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Paul Levin is a self help coach and has helped many people Create The Life That They Love by understanding that we create the change that we wish to see in our own lives. It is God’s universal will for you to be happy and simply enjoy your existence.
This life is filled with many ups and downs. Many obstacles that pave the way from birth until death. But one thing that we must realize is that someone or something is trying to teach us something and through every heartache, every distraction, trial or tribulation there is always a lesson to learn. Something that we can take away from the situation. It is said that if we do not learn for our past, we are doomed to relive it. Many of us are walking through life with the knob set on default and when we become aware of this we can then start to apply change to our situation to create the life that we want for ourselves. It is almost that this life we life is a as a game and many of us haven’t even been introduced to the rules and regulations of this game so we are set to lose by default. We become a product of our environment and even blame other for our shortcomings and failures. When we find out that the rules and regulations of this game called life that we are playing are simply the Law of The Universe. Many of these law ring true throughout all of the religions of the earth. Many are saying the same thing only vocalizing them different yet with plagiarized philosophies. It is time for us the study the rules, read the manuals ie Holy Books, Ancient Writings etc. and start playing on the offence rather than just reacting defensively to every curve ball that is thrown our way. It’s time to play as a team. Pick up the bat and swing for the fences. As we do this we will begin to see breakthrough in many areas of our lives. I’m in, Are You?
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