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In this episode TruthSeekah is joined by Christian Rapper Sevin of HogMob. Sevin talks about being blacklisted from many christian circles but still never turning his back on the purpose at hand. Over the years Sevin has built a wide following of believers who do not seem to fit into the typical church norm. Covered from head to toe in tattoos Sevins ministry often caters to those within the gang culture.

Sevin is the stage name of Marques Adams, a Christian gangsta rapper based in Sacramento, California. His songs deal with the trials and tribulations of street life, and aim to promote a positive, faith-driven lifestyle as an alternative to drugs, violence, and gang activity. Sevin is highly prolific, with well over a dozen albums and mixtapes to his name. He began rapping as a teenager, releasing his debut album All or None in 1999. In 2001, he founded an urban ministry titled HOG MOB (Hooked on God, Ministry Over Business). The organization has since spread to include chapters in 40 cities spanning three countries. Commissary (2013) was Sevin’s first album to hit the Billboard Gospel Albums chart. After signing with God Over Money Records in 2016, Sevin’s album Purple Heart was an even bigger success, hitting multiple Billboard charts.

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Supporting On Patreon And If You Want To Do That You Get Free Music When You Do That You Get Unreleased Music That Nobody Else Has Yet Everybody Messages Me Looking For New Music And If You Want The New Music Go To Patreon That’s Where That’s Where It’s At Anywhere From A Dollar A Month To A Thousand Dollars A Month Whatever You Can Do Every Little Bit Helps So Just A Big Shout Out Salute To Everybody Who’s Doing That Holding Me Down Over There So Without Further Ado We Got An Awesome Show Playing For You Guys Tonight Been Trying To Make This Show Happen For A Minute We’ve Been You Know Saying Just Uh I Work Crazy Hours On My Job So I Have To Get Up At 1:30 In The Morning To Go Into Work And Then I’m 2 Hours Ahead Of Our Guests So Even Just At 2 Hours Man Like My Sleep Is Few And Far Between So Just To Make It Work And Make The Schedules Line Up We Did What We Had To Do So Yummy I Didn’t Really Promote The Show A Lot So It’s It’s You Know Kind Of Spur Of The Moment So Thank You Guys For Holding Us Down But Without Further Ado My Guests For This Evening Sevin Of Hog Mob What’s Going On Sevin It Was Mobbing Bro Are You Living Baby Oh Man I’m Blessed Brother It’s Less Than Highly Favored Of The Lord How Do You Men Already Know Me God Is Bored Bro Just Chilling Chilling Glad I Can Finally Pull This Thing Off Yeah I’m Saying I’m Not Being In And Out A Lot Too So Uh That’s The Demeanor Bro Man You’re A Busy Man Do You’re Working On A New Album Doing Full-time Ministry Full-time Music You Know Um Saying You Stay On The Road So Thank You For Finding The Time Just To Hang Out With Me For A Little Bit Man Means A Lot Oh Yeah It’s Good It’s Good And Publicly You Don’t Want To Salute You Brought Over You Know All The Help You’ve Given The Ministry As Far As Like You Know On The Website Stuff And Everything Man It’s It’s Really Uh Helped Us In An Area Where We Was Lacking For A Long Time You’re On Santa Cuz I’m Not Really Into The Computer Thing So As It’s Been Don’t Bro So I Appreciate You Know And God Says Give Honor Where Honors Build So You Don’t Appreciate That Bro Yeah Man I Appreciate That It Means A Lot Um Speaking Of Not Really Knowing Much About Social Media That’s Kind Of A True Statement Like A Lot Of People Get On There They Check Their Numbers I Pretty Much Get On It Every Day And Check My Podcast Numbers Every Day I Look At Them See What We’re Doing Going Up Or Down A Lot Of Your Videos Have Gone Viral And You Said You Didn’t Even Know Nothing About It Because You Don’t Get On There You Don’t Get On Youtube And Check The Videos And Stuff Like That You Know They Talked A Little Bit About That Man Man I Mean I Think It’s A Blend Of A Few Things You Know Our Relief That’s Not Really My Personality You Know I’m More Like You Know Having Access To Me Like All The Time You Know I’m Saying I Think That’s Kind Of Weird Personally Yeah So So I Never Really Got Into It You Know What I’m Saying And I’ve Seen What It’s Done Like You Know To A Lot Of People That I’ve Known For A While And And They Were A Certain Way But Then After Exposing Himself To This Thing For So Long You Know It’s Changed A Character And It’s Changed A Priorities You Know And Always I Want To Make Sure That I’m Always Doing This For The Right Reason Beyond Time Span And I’m I’m That My Heart Is Right Before The Lord And That My Heart Is Right Towards People You Fill Me And I Feel Like Is Very Hard To Do That If You Get Caught Up In In The Hype Of What You Might Be For The Moment Because That’s Really All This Gonna Be Is For The Moment You Know And I’m Saying And So And I’m Not In Love With Myself I Know Myself Too Well To Fall In Love With Myself I Love The Lord You Did What I’m Saying I Love Myself But As Far As You Know Not Not Enough To Be Constantly Checking My Stats You Dig But Yeah Man It’s Been I Think It’s Been Healthy For Me You Know And I’m Saying Us Just As A Man And As A Artist Especially As A Minister I Think It Has Been Healthy For Me Outside The Keys You Ministry All To Be Out Among The People As Much As Possible Than Stuff Oh You Know That’s Why Ultimart Kind Of Has The Character In The Face That It Has And Stuff But God He Has Blessed A Lot Of Things We Released To Do Well You Know I’m Saying Um I Try Not To Look At Comments Really Ever I’m Not For The Good Or The Bad You Know I Think Is Dangerous If You Constantly Focus On The Negative Things People Have To Say About You And I Also Think It’s Equally Dangerous To Say And In Rebel You Know In The Good Things People Say You Know I’m Sam Yeah Definitely Man Um I Mean That’s One Thing About You I’m Saying Keeping Your Hands Clean In Your Heart Pure And Not Doing It For The Numbers Even Though I’m Saying The Numbers Are A Part Of It It’s Good That You Kind Of Have Other People I’m Saying Delegated To Actually Keep Up With That Stuff You Know I’m Saying Where It’s Not That You Have To Create The Music See Like On My End I Have To Create The Music I Have To Promote It Myself Make All The Graphic Art You Know Saying Do The Videos Plan To Shoot Do The Editing And Stuff And I And I’m Blessed And I’m Gifted At It All But It Would Be Awesome To Just Be Able To Work On The Music And Then Have A Team Or People To Actually Push It Out There Man So That’s Awesome That You Can Actually Just Focus On That And Versus Okay Now We Got To Focus On The Marketing And How Are We Gonna You Know We Shot The Best Video Ever That We’ve Ever Done And Now How Are People Going To See It You Know I’m Saying You Don’t Really Have To Worry About That You Just Put It Out There The Fans Share It It Kind Of Goes Viral On Its Own You’ve Been Putting Into Work For Years And It Kind Of Just Does What It Does Yeah I Kind Of Only Want What God Has For Me You Know I Don’t There’s Not A Specific Platform Or There’s Not A Specific Level That I Even Really Want To Be At You Know I Just Want To Be Where God Wants Me Because I Feel Like Wherever There It Is That’s Where I’m Safe You And I’m Saying At Us That’s What I’ll Be Able To Responsibly Handle I Think You Can Definitely Hustle Your Way Onto A Platform That Your Shoulders Are Not Broad Enough To Bear You Feel Me And I’m Here For A Reason And It Ain’t My Own Name You Know I’m Here To Represent A Name That’s Greater Than My Own So It’s Very Important For Me To Make Sure That Wherever I’m At It’s Something I Can Handle Because I Don’t Want To Misrepresent You I’m Saying The Name Of Jesus Christ You Feel What I’m Saying So I Really Try To Like He Said Bro We Do Our Best To Make Good Quality Things And Then We Kind Of Just Put It Out There Bro And Wherever It Goes That’s Where It Goes You Know We’ve Had Videos I Mean Do Millions In A Matter Of A Day Or Two And Then We’ve Had Something That We Thought Would Have Done Great That You’re I’m Saying May Have Not Only Did 100,000 You Want Him Serna So I Mean I Just Feel Like God Takes To Where He Wants It To Go The People Receive It However They Receive It And It’s Our Job You Just Keep It Coming You Feel Me Doing Full-time Ministry Man And Kind Of Taking It Day-by-day Is Is That Like A Model Of How You Live Of Not Thinking Too Far Ahead And Just Kind Of Like Seeing Where You Are Today And Not Getting Caught Up On Unlike Autopilot And Okay I Got All These Shows Lined Up I Got I Have To Meet All These Shows Versus Taking Your Consciousness Man Your Awareness And Staying In The Moment For That Day And Say Okay I’m Gonna Give All My Energy All My Attention To This Day To Serve Who I Can And To Be There And Just To Be Aware Of People And You Understand My Situations Around Me Is That Is That Kind Of How You Live Yeah I Try You Know It’s All A Lie Bro I Haven’t Mastered The Art Of Balance Young I’m Saying I Mean I Some I’m I Can Become Really Obsessive Sometimes When It Comes To Certain Projects You Know I Can Sometimes I Can Dive Too Deep Into Something And Then Neglect Responsibilities That I Have And I’m Working On You Know Being More Well-rounded When It Comes To That So You Know I Know Like Even Recently Like Right Now I’m Booking A Hundred City Missions Trip I’m Working On Three Albums You Know All At The Same Time You Feel Me I’m Still Do Outreach In My Own Personal Neighborhood You Know I’m Still Disciple In Almost About A Hundred Guys Across The Country And Then At The Same Time Trying Not To You Know Run Myself Into The Ground And Even If I Can’t Take A Whole Day Off I Try To Take At Least Half A Day Off Sometimes You Don’t Sense So You Know It’s It’s It’s Important To Try To You Know Arrest But Then At The Same Time Too Much Of The Bible Says You Know A Little Sleep A Little Slumber And A Little Folding Of Their Hands To Rest And Poverty Will Overtake You Like A Lion So You Know You Gotta Have That Balance Where You Don’t Want To Work Yourself Into The Grave But You Also Got You Know Pay Your Bills And Make Sure That Whatever God’s Put You On This Earth To Do Is Getting Done So I’m Kind Of Learning Right Now Bro How To Like Juggle Everything A Little Bit Better And To Trusting People And And You That’s Why You Gotta Have A Good Team Around You Can’t Just Have A Team Has To Be A Good Team In You You Know For Those Of You Out There That Are Building A Team You Build It According To Your Weaknesses Not Your Strengths You Know Wherever You’re Not Good At That’s What The Area Is Where You Need To Find People But You Got To Be Humble Enough To Recognize Your Weaknesses Yeah And I’m Saying Because If You’re The Type Of Person Who’s Too Prideful To Look In The Mirror And Recognize A Flaw Well Then You’ll Never Do Anything You Know What I’m Saying To Change That About Yourself Or Your Situation And So You Know I’ve Been Really Kind Of Closely Examining Myself And Saying Okay This I’m Great At This And I Suck At This So Let Me Find Somebody Who’s Great It Is And Then Not Be Intimidated By Their Greatness In That Area And Just Give Them You Know The Free Rein To Do What God’s Called Him To Do In That Area And Then Trust That They’ll Get It Done And Has Been Working Better You Know We’re More Much Better Machine And We Used To Be Know Yeah I Mean I You Know I Think That That Uh Says A Lot And It Kind Of Ties In With Where I Wanted To Go A Little Bit Are You Talking About That You Know I’m Saying Your Disciple In Around A Hundred Guys And Many People Out There You Know Saying Professing Christians Aren’t Part Of A Local Body I Think I Think Church Culture And All The Cliches And Stuff Is Really Weird Out There Right Now It It’s Just It’s It’s Kind Of Nasty To Me I’ve Been I’ve Been In It For So Long And The Different Hierarchies In The Church That Are Built Up In The Platforms And A Celebrity Preachers And Stuff Like That You Have To Go Into A Lot Of Churches Like That I’ve Been There Too Right So You Have That Versus Going Into The Heart Of The Streets In Doing Genuine Outreach And So You Have All Of These Christians These People Who Love God Who Aren’t Part Of A Body They See A Movement Like Hog Mob And They Want To Belong I Think We All Want To Be A Part Of Something Greater Than Ourselves And They See Hog Mob As A Model Of Something That What The Church Is Lacking In Discipleship What The Church Is Lacking And Just Being Real And Telling Me About Myself And Just Being Real About Issues A Lot Of A Lot Of Young People Have Found That In Hog Mob Man Talk A Little Bit About The Disconnect There Because You Still Go To A Lot Of Church There’s A Lot Of Big Fancy Youth Groups And Stuff But You’re From The Heart Of The Streets Man And And That’s Where You’re You’re Like Trying To Go To Tour And And And You’re Getting People You Say Where They Are And It’s Working And And And This Dude I Don’t Know How Many People Is A Part Of Hog Mob Movement It’s I’m Sure It’s Thousands And Thousands Of People I See Them Every Day Talk A Little Bit About That Disconnect Man And Like I’m Saying Your Vision And Where It Fits Into The Local Church You Know Well First Of All I Think The Main Issue That We’re Having Bro Is The Term Church Needs To Be Clearly Defined Yeah You Know I’m Being On Words Yeah The Church Is The Name Of The Bride Of Christ So First Of All I’m Not Gonna Say Nothing About The Church Cuz That’s I Mean That’s What Christ Died For That’s His Wife That’s What I’m A Part Of That You Know I’m Saying You Have The True Church And Then You Have What I Call The Whore Who Was In It Who Wears A Wedding Dress And Is Trying To Kind Of Stand In And Be An Impostor In The Wedding You And I’m Saying Um And And And Parade Herself As The Bride And I Think We Need To As The Body Of Christ You And I’m Saying We Need To Do A Better Job At Identifying The Bride And Identifying The Whore When We See Them And Not Give The Whore The Title Of The Bride You Understand So It’s Not A Fellowship Of Jesus Christ If It’s Not A Fellowship Of True Followers Of Jesus Christ You Know I’m Saying True Biblical Followers Of Jesus Christ Not This Made-up Stuff That People Are Doing Nowadays You Know I’m Saying But According To The Word Of God You Know And I’m Saying Then It Doesn’t Even Have The Right To Be Called The Church And We Are We Are Disrespecting The Church By Giving It That Title You Understand So I Think A Lot Of Times Let Me Say All The Church Ain’t Doing This And The Church Ain’t Doing That Anymore No It’s Not So We Need Because The True Church Is Doing All Of Those To Actually Say It’s Just That’s Not The Majority Of What We See But The True Church Has Never And Will Never Be The Majority Of The Population You Don’t Say Or Even Be The Majority Of Those Who Are Professing Christ Unfortunately Your Honor I’m Saying So I Think That’s The Main Thing First Of All That Has To Happen Is We Just Have A Better Process Of Defining Church You Know I’m Saying I Know For Me I Got Hurt You Know A Long Time Ago You Know By People Who Were Professing To Be The Church And It Caused Me To Shy Away And Have A Hard Heart And A Cold Shoulder To A Lot Of Things That You Know I Probably Could Have Benefited From In Terms Of Christian Fellowship Yeah You Know What I’m Saying I Was Like Oh This Is All Fake So I Might As Well Just Stay In The Street So For A Long Time I Did That With A Would A Deep Misunderstanding Of What The True Church Really Was And As The Lord Started Educating Me And As I Took The Responsibility That I Had To Get In The Word And Actually Study For Myself Some Of These Things Then I Started To Realize Like Yo You Know What God Actually Hates Fakeness More Than I Do Like I Can’t Stand He Can’t Stand Even More I’m Saying Which Actually Made Me Even Embrace His Fellowship Even More So Um You Know I Would Encourage Everybody Man To To To Fellowship With The True Believers I’m Saying And If You Want To Know What A True Believer Looks Like I Would Encourage You You Know A Great Place To Go Find That Is The Book Of First John You And I’m Saying There’s There’s A Whole Bunch Of Information In There About The Difference Between Somebody Who’s Professing Christ And His Authentic Versus Somebody Who’s Professing Christ And Truly Hasn’t Made The Commitment Yet But You Know Get Involved Men And And Don’t Just Soak Up Resources Like Actually Serve You Know If You Do Go And Attend A Local Church Body Miss Serve Their You And I’m Saying Don’t Just Go And Listen To A Seminar Once A Week Like You Know Get Involved See What The Needs Are In The Community And Challenge Your Church Leadership To Me Or At Least Participate In Meeting The Needs Of The Local Community You Understand A Lot Of Times That’s Where You’ll Find Out If It’s Real Or If It’s Fake Is Are We Doing The Things That Christ Said Was True Religion You Know And I’m Saying And And You Have A Lot Of That Right Now Not Happening You’re I’m Saying They’re Having A Lot Of Meetings We’re Doing A Lot Of Preaching Not Too Much Teaching And Then There’s A Whole Lot Of People Who Are Saying They Have A Heart For Something But When It Comes Down To It They Really Don’t Participate In It Ever You Know I’m Saying And So Um You Know We Just As A Ministry Man We Try To Do What We See Jesus Do We Try To Do It For The Reason We See Jesus Doing It For Y’all And I’m Saying Knowing That We’re Not Perfect But He Was Perfect For Us So We’re Able To Move Forward Bro And Boldness And In Faith Because Of What The Spirit Is Doing To Us And Brew Us And We I’m Definitely Uh Trying To Provide People With A Spiritual Family That I Didn’t Necessarily Have When I First Came Here That’s My Biggest Thing I Want To Be The Brother I Never Had In The Father You Know And I’m Saying That That The Spiritual Father That I Was Really Connected To Yanam Sign For Other People Mm-hm Definitely Man I Agree With That A Hundred Percent Thousand Percent Church Isn’t Someplace That We Go To It’s Not A Building That We Go To It’s Who We Are You Know I’m Saying Whenever We Come Together We Are Part Of The Body We Represent We Are The Manifestation Of Christ On The Face Of The Earth Whenever We Come Together As A People And And And That’s Where The Power Is Understanding The Body And It’s It’s Huge Man And I Wanted To Kind Of Talk Also About I Seen An Interview Did Probably A Year Or Two Ago With The During South By Southwest And I Think It Was One Of Your First Time Actually Going Out There And Getting Some Type Of Media Coverage And I Don’t Mean Any Offense When I Say This But Now That The Whole 1 1 6 And Lecrae Thing Is Kind Of Died Down A Lot I See Some Of The I’m Not Gonna Name Any Names But Like People With Blogs And Websites Looking For The Next Big Thing To Kind Of Put Out There You Guys Were Able To Get Some Media Coverage During That And For You Dude You’ve Been Putting In Work For A Very Long Time When I Came Into Doing Gospel Music Years And Years Ago You Were There You Were There And Established But Your Name Had Never Been Mentioned In These In These Media Outlets And Now You’re Starting To Get A Little Bit Of Coverage And You Said That Like Almost Your Name Was Kind Of Like Blacklisted From Some Of These Circles I Don’t Know If It’s Because You Were A Little Bit Too Street A Little Bit Too Hood Or Or Um Saying What It Was Or The Tattoos With It Whatever The Case Was Talk A Little Bit About That Divide And How Now Instead Of Pushing You Away Some Of These People Are Like Asking You To Come To Do Interviews And And You Know They Want To Know Your Take On Things You Know Well I Think I Think It’s A Combination Of A Few Things I Know Myself As A Man And As A Man Of God I’ve Definitely Matured Over The Years You And I’m Soon Um Iii Used To Be Probably A Lot Harder Of A Pill To Swallow For Most People And I Am At This Point You Know I Mean I’m Gonna Just Be Honest I Was Involved In Some Things Early On Still You Know In In A Lot Of Struggles You Know That That A Lot Of People Were Like Yeah You Know Look Let’s Be Careful With This Dude Yeah Because You Know And In Our Respect That You Want I’m Saying I Do I Respect That I Actually Think To A Degree We Need To Have More Of That You Know As Far As Like Let’s Not Be So Quick To Give The New Hot Dude A Platform Yeah And Let’s Actually Spend Some Time To Get To Know Him And Pour Into This Brother Yeah And Make Sure That Whatever Roots He Has Are Deep In Christ You Know What I’m Saying Because We’re All Gonna Make Mistakes I Mean The Bible Even Says We Got To Make Room For Each Other’s Errors In The Room For Each Other’s Weaknesses So That’s Not You Know The World And The Church Make Mistakes The Difference Between Them Is Is How They Manage Those Mistakes And And How They Respond To The Conviction Your Honor I’m Saying That Comes Or The Rebuke That Comes When Those Mistakes Are Brought To The Light You And I’m Saying Whereas The World Will Run From God Or Or Or Hate God More You Know And I’m Saying Because He’s Confronting Things That He’s Not Pleased With I’m The Children Of God You Know We We Embrace The Lord We Embrace The Correction And We Desire You Know What I’m Saying To Please Our Father So I Think Also The The Gospel Rap Community And Culture Has Definitely Become More Mature Itself In Terms Of Having A Greater Understanding That Look This Carbon Copy And And You Know These These Ideas That Y’all Had About What True Ministry Look Like Our True Christianity Look Like You Know They’re Not Really Panning Out The Way Y’all Thought That They Would You And I’m Saying So Now You’re Starting To See You And Then Some Of The Dudes That You Have Been You Know Not You Personally But Just You Know The Christian Community For A Long Time Was Kind Of Treating Bad For A While They’re The Ones That Are Been Faithful Over The Years And They’re They Were Still Boldly Professing Christ And All Of These Things So I Think A Lot Of People Are Now Turning Around And And Especially Now That The Streets Are Kind Of Spilling Into The Suburbs You Know The Issues In The Streets Are Spilling Into The Suburbs You Know A Lot Of The Church Community We’re Not From The Streets You Know What I’m Saying So So Now That These Problems Are Coming To Where They Dwell And Where They’re Out And They’re Affecting Their People Now It’s Like Yeah We Need To Get Somebody Who Can Talk To The Streets You Know I’m Saying Nobody Really Cared About Street Ministry Until The Streets Started Affecting Everything I Mean Culture In And Of Itself You Know And I’m Saying Is Being Affected By The Negative Aspect Of The Street Life So I Think Now A Lot Of People Are Beginning To Appreciate Brothers Like Myself You Know I’m Saying Who Who Specifically Target Places Where Most People Don’t Want To Go Because They’re Actually Seeing Like Yo Somebody’s Got To Do It And If I’m Not Willing To Personally Go I Certainly Should Support Those That Are You Know So I Appreciate That I Think We Have A Long Way To Go Chief I’m Saying But We’ve Come A Long Way I Mean I’ve Been Doing This 17 Years Man And And It’s It’s Come A Long Way So You Know I’m Grateful To God For What Where Is That Right Now I Had Another Artist On Here Several Months Back And I’m Assuming It’s Just You Know Maybe He Was A Baby Christian Or Whatever But He Does A Lot Of Street Ministry And We Were Talking About Testimonies And What God Was Doing And So I Kind Of Set Up A Question For Him To Give A Testimony And This Is What I Said I’m Gonna Ask You So I Pretty Much Asked Him Like Has He Seen The Power Of God Out In The Streets Has He Seen People Come To Repentance In What I’ve Seen Personally And This Is When I Asked This Question I Thought I Was Gonna Have Somebody Just Bear Witness With Me I Asked Him Has He Seen People Who Were Demon-possessed Filled With Evil Spirits On On Drugs I’ve Been Around People Who Can’t Look You In The Face Face They Can’t Have A Conversation With You Because There’s Voices In There There’s Stuff Going Around And They’re Mine Is Fuzzy They’ve Been Up For Days They Get Filled With The Power Of God Filled With The Holy Ghost God Touches Them Changes Their Life They Give Their Life To Christ He Touches Them And They’re Completely Transformed In An Instant Like I’ve Seen That Happen At Churches I’ve Seen It Happen In The Streets When I Asked This Brother That He Had No Idea He Didn’t Even Believe In That It Blew My Mind He Didn’t Believe In And He’s Doing Ministry I Want To Ask You The Same Question Have You Seen This Fruit Absolutely I Think I Think Sometimes What Happens Is Because It Happened To Me When I First Came In I Was I Was Very Um Uneducated You Know If He Will Ignorant You Know Ignorant Doesn’t Mean Stupid It Just Means You Like Information What I’m Saying I Was I Was Ignorant Towards Certain Things To The Spirit And So I Actually Early On Had Seen Things That I Didn’t Know That That’s What I Was Seeing At The Time So If You Had Asked Me To Do This Maybe You Know When I First Got Started I Would Have Been Like You Know Maybe Not Too Much Even Though It Was Happening But I Was I Didn’t Recognize What I Was Seeing When It Was Happening You Know What I’m Saying I Also Am A Firm Believer That You Know The More Time You Spend In The Spirit And And And And Walking With The Spirit Of God You And I’m Saying And The More Mature You Get In Your Relationship With The Spirit The More You Will Kind Of Almost See Those Manifestations Of Opposition You Know And I’m Saying I Really Believe That Because You’re More Of A Threat To The Spiritual World You Know And I’m Saying So There Will Be More Spiritual Opposition That Comes From That I’ve Seen All Kinds Of Stuff Man I Mean You Know Demon-possessed People Bro You Know Santa I Mean We’ve Seen Even Healings Like Miraculous Humans You Don’t Blind People Deaf People Can Hear Lame People Walk In Like We’ve Actually Seen That With Our Own Eyes You Know What I’m Saying Um Ii To Me I Got Changed In An Instant Yes All The First Time I Ever Saw Happy Was Him All Of Like She Hasn’t Said I Had A Miraculous Transformation You Know With The Lord And Obviously You Know More More Change Over Time But But In A Moment Bro I Was Never The Same You And Him Soon So Yeah We Do See A Lot Of That Those Are The Things That I Look Forward To Encountering When I Go Out Oh You Know What I’m Saying It’s Not The State Just Just Not The Lights Is I Look Forward To Saying I Get Excited Like Banglore I Wonder What You Gonna Do This Time Yeah Because I Know It’s Gonna Be Wild And It’s Always Something New Because The Situation Is Always Different You Know And I’m Saying Uh And And We’re Not Out Here Trying To Prove Any Specific Result You Know The Bible Says One Man Plants One Male Orders But It’s God Who Brings Me Increase So I Don’t Even Feel Like That Part Of The Game Is My Responsibility My Responsibility Is O Be Obedient To The Voice Of The Lord When It Speaks Yon Insane And Also To Live A Life That Accurately Reflects The Gospel That I Preach You Know So Anything After That Bro That’s Really Between The Individual Their Faith And God Definitely Yeah I Think I Think The Scriptures Are Playing Man When It Says That You Know These Signs Shall Follow Them That Believe That If You Believe And And I’m Saying You’re Walking In That That These Signs These Manifestations That Happen To The Disciples To Jesus Like They’re Gonna They’re Gonna Follow You – If You Believe That Gospel And You’re Walking In It And You Just Go Go Into All The World That’s What He Said Go You’re Doing That And You Know Stay Hats Off To The People Even The People Who Aren’t Real Deeper Like Well Trained In The Scriptures Or Even An Experience You Know You Got To Get Your Feet Wet Sometimes Well I Think One Of The Big Problems Is And It Kind Of Goes Back To What You Said A While Ago About You Know Getting In A Situation Or Being A Part Of A Ministry Or Dealing With Principalities In The Spirit Realm And You Don’t Know What You’re Dealing With Right People Who Get Born Again And They Have Giftings They’re A Good Rapper They Play The Keyboard Well They’re A Great Singer And Then The Churches Will Grab Them And Throw Them Up On A Platform Instantly Oh Yeah Oh You Can Sing Okay We Need You You’re Gonna Lead Worship They Don’t Know Nothing About Worship You Know I Need You To Learn These Songs Sing Them Sunday Morning And Go And They Don’t Know If This Person Is Dealing With Some Type Of Spirits In Their Own Life Addiction You Know I’m Saying They Don’t Know What’s Going On Talk A Little Bit About That Because When You See Those People Fall Or Their Faults Come Out Into The Wash The Churches Will Like Just Drop Them Oh You Sin That You’re Done Get Off The Platform It’s Like What And Like It Sets Up A Lot Of People To Follow Man You Know What It Is Man I’ll Consider It Child Abuse Yeah Definitely Form Of Crowd Abuse Me Here You Have A Spiritual Child It’s No Different You Know I Don’t Know If You You Know If You’re A Father Or Not But Um You Know I’m I’m A Father Bro Like If I Were To Give My Son Who’s Five Years Old Keys To My Car Yeah Yeah I’m Saying And Then When He Crashes My Car With Him And It’s Not Even Just Whooping But Did Its Own Him For It If If The World If The World Were To See Me Do That The World Would Say I Was A Terrible Father Even Even The Wicked Would Say That Was Wrong Of Me To Ever Put Him You Know In That Situation To Fail And Then To Treat Him So Heartlessly Once He Does It You See What I’m Saying And Even A Word Of God In A Book Of First Timothy It’s Very Specific About The Fact That You Do Not Put A Platform Under A New Convert Because It Will Destroy Him You Understand It Will It’s Not A Matter Of If It’s Just A Matter Of Wind There You See What I’m Playing I Mean Come On Broke Even We’ve Seen What This Has Done To Even Seasoned People In The Faith Yeah Yeah I Mean All Men Has Pride Which Is Why All Men Commit Sin You Know And I’m Saying From Sin Is Pride Is At The Root Of Every Sin You See What I’m Saying Because We’re Exalting Our Own Desire Above The Will Of The Father In Any Given Moment So So For You To Fit Spend A Lot Which Is What These Platforms Do Which Is What Checking Your Social Media Stats That’s All You’re Doing You’re Constantly Feeding Your Pride If You Think That Whatever You’re Feeding Is Not At Some Point Gonna Grow Stronger Than Whatever It Is You’re Not Feeding Which Is Your Humility You Know I’m Saying You You’re A Fool You Feel Me So I Think You Know For Us We Have To Do A Better Job As The Body Of Christ With Holding People Accountable To Disciple People As They’re Coming Into This I Mean And And To Be Real Bro I Don’t Know What That Process Necessarily Would Look Like I Don’t Have All The Answers I Made A Commitment To Do My Part In My Personal Life With When I Meet Young Brothers And Sisters Especially Ones With Talent Who I Know Are On Their Way They’re Gonna Be Here Regardless You Know Whether They Rock With Me Or Not This Is A Space That They’re In I Definitely Try To Make Sure That I Pour Into These Brothers Important Into These Sisters And Make Sure Man That They Doing This My Reasons Take Them On Missions Trips And Instead Of Just Music Fours And And Make Sure That Their Mind Is On Ministry Of Jesus Christ Because First Of All Have You Even Truly Received It If You Don’t Know It Oh You Know How Is That Possible But Also You Sure Can’t Go Around Teaching Something To Yourself Haven’t Received You Know I Love How Paul Said It Like You Know We’re Not Out Here Preaching Cleverly Devised Myths You Know What I’m Saying We We Preach To You Something That We Ourselves Have Already Received And See These Brothers Go On To Not Just Live For It But Actually Die For It As Well Unum Says So I Feel Like We Like What You’re Doing Right Now You Know As A Part Of That Process What I’m Doing Is A Part Of That Process We Just Need More Of This You Know What I’m Saying Taking This Next Generation Under Our Wing And Being The Father To The Fatherless Yeah I Think It Has Something To Do With What Paul Said Power And Demonstration Not With Enticing Words Or These Scent Of Wisdom Of Words Or Elegant Words But With Power And Demonstration I Like The Phrase I Can Show You Better Than I Can Tell You You Know I’m Saying Right So We Do Have A Lot Of People In Ministry And In Different Theologies Or Different Men And I Personally Think It Kind Of It Kind Of Hinders If People’s Ministry But You Have You Have These People Who Are Just Like They Just Want A Decision Who Wants To Follow Jesus Raise Your Hand If You Follow Jesus And I Said Okay We Got To Convert Your Cover You Okay We’re Gonna Start Studying Our Bible And Learning It I Believe In The Baptism Of Fire Man I Believe That Christ You Know Talked About This Other Baptism You Know Saying The Baptism Into Our Death Or I’m Saying A Baptism Of Water But This Other Baptism Of The Holy Spirit And Fire Man And I Think That For Us To See True True Ministry Whether We’re A Part Of A Local Body Christ Or Where In The Industry Is Doing It Whatever I Think We Need That Baptism Of Fire Man Are You Are You Seeing That In Your Ministry As Well As There Like Like People Who Are Who Are Doing That As Well Who Are Coming To Faith And Then Having An Encounter With The Living God Versus In The Decision It Oh Yeah It Happens Over A Process Of Time You Know And I’m Saying I Mean The Before The Apostles Experience They Had Been Walking With Jesus Teaching Surprise Does That Really Changed Everything For Me And Even There Was Certain Addictions And Struggles That I Had My Whole Life That Didn’t Even Stop And Or I’d Never Really Gained Any Any Ground With Until Iii Got Baptized With The Holy Spirit You Felt I’m Saying Um But Even Before That Like You Know I Was Pursuing God And I Was Seeking You Know I’m Saying To Follow The Teachings Of Christ And Stuff And I Think That We Just Have To Be Careful That We We Don’t Put Like A Cookie Cutter Mold On Everybody And Say Oh Well Because It Happened For Me In Two Weeks If It Doesn’t Happen For You In Two Weeks Your Conversion Wasn’t Genuine Yeah You Know And I’m But I Definitely Do Agree With You In Terms Of That At Some Point It Will Happen If You Truly You Know In Say Receive Christ And And I Believe That’s What Why Discipleship Of Discipleship Process Is So Important Is Because It’s Within That Discipleship Process That We See A Person And Kind Of Receive That You Know What I’m Saying So I Do Agree With You That Certain People’s Theologies Might Hinder Them In These Areas And Stuff Like That And I Believe That God Is He’s A Master Homie At Laying To Waste Bathey Ology And He’s Also The One That Permits It At Times You Know To Exist You Know People Have Certain Ideas About Certain Things Because There Are Certain Things That God Has Chosen To Keep Hidden For Time In A Season That Are Yet To Be Revealed I’m Saying So I Believe That Like You Said A Bro And I Try To Do The Same Thing We’re Out Here To Demonstrate God We Ain’t Here Just To Talk About You And I’m Saying We’re Out Here To Demonstrate Him Not Just In In Teaching Of The Word But Also In Power Yeah You Know I’m Saying Also In Conviction Um But Also In Love And The Power Of Love You Know And I’m Saying Because Love Is Is So Miscommunicated And It’s Been So Perverted As Far As The Image Of What You Think When You When You Think Of Love It’s This Soft Timid Kind Of Punk Thing When Really Bro True Love Is One Of The Most Aggressive And And And Masculine You And I’m Saying Things That You Can Walk In And I Believe That The Lord That’s One Thing That The Lord Is Really Bringing Back To The Forefront Right Now Especially In The Body Of Christ Is That The War Mentality That Comes With A Man Who’s Walking In Love You Never Seen The Warriors Mind Yeah I’ve Seen That Time And Time Again With The Difference Between And There Was A Term That Came To My Mind Earlier I Was Just Thinking About This I Don’t Know If I’m Gonna Do A Video On It Or Not But A Term Between My Church Brothers And My Brothers In Christ You Know How It Like When You Go To You Go To You Go To A Church Everybody’s Your Brother Hey I Love You But I Can’t You Dap It Up Whatever And You Know You Go To The Same Church And You Always Take That Same Person’s Hand It’s Like Part Of The Routine But Then Like As A Baby Christian You Kind Of Think That That’s That’s Your Church Family You Know I’m Saying Like Those Are My Brothers In Christ But There Are People There Who Will Stick With You Closer Than A Brother There’s Just Hold On Cotta Me Of Like If I Was To Tell Some Of Those People Or The Even The Pastor You Know I’m Saying Tell Them Some Stuff That Goes On In My Head Thoughts That I’ve Had Our Struggles I’ve Had A Lot Of Them They’ll Cut The Cord Look We Got To Get Rid Of This Dude Just Do The Shoutout Just Do This Crazy Right Um But There’s That Fake You Know And Then You Know Whenever You Show That Vulnerable Side Of You Then They Drop You And They Cut You Loose In Or Your Theologies Even The Theology All You Believe In That Oh We Can’t Deal With You Whatever The Case Is I’ve Seen It Many Times But Then On The Other Side When You Find The True Brothers In Christ Those Dudes Who Were Down To Get Into The Nitty-gritty With You And They Don’t Give A Damn What You Tell Them They’re Your Home They’re Your Family Like I Don’t Mean I’ve Had Phone Calls With Dudes And I’ve Told I’ve Told People Stuff Thinking That This Would Be The Last Phone Call I’ve Had With Them And They’re Down With Me And They’re Like You Know What Ma’am We’re Gonna Pray Together I Got You Whatever The Case Is And Man It’s It It’s Totally It’s A Night And Day Thing Versus Like The The Cookie Cutter Fake Family Which But When You’re In It You Kind Of Think That Those Are Your Your Your People Man But There’s So Much More There For Anybody Who’s Listening Man Who You Feel Alone In In These Situations Man Just Know That There’s People Out There Who Care About You Who Won’t Disown You Because You’re Different Because You Believe Something Different Or You’ve Experienced Something Man Just Know That Yeah And That Needs To Be Said Man For Anybody Out There Let Me Tell You Something And This Is Coming From Somebody Who Looked For Fellowship And Community I Mean I Mean You Know I Was A California Gang Member You Own Him Sin And An Active Room There And I’ve Laid My Life On The Line You And I’m Saying Up Many Times I Was Willing To Give My Life And Take Like Your I’m Sam For The Fellowship That I Was Involved In The Prefer The Perversion Of Fellowship You Know I’m Saying That These Street Gangs You Know Offer And Let Me Tell You Guys Something Man As Somebody Who’s Over Here On This Side And Has Been Transformed By The Love And The Blood Of Christ Man And And Is Now Actively Involved In Not Just Being A Member Of The Of The True Church The True Body Of Christ But Actually Actively Involved In Seeing Its Expansion Know That What You’re Looking For In Terms Of True Fellowship Is Here You Know What I’m Saying In The True Version Of The Church You Feel Me It’s Here You Know It Don’t Get No Rather The Love Don’t Get No Realer Than Over Here Like You Said Bro I Got I Got Brothers That I Know That That Go To Church And Then I Got My Brothers In Christ And My Brothers In Christ On Me You Know We Ride With Each Other To The Death You Know We You Know We Have This I Have This Thing With My Brothers As Long As You Down The Christ I’m Down With You You Feel Me Yeah That That’s The Only Thing That Will Cause Me To Break Fellowship With A Person Because Christ Is My First Love You’re I’m Saying So At The End Of The Day If You Stand Against Him You Stand You Know I Gotta Stand Against You But As Long As You Rockin With Him It Doesn’t Matter What You’ve Done As We’ve All Done Something You Know What I’m Saying So That’s What Sin Is I’ve Messed Up Too You Show Me So Um You Know We’re Here To Help Each Other Um Pursue Christ Together You Know I Need The Accountability I Need To Fellowship Just As Much As My Brothers Do We Really Love Each Other From That Place Man We Try To Help Each Other We We Get Involved You Know Your Wife Is My Sister You Know Yo Kids As My Nieces And My Nephews Man Your Honor I’m Sayin And So We Really Hold Each Other Accountable To That Level Imagine Where Our Culture And Our Society Would Be You Know What I’m Sayin If We Really Had That Out Here Y’all I’m Sayin If It Wasn’t All I’m Rocking And With You Whether You’re Right Or Whether You’re Wrong It’s Like No Bro I’m Rocking With What’s Right And If You’re Wrong That I’m Gonna Challenge You On That And That Needs To Stop If You’re Gonna Remain In Fellowship With Us You Know I’m Saying Like That That’s Necessary Homie And That’s What You See In The Original Church But A Lot Of That’s Being Lost Now And And You Have It To Where Love Has Become So Perverted That Because People Love Men More Than They Love God And The Bible Says That You Know People Will Become Lovers In Themselves You Know What I’m Saying And So Now It’s Like If You Challenge Somebody To To Walk More Godly Somehow I’m Not Loving This Person Right Now Bro It’s Because I Love You Homey I Got A Challenging In This Area Because I Don’t Want To See You Destroyed And I Sure Don’t Want To See You Doing Any Harm To The Body Of Christ As Well Because Of Your Reckless Or Selfish Actions You Know What I’m Saying But I Also You Know How To Hold Myself To The Same Standard So You Know Um May I Encourage People Man You Know Taste And See That The Lord Is Good And Taste And See That The Church Is Good You Know I’m Stay But Don’t Come Into This Thing Like I Did Don’t Come Into Staying Expecting Perfection You Don’t Say Then Christ Is Perfect God Is Perfect But His People Be Messing Up Sometimes You Film Me But I Mean Let’s Keep It Real Bro We Didn’t Like A Gang Of Stuff Was Fake Or We Experienced A Lot Of People Making A Lot Of Mistakes In A Lot Of Areas Of Our Life That We Still Run To Yanam Said And I Got Tell My Homies In The Street All The Time Like Like I Ain’t Trying To Go To Churches It Is Fake There Right But You Man Bro You In The Street All The Time And Half These Dudes Just Tell Me You Know What I’m Saying So You Ain’t Got No Problem With Fake You Got A Problem With God You Know You Know I Just And A Lot Of It Is Is Is – It’s It’s From A Lot Of Prejudices And And Things It’s Kind Of Like People Are Told That It’s A Certain Way Over Here But They Haven’t Really Ever Experienced This For Themselves You Know What I’m Saying And And I Think Especially With Our Fellowship A Lot Of Brothers Come Into It They’re Like Yo Bro I Never Knew There Was Nothing Like This Yeah And I’m Saying Like God If I Had Known This Thought I Came A Long Time Ago And That’s They We Just Trying To Let People Know Manners Is When You Meet A True Fellowship Of Believers Man It’s Nothing Like It It’s Gonna Challenge You But But We Here For You You Know And I’m Saying And God Does The Work Man He’ll Produce In You The Changes That He Wants To See Our Job Is Just To Pursue Him You Found Me Yeah I’ve Totally Agree 100% Man Just Like The Camaraderie Is There And It May Not Be A Big Group Of People It May Not Be The Big Hog Mob Numbers Hundreds And Thousands Of People Who Are Down Arrive It May Just Be Two Or Three People Man Who We Don’t We Don’t Got Thousands Of People Down Around Let Me Tell You It’s Like You Know I Was I’m Gonna Keep It Really This Is No Disrespect To Anybody Who Supports Our Ministry But But This Is The Reality Right Even Christ He Had Three To Five Thousand People Following Him Around Everywhere He Went At Times You Know But At The End Of The Day Okay He Had His Twelve Yeah And Then He Had His Three But At The End Of The Day Bro It Was Only One Dude That Was With Him When He Was Hanging On That Cross Jerome Said And It Nobody In That Tone With Him You Feel Me Like So You Know You It’s Kind Of I Like It Into Like A Sports Team You Know You Got The Owners You Got The Players And Then You Got Fans You Know In The Fans Or Just As Important To The To The Organization Because They’re The Ones That That Supported And They Get Out There And And And And They They They They Financially Support The Movement You Feel Me They Spread The Word And They Do All Of These Things So They’re A Part Of The Organization But Then You Got People Who Actually Bleed You And I’m Saying For It Every Sunday Every Thursday Night You And I’m Saying And And Those Are The Brothers That You Might See Me Rocking With More Is The Brother Because We Really Out Here In The Field But Then When It Comes Time To Make Executive Decisions All The Players Don’t Get To Come Into That Office You Know And I’m Saying Yeah I Saw It Your Numbers The Numbers Don’t Matter Because At The End Of The Day God In The Flesh Jesus Christ At The End Of His Life He Only Had 120 People Right With Him So Even By Worldly Standards The World And Even By Most Church Standards They Would Look At Christ Numbers And Say He Was A Failure In Ministry But Those 120 People Who Like You Said Went On To Be Baptized In Fire Because Of The Work They Put In Brought The Roman Empire To His Knees Therefore See You Fill Me So It’s Not About How Many People You Got Rockin With You It’s About The Authenticity Of The People You Got Rocking Which The Spirit Of The People That You Got Rocking With You You’re On I’m Saying And And Um That’s What God Can Can You You Know So I’m Not That’s Why I’m Not One For The Numbers Bro I’ll Take Quality Over Quantity Any Day Bro Its Leslie Wanted Fellowship You Know Definitely Let’s Talk A Little Bit About The The Whole System That’s Built Upon It You Know That We Call Church It’s Not Church I Think We Discussed It At The Beginning But There’s A System In Place Right In A Sub It’s A Business As Well And And And Most Of Them All Ran As A Business And I’m 15 In My Own Life And Many Other Young People Who Are Raised Up To I’ve Seen Many Young People Give Their Life To The Lord God Changed Them In An Instant Filled Them With This Fire And They Have An Encounter With God And Then They Start Going To A Church And People Are Coming To Them For Prayer Because When They Pray Things Happen Bondages Are Broken People Are Filled With That Same Fire In That Same Presence It Just Radiates Off Of That Person Because They Spend Time With The Father And You Can Tell You’ll Go To These Different Churches And There’s Those People Who You Know Spend Intimate Time With Jesus And A Lot Of Times These Are Young People And I’ve Seen Many Cases That You Know These People End Up Being A Threat To That System Where We Have This System Built That The Pastor Has The Answers That The Pastor Is The One Who Lays On The Hands Or Or You Know We May Give You Permission At The Altar Call To Lay On Hands Or Whatever But It Starts Like Deviating The The The Power Starts Being Taken Away From The The Pastor A Little Bit Or Something Right And That Person Becomes A Threat To That System Or To That Business And That Person Begins To Have A Target On Their Back That Young Person Who Would Just Come To The Lord Fill With The Fire Of God And They Don’t Know Anything Who They’re Just They Just Love Jesus Man And They Have A Target On Their Back Simply Because They Now Possess What The Pastor Used To Have Man What What Kind There’s Tons Of People Like That I’ve I Get Messages And I’m Sure You Do Too Whether These People Are Out There And Then They You Know They Don’t Know What To Do They’re Shown That They You Know There’s A New Term That I Found Out I Called It Excommunication But We Don’t Really You Know Practice That Term Too Much In Him All Right Oh Yeah He Was Excommunicated We The Christian Church Really Don’t Deal With That But It’s A New Term A Blog I Found They Call It Ghosting Or You Just They Just Break Felish They Don’t Even Tell You They Just Clean You They Quit Talking To You They Talking Behind Your Back And There’s A Term Called Ghosting And That’s What They’re Calling It Now Talk A Little Bit About That Man Like Have You Seen I’m Sure You’ve Seen That In Your Own Life Going Into The These Structures Man Um Yeah I Mean Uh And You Know I’m All About Being Fair You Know I’ve Seen It I’ve Seen It Happen And I’ve Also Been Embraced And I’ve Had People Pour Into Me And Wanted To See That Gift You Know And I’m Saying Even Immature So You Know And By Church People In Churches In Leadership I Mean You Know I’ve Had I’ve Had Great Experiences I’m Dealing With People Who Profess Christ And I’ve Had Terrible Experiences You And I’m Saying So I Just Want To Be Fair To The Other Side It’s – But Absolutely Homey I’ve I’ve Been Shunned Excommunicated In Ghosts You Know What Man I Think At This Point How Could I Like How Do I Expect To Look Like Christ Yet Not Get Treated How He Gets Treated You Know Sale It Really Broke What’s Helping Me Deal With A Lot Of These Things Is Studying The Life Of Christ Man Because When I’m Able To Study The Life Of Christ And See What He Went Through And Then Also Study A Lot Of The New Testament Where His Talks About Yoke What He Went Through Is Guaranteed To You Yeah Like You’re Gonna This Thing’s You’re Gonna Go Through These Things If You’re Truly Following You Because The World’s Relationship With Jesus Has Never Changed Yeah Jahna Man So It’s Not Like They’re Cool With Him Now You Feel Me So It’s What They Did To Him Before They Gonna Do To Anything That Reminds Him No And You Know I Have Like A Little Chocobo Thing That I Say But It’s Like You Know The World Is Like A Ratchet Baby Mama You Feel Me She’s Gonna She’s Gonna Abuse Us Because We Look Like Our Father I’m Saying Yeah So He Has A Bad Relationship With Our Father And She’s Gonna Abuse His Children Because They Remind Her Of Him You Feel Me And So These Are Things I Think I Think What Needs To Happen More Is There Needs To Be A Greater Level Of Education To New Converts About What To Expect In Terms Of Persecution That Is Not Only Guaranteed To You But God Actually Said That It Is His Will That We Suffer These Things Here Because These Means Perfect Into The Image Of Christ You See What I’m Saying We’re Supposed To Look Like Christ How Do You Look Like Christ If You’ve Never Been Persecuted And Had To Love Your Enemies And Pray For Those Who Despitefully Use You How Can You Ever Exemplify That If Nobody Has Ever Persecuted You Or Despitefully Used You Yeah You Feel Me So I Think That When You Have A Mature Understanding Of The Purpose Of These Things It Helps You To Be Able To Go Through Them In A Righteous Fashion And Not Become Church Hurt And Bitter And Angry And If The Church And Now I’m Not Dealing With That No More It’s Like No Bro Yeah You Definitely Probably Need To Find You A More Healthy Fellowship You Know I’m Saying But You Don’t Allow This To Affect Your Heart Because Ultimately That’s What The Enemy Is After He’s After Your Heart Because If He Can Harden Your Heart He’s Already Destroyed Yo Witness Annual Ministry Is Soon For Follow I Wish That When We’re Baby Christians Even Now Maybe Maybe We Need To You Know Create This But I Wish That Uh Those Bible Promises Books That We Used To Get I Used To Have I Used To Keep Them In My Back Pocket And I Pull It Out And You Just Go To The Situation Of What You’re Dealing With And Their Scriptures On It And There’s Promises Of God You Know I’m Saying That They You Know I’m Saying You’re Gonna Be More Than A Conqueror That You’re The Head And Not To Tell All These Different Situations But I Wish There Was A Portion That Would Tell You About The Promises Of Persecution Like That Is Pramod Those Are The Promises Of God You Will Add You Know It Even A Scripture Like Okay You’re More Than A Conqueror You Know What It Reminds Me Of It’s When When A Brother Gets Married And They Say You Know For Better Or Worse For Richer From Before And I’m Saying In Sickness Or Health Well All You Hear As A Carnal Man You Know We’ll Be Here For Better For Rich And In Health Yeah It’s Almost Like Those Things Don’t Even Really Register To Us And We Agreed To It Like Yeah Yeah Yeah But We’re Not Thinking About The Worst We’re Not Thinking About The Poor We’re Not Thinking About The Moments Of Sickness That We’re Gonna Have To Endure With This Person We’re Just Thinking About The Benefits So When You Hear A Scripture That Says You Know You’re More Than A Conqueror We Only Hear The Good Side Of That Scripture But What We’re Not Realizing Is Why Would God Have To Feel The Need To Tell Us That Yeah And Remind Us Of The Fact That We’re More Than Conquerors Leanness We Were Gonna Be In A War Yeah You Feel What I’m Saying Those Are Scriptures About Warfare You Know You’re The Head And Not The Tail Well Why Would God Need To Tell Me That Unless I Got A Bunch Of People Who Are Out Here Probably Gonna Be Trying To Convince Me That I’m The Tail Yeah You See What I’m Saying So That’s What I Mean When I Say I Don’t I Don’t Think That It’s That There’s Not A Lot Of Scriptures Dealing With It Because There’s Plenty I Think That There Is Definitely A Lack Of Education But I Think Even In Own Perspective When We Look At Scripture We Have A Tendency Not To See It For What It’s Really Trying To Say Because We Came Into This With Our Own Misconception About What Christianity Was Supposed To Look Like I Know I Did You Know And I’m Saying I Didn’t Know Necessarily That I Was Signing Up For War You And I’m Saying And Yes The Battle In Eternity Has Already Been Won But I Have Been Given A Call To Duty And An Assignment In A Deployment That I Have To Be Faithful To And And Walk Out And I Still Have To Fulfill You Know What I’m Saying The Mission That God Has Put Me On In This Space And In Time You Know And I’m Saying So Definitely Bro I Think That Would Be A Great Topic Even For Your Show You Know I See You Obviously Have A Passion For These Things You Want I’m Saying Might Want To Put Together A Whole Study On Just How All The Scriptures You Know Understand That Promise The Believer Not Only Persecution But Also The The Greater Promises That God Will See Us Through It Yeah I Mean That’s I Mean That’s The Whole Thing To Man But Like Whenever You Go In Through The Persecution Or You Going Through The Doubt And The Dark Night Of The Soul And All Of These Questions And Stuff And You’ve Been Being Treated Like You Almost Had A Second-class Citizen And You Don’t Belong And Nothing’s Line It Up Like When We’re Going Through It We Get Upset We Were Asking God To Take Us Out Of It But It’s In All Of Those Those Moments Man Those Those Dark Places That We’ve Been Through Whether We’re You Know We’re Spiritually Being Attacked By Principalities And Demons Stuff It’s In Those Moments That Were Taught Man We’re Taught About The Darkness And Unless We’ve Letting Off Through Those Those Dark Times We Don’t Have A Contrast For The Glory Of God And For Crisis Working Our Lives That We Don’t Have Nothing To Contrast It Again So Now I’m Thankful And I Wouldn’t Take Back None Of It And When It Happens Now That I’m More Seasoned I Can See The Hand Of God And What He’s Doing In My Life And I Know How To Respond To The Testing And I See What He’s Trying To Put In Me And In Its End And That’s Where A Character Is Built-in In The Life Of Every Believer That’s Scriptural I’m Saying Testing Perseverance And I’ve Even Heard Of Being Set On Some Other Podcast Stuff They’re Talking About How People Who Were Just Kind Of Like Given Life On A Golden Spoon Or You I’m Saying A Silver Spoon And They’ve Got Everything Handed To Them And And They’re Kind Of Jerks Man They Don’t Really Value Anything Everything’s Given To Them They Never Had To Work For Anything But The Interesting People The The People Who Are Funny The People Who Have A Story To Tell That The People Who Were Just Say More Fun To Be Around Are The People Who Have Had A Shitty Upbringing Who’ve Had The Dysfunctional Home The Parents Fighting Yeah They Ran Away Like They Had These Stories It Produces In Them Something That Makes Them Seem Like Better Friends Somebody Who’s Just Their Man And This Is Even One Coming From The Secular World Where That Were They’re Talking About That So The Resistance Applies In Every Aspect Of Our Lives When You Find That Resistance You Look At Everybody In The Bible What Happened To Them It’s Gonna Happen To You But It’s A Beautiful Thing Because From That Resistance They Were Able Once That Once It Broke They Were Able To Spring Forth And Go Into The Calling That God Had For Their Life To Go Into The Promised Land To Defeat Their Giants And In All Of This Man So The Resistance Is Beautiful It Really Is The Darkness That We That We Go Through I’m Telling You Man To See What God Is Trying To Teach You In These Seasons Man We Got To Learn The Lessons The Type Of People Who Don’t Appreciate Resistance Or The Type Of People Who Are Looking For Comfort But The People Who Appreciate Resistance People Who Are Looking For Growth I Use An Example Like Me Right I’m On My Way As Soon As We Get Off Here I’m Gonna Go Meet The Homies At The Gym Now All I’m Gonna Meet When I Get To The Gym Is A Bunch Of Resistance Exactly What I’m Saying But I’m Looking Forward To It Yeah Yeah You And I’m Saying Because I Understand The Purpose Of This Resistance And I’m Looking Forward To The There’s A Greater Glory That Comes From After I Persevere Through The Resistance Is That I Get Stronger You Dig What I’m Saying And So That’s The Thing Even Spiritually Homie Like More So Like The Bible Says You Know Okay It Does A Little Profit For You To You Know Exercise Your Body But How Much More To Exercise Your Spirits You Feel What I’m Saying And So Yeah I Um I Feel Like The Problem Is Is That Most Of Us Are Complacent And We’re We’re Adding Christ So We Now We Look At It As If We Not Supposed To Go Through Nothing Else Like We Like Okay Look Man Yeah I’ve Arrived At What I Have Deemed For Myself To Be A Good Level Yeah But The Bible Says That Even If You’re Producing Good Fruit God Himself Is Gonna Prohm You So That You Can Produce More Yeah So Even Though You’ve Grown Comfortable Where You’re At God Is Not Satisfied With Where You’re At You Feel What I’m Saying And So And If And If Doing The Will Of Your Father Is Your True Priority Which For Every True Believer That’s What It Should Be Then Homie You’re Gonna Look Forward To These Opportunities That You Have To Walk In The Gospel That You Have That You Claim You’re Really About You Feel Me Because An Offense Ain’t Really Nothing To A Person Who’s Already Got Forgiveness On The Heart You Know The The Word Forgiveness Means To Forgive Is To Give Beforehand So That’s Supposed To Already Be There Just Like What Christ What Has For Me He Died 2,000 Years Ago For Things That I’m Still Yet To Do You Found Me So When I Do Him It’s Not That God Has To Find It In His Heart But He Didn’t Know How Falling Dawn’s I Fall Into The Arms Of Forgiveness That Were Already Before Laid Before Me Before I Ever Even Made That Mistake And That’s What We Have To Have For One Another Bro Forgiveness For You Know I Already Had It In Place You’re Just Creating A Scenario In Which I Get To Activate The Forgiveness That I Already Had For You You Feel What I’m Saying So I Feel Like That’s What We Need To Just Get But It Takes You Know We You Only Get These Things From The Spirit Of God Man So We Just Got To Keep Pursuing The Spirit Bro I Do Have To Go Here Pretty So Bro So Uh You Know Yeah Yeah We’re Definitely Go Ahead And Wrap It Up Man But Just To Kind Of Tee Off On That That’s Why The Scripture Says That There’s No Condemnation For Those Who Were In Christ Jesus Who Walk Not According To The Flesh But After The Spirit So I’m Saying Whenever You Were Wayward You Had Nothing To Fall Upon Whenever You Said It When You Need A Forgiveness Or You Had You Had A Rough Day Or A Hard Time And Didn’t Know How You Were Gonna Get Through Now As A Child Of God We’re Already Forgiven And We Fall Upon The Grace If We Fall Upon The Rock And We’re Not Crushed Man So That That Goes A Long Way Man As Far As Helping Us Make It Through It But Um Yeah Brother I Thank You For Coming On The Show Hanging Out With Me Man And We You Know I’m Saying Was Finally Able To Make This Happen Before We Go Man I’m Gonna Ask You Just To Say A Prayer For Those People That We’ve Mentioned Man Those People Who Are Looking For A Church Body Looking For Accountability Like True Accountability Discipleship Because I Believe That People Who Truly Desire Discipleship That They’re Gonna Find It And Therefore Those People Who Were In In Those Churches And They Just Feel Uncomfortable Man Just Give Them Some Hope Man Say A Prayer For Those People Man Just You Don’t Think That’s A Little Brother You Have Only Father Lord God In Jesus Mighty Name First Of All Lord I Lift Up The Non-believers Lord Out There Who Have Yet To Be Had Their Faith Awakened Father God Lord I Ask That You Move Upon Them Right Now Father God They Might Have Questions Lord And They Might Have Fears Lord God I Pray Lord That You Be The Answer To That Question Right Now Father I Pray That You That Their Spirit Become Awakened Lord And Then They’d Be Touched Right Now Where They’re At Jesus Mighty Name Father God But I Pray That They Would Recognize That That They Are Sinners In And Without Christ They Are Hopeless And Judgment They Will Have To Pay For Their Own Sins Father God And Who Can Stand Before A Righteous Judge And Have Hope When He Is Guilty So Father God First Of All Lord I Just Asked That They Would Humble Themselves Or Before You And Recognize That That They Have Committed Sin Against You Father And The Penalty Of That Sin Is Eternal Death Lord As It Should Be Because You Are Holy And Who Are We To Deny You The Right The Right Lord God That You Have To Get From Our Lives What You Deserve Who Are We To Tell You That We’re Gonna Do Whatever We Want To Do With The Life That You Gave Us The Wickedness Involved In That Thought Process Father God It Blows My Mind And And I Didn’t Realize It When I Was In It Father God And I’m Sure There Are People Listening To This They Don’t Realize That So I Pray That You Wake Them Up Right Now And They Would Humble Themselves And They Would Repent Not Just Apologize But They Would Make A Conscious Decision Lord God To Turn From Their Wickedness And To Follow You Because You Love Them Enough Lord To Come And Die On The Cross For Their Sins You Shed Blood The Forgiveness That You Have For Us Lord It Wasn’t Sheep It Came In At Such A Cost Lord God It Cost You Suffering It It Cost You A Reputation Or God You You Were You Are Humiliated For Us You Let Your Own Creations Humiliate You Lord We Will Never Understand The Level Of Love That It Took To Do What You Did Lord God Removed Because You Didn’t Stay Dead Lord You Demonstrated That You Were Everything That You Said That You Were When Three Days Later You Came Out Of That Grave And That Tomb Is Empty To This Day And They Can Formulate Whatever Conspiracy Theories They Want Father God But It Takes More Faith To Believe That Nonsense Than It Does To Really Understand That You Came Out Of That Tomb With All Power And You Reign And You Are God And Your Name Has Power And It Does Change And Me And My Brother Sitting Right Here Having This Conversation We Are Just A Couple Of The Evidences For The God Of What You Can Do So We Lift Them Up To You Lord I Also Lift Up My Brothers And Sisters Who Are Out There Lord I’m Kind Of Like A Ship With No Sail Right Now Father God They They Do Even You And They Do Desire To Go Deeper But They Just Don’t Know Where To Go Maybe They’ve Been Hurt Maybe They’ve Been Lied To Maybe They’ve Been Taught Wrong And And By Listening To This Interview They’re Realizing Yo I’m Not Being Taught Right Father I Prayed That They Would Reach Out I Pray That They’d Reach Out To My Brother That They Would Reach Out To Me They Can Go To Our Website Hog Marcom And Send Us An Email Lord God And We Will Do Our Best To Try To Help Them But Lord I Pray That They Really Truly Want What They’re Asking For Because True Discipleship Comes With A Cost True To Be A True Disciple Lord Your Word Says We Have To Be Willing To Give Up Everything Everything And The First Thing We Have To Be Willing To Give Up Is Our Way Of Doing Things And Our Way Of Thinking Of What’s Right And Wrong We Have To Be Willing To Surrender That Before You Lord God And And Acknowledge You As Lord And And Install An Authority Over Our Life Father God And That’s The Hard Part Everybody Loves The Savior They Hated Him When He Said He Was Lord So Lord God I Just Lift My Brothers And Sisters Up To You Right Now Father God And I Pray That In These Last Days You Would Encourage Them And You Would Send A Spirit To Minister To Them Lord Send Them Brothers And Sisters Just Like You Did Me I Was Out Here Alone Lord God And I Began To Pray Father God Send Me Some Brothers And You Did And You Gave Me The Boldness To Start Disciple In Brothers Around Me And Now I Have This Family Of Fellowship Lord God But I Had To Work For It And I Had To Labor For It And I Had To Be Willing To Pour It Into People Lord In Order To Build This Fellowship Father God It Didn’t Come Cheap Nothing Worth Having Does Father God So Lord I Just Lift These Brothers And Sisters Up To You Father Um And And And I Just Pray Lord That And If Anybody Out There Needs Healing Of The Mind Of Their Body Of Their Broken Heart Lord I Know All These Things Too Well Or But I Also Know What You Can Do In The Heart Of A Person Who Truly Stands Before You Broken And Just Ready To Surrender Father And I Pray That Somebody Right Here Right Now Is Doing That Lord I Lift My Brother’s A Show Up To You Father God I Just Pray That He Would Continue To Just Keep It Authentic To The Gospel And That He Would Accurately Reflect You You Father God With This Platform That He Has Would Be A Good Steward Of It Lord And As He Does That Lord I Pray That You Would Advance It And And And Give Him The Things That He Needs Father God And I Pray The Same For Our Ministry Or Protect Us As Well On This Missions Trip Lord Bringing The Resources That We Need Father God So We Can Do Your Will Once Again In Jesus Mighty Name We Pray Amen Thank You Man You Guys And You Guys Have To Have A Strong Team Brother With You Um Just Before You Go Really Quick There’s People Who Have No Idea Who You Are Tell Them A Little Bit About What Hog Mob Means Oh Glob Is Acronym Stands For Being Hooked On God And Keeping Ministry Over Business Hl Gmo Beach You Can Get A Lot More Information About Us Go To Hog Mob Com We Got All Kinds Of Information About The Ministry Um The Different Brothers Involved On Certain Parts Of The Website My Boy Is Actually Helping Us Where Right Now They Under Construction But We Definitely Have A Lot Of Information On There We Do Right Now I Started A Movement Called Pray For My Hood What We Actually Go Out And We Target Dangerous Neighborhoods To Receive The Gospel And Just Um You Know There’s A Lot Of Pain And A Lot Of Hurting The Knees To Be Healed And So We Go Out And Try To Assist With That All Over The Country So We’re In The Process Right Now Of Hitting About A Hundred Urban Neighborhoods Pretty Soon So You Know We’re Obviously Looking For Support When It Comes To That And Stuff But Yeah Amen Look Us Up On My Name 7se Vi In Your On I’m Saying Like I Said Man A Former Lowlife You’re On Sam From California Man That That Jesus Christ Has Changed And Delivered Men And You Know I’m Just Here To Bang Christ Until The Day I Die Man And I’m You Know I Don’t Know Y’all But I Love Y’all God Loves How You Feel Me And He Put That Love For You In Me Man So You Know If Y’all Need Anything You Know Whatever We Can Do We Will Do And If We Can’t Do Nothing You Know We Will Try To Direct You To Somebody Who Can Help You Better Than We Can But We Try Not To Turn Nobody Away You Know Unless They On Some Nonsense And You Know In This Bless You I Brother Thanks So Much For Hanging Out With Me Man We’ll Get Up Soon For So Much Love Brought About The Peace Peace 7of Hog Mob Ministries Guys It’s A Good Do Man I Built This Website Actually I Built All The The Underground Christian Rappers The Guys Who Are Kind Of Taking The Reins Now Pyrex Sevin Illuminate Hope Beat Net Which Is A Big Christian Marketing Website For Christian Hip-hop And Also Dante’s Website And These Are All Guys Who Are All Affiliated With With Hog Mob Um And I’ll Say This Man I Still Do Have A Bad Taste In My Mouth For Christian Rap For Gospel Rap I Don’t Really Listen To Too Much Of It Anymore I Used To Do Gospel Rap And That’s Pretty Much Why Cuz I Used To Do It And I’ve Seen The Good The Bad And The Ugly And I’ve Seen The Cliches And I’ve Seen I’ve Seen Wait In These Churches And Stuff Like That So When It Comes To Christian Rap A Lot Of Its Corny A Lot Of Its Unoriginal They Try To Repeat Rappers That They Hear On The Radio So If Little Wayne’s Popular You’re Gonna Hear These Rappers Coming Out Son Are Like Little Wayne Drake Comes Out With These Little Dances Where He Puts His Hand On His Hip And Does These Little Dances And So Now All The Christian Rappers Are Doing It Dancing Up In The Churches On Stage And It’s Just Yeah It’s Nasty Man I’ve Seen It I’ve Seen A Hand First But When It Comes To Sevin And It Comes To Hog Mob These Dudes Are Legit Like This Dude Does It With The Passion Does It Full-time He’s A Real Dude Real Dude He’s You Know Think He’ll Tell You Like It Is I’ve Dealt With Too Many Christians In General But Definitely Christian Rappers Who They Have To Be Politically Correct Even Not Not In The Social Mainstream But In The Church Realm And Those Sort Of Things That You Say And There’s Things That You Do In Any Clique That’s That Gets You Received And You Know You’re Cool As Long As You Have The Lingo And We Call It Christian Ease They Speak With Christian And Most People Who Are Outside Of Church Culture Will Have No Idea What The Hell People Are Talking About Speaking Christianese You Know I’m Saying And Sevens A Real Dude You’re Not You’re Not Really Gonna Get That From Him Even Though We’re Talking About Ministry We’re Talking About The Good The Bad And The Ugly For What It Is I Think People Need To Hear That People Need To Be Encouraged You Know I’m Saying Not To Give Up And Not To Feel Like They’re Alone In The End But Seven His Music You Know He Did They Don’t Get A Lot Of Love From The Christian Community I Think They’re Starting To Now More Like I Said Earlier On Because Some People Are Kind Of Moved Out The Way Some Of The Big Mainstream Er Christian Rappers Lecrae And Those Guys Are Kind Of Moved Out The Way So Now Hog Mob Bissell You Know These Guys Are Now Kind Of Getting More Of The Limelight And So They’re You Know They’re Their Name You Know Brings Numbers So These These Other People Are Wanting To Have Them On So That’s One Thing That’s Going On But 7 Illuminate Pyrex These Are All Genuine Dudes Brian Tee I Do Enjoy Listening To Their Music It Is Original It Hasn’t Changed With The Times Like They’d They Don’t Do Trap Rap They Don’t Do Mumble Rap You Know I’m Saying They Haven’t Changed Because Mama Raps Popular Now They Do The Old School 90s Influenced Old School But Yet With The Like The Beats And Stuff Are Still Current And Up-to-date So I Do Like Their Music But More Since I Know Him As A Person It Makes It Gives Me The Story Behind The Music You Know And Just Because I’ve Seen That In The In The Christian Realm Like I’ve Seen The Good The Bad The Ugly And It’s Kind Of Put A Bad Taste In My Mouth The Same Thing Has Happened In In My Arena Now With Like The Spiritual Hip-hop You Know I Still I Still Take Christian Terms And And Christian You Don’t Say Ideologies And I Put Them In My Music And Use Metaphors And Change The Names And Stuff Like That But It Is Hidden Deep Within My Music Is Well But In The Spiritual Arena It’s Kind Of Been The Same Thing I’ve Met Some Of The People That I’ve Looked Up To And Had Had Interactions With These People And I Put A Bad Taste In My Mouth As Well There’s People Whose Music Men Was Like Phenomenal And Still Is As Far As The Music Goes But I Met The People Behind It In Their Life Does Not Reflect The Music At All Like Their Life Does Not Reflect That Music About Meditation Prayer Elevation Ascension You Know I’m Saying Like That’s The Stuff They Rap About In Their Music Because They’ve Studied It But They Don’t Live It And They’re They’re Just Regular Street Dudes And That’s Put A Bad Taste In My Mouth From The Spiritual Hip-hop Community And You Know I Think They Tell You Like That You Shouldn’t Want To Meet The People That You Look Up To Your Idols You Shouldn’t Meet Your Idols Because A Lot Of Times You’re Letdown Because You Look Up To These People You’re Like Oh Man And You’re Looking For This This Experience With Them Whenever You Meet Them And You Hold These Guys On On These Pedestals And You’re Like Man These Are Just Regular Do Some The Hood That’s What I Felt Out With With The Spiritual Hip-hop Community As Well And I Think That’s What Was Key About What Seven Said At The Beginning Is Like He Don’t Want To Have You Know He Cuz He Knows His Flaws And He Knows That He’s He’s A You Know I’m Saying He’s Still Under Construction Right And We Tend To Look Up The People And Put Them On These Platforms And We Think That They’re More Spiritual Then You Know And Then They Really Are I Get That And When People Meet Me You Know They’re You Know They Expect Me To Only Talk About Spiritual Stuff And I Don’t Even Talk About The Stuff In Public Anymore With People For Real I Only Do This Stuff On Podcasting And Music I Don’t Go To Places And Try To Engage People About Spirituality Like But If People Want To Talk About It I’m Totally Down Totally Down When It Comes To That But People Put You On A Pedestal And They You Know They’ve Created An Idol In Their Mind Of Who You Are And It’s Not Real It’s An Image That’s What That’s What Idols Are Idolatry And So I’ve Had The Five Had To Feel The Good Bad And The Ugly And All The Push Back From That You Know We’re Showing You Know I’m Saying Some Showing Who I Am And Not Being Afraid Of That Because I We Are Spiritual Beings I Mean The Spirituality I’m Also Into A Lot Of Other Stuff Too So That Whole Dichotomy For Me Was Really Big In Trying And Just Trying To Get Over That Of Just Being Okay With The Public Seeing Me And That’s Why You Know This Podcast Was Called The Mythos Podcast It Was Called Encountering God Podcast But Essentially I Didn’t Want I Didn’t Want To Call It The True Seeker Podcast Because I Didn’t Want To Put Too Much Of Who I Was Out There But I Was Like You Know What I Did I’m Not Gonna Try To Keep Branding All Kind Of Of Their Names And Stuff What You See Is What You Get And Just Like We Were Saying You Have Those Friends Who Are Just Down The Ride Man Those Fans Who Were Just Like Like Yeah We Like The Music But We Like You As A Person You Know I’m Saying We’re Fans Of The Music And Even Grimm’s In The Chatroom And I’m Probably Gonna Hear Grandma When I Get Off Of Here To Get Into Some Gaming Man You Me And My Wife Yeah I’m Saying And My Daughter We All We All Are Big In The Gaming And I Remember Showing That Side And Doing Some Live Streaming Gaming In Guys Man The Hatred I Got From Some Of My Fans When I Was Live Streaming Gaming They’re Like Turn The Games Off And Work On Music We’re Ready For New Music True Seeker Turn The Damn Games Off And It’s Like Oh Wow It Was A Lot Of People All These Games On A Spiritual They Rot Your Brain All The Games Were Put Here By The Illuminati To Keep You And There’s All This Crazy Stuff On My Man You Guys Had This Crazy Picture Of Me Of Something Like I’m Meditating All Day And Stuff Which I Do I Do Meditate On I Need That Stuff So All Of That’s A Part Of Me And And I’m Not I’m Not Afraid To I’m Saying To Be Myself And Just Finally Be Comfortable In My Own Skin And Just To Be Public With That You Know I’m Saying So That’s Uh That’s A Whole Lot Of I’m Reading The Comments Now You Guys Awesome Hey Chanel Grim I And I What’s Up Brother Oh Man So That Yeah That’s A Good Man I’m Glad I Seen Your Comments So He Says Huge Hog Mob So I Have A Confession To Make Ma’am About 7:00 And About About You James And A Lot Of Other People Who Are Fans Of True Seeker Now For Some Reason And Fans Of Hog Mob And For Some Of You Guys There’s A Reason And James This Is Definitely My Confession And I Think I Might Even Told You This I Don’t Know Maybe You Never Heard This But Okay So I Had A Page I Had On On Our Facebook I Had My True Seek A Fan Page Right And It’s Where People Who Like My Music They Go Like The Fan Page And I Had About I Had 5,000 Likes On My I Mean 5,000 Friends On My Regular Page You Know My Regular Page I Was Friends With Seven I Was Friends With All These Rappers And And Band And Uh You Know People Who Are In Bands And Stuff I Was Tommy Green From Sleeping Giant Sunny Sand Of All Frumpy Od Maddy Montgomery These Were Some Of The Bigger Names Of People Who Early On On Fate When They First Got On Facebook I Became Friends With Them And We’d Have Conversations And They’d Answer Me Back And We Kind Of Build Relationships Like That Well I Was Friends With Seven As Well And So I Wanted To Get Rid Of My Page Because It Was Like A Straight Christian Following It Because I Was Doing Gospel Rap And Once I Started To Kind Of Stray Away From That I Was Like You Know What Let Me Delete This Page But Instead Of Deleting It Facebook Has A Feature Where You Can Take Your Regular Page And Merge It To Your Fan Page So I Went Through That Process And I Did That So It Combined All Of My Regular Friends 5,000 Friends In And It Showed That They Liked True Seeker And It Gave Me Five Thousand More Likes On The True Seeker Page And When I Did That If You Was To Go To – Madi Montgomery Sunny Sand Of All Seven If You Go To Their Page In The Bottom Left Corner Where It Says Bands That They Like Or Artists That They Like It All Said That They Liked True Seeker So Instead Of Them Being A Fan Of A Friend Of Me They Turned Into Being A Fan On On Facebook And I Got A Lot Of Messages In James You’re In The Chat You Messaged Me Because Of That You Told Me That You Seen Me I Didn’t Know You Were He Was A Huge Seven Fan And You’ve Seen That Seven Like True Seeker Seven Listen The True Seeker And So You Hit Me Up You Checked Me Out And Then I’m Spitting All This Esoteric Stuff All Of The Spiritual Stuff And Essentially I Seen You Start To Get Into It Like You Were You Would Call Me And We’d Have Conversations And You Pick My Brain About Geometry About Vibration About The Bible And Where This Stuff Is In The Bible And Things Like That And We’d Have Phone Conversations And I’ve Seen You Morph Into Where Like You’re Very Well Studied On Your Spirituality Now And How It Pertains To Your Life And It Helps You Man So That Was One Thing About The Seven Stuff I Had A Bunch Of Seven Fans Hit Me Up Because They’re Like Ho Seven Listens To This Guy Let Me Check Him Out And So I Guess That’s The Confession I Should Have Told Seven I Wanted To But We Kind Of Went In A Different Direction So Maybe He’ll Go Back And Listen To This Or I’ll Give The Chance To Talk To Him Again But I Thought That Was Funny Man There Was A Lot Of People Who Hit Me Up Fans Of P Od And They’re Like Yeah Man I See I See P Od Listen To The True Seeker Let Me Check This Guy Out So People Who Actually Had A Chance To Listen To My Music And They Became Became Fans But That’s How Because They Found Out That Their Favorite Rapper Or Their Favorite Band Listen To True Seeker Which They Really Didn’t Write Because I Combined The Pages And It Showed That I Did I Thought That’s A Funny Little Story And James Harkness That’s Why You’re Here Man You Know And I Thought That’s Just A Funny Story Man Everything Works Together For A Reason Though Man God Knows What He’s Doing I Didn’t Know That Was Going To Happen When I When I Did But It’s Pretty Funny So Now We’re Gonna Wrap The Show Up All Of You Guys Who Have Been Listening I Thank All Of You Make Sure That You Guys Because Everybody Right Now We Got A Bunch Of People Listening On On On Youtube Right Now Make Sure You Go To Itunes Or Your Android Podcasting App And Download The App And And Subscribe To The True Seeker Podcast That Way That’s The Like The Real Way That We’re Trying To Push It Is Through The Podcasting Apps And And So Do That For Me Make Sure You Subscribe There If You’re Listening On Youtube Or Whatever And Also If You Found This Episode Valuable And Then You Think That Somebody Can Benefit From It Whether It Was The Prayer At The End Or Some Of The Stuff We’re Just Talking About Church Culture And Some Of The Different Enigmas That Go On There And Some Of The Stuff We Don’t Understand And Just Really What Church Is Like In General Like We’ve Got A Crazy Misconception Of What Church Is Man For Real Make Sure You Share It Man Just Shake Just Share It Out With With People Who Who You Think Can Actually Benefit From This Episode And So I’ve Been Staying Busy With This Stuff Man Putting Out A Lot Of Episodes I Think I Mean I Think I May Do Another Episode Tomorrow Just Doing Another Solo Episode Doing A Breakdown On Song Lyrics And Just Going Into The Meaning Behind Some Of The Cryptic Messages That Is Throughout True Stick Of Music So If You Guys Have A Song That You Want To Hear Me Break Down Like Some Lyrics That That Intrigue You The Most Send Me A Message Send Me An Email You Can Get In Contact With Me On All Social Media Outlets Let Me Know What Song You Want Me To Break Down Cuz I Got A Bunch Of Them And I May Move It To The Front Of The List So I’m Gonna Do That I Just I Did That For The First Time I Was Kind Of Nervous To See If I Can Hold Attention For You Know A Full Song I Didn’t Know How Long It Was Gonna Take I Talked For An Hour And 45 Minutes By Myself And I Was So Parched At The End The End Of That Episode And But I Think It Went Really Well Man There’s That Because I Was Talking To A Guy Today A Friend Of Mine And He Said Yeah Man We Get I Get Messages From People And They Said Yeah Man I Love Your Music But True Seeker Man I I Love It His Flow I Love Its Rhyme Scheme And Stuff But Have No Idea What The Hell He’s Talking About What Is It What Does He Mean When He’s Talking About The Kundalini And I’m Saying The Spiritual Aesthetic Experiences And Your Vibration From The Force Filling My Mind And My Body Divorce You Know I’m Saying What Does He Mean By That Stuff And So People Even Jamie Ruckman He’s Coming In Right Now And In The Chatroom Jamie Ruttman Is Like Dude I Have No Idea What You’re Talking About Jamie’s Like Dude I Love Your Music It’s Awesome You Rap Fast I Really Love The Rhyming Schemes But I Have No Idea What You’re Talking About So That’s What’s Cool About Doing The Actual Breakdowns So That I Can Uh I Can Kind Of Give You The Meanings Of Some Of The Things And Kind Of Turn It Into A Teaching Because Some Of Those Phrases And Stuff First Brand-new For A Lot Of People They’ve Never Heard Of Some Of That Stuff I Mention The Book Of Enoch Something That Is Very Elementary To Me Like In My Awakening Like That Book Came With It So I’ll Go Into Detail About The Book Of Enoch And Maybe It’ll Pique Your Interest To Actually Pick That Book Up And Read Or The Secret Teachings Of All Ages Manley P Hall And And And Just Tell You What The Song Titles The Phrases What They Mean To Me How I Came Up With Them And My Meanings Behind Them Like I Said It’s Also Beautiful That People Listen And They Come Up With Their Own Ideas About What I’m Talking About Or What The Song Means To Them That’s Beautiful As Well But For Me To Actually Sit Down And Break The Lyrics Down Man It Just Paints In A Whole New Picture And Basically Turns Into A Freakin Sermon Or Something Right Just Breaking Down All Of This Because I Cram So Much In Into The Music And Like Barf A Bar Line For Line I May Be Talking About Meaning An Angel That Was Made Of Golden Light In The Next Bar I’m Talking About Mystical Experiences Like Joe Rogan You Know Who Is Joe Rogan You Know How Does He Have Mystical Experiences And How Does It Relate To True Seeker Right So I Kind Of Go Into Detail About All That Stuff So If There Is A Song You Want To Hear Me Breakdown Let Me Know I’ll Push It To The Front Of The List Jamie Rockman’s Commenting In In The Chat Room He Says He’s Laughing He Says Mushrooms Lol That’s A Scary Thought My Head It Hey Man This Should Be A Healthy Fear Of Mushrooms Man It Should Be A Healthy Fear Of Mushrooms And Respect Them For Anybody I Do Not Recommend Doing Mushrooms As A Party Drug Or At A Party I Respect Them It’s A Sacrament And Very Special To Me Very Near And Dear To Me And That’s What The Golden Teachers The Song Golden Teachers Essentially Is About And Actually Speaking Of Golden Teachers I’ve Just Released My T-shirts Again I Found Somebody Who Can Print T-shirts Up For A Decent Price And You Can Go To True Sticker Calm And I Just Put The Golden Teachers Up Before That We Went Live So I Got A T-shirt With An Angelic Being That I Think Depicts The Golden Teachers Man And It Says Golden Teacher So Check It Out Okay Grimm Says He Has A Giant One Right Here You Have A Giant Golden Pizza Right There In Front Of You That’s What’s Up Man Get In There Man See What The Universe Has To Teach You Man I Believe Those I Believe Those Golden Teachers Men Are Angelic Beings Dude I Really Do And It’s That When You Go Into Those Realms With The Golden Teachers With The The Psilocybin Sacrament Man You’re Being Led By A Consciousness And An Angelic Force That Communicates With You And It’s Beautiful It Is Not Demonic It’s Not It Is Scary Because It’s A New Place Right You Go To A New Place You Don’t Really Know How Things Operate And The Laws Changed There The Laws Of Physics Actually Changed There Too And What You Know What Is Real And Stuff But There’s A Consciousness There Communicating With You Letting You Know That Everything’s Okay I Got You And I Got A Couple Of Things I Want To Show You You Know That’s When Things Changed For Me That’s When All My Music Became Real To Me Like Man And I’ve Talked About It Before And I’ll Probably Talk About It When I Break Down There’s A Golden Teacher Song And I May Do That Tomorrow But That’s When That Stuff Became Real To Me Is Like Because I’ve Rapped About Seeing Heaven And I Like Rapped About All Of My Spiritual Encounters Up To Heaven Psilocybin Sacrament And They’re All Beautiful They’re About Traveling To Heaven Looking At Gazing Into Heaven The Gates Of Orion Looking Peering Into Eternity Things Like This And These Are These Are Things That I’ve Done Man Beautiful Encounters That I’ve Had That I’ve Tried To Poetically Recreate Them For The Listener Right And To Kind Of Almost Set It Like A Monument You Know In In In The Scriptures When The Israelites Achieved A Victory Or Something Happened Something Monumental Happened They Made A Monument They Took Rocks And And Built A Little Structure Out Of Rocks And So Every Time That They Came To That Place They Would Be Reminded Of That Victory Or That Promise Of From God Every Time They Seen That Monument And They Would Have Them Everywhere Man And So The Psilocybin Was Monumental For Me In My My Music And It’s Just It’s It’s It’s Living In My Music Like Those Encounters Are Living In My Music Now So When I Listen To It I’m Taking Back Their Songs That I Will Not Listen To Unless I’m Ready To Be Taken Back Right Now And I’ve Talked About This On Kelly And The Rossi Chanel’s Listening You Know Their Song Good For Me By Above And Beyond Like That Song Triggers We Like That Word Now Like Triggered But Listening To That Song Man And All My Friends Who’ve Been With Me When I Hear That Song They Just Immediately Take Him Back To That Realm And Take Him Back To That At That Point In Time Where We Encountered The Golden Teachers So I Probably Be Talking About This Tomorrow And Try To Go Into More Detail About Those Lyrics And In My Encounters In Looking It’s About That Time That’s All I’m Going To Say It’s About That Time For Another One So It’s Time For A Reset Button You Know It’s Awesome That We Have That Button I’m Just Reading The Comments Here I Know It’s Not Good For Audio But I Want To Thank You Guys For Hanging Out With Me Listening I Hope You Guys Enjoyed It I’m Gonna Try To Edit This Out A Little Bit For The The Podcast Version Because There Was Some Internet Blips There On His In But Thank You Guys And If You Want To Support What I’m Doing And You Want To Get New Music I’m Telling You Guys I Got New Music On The Patreon And A Lot Of You Guys Who Are In The Chat Room Right Now You Guys Are Members Over There And You Guys Are Helping Me Support My Music Addiction And So Creating New Music And I Got Like Three Other New Songs That I’m About To Put Up There In The Works We’re Trying To Finish Them Up Those And So What’s Going On Over There Is That As Soon As I Finish The Song I’m Steadily Working On Music As Soon As I Finish The Song That It’s Like You Know Okay That’s Gonna Go On The Album I’ll Upload It To Patreon And That’s Only For The Hardcore Supporters Like I Say Hardcore It’s Like You Know I’m Saying Anywhere From $1 To Like $10 $25 A Month But You Guys Get First Dibs Over There And There’s Stuff That’s Uploaded There That’s Gonna Be There Months Before It’s Gonna Appear On The Album So For Those You Guys Who Are Inbox To Me And Begging Me For New Music And You Want To Hear New Music Backslash True Seeker There’s Like Seven Songs Up There I’m About To Put Three More Up There’s Some Summer Watchman’s Music Leaked Over There That We’re About To Get Ready To Release So Yeah That Helps Me So Much With Paying These Bills And Keeping The Internet On At My House And Paying For All This Beautiful Equipment This Microphone The Storage On Lipson To Actually Be On Itunes And Things Like That It Costs Money To Do That Stuff And Patreon Is The Perfect Model For You Guys To Help Support Independent Artists And Independent Podcasters Man There’s Uh You Know There’s A Lot Of Work Ahead That We Want To Do And We’re Working Hard Man A Lot Of Sleepless Nights Go Into This Stuff So I Think Each And Every One Of You Guys For Supporting Me Over There So Go To Seeker Sign Up To Support For Any Amount That You Want To Give Per Month And You Will Get Perks And Rewards And Get Exclusive Content So With That I’m Gonna Say Peace And Shelana Shalom I Really Enjoyed This Episode And I’ll Be Doing It Again Tomorrow We Got Some Awesome Shows If You Guys Haven’t Looked Through The Back Catalogue You Got To Go Look Man I Just Interviewed Margaret Margaret Perrin The God Warrior From Abc’s Trading Spouses Like Come On Man You Guys Got To Go Back And Listen To Some Of These Shows Man Marry Rod Well In This An Eclectic Group Of People Here Guys And It’s So Awesome And You Guys Rock With Me Cuz I Do Get Those Messages Man Even On Patreon I Get Those Messages Where People And You Probably Listen Now I’m Not Gonna Say Your Name But I Get Messages From People Who Say You Know What I Can’t Support This Anymore That Lady Who You Had On Talking About Aliens And All This I Can’t Support It I’m Gonna I’m Done I Can Only Support Christian Stuff It’s Like Well We’re About To Interview 7 From Hog Mob So It’s A It’s An Eclectic Eclectic Group Of People That We Have On Here And Part Of It Is Just Being Me Thank You I’m A Little Bit Of All Of It You’re Gonna Get A Little Bit Are You Gonna Get The Aliens Are Gonna Get Jesus You’re Gonna Get Ascended Masters You’re Gonna Get Kundalini Awakening You’re Gonna Get Spirituality You’re Gonna Get Music You’re Gonna Get All Of It On Here Man So If You Guys Are Still Listening At This Point There I Think I Think I Think I Hit A Nerve There’s Something There That You Guys Like And So We Have A Common Interest Here And Even If It’s Just For Even Like For You Chanel Just Wanting To Get To The Bottom Of Spirituality And Who’s Telling The Truth And Who’s Making This Shit Up As They Go Along Right Who’s Making This Shit Up And They’re Doing It In Every Single Facet Look There’s People In The Christian Circles Who Are In The Spiritual Christian Circles Who Are Making It Up As They Go In The New-age Circles And The In The Ufo Ufology Circles As People Making It Up And That’s One Thing That I Wanna I Wanted Be True To That Everything I Put In My Music Everything That I Talked About Whether It Sounds More Poetic Or It Sounds More Interesting Than It Really Was There’s A Lot Of That You Know Some Of That Stuff Sounds Way More Interesting I Take Something As Simple As Prayer And Make It Sound So Deep And Esoteric And And Spiritual When It Really Is It’s Powerful Prayer Is Powerful Meditation Sitting In Silence Is Super Powerful But I’ll Take Something So Simple And I Make It Sound So Beautiful And So Intricate And Then I’ll Take Something So Intricate It’s Something So Far Out There And Make It Sound So Nonchalant Like It’s Just Everyday We Do It Every Day You Know And That’s Part Of The Art Form In The Music And What I’ve Kind Of Built My Albums Around My Aesthetic Experiences And Just Making It Plain So I Love Each And Every One Of You Guys And We’re All Part Of A Family And I Know You Guys See Yourself In My Story And Just As I See Myself In You Guys Even The Guest I Interview Like I Truly Believe That What I’ve Taken To Biblically Is The Apostle Paul Says That I Have Come I’ve Become All Things To All Men So That I Might Win Some And I’ll Rock With Anybody Man And I Get I Get Judged I Get I Get Um Persecuted It’s Nothing Did The Joy Is So Much More Worth It Then The Persecution Or The The Backlash So Thanks For Rocking With Me Guys Just Gonna Let You Guys Know What It Means To Me So You Guys Are Awesome Cheer Up I Love Y’all See You Next Time Peace

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