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In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Vinny Eastwood about creating independent media and how to thrive in the face of adversity. Both TruthSeekah and Vinny’s YouTube channels were pulled last year as YouTube is cracking down on alternative media. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter all have been caught throttling user accounts and articles that promote conservative values. When things like this happen it can be very disappointing especially if your video content isn’t the backed up. YouTube is a giant corporation and it is seemingly impossible to get ahold of a flesh and blood human being to reevaluate and reinstate your channel after deletion. YouTubes algorithms search and scour uploaded video titles and transcripts for buzzwords that they deem offensive or inappropriate, they then flag the video for demonetization and sometimes block the video. This is very disappointing for tons of YouTubers trying to make a living off of their content. After Vinny’s channel was deleted he reached out to everyone he could to try and get it reinstated. He even started a petition and got thousands of signatures from fans and supporters who valued his content. After about two months of anxious waiting Vinny’s channel was reinstated by YouTube. Since then Vinny has been consistently putting out great video interviews and has been rated as New Zealand’s number one show for alternative media and has seen numbers rivaling that of the mainstream media in many of his viral talks.
Vinny Eastwood has had his feet on the ground in many marches and protest over the years and has been a beacon of hope and change within his community. During this discussion Vinny speaks about how he now is seeing even more change in simply infiltrating the alternative media by creating videos and having regular conversations with likeminded people. Check out Vinny Eastwoods work at


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Vinny Eastwood of the VIN Eastwood show welcome to the the podcast my brother how you doing know somewhat fabulous is my standard response standard response this interview maybe almost didn’t happen today man you’ve been having a rough day what’s going on rough night rough morning can’t really talk about it on here actually kind of cases are pending wow it’s not so much that it’s just you know when you do something for somebody and you don’t feel appreciated or like you have a relationship with somebody and you you’re always giving them something but they’re never giving you anything back it’s guys kind of like one of those thing I’ve been involved in a few of those even of recently so good thing to kind of break free and get out of those man I think that’s something that holds a lot of people back holds a lot of people down when you’re putting out energy and effort and work but you’re not getting it back you know you’ll give your last Dom you give the shirt off your back to someone and then you know you’re not supposed to let your right hand know what your left hands doing but I mean subconsciously like if you have a friendship or this camaraderie with people you would kind of expect the same thing back like hey I’m going out of my way for you and then when I’m in a time I need and maybe you’ll be there for me you know and it doesn’t happen yeah who rule your best friends your best friends are the ones who are reliable with who give you something when you ain’t got it and you give it to them when you when you got it and they don’t right that’s what that’s what friends and supporters is really all about when it’s all flow in one way so thanks for coming on with me again we’ve talked a couple times now I’ve been in touch with you for a few years now my first my first big interview when I started doing the spiritual hip-hop and esoteric research and all that stuff was with Vinnie Eastwood on the Vinny Eastwood show and so that was a really good interview and uh the you know very early years of what I’ve built now you know over the years just being consistent man and you were there from from the beginning so huge thank you for that that was some years ago you’re still doing it you haven’t skipped a beat you know you’ve had some setbacks and things like that I’d like to talk about some of it but before we get started just give my listeners if people have no idea who you are just kind of give them a background about who you are and what you bring to the table okay you may not realize this but New Zealand doesn’t like squeaky clean and green and really lovely and and that kind of thing in fact you might find yourself strangely familiar with its situation we’ve got a population that’s drinking too much alcohol killing each other hurting each other you could drive around giving in car accidents and things like that being heavily obsessed with sport and actually fulfilling any of their own potential going to endless jobs that don’t don’t freakin matter all of their retirement savings and pay and rights and employment opportunities and things like that are all shrinking by the day we’ve got fluoride in the water we’ve got vaccines being pushed out by the government and and subsidized we’ve got chemtrails in the sky we’ve got a corrupt government a corrupt police force a corrupt judiciary a corrupt medical system it’s um it’s basically exactly like if you’re an American like I admit it’s exactly the same situation and you go okay okay because this was the realization I had because when I was getting woken up by American talk radio show hosts about all the corruption and the bad senators and the and the bribery and that kind of thing that was nesting through all periods of society using secret societies and other influential groups and universities and education and indoctrination to get people interested in it then I started interviewing activists in New Zealand about these things that they would normally get about maybe maybe a 12 second soundbite 30 seconds if they’re lucky but you interview them for hours and you start to realize there’s actually a little bit more to the issues that they were reported to have been talking about and it paints this incredibly horrific and scary and dangerous picture of New Zealand like think about that but the irony New Zealand’s corrupt and dangerous and deadly that just it doesn’t make any sense and of course it doesn’t make any sense but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening it’s happening because the world is run by crazy people all right that’s why they call it a new world order well people seem to be operating under this illusion that there’d be some country that would be exempt there’s some people have left America to come to other countries and things like that and found that they are in the same situation just with an accent and that’s what New Zealand does ladies and gentlemen it is America with a different accent all right the world is becoming like this and I fell that I’m because I’ve gotten what was it thirty six thousand YouTube subscribers the largest other youtube news channel in New Zealand is the New Zealand Herald with about twenty thousand so that’s the New Zealand Herald TV that’s like the number one newspaper in the country I’ve got more YouTube subscribers than they do and they were previously the number one most subscribed news channel for YouTube in New Zealand now what’s happened is I got an American show on American freedom radio I’ve been doing that for about maybe ten years or so and early on in my career we were getting on people like George Noory of coast to coast am or John Perkins who wrote the economic hitmen and very high caliber guests like this and ever since then it’s been you know pretty much a daily struggle trying to just get the truth out don’t become corrupt don’t become bitter and cynical with everybody keep creating things keep putting it out there and regardless of what encouragement the universe gives you you keep doing it anyway and that’s basically the goal of life I think because that gives you purpose and if you don’t have any purpose you don’t really have a life and people go I can’t find my purpose or whatever well your purpose is pretty easy to figure out or it might be the first person in history to tell you that your purpose is actually quite easy to figure out you just understand what you’re thinking right how do you want to effect the world what do you want to do and then ever look up there in your mind that’s the fifth dimension up there one dimensions are dot two dimensions is aligned three dimensions as a box and four and four dimensions as their box moving through time fifth dimension is that box without time without space that’s where your thoughts come from that’s where your inspiration comes from and your purpose is to turn those thoughts into reality by reversing the process you get the idea and the fifth dimension you spend fourth dimensional time working on that idea and you manifest that idea into the three-dimensional universe that idea can then start influencing and affecting other people around you and then it’ll start giving them new ideas in fifth dimensional consciousness as well and start then being able to create and co-create rather very interesting unique solutions to the problems we have at hand which are multiplicity and go it’s too many problems for one mind to figure out for one solution it’s too big a problem for a mechanism as slow cumbersome and prone to organized-crime management as government that they can handle it so every person must find within themselves those ideas and they must willed them into reality and spend their time on them otherwise they won’t be any time left for any of us the situation’s gotten that bad apparently man very well put a lot of people saying that in the chat vinny eastwood the alchemist you understand it man you really do you’ve been doing this for a long time hats off to you you’re consistent like I said you’ve had some things come against you and we’ll talk about that here in a little bit because I’ve had some similar obstacles I guess if you want to call it but I’m just kind of picking some some things out of what you said and there’s two two points I just wanted to kind of pick your brain on a little bit first of all you said that New Zealand is like America with a different accent right and so I want to I want to ask you this because this is definitely the case here when we hear people with your accent or the people from Australia they have this this accent and then they speak in an intellectual way or talk about stuff that’s deep or mystifying or religious like they immediately have our attention and for some reason they already have like this credibility that they know what they’re talking about like that’s a thing here right is that a thing with our accent to you guys if fled so much saloon what else comes on the scene that’s different they sound different oh well in New Zealand when an American starts talking about ideas and everything people automatically assume they’re an idiot so yes the exact same dynamic I’m trying to say cuz I’m one is that do I need to move to New Zealand man and embrace my accent man it’s an interesting divide and conquer thing so like you’ve got there’s these real people and then and then there’s manufactured people more or less and the manufactured well outnumber the real so real people will say oh you’re American and stuff like that they don’t really care you know it doesn’t matter who you are you could be from Britain you could be from Brazil but they’ll still take an interest in you regardless because you knew you’re interesting and you’re different and that’s the same thing that really we’re talking about here is there anything that’s different we’re curious about however there’s the flip side of that which is the manufactured worldview that anything different is dangerous and you get xenophobia and think things of that nature and people looking down speaking down to people and that kind of thing so you know it’s six and one hand half dozen and the other yeah cuz if you Vinnie whenever you put your suit on and you just start talking and you and you’re talking about the spiritual alchemy and these type of things like you’ll win a crowd in America like very easily so so it’s kind of there it’s just that that what something different is sexy like it’s just something different odd and we feel like they have the answers that we’re all looking for it because it’s coming from an a new perspective if you think you think that’s a piece of it in his universal well the X into 6e by like seriously I can’t I can’t argue with you it’s debatable though if hm magazine it’s an Australian men’s magazine had a poll among women about what was the sexiest accent and actually came up there the Irish accent was was the sexiest and so as far as I’m concerned there’s there’s levels of Appeal to each and every accent and in different ways like for example for comedy I really like the the South African accent it’s low it’s got its guttural it’s it’s kind of very Dutch in the Dutch have a have they’ve got a sense of humor but can be quite cold but it’s not like that because in South African humors a little bit different because most humor or most powerful and successful human at least is born out of people who have suffered massively and if you’re a white South African was telling me I was it a pretty good suburb I was only 52 murders a week just a suburb 52 murders a week and that was considered extremely safe right another guy he was talking about his wife having to get her hair colored and in New Zealand he’s like yes go take it might take the money just go but in South Africa he had to have maybe a three-man detail and a bulletproof car and a couple of machine guns just to take his wife down to get her hair colored yeah right so when you’re in a situation like that you learn to deal with it right human beings are remarkably tough and they will however discover that they don’t want to be in a situation right this way a lot of them manage to leave but while they’re still there the thing that keeps them alive for a large part is having a sense of humor about it you know actually being able to laugh at how horrible and how terrible things are to make fun of them and it’s just because we don’t really have any other choice that’s the old adage called gallows humor you know and I think that a lot of the truth movement is missing out on this quite substantially like I think even you know ironically Joe Rogan being a comedian the vast majority of the shows that I’ve listened to him on very very serious most of the time Ryan whereas I think that it’s actually a better idea to just have fun or at least I take people literally when they suggest me things all right like for instance when I became a security guard the first thing on the piece of paper was your job is to make sure people are having a good time tonight right surprisingly it’s a security gather is the first thing they told me and that was the most important thing to me but it wasn’t what they wanted me to do so and just like when I first got on American freedom radio Denny said your job is to have fun all right because if you’re having fun the audience is having fun so it took it literally now at the same time I come across as very cavalier because I’m on a show and I’m just like I’m on a show I’ll get a have some fun you know what’s I don’t see a problem with that but I can see why other people have a problem with it and that’s because they’re dicks okay like pretty much if you if you can’t talk about serious stuff and have fun with it there at the same time I’m afraid you may have turned into a dick all right it’s just that simple you’ve got to have a sense of humor about life otherwise you’re going to become better you’re gonna become conceited you’re gonna be unaccepting of the others you into become dangerous to yourself and those around you you’re going to become nihilistic you’re going to become depressed because again judging people for their differences without having a look and seeing what the value actually is and somebody inherently I let’s say I had I don’t know a hundred different values or whatever and you like ninety seven of them but you chose to switch off listening to my show where I interview a different person every week because you don’t like three traits that I’ve got okay that’s basically what it’s come down to I think people who have listened to over a thousand of my broadcasts they claim and then listen to me interview one person and then switch off you had the flat earther on no surprisingly I wasn’t I didn’t seem to lose anybody for the having the flat earther on who we’re going to fight Arthur you had yeah yeah yeah where the the five false teachings or top five five false teachings or something like that was the Santos Bonacci yeah I didn’t I don’t know if I lost followers or an audience because him but it attracted an audience right and people would watch it and automatically think that like my stance was his stance just because I’m like asking him questions about Flat Earth and things like that you know they thought well true seekers the fighters only know I’m not like I’d made sure I didn’t I’m not going there you know I’m Sam I’m letting Santos have it but if I was to explore it who better to have on your podcast in Santos benattia at this point which is a I would call him a friend he I think he’s a mutual friend of ours in it and I told you this before but when he made that transition from like Astro theology and you know the inner holy science and stuff like that to Flat Earth um he got you know I think his audience maybe split down the middle he lost a huge following and a lot of support because of that because it’s so it’s a topic that’s polarizing he lost a lot of supporters and I seen what happened to him and I say you know what I’m not going down that road forget Flat Earth and I had people I want me to take a stance like it was a religious debate which side are you on Trucy I’m like it doesn’t even matter like I’m not it’s not even that serious for me and people were doing that but I seen what happened to him and it put him in a weird a weird place you know what I’m saying someone that we I guess we look up to him spiritually you know and put him in a weird space you see what it did to him being on it it’ll do that to anybody who has a platform and then you become the laughingstock or whatever the case is and it put him in a weird spot you had him on not to exploit him in his weakness or exploit him and it’s time of me but as a friend like hey what’s going on man how are you you know and that interview man I listened to that one versus trying to listen to anything about Flat Earth because I can tell that you genuinely cared about them right and so that’s that’s beautiful man I want to commend you to that for actually giving a damn and not exploiting tell us more about the Flat Earth you know this is a hot topic right now and actually caring about the man so hats off and kudos to you for that man it’s not just was one of my other principles that I found out and I learned that during telly sales in order to successfully sell someone on something you had to know that it was actually good for them like first first and foremost I know this is good for you and that’s the only reason I’m actually going to continue talking right and what that means is that you have to care okay you have to care about the person on the other end of that line more than you care about yourself at that particular moment all right that’s that’s where the birth of my interview technique actually came out I remember one time I took a year I called up some guy the sellers landlines and internet and I wound up having a conversation with them about his wife who took his kids took his business took his own took his car and he was completely homeless and no money couldn’t do anything right and I I had put down that finally everybody was like calling and meeting video you get off the phone get off the phone and it’s just it’s a hangout the phone I went into the the bathroom and I just cried and cried man because it was like the thing is when you care it comes with a certain amount of baggage oh it doesn’t matter who you’re caring about everybody’s got baggage and part of caring is sharing that load right and that’s what the show is really about not to just act like you care but actually care yeah right yeah and I think it’s important and that’s probably the reason why a lot of the time when I’ve interviewed somebody who’s a massive guest there’s been on thousands of interviews participated in hundreds of documentaries will say there’s the best interview ever be head and reason for that is it’s not actually an interview it’s a conversation right an interview is when one person wants to know something get to the bottom of something and they’ve got questions that they ask a conversation as somebody wants to know you but they know that the person who knows you best is you and often you don’t really need to ask questions you just need to listen yep yep that’s the best that’s the best the best thing and I’ve tried to kind of take that approach as well as of resent with with my shows and stuff it’s just been a light-hearted conversation and I guess for an example I kind of give this example I’ve had I’ve been on Project Camelot we know you know Kerry Cassidy I was on her show as a guest and when I was on there she was real defensive you know she has an agenda a belief that she wants to push in those things right about ufology and secret governments and things like that but she’s interviewing a lot of people and she’s doing a lot more interview so that she’s opening up to more people she doesn’t know a lot about she knew a little about me had me on but she was real defensive I mean her demeanor and I wasn’t trying to like I’m just you know being myself and just you know just trying to have a good time if I common ground with with her on her show as a guest and I she was real defensive man and she’d cut me off and abruptly and uh what other people believe this and you said you believe Jordan Maxwell enjoyed Maxwell doesn’t believe that and just like checking me and stuff and I’m like look I don’t have nothing to prove I’m just one here sharing this space with you you know this type of deal and it was it was awkward we had a good conversation but it was awkward put it that way I had her on my show and I’m picking her brain setting up good questions letting her talk about what she loves and the the aura of the show the whole essence of it was night and day she was smiling she would giggle she would laugh she was flattered like all of this stuff and it was a night and day interview and I got so many messages and responses from her audience scene I hate thank you we haven’t seen her smile in a long time she’s been going through some stuff and had attacks and threats and all this I mean she’s been really burdened with this stuff so thank you for doing this this show with her and making her smile making her laugh and that’s that’s what it’s about for me you know it’s not about like battling belief systems or getting to the bottom of it you know and it was so it was so beautiful and I’ve taken that approach even though we talked to the Jordan maxwell’s and they’re real esteem these are regular people man you know you’re muted you’re muted Vinny I I got a bit of a one upmanship things like yes I made mark passier laughs very similar approach so we talked to these people who were just poisoned this is important this is the truth and we got to get to the bottom of it and then we can talk about it and laugh about it I think we have to some people some people get mad they get it they get offended when we laugh about some of the stuff that we believe in or once believed in I think it’s good to laugh about it because like you said we take ourselves too seriously and it’ll drive us crazy we have to laugh about this stuff man this stuff will drive you mad if you take it as absolute truth and this is the only way and this people these people are right and they’re wrong and stuff like that it’ll drive you crazy so I found immense peace and just being able to laugh at the quirkiness of it all you know cuz it really is you know it’s a it’s an understanding a fractal system of infinite complexity so something that it’s impossible for you to actually understand everything that’s working here in your lifetime it’s simply not possible like for example cram everything that’s in Google in your brain not enough storage space you know you’re screwed and that’s I think what people have tried to do is develop a shorthand for life okay so they go okay this means that that means this and so on and so forth they don’t elaborate on the so on and the so forth they content was saying this means this and that means that right and they try to put things into very easily definable categories just black and white that’s it apparently this phenomenon has become even more pronounced in human behavior since the advent of social media we are now what many would consider over categorizing things okay I like to do the opposite of that usually I like to shall we say look into things a little bit deeper than what I’ve heard yeah or even what I’ve seen because maybe the person I’m talking to know something I don’t maybe I don’t know everything and maybe it’s arrogant to even act or assume anything different right when you’re totally open and you’re absolutely capable of receiving things that’s when you grow when you’re totally closed you learn nothing imagine a conversation where two people are yelling at each other where both of them walk away from that conversation man I learned a lot you know he was so attentive to myself to the points I was trying to make it just doesn’t happen that way so I found a lot of the time we are suffering complex post-traumatic stress disorder so you may understand that this feels like ladies and gentlemen if you’ve become a truther in some way shape or form here’s what causes it number one you realize that your life is no longer absolutely in your hands anymore that there’s actually real threat against it palpable threat that there is absolute proof exists real threat over your life you can’t really can control it and it’s been completely different up until that point you thought you’re in control you’re no longer in control that period of not having control over what happens in your life has to continue for between one month and six months if it does your brain will react to that endless aura of threat by rewiring itself to proactively react to threats and proactively avoid them so if a threat comes into your mitts that’s unforeseen you get an instant rush massive adrenaline you get real angry real freaking fast you can do crazy stuff okay your brains been wired that way to protect you because the previous threat that you’ve survived the memory of that threat will never go away never and on the opposite sign you will often try to avoid situations that cause you to feel this way I feel this way when I am employed by somebody who can tell me what to do with my time I get that way when I am talking to a police officer who isn’t going to just let me go I get that way when people are on the phone to me and they’re angry at me for something yeah there’s something that I haven’t done so I avoid all of those situations in my life perpetually I have to so let me ask you ladies and gentlemen if you can’t go near authority figures employers anything like that or deal with angry people what job could you possibly do all right think about it’s a very very short to verge non-existent list of things you’re not gonna be able to avoid those things perpetually but I found the the way to keep the least amount of air grow in my life is I get to pick and choose to the people that I’m talking to and either I’m invited on their show or they’re invited on my show so we automatically owe each other something so there’s going to be no beef that way I get to do something that I’ve really longed to do since I was a very small boy have decent role models any idea how horrible my family life was okay only a horrible family life could turn somebody into something as positive as me all right because they have nothing to compare it to everybody’s talking about their their their woes and their sadness and the tragedy and these kind of things not to say that these aren’t significant to say that these aren’t important but they were absolutely necessary for you to become the person that you are today absolutely necessary if they weren’t necessary they wouldn’t have happened and I mean you can only look at that in the retrospective oh you can’t say in the future hahahaha anything bad – you couldn’t have happened in any other way because the bad things that happen to you teach you those lessons okay I found the most important and valuable lessons of my life have been those that have cost me the most yep 100% true man I’m with you on that some people drive in that though like they enjoy making people feel that way you know they enjoy pushing people and talk into a corner and being a person yeah yeah a predator accusing people I’m the same way I don’t like it you feel like you have it you have it all together until that happens and you feel that that loss of breath you oh Lord I don’t want to do this you know it reminds you of something that you know of the past and but we talked about it a lot on your show the fact that I come from the religious background where I was one who did that I love to debunk people and I did exposed videos and all that kind of stuff you know and prove people how they’re wrong according to my point of view which I thought was like a biblical point of view honestly but it that way and so I try not to do that now and for good reason and I have people who were doing that to me now and I have people who are mad at me now because I don’t do that and I’ll have Jordan Maxwell on the show and we’ll discuss what are they angry because you grew up and they didn’t at the end of the day yeah at the end of the day they still stuck in fight-or-flight and if I’m wrong maybe eternally punished you know that those type of beliefs the old saying what do you get when you look for a fight a fight like don’t start none won’t be none everyone’s gone into these YouTube comments and the sessions specifically I I get on at least a couple of day of abusive ignorant arrogant comments the people who either didn’t watch the video or just didn’t listen to it oh yeah yeah and a lot of anger in them you know and that’s that’s okay you know angers anger is good it’s better than just being sad about something and being demotivated about something anger gives you a little bit of energy you know you can go out you can do something when you’re angry you can protest you write an angry rap song or something like that right what if it keeps your love life a lot but the point of it is if you were bringing an aggression towards people who have not aggressed you okay for example you look at anything that I’ve ever done pretty much and where am i bringing aggression into it right and the answer is I’m not so the reason why people become aggressive towards me just baffles me it’s like what what what have I done the same way Vinny I’m the same way making them lash out do it something because it’s it I mean we’ve done we talked about this on our on your show but it’s I guess it’s worth repeating like is it a jealousy thing are they jealous I think that I think a lot of people are jealous that there’s people listening and they’re upset that their narrative is different from yours and they feel like you’re misleading people not just you with me as well cuz I get the same backlash you know I don’t I don’t go out looking for a fight I look to find peace with everybody even people I don’t agree with people who you were people will consider my enemy I’m still trying to find common ground and build with them upon the things that we believe in on a public platform and that makes those other people mad who seemingly believe what you believe but they’re like they want that microphone like they’re like Vinny you need to give it to him man he’s wrong you know when they’re mad at you for not lashing out this is weird jealousy thing they’re jealous of a platform and things I’ve had really close friends man over the years and man that jealousy comes in and and uh they feel like they’re more qualified to have you know they feel like they should be doing what you’re doing all along they want it to do what you’re doing which at the end of the day I think you’re simply doing what you love to do nothing they don’t matter what you don’t care if you’re a football player I was I was good back in high school whatever the case is like they feel like they should be doing and they’re more qualified and they’re jealous that you’re doing what you were destined and put here to do I talk about a jealousy I would watch Joe Rogan maybe even you or just anybody who was doing what they are like put here to do in there flowing and they’re making a living doing it and they’re having fun and it comes with ease and grace and they don’t have to will nothing that happened there in this sweet spot where it works and I would get jealous not as like an envious jealous but a jealousy like hey I want to do that too and if i play my cards right and I’m consistent I show up I can do it and that’s for the haters that’s for the people who want your platform and want to step in and and cut you off and as a matter of fact you and things like that they could be doing the same thing as well if they would funnel that negative energy into something positive to understand what they’re put here to do or what they’re good at doing and be consistent it’s gonna grow man people are asking here in the comment section and I wanted to talk to you as well talk a little bit about your growth in the early days of being consistent right if you if you didn’t show up and if you didn’t just keep showing up there wouldn’t be no growth in what you’re trying to plant talk about the early days and and and just getting started and actually when did you get started I know you’ve been around awhile when was you like your first official show I think it was like global freedom report on American freedom radio and then they fired the host and gave me the show 2009 mid mid was 3 a.m. till 5 a.m. local time 5 days a week so it was Tuesday through Saturday five days a week – you had to learn quick – what just one a week you had to learn quick I had a natural talent going into it because at that point I’d I’ve been doing my YouTube for about a year and a half and that’s how I got noticed by producer at American freedom radio who who became my producer and it turned out that you know I was a big Alex Jones fan and whatnot and it turned out that the guy who was running the network was actually one of Ellis Jones as former producers you know and I was like oh my god give me a good company but then they started telling me who he really is what he really does to people Alex Jones what he did to them yeah yeah and I came up with a saying around that time is that when you put someone on a pedestal once they come tumbling down off that pedestal you the stupid bastard who put them up there it’s going to be the one who’s crushed right true and that’s the thing is it sir to realize that we’re all human and there’s probably a dark side to everybody you know there’s this dark sides to me this these things that I do that if everybody knew and that kind of thing you know that turned off my show they’d stop donating or something like that for whatever reason and for a large part I feel myself not feeling sorry for myself but sorry for myself like I’m sorry for what I do I’m sorry for what I am I’m sorry for all these times that I’ve tried and failed I’m sorry I’m just really really sorry all the time and I have this immense obligation on my shoulders like I don’t have children been trying for like ten years or something like that and I started to realize that I needed some kind of parental responsibility I needed something that I couldn’t just wiggle out of and I realized what was happening to me is that I was becoming sort of like a loving parent to a lot of people in the in the truth movement like I’d see somebody who’s in a really bad Jam or something like that and I’d get him on the show and make them feel better or you know and and I’ve done that quite quite a bit throughout my career the only reason I’ve got you on the show is because I heard you having a hard time and brought you on de Qi that kind of thing and I was driving to a mate’s place one time and radio didn’t work in the car so I have to think while I Drive and yeah thought to myself want to accomplish after I die no no no no what I want to accomplish before I die but after I die and I thought to myself you know what if somebody who saved a lot of human lives like million-plus human lives through their activism and their their general workings and causes and things of that nature when I die they come to my funeral and they come up and they say something and they say it was this time when I was feeling really really down on myself I was feeling really really miserable and I didn’t feel like continuing trying to do the right thing in the world but there was this guy Vinnie Eastwood and he brought me on my show and he taught me about the the lighter side of genocide he taught me to have a few laughs and not to take myself so seriously and it allowed me to get back to work yeah and it saved a million people want him and a day later a guy who’s written five books on depopulation who’s currently like who did like a hunger strike and things like that outside the Vatican against the covert depopulation agenda put a post on his Facebook that’s it almost word-for-word with us well I said right now though oh my god damn I’ve already accomplished what I want accomplished after my death and life you know it’s it’s a funny old world that because how that worked is I was feeling sorry for myself and was feeling like I didn’t want to really continue and then when that person said that it stopped that situation right which is exactly interestingly what I needed to happen and what I was what I was loving about the whole situation because I think hope you know whatever whatever empty platitude that politicians are pandering these days doesn’t mean what they say it means hope means a little bit of something different yeah means to me very little it means not impossible okay smite smidgen chance you know it’s not optimism it’s not anything like that hope is the basically it’s ignoring the vast majority of reality and holding on for a better tomorrow doesn’t work very well if you don’t work every day towards that better tomorrow and feed that hope you’ll just go like nothing okay feel pretty depressed and feel like I haven’t accomplished something net with my life Hey look there’s a person over there that I know that’s accomplished something with their life I’m gonna get angry with them I’m gonna see them abusive message or something like that and I wasn’t realization has come into this morning about wine a lot of people seem aggressive with me I mean theoretically it’s because I at least appear to have a purpose I at least appear they’re having it into the order of man they on the other hand do not even have an appearance of that and so they’re angry with me yeah because every time they see me they see a reflect of what they’re not yeah and it makes them really angry with themselves yeah and because they freakin irresponsible they choose not to be angry with themselves and motivate them preaching man angry with me itself you’re to blame yeah yeah you’ve been really out of what you want to do with your life what about my life it’s your life that’s why they call it your life you’re supposed to actually suss it out like go on well what did you do yesterday it’s been eight hours watching television and four hours playing video games in about eight hours sleeping now there was 80 hours of work in there somewhere yeah but you only really worked real hard for about yeah okay what do you think you’re going to accomplish in the broad scheme of things with that kind of regiment well it looks like you’re gonna have to start busting your ass and if you want to stab us in your ass you’re gonna have to realize that your ass has a physical vessel and if you don’t frickin take care of it you’re not gonna have enough energy to do the things you want to do in life bro you’re not gonna have enough you’re gonna feel like crap you’re gonna be underperforming and that’s gonna make you better and angry at all the people who are performing to the abilities okay don’t do that to yourself yeah because I’m a detriment not only to yourself but to everybody around you and they filled with your negative energy will go and spread that out else words so if you’re not spreading positive energy you’re not making the world a better place in fact if your spirit in need of energy you’re making it worse stop making it worse just help us out man that’s the thing that’s the thing – Vinny cause like that’s 100% but the whole thing about it is like you’re giving them you’re telling them how to do it you’re not hiding anything you don’t have like the secret formula and it’s only for me and I gotta kill the competition or nothing you’re like hey this is hard work pays off no matter what you’re doing and all you have to do is do something whatever you feel like your call it or passing it to do you’re given quote-unquote giving them the game you’re letting them know what will work and what doesn’t it what’s worked for you yeah huh doesn’t just always pay off it only pays off if you’re doing what you were supposed to be doing it’s usually not working for somebody else you might find out that out the hard way after your 19th job or something hmm maybe working for other people was actually the problem and it wasn’t me yeah well you gotta be careful too man because I talk about how like like the mind is so powerful and we can accomplish whatever we put our mind to and a lot of people will start working and working hard building things out of false motives or hidden agendas like because they didn’t get picked it’s like oh I’ll show you I’ve done that trust me like I’ve put money Tom and I’ve been building things that I wasn’t supposed to be doing and they’ve become successful and that’s scary when you’re like knee-deep in something like man I’m built um this is taken off and I didn’t mean it to like I’m you check your motives I’m like man I’m Weathers I’m chasing a pipe dream that’s becoming successful or doing something a lot of people do it from getting offended or getting overlooked or not getting picked or like I said getting offended it’s a big one it always points back to kind of like what you were talking about the Alex Jones figures when you put somebody on a pedestal and then they fall in the pedestal comes falling to crush the people who are under it you know for me coming from like a religious background that always happens in the churches man people will put the pastor on the pedestal or their leadership and when the pastor falls into sexual immorality or stealing money from the church or quits believing in God then the people who are following following the pastor not following God or this faith in a God but really at the end of the day you’re following this person’s belief in God really you don’t have your own and and they fall with them the pastor quits believe it in God they quit believing in God the pastor you know follows and then they’re all devastated they quit going to church or they quit believing in that belief was never there to begin with they were following another man’s opinion of God or or their role or whatever the case is and so movement is like that there’s a lot of people who ain’t in the truth movement anymore who used to be because somebody in the truth movement lied to them or screwed them over or stole something from them there are a lot of psychopaths in this movement bro people with absolutely no scruples they will make up anything yeah they will do anything they are very very very dangerous and people got to be aware of that right you going into a church or that it shouldn’t be that I praise God that you should be going in there with it’s is this person that is going to be helping me with my spirituality a pedophile criminal scum beggary a psychopathic cult leader or not all right only proxy and probably one occasion too black and white right you know categorization probably at least one yeah and the same goes for pretty much everything in life and just remember that these people who don’t have scruples are also very good at hiding the fact that they don’t and often tell everybody how good they are and how great their morals are and what a great role model they are you know this kind of thing where if you knew the truth every word that God uttered from their mouth would give you bile in the back of your throat ladies and gentlemen all matters I mean let’s just look at this I mean even I guess today’s the best day try to go back and watch The Cosby Show let’s go back and watch The Cosby Show with do and who I forget all the characters but Bill Cosby go back I can’t we’re not gonna better watch that show anymore he just got convicted on three accounts of of rape today he just got convicted we can’t go back and watch that stuff and the jell-o pudding pop and interacting with the kids and women you not gonna better watch it the same in this the same way the rug was pulled out from from under you the little old man came from behind the curtain from The Wizard of Oz it was really this man who was you know projecting this majestic fake persona essentially like the American dad the good clean-cut you know American who was a doctor and really deep down this dude was dark man you know we can’t watch it the same kids say the darndest things yeah I think about watching that knowing that he’s a rapist or a pedophile or something like that and then there’s a Jimmy Savile is like seminal in a lot of British entertainment as well massive pedophile role Rolf Harris same same deal massive pedophile and you go after these people and you think to yourself well oh I guess I still like The Cosby Show right like yeah like I’m it was good but I’m now looking at it through a different lens but it’s still the same show okay now is the important thing about that it isn’t that The Cosby Show is now something that you can’t watch because of how your lens has tainted it or who made it or something like that it was still very good entertainment for its time what it should teach you though is that some of the biggest entertainers in the world are the worst monsters that stride upon the earth okay and understand that every time that you’re watching something even currently you are in some way supporting whatever monsters are working or hitting that project and I think that’s something else that we’ve got to really start maybe taking responsibility for like the Harvey Weinstein type thing and the sexual abuse things there Kevin Spacey with all of these kind of things now these people are just pieces of meat that are being chucked out to the media they mean nothing and they’ve done very little by comparison to what some others have about industrial scale child trafficking and things of that nature but here’s the point all of the entertainment industry more or less has been infiltrated by the intelligence agencies many many years ago did you know that the CI a has more hours of finished film stock than the entirety of Hollywood in its entire history combined all right they make a lot of stuff and if in the CIA film studios a lot of stuff that the news tells you is real okay they’ve totally manufacturing reality and only a monster would really want to manufacture people’s reality for them a good person would want you to figure out what reality is for yourself that way you actually understand it and the concept of understanding is that you stand underneath it okay this is reality it’s up above my head I can’t freaking change it okay I can’t take off from the ground without some kind of propelling device I need to be in a plane or or something like that so if I take acid I’m not going to jump off a building to test if I can fly I’m gonna try and take off from the ground first you know these kind of things very very basic logic hey there’s this thing called reality don’t mess with it I mean natural laws they’re there and they exist and they don’t really Bend for nobody there is on occasion you know people who like done amazing things and and what-have-you but that’s not something to just rely on just just take it from me don’t cut Forks in an electrical socket take it from me don’t put your hand on the hot oven element take it from me don’t pour boiling water from the jug onto yourself you know these are basic rules that we all know are actually going to result in some really bad stuff here’s a scary thing one of the basic rules of watching television or movies is that they supplant subliminal messages into your mind to prevent you from waking up to reality and every single dollar that you give that industry they not only brainwash you but they continue to profit from you brainwashing yourself yeah isn’t that brilliant that’s our Hollywood culture and when I say our Hollywood culture its global oh yeah in Marvel movies are big in New Zealand as they are in Europe and then what have you just because America has 400 million people who speak one language and happen to really like big blockbuster entertainment made by talented artists right but how many of those artists aren’t actually artists how many of those people are actually just psychopaths who steal real artists ideas how many people have you seen in the credits have actually done way more work than they were credited for and haven’t worked again because they didn’t like the people stealing their ideas taking over the movie or destroying the what they tried to do with it right real artists are being taken out of the game you think about this just across the arts in general how many people does that happen to in the music industry how many artists come out with really deep meaningful powerful messages who suddenly find themselves without a gig I mean could it be happening are we being controlled by Psychopaths at the same time as pedophiles and these sexual predators and things like that behaving in such a horrific way to all the vulnerable people within the industry it’s a giant cult essentially yeah full of fake people who have put something on a pedestal that is not their own divinity alright and when I say your own divinity I mean that with humbleness all right you’re a little fraction of divinity because you got created and you’re here and you’re capable of creating something that’s the fraction of your divinity what you do with that and what you do to others is the practice of becoming divine hopefully you know that when I say the word hopefully operatively because you won’t ever become a god alright like reminds me of a joke actually what’s the difference between a medical oncologist their God what is it a god realizes they’re not a medical oncologist that’s what they’re doing uh and there was a time that I was like my you know I was studying all the dark stuff you know what I mean I think we’ve all been there if you’ve definitely been in the Alex Jones you’ve got into the Illuminati and they’re watching me and they all the symbolism and all of this kind of stuff right and then it come to a conclusion at that point and I think this probably still is the conclusion that these people are playing God like all of them it can shift your consciousness what you think they’re trying to defy death they don’t want to die this is their Kingdom in a biblical sense they don’t want to give up their Kingdom so they’re fighting against like this stuff that is good stuff that is righteous they’re at war with with righteousness essentially anything that looks like God looks like something that is it’s beautiful they’re trying to become like they’re trying to control everything they’re becoming God with this stuff and this is essentially what I mean one for me it’s like once I knew they were doing that and there was nothing that you could shock me with like hey did you believe did you find out that Michelle Obama is no Obama’s a man oh not and didn’t look into it but it doesn’t surprise me did you find out that China has plastic rice and it’s not really rice it’s plastic good a feeding the people of plastic with flavoring on it did you know about that Celes McDonald’s you know that you know there’s nothing like I don’t like look up this stuff anymore there’s a place I think where a lot of us a lot of us kind of went through that phase in the whole waking up thing we’re like oh let’s get to the bottom of this that’s put it into this rice you know what plastic rice let’s put it into it but it’s like these people man with that man goodness goodness goodness it is terrible Ali it is terrible but there’s no end there’s no end to this wickedness and the Scriptures is cool because the scripture says that they can they keep plotting on like new ways they keep trying to invent new ways to do wickedness look at where we’re headed man well they’re just telling little kids that you know you can pick your gender you can pick what you could be whatever you want to be like we tell him that but it’s like you know when I was a kid man when we wanted to rebel against our parents we put on black lipstick and became gothic you know and grew our hair out and paint our fingers become gothic when these kids rebelled against their parents they abandon their genders you know what you raised me as a boy I’m really a girl what it’s getting insane like this stuff there’s no end to it it’s gonna keep evolving you when you see when you see that that dude he’s like 60 year old do fit the old dude he’s now parading around as a 8 year old girl and living his life as a 18 year old girl living with the happily fat a happy happy family that adopted him like they’re continually thinking of things that are wicked and evil and it’s not gonna stop because all of this stuff is gonna come out and it’s not gonna stop but those who are we shouldn’t give up we should continue standing for truth just continue standing for what is right go ahead stand for truth everybody who sees you stand for truth gets emboldened just a little to say the truth I think so okay if you’ve got the balls to say the truth it’s your responsibility to say the truth otherwise the inspiration that you could have given everybody else would otherwise not exist this is a responsibility it’s a moral obligation essentially you know my um my wife’s Christian parents had to come stay with us for a couple of months and you know I wasn’t overly keen on the idea of my parents in-law coming to stay with my house for a couple of months so you know one night they asked me what did you let us stay here Vinnie and I go moral obligation you know more moral principles otherwise I’m not a men yeah I mean people think that being free is about having choices no it’s not being free is about determining what your obligations are and choosing whether or not to fulfill them yeah I don’t know if this is applicable or not but um for those watching on on camera I was late-night streaming with some friends we were gaming and we’re just having a hangout on zoom’ a couple friends live streaming and it’s about on my window 1:30 in the morning pop up and I I jump we run to the back get the gun a somebody’s knocking on my window at 1:30 in the morning so who is this you know I could wake my wife and daughter up you know Hey somebody’s out there so we’ll go outside and check on who it is and it’s like it’s a friend of mine who lives about an hour away strung out on drugs wife kicked him out he has nowhere to go he’s been doing drug binging on drugs and he’s out of his mind you know he said I need somewhere to stay I need somewhere to stay and moral obligation I’ll let him sleep on the floor 1:30 look man you go in the room and ba-ba-ba-ba put my wife and daughter back to see Louis he’s my friend he’s he’s out of it right now you know he comes in here and he sits down at this desk and such cursing out my friends who I was live streaming with chatting with he starts cursing him out and he hangs up on him and I come back in here and as I they told me later what happens it’s insane so anyway there’s a more obligation for that one time like you don’t get to come back and do it again you don’t get to take advantage of the situation I can get strung out and go stay with truth no you can’t like that happened one time there’s a moral obligation there for me to be there when you need me but you can’t take advantage like all I have somewhere to go if I get messed up I’m gonna say no you can’t you can’t do it and um you know it’s just I don’t want to give too much information this person’s probably listening he’s a huge fan of any Eastwood’s so I don’t mean any offense didn’t say your name I love you but it’s part of it man there is a moral obligation there with friends at least men and like you’re saying because friends or family my friends are my family you know what I’m saying in in and we were talking about like the persecution and stuff and the people who are a jealous and envy like you’re gonna get those YouTube comments until you roll over and you’re dead you’re done you get they’re gonna keep coming but when it comes from those closest to you it’s when it hurts the most right those who are friends and and the ones you will lay your life down for or you will you know make your family uncomfortable so that they can sleep in the room or whatever the case is you know I’m saying you do that for those people and when those people lash out at you it becomes a problem yeah well I think people forget how much we mean to each other and how much it hurts when we betray each other and the old saying goes that your enemies can’t betray you only your friends can you know you gotta take to heart sometimes as they’re sometimes yeah you your friends ain’t ain’t friends anymore men you know so maybe and sometimes you realize that they actually never worked yeah yeah well they’re Fairweather friends you know they come around when times are good you know the scripture says a true friend sticks closer than a brother you know what I’m saying that that’s somebody that’s gonna go with the you know they’re gonna have long-suffering and walk with you when times get tough when times are hard it’s funny how like I don’t know if it’s not a religious thing maybe it’s a spiritual thing that we feel a connection with people but like I’m genuinely led to do that with people I connect with like there’s a genuine bond that that surfaces tribal instinct within us to find like-minded individuals and to build structure or around those relationships now structure goes with trust more or less in the only way you can actually establish trust with somebody is ironically just to trust them straight up and have them return that trust with faith all right and that’s the difference between you know having faith in something and having trust in something as faith gets rewarded hmm if you just trust somebody and they just keep taking 20 bucks keep taking 20 bucks keep taking 20 bucks that’s not faith that’s just that’s just blind trust that’s not a good idea unless of course you need to put your money into one after you skip Ireland in fact I’ll just tell you the backstory on that joke there because I doubt anybody got yeah our form of our former prime minister educated at Harvard right worked on Wall Street was responsible for selling derivatives one of the first people who bought it in yeah he was in Ireland the stock one time and he was helping his clients to avoid tax and then he left Ireland just as their economy collapsed and put all his money into blind trusts so that the Irish government couldn’t grab it back foot back off of them which he stole and they comes to New Zealand and he becomes the Prime Minister it gets us from eight billion dollars in debt to over a hundred billion dollars in debt in nine years un-freakin’-believable borrowed more than ten times what all previous prime ministers combined and guess what he’s officially John Key in history New Zealand’s most popular prime minister in fact he’s not known as John Key anymore he’s now known as Sir John Key all right this is how corrupt my country is just a few factoids about one particular former prime minister who accidentally be a freemason and who’s the new prime minister well she got a freemason scholarship in order to go to university back in the day oh and who’s your father well he was the former head of the police okay well I guarantee these people will really really want to look into police and judicial corruption I’m sure yep me and my wife were just talking I think it was last night about where we wanted to go if we can go anywhere and you know my mind immediately went to you know where they filmed the Lord of the Rings New Zealand they shot a bunch of that in New Zealand I was like I want to go there man it’s just beautiful I want to go to those rolling hills and and see all of the all of this beautiful stuff and then you’re like great woods the South Island all you need to know about New Zealand go to the South islet and and it’s picturesque Lord of the Rings everywhere you look you drive ten kilometers down the road wow that’s amazing drive another five oh my god you know you drive another 20 it’s it’s it’s ridiculous right and the reason why it’s so beautiful this good man didn’t build it it’s untapped what’s the closest community to a place like that though hey what’s the and how far is that well it depends if you fly in from Auckland maybe about an hour’s flight but if you’re driving from say the next biggest city closest to Queenstown probably be Dunedin or Christchurch it’s maybe like a I think from Christchurch it was maybe like a six and a half hour drive Wow and that’s it’s untouched nothing close six hours away well as I said is everywhere you look because you’re talking about a landmass the size of Great Britain that has maybe a little under a million people living on it all right that’s nobody all right there’s just that’s just empty empty space the vast vast vast majority of it sure people own it and stuff like that and there’s national parks and what-have-you but largely it’s undeveloped and I think maybe now near the queenstown area where they’ve got a whole bunch of new intelligence bosses and the parents here program and Kim calm and a whole bunch of big cyber here Pancho’s and things like that and now hidden down shop sitting up servers and all of this kind of thing yeah she’s an attractive thing and the reason why they called it Queenstown is because it’s got a view fit for a queen I mean you just in this town and you’re like oh you know you could just leave a GoPro running that’s I want to go see there be bullet just just mouth a gate on their habits Vinnie Eastwood Queenstown I go I’ve got a link okay and video or rather a video just a clip from us talking on the show some of the Queensland background stuff nice awesome but what’s problematic is there again if you look a little bit closer you go mmm what is in that water that looks so nice and clean and pristine ah it’s got compound 1080 what’s that well the Japanese used it to poison the Chinese water supplies really yeah no good I what what else is in there well a lot of phosphorous whereas they come from from the million or so cows that shit into the river because there’s no regulations keeping the cows from doing that in the room really yeah no fences no nothing just come on cows just just just poo in our waterways come go figure live son [Laughter] it’s just it goes on from there because you killing it for us Vinny we’re trying to come out there man you’re killing the dream again it goes back to my original point is there there is no such country that is exempt from a new world order yeah you know so wherever you go again like I said you can’t argue with reality okay or as Iran said who can ignore reality but you cannot didn’t know the consequences of ignoring reality because otherwise she comes up and she bites you in the ass you know quite quite harshly and unfortunately a lot of people don’t understand I I don’t understand why people come to New Zealand’s thinking that it’s any different other than through the lens of advertising and marketing it’s the only way you can get people to believe a lie you’re a half-truth yeah you know sure we’ve got beautiful posters down here but there’s a lot of stuff beneath that beauty that’s actually very very ugly yep the police working with judges and child services and things like their to kidnap children and to hire them out to gangs and things like that that’s that’s not a nice thing to know that your local police do when you’re in a small South Island town just outside of Queenstown you know that’s not something you want that’s not something you want to know and that’s what the truth is the truth is never something people want to know they say they do but trust me you don’t want to know you can’t handle the truth yeah you should know and you have to know but don’t kid yourself and say that you want to yeah yeah we think we do it we all we always get to a point that’s like okay I learn too much I want to go back and you you build with people who have these triggers like I especially with me dealing with religion man I’ve had I’ve been in situations where like people to be over at my house or something and we’ll be talking about the Illuminati and they’re getting Deeping oh I know about that and I’m and I drop a nugget that’s a little bit too deep for them and they’re like oh hey man let’s pray for truce to come at it man you know I’m saying like I always take it too far they like find common ground they’re like oh yeah I know about this I know about that I know about aliens I know about that and I said yeah you know about this thing like oh man cuz it it messes with their paradigm it’s like the cognitive dissidence like you can be shown something that’s that goes against your core belief on a subject and you won’t believe it if if it even if your belief is proven to be a lie because you’re holding to it so tight tightly and you know it changes the way you view reality and people you know this whole thing about Alex Jones and and falling and pastor’s falling and stuff and pedophiles in the church and Bill Cosby in religion there’s there’s been some pastors over the years big-name pastors who fell into going out and like getting into homosexual relationships with younger guys and getting caught of doing drugs and whatever in the congregation they find out about this stuff and they still follow him you think that everybody pulls support and they’re done but a lot of these people are so connected especially when the eternal salvation comes into play like this guy represents where they’re going when they die and this guy’s been their shepherd or whatever and he follows and they try to they almost get into the cognitive dissidence like it never happened and they said well we’re gonna follow him any way we believe in him and he’s been done some detestable vile things that he’s admitted to and stuff and that gets really weird you know that people will still follow them and people will you know drink the kool-aid essentially right be at this commune hey I think they’re coming for us we might as well kill ourselves so we can all go to heaven hold on wait wait hold on no let’s do it let’s do it all these people are rallying with the cult leader like a lot of people in that whole Jim John saying people ran through the woods running for their life but the majority they’re grabbing people making the kids do it and all of these people it’s I used the term today was a friend you have a bunch of crash dummies they crash test dummies you remember the cartoon and little toys the little guys that get in in the car and they drive headfirst into a a light pole or a wall and they wrecked the car they’re a bunch of crash dummies we’re dealing with a bunch of crash dummies out here man you know what I’m saying and you got to be careful who you let in your circle who you’re getting wisdom from who you letting speak into your life from a religious political spiritual aspect whatever even on just friendship wise look at people’s fruit that’s what I tell people look at how these people live their life look at their relationships look at how they treat people look how they treat the homeless the needy their friends who are going through a hard time look at their fruit and be like are we talking about on your show like like there’s a there’s a standard you have to have the foot before you can actually speak into my life like I want to make sure you know what the hell you’re talking about before you’re trying to give me wisdom or correction I got to make sure you’re it’s working for you don’t give me no why’d you giving me the same wisdom and advice that’s not working for you don’t do it I have a standard when it comes to that I think and I beckon everyone should have some type of standard as well what gives you the right to give other people advice yes I have you got something locked down a hell of a lot better than they do yeah yeah well okay I guess you’ve got a right to give somebody advice then but they have a right to refuse that advice yeah okay now there might be a stupid move but then again the advice you might be given them might not actually be equivalent to this situation I found a lot of people have given me advice over the years about things and had no idea what was wrong with me to begin with is like unless you know what you’re dealing with who you’re dealing with and know exactly how to help them you can’t frickin help them to a large degree and one of the biggest lessons I learned on the street is an activist is no emotional attachment to people’s acceptance of the truth and if you’re emotionally invested in somebody going yeah of course 9/11 is an inside job and you start getting angry and vitriolic and things like that you’re gonna do damage to the concept of 9/11 being an inside job yeah but like a crazed zealot and you’ll build up an image in that person’s mind that they’ll then categorize anybody else who says 9/11 is an inside job and instantly dismiss them and that’s now thanks to you you moron yeah okay and the same goes for any other thing that you’re preaching you’re preaching about the Flat Earth go for your life son if you’re abusing people and you know rhetorically just ranting and that kind of thing best of luck it’s not gonna work it hasn’t worked before in the irony of human history to convince people of ideas renting it me angry at that kind of thing because those people don’t understand your ideas they simply accept what you’re saying out of fear which means they have no idea what you actually said they’re just doing what they’re told yeah that’s the difference between knowing and believing as they belief usually is triggered in somebody else a person not something that’s higher or whatever the reason why the Constitution mentions God is for legal reasons not spiritual reasons I mean imagine these rights are endowed by God okay then you’ve got a subsequent government now now we can override God you know you can’t do it legally and build to this day there’s better way of doing it no no God God God said it was okay this is a good guy we’ve kind of come a long way since those days I mean one would argue in a lot of ways we’ve actually gone completely backwards for example back in those days there was no Federal Reserve there was no Department of Homeland Security everything’s totally changed like I said I don’t know if it’s for if it’s for the better or worse I am enjoying technology it’s pretty fun but other than that man you know the advances and I enjoy technology for one reason it’s an it’s an augmented reality for example I could conceivably draw pictures of myself by hand and then narrate and write and so on and so forth maybe put those things together and show someone a comic book or whatever because that would be the the limit of my technological achievement if what we had was say pencils and paper and that kind of thing but we got new shit now and what’s happened now because of the last maybe basically since the birth of YouTube to put it bluntly yeah the booth really tube and Facebook all media of the alternative kind specifically activists media has become it’s now got access to a lot more but there are a lot of people within those fields who don’t take advantage of that access who don’t take advantage of the technology who don’t say you know what maybe it’s worth spending a couple of hours learning how to use Skype or learning how to open up a Facebook account or a YouTube or patreon or something like that maybe if I just took like one hour out of my life to bring these technological achievements and these new tools into my skill set maybe it’ll make the rest of my life just that much easier maybe definitely alright for example I proved this to myself I went out on the street one time with a megaphone and I didn’t film it nothing happened I went out with a megaphone and I filmed it and got 10,000 it’s you know something happened yeah the same thing doing the exact same thing but just recording it and publishing it yeah afterwards yeah okay just that makes what we do have even greater effect and one of the most important things about being an activist is to be effective right time you got money all right stop freaking wasting your time doing things that really make a difference and start investing time and things that do it’s very simple but a lot of the elder generation and and cool with their idea they they’re stuck in their old ways and they and they don’t want to change with the times they think that they can change the times it’s like no the times change you then if you deny the hint you’re going to be stuck yeah doing the exact same thing that you’ve been doing the last 40 50 odd years whatever completely ineffectively you know you don’t know what you’re doing you don’t know what is possible and you won’t listen either which makes it all the more frustrating for anybody who tries to help you exactly well I got to wrap this up we got a bunch going on this evening with our school of the Mystics do that we got to get ready for here shortly Vinnie Eastwood I appreciate you coming on always a pleasure to talk with you man go ahead and share your links out let people know where they can tune in to your broadcast as well there’s people mention it in the comment section that they’ve already went over there and subscribed to your channel they really appreciate you so go ahead and give your links out and stuff like that what people can track you down on social media and follow your work forward slash Vinny Eastwood and that way you get a list of all my unlisted videos which is over 100 I think now and you get added into the secret vinny eastwood show group on facebook where i publish new stuff and and exclusive stuff and you can also then suggest gifts for the show and it’s a starting from $1 a month you give $100 a month $500 a month you don’t give you anymore rewards because everything’s being put out there for free for people anyway and these are just the freebies the stuff that I I can’t release because the person who I recorded with them said no no no you can’t do that you can’t do that so yeah it’s the kind of stuff that I’m not allowed to release my listeners are at least allowed to listen to if they are a donor and my main website is the Vinny Eastwood that’s funny why because that’s the most important question and Eastwood like go ahead make my news and on there you can basically search up in the little corner bracket there the name of pretty much anybody that you can think of that would be really cool to listen to and then you can go see and there’s a lot of different subjects and things that have been carried on over the years everything from are corns to zeitgeist it’s all I know you know a little bit of anything so is essentially we can talk about anything on those topics and you can do episodes upon episodes on it because you’re studied and you’ve talked with the experts in all those fields man that’s why I enjoyed talking with you every show I think it’s kind of like mine too a little bit like we’ve in this place where we just love conversation we love to learn we love dialogue and like we have people on from all walks of life you could be talking about you know financial decisions one day and how to be successful and then the next day we’re talking you’re talking about archons and all kind you miss out on having a positive male role model for all or most of your childhood yes so did I why do you think we’re so interested in talking to older older guys who are sharing knowledge with us and and stuff there and being amenable because we’re trying to catch up on becoming men yeah I think so man huh how would you in school as far as books and studying suspended from high school 17 times yeah and then so now that’s over and out the way now your that the whole study in chapter came later right into whether its esoteric stuff or political stuff or whatever the case is for me it like I didn’t learn to study until way after high school you know hmm but I had a love for for the first time of like like basically what they try to do is they try to kill your interest and study when they raise you and when they when they school yet or essentially they’re trying to cult indoctrinate you and just think you’re not boring stuff is something that I have to do and I don’t have a choice about and blah blah blah ya know that’s not the way the frickin world works that’s the way cult indoctrination you found out different after the fact because you meet somebody maybe a bunch of people who told you different and they’re and what they told you totally agreed with what you were thinking and that caused you to change yourself they didn’t change you you changed yourself and they simply allowed you to see that you could all right and that’s what a whole of learnings really about how do we change ourselves and make ourselves better because we’re the only ones that we’re actually responsible to do that for apart from our kids of course and if you’ve not taken care of your kids if you’re not loving them and if you’re not filling them full of knowledge and helping them become adults you’re not do it in your job yep yes sir VIN Eastwood thank you for coming on bro I appreciate you Cheers we’ll do it again all right I don’t think we’re done yet let’s see I’m trying to I gave him permission okay there we go can you guys see me maybe yeah we’re good on the video end cool we’re good still still going yeah Vinnie Eastwood like I said man at the beginning of the show when I first came out of the Christian rap thing there was my first major interview I went on his show and so that was really cool early on and I really appreciate what what he does and what he brings to the table so reading through somebody’s comments thank you everybody thanks everybody holding us down in the comment section Thank You Christie folks for hanging out too and sending me those donations that’s awesome thank you so much for believing in my work to do that Ali and Kinney home sauce Christie Lee Jennifer Moore Adam star C Bay everybody who’s holding us down in the chat live so uh yeah we’re gonna be doing the school of the Mystics here in about 30 minutes so I’m gonna go ahead and get that link sent out for you people who are listening live if y’all want to join if you’re a patron which I think the majority of you guys hold hold me down right now our patrons so I’m gonna go ahead and get that link sent out so everyone can join I also want to talk to you guys really quick and this is kind of synchronicity synchronistic to we’re gonna be doing a c5 contact initiative we’re gonna be hosting our own event we’re gonna go out and do some stargazing and we’re gonna make contact with the angelic beings that are watching over us and so this is something that I’ve been do for some years now and it’s it’s been a little while since I’ve done it and I’ve been wanting to get back out there and do it and I told myself that I was gonna do it on the next New Moon but just so happens some friends were commenting on something and thought that it would be really cool to go out and do that if we all did like a global meditation and Awakening so we’re gonna do it so it’s gonna happen I think let me go ahead and pull the data right quick just so I’m not off on this date I got it marked down so it’s gonna be on the new moon of May which is May the 15th this is what we’re gonna do at 8 p.m. Central and I’ll probably just go live on YouTube here and it’s not gonna be something just to watch if you’re just watching it to watch it’s gonna be it’s not gonna be entertaining at all but it would be something that will come on and lead in a group meditation and go out under the night sky so whatever city you’re in wherever you are if you have to go out to a ballpark somewhere or a field or somewhere to get away from a lot of light pollution around you make sure that you do that and if you want to have your cell phone with you or whatever the case is and so we’ll go out and lead in a group meditation and we’re gonna make contact and so essentially what I’ve been doing for years I’m gonna do it now for a group online worldwide wherever you are so the new moon is on May the some promo stuff out there I’m gonna be talking about it some more so really excited and a lot of other people have been talking about this in the chat too so that’s really really cool so be the spirit of expectation man expecting something to happen expecting to make contact expecting for to have an encounter with the angelic host are guardian angels whatever you want to call them right I think the the names are interchangeable in my book aliens don’t tell me what I said that we’re gonna be contacting aliens I didn’t say that guys I said angels listen May the YouTube but like I said it’s not gonna be nothing to watch and you’re not gonna see nothing cool but you’re gonna get the audio and we’ll be laughs for a little bit I’m gonna go out just to have my own encounter as well so we’re gonna do it together make sure you have a time where you have to put the kids in bed earlier or whatever it is just to kind of get away going to the backyard if you can just see the the the sky and so the reason I picked a new moon just a few different reasons first of all for light pollution with with the new moon the moon is usually not visible or just barely visible so that we can see more stars during a new moon so during what stargazing it’s the best time to go out also to biblically it’s a it’s a time of rest so one of the Sabbath’s is from each new moon to the next so we’ll kind of be honoring this place of rest to go out there and be refreshed and rejuvenated and kind of get in the spirit together in that time of rest so that’ll be good too so that’s why we’re doing it on the new moon I’m excited about this this is gonna be a global thing I’m gonna probably do Facebook events and I’ll be promoting it on YouTube however I can so I’m excited about it I hope you are too read in the comments you guys sound very excited so it’s gonna be good yeah with that being said let me say thank you for everybody watching tuning in live listening to the broadcast on a podcast app what’s up everybody who hasn’t caught us live yet thanks everybody for supporting the work through patreon patreon comm backslash truth seeker that’s what enables me to continue doing this so anywhere from a dollar five 10 will help me immensely to keep this going and growing trust me man we’re there’s some some big things in the work we’re gonna hopefully be doing some traveling here soon so to take that ce-5 initiative i’ve been asked to do some activations so travel out of state and there’s big plans for what we’re building here the online mystic school we’re gonna hope hope to travel with that wouldn’t that be awesome so yeah if you want to do that backslash true so you go there you can sign up yeah with that being said I’m with a piece of Shalom let everybody know that against the updates – to the stream I’m gonna be going live every Tuesday in Thursday at schedules don’t gel right this you know Vinny’s on the other side of the planet so we had to kind of change the time accordingly so but yeah I have the stream schedule updated at true sitcom go there and you’ll see like a calendar just a list of events and so I have the school of the Mystics there each interview so May is almost all like booked up the whole month almost I think I got one day and I’m waiting on a confirmation and there’ll be two episodes a week every Tuesday and Thursday we also do the christie lee podcast on her radio show on wednesday nights as well every Wednesday night I’m doing that I will say last night was one of the first ones that I listened to one back because something the spirit was was moving last night last night was a really good episode so if you guys want to check that out Kristy Lee go to tap in to that’s Kristy least website so I’ll see you guys shortly everybody over in the School of the Mystics really looking forward to this guy’s it’s gonna be good with that peace and blessings y’all see y’all soon [Music] [Music] well that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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