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In this episode of the TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Joye Pugh about the Antichrist and the cloned image of Jesus. This Theory comes from the idea that the elite will get their hands on the Shroud of Turin and extract the blood and DNA from the cloth which is said to be the DNA of Jesus Christ. The Shroud of Turin in theory is said to be the sheet or blanket that covered Jesus when he was laid in the Tomb after his death. On the third day when Jesus rose from the dead with all glory and all power given unto him it is said that there was a brilliant light emanating off of his body and his skin shown with a radiant glow. This light was so bright and Powerful that it burned the image of Jesus Christ himself into the shroud creating what seemed to be a negative exposure effect as like in photography. Many people believe that this shroud itself is proof that Jesus Christ literally existed on the face of the Earth. Others say that the Shroud of Turin has been disproved and debunked time and time again. Dr. Joye Pugh believes that this shroud will be used to clone Jesus Christ and bring forth the Antichrist on the Earth. The Bible talks about the spirit of the Antichrist that was already working in the world during the time of Jesus and also before. My personal belief is more of the preterist view of the Bible looking back at an historic view of the New Testament and how many of the things that Jesus and the Apostle Paul said would happen already happened during their Generations. Everyone wants to be something or someone of significance. Some sects and orders claiming to be the people of the book while other seemingly hope to be the last generation that will be left remaining to welcome in the triumphant return of Jesus Christ. I’m not sure either way about the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin and lean more towards the fact that this is an elaborate hoax. In Christendom you find people grasping for straws trying to prove their beliefs and the legitimacy of their faith. At the end of the day the only proof that I need is a life changed, transformed and restored by the power of the Gospel and the hope that they have found in Christ. That alone is proof and more than enough for me.



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