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In this episode TruthSeekah is joined by Christian Rapper Sevin of HogMob. Sevin talks about being blacklisted from many christian circles but still never turning his back on the purpose at hand. Over the years Sevin has built a wide following of believers who do not seem to fit into the typical church norm. Covered from head to toe in tattoos Sevins ministry often caters to those within the gang culture.

Sevin is the stage name of Marques Adams, a Christian gangsta rapper based in Sacramento, California. His songs deal with the trials and tribulations of street life, and aim to promote a positive, faith-driven lifestyle as an alternative to drugs, violence, and gang activity. Sevin is highly prolific, with well over a dozen albums and mixtapes to his name. He began rapping as a teenager, releasing his debut album All or None in 1999. In 2001, he founded an urban ministry titled HOG MOB (Hooked on God, Ministry Over Business). The organization has since spread to include chapters in 40 cities spanning three countries. Commissary (2013) was Sevin’s first album to hit the Billboard Gospel Albums chart. After signing with God Over Money Records in 2016, Sevin’s album Purple Heart was an even bigger success, hitting multiple Billboard charts.

Sevin’s Music Video