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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah is joined by renown Psychic Medium Mary Beth Wrenn. We discuss spirituality, the paranormal and how to tap into ones own inner intuition so that they themselves can operate within their own divinity. Mary recalls some of her personal experiences dealing with spirits from the other side and how they try to communicate with people. Tapping into the spirit realm one must be intentional and guard themselves because there are so many beings that are in the athers that can be assessed and would like to communicate. Some are good, some are bad and many other are neutral when it comes to entities in the spirit realm. When asked if she ever uses a Ouija board in her practices Mary Beth immediately responded with a resounding NO. As we covered many deep spiritual truths in the conversation we also both spoke about our love for video games and the beauty behind the community aspect of gaming culture. There are many video games that are full of esoteric and occult lore from myth to magic it is all covered from Magic the Gather to D&D and other Fantasy games.

Mary Beth is a professional psychic and spiritual medium with over 30 years’ experience. She offers highly detailed & accurate psychic readings through a range of clairvoyance & clairaudience. Her specialty is tuning into your auric field and communicating to your loved ones on the Other Side.  She offers  guidance to all of her clients, encouraging them to move in a positive  direction and face the challenges that may lie ahead of them.

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the chat what up chat everybody’s already hanging out in a chat go ahead and say hello let us know that you’re here everybody listening on the podcast thing apps as well shout out to you guys you all Rock you’re awesome got a good show plan for you guys today but I can’t go any further without saying a huge thank you again to all the patreon supporters everybody supporting my work via patreon you guys are the enablers you guys enable me to do this full-time and so we are listening or support it so again thank you from the bottom of my heart anybody giving at any level thank you so much so special shout out to some of the latest patients we have within the last week or so we give a shout out to Jeremy Smith thank you for coming on board brethren and Robby Bowen shout out to you guys man and everybody else who’s been given four months if not years at this point riding with me to see this thing through man everybody supporting the music in the podcast and what I bring to the table got a lot of interesting stuff lined up for you guys I’m gonna do a special birthday stream this would be Thursday night instead of the School of the Mystics I’m gonna do a birthday livestream so you guys can hang out with me and and buy me a drink if you so desire so be taking donations and all that kind of stuff raising money for my birthday and just hanging out it’s going to be candid I’m going to just talk about whatever so we’re gonna do a Q&A and really nothing is going to be off-limits for that that interview so Thursday night that’ll be 8 p.m. actually tonight we’re gonna be interviewing Jordan Maxwell again so it’s kind of a spur of moment thing Jordan Maxwell hit me up and he wants to come back on the show so we’re gonna get it in and talk about some of the dark Illuminati stuff we’re gonna get that and you go in that that’s what he loves to talk about we’re gonna make it happen so it will be live again tonight and Thursday night so hang out with this din like I said if you’d like to support you get access to my entire discography 10 plus albums over 200 songs you get access to the Thursday night school of the Mystics and a bunch of other cool stuff that we’re doing on the back end so without further ado I’m excited for today’s show I’m gonna bring all my guests today Marybeth Rin how are you my friend welcome to the show hello thank you thank you for having me treats Nica I’m really looking forward to this do I call you trigger do I call ya your real name either one either true the truth is fine just so you don’t have to add those extra syllables to truth CK every time you say it so truth is fine so orderi – all right but thank you for having me on your show this is very awesome this is actually one of my first podcast I do a lot of FM and FM and AM radio dial stops so you’ll hear me over the video podcast I may end up saying a caller or guys my next caller yeah I’m looking forward to having a great conversation of course I’m checking out your posters back there and thinking yeah man yeah right I know I want to talk about it all cuz I want to get deep I’ve got some deep questions that I have written down here for you to get into it I want to do that but also like I said on a very light-hearted note we have a shared entrance interest of retro games or just gaming in general so I want to talk about that you asked me if I livestream seeing all the gaming posters and stuff so well we’ll talk about that here in a little bit to some of the you know the gaming aspect of the spiritual community and sit and talk about that but first of all let’s let’s talk a little bit about who you are and what you bring to the table just kind of like an introduction about what you do to be a great place to start why not well I am a psychic me actually my medium is your aura so what I’m saying to you is I see the energy field around everyone and everything you don’t need to necessarily need to be alive to have an aura yes a an object can have an aura however it’s not as strong as say a person’s aura because a person or an organic object is um has a soul so that’s the difference between an object and a person so what I do is when I look at a person’s energy field now this is the weird part I don’t need to see you with my eyes I get it in fresh mystically and so I see colors images thought-forms shades densities cues you name it and then from there the the human person with human being is if you will a broadcaster and I’m your receiver so I’ll receive the information but for which you’re subconsciously broadcasting you’re actually creating your own future and as a psychic medium what I do is tune in and I can put I can project forward just see that energy field and bring it back to it now so a lot of times I often say look I’ll empower you is easy I see the future to empower you and now that gets interesting I can also connect to the other side because I loved ones on the other side don’t have bodies but they have auras and I’ll tune into that energy field now I started way before the internet was even invented so when I started out I told people I was an ORAC do you know how many people thought I sold vacuum cleaners I knew I had a change in a little so I tweaked it to turn it into psychic medium but I am actually a person who can see the energy field so that’s my way of getting into people’s lives if they allow me now I’m not gonna go button in and saying hey I’m at the grocery store hey your life is this this this check you know my Jersey girl have come out I mean I boundaries I’m like I flushed yours so don’t be busting mine either so but that’s basically what I do I’ve been doing this now as a professional for 32 years that’s right three two years 32 years I have seen most fall kind of used to it when I’m on the FM and AM radio dial it depends on the format of the station but I’ll either have questions like when when am I gonna get laid what am I gonna get paid right it’s so funny if it’s a Delilah’s type of station that it’s Manson Finance yeah like most ask questions about your love life in your work and then of course and I’m just a normal everyday person full-time psychic and part-time gamer a bulk of two concepts Xbox one X and PlayStation 4 we’re going to talk about it we’re gonna get into it oh so you make a distinction there even on your website so you say you’re a psychic and a medium some people may think it’s the same thing what’s the difference because you do make a distinction between the two I do well not all mediums are psychic they’re not all psychics or mediums a medium is a person who can well technically like the word is uh it’s Midway middle uh especially let’s use the word for communicating to the other side or should I say communicating from the other side as a person like might look like myself very sensitive what I’ll do is I’ll meditate and I’ll expand my awareness now I want you to think about this when I read as a psychic I’m like I’m thinking more in linear thinking like a self line past-president future right left to right but when I’m communicating into the other side I have to expand my enters in a vertical direction so when a medium does is we raise our energy frequency so we expand but those on the other side must concentrate their energies so they come in just a little not enough just show up as a solid form at the end of your bed what they can and the hell out of you for about 15 seconds but for we mediums what we do is we meet them halfway in the middle medium like a media kind of a Latin form meed but a psychic on the other hand can use tools tarot cards tea leaves palmistry fair who’s that what’s a fancy word for reading the bumps on your head link down on it however so there is a difference most times psychics we’ll talk about primarily future past lives that sort of thing but the medium is where you would spend sort of upward I think of a psychic as expanding horizontally past present future or past life current life projected future life does that make sense to you yes somebody says free nuff phrenology I’ve never heard that word thank you Chris going yeah that’s it so how do you think that works because I’m I’m a little perplexed myself because I see in the spirit I I pick up you know discernment of spirits can get around somebody feel what they’re going through feel what’s on them or whatever I kind of work that way and I kind of you know when I do sessions with people or go out in public I just kind of talk about how I’m able to go in the spirit realm and just be able to move some things around like you’re saying if you can go into their future and pull it into the now we can go into the dream state we can go into the ideas and things like that and help them manifest that into the physical reality moving things around so you see results instantly but a lot of that stuff is kind of stuff you have to work out right you have to make sure that’s what you want see it through and I guess you seeing it through at the end of the day proves that’s what you want but um how does that work for you because like a lot of times I used to well we’re on hold right now but I’d do a a psychic show with a friend of mine on blog talk I’ll run the switchboards and take callers but I dabble a little bit as well and a lot of people will call in like you said and said hey am I gonna get laid hey is there a spouse out for me when am I gonna find that spouse or am I gonna get the job my mind always works in the in the fact in the form of like bringing it into the now it’s like hey is this gonna happen my response is usually do you want it to happen right how bad do you want it you know versus like calling into a show hey do your magic it’s a free show you know make it happen as I hold on how bad how bad are you willing to fight for it hey my marriage is in shambles is it are we gonna be on the rocks are we gonna what do you want do you want to solve it we can work from there like what do you want right right what I like to tell people is reality is what do you make it so you have to be very certain that the choices you make towards your future all I’m doing is providing you a route for the future in other words you can take the interstate where you can take the scenic route it is up to you it’s called freewill and it’s your choice but remember you have to be absolutely sure what you’re asking for and what you’re looking for I wrote a book called souls goals and it’s primarily the thesis of the book is your life is a direct reflection of your hearts projection and what I’m saying by that is that what you’re creating and your reality starts from your heart and if you are not centered within a place of love unconditional love self-love and love for others if you project a doubt you’re going to get people that are mixed messages coming back to you because remember life is a reflection relationships are reflection of you so whatever you’re asking for the future you must be responsible for the knowledge and you see and that’s not for the reader to decide for you it’s new so you have to be absolutely certain about what you want I’ve had people come to see me that will give me the old mixed message let me go away I wrote a man but don’t can you me it’s what the Big Bud syndrome I’m like you know yeah figure it out first and then come see me cuz you’re if you’re projecting a mixed message you’re gonna get a mixed message your secret to your future it starts in the now yeah that’s good stuff and you you can actually go in and bring it into the now we’re getting a lot of questions here in the chat and I’m trying to write some of these out because they’re actually really good and what we’re gonna go back to some of these in a little bit I’d like to talk to people about their childhood childhood is kind of like a big thing for people if you know I’m saying trauma happening to them and having paranormal experiences UFO encounters a lot of stuff that happens to you when you’re little opens up your mind to believe in the things unseen right whether I mean there’s its countless right did you ever have any encounters when you was a little kid would where you visited did you see a UFO were you into supernatural and horror movies that can actually kind of move you into that direction as well did you have encounters when you were little that is a really great question and I can make that a novel of an answer well my family’s background is the church so for me to come to see my tell my mother or my father when he was alive that I could do what I could do I was like no don’t say it so I didn’t blossom until I moved out of the quote parents basement but well where I go with this I was this mutual UFO network state PR director of North Carolina James Bond that’s right MUFON the one was at that time based in Texas and I think it was Walt Andrus was the president the time but I had a UFO experience in 1969 and then again in 1991 the UFO experiences that I had seemed to be psychic experience meaning you’ve got to be in the vicinity of me or four five feet out for the person to see it otherwise it’s the strangest thing I said it can be just a whole different thing but growing up I just thought that seeing auras was normal so I never spoke about it and to be honest with you I thought that to be psychic with me telekinetic now if I could pick up this book and float it across the table with my mind and put it down over here not actually but to see auras that’s boring because they do it all the time I didn’t have anything unusual strike me over the head no lightning bolts nothing spooky scary uh I just noticed it was my ex-husband she was really into the paranormal and he would take me we would go to meetings in New York with John keel now John keel is a gentleman who wrote the Mothman Prophecies but he was also in charge of the 40 in society charles fort was a gentleman who had a club if you will in I don’t not sure where he was but John keel was New York City and we would all gather and share stories just like we’re doing now also so when I was with Bryan that’s my ex-husband saying he was really into the paranormal and so I went in kicking and screaming to go sneak a channeler now I’m telling you I’m plating my cheek at this point cuz I’m thinking okay asleep Oh rocker so she says that she’s channeling Gandhi always somebody big and grandiose exactly why didn’t get anything out of the channeling however I noticed that the woman’s house where was being hosted I love the color of the wall and I said to the woman I love that gold paint and she says that’s not gold there was no gold paint it’s wood it was like Brady Bunch motif Brown and I said no it was gold and I discovered then and there I was seeing the auras so strongly and by process of elimination what I did was I developed my language and colors and I developed but I didn’t have anything that bowled me over it was not interested in horror movies I just had a normal everyday childhood however when my first job I worked for the United Methodist Church so doing readings on Tuesdays was a slight conflict of interest on Wednesday when I was video videotaping the deacon oh good I was sitting there behind camera praying to God I wasn’t busted no God has a great sense of humor so what happened I followed my intuition and move south well but you know what I have people down here that are so much more spiritual and so very very open and very loving so I I couldn’t be happier what state are you in I’m in North Kerala I mean North Carolina okay yeah so are you trying to get away from the you know the religious people and you’re moving towards I’m looking for him I’m telling you I thought I was arm wrestling with spirit Don are you sure you want me to march now I want to go to California Colorado okay I will and she know the funniest thing was I moved down here participated in my first psychic there on a Sunday slammed we were four hours wait lines wow I never believed in points not but I did have a spooky experience one time this was before I kind of knew that I was as strong as a psychic medium but this is why I hid for many years and I mean I hid under a rocket because I was scared of the result but I’ll keep it simple I’ll try to at least I went to a psychic there in Fayetteville and which we like to call Fayette Nam around here thinking it’s a the air force base down there for the army base so I met this psychic there and I lay down the car I’m yeah I use tarot cards when I’m at psychic fairs but when the spirit world comes through I can’t read the future if I try being constantly in Stara interrupted well this woman walks in it’s July mind you this woman dress is dressed up like it’s New Year’s meet party night she’s got black dress fishnet fishnets Nikes high heels everything and she be lines right for me and she’s I want to talk to you I was like okay so I lay out the cards and expecting to let her know about her future past present future bit all of a sudden I’ve got this energy of this man comes around and this is what the Spirit says to me I should have killed her when I had the chance I’m like so of course I didn’t want to say that to her so I say this ma’am did you have an altercation with somebody so I’m trying to make it as nice as possible and then she points that means he says you’re talking to him okay I was like yeah she goes what did she say hmm I finally said okay he says she should have killed you when she had the chance and at that point she slides back from the table stands up shows herself profile to me and says I don’t know if I can you step curse words or anything but she says that sob mist and I said okay clue to medium then and she said I survived a botched murder-suicide she said my ex-husband tried to kill herself try to kill her he missed she feign’d dead he shot himself she survived lost all the weight built up her self-esteem and at that point she wanted to exact revenge on his spirit and I was so naive and didn’t know how to say no do the psychic defense there are people I’ll just turn people flat down you’re you psychic ability for the wrong reason and you’re out of here I’m not dealing with you so for a good four months I hid because all this woman wanted to do was constantly contact me to just torture the heck out of her spirit of her husband and I thought if that is what psychic ability and psychic mediumship is about I want nothing to do with it so I literally hid and finally through a few miracle experiences I finally came back I’m very comfortable now if I had that chance to do over again although I never wanted to I would have much more strength to say oh hell no I am NOT talking to you no way go call a 900 line no not me goodbye yeah that was my my experience yeah that’s that’s a that’s an interesting one and you know those kind of experiences early on lets you know that something is that work like something’s going on they can see something that that’s going on with you coming from the church background have you ever studied like the Christian prophetic movements or anything like that there’s a couple comments in the chat I think it’s ronita talking about how she was in church and into prophetic worship maybe or just prophesying over people essentially reading their future telling them hey this is going on in your life let me pull it off of you like the same type of things everybody just has different words for I come out of the Christian movement as well and was into the prophetic and I still kind of keep a lot of terminology and stuff and branch it over but it’s all talking about the same things have you looked into that movement at all or been around had those conversations versus being against you you know I’ve only heard the surface of it I am by no way a theology major or ministers minister I just not but I have heard of it I do find that Christianity and many all religions seem to lead back to the center of love so I see God as love and I noticed that in this day and age it seems like the paranormal metaphysics seem to be as popular critical mass as McDonald’s french fries big mac okay it’s just out there ah I am thrilled beyond belief to know that there are Christians that there are people spiritual people that are open and loving and not judgmental and that they can incorporate this spirituality with their with their beliefs and with their foundation law because we meetings it is become almost commonplace where I get phone calls from parents that are convinced their kids are psychic or see ghosts are seeing demons are seeing this is that and the first thing I like to say stop watching all those ghost shows and projecting your views on your kids stop just stop that’s not there so I love that she does that and I want to find out more about it because it is there and I just met a friar who’s also very fascinated working with me as that’s what I do as a psychic and that’s a breath of fresh air to keep going I was told this was a personal meditation that occurred for me back in paranormal the metaphysics will be as commonplace as like I said McDonald’s nice like yeah right I’ll believe that when I see it and I heard very clearly in my mind there will be a war on through your mind please come from a place of love because if there’s people out there playing with these types of hearts they do not know what they’re doing it’ll keep me and you with job security because we have to peel the cooties off of people because they’re playing with stuff they don’t know what they’re doing yeah let’s use the Lord’s Prayer it’s like a psychic body condom yeah there’s it’s just interesting like I come from the Christian background and in the prophetic movement and stuff and uh all of this stuff man speaking in tongues is a big one you know and in other religions practice that other faiths practice speaking in tongues by a different name and all of it’s very similar the energy when it hits you there’s movements do you ever get into the movements are you ever to feel energy just hit you and you just kind of it feels good maybe is that for like sort of from the Holy Spirit Kundalini energy ever hit you and just kind of refresh you do you do that at all yes it does it the Kundalini with the serpent rising it’s just that it that is amazing when it happens often times I call it the body barometer so when the body reacts to energy I can pick up on senses of just goosebumps sometimes I’ll feel it the gut sometimes it’s too much on the hand it’s a lot of pressure but most times when I feel like I’m connecting with a person there’s a certain resonance you’re a musician I learn I do a little bit of music my father was a class of organist so I grew up around music so when something resonates it harmonizes in the vibrational frequency matched because when something doesn’t harmonize you’ll feel it it just it feels wrong you just rub the cat’s fur backwards he just everything just doesn’t feel right so there’s got to be that flow yes I feel that yeah it’s good too because like like it’s there’s a phrase from the church it’s like we don’t walk by feelings we walk by faith and because you don’t always feel great sometimes you wake up on the wrong side of the bed so you don’t always go off of your feelings but when beautiful spirits are around angels the Holy Spirit God when you’re connected you can you can feel it in your body like you said there’s energies and you’re and you are a transmitter you when you can be in tune crystals there’s all types of things that help you align with that frequency the same could be said with evil spirits around right or spirits that are you know darker or malicious and 10 you know different things like that but there’s this weird thing too because we’re talking about church a little bit so there’s people who if something different we understand a lot of church people religious people demonize what they don’t understand and so just getting around somebody and say oh you’re what you’re they could just hear the term that you’re a psychic and there’s comments here people are like they go to church and if they find out that their psychic there they’re done with right so just even that the term psychic medium occult aliens you know it automatically makes them feel a certain type of way and that word will like trigger them even though it’s not bad for some reason they feel like oh my sense of disarm is going off because I feel a certain type of way by that word that’s a weird place to where you have to lose we move to a level of maturity that can take a very long time to come out of the religious programming right you are so correct about that it is that unfortunately it’s just got such a problem rap about the thing but then I often counteract with well if I’m a psyche that has visions then what about the person who’s called the ministry oftentimes I hear them say they had a vision that they were called to minister hello same thing okay it’s just that it’s the connotations to the word those meanings you’re I agree with you 100% of that yeah that’s all I mean there’s those those similarities there when we’re talking about that being called to the ministry or usually having an angelic encounter we look at you know we can look at the Apostle Paul who had an angelic encounter with Jesus that showed up as a being of light we look at Paul we look at Jesus we look at Joseph Smith’s we look at Muhammad and they all have these angelic encounters but it’s funny because like only theirs is right no no that’s something else that was a demon like I’ve heard people say they’ll tell you in the text is and the angel Michael appeared and Christians are like no that was a demon the hold on this same type of encounter that you’ve had other people are having it outside of your faith and but it’s demon be demonized because they have different beliefs or it just looks different it sounds different or they use the word Allah in the world a lot is just Aramaic or whatever for God it just means God you know so you know I’m saying a Christian would you even say Allah like but they think that’s the name of a deity and this gets really weird with all these schisms and wanting it to sound a certain way I wanted it presented a certain way so maybe when you do sessions do you run into that with people because I’m as the studies I’m doing I’m talking to hypnotherapist and psychics and stuff and if there’s someone who has a strong belief in God you’re gonna maybe use the word Jesus or the Jesus is the safe place for them versus you do sessions where people who don’t believe in God or are hurt by that until you wouldn’t use that terminology because they would be standoffish or whatever so you have to kind of change the way you speak a little bit you run into that yeah you know what I’m I often think of this is like a double standard you know they can only be their way or it’s the highway cetera and that’s that’s not none open way of seeing spirituality I love the old saying that’s religion was created for those who want to avoid hell on the other hand spirituality was for those who have been there yeah I love that description too that makes a lot of sense I noticed that I do use the word Jesus and God Christ in my in my work yeah I also refer to God as Great Spirit the one the overseer and he depends because people are triggered by the words but it’s it’s the it’s the it’s the intimation it’s the intention behind the words you mean and it’s everything it’s all energy it’s what you’re putting your attention on isn’t it interesting how in meditation kind of ironic again it’s sort of conflicts if you will because you concentrate to relax no but it’s the thought behind it so take the fuse off the word psychic take the take the detonator switch of the words of God or Christ or what have you because talking about higher levels of love of unconditional non-judgmental compassionate love oh and yet we stick that now your switches on stock I’m using that terminology with people whether it’s on my show or whatever or they’re a client or I’m on you know if I have them on my show the God language a lot of times you can see the triggers their face will change they’ll take it they’ll do little things that maybe they don’t even know that they do for me that’s a point of pain of trauma okay why don’t you like this beautiful Savior of the world named Jesus like who wouldn’t love this purse this man right who wouldn’t fall in love with this type of person right so what is it and you find out that a lot of times something happened if father was a pastor that disowned them or the church demonized them because they were doing something different in so a lot of times in it actually helps with trying to find their healing even if they don’t want it you can tailor this and say okay I’m not gonna use that word I’m just gonna use this for you just hold on let’s explore that a little bit you really came to me because you want healing well this is something we need to address and so a lot of times you see those triggers and they’ll they’ll manifest they’ll do what we call a bodily manifestation sometimes if it gets really deep and you just touched that thing that’s or spa if you if I have an open wound and you stick your finger in it I’m gonna jump hey what are you doing sometimes you speaking that word that’s so wound it’s a soul wound right and if you speak to it if you touch it they’ll manifest I like you said that the man came forth and started speaking through the woman right or whatever like there’s weird manifestations that happen and they lead to that person you know being delivered or getting the healing that they’re seeking even if they don’t even tell you like I came to you for a financial breakthrough but we’re dealing with childhood wounds and traumas and even that could be tied in to the financial stuff of why what’s blocking the flow well the blocking of the flow is in your root chakra and you’re holding on to hurts and offenses and it’s blocking the flow it’s beautiful how it all works right there’s a there’s one author named Debra Ford Ford DB last name is Ford like a car F Ord and she wrote a book called the dark side of light of the light chasers and I’ll say it again the dark side of the light chases and she talks about something called shadow work and what you’re describing to me is shadow work what you’re finding is when somebody reacts to a word that’s a trigger point so in order to heal it they must own it and when you own it you take it upon yourself plate is say for example somebody caused you a bad name okay or something or something cause you’re lazy and you’re like I’m not what is the person for workaholic but then it turns out in the relationship they’re lazy so if once they own the fact that they’re lazy they can find out the benefits of being lazy how it’s but how it’s affecting them and how they can change you could do the same thing with trigger words like in the word Jesus or the word God these open wounds as long as when they own them you can heal them it’s like what you can feel you can heal dr. John Gray Venus and Mars what you feel you can heal and again these books are to me these are shelf shelf like books like the books that last for thousands of years the Bible Sun Tzu part of war so the dark side of life changers so I’m these are books but if you’re really interested it’s studying this phenomenon these are books for yourself awesome yeah I mean is that is that what kind of coined the phrase shadow work is that original black one that kind of coin is he just covered it I think it was Robert why we did first talked about it but Debra Ford brought it into today’s work and Oprah Winfrey picked up on her so she’s got quite a few other books and of course I would recommend the Hay House Publishing Louise Hay she’s got a lot of fantastic authors under her belt and I remember her from New York when she was so that’s why he little book blue in weight versus me blue and blue stripes and it was just nothing but affirmations appealing your life versus now amazing we have a question here from the chat and I’m just going to play it on the chat anything to ever use the Ouija board how do you protect yourself so Andrew thank you for the donation he says ever used a Ouija board how do you yourself know I used I used it once that was enough the Ouija board is not the best tool in the world to connect the other side because there are no locks on a revolving door okay now cabinet no you can have other ways to connect to the other side I I recommend I highly stressed use the Lord’s Prayer or lute use a prayer protection ask for permission to make contact to the other slide but maybe with well with spirits in heaven not the low levels think of it like this yeah ball you want to talk to people that are in the lord and tailored slug department store it not the food food court you want to bring your energy fi you understand but no I’m sorry I will not I think that’s a great analogy the mall though because you walk past the kiosk and there’s people trying to grab you hey come here coming down let me show you this I can make that pitcher move and I do this hey can we come here like China like hold on I got a man find it I’m going here I’m not spending any money but there’s these people are trying to pull you in and almost like the same thing in the spirit world as well right you know when I communicate to the other side remember as a medium I’m raising my energy yeah so I’m going through the I’m going through the mall so I go into the entrance and I hit the food court no I don’t want to be eating thank you very much no thank you I don’t want junk food and garbage for what we call on the South deep-fried Twinkies we don’t want no deep-fried Twinkies we want to go up higher so I want to reach there anchor stores well though heavens and anchor stores Oh Lord and Taylor what a perfect name and so many things trying to pull for your attention and for your money and all this kind of stuff that you can’t deck it you can get caught up sometimes it works though I mean if you’re doing exploration sometimes you have if you go in with that mindset protect yourself like who is my guardian angel I mean but cover yourself set that forth going in with that intention sometimes it works I remember always seeing the massage tables in the mall I’m like I’m not finna get a massage in the middle of the mall one time this guy he just finally grabbed me and put his hands on my shoulders and I was like okay okay I’ll give you $10 e I just spoke to a client whose husband his back has been ruined because he had a massage therapy at one of those ten dollars Massage Therapy fellows at the mall and apparently when this person worked out that’s what happened they’ve done unfortunately the poor man he committed suicide because his back pain was so terrible and it was affected by this person he thinks it went back to the person at the mall and then you just said that I just heard that yeah you gotta be also careful not just with their own retail malls or the mall rats you know be careful of the mall rats from the other side yeah have you seen he’s passed on now but just watching his videos are so beautiful a guy named Baba the cosmic barber and he would do haircuts shaves but at the same time he’s doing massages on your he’s rubbing your face he’s got these crystals he’s pulling your energy he’s pulling it off of you and he puts it in front he said blow it throw it get rid of it is just watching it as a form of ASMR where you’re like I can feel it as you’re working on this guy’s in India in this little bitty tent or whether or like vehicle almost looks like a van or something but those videos are amazing and have you never heard of him he recently passed away man there was a lot of people who found out about him and they were just filming all of his stuff and putting it online and yeah but there it’s it’s amazing but the energy work so they so they do the grooming in care or whatever it is shaving and all that kind of stuff massaging and wash your hair and it’s just deep you got to watch it Baba the cosmic barber I’ll let everybody check that out I like to often say that what especially to women what you need them some people have said this to me they need their psychic they need their hair stylist and of course they need their bartender because well not only does the hairstylist the working around the head where there’s a lot of energy going on yes so I could see how this person could do the healing work and also the grooming at the same time because if you’re walking to a person’s energy field around the higher the chakras from the third from the throat up it is powerful and that’s why it’s always important for people who work in those fields to psychically protect themselves because you can end up go into work having a great day coming home feeling like you’re wearing an elephant on your shoulders yeah has weighed it down but yeah I gotta get that guy’s name from you okay um I’m gonna play a little bit of this I’ll just show you here let me see if we can do is I don’t really do this I haven’t done this live on the podcast but I’m gonna I’m gonna screen share right quick and you should be able to hear we’ll just do this for a second just like so yeah so can you see that yeah okay I don’t know if my chats picking it up though but you can see it okay great so I say he’s just doing a little shave here there’s some grooming check him out oh my god look at him yeah I can feel it just watching it pulled around this guy’s throat in the heart and he’ll do that he’s doing it for like this is about 11 12 minute video I actually took him saying even him saying relax like that he’s like relax relax I took that and put that in one of my songs at the beginning of one of my songs on my new album you hear it it says I don’t know if this is showing up in stream I don’t think it is but make sure y’all go check this out later yeah I know right yes good stuff and he’s got a bunch of videos he’s got a bunch of him bobble the cosmic barber just type it in it’s called the greatest head must head massage 8 extended version Baba the cosmic barber he’s no longer with us physically he just passed away but I was like cuz I’m like it was like one of my goals was like to go see him but there’s other people you’ve seen that and they’re like okay let me try to make this my own so I don’t I don’t know about how many’s in the u.s. doing it but I think it’s something that’s gonna catch on cuz now like I have friends who are like opening up their houses and they’re they’re doing energy healing in their houses I have other friends who have ice-cream parlors and they do Reiki and guided meditation in their ice cream parlor so it’s like I have friends who are hair stylists now and they’re like hey I want to incorporate spirituality with my hair and I’m like hey check out Baba the cosmic barber and I’m doing sessions with them just letting them know how they can incorporate that and so people are starting to add it into everything that they do right that’s I’m saying because that’s who they are like how you can’t separate it and why should you I used to do that when I go to get my hair done and I would hire the woman who was shampooing my hand to give a head massage for at least fifteen minutes before I got my hair done because I could feel them like just to clear out my crown chakra they never understood what I was asking them to do but I just let them I sit here longer and keep working with a scalp don’t ask it’s just the thing and it was I used to do it on a weekly basis and it is so awesome and I do hope that more hairstylist barbers we do that it’s really effective I went some years ago I went to a sports cuts play sports cuts and it just specialize in men’s haircuts it’s these women or whatever and I got a haircut she’s like do do you want to wash with your cut you know hot water wash I’m not sure why not I was a little kid I just always get my hair wash when I will get my hair cut so I go in we go in the back and they get a really hot towel put it on my face and then wash my hair with this almost like essential oil like peppermint stuff we’re sorry tingling your head and this woman’s washing my hair I’m massaging my head and I’m like oh my god I feel like I’m cheating on my wife because this is so euphoric and feel so great I’m like Lord I love it but I feel like I’m not supposed to and it’s like oh my god just massaging your scalp with these essential oils and it was just amazing I left I’m like I will never speak of this moment you know it’s just what it felt wrong but if because it felt so good man you know and somebody else I don’t know but it was it was it was good though right he’s massaging the scalp you know next time she sit right there i watch you teach her how to do it you know there’s no such you know is enlightenment and bliss is joyful and it should not be shamed and it’s been one of the dumbest things that has ever procured of it yes blissful moments are not to be talked about ha ha ha yeah especially with the healer like I and then we talk about this a little bit before but I’m covered it a lot but that you can only show them one side of you like you can’t show them the vulnerable side or the regular side and I know preachers and spiritualists who only let you see that side so they can keep clients coming in they had their on a pedestal and if you’ve seen that they you know put their pants on one leg on at a time one leg at a time it would kill the magic I thought he just jumps into his pants you know like and so they only let you see that side and so I had a really weird thing because we taught my gaming it’s big years now I’m on my old channel but when Pokemon came out I started making Pokemon tutorial videos because and I was playing Pokemon with my wife and daughter that thing was huge right and so us I started messing with it and I kept it on my same channel so you’re watching Jordan Maxwell occult videos and then you get alert and how to catch the certain Pokemon you know me and my daughter making a video or whatever and it just like they’ve a lot of people freaked out like what is this I can’t believe you’re playing this game and bah bah bah bah and it was it was really weird for me I lost a lot of subscribers you know it was on my old channel but it was a after that I’m like okay like maybe they shouldn’t see that side maybe they shouldn’t know that I’m a regular person so it was like this long inward search of like okay how much do you show how open and authentic and I say you know what this power and just being authentic like that’s where the power is and there’s certain live streams that I want to do and things I want to share certain sides of me that that part of me is like now you don’t want to let them see that you know but in other sides you know what this is a great idea I don’t want to check myself to be like well I can’t show them that I’m I built this thing by being open and honest about everything you know about all of it and it’s helping people right for being authentic and not holding back feelings emotions trials triumphs all of it so that was a big thing for me did you ever have a disconnect there with the two yes you know in fact I still often do but I do believe in things like real is raw I mean excuse me being raw is real raw is real keeping we’re no longer staged from a Hollywood perspective YouTube the Internet is the TV radio world where everything is hey it’s the new TV that’s right it’s the now yeah unlike you I’m 53 years old and I’m a gamer yeah did you hear that right yeah I’m an Xbox gamer awesome I play Gears of War oh my god iron me that’s I play hor Gears of War Gears of War like I’ve I have the Gears of War promo stuff from Gamestop they gave me the posters like I’m a die-hard Gears of War fan I got the toys I got the necklaces and everything I’m if you ever need a scout on your Runner if you ever need an engineer I’m your girl all my cards are up to tens I’m unwrapped across the boy we know how to set up those turrets and take those swords down what I do horde I don’t like PvP really I do I don’t see that’s my thing there’s so much strategy into it hoards fun to know but I like the PvP I mean PvE not the PvP I don’t know the player versus player but I also like to play video game called destiny and destiny too even though that’s getting rag doll I everybody the microtransactions and what-have-you but you know why I like it it’s because there’s community and few years ago or two and a half years ago I went through a vicious divorce and I needed to find something that I loved but I didn’t want to over spend my money so I said well what was a hobby I did when I was in high school no way before you were born I used the video game on the arcades at the arcade spaceport in fact some of you hear people out there are gamers and they’re like history of Kings one of my best friends oh look at the bug goes oh I should bring over it I have all the Seth MacFarlane’s do you think I have one Marcus Fenix us a little oh he just dropped this Lancer but I haven’t been playing lately but I’m probably gonna wait for five to come out and I choose it how I do the new one will come out and then I’ll get back in it so well might I have another um youtube channel I’m still building at this point but my other name gamer gamer tag is coaxial Queen if you know what a coax cable is then you’ll know what actual axial cable is but or coax between some of the people out there especially movies well think I’m trying to say coax Queen I’m like now it’s coax but long story short so I like to do I like to gain destiny and SNHU because its community and I’ll tell you what I was in a place where I was just knowing some down and out so I joined destiny and I met some of the best people out there and we get together and raid talk I’ve even met um a mother and a dog he’s he’s homeschooled he suffers from great migraines he cannot go out his look because it’s just intense so I said I know he’s thanking but anyhow his dream was to be a Navy SEAL so when we play destiny he kicks into the role of being the captain and I play on the side of my commander and he’ll tell me ran go right so it shouldn’t go left and we will play prisons up prison of elders and this kid is just so happy and it really floats my heart so I love gaming for the aspect of the community yeah brings people together like met a lot of new people that way is we’re two because I if you’re gaming and if you were to tell somebody like I met somebody online or somebody that I game with every day yes and then I’ve had like conflicts with them we’re like I did something stupid or whatever and they’re like they just unfriend you you like I have a hole in my heart now like me we game every day and now I don’t I don’t hear your voice it really is a sense of community and ship and I think that that’s why it’s it’s so big right now especially like where kids can game and make more money than their parents you know there was like eight-year-olds on like YouTube like eight euro Kidd unboxing toys and showing them off is like a millionaire a little like that you’re only there’s people making a killing doing that and um but it is coming together behind a community but this is the same thing like one meeting so many new people with this interest in spirituality the paranormal being open and honest a lot of people coming out of Christianity we have this shared common interest and so we have something in common that we can build upon so it kind of worked saying the same it’s just like looking for community around something but something’s weird though I’ve talked about this in the past is the fact of what we call scenes right so you have the gaming scene when I was coming up I was into music into like the hardcore metal scene or the Christian rap scene I’ve kind of been in both the hardcore scene you would go to shows and you wouldn’t meet new people you didn’t talk to them but you would see them at other local underground shows every Friday what’s up man I was at the so-and-so show yeah I was at the Metallica show whatever man I’ve seen you there and in every Friday your friends you may exchange numbers you may go get coffee once once or twice but if you in the same in the church realm there’s a church scene if you go to church they hug you you feel like you have a shared interest in Jesus and the Lord but if you stop doing any of it the drugs the drug scene had friends that was in the drug scene he’s embraced we’re gonna roll we’re gonna get it in and we’re brothers and I love you while you’re here but any time that you stop listening to that music or stop going to those shows or your face may waver and you believe some other things or you stop doing drugs you’re trying to clean up you’re not a member of the scene anymore you’re done that’s a weird thing right yeah that is but remember you have a passion think of yourself like a person whose passion is a matchstick and you can light the room or like a corner the room think of it like your aura if you off you’ll like the corner of the room but when you bring together other matchsticks other people with the same interests as you you are now a bonfire that can light the room and light the world yeah it’s a lot of sense of connectivity and community and bringing people together and it’s just there it’s it’s a spiritual cause all itself as well oh and that’s what I would really appreciate about the different games and that’s why I like the garden she’s my guest destiny in fact the Guardian Khan was down in Florida the past few years I think now and last I checked I think we raised like to milk 2 million dollars for st. Jude’s Children’s Hospital just gaming in fact I had a fire team or a clan they call him and destiny I called it the Golden Age for the Golden Girls got golden girl Guardians but you have to be times I find so many players there 50 or older probably cuz our hands can’t handle it controllers gaming he’ll help you but yeah it’s so much fun and no going back to I’m quirky I’m unique you don’t have don’t every day get a psychic medium who can see aura see colors connect to the other side and stalk Star Trek at the same time I own two comic book stories travel the United States I’ve worked in the science-fiction industry for 12 years I’m like in wallpaper enough triples to wallpaper your house and back I what did you say about the issues the issues quote I used to say I had I have issues I have 20,000 back issues I would sell I would specialize in well that’s what DC and Marvel Comics were separate and I remember going to Star Trek bussines comic good comic book conventions when Stan Lee and I and a bunch other guys would be at the basement of colleges or hotels to do the conventions yeah I need a fellow who started WonderCon back you know California back in the days when San Diego comic-con was actually a comic book convention now it’s a media 3 up 3 for all I used to do cosplay when it was in the closet long long long time ago I did Doctor Who cosplay I played Tegan Jovanka she was the Australian stewardess with legs oh yeah it does with familiar Nike why does that look I want to say Mass Effect where is that come on it’s the dragon priest mask from Skyrim that’s right oh did you know that they have a new character in there she’s a she’s a gamer granny so she’s in the game yeah I think they’re planning for her for the next well have you heard the story of have you heard the story of the Skyrim game her granny on Wow so there’s this old granny lady and she’s like I don’t know how 70 80 or whatever but she plays Skyrim she played Skyrim and she said she likes to play and pick the flowers Oh fight the monsters she plays it and she’s like just because the it has the ability to pull you into that world right and as far as the graphics now all of that stuff looks amazing these days man right in this game her granny plays and she just goes on here picks flowers and talking other NPCs and stuff and they did a whole like documentary on her it was cool that’s the spirituality of gaming in fact my mother is 80 will be 85 years old or this year and she plays destiny too and what she likes to do is beam down if you will to the European dead zone and hit the right bumper so she likes to melee captains and that’s all she can do is to track that player she also gets a kick out of Assassin’s Creed and she loves Evie Frye from syndicate and she plays what she calls paper dolls so she then changes the uniform of BB Frye oh I’m like I am a gamer I have my control back but yeah I also love as cream it’s so it’s so it’s so immersive like every time I would rent a game my wife would just tell me okay goodbye he’s gonna be a while before you play the game because if there was a feature where you can create your character and you can modify everything like I’m spending like two hours creating my character the funny things are when I do that in the game sucks but the character creations also and I spend two hours creating my character and five minutes playing the game I’m like okay this isn’t but the character creation is you know what is this is the fun part putting your avatar in there and letting them interact with people and like I remember I played like the old like Nintendo 64 wrestling game and we we used to get really high when I was a teenager and we’d play and I created Jesus and so I got this barefoot Messiah long beard long hair no white pants and he’s like whooping their bodies but everybody’s like look at Jesus I’ll the top ropes in it you know just character creation thing it’s just like that in fortnight I know right yeah that’s what they need to do that you can buy this you could buy the skins but you can’t um you know you can’t customize it like that so gaming is a form of meditation you think about it Gaming is also a form of energetic projection that way you can if you would like to see in the future you can create through your avatars so you can become it so you can create and build your confidence skills through gaming as long as you don’t rage quit now yes I admit I’d rage quit I’ve seen that controller fly through not telekinetically but after I played well biafine raid and I’ve had more people quit on me I start Rachel it because that’s when you begin to realize that especially during games that require teams this is where you really learn how to be a team player and how to communicate also to know what your patient level is I think this is one of the best ways to road-test future relationships don’t you ever have an interest enough love up there man or woman or man man woman woman have a game with you if they just sit there yeah they’re not being communicated to you so when oh so they got a little tap tap yeah how do you need howdini so it’s a great way of learning that’s my sense that there’s spirituality in games but it’s covered by violence here’s an example too so our movies however the movie The Matrix has a tremendous amount of quality and Iran star wars absolutely but I ran that movie The Matrix to talk about the zeitgeist what’s going on in the world – my meetup group and I had more people leave the group because all they saw was the final interaction we missed the point that’s that’s where they’re doing that a lot now even with like oh you have these people maybe it’s with the early early days of finding out the Illuminati and there’s an evil cabal that exists and everything is evil like when you’re able you’re trained to see the evil and everything that’s the easy part the hard part is being able to see the good in everything right but you’ll see people like that you know taco they demonize Christians are good at this everything right you know the new movie bird box the new movies Bandersnatch you know we covered that on here and like just really good movies with spiritual metaphors and imagery and stuff within it and they’re just like pointing out the evil and it all went to me I can see the beautiful metaphors in it you know bird box blinding yourself and you know not beholding evil and all these kind of things is these different things but like everything we look at is evil everything we look at is pagan everything we look at is a coal and it’s like if you can do that I’ll tell you where it leads eventually if you keep following that path it leads you to be a hermits to disassociate with friends and family and people who believe differently I have friends who are the smartest spirit they’re really spiritual as well but they’re keeping it to themselves day they sit at home they don’t talk to anybody they don’t go anywhere because of how delicate their faith is and how wicked the world is they stay at home and keep it to themselves and that is not what we’re supposed to be doing and if that’s what you find yourself doing with your true seeking and your research then it’s working against you it’s not supposed to be like that well you remember life is an illusion and that’s the Latin form if you will if you take it apart the act of lighting the dark so life is an illusion now if you buy into the illusion you’re sheeple but if you look beyond the veil of the mirror you’re going to find that actuality but it’s again how you’re seeing it so remember you always got to come from a place of unconditional love non judgmental ISM and Steve beyond the surface because those who won’t take in control will always keep you in fear remember the two energies that are in life itself love and fear boils down to it love and fear are you doing this in love with you doing this out of fear are you doing this in love with love to go to work do you love your job or are you going to work because you fear being broke love and fear two major energy out there it’s the illusion so if course I’m gonna go kind of let myself completely off the deep end but here goes in the process of writing one of my books I got a channeled message that said the movie monsters think is not far from the truth remember much is said in jail and some whose children’s movie by Pixar and Walt Disney here’s these monsters firing these kids fears to feed the nuclear power plants with whatever label are on the other side that’s not too far from the truth if you keep the mass of people in a place of fear in a schism and split then you’re going to create really cheap energy and we humans when we project off you fear when we’re projecting fear it’s cheap energy that can be tapped no no what’s sucking from you but if you can come from a place of love you’re gonna be healthier physically mentally spiritually emotionally intellectually financially instead of coming from that place of fear so please look beyond the veil don’t buy into the illusion and listen for the real message just like we’re saying with bird box do not look with your eyes look with your heart we have eyes on our heart spirit told me once look the brain thinks the mind is is receding hardest the line brain thinks concentrate the heart is the mind heart is wisdom very intellectual she’s me our intuition comes from wisdom our intuitive energy from long hearts head thinks head is intellectual it’s concentrated that’s good stuff I’m with it and something when it comes together when those two come together and then the third when it comes together with your speech you can wear something you can know something within especially with a manifestation right okay I have this this desire that just seems so far away but then when you start speaking it out and you start making plans and writing it down you’re like pulling it out of the ether it’s pulling it out of your heart creating it as you speak it so when those three come together the the mind the heart and the tongue like the spoken word you can create that stuff you want and so you just it gets fun I guess interesting you know that’s right your head the part your throat you speak the truth no coincidence why it’s in the three the Holy Trinity I mean turn around he’s got sacred symbols right behind you the three even the drum full of flower on the wall there’s a three triangle energy in there the three body – spirit police mother’s son Holy Ghost the three the Trinity let me ask you this there was a question in the chat somebody’s reading a Sylvia Browne book thoughts on her yeah I guess neutral uh I do I like my I love her everyone’s thirty what she says everyone starting on the other side no I know everyone’s xxx I didn’t quite take the little of the I think I had read something in one of her books says that spirits wear these air pack gas CAC air packs and they float around in space looking like a guy straight out of six billion dollar man a six million dollar man I’m like no wait a minute I’m starting to think she’s doing something do you like her or her philosophy with her organization when I say Novus smartest Nova spirit new spirit oh yeah good choices of psychics that I would or psychics or mediums I would go to John Edward would be the first person absolutely um Sylvia Browne want the one major thing that that stands out to me that she did years ago on on Mario or Montel that I didn’t really like I remember she was giving somebody a reading in the audience and it’s always stuck with me and the person said hey I’m you know I’m looking for my spouse and I’m want to get married settle down have kids what do you see in my future and she said this this is what she said to the woman she said the first your first husband’s not gonna be the one your first husband won’t be the one it’ll be your second for me I can see how that creates this level of doubt he said the second one that’s him that’s your true love so that’s just weird like you get your first husband and as soon as you fall upon rocky times which all marriages do hardships and troubles and all those stuff happens you’re like okay there’s a way out because you probably even if you don’t believe it it’s still there it implants this thought that okay what if she was right and my second husband is mr. right you know what I’m saying I feel like that instead of I feel like that’s a word curse spoken against her her marriage right cuz there’s always a way out there’s always gonna be this lingering thought man how do you feel when that happens to me like if I get a vision about somebody’s future and love life work whatever I will tell them what I see but I always preface this reality is what you make it all so you have free will and then somebody says to me what’s lever tell news of bad news and my thing is I have to feel out the situation if it is bad news I will say it like this look if I’m seeing a root canal in your future get the cavity filled now now if I’m seeing something that might be considered negative I will if I feel that the person can handle I’ll say look I could be wrong I could be misinterpreting this this is what I see so sure sure I might be thinking it’s that person when it turns out it’s your sister or something like that that’s why it’s not 100% and the person seeking out the future the knowledge of the future holds great responsibility kinda feel like I’m quoting from spider-man right now you’ve got to understand that even though somebody might say something in negative in reference to your relationship with armed with that knowledge about the future then getting to marital counseling now okay do whatever you can to see see that marriage and use that reality because that reality may not change I mean she may not occur if you were empowered with the knowledge by taking care of things yeah yes fears those fears like you don’t want to be beat up and bullied like you can do that and just start fearing false evidence appearing real and you’re playing out all these scenarios that you don’t want to happen like that happens to me sometimes what if this happens how would I react and we start going down a rabbit hole you’re like wait wait this isn’t even real I’m creating this but I’m gonna position myself in such a way that that doesn’t happen you know what I’m saying like that could happen it’s not a reality it could be if I don’t play my cards right so if I don’t want to do that make sure that I’m safe when I go here make sure that this happens or whatever and but not not freak out over it but just kind of make those little changes as well like you know this cause in reaction like whatever you do has some anything in the fizz reality has some type of impact in the spiritual world right so there’s anything something you can do that some things that are hard to be undone or can’t be undone as well so you know moving forward making your your decisions in your path that fear can kind of help you I think there is a healthy fear at times you know what I’m saying of fear not to touch the stove well I don’t feel the way if it’s stoves hot don’t do it I would fear – yes and you know saying fear all of this kind of stuff so uh you know just kind of make those adjustments moving forward and healthy fears you know well you know there was a famous case that Sylvia Browne had been a part of and I think was the Shawn Hornbeck case uh where she had told her mom his mother that he was dead and it turned out that he was actually alive and he was found 20-some years later but the devastation of having lost her son and being told that he was dead she died of a broken heart or died of some kind of condition but it caused a broken heart I also work with police departments and work with family members and I don’t normally say that on you know I don’t I wouldn’t take a case on live TV or TV for that matter I’m sensitive to the situation and if yeah I’m picking up on let’s say for example if I’m hearing a voice from the victim then if I’m hearing it in my mind then I know that the victim is possibly crossed over I will not say that to the family I will say it to the police ya know if I’m working with the family the cops have to know if I’m working with the cops the family has to know if either one of them resists I’m I’m off the case I won’t touch it but I it comes with such a great responsibility and I just find sometimes I found very her mechanism was a little too callous and then there’s times I’m a little callous and but because I have to be very careful not getting caught up in their emotions because there are people that use their emotions as weapons and so what they’re doing is they’re looking for people that feel sorry for and I’m not gonna cater to that I mean no way I I’m not you’re not gonna be a reading junkie yeah and there’s this trust me when I was doing that you’d have people who called in every week and he thought it was there they don’t they call so many psychic shows that they don’t remember calling in and it’s the same thing they could they call with the same thing looking for a different result because they’re all they’re looking for is someone had to agree with them so that it’s a level of guilt off of them right or they’re about to do something bad they’re about to leave their husband and they don’t want to feel bad about it they want somebody to say okay yeah leave them do it and I just call in all these shows or whatever and you have those people that’s like they call in asking for help and I’m like I can’t help you like what I do I can’t a my friend would give him a reading and she tried her best to kind of work with the energy or fine but sometimes we were just like it’s hard you know complete reading junkies I’ll see it too because there are energies around their head and around their heart are so fogged up that I feel like I’m looking at it I don’t know it’s like a bug infestation or something it’s just too cluttered I’m like I can’t do it I’m not I’m not the one for you and I mean I’ll refer them out to somebody else you can resonate on their level and I’ll know it in the first five minute reading with her I can’t read them yeah and I’ll be right down I’ll just say nope won’t read it here’s a back I’m I don’t want to waste your money I want to waste my time either so you know it’s an exchange of energy can’t do it can’t do it but when I see a reading junkie and I get those at psychic fairs where they bounced every single one every table by the time they get to me if I’m the last person they see I bring their money flat I’m like I can’t do it you have got too many readings I now am reading your energy and a person or just Reggie yeah you have you have to kind of work through what that person said and you can feel it like hold on yeah undo what they did or try to agree what they said and you can feel that stuff going into it we used to UM when I was in the church right we used to go to the prophetic meetings right and they would have other gay gatherings Friday Saturday night there was a school of the prophets and School of the Spirit and they would let different renowned prophets come down from you know all around the u.s. and we’d do it on Friday nights and we like that was our thing man because it was to the supernatural but we were going to get a reading type deal and so you felt bad if you didn’t get a reading so they what they would do they would teach on something really deep in the Bible to kind of build your faith on how the spirit realm works and all that kind of stuff and then they would either do an altar call where everybody came to the front who wanted a reading us and we could say that wanted a reading wanted a transference of energy needed prayer or some of them would just go through randomly while they’re teaching and that and call you out hey you you’ve got this this this going on and we were like we were junkies we really were and like we did it all the time we were addicted to it and we’re addicted to that ecstasy of God and the Holy Spirit right which is a good thing if any if you need to get addicted to if you’re moving from unhealthy addictions and you’re into something like that no that’s it works out great a lot of people run the church and they coming off of hard drugs and stuff and it really works works for them but um I did a podcast and I call it how many angelic encounters how many of these do we need before prophecies or psychics like how many do we need before we embrace that word that came forth and run with it and I look at the Bible I look at these big Mohammed or whatever Jesus Paul I had one encounter they would change forever I’m spoiled I’ve had a lot of them how many more do I want I’m content I could just go back over everything that’s happened and just feel content but I want more deep Donna I want to I want to know more but it’s about articulating what I’ve already received I would feel like a spoiled brat to just want to keep begging for another encounter another UFO another transmission even though all like spirit speaks maybe in a different way I’ve heard some pastors talk about how like there was a time where God provided for like in your life with miracles and you needed to be led from miracle just to pay your bills miracle miracle miracle when it comes to a place where you’re supposed to be able to sustain yourself and grow and with them and put the knowledge and ingenuity together on how to sustain yourself which God has given us verses begging for miracles everywhere even though they are abundant and they are everywhere what do you feel about that well it comes to mind to me is that person who is that did their just the reading the reading junkies but what they’ve done is they’ve lost the ability to trust their own intuition and like God is as above so below as to God’s mouth your ear you have got to listen to your and going into issue and making your decision because it’s not meant between you to reach out like up by false idol or false whatever outside yes we readers we healers we help with the training wheels but eventually us meaning we also got to come off and you’ve got to trust that direct connection that you have with God himself and if if I know for one thing might my mission statements to empower the person that comes to see me okay that’s why I don’t like with people to come to see me every single week no wait once every six months we’re fine think of it like a dental checkup that’s great but if you’re constantly going to read it or read a reader healer the healer healer look I’m sure God doesn’t really want to know if you not to take a right turn or a left run out the driveway you have got to trust your intuition you’ve got to trust your gut feeling and God is talking to you and speaking to you all the time it’s called God wings there’s those miracles there’s those signs you’ve got to be at home in your heart to recognize those signs if you’re constantly asking for help that’s like you’re now 32 years old and still in first grade you haven’t graduated yeah and I don’t want any of our readers healers to be enablers if you’re in enabling a client you’re not helping them you’re basically just their drug dealer and that’s not fair to them or your growth yeah yeah yeah that’s what somebody said in the chat to I think it was ronita who just say that people like hold back just so they can keep that client coming they keep that obsession going and they hold back and maybe even like the church realm where they just give you enough hope to come back next week come get some more just sell you hope hey come back and we’ll do it but I’m finding now because in my sessions I’m just now moving to where I’m starting to kind of shape them in a certain way to find out what works better I come from the Christian faith healer movement let me put my hands on you cast that demon out your changed forever and you know you’re good but now I’m just not having some clients where I’m able to kind of book multiple sessions where we get a game plan see where we can go and just have it perfectly tailored for you and it’s like phenomenal with the person’s growth and what we’re gonna explore together and I’ve all actually up to this point there’s always been like one and done okay what is let’s pray let’s let’s go in and deal with that energy and you’re good you know and so I’ve only did the one service I don’t know if it’s because of money or I don’t want to have to keep them coming back but I’m now getting into the place where like we’re gonna tap in but I’m gonna teach you how to walk it out and quit write it yourself you know yeah I agree in fact what you just said she you said a magic word to me you’re gonna teach them see like on the think of it like the first reading you do is sort of the wow factor you’re getting them hooked you’re doing the readings you’re seeing visions this is great but if they want to come back within this like six month time period I’m going into teacher mode I am now going to show you not I’m not just gonna give you the fish I’m gonna give you the fishing rod and we’re gonna teach you how to do it yourself and so that you can learn and then if if the person wants to come back then you’re in constant healer teach remote and digging deeper and finding out what’s going on but they have to have the courage and a lot of people like to have their medicine with a spoonful of sugar so you’re that fish is the sugar of know the analogy here but as they go the healing they have to do the work unfortunately there are a lot of people out there that get psychic readings who are lazy they’d rather get it from somebody else than to doing the deep work themselves yeah yep if it is a deep work and it’s a daily walk you know and you have to be willing to do the work the weird thing is I’ll say this and I’ve been saying it and this is not a ploy to get you to buy a service or a book a client but for me as a healer and I’ve found out that a lot of people want to do what we’re doing they they’re healers they’re empathic they hate their job how can they move in that direction so we’ve just got to be open and honest but I found one of the strongest points of someone finding their healing is the fact just a fact that they’ve paid their hard-earned money to book a session with you to say look I believe you can help me even if I don’t believe I’m trying I’m desperate here’s however much money for this session please help me spend some time with me teach me I want to learn vert versus you your psychic revolution people who are calling every every show calling every show every week every this every day versus the people who are like okay look I want you to spend some time with me I believe that you can help me what is it that I need to do I’m serious about my mental physical and spiritual health right it’s a it’s a no brainer say look even even that my job is a lot easier now because you really want it you know there was somebody at our church years ago the music pastor and he was offering sessions to train people how to play the piano and my wife got sessions from him and at the time he was only charging $12 a session but for us $12 was a lot of money back then right and so we’re like I wonder why he’s charging he told her he said look just because you’re putting some value on it if I just gave it to you you know all these other people would show up but you’re putting some type of value on it so moving forward with that in mind you’re like wow that’s so true that’s you’re absolutely right and when you know when the student is ready the teacher will appear the teacher will be compensating because when people are seeking out knowledge think of it like a roaming university and you are the professor and you’re providing that worth and value to that skill set that they mainly had that you are now fine-tuning so they may be a piano that’s out of tune in the key okay and you’re now bringing into an ace sharp or something or or to a middle C like what you’re doing is fine to me what they already have you’re enhancing their own spiritual gifts so of course when they’re paying you it’s a college it’s like a college tuition if you will and then once they graduate then they they they succeed my purpose as well is to always make sure that the student will succeed you okay I always reach for fire because they’re gonna take your knowledge and bring it in with their knowledge yeah and take it further yeah absolutely it’s all about value where the students really really geared up and ready otherwise if they’re just in it for the entertainment purposes oh it’ll drain you out yeah so and it moves from not having to convince them to like you’re not I’m not trying to convince you and in the chat and everybody who’s in my circle like I’m not trying to convince anybody anything even my teachings or my belief systems I come from Christianity were that the goal was to get you to abandon what you believe to believe what I believe I’ve given up my right to be right I don’t even care I’m gonna be open and honest what works for me and what didn’t work for me you know and so if you apply those those teachings those rules those principles to your life it’ll save you a lot of heartache and there’s gonna be open and honest I may not even be right but this is what I believe and this is why I believe it and and and there’s so much freedom that comes with that you know yeah so write about that and it is all about honesty it is about communication it’s a reading is really a two-way street it’s beating of energy and receiving an energy spending energy receiving it because you also have to interpret it and you have to go through your own filters and then they have to also interpret go for their own insulter as well about people that say that they’re a Reiki Master and they just learned over the weekend oh no no don’t think you don’t want a Reiki healing no so long and still learning every time every time I tap in you know ya ready so yes that’s right the teacher is always going to be the student as well but yeah I feel like I’m in the flow with you I really appreciate resonance the energy exchange as well definitely got time for one more question yes all right so I got to here let me pick one so Satya felt this ring of energy come upon her I don’t know if she was in a session with somebody or watching a video or what but she said she felt this ring of energy come upon her she couldn’t move but I think she said it felt good like it was healing or something what she wanted to know what was that was she in a healing session or was she I don’t know let me it may take me a second to find this question but we’ll get a little bit cuz I’m not sure if she’s in chat with us anymore let’s see I don’t know if she said she was in a session or not right so if she if I am the understanding right she just she felt the energy but she couldn’t move out of the energy yeah it’d be like paralyzed her but I’m pretty sure she said it was like a healing energy yes well no spirits in her spirit saying stay still stay focused on the energy because we can easily get distracted and get pulled in so many different directions I know when people say to me well yes I spent the weekend at home I watched movies all night no you weren’t home you weren’t alone we need to be when your mind is with you not distracted by any other means even though when you’re alone and watch the movie you’re not alone so I sense that the energies just from my just intuitive interpretation is that they were the energies to be her spirit Guardians healer and energies were telling her stay in the moment completely in the moment not distract yourself up think about something else worried that your right or wrong ego out of it ego means edging God out right there you go one more from I think it’s from Rima she experienced trauma she was open to her giftings her ability psychic ability healing and things like that she experienced trauma that kind of shut it off and it’s been shut off ever since as their weight things you can do practices to kind of get that flow of energy about going not feeling that she shut it off I feel like she buried it so it’s still there one of the ways to to feel comfortable with it again baby steps and the key word is trust ya got to trust them I feel that your intuition was telling you the truth it’s just that our ego side of it wanted to filter it to fit our everyday world um traumatic yes but I’m getting this sense the fear of your own strength may be more or less not the fear of failure but the fear of success because the more successful you are the more in demand you become the less freedom you’ll get more responsibility you have so you’ve got to be very comfortable that’s very comfortable with your ability so I’m hearing the word trust baby steps one step at a time you don’t take its first Raider and make them read the Encyclopedia Britannica on the first day you start with ABC building blocks so easy peasy I should go back I don’t feel it she lost it I feel she buried it that happens and sometimes we get out of sync we get out of whack whether it’s trauma or things that we do I think following your intuition the spirit of discernment with your decision-making and I recall just a couple years ago it was a time I was really moving in the spirit I mean we were healing people over the phone across overseas like really crazy stuff people coming off of drug addiction people getting feeling back in their legs who weren’t able to move their legs because of nerve dam it’s just crazy insane miracles that will happen just because we’re stepping out and there was a concert that came up the Insane Clown Posse concert was doing a tour and I wanted to go like a reunion thing I’ve never seen them wanting to get all my friends from high school nostalgia let’s go God started messaging everybody bought tickets but I knew I shouldn’t do it don’t do it don’t do it you know but I was like you know what I’m going to do it so I felt that inward tug the Holy Spirit whatever say don’t do it and I did it anyway and soon as I bought those tickets there was about a two-week gap until the concert came and and I was looking forward to the concert and I couldn’t tap in anymore like I knew I was disobeying God essentially like man I shouldn’t have did this and and went to the concert and it was crazy no crazy and as much as you can think it was crazy it was fun but it’s sin is always fun for a season I knew I wasn’t doing what I was supposed I’m called for greater things and I just obeyed that voice and to go to the next level you got to be able to follow your intuition and you’re seeing that the dots connect but after that it was I was on I was in like a several like a several month depression for after that and couldn’t tap back in because I did that it took me a while to regain my bearings after that one thing oh you just went to a concert you’re still spiritual you could be normal but yeah I can but I others may you may not just because somebody else spiritual can do it and be okay just because somebody else is spiritual and can have a drink and you can’t because you you were an alcoholic and you’re gonna over indulge and everything that you do to know thyself and know what makes you tick and know where you can and cannot go or whatever and so yeah do you have to really it’s a delicate thing and you have to protect him and you’ll be sent all out of whack and there was a reason you know and I had to deal with that let’s search everything about psychic self-defense trusting your intuition I’ve known I’ve been able she’s been I’ve turned down clients flat when I just know that their their intention is completely different and yeah I’ve even done the same thing I’ve bought tickets to concerts or movies and all the sudden last minute don’t go okay well just lost money uh what it kept my Energon strong and I know that there’s another reason there’s just as I said pay attention to it and he’ll and you are a sensitive person I mean there’s one thing if I’d like to do and I I know my client if one o’clock he’s to time so kind of keeping you got a jump on me too but when I like look at your aura field I see a very compassionate person with you you’re brilliant pink but I also see a lighting in the backgrounds pink as well but if I were to see you at just a an environment where was just a white law behind you I would still straight pink and the reason being it’s because I feel that you were you know you’re drawn toward the medical field especially interested in children children’s well-being know what this is about a daughter or something I don’t know if you have any children now but um and I do feel that your child is psychic a really sensitive as well I feel like you’ll have songs towards children in the near future I keep feeling like this poetry or maybe a child’s book so you’ve got I don’t know if you write lyric as well but I feel like I’m supposed to tell you you’re right a poetry a children’s book for for healing for kids maybe these are children who are autistic um but what I’m trying to get as as much as you love people it’s sometimes the crowds you know can overwhelm you so I like to say to people like this is Humana do you love it’s the people you can’t stand trying to meet that space now do I see your brick here your birthday’s coming up yes two days is that right so you are still a Capricorn right yep two days 17th January I’m an Aquarius birthday I’m January 25th so so happy birthday team you coming up you too thank you oh absolutely absolutely this is when you know God Brett breathe our life into this reality if we call three dimension so you keep on sinuan to carry the message forward of love and helping and healing I know that when people come to see you you really do help them see themselves so they can improve the ability to receive love as well as give love and just keep on paying it forward hey man thank you so much for that word I receive it it’s beautiful you too you keep doing what you’re doing go ahead and share your website let people know if somebody wants to book a session with you or check out some more of your work you got a great website go ahead and plug that right here at the end of the show well my name again is Mary Beth Ren SWR like the bird who has two wings on a bird with two ends WR e and n you can google me Mary Beth ran comm or on my website or of course it did write a book it’s called the good morning Julie young words and it’s these are little short stories from people who have had connections to the other side and the positive messages that come from from beyond so it’s like picture of an angel it’s good good morning think of it like the Chicken Soup for the Soul make sure y’all go check out her website check out the book and follow her work and purchase assassin from her I’m pretty sure she can help you in that that word I don’t know if y’all could feel it but I could definitely could feel the exchange of energy and I receive it my friend um hey if if if you’re into it check out pensacon coming up me and my family have tickets to go to pensacon so it’s not too far from you be awesome to meet you there or something so Pensacola Florida okay cool yeah you know what yeah it’s not far at all like when’s that gonna be um February sometime mid-february pensacon is their website on it now yeah pence condo got it they got a lot of a lot of names coming a lot of Walking Dead a lot of star try a little bit of everybody really it’s copy of Star Wars stuff – mmhmm yep Chewie I think one of the Chuy’s is gonna be there they all kind of stay human stuff yeah that’s gonna check that out have have you seen the website cameo cameo com no but I’m gonna go check it out there’s a bunch of voice actors and musicians and athletes and actors and stuff that will like do promos and stuff for you or let’s say we’re I don’t say there’s a bunch of voice actors for like I wish the Powerpuff Girls and Tommy from the Rugrats all those people and you can pay him like 20 bucks 50 bucks or whatever and they’ll record messages for you it’s really cool so anyway I’m not gonna hold you up thank you again for coming all we’ll have to do this again thoroughly enjoyed it my friend yeah well very welcome thank you very much all right all right may betherine ladies and gentlemen I really enjoyed that conversation we got to get into some gaming stuff too right coming to grips with with who you really are you know what I’m saying every aspect of it what you bring to the table and a body in it man not even not trying to act like it’s not there that was big for me and I sent this big for a lot of you guys and I still get it like it’s something you still have to do like I’m gonna I’m gonna do a live stream for my birthday this is a two days from now Thursday night and I’m gonna be hanging out having a couple drinks with the chat man so taking donations and stuff so y’all hang out with me then even that was I hold on alcohol well not everybody is in alcohol you’re gonna enable people because they see you drinking and all of this kind of stuff like there’s a healthy way to do it you start trying to discern everything and what if you should do it moving forward part of you wants to party you don’t but you know it’s about showing you showing people every side of you and then like that’s a part of being in the light cuz you’re not hiding nothing you don’t have anything to hide that’s the thing not having anything to hide just being yourself open and honest that’s what it’s about ronita says she’ll have a drink with me Santiago says there’s a stream gonna be elsewhere at home it’s gonna be here me and you guys and I’ll try to try to raise some money for my birthday so it’ll be like donate for a shot or something like that it’ll be I’ve seen somebody else do it and it was really funny it was really cool and I’m gonna show I’m just gonna hangout and you know we call it truth serum tomb and maybe I’ll talk about stuff that I don’t usually talk about so my birthday January 17 celebrate with me here on YouTube and I’m gonna be hanging out eight o’clock the show was already um is already created and I have friends I’m reading in the trap and in the chat Danny says I’ll drink with you in spirit some people don’t drink some people smoke marijuana and they don’t drink so whatever you do let’s hang out you know I don’t smoke marijuana I can’t it messes with my body if y’all haven’t watched that video I went into a lot of detail about what marijuana does to me makes me paranoid maybe I’ll talk about it for my birthday but there’s gonna be no holds barred man I’m gonna be candid ask whatever you want those weird questions I don’t care what they are Thursday is gonna be the day to get it in and get me two shots in and asked me if it’s Dotel it I don’t know how it’s gonna go I don’t know how it’s gonna go I may have to delete it right when it’s done but I’m excited about it I made my own like the whole the whole aesthetic of my podcasts everything is gonna look different there’s a new intro song all this kind of stuff it’s gonna be fun though so um Ali says it’s Erin going to be with you I don’t know maybe I’m okay with was drinking on the stream just trying to get into that maybe she’ll hang out with me ask some questions I don’t know maybe ask her but um not sure about that but we probably will do something for for Valentine’s together so so she’s off on Valentine’s we’ll probably do a Valentine stream to get Valentine stream together so uh yeah man I really enjoyed this podcast that lady is really cool make sure y’all check out her stuff there’s I have so many notes and so many things I want to get into but um I have an appointment here coming up but um one thing I want this year we kind of mentioned tongues and the interpretation of tongues and a quick story I’ll share I remember this lady in those prophetic movements that we used to go to when people would speak in tongues she would she would be able to understand what they were saying and they’re speaking in a foreign language or gibberish whatever it was a heavenly language I don’t know but she would speak things they would speak stuff and she would automatically know what they were saying it’s called tongues and interpretation of tongues and biblically speaking you’re not supposed to speak in tongues without an interpreter right as far as in public you have your prayer language to keep it Bible says to keep it to yourself if there’s not an interpreter there but uh she’s gonna uh she would hear those languages and be able to interpret it so so much so that she thought everybody could interpret it right she thought everybody knows because it was so natural right and that’s how you feel you feel like everybody can do this everybody can feel it or everybody knows what I know I have a problem with that I just assume people everybody knows what I know like common knowledge and I just started teaching even on the simplicity’s of stuff and it just like blows people away we don’t have to be so deep we could just teach on the simplicity’s and the simplicity’s are deep as well so she would hear those tongues and she would be able to interpret and it was so funny the first time somebody said you know we don’t know what these people are saying right and she was blown away this was a little Chinese lady and she was just blown away but it’s the spiritual ability or whatever called loss alia in every religion practices where you go into trance and you start chanting and saying different mantras and saying things and you may take over your body there’s levels to that this is something deep to explore and I’m still exploring there’s levels to that I do it I speak in tongues I can do it on command essentially but there’s a there’s a certain another tongue that the Bible talks about how the spirit makes intercession for us with groanings and utterances that is hard to even pronounce you can get into travailing in the spirit and just I’ve seen people screaming I’ve seen people singing in tongues all of this kind of stuff but there’s a place that I can go in the spirit I’m still exploring it because it’s not on command there’s like preparation there’s a place you go with this other tongue comes forth and to me and I’ll just be open it sounds like an old Indian it sounds like an old Native American it comes forth that speaks with power and authority usually it’s dealing with and the person who I’m doing work on or whatever immediately fall under the power of God and whatever they’re dealing with this voice speaks through me and that thing leaves and I’ve seen it happen on many occasions I feel beautiful when it happens but I don’t know it’s a different sound that comes forth lately in some of my sessions I’ve tried this in the past and it’s worked for me in my own prayer language writing down those syllables someone’s saying channeling is it channeling the Holy Spirit is it channeling my ancestors speaking through me is it is it my true nature speaking forth the angelic the the me that existed before here that knows what’s going on I don’t honestly know you know I think it may be a little bit in between Erin Fowler says clairaudience but it will speak through me with the voice with authority and power I’ve been writing down these syllables that come through and I’m saying this for you guys if you do this to try it right down the syllables it’s blowing my mind because essentially I’m taking that prayer language writing them down and pasting them in Google Translate and it is coming back that I’m speaking in Filipino and it’s it they’re phrases Google without having to change anything you may have to mess with the spelling whether it’s one word or whether it’s it’s usually the the you know the as far as syllables even in Sanskrit it could be the you know I’m saying ramadasa it’s a lot of just two syllables but I tried it man and I’m so Kay who was speaking through me what is what it what is my guardian angel what is it and I remembered driving my truck when I was working I kept saying muckety-muck got deo maka tayo and even now I can feel it feel the energy when I say that maka tayo what is that this is a random gibberish I looked it up it said we are the ones who are for Humanity Macha Dell or Macau Macau I looked it up the avatar that the chief the chief Indian type guy who was in in Avatar his name was mocked au spelt the same exact way I said wow this is interesting so I started writing down some of the other stuff and these these syllables put together meant something in other languages it was deep I just did a session with the brother the other day I won’t say his name but there were some other words that came forth that I wrote down and I’m exploring this with him as a client and whether it’s spirit guides whether it’s guardian angels whether it’s your true name I don’t know but just started like asking for that assistant maka Deo who are you let me see you like and asking through God right God if this is my guardian angel your father who knows everything if you ask for a fish he won’t give you a serpent if you ask for a loaf of bread he won’t give you a stone right and so this all and wonder to explore and I started getting other names for other people whether it’s to help them find their guardian angel or to find their spirit guide but other words man and they all mean similar things it’s usually something we are for Humanity one phrase that came out the other day was I demand candles we were going in together and the phrase that came through I’ve got the phrases written down and I looked it up it says I demand candles and I said look on our next session if you’re free to explore we’re gonna bring candles with us in this next session of going in and journeying together and I’m still learning I don’t have this isn’t a pattern like this is a lot of the stuff is new and we’re learning together but it’s so beautiful man and you feel it and you’re just tears and you’re just in that zone and you feel healing coming from it man this stuff gets really interesting really interesting so with that being said I’m gonna have to jump off of here try that if you have that prayer language if you go in and in words and syllables start coming may I remember chanting ohm with the we’re playing the djembe we’re just doing home oh and that voice came through with the ohms oh ha ha ha oh no way and I just trance in the song started coming out man and it was beautiful even saying it brings me back it’s beautiful we are you have to be careful with everything but we don’t stifle exploration we do not so moving forward man things are getting really interesting and it’s time to embrace our truths and in the things that God has given to us the tools that we have here take it run with it explore it with that I bless you in the name of the Lord I really enjoyed this podcast y’all will do it again I got another episode tonight with Jordan Maxwell and then Thursday night will be my birthday stream it’s gonna be fun I’ll see you guys there and thank you guys in the chat I’m reading the chat as well as we’re talking here shout out to everybody holding us down so many names right now but um shout out many blessings to everyone and we’ll do it Thursday night and I’m ready to get it in y’all Salome and peace Kris Garner’s asking if I’m gonna open up the phone lines maybe maybe I might thinking about it thinking about it thanks King things could get weird things could get weird I might do it though with that I’m say peace of Shalom love y’all [Music] well that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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