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In this episode Taira Leanne shares her testimony about how Jesus saved her from a life of drug use and abuse. Many people struggle with addictions through their life and Taira Leanne’s story shows that people have the power to overcome. Her story doesn’t stop there though. She elaborates on her journey by talking about how she felt the calling of the Holy Spirit on her life and how overcoming was not about a religion but about a relationship with the living God.  Her story of hope and conquering addictions is one that is needed for such a time as this.  The opioid epidemic is at its highest ever in history and other addictions are soaring as well, leaving behind them a wake of ripped apart families and lost lives.  Taira Leanne is a breath of fresh air as she brings a message that even though we find ourselves in the midst of terrible troubles such as addiction, there is a way out through Jesus Christ and listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit. It’s all about growing in an intimate relationship with God through the person of Jesus Christ. As we daily lay our lives down at the foot of the cross we grow in communion and obedience to the voice of God work in our own lives. Laying down our burdens also become a daily part of the practice in giving everything that we have over to God and in return receiving his burdens in our life. We can lay down a burden of addiction to substances and drugs and receive a burden for his presence. We can lay down doubt and worry for faith and security in God. For everything that the Holy Spirits asks is to lay down it is not to rob or take away from us but to refine the things that God would have us walk in such as faith and charity so that we can go about doing goods works before all. All of this comes out of relationship with God.



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