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In this episode Taira Leanne shares her testimony about how Jesus saved her from a life of drug use and abuse. Many people struggle with addictions through their life and Taira Leanne’s story shows that people have the power to overcome. Her story doesn’t stop there though. She elaborates on her journey by talking about how she felt the calling of the Holy Spirit on her life and how overcoming was not about a religion but about a relationship with the living God.  Her story of hope and conquering addictions is one that is needed for such a time as this.  The opioid epidemic is at its highest ever in history and other addictions are soaring as well, leaving behind them a wake of ripped apart families and lost lives.  Taira Leanne is a breath of fresh air as she brings a message that even though we find ourselves in the midst of terrible troubles such as addiction, there is a way out through Jesus Christ and listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit. It’s all about growing in an intimate relationship with God through the person of Jesus Christ. As we daily lay our lives down at the foot of the cross we grow in communion and obedience to the voice of God work in our own lives. Laying down our burdens also become a daily part of the practice in giving everything that we have over to God and in return receiving his burdens in our life. We can lay down a burden of addiction to substances and drugs and receive a burden for his presence. We can lay down doubt and worry for faith and security in God. For everything that the Holy Spirits asks is to lay down it is not to rob or take away from us but to refine the things that God would have us walk in such as faith and charity so that we can go about doing goods works before all. All of this comes out of relationship with God.

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safe environment for us to come and hang out meet one another and it’s really cool as you’re not alone know that this is the community that were building there and we started a course this course which was founded by Chris valeton I believe his last name is and it is essentially called basic training for the prophetic ministry where this will be week number three that we’re doing that tonight where we’re learning how to hear the voice of God speaking in our own lives and God speaking to us and through us and being able to hear God prophetically and going over scriptural basis for that a lot of people are led by the intuition real empathic you get around people in Walmart or wherever you are and you feel energies on them you can discern spirits you can hear their thoughts and things like that and so essentially this is giving you a biblical outline on how to approach this and then an application on how to kind of make it manifest in your life and it’s a safe a place that we’re doing it if you haven’t been able to catch the previous lessons they’re all archived on the website and on the patron as well so head on over there to do that and we would love to have you guys the school of the Mystics Thursday nights 7:00 p.m. central thank you guys for supporting my work without further ado we got a special guest today we’ve been trying to make this work for a little while now and uh some stuff come up last week but we’re able to get her on today so I’m excited to hear her story she’s doing a lot of stuff for the kingdom of Jesus and she goes live and and gives words of knowledge and shares her story and prophesize and all of this good stuff on on face and I’m excited to have her on today Tara Leanne welcome to the true seeker podcast how are you my friend thank you so much for having me I am actually happy and full of joy today so I look forward to sharing with you may you joy before yep so we’ll talk about that like I said four we went live I have a lot of different people on and I’m I’m not afraid of anybody story a lot of people say how can you have a Bryan Trejo how can you have a seven illuminate you know some of these people how can you have these Christian ministers on and then you’ll have these different people who were into the occult or into Buddhism or whatever the case is you know I’m not afraid of anyone anyone’s story I’m not afraid of your story either you don’t know saying so it’s just it’s a safe place to to come in and and speak your truth and what’s real for you and like you were saying it’s not about really about how much knowledge you know or what you’ve studied or whatever but your life experiences and so I think there’s power in that the scripture says that they overcame by the word of the lamb by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony so I really believe in that it’s powerful so I want to hear your story if you want to start off you know testifying about where you were when you met Jesus they’d be an awesome place to start okay well um where I was when I met Jesus I was actually in a very vulnerable dark state I was very a headstrong hard-hearted I grew up as a runaway most of my life from the time I was 13 to 18 so I had a very hard heart the streets taught me a lot having to take care of myself taught me a lot and so when I met Jesus he actually came through somebody else and showed me a love you know that I had never experienced just somebody coming on my doorstep man and giving me the simplicity of the gospel and I had been actually you know crying out to God saying you know I know the way I’m living is wrong I had started having vision and dreams of Jesus coming back and they meant me being in my sin I was I smoked weed just about every day alcohol was my drug of choice you know I was just very depressed clinically depressed on every kind of antidepressant that the doctors could give me and they told me there was no hope so I was really without hope and my little girl’s dad at the time was in and out of prison smoking crack it was just it we was at the bottom and but what was drawing me to call on the real God of Jesus Christ was the fact that the vision and dreams I started having and I knew that I knew if he came back and I was in my sin I would not go with him and I heard about him I said a sinner’s prayer when I was fixed but I did not know him and so as I began to call out and ask him to deliver me there was two guys that came on my doorstep it was October the 9th of 2004 and I came on my doorstep and man they just shared the gospel with me and what happened that day was that day I had just got out of the hospital with my 14 month old daughter she had two double ear infections bronchiolitis she was running a fever and so we got out about knocking on my doorstep about probably around 10 is Sh 11 ish and I thought there’s no way I’m gonna answer the door and an idea though because I didn’t want her waking up and when I answered the door and they started giving me Jesus at first I thought they might have been like Jehovah Witness somebody like that I’m like no and because I knew so many people there that talked about God and they talked about this Jesus but they didn’t have power in their lives they had no substance of peace and joy they had no power of overcoming addiction and affliction and not saying we don’t get that but I didn’t see evidence of God being in their life you know and the Word of God says that the power God is not just a talkative power I mean there’s root there and so I saw why even talk about religion or talk about him but at the same time when I was calling out to him I didn’t realize he would show up like through a person you know on my doorstep to just give me the gospel get me love so they said no no no we’re not Jehovah Witnesses they said just give us just a minute man we just want to come by and tell you we love you and Jesus loves you and ask you and this is what opened up the door for me it’s ask you if you need prayer for anything and I said well yeah actually I do I have a 14 month old that’s really really sick and and they said well okay well if you don’t mind we can pray for her and I said sure I said you just can’t come in the house and so they stood on my doorstep and they prayed for my daughter and I went back to the room while they’re on my doorstep I go back to see if what they prayed was real and when I got back there she was healed she had no fever she felt completely normal so my heart opened up at that point to receive what it is what else they had to tell me and so they just gave me the simple gospel what Jesus done for me on the cross and the power of God that raised him from the dead and that same power could you know raise me out of my sin and forgive me and the Holy Spirit at that point convicted me in such a way with love and it was it was a notic and not a condemnation but a conviction that wow what I’m sorry I’ve sinned against you you know and the presence of God came on me on my front doorstep and I began to weep and just confess my sins to the Lord and and so they prayed over me and they said listen you know if you want to come to church you’re more than welcome to come to Jesus is the ancient church they said you know we don’t because at the point I was living like like I said you know it was just real bad and so they knew when they came on my doorstep just by looking on the outside the ashtray the beer bottles and stuff like that it was like you know we we’re not going to support you take care of you nothing like that but your life will get changed and I thought okay my life’s gonna get changed and it’s this same power of Jesus can touch me there then I definitely need to go and long story short fast forward that not end up getting put in jail and you think why would you get put in jail and ever since the thing is is you know when that happened your mind don’t get renewed your spirit gets nude like renewed you know you get a new spirit you’re born of God but my mind was so far gone like still of the world and so that night my little girls dad he his name’s Derek actually – he’s in Syria and he came over and he was on the road and he was like you know and I didn’t tell him no like you could you can’t stay here I mean there’s no way I was gonna tell him no and we was on and off together at the time and and I knew that the lifestyle we was headed down I didn’t need to continue on that with him but I said you know you can stay here so it was only his hiding place and so well the police found out actually they had been watching my house and he came in and when he came in a couple hours later they invaded and they asked me if he was there and I said no he wasn’t there and I lied to him because I knew the repercussions you know what was going to take place not only for him but between me and him we had a very abusive relationship it was just you know I mean when you’re on drugs all the time you’re not even in your right thank you and so he ended up getting locked up so I got locked up – charged with a felony for aiding in a bedroom and I get locked up they threatened to take my daughter put her in state’s custody and I just was like no I said no way and he knew that the police that was there I mean he was in and out of trouble law so he knew and he said listen please man whatever you do don’t don’t take my daughter and so a friend of mine came I mean that she came and stayed with her in anyways I got bailed out got back home and I was still drawn to what happened that day October the 9th and I went to sleep got about two hours to sleep and it was like I just suddenly woke up on a Sunday morning the tenants and that never happened you know you’re a sinner you don’t wake up on Sunday morning like that was not my saying I never woke up on a Sunday morning to go nowhere and I woke up and it was just like boom and I got up and I was like I gotta get to that church I got my little girl ready and I went to that church Derick and I walked in the front door of that church and the presence of God was so strong on me when I walked in and the love that I felt welcomed in there because I thought what are these people gonna think of me you know I was having all these calm yeah yeah but I was like if those people are like the people I met on my front porch then I know like they got the real Jesus because there’s a lot of counterfeit Jesus out here you know and so I went through the presence of God just came on me and I started weeping and I haven’t cried in a long time and I started just crying and I thought to myself why in the world am i crying you know I was trying to wipe the tears I was like calm down here calm down and I had her in my arms and I went up and sat down because at the time they were having services upstairs in this Bank before we ever got a church building and the Spirit of God that was moving so strong and I sat down in that day October the 10th I’ve never been the same and my pastor which is still now my pastor my spiritual father – in the faith pastor Robert scales he just starts he just starts reading everything about my life and I was sent there like wow okay so he just started reading everything about my life and one thing that I was so plugged with is the depression and the fear even though I had the drug issue and the alcohol issue the rebellion you know you you lift all that up off your life then you got to face those internal roots there you know that calls all of it and so he just started naming step off since I was a little girl that was happening and he said ma’am do you know would you like prayer and I said yes absolutely and so he prayed for me little did I know what was gonna happen when he prayed for me he prayed for me and I had an experience that I never had before and it was that I got delivered from certain demons that day and when I got delivered and those Devils came out of me it was like he pray for me and the presence of God came on me boom and then I’d go out under the power of God nobody touching me and then he was like no get her back up and this happened three times boom go out under the power of God no get her back up and he would start casting Devils out of me and telling them they got to go you know cuz I didn’t I wasn’t in their kingdom any longer they couldn’t rule me and so that happened and that day I felt so much more freer you know I wasn’t completely delivered from things that because you know when you keep that you keep certain things in your heart you know it keeps that door open to those demonic spirits to stay there so I wasn’t completely free and of course like I said my mom was renewed but that day I went home and I had so much more peace enjoyed that I had never had before and I remember I felt so clean dereck on the inside that nothing had ever done for me before and I saw you know wow if I can feel this clean I want to keep it so I started seeking the Lord Lord how do I keep this like what and he began to put a hunger in me for the word of God that I never had before love and me to actually love people like I didn’t really love people you know I might have had a certain few but you know I like I said I had a hard heart I just he totally changed me from the inside that day and I begin to seek Him and I started cutting things off in my life that he told me he said don’t go back to living in fornication don’t go back to to the people that I hung around and that was probably one of the the biggest soul ties that I had to break was my my little girls dad my baby said it was probably one of the biggest soul ties and but that was when it all started and so as I began to seek him first you know every day I had a place in my living room I lived in the projects I ended up moving to the projects when he got sent to prison because at the time I just couldn’t afford it on my own and every door closed except that door and that was supernatural even how that happened because I wasn’t supposed to get in for six months and I humbled myself and I said you know God if you want me to to move into the projects then you’re gonna have to show me because people were like Terry you’re just gonna have to humble yourself and I saw dear God I’m not moving in the projects with my little girl you know at the time I just thought I’ve had enough of this lifestyle and every door shut and they called me and they said listen you know if you uh if you still want to move in we have a place for you they said we don’t know how this happened this never happens they said but every person we called has either their phone disconnected or they didn’t answer or they did not want that place so I knew then it was the Lord and I humbled myself moved in with hardly anything because the place we had before was fully furnished I was in school for cosmetology so he was making the money you know he was selling dope and then Payton houses so he was making the money at the time and so I started out with like hardly nothing and I got a job waiting tables and I’m telling you it was like since that day of October the actually October the 9th is when it really started it’s just been it’s been progressively developing in Jesus learning my identity in him and and learning how much just tapping into the love he has you know for me and for other people that’s awesome amazing story and there’s so many there’s so many similarities there to my story as well it’s really cool to hear you’re talking about when you were in the world and you were essentially running from God you had those nightmares being plagued like you’re about to die or Jesus is coming back and then you know the last second with the last breath before you die you try to call out to him the rights and right kind of you know and I don’t know if this is because there’s so much to my testimony that you know I don’t know if you wanted to even go back even further but like I’ve had vision and dreams since I was about it’s a junkies I can remember five and six years old you know when my mom died she died when I was 11 my dad wasn’t really in the picture after at the time I was 8 years old he was there on and off but it became the supernatural room to me was just so like fascinating you know and so the Lord knew that when he came in my heart in my life like I needed to be delivered like you know what I’m saying I didn’t want to come in religion because I thought if I’m really gonna stop what I’m doing getting high and enjoying the high because I enjoyed I enjoyed the pleasure of it’s not like I was one of those people who oh I hate getting on no I enjoyed it you know it was pleasurable to me but I thought if I’m gonna stop this I didn’t know you could just set me free but so I was thinking if I stop this then I definitely don’t want to start serving going to church and being mad all the time and rest and Serbian religion you know I thought there’s no point in that if I’m gonna serve a God then he’s gonna have to be a god that is the God of love and a power you know and that’s he wound me in because of his love if it was not his love on the cross then and how he loves me and his manifested presence there’s no way I could make it as a disciple of Christ I mean and to show me how to live by faith you know I think a lot of people try to run from living by faith once they call him the name of Jesus they think that everything she’s supposed to fall into place but he told us to live by faith by hearing him every day and doing what he says every day that’s living by faith it’s not just having the knowledge of the word or going to church Sundays or Wednesdays are having an outreach and doing good deeds you know it’s really being in a place where you can hear him daily and you’re doing what he says daily that’s how Jesus lived in John 5:19 he always heard the father and he always done what the father showed him and what the father spoke to him and I believe that’s where you tap into the real relationship which yes um talk a little bit about coming off of the drugs and and and feeling that euphoria from the Holy Spirit because it’s a tangible presence it’s a high it’s it’s the most high right when I mean it whenever you feel the presence of Jesus for me that’s what kind of got me off of I say drugs biologist smoking weed everyday as a teenager but but that was my escape and then when I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit come in it was a you it was a high a body high cleaned out your spirit and like you felt good you’re vibrating buzzing you feel really good talk about how like that plays a part in weaning you off of drugs or like giving up one drug to get like the like the real deal almost well for me personally I know everybody has different experiences and you know one thing up before I say this I want to say you know it’s good to have the manifestation of his presence even though we’re not called to live by it because some people can think because well I don’t feel his presence then that he must not be with me or maybe I’m not doing something right maybe I’m in sin or you know you you have all these questions so I kind of want to make that point before I say that because some people continue nice for God doing that for me you know and I think his presence is by default it’s gonna come when we spend time with him and we keep his Commandments you know because he said it in John 14:21 those who love him and keep his Commandments he manifests himself – and and getting that intimate place but for me it was that I knew there that if he did not touch me if he did not come I was not gonna make it because there was times that and when I say make it that means going back to the liquor store you know that means going back and having sex and and doing all the things I was doing going back and selling some pills and some dope just to make some money you know so for me this is what I would do is number one I knew I needed to seek Him first like I knew I had to get up and spend time with him but then when even when I didn’t his mercy was so good but I knew I had to get to church because we’re not in our setting our local church it’s it’s it’s all about Jesus you know what I’m saying there’s not it’s not dead and it’s not full of just religion and I knew that I knew if I didn’t make it to having fellowship with the Brethren and hearing the word and eating of that word I wasn’t gonna make it and then another thing is I would get on my knees and I would worship Him until his presence just comes like I could worship him right now and his presence would come and I would say Lord if you don’t touch me if you do not keep me and this was my prayer Lord I pray you because if you don’t I’m not gonna be able to make it because I didn’t have no word in me you know what I’m saying the more you forward you have the more you’re sustained by the word because the word is our helper our help but the Holy Spirit’s our helper and so I would just worship him until he manifested and I remember like when I lived in the projects and and there then it was my I’m gonna say those two years was probably my most the temptation of what I came out of was the most strongest okay and so I would smell weed like I could be on my knees and they’re right next door smoking and playing all the music that I used to listen to and partying and I would just have thoughts you know all you gotta do is just go knock on the door and then I thought you know what if I do that and if I sin against the Lord there’s no tellin number one what I’m gonna miss out on from God because he said in his word he’s faithful he’s faithful to reward those who diligently seek Him and that was my favorite scripture Hebrew thing and I said Lord I said you know if I stay here until you manifest I know I can make it and then another thing is I thought if I go knock on that door and I don’t do what he says I’m gonna be a reproach and they’re gonna say that this God doesn’t work mm-hmm and I had so many people around me that didn’t know Jesus that didn’t understand that they knew I was different but yet I got so much persecution yeah like persecution from some of my bestest friends family members I was the first Christian in my on my dad’s side and then I was the first real disciple on my mom’s side that I know of in my immediate family anyway and so to me especially on my dad’s side it was definitely like laying it all down for Jesus because of the persecution that was coming from that and and I knew I thought they’re watching me they’re wanting me to fall they’re wanting to say that what I have is it real yeah and and I knew it was real but I had to get my unbranded minds you know in line with his word to where I could I could keep producing him because at the time I did I didn’t know how to do that you know I knew how to be bold for Jesus but I didn’t really know how to balance it with love yeah you know and so I would just get on my knees until he manifested and then another thing is that really really helped me and I saw the freedom in it was when I got set free it was September the 9th of 2005 is when I actually got free from cigarettes I smoke cigarettes every single day a pack and a half every day for 12 years and that was the thing probably for that year that was holding me like you know that one thing it’s like man if I can just get set free from this I know I’m gonna bust through some stuff yeah so September the 9th I actually got free and what I started speaking every day is that Jesus sent me free and I would start telling everybody I was around what he sent me free from smoking cigarettes weed alcohol lust you know the fear depression I just started naming these things off because the more I said it the more strengthened me like you said you know we’re set free by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony and not living our life into death and so I thought you know my pastor would tell me that he said Tareq Colossians 1:12 3:14 Jesus set you free you got to know that and really by faith because that’s another thing living by faith you speaking that as you live in my faith and seeing the manifestation of his power keeping you and I thought how am I gonna speak something that’s the word and actually see it happen but I did and I saw and every time I went by a liquor store and I would get all these thoughts I’d say now Jesus set me free from you I would talk to it because it’s got a voice you know talking to you and I would go in Kroger and matter of fact just a few years ago I had thoughts as as a minister of the gospel I had I saw this strawberry uh I think it was no nice hard lemonade or something and strawberries my favorite okay so I saw this strawberry for the first time in there and all of a sudden I had these thoughts came to me and I thought man I had thoughts in years yeah and immediately Derek the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said Tara if you don’t speak to it it’s gonna speak to you yeah and I took authority over and see a lot of people can say well you’re you’re just in your own strength you know anybody can overcome anything because of their self-control but one thing I could not do and I did not want to do is stop that you know what I’m saying only Jesus could set me free yeah and one thing is I know I couldn’t have got free from depression if it wasn’t for the real Jesus you know what I’m saying yeah yeah it’s so funny you say that about the you know smoking weed thing because when I first gave my life to the Lord and I 1998 I went and was going to church and filled the Holy Spirit and I went back to stay with my cousin’s for the weekend and they you know smoking weed and drank him and they passed some weed around and I’m in the circle and they know I’m a Christian and stuff but Pilate wasn’t the best example of you know I was 14 or whatever are they passing a weed around and it’s coming to me and the first time I’ve I’ve heard the voice of the Holy Spirit speak to me was that moment because right before they were gonna hand it to me I felt the Holy Spirit speak to me say okay what’s better my presence or that weed and like the weed was what was mine was my place of escape right and so the president’s took the place of that the presence takes me to another place and I was everything okay and I got you I got you the meeting like its president that’s the first time I heard him speak to me that conscious that still still small voice I failed I you know I smoked the weed but but it was that that thing of knowing that inner voice and that he does speak to us and so you learn from your mistakes and and even with you battling the cigarette addiction for a year like it’s cool because in that whole year you’re learning what conviction of the Holy Spirit is you’re learning that he just didn’t give up on you and but I you can be a Christian and still smoke you okay you don’t came off a dope you ain’t drinking no more keep your cigarettes but you had this inward struggle with the Holy Spirit and he wanted to renew every part of you he wanted all of you not just a little bit so that whole year just developing the little things man to be able to know what the discernment is and that he went went cuz those are things on the on the outside like he goes even deeper than just do the things people the weed and cigarettes and stuff so that relationship that intersect the fication process man is so beautiful and so intimate and he knows every everything about us also talking about seeing the real deal like cuz it’s very very powerful like I knew Christians coming up and whether I was a little kid maybe they didn’t there’s always weird Christian stuff like okay that person is a Christian they don’t allow TV in the house and you’re talking to a little kid watching a lot of TV oh you guys you know III don’t that there’s a disconnect there you like well you know what’s TV that’s what raised me essentially is the television you know and and then I’d see other Christians who who went to the Southern Baptist Church and there’s the pastor screamin and we went and visited just because the people who watched us brought us there and they old people who played the piano and sung out the himself it’s that old-time religion but that was it wasn’t real it was like a theory or just a belief system that you line yourself up with and agree with but so when Christianity is talking about talked about it’s just an idea or Christian I believe in Jesus all yeah me too I used to go to this church but to see somebody walking it in power chain everything because we’ve seen so many Christians and bad representations but then I met somebody who would lock themselves in a room for two hours every night to read the Bible and and pray and put on worship music and light candles and spend time with Jesus and that was real to them and it was the real deal when they came out of that room stuff happened when they prayed for people people got healed when people would receive the Holy Spirit when they laid hands on them and they never liked to receive the glory because we’d always venerate those people that hate you pray for me man cuz when you pray stuff happens and say well you have that same power but there’s a difference when someone you can tell when somebody believes God at His Word somebody who has the face to impart the Holy Spirit unto you or whatever the case is man so when you see someone walking in the real deal versus religion for the sake of religion it changes everything and that’s really awesome that the people who showed up were the real deal because it could have been anybody right the people who showed up for me after that so I fell in and got into witchcraft really deep and okayed yourself and I got in the phone book some years that was about three three years later wanting somebody to pray for me I started calling all these pastors and all these churches and one church called me back I was leave a message of saying I feel like I’m demon-possessed I think I got a demon him and he’s somebody to pray one charge called me back this guy ended up like they were like over a Assemblies of God but he the pastor came to the house to pray with us and bring us a church day and the guy ended up being a cult leader like real deal like sacrificing animals and messing with children and stuff and they did a whole show on it to show a true detective with a Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson I believe they did a whole show on it based off of this church that I went to and you could you know you there’s no telling who could have showed up but you just had God sent the right people at the right time who were the real deal to you when you needed them the most yeah so your question so you’re just wanting me to see like or answer as far as like in my life just seeing the real like with other people yeah versus hat versus the people everybody’s a Christian for the most part especially in this way in a Bible Belt I could tell from your accent I don’t know exactly what you’re from but you’re close enough so like everybody’s a Christian right so but there’s a difference when you meet somebody who’s truly a disciple you know somebody who’s of who’s filled with the Holy Ghost and power that Dunamis power that it talks about receiving the power to work miracles and see signs and wonders if you believe like that’s a different type talk a little bit about okay seeing the real well yeah yeah for me seeing the real deal is it wins my respect especially like I said when I first came into it anyway my respect of knowing that what they claim because I watched my pastor very closely I mean I still watch him but very closely for years because I thought man he the way he preaches truth and I say truth and a lot of people think that they get talk truth so I need to narrow that down the way he preaches about Jesus and what Jesus taught what Jesus said and what Jesus did on that cross and and how the Holy Spirit always backed it up in services and in his life I saw when he comes out of preaching and he was the main and I’m using him because he was the main one that especially at first that I seen really live it and when I mean by really live it is the love of God you know Jesus said in John 13:34 and 35 he said a new commandment that I give to you is that you love one another as I have loved you by this show you know they are my disciples by the way they love each other right so I was looking for how did he respond when something was wrong because that’s how you can really tell and and I believe the more as we as disciples because I there’s a difference between a believer and a disciple a disciple is one who adheres to Jesus’s teachings and does it okay and has the Holy Spirit to enable them and empower them to carry out what Jesus commands us a believer is somebody who just has the knowledge and believes what Jesus done you know what I’m saying but they don’t have the love of God teaching them and empower them and loving them I believe when Jesus commanded gave us that commandment in John 13:34 he points us back to how He loves us you know the perfect picture of how Jesus or how God loved us is through Jesus on the cross and so we look at how he loved us and think wow he forgave me of all my sins he traded places with me he loved me so much that he wanted a relationship with me to stand His only Son to die to take all the punishment that I deserve for my sin on that cross so I wouldn’t have to get death for what I deserved cuz I deserved I deserve hell death all the punishment I don’t care how good of a person you think you are I was you know what I’m saying in my heart the good good deeds I’ve done sorry so when I look at the person especially starting out pastor skills I was like he really he really loves people like this man don’t change like he just you know he forgives forgets he shows he’s a pastor but he serves more than anybody I know and it really set in my heart a tone in my heart that caused me to really see that everything else I saw before you know was more of the counter shit you know this is the real deal and I was like and he’s teaching me the word and then the word tells me that I can follow people as they follow Christ you know and um when so Derek it really and then I had one other lady her name is Minister Deborah and those two people would call me at my worst and love me through it and not when nobody else wanted to mess with me because like I said I came in hard I was out I was in gang affiliation and stuff I was just hard like the person you see now was nothing like I was 13 years ago and the people that knew me starting out you know they were churchgoers and some of them were real disciples but they didn’t really know from the Lord how to love me where I was at and they loved me where I was at pastor skills and Minister Deborah and so um and and the thing is is throughout the years of seeing that where the love that in first Corinthians 13 that talks about it never fails I actually saw it lived out and it changed me to where if Jesus gave this commandment to the church then he has given me power to live it out and I don’t have to blame like even if my sister and my brother or myself because we’re all learning how to live this by faith you know I have to repent I might say something that that wasn’t Jesus you know what I’m saying that wasn’t love or say in a tone that wasn’t right and so the thing is is seeing through that love that humility that you will carry and that I’ve seen other people carry and so Jesus said you’re going to know these prophets these people that call themselves a mine by their fruit and the fruit if you keep reading on down on that chapter he’s talking about how they love people you know and I think that the world has came into a lot of the church as a whole and what I mean by that is like what they think love is they’ve brought into the church to accept things that God don’t even accept that he even tells the Church in Revelations to to repent of you know so if we really look at love what love really is then of course we look at the Word of God and we have the answers but you look at the cross and the cross took our sins but then also when we don’t believe on him according to John 3:1 we don’t believe on Jesus when what we’re condemned already because we believe not so when we believe not we stay in what we deserve and so many people end up reaping it and then you you you got the side of love where people are they just put up with things that Jesus took upon himself and then tells us repent of it actually 26 of darkness to the power of light when you turn from the power Satan to the power of God you receive an inheritance and if you’re receiving something obviously you didn’t have it before and so you don’t even know as an unbeliever or as a churchgoer that hasn’t really became a disciple yet that inheritance you know and when you receive that inheritance of eternal life and that love of God it changes you and although you fall and although you you have to repent you know you you don’t want to live in a way that is grieving the Holy Spirit grieving the love of God and so to me seeing that picture really helped change my thinking and change my life and a way where although I know that Jesus is supreme he’s the Lord of lords King of Kings and and God is my god king nobody do me like him and he’s my ultimate deliverer and peace and joy send somebody else that that really lived what they preached changed changed me in a way that I know that it brought me in a way of like conviction of wow I gotta come up you know what I’m saying mm-hmm [Music] that’s attainable too like if somebody else is doing it like you can actually do it too it makes it easy so you walking into things of god you fulfilling your you’re calling your ministry it moves other people to say hey I can do this too I talked about this sense of jealousy almost like like man you know what I want what she has I can do it it’s if she can do it I can do it right but it’s a good thing it moves you to kind of want to do better for yourself and whether it’s financially or spiritually or whatever the case is like you can do it too which is which is a really cool thing whenever we are living our authentic selves being who God has called us to be you talked a little bit about having demons cast it out let’s talk a little bit about that like what do you think it was how did they get there what left did they try to come back you know what I’m saying when whenever the the pastor was praying for you you felt something leave he said he prayed three times and you fell down each time when you felt stuff leave was our battle going in and your mind was your crying screaming gnashing at the teeth what all was taking place within your psyche when that was going on yes the time I mean I was crying um you know I felt it leave it wasn’t a manifestation of demons I’ve had manifestations and I can I don’t want to jump ahead of myself but that particular day I don’t know which ones at last I really believed that it you know I really believe it was the alcohol there was an alcohol demon unless there was definitely a demon of lust not just lust as in like looking at pornography and stuff but like all my life I mean not all my life but most of my life growing up from the time I was 11 and really really I had lust issues before 11 but from the time I was 11 years old all the way up until you know I was 20 I struggled with always like being alone like I couldn’t stand to be alone and I always had somebody and the majority of the time and I say this for testimony’s sake because I’m not ashamed I know who God’s made me now no he’s cleaned me up made me pure but for testimonies sake I mean I always had more than one person you know even when I felt like I was faithful especially from 11 to 17 18 you know I moved around a lot I was in States custody and now the juvenile detention centers and and on the streets like I said and so you can only imagine and so I really believe when I got set free that that was one of them that left and the alcohol and then the other one I don’t know if it was fear but there was another one that left and and so later on during my walk with the Lord I noticed there was anger that would manifest for awhile like this demon of anger was and I would not want to try to do it like it wasn’t something I just I’m just gonna get mad and throw stuff you know what I’m saying it would manifest and I would literally grind my teeth every time and I didn’t even know I was grinding my teeth and every time I would get mad my daughter would say mom what is wrong with you why are you grinding your teeth and she was like you’re just doing this and I was like no I’m not she said yes you are and I remember it got to the point of where when I started in my Christian walk I would get so mad that I didn’t want to hurt her so I would pick up something throw it against the wall and or I would just holler at her in a way that wasn’t love at all and um but I’m telling you I got so convicted every time and I would cry I could cry right now talking about it because I hate it and I would cry and I would say or change I don’t know why I’m doing this and I just kept reading scriptures and kept worshiping and asking him to deliver me and and so there was times where that that Damon when it would manifest it was like the other ones would try to come back and torment me because of the fault that I done the sin but I done and the other ones that would try to come back is you’re not worthless to you might as well kill yourself because I was a cutter growing up I had I’m just I had one scar left where I would just cut on myself and I believe God left me that because he really delivered me and set me free and uh but those demons would come back and torment me like you’re the worst a mother ever ever you’re the worst person you know you’re you’re not a real Christian and and I would just I would just think to myself if my daughter if I didn’t have a daughter I would kill myself and and then I would get on my knees and I would go back to how I did when I got free from drugs and when I needed to stay free and so I just worship and I said Lord you gave me an example in Luke where there was a man that cut on himself he was naked he would eat I mean he stayed in a cave you know he was without no hope and I have hope now I have you I should be seeing your power in this area and I got on my knees and and I would open it up and I would read that scripture in US and the Lord I’m expecting you to deliver me like you did that man and I’ve done this several times before I saw the manifestation of the deliverance and and I would tell my pastor I would confess it or you know I didn’t really I didn’t really trust a lot of people so I didn’t just tell my business to people but or his wife you know I could confide certain things and his wife and he just told me cetera he said you can’t make it happen you’re just gonna have to keep obeying the Lord and a Jew obey he’s gonna manifest John said just make sure you repent every time you don’t you know because I wasn’t he knew I wasn’t looking forward to it he knew my fruit like I didn’t keep aught against people I didn’t gossip I didn’t carry that spirit around of trying to cut others down you know what I’m saying and so I remember I was in a service I was in a we had a women’s fellowship and the anointing came so strong in that service and I believe that’s why it’s so important for disciples of Christ to keep fellowship with one another and in a corporate setting where the anointing because you never know what God’s gonna do you know and so I was in that service and the anointing came as one of the women was thinking and I heard the Holy Spirit he said go get on your knees and worship Me so I went up front and I just started worshiping him on my knees and all of a sudden I felt this demon and I knew it was a demon I felt I felt him come and it was during that time that I had been crying out to the Lord to deliver me I mean I would do fasting and praying because I wanted this thing gone and it came from the top of my feet from that from my feet all the way up through my body and I felt it leave and when I felt it leave I just started crying so thankful and I knew it was gone Derrick I can’t explain it to you but I knew it was gone and I thought the next time I get mad because there’s that person you can get mad and seeing 9 the Bible says so this was different this was not just getting that this wasn’t something I would go through and get in a rage yeah and it would manifest I thought well next time I get mad or get upset I’m gonna see is this really gone cuz I don’t care how much you say you’re set free wait so the test comes then you can see are you free yet you don’t I’m saying because a lot of people say that oh I’m free I’m free we’ll wait till the test comes and then you can see and because Jesus said you know the ones that are they built their house right when the storms come they won’t be shaken and so a test came and of course that week I mean it wasn’t no time and when my daughter said something or done something because it was usually with her it’s always with the people you’re closest to most of the time you know or my sister or somebody and so I just I just sit there like as soon as it happened I was like I couldn’t even respond in anger and it treat me I don’t like you know at first because I thought wow I’m not even I’m not even angry and the more and I’ve seen especially in the last couple of years maybe three years I have seen more when I do when something normally would just make me mad I would see me just respond the Holy Spirit’s say now listen down in your spirit don’t respond out of anger and the more you yield to the Holy Spirit gratifying the things of God if the Holy Spirit and of his love the more he’s gonna manifest and I believe that the more you keep your mind on this world and the things of this world and what you go through and what you don’t have what this person is doing what you’re not doing right you’re keeping your mom even on yourself it takes you away from being able to gratify the Holy Spirit one test comes you know what I’m saying because your minds already in a place of carnality and darkness and so when the test comes that’s your immediate response and so I’ve seen the more that I meditate on his love on the cross and I meditate on on things above and I truly every morning spend time with him first thing in the morning it’s different it’s different and I remember my daughter telling me and when she told me when you have people around you that tell you you’re different then you know you’re different and she said you know Mom she said you’re different she said you’re not grown in your teeth anymore you’re not and she didn’t know what it was you know she’s 14 now but I had to explain to her and I sat down with her and I repented and I said I’m so sorry for all the times that I spoke in anger that I said things that wasn’t right I threw things I said that is not Christianity Mikayla because I didn’t want her to get the perception of well because my mom does this she does all this good over here and she ministers that like she could grow up without and think it’s okay and cuz it’s not and I remember the first time I started laughing like I never used to smile I never used to hardly last and before I even got delivered from that anger devil and I call it an anger devil it was a demon I remember I started laughing like for the first time in my walk with the Lord like that week and I remember her dad saying WOW you yet something’s different about you and the third time like he got out of prison he was in my car riding and he said he just kept looking at me and I thought it my said stop looking at me like that cuz I already know I said I you can forget about it and he said now he said that’s not the reason why I’m looking at you he said I just want to tell you that there’s something different about you that I’ve never seen before and so I believe you know when you live by faith and according to the word you’re going to be developed it’s not just all at once you know but I do also know that the more you come to Jesus and the more you let him rule you because when he said in Matthew 6:33 to seek first his kingdom that’s his rule over us you know and his righteousness and all things will be added you know when you’re seeking first is ruling you’re giving him permission from your heart Lord I give you permission to rule me to have your way in my life the more he’s going to do that the more he’s going to cultivate you the more he’s going to develop you and and you know I tell my sisters in the Lord that I helped now I’m like don’t don’t rush through the test don’t try to change in your strength because you can’t you know in 1st Peter 5 5 through 11 that’s one of my favorites that really helped cultivate me in when I would carry cares about myself and about things I couldn’t change with myself or my daughter or people around me that I really really love that are still on on dope you know what I’m saying shooting up they’re still on heroin and I’ve seen them raised from the dead that’s a whole nother testimony that God used me in I couldn’t carry the care and so but I began to read first Peter 5 5 through 11 almost every day for a while and one of the keys is that cue millet II and when you cast your care it’s not saying you’re not gonna get the care anymore or you’re not going to have to be developed when you cast your care on him then he begins the process of developing you to grow you through it but the Holy Ghost do you know what I’m saying and then he says what you have suffered a while then what will he do he will establish us you know strengthen us and I believe that the beauty that you see in your growth with him responding with him letting the new nature in you live out through you and and it being truly an intimate relationship like it is between a husband and a wife is where the product rice then you see that it’s not only about your works you know what I’m saying but it’s really about the Union and how much he loves you you know and and so and he’s changing me more and more and and to me it’s it’s one of the most beautiful things in life is to really be intimate with Jesus and to really love him you know and there’s no way I could love him if he didn’t love me first and to really love him more and so I just love it comes down to man a beautiful story Terra thank you for coming on and hanging out with me go ahead and plug some of your links as well where people can can follow you I know you got some Facebook stuff out there you go live on Facebook all the time sharing with people then whenever you’re ministering you you go to a lot of different places to minister as well and you go live doing share out some of the links for people who may want to check out some of you work yeah I would just go to Tara LeAnn I’m on Facebook and I do do live services especially on Sunday nights I don’t get to do a lot of live services like when I’m doing outreach or I do outreach I’m actually over the outreach team at Jesus the into church ordained minister got ordained a few years ago as an evangelist so I love to see the lost state so if you need to be saved if you need to be encouraged be discipled you know I would go on YouTube Tara Leanne everything’s under Tara Lee and I’m with Jesus is the answer Church their pastor Robert scales and so the teaching you know and everything that I teach I teach from the word and you’re just going to get the raw uncut Word of God but I go in the prisons every single week and administer the word of truth we like I said outreach ministry very hands-on we see hundreds it’s not thousands most of the time per year come to Christ one on one on the streets of through Middle Tennessee Lebanon Nashville Tennessee like he said that’s you can tell by my accent but that’s where I’m from right outside Nashville Tennessee and I’m on Instagram I haven’t really promoted much of that but I am on Instagram at Sierra Leone as well or extravagant love do you know Angie Duncan have you heard of that name she’s from Nashville I have not okay I had her on the show probably two years ago Angie Duncan she was that ex-porn star and uh she’s a part of she has a ministry in Nashville I believe it is he said Nashville and Knoxville but it’s out Hosea’s heart ministry I don’t know if you ever heard of that a lot of prostitutes and stuff like that people are doing you know same street yeah so if there’s somebody listening and and they’re going through something and they’ve tried everything else but would you like to pray for them to see if Jesus would lighten their load or become the help that they need before we learn yeah absolutely I just want to tell you you know it’s not by your works that you get saved and a lot of times I tell people that you don’t have to try to change to come to Jesus to go to church you know once you get the real Jesus Christ of Nazareth he starts the good work in you and so I just want to encourage you to call on his name out of the pure and sincere heart he will manifest he will meet you and so I’ll just pray with you right now Holy Spirit I thank you I ask you to come now Lord anybody under the sound of my voice father I’m asking you that the Holy Spirit will draw them to you that nobody can come to Jesus itself through the Holy Spirit so Holy Spirit I thank you for manifesting I thank you Lord that your love is greater than anything that they go through I thank you Father that you have finished the work through Jesus Christ Lord just say this with me say Lord Jesus I truly believe with all my heart that you’re the son of God and I believe that when you died on the cross you took all my sins away and I believe that because of God’s great love when you died for me you traded places with me and God’s power raised Jesus from the dead Lord Jesus I repent today of my sin and I’m turning to believe on you come in my heart Lord and save me and change me and give me eternal life I forgive myself and I forgive every person that’s ever hurt me Lord from this day forward I give you my heart to follow you to do God’s will in Jesus name Amen amen awesome if you guys have prayed that prayer for the first time and you come into a relationship with Jesus sin must send me a message or reach out to Tara online and we would love to hear from you guys thanks for coming on hanging out with me it’s been awesome Tara thank you so much man I enjoyed it I would never say all right god bless all right you too awesome amen amen good story man God has a way of shedding light in the midst of darkness no matter how deep or how dark it can be very similar situations and stuff if she’s talking about like just because she kind of got into church who came to Jesus or whatever everything didn’t go away they’re still you know depression there’s like you look in that mirror man sometimes those phoom those familiar spirits who have been with you your whole life they they like to talk sometimes and they like to kind of question you and stuff and when I when I came to Christ and we came back to Christ in 2000 you know there was a bunch of stuff that left me man I was in like really deep witchcraft and got into some crazy stuff but a lot of stuff left instantly when I came when I came to him but over the time like over a period of time some things had to fall off and some stuff was a process and some stuff you had to close the door to she’s talking about that anger those fits of rage and stuff and so I’m really big on fruit she’s talking about judging men by the fruit so Jesus says the judgment by the fruit the fruit is the fruit of the Holy Spirit we can tell that a person is spending time with God because of the fruit that they produce in their life and the Bible gives gives us an outline of the fruit of the Holy Spirit but it also gives us what’s called the fruit of the flesh and essentially the stuff that you produce if you’re not walking in the spirit and some of it is anger bitterness jealousy fits of Rage all of these things and it’s the opposite of the fruit of the Spirit and I’ve been there like as a Christian as almost come out of this tremendous darkness and into the glorious light of Christ I’ve had those fits of anger I’ve had those feelings of just anger rising up within me and punching holes in the wall and I remember trying to wreck me and my wife off the road you know as a Christian grabbing the steering wheel and just trying to make it go in a ditch just crazy stuff and I had to go through one-on-one personal deliverance where I had to go through and deal with generational curses things that you know I did not know was there that were still influencing me the fact you know they didn’t have a father doors that were still open things I was entertaining and even as a Christian I had to go through these deliverance classes man and in sessions and it changed my life like it really worked and after that like totally different so it’s one thing just to kind of say a prayer and come to God but you have to deal with with some of the stuff that’s been there since you was a kid a lot of it leaves instantly a lot of it does but um but there is some some root stuff that comes along and those demons don’t play fair you know she’s talking about those demons leaving I’ve had my battles with my own inner demons and we still do right I think they’re sitting here for a reason and for a season to to make us like Jesus to make us like Christ so that we all can you know I’m saying come to that knowledge and glory of who he is and have his work transformed within us and a lot of people you know we talk about a lot you know being thankful for the further demons and thankful that we went through these experiences and encounters because we wouldn’t be the people that we are today without those those demons and they’re sitting here for a reason I truly believe that talking about the the lotus flower that is that that blooms in the in the midst of of mud of something seems nasty and disgusting but the lotus flower blooms in the mud and it’s in in those places that where fruit doesn’t grow on top of the the mountaintop fruit grows down in the valley so it’s so so powerful to to hear the work that God is doing in people’s hearts and everybody has their own story everybody’s so different and so it’s beautiful if we’re coming up I say we’re coming up on if you’re listening live that the hundredth episode will be released next week we repa sowed 100 on the true seeker podcast excited about that but also if those of you guys who are listening on the podcast then you’ve probably have already heard episode 100 it’s just the way it kind of comes out so yeah I’m excited 100 episodes in and talked to some amazing people so much fruit I go back and like the majority of these shows are good like most of the ones like I go back and listen to interviews that I forgot I did man and they were just like gyms man so so much knowledge so much wisdom in some of these episodes and and and people’s encounters that they’ve been through so the Alonzo Pichardo episode I shared that out yesterday on Facebook man that was a powerful episode listening to his story and talking about some of the intricate workings man go back and listen to that one if you guys having it’s called mental alchemy it’s in the in the archives or whatever platform you’re listening to this on it’s in the archives Alonzo Pichardo mental alchemy that was a good story man so many of them I’ve talked to some really cool people reflecting on these hundreds you know what I may do an episode I may do I may do a reflection episode and I probably will do an episode where I just look back on each episode and give commentary I don’t know how long that would be if I gave commentary on a hundred episodes I’m sure I can go through and just maybe just say a few words about each one and just do an overview and maybe point out some of the best ones and and be candid it with it too and tell you the ones that I you know that went wrong and where I am now with these people some of those episodes man I’m not cool with those people anymore I’ve had some people who have come on the show and they’ve you know threatened to to sue me some people have have told their fan base to come come against me I’ve gotten death threats from people who were on this on the podcast yes I’ve had all that I’ve had friends who I thought would come on the show and and then they’ve done sent death threats out on me so maybe I’ll do an episode now that we’re at 100 where I just go and do just a commentary on all of them and maybe that would be be cool Adams in the chatroom he says just do a best clips video collection yeah I need help with that man I need some people who are internet savvy who can help me make clips out of some of this stuff because a lot of people don’t have time to listen to a good you know to our podcast when I want to have podcast but if it’s a four-minute clip or three-minute clip they’ll listen to it and some of the clips you know unlike YouTube and stuff they get a lot of it gets a lot more reach than the full episode you know so I like to make clips and stuff but if anybody wants to help me with that I do need help promoting the podcast making clips Chris says I got lots of time I broke if you got a computer let me know you can even do a lot of this stuff with your phone man so I’ll get with you on that Chris says I’ve heard all of them Chris has heard all the podcasts that blows me away to that people have listened to every podcast coming up on a hundred now you know people have listened to everyone every people have been there with me on this journey like from nothing maybe not many people from the beginning but a lot of people who have come back you know what I’m saying over over time and then they’ve kind of done the research and listened to all the episodes so that’s really cool I know Chris is the truck driver to shout out to other truck drivers out there because they consume probably the majority of the podcast those people who are driving or on their commute to work and stuff so that’s really cool I to thank everybody as well as just for holding me down over the past good year that I’ve just been going strong now for almost a year probably and we’ve gained so much leeway man there’s so many supporters people coming out the woodwork being consistent you know what I’m saying creating community friends there’s these names when you guys are commenting in the chat I love to see house names pop up I consider you guys family consider you guys friends so thank you guys for holding me down tonight for you guys listening listening live I have to that there’s that disconnect of when this comes out live and then when it comes out on the podcast end but Thursday nights tonight today’s Thursday we’re doing a school as a mystic so you guys join that that has been really good learning how to prophesy learning how to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit in our own lives and then speak it out for others as well so good man I’m enjoying it so much mom all ste arise I know us butchered that name but says it’s important for people to share their stories no matter where they lead things yep exactly that’s why I told I said I’m not afraid of your story you know what I have people who won’t come on the podcast a lot of Christians who won’t come on the show because one dude said he didn’t want to talk about the Illuminati like me neither and talked about the Illuminati is so you know you know I don’t talk about the Illuminati that much at all you know I’m you have any revelation we are the illumina luminary the true illuminated ones with the light of Christ going out into the world illuminating the darkness but uh yeah some people they stay far away from me but for good reason because if they’ve you know they come on this show then they their fan base and their audience thinks they’re co-signing you know what I’m saying a cosign in my work and uh you know it’s so funny they even a lot of people who don’t who see us you know doing this stuff and then the their fan base follows and I’ve had personal talks with Christians about that I talked to seven you know I interviewed seven and a lot of his fan base checks me out and then they go back to him with questions or whatever from watching this show and now but I think the disclaimers at the beginning this isn’t a Christian show you know it’s not a Christian show it’s just we talk to everyone so Luke trying to get to some of these questions here the phone lines are open too we haven’t had calls in a while but the phone lines are open um big boy or yeah big boy seven-one-seven says is is it going to be live on YouTube the School of the Mystics School of the Mystics to get access is for patrons it’s just it’s it’s not going to be live it’s it’s a but one of the perks of supporting what I’m doing here even if you can only afford a dollar a dollar get you access to that but uh no it’s gonna be on a private thing school school is a mystic so you sign up you’ll get an email alert when we go live and you can watch it on your phone or you can do it from your home computer it’s really good I’m enjoying it lanes world you have a great show man keep it up brother you encouraged us all much love thank you so much house dog what up Derek much love from Ohio much love Danny my brother Danny says Jesus said in the book of Revelation I will give you the Morningstar oh yeah lucifer is a title man you mentioned lucifer being a did you know I guess the Illuminati or the Light Bearer you know it’s a title you know I threw people off in a song and I made those some of you guys off when I talk about how we are their true Illuminati or we are the true Luciferians that word means light bringer it doesn’t mean one who worships Lucifer Lucifer is not in it’s not a deity Lucifer is a title the bright and Morning Star one who brings light the Light Bearer I bear the light I don’t know about you guys I hope you do you should bear the light so we were talking about the definition of the word yeah that’s what it is we’re the true Illuminati we are the true light bearers the early Christians were called the illuminated ones there’s so many scriptures about being illuminated with the light of Christ it’s funny maybe through here some more Lane says I had to I have to get into the archives there’s some good shows on there man like I said I’m gonna do an overview podcast well I just give commentary because there’s some gems man from people you guys have never heard of they don’t want I mean obviously the big names get get all the views so Jordan Maxwell’s or Santos were Nazis the sevens like those guys get a lot of views on the podcast but sometimes man it’s from the little no-name guys Chris Barse and homey in chat right now it was a powerful episode the Dano episode like there’s some good stuff Lane says which podcast app works with your show all of them do and if you go to the website just go to true sitcom there’ll be a pop up that comes once you click one of the episodes and it says subscribe on Android or subscribe on iTunes and it’ll it’ll suggest podcast apps for you on your phone whichever you have but if you have an iPhone obviously the the iPhone it actually comes with and like an iTunes app so somebody says people get lost people get lost in the title yeah but yeah I think one of the better ones maybe a pot o matic is one stitcher some people listen a lot of people listen on what is it stitcher and then Spotify I’m also on soundcloud I’m on all of them but it’s just whatever ones you like like whatever you like best all of them are cool I guess not all of them some of them like will automatically start playing random random other podcasts that’s one thing about stitcher I was listening the stitcher for a while and then a different podcast will come on that I’m not subscribed to I didn’t really like that I’d rather you play the next episode or the previous episode alright let’s go to some more lane says I watch on youtube yeah obviously I like to youtube because I put a lot of work into the aesthetic the lighting you know what I’m saying all the images the scene transitions intros all that stuff so YouTube looks cool but definitely subscribe on a podcast end as well that’s where the stats really counting matter and then so mom Omar knows I know I’m saying I’m just gonna say a riot says yup it’s what we do with the info that matters many concepts have been redirected and the power is in taking them back yep exactly every everything has been stolen I mean there’s nothing there’s nothing new Under the Sun everything’s borrowed even the stuff in Christianity and like the Hebrews and stuff they borrowed a lot of that stuff from the Egyptians and for the from the Sumerians and Phoenicians and stuff like they took their the way they built their their temples and structures and stuff came from the other nations you know the way they built the Ark of the Covenant and the way that looks that was taken from Egypt man like all of this stuff so it’s about the spirit of it taking it back and seeing what it really means Adam says what I find it interesting is that the Bible tries to to let us hate Lucifer the Bible tries to let us hate the light so much symbolism in the Bible I wouldn’t say that the Bible teaches that and I think that’s just like a preconceived notion from what teachers have told us for years they’ve told us that Lucifer was the devil be afraid of the devil the light bringer who brings the false light of whatever the enemy of God but when it stores only mentioned one time in the Bible that’s the thing that word is only mentioned once and when it’s mentioned it’s not talking about an entity it’s a title talking about the king of Babylon that would fall like the bright and morning star which is Venus its Venus which is the brightest star or planet essentially in the morning Scott and in the morning sky right before the Sun rises and what happens when the Sun rises Venus is cast out of heaven and the Sun rises to take its glory and it’s what in this rightful place yep Isaiah 14 Danni he posts on there cool the one I use this pod beam I think pod beam is cool yeah and you’re not on it I’ll get I’m not on pod beam really I think I am yeah I think I am look again I think I am Christie hey Christie Christie folks says I’m just wondering brother not judging just asking were you baptized under Matthew 29 or eggs I’m assuming you you’re just you’re talking about um in the name of Jesus or in are you baptized in the name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit I think it was I think it was probably all of them I try to cover all of them we’re not when I do baptisms I say in the name of the Father Son and the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus or the name of Yeshua Messiah or Shia Benna hiya you know what I’m saying that one of the many beautiful Hebrew names on for Jesus so I try to use them all not not have to cover them all you know what I’m saying blaspheme the Holy Spirit opinions bash him and the Holy Spirit is is deep I mean because it’s talking about you would think that um jump it back to Christy I know I’m jumping up so Christy says the name not the titles yeah so the name is so the name there Christy that the name isn’t the pronunciation or Jesus that’s not his name his name’s not Jesus Yeshua Yeshua Yeshua your how was shy like there’s a bunch of different debates on the name but the name is the character the character in the likeness all who call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved it’s not talking about getting the pronunciation right as people always say when you say Jesus you’re calling on Zeus all of these things right it’s not about the name it’s about the character the character that they bring because that’s what a name is especially in Hebrew tradition they were named after feelings and emotions and concepts Michael Macha l/l is God you look at the elves raphael uriel elohim el of god so it’s like God has smiled ‘my god is my salvation Emmanuelle God is with us so it’s it’s all of this this this embodiment is the name is the character God has many names he is a higher bohemian Shia in the Hebrew which means I am that I am and I will be whatsoever I will be it’s very powerful he’s essentially saying I’ll be whatever you need me to be I’m everything you looking at the planets outside I’m in them you’re looking at your neighbor I’m in him you’re looking at your trials and tribulations I’m in that you’re looking at the demons I’m in that I’m in all of it and so when you really come to that River that that revelation understanding it gets a lot more interesting because you’re not like saying okay God is here or God is there or God is in the air no Giza is all he creates the good and evil we don’t just like it’s not just all the good stuff man he’s in it all and that’s the beauty of being able to see God in all we don’t know what his name was is what someone’s it’s in the book says okay so going back to the blaspheming the Holy Spirit blaspheming the Holy Spirit is essentially get a calling it’s the unpardonable sin is what it says but it it’s giving Satan credit for the work that God is doing a lot of people turn that around and they’ll say it and so a lot of church people will say they mean it that way but they give God credit for the work that Satan has done there’s a difference this is what many church people do now so they may say they may see a healing take place on the street there’s a lot of people who do Reiki they have they don’t use the name Jesus they’re not Christians they’re Reiki healers they’re healing people people are getting healed through that power and they said well you know the devil healed them the devil healed that person this is what they say because they didn’t say in Jesus name I have friends who are Reiki practitioners and healings who healers and they’re Christians but they don’t use the terminology and lingo that we can use if we want to and so there’s a form of it where they give seyton the glory for the work that God has done if any anything good comes from above so if somebody’s healed that’s a good thing right that’s how most people in the church realm would would call it but for for in the scripture under scriptural reference it’s um it’s somebody it’s the same thing Jesus healing people casting out demons even give a reference to Solomon in that whole chapter Matthew 12 Matthew’s have to chapter 12 and then also in going through 14 a little bit it’s given the devil glory for the work that God has done so Jesus cast out demons and they sell y’all all the way you did that is because your demon to you you know and I’ve heard people say that kind of stuff it’s insane but uh it’s essentially what it’s talking about is Jesus himself performing miracles and casting out demons and they said they don’t know he did it by the power of Beelzebub bezel bub which is the Prince of demons for giving the devil credit whatever you want to say which that’s two different entities so Adam says yes it’s all about the elves Christy says oh my god never heard it explained like this before Adam says the church makes people think that Lucifer is the devil and the Bible is misunderstood and translated incorrectly definitely I don’t know if well I guess it’s about I guess this miss translator you have to you have to break down a Greek in Hebrew man to see who’s being talked about you know even when the word God is being used like you have to you have to look that stuff up and it it is simplistic you can read it and just get the exoteric very outer court stuff you need for the day out of it and there’s that realm but when you’re trying to get a fullness of an understanding of what everything’s talking about you really do have to go to the Greek in Hebrew I mean it uses the word God over and over and over and over again like God it uses God for talking about angels Yahweh demons it’s all types of stuff multiple gods you have to break it down and see what they’re talking about it uses one word in the English but you don’t know how to translate it unless you go back to the Greek and Hebrew it’s really interesting let’s see well I hear the power of 13 bb’s huge Lord of lords is meaning the Lord of flies you have the word Lord as well that’s just a title you know when you we would call God Lord or pray to the Lord or whatever it’s a title as well but it’s the title of your it’s a title in your life it’s a title that you give them many people know him as Savior but they don’t know him as Lord right Christina says I guess I never understood Lucifer the word or the name yeah go back and read it and even get you a dictionary here’s how you get the understanding and get you a dictionary and look up the word Lucifer or look up the word Venus they’re interchangeable because the word Lucifer is a reference to Venus the Light Bearer the bright and Morning Star what is the bright and morning slight literally if you’re out these are a bunch of stargazers guys these guys were into astrology it’s not bad the end – Astro theology it’s not bad they say it’s written the whole thing is written off of astrogeology yeah because it’s telling his story selling Jesus’s story played out in the stars why do you think the stargazers were the first ones to show up at the betta the birth of Jesus the star gazer showed up with gifts because they followed the Stars to his birth they read his story written out in the Stars from the beginning it’s telling his story so yeah when I entertained Astro theology that’s why because it’s talking about him some people they get it twisted you know the Bible is all Astro theology yeah it’s telling his story so yeah let’s see here that’s about it yeah dude it do the knowledge it’s all you know it’s astrology 101 just look up the words in it because everything’s titles you know even even Emmanuel God with us like this all dis titles alright Danny says if you look at Exodus it’s a symbolic story of God I am bringing us out of Egypt sin and the Pharaoh the devil and the new land which is Christ we are his this temple yep 100% I remember when I came to that revelation without without um nobody telling me that you know what I’m saying well you’re just reading and and the Holy Spirit tells you you know tells you hey this is you my wit you’re in fellowship with the Holy Spirit reading the Bible and he tells you who the interpretations are as you’re reading it and it just blows your bozo mind bro blow Jamaat to understand that the allegory behind it and that it went out reading about the Prince of Egypt when I reading about Pharaoh and ba-ba-ba-ba were reading about us or reading our story not his story but our story it’s written of in those scriptures in those words it’s telling our story now where that where that story starts maybe that’s debatable maybe it starts at birth maybe it starts after awakening because you have to be awake to interpret it you really do read first Corinthians it first Corinthians chapter understand the scriptures that you have to be awakened illuminated to the light of Christ to even understand it y’all letting these people interpret eight the scriptures to y’all who are not awakened who have no idea what the hell Jesus is they laugh and scoff at the concept of being born again and you’re letting them break the scriptures down to you be careful guys it’s talking about you looking at myself and watching the work on the life yep it’s awesome bro Danny says yep read Psalm 78 it says all the stories of Exodus in the whole wilderness were parables and riddles that their fathers told them I’m gonna look that up while we’re on the podcast cuz I don’t know that scripture by heart but you say if you know the exact um verse let me know so I’m gonna look it up because I know it says it in um I’d like to know if that’s in there because I haven’t read that what did you say just wilderness because it is actually is in Ephesians or Galatians I believe it is okay Wow let’s see some a psalm okay there’s a bunch of calm commentary on it but I’m trying to find I’m trying to find and this is I know this makes for bad listening bad dead air alright Psalm 78 we learn in people I’m learning it just says that right there in the beginning of the verse okay we go to the King James okay give ear all my people to my law incline your ears to the words of my mouth I will open my mouth in a parable I will utter dark sayings of old that’s exactly what they are dark sayings are riddles and I’m sure that I’m sure you read that in another version it actually says riddles right which we have heard and known and our fathers have told us we would not hide them from their children showing to the generations to come the praises of the Lord in his strength and the wonderful works that he has done but yeah so Danny says yep I guess he read it in another version let me read it in the NIV if I can find it fast enough without doing a bad show my people hear my teaching listen to the words of my mouth I will open my mouth with a parable I will utter hidden things from the things of old things we have not known okay a lot of different words I’m pretty sure riddles in there because that’s what that’s what dark sayings are there I mean it’s how Jesus taught Jesus taught in parables and it cut it he he learned it from the parables so that’s a good one man I thank you for showing me that because I never even knew that one there’s one um let me see I think king of single ations this is funny okay I’m going to maybe is maybe season because I don’t know exactly where it is you know what let me just pull up my Bible software it’d probably be a lot faster than googling it it’s all types of stuff on Google popping up so I’m gonna find this scripture just for you guys listening so that was a good one Psalm 78 speaking about allegories in the Bible being a riddle and being about you things like that so Galatians 4 24 this is it here we go I’m a sudden nineteen I guess my little children of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you I desire to be present with you now and changed my voice for I stand in doubt of you tell me he that desire to be under the law do you not hear the law for it is written that Abraham had two sons one by a bondmaid other by the free woman but he who was of the bondwoman was born after the flesh but he of the freewoman was by the promise which is the spirit right two covenants Old Covenant in new of 24 which things are an allegory which things are an allegory for these things are two covenants one from the Mount Sinai want which ginger Esteban and which is a car so it’s speaking about these these things represented something there’s a saying that it’s the the Old Testament is the New Testament sealed in the newest the old revealed unto you so you get a lot of the hidden meanings in the New Testament that you don’t get in like a written format while you’re reading them I’m gonna try to see what this this Hebrew can coordinate says about the word allegory here all right I just says allegory it comes from a word that means uh yeah it doesn’t let’s see okay so it doesn’t really go into a lotta it’s probably a Latin word though honestly especially cuz it’s in the New Testament had to look up the Latin word but yeah it’s an allegory it’s not telling his story it’s not talking about King David and King Saul fighting and all of this kind of stuff some are you fighting your King Saul that lives in you and lives in your mind and and of these idols and these golden calves that you have to turn your nose to and remember like like this episode tiara Tara was talking about wanting to go back to her cigarette addiction like that’s our golden calf the alcohol that calls out to her that’s the other nations that are in camping around you trying to get you to slip trying to cut your head off that’s who that is that’s these different things in our lives as we as we read the scriptures and if you break down their names we’re talking about the names and breaking them down break down the names of the other nations that were coming against the children of Israel break down their names and you’ll find out that their names are about our names of like strongholds and principalities and they represent like doubt and fear and unbelief in your life come on guys we’re not taught this stuff but this is from that level it’s not to say that it didn’t exist I wasn’t there I don’t know I can’t say that it didn’t but I know that the way it’s written in code in an allegory that the word in Scripture is sharper than any two-edged sword that is able to divide between the bone and the marrow and the tendons and the really deep issues of the heart as you read those scriptures you’re beholding as a man looking into the mirror you’re reading about yourself it’s very powerful is is the the word is alive those scriptures are our lives they’re definitely God inspired in God breathes don’t let anyone tell you anything different don’t let anybody talk you out of that it’s powerful with that being said I hope y’all got something out of this episode I really enjoyed speaking with her I love hearing her story and how she’s uh following her truths and she’s following Christ and making he’s making all things new in her life and she’s being able to be sent back to the same people that she came from you know the people who were struggling with addiction and people who were into that that type of lifestyle she’s going back to those people she didn’t just forget about him she goes back to him with the light of Christ so yeah um so herb says we’re gonna see you and the better half stream games again um we may be on my daughter’s channel my daughter’s getting on me too to help her with her channel a little bit we may do some contests of some fun stuff I got a 13 year old daughter who loves that kind of stuff so we’ll probably do some stuff there I may let you guys know I may not have to find it on your own I’m new do you have a radio show yes this is a radio show if you look in the description there’s two links there if you have an iPhone or if you have an Android those are the links to subscribe to the podcast there you can browse the entire archive so yeah 100 episodes in gasps thank you again for all the support and it really means a lot I literally could not be doing this having this discussion with you guys if I if you didn’t support me and so the fact that you guys do less mean how important it is to you as well as all of the inbox messages I get from people who are being impacted all over the world so if you don’t know know that it’s going to a good cause whatever you get out of this you’re not alone I need to I don’t want to I do want to brag not on I don’t brag upon myself but I do brag that that people who are all around the world are being touched and that people are sending me letters of appreciation I couldn’t do this without you guys like I would be I wouldn’t have the time I’d have to be out you know doing what I was doing to try to make a living but you guys enable me to do this full-time do this and my music and everything I’m bringing to the table School of the Mystics tonight I couldn’t do school of the Mystics if I was working like 14-hour days I couldn’t do it I couldn’t do it ma’am thank you guys I mean it from the bottom of my heart 100 episodes in thank you for the support those of you of you who want to support the best way to support the work and get the most effort and everything we’re involved in is through patreon patreon comm backslash true seeker any level of giving man it helps it goes a long way couple other ways to give I have merch if you go to true sticker com there’s some t-shirts there you can actually buy physical CDs there you it’s a donation button there I have have some recommended books that everybody I get messages all the time people hey what books should I read it’s funny too because Chris Barr is my good friend he’s in the chat now he’s actually reading those books and I get to see him those books at work in his life and blowing his mind changing his life awesome maybe we’ll do an episode where he just talks about we just reflect on each book but it’s really cool there’s some books that have influenced me but if you want those books as well true seeker com go down to the bottom it’ll say suggested reading and you can get the physical books or you can sign up and listen and listen to the audio versions of those books as well so head on over to audible trial dot-com backslash truth seeker audible trial comm backslash true seeker and they support the show I do get a kickback when you guys sign up and it doesn’t cost you anything yeah you have to put in a credit card but you can after that month you can cancel you don’t you’re not won’t even be charged so it but they do take your info you can cancel it you still get your free month just like Spotify you can you can get Spotify for free just use different accounts every time hey I didn’t tell you guys that but uh um yeah they do give a generous kickback so Christy said I just downloaded the call yeah make sure you read the final quest first though make sure you read them in order so the call Christy and Chris Chris bars were chatting in the comment section earlier and told her about some of the books talked about the books that I referred to in folks so if you guys wanted want to check him out head on over to well some of the books to check out would be the final quest by Rick Joyner and that’s what she’s talking about the call it’s a series amazing book amazing book the the final quest by Rick Joyner that was a foundational book for me and another one is the alchemist you can check those books out and listen to them for free by going to and Christy says she signed up 20 minutes ago so Thank You Christy I appreciate that I get a lot of feedback from that a lot of people are using audible audible is really really cool listening to audiobooks and lets see Wow yep that too people sign up awesome yeah they give really good kickbacks um like a lot some affiliate stuff they give you just pennies audibles good almost good to you trust me thank you guys for that slash true sticker you want to support you don’t have any money that’s a good way to go there and sign up get your book and yeah share this episode if you think somebody will get something out of it make sure you do that I love you guys and I’ll see you tonight over at the School of the Mystics true seeker com just go down you’ll see it says School of the Mystics joining 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