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Vinny Eastwood | Media Meltdown | Silencing The Arts

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In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Vinny Eastwood about creating independent media and how to thrive in the face of adversity. Both TruthSeekah and Vinny’s YouTube channels were pulled last year as YouTube is cracking down on alternative media. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter all have been caught throttling user accounts and articles that promote conservative values. When things like this happen it can be very disappointing especially if your video content is the backed up. YouTube is a giant corporation and it is seemingly impossible to get ahold of a flesh and blood human being to reevaluate and reinstate your channel after deletion. YouTubes algorithms search and scour uploaded video titles and transcripts for buzzwords that they deem offensive or inappropriate, they then flag the video for demonetization and sometimes block the video. This is very disappointing for tons of YouTubers trying to make a living off of their content. After Vinny’s channel was deleted he reached out to everyone he could to try and get it reinstated. He even started a petition and got thousands of signatures from fans and supporters who valued his content. After about two months of gut anxious waiting Vinny’s channel was reinstated by YouTube. Since then Vinny has been consistently putting out great video interviews and has been rated as New Zealand’s number one show for alternative media and has seen numbers rivaling that of the mainstream media in many of his viral talks.
Vinny Eastwood has had his feet on the ground in many marches and protest over the years and has been a beacon of hope and change within his community. During this discussion Vinny speaks about how he now is seeing even more change in simply infiltrating the alternative media by creating videos and having regular conversations with likeminded people. Check out Vinny Eastwoods work at



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