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In this episode of the TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Joye Pugh about the Antichrist and the cloned image of Jesus. This Theory comes from the idea that the elite will get their hands on the Shroud of Turin and extract the blood and DNA from the cloth which is said to be the DNA of Jesus Christ. The Shroud of Turin in theory is said to be the sheet or blanket that covered Jesus when he was laid in the Tomb after his death. On the third day when Jesus rose from the dead with all glory and all power given unto him it is said that there was a brilliant light emanating off of his body and his skin shown with a radiant glow. This light was so bright and Powerful that it burned the image of Jesus Christ himself into the shroud creating what seemed to be a negative exposure effect as like in photography. Many people believe that this shroud itself is proof that Jesus Christ literally existed on the face of the Earth. Others say that the Shroud of Turin has been disproved and debunked time and time again. Dr. Joye Pugh believes that this shroud will be used to clone Jesus Christ and bring forth the Antichrist on the Earth. The Bible talks about the spirit of the Antichrist that was already working in the world during the time of Jesus and also before. My personal belief is more of the preterist view of the Bible looking back at an historic view of the New Testament and how many of the things that Jesus and the Apostle Paul said would happen already happened during their Generations. Everyone wants to be something or someone of significance. Some sects and orders claiming to be the people of the book while other seemingly hope to be the last generation that will be left remaining to welcome in the triumphant return of Jesus Christ. I’m not sure either way about the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin and lean more towards the fact that this is an elaborate hoax. In Christendom you find people grasping for straws trying to prove their beliefs and the legitimacy of their faith. At the end of the day the only proof that I need is a life changed, transformed and restored by the power of the Gospel and the hope that they have found in Christ. That alone is proof and more than enough for me.

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with dr. joy pew dr. joy welcome to the podcast how are you my friend I am really looking forward to sharing with you and your listeners today about my research awesome I know it’s gonna be good I know it’s gonna be good so there’s a bunch of stuff that we have in common you’ve dedicated your life to research in the spirit realm and the paranormal and angels and demons and all of that kind of stuff and you know some things kind of surface some things or facts some stuff is slippery but we’ll kind of bring our pieces of the puzzle together and see what works and so before we went went live I was talking about how you know what you know what we can talk about moving forward and I think a good place to start because there’s a lot of people listening who aren’t Christians they don’t believe in in Jesus you know that’s because the gospel and Jesus is kind of simple to them for the you know for the simple layperson that they want something deep they want something meaty so they kind of venture out to the occult to some occult teachers and essentially people who make it up as they go there’s a lot of those people out there but they get into Eastern philosophy and Eastern thought but when it comes to Christianity in its origin I believe was a spiritual practice that came from the East to begin with and I believe that Christianity is a very spiritual practice and tradition as well right you know that was interesting to me when I was a young girl with the amount of questions that I had I was very inquisitive as a child my mother said born with the words fly coming out of my mouth the point that she would fool ever and go we’re gonna be watching in quiet but Nick and I go the next 10 minutes we’ll be home and she would go I know just to get me to quit asking questions and when I would go to church I did the same thing when I was in school I did the same thing and sometimes that made people think that I was being rebellious are wanting to find something point fault but my intent was to find the truth and that is the part that my research has done I wanted to be able to answer the tough questions relating to Biblical prophecy and how and why we are here and it just seemed that every time I had a question in church it was always told to me oh well it’s not time for us to know that need to be happy and content and leave it like it is everybody’s not going to know the answer to everything but I always believed that we were created in God’s image and that God was a part of us and he had a connection to us because the Bible told us that he would know every hair on our head everything we think do or say and that one day he was going to make us be responsible for the choices that we made but at the same time there was a choice of good or evil and so you know I went all the way back to Eden when I first started doing my major research and it really began it’s about 13 years of age because I really wanted to understand I had a very strange dream when I was 6 years old that literally I believe sent me on the course that I’ve been on all my entire life I like to sleep like a normal kid and I had this what I believe was like a vision it was literally like the end of days and what I saw was absolutely mind-boggling for a six-year-old child it was so much devastation and such silence and such annihilation that it’s a six year old grown up on a South Georgia farm watching lot Disney I mean because we had one channel if they can believe out there we had one TV I was blowing when we didn’t have a telephone in our home and there were a lot of people that had no rain water they used to will and they still used outdoor toilets outhouses so I was in an area that I would never heard of these things as a child and so it woke me up because I saw what I believed was Jesus that this was the end of days there was complete annihilation and I went down the hall to my grandmother and woke up early I said I need to go to the church like right now and why you know what’s wrong with you again it’s just a dream go lay down and I could not let it go I could not let it go because it was something so overwhelming for a six-year-old mine and I would just stay after and stay after and stay after about joining the church because I literally thought that was going to happen and this these things were going to happen in my lifetime so she had taken me to church the first week that I was born so I’ve always been in Southern Baptist Church she actually was a sunny schoolteacher my other grandma there was a Sunni schoolteacher my great my grand great when my great grandfather’s and grandfathers were deacons in a church so it was not that I was not exposed to Christianity it was the fact that it was all around me but I’d never seen anything like that dream and so like many of your listeners I was at the point somebody answer somebody tell me this it’s late explain this to me and I think so many times when you can’t get those answers in church you will look out for these other answers in this directions because you know first of all I need without a shot of a doubt what I had seen I barest it it was real it was something I had I know that I could not have made up in a six-year-old mind we didn’t have movies like Armageddon and things like the last days and all these kind of things you know as a child again it was slipper maybe Gunsmoke and we’re really telling my age so because I couldn’t find his answers I’ll get very frustrating when my grandmother would try to comfort me and tell me it was going to be okay just let it go be a child enjoy being a child what what happened was I went inward I continued to be a child but inside my mind I’m like I know that what I saw what I experienced was something that’s gonna happen in my life come in I want to know what it was and what’s gonna happen and why am I here and I want to know the answers to these things so at 13 years of age I’m standing in a Rexall drugstore this is back when there’s no like bookstores other than your little library which I always was a library person reading all summer long there’s this book on this little stand move round it around and my mother’s paying for something and I see how Lindsey’s late great planet Earth and I’m like oh my goodness I pick up that book and I’m like throwing through the pages as fast as I can go and I Oh mother I’ve got how this book and she’s like always buying things for me to read because she was I was an avid reader and she’s like what is this why do you want this what is this about and I’m like oh please just get this just kids so I finally bigger into getting it I go home I devour it I mean I probably read it within so many hours I could not put it down because what happened was all of a sudden somebody understood a little bit about what was going on in my little mind all these questions that nobody seemed to put in perspective now I had somebody that had an understanding from a biblical perspective as to what I was experiencing in my questions so that drove me to turn around and read the book of Revelation and I was like oh my goodness there is gonna be an annihilation there is going to be something that’s gonna happen there is going to be something that’s gonna just wipe everything out with great joy stones and fire and brimstone there is something described in Revelation that I saw and there is a bee that is going to be there when it all transpires and I saw him so after that then my father was a very historian he read everything and I probably get my history from him because we always have all kinds of historical books there and unique books about things that were unusual at the time that you didn’t see available on about spirituality and other religions and those kinds of things so it allowed me to start looking at what is out there and at the same time it never affected my Christianity it just made me want to find the true answers and so I had this mindset that whatever I found that I was willing to accept it as long as it was the truth I didn’t want to be beguile I didn’t want to be misled I didn’t want to be lied to I wanted the truth that’s what I was after so interesting enough back in like nineteen probably 75 76 when I was really getting out of high school and starting into college I wanted to start writing things theses on on Alpha and Omega the beginning the ends the first and the last and I had some professors who were really willing to let me do that back in the day as long as I could prove that what I was saying was the truth and that I had the research to defend it so I’m talking about things and nobody had answers dude am i great based on that so what I did was I really tried to focus on I want to know the truth and so whatever is there I’m gonna put it here and then I’m gonna be able to defend it and then interesting enough my dad brings home a book and I can’t remember if it was a look or a life magazine he always had all those kind of magazines coming in as well and he comes in to me he goes hey joy he says you might be interested in this and I’m like what is it dad he says well you always wanted to know what Jesus looked like here he is and so he had a article that had been written on the Turin Shroud misrata Turin it’s in Turin Italy that is the proposed burial cloth of Jesus Christ and when he turned the book around to me with a picture which is done if you seem ever seen photographs of that if you do the negative image what they shot it back when they were researching it years ago it literally lets some being you see if you see the entire physical being of a man front and back and you know it looks like me I’ve seen that man and I just bust out crying my dad’s like what in the world what is wrong with you child and I’m like I’ve seen him that’s him it’s his face it’s his size I was just literally blown away by the fact that this being that I’d seen when I was six years old was on that piece of cloth so really from that point on I always believed without a doubt that that was the burial cloth of Jesus and when I started doing research for my first book in 1999 I really had a revelation because I was doing research and cloning and when I was doing that research that was back when it was considered science fiction and I would go and talk with medical doctors about what I was researching I’d already gotten my doctorate and I was working I had done several papers actually my doctorate that had something to do with this Alpha and Omega process in my mind and how the light was involved in it how sound was involved with it so when I was doing this research on cloning I was driving down the road one day with my grandmother in car and I slammed on brakes and I looked at her and I said to her I called her mommy I said mommy I said if you could bring anybody back through cloning who would you bring back and of course she your mother as a young lady she said my mother and I said yes I’m sure you probably would but in all reality if you could bring anybody back anybody at all who would you bring back and she’s sitting there she’s I know she’s thinking about other family members and I go I do not want to bring back Jesus she’s uh gracious how would you do that and I’m like does the burial cloth of Jesus has his DNA on it and I hadn’t researched the burial cloth of Jesus the Shroud of Turin I knew the stuff that they had removed from it I knew that there were certain bloodstains that had been actually cloned and I’m like we could do this we could bring him back he would be able to take care of the world he could solve all the problems he could heal our bodies he could do everything the Bible says he could do he would be the person if anybody I could choose he would be the person so she’s like you know you’re right and then all of a sudden I bust out crying that she’s like why are you crying why are you crying and I’m like oh my goodness I’ve often wondered how it would be that an antichrist to come to our world and pretend to be Jesus Christ how could anybody not know that it was a messiah that was a false messiah because most people think when they talk about the Antichrist he’s gonna look like Hitler or he’s gonna look like this little man with a red bra Obama I remember years ago they would say he looks like Barack Obama you know I remember all the Christians freaked out I think of Barack Obama was the Antichrist something that looks evil you know and they go back and they talk about all the evil people in the past but I’m like that’s not what the Bible is saying so I started going back and looking at what was scripture saying and Jesus said you know when he would when we need you to watch for this man this man is seeing that he was really emulating him that we would think it was Jesus here in Jesus there and you know Jesus Jesus Jesus and I’m like why would we think it was Jesus unless we thought he looked like Jesus so then I was like oh my gosh because I’ve been doing research on Hitler and how he had wanted the Shroud of Turin and how he was involved with genetic testing and then all of his big scientists went down to South America and then again a twin city and there’s all these duplicate twins these doctors were you know messing with women in their eggs and fertility and I’m like oh my gosh Jesus told us to be careful because in his body he told the Pharisees and Sadducees when they were going to kill him he was going to raise his temple up in three days and they thought he meant the temple over in Israel and there was took years to build he was talking about his body because in three days his body came out of that tomb resurrected so he was talking about his body as the temple and the Salinas talks about that Antichrist is going to be walking in this image as a beast so when I went back and started looking at what was John the Revelator really saying about an image and a beast will you find that end Greek the word he used was icon and I’m like oh my gracious who was the first icon that was ever considered an icon Jesus even though other monasteries when they would paint pictures which I fully believed and you can go to my patreon see those pictures were painted based on the strategy are in so I’m like people needed this piece of cloth existence so I began tracing from the mom of the cloth and the interface napkin was found in the tomb in the Gospels which there missed mentioned I traced it all the way through history and my book even the knowledge of good and evil 666 I bring it from day one all the way to the end of days where we are I believe today with the Catholic Church homes it and the fact that certain research has been done on this round and now if through all the history of it we’ve heard things like oh it wasn’t the right timing oh it was a DaVinci painted it we’ve heard everything in my research explains how all these things are false and when I did this first book Antichrist the columbia mentioned jesus christ which now has come out in a 2017 edition i go into great detail about that trailer and about how it matches everything that the Gospel tells us about and that the face the body everything is true to what the descriptions of Jesus were and outside sources so when I looked at this and I began to see that the Anti Christ could be walking in an image and a beastly image that was iconic and claiming to be Christ and claiming to be God and walking in the temple of God and claiming himself to be God then you start to really stop and think if he’s in Jesus as his image if we can prove it if we have the blood to prove it if we have an image to prove it if we can trace it all the way back to the day that that Stroud was in debt to him then the majority of people are going to believe that it is really him and never before had I really put all that in context because I always felt like that it would be like most people it would be this mean person or we’ve heard things that it’s a computer system or whatever but that word icon a concern concerning the beast it’s only used four times in the complete Bible and so it’s very unique in what John the Revelator was trying to tell us about the end of days and about this peaceful person because he tells us it’s not a computer he says it’s a man’s number and that man is going to walk this earth and he’s going to be praised as is as if he really is Jesus Christ in the flesh so when I went back to look at the blood I wanted to understand why the blood would be so important because we’re talking about blood on a shroud it’s not like any other humans because we know that Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary and that the father in fact was God there was a man named Ron white and you can go to my website for the covenant and he got blood from the mercy seat that blood actually had the number of chromosomes for a woman but it only had one foot father that would mean that Jesus’s blood was not like any other blood in history and the thing about it where I had to fight the medical community when I first started doing this work about cloning now cloning and cloning anything and it’s a very simple procedure the fact that they’d already cloned that blood is very interesting to me and then on the other thing is that Ron Wyatt was willing to say that that blood when he had it reconstituted in other words when they heated it and spun it it was still alive it was not dead and what does it tell us about Jesus blood it’s living it is living it covered all of our sins so it is unique to the point that nothing else could ever be like it so when I saw all this then I’m like oh my gosh somebody like Hitler and we know that he was being supported by Ford industry we know that he was had all these people that were what I would call Rothschilds Rockefellers they were all supporting Hitler and they were supporting him to be able to birth something that was supposed to be godly you know an Aryan race even your Knights Templar who brought the Shroud of Turin through history because they stoled it from that was called the cloth of the deaths and they stole it from where they sack a disc and got the cloth and they kept it hidden but they would show it Noah said had miraculous curative capabilities well it finally got the Queen to the king of Italy and then when he died he bequeathed it to the Pope and now the Pope owns it well that that piece of cloth is under the greatest most I guess ah magnificent piece of machinery to keep it in its original state they know that that cloth is real and Hitler had the spirit destiny he had access to that the the interesting thing is the face napkin that was on that shroud which has the same blood spots on the Shroud in the same spots is in a Vitas thing it’s been there since 500 AD now when people have said oh this rail is painted whatever it’s interesting to me did that’s been there since 500 AD when I traced it back I could hear it all the way back to the tomb and that’s what I did in my books and in my research it’s traced it so you can see that it was original and then it’s still an original piece of cloth and it’s real and it’s not fake so you know they try to say that that when they carbon-dated it that it literally was not on the time period well what people didn’t understand and I already found out was where they cut that call was in an area when this shroud was being kept it actually the place where it’s being kept caught fire and they had to douse it with water and when they did it singed and burned the areas and so the nuns went back and Rees owed the cloth well where they couldn’t think about it is they need ever cut in the cloth in that area they did not want people to know that that cloth was real until now there’s a reason it’s been kept like that for a very good reason but what happened was they didn’t realize that there would become people that would get pieces of that and start looking at the material and where the shroud is pure linen and I explained why Jesus was put in pure linen because he believed that God believed in complete purity that’s why when they did sacrificial things like red heifer and they could have no light on them he everything about him was pure so interesting enough where they took the piece of cloth and cut it literally showed he had cotton and linen mixed together so they knew what they were getting and so there was a reason to keep it but I guess making people think it still wasn’t real but then interesting enough when Pope Francis became Pope right after he became Pope they released information that proved did the shroud was from the time period of Jesus and there’s been more or less research done it shows that even the dust is on there everything that was like flowers in the area all the stuff is on that shroud but I’ve always believed it because the day that I saw it like in 1975-76 my dad brought that in that’s the man that I saw in the dream when I was that changed my life so I’ve never doubted it but now we’re at a point in history where we’ve got a pope now saying research us whatever this is this da da da and it’s real so the question is would evil men get their hands on that blood and do something with it to be able to bring it into Christ of power there is no doubt in my mind the evilness and if anybody ever has studied Hitler and his reti regime and what he was after he was so involved with the occult that they literally met in a place called Camelot and they literally remote viewed and they brought spiritual things into them by chanting over Oracle sites he was attempting to reach Satan he was attempting to make Satan live in the flesh the interesting thing about cloning is that you can do it in a high school laboratory tony was done with frogs way back in the 1800s and so things of this nature which we’ve gotten ability to have access to computers and more volumes of research and things like that would be able to prove certain things that people once thought was not capable but you literally can take an egg out of a woman and you can just clean out the DNA and you can take a cell off of me and you can pop it in that egg you can put it back in the woman and you can Electrify it and when you electrified that egg will start dividing those cells because we’re electrical and when a sperm hits an egg that’s what it does as an electrical charge to it and that’s what causes pregnancy that’s what happens when you you do this with a cell if you Electrify you will start dividing itself and nine months when this woman that hasn’t have anything to do with me delivers the baby that’s been placed inside her it’ll be a not a twin of me but a duplicate of me totally a duplicate so I wanted to know and always thought this question how would it be that somebody this human could ever be overtaken by Satan and him and dwelling plus well we know you can be possessed we know that you know the exorcism that Blair was in years ago that that was a true story that was taken from real true archives I always quote a book called Malachi Martin’s book pastas to the devil if you don’t believe in it for systems and evil spirits or whatever perfect example of good great research but the thing about it is whenever you’ve got a demonic presence in you it can be cast out of you the Antichrist could never be in a situation that somebody could throw holy water on him and cast him out or change you so I went back to look at what it was in the Jewish literature about golem a golem is a piece of flesh that literally became a beast interesting enough a beast and that’s what revelations say but it would look human and this is where we get the story of Frankenstein and what did we do when we made Frankenstein we electrified him and because we electro fighting we brought into life well in the old Jewish text there was something called a golem there was a beast of the field that had no soul if a being could be brought into this world without the spirit and soul that you and I have the indwelling of Satan can stay in that being and live and breathe among us without having any problem that somebody can cast a demonic spirit or demon spirit or him out of that person the only way to do that to have a human to have a man what the Bible tells us is that you’ve got to have a man it doesn’t have a soul so that that indwelling can occur what about is that similar to what people would say the Nephilim are the children of the Fallen Angels so there’s people who believe that they have souls that aren’t redeemable and things like that and some people believe that those children are still running the earth today and they have that same type of soul that you’re talking about that’s what that similar the book that I’m talking about that I wrote about this is now come out in two volumes is called Eden the knowledge of good and evil 666 on and I wrote about this back when this risk I know a best-seller on Amazon and now I’ve come out with a 2018 edition but it’s two volumes because it’s so much more information but I explained to you that there was something called the epic of gilgamesh and in the epic of gilgamesh which was a was a considered a historical story about a giant who literally wanted to find how to live forever and the reason he wanted to live forever to keep flesh alive was cussed when the moment he died his spirit couldn’t go to God because it was not a spirit given in the garden when when God breathed into Adam the spirit of life and Eve was made from his rib which was the most perfect place to get DNA they were a perfect setup in a pure state making seed after their kind when change lineage got involved with the daughters of men when when these angels came down these fallen angels that came with Satan that were cast out when they started mating with them they produce something that was not after their kind they were not human and they were not angels there was something else and that’s where we get the demonic spirits and so what yoga mesh was wanting to find was a way to keep his flesh alive so that that thing stayed within him because the moment his flesh died as a giant that demonic spirit roams the earth now we know when Jesus came to this earth the first thing he did was encounter those demonic beings and it was in a person who he cast out those demons interesting enough those demons knew Jesus they called him by name they wanted to know if he had come before the time and he had power over them of course we know they ran up into this line and this line drowned themselves the pollen is these demonic spirits who came from all of that are still here with us because they have not been destroyed and yes those are the things that will obsess and oppress if you open yourself up mind and body and spirit and it’s done through the Eastern religions the pineal gland it allows the serpent to come up the spine it opens up your Holy of Holies and I’ve always said from the other research that I’ve done that now that’s now in these three volumes especially volume 2 of this the golf series it has been redone and updated as well in 2017 these three books especially volume two here on literally goes into explanation how if you cross section the brain it looks like the Ark of the Covenant with your your brains is sliced looking like it’s actually wings and the pineal gland sits right in the middle of that right here that’s why you see the third eyes called the third eye sits right in the middle of that we can cross section it I will always believe because Christ told the Pharisees and Sadducees that he was gonna raise his temple up if you go back and you look at this schematic of what the temple was like the Holy of Holies was in the most perfect area that only the priest could enter into no if he entered in and he was not clean most times he died within there there’s even stories about that they put ropes around the ankles because if they were not clean that they died because it was holy they’d sure come out with a with a rope so the thing about it is Satan wants to infiltrate you and control you so it’s not that Oracle’s are not real or that you can’t conjure up things because the Bible tells us that when King Saul wanted Samuel to answer some questions for him he went to the Witch of Endor she set on Oracle side and she conjured him up the Bible tells you he did it and that’s one thing that is so important to me that people need to understand is that the Bible is the most paranormal book ever written and when you try to push away paranoia or pretend this spirit squirrel doesn’t exist and you don’t want to believe in demons and you don’t think Satan is real and you don’t want to believe all this stuff if you’re a Christian you got to believe it because it’s written it says everything is in there is true I’ve never found anything in there with all my research that’s not spot-on even with science now proving we once thought was not real science is actually proven Israel but that that area of your brain that area of your body is literally I believe your most holy of hos you know the Eastern religions have always believed that that’s the seat of the soul no that odd it’s there if you do a mantra and if you chant it will literally open that up well you can bring the serpent of the spine and what happens sometimes with people that get involved in that kind of thing they will see an angel of light you’ve got to be careful because the Bible warns us Jesus was a was like an angel but yet he was different he is called something totally different in Scripture but yet the bright and Morning Star you know Satanist and sit in the morning started Phil Jesus it was the bright and morning star so you have to see that there is a significance of that Satan was always trying to emulate Jesus in the garden you had the Tree of Life you had the tree of good and evil there was an immunization trying to emulate Jesus we know that he got thrown out of heaven because he was trying to be God so why would it not be that being able to possess the very body of Jesus would not be what he’s after he gets to be geez he has to be Jesus and the flesh and Satan has the capability of power over the air so he can manifest and do whatever he wants and the Bible tells us in Revelation he’s going to do that so when you are caught constantly praying or doing something you need to be real cautious that you never bring the serpent up to your holy of Holy’s because when you do you’re putting Satan in your brain always when you meditate or when you pray you don’t do it in repetitions the body is set up as a harmonic resonance is no different than the earth is based on human residence God established residence and every living thing and if you manipulate that resonance you’re changing your very DNA of yourself we all are singing everything that’s alive singing eeveelution including stars are singing the call out there said they don’t nobody has the same chin it’s like singing worship songs to the Father I think that I think all creation is praising father there’s singing and I described it I know how in the books that I’ve written it’s like being he’s like a conductor and if you’re a conductor Orchestra you know that you’ve got your kettledrums you know you’ve got conga drums you know you got your regular drums you know you got this you got your cymbals you got this you got people playing the violin instruments is that kind of thing well if a string let’s say first violin breaks you’re gonna know it you’re gonna hear it because it’s not coordinating right and you’re gonna be able to look at that person when you have that kind of ility and go brook string yeah so don’t tell me that God when we get off the beaten path the problem is because of Satan’s ability he also knows when we get off that beaten path and he just sends every demonic thing he can send to us to keep us from returning back to say about like like the churches and stuff there’s a lot of churches out there and I’ve been a part of like Pentecostal churches and stuff and so they’ll have you know worship services and if we step back they look a lot like you know mantras I’ve been in services where they’re like the worship teams going in the spirit of God’s really strong and they’re singing I love you I love you I love you over and over like worship and beauty and they feel the Holy Spirit on their body and stuff like that would that be could they open themselves up for demonic possession that way too or you know this is this is gonna upset some people and I don’t really mean to because I’m a musician I play all kinds of music and praise and worship music it’s very pretty music but the problem is repetition is something the Bible tells us not to do when the shaman the African shaman would want to cause people to get into a frenzy they would be there drums at a certain beat and they would repeat the same things over that is brainwashing I can brainwash somebody very fast if I can put them in a room turn a certain beat up and keep telling them the same thing over and over and over in fact the same beat is 72 beats a minute in a room will actually kill you what about using that for good like they’re using it for wickedness to summon demons I feel like a lot of even prayer or meditation like it could be used for good or bad right couldn’t we use that for good for you know the you know I’m saying the word is being read the scriptures are being spoken over you when you’re in this sub septa beloit people are you know speaking blessings over you and things like that or is it still just all bad I have never found anything in the research that I’ve done that tells you to do anything repetitious anything this repetitious is a brainwashing technique like a forming it you can look at for example you remember a couple years ago they came out with a video that had Fred a good guitar one I think it’s called guitar here a guitar and he had the threats but he had the beat stone or a certain thing had pretty little skulls and things like you’re watching that saying go well we used to hypnotize people we had something that went round and around and around and black and white and you would keep watching that to the point you are hypnotized no okay it’s the same process it’s the same unique beats and what happens is it’s filtrate in your brain without you knowing it’s subliminal huh I mean even looking at do computer screens and cell phones as people are watching this essentially but we’re giving you light we’re giving you good information and knowledge and that what I wanted to ask you was like like where does what advantage does Christianity have I feel like they stole a lot of stuff from us I feel like Paul and these guys were very spiritual people I really do so what advantage would some what would captivate somebody whether it’s a relationship with Jesus whether it’s I think we Trump everybody know spirituality I really do but what would what would draw somebody to say look leave the occult and leave all of that stuff which is a mimicry of the truth and come to Jesus what would we say to draw somebody to what we have in Christ well we have to look at our several things everything that Satan has done has been to manipulate people to worship the created more than the Creator you have to remember first of all that the creator was an Alpha and Omega no beginning no end Satan is a created be figure who’s got the best deal figure who can win in the end okay you’ve got to look at why is Satan after us why is he trying to pull us away from the Creator you have to understand he’s not ever going to go back neither will the Angels that got thrown out with him he’s wanting to take the very soul that we have and whatever he can do to manipulate God’s Word he will do it you think about in the Garden of Eden there Adam and Eve were a pure heart here at mine walking with God they were told Adam was told not to look not to go to that tree good and evil but yet they did and why did they believe it was cause the serpent that was there was literally taking God’s words and changing up not just a little bit now you see secret societies do that when they indoctrinate their people they put them through rituals to go to next level you have to pay out more money to go to the next level next level okay but as you go up the indoctrination gets more and more and more and where they start out making you think oh we’re talking about Jesus when you get up there at about the thirty-two and then when you get to the thirty-two and then their son this you’ve got a door a choice even this story you go in that door you take the other door there’s like 90 more things that you can keep going when you get to the top of that you are literally eliminated in Luciferian light which makes you a son of Satan you are possessed and you are oppressed and you are totally controlled most people that ever go that route never come back because they’ve taken so many blood O’s then they never get a chance to talk then they get bad enough for the entry level ones you know will cut your nicotine time will put you know cement blocks on your feet all kinds of stuff I mean I talk about that in my Eden book about how controlling those things are what Satan can give you a little bit of information a little bit of knowledge and you get to thinking this is where people can’t get the answers through Christianity and they go oh they got the answer and they run over there and they they think they’re getting answers to Christianity and they start out doing that but then they take them deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole until they’re totally confused they’re worshipping when they never understood and Satan let me just say he has power so people who practice you know satanic do satanic work and Satanism they are able to do certain things you know it’s just no different than the witch in door she literally conjured up Samuel so we have to stop and think that these demonic beings that part of the spiritual on Satan having power over the air that means sounds beats whatever and some of my research research I show that you can take a plant put it in classical music it’ll just thrive you can take another plant and put it in some of this really ugly talking rap music I’m talking out filthy that plan will die yeah you can take that classical plant put it in there with the rap news it’ll kill it we actually did the we actually did the dr. Emoto rice experiment we tried it at home it worked hundred percent and you can even take things like water and it will change water it will change the crystals of water based on that so I think you know for your listeners that have our pet straight away because they couldn’t find the answers I mean that’s what my research it’s really typically trying to do is to give you the necessary facts so that you can come back to Christ that you can now see the whole picture and not fragments of things that people could answer for you because it was either too hard for you for them to answer or they didn’t know the answer I mean I go through you know that cocaine came into being how his his people came into being how the you know the Nephilim were involved what happened to the flood how evil got across the flood I mean I try to answer all those questions that really Christianity and most churches have not the answer don’t even know that it happened you know just know the gospel that’s it they were like where are you okay I’m using the King James Version of the Bible and I’m gonna show you and scripture exactly how it’s yeah what it’s talking about but I had to go back to the original Hebrew and Greek and once you do that you understand that when it was translated into the English language there are certain words that we use in the English language that the Hebrew and Greek there’s not a word now so there may be a change in the translation so words like eight can a te can actually mean sex in Hebrew no no yeah so there’s all these little things that it’s not so many of them that’s original whatever then you get the whole picture what is that really telling you and then all of a sudden the Bible will open up and you can literally see why all these things have happened why they’re happening and why we’re here and it’s like I’ve tried to explain that science has told us now with the law of thermodynamics if you create energy like I’m saying we’re when you’re put in the egg and the sperm hits the egg its electrification there’s electric there is energy that’s being made the law thermodynamics says and once that energy is maybe can never be destroyed so if people think that I can live my life I can blow it because when lights are out I’m just floating out there somewhere and nothing’s gonna happen let me just say it’s not lights out there is a choice and you’re gonna have to make that choice as to who you serve because you’re gonna either serve God like he wants you to serve he’s giving us you know he’s giving us he’s giving us a manual to know how to do it right literally Emmanuel God with us to do it right everybody needs to read it including Christians because let me just say this when I took the old stories that I had as a child about the garden believing there was an apple in the Garden of Eden if you go out on the street asking how many people what’s the fruit that was in the garden even take you there is Apple they’re going to tell you that Noah took two of each animal on the ark a male and female he took seven pairs of the clean animals to each so there was 14 giraffes and 14 lines but you will never see that written on any kind of childhood stuff or any picture that you see read it and read the word as it is don’t take somebody else’s interpretation because when you look at it and I and in this little this little book it’s not something that any human being could have done when you take it down to the very Hebrew letter the Hebrew letter when you make the sound of Hebrew letter it will make the form of the Hebrew letter in sand when the Bible says in Genesis and God spoke sound created everything and we can prove that now because we have MRIs and they take perfect pictures of our bodies and images we can do 3d whatever if we can do that the Creator look at what his capability is he’s spoken and it was found like we said we’re all vibrating he’s the great actor he knows everything about what’s going on he knows everything that’s happening here and you know when you hypnotize someone I can take people back to when they were children and they can remember everything and there are people on this earth that you do say what were you doing on Friday the 13th and 1962 they can literally tell you exactly what they were doing that day with precision they can also you can say well what day was Friday the 13th in 1965 on they’ll tell you oh that was only Tuesday because they literally have the mind capability to do that our mind has so much that we don’t we don’t even use you know probably a tenth of our minds capability but let me just say everything is reported everything everything you have fault done whatever is all there literally all there it’s like a big computer right up here in your head and it’s all up there we are Holy of Holies is it’s the most precious thing that you have got is in fact people think oh well you know I own Mercedes that’s the most precious thing I got I got a mansion that suppresses precious thing and God I got children that’s precious thing at the pred most precious thing that you have is your spirit and soul that lives within you because that one thing if you take care of it gives you the chance to live in mansions of paradise for eternity and we’re on this earth for a little while but when we get back to paradise it is so much grander greater I mean I do a lot of research on near-death experiences I mentioned a lot of this stuff in my work people who have seen the other side whether it be hell or heaven it’s just hanging up those that got to see the hill part or no longer in the game back and they have changed their lives to the int degree because of what they saw and the people that had the good experience will tell you they didn’t want to come back how beautiful how wonderful how this being this presence the people that they had known in their families were all there so it’s not like South and there’s that choice and I think it’s really important the work that you’re doing in the work that I try to do is to show people that you’ve gotten off the beaten path or you’re a Christian who was like me born asking flying that’s what my research is all about to try to show you that what this book it said all the time it’s the truth it’s totally the truth and you can bank on it you can take it anywhere and odds of all the stuff that happened in it prophesied coming true it’s beyond any numbers that you could do in Las Vegas literally you would win every time if you follow what it says to do and I think the greatest thing to prove it but people say well how do you how would you prove it how do you prove that’s true the very men that God called Jesus called to what with him as his disciples they lived and breathed they saw everything he did they said there’s this masses of books that have been written we don’t even have today the Bible says looks written about when he went to the cross they all saw him died Peter who loved him what anything in the world he told him see you go to Nami three times for the top grouse he did that he was a scared man they all fled the women were the only ones that would kind of they’re kind of really maintaining but the thing about it is when he resurrected they saw him even Thomas doubting Thomas got it put that pan on that places where Christ had the problems when Christ came back he sat down and even ate with him after he was resurrected the thing that proves the Bible if you were my best friend and we had a hoax going on and they crucified you up there I’m not gonna get boiled in oil because you and I were playing a game but when Jesus Christ went into heaven and he allowed them become his disciples every one of them except John of Patmos died as martyrs they were crucified upside down they were put through with swords they were boiled in oil I’m talking about me the most terrible death ever game I don’t care how much I like you if you hadn’t really died and had not risen again I wouldn’t have played the game and going to my death for it and I don’t know anybody that would do that but the fact that all those men died like that till she they saw him die and they saw him raised and resurrected and they saw him he said you see where I go but one day I’m coming back they saw him alive they saw him leave not like you and I have ever left and gone up in the sky it wasn’t in like an airplane they need that he’s coming back and they spent their entire lifetimes living in sackcloth traveling everywhere they could travel to try to give people the truth and you know that’s what you’re trying to do that’s what I’m trying to do we’re still trying to show these people that have any doubts that this is true and I and I hope that that the time in the years that I’ve spent trying to sleep that that people will be able to see from my work that it supports what the King James Version and goes all the way back to what Hebrew and Greek we’re really trying to tell us all along that this is true and out with a lot of science so I include a lot of science to prove what the Bible has said and then that answers all those little white questions that I had I was the same way as a kid my you know are we there yet you know those questions yeah yeah that’s good cuz like like I said any churches man that’s my story to exactly what you’re talking about having these questions or having dreams and visions about the church that I was even in and you go to the pastor you go to the leadership and I said just don’t worry about that don’t ask those questions and so you know if you don’t ask the questions you’ll never get the answers and I think those things are you know for us to seek out if you really have a deep longing for how this works or what does this mean and they tell you I don’t worry about it just you’re gonna go find somebody who’s gonna give you the answer and that’s the thing when it comes to spirituality and the spiritual giftings and the spirit realm I think us in the church in Christ need to know what to tell people versus sending them away because the moment they run to the new age or they Google er you do is Google these questions you’re gonna find somebody who claims to have the answer claims have the truth so we if we’re in Christ and Christ if Jesus is truth then I think we need to have truth for people so I appreciate your work dr. Joe and everything you bring to the table thanks so much for coming on if people want to check out all of your books and all of the stuff that you bring to the table let them know the website they can go to to check out your work and how they can get involved yes my website is dr. joy drj oh why each one with an e dot com dr. joy comm and all the books even my music is there I have some audiobooks of Eden that it’s they’re my latest book parables of joy on a Georgia farm it’s my latest thing and that’s all about me and tell us some of these stories that I’ve kind of shared with you about growing up and then my facebook page is joy PJ Yee eugh and you can friend me there and keep up and find out what shows that I’ve been on and and follow my research ask questions there’s a forum there at the website that you can fill out if you would like to ask me something I get emails from all over the world I do research with people all over the world it’s a wonderful experience to be able to share what I found I like doing that and I hope you support you know my books and research because that’s how I’m able to continue to do what I do thank you very much for having me yes I’ve totally enjoyed it I’ve enjoyed it too and there’s a bunch of people here in chat just saying uh they they support you and you’re very powerful in your work and what you bring to the table so you have a lot of people in your corner who supports you and believe in your work so yeah make sure y’all head on over to her website and support her if you believe in her work spend some money over there and kind of help support her and and send her out there the kind of disciple the nation’s it’d be awesome thank you dr. joy for coming on I really appreciate it we’ll do it again soon I agree I want again thanks so much again my friend god bless you have a good one eg thank you dr. joy pew synchronicity synchronicity is key good stuff people are asking about q and A’s I don’t know if you wanted doing it for her or for me I am watching the chat while we’re live here so if anybody has any questions or anything I’ll try my best to answer them yeah she’s a sweet lady really sweet lady I love her spirit she reminds me I have a good friend of mine Deborah she was on Kristy Lee show last night she called in Deborah lacy she reminds me so much of Debra southern southern draw real Christian lady so real cool that’s spirit about it right is that spirits on a lot of people here in the south so good stuff man she she really brought up a lot of good points and I would really you know we talk about spirituality we talk about the spirit realm we talk about meditation third eye all that kind of stuff and um nah we talk about it nonchalantly like it’s just everyday talk or whatever but you really should take this stuff serious it’s not to be played with none of it’s to be played with the Kundalini it’s not to be played with spirituality spirits aliens demons all that it’s not to be played with you know we’re in a you know information is just at your fingertips now and you can just people talk about this stuff and I talk about it openly but it really you should take it serious all of it the Holy Spirit God Jesus Christ angels is not to be played with not to be played with so I’ll say this what she mentioned about ascending or going into the third eye right talked about having clean hands right and a pure heart because it’s even a picture of the the priest who would go in there would make sacrifices and the Holy of Holies they would go in there and if they weren’t living right if they weren’t covered by the blood of Christ they would die in the presence of God they would die and it would have a rope tied to their ankle and when they when they went in there they would be if they didn’t come back out it was a bell it pulled him out by the rope because he had died and I believe it’s the same way when we ascend to these levels when we go into the spirit realm when we meditate when we pray you have to have clean hands and a pure heart that’s on the way you’re gonna see God without holiness no man shall see the Lord Oh to deal with the Lord on those levels its integrity if you are spiritual if you’re a Christian that whatever you are like everything you don’t have integrity you’re not walking in integrity you’re not gonna see the Lord I love it when people are spiritual but they have no integrity that’s just that’s how I mean that’s the fruit of the Spirit which I judge people I judged non-believers people outside of Christianity I don’t care what faith you claim to be I’m gonna judge that integrity I’m gonna judge that fruit the fruit of the Spirit and how come these people who are outside of religion or Jesus but they walk in the fruits of Jesus in the love of Jesus the love of God well to me studying the Scriptures as well that’s how you tell if someone believes if they’re hanging out with the Holy Spirit you’re gonna possess the fruits of the spirit the fruits of the Holy Spirit that’s its universal man okay if you call yourself a Christian if you just say whatever it is man I want to be around those people I want to hang out with those people Benjamin Binney Wien what up boy he says a true seeker do you believe the eschew Asst father and I can’t these questions are going is the source as in james gilliland teaching or Yahweh Jehovah um here’s the deal james gilliland joy pew true seeker whoever you have to go for them for what they’re good at I would tell you that I’m a good I’m gonna go for the james gilliland about UFOs I’m gonna go to him about meditation I’m gonna go to him I’m not gonna go to him about Christ I’m just not I mean I’ve listened to his teachings on on Christ and Yahweh and all that stuff a lot of its off it’s not on you go through but you do applaud him and commend him for what he’s really good at what he spent hours studying and and you know a lot of these people that became to be experts on things they have no experience in you have to go to other people about Yahweh you have to go to other people about Christ you know I’m saying and like many of you guys were saying in the chat you know what you’re looking for is what you’re gonna get you know if you’re looking for demons around every corner you’re gonna see him I’m sure she had fun with my background right I got you know Pokemon I mean there’s a whole movement of the church saying pokemons demonic I mean there’s this all kinds of wrink it’s back there behind me on video and then I got the sacred geometry and macabre all kind of stuff I’ve got um liquor back there from Marilyn Manson’s brand of liquor and sinneth tool the lead singer Maynard James Maynard Keenan at his liquor wine there’s a lot of stuff we’ve already we’ve already x.x this out King you move on you know you you find what you’re looking for a man if we study in this stuff if you’re looking for it first bhima’s around every corner if you’re looking for angels around every corner you’re gonna find them if you’re looking whatever you’re looking for so the way universe is set up oh yeah change the things that you’re focused on change the things that you’re looking at and the things you’re looking at will change you have the power to do that she talked about like you know would have a creative power of God to speak things into existence man that same breath is in our lungs man the same breath that God blew into Adams nostril the same life the same life force they call it other things in other other places the pranayama of the Chi energy tachyon that kind of stuff we had the power to do that as well keep your hands clean keep your heart pure like she said I mean it’s my story too asking questions in churches they don’t like that what about we start questioning the doctrine of the churches come on that’s a no-no you’re in church and they tell you this so they say like remember being in churches and many of you have been there or are here the pastor’s are giving his deal on tithing and saying that uh if you don’t tithe God is gonna curse you if you don’t tithe you owe that to God that 10% and if you don’t give it to me over to God why do I have to give it to you I and you’re being forceful about it really like if I owe that to God and if you don’t give it to a God then God’s gonna take it from you that’s the teachings they taught us man that had us and so much bondage and so you sorted started to study Malachi where they pull that stuff from or you started to study tithing and Deuteronomy and you find a hold on man he’s Kurt you know like later movies like the movie Slingblade I read the Bible took me four years to read it them stories you told me ain’t in there that’s what it is you they would give you two or three scriptures and have you quote it pray it believe it write it down take a picture whatever and you believe it just because they told you but then you studied for yourself you know hold on man now putting us under these curses that ain’t even for us but tithing you’re talking about people stealing the tithes and not bringing it into the storehouse they’re talking about the pastors and leaders still in the tithe I’m giving you my tithe y’all are the ones doing the wrong stuff what are you ain’t supposed to be doing is so crazy man but oh so that’s just an example you study the tithe and then you come to your pastor and say hey uh I’ve been studying this and I don’t feel like it doesn’t line up they’re gonna run you up out of there so you can’t ask questions you better stop if you’re having good if you’re having a good time in church you’re having a good time in that structure you love your friends around you you love your church my church family you love it you better stop studying the scriptures better stop fasting you better stop praying because you go when you get to the bottom of it you find out that a lot of stuff that these churches are built upon it’s not biblical it’s not scriptural start asking questions run you out of there trust me been there and I know many other people who have to the whole synchronicity thing you know I try not to be cynical you know I’m saying but synchronicity here with dr. joy she she emailed me some time ago and I and I got the email she want to be on the show and I just kind of I looked at her website I didn’t really know much about it and I just kind of and now I’m not gonna have her on the show she’s too religious she she’s gonna undo the things that I’m teaching you know I’m saying so I know I’m not gonna have her on or whatever I didn’t want to have her on I just disregarded the email and then one of my fans somebody who listens to the podcasts and likes to music hit me up and was asking me all kind of questions about my symbol and just different stuff and it’s just I have you ever heard of dr. joy pew but no I don’t think so I don’t think I’ve ever heard of her she’s like I really love her work and she says just about that and just about that and I love feet it should be make a great guest on your show I said okay well since you came to me well my guest well my audience comes to me I forward with a guest I tried to go look him up and see if I can make it happen so I went to a website and seen some of the books and things I said it’s his book seemed familiar to try to turn the Antichrist coming back from the Shroud of Turin and stuff and so I went to a web site seen that and then I went to my email and I just typed in her name and I seen that she had emailed me two weeks before wanting to come on to the show and even though I didn’t want to have her on I was like you know what I’m gonna do it because I am i follow synchronicity I’ve doing this right here right now because of God opening up doors through synchronicity and whatever so that’s why that that interview happened pure synchronicity it wouldn’t happen any other way um I’m sure some of you guys are here for a reason there’s something for you in this interview whether it was for her from her whether it was from me whatever it is God has something for you here because it was supposed to happen but as far as like the Shroud of Turin and some of the things like I’ll entertain it you know I’m saying I don’t know at all I did I wasn’t there you know what I’m saying but um as far as like believing the Shroud of Turin is the Shroud that was on Jesus or whatever I don’t believe it and there’s a lot of people here and in the chat Kris Garner’s just saying that there’s so much stuff that debunk that or whatever and you kind of reach in Kris Jannetty does that a lot ma’am that’s one thing that we have is we reach a lot trying to prove the Bible hey look we got the Shroud it’s got Jesus on it what come on man you know we want it to be true historically that were looks like hey look at this you know what I’m saying you know so uh that’s that’s one thing about it is if you need to stop doing that you know my buddy Kenny I hope you’re watching this Kenny showing me all kind of pictures on his phone of like the Ark of the Covenant show me pictures of the the rock that Moses split in half and Noah’s Ark and you know Mount Sinai and Haiti founded its own Google master stuff you know we saw reaching like hey it looks similar that’s it you know those kind of things but a lot of its ups been debunked and she was talking about how like some of the early art whereas was drunk the the pit early pitches of Jesus were drawn from the shroud and some people saying the shroud is a painting or whatever but the depictions that we have of Jesus like I said the guy who looks like me the long long hair and a beard or whatever like um that wasn’t drawn from the shroud that was drawn from a man named Ezra Bossier which is the Pope’s one of the Pope’s sons who was a murderer and practice incest and they used his image in his paintings as the likeness of Jesus that gets really deep so the person that we’re calling Jesus and these pictures and on our tattoos and all of this stuff it’s not from the shroud it’s from a man named Ezra Bossier who was a man of wickedness people have these pictures up in their house of the depiction and likeness of Sarah Bossier look it up don’t take my word for it check it out so um yeah I’ve had some of these notes I was you know she it’s really cool I like her you know she she’s for some people really answered much of my questions though spirituality and about Christianity being uh being a very spiritual tradition I guess it isn’t for her though more of a truce truce uh religion versus uh spiritual but for me it’s very uh very spiritual Paul they can trip Stu heaven didn’t know if he took his body with him or not IVA back and forth to heaven regularly went in and out of trances dream states um telepathy here in the voices of angels being led through dreams and visions man if you don’t get out of my face with that Thomas um Illuminati or the Masons wrote the Bible Mantid to control people how did they write a book to control people when the book tells you to rebel against the authorities that doesn’t even make sense that’s a that’s a very spiritual book that book is alive man that the word is alive it’s sharper than any two-edged sword able to cut and split between bone and marrow man that’s a very spiritual book when you read that book in about King David you’re not reading about Adam not reading about Goliath reading about you about you as a spiritual book read about idolatry of the Israelites the wordy Israelite means child of God ah are you a child oh god oh you now no longer a slave to fear are you now a child of God the book is about you trying to find the dwelling place of these fallen angels in a dwelling place of God and where King David pal King David’s old house in Israel you know ya lookin find the spiritual meanings of it what does the

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