll make you want them to live and want you to pull for them and almost to tears and we look at that and they have the power to do it it’s really cool how they do it in in television but if they can do that with a TV show they can do it with propaganda and the stuff that we’re seeing on TV and the pictures in the images I remember the first time like when I was was like when I had compassion for other people is when I seen what was really going on when I watched Fahrenheit 9/11 was like the first thing that did it for me to really see what we were doing not from our lens and from our television and all these stuff but to actually see it from their side from seeing these homes and people being bombed and being having a doors kicked in and raided and fathers kidnapped and women snatched up taking from their husband just random citizens this is these aren’t people who are like high level rankings with al Qaeda and all that crazy stuff going on but to see if the shoe was on the other foot man it lets you view it from a lens of compassion and to put put yourself in their situation was that documentary even that something like that that can change the way you feel all of it can be used for propaganda and it’s powerful just like you said some of us may have a piece of the truth but to have it all figured out was being we’ve been fed a narrative since we were children since we were kids this to hate a people group to hate a religion to hate somebody because of their skin color or whatever the case is is it can be done through programming and propaganda in it it’s real it’s powerful all of us are subject to it of the program and through the media and through television absolutely the 9/11 event is honestly one of the greatest catalysts that we could utilize to really help people to understand that the the way they’ve been programmed isn’t necessarily true and isn’t necessarily healthy for themselves we could use the 9/11 event like I mean I know it’s so old but such like you know we’re talking 17 years now yeah and but it’s still so relevant because when you have a look at the story disclosure of false flags proven false flags undertaken by not just you know governments and the distant past but also recent governments in recent US history and all the rest of it you know once we realize that false flags of Boehner are very much a integral approach in in war strategy to forever then we have to sort of come to the conclusion that well of course is being used right now and so yeah look it’s the the capacity for them to program us as a collective in particular ways is very strong the response that we need to have to step in our sovereignty and come into coherence internally and with the outside world is a huge undertaking a huge challenge but it can be done I’m a living example of it I was as brainwashed as any other mainstream perspective today I did not get I was on my little fairy path and dancing through the reverence and wonder of life and what we’s is awesome look at their synchronicity is little symbolisms and her party started to look at the shadow and went oh my god this just keeps getting more badass and more badass than more you look you know it’s the behaves the balance that’s the harmony in us in a sense with living in a do lot of naturalistic constructs is that to have the level of light and Wonder and and and beauty and magic that I was experiencing and still do experience obviously you know to a much more awesome Conor conceptualization the model used to be much more refined including incorporating that shadow aspect you to have more encounters that like the more study and like the more you know of how reality in the spirit realm and all of these things kind of coexist it helps you to tap in and still it doesn’t kill the magic for you you still are having beautiful encounters and things like that absolutely yeah okay if we don’t it’s great to identify that shadow aspect of reality on material external stuff and what’s going on side on that level as well it’s all connected once you sort of work out the the way that it all harmonizes that the saying I like to love to express is we in re are an instrument in the orchestra of reality and we’re all our instrument is either in tune or it’s not if you hear an orchestra playing obviously with so many instruments instruments it might be drowned out that the the waters of reality still sounds beautiful you know a lot of us are out of tune but if you focus on our individual instrument if we’re outta tune them what we actually give and project back out into this reality energetic exchange with it if we’re out of tune then we’re literally causing misalignment and dysfunction for those around us so a great example I’ve used for that is stress a lot of people live in the reptilian brain their stress response system is always or more or less always activated they are all this adrenaline cortisol running in their body and all these other hormones and neurotransmitters that’s a great in the short term when we’re going to go into a fight or flight mode and whatever we’re however we need to survive and take care of ourselves but on a long-term basis that causes so much ill health immune system is suppressed and that’s what so much disease or disease in our society because they haven’t got their inner they have they’re not responding to this life in a way that’s conducive for health there they’re not deactivating their stress response system and so yeah what’s gonna happen from that so much illness and so I’m not sure where I was actually going with that but yes folk repairs we have the power we have the opportunity every moment our lives trying to take a journey of self mastery as much as it’s so difficult to navigate through the mine field of crap that is thrown us through the external forces we need to we really should be tapping into our inner guidance here in a lot more than what we do in general now in saying that that’s also problematic Derek because you’ve got a lot of people who believe that they’re n wishin is correct about whatever particular thing it is but there are people who have their intuition is saying the complete contradiction the complete opposite sometimes our intuition and our inner guidance isn’t right of more she’s just amazingly gifted amazingly magical woman and her intuition is amazing but she gets it wrong too sometimes and I I’m bit shaky sometimes like to call it at this time yeah you say that because like like I’ve got this talk about I’m gonna do it the in-depth teaching on it here shortly well you know we talked about syncretism and how finding what makes us the same and we’re all saying the same thing in religion and stuff like that a big thing for me to discuss is the Holy Spirit in the Christian faith and then the Chi energy and then the the Kundalini and I believe that they’re all the same I’ve experienced it once you’ve experienced all of it it’s the same feeling there is a euphoric energy it’s a it’s a life force it’s the pranayama as well some people get upset when we when we mention that and it’s funny that uh when we’re talking about the Holy Spirit in in Christendom where I come from of the like French Christians they say well you know we’re having this conversation you said the word my intuition told me this and and someone says my intuition told me that we’ll in the religious sense it’s the Holy Spirit and so there’s all these Christians who go around and say well the Holy Spirit told me this and it’s their intuition it’s the same voice it communicates it tells us things and we get feelings from it and stuff like that and and one person will say well the Holy Spirit told me this and when we shape it into that we used it with that tongue it sounds like it’s a that that’s right if the Holy Spirit from God or God or they say God told me this God told me that and then somebody in their same congregation good friends will say well that God told me this in this contradiction contradicting beliefs so there’s this thing where it said well God told me this was okay well God told me is this okay well the Holy Spirit told me this okay and they they go against each other and there’s no cohesion there it’s the same way with the intuition the inner guidance system that’s that is a very we have to learn that we’re not always right and just because we feel like we are or we feel like we have it ah-ha Great Scott I got it you may have a piece of it and I like this though too we’re talking about the shadow work whether you want to call it the holy spirit or God or my intuition or I’ve got this about myself a lot of times that’s what it is it’s for you I believe in an inner sanctum fication work is what the Bible calls it it’s like an inner the inner healing and you’re always being refined and the the God who started this beautiful work in you is gonna be faithful and just to finish that work and to into refining you into fine gold right and so does this process that we go through and we have those convictions a lot of times they’re just for us a lot of times their personal convictions for us that we force on everybody else man so that’s that’s awesome that I wanted to throw that in there because we’ve been talking about that a lot lately and it just made sense when you’re talking about the inner intuition and because we’re saying the same thing it’s just the terminology is different I don’t really I used the word intuition but not in a way that my into you know these these inner intuitions fight each other that people are right and got this I got a inkling about something you know yeah look we should be listening to a instinct that got instinct we got a tummy Brian hundred million year on to the cerebral Brian and the the gut Brian needs to be connected in the fetus and a certain stage disconnects still connected by the nervous system and whatnot so there’s two major brains in our body God instinct is is where the knew a lot about neurotransmitters are created and that’s where basically a lot of the neurological arrangements in tapping into memory is crowded so that’s where our guts might respond first to a certain situation but it could be basic it could be a response based on fee as well that’s where we have to have wise judgment around what’s going on Turley and understand I sort of feels like this but it actually could be this as well so that’s that’s when I have an experience of intuition or instinct I sort of tend to go okay well that’s sort of what is the the primary sort of frequency of truth that’s coming through me but hey it could be this this and this and so I just allowed to dance naturally and then I’ll follow the you know the path that I need to as more information comes in all Kyle comes through me yeah and then we’ve got the heart brain which is all these three brains independently operate and then sort of combine with our whole body brain the whole body computer apparatus which is a machine on one sort of level that’s also an interconnected energy system with the external environment on the electromagnet electromagnetic but also solar energy levels as well so we’ve got all this information and engine you know so frequencies of consciousness flowing through us all the time some of which could be internally so a generator through a neurology in our body but it could be all stuff that we’re so empathetically and I sort of tapping into with people around us too sometimes we might be actually feeling somebody else’s sort of primary focus at that point and we might take it on as their own oh you know if we become aware enough about how that sort of stuff works we might be able to that so you serve whether or not it’s you know something or somebody else than what it is ourselves and so it is difficult it really is to sort of navigate through all that and go well that definitely must be right and that definitely must be wrong but well gather whelming feeling that it’s right hey yeah look quickly sort of brightly because I used to certain certain terminologies and language it like uh words phrases when it comes to my conception of reality people do it differently we do it through different cultural prisms and you know particular individual you know ideological prisms that we might have and that’s fine and there’s nothing wrong we’ll be explaining it from our perspective when I think of the word god fruit snare planet and think of a man in the sky or some sort of self-aware creator as a lot of religious people do hosting it as the interconnecting totality existence the the fabric that sort of weaves or through all this and you know conscious there’s many ways you could call energy or consciousness or spirits or whatever it’s absolutely fun to be overcome their own determination hell they won’t explain it and there is a unconnected stat so and we all my belief is that we all are connected to that and so in a in a sense we’re all gone that’s not meant to be a you know an ego type thing is our pride thing or anything like that it’s just about understanding our divine nature and our cool that’s great we’re also it were also separate so I call this the many truths theory where you’ve got the truth that we’re connected but the truth that we’re also separate how can we have divided the economy like that where separateness and connectedness can coexist it’s not on one level that’s that they can’t but if they’re on different levels they can that’s like you know we look at the fundamental nature of reality through quantum physics and through the the sacredness the sacred space we can understand that we’re connected but then on a more classical level we’re a little bit more separate we’re having an individual sort of experience of conscious even though we’re always sort of tapped into this you know this collective sort of consciousness and so I look at truth like that as well like a great analogy I like to use actually or example is just imagine you could say in the infrared spectrum but I don’t I couldn’t begin you can say on our little little small pocket of light frequency that we see I would look up in the sky and say look Derek there’s a rainbow look how beautiful it is and he’d say no there’s no rainbow there and because you can understand infrared and I’m like well there is yeah if we were wise enough we’d understand that we’re seeing through a different lens and we’re both wrong you know even though it seems contradictive it’s actually that you know there is a rainbow there for me and there isn’t for you so we need to consider those sorts of paradoxes when we interact with people and Aaron Barr and general really smart to realize that rather own sort of stage of learning and healing and development and what might be some time with that and it’s all good if it’s beautiful until it turns into like destructive stuff you know what I’m saying that people are like God told me to dead I’m supposed to kill you or something like that’s like sending death threats or or creating something that’s negative or whatever the case is right you know what I’m saying so we have the abilities oh sorry sorry I’m don’t want to let this one go because you’re absolutely right a big part of what I try and help people understand is that we need to respect our sovereignty and by understanding and respecting our sovereignty coming into alignment with what it means to actually being a true sovereign being that also means that you’ve trained your ego to understand that it’s not just separate it’s also connected so once you’ve realized that respecting your sovereignty means that understanding how we should be respecting the sovereignty of everything else then we need that we need to make sure that we have coherence with that process so instead of just going I’m going I’m going to control others if people are trying to control others without focusing the control and themselves because we do have the power to have some level of control I would love to talk about conscious subconscious and unconscious in a little bit if I can but if we have we can have the control hopefully in a product big healthy way within ourselves but we we can’t control others and we can’t control external environment to a massive massive extent and we shouldn’t want to as well because we need to respect the sovereign nature of every single being and so look at okay okay it’s a little bit hard when it comes to children there needs to be a level of control you don’t want you guys running out the road or anything like that but stage a certain stage of their development you need to sort of start balancing out so less control more freedom sort of thing and try and create a respectful friendship in that process so it goes a little bit difficult there yeah I’m sorry right yeah they’re very similar ones to do with that will as long as it like it’s not just to because like a lot of people who come against that especially cuz I guess I come from a religious background and they will have a problem with do with that will but essentially that is as long as it doesn’t infringe upon anyone else as long as you’re not hurting anyone right like what works for you what’s helping you to get through as long as it’s not infringing on someone else and forcing a belief or forcing a code of ethics you know what I’m saying this is natural stuff you know it’s another one of those examples where pretty much every culture and religion and spiritual discipline said the same thing Golden Rule do no harm unless in self-defense yeah such a simple principle right yeah do me actually do we enact it though that’s where our challenge people is ah well how are you trying to control others if people are hurting you if there’s an energetic spirit for example once I was talking about with the stress if we’ve got electromagnetic field around us that is just in disharmony because we’ve got where we’re in disharmony so we’re hurting ourselves if we have family members and friends that are around a lot time and sort of expressing good checking this dysfunctional negative energy on to them we’re actually causing harm by harming ourselves I said we actually caused it and so it’s okay for us to have boundaries and say hey you’re hurting me on this level there’s a there’s a subtle sort of impact that you’re having on me because of the way that you treat yourself and so we need to work out if there are boundaries that good enough if we need to if we don’t if we can’t be around people because what I hope them souls it’s important that we make those measures for ourselves and take those steps yeah so it’s important that we express to those around us that what we feel about how they’re treating us whether or not it’s they meant to do it or not is what I’m getting at and I’d just be dasa accepting a be pleasing I mean I think in the spiritual community there’s a lot of people being pushed around and pushed over you know because they don’t want conflict and things like that so they just like anything fly even if it does in infringe upon them there’s a lyric from a song that we’re talking about this it just comes to my mind on a few for me with a knocko and medicine for the people but he has a lyric it says uh he says well I will learn to be peaceful but I keep my knife at my side I will pray for compassion but if war comes to my door you know I will be blessed and warrior mentality my responsibility I will I will learn to be peaceful but I’ll keep my knife on my side my people will if you let them they’ll try to take advantage of you they will go against to do with our world they will try to infringe upon your your rights as a sovereign as someone who is standing in their troops or standing in their peace people will if you let them they will walk all over you even in belief system way like you have to believe what I believe in let me show you how you’re wrong let me this is the right way this is the only way you know these type of things and we have to stand for what we believe in you know inert trestles we need to respect ourselves enough not to want to allow people to hurt us and we need to respect ourselves enough to not want to hurt our salt which is all this the whole process of internal um internally and really becoming you know you know refined attune human being it’s it’s exciting it’s amazing once we really start to sort of fake that crap within us and go well I’ve got a whole new area of fright that I didn’t realize and it’s like a dream come true to be able to I mean I get bored real quick if I’m going to put up with myself like here’s the rest of my life I’m not gonna be happy okay so I might as well keep going on this journey and changing evolving it’s time go straight sometimes they get any major reversed sometimes going to be minor reverse yeah but to really get into that that process means that we have to identify what we’ve got to come in to go here it’s with and so the way I look at it it’s just okay so we’ve got our conscience behind our ego which is don’t listen to the spiritual sort of propaganda of killing it or transcending the ego it’s nonsense so reason right there for a reason right that’s right idiom illogically just simply means all i–all sense of self and so we need a sense of self to to make wise judgements on what what to eat and look after ourselves how we need to heal and grow who we want to be around what’s going on out in the world the ego is simply the human filter the this finite snapshot of this infinite consciousness really important so let’s not kill that I killed the self what we need to be doing is expanding that and and and empowering and enlightening enlightening it to the best of our ability and that just translates into enlightening and powering ourselves to the best of our ability doesn’t mean we become enlightened it doesn’t mean that we’ve become empowered it means that we’re going through a process more empowerment and more enlightenment so but that’s that’s a real necessary aspect of the self to arrange in a healthy way we need to look at the contradictions their prophecies the bullshit essentially that we put our egoic sort of arrangement through really important about healing and going but then we’ve got the subconscious stuff and so analogy I like to use with the subconscious the subconscious isn’t always subconscious if I have a memory that’s the subconscious becoming conscious if I want to use a word like now the word now that’s come through from the subconscious and then when I’m not using it it goes back there so we’re constantly interacting between the subconscious and conscious Minds the way I like to look at it an analogy you use and just imagine going out into a really really dark night and having a little torch and is shining into a tree and that’s what we’ve got that’s how big a subconscious mind is as mostly the dark it’s mostly in the dark no nine percent or something to that degree and we know you’re just moving that torch around according to what we need to do so if we’ve got which we all do subconscious traumas poor wiring or conceptual design we need to identify what that is meditation and psychedelics obviously two of the primary ways to do so I’ve participated in lots of psychedelic initiation and expansion for many many years has been highly integral but that doesn’t mean I recommend it to others that was what was important for me and if people want to go and do whatever they want to do what I will recommend strongly is meditation because it’s a which we all do all the time we were constantly contained in wave state in action with we’re gardening or reading a book or you know if we’ve got a singular focus arguing after cutting grass – absolutely they were processing all this stuff that we need – so as soon as you go for a run you know we all have that feeling of been there’s that and that I’m going to deal with and you go through and if you’ve already done a lot of this work you know work there might be too much of that activity because you’ve already or already organized squeak but that’s that’s what meditation is so important for is to really tap back in what’s happening subconsciously and and and identifying what issue is and then trying to resolve it and then repeating as I said before repeat repeat repeat repeat the new behavior or pick the new pattern until you’ve healed yourself that’s it’s it’s an ongoing process it really doesn’t add but then there’s the unconscious level or the soul level or the blueprint level I like to call the energetic blueprint for those who are more scientifically minded but the one over the call force that manifested me in this particular body in this particular time and space with these particular parents and genetic coding and then the epigenetic influence that happened in my early years and whatever the force was that created me in this moment which is an amazing moment I must say think about the fact that we’re on the precipice of creating a planetary tribe for the first time in our known history at least due to the technological advancements in the internet and other sort of computer infrastructure all the rest of it we’re now sort of mixing and matching all these ideological frameworks and ideas and concepts into one sort of planetary sort of arrangement which is amazing and that doesn’t mean we often get along we don’t have to all agree all the rest of it but we are becoming human for the first time really because we’re in before that who are so disconnected on so many different levels so and so the instantaneous sharing information that we have access to these days is creating a bigger like a more expanded collective consciousness in a sense but just to go back so there’s the collective unconscious or where there’s the we’re interacting energetically and all these different layers at all all these different times as beautiful it’s magic to watch once you start to you know open yourself up to it but then whatever that core forces are an individual scale it will show itself through what I call destiny or through symbolisms or through synchronicity where the patterns and the things that it wants to try and create the stuff that you it’s trying to draw us on a particular path but we’ve got free will so there is this predetermined destiny path in a sense that’s more like just a straight line of growth and we can choose to live it or not based on our freewill efficiently or inefficiently so if we it’ll keep popping back up if if our core force is saying Phillip learn this bloody lesson already you’ve had ten opportunities you know buddy he’ll might get onto it it’ll keep coming back harder and harder and harder and so I realize that that is a serious lesson a serious concept that I need to embody and to create as a part of my actually being and then even when I do do that it will come back again just to make sure that I’ve liked that what cute it’s a cute little experience that we have with our destiny I loved it was just so universal man that’s right as for every single one of us it’s funny you say that – because like we’re talking about were we’re becoming human we’re learning how to be a human and I’ve heard it said that we’re not a human being we are human becoming and as far people offer that prayer up I’m a human becoming helped me become and and that’s part of the process it’s like I’ve not arrived yet you know what I’m saying I’d there’s much to be done there’s there’s I’ve not transcended the body not that that’s even the case but people feel like they have even people younger than us or people who seem to have everything figured out you know what I’m saying or they have all the answers or whatever but it’s about becoming us about learning and not to stray too far from the whole gut situation but the word good I think it’s the Scandinavian word for gut is God so I would say I have a have a gut feeling about this then you know how it’s connected to the brain that’s your God feeling the intuition my gut feeling gute God feeling and even I think nutrition and health say that every six to nine months we’re changing biologically chemically we’re changing based upon the stuff that we put in our gut gut rot always have in meats heavy meat stored in the stomach like there’s a bunch of scriptures that were taken out of the Bible some different books that talked about like demonic possession based upon having rotten rotting meat living within your stomach just keeping it and you’re not hungry you’re just eating because it’s time to eat and it’s always consumed and flesh and it stays there and it never fully processes out they took some of those books out of the Bible that went into great detail about that you know and that stuff’s beautiful to me so we’re being essentially reborn every six months or so by the stuff we’re putting in our mouths and that’s just and how you know the connection there with our brain it’s just beautiful fearfully and wonderfully made man yeah we got a hundred foreign living organisms and so all of us were made of living organisms yeah and that got so full of microbiome and all this got lost its got bacteria all the stuff ecosystem yeah they cast assuming that Tommy’s I have a whole body really and essentially we’re a living thing and a living thing and a living thing and living suck that camera angle of zooms raw taps from the atom to the end of the universe and spots in the atom again it comes down through them the fact is that part of the simulation theory though man because that’s very what they call it like um like something with like mold theory or something like that we’re just going into the mold and I know we see it on like a what movie was that um the men in black at the end they’re just going into universe and just kept zooming in and then you were the into a drop of water and then aliens playing marbles or something like you just keep zooming in and we talk about that when we zoom out when we zoom out if we see us as a collective as a whole as our evolution cities being formed civilizations growing as in some cases cancer upon the face of the earth and things like that you know very interesting yeah let me just quickly touch back on the gut the health I just I’m gonna let that go because that’s really important food has been shown to be such a massive influence in health or illness and so if we’re eight treating ourselves like crap and eat by eating crap chemically rich toxin rich nutrition almost nutrition less food that of course we’re going to be sick so we need to look after our tummies extremely well but the general rule is more plants less mate and if you have to so I’ve just got a did your computer go to sleep yeah now I had had some sort of program pop up wanting me to do something but yeah so it’s really important that we look after our gut health I mean that’s another example of you know if we really had changing people that wouldn’t look office at the top I’m pretty sure they’d make a really healthy awesome food supply for us because they haven’t the nutrition would understand yeah it’s crazy spices that’s scary like that should wake anybody up to be able to look at McDonald’s and see what they would they want you to eat like and they market and they’re willing for you to eat these people this is crazy that they are putting poison in our food and and and selling us things that isn’t even food and what is it like would there’s like wood filling and a lot of that stuff and plastic rice that’s coming over like a bunch of weird stuff going on with the food in there somebody is okay with us eating it and then whoever’s whether it’s the government or people watching over us they won’t say no there’s like okay yeah you know they let us consume that stuff and they feed it to us and lie to us about it even the word beef I think they have like a a corner on the word beef that doesn’t mean actual when they say 100% beef it’s some other product other than beef would that they’ve you know got the the copyright on that’s insane it’s a Easton sign relatively saying people can’t leave it in sinus all for too long without sort of figuring out eventually and that’s what’s happening now a lot of people in these sort of fields scientific fields and you know academia who believed that genetic engineering of food and you know that that or in this allopathic approach to life by chemical responses to chemical issues that’s how the the mainstream medicine essentially works you know you give a drug you heal whatever it is which is always just the symptom of some sort of energetic incoherence some whatever that I really encourage people to philosophize your way to health look at it like that as much as we look out for our diet and not putting this crap that people in academia they genuinely believe it’s okay the doctors hardly have any instruction on nutrition in the four years or however many years they study at university absolutely crazy that is so backwards the way that doctors are trained they are basically minions of pharmaceutical companies just imagine working a whole life wanting to be an authentic whatever doctor journalist scientist whatever and then finally coming to the conclusion which is why a lot of them don’t want to face it that they’re basically there what they’ve been doing has been harming people for so long and it’s all based on lies to propagate the the profit and the greed and the power of these you know monopolize multinationals and and companies and so that’s you know pretty scary but yeah it is really important and look at what it is actually going into us for how we consume I would say as a general rule more plants less meat make sure that if going to meet try and source it ethically I you know hunt or fish or whatever it may be or get it from local farms who actually treat their animals somebody respect but and a lot of time people would depression it can be somewhat based on the gut health and and what are some other sort of physiological issues but it’s also true that this is another example like to use think about people who go on I don’t know if you have the show The Biggest Loser but it’s essentially a show where people in a very short space of time yeah you know lose a lot of weight while eating right and exercising why do these people after they leave the show put this almost instantly almost in their main put the weight back on basically in the same period of time many do it’s not just because that they might be eating quite well and sort of still exercising but what they haven’t done is training their physio physiology their neurology to have a new default mechanism to in response to what they put in their body so they’ve been trained for so many years a stall fat the certain way and and do whatever the body needs to do to survive right and so what they need to do is maintain that level of intensity in terms of diet and exercise for at least a year at least maybe to you to really we will rewire themselves so that their body doesn’t go back to its old default you know program of storing all this fat and so it’s a prime example of how we need to philosophize our way to health we need to we’re not going to change our diet if you have a belief they’re going to change our diet so it always comes back to you know what’s happening in mental processing so how do we process information that’s our philosophies right so we’re not going to maintain that intensity of you know healthful diet and fitness unless we’ve got the phosphor do so and even if we do heal ourselves by changing our diet of depression or whatnot it’s like how some people get go to Peru and and which I’ve done myself I’ve been in shamanic ceremonies with ayahuasca amazing stuff it’s what a lot of people can have an entertainer is healing what it what it might be addiction or some traumas yeah generally it’s because they’ve expanded their experience of Kostis in a way that goes well connect on some deep deep levels or wasn’t aware of and I see life through a different lens now and therefore I’m not so much in an existential crisis so I’m not going to be continuing to continuing these self abusive behaviors like I used to but even people who do these sorts of have these sort of magical transformations they can fall back into old patterns why because they haven’t designed their philosophy appropriately enough to maintain some level of discipline and sacrifice in their behaviour and to literally change themselves as time goes on so yeah it’s hard guys it’s really hard to change yourself but let me tell you it’s worth consistency man consistency was whatever you’re trying to build man it’s the key the key is consistency if you’re trying to lose weight if you’re trying to do a successful a successful podcast whatever the case is is to be consistent in this just to show up was these experiences whether it’s magic mushrooms or the ayahuasca was that part of you coming out of your own depression was that did that play a role yes I you know I dabbled a little bit in LSD and other stuff when I was around that that time but you know I did philosophize my way to hell from that okay and then I experienced well I guess it was synergized on one level and certainly helped but I was already experiencing this divine connection to life anyway so brutalizes not experiencing my connection that was where I based basically everything honors I’ve I need to be grateful for this magical madness if I have called life granted too simple absolutely gratitude as attitude you know it’s amazing if we do that gratitude is both a philosophy and of emotion so you can go if I embed that philosophical emotion into my apparatus is one of the core aspects of how information gets processed then it’s been and then lock that into the subconscious is there what other activities happening in the background it’s gonna come it’s going to flow through that and we’re going to experience life a lot more magical you know beautifully other instead of you know something different if we didn’t have that there but yeah so look psychedelic so been huge for me I’ve had many of my initiations self initiated experiences in terms of so we like how does that work let’s let’s talk about that you say because you’re talking about initiation and then you then you say itself initiations so let’s talk would let’s let’s let’s explain that a little bit self in life I was unconscious of what was going on my blueprint my soul whatever you want to call it force me to have initiations that’s how I was like because I didn’t have any I didn’t have people in my early years teaching me initiating me into myself meaning I’m initiating myself into everything at large because you realized self and society is call connected soulfia reality is one in the same thing on one level not a real level and that’s cool I heard that New Age Dogma again is saying yeah well only one thing it’s like yeah but we’re also separate alright let’s let’s look at the many different truths of these these are situations instead of that we need we need to take a lot of responsibility and actually give back to the boats like that’s that old cliche I can’t remember who said it first I was clever I want to change the world then I was wise I wanted to change myself that’s true but I would say there’s another layer of that now I’m both clever and wise and I want to change myself and the world biddle all those lies to it but yes this psychedelic initiation that was generated from whatever my call force is I had no option but to go through it and then as time went on I realized what was happening I’m like okay I’m starting to understand the the natural manifestations of these initiations and so now I can be a part of that there can be a conscious co-creator in that process and so through that process or you know it’s all about facing yourself and understanding where you are obviously can they understand where you are in the context of what you know about reality in general but I was trying to connect with what my next stage was essentially what the next phase of growth is so I did that through both meditation and psychedelics and just in general sometimes it just be like I really need to focus on this and I’ve been ongoing process of initiating me into at a particular frequency or a set of frequencies of conscience or information because I knew I need to embody that’s that took a lot of study in research and in actually experienced a bit to make that a part of me so yeah the the the tribal initially sort of process that we all used to go through in pretty much every culture come mainly coming of age essentially that everyone did we don’t do that anymore no no absolutely not and it’s and instead we just put kids into a very sick a curriculum or education system that this great stuff about it I can’t say that it’s all you know bad English math so some of the science even though science is taught materialistically ie dogmatically and even though history is a lie on many different levels you know you got geographies there’s lots of good subjects out there and there’s a lot about history for example that is true as well but we don’t see the whole picture with that but what isn’t included in school is self mastery what isn’t included in school is it personal development looking out for the self all those sort of we should have a class dedicated to cross examining all the cultural spiritualities that existed and sort of were you know we’re not there the late you can believe whatever you want you can have a belief in whatever particular stream of information if you want but that’s at least cross-examiner look at the similarities and the differences so there’s none of this initiation and education system the parents aren’t doing it parents a days again fuses themselves so essentially it’s up to each individual to really emancipate themselves from their poor programming from their sickness whatever regardless of its philosophical sickness or physical signals and and be the take full responsibility be that person that is going to look after themselves because nobody else is going to do it for you your part does not your families not your schools not your garden start you know you’ve got all these beautiful spirit guidances and internal destinies and all these patterns and symbolisms that can help to guide you along the way but you need to take responsibility for this decision to take every sort have to do the initiation you have to sign up you have to show up let me ask you this because you’re talking about the life path you’re talking about that there is this will for your life your your destiny essentially and then we’re talking about the initiation through psychedelics which many people and then coupled with meditation as well at times is something’s guiding this like I said we can call it God whatever you also sent me on this list of things you want to talk about talking about aliens and multi-dimensional beings are when you were under when you were in that realm on psilocybin on ayahuasca was there a consciousness that was communicating with you whether that we call them aliens angels whatever I mean they have so many names I believe multi-dimensional interdimensional did you fellowship with did they appear to you did they talk to you I’m saying that from experience as well I’ve had very similar encounters to where there was an angelic benevolent presence talking to me about my life about my situation what to do next you’re on the right path those type of things and it really feels like an initiation into what some call the invisible college the mist the spiritual mystery schools whatever you want to call it is that similar to what you’ve experienced yes it’s been crazy okay very crazy experience the guy through what external intelligences if external intelligences on that energetic spirit level actually exists and if they do exist what sort of participatory role do I have in that experience with them yeah all right so let me start premise it by saying we all have a frequency or a set of frequencies of consciousness the way that we’re tuning into this infinite you know whatever this fabric of reality and sometimes people were influenced by culture obviously influenced by own personal experience and sometimes people experience different life forms or intelligence packages in or in different ways so a lot of people can have a like to talk to angels or God or spirits or plant spirits or aliens or multi-dimensional beings or whatever it is and a lot of the time that could a similar energy but just manifested all experience in a way according to iron your neurology our own conceptual sort of package now in saying that that’s not to say that aliens don’t you know you know nuts and bolts fashion don’t exist not saying that whatsoever I think that this is our life abundant universe I think this universe is alive so therefore I can imagine all these different levels that we’re not really tuned into not just in this third dimensional construct as well but in all these extra dimensional sort of realities that life is abundant no no doubt so my personal experience was that I when I had DMT I the first time was just phenomenal I I had UFO experiences and stuff and I was a big dagger but the first real contact with you know some sort of multi-dimensional being was I smoked some day MT I looked up and I could see through the trees in some sort of cartoonish fashion look down could see through my legs and literally through my legs him into the earth and I was just like what the hell was going on and I said lay down man close your eyes I got sweet so I did that and instantly going through a wormhole I traveled for about one hour 20 seconds and then got to a certain stage where I started to be split so I had I was split into about ten or twelve layers of perception and I could see through every layer so I had like ten or twelve perspectives essentially but the most prominent ones were the one in this particular of the start and that might have been the third dimension these might have been dimensional perspective so that my interpretation could be completely wrong could be really right it could be a mixture as well or might be somewhat accurate with it in terms of after all of this happened I thought myself that could be faked it could be real or could be a mixture of the two and that’s where I’ll get back to in a sec so in the plot device furthest away perspective I’m looking at this – these two beings and in like a cave-like structure red was the the general color from memory and one of these beings is full alien and the other one was half-alien half-human and the the the full one said to me telepathically said to me nice to finally meet you and hold out his hand and shook my hand right and I had remember thinking this is where I understand control of thoughts and what you expressing out because there’s a part of me the band yeah nice to meet you too like this is like you know what the hell and that was sort of private of the private comedy team okay my ego had been splendid all these shards and I still had my ego a census is this comedic experience your own way yeah but then another part of me and said yeah nice to meet you too and shook the hand all right and then it said telepathic way again don’t wait so long to come visit next time and I was like no cool no worries though in the back we head making comedy of it again just going you know this is just unbelievably crazy and then my you know split perspectives compressed into one shot out the wormhole set up in the physical reality just went what the hell just happened for the thing and you know I process that at the time and for a while afterwards is I don’t answer I couldn’t been completely fake it just took my own creation it could be completely real and it was real exactly the way it was or it could be you know I’m sort of influencing that process in some way it’s sort of a a mixture of truth so speak and I’ve done that with that like when you look at the consciousness studies so I research into you know the all the parasite parapsychology with us parapsychology information that’s a thing I don’t even say that again properly her a psychological information hotel for these days it’s amazing what it’s saying but what it’s definitely saying is that we play a co-creative role in the experiences that we have for example in near-death experiences with any of the SCI research there’s always an interpretation process that we go through as like the in the instinct and the intuition comes through us and then we process it with our rational and with our whatever you know and for structure reason telling for trees and if we’re wise enough we can let it flow through without really tainting it that much tiny information that much and we can okay it’s like a skill we can get better and better I guess I’m the and say if you can fly through two it’s as authentic as possibly can well that’s sort of the goal right that yeah I think I think we’re all babies here there I think very much at the start of this I mean to watch if there was an intelligent life out there watching us what was going on and then the clash of narratives between you know the mainstream and alternative in general alone what happened in serious recently that just be said that think it’s a comedy show like a parody on our souls man we’re doing so we’re very young I’m very young we’re all very young at this process and that means it’s you know there’s a lot of amazing potential that were both down towards that but yeah so just back to the alien thing I do believe there are intelligences out there some might be self like on some sort of energetic level some sort of different level of material structure and they might be self-aware they might not just like we’ve got biological parasites I feel 100 percent it’s a great way to put it yep yeah we’ve got our energetic parasites and they might not be conscious might be just like an energy bar sometimes and so we might be dealing with an actual spirit of some type but it’s not actually self-aware the way that we we understand self-awareness yeah and our interaction with that intelligence might be we might be attributing or injecting your own voice and bullshit into it so we’ve we’ve painted the express totally that was just experience of that so yeah there’s that I think we play a co-creative role in every sort of experience that you have I do believe in that spirit roam in that extra intelligent d—rom I certainly believe that there are plant spirits their ancestral guidance energies we’ve got you know some people called angels and or spirit guides or whatever there are different variations of the forces that are hoping us and it’s just this magical life abundant Universal reality that we should really respect and be in all about really going I know the absolute answer with what’s going on let me ask you this okay so Terence Mckenna said that what we have in the psychedelic community that you guys in ufology in the alien community don’t have he said we have repeatability as you guys are trying to look at UFOs and have these encounters in the psychedelic experience we can go back into this realm and interact with these interdimensional beings and things like that did you ever experience that so you said you’ve had these encounter with these two beings was you able to go back whether it was through ayahuasca psilocybin and and and and and contact these entities again or feel like they were watching you or watching over you or even through meditation now that you’ve they’ve said hello don’t be a stranger going into deep meditation hello again have you have you had repeatability with psychedelics or meditation with these type of entities that are watching over you no the repeatability I’ve had is in terms of I’m not sure if people aware of Gordon white in his podcast brain soup amazing research a chaos magician loving was a sort of like a friend I guess I’ve got to know him a little bit he calls it you’ve got your x-men team x-men team of spirits your spirit guides when we call that your spiritual guidance tapestry essentially and I’ve seen that to repeat to a certain degree but it’s always this code participatory type process where I’m influencing it to a certain areas like when people experience UFOs nuts and bolts UFOs in the skies it’s consistent that that’s part of their cost just somehow they’re able to sometimes move the UFOs and there’s a that even an eclectic group that collectively you know several people can have their sharing a conscious experience with this particular UFO manifestation so from my point of view it’s come a long way since Terence Mckenna made that statement as well so we’ve definitely come a long way in you follow to you as well so yeah yeah and so yeah I think there’s there always a co-creation process of it but now I’m experiencing all this amazing different type of intelligence which is a part of me on one level or not on another level they might be self-aware about me attributing sort of personality traits or whatnot to it and experience it to experience in a particular way to be able to draw information out of it to help me but I would say all of it has to do with your destiny though right yes you go anytime you do the inward work like it’s all playing a part for your destiny yes no again we’re living in a freewill environment there is a rich tapestry of consciousness snapshots that are freely choosing Allah you know in alignment with their own destiny their own sort of paths and stuff so we interact on that level as well so sometimes we can be impacted by a fruit choice of another which wasn’t necessarily part of our destiny but then we just our energetic framework adapts and then so our destiny adapts accordingly I unlock your destiny is it has to be this particular experience in this particular moment on with these particular people I look at as more of a framework of like the growth potential and that if we choose to steer away from it or somebody impacts us or even a in some sort of not-so-good spirit has an impact on us which wasn’t part of destiny and we’ll will go through a realignment through the electromagnetism of this universe or the subtle energy the frequency the harmonization process that we need to go through to realign to go back onto that to be manifest our growth potential way and destiny so yes and no is sort of like yeah there are experiences where all right we’ll come on that was definitely what I needed it was a bit challenging you know and they go hit whatever it is a bit of harm to this whatever the harm that we had to go through whatever the torch are the mental torture we go through and we look back at retrospect I look that was so necessary for me to learn these lessons get at that point now hundred percent agree with that but I also agree in the many truths perspective which is that sometimes that isn’t part of our so-called destiny we and what we’ll do is rely nestlé’s and from that point forward okay well like for example just going back to the the spirit stuff I almost I think was the first session of ayahuasca I noticed really like it was a vertical beam right the distance the entire time entire Tom’s there and never gave it too much flavor or or attention until the end whilst I was dancing all these cat spirits and all this other stuff and delicacies don’t straight through my penal gland and just that experience was definitely attribute to my consciousness in that moment it wasn’t a healing moment it wasn’t about spiritual revolution or philosophical revolution because I’ve done a lot of that work it was really just gone hey enjoy this experience that’s great I had all these these exchanges energy exchanges and all these spirits and stuff was really beautiful experience I didn’t actually have to spew up to anything I think about in that session so it was like genuinely quite pleasurable which is great but right at the end this theme came sort of my closer and closer and closer as I was winding it down and then next minute was there and I realized that it was a symbol for mother ayahuasca herself so about to experience the spirit of mother ayahuasca and we had a conversation actually more heart emanated from my chest and heart what I don’t know how a plant spirit can have a heart because we look at it as a yeah you know a physical part of the body but we sort of exchanged hearts conceptually had a little conversation and then it sort of sort of you know buzz down after that now all is a participant in that process it wasn’t mother ayahuasca saying yes it was me and mother or ayahuasca having an experience together and so that’s how I see all these different layers of how we participate in these this sort of consciously engagements where are always a part of it hopefully we can remove a lot of the bias and a quote that we have to make it a more authentic productive experience have you had similar encounters just through meditation deep states of trance yeah I’ve made meditating for about 15 years on and off I haven’t been religious about it yeah you know I mean obviously once I’ve learned that I was meditating in action every day so they’re in that way it never stopped but proper ritualistic you know do tons of sitting down has been sort of on and off how I sort of started it was with those programs such as stuff so what you do is you put and back in the day you had to put your phones in and the difference in frequency under obedient would put your brain way state in that particular state so you go through be de alpha theatre daughter and I managed to hit theatre many many many times but there wasn’t much very interaction during that it was very much about me going through so feeling yeah and so anything in a theatre state basically a sense sensory apparatus shuts down and you can’t feel your body and the analogy I use is like sinking into quicksand and I had to go through a process of basically push myself into this quicksand because the hardest part that guard was your longings cause of breathing and your head because you’re thinking and eventually you get into that Third Estate and then it was bliss really there’s a lot of you know stuff happening but it wasn’t spirit interaction for me we’re not going to new daughter state which I’ve only maintained if you know or could probably count on two hands maybe even one because generally I’m just like fall asleep passed out gone it’s hard to maintain cause be cautious for two to body long but when you have I wear a lot phenomenal stuff so that’s how I trained myself to become a pretty good meditator early early on because I had the programs and I was really committed to it and so now it’s easy very easy for me to slip in the meditative state such as right now because I’ve got such a singular focus and you and I are having a conversation where we share we’re sharing not just information but energy where that’s no doubt putting me and probably yourself into at least an alpha brainwaves day where where our we’re heartened in our activities probably actually less brain activity that but when they’ve done Studies on people taking psilocybin or mushrooms magic mushrooms their brain activity actually decreases to not increases so a lot of the cerebral activity and whatever is happening in the rest of the body you know that filter mechanism the egoic mechanism and the less activity you have and the more you sort of shut down the separate sort of experience and open more up to their collective haul the the connected experience or tama jogging or cutting cutting grass or whatever and it’s funny to that even this other state a lot of people talk about some of the best songs ever written were written while they’re sitting on the toilet while they’re just in this state that they don’t have nothing to do so it activates these realms that you’re talking about when you don’t have to entertain all these other thoughts as I’ve coming through it’s kind of monotonous and you get into that monotony and in it it activates these subconscious states in the brain yeah heads two days ago thing it was like okay I’m gone then we had electric power outage as I thought great I’m going to tell his opportunity meditate so sat down I was like I really would like to my intention was said I’d like to experience exactly that a bit more spirit interaction and let the experience having naturally and see what visions that you go through this time as I have visions in general and during the day as well I’m always processing information and this energetic exchange just in my daily routine in general so there’s it’s quite a magical experience not needing to sit down and meditate so to speak but this particular intention was set that didn’t work out that way did it was a very material goal focused download essentially it’s like you need to do this this this is your next step when it comes to what you’re doing in your activism sort of process yeah so yeah these sort of light bulb moments can come at any time exactly it’s just as much as you want it’s great to have goals and set intentions because that’s what magic is magic is setting an intention to impact the outside world or even the inside wall in a particular fashion and if you align your conscious intention to your subconscious apparatus which is way more powerful than the conscious mind way way way way more powerful that’s what we’re going to go and redo and arrange our subconscious because if we want to be more powerful manifested in life we need to align our conscious mind to a subconscious mind and that means the conscious mind the ego – is shifting it and shaping in a way that’s going to be conducive to be more of a powerful manifesto under being more healed and all those things but then on top of that it needs to align to the blueprint as well so if I sort of destiny is not really in alignment with whatever winning a million dollars and going to really happen sometimes we can manifest every size that isn’t necessary isn’t really and along with our sort of core force but we still get it but we don’t get it it doesn’t it’s not the experience that we expect the other you might not enjoy in a certain way we might actually might be harmful to us in a certain way so that’s why it’s always important to really try and align sub conscious subconscious and unconscious although all the blueprint but yeah the meditation it’s just like so no it’s been very inconsistent I’ve had all these different types of interactions it’s not just about you know tapping into other spirits and and intelligences that’s one level of at one level self healing one level is just about practical organization psychological organization yeah look I really recommend people to utilize the programs that are available there’s now ones that you don’t actually have to wear earphones taking is Pro new speakers and sit down meditate and it’ll help to quicken deeper states here enjoy the best body cares a mystery you know well we’re unraveling the mystery man and uh it’s it’s beautiful man very similar experiences as well with this self initiation and having these encounters and and a lot of it is introspective about your life even when the spirits are involved are there an Angels whatever you want to call them are involved it’s about your life journey what you’re supposed to do anyway from me and then I’m blown away after these in type of encounters I’m my mind is blown I have to write everything down and I bring it to the drawing board in this in in it’s an encouragement feeling that I get there by this benevolent presence that’s encouraging me on my journey and given me the keys on how to do that to what I’m doing right now came out of those encounters those psychedelic encounters just podcasts what everything that my music all of it has come out of that and it’s been checked to like I was my encounters it was like I was checked by these spirits like hey you’re just throwing this information out there you’re talking openly about it are you sure you want to do that here’s the consequences bah bah bah bah okay I’m ready you know they wanted to it were very interesting and so that being said I wasn’t looking to do it again anytime soon because I had a whole list of things that I knew was gonna take me months to figure out to to implement into my life I had a vision yeah when I came out of it had all the ways on how to achieve it and to do it and then my other friends come out they’re like well I’m ready to do this next week you know I’m like no no no no I it’s gonna take me a lot longer so there’s that there for me I guess maybe when in in the deep doses but there’s also a relationship at times to kind of micro dose and and that whole movement that’s going on as well with psilocybin and have that connection there with that relationship which has been beautiful as well very introspective and being open helps you to open up and kind of speak from the heart and in it and nothing psychedelics involved with with that with with a micro dose and it’s been very beautiful that’s been my relationship with it and it’s been awesome and it’s been life-changing man we’ve gone over two hours is there anything that we didn’t talk about that you want to touch on before we go other side so much to talk about those thoughts I first artists congratulations Derek for what you’ve done a chemical show the podcast think just by searching a particular concept or turn that I wanted to fast about yeah and I saw the synthesis that you’re doing between religious thought and you know conscious study and spiritual introspection all that sort of stuff I was like way out nail and it might say a big congratulations for you for that I also sort of went through something similar one of the most powerful lucid dreams I ever had was I was in like a doctor’s reception wasn’t like it just is just a particular normal-looking office and there’s a real old wise looking woman sitting on the counter and she goes look you don’t have to do this you know and I said are you know that’s okay I’m Kate I’m gonna do it guys no no you can relax if you want but no no I’m I’m he I made his buddy well and essentially the concept was what are you in doing this life you’re gonna Chile out are you gonna not get involved on the level of her in terms of activism and expressing information disseminating information and so she has a guy sweet and then we she took me through I don’t know how many doors and heavenly different experiences of reality after that it was a very long lucid dream but it was one of the most powerful because I had may I have had the choice do is this what you want to do and I just so I didn’t have to and it would have been absolutely fine if I said no it wasn’t like at you you’re I’m compelled to do this but that was when I was already in the process of understanding how the self is society or the selfie is reality on in different ways on different levels so I was like well look you know I guess to help myself to grow expand must experience a cautious you know the best I can there’s probably the right path and so yeah it was an easy decision so I guess on that note I would like to encourage people to really sort of connect with what sort of patterns and themes or symbolisms the synchronicities are happening their life what the messages are sort of saying to you and helping you to and go with that flow in a sense we have the trickster aware of the fact that they where can be influenced but all and that you need to have some level of control but how you want to give back that the upper case concept of service as the spiritual service is so so so powerful and so important for not just us the collective but yourself as well a perfect example of this I don’t know if you know Lynne McTaggart and her studies around group prayer and she wrote the book the field and several other things an amazing researcher that she’s done laboratory or was sort of you know highly advanced particles on sort of collecting the data around whether or not group prey actually you know has any effect and the results are yes it does it’s highly statistically significant as is most of the other parapsychological research and we know we know that’s one of the other parts of this upper echelons you know denying us the the truth around the fact that we are connecting them the mental world actually has an impact on a physical world but neither is sticking hard to their dogmatic dogma called materialism their philosophical dogma and their and that in turn sort of forces people to think we’re on the separate then I understand in that connection and stuff we’re separate then you know we’re not really harming our souls if we harm others if a hominid born we’re not having a Souls they were having whoever were not having adults once then the the a guy understands but I and we why would you wanna harm someone else cause you’re harming yourself in effect that’s how the law of attraction works there’s real law the law the real law of attraction isn’t this secret you know superficial crap what the real law of attraction is the natural magnetic response or informational response to particular behaviors yeah but but it needs to be done not just we need to consider if we want to be powerful manifest in terms of how the law of attraction work as I said before we need to look at what’s happening on the subconscious level as well as the the core level the unconscious so all the blueprint level because we won’t be able to attract what we want unless we’re in along with those things so it’s not as simple as going oh I wish for this I need to work out what my subconscious and energetic desires are and then and then I can say I wished for this and so you cannot facilitate and make that a that manifestation process more efficient and more powerful more effective to where we need to go so yeah to really connect with yourself in your own needs I saw separate other’s needs versus once needs are so important whereas all we did is iron have our once but if we don’t understand their true needs the morality will wear incoherent with ourselves we need to have coherence and connect with what our needs are and if we’re smart enough we’ll align our wants to our needs and maybe shift our needs in a way that gets a little bit better for what we want so we can manipulate the process in a way that’s more you know we can have experience more joyful and more look you know enjoyable experiences but we still need to consider the fact that what our actual needs are what part of those needs is to give back farther in whatever way whatever fashion it may be you don’t have to be a writer or an author or you know start a podcast or be a part of the independent media door it could be just the way that you give back in your career might be you know I did social work for you five years of six years and it was great to be how to give people who haven’t really had much given to him truly like true information true love not just by society and family more by themselves as well have been trained to be self-abusive in general so the other give love and respect to these people even though you know I you can’t condone particular behaviors etc etc there still a divine being and they deserve that love and respect there’s many ways we can give back I encourage people find what their blueprint was what’s it sort of saying one of the pattern whereas it’s sort of leaning to you but also just dream big as well and go look I’ve done know really what the pattern is so I’m just going to think about that particular goal and maybe that will align and just go for it if it doesn’t or just adapt as time goes on point is really get back to to give back is to give to yourself that’s sort of a selfish thing as well I’m also I guess I’ll just give a quick shout out to our website and then stuff as well yeah definitely my website is pushing the tipping point calm that has is most of my articles around those through calories as well yeah my YouTube is Philip J Wat Pho double Li pj w a TT Facebook’s the same a book is the simulation if you just go to my website it’s great read its racy its bit it’s cool that’s quite lusty in different areas so that it’s a it’s a great say what you’ve mentioned start selling sales started prophecy before my partner describes it as a Celestine Prophecy cross sliding doors matrix-style something to that effect and it is it’s it’s it’s like a 2.0 the sole silent prophecy which is such a big part of my life The Celestine Prophecy was huge in my development but you know obviously they the some of the concepts sort of mislead a lot of people and you’ve got a lot of old b2b the hippies waiting to ascend to fifth dimension or something trying to kill their egos salvation yeah yeah I felt fired on that level but it was magical amazing on you know levels of my books a lot more real and raw it is about talking about those three areas I was talking about it is about sort of you know discussing the simulation in a simulation theory but also what illusion and in general very the variance of expressions of reality in general so as I talked before all those different frequencies can coexist so it’s a it’s not about trying to tell people this is what you need to believe I do encourage a lot of sort of the self-healing stuff I do encourage tapping into the truth being coherent with the external truth of the world as well as the internal truth I do encourage the sovereignty thing really respecting the sovereignty of yourself and others so there are some key call messages and principles encoded into it but it certainly isn’t a this is the way you have to look at reality because I think the color that we create where the life isn’t just black and white on one level it is jewel but it’s also rainbow beautiful bloody colors and we and we can experience it through all these frequencies so really I really don’t want to take that away from anybody I want to encourage the the diversity of thought and information whilst also looking at some key key sort of of unification and agreement essentially so that’s the book it’s a fun engaging read but be prepared there’s a it’s a bit racy and it’s there’s a lot of swearing and stuff like that I sort of but and yeah so I think that’s it right yeah I’ll definitely put a link to it in in the description of this video and in on my website as well you guys can check out his work there of all of his website that’ll be available I want to say thank you again for coming on brother thank you for reaching out to me this was a really good interview I enjoyed it thoroughly let’s work together in the future man I’m open my platform is open if you want me to come on and do some stuff on your side let’s work together man I appreciate you coming on I love that mo respect for what you’ve been doing so I would love to collaborate in the future and we should definitely have an ongoing discussion room it’s a magical madness we call off thank you brother let’s do it awesome talk to you soon like peace peace Philip J what great interview guys great interview man so many questions so many experiences so many truths so many similarities synchronicities beautiful so we’re talking about like how everyone is an expression of you and do unto others as you want them to do unto you and if you do it to someone if you cheat on someone if you steal from someone you that person is an expression of you you’re doing it unto yourself in the scriptures it takes it a little bit deeper Jesus says what you’ve done to the least of these you’ve done unto me if you lie to these little ones if you deceive these little ones if you cheat these little ones you’re doing it to me so that takes it even to a whole nother level man it’s uh everything is interconnected people feelings and emotions all of its real men someone had a question there so they say where this is a Mars most I believe it is a rise it says where do you get these these laws from whether these laws come from I will say that when we talk about universal law now so many holy books like a lot of these principles are in and interwoven throughout a lot of holy books whether it’s the Bible the Bhagavad Gita the Koran all types of work and then people are kind of coming the weird thing is is that this stuff is in the universal laws in these holy books and people are coming to the same conclusions through spiritual practice without even diving into holy books without having no idea that this stuff is written by the ancients who came before us and they’re writing books that mirror almost like they’re copying the same type of laws and things like that that are mentioned of in the holy books about treating people equally spirituality things like that there is universal law a lot of it like I said it’s in those books the seven hermetic principles is a very read as far as understanding the the universal laws as well the Bible talks boss it says as long as we exist there will always be seed time and harvest that’s a great law I mean that that’s and it’s universal because it’s for everything for everyone it’s not just fault it’s not just for one person as my brother Danny puts here in the comment section the rain falls upon the just and the unjust that’s so good and it’s for everyone this stuff is applicable to everyone it’s not for Jew or Gentile or for Christian or non-christian or whatever you are this is for everybody God will deal with everyone all of these laws are applicable to everyone seed time and harvest man is a really good one if you in and you can study just seed time and harvest about planting about sewing about reaping these were used even this terminology is used all throughout the scriptures in a budget it ain’t just the Bible I’m very knowledgeable about the Bible so that’s obviously that we always talk about that that’s where my mind goes is these scriptures that talk about the same thing a lot of the guests are sayings ice filter everything through the scripture all of its in there that the Bible talks about that the promises of God are yes and amen essentially whatever you put out there into the universe wherever whatever you speak out God the universe is saying back to you yes and amen whatever it is what he’s spoken spoke to you whatever you speak out the universe will give it to you whatever you’re looking for if you’re looking for evil you’re gonna find it if you’re looking for peace love and harmony you’re gonna find it I will say that something that would definitely can reiterate that we talked about in the podcast was an attitude of gratitude I thought what a good brother today this morning Chris Barse and we talked about gratitude that’s everything man in this whole journey of faith fueled by love is unstoppable being gracious for for everything and everyone in your life and showing grace towards everything and everyone in your life with that I think you’re on stop I don’t think that nothing stands in your way on your faith journey of achieving your goals your destiny growing with God you have to be grateful he’s gonna God will teach you how to be grateful and how to walk in grace so that’s it’s beautiful I’m gonna read some of these comments right quick and say thanks but it concerns us when someone says Universal maybe ethereal I mean the word the word Catholic means universal it’s it it’s for everyone it’s you know it’s there if you believe in it or not it exists it was a good word you know if you want to use that word spiritual laws you know I don’t think that there’s anything that we do in the physical realm that doesn’t have spiritual implications it all of this stuff ties in hand-in-hand it all goes together right it’s all it it all comes into play there’s nothing that that that we can do in the spirit realm that’s not going to have physical reactions as well it’s all about it someone says esoterics not the okay he says not ethereal but ethyl ethyl whatever you whatever you want to call it I think all of the I think they all apply but see maybe it is Universal maybe it’s it’s for it’s for all sentient beings right all consciousness at all I think it all applies right so he will have his little t will have his experience when it’s time okay so yeah thank you guys for hanging out with me in the chat this whole time this was a good a good episode I really enjoy people come on man and just blow my mind and I love to hear people who are going through similar things but they word it differently that’s like I think that’s maybe the crux of my platform it’s just showing you how we are all the same and nobody’s different nobody’s isolated or singled out whether you’re religious or or lack of or whatever the case is but people you know we’re all going through this together we have different ways of breaking down the wording and the terminology I’ve made enemies because of that right because I’m unafraid and apologetic to call a duck a duck if we’re talking about the same thing we’ll go judge the fruit of it let’s judge the fruit of all things of all my guests of everything we say judge the fruit look at these people’s lives and look at the fruit that is producing that’s and that’s for you you know what I’m saying that’s for you to do I can’t do the work for you I can share with you what’s working for me and that’s also what this is built built upon that I’ve been open with everyone about what’s working for me I’m not hiding anything back and it’s it’s beautiful you know why because other people have been open with me and showing me what works learning from everything learning from everyone the true spiritual alchemy the true mental alchemy going through your tribulations going through your personal process learning what works for you learning the lessons sharing those lessons not as thus saith the Lord lessons that means a matter of fact or this is the only way but hey this is what works for me and let me show you how it works this is how it helped me this is how it continues to help me all of these things or this is what hurts me I found no peace when I did this and I’m open with you guys about that when I was judging people in religion and condescending and trying to be right all the time I had no peace in that now if you’re doing that that’s on you but I had no peace there you may be able to do it and think that you’re spreading truth and you’re a true seeker and you’re a watchman on the wall or you got to blow the trumpet or the people would die at your hand if that’s your reality man and that’s what you believe you know what that’s on you I’ve been there I’ve done it we are talking about cults now everybody wants to talk about being a part of a cult cult leaders cult members I’ve had some on my show people want followers I was in a call to we’ve all most of us have been a part of some type of cold weather it was mainstream religion whether it was in Hebrew Israelites red-letter ministries are l and whatever call you affiliated with this call is everywhere you know you’re not special because you were gonna call we’ve all been apart of calls mainline religion evangelical Christianity for the for the most part it’s a cult as well so I’ll say this I’ve said it you know don’t follow me I don’t want you guys to follow me I’m on the same playing field that field as y’all don’t put me on a pedestal I’m here to encourage you I’m here to equip you and I’m here to send you out I don’t want you to follow me like I’m some into all BR guru I don’t want I don’t want that I’m saying I’m pushing you away don’t follow me on a pedestal I’m with you what I’m not special D everything that works for me I’m freely sharing with you guys man I’m freely giving it and I want you to do the same for me my guests a lot of people in the audience a lot of you guys listening to this like you guys are the pool from my guests to come on this show like I interview my friends I interview people in my personal circle I interview people I’ve looked up to and studied under that have some good things that have worked for me that have helped me on my spiritual journey it’s about being open and authentic all of us there’s no you know you got to read you got to do the research yourself you got to do the knowledge yourself you have to go through these tests yourself you’re not exempt because you because I gave you the game or told you the answers you’ll get through it a lot quicker if you apply it you get through it a lot quicker you’re gonna have to take the test yourself and like the brother said you’re gonna have to take a pop quiz maybe some months later maybe some years later you’re gonna be quiz just to make sure you didn’t forget these universal laws this inner sanctification process that you go through everyone has to go through it we’re all initiated like you have to go through your own experience and that’s why I believe that many of you guys are listening to me speak on me these people because you resonate with something you see your journey in a lot of these guests in my experience what I’ve been through and to be open about I don’t hide anything I’ll freely I talk about it all you you have nothing to say that I’ve I’ve had a nothing offends me nothing nothing scares me so I’ve been through it all you know what I’m saying we deal with rejection we deal with ridicule we deal with criticism not just me all of you guys that comes with the territory once you build a platform of any look all of these schisms are in every facet of life it’s in religion it’s in the podcasting community it’s in the spiritual community you know it’s in every when you start being authentic there’s people who are not comfortable in their own skin you make them nervous you make them jealous by you showing up and being okay with the person the individual that God created you the individual and they’re jealous of that they want to be that keep shining keep shining your light keep doing your thing don’t give up don’t stoop to their level because if you don’t in doing so just walking in peace and walking in grace the scripture says that you’re gonna heap hot coals upon their head that they can’t get you to stoop down to that level look keep your head up man Tupac said it the best you got to keep your head up man these rules are universal for everyone it’s hard I know it is I’ve come out of religion I’ve gone back I’ve come out I’ve gone back it’s the pendulum effect you believe this you don’t believe that you believe this you don’t believe that you’re scared that’s fear we’re talking about overcoming the fear overcoming the ego in these things it’s very natural you’re not to blame you know I’m saying like you you’re this is your journey whatever you have to do whatever you have to go through even for a period of time it’s all part of the process man this is the hammering process this is the sanctification process that talks about in the Bible of refining yourself into fine gold and there you’re gonna be as fine gold refined in a fire seven times over at the end trust me man I see I see y’all journeys man I see it I know you guys I felt it with y’all i sup with y’all I know what you’re going through I’ve been there I’ve been in coach trust me we got friends coming out of coats left and right it’s insane man people that’s why you don’t follow a person I don’t want you to follow me don’t follow me I want to encourage you I want to equip you I want to send you whatever your goal is whatever your dream is I urge you to follow it I urge you to seek after it this is coming through for me with a relationship with God relationship with the Holy Spirit with Jesus this is my experience right and I’m gonna be open with that and and nothing offends me nothing scares me I love people I love spirituality I love awakening in any facet that that’s coming through I agree with what I’ve said on the show many times I agree with Billy Graham the late Billy Graham who said that God deals with all people I don’t care if you’re in Hinduism don’t care if you in Buddhism Islam without only the care even heard the name of Jesus that God has a remnant of people out there that he’s dealing with and they’re spread out on the four corners of the earth and they’re true believers inwardly because they had this inner connection that they believe in something greater than themselves those aren’t my words that’s the late and great Reverend Billy Graham the greatest Christian evangelist of our time saying the same things that we’re saying here and just reiterating repeating we’re in good company guys you’re under persecution you’re under threat fear all that kind of stuff condemnation damnation you’re in good company these are the promises of the Bible in this world you shall have tribulation but therefore be of good cheer for I have overcome the world that’s what Jesus said be of good cheer you’re gonna be persecuted for righteousness sake you’re gonna be persecuted for being happy that’s weird why are you gonna hate me for being happy why are you gonna hate me as someone says in the chat for being fearless right those who fear they’re not cool with this they want you to stoop down to their level but I’m gonna tell you man I’ve been a part of cults I’ll give a quick example just because I had a sister who kind of reached out to me or we connected she left a cult cult called rlm redlener ministries and it was essentially a call and you could tell this a cult because this is what happens when you disagree with them or their doctrines or their belief they kick you out they excommunicate you they demonize you that comes with the territory right this happened to her she questioned the leader and he you know they lash out at you they tell the the followers to lash out so it’s like a gang mentality it’s not like if it was just one person it’s okay but you have relationships with people in those groups you have relationships with those people that are in that following or that cult whatever you want to call it that church just call it call it a church I don’t care what you call it and then you have that fall out or you question the authority and they put the boot to you or you can’t question that’s the man of God and so they put the boot to you they excommunicate you they and then they mock you they ridicule you and it was different if it was the pastor or just this one man ridiculing you but they get everyone to do like the gang mentality and now you feel like everyone’s doing it right it makes you feel a certain type of way makes you feel like you’re the one in the wrong if there’s like a majority who looks down at you for questioning Authority like it makes you try they try to make you feel a certain type of way but you need to question authority you need to keep questioning your spirituality your growth any leader you got a question everybody questioning motives question doctrine question at all man and what is true is going it’s gonna play out in the end I was a part of a cult called the Hebrew Israelites I was a part of the Hebrew Israelites for some number of years funded them paid for their leaders I was really close to their leaders I paid for them to fly in not just me but I had a group of people here we had our own church and I was over the division down here of Hebrew Israelites and we travel out to Atlanta different places and like I said we’d fly them in here we’d go downtown we preach we were all white you’ve probably seen some of these people online but we’d go out and we’d preach on the corners years ago and there was there was an experience where I went out to Atlanta and they flew into Atlanta and we got to meet them all and was hanging with it with the top guys in that cult and I looked up to those dudes man that doodoos told me taught me how to study the scriptures they taught me how to break down the Bible not just to read the Bible but to actually break it down with scriptures in context and line upon line precept upon precept they taught me that I didn’t learn that in church I learned how to read the Bible in church they taught me how to study the Bible and break it down and quote it so I went through that with those guys and in Atlanta there was some new people there who was a part of it they were like out of New Jersey I’m in Alabama they’re out of New Jersey California and we’d all come together and have these meetings and go out and preach in the streets and stuff so I met this guy and while we were out there speaking I did some they let me speak a little bit you know and uh and there was one guy who read for me and me and him got really close when we were down there man I really identified with him he liked music a lot so me and this guy got really close after the Atlanta trip was over we got back home we exchanged numbers and me and this guy would talk every day for months we talked every day we’d have 3-way phone calls for Wade phone calls or everybody would call in on three-way and we’d all just man just to hold the whole day just chopping it up in the spirit chopping it up in the scriptures and this guy’s name was mehar that was his Hebrew name and me and him got really close well he wanted to start his own ministry he wanted to go out in New Jersey into the ghettos into the hood and he wanted to do what the leaders were doing he wanted to preach out in the streets and teach openly things like that so he started doing that he started making signs and going out there he started doing videos and then the leader of the black Hebrew Israelites or I don’t know if anyone call him black Hebrew Israelites because these guys were more open the leader didn’t like that he only wanted his teachings to be out there right he wanted his he wanted to be the one doing the teaching and you guys probably a lot of these coats operate the same this the cult leader only wanted his teachings out there and he would ask mehar or anybody else to take him down I mean I put teachings out there years ago they asked me to take him down and I did because I respected that the leaders took those teachings down they kind of blacklisted my heart because my heart felt like he was really supposed to go out there and reach his community he was in a whole nother state right they blacklisted him and they told me Derek I want you to cut off all communication with maja with blacklisted my heart do not talk to him and I was hurt because I me and my heart were talking daily like we were really good friends man really good friends but because I followed this cult because I followed this dude I cut off all communication with my heart I blocked his number and and quit talking to him because I was a part of that call and they asked me not to and then everybody not just me but everyone else blocked my heart everybody else stayed away from my heart and anybody else who questioned the leader or wanted to kind of do your own thing within what they were doing not like out of it but within it and that’s how these coats are man they did jealous for membership they are jealous for supporters they want to be the master teacher you see a lot of these coats now they even call themselves that they call themselves the master teacher and it’s some dude who’s dropping knowledge off of YouTube videos he’s been watching for years causes them to master there’s a bunch of those people out there I’ve been involved with many cults I haven’t been in the inner workings of a lot of them but I have seen even when I left the black Hebrew Israelites right when I left that call I watched the Jim Jones documentary Jonestown somebody says it’s all about the money yep a lot of times it is I watched the Jonestown documentary so many revelations and so many similarities to how these dudes was rolling with this black Hebrew Israelites into a cult like it was a real deal they got to a place where they women left their husbands and sold their possessions to come and live with these guys who bought land in Egypt right on the outskirts of Egypt and they were trying to get people to do that they would say bring your wives bring your children sell all your possessions and follow us like they did in the Bible and people did it husbands were against it the wives left them this is the this is the type of pool that these dudes had spiritually that wives left their husbands to go be with this Cole I got weirded out it was to where it was too much for me that’s when I left I say you know y’all I’m not doing I’m not leaving my family selling my house and to come live with you guys in the commune you know God watched Jonestown and seen all the similarities from from the garments they were wearing all white in head garments and the way that cult leaders welcomed you in to a lot of even a lot of the tactical things they would do to scare people they always use fear and they scare you and a lot of the same things that Jim Jones said this cult was talking about as well the black Hebrew Israelites like word for word and then it goes even deeper I get out of all that stuff I move on I get into spirituality I found a spiritual core the new why being so the new I be ins have fallen falling apart but time I got into this but lco be the lost children of Babylon they were part of the new ah beings and the new ah big nation they had their own pyramid outside of Atlanta they all wore white and it was very much the same as these other cults they’re the leaders are saying the other things they’re trying to get the followers and all of these cults mirror one another man with all that being said look don’t follow man don’t follow another human Jesus came to show you that you can connect with God he came to bridge the gap that Jesus took the power from the Pope Jesus took the power from the priest he has made a high priest after the order of Melchisedec well now you can go straight to God your father God Holy Spirit your mother go to these yourself you don’t need me you don’t need your pastor you don’t need the Pope clergymen the Imam the gurus any of these people you don’t need them Jesus came to bridge the gap to show us that we can go straight to the Father now he was the one mediator between God and man and through that through understanding that through breaking that down and understanding and knowing it for yourself with it says we can know we can approach the throne of grace boldly we can go straight to God ourselves and fellowship with the creator of the universe how powerful is that how powerful is that and that the Creator wants you to the Creator wants a relationship with you wants to speak to you is speaking to you and has been speaking to you from the day you were born marked you from the day that you were born numbered all the hairs upon your head and knows you inside and now there’s no secrets that you can hide from God even though how we try to even like Adam it’s a picture of us we’ve tried to hide our nakedness and hide of our sins and the things that we’ve done bad we try to hide it from God act like he didn’t see it nobody else saw it saw it maybe God didn’t see we try to hide it right but we’re to be open man before God we’re to be open we can go bow to the throne of grace man and this is what it’s about when you meditate when you get still in that moment and you close your eyes and you look within the scripture says peace be still and know that I am God there was magic when that happens when you turn everything off and you get by yourself you can put on some music you can put on some data waves like the brother was saying you could put something on but you connect you just let go the cares of the world the cares of the day you meditate you get in that spirit you asked for God to reveal himself to you Holy Spirit lead me into all truth and it happens you breathe in the very essence of who you are the Holy Spirit when you breathe the pranayama that moves through your body you connect with that oneness look that’s where the power is you need nothing that they’re selling you you need nothing outside of yourself they want you to believe that you need all kind of stuff and you have to agree with dogma and bla bla bla bla bla and all this stuff and they want to confuse you and they want to corner the market so to speak you don’t need anything you don’t need anything you can go with them Jesus come to says Jesus comes and says at the kingdom of heaven is within you if it’s without you then you got a search for something you can go within the religious the religious right hate that they hate that we have access to that throne room they don’t like that they’ll even try to explain those scriptures away well that just means is the kingdoms around you trust me I’ve heard it a million times the kingdom is around you that’s what that word means no it’s within the scripture says that the Spirit of God dwelleth not in temples made by hand but you are the temple of the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of God dwelleth within you well where do we go to sup with the spirit where do we go to communicate do we go outside of ourselves it’s the it’s the beautiful conundrum like you were saying it’s retaining without being outcast cast yourself out cast your lights above and below the Supreme personality of Godhead own that’s what it is it’s within its without its as above so below it’s on earth as it is in heaven it’s very deep it’s very beautiful it’s a mystical majestic magic go dance that’s magic in itself white magic to really get in and know who you are when nobody can tell you who you are sup with your father gaze into the beauty of your father’s eyes man telling you man nobody can take that from you nobody there’s no way that you can go where you you’re hidden from God nobody can take that from you man you were sealed and it’s an everlasting love it’s an everlasting covenant don’t let nobody steal that from you that’s your peace that’s your joy nobody gave it to you so they can’t take it if they gave it to you they could take it back nobody gave it to you that’s your inheritance as sons and daughters of the Most High God I’m gonna say a quick prayer over you guys man I love you guys thank you for supporting my work man you guys you guys are awesome I’m gonna say a quick prayer for anybody struggling anybody going through it I just offer a prayer like we said we just got through talking about the power of prayer the power of agreement the power of this spoken word you believe this has and just let this prayer wash over you god I thank you for my beautiful friends and family here listening right now anybody who’s struggling anybody who’s going through hardship and a hard time anybody who’s going through persecution and accusation it’s just like the devil right the accuser of the Brethren is the name of the enemy the negative force in the universe the accuser of the Brethren anybody who’s accused my friends right now God I thank you Lord that you said in your word you said that no weapons formed against this shall not shall prosper that the weapon was shall be formed but it shall not prosper he said in any tongue that rises up against us your children and judgment that you would condemn it father I ask you to condemn those words right now with those words have kind of done damage to the body the etheric body to the mind right now any any cords right now we sever those ties right now in the mighty name of Jesus got to thank you for peace and your presence God that moves that’s our inheritance right now right now loose loose loose there’s a new piece a new fire a new fervour and a new hunger right now God Jesus mighty name blessum keep them God keep them safe sky keep keep their hearts away from wickedness keep their minds pure hands clean heart pure God I thank you for that in Jesus name Amen thank you guys for supporting me man I couldn’t do this without you if you want to support my work on patreon and keep me doing this music podcasts all of that stuff to continue to come please check out my patreon page my new album just came out you get over you get exclusive interviews exclusive podcast and you get exclusive access to the Thursday nights at 7 p.m. Central School of the Mystics that’s where it’s at school of the Mystics is amazing I’m having so much fun meeting with you guys on Thursday nights coming into our destiny learning how to follow the voice of the Holy Spirit learning about our inner ear inner intuition moving into prophetic this is just a beautiful Thursday nights man I want you guys to meet me over there you get all that for supporting my work anywhere just $1 a month man thank you guys for doing that I really appreciate it it means the world with that I must say Shalom and God bless Adam what’s up Adam star seed Bay he says I love the school of the Mystics me too bro shoutout to to Adam you guys comment so I can just everybody listen in comment so I’ll give you guys quick shout outs out Chris bars which I’m gonna see Thursday my brother Danny Guerrero brother I love you man I want to connect with you soon Christy folks huge supporter you guys thank you guys man Adam star seed Bay doroth Rodriguez yeah Kristina Samantha you guys come in I’m gonna give you shots out I’ve seen a bunch of names this whole time but uh it’s kind of hard to to remember them all and stay in the in there in the in the spirit of the conversation Ruach code s-salam brothers and sisters mister brother watchin Ruach so yeah thank you guys for supporting my work it means the world I got a podcast lined up all week so I’ll be back tomorrow doing this God’s moving the Spirit is birthing some things within us men with persecution with adversity man if we if we we don’t let them still all joy man there’s some beautiful things that happen in the spirit so I’ve got some beautiful things that are happening the birth of my new album it’s coming out this Friday if you’re watching this live if you’re not listening to this live it’s all ready I’ll go pick it up but man this albums coming out it’s phenomenal I’m excited about that I’ve come getting some some information on how to formulate some of these some of these teachings that I have in a multimedia format were so all of this stuff we’ve been questioned and we’ve been talking about I’m gonna be doing some some videos on that so it’s gonna be good so trust me I’m gonna show you why I believe what I believe what we talk about this stuff in conversation format like I said but I really do love to get into kind of breaking down the scriptures and the belief systems and some of the other holy books and things like that and just experience man that why I believe what I believe and how all things work together for the good of those who love Him man so we’re gonna be getting into that really soon I’m blessed not stressed I love you guys what’s up Thomas Olsen blessings thank you for the support – with that Shalom Shalom peace I love you guys [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker com and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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