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In this episode of the TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah is joined by Nate Bauman & Brandon Whitlock of the band These 5 Down as they discuss their new music, inspiration and spirituality. In January of 2000 These 5 Down released their debut self titled album that changed the course of christian rock. It was still the early days of christian music and most everything that was out was either extremely heavy or moderately soft. There wasn’t much of anything that remotely sounded like it embodied the sound of the time until These 5 Down came on to the scene. At the time Nu-Metal bands like Kittie, KoRn, Disturbed, Coal Chamber and Marilyn Manson were at the top of the chats in secular music and the majority of everything in the christian world was a cheap rip off and in fact sounded dated (some have suggested seven years behind). Their debut album not only was a breath of fresh air at the time but sounded current to the sound that was popular at the time and created a great alternative for people to enjoy their favorite sound without all the negative and profane lyrics. Their sound as well as their hard work and success is what led them to eventually be picked up by Absolute Records. Several other christian bands came on the scene during this time that seemed to take the same pursuit such as Travail, Project 86, Pax 217 and a few others. These 5 Down’s debut album challenged everything out at the time in christian rock and in doing so they received their fair share of scrutiny from the church.

These 5 Down

During the interview lead vocalist Nate Bauman shared that they weren’t keen on playing too many church gigs at the time but felt more comfortable playing at back yard barbecues or the local bar scene. The lyrics were in your face hardcore truth about the dangers of over indulgence and inflated egos yet seasoned with the grace and truth of the gospel of Christ. There is one song on the album titled “Hymn” that is a hardcore spiritual warfare song and almost acts as a song of deliverance as it challenged the spirits of the age taunting the fact that they would all be cast out by the name of Jesus. With this album being 19 years old in 2019 it still holds up today for anyone looking for great sounding christian metal. Their follow up album “Friction” was released a few years after the band had already broken up. The bands sound seemed to deviate a bit on this project as the group lost a few of its members and others came and went during the writing process which changed the sound of the band. For reasons unknown Absolute Records promoted the release of “Friction” but these release date kept being pushed back again and again until it was a few years down the road in which it finally was released.
During the interview the guys spoke about their upcoming project, new material and have released a new single entitled “Coming of the Son” which is now available on their website. It seems as if after all these years These 5 Down haven’t missed a beat and this new material is something that fans old and new are already in love with. We also spoke about Brandon and Nate’s spirituality, evolution of faith and their relationships with Christ.

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