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TruthSeekah interviews Andrew Schwab of Project 86. Andrew Schwab is the lead vocalist and lyricist for the rock band Project 86, who have sold over 300,000 albums over the span of their career. Andrew is also the author of three books, and has sold over 20,000 copies of these books to date. His latest release, In addition to writing and performing, he speaks at colleges, universities, festivals, and other events on wide range of topics, both spiritual and cultural. Schwab is an independent journalist as well who has been known to offer strong opinions for dirt cheap. Recently, he spoke at Lifest, a Christian music festival in the state of Wisconsin, with over 20,000 in attendance. This past year he also headlined a 25-date national spoken word tour, during which he featured his poetry, comedy, and other skills. Schwab‘s passion lies in presenting Biblical truths with brutal honesty and creativity, and is best known for his ability to grip an audience with wild stories from his experiences in popular culture.

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What’s Going On I’m Your Host TruthSeekah And Now We’re Tuned In To Another Exciting Episode Of The TruthSeekah Got A Very Special Guest Tonight Tonight I’m Gonna Be Speaking With Someone Who I’ve Been Looking Up To For Years Ever Since I Became A Christian. Since I Came Into The Faith Back In 98. And I Remember Sitting With A Bunch Of Friends Watching MTV Getting High Sitting On The Couch Getting Stoned And Just Flipping Through The Channels And Landing On This Channel With These These Guys Playing Heavy Metal Music Jumping Around On Stage And Stuff Like That. We’re Watching It For A Minute We’re High Out Of Our Minds, Smoking Pot, And All Of A Sudden This Guy Runs Up To The Tv And Points At The Camera Says, “Hey You Yeah You Sitting There With The Joint In Your Hand, I Want To Tell You Jesus Loves You” And Then He Runs Off And I’m Like Whoa I’m Sitting There Holding The Joint This Is Back In Like 1998 And Come To Find Out It Was A Television Show On The Christian Station Called G-Rock And One Of The Bands They Were Playing Right Before That Little Video Came On Was A Song Pipe Dreams I Believe It Was By Project 86 I’m Joined With Andrew Schwab From The Band Project 86 What’s Going On Brother Welcome To The Show. Man Thanks For Having Me G Rock Days Man Yeah How Silly Where That Was Awesome Foot You Don’t See It Back In The Day For You Guys I Was Like That Was Like Y’all’s Mtv Though Man You Know Yeah So Do Your Music Early On It Was About Not Compromising Your Face Standing For What You Believe In Are The Struggles That That That We Go Through As Believers But In A Very Poetic Form Put To Where Of A Lot Of Like Artistic Allegories And Metaphors And Things Like That Within The Music Man Was Just In Like A Beautiful Way I’ve Got A Couple Questions Here I Wanted To Ask You Get Dealing With The Music Did You Get A Lot Of Backlash From Like The Church Community Like You Weren’t Christian Enough Because It Wasn’t Just Jesus Jesus Jesus Every Every Line But Those Who Understood What You Were Talking About Man Like It Like I’m Saying Really Hit Home For Them Yeah I Think You Know Because Of The Nature Of The Style Of Music You Know It’s Aggressive Music That In And Of Itself Sort Of Eliminated The Sort Of Commercial Christian Audience For The Most Part However We Were Fortunate And You Know Right Place Right Time To Be Sort Of On The Forefront Of A Few Really Major I Don’t Know Movements In Popular Culture I Guess One Being Just You Know Christianity In General Being Sort Of A Pop Cultural Phenomenon In The Mid To Late 90s And Then Also You Know Playing The Style Of Music That We Played You Know That Whatever You Want To Call What It Was Back Then We Were Sort Of On The Forefront Of A Lot Of Bands Actually Not A Lot Of Bands Of A Few Bands That Were Were Actually Taking Something From This Sort Of Underground Thing That Was This Sort Of Self-contained You Know Faith-based Music Culture And Bring It To A Larger Audience And So In That Sense We Were Able To Sort Of Access A Larger Audience I Think Than Just Heavy Music Would By Itself At That Time So I Think That Yeah There Was Definitely A Discussion Surrounding Bands Like Us At That Time Because You Know Christian Culture In General Is Always A Little Bit Hynde If Not A Lot There Behind Ya The Culture At Large And Truthfully We Were Glad To Be A Part Of A Greater Discussion Because We Felt Like One Of Our Motivations And Starting A Band One Of My Motivations And Wanting To Put A Band Together Was To Sort Of Challenge A Stereotype That You Know Yeah Being A Person Of Faith And Believing Something That Is Inherently Uncool And Lame And Not Rock And Roll Can Someone Who Believes In These Inherently Uncool Things Make Art That Is Cool You Know Where That Is Good Or Current Or Relevant Or Whatever Origin So That Was Kind Of You Know The Goal The Man Has To Be You Know A Legitimate Man In Every Single Way But Also Sort Of Have This Sort Of Real-life Perspective And Honesty About Being A Person With A Face Faith-based Background Yeah That’s What Like You Know You Just Said About The The Christian Scene Being A Few Years Behind For Something In In Some Circles They Say Christian Music Is Seven Years Behind Whatever’s Happening In The Mainstream I Think That’s Changing A Lot Now But You Know Definitely Back In The Day We Totally Can See That Especially With The Christian Hip-hop Back In The Day But So For That Being Behind The Kind Of Style That You Guys Were Doing In In Project 86 In The Early Days Yeah You Know There There Wasn’t Other Bands That You Sounded Like Like Oh These Are The Christian Limp Biskit So These Are The Christian Korn Obviously If You’re Into That Genre It’s Gonna Kind Of Fit In But It Was Still Something Original Too About What You Were Bringing To The Table With The Art Form Of As Far As Like Being Very Poetic You Know I’m Saying It So Did So What What Would You Say About The Creativity In The Early Ages Of Like Just Being Original It’s And Standing Out As Separate Well I Think Whenever You Embark On A Creative Journey So To Speak It’s In The Early Stages A Really Large Part Of That Process Is Finding Your Voice Like In Defining Your Voice A Lot Of Artists Don’t Ever Do That But If You You Know Take Your Craft Seriously That Has To Be Made A Big Priority And That Was A Big Priority For Me And For Our Band Is To Have You Know Our Own Sound Not Just Sound Like Our Influences Or Not Yeah For Me As A Songwriter And Lyricist Not Just Write Like Abc Guys That I Looked Up To The Who Were Frontmen So Just Try To Be Myself Within The Songwriting Process And You Know What Came Out Naturally For Me Was Just You Know Pictures With Words Essentially More Like A Stream Of Consciousness Kind Of Approach Where I’m Just Connecting With The Music And Just Writing Phrases And And Words That Come Out Of Me With You Know Maybe On A Loose Theme Or With A General Point In Mind Or In Reflection To Some Sort Of Life Circumstance But Really Just Getting Help Feelings In The Forms Of Words And So As Much As There’s A Direction And A Purpose With A Lot Of The Songs That Project 86 We Have Released Over The Years The Starting Point Is Always An Emotion Rather Than Like Some Sort Of Message Yeah And I Think Hopefully That’s What Established The Band Is Having Our Own Unique Approach You Guys Are Coming Up On The Early Stuff Is It To Draw On Black Lines First Album The 20 Year Anniversary Of The Band Was Last Year Bands Anniversary Of The First Album Is Next Year Next Year 2018 And You’re About To Release It Some Tour Dates That You’re Gonna Be Touring Off Of The Music From The First Two Albums As Far As The Majority Goes Well We Actually Just This Previous Year We Did A 20th Anniversary Tour Us-only And Then We Have Been In The Midst Of A Pledgemusic Campaign That’s Really Stretched Over A Long Period Of Time It’s Almost Finished Now For Our Tenth Album Which Is For Our 20-year Anniversary Okay And As A Part Of That We Released A Five Song Ep That Was All Influenced Material I Don’t Like The Word Cover But Their Cover Songs Essentially To Me A Cover Song Is You’re Essentially Just Trying To Emulate The Original And These Are Our Own Interpretations Of Songs That Have You Know Been Influential Or Artists Have Been Influential To Us Over The Years So On That Ep We Did We Covered Or Reinterpreted Songs Like Sabotage And Beastie Boy Yes We Did Fell On Black Days By Soundgarden We Did Facet Squared By Fugazi Man Of Constant Sorrow And Strange Fruit By Billie Holiday So It’s Kind Of An Eclectic Mix Of Songs But It It Was Fun To Record Them And Then The New Album Is Ten Songs Were Just Finishing Up The Last Touches The Recording And Starting The Mixed Process And That Will Be Out Late This Year To The Public And A Little Sooner Than That To Our Pledge Of Music People If You Want To Still Get On Board You The Listeners Shameless Plug With Our Pledge Music Campaign It’s Still Active For A Short Period Of Time You Can Get Some Really Unique Merchandise Experiences And Also Get To You Know Get Your Hands On The Music Before Anybody Else You Can Actually Go On There And Get Immediately Our Five Song Ep Plus Listen To Seven Songs From The New Album Which Aren’t Even Out Yet If You Go To Pledge Slash Project 86 Yeah Make Sure You Guys Go Over There And Do That And Support Some Of The Arm That Do There’s A Lot Of Cool March Over There I Wish I Would Have Got One Of The Early Photos Dude From From The First Release No Man I See I See Note Those Are Gone I Was Like Oh Man Totally Wanted One Of Those Ood As Far As The Style Starting Off There You Know Coming Into The Christian Music Scene They Called It Rap Core Right You Guys P Od Rod Laver Packs 217 38th Parallel And These Were Some Of Like The The Bands That You Know Pretty Much Wrapped Over Metal That’s High But It’s Create This Crazy Eclectic Fusion In And I’m Saying You Your Band Was Was In The Mix Of Those Guys Many Of Those Guys Who Were Going Strong Back Then Don’t Exist Anymore So Surviving The Death Of That Genre And You Guys Being Able To Kind Of Keep Going Because I’ve Seen Some Of Those Guys Try To Change The Style Up A Little Bit I Would See Like 30th Parallel I Was A Huge 30th Parallel Fan And Then Seeing Them Around That Time Like The Christian Hardcore Bands Started Like Taking Over If People Wanted Breakdowns People Wanted To Slam Dance Like That’s What It Was And To See Beautiful Melodic Songs And Rapping At These Hardcore Festivals Which This Essentially Turned Into Hardcore Shows It Did It You Know I’m Saying It Wasn’t Well-received And Bands Like That Packed To 17 Were Some Of My Favorites They Didn’t You Know I’m Saying They We See We’ve Seen Them I Guess Kind Of Phase Out Kind Of Early But You Guys Kept Going You You You You’re Sound Evolved And Changed Over The Years And Became Something A Little Bit Of Everything Put Together And Just Kept Evolving Talked A Little Bit About Those Early Years About Like All The Other Bands Who Were Doing It That Kind Of Came But You Guys Kept Going Yeah The Interesting Thing Was Back Then In Which Was Kind Of The Mid-90s That Sound Had Come Around And Like It Was New Right There Were Only A Couple Of Bands Doing It And They Were Considered Cool You Know This Was Before Limp Biskit And Everything That Came After That You Know There Was Def Tones There Was Rage Against The Machine And There Was Once Nine-millimeter And There Was Down Set And That Was It Really Yeah And There Was A Real Hunger For That Kind Of Music Because It Was Really Punk Rock You Know But It Was Also It Was Just Combining Sounds That A Lot Of People Who Listen To More You Know Aggressive Music Love You Know Hip-hop And And Punk Rock And Hardcore And All That You Know In One Package Sounded Like A Beautiful Mixture At The Time And It Was For Especially For Those Pioneering Bands That I Just Mentioned And We You Know I Made Plans To Start A Band That Had That Sound You Know Right You Know Early On When I Heard A Couple Of Those Bands Playing In You Know This Is It This Is The Sound And When We Released Our First Album You Know We Sort Of Landed In That Realm Because That’s What We Were Shooting For However You Know I Talked To A Lot Of People About The Early Days Of The Band And I Really Sound Like I Didn’t Really Rap Exactly Exactly Like I Was Intending To And It Come Out That Way And That Was Sort Of A Saving Grace Of The Band I Think If It Had Been More Rappy Instead Of More Of Like A Spoken Word Shouty Kind Of Thing I Don’t Think We Would Have Endured Yeah You Know As It Became Known You Know It Became Incredibly Popular For A Minute And Then It Became Incredibly Uncool Yeah And It’s Still Uncool You Know And So Well I Think We Had An Accurate Enough Perception About This The Scope Of The Music And You Know The Way Music Was Going In General And And How Our Influences I Think Were A Lot Different When You Boiled It Down And All Of Those Other Bands I Think We Were Savvy Enough To Realize When We Released Drawn Black Lines That That Music Was Going To Go Away Pretty Quickly And So By The Time We Started Writing Music After Drawing Black Lines We Started Saying Okay What Kind Of Band Are We Going To Be Here Yeah You Can’t Keep Doing This Thing Because This Thing Has Gotten Played Out And I Think What Biscuit Ruined It For Everybody – Gimmicky Man It Turned It Into A Gimmick Or The They Embodied Every Cliche That Was Horrible About You Know That Genre Music And You Know There Were Some Other Bands That Came Along As Well That Sort Of Ruined It For Everybody Else Just So Awful You Know We Played Our You Know We Play We Have Our Own Smudges On Our History As Well If You Just Go Back And Watch Some Of The Old Videos And Things Like That But You Know It Was What It Was And I’m Thankful That You Know That Movement Happened Because Project 86 Wouldn’t Have Existed Yeah Like Like You Said You Know We We Made A Decision That We Wanted To Evolve Into Something Else Into You Know Something That Hopefully Stayed A Little Bit More Relevant And I Think The Priority That We Placed On Having Our Own Sound Early On In The Band Is What Is The Other Thing That Sort Of Saved Us And So You Know We’ve Been Kind Of Like Uh I Don’t Know Harder Rock Band I Guess Yeah So It Like Wasn’t A Regurgitation Of Something That Already Existed And I Think That’s Why That In Your Vocal Patterns And The Metaphors And Stuff And I Think That If You Was To Come Out With Your Lyrics A Little Bit More Blatant About Jesus Or Whatever They’ve Like Cuz Cuz We’re Kind Of You Know Walking A Fine Line Of Being Christian Or Being And Being Corny – So Your Lyrics Made It In This Poetic Form To Where Like I Think Anybody Could Listen To It And It’s Like Okay What Does This Mean To Me He’s Talking About Struggle This Is The Struggle That Goes On Within The Heart Of Men Versus The Heart Of Christians Or Whatever So It Was Something That Kind Of Reached Deeper To A Broader Audience It Was Something Real Versus Hey We’re Gonna Be The Youth Group Band And Play Up Here And And Please You Know Play Worship Music Or Whatever The Case Is And That’s Dude And I Think That Speaks For The Longevity Of The Band In In Those First Couple Albums That I Still Listen To To This Day Which Are Amazing I Put Them On To Get Chills Listening To That Older Music Man Thank You Mm-hmm And You Know As Much As I Don’t Necessarily Think Our First Album You Know I Think We Were So Young When We Wrote Those Songs And So New As A Ban And So New At Doing It You Know Like We Hadn’t Really Even Tapped Into The Potential That Sort Of Came To Fruition On Our Second Record And I Think Our Second I Could You Know We Really Did Something Special There Because We We Were All On The Same Page We Really Wanted To Write A Certain Type Of Album And We Really Wanted To Prove Something As A Band And We Had A Little Bit More Experience A Little Bit More Confidence And You Know I Think Drawing Black Lines Really Paved The Way For Us To Have A Long Career As A Band But I Appreciate The Good Words Man Like It’s Been A Really Interesting And Fun Journey And You Know I Think People Who Haven’t Been Torn On Duyst For Quite A While Would Be Shocked To Hear That We Actually Have Some Pretty Good Songs On Some Of The More Recent Records Exactly Exactly And Notwithstanding The Album That We’re Planning On Dropping Later In The Year There’s Some Let Me Ask You About That Because I’ve Been Watching Some Interviews With I Know I’m Anton And Billy Corgan Did A Tour Recently And I’m Gonna Watch Some Of Their Interviews And They’re Talking About How They Have New Music That They’re Working On But The Fans Want To Hear You Know They Want The Old Stuff And Billy Corgan And Manson Are Kind Of Upset About It Because They Don’t Want To Get Up There And And Just Played The Music That You Made Out To End At 8th Grade In The Backseat Or Whatever And Be Like The Soundtrack For That Aren’t You Gonna Do A Cliche It Turns You Into A Joke And Play Those Songs A Thousand Times Just Yeah It’s Hard To Stand Up There And Do That I Think For Project You Know Our Biggest Song As A Band That Came Out Later In Our Career That Was Fall Goliath Fall We Got More Traction With That Song If That Song Would Come Out On Our Third Album We Was Sold A Million Copies You Know It Was A Different Type Of Music But Yeah I Think That We’ve Made As Good Or Better Of Songs Middle And Late In Our Career But That’s Pretty Rare We Just Haven’t Had A Major Label Push Behind It You Know Um But Yeah I Mean I I Totally Get Where Artists Like That Are Coming From But The Reality Is For Most Artists You Have A Sweet Spot In Your Career Which Is Usually Earlier On In Your Career Where Your Youthful Angst Meets Your Hunger Yeah And You Have The Passion The Drive And The Talent And Also The Seemingly Limitless Well Of Inspiration To Pull From Make And Albums It’s Harder To Write New Stuff That You’re Excited About And Still Make It Commercially Viable To Where People Are Gonna Relate To It It’s Just Hard You Know So Like I’ll Be Honest You Know Marilyn Manson’s Best Records Are Behind Him Probably Yeah Bashing Pumpkins Best Records And I Love Both Of Those Bands Are Behind Them Most Likely And It’s Not Just Because Of Nostalgia It’s Because Of The Fact That They Made Those Records During A Time In Their Lives When They Were Hungry Hungry And Young Just At A Place Where They Were Capable Of Making Those Records And I Just Don’t Know If They Are Capable Of Making Those Kinds Of Records Anymore I Have An Amount Of Magic That Goes Into That That’s I Haven’t Seen Manson I Want To See Manson Because Of The Nostalgia Right And But Like I’m Watching On On Youtube Some Of The Newer Concert Footage And I’m Like Okay That’s Manson I Remember Manson From My Childhood And Then I Go Back And Watch The Early Manson Stuff And I’m Like Oh My God These Dudes Were Like Otherworldly They Brought Something Totally New Artistic To The Table The Way They Dressed The Way They Acted The Stage Performance And He Loved It And It Was Thriving Now He’s Just He’s Just There You Know I’m Saying And So You See A Lot Of Bands Go Through That Transition A Lot Of Rappers The First Two Albums Or The Best Everything Outs Whether They Have Other People Writing For Them They Live In The Lavish Lifestyle Or They Don’t Have Time Anymore But It Just Goes Downhill But Some Of Them Could Still Write A Single Write They Know How To You Know Do It And You Know Not To Crap On Jeremy Camp But Jeremy Camp Knows How To Write A Good Worship Song And He Knows He Could Keep Writing Them And Keep Dishing Them Out Put Him Out And They’re Good They’re Good Songs He Knows How To Do It But It’s Not Like The Early Hungry This Is A Part Of My Heart That I’m Giving You Type Stuff You Know Yeah After A While It Kind Of Becomes Career Maintenance I Mean You’re Trying To Please The Fans To Keep Paying Bills To Keep The Career And The Machines Of The Board And All That Stuff You Know Some Of That Comes Into Play And For Me Like I’m Super Thankful That There Are People Out There Who Still Love My Band And Still Support What I Do This Pledge Music Campaign Has Gone Really Well Yeah A Lot Of People Come Out Of The Woodwork And Have Ordered Multiple Things And Experiences Merch And Everything We Have A Lot Of Work To Do Ahead Of Us And Fulfilling All Of It But It’ll Be Fun Yeah We’re Just Thankful Man Like 20 Years Later Plus Still Being Able To Do It And Not In Such A Way That We’re Just Like Holding On To It Because Of Again Nostalgia Or You Know It’s More Just The Fans Voting Like Okay Oh You Really Want Another Oh Okay Yeah Show Us Show Us Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Show Us You Want Another Album We Will Give You Another Album We Will Put Our Heart And Soul Into It I Will Put My Heart And Soul Into It I Will Give You Hopefully Some Songs That You’ll Really Love And Really Connect With As Much As Our Other Ones That You Love If Not More And I Feel Like We’ve Done That Like You Know Every You Know When Your New Album Comes Out You Have To Say This Is Our Best Album You Know Because Of The Hype Train That You Have To Create To Sell The Records You Know I Try To Just Let The Music Speak But I We Have Some Really Good Songs Again On This Album Ones That Are Memorable That Will Sound Out Stand Out And Our Catalog And The People Seem To Feel The Same Way On That Music Campaign Over Plugging That But That’s The Only Way People Can Listen To These Yes I’m Not Seen Stuff About The Parchments On The Pledge Music As Well But I Know You I Know You Do Commission Work As Well You You Yeah T-shirt Designs And I Got This From You That’s Awesome Signed By One Of My Favorite Artists And Favorite Lines From A Song This Is From When Darkness Reigns And For Those Who Listen To An Audio Version This Is A Calligraphy Parchment That Andrew Did Himself And It Just Says This Is The Hour When Truth Divides And Dude The Build-up On That Song And Just Not Like That’s A Statement That We Live By And It’s Not Just Me I Have A Bunch Of Friends Who A Hardcore Project 36 Man And This Is What We Live By We’re Talking I Getting Shirts Printed Up With This Quote On It And Everything And Dude Just Because It’s Like Man Just Like And You Know I Guess I Could Tell You Early On Like Being A Baby Christian And Going To Church And Not Really Fitting In And Just Being Different Trying To Fit In But Not Really Fitting In Looking For A Voice That Sounded Like Someone To Say What We Were Thinking And To Kind Of Get Behind Early On Dude It Was You And Sonny Scent Of All Frumpy Od Man So It’s An Honor To Have You On The Show To Talk To You Man I’ve Been Listening To Your Music For Years And You’re A Huge Inspiration To Me Especially With The Art Form Being Eclectic And Bringing Something Different To The Table And Being Okay With That Because In Some Realms Of The Christian Church It’s Not Okay To Be Different Like You Have To Kind Of Be In This Mold Or Whatever And So You Kind Of Given Us The Past To Be The Past To Be Ourselves And Speak Our Truth Man And Still You Know Follow Christ Man And Do It The Would In An Expression The Way He Gives It To Us Man Thank You So Much Do For Everything You All Very Appreciated Words Man That Makes My Day So Appreciate Everybody Is Listening As Well And We’ll Do It Again Man But So All Right Brother Thanks So Much For Coming On And Hanging Out With Me Man Like I Said We’ll Do It Again And I Got A Whole Bunch More Questions On Here So Whenever You Have Tom Hit Me Our Brother Let’s Do It Again About How About Write One Or Album Comes Out How About That We’ll Do It We’ll Do It We’ll Do It Again Brother I’ll Hold You To It Man You Know I Will We’d Be Trying To Make This Happen For A Long Time Okay Dick Oh Bless You Man Thank You Andrew Schwab From The Band Project 86 And I Meant I Y’all I’m A Little Nervous Man I’m A Little I’m A Little Girl Here Little Star-struck I’ve Been Listening To Schwab Since I Was Since I Was Little Since I Was Like 17 His Music Is The Soundtrack For My Conversion Experience Man You Know Coming Into The Faith And I Got A Caller Here And I Wanted To Bring Him On Ask Him A Question But I Promise You That I’ll Bring You In Whenever The Album Drops And I Get Him Back I Promise I Break You On Early You Could Come Over Here And Do It With Me But I’m Gonna Go Ahead And Bring In A Good Friend Of Mine Big Dave Who’s On The Line As Well What’s Up Dave Man You Didn’t Even Let Me Dude He Said Yeah My Man Yeah I Kept Him I Kept Him Longer Than Then He Was Supposed To Stop Man Dude I Listen To Talk I Listen To Talk Radio I Listen To Talk Radio All The Time And I Know How It Goes Yeah So It Was Funny Would You Call You Know You Let Me Know He Was Gonna Be On There So I Broke My Phone Out Started Looking At All The Old Project Stuff That I Could Think Of That Way I Would Look Stupid When I Come On I Didn’t Know Anything So Forgot Her To Have It Was Like It Was Like So Long Ago Right After After Drawing Black Lines And Heroes I’m Ashamed To Say I Fell Off You Know I Ventured Over To Hardcore So Just Like He Said I’m Sure They Would Have Norma Jean And Blindside And On The Road I Got Into That So Faster But I Always Man I Mean But You Know What Though I Have More Cards That Stuff On My Phone And I Do Any Other Christian Or Beer Band Out There Maybe Besides Beloved Because Beloved Are You A Believer No Down Ya Know If You Get That Guy On I’m Coming To Your House Because I’m Not This Enough That One But Uh That’s My Favorite Band Yeah But You Know Project Was Man I Discovered Project And And That Was Like My Gateway You Know To The Rest Of You Know Tooth And Nail And Go T Record It I Was Looking For Christian Rock I Was Looking For Something Other Than A Lot Of Praise And Worship Music Having Praise And Worship Leader Had Won But Man I Love That Old-school Wouldn’t Win Christian Came Out Back In The Mid Early 2002 Thousands That Changed A Lot Of Music You Know I Mean You Can Listen To Secular Bands And Hear Their Influence From What Could Have Been Some Of These Christian Day And You Know They Just Kind Of Set The Standard For What Christian Metal Was And And You Can’t Find That I Haven’t Looked Too Hard Cuz I’m Old Now But You Know That That That Early 2000 You Know Late 2000 That That Christian Metal That Any Any Of That Christian Rock Was Was Just Great It I Haven’t I Don’t Think He’s Doing It Like That Anymore Yeah Man It’s It’s Different Men Because They Were Hungry Like He Was Saying And Like Bands Change And Albums Change And Some Bands Come Back With Their Second Release Their Sophomore Effort In In It And They You Know They Don’t Even Get A Second When It’s Not As Good Man You Know I Think I Think A Band That I Could Have Named There With Those Guys As A Band Called These Five Down That We Used To Listen To A Lot As Well Yeah But They’re They’re Their Second Release It Did Not Hold Up To The Hype Which You Know I’m Saying That When The First One Came And They Kind Of Raised The Bar In Christian Music They Kind Of Brought That Raw That That Raw Hardcore Sound I’m Saying A New Metal Slam Dancing And All That’s Like The The 7 String Guitars Drop A Tuning That Kind Of Stuff But Their Second Album Didn’t Do It And Then To See Bands Like Packs 217 Was Kind Of Like The Rap Core Stuff Their First Two Albums Were Good But Then As Rapcore Was Phasing Out They Kind Of Started Doing Rock Music Christian Rock And It Was Good But It Wasn’t It Wasn’t You Know What Their Fans Fell In Love With And They Weren’t Able To Kind Of Keep Going And It’s A Bunch Of Early Christian Bands That Were You Know I’m Saying Kind Of Have That Same That Same Story Or That Same Legacy I Think I Hurt With A Drew Swab I Think I Heard Him Say That He Said That He Didn’t Quite Mean To Do Like Rap Or Wasn’t What He Said He Was Pursuing Yeah Because He Because So You Know I’m Saying People Call It Rap Core Right And It’s A Kind Of A Corny Name Yeah You Guys Rapcore They Kind Of Want To Stay Away From That Name So He Was Just Kind Of Talking About How He Was He Was Trying To Rap Early On But His His Vocal Patterns The Way He Wrote His Lyrics It Wasn’t Rap As In Hip-hop As Well As I’m Saying Like The Way I Do It His Was Almost More Along The Lines Of Rage Against The Machine Shouting These Different Dc’s Poetic Lyrics That Didn’t Have To Rom Raps Have To Rom Right So That Was The Difference Between Like His Cadence And What He Was Doing And What He Brought To The Table So That’s What He Was Talking About Even Though He Was Trying To Rap So I Made It With That You Know With Those Same Cadence And The Melodies And The Drumbeats And Stuff Like That But It Wasn’t Rap As We Know It You Know Sam I Think The His Voice I Mean The First Thing I Heard From Project I Didn’t Even I Didn’t Hear Anything At First I Heard His Voice And The Way He Did His Vocals And How Unique That Sounded And Man I Loved It I Gravitated Towards His Sound And I Still Listen I Still Show Strangers I’m At Listen To This Guy’s Voice Listen To How He Does It And I Don’t Think Anybody I Don’t Think Anybody Did It Like He Did It Whether He Meant To Do It Or Not But Just It’s Not Screaming It’s Not Singing And It’s It’s Almost Talking Aggressive Was A Strange Statement You Know Is He Is Such A Unique Voice And That Really That’s That I Mean That That Caught Me Before Anything Else Before They Were Before I Knew They Were Christian Before I Knew Anything About Him I Heard I Heard The Way He Did His Vocals I’m Like Man That Is The Most Unique Cool Thing You Know Because Is Even A Even Jonathan Davis You Know Corn I Mean There’s Just A Way That He Did The Uh But Beatboxing Thing You Know Whatever My Frequent Least Came And That Was Unique That Was Really Cool I But You Know You Look For The Union Sounds And Then He Had That Address Rob Just Killed It And He Still Has The Most Unique Vocals You Know I Mean Whenever You Called Me Before The Interview I Started Looking But You Know I’ll Be A Dead Man And Stuff Like That All The Old Stuff That I Had With My Home Pipe Dream And I’m Just Like His Voice Is So You Yeah I Remember Early On Whenever I Got Saved And I Was Hanging Around Mike Malone And You Know Barry And You And That Crew When I First Got Saved And I’m Coming Out Of The World Huge Corn Fan Huge Marilyn Manson Huge Limp Biskit Fan And I’m One And I’m Asking Them Okay One That I Want Some Christian Rock Is Their Christian Metal Bands That Sound Like Corn Is Their Bands That Sound Like I’m A Biscuit And They Say Yeah Okay Yeah There’s Some Christian Rock Bands Someone’s Got Some Cds He’ll Let You Borrow Room And They Gave Me Audio Adrenaline Yeah And They Were Saying That Okay You Know This Is This Is The Closest We Have The Corn And They Gave Me Audio Adrenaline To Kind Of Replace The Corn Addiction You Know And I Was Like Let Down Thank God Right I Think On For Tooth And Nail Records Tooth And Nail Records You Know There That’s The One That I Could Remember Off The Baddest Tooth The Nebulous Yeah It Was The One That Seems A Prostitute Man I Don’t Even Know Yeah I Don’t Even Know I Don’t Even Know Who Project 86 Will Side With In The Beginning When They Did Blood When They Did Drawing Blank Lines I Have No Idea Who They Were With As Far As A Record Label But You Know I Mean That Once I Discovered Then I Started Maturing Off You Know And I Found These Other You Know He’s Right It Seems Like That Rap Rock Thing It Quickly Turned Over The Hardcore You Know They Did A Few Years They Had To Run Man Those Guys Had To Run I Mean Because They Were Doing Festivals With Hardcore Bands And You Know How The Hardcore Fans Are Give Us A Breakdown Play A Breakdown We Can’t Appreciate Your Amazing You Know Going Vocals And Your Good Lyrics Because Even Their Lyrics Man Yeah I Can’t Quote Any Of Right Now I Did Not Get To Brush Up On This I Played I Played Some Of The Earlier And It’s It’s It’s Been It’s Been A While Since I’ve Listened To Some Of The Old Projects As Well But Dude That Old Stuff Man Those First Two Albums Were Amazing Dude Yeah I Got Chills Listening To And It Just Brought Me Back To A Time Where I Was Early In My Faith Where I Was Vigilant Where You Know Just And Just Reading The Lyrics And Their Lyrics Just Meaning Something Like Totally New Just About Not Compromising Your Faith Standing For What You Believe And In Quoting Those Lyrics And A Whole Sea Of People These You Know These Guys Are Performing At Cornerstone And These Huge Festivals And You Got A Whole Sea People Being Vigilant About Their Faith About What They Believe In And Not Being Ashamed Of It Right You Know Saying Even If It’s Not Popular Whatever The Case Is It’s Not Popular Opinion And Schwab And Sonny Sandoval From P Od Early On Both Of Those Guys Man We Were Like That’s All I Listen To Man Early On I Love The Man You Were Talking About A You Telling Us I Was Looking I Was Going To Tell Him Any Mentioned He Said The Perfect Thing Let Biscuit Ruin The Ratrock He Said That Because Yeah You Know A Mout You’re Like Yeah But You Quickly Realize That West Boiling Was Went Biscuit Yeah And Once Wes Borden Left Flint Biscuit Limp Biscuit Became No More You Know Because He Wrote The Song He Did The Music I Mean West Bolden Was When Biscuit And I Was Going To Tell Him And You Know I’ve Told You Before About Our Old Youth Pastor 10 Mills And The Very First Time I Brought A Little Biscuit To Him And I Showed It To Him He Listened He Said That’s Fred Durst I’m Not You Know Him I Was All Fascinated He’s Like Yeah Man Used To Live Down The Street From Me Him And My Brother Used To Hang Out And He Looked At It And Said That’s Not Fred Durst So What Do You Mean He Said That’s Not He Said That’s Not The Nerdy Little Kid That I Grew Up With That That Is They He Made Himself Into This Hip-hop Limp Bizkit Thing That He Kind Of Laughed At Him Good He Said Yeah They’re That That’s Not The Guy That They Grew Up Down The Street From You Know That’s Somebody Totally Different You Know So Of Course You I Hated Fred Durst Since He Sent Behind Aaron Lewis And Biloxi And Called The Polacks He Did Two Things Wrong He Interrupted Aaron Lewis Who Was A Far Better Musician Than He Is And Then He Called It Biloxi Instead Of Look I’m Like Dude You Just Did Two Strikes Right There And It’s Like No That You Know At That Point I What Yeah Yeah Where You Kind Of Gotta Give It To Him A Little Bit Because I Believe That He Found Aaron Lewis Like He Actually Found Stained And Kind Of Gave Them The Deal And And And State And Stanley Stain You Know I’m Saying Comment On And We Yeah We Could Talk About The Same Thing When Stain First Started Their Album Versus To Where They Are Now Or A Couple Years Ago You Know That Was A Good Progression Though But They Had To Come Out Of That Dark And Heavy And Grungy Sound To You Know Not Be Depressed And I Know He Talks About That A Lot Too Of Just Being Able To Write A Good Song And Not Be Depressed Or Not Being About Thinking About Killing Yourself Or Something Like That You Know People Grow Up They Get Families And Stuff He’s He’s Not Thinking About Killing Itself Anymore So You Got To Write Something Beautiful You Know Songs About His Kids And Wife Trying To Uh Trying To Get You Know Like My Daughter You Know Hey I’m Trying To Get Her You Know – Listen – I’m Trying To Help Her Find Christian Things And Who’s The Name Of The Rapper Who He’s White Guy He’s A Referee’s Christian Kj Laughs – Huh Nf No Onf Okay I’m Finna Sadie’s Coming Back Too Far Away Kj But Ya Nf Know Down Enough Is Up There – Yeah Yes So She Loves It You Know But I Can’t Like I Haven’t Searched New Christian Rock And I Have No Idea Who’s Even Out There Anymore Is Anybody Good Okay So This Is What I Was Gonna Tell Andrew And I’ll Tell You As Well But I’m Definitely Gonna Bring This Up The Next Time I Have Him On But There’s A Band Out It’s A Christian Metal Band You Gotta Check Them Out Dude Trust Me So It’s A Band Called Silent Planet And They Do The Vocals Are Eerily Similar To Andrew Schwab Old Andrew Swab And I End Up Aaron Wise From The Band Me Without You So If Those Two Got Together And Had A Baby This Guy From Silent Planets A Guy Named Garrett Russell I Actually Had Him On The Podcast Dude You Got To Check Out He’s Got Her He’s Got A Song Called Panic Room Everybody Listening If You Haven’t Heard Silent Planet They Got A Song Called Panic Room Go And Listen To That Especially If You’re A Project 86 Fan And You Helped All Of Those Guys Trust Me Check Them Out Good Stuff He Said He Sounds Just Like Him And Actually When I Had Him On The Podcast Asked Him If He Had Ever Heard Of Project 36 I Mean You’re Doing Christian Rock You’re Doing Christian Metal He Said He’d Never Even Heard Of Project 86 He Didn’t Even Know Who Andrew Schwab Was You Know He’s A Young Guy That’s A Young Guy But But But Those Guys Are Putting In Work Really Good Stuff Yeah I Do Cuz He Does Like The Dude That’s A That’s A Great Album It’s A Great Album I Had Him On The Show Too So If You Guys Want To Go Back And Listen To That Interview Garret Russell From Silent Planet Go To The Website Check That Out As Well On Itunes And All That So The New Norma Jean You Know I Told You About That And Your Guy From Desktop So His Name’s You Know You Know Yeah Tina Marie I’m Totally I’m Terrible Okay Yeah But He Did He Did That Album With Norma Jean Yeah Man It Was Really There And Helped Reduce It And Stuff Yeah It Is Good Man It Is Good Norma Jean Still Doing Some Good Stuff They’ve Come A Long Way From Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste Man That Was The Song Of My The Glaze And Your Stare Dude Yeah That Was The Song That Raised Me That You Know What I Found Norma Jean I Was Like This Is It You Can’t Be This Is It This Is The Owner That’s A Good Song Man He Laid Emeralds In Her Eyes Do You Know When It When It Comes To That I’m Actually A Member Of The Bat The Bad Christian Podcast I Think I’ve Told You But It’s The Band Emory They Have Their Own Podcast And They Have That And You Know They Have Their Own Group And Stuff And I Think Emory Came A Little Bit Later Than These Bands But Emory Kind Of Made Their Mark On The Gadget The Christian Metal Scene And You Know It’s Like The Moment I Hear It Here In Mobile Man The Mobs Hammer Scene They You Know It Does Seem Like In Bands Like So There Were Some Bands Who Came On The Tail End Of That They Were Just A Little Too Late To Really Get Into What Was Going On Yeah You Know His Between This Between Us At Pensacola Man We Just I Mean They Were Shows Every Weekend And Dude Does Limiting Advance Up Do One Of The Best Ones Man Because I’m Going Back Listening To The First Still Remains Album The Idea I’m Eating And The Hasted Day Both Of Those Eps And Then You Know We Actually Booked Them In Pensacola And Got To Shake Hands And Eat Dinner With Those Guys And Seen Them Before They I’m Saying Before They Blew Up Dude You Remember That That Was So Awesome Yeah The Line Fa In The Line Cafe We Lived It Up There We Did Remember That The Fights We Used To Have Between The Pensacola Kid And The Mom Pound Kids Yeah Again For Fighters And We Were Still Motion Yeah We Would Be Trying To Moss And They Were Jump In There As Well I Want To Fight And We’d Be Like You Want To Fight With Them Because We Were Still Mawson And They Wanted To Get In There And Start Throwing Well That Kind Of Brings Up A Whole Thing To The Discussion Too Because We Were There In Those Early Years Of The Hardcore Dancing And Stuff When Nobody Knew What It Was Right And Because A Lot Of Them That Music Got Big In The Christian Hardcore Scene That Kind Of Do Because Like I’m Saying The Bands Like Under Oath The Bands Like Hasted De La Dying And Norma Jean Were The Ones To Blow Up In That Genre Before It Kind Of Went Mainstream And In Mainstream Guys Sort Of Kind Of Copying What The Christian Guys Were Doing Right And Then What I Kind Of Felt Like You Know Because I Mean The Christian Hardcore Thing Was That Was The Best Music You Know I Mean I Beloved And Then Under I Mean Though Those Bands Such As Man And I Have No Idea How Far Out It Went Yeah But It Seems Like It’s You Know The Christian Ark Or Bad You Can’t You Can’t Mimic Them That We’re This Is The Sound Like A Bunch It This Is Us In Like A Couple Of Old Guys What We’ll Do We Got No Man We Got People We Got People In The Chat Room Who Are Dropping Names Too Brother Adam Star See He Just Says He’s Talking About Zao Man Zao Still Around Zao Was A Bad Brother I Remember The First Time Like Because I Used To Go To The Christian Bookstores And They Would Have The Cds Opened Already You Take The Cds And Put Them In You Can Sample Them The Cds Before You Bought On Remember This Was Like An Early 2000 And We Go There On A Friday Night Bunch Of Christians Hanging Out In A Music Store Drinking Coffee Listening To Christian Metal And Trying To Find New Bands This Would Be For The Internet Like Totally Blew Up And I Remember Because You Used To Be Able To Go Out And You Meet And People Would Bring Their Cds They Would Find Bands Yeah The Parking Lot Now Yeah And Now These Kids Don’t Even Leave Their Bedroom They Sit On You Sit There Are Facetime Each Other And They Talk About With All 97.5 And I’m Like Yeah This Is Terrible May Be Used To Actually Go Out And Meet Other People This Is How You How You Found Out About Other Band I Don’t Matter A Lot Of Cool People And I’m Friends With A Lot Of People To This Day From Meeting Them At A Show Right Like Going To A Hardcore Show Like A Local Show And Meeting Somebody And Stuff And And I Was Gonna Say When It Kind Of Before We Get Too Far Removed From That Topic The Whole Christian Hardcore Thing How To Create Blew Up In A Christian Scene First Mind You That Everybody Was With Slam-dancing In Motion Right But As Far As Like The Dancing Where They Had Like An Art Form To Hardcore Dancing Right That Kind Of Blew Up In India In The Christian Scene First And Then Whenever We Were All Into It We Would Do It As An Art Form Many Of Us Did It Almost As Worship To God Right Just Getting By Yourself Doing These I’m Just Like Aggressive You Know I Think The Scriptures Even Say That King David Danced Violently Before The Lord Right So You People Would Do This And Do It As An Act Of Worship And If You Hit Somebody It Was An Accident You Said All My Bad Bro You Give Them A Hug Hey Man Cool What’s Your Name Bro Get My Hugging And Then You Go Back To What You’re Doing But Then When That When They Started Blowing Up In The Secular Realms And The Secular Guys Started Coming Over With Kela Bands And And They Would Come To The Christian Shows Because It Blew Up In The Christian Song First And Then When We Would Do The Hardcore Dance And People Would Be Almost Like I Said Worshipping You Get Punched In The Face These Guys Trying To Fight You At A Concert Like You Know I’m Saying Because They’re Doing It And They’re Violent You Want To Start A Fight And It’s Like It’s Totally Like Hold On I’m Sorry Bro And They’re Like F You Man I Hope Wow This Is This Is A Whole Nother This Was Weird I Remember I Remember Um This Little Guy Over In Pensacola At The End Of The Line Cafe We Went There It Was Me Jesse Josh Curry I’m Not Sure If You Were There But There Was A Little Guy He Ran Up And He Did A Cartwheel And He Kicked Josh Curry In The Face With Both Of His Feet And Uh And Josh Pulled Him To The Side After The Band He’s A Hey Bro Uh Yeah Man That Little Move You Did You Kicked Me In The Mouth And He Looked At Him And Said Play With Fire Get Burned Bro And Walked Off I Was Like That’s Weird Is This Awkward Man We Weren’t Used To That What About The Church Boys Man Going To The Bars And Stuff To Go To Go Here We Were Going To Hear Christian Hardcore Bands At Bar Rooms Right Yeah That’s Why That’s Why I Quit Getting In The Pit Man Because I Got I Got Hit To Me We Brought We Brought Phil To To A Show Over In Pensacola Under Oath Was Supposed To Be Played And I Think You Might Have Came I Don’t Know How Many Songs You Were At You Had A Bunch Of Okay Well That Was The Thing Under Oath Was Supposed To Be Playing But They Never Showed Up But There Was As A Oh Fifteen Years Exactly I Know There Was A Say Oh Side-project There I Think The Guitars From Zao When The Bass Has Had Another Band And Then There’s A Band Called Love Drug And We Don’t Remember Because They Weren’t Big But An Berlin Played That Night Before Amber Lynn Blew Up And It Wrote Remember That But Phil Got In The Mosh Pit There At The Bar We All Got In It But Those Guys Started Getting Violent Trying To Start Fights So We Kindly Moved Out The Way And Let Him Have The Floor We’re Not Coming Here To Fight And So Phil Stayed In That’s Crazy Metal Feel Right One Man Mosh Pit Filled Running In Circles Jumping Around And Phil Was Getting Punched In The Head Like They Were Punching Him And Stuff Like Taking Swings At Him I’m Right Phil Get Out The Mosh Pit Man They’re Getting Hit They’re Trying To Punch You He Said No No No This Is Supposed To Happen It’s A Mosh Pit Say Buddy Trying To Eat You On Purpose Man You Gotta Get Out Of There Dude Happens Hey Bro You Got To Get Out Of There Yeah I Guess So I Got Bad It Became It Became The Whole Mobility Versus Pensacola Scene And We Were They Were Hardcore Kids And We Were Metalheads And Yeah And There Was There Was A Recall Didn’t Hot-topic Kid That’s What That’s What That’s What Ultimately Changed A Lot Of Things They They Were The Hot Topic Kids And We Were Still Making Our Own Clothes We Were Legit Yeah And Uh And There’s This Separation Man But Yeah Man Just I Mean That Whole That Whole Scene Man It That Bag The To Look For Me For When I Was Like 18 And 35 Now But When I Was Like 18 Up To About I Don’t Know Maybe Late 20s You Know Maybe 28 29 Man I Lived To Go Out And See Bands Play That That’s That’s All We Did We Every Weekend We Were Mississippi We Were Over If It’s A Colo We Were We Were Just Anywhere There Was A Man Boy And They Were Going To Plan On Them And Let’s Don’t Bring Up Swilley Before They Got It Super Big We Would Say Do We Go Job Like Four Hours I Tell My Daughter I Tell My Daughter Ad Because She Loves A Song Monster Is That One Of Their Songs Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah So Uh She Loved That Song As I Tell Her Yeah You Know The Eric And Erin Wouldn’t Follow Them Around And You Got Played In They Played In Daphne That’s Where They Got Big You Know Into Another Huge Some Other Things Like The Least Remember We’ve Seen Bleach And A Couple Times Bleach Rely On Kbs2 17 Rambo State Marine Sarah Lee Escaped Reliant K Which Like Superstardom Right Relying K Blew Up Yeah Yeah They Did They Got Really Big For A Little While Yeah I Don’t Know He’s Probably Doing Other Stuff I Think He Was Doing Some Stuff With Our City I Know They Did A Song Together But I Think He Got More Some Of The Other Names That Are Being Dropped In The Chat Room Rackets And Drapes Does That Ring Any Bells To You David Rackets Great A And The Only Reason I Know Who Rackets And Drapes Are Was Because I Used To I Used To Get The Christian Magazine Hmm I Think It Was Heavens Metal Or Hard Music I Think It Was Kind Of Back And Forth About What It What It Stood For Or Whatever And Racket Rackets And Drapes Was Always In There And They Were Kind Of Like The Christian Marilyn Manson They Wore Makeup In Wore Like Dresses And Stuff And They Were Like Totally Like Manson Knockoff Or Whatever But One Thing About The Hm Magazine Back In The Day Which Like Every Month They Put Out A New Issue We Went To The Christian Bookstore To Get It In The Back Of Every Episode Of Every Um Issue They Had Yeah Issue Magazine They Had A An Interview With A Secular Band And They Would Ask The Secular Bands All About Their Music Their Influences Bah Bah Bah Bah It Didn’t At The End Like The Last Three Or Four Questions It Was About Their Faith You Know I’m Saying They Were Ask Him About Their Faith In Jesus You Know Who Do They Think Jesus Is And That Was Really Cool To Look In There And See That They Had An Interviewer I Think Coal Chamber Was In One Of Those Magazines And They’re Asking Them You Know Yeah I’m Saying Who Do You Think Jesus Is What Does He Mean To You Have You Ever Heard The Gospel You Know I’m Saying And They Would Like Have These Secular Bands On And Essentially Explain The Gospel To Him Right And They Would Do It Every Every Issue There Was An Interview With A Secular Band And Kind It’s Kind Of Reminiscent Of What I Do I Reach Out To A Lot Of Secular People A Lot Of I Have Secular Artist On I Have People Who Don’t Believe In Jesus In My And I Have To Wonder If They’ve Ever Heard Of Jesus So I Feel Like That’s My Job And You I’m Saying My Responsibility So It’s Very Reminiscent About What I’m Doing Now Man That’s Pretty Cool To See Those Ties And Since There You Know You Should Retest The Katy Perry And Esther What’s Up With Her And Her Believe Me Up She Man You Know What She You Know What Katy Perry There Man There Was A Time Where I Was Just Like Every Time I Heard Katy Perry Recently I’d Want To Pray For And And I Just I Just Start Praying I Got Some Interceding For A Man Um Because Early On Listening To Christian Music Christian Radio 24/7 I Remember When We Got Born Again When You Get When You Got In Our Car And You Went To Change The Radio Station To Put It On A Different Dial You Know How You Program Each Station Every Single Button Was Program Talk Local Christian Radio Station And Everyone You Change Went Straight To A Christian Station But They Used To Play A Girl By The Name Of Katy Hudson Back In The Early 2000s And One Of The Most Anointed Songs That That Works Was Played On That Station Was By A Girl Named Katy Hudson And The Song Was Called Don’t Worry Look It Up Don’t Worry By Katy Hudson Katy Hudson I Used To Call And Request It Every Day At Lunch They Had A They Had A Request Hour Every Day I Would Call That Lunch And Say Can You Play Don’t Worry About Katy Hudson And I Called One Day And The Guy Told Me It Was Kenny Kenny From Power 88 He Said Well We Don’t Play Her Anymore I Said Well We Don’t Play Her Anymore I Said I Said Why Not So What She Changed Her Name And She’s Doing Secular Music Now We Don’t We Don’t Play Her Music Anymore And Then It Had Been Like Two Years Had Passed Or So And Then Even After Her First Single I Kissed The Girl Right Even After That I Still Didn’t Even Know That That It Was Her But But Come To Find Out I Watched A Cnn Interview Or Like A Dateline Interview Or Whatever With Katy Perry And She Talked About Her Early Christian Roots And She Was A Christian Singer By The Name Of Katy Katy Hudson And I Was Like Oh Man That’s Kate Katy Perry Is Katy Hudson In Si Oh My God Like She Was Anointed Worship Singer And Then Her First Album Is About Like Kissing Girls And Liking And Promoting Young Saying That Our Life Style And Stuff Man And There But To Say Where She’s At You Said About Reaching Out To Her See Where She’s At She Just Did Our Very Interesting Interview There’s This Thing Where She Go On And You Talk To It Like A Doctor Like A Guru I Think Vice Puts It Out I’m Not Husband Percent Sure But A Lot Of People Do It And They Filmed Them Just Talking To This Counselor Guru Guy And She Starts Breaking Down Man About Like Having Multiple Personalities And Wanting To Go Back To Being Catherine You Know Before The Fame Before That And Just Missing The Church Missing Singing In Church It’s Sad Man So I Just Encourage Everybody Who Knows Anything And There’s A Bunch Of Messages In The Chat Room Talking About Mkultra And Mind-control And All The Stuff That You Have To Get Into Like Pacts With The Devil And Stuff There’s All All That Illuminati Rituals Weird Stuff That Goes On In The Entertainment Business Man So Be Praying For That Girl Man She Has A Call On Her Life Doing This It’s Obvious Man I Mean It’s You Know You Know That If She Ever Had An Actual Experience With God She Ever They Moved The Holy Spirit Happened In Her Life She Will Never Be Able To Truly Deny It You Know What I See I’ve Seen What You’re Talking About Us I’ve Seen You Know I’ve Heard Some Of Her Recent Music And I Can’t Even Which One It Is Yeah Oh Yeah Yes Um Some Of It Comes Out And You You Can Hear You Can Hear It Man With The But To Turn Away From That Success Yeah To Give Up That Lifestyle Has Something That Is Almost Impossible Yeah You Know Who Knows I Mean Look At Head From Home You Know Ryan What He You Know He He Had A Breaking Point That He Finally Got To Her Head Of It That’s What She’s Gonna Have To Have You Know I Mean It’s Gonna Have To Be You Know Something’s Gonna Have To Happen Now I Say One Thing If God Really Wants That Girl He’s Gonna Reach Up There And He’s Gonna Pull Her Bags You Know She Has We Have Free Will Yeah We Have Free Will As Christians But When God Really Wants His Children When He Decides That He Didn’t You’re His Helmet He’ll Reach Out There And Grab Him He’ll Pull You Back Yep You Know What Just To Me Mandy And It’s Not Gonna Be Fun You Did It To Me You Know I’ve Hit That Rock Bottom And That’s That That’s The Weird Thing I Don’t Understand And Maybe It’s Because They Don’t Know That There’s Another Way That There’s An Option And Maybe That’s Why We’re Supposed To Tell People About Christ And About The Gospel And What The True Meaning Of The Cross Is You Know But There Is A Lot Of People In The Entertainment Business Who Got Born Again Who Hit Rock Bottom And They Turn To Jesus And Even In The Um The Music Business Um What’s Uh The A Baldwin Guy It Was It Uh Alice Cooper He’s A Born-again Believer He’s Outspoken About His Faith I Was Cooper One Of My Big Ones Early On Dave Mustaine From Megadeth He’s An Outspoken Believer That There’s A Lot Of People Man Is A Whole Bunch Of Them Who Have Hit Rock Bottom And Come To This Place Of Calling Out To God But What I Was Gonna Say Is I Don’t Get It To Where How People Hit Rock Bottom And They Stay There You Know I’m Saying And They Don’t Know L Do Or Like I Said I Think It’s You Know Maybe They Don’t Know What To Do Like How To Get Up From There Or Something Well I Mean I Don’t Know This For A Fact But I Can Imagine I Feel Like A Katy Perry Man You Want To Go Back Imagine The Threats That Come Out Against You I’m Sure She Signed Contracts Where She Can’t Man You Know Like 15 I’ve Heard There’s An Actor And I Cannot Remember His Name But He’s A Famous Actor Maybe I Can Look The Story If I Let You Know Later But He Doesn’t Live In Hollywood And He Came Out He Said Hollywood Is The Most Poisonous Place There You Know He Said I Won’t Live There You Know It Is Evil It Is You Know I Mean You Know I’m A Big Marilyn Monroe Thing You Know I’m A Huge Mother Mother Half Fully Believe That You Know She Got Sucked In To Taking All These Pills And They Said Well You Do This And He’ll Take These Pills You Know I Mean You Know She’s Just A You Know I’ve Read In Her Story A Lot On Big Melon But Man They Made They Made Marilyn Monroe Because They They Fed Her So Much Medicine And So Much Drugs And They And They They Were Screwed Her Up You Know And That’s What Happened In Hollywood You Know I Mean Looking Through The Whole Law This Is Far From Metal Talk I Know We’re Going To Get Back To That And Sega But Um But You Know There’s There’s Poison There The Devil Has Got His Hand In That You Know I Mean If That Lifestyle That Lavish You Make All The Money Man You Sell Your Soul To The Devil And You’ll Be You’ll Be Rich On This Side Of Heaven You Know And It’s All About Chasing Earthly Games You Know It’s All About Earthly Game And It’s And It’s A Trick Of The Devil I Have To Deal With It Myself Because Like Me And My Wife Or Having Some Financial Trouble And Then It’s All I Can Do To Not Try To Go Out There And Make All The Money I Can You Know Yeah But I Got It I Got To Remember That Okay God Got A Plan For Me And Monday I Just Started A New Job Two Weeks Ago You Know And I Felt Like God Called Me To This Job And Right Now Things Are Not Going Great We’ve Had Trucks Broke Down I Hadn’t Been Able To Run I’m Not Working Tomorrow Unfortunately I’m Off Or That’s That’s The Money Out Of My Pocket You Know But I Have But I’m Just Feeling Like I’ll Just Hang On Something’s Gonna Happen God Take Care Yeah Well He’ll Definitely Do That He’ll Definitely And I’ll Speak For God He’ll Definitely Take Care Of You David Definitely Do Did You Have Another Point You Go Ahead You Know I Was Gonna Share One More Metal Moment Man You Can Do A Blindside Yes Man One Of My Favorite Bands Get Back To Metal For A Second Man One Of My Favorite Whole Time I Was I All Supposed To Stop By Then The Other Day And They’re Sort Of Looking Him Up Again My Fiction I Haven’t Bought The Album On Itunes Yet But I Fix Him To Buy Silence Yeah Oh It Was Silence In Another One They Had Two Albums Back To Back The Man I Remember – Were Out Of Burning Fire Yes And Do Me And Tyson Works Faust Furnace In Birmingham Drunk Center It Elite Senior The Lead Singer Wise Upstanding On Our Shoulders Was A Hand On Her Head Balancing Himself Yeah Christian And He’s He’s Like He’s On Mine And Tyson Shoulder He’s Got His Hand On Top Of Our Head Be Screaming Right In My Ear He’s Got The Microphone Right There By My Head And He’s Just Going For That Wasn’t My Favorite Concerts Ever Been To Shows Whatever Maybe Know What’s Funny Still Pov Was The Main Act Yeah You Know He Said They Put On Another Show They Played Before Zod I Didn’t I Didn’t Watch I Mean I Wish I Came To See Blindside You Know I Mean As Much As A Pov Fan Their Colossal Blonde Something The Man – We Get Through Watching We Get To Watch The Blindside We Cut To The Back We Go Stand In The Back No Impunity Comes On Next The Full Maybe Chokers Are Great But Man I Was There See Blindside And I Wish That They Could Have Stuck Around A Little Bit Longer To The Media And Some Little Music Oh Yeah We’re Good You’re The Old Stuff Christian Metal Bands Out There Swedish They Were From Sweden I Know Right Makes Me Talk To School So Quick Story We First Found Out About Them And Like We Thought We Were On Top Of Our Christian Metal Game – Me And My Wife Right We Listened To Project We Listened To Packs From Anything We Could Find It Was Christian Metal Like We Had It Right And So We Went To This We Went To This Youth Group Out In West Mobile And And In It And Everybody Was Cool There We Were Like We’re Gonna Start Helping With The Youth And Stuff Some Friends Hooked It Up We Went Out To The Youth Group We’ve Met With The Youth Pastor And Still Had A Meeting With Them Everything And Then At The End Of Service Do They Start They Started Playing Blindside And We’re Listening Like Who Is This Is This Incubus Like What Are Y’all Playing Up Here What Is This At The Churches Like No Dude This Is Blindside Silence The New Album Just Came Out Were Like What Is This And Do We Were Blown Away We’re In The Car We Went To Walmart That Night And It Was A Late Youth Service And We We Got The Walmart Almost Like At 12 O’clock At Night And We Went In There And We Found A Blindside Silence Right After It Came Out In Walmart And We We Bought That Album Dude And That Is A Phenomenal Album Dude And That This Dude That That’s What Scratches On It And You Don’t Have To Skip A Track Now You Don’t You Listed A Whole Album Roll Yep Yeah Yes Dude I Scratch It I Play That Cd Until It Had Scratches On It And I Don’t Know If I Ever Replace Everyone I Just Award See Slap Out It Never Came Out Of A Cd Player That’s A Great I Just Completely Killed That I Played It Back You But What’s Funny Just Here’s The House Of The Bet I Hop On Youtube I Won’t Make You Think Of Liza But I’m Now Thought Of Them When I’m Here By Myself And My Wife’s Gone I’m A Daughter Saw It Around Crank It Up No I’m Here To Tell Me This Music Student You Know I Get It Too Bro Hey Hey We’re In The Same Boat Planet Too Man Yeah I Just Turned It Over Like Nobody’s Here With Me I’m Blasting Below I’m Blowing The Walls Out With Some Blonde Side Right Now I Totally Kill It This Is Great Love Some Old-school Blonde Some Beloved Man Just Can’t Get Past Those Old Christian Metal Bands And Them Mm Ruled The World Some Of The Other Good Yeah Life Is Still Good But It Just Dead Nostalgia It Makes You Remember When You Didn’t Have Any Bills Put It That Way And It Was Kind Of Unit You Wasn’t Worried About What You Were Doing Tomorrow You’re Just Gonna Wake Up And See What’s On Tv And Stuff Like That So Some Of The The Other Names That Were Dropped And There’s A Couple Living Sacrifice Stave Shaker Man And There’s So Many Stories We Could Go Into About These Bands Like Living Sacrifice The Guitarist I Believe It Is One Of The Guitars Rocky Started The Band Evanescence With Amy Lee Right Oh And Whenever They Came Out Everybody Everybody Thought That Was A Christian Band Right Because The Christian Stores Were Promoting It May Be Because Rocky Was In There But You Think I Think I Think The Other Christian Connection They Had Was Paul Mccoy From 12 Stones Was On The First Single Yes So You Got Christians In The Band And The Christian Stores Started Selling It And I Think A Lot Of Their Early Success Was From The Christians What They Dude They Got They Got Kind Of Big They Got On Mtv And Stuff And Then They Gave A Statement Not A Christian Band And She Was Cursing On That She’s Like After That We’re Not An Effing Christian Band My Life Is My Ministry We’re Not A Part Of Any Church And Like The Christian Stores Pulled All The Cds Right They Pulled Them All Another One That Was Mentioned Here Is Along The Very Same Lines Chevelle Listen I Still Love Shiva Ideal Place To Feel Him On The Right They Have I Seen Then The Bassist And Man They Put On Just With Those Three Guys Man Yeah Just For Your Brothers Yeah You Know They Put On Some Of The Best Then We’re Amazing Chevelle Then When They First Came Out I Mean The Red Oh My Goodness It Is Just Oh You Know There’s Still There Music Man They’re Both There Vocals And Everything I Still Play Them A Whole Lot Or Not Know See That That’s What Yes It’s Kind Of The Same Story They Came Out On A Christian Label I Think It Was B Ec Recordings And They Were Sold In All The Christian Bookstores So The Christian Market He Ate It Up And They Promoted It Was Clean There Was No Cursing The Drug Use No Nothing Like That Very Symbolically Real Life I Don’t I Don’t Think They Do But They Ended Their Arc They’re A Positive Here’s My Thing Like If You’re A Positive Band And You’re Not Particularly Rare Quotations Christian You Know I’ll Still Listen To You Because Like I Think A Kill Switch And I Feel Any Kill Switch And A Kill Switch Engaged And You Know I Mean Yeah And I Still You Know I Still Listen To Them I Still Listen To Lay Into Heartache That Album You Know After I Was That That’s Another Album That I Bought And I Played It So Much Dude It Just Got So Scratched Of A Complaining Work That Me And The Heartache Album Was Unbelievable And It Was Positive You May Not Be Able To Label It Christian But There Was Nothing Negative About It You Know There Was It Was Positive Music You Know And I Could Listen To And I Could Get Something Out Of It You Know You Just Listen To The End Harder This Is The Song The End Of Heartache Yeah You Can Almost Christmas All Just Goes The Lyric Yeah Just Because The The The Goodly You Know Yeah Well David We’re Coming Up On The End Of The Show Man And Just Before We Leave Man If You Would Tell Everybody Just If We Can Make It Short Man We Can Have You On For Another Episode But Tell Everybody About Your Relationship With Jesus Man What He Done For You And How You Came Into Faith With Them And Pray For Those Who Are Looking For Answers Man And And They’re In There On This This Podcast And They’re Listening To True Sigue And David Talk Man Tell Them A Little Bit About Your Relationship With Jesus Man Man You Know What I Grew Up Strange You Can Identify With This God Raised Me As Weird As That Sounds My Relationship With God Here Especially Here Recently Is Not Based Upon A Church I’m Reading The Bible I’m Talking To God I’m Getting To Know God I’m Learning I Have Picked The Romans Apart Like Crazy Now I Haven’t Read About A Week Because His New Job Has Got Me Running The Circles So I Got To Make Myself A New Schedule To Make Sure I’m Sitting And Reading But Uh But Man I Have Been Studying Roman But I Had Been Taking It The Pieces That I’ve Made So Many Notes And I Won’t Go In All Of It As A Picture Of A Man That’s What I’m Doing I I Met God At A Very Young Age And I Know Why And It’s Because I Had A Grandmother Who Prayed And It Was A Powerful Soldier Of The Cross My Grandmother Would Pray Something And I Promise You She Could Have Split The Red Sea Just Like Moses Did I Have That Much Faith In My In My Grandmother She Was A Super Christian And Man I Grew Up Under That When Parents Who Prayed Who Can Cook Me To Church You Know And I Just Knew God From A Young Age And I Tell You Well I Want To Get Away From Me For A Second I Can Talk About Me A Lot But I Have Been Looking Into Atheism Lately You Know And It’s Becoming More And More Of A Thing Where People Simply Don’t Know Who God Is They Simply Don’t Know Who God Is And That’s What I’ve Been Getting Into It’s Just Simply Studying Atheism I’m On The Radio Yeah My Daughter Got Sore I Might Move Every Just Also But Um There You Know I’ve Been Looking At The People Who Were Just Angry With God It Is Simply Because They Do Not Know Who God Is They Don’t Understand I Hear This All The Time I’ve Never Heard God Speak To Me I’ve Never Heard The Voice Of God You Have An Entire Bible Slam Full Of The Voice Of God But Jesus Was In The Denser And He Was Dealing With This Which Satan Himself He Quoted Scripture If It’s Good Enough For Jesus It’s Good Enough For Us We Should Know Scripture If You If You’re A Person Who Is Angry With God That Was Who Just You’re Dabbling Maybe I Don’t Know Who God Is I Don’t Believe In This That’s Because The Internet Is Trying To Explain To You Who God Is Media Is Trying To Explain To You Who God Is We Try To Put God Inside Our Head Like He’s Actually Gonna Fit There Yeah Man We Have To Battle That Quit Trying To Act Like God’s Gonna Fit Inside A Box On Your Shelf God Is God Is So Much Bigger You Know This Is My Cry To Atheist Step Back Quit Listening To Everybody Read The Bible I Promise You I Promise You If You Will Read The Bible And You Will Begin To Pray That God Reveals Himself To You And You’re Reading My Bible And You’re Studying You Get Away From All The Social Media And All The Anger That’s Out There God Will Show Up He’s Not A Genie You’re Not Gonna Rub A Bottle He’s Got A Pub That’s What People Want They Look Big Get Inside Show Me Son What Do You Know What Jesus Was Hanging On The Cross And They Were Saying If You’re The Son Of God Li Come Off That Cross They Wanted Us Fine Then He’s Changed It’s Exactly The Same They Still Little Funds People Are Still Crying Out Show Me A Sign Well They Had God Right In Front Of Them And Still One Of The Sign So You Know So We’re Not Getting Run You’re Not Gonna Get That You’re Not Gonna Get A Sign You’re Not Gonna Guys Not Gonna Show Up In Your Bedroom And Say I’m God It’s Not Gonna Happen They Had Jesus The Son Of God Right In Front Of Them And Still Didn’t Believe That’s It’s Not Gonna Work My Cry My Prayer Open Your Bible Find Some Good Solid Teaching I Love Ravi Zacharias I Love David Jeremiah A Lot Of Chuck Swindoll There There Are Great Creatures Out There Don’t Base Your Entire Belief On A Preacher Don’t Base Your Entire Belief On The Church These Are Gonna Let You Down At Some Point But God Will Never Ever Let You Down Open Them Open Your Bible Begin To Pray Begin To See God He Will Show Himself To You But You Have To Look In The Right Places Not In Social Media Not In Your Friends Not On Facebook Not On Twitter Not On Youtube Get Get In The Bible Get A Good Old-fashioned King James Or New King James By Reading New King James You Know Get In There To Learn About God The Scripture Says In The Book Of Acts They Wanna Know You Know Who Jesus Is For What You Know Will God Revealed Himself To Me The Book Of Acts Says That God Is Willing To Deal With All Men Whoever They Are As Long As They Will Repent As Long As They Will Turn From Their Sins So I Don’t Care Who You Are If You Want To Know Who God Is And You Don’t Believe You Want Proof Here’s The Proof A Life Transformed I’ll Tell You This Like David Said Open That Bible Say God If You’re Real Get By Yourself And Really Mean It Don’t Do It As A As Like A Robot But If You Really Want To Know You You Can Really Find Out Who God Is Get By Yourself Open Them Scriptures And Ask God God If You Real If You Love Me If You Are Who These Guys On This Podcast Say You Are I’m Asking You To Show Yourself To Me If You Show Yourself To Me I’ll Believe In You And I Guarantee You He He’ll Reveal Himself To You To His Love Through The Person Of Jesus And What He Did On The Cross For Us For All Of Us And We All Are Sinners In Need Of A Savior We’re All Sinners Who Have Come Short Of The Glory Of God So Right Now If That’s You If You’re Looking Or If You’re A Christian And You Believe And You Just Need Some Encouragement I’m Gonna Pray For You Right Now And I Just Want You To Receive It The Bible Says That The Prayer Of The Righteous Availeth Much We Are Many Men Of Prayer We Believe In The Power Of Prayer God I Thank You For Each And Every Person Who’s Listening Right Now Lord I Pray That For Those Who Don’t Know You That You Just Reveal Yourself To Them God Pour Out Your Spirit Upon Them Cuz Lord You Said That You Wanted To Pour Out Your Spirit On All Flesh Lord So I Pray Right Now God For That Person Listening To God That You Touch Them And It Ended In The Depths Of Their Soul Lord From The Top Of The Head To The Soles Of Their Feet They Say They Feel This Tingling Sensation Lord Let Them Feel Your Fire Lord Even More Right Now Of Your Love Of Your Grayson Of Your Mercy Thank You For The Cross Lord I Thank You That Jesus Died In Our Place So That We Wouldn’t Have To I Thank You That He Died So That We Might Live Lord I Bless Your Holy Name I Just Ask You Lord Fell For The Christian Out There Who Struggling With Their Faith And What To Believe Him And They Just Have So Many Questions And They Need Answers They Need Reassurance That This Isn’t Fake This Is Just Isn’t A Game Or This Is Just Playing Church God I Just Pray That You Recapture Their Heart Let Them Bring Them Back To The Place Where They Started In Jesus Mighty Name Power And Holy Ghost And Fire Right Now Jesus Name God You Know Their Thoughts You Know Their Burdens You Know Their Struggles God I Thank You For Your Grace In Your Peace Jesus Mighty Name Amen Thanks Man Thanks For Hanging Out With Me Dave It Was Fun Brother And I Want To Get You On So We Could Just Because There’s A Bunch Of Stuff And We Did It We Did A Show And It’s Still Archived Would You Call It In At The End But I Want To Do A Full Show Dedicated To You Where We Go Into Some Of The Experiences That You’ve Had Because We’d Love To Address The Sport Realm On This Show Man We Love To Talk About And Even The Biggest Lie The Biggest Lied Seyton Tell Us People This Is Among His Bigger Lives If You Have Experienced Spiritual Things If You Have Seen Demons The First Thing Satan Is Going To Tell You Is You Better Not Tell Anybody Better Not Say Anything They’re Gonna Think You’re Crazy If You Tell Them That So That’s The First Thing He Tells You He Wants To He Wants To Contaminate You He He Wants To Intimidate You He Wants To Scare You If Then He Wants To Put You In A Corner And Say You’re By Yourself And Was No One Else Is Going Through This Beside You That Is The Biggest Lie The Enemy You Exposed And For One Thing You Have To Realize Satan Has No Power Over Us God Has Power God Is The Ultimate Authority Jie You Plead The Blood Of Jesus Christ And In Hell’s Gates Trim From It Is The Biggest Lie Of The Enemy To Say You’re By Yourself You’re Going Through This Wing Or Not It’s Not Talked About Because Of That It’s Not Addressed Because Satan’s Lying To You Saying You’re By Yourself You’re Not By Yourself There Is Power In The Name Of Jesus Christ And We’ll Address That So That’s Good Man Dude We’re Gonna Do A Whole Show Dedicated To Some Of The Experiences That You Had Because I Know Him So We’re Gonna Go Into It I’m Gonna Pick Your Brain We’re Gonna Talk About Angels We’re Gonna Talk About Demons And We’re Gonna Talk About Struggles So We’re Gonna Do That Let’s Set That Up Maybe Sometime This Week Man Would You Get Some Free Time And I’m Sure People With That Little Plug Where You Just Said That That That Gave Me Chills So I’m Sure That People Listen And Would Love To Hear Your Story Man We’re Gonna Have You On The Podcast Alright Brother Thanks For Coming On Brother I’ll Talk With You Soon David Mchenry Ladies And Gentlemen Man This Is A Good Show I Got To Talk To Somebody Who Has Been I Don’t Like To Use The Word Idol But Uh He’s Been An Inspiration In My Life Musically Spiritually As Far As The Faith Artistically Just Had To Be Different To Be Okay With That Man Just A Lot Of Stuff In In The Life Of Andrew Schwab I Remember I Used To Read Articles Years Ago About How They Weren’t Christian Enough And He Didn’t Say Jesus Enough In His Music And So Now It Feels Like Like I’m In A Similar Boat I Get Those Comments From The Christian People As Well Like You Don’t Say Jesus Enough In Your Music Your Music Is Touching On Other Stuff I Don’t Know What You’re Talking About I Have To Look Up What You’re Talking About Those Type Of Things And So I Learned From The Best Man Andrew Schwab Early On Blame Him Don’t Blame Me But Yeah It Was Such A Such A Blessing To Talk To That Guy Man For Everybody Who Is Listening To This Or Watching This On Youtube If You Want Go To Itunes Subscribe To Us There There You’ll Be Able To Download All The Mp3 Versions Of All Of The Episodes And You’ll Be Notified As Soon As Once Uploaded So Be Sure To Do That And For Those Of You Who Want To Support What We’re Doing So Much Time And Effort In Energy And Money And Finances And Things Go Into What I’m Doing With The Podcasts And With The Music As Well I’m Now Doing This Full Time So If You Would Like To Support What I’m Doing And Get Rewards Get Perks I Have Unreleased Music That Only The The Supporters Get You Can Go Head On Over To Patreon Comm Backslash True Seeker If You Head Over There You Get Access To A Bunch Of Unreleased Of Music Every Time I Finish The Song I Upload It And I Put It On Patreon And So People Are Always Asking Me TruthSeekah When You’re Coming Out With New Music It’s Already It’s Already Up It’s On Patreon So Patreon Is The Perfect Model For People Who Want To Support Independent Creators To Do What We’re Doing Full-time And You Want To Hear More Music Just Like Andrew Said Earlier He Said If You Want To If You Want To Hear New Music If You Want To Hear A New Album Then Support It Help Us Make It Happen Man Because The Music Industry Chains I Didn’t Get That The Chance To Ask Him About That But The Music Industry Change From Being Supported And Promoted By Huge Label Or Huge Finances And Things Like That It Takes A Lot Of Money To Do What We’re Doing It’s Changed They Don’t Have That Support Anymore It Takes A Lot Of Money To Invest In What They’re Doing And Then To Promote It And Then For People Just To Go Online And Download Their Album For Free To Get It On A Torrent Site So At Any Level Of Giving Like I Said I Got 14,000 Fans On Facebook A Dollar A Month Man That Would Be So Much We Could Do Above And Beyond Anything That We Wanted To Do For Anything But All Of You Guys Helped So Over There Essentially What We Have We Have A Few People Who Are Doing A Lot I Have Some Close Friends In All Over There Who Believe In What I’m Doing Some People Over There Are Supporting At At You Know They’re Making Sacrificial Gifts Because They Believe In The Work That Me And My Family Are Doing So Huh Awesome Man I’m Reading The Comments Here Grim What’s Up Brother Shoutout Man Canto Man Thanks For Holding Down The Chat Room Over There Brother Thanks For I Made You An Admin Butt And Sometimes You Got It You Got To Filter Through So If You Guys Get Blocked It Ain’t Me It’s Can’t Though He Did It Or People On There Spam And People In There Talking Crazy Stuff Can’t Oh We’ll Get You Man He Has My Permission To Do That So Yeah I Love Each And Every One Of You Guys Thanks For Supporting What We’re Doing We Got A Lot More Shows Planned For You Guys So Stay Tuned Peace And Blessings Oh [music] That’s It For This Episode Folks Here More Episodes Of The Truth Seeker Podcast Head Over To Eat Seeker Calm And If You’re Wanting To Support The Show And Get Rewards Go To Our Patreon Page At

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