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This episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast is titled Bandersnatch referring back to the new Netflix episode of Black Mirror with the same title. Bandersnatch is an episode where you actually get to make choices throughout the show that inevitably change the outcome of the episode. You get to choose what cereal the main character eats for breakfast, what music he listens to, if he should take his meds and a ton more. The concept is taken from some of the choose your path books that came out in the 80’s and 90’s such as the Goosebumps book Escape from the Carnival of Horrors which I read in 1995. Without giving away too many spoilers I believe the movie is a representation of our lives as it explores the multiple timelines theory that coexist almost as dimensions directly on top of the reality that we are currently experiencing. Another movie that did a great job exploring this scenario was The Butterfly Effect with Ashton Kutcher that came out in the early 2000’s. The weird thing about the film is that I have talked to people who have reported having panic attacks and others who said the film just made them feel “weird” after watching. Theres something about tampering with the past in order to create a different outcome and the movie definitely made you examine your life and ask yourself the question “How in the hell did I end up here”. I believe many of us “end up here” by default. We needed a job and then filled out a random job application for a company that we have now been at for 6 years… 10, 20 years. This was totally not the plan, this was not in the foreseen future and deep down you may feel like “I KNOW this is NOT my destiny“. Just as a series of actions led you to that random dead end job a similar “conscious” set of actions can lead you into your destiny landing that dream job and doing what you LOVE for a living. I have found that it is about becoming mindful of every waking moment and not letting time just pass you by. By bringing our thoughts into captivity we can in the now moment formulate a game plan to bring about these results. Choose your destiny, if not, one will be chosen for you.

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yo what’s up guys okay so again 2019 we’re doing this thing the true seeker podcast let me know in the in the livestream some people are saying that you guys can’t hear the intro audio but you can hear me so you know if you can hear me just let me know cuz I’m about to ramble we’re about to go in we’re about to get it in um so yeah let me know in the chat if you guys can hear me also want to let everybody know that I’m trying something new for this episode just to see what’s up I enabled media sharing for everyone who donates if you donate to the stream you can pick a youtube video to play a certain segment out of and it’ll let you I guess feature it and play it on the screen during the podcast and I guess forced me to give commentary on it or something I don’t know I I enabled it we’ll see if it works if anybody wants to try it out that link is in the description as well so maybe it’ll be a curveball thrown my way but uh check it out just see what’s up moving forward 2019 man a lot to talk about a lot to get into 2018 was was nothing short of a blessing 2018 was beautiful she’s got so much accomplished did so much in 2018 talked to so many really cool people on this podcast man if I was in when I did that the last year in review I just kind of went through each podcast and gave commentary on the previous hundred and I’m about there now with the year in just like last year so I don’t know if I’m gonna do that that took a really long time and I had to stretch it out between two episodes but anyway talk to some really cool people and I got a lot more really cool people lined up I just booked a podcast for next Wednesday night with a guy I used to listen to when I was a teenager who’s in a Christian rock band called ds5 down Nathan Bowman I believe his last name is and I have him on next Wednesday night so we’re gonna do an impromptu podcast after the Kristy Lee show that we do on her tap in tune in so a lot more coming up I’m booked all the way til February so we’ll see what’s up with that talk about a lot of this new stuff that’s going on I want to say a huge thank you again man to everybody who is supporting my podcast everybody who supported my music and who believes in the work that I’m bringing to the table via via patreon man thank you guys for the support the continued support no matter what level that you’ve signed up for thank you guys for doing that I could not do this without you this is a listener funded show listener support it so I want to give a huge shout out to everybody who’s been supporting riding with me from the beginning all the newcomers who have just coming on the new people are listening to the podcast I just want to welcome you to the to the fold to the family the new people in our discord we’re just all about growth man and I really do believe the kingdom is about growth so it’s living it’s moving it’s breathing so shout out to some of the newest to patrons within I say the last week but the last day or so shout out to Jeremy Smith god bless you Jeremy thank you for coming aboard Debbie George god bless you as well and welcome to the fold thank you for believing in the work and going on this journey with us just released a new album January the first my EP colors a seven song EP one song for each chakra to represent or just be inspired by that chakra getting some good feedback already good feedback on the colors EP as well as the chakra meditation and the guided throne-room meditations that I’ve put out I got a lot more in store when it comes to doing those meditations I got a bunch of ideas and I don’t want to just start pushing it out and cramming it out here by this by this by this so I want to make sure it’s kind of just I guess in keeping it at a steady pace even though I’ve got to create it I don’t know about pushing it out back to back to back because it’s just the one thing about creating a man and just doing music or whatever it is you’ll put you’ll put out one song even and in your YouTube subscribers or your immediate fanbase or whatever will hear it but they won’t get a chance to you you you’ll be ready to move on to the next song or the next album and you’re not even finished promoting that other one that is a huge dilemma for underground artists too to come out with like this should be a whole marketing plan and marketing scheme I’ll run into it thankfully I have a decent sized fan base that people do get to appreciate it and listen to it before I move on to something that’s cool but it’s man I’m even like my work from 2015 I don’t need I feel like I should be still promoting that actively without even moving on to any other material but there’s just so much more that I’m working on and pushing out there so that’s why you know creating community sharing each other’s work even for those who can’t support what I do via patreon financially you can always click that share button you can always opt in to some of the different affiliate links and stuff like that just to support and promote what we’re doing here but yeah artists are doing it man and I hate it I’m glad that I like I said I have a small fan base you know people get to kind of glory in that work with you and you can put it out and share it to all the links and the people who want it get it that’s there but then again those up-and-coming people even friends of mine who will put out work and and their promo game is not the greatest you know they got really good material a really good album videos or whatever you know 10 people buy their albums and they’re moving on to the next one you know and I really hate that and uh from underground unsigned artists I usually would give myself two months to promote a project on a on a pre-order I didn’t do that on this one I’ve got so much art flowing out of me so much going on I’ve been promoting it via patreon like I’ve been like glorying with those guys who are kind of helping fund the project so they’ve been listening to this stuff for months so even when it’s time to come out and promote it to the general public I would usually give myself two months a two-month window to get out as much videos as much promo stuff out there interviews all of that kind of stuff to promote it to sell as many pre-orders as I could because that’s like the biggest you know sum of money that you’re gonna get from your music is your pre-orders and so I didn’t really do that this time I just you know I just put it out after and when it was ready I put it out you know January the 1st and maybe that’s why I would have you know put it push their back two months maybe to February or something and just try to sell as many as I could and just get into marketing mode I mean that’s what I’ve done on past projects that have allowed me to sell a decent amount of pre-orders but I didn’t do that on this one I just put it out and you know you know the cars may fall wherever but I’m still getting feedback but I hate it for those people who aren’t you know they they don’t have a marketing plan they just release it and just expect it to be out there then you get bored with it you get better with the more material you put out you get better at wrapping and get better at making videos or whatever and that stuff falls on the backburner you know and you keep moving and you forget about the oldest old stuff you can’t promote everything like if you have a catalog like you got stuff that you did like I said me 2015 that I still feel is relevant in one of the best albums of overlooked just because of we don’t have the right marketing and stuff and if you guys were here on the last podcast I did about the near-death experience two atheists who found God she is like up to par with her marketing she wrote a book she said anybody can write a book and say yeah you all have a book within you all of most of your lives would make a great movie would make a great book you have wisdom and insight that you want to bring out bring to the table but once it’s out what do you do with it how do you market it because if you don’t you got six people who bought that book it’s something that took you six months to create or a year three years whatever it is how long it took you six people hear it and and so we need to find that team we need to find that core group of people that we can work with even if you have to spend money on marketing whether it’s Facebook ads or whether it’s a marketing firm that you can find someone in that or whatever buy ad space on on websites I’ve done it you know and it’s all in it’s all in experiment at this point because we don’t have a lot of people being open and honest about how to do this what does this look like hey this is effective you can watch a lot of YouTube videos a lot of time that’s like backhanded advice because they’re trying to get you to opt in to something with that and they just give you a piece of it and try to make you you know opt into that course but hey if they if they go all the way in on the course then it’s worth it so I’m gonna be working on something as well I get a lot of messages and it’s just been in the spirit people want to know how do I do this how do I you know do a podcast like this how do I set it up with these cool colors and how do you where do you send it how do you get on iTunes all of that stuff and I’m working on right now just a master course on showing you guys through a video everything that I do it’s gonna be an all-inclusive thing it’s gonna be it really gonna be a master course on even branding your SEO getting in in the search engines with your podcast getting organic views getting views to your product to your music to your podcasts your videos on YouTube whatever it is organically by utilizing Google SEO in a search engine so I’m gonna be uh you know stuff that’s taken me years to learn I’m gonna do a course on it and put it out in a video format for those of you who want to do it and you can approach it and apply it to anything that you’re trying to bring to the table hopefully in 2015 those of you who are already doing something and you’re already in a niche you already into marketing you’re already into spiritual healing and having having your own business or whatever there’s still tools that you can utilize it I’m gonna show you what I do on the back end that that works and the stuff that doesn’t work stay away from and I’m just gonna be out really soon so you guys will get all those updates if you’re subscribed on the on the website so I’m going to talk about 2019 I’m going to talk about moving forward some motivation on what what what what we need to be successful in our niche and and successful and what we’re bringing to the table being successful spiritually like how can you thrive in moving from 2018 to 2019 how can you thrive in and not just exist not just survive and so I really believe that man writing down goals writing down division even we talked about prophesying over yourself prophesying over your vision that know that you’re doing what you were put here to do what you’re destined to do what God created you to do versus just existing and if you’re listening to this on the job site you know not everybody feels that way some people love their jobs they get to they’ve kind of given up on the pipe dream and they’re there they’ve transitioned to a place where they’re comfortable on their job that’s good too but if you have a side hustle if you have a side niche you know I was interviewed in in their magazine five to nine design so not what you’re doing from your five to nine for your regular bread and butter but what do you do when you get off work what is it that you’re thinking about at work like I think that’s the thing we need to try to be pursuing for a living to spend 40 hours a week doing what you love for a living the five to nine when you get off work so they interviewed me and I did a UH they did a whole spread on me in that magazine so y’all go to that website check out that is really cool but um I really think that that’s what we’re supposed to be doing what makes our heart tick and people have transitioned you know they’ve and they’ve looked at it and they’ve come to terms that hey this is a pipe dream and they are content they are happy where they are whether it be bagging groceries whether it be framing houses painting for a living carpentry whatever they love it they have gotten they’ve gotten to a place where they love that but this is for those who you have this side niche when you get off of work but the thing the thing you’re thinking about at work what is it is it videogames is it gaming like while you’re at work your mind is somewhere else you know you we’re in a place now where you can get paid to play video games all day if you can tell jokes if you can be entertaining and you can market yourself right I have friends who are gaming for a living they’ve got successful twitch channels they’re gaming if that’s what you want if that’s your heart’s desire that’s what makes your heart heart tick pursue it if it’s a podcast if if you listening to podcasts while you’re working and you’re like man I could do that I want to do that pursue it whatever it is man that you know you’re supposed to be doing with it’s the healing arts man if you want to help people find inner healing lead people through deliverance dealing with childhood trauma creating music something different and you can bring to the table that is going to help people pursue it put something in the earth put a seed in the earth whatever it is you got to do something you know I I’m sound redundant with this but I’m gonna keep saying it because it’s very practical the spirituality the going with in getting the vision and traveling the ethers in a dream state and then going back to the nine-to-five back in groceries that’s not fun that should we talked about the even that being linked to depression going on psilocybin and esoteric us psychedelic journeys and then coming back to the mundane life that you just kind of loathe like you have to be able to kind of take that and and use it as fuel and not just get stuck in and not grow weary in well-doing but use that stuff as fuel in 2019 today is a good day to start there’s things in your life that you can’t take with you to the next level let’s get that straight there’s people in your life won’t go to the next level with you they’re holding you back your cert you’re still seeking for man’s approval there’s things you gotta let go there’s addictions you gotta let go of maybe its soda maybe soda can’t go with you in the 2019 maybe pornography addiction can’t go with you into 2019 where you’re headed there’s places that God has planned for you that alcohol can’t go with you they’re your marijuana addiction can’t go with you in 2019 there has to be a standard moving forward you can’t just keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results they said that’s the definition of insanity to keep doing the same thing at hoping NetID changes you got to change something you got to change your surroundings you got to change your vision you got to change your circle of friends your circle of influence what are you listening to what are you ingesting what type of music a certain music you can’t take with you in 2019 you got to leave it at the door moving forward I’m telling you it’s a good time to start right now even if you know it’s three days in you feel like you’ve missed the you know the New Year thing start now even if you you fail even if you you you know I’m saying keep it moving two weeks three weeks three months and you fail keep it moving because consistency is what’s gonna pay off consistency in it keep working out oh I missed the week I didn’t work out all week and you just Lowe’s in it you just sit in it you know I was talking about last night on Kristy Lee show like there was a time where I was trying to eat vegetarian and I was going like three months almost and I slipped up one time and ate chicken and that’s all we had to eat we took the kids out to go see a movie and I took him to eat chicken and I was hungry so I ate some and then I gave up after that one time that was three years ago wha well I already messed up I had it you know I was on three meant three months straight and I gave up so you just load in it so now start again try it again today you’re gonna mess up you’re gonna mess up but what the scripture says that the righteous fall seven times but they get back up the Saint is just a sinner who fell down and got up you got to keep getting up it’s part of the learning experience we learned through experience you learned that if you touch that stove and it’s hot don’t touch it again it’s gonna burn you you learned that if you have friends in your life who have a certain type of characteristic about themselves they’re snakes they might bring you down stay away from those type of people why are you attracting those type of people into your life ask yourself that moving forward into 2019 there are things that you cannot take with you moving forward I’m gonna go back and forth by just talking about this and I’m gonna jump in this chat too and just see what people are talking about so yeah shout out to everybody holding us down in the live stream Jeremy pick Chris garner John Santiago Jose Adam home sauce my brother Astrid my sister everybody holding us down Adam star seed Bay Monica has my good friend Adrianna Ortiz hey friend how are you Jacob bhakta what’s up Anna yeah everybody else who’s listening who hasn’t commented let me know you’re here man comment in the stream let’s see here – so Vinny says the dope idea for the seven colors with the seven chakra Thank You Vinny astrid says 333 it’s lit man I love that album yeah that’s one reason I have a 333 song as my intro on for the podcast you don’t know how many people who like watch the Jordan Maxwell interviews or the big interviews that get you know almost a hundred thousand views on YouTube I’m really itching towards that first you know people are asked hey who sings this intro song what song is that so I’m able to tell them what song it is and they go and buy the album so anyway shout out to Justin Caldwell adam Starseed says colors in it is an awesome album I shared out youtube link for it promoting brothers and sisters could key to good marketing yeah man and we’re Adam we’re gonna um we’re gonna have to get serious about this marketing – we’re gonna have to get serious about sharing some stuff and I know that I’m talking about it I have division I’m gonna be the one to set it up so all of you spiritual entrepreneurs you have a product you need to get out there but there’s seven people buying your product or seven people watching we’re gonna we’re gonna have to get together whether it’s starting a network whether it’s uh like a morning plan of getting stuff together to share out and not be afraid to share your platform is a is a big thing especially coming from the Christian Church like that was a thing that there is a no no they when they were are protective of that platform and in a sense you should be but I’m telling you networking is key I’m even if we’re networking with smaller channels who have seven viewers that seven new people that if I go on there and do an interview if someone shares my podcast out with their seven viewers there’s a potential that I have seven new fans that’s part of paying for promotion paying to play early on you know when I got with LC OB the Lost Children of Babylon I was a corny white gospel rapper those and I was wanting to get into the esoteric hip-hop those guys are like way beyond me already established a huge fan base I had to pay those guys for features early on I had to pay them to get on my album they have no idea who I am and so I would pay them and then the goal and paying them is look bring forth good content because when they’re fans which is a lot of fans are itching for new material they’re gonna hear this new song rasul-allah featuring true Seger cosmic Crusader featuring true Sica atma featuring true seeker their fans are itching for new material in the goal is to blow them out the water the goal is to do better than them to bring something that you haven’t heard to the table so that once I pay for that promo once I pay for that feature that I’m gonna be able to make that money back I’m gonna be able to tap in and infiltrate your fan base I did it cost me a few hundred bucks cost me a lot of consistency I’m still consistency consistent even after a lot of those people if you’ve even fallen off over the years and I’m still going and I’m the only thing that looks like this is some kind of LC obeah at some parts at some point so anyway and and we talked about it now I even mention LC OB I’ve used that as like a catapult and and a lot of my fan base don’t even know who they are now at this point like I’ll go on I’ve done interviews early on name-dropping those guys thinking that uh you know I was you know name-dropping they’re kind of some clout or whatever but in there like who have to look them up so I’m like plugging those guys and promoting them and people haven’t even heard of them you know so it’s like a lot of my fan base and a lot of interviews I’ve done people don’t even know who they are but I still pay homage I still I’m saying talk about the process and in my roots and where I come from and I love I still listen to old else that’s all I listen to old lcib music 90s music yeah I think they’re equal vidiian came out they said in 99 I think it was or early 2000s and that that album blows like anything that you that you can hear today out the water so it’s about networking it’s about networking not be scared to share your platform not be scared to sell yourself as far as sending emails going on other people’s shows you have something to offer people you have to be confident in that if you don’t if you don’t know who you are you don’t know what you are you don’t know what you have to offer and bring to the table well it’s gonna be a it’s gonna be it’s gonna be a long road for you but you have to be confident and what you have that God has given you to contribute to humanity to change the world work hard as Jeremy Pyxis and and you do great things Chris garner says spiritual alchemy and awaken the fire are still so dope I know man right even that you know that’s even before 333 man I’m like I could still and that’s a good thing for me man because like you know my early gospel music I wouldn’t I don’t want to be caught dead promoting a lot of that stuff now there’s some gems in that right but um that’s so just this place of moving into that style stylistically and the concepts of those albums I I would still feel comfortable promoting awaken the fire as it’s a new release as it’s a new release like today I still feel confident even though I’ve grown I’ve gotten a lot better I understand my voice a lot better and techniques that I do while I’m recording stylistically there’s so much more that I can bring to the table and in in like the singing with the new music there’s just so much in there but I still feel confident promoting that which I record it probably most of it in 2011 2011 and work you bring it to the table is it has longevity you can keep promoting it I tried and people people grow weary in well-doing they get tired of their work like I love my album sear it just come out and what April but I’m all I’ve got another album colors I’m doing more stuff I need to keep promoting it but I’m good with it but you can only do so much you’re gonna have so many offers that you’re putting out because there’s new that’s it that’s a problem with it man but you just want to have everything available but if you’re consistent and creating timeless art bringing something to the table you’re going to eventually develop a catalogue to where look I got all this stuff I got seven albums of esoteric mysticism and spirituality that will blow your mind and take you to another realm I have seven albums or so six albums whatever it is of that style we got a beautiful podcast we’ve got so many interviews with people that’ll take you on a journey as well you know guided meditations that I’m doing and then you have an arsenal you have to stay consistent I might like 200 episodes and if I wouldn’t have been faithful with the first 10 or the first to kept going I wouldn’t be there if I wouldn’t kept at the music and even the backlash in the push and in the pushback and things like that you have to be consistent and eventually you have a whole arsenal those are you watching the meditation I got some physical copies printed out of the throne-room meditation I’ll probably get some physical copies too of the chakra meditation that I have but these are this is really cool man this is read this whole concept of creating these these meditations are just beautiful it just takes the it takes the music and the the the reason I do music and in the gratification behind the music to another level where it’s able to take you on a journey and it has the ability to change your life and this is a 15 minute 17 minute meditation that uh is an encounter with God in the throne room of heaven where you meet angels and you hired voice actors to come in and play certain parts and it’s just beautiful and um right now it’s it’s available via Gumroad for digital download I want to eventually move to a place where I can put this out for free because everybody needs to hear it so yeah if I put everything out for free then I go back to driving the truck and uh they’re not doing that can’t go backward moving forward but the thing is like people you know people if if you believe in something you’re gonna support it you know and then I watch you know shoutout to John Santiago you know why should your episode rock to John Santiago t-shirt the other day I got it right over here for his podcast but talking about how people don’t support you like the people who you think are going to support you that’s good that’s weird you know what I’m saying like you have these people in your life who were kind of there with you on the journey but then once you plateau off or once you rise to the next level and they are left at another level they kind of it kind of despise you okay hold on get back down here with us come back down here so there’s a reason they’re not supporting you it’s just not all I don’t have the money there’s a reason there’s jealousy there’s envy a lot of that stuff comes into play you have to deal with it with elevation you’re always gonna have to deal with it I’m telling you moving forward 2019 there’s things that you’re gonna bypass certain things and and in those things there’s people in those things but you think that the people who who you’ve come up with would support you and it’s strangers man it’s strangers it blows my mind it blows my mind that I have complete strangers who have partnered with me who believe in my work it blows my mind god bless her faith but I have a friend of mine who’s been listening to the podcast and she’s just believing in in in the ministry and what I’m bringing to the table she believes in sewing and she wants to support the podcast has done wonders for her life this lady was homeless man this lady was homeless was and she wanted to support and she signed up on patreon and messaged me and said hey I’m without a home right now but I believe in your work and and shout out to Jesse Lee man but that blows my mind that my homies who are making a who are crushing it and with money financially they don’t they don’t support it like oh you know but a homeless lady on the other side of the freakin country believes in your work is going to support and make that sacrifice I believe that God answers faith I really do I will say this she’s not homeless anymore god blessed her and is blessing her so shout out to my friend Jesse Lee for joining but as you see that it comes in in the weirdest places you wouldn’t you’d never imagine people who don’t know you if if you’re about the art if you’re true about what you’re bringing to the table it’s going it’s going to get out there and it’s not even about the numbers anymore like we need to market we need to to try to get out there to new listeners whether it’s our podcasts or our music or your healing healing ministry or whatever it is you need to get it in front of eyes you do but it’s not about the numbers man it is quality over quantity and at the end of the day that I believe the people even for that season the people who are supposed to listen the people who were supposed to support who are supposed to find your work in that season they’re gonna find it and there’s a peace in that you know that the servants of the Lord must not strive because if you do get caught up in numbers it it’s not a good thing you know what I’m saying you start placating to the numbers you start doing things differently for the numbers and you thought start finding yourself you know your your path and your trajectory changing and so I guess that kind of leads us to what I titled this this podcast and it’s talking about choices Bandersnatch the black mirror episode that i just came out on Netflix I want I mentioned this at the end of the podcast the other day but I really feel like um and this is just my discretion I feel like I don’t know if how healthy that episode is for mentally unstable people like people who are severely schizophrenic who are on medication and things like that there’s there’s some discrepancy there if that’s you if you’re struggling with holding on to reality that might not be a good episode and I just say that disclaimer before I move forward because it is pretty deep but it deals with these different timelines that exist and whatever choice you do in this life affects what happens tomorrow that’s what the the show was about and you’re actually controlling the person in the movie your control your picking their choices you pick what music they listen to you pick what cereal they eat you pick whether they get mad and snap on somebody if they punch the desk or punch the computer like you and it changes everything so you have to like pick the right choices as you go in and sometimes you pick the wrong choice which I didn’t like at first until it was just and you had to go back and reset and try to make the right choice and I think that that was just showing you the fact that there are these different timelines and so most of us are on default and we’re just in a place right now offered choices that we made when we were children choices that maybe our parents made for us or whatever the case is and we’re at jobs that we just needed a job at the time we put in a random application and we’ve been there six years ten years and you’re like man tom is flying and I’m stuck at this job that’s how I felt you know I’ll never be long days and I’ll be delivering stuff and walking up to customers holding car parts I’m like what am i doing and how did I this is well and I got it I still got a long day ahead of me or even early and it’s just this weird one I was talking about the consciousness the you that’s making those decisions from behind the eyes that you that’s conscious without the body and you’re like man if I made choices to get here maybe I can make choices to get somewhere else maybe I can put in another application maybe I can send an email maybe I can be a guest on the true seeker podcast and people find out about what I do about what I bring to the table maybe maybe I can email so-and-so maybe I can collaborate with this guy and then you find out that in enough of those maybes come and then you start acting on those maybes and it changes the course of your life Bandersnatch it’s a really deep episode but it’s talking about freewill and the power of choice and so there’s it gets into psychedelics it gets into time as a construct and eventually I don’t know if I want to give it all away but the you’re making choices for the guy and he feels like he’s on this path of default where he’s not even making choices for himself in the movie well he’s not making choices for himself you’re making the choices for him he knows somebody’s out there controlling them is you sitting at home on Netflix I’m gonna stop it there it is a I wanted to make sure I plugged that because that’s it’s Jim out there that I think a lot of people need to check out if you looking for something good a lot of deep symbolism in there in that show too The Lion the Bandersnatch the understanding what that what even that is the Bandersnatch is like that the cat the the big enemy cat that was in the Alice in Wonderland and then it goes on LSD trip and he meets this cat like lion being who’s like the spirit of fear it’s a deep show I don’t want to give too much away moving into 2019 there’s things that you’re done that you’re doing that you got to stop doing like I said pornography addiction alcoholism drug addiction you can’t take that with you leave it at the door whatever you got to do to do it now there’s a lot of things in place hopefully that just offer inspiration hopefully just offer drive and determination that you will turn from the things that are killing you to move forward you have to let go of what’s good in order to receive what’s best the things that we’re doing create a vibration the music the podcast the meditations the healing it creates a vibration it changes the atmosphere it changes the way you think it changes the type of people that interact with you the type of people that come around it literally changes the atmosphere we call it the vibration it changes the vibration of the of the atmosphere of people’s lives it has that power you have that power with your words that create so when you’re going forth and doing good works man it’s trying to you know heal people creating something beautiful in the earth creating and hopefully it’s something beautiful that has helped put here to help people and to inspire people right it changes the way people react to you and around you and it’s good it feels beautiful it’s euphoric you don’t believe it New Age mumbo jumbo what happens when you’re out there doing wickedness in the earth what type of mindset do you have when you do wickedness what type of mindset do you have when you’re lying to everyone and you can’t look nobody in the eye what type of mindset do you have when you’re robbing people or stealing from people what type of mindset do you have when you’re cheating on your spouse what type of mindset do you have when you’re doing wickedness what type of repercussions come from that mindset what type of people are looking to repay you for the evil you’ve done the Karma in that in that mindset it’s bad it’s demonic you start robbing people still and doing drugs feeding that stuff like wherever you were wherever you are when God finds you you know that there’s a difference you know that what it feels like to do that versus what it feels like to lead someone in a baptism what it feels like to pray for someone what it helps to feed the hungry feed the homeless you’ve been taking your whole life what it feels like to give back man do those good works in the Bible is talking about in Acts chapter 10 is talking about Cornelius who was a Gentile of the Italian band he was an Israelite and so he it says that God seen him for the alms that he was doing the good works his conscious what he was doing and it came up as a aroma before God and God rewarded him and and chose him to go out and do something great because he knew he can trust them with it and I’ve talked about this on many occasions like God can’t trust you with $50.00 how’s God gonna trust you with 5000 or 500 whatever 5,000,000 whatever your vision is you have to be you have to be shown faithful with the few to become the ruler over more you can’t you can’t handle seven fans how you gonna handle you got people looking up to you you got women in box at you like what are you you can’t handle it you got it you got to show yourself approved man you got to do the right thing and I’m telling you it is God who opens the door there is God who blesses it is God who holds back and takes away and the scriptures when it says like Jesus is able to open up doors that no man can open and shut doors that no man can close like I really believe that in the supernatural I believe that financially I believe that as far as blessing your business or blessing your your album or your your podcast whatever it is you have to get get it right with the one you’re doing a good job tricking everybody around you you’re not doing that great trick in him he knows you have to be open and honest show vulnerability with your friends with your family and definitely with God and that’s where everything flows from being open and honest because if you tell everybody what’s going on if you’re open if you’re in the light as he is in the light you don’t have nothing to hide you don’t have to cover your tracks enough to remember the lie you tell lies to cover up other lies you know all is and you may not be there right now many of you have come from that I’ve definitely come from that by moving forward the sting says you can’t take with you in 2019 whatever it is on us on a personal level on a spiritual level those things that you’re doing those things that you want to do you got to start and sometimes the journey is it’s this seems too big the vision is too scary they say if you if your dream doesn’t scare you you need a new dream one day your dream scares you but it motivates you I’m we’re doing great things in the earth we’re about to do even more things in the earth that’s how I feel in other days I’m bombarded with it like oh where do I start we got this vision man you don’t even know where to start because it’s so big here’s the word of the Lord this is what God spoke to me in a secret place a couple weeks ago I shared this on the school of the Mystics but I think this is for everybody’s applicable prophetically um whatever vision you have especially to the analytical mind don’t try to get the full picture don’t try to articulate everything until you move forward it’s been it’s been a downfall for me in the past that I want to make sure I have everything together before I move forward even if it’s a teaching if it’s a teaching video you know I’ve put out several and I wanted to have everything I wanted to kind of know what it looked like before I jumped in it and and so that I can craft it and mold it and go but the word of the Lord is that he’ll give it to you as you’re creating it as you begin to write it down whether it’s a book whether it’s a YouTube video whether it’s a business plan a model you want to have the whole model before you kind of step out step out as you’re riding it mores gonna come get out what you have more it’s gonna come just continue to get in the flow you want to have it all in here you’ll for you if you have it all in you’re gonna you’re gonna miss details you’re gonna forget things write it down just get it out somehow and the rest will come it’s going to continue to flow that’s the word of the Lord and it’s helped me it really has cuz I want to have it I’ll figure it out writing a song writing doing this creating something you want to the bigger picture Europe especially if you’re a perfectionist you don’t want a half-step something you don’t want to barely do something start it man whatever it is create it the rest is gonna come the rest is gonna come it’s gonna continue to flow don’t get stuck tap into the flow stay let it all come let it all keep coming and so the Lord spoke that to me I wanted to share that I know this for somebody it’s definitely for me as you create it I’ll give it to you as you create it I will give it to you it’s for somebody I’m gonna keep reading here if anybody has any questions I’ll uh I’ll try to take some of these questions to I think I’m a little bit behind in the chat but I’m gonna go ahead and scroll through here Adam starts eBay says I like the Sears album I listen to it a lot yeah thank you it would be awesome for you to make a vid on making a website and how to use CS coding I think that’s what it’s called yeah I’m going to man I’m going to and I’m probably gonna tie it all into one package or whatever where it’s just everything I may break it down in intersections because there’s some people who want to do a podcast there’s some people who want to do a video livestream there’s some people who want to do a website but I’m just gonna just show you how I did everything and how I do everything the cheapest ways to to promote the cheapest ways to find hosting what is hosting how do I get it on iTunes how do I get it on Spotify all of these other options and stuff that you just get a piece of it from different people but just I’m gonna show you everything I’ve learned and I’ve tried trial and error it cost me a lot of money messing up or paying for this and it not not working out right you know and so whether it’s I may even get into CDs man telling you the best place to print CDs and stuff I don’t know but I know that there’s moving forward 2019 is definitely definitely coming in there’s a lot of people watching they’re taking notes even now there’s people who want to know how to do what I’m doing i many of my guests I said man your podcast looks beautiful like how do i how do I do that how do I go live how do you have all that stuff on the screen like what do you would you would you even use and I’ve walked some of my friends through it you know what I’m saying and you know I’ll continue to do that but I want to have a package there so that at your own leisure whatever it is that you want to do you’re gonna have all the tools in the cost and what it costs and what type what microphone is this what light is there on me like links to all that stuff well how do how do I have this purple ambiance behind me I’ll share this with my friends and they go out and buy the stuff and add it to their their podcast man Adam Starr CTAs got a really cool looking podcast and it’s looking more professional each time better microphones better lighting all of that stuff bringing it to the table and just showing you that’s what you want it’ll be there so I’m gonna do that and that’s one thing too that were like I’m saying I want to have it all figured out before I get started cuz it’s gonna be a package deal but there’s a lot that goes into it and just breaking down – fine fine tuning of even a logo and branding how do I get a logo who designs logos who designs websites should I use Weebly a free website should I use Wix no don’t use Wix and I’ll show you that and you and show you how to get views to get out there organically the biggest way you want to get traffic to anything that you’re doing is organically you want people you want Google to work for you and then if you want to pay and buy and use buy ads and stuff that you that helps to ten dollars here ten dollars there $100 here 300 here whatever you want to do but to be the most cost effective and get the most reach because if you start spending money especially on ads and stuff and it’s showing it’s you’re showing ads to people who who aren’t in your niche you’re showing ads to people who won’t you’re showing hip-hop music to country fans you know what I’m saying so how to actually fine-tune all that stuff it’s come in and I’m also going to be taking on some people just to work with on a one-on-one level to kind of to kind of show you guys how to do that and everything that I do on a one-on-one level and help you actually walk you through this stuff daily if we need to do daily sessions or monthly or weekly or whatever I’m gonna be offering that stuff to more classes where we get a little bit more in depth and involved we do the School of the Mystics but at this point the school of the Mystics is more of a hangout deal which I really enjoy hanging out with the community we get into some some we’ve got into some courses in the past we get into prayer we get into fellowship but it’s it’s it’s um we got to go deeper we got to go deeper anything about that is it’s like there’s people there who were just hanging out you know what I’m saying and so you don’t want to kind of throw the pearls before swine so I’m gonna have other things that I’m offering out there too and in the end it’s whether it’s networking we’re sharing each other’s work you know you’re not because I’m because I’m this stuff I’m still doing you haven’t never arrived you never have it’s never over you know what I’m saying it’s always learning it’s always you know I’m gonna show you how to get guest on your podcast like there’s websites that will send you guests according to your niche if you’re into gaming it’ll send you gaming freaks who have good channels and do promo runs they’ll send you interviews a lot of these people I’ve been interviewing I don’t even know who they are you know I’m saying and they just send me these emails I check out their account check out their profile you know they got something beautiful I bring to the table and then some of them I’ve reached out to personally on the same website I’m gonna show you all that – this is the back end you know what I’m saying in the back end is more important like we’re looking at the final product or a lot of times you’re looking at the final product of a CD you’re looking at the final product of a polished website or it’s fine like all of this stuff everything is deep like it’s intricate on how to get this stuff like it I’m gonna show you how to do it man so Monica has suss thank you for existing Thank You Monica thank you sister we need to get up again soon Adam says even though my passion is podcast excuse me about helping others shoutout to Kris garner – he says my new work from home job is going to open open my time and you totally have a first student right here awesome I think I’ve skipped a bunch of comments well maybe not yeah well I’m gonna I’m gonna pass some stuff definitely going through some of these comments questions okay they’re just refreshing there’s a ton of questions now goodness I try to get through here fast as I can Adriana says I’m almost 40 and still looking for my talent or anything I’m good at you got it sister you know what you’re supposed to be doing you may you may need help on how to do it I think you know what you’re supposed to be doing jacob says all glories to the guru why he guru i don’t know who that or what that is warriors are allowed to eat meat jacob says chris cornices vegan protocol i’m gonna get to you christian says I love colors truth that was something else thank you it’s different it’s a different different feel man a lot of melodies in it astrid says what is the view count requirement i tried to donate but i said i don’t meet the view count requirement that’s weird that’s weird i’m not sure about it shouldn’t that’s weird you try to donate oh are you saying you may be saying that you tried to set up stream labs maybe i don’t know take donations i’m not sure justin caldwell says your new album is really good I’m sure you would say that Justin because you’re on the album thank you sir we gotta do a video soon man that’s gonna I definitely want to do a video to that song and we’re gonna do it soon Justin called welders on the fourth chakra which is the heart chakra and it’s called Anahata which is the name of the chakra sacred heart space Sacred Heart of Christ I’d like to us if we can go in a Catholic Church or something to shoot that I know it’s kind of played out but I haven’t done it yet flume and says yo what’s up without flu Minh Christian it made me feel good Nathan says I’m listening I’m listening to man at work yeah as Nathan Nathan so Wednesday night man I think he’s gonna come on the podcast so it’s gonna be good if you guys don’t know who he is go to go to youtube and type in these five down and so it’s gonna be a good conversation so we’re gonna do that next Wednesday shout out to Nathan ally says Happy New Year from the write out spam Thank You Ally happy new years to you guys two big things coming forward in Chris Connor says he loves The Venus Project I’m assuming that’s coming from the LC OB song Venus Project Jamie picks his work hard it misfired ghost was good to ghost man ghosts you know in in that song ghost I say I said it’s here when I wrote this letter from my seed I lost years to the Envy’s lies lust and greed trust God and he will supply all your knees think of me when you feel the cool at the gentle breeze like when I’ve said that like I really that’s the only song that I wrote and I was just in tears writing that song for many reasons it was it was many reasons but it was like as I was writing it like a tears was soaking up the paper in front of me that I was writing on so that song really is a near and dear to my heart that has a lot of little things in it to my family and it’s essentially when a lot of it ties into when I leave like to go back and listen to how to get in contact with me you know what I’m saying it’s pretty deep anyway Thiago sister knowing from awake in the fire yeah the knowing um actually speaking to Jesse Lee she hit me up the other day asking me what what movie clip that’s from and I’ve talked about it before but the movie clip that I have in the knowing is the clips in the video are from the movies are knowing definitely watch it if you haven’t Nicolas Cage – knowing it’s about the eloheem the Watchers but then the beginning intro is from a movie called The Adjustment Bureau and that is about the elohim as well these the watchers who were sent here to kind of guide us and help us and make sure that we’re on the right path and they look like humans they look like regular people so that was a blue my mom when i found out that the jet Adjustment Bureau was about that so watch both of those movies Astrid I love seeing artists that are proud of their work there’s an Indy mentality or self deprecation that doesn’t resonate with me you should love your own art why else would you make it that’s right my goal is to make you know saying my goal is to have a plumb line standard that every song meets this disc quality and if a song falls below that I try not to put it out and I try to be honest and so for like getting better it’s um it’s not as good as this song you want to you have to have a quality plumb line and so that’s what I’ve done and and I’m happy so that like I make music that I want to listen to at the end of the day that’s what it’s about and I go back and listen to it and administers to me afterwards you know the meditations I’m working on I can’t even I when I was working on those meditations um I was trying to read it to a friend of mine read it to my wife and I would just start crying and I was like I’m trying to hold the bat like hey look what I just wrote and I’m trying to read it but I can’t I’m like looking uh I got bitter lemon it was just so powerful man that I was able to tap into the father’s heart and as I’m working on it going into the vision writing this stuff down it’s okay father well now that now that they’re here now that they’re listening father what would you want me to say to them and as I go back and read it I’ll start crying again and uh Ali and Kenny they listen to it was in tears they thought I wrote it just for them but out they told me new years they said uh if you listen to your own meditation yet it’s like you need to just tap in and listen to your own meditation I was like I don’t know if I can almost you know I haven’t let’s do it all the way through but working on it and telling people about it reading the script and stuff it was just it was powerful okay god what would you have me say tell them I love them with an everlasting love I’ll never leave them never forsake them tell him I brought them here for a reason that my love is greater than any any trial that they’ll ever face that people have forsaken them and talked bad about them and turned their backs on them but it was only to to bring out that which I was producing in them to bring bring it forth as fine gold things like Daniel or would just woo good stuff Sara’s purpose says good morning guys still working my way to listening to them good morning Sarah Santiago says I’ve seen the growth D from just a few people watching live to seeing 30 plus people on life yeah that’s it this um you know I’m saying that number lies like when you get off it tells you like how many views you have and when you get off so but that’s awesome bro consistency they also say like even if you’re gaming or I guess if we’re you’re winning your live stream and you’ve got something that you’re doing consistently like put put your stream schedule out there Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:00 a.m. I’m going live and you may catch them in other times to subscribe you get notified so most people are waiting for the episodes you know I’m saying so good stuff meditation mysteries of the astral light if only and unworthy Chris Carnac Chris Berg you don’t name the whole album you said those you said enigma you said you know all those songs man it nygma is a good one that’s one of the first ones that I wrote about not getting into more esoteric but I was definitely a lot of costanera said I want to worship like King David in the spirit and unashamed be like Stephen the martyr when he called upon your name i’m not the same i’m changed spiritually rearranged elevation transformation while others just stay the same but i just our talk about i’m gonna be like enoch and i want to be like these different patriarchs and kind of mentioned be like ‘hey not when he’s seen the chariots fly through the skies at night you know what I’m saying just dropping little jewels and that that was the one of the first ones I did Astra said reminds me of the widow and the might ya up man and I’ve talked about this before I had other homeless people who have not supported us financially or nothing like that but just kind of when we did street preaching back in the day and and people would try to fight us you know when we were downtown and in the club district and 2:00 in the morning people trying to fight you know drunk and on drugs and stuff and I had homeless people who would take up for me and then I was able to see they get involved in church they get cleaned up they get into a celebrate recovery program and kick dope and get Jesus in their life and God takes them off the street gives them a job Brent gives them restores their family back to them in my mind the Bible says if you if you bless a prophet your you will receive a Prophet’s reward touch not mine anointed and do that profit no harm but when you bless the children of the Lord when you sow into when you join yourself to someone who is gonna come up someone who God delights in find those people now it’s it you were supposed to help everybody but when you help those people I can’t help and it’s not a pride thing it’s not as a special thing even though I am special we’re all special I seen God clean that man up restore him give him back his sanity and he’s a it’s a beautiful library worked out as substitue I didn’t even know this guy some people trying to fight us downtown this guy a homeless dude stepped up a I need to be careful messing with God’s annoying it and he just like took up for us and made those people back off and like that was years ago I was like mm and eight maybe ten years ago and and I just seeing God restore him and I’ve seen it happening on many occasions man and I’ve done it I’ve sewn into people who I knew was was a good ground to sew into and God blesses you back he gives the increase versus squandering away your money or squandering away your time right Santiago says that’s the power man yeah power of God man Tiffany says of course I get on here and there’s threes Thank You Derrick much love blessings Tiffany Jeremy says faith without works is dead Astrid your truths your music has changed my life I just want you to know that because there’s an artist myself for me that’s what it’s all about yeah I’ve already got the the best compliments and stuff that I can get you know I got that early on before it was anything big when I first opened my mouth it’s like I feel the Holy Spirit when you when you rap this was years ago you know what I’m saying I knew it like I just broke into tears hearing that for the first time like man you know that’s the biggest compliment that your your work your your music your art whatever it is it’s a conduit for the Holy Spirit Wow Wow the creative process that you go through God can use that or is using that as a conduit for his power for his presence in people’s lives who don’t know him who may have never all would never hear about it they will probably never hear about your story and they probably never hear about this this relationship with this power God Jesus whatever they’d never hear about if it wasn’t for you opening your mouth and God blesses it your words are alive words have power watch your words don’t use them loosely Danny says what’s going on brother what’s up Danny Guerrero amen consistency bro I hope you still write that book man we’re gonna hold you to it we want that book keep keep writing bro let’s get together Chris she says I love that movie itself but yeah it was deep I got it stymied uh Bandersnatch i guessing cuz christian Chris garner says it’s twisted I found that after it was over I was expecting other shows to ask me what to do it was a weird feeling for a bit they I think they’re going to I think they’re going to man I think they’re gonna make more uh more like that just because of the impact that that’s had that movie and then bird box and you know there’s a lot of good stuff out right now Christian says it was there’s no happy ending in the movie there may be I haven’t researched it yet but um may we watch some weird we watched a movie another movie um marrow bone marrow bone we just watch it as a family and that movie was it was a sad movie but it was good if you haven’t watched it that’s another one marrow bone it’s sad I’ll let you know that but it’s a good movie I’ll wait I just love those movies that kind of mess with your mind a little bit those uh you know make you feel one way then they change they you feel a certain way throughout the whole movie didn’t they introduce this one twist and it just undoes everything that you felt like oh I’m not I don’t feel bad for this person this is a bad person whatever it is you know what I’m saying there’s a bunch of movies like that now I mean mostly everything that uh M night Shyamalan has done you know all of his movies not with choices but with a plot twist plot twist I’m not really a man I’m a ghost you know whatever the case is I’m dead the secret window The Machinist so many movies that just plot twist we never existed you know something like that and those are those are the best ones I mean the best one we have talked about on here on a show but was a get out the movie get out that’s the best one that’s the best one and he’s got another one coming out Jordan Peele has another one the guy who made get out he’s got out it’s a movie called us and I’m watching the trailer and I’m just like oh man there’s gonna be some more deep underlaying tones in it trust me it’s not gonna be just a horror movie or just a thriller like he’s gonna have some deep stuff that’s gonna be like this inward reflection I already know it so watching that trailer I’m like I can’t wait for that to come out thing comes out in March but watch that trailer garner says one ending had sort of a happy ending sorta Christian says the movie kind of made me feel weird too in some parts yeah it does um but another one we’re talking about these movies that mess with you the biggest one we even talked about the other night but the biggest one movie that messes with you is uh the butterfly effect that’s the deep one weird and anxiety that’s a movie about choice there’s some movie about not just choice but choice affecting the timeline almost like the theory word you go back into the future and if you didn’t you know go down this road and or go to this school if you transfer at school you didn’t meet your wife then your kid wouldn’t be here whatever there’s like just one little thing that changes the outcome of the entire film or your entire life I mean there’s I think the reason it was so weird because there’s a truth aspect to it and makes you like do this inward reflection say man how the hell did I get here go back and evaluate yourself and look at the choices that you’ve made is that okay that’s what I did I’m suffering the repercussions of that so bars was hoping for no spoilers it’s not well I don’t think we’ve really spoiled it I try to make sure that I didn’t Lewis says hi man hi man hi man it numbs you what up Tiffany I agree Astrid I’ve already told Derek that I have not gotten 3:33 album in September I might not even be here anymore I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t it’s absolutely my favorite awesome I’m glad you’re here and Astrid says the same Kris garner says we’re in tinting goes energy flows it does George says Banzai and it’s probably a comment to something else where Lewis says he’s quoting the song and you don’t need a priest you just need to hear the choose you speak the truth from the heart it’s a good song that’s from the intro of Anahata sad blessings and bliss to everyone receive it I receive it sir I remember driving when I was driving a truck driving through Panama City Florida and it was this hippie dude he was pulling a wagon for I think if I had like a dog in it and just a bunch of I don’t know flowers or something but he was just he had like a psychedelic shirt on long hair long beard and he was just walking on the on the sidewalk he’s just like so when making hand gestures towards every call like he was throwing piece at him peace joy I was like hit me hit me while I was driving blessings to everyone in bliss I’m gonna read some more these comments Astrid said this is true though I’ve been I’ve been writing a screenplay and every time I sit down to write it just flows through me without more than a seed at the beginning yep just just do it just start it you’re like I only only ever only have a sentence only have a line you know how many songs that I’ve wrote that start out with one line I got 200 over 200 songs how many of them started out with just a rhyming scheme transcending the physical spiritual individual okay what comes next transcend the physical spiritual individual faith followed by works healing and with the syllables third eye visual teaching mystical principles knowledge hell from the pruning giving and to the simple what write that down write it down it starts with just one you don’t have you don’t have all that when you sit down comes in waves good eddo says I’m always glad I found you three years ago bro always had the right and always have the right advice and inspiration that’s what’s up man I’m glad I met you bro three years ago Sara says she’s trying to find out how to do those graphics yeah I’ve seen your channel I might even subscribed Sara if not I’ll do it now everybody go in the in the chat right now click on Sara’s purpose and subscribe to her Channel big things come and go ahead and do that right now whoo come right back Lewis says colors colors colors colors Santiago says man all the work behind just doing the graphics videos colors and schemes for this YouTube live isn’t easy trust me I know man right and then when I showed you how to get the text like that right the transparent text and stuff like you like true what is this truth I sent you to coding what is this bro I mean even that right Eric says he sub ya make sure y’all go sub garnishes walk walk me bro walk with me yep learn from it all that’s what he says Santiago so stream lapse isn’t letting you do the media thing that’s weird hmm stream lab donation is better than better than super chat because YouTube wants a cut and then the government wants a cut to some stream labs that go straight to you and we don’t tell the government and garner says your stream is looking good Santiago it is ma’am real good your camera is awesome in Lewis says can you god bless meeseeks please sure thing man Danny I really want to thank you for interviewing me on your podcast bro I remember I didn’t even ask you at first you offered me the opportunity brother one of the best decisions I ever made that’s awesome man dad thank you for your advice and wisdom I’m very inspired sort of my podcast a few weeks ago about to get serious with it also writing songs again love you Derek awesome love you dad inspiration be inspired I mean that’s what it’s about man you know I’m saying creativity inspiring yourself I’m subscribing to your channel to inspiring people to to go out and inspire other people creatives spark creativity in you like watch a movie listen to a song that inspires you to create something beautiful each one reach one and it just spreads that way Isis gate says have you ever considered taking your knowledge of scripture that supports or relates to the metaphysical and writing ebook helping everyone to understand the christian mystic perspective yep I’m working on it now I think each each podcast and each song helps that a little bit but I feel you from a from a scriptural perspective I think that I’ll you know getting a lot of people to transition out of dogmatic religion they have to see it I had to see it I wanted to know like that was the thing with the awakening was like it’s actually in the Bible you know and so a lot of people if you can show it to them in the scriptures they’ll believe it and then me over the years this led me to might be a part of a lot of different sects and weird groups and stuff because they all were good at showing you something that the other ones didn’t show you right in it would like man these guys have the truth or these guys are you know have something that the other people don’t have and it looks more biblical it looks more like the early church it looks more like the early Christian mystics or whatever so if you can show them things in the Bible and use the Bible it definitely helps but there’s a lot man I remember you know I’ve been talking about this probably for a year now but I’m I’m working on and I’m putting it in my book I’m about want I want to put everything in it but I am working on the book it’s gonna be called spirit realm but covering divination I mean even that by itself you know we’re taught my divination what are we talking about tarot cards pendulums the drawing or casting of lots automatic writing all of this stuff like the Bible talks about divination in a good way like God speaks through divination that blows a lot of people’s heads off people have certain places they can walk with you until you give them a certain amount of truth and you give them something in the aw damn you don’t I was with you man I was vouching for you and now you said God speaks through divination I’m I’m unsubscribing I’m just like in the video I’m unsubscribing and I’m done sorry I’m gonna subscribe trust me I get those comments all the time but Jesus got those comments too got 5000 people following them this big army yeah what are we doing we building a movement what do we we got numbers look hold on hey unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood you’re not worthy to be my disciple this guy what is he he’s a cannibal we joined the cannibal corpse cannibal cannibal cult cannibal corpse called right and they left the people who were following me laughs he just you know he’s left with his disciples in the five thousand they departed you know and he’s got his home people like man what are you like we don’t understand but we’re with you and then some of them understood they understood what he was all about man you tell us some Bolly man you know we have to really be with you you know but they turn around and leave and everybody has a certain place they’ll go probably with everyone until they you know show you the real them the you know the some people they show you that they’re human people see that you’re not some super mystical person all the time sometimes you have humanity you like to laugh at funny jokes you play video games you are a regular person that even that people find that out there done I thought you were a man of God I can’t believe you said that you know what I’m saying somebody in chat says mushrooms yep they follow you all the way up you had me until you said mushroom New Agers you had me until you said Jesus oh it’s a Christian Jesus Freak tell my Jesus out here you know say everybody has their thing you know shout-out to my friend here and his chat is moving chatters what’s up Tam mu subscribed to her channel too guys she’s got a good channel that’s what we’re doing today were just subscribing it our friends channel promoting each other’s work that’s what we’re doing on this episode well I’ve already subscribed but make sure y’all click Tammuz channel she goes lives and does a lot of really cool stuff so but she says Devine is where you get the word divination divination contacting the divine there are so many scriptures in the Bible you know that let’s say that God speaks through the light as you cast a lot which is the rolling of the dice and which is the drawing of the straws whoever gets the shortest straw is the odd man or whatever and they the Holy Spirit speaks to it and all these scriptures in the Old Testament were that’s how God spoke so Bob was the Lord says I’m the LORD thy God I changed not well you know he changed you know that right he don’t say I’ve heard that he did to speak like that but he changed he doesn’t do it anymore Yeah right not for you he does for me I pulled these cards out when we’re in prayer we’re doing I mainly use them on Christy lease podcast it’s a good way to to learn how to do them you know and it was something I was I was kind of scared at first right his demons man his demons bro be careful its demons bro I was kind of scared at first until I started pulling those cards as I was in prayer and everything every time I hit they’re not they are regular tarot cards but they’re the turret of the most high fashioned a little bit different and it worked for me but um every time I pulled a card it was about what that person was dealing with or it gave me a little bit more insight you know it’s persons telling me so much stuff about and I pull the card I say well what about this have you tried this who is this there’s some backbiting you know I’m saying the cards were kind of every lot is of the Lord the Lord speaks there’s a lot divination I was like wow blew my mind because I was there like seven eight collars back to back and I tried them and every time I didn’t have to tell them well I have this card for you I do it sometimes but this card says that you’re not just molded into my prayer of what I’m speaking when I’m binding and loosing off of them through the prayer it’s beautiful it’s a tool you don’t need it no you don’t need nothing you don’t need anything I don’t think you need the Bible you just need a broken and contrite heart and look up at the sky I saw you need it helps it helps it’s a tool meditation is a tool speaking in tongues is a tool the glory of God is a tool you know it’s a vehicle grace is a tool like you man all of it man and you pick you can use it for good or bad you could use grace for bad ask the Apostle Paul he says oh you you continue with sin so that grace may abound well yeah you said we’re under grace so we’re just gonna keep sinning nah man oh yeah y’all using God and using the grace like you found a loophole in the system you can keep sinning no you can’t do that stop so you know people use it for bad so yeah getting back to these questions Tiffany says I listen to 333 almost every day Thank You Derrick you’re welcome Astrid you made me tear up a little bit with that you God’s love so much beautiful amen garner loves the whole album I wish there could be lyrics predict inside your album so I can share with my dad what site can I go to easily print out the lyrics for him I know he won’t able to hear at all and garner says true Stiga des compacts ice lyrics yeah but they’re not all there there’s a lot of them there and I need to put more up but there’s a a bunch you just got to scroll it or like search the page for that word then title of the song Astrid says man just checked out the clock without seeing at 12:12 here somebody said 11:11 someone says 1212 a synchronicity God is listening three and thirty three angels speak to me there’s a rumored secret ending to the Bandersnatch that hasn’t been found yet but there are five main endings yeah that’s a man that’s a good show the show also Christian says to show 13 reasons and the movie get out made me cry I was just not comfortable the whole time in those two it was just a hard deep silent pain yeah I didn’t watch 13 reasons but I heard what it did it made my wife cry even I’m people are even talking about a bird box like people who have struggled with suicide you know that the movie is really is about suicide these entities you look at that make you kill yourself like uh and I think that’s even taken from like the Harry Potter movie or whatever like there’s some entities my wife said that when you look at them you kill yourself but um a lot of people said it triggered them those movies triggered them you’re 13 reasons that’s your same Astrid said you said my synchronicity word transcend things true CGI Louis all I get excited when I hear and see it long story but the Holy Spirit has told me it’s a sign for me man even when I was Miss crazy synchronicities are beautiful it’s the Lord letting you know you’re on the right track and uh the universe dropping breadcrumbs keep doing it you’re doing a good job you’re on the right path so everybody said they subscribe um Danny says I’m halfway done with my book but I need advice on the title of the book should it be the inner Jerusalem a hidden egg nygma or inner Jerusalem the I am hidden enigma hmm I like the second one your body is the Holy Land Astra says if he can speak through synchronicity one I’d ever nation this is something I’ve recently come around to he speaks to everything speak to a donkey in the Bible he could speak through fallible men he could speak through us and speak through whatever he wants speaks through nature the birds chirping the cool of the breeze like he speaks through whatever and you just ain’t listening she can’t hear him that’s the truth Cannibal Corpse you laughing at my Cannibal Corpse uma thurman somebody say uma Thurman Ashley says I’m writing a book for crystals oh yeah crystals for Christians yeah that’s good I got a study on that need to bring out two okay so um Isis says that book is greatly needed when I talk to a lot of my Christian friends and I mentioned this side of things it becomes getting the Bible hit over my head yeah but um yep it’s coming Sarah says in Aaron’s breastplate has had crystals on it yeah yep they had crystals and they align them in such a pattern that would change the vibration of that person to meet with God to be able to speak to God crystal is a powerful man I mean you can look that you can look at the scientific breakdown on crystals like the army I watched a documentary the army put together about crystals and the power of how they conduct energy and it’s the type of shape that they must be in and how to transfer energy with the crystals and information is deep um look at this scripture record let’s see um not picking promise Kinney and I were talking about the scripture I think Jesus in the New Testament Leviticus you shall not eat anything with the blood or no practice divination or shoe saying you should not round off the sides of your growth of your heads no harm you have to look at those scriptures in context and and if you’re going to to take that scripture out of context or try to use it you can’t say shave the side of your head either you can’t shave your beard and that’s a lot of people believe that the sides of the head is the beard I haven’t put a razor to my face in in several years and when I was a practicing Israelite we were forbidden to shave yes so those that see that’s the thing so they’re scriptures that forbid divination be careful soothsaying so sue saying in divination is there’s different things let’s get that straight sue saying divination consultant with with demonic spirits astrology all of that’s forbidden in the Bible let’s go further holidays forbidden esteeming one day over the next birthdays forbidden all types of things are forbidden in the Bible but then it goes out it goes on to say the right way to do it it’s when anytime that you see one of those condemning features even God condemned people and condemned them and then what he did he redeemed him you’re gonna find those same scriptures if you dig like these are for some reason the church we it’s always a spooky scary stay away from why don’t why don’t we know about those other scriptures why don’t we know about the scriptures that talk beautifully about divination why because they’re not there yes they are just do a word search start with the word search these this free Bible programs I use a Bible program called East sword breaks down the Hebrew the Greek you can search any word you can I mean there’s so many free websites East sword free program type in divination start there you could do the same research I’m doing then you can try it then you could read the Bible to see what is a casting of lots uh its divination the disciples did it the prophets did it when Judas left and it was Acts chapter one I believe it was Judas left they dropped down to eleven disciples there were two more who wanted to fill the spot so they said oh we don’t know who should be we love both of y’all but we got to keep the sacred number twelve 12 signs of the zodiac twelve months in a year twelve disciples twelve tribes of Israel when you got the thirteenth tribe right and then you got the thirteenth disciple you know figuring out how all that fits in I’ll say this how we’re gonna find out let us let’s draw a large cast cast lots to see who it’s gonna be I’m telling you and they said the Holy Spirit speaks to it it’s like this is some of my cocoa resin but it’s me and they take a handful of straws they do drawing straws and casting of lots and you hold them out and say okay you grab one you grab one you grab one whoever has the shortest straw loses and they said the Lord spoke speaks through that it’s a game of chance that’s the luck of the draw that’s where that term comes from the luck of the draw but God speaks to it so be it that’s a bunch more like I said astrology worship playing music you know God contempt condemned playing music in the Bible why don’t y’all quote that Sunday morning once y’all quote that God said don’t play no more music he’s I won’t hear your songs why are you singing to me stop I’m not gonna receive your songs why don’t I just take that out of context he said it all of these things God condemned everything in every one to show you that Christ comes and makes everything new Christ comes and makes everything perfect astrology how’s he gonna promote astrology in one chapter and it condemn it in the next and a promoter you got to understand the context man God is not double minded God is not a man that he should lie just isn’t the Bible I’m a quote Santos Bonacci the brother God the Bible would never forbid astrology for the Bible is pure astrology Santos Bonacci 2012 good stuff it’s true it tells his story the stars we see the stars tell the story of Yeshua HaMashiach telling you how you think the stargazers knew to show up and his birth star gazers not the priest not the pastor’s not the church folk the stargazers were the first ones to show up at his birth they read the stars it was talking about him just talking about youth it’s good stuff Tiffany says we’ve all been wanting Smurf houses for Christmas if it’s that definitely the synchronicity top of the conversation lately because five grams of these and you can be as well as me Ben somebody I guess it’s Kenny rally says I’m not trolling I promise I am sinking the reference you just made maybe for clarity yeah no no I’m telling you there’s it’s Bible condemns at all let’s let’s go in Sunday Sunday school and tell him hey God don’t doesn’t listen to this God that’s why he’s done denominations and sects get made but I urge you I challenge you understand astrology the Baba’s has returned to the ancient path return to nature surely the heavens declare the glory of God the open skies declare the work of his hands the heavens declare the morning stars sing out his glory it could steep a tone of vibration it’s beautiful Tim who says thank you for the shout out no problem my friend ok I’m gonna straighten up a couple of these scriptures just because you’re poking me and I got a bite I gotta fight back I’m 2020 website it says come on brother don’t you know that Lucifer come does an angel of light there is a way that seems right but leads to destruction you should know this where does Lucifer come as a angel of light that’s not in the Bible it’s not in your Bible it’s not because Lucifer is in the Bible one time and it’s not in that verse you’re mixing stuff brother you’re mixing thing your mix you’re getting confused with these scriptures bro you’ve been bamboozled you’ve been hoodwinked the Bible doesn’t say that the Bible says that Satan comes as an angel of light in the angel of light in the context that is speaking of is not light beings it’s not Pelagians it’s not de ello the L it’s not those guys the angel of light that is referring to its church folks its church folks you’re gonna hear that scripture a lot even the devil comes as an angel of light brother it’s talking about church folks it’s those who say Lord Lord hardened when you say Lord Lord how you say you love me but you don’t do the things I say that’s who he’s talking about it actually goes on to tell you if you keep reading this isn’t no downloaded information this is interpreting the Bible with the Bible it’s talking about church folks it says which are false apostles among you false prophets false apostles among you that’s what it’s talking about let the Bible interpret itself with the Bible it’s not talking about what do you mean it’s not mentioning both there are are other scriptures that say that talk about angels let’s go to those scriptures but that scripture is not talking about an angel that’s Scripture is talking about false apostles who come as angels of light messengers of righteousness that’s what it’s talking about it’s simple it’s not deep we just been told we’ve heard it quoted over and over and over we’ve heard it quoted that divination was demonic we haven’t searched the Scriptures for ourselves it doesn’t take a lot I told you what to do get the Bible program look up those words and understand what the hell you’re reading you don’t even know man reaps break those words down become a Berean the Bibles of the study to show thyself approved you got to study this stuff you got to break it down and you’ll but if you in church be careful because uh you probably won’t be that much longer a year however long it takes trust me it happens with a lot of people and you got to go there and be quiet hold your tongue act like you’re okay with certain things that you’re not you know you got just it things become when you start breaking that those scriptures down if you keep it to yourself you’re okay but if you start speaking on it you’re gonna be in trouble that’s the truth prove me wrong prove me wrong it’s open challenge prove me wrong angel of light now for those of you who don’t know what that scripture is 2nd Corinthians 11:14 break it down this is what we do used to do this I used the reason I don’t do this no more because yeah I just want to fight I don’t like to fight no more this is like you’re banned sir you’ve been disliking my videos for too long buddy sorry sorry this has been too long hidden like that not that you disagree but you just do this every episode just like trying to make it about you and changing the damn and I pay attention to the stream too much that it kind of messes me up I’ll be in mid conversation this dude’s trying to like get my attention and stuff and my fault cuz I’m reading it you know I’m saying so you ain’t contributing nothing good he’s just trying to debate with everybody and still all good there’s plenty of channels out there for you though bro you’ll fit him you’ll fit in good with like a watchman channel calls out fraud and like points fingers and stuff I don’t really do that no more you should have caught me too eight nine years ago we could have been friends we really could have we started a ministry together Facebook ministry [Laughter] arguing with people on Facebook eight years ago we would’ve did it man we would have been something we would have been something hey I’m caught Danny says can’t can’t allow that type of negativity you know twenty nineteen you man twenty nineteen moving forward you’re banished go back to whence you came a ka start a new channel and come back as another person that’s what we mean do that because that’s what they do you know but yeah you wanna you know you can inbox me you can email me you can call me you know what I’m saying like break these scriptures down this is what we do I stake my life on this stuff I know what it sounds like I do I know what it sounds like I know I know how that shocking oh my god they say divination was tough God yes he did I know what it sounds like coming from that trust me I counsel people I talk to people is scary once you’ve heard something for so long is demonic once you’ve heard something you know you know whatever it is or racism be scared of these people don’t go down this road don’t you you you had these preconceived notions that aren’t right 20:19 we don’t have time for that Chris garner we’re moving forward sorry let’s see where we at garner I’m trying to jump back into the man a lot of a lot of comments man yet a man there’s a lot of good stuff in these comments too but something deep man that uh shoot even from the last podcast I figured out man was talking about the lady was talking about cat being a Catholic and like we’re talking about the fact that a lot of the Catholic churches pray to pray to the pray to the the saints who are more holy than they were they pray to the Saints to get them to talk to God or Jesus for them didn’t she’s talking about how they don’t didn’t feel worthy you know people then people being um Catholics their whole life and they don’t feel worthy to go to Jesus that’s why they go to Mary it’s why they venerate the mother and even go to the Saints if they’re dealing with the issue pregnancy issue they’ll go there was a certain Saint over everything just like in Hinduism there’s a certain God that represents the manifestation of the supreme ultimate deity and so they’ll go to that lesser God that they have a better chance of hearing them especially with that element because they care for that certain element they care for those who are widowed they care for those who are nursing different saints it’s really interesting but there’s a sense of not feeling worthy so they’ll go to the saint that has that cares for their need you know get them to pray for them that was a very interesting concept that uh was like a revelation to me when she shared that with me the other day was pretty deep garner says twelve astrological signs being the twelve archetypes of consciousness yep Anthony says don’t stop I’m fifty I can listen to music now thank you awesome I’m 50 and I’m listening to your music are thank God I heard you that’s so uh so awesome man when the older generation gets it you know and I say this and I don’t mean this I hope I don’t sound condescending because I’ve had people quote me on it the old white women who who listen to the music I love it you know just because like I said it’s like the stereotype old white women don’t are not gonna listen to rap well there’s something deeper than rap they don’t just listen to rap let’s put get that straight they gotta understand the message they understand the intent behind it and they resonate with it and it doesn’t matter who you are it’s transcends the physical it reaches to the spiritual individual right Eric says I love Santos Astrid says there will be signs in the Sun and Moon and the stars and even Genesis says that would be used for science I mean it’s a calendar Esther calendar they didn’t have these calendars we have that was the calendar to look at the Stars look at the when is the equinox view to zodiac it’s all in the Bible people that altered the Bible or double minded I mean look up the word prophet prophet translates back to a seer seer of Yahweh and what what what the seer mean that same program I mean you can get a Strong’s Concordance I got a strong stir court and says about this big you can look it up or you can just download a program and just search a seer in the Bible Samuel was a seer there’s a bunch of seers the word seers translates to stargazer the people who showed up to visit the birth of Christ the stargazers but it’s against the Bible to look at the Stars now there are that verse even Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light that’s not talking about Satan it’s not talking it’s not talk about it Satan as it’s talking about apostles but there are verses that that talk about angels that talk about messengers not necessarily angelic entities because the word only means messenger Paul does called Paul it’s called an angel Jesus was called an angel you know what I’m saying all that kind of stuff man we just but there are verses that tell you what to look out for dealing with angels Danny says those wise men were wizards thank you Isis gate thank you for the donation for the super chat and much blessings to you thank you for being you showing up awesome bars is back he says yo Chris bars is off he’s got a story we got to have him back on here once you do to move bro once you finish the move I’m gonna get you back on we’re gonna tell that whole story and let people know how manifestation works so that’s gonna be good because Chris bars just relocated found the job and he’s moving pretty close to me so it’s gonna be cool Christian says Stardust tells the story to the colors of the universe the black holes the galaxies stars Suns all of it nothing but left ancient information yeah anything this is my birthday it’s make up what they see with the within the prospectives I know man and it’s so scary you do have to protect yourself in your mind and uh what you entertain and you have to be inclusive you have to show grace and mercy and all of it that has to be the driving force behind it all if it ain’t this demonic quite literally if it’s dissension if it’s proving that you’re right if it’s arguing you’re so argumentative if everywhere you go you’re getting getting into arguments with people you need to leave that behind a 20-18 I left it but I left it behind him like 2012 when the world ended how do you say that Chris garnish he says the so Austrians priests were called Magi mm-hmm Lucifer fell from grace there’s what Kenny says Lucifer just maybe Venus is what garnish says it is look look that up on go to type in Lucifer then go back to and type in Venus and you’re gonna look in and it’s gonna say that it is an allegory to Venus and you look up the the breakdown of the word and look at listen to the story and it tells you the story this the whole thing is an astrological journey there’s nothing new Under the Sun nothing new it’s just repeating over and over just a hero’s journey we’re all on it we’re at different places but we’re all on it just says what do you say to people who use incest in slavery to deny God yet there’s a lot of people who who try to use that you know slavery is is interesting like every every every nationality of people has had slaves you know black people have been enslaved Africans you know I’m saying white people have enslaved Africans the Native Americans had slaves they enslaved each other the whites and slave to other whites and you know I’m saying and quite frankly there’s a level of that where people are still slaves you just get to go home every night you just you just get to go back home you’re a slave to the system you’re a slave to the powers-that-be but one thing about that whole slavery thing is understanding in the scriptures just because the Bible used that word is not necessarily always talking about slavery and just because assess slave slaves be subject to your masters a lot of times it’s talking about working for someone you’re a slave for that wage you and then and then there was also a volunteer slavery there was slavery were like you were in trouble and you had to go work off a debt so you sold yourself you sold yourself into slavery to work for that family to work on that farm you had to save yourself in the slavery because you wanted a daughter’s hand in marriage okay work on my farm for seven years after the seven years you get my daughter you’re free to go okay so when it uses the word slave a lot of times it’s talking about that in it in working for people do your work as you’re doing it unto the Lord that’s one thing wherever you are I don’t do it like you’re working for that person so there’s a lot of stuff and I don’t condone it and there is some obscure things or whatever but I’ll just say that not every time the Bible talks about slavery and owning people and stuff the Bible’s been it’s it’s that is dated man but it’s magical that was normal there was a lot of things that was normal that we don’t do anymore you know what I’m saying and what whatever book it is or say well because a lot of people who condemn the Bible is or condemned belief in God because of that they’ll be in for more spiritual tradition especially with 2012 the Mayans the Age of Enlightenment these people were sacrificing each other to appease the gods all really all all like gods demanded bloodshed now I’ve talked about this on detail I don’t want to get light into it but every God demands blood shed even Yahweh but the blood of his son I’m not gonna get into it I’ve done it on other episodes you got to pay for your sins with blood I mean that’s just what it is no mafia go sinned against the Mafia and see what you got to pay with blood sinned against the government see what you got to pay with your blood your time um Tiffany says absolutely well I’ll tell you a story of whiskey and miss kit mystics and Men and about the believers and how the whole thing began first there were women and children obeying the moon yeah Danny says have to read the original language in its interpretation people would be surprised that many in English translations are missing image translated yeah you’re right man that’s part of the seeking process too is you think that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God which I believe that DNA at Word of God is Christ it’s not the Bible because that’s misprint it it took stuff out of it how’s it how’s it perfect how does it not being tampered with it says that each version says something different it does which one’s right maybe the Hebrew will go back to the Hebrew the original the first time they wrote it it was perfect they made changes and then even now you have more versions of the Bible come out and they make changes to each one because they have to cuz they can copy write it if you was just a taken and put your name on it you know you got the rod parsley Study Bible you got the so-and-so Bible it got their name on it you know all these different pet – Benny ham Bible all these guys you have to change so many things to get a copyright patent on it you can’t just take the whole Bible and just reprint it and put your name on it you have to change stuff that’s why you have the New King James that’s what you have I mean all these different versions man and they they have changes for a reason so that they can put a copyright on it and it’s continuing to change moving on through the comments interacting with my people okay wow I’m think I’m Way behind – Jesus let’s go let’s go I bet you I can catch up now let’s see where we are so Dumbledore says yeah hold on smitten down so everybody I’m so behind go everybody saying bye to the guy who just got banned or whatever you can watch just watch from a distance you don’t play well with others um some I said smitten down Tory says new to this channel what’s up what’s good Tory what you doing man Tiffany says he said it’s mana he should stop drinking the water yeah that’s a good good idea that debating is so overrated not when you’re in it though man you know when you’re in it that’s all you live for cuz it’s your eternal salvation like I just told him he was wrong about something that he based his life upon now base my whole life on that the pastor the doctrines that’s a weird place to be man that’s a weird place to be it’s called cognitive dissidence they don’t say that I don’t care what true seeker said true seek is a New Ager as you don’t know the Bible it’s called cognitive dissonance look that word up you probably never heard of that either Dumbledore since I’ve been caught up in that mindset before it sucks Oh have pity on him yeah I have pity on him yeah man me too you know I try to show grace with them but they just trying to be silly sometimes Sarah’s purpose says don’t deserve my energies most likely you would not get them that’s the voice yeah that’s a good verse I love that song right asking God for an answer and relying on his response that’s what Kenny says Danny bro I loved that podcast interview you did with that guy talking about goddess imagination I have no idea where I’ve never heard about neville goddard yeah I know right I think I’ve think I might have had one of his books years ago Cheryl says I love the throne-room visualization meditation Thank You Cheryl thank you for the purchase thank you for the support that’s awesome I’m gonna do more like that I’ve got some I’m learning little things even with the the throne room and I’ll just be open like I’m learning if I’m doing some courses right now where I’m studying just to kind of get certified and take deeper courses on it but hypnotherapy and the power of the spoken word and going into the trance state and and speaking over people in the trans State we do that I mean I’ll do that with the music when you listen to that beat and you just close your eyes and I’m just speaking that over you I mean you’re going into the trance state and you’re entering into hypnotic states of consciousness even through the drums when you’re at church and the pastors playing the drums or even when the drums get real fast Tooting everybody’s jumping and shaking and running like that’s the trance state to heightened senses of awareness so I’m studying like little things like if I should say you or we for some reason as I’m writing it I’m singing we as we enter you’ll notice in the chakra meditation I say we and as we feel the energy rise up it’s cleansing us moving because I’m a partaker to say like I’m going with you even though I may be the one delivering it I’m going with you you know but I’ve had a couple of people say you probably should say you just make it singular about the person versus we but um so I’m just learning what’s what little things I can improve on and stuff like that so yeah he was a Christian mystic talking about the law of attraction a long way before the secret documentary came out yeah yeah I was a bunch of people man Tiffany said I was forced to go to the Catholic Church eventually got in trouble for not wanting to go to confession because the guy who because he is the guy who has some school that makes them closer to God and yeah that’s weird I understand confession right I mean if you come if you do a session with me you’re gonna have to confess you know you’re gonna have to get things off your chest that you’ve been holding you need to find somebody and you can confide in that that you can trust that’s not gonna hold it over your head that’s gonna help you there is healing in confession not saying it’s the priest not saying it’s me it’s Jesus like a friend you got to find someone you can confide in problem with the church you go to the church folks and you confide in them and they go tell everybody I thought I was I thought I was telling you a secret like I need told nobody about this not everybody at the church knows that I’m struggling in this area cuz of you I remember years ago in the church and I was studying masonry and first we studied it as a Illuminati thing and scary and stay away from the Masons run the world like all this weird fear stuff then I started kind of getting into the philosophy and understanding a lot of what masonry Tisa teaches in the different paths of masonry and I got it became to be interesting how they have this order and it’s like the Brotherhood and like man that’s how Christian Brotherhood should be and my friend was like nope they make you sign blood oaths and I had that I still have my thing have the blood oaths printed out because we used to preach against the masonry you know I’m saying and I had the blood oath printed I’ll say you have to seal the demonic oath that if you share the secrets you’re gonna be cut from ear to ear and you had to you know sign these bloody oaths and Sam and you look at the ocean I mean it’s demonic but not that I’m looking back on I see it as symbolic like those oaths and my friends like oh man that’s domani well I said man I should have made you sign it I was like that I should have made you sign one cuz uh now all these folks up in the church no to the stuff I pulled you to side and uh needed prayer needed help and you told everybody you put it on Facebook you took the things I told you in secret and posted on Facebook you’re crazy I should have made you sign of oath that you did you’ll cut yourself from ear to ear if you share the secrets that we’re talking about yeah it makes a lot more sense now donut so what if we die we actually wake up and remember everything wouldn’t that be interesting a train strange feeling yeah man it would be good um I hate to forget it all right I hate to forget everything especially that your experiences here we’ve had some beautiful encounters and we’re still having them you know and people and food and the wind brushing your face and the cool of the air like there’s just so much little small things that I’m thankful for my breath you know what I’m saying just just little states of consciousness I would hate to forget it you know that that’s it that’s a bigger fear than anything you know it’s returning to a place where this that didn’t matter or something like that or I don’t know it’s a very interesting to study deaths and uh but this is fun I enjoy fellowship I enjoy people and don’t get me started I’ve been watching too much stuff on TV about dead people I got a I got to go back to the scriptures I have to you know I have to go back and and uh you know read what the Bible says about death and what Jesus says so I conquered death and death has lost its sting and there is no fear and death and you know and I’ve given you eternal life not just you know life on this earth but I’ve given you eternal life forever but ever ever forever ever forever is long I’ve given you eternal life that’s deep and sometimes like you listen all these different people there’s past lives there’s this there’s that there’s this and you just kind of get confused even me I’m trying to open myself up to new ideas at times and I have people who believe in things and I try to walk with them a little ways and even if I don’t get it it’s still like you know I’m not really sold on the whole past life regression I’m even as I’m studying hypnotherapy there’s something called you have the past life regressions to go back and relive memories but there’s also something called the memories of suggested memories suggested memories and I think a lot of times these so called paths past life regressions are suggested memories you were in Lou Mario you are ace you’re a magician you were married to the to the king you was a queen you know they just give you they almost like a guided meditation where they implant things to you suggested memories I mean you see that a lot of time with these alien abduction scenarios here in your room and what is it that walks through the door what does he look like what does this eyes look like the eyes something about the eyes what is it you know like damn must have been abducted by an alien most likely having probably not not in that way might have been visited not abducted any worried about that kind of stuff so that’s a big difference in going into the hypnotic States in it there’s power there suggested memories I mean that’s how we’re gonna get healing okay I mean that’s I went through it as a Christian right I went through deliverance and ministry and prayer counseling and he leads you back go to the point of pain do the shadow work and you’re at this place where you’ve been abused you’ve been touched you’ve been cheated on or whatever the case is you’ve been called stupid and ignorant you’ve been told that you shouldn’t exist from your parents you know they were a mistake you go back to that place and uh and then for the Christian hypnotic regression I did it was suggested because it’s okay where’s Jesus at where’s Jesus at walking into this situation there yes what is he doing how is he healing you what would Jesus say and you see Jesus coming and making all things new and making it right does he really do it did Jesus really go to your past yeah if you believe it if you let him if you go into that it happens he remembers your sins no more so is your past as far as the east is to the west and you’re free from that that’s the power of that did he really do it as you envisioned it yeah did you really encounter Jesus yeah if you had that encounter is real to you it goes back to like that with Joe Rogan is talking about when you on psilocybin when you’re on ayahuasca and the elves show up and they tell you the secrets of the universe and they do work on your DNA and they repair your body and take your hurt and pain and bring forth healing when that happened did you didn’t really happen did you really go into the etheric realms and meet the elves did they really share with you the secrets of the universe well I don’t know but your experience you have the experience it was real to you it was real to you so you live your life like it was real a lot of people live here in delusions and making up fear you live in your life afraid of things that don’t exist and will never exist you’re making up scenarios about how you’re gonna fail in your business endeavors how you’re gonna fail in your marriage you can’t thinking about people taking your spouse from you hey I’m talking to you you keep entertaining all these weird things that are not true but you’re entertaining them is fear false evidence appearing real these fears so you’re living your life like that fear is real that that memory you’ve created a reality and alternate reality what if the one who got away keep daydreaming you’re not taking that into 2012 can’t take it with you guys home saw so much information to cover yes sir Tiffany I can talk to God myself I can talk to God to myself I can’t I can I pretty sure he hears me every Wednesday my father would send me with another question whether they cannot answer like where does perk why does purgatory exist in the Bible and it doesn’t yeah my studies are booked pun intended Astrid yo I open ababa looking for a verse at lambda do not quench the spirit do not despise prophecies test all things hold fast to what is good abstain from every evil it’s relevant yeah evil is like killing and raping and all it’s not using a deck of cards yeah you find out what that means the world right when you read the world in the Bible you think it’s people who aren’t in the church people don’t go to your church you know people who are of another denomination or another faith that’s the world no the world is all the the is all the wickedness the killings their envying the murderer that’s what it’s all about the world the rudiment elements of the world that the basic default nature like the fall in nature that’s the world it’s not to my people there’s a scripture you got you got to just rightly divide the word of truth than one scripture say love not the world neither the things that are in the world what is that tell my people no cousin you find these other scriptures where Christ came to save the world save the universe he is the king of the universe he he cares for the world you gotta figure out what who is talking about it really you gotta break down the Greek and Hebrew even to see what world is that what age what is what does they even mean you got to look it up I believe the North Star was a UFO any thoughts on that I used to believe that Tiffany just went like I was really big until you follow G and it was it was it was new to me everything was the UFO I mean Ezekiel’s wheel I’m leaning more you know towards astrology now and that would be the stars that they followed now there was a point in time where I did believe that you know and even Ezekiel’s wheel I thought was a UFO but it’s the zodiac we and they studied the Stars and followed him so let’s see Lane Lanie’s world Channel – ever had any ghost encounters I wouldn’t say I don’t know if there were ghosts as far as like a disembodied person showing up but I’ve definitely had spirit encounters with like [Music] elemental spirits and and angelic spirits and demons and all that kind of stuff but I don’t think I’ve ever had a like a a ghost like a person if that’s what you mean but the word ghost in the Bible translates to God you know and it’s all the same word spirits Dumbledore hey truths can you give a shout out to Paul statements and his company host defense really great stuff can help with lots of people suffering from diseases sure thing he just did wasn’t it like almost last times of being saved or was something demonic activity happened that time – like vice versa good advances so bad hears about yeah reading some more of these comments finding my intuition finally trusting it I just be knowing spiritual gifts things family home sauce yeah man what you coming out with bro you doing another you gonna do your podcast bro radio show what you’re gonna do 2019 bro home sauce YouTube Martin Kinney 2020 tell me what you think um I think somebody else might have told me to look up Martin Kenny y’all I’m trying to keep up with these comments but I’m getting lost I’m just gonna try to go to the questions and stay off of them I’m reading this comment from Santiago and there’s a lot of people who believe that John Santiago says he did an episode with a guy a pastor that said him thinking of not having to go to church to him is considered a sin mm-hmm what it’s a sin when you think that the church is somewhere that you go there’s another you know misinterpretation misnomer that church is something that you go to the word translates to ekklesia and him it’s not where you go churches who is something you are it means to called out ones the body of Christ like even now I believe we’re having church now there’s a lot of people listen to the podcast this is the church the closest thing the church that they’re gonna come come to nothing and go in these buildings an offender going a lot of these whitewashed tombs even when I was in church and I had a global reach people were getting born again people were traveling to come get baptized and things like that like I couldn’t tell these people were to go to church at it was you know he would church I should go to that’s there might be giving somebody a death wish one of the last church I went to when I came out of witchcraft it was a co like they look like a regular Church they were sacrificing animals and having sex with children I didn’t know that but it came out later just tell you just to go to any Church man it’s like throwing a baby to the walls man I can’t do that you stay at home go to the park with your family you know you find you a good internet video I don’t know I can’t I still can’t it’s pros and cons and all I know you know I was out of church for a while and I let a buddy of mine to the Lord he was an atheist led him to the Lord we baptized them we did everything started having our own Bible studies but then I was like man this he needs to have the Christian experience he needs to get plugged into a church like to know what it’s like to grow with a body of people and go and you know maybe have the same experience or similar when I had didn’t know where to go so we just started visiting all these churches we started going to church a God Church of Christ we started every Sunday it was a different Church you know it’s just weird foolishness that the majority of them and I we just had to kind of seek off ourselves and finally we found a little biker Church of all places and uh that’s where we fit in and that’s where we grew in the body for some years and so I interviewed my old pastor Pastor Brian Jones and he was the pastor of that biker church and so you can go listen to that episode to hear more detail about my experiences at the biker Church which was good for the most part but I can’t just say go there there’s always always like a backhanded you know you’re gonna can’t do it you know I can’t do it you can I can’t a few hours ago sorry people I have a cheap phone okay she said I’m probably a question I missed I’m sorry Astrid said you helped me open up my heart chakra yesterday truth with solar boat the Holy Spirit was definitely there it was beautiful I felt such a longing for a surrender to God Amen I’m good I’m done call it a wrap pull the plug on the on the episode pulled the plug on the music I’m good that’s what I’m seeking that I found it I got it job well done it worked well done my good and faithful servant it worked I’m done hang it up I’m good that’s all I need that’s all I want and it’s working so working on a huge level – man you guys are awesome cuz I couldn’t do it without you guys really I really couldn’t so I really uh I really thank you guys um for believing in the work in in making that possible like co-creating that encounter for Astrid for Tiffany all of you and then wanting to pay it forward and I’m not you know it’s not just about a gimme-gimme-gimme thing it’s not just about helping me support me you guys know I pour out you guys not give my life to this and but I whatever we have to do we’re gonna make it happen so again it’s a it’s a team effort it is it’s good stuff Tiffany says I absolutely agree with you Derek not to mention he’s doing things to my friends and classmates I found my understanding peace and hope and inspiration and simply will go through amen all right so Kenny says if we don’t remember what’s the point if we don’t remember maybe you remember it as a test the life you live determines the place you go to you die oh man you was a wicked ooh man we gave you we gave you plenty of choices to get your life right we gave you plenty choices to help people we give you plenty of choices to renew your mind we gave you all we set before you a path good and evil and you chose evil every time why’d you do that whether you going to heaven or hell you got to come back to the earth to redo it or just level I mean that’s the proving ground I did it definitely similar I think the Christian experience would be similar to that if you believe in heaven and hell and all that like you what you do here depends on where you spend eternity or whether you have Jesus or whatever you you believe but um most religions believe something similar Astra says I’m with you with the past life regression my theory is sometimes tapping in the collective consciousness ancestors oh my god Lemuria yeah don’t even get me with Lemuria sorry anyone who plays little Mary it’s fun I mean there were ancient civilizations you know and there’s a lot of proof of Atlantis and that is under underwater civilizations you know and there’s some interesting stuff but just to say this truce or whatever Kenny says or possibly demonic memories from their past life I say one of my songs are saying all of my past lives I’ve played the bad guy a man of sorrow with no tomorrow what would the devil by my side but I believe in second chances people taking second glances I mean not me doubt but not out yeah I’m still standing my throat is uh getting a little raspy I have to go take my daughter to get some lunch I’m about to get off here but I’m trying to fly to these last few questions um to do jesus is coming back look busy as what garner says Christie says hi just pray for helping healing for my demonic attacks that are hard at work to my lower frequency and to keep me down many positive energies and peace just join in I refused to go down this helps yes yep already and it just with your level of expectancy I have things that personally I’m trying to lay down or trying to move into 2019 with my vision is big you know there’s a lot of new things and I know that I can’t move forward with certain things holding on to me I have to let go mindsets different things I have to let go of moving in but with that it’s instant it’s instant as you tap in with laying that stuff down your mindset changes and the spirit of expectancy is upon you it’s the placebo effect as you tap in you already feel more connected because the game is in here there’s nothing that we do there’s nothing that we can lay down there’s nothing that we can believe or not believe that’s gonna get us any closer to God we already as are as close to God as we’ll ever be now there are things that you do throughout your life in the process and meditation of walking in the spirit that’s going to make you more conscious of the power and presence of God in your life of your calling of who you are created in Christ Jesus to do good works there’s levels to this right but we’re not accepted anymore in your left any less but by laying stuff down it becomes as an offering before God so you know what I’m a lazy now like I said pornography addiction you can’t take it with you god I give you pornography addiction God I give you my alcoholism I gave you my weird addiction just to show you that I can you know what I’m saying not that you know whether it’s weed or whatever alcohol it’s not that God wants to take something fun from you it’s just a fact that look man show me you love me more than weed show me you love me love me more than music remember fasting music why cos music is something near and dear to my heart and I was faster I ain’t listening to no music just cuz I Love You God i’ma show you I can do it and it becomes something okay and you kill your flesh you’re always pleasing your flesh every time you want something you do it every time you hungry you eat eating bad foods at that you know what I’m saying all kinds of things that is in it but you renew your mind you retrain your mind by laying the stuff down on the altar and God answers with fire the fire consumes the offering and the fire is the presence of God the power of God in your lives whatever it is that you’re laying down as a burnt offering our lives our living sacrifice before the Father and as we lay upon the altar the fire consumes us and burns off anything that we don’t need to bring into 20-19 to bring into to tomorrow that’s a continual place that we go to upon the altar of God spinning Tom with intimacy with the Lord every single one of us that never gets old that’s always where everything comes from everything it doesn’t come from this podcast you may get information here it doesn’t come from the music you may get information there but you always take it back to that secret place to go deeper try it to see what happens take it with you in your own encounter in your own experience Christian says I’ve been told a lot about that God made a mistake creating me that I’m dumb etc I do remember old lives but I just don’t talk about it anymore I learned not just just to pay no mind um I seen a meme yesterday that kind of disturbed me it was a baby a newborn baby and uh and the baby was like staring looking real serious yeah like you know birth you saw my mister and he’s staring at the camera looking crazy just come out and uh anything in on his face and the meme and it said uh when you commit suicide because you do with this life and you reincarnate five minutes later so you try to commit suicide to get like a redo and it’s just the whole past life and I get I get to restart I don’t like this one it kind of takes away the the drive to get it right this time to feel like you have another chance I don’t know that you do so I’d say make the best out of this one whatever situation you come you’re in I met homeless drug addicts mental patients people who were so strung out on crystal meth that there’s police hiding under their bed that there’s demons in the walls who have been restored who have had peace restored back unto them through Christ you can do it whatever situation you’re in it’s only temporary make those changes this year do what you need to do to bring all of this stuff into fruition the things and the dreams and divisions that you had they’re there for a reason not to taunt you God’s not riding on the back of riding on your back as a donkey with a carrot in front of him dangling them hey look at your dream just out of reach just out of grass almost no that’s not God that’s not God those dreams are there for a reason I’ve seen people restored on the verge of insanity who probably need to go to a psychiatric ward hell I’m one of them and God just takes you and mold you into his image breathes his breath within you a new life and then you go forth changing the world undoing all the wrongs that you’ve done making peace making amends and resetting that karma and now were you’re always freaking out and always have a nice man guy he gives you a new mind lifts up your countenance that’s the type of persona that’s the type of aura that you have on you to be able to heal people your aura around people healing them convicting them of sin challenging them to do better beautiful greater things in store greater things are yet to be done it’s up to you and only you God’s promises are yes and amen he didn’t change his mind he loves you he has plans to bless you to prosper you it’s between you and him whether you get with them work with them or work against them we’ve been working against God for too long get with them get with the creator of Dreams see what happens just good stuff I’m go ahead and jump off of here guys let’s see Taylor it’s a new person at the end excuse me big fan of the music in the past I haven’t seen much of the podcast question do you have any experience with the Native American church I am an Oklahoma and tribal member though I have never been I was learning for a while the Muscogee Creek language my uncle who went to a regular Christian Church I mean most of the most down here I mean it’s it’s Christianize do you know what I’m saying they don’t have a lot of the the ancient practice the only thing you’re gonna get is during for the most part during the powwow season right where everybody comes in all the elders come in and they go and they do the stomp dances and they get interests in the old old garb and things like that and during my awakening I went to that and it blew me away I’m in tears the whole time just and I had been as a kid you know and I went back as in my Awakening and just just crying and just trying just soaking it in man there’s spirituality and everything and uh but eventually I knew I heard rumors that they go back into the woods you know during Thanksgiving and they have they do the real deal like they really dance around the fire they really do peyote or whatever the case is like I’ve heard those rumors ever since I was a kid and now they’re in more of a spirituality I’m wanting to explore them my Native American roots especially studying in the Bible in the true Israelites and the Native Americans coming from the tribe of GAD out of the book of Genesis and prophecies and I was studying that for a long time and the Lord had me on that but um kept asking around and nobody really knew nothing and finally we were we were during Thanksgiving we were at the Welcome Center and my mom and everybody was in town we were looking at we watched a video they had you know showing your old artifacts and one of the women there told my mom and my mom’s you just talk to anybody and I told my mom that uh you know they are doing the green corn ceremony and so he’s got the info I was like she told her what it is they go back in the woods and it’s at the old stomping grounds where they it’s like by invite-only pretty much anyway she’s got the info and I was like shoot I’m going my mom was gonna go back home she was living out of town so I got the info and got up with them and you know it’s asked if I can come bring my friend or whatever and we went out there and we didn’t get out there early enough because it’s a whole weekend for the green coin ceremony but they I wanted it so bad hang on lots of you I don’t know what they were using but they were on some type of tree bark they said that was some type of psychedelic that would help you to go in and purge out for that weekend and so all these different tribal dudes a lot of them were like outcasts of the tribe right because most of them are just you know with the the governmental structure and most of them have embraced Christianity and have regular lives but these people like they’re trying to you know keep the ancient path so I ended up going and I didn’t get to do it but I wanted to but they cut themselves you know have like three marks on them and they rubbed the the ass of the bark in it and it caused us them to go into this encounter over the weekend and begin to sweat and I just thought it would be so beautiful just to have that that memory you know I’m saying those scratches to look back down at say man but we went out there and we participated in the rituals we didn’t do the medicine but we did do dances with them and we stayed out there all night so we didn’t do the whole weekend but it’s the green corn ceremony and I know they do it in Oklahoma some of my friends who were there who are from porch Creek Alabama in Atmore they have been to the Green Corn ceremonies there so I would say look up green corn ceremony it’s a good place to start get with whoever’s heading that up and see what they’re doing maybe they use medicine maybe they don’t I don’t know but maybe each one is different but this was something that was real beautiful and I got to see them go through the process I got to see them sweat it out and you know have that hard time and which coming just what a psychedelic does so it’s pretty cool um so yeah Christie says true seeker you are inspiration Holy Spirit is in you thanks for sharing that god bless you and your so much so yeah thank you guys for hanging out with me man I’ve been on here a while now what is this 2 hours and 35 minutes and I’m hungry I know my daughter’s hungry we gotta go but I’m gonna say a blessing someone asked if I can bless them before we head out and I will say a prayer and this is for anybody going into 2019 I’m gonna say a prayer and receive it if that’s you man just close your eyes take that deep breath in breathing in peace exhaling stress worried out breathing in peace mmm love grace peace of God with every breath it’s all about being a conscious it’s all about being aware of the breath because in the breath is the love is the grace it’s the power of God in nuuma the Ruach the spirit mindful God I just ask you everybody listening under sound of my voice is to help them to become more mindful of everything attitude of gratitude to approach it with grace and peace Thanksgiving to enter your courts with Thanksgiving your gates with praise this praise begin to praise you and thank you follow everything in our lives the good the bad the ugly letting us see another year those who are trying to lay things down them the grace to lay it down the grace to move forward the grace to move ahead those who were caught up in any level of people-pleasing and it’s hindering them from doing what you’ve called them to do because they’re worried about the opinions of others the opinions of men can’t please God and man it’s one of the other choose right now leave it at the door god I just ask you to bless them keep them with peace in your presence more synchronicities more of your Holy Spirit moving forward bless them beyond their wildest dreams let them know that this thing is real more and more and more of your glory more of your love of your power in their lives manifested all things fulfilled Jesus name I pray aa-men I’m in guys thanks for hanging out with me we’ll do it again got a lot of really cool guests lined up it’s gonna be awesome shout out to everybody hanging out in the chat man Taylor Christie Tiffany Astrid Leigh nice world everybody Chris garner Chris bars Tiffany I love you people man home sauce garner love y’all we’ll do it again like so if you are looking for a community throughout the week man we need you we need you we need the others find the others join our discord the link is in the description if you’re listening on the podcast app if you’re watching on YouTube the link is there it says join our discord community you can get it on your phone and get on your computer there’s a voice chat we can talk like this I can hear you oh that’s you you’re Laney well you’re you know you put voices with the names and and we’re building as we’re building a community but no funny business no foolishness but yeah if you’re looking for like-minded people you want to meet some of these people a lot of them are already there this core community is in the end of chat again thank you guys for supporting my work on patreon again perfect opportunity perfect model to support your favorite creators and I’m thankful for all the support anything that you’re able to do thank you and you get a lot of stuff in return my entire library of music is available to you also discounts and stuff so the the guided meditations you get discounts on the meditations and stuff too so make sure y’all check that out man if you have a few extra dollars and you would like to I doubt the link is in the description to their guided meditations and stuff – and you can read the feedback I got some feedback posted on it so people are blown away Kristy Lee she said it’s the best meditations he’s ever heard I’m just sick I’m just saying I’m just saying it she’s a psychic healer man she said it’s the best way no I love y’all man we’re gonna do this again with Adam say peace and Shalom I love y’all

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