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TruthSeekah interviews Andrew Schwab of Project 86. Andrew Schwab is the lead vocalist and lyricist for the rock band Project 86, who have sold over 300,000 albums over the span of their career. Andrew is also the author of three books, and has sold over 20,000 copies of these books to date. His latest release, In addition to writing and performing, he speaks at colleges, universities, festivals, and other events on wide range of topics, both spiritual and cultural. Schwab is an independent journalist as well who has been known to offer strong opinions for dirt cheap. Recently, he spoke at Lifest, a Christian music festival in the state of Wisconsin, with over 20,000 in attendance. This past year he also headlined a 25-date national spoken word tour, during which he featured his poetry, comedy, and other skills. Schwab‘s passion lies in presenting Biblical truths with brutal honesty and creativity, and is best known for his ability to grip an audience with wild stories from his experiences in popular culture.