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Bryann T of Kingdom Music and TruthSeekah sit down and talk about the ups and downs of spirituality and the Christian experience. Bryann T shares his testimony of how God called him out of gang affiliation and a lifestyle of indulgence after the death of his twin brother Ryan Keith “Woo” Trejo. Bryann T picks up the ministry that Woo started saying 


I am gonna be sharing his music and legacy he left with us. Woo started kingdom muzic, it has grown into a powerful ministry and tool that is used for the Glory of christ kingdom, salute in Jesus name. Love you bro, even through your death you blessed and inspired me, see you when I get there. Heaven gates.


Bryann T and family members sang a song in memorial for Woo that was filmed and then uploaded to WorldStarHipHop where it accumulated thousands of views and touched a lot of lives. Bryann T talks about his success touring with Kingdom Music as well as the pain that he relives sharing Woo’s story each night in hopes that someone will listen and find a better path in life. Bryann T also talks about the Kingdom Music Discipleship Ministry that they have designed to help people who have come out of the street life grow in their faith with Jesus through their interactive mentoring program. Bryann T is a Christian rapper based out of Texas who share the gospel through hip hop and his wonderful testimony of how Jesus Christ can change lives.


Gospel Rap: Christian Rapper Spits A Deep Freestyle With His Family For His Twin Brother Who Was Murdered



Bryann offers some of his music for FREE Download At Bryann T


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truth-seeker and/or its affiliates are not responsible for any strange phenomena that may occur during or after listening to this podcast which may include the following heightened senses of awareness psychic abilities UFO sightings alien contact time nos out of both TX berry and says ringing in the ears SIA SP lucid really institutionality education please don’t be nice to us in our own discussion [Music] [Music] to stand when I don’t be you are now locked into the two-finger podcasting live at UC comm your portal to the paranormal esoteric and all things spiritual Shalom ladies and gentlemen welcome to another exciting episode of the truth seeker podcast I’m your host true seeker excited and delighted to be with you guys tonight I got a special guest lined up been trying to give this brother on for a while and finally managed to do that tonight before we go any further I got to give a shout out to everybody who’s supporting the ministry everybody who’s supporting what I’m doing with my music and the podcasting and enabling me to go full-time doing the work that I’m doing are everybody supporting on patreon backslash truth seeker from the bottom of my heart thank you guys if you guys want to support you can support at any level of giving anywhere from $1 $5 $10 whatever you’re able to do it’s much appreciated you get rewards by doing that you get my entire discography to download you also get all the new music that I work as soon as I’m done with new music upload it over there so a bunch of new music I’ve been uploading over there you guys check it out thank you guys so much for supporting me so tonight this guest that I have I’ve been trying to get him on for a while he’s a very busy man Bryan Trejo my brother what’s going on welcome to the show what’s up brother Derek how you doing tonight I’m doing great man finally good to connect with you we’ve connected in passing we got a lot of mutual friends we could just go down this big list of powerful people who are into the gospel rap community sharing the gospel getting in out of there definitely huge shout out to Jamie ruckman j-rock holding it down shout out to Robert Moore the OG hope beat dotnet you know what I’m saying I’ve had a handful of gospel rappers on the show that I interviewed aluminate pyrex 7 supposed to do is headed down his name is slipping me uh it’s not young bro ASAP ASAP on the show had them all on here man saw it’s like I have to get Brian on yeah what I want to do is sit down essentially because real real recognizes real man so in in a in the industry that is oversaturated there’s so many people everybody’s a rapper when it comes to having talent is one thing and then have an anointing to back it up is another thing so dude when when I mention gospel rap your name is in the conversation so thank you for being who you are and bringing your giftings and talents to the table to glorify the lord and edify the body man thank you for that yes sir all guys glory first I first heard about you seen the the viral video I guess it was on worldstar and it just went SuperDuper viral the video of you in the kitchen standing around a table with a bunch of ladies and you guys were singing a song about your brother who was murdered and it was a very emotional song all everyone had tears in their eyes in the room and it was just very emotional that video went went viral man that’s the first time I heard your name talk a little bit about that first video man yeah you know it’s crazy that you bring it up is that today I happen to see the video again maybe I haven’t seen it in a month or two well it hit me just like it was from the first night man it explains the death of my brother what went down that night are they hurt to spit that yeah but at the same time it brings healing to me and others oh that was actually the beginning of me choosing a walk with Christ man I’ll never forget that day man I actually said with some of these homeboys that night men is they they show me their music for my brother and their music for my brother was we’re murder for you we put the middle a devil on so whoo we kill for wool and I sat there and I remember them telling me about who killed him and they were gonna ride and you know instead of saying yes to them I remember saying something I thought I would never would have said bro when I was like it ain’t gonna bring my brother back and I remember one of them made a face of me like whatever like you could do with you I know what I’m gonna do remember the enemy’s telling me don’t do that tell me uh they think you’re weak you won’t kill free you won’t kill for your twin what type of brother are you I’ve been a prisoner already for attempted murders over my brother so it’s nothing for me to retaliate so when they when they when I felt like they were testing my my mom my pride like that’s how I feel and I stuck with Christ man even though I walked away the enemy laughing at me a minute three years later look going into four years I’m still standing I’m out of prison I’m still married I’m healed God is still blessing me so choosing a walk with Christ is the best thing ever you know what I mean you know choosing forgiveness over retaliation is the best choice I’ve ever chosen my whole life man yeah where she was you’re a Christian at that point I was a carnal mind Christian I struggled with marijuana Australia green murder and it wasn’t connected when submitted you know I thought I could still do what I do man still listen some of my parking my murder music he’s still say I love Jesus and I put pollution in my ear and then just very double minded and unstable and on my way it showed me though like you can’t be before man you gotta choose a side so dollars crises you have the other and ya have a form and but lack the power and oh now power they’re off hey there’s a little bit of feedback coming through I don’t know if it’s a music or TV on in the background it’s kind of coming through kind of loud is it is it off a little it’s still four sorry I’m I don’t know if it’s close to the mic or were but it’s kind of picking up a little bit louder than you see here still ah that’s good that’s better awesome yeah man I’m reading reading somebody chat here and our people are saying the the anointing breaks the yoke man that’s one thing when like a lot of gospel rappers would compare themselves to secular rappers or I’m not as good as these guys but it’s different where they have some type of techniques or or they have a fan base or a huge following but it’s a different when you’re walking in the anointing and then you can go to uncharted territories and see change happen in people’s lives or just even by playing the music and not even have to bring a message sometimes just the music and the power that’s in the music itself talk a little bit about how the anointing flows first of all through a life laid down for the gospel but also through the music as well hey man before I did Kingdom music I did Brian music it was Double Trouble music it was my message it was a and I always thought I’d be a rich rapper one day I always thought the world to hear my pain I chased this I get out of prison I just I had a game plan look somebody’s gonna sign me when I did get with a label they gave me drugs and they fed me evil so I go back to jail back to prison so I never went nowhere with it man and I never forget me when I lost my twin I didn’t want to do no means he’s to do that the music with anyone they’d never be the same again and I never forget man they don’t the Holy Spirit started writing songs on my heart it says in the Bible I will write my laws on your minds in your heart but it also says I will write a new song on your heart and these new songs on own that he was writing I don’t even write them down this was crazy and I used to have no past full of reps right you know I never even wrote him down I just all I know we just proclaim the faithfulness of Christ and so I know it wasn’t me and then for the videos to go viral you know the first time I was like okay it’s a story but second time three or four times in 69 cents at a time on world hip-hop world star hip island and we know it’s a dog website I’m like this ain’t me I know it wasn’t me I said he’s got nothing to do with me and it was blowing my mind man and even God is truly taking me farther than I could ever took myself it took me farther than I’ve taken myself in 32 years I’m 37 now meaning come with Christ on dirt I lost my brother 32 just imagine what I’ve seen and I seemed little in Miracles seem life changes just worth it man and even even now I don’t look at me you have to look at music man because it’s not a CD to me it’s not an industry move it’s not a distribution deal move it’s just fetus she eat Oh Peter if you love me you’ll feed my sheep so when God pours into me I just keep pouring out like I keep saying well man you keep dropping all these albums right brother the way you look at music and I look at me the way you look at video and I look at video it’s totally different you speak you got people he’s got a budget man they got a budget of five thousand whatever two thousand on the video budget in an album or fucked out whatever you spin on it and then in a week is oh you know the album’s oh the videos oh there’s so much content out there that they okay just get sold so you’re like what’s the next you know and so but when you do it for God for the box can you do it keep making it yeah when you do do it for the body of Christ you just pour out your feet in a sheet and when I say that we think the billboards like and I don’t care what the billboards but it just shows the other ones that are trying to hit the Billboard hey Brooke I haven’t sold out nothing I haven’t signed I have it and God as God has elevated us and kicked open doors they they said we couldn’t do it if we didn’t do like this I just it was real easy I stuck to the scriptures man and I stuck to the Scriptures read and apply and they ask me all the time how do you do this many when you look at the schedule you’re going everywhere and people want to do that but your identity’s not a ministry it’s not a music it’s not in how many events you do a year your identity isn’t Jesus Christ only just to finish work and when you have when you truly focus on him and what he wants for you in his will everything follows you everything because he doesn’t want to take the good thing that he never wanted to take the gift from Derek or a gift from Brian he says I’ve given you that gift don’t take it back but I want to align it with my wheel here in my in my perfect wheel because when I align it Oh everything comes with it the anointing the the favor you know it just comes with it so it’s about aligning the timing with his will in saying what he wants you to say being who he wants you to be and it’s a process for some I think some so start off wrong and they probably don’t have the anointing because they they’re just wrapping but I believe some truly get serious about God and the anointing kicks in and I’ve seen it and it goes it goes from energy was that you that you have for that I mean we want to know man tell me because we I mean we I mean we’ve been watching a lot of these people’s walk comes straight out of the world and get straight into gospel rap right out of the world there’s no discipleship they don’t know well I got a brother man I got a brother named vessel man shouts oh brother vessel oh he uh before Kenda takes is maybe the first year Cantina music he watched the YouTube video he said oh man how can I be down watching music first off we’re not a record label I don’t know I give what they think we’re just signing people I don’t I don’t even listen to rap like that no but I asked him to do a six-month discipleship man this dude had videos and features with with all type of different Texas artist sees men all these secular artists azar big names he was doing this thing you know and he was you’re probably gonna elevate somewhere in the world but he stopped all that erased all his features and and did the discipleship he still did he’s still faithful but I’ve watched his anointing like going and watching him minister like he just beat cancer he just beat these other things just watching him minister a fighting for his marriage it’s been beautiful man don’t know watch someone who cared about what the world thinks – now only cares about what God thinks and just watching is he watching the fruit in his life well he called me today he calls for guidance and counsel he stays connected I mean these are all of us look from the street man it’s hard for us to submit to anybody when you got the love of Christ and you start submitting to brothers and in people God has placed over you men on it’s just beautiful I think that’s the greatest miracle on earth is the transformation of the human heart role or you know yeah so it’s just beautiful to watch to watch God truly let all of us grow because well I’m still growing all of us are going you know to me yeah yeah so for like I mean there’s there’s people who do gospel hip-hop and he’s been at it for years man 10 15 20 years and they haven’t even hit strods close to where you guys have hit only within the first couple years man what’s what’s the difference is it having a strong team behind you and in in it’s it’s it’s ministry mind it in focus rather a hobby I mean what’s the difference there cuz a lot of people look and see even even new guys coming out see what you guys are doing Turin traveling the world and um saying they want to do that their hearts in that I’m not saying that they’re called to do that that’s a that’s a big thing they gotta they gotta figure if they’re even called to do it but what’s the difference man where you guys are seeing open doors where people have tried to tour doing gospel rap and the finances aren’t there there’s not a team I mean what’s I mean how is it working free for you guys at Kingdom music but it could be discouraging like it could be discouraging if um you know we’re all humans man so it’s okay to feel like man I want to use my gift right now yo man let this kickin I get it I get it could be discouraging but let’s just be honest if God if God told you you’re the minister God told you sit down this season just sit down I know you got plans for a CD I know you want to get it but you sit down to season it let me pour into you whether it’s a personal finger whatever he’s trying to teach you everyone’s at a different growth the process with God so if he says this is not the season for you to go out but I want you to be used where you’re at and if your content or I keep you where you’re at because he doesn’t want to take the song from your heart he wants you to still praise you know but but if you’re if you’re thinking about I need to go out here and I need to go out there and God saying you’re not even doing right here where I’ve asked you to do it you know because it’s not big enough for you maybe you’re looking for a bigger crowd or whatever it is you just got to be honest with yourself man if God said stop will I stop yeah and if any what or why to get would I get mad and said no I’m gonna do it I want to do because if you’re not gonna maybe it’s just test for some you know maybe success for someone a team role a simple man we get emails it’s nothing nothing new we put a flower get emails it’s it’s nothing I mean it just it’s just favor bro it’s just favor and but one thing that we do it you know music now we do discipleship groups we got group leaders I’ve learned in ministry because I have the lips a couple people go from the ministry and now I’ve learned as a leader so so not care so much about the platform with them but care about the purpose with them you know doesn’t make sense like you want you want to embrace the men and God not to tell us any give of the old man you correct that’s what so come to the concert of ministry or forget them forget the challenge I love them but I love you I want to be I want to be I want to be a brother to you yes because if Keenan music who would actually be around brother Brian like who would really would you do you just there because you see a movement going up work but do you care about Brian and Monica for real you know what I mean yeah that’s the big thing man and like a lot of churches I have a lot of people who are anointed worship leaders I got close friends man when they play when they grab the guitar and they play something happens in the Syria realm it you just off you just feel the anointing the psalmist when they when they play and then when they when they sang they saying prophetically and chains break over people but they were in the situations where and this happens a lot of times to people who have something to bring to the table is that they’ll go to a church in the church were like use them for their abilities because they have something or now they’re like almost like a celebrity like hey you could be the worship leader you could be the youth group leader or whatever the case is with the for the music or you’re a good rapper like you said and they use you up for your gift and then somebody else who doesn’t have that gift can show up and have a call on their life and they’ll kind of be overlooked but I’ve had those friends who now like they still have that call in their life but they won’t even touch worship anymore because they’ve been used like their their life could could have been falling to pieces struggling with a secret sin and things like that and the pastors didn’t care as long as they got up there and they did did a great job playing the songs and leading worship and and I’ve heard that that scenario so many times man so it’s it’s true what you’re saying it goes beyond the platform you know so bless man Derrick I’m so blessed bro I’ve been under passed the race and of all men for this gonna be like our first second third year man you know Roy hey I don’t never rap in my church bro I mean we might do a king of music here and there and outreach we just did one of our outreach travel someone is be so beautiful brother he all he wants me to do is get faithful all he wants us to do is get fit he doesn’t use this for our give use it for not he’s actually he’s there when I need him I’m gonna FaceTime him so I mean I think God’s I don’t have to go to that because because that that data that’ll discourage me too man I think God that he embraces me for the woman in man of God and not not for the ministry you know he black he blesses the ministry coming in and coming out he knows everything we’re doing he’s very happy with what we’re doing out there but I just thank God that when I come home I could just be home and I could just focus on getting fed because I pour out so much man that sometimes I just want to sit back in and receive from a good bird man you know to me you know it’s a blessing no but if anybody’s ever going through that right now if you still like liked it like you’re being taken just just pray and sit down with your leaders and share your heart is that big oh no don’t don’t hold it in okay don’t hold it in that’s what people are doing wrong they won’t talk about it they won’t give you up they get wounded then they don’t want it they don’t want to get wounded and sometimes you can bring resentment bitterness um you feel like everyone’s fake every Church is fake and it’s not mean it’s just humans are humans man so it sounds good to be selfish not mindful but you know you just you just got to handle it the right way so you you mention something good a while ago about God telling you to put something down and maybe you don’t know this most of the time when he tells you to put it down that is only for a short period of time or maybe he wants to refine it and give it back to you or he wants to make sure that you’re not worshiping that over him and I remember years ago I was wanting us I was just getting in a Christian rock and this was man this was probably 2002 and I’m going to Christian rock concerts and I was like that’s what I want to do I want to be in a Christian rock band and I just seen these visions of myself on stages and with the band and everything and it just consumed me I wanted to do it for God and then there comes a time in in the midst of worship where God’s like okay all that Christian rock stuff I want you to put it down I want you to stop listening to Christian rock and I’m like panic mode like hold on like I’ve got this dream and it’s vision now that I feel like it’s from you I feel like it’s glorifying you and now you’re telling me to put it down something that’s like really near and dear to my heart and not to listen to any gospel rap no no gospel rock or anything like that Christian rock and in that wood and that what he told you yeah yeah and it was only for obviously it was only for a period yeah don’t listen to rap I don’t I ma I don’t only time I listen to rap is with my brother-in-law Antoine he puts it him he puts me on two different people other than that people get they be like me don’t listen my album or like I don’t I don’t man I don’t even listen to mine like that I might listen to the new ones and hear it and I love it it suits me and we push it out with man I love praise and worship bro and that’s crazy you went through that cuz I that’s exactly I think that’s the season I’m going through right now like that just has me doing something I’ve done it man and and you have to deal with it like whatever God says guys listen do it ASAP don’t don’t hold it back don’t wrestle a god with it just whatever he says do it man because it’ll make that season come by a lot quicker you won’t you won’t be in a desert place for long wrestling with God trying to come up with flavor on this right totally man but the songs were coming faster yeah but when I was going through it it was hard though because it lasted a while though honestly it was a while it man it probably lasted over a year and it was crazy because I would go to church and I would I would be listening it would be in worship and I have my hands lifted and I feel that bliss presence or the Holy Spirit come in and then that Joker would hit a brick wall and turn and I would like feel it coming and get tingling sensation and then it would it would leave and it’s like you ain’t you like you you’re asking for more but I’m already dealing with you or with something and you have to deal with that and my old Tom I know and it talks about in the scriptures that anything an idol is anything that we exalt above the knowledge of Christ anything that that consumes our time or online more than than him and that music was that for me and that music is that for a lot of people listen it’s dangerous bro he’s dead it’s dangerous bro if any of us get up there with the wrong motive of the heart and try to steal the glory they don’t doesn’t belong to us we get up there look man they’re singing your song the enemy would love for you to get the big kid that’s when he said we must decrease and he must increase no hey can I be honest I hate when people ask me for my autograph I hate it I’m not a celebrity I’m a servant of the Most High I hate when people treat me like that I love honor the men of God because we honored but ma’am just like you man I don’t idolize me nothing like that I’m just like I was like a bride oh you saved my life I’d be like the whole my best will you relate to that it’s the Holy Spirit of our own spirit the name of Jesus all the glory shoots straight to him he gets everything I don’t want 1% of it nothing so I’ve trained myself to think like this and people out there I know what you’re gonna say out I would like well if you know what I’m gonna say then I’m still gonna say that’s not my glory and I’ve already trained my mind is so you’ll know that it’s not and I believe that’s one reason God uses us right now because this should be honest I can’t enjoy my even if us being successful in someone else’s eyes I don’t enjoy it like our water because Mark Twain ain’t here so it keeps me humble bro it gives me to the ground because after I’m Minister I go back to a hotel woman and I bawled my eyes out not crying my eyes out because I gotta go share this testimony of me losing the closest person on earth every other night every other day I got to remind myself that I lost this person and remind myself that I got to forgive these murderers and remind myself and so even though it brings healing to them it’s a process for me all over there’s sometimes I don’t want to do like god I’m tired of thinking about let me just forget about a night but I do it because I want to be obedient I do it because it heals others and they need to be touched and we just had a situation in in Pleasanton Texas this week man where a young man Kenny him from a gang man he was on he was there to kill somebody let’s set up for a murder and it just so happened he stayed and he heard that he lost his brother just like I lost my awesome young dude man but he had a lot of hurt and anger you know he got saved that night bro he got saved at night young ace man you know I’m gonna see him this weekend this man is not a song that’s all those pictures man yeah he he he close bro I mean they it was people catching the holy spirit on all night but that miracle right there hit home for me this week it really did it’s it’s it’s such me man and that’s one reason that I’ll continue to travel well because I want to reach them young aces and young Bryan’s and young Gary’s out there I want to reach these brothers bro and I want to let them know there’s hope because you know they need to know man life is too short sayings a liar he’s deceivers for too long there’s truth in Jesus there’s redemption in Jesus he frees us from the hand of the enemy you can’t be free you’re worth more than smoking cigarettes and drinking you’re worth more than then tugging now you’re with more than popping pistols you your body for four pleasures of the way you’re worth more than that in the father’s eyes and that’s not to condemn knowing of sin it just encourage growth just thing to encourage them to grow go come to the holy of holies that’s where he wants to take you man and I’m still learning so but if we can just encourage them man God saying I will I’m pleased with you known to me yeah man it’s all a product and a process of the sanctification process that what that that which he is working within us is gonna be worth more than fine gold in the end and so that process each battle each lesson it lasts as long as you as you want it to and until you’re able to find out what God’s telling you and do it in that situation to go where the pieces go where you know what he’s saying to go concerning like not listening the gospel rap there was there was one thing and we got to know this too we got to know that our inward sanctification in our inward process of holiness that God’s calling us to versus what God’s calling the world to or calling others to I had a brother years ago and I’ve been through the thing about gospel rap and knowing my calling and where I’m supposed to be and a brother hit me up in he text me he said Derrick if God told you to quit doing gospel rap would you do it and I jerking Lee wrote him back and said no it was a joke because I had already been down that road with God right yeah you’re like I don’t know exactly so I was just joking with my friend I said no I wouldn’t I wouldn’t listen to God obviously you would at this point right with some kind of wisdom but I told him no and then he says he says well he’s telling you that God wanted me to tell you to stop doing gospel I don’t know if you’ve ever ran into those people that you know gospel raps not of God and and we’re not supposed to be using it and things like that have you had you haven’t had that conversation with anybody a role I’ve had people come up to you old ladies I’ve had old me watch me and apologize because they said they said I judged you know I didn’t know because let’s just be honest man it’s okay to test the spirit and see if it’s of God is every gospel rapper up there really oh Christ no I’ve seen it it’s not can you imitate worship yeah you can imitate worship you can’t imitate a godly character so if the anointing is not there and there are probably some people they made it look bad for the real ones that are really passionate about following and truly representing Christ it’s just some bad ones out there some good ones out there it is what it is it is what it is um I believe that we’re cutting the Giants head off with his own sword I believe that even though Satan use the rap music for evil I believe that God said I would take the foolish things of this world to shame the wise I believe that that when we come they don’t expect young Brian or Derrick or or ASAP or sevens to chill treatment what can you do teach me about God because we don’t look like something that the world would accept as godly but you know what gotta take the trash and make your treasure God would take this young man he Cana this young heathen with a heart of compassion there used to be a murderer that used to be a a liar a manipulator greed and perversion he comes and he cleans me up and he sends me right back to the trenches to go help those other people so I’ve seen it I’ve seen we were touch we’re touching people that they can’t touch you know he said I have different tools for different purposes something made for this somebody for that so I’m just happy that God is using us as a tool man that he would not throw us away like the world did and he said I’m gonna use you Brian I’m gonna use you Barry I’m gonna use you with I’m gonna give you a platform and it’s not for you it’s not your kingdom it’s for them it’s my kingdom and I’ve entrusted you to tell them exactly what I’ve entrusted you to encourage hold inside and trusted you they tell him to draw closer to me I’ve entrusted you to remind them how much they mean to me and that’s all my mission is everyday man is they don’t know that he loves them they don’t let him know that he loves because it ain’t my job to convince you to be a Christian my job just converse and look Holy Spirit does the conviction that’s good man and that you know what that’s wisdom that you say that because we’ve been taught that it was our goal to win them like we have to and and if that’s your goal then it’s okay to trick them like okay I got you to say the prayer I’m good okay we got three of them saved let’s go and it’s a real Derrick I hate that prayer bro I never do this thinner pray don’t get me wrong I don’t like hey I never co-host damn to say things out of me you know what I tell them look you open your mouth you know you confess what he means to you because my prayer don’t say it’s your fate that makes you whole I’m not gonna lie to you and say if you repeat my flop not my words that you’re saved no because if your heart has not turned for weakness it’s called repentance if your heart has not turned from what is weakened to follow what is righteous then you have no salvation it’s called a turnaround repentance brings salvation it has to be a time of your life when you’re broke and you say it just like the thief on the cross remember me when you come into your kingdom remember me that was his confession I know who you are remember me amen and he said surely today you’ll build me in paradise so it’s it’s not the sinner prayer is their prayer their heart their confession their belief in their heart God knows if it’s real it’s not say what you mean mean what you say so I’m never gonna lie to a thousand people and have them repeat this after me and say man we wanted only three only maybe only twenty of them really minute out of maybe ten minute out of a hundred you never know and my life and then it just did there’s just there’s this notion that I’m studying right now and I don’t really hear it preached a lot I definitely see it in the scriptures but before I get into a little bit more later by the note that the phone lines are open we do have some callers on the line the number is streaming across the top of the screen as well as in the descriptions as well if you have a prayer request of you just want to call in and say hello to Brian or myself be sure to do that we’ll get to these calls here in a second but when it when it comes to this widespread evangelism or the forceful evangelism there’s something I think that many of us are overlooking that Jesus talks about like when you cast demons out of somebody when someone comes out of darkness and into the marvelous light like if they don’t have if they don’t mean it for one like we lead somebody through deliverance and cast demons out of somebody and they don’t mean it they don’t want to do the work they don’t want to follow like they got one foot in one foot out kind of the lukewarm anybody puts their hands to the plow but looks back like Jesus warns of that a lot and it talks about when demons leave people’s body their auric field that these spirits go out to dry places get seven other demons stronger than themselves to come back let’s see if they can go back to that house and if the house is not swept clean they’ll come back with seven demons stronger and it says that that state the state obviously worse it’s gonna be worse then it was before so we see here’s a warning so we have a lot evangelist who are going out and they’re leading people to freedom itself but there’s no discipleship and uh you know in in and not do and we think we’re doing good we leave and go to the next town without the discipleship without getting and plugged into a church or around a group of believers and we’re actually doing that person harm if we just move them by the wayside isn’t that deep man yeah I believe in order man that’s exactly right like this um in my third year I’m a board member under the Evelyn Dream Center that pastor ray pastor zika’s called me and um I hope ray also has me just active with what he does he he has another house he opened up his Carter the rise Leadership Academy you know so the everywhere I go I got a place for these dudes when they’re serious the lead it’s free man you want you really want discipleship we want to get away from the neighborhood gonna happen come to the house I believe in consolidation will we we sat down with ace the other day I got him connected to our group leader a tea from Jesus listen my city they here goes a number we call and check on them I believe in calling and checking them cuz in the streets well every single day we smoke weed every single Monday Tuesday Wednesday so you go to church on Sunday and then you’re like okay whisper I got high on Monday too so what I do one day do I just wait till next Sunday in between time in the meantime the idle time that’s vital time man you’re not picking up the Bible you’re not studying if you’re not around good fellowship guess what your mom’s gonna go back to the old things you’re gonna start the enemy is gonna comment let the tour choke the word out you’re gonna be like man I’m not strong enough you’re gonna start down especially if your baby is gonna be a wishy-washy foundation you have to get connected it’s a must that you get committed it’s a must that you submit must it somebody in your life is telling you to look we both live for Christ because if not if you’re trying to be a Christian you still got the homeboy that wants to be gangsta fight or thugged-out ain’t gonna be too long before you you you’re right back in your shoes man so if it’s how bad do you want if you cuz man I wanted so bad that I was willing to leave the old my old friends I was willing to leave that old lifestyle because I just wanted Jesus and if you wanted Jesus and then I was gonna I was gonna fellowship with you you know even if you was a hypocrite even if you weren’t fully mature I was still around you I was just trying to be around people that had a desire to grow with God we’re gonna go to the phone lines we got a call from South Texas caller who we spoken with oh yeah good afternoon hey what’s going on guys just enjoying the show right now I’m listening live all the way from San Antonio Texas and it’s um it’s amazing to hear this man what’s so broke probably speaking where this is this is a evangelist 80 over here in San Antonio with diesel is amor city man this ato tell you buddy what’s up brother what’s going on my brothers and you know I’m just right here enjoying this show and and seeing everything that’s going on you know it’s just beautiful to see this because I really feel that more and more people need to see this I just wanted to make a quick comment you know one thing that that I’ve seen with brother Bryan a guest on a show right now is is that he doesn’t receive any credit and the reason for that is because God receives all the credit but not just that you know us as ministers here in different cities such as myself our pastors our churches you know we collaborate together because when there’s men of God like Bryan that comes out to our city it’s not like he’s going to a city and bringing you know the population of the crowd to himself or his church but in reality at the same time he’s allowing them to be planted at a church nearby and we don’t see much of that often so I just wanna I just want to commend our brother for that right there because I personally have seen various time you were speaking about demonic spirits and uh you know one of the things is is we’ve seen and we’ve seen it in action when they’re being casted out so all I want to say is is all glory to God but salute to to the men of God like like this brother right here that’s out there so so much so much honor respect me I want to I want to give I want to give honor to you bro up I was just telling them about you I was just telling that that even though ace couldn’t come up here because I wanted to bring young ace with me this weekend and he couldn’t cuz cuz you know different different reasons but I had I had somebody to plug him in with in his area and that was you and I and you came and sat down and had lunch and you took his number and you prayed the LAT night you cried and we went when he had to go talk to the gang and get away and you called me with the genuine a genuine communication I said man I was worried about them and I think God for you man that there’s other pillars out there they care about people they want to check up on them and want to connect them in so I love you and I love everything guys doing in your life bro straight up blessings upon you man I love you guys I love you guys thank you so much for allowing me to you know just be part of this and just say something in words are you bringing are you bringing an ace to Dallas with you coming to Dallas yeah we were just talking and now we know we’re trying to get more brothers we’re trying to trying to get like five brothers that go down tomorrow we’ll be leaving at 11:30 a.m. so the relative aiding widows so Darrell’s gonna be traveling widows as well yeah I’m excited man this was so man hey you shout out to my brother Bernard man on the mayor’s mates ever not I say congratulations oh no my brother god bless you guys love you guys may God bless awesome all right darica I know you’ve seen his ministry many it’s exploding everywhere is Jesus lives in my city man yeah so he’s the head over that Wow yeah he’s he’s out there all good the real deal bro did it real deal awesome we got a caller here it just says three four six in the on the car line who we speaking with this a garden-party came out what’s going on bro you got a question for Brian or a comment I’ll bet I got a comment what’s going on I’m just follow like what they see lace I love to see this the Shelton to show us faith is more than anything out there people won’t see someone like me a giant that this really turned your computer down or just pause all right what’s up brother okay what I’m trying to say to show our faith out people won’t see how much we show our faith we see this what you see ministers out there preaching the word every day inside our churches but you don’t see anybody out there preaching the word in the streets yeah that’s where it’s at man going to the streets amen the churches all applaud is fun it’s like it’s like a it’s like a safe zone in the churches but when you go to the streets it’s kind of what meets the road man and that’s neta member grinder I met him when he had a tour called reach the streets amen what were you where you located it Rosenberg Texas a man broke god bless you men up that’s what’s up man I believe I believe hearted huh this stay guarded oh the Johnny what’s so brother god bless you yeah I’m out there bro still marching they may mean I love you man thank you for everything you do it for the kingdom of Christ bro I love you bro I got you gotta do the pain you already know what I’m doing I meant our brother thanks for calling ma’am we got another caller from South Carolina who we speaking with hello hello and this Keith from South Carolina what’s going on Keith you got a question or comment for Brian yeah I’ve been falling bronze ministry and the kingdom God’s ministry but on the music ministry for for about two years now and he’s done a you know the Lord has done a lot through him to teach me you don’t say thank you Jesus ma’am thank Jesus and uh I just you know the Bible says give honor where honor is due and I just you know I just want to commend Keane of music the whole family for the sacrifice and the things they do to reach people that’s like me that’s that was come from broken homes and broken families and man I mean I want to I want to commend you man I’m we’re just vessels bro but for you to be receiving with the Holy Spirit is speaking to your heart I thank God for that man cuz I know it I know it took a lot for me to put my guard down and get my my heart and heart on good soil soft soils for the word could be planted in so I just speak that over your life right now that God continues to finish the good work in your life man it’s awesome to hear your encouraging words but I want to encourage you mean you’re an encouragement to us and um we’re doing ministry we don’t have no time to celebrate victory you just give each other high fives and we keep going to the next one man because we’ll celebrate when we get to heaven man but I think God for you many God well I appreciate you man and I just wanted to call like I said I really met true secret that much I’ve seen the interview he did with seventh man and it was a good interview so you know I’d like to get to know all these brothers that are actually doing it for the right reasons like that’s what I in my heart that’s what I really want to do I want to do it to honor God and glorify God and man you know I don’t want I don’t want the fame I can I don’t want to be learn because I do have a gift to rap but I want to learn to do it the right way for God man but you made us beautiful I brother thanks for calling in man with the in conference day that taking in brother God blesses Shalom peace yeah bro you touch a lot of people out there man you making moves it’s a lot of people want to do it and it just goes with I guess I guess to tell people to search their heart man make sure you I’m saying check their motives everybody wants to do it you see that that I’m saying you guys are going on tour and then now everybody wants to go on tour I don’t know if they they you know maybe we have a model now with you and what you guys are building so more people can do it the right way versus the lone Wolf’s coming out trying to book the show themselves trying to call the churches themselves show up run the sound themselves create the graphic art themselves I do a lot of that myself right we do that too hey we took we do them we got a team though that’s the deal you know say you guys hate doing some guys working but God put it together like it bro God put it together man he put a bunch of people and they’ve been rejected by Lord knows who he put a bunch of rejects together to love each other you put up just like in the scriptures right yeah a bunch of imperfect people to love perfectly man all of us brought it we we’ve all been loyal to the wrong people now we have a brotherhood and I told the brothers I’m not looking for no no fancy rap I’m looking for people that got the father’s heart I just want to love I want people that have the same heartbeat as the father right you know what and and that and that should say something to I’m gonna I’m gonna talk about this and I hope it doesn’t offend you but this is this is good when I look at people like you and I think I think I can use you in seven as the examples keeping it real with the style of music that you grew up listening to stylistically versus like you know people telling you how to do it okay we have to be speed rappers so we have to do trap music or we have to sound like young jeezy now we got a sound like future now we got a sound like Drake and these people keep if you notice even in the gospel community they keep changing their style every other week because that’s what’s going on in the world there’s no longevity to that music and so stylistically you’ve kept it real and people are listening seven is the same way you’re not gonna see seven doing snap music you know what I’m saying you know even when I pick a beat it’s crazy up but I get it though look um I get him and you’re fishing with fishers of men if this will let the generation listening to and you can rock it like that and you have a style that you’re creative you can you can dip in their style and you can pull you can fish because when you’re fishing you use different bait this is your way of fishing or so be it man you know there’s different tools I mean I I can’t do it I don’t even feel like like I’m a best rapper I just know there’s an anointing with it so I’m just like the uncle on the force digital you know hey cuz I don’t even you know let my team know that I just barely started getting back on these trap meats for the brothers man yeah because he said I love when you do that like I I grabbed piano beats they only have snares in another youniverse repeat is singing yeah but but it’s different tools man it’s different tools in them well yeah I mean what with all that to be said that

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