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Bryann T of Kingdom Music and TruthSeekah sit down and talk about the ups and downs of spirituality and the Christian experience. Bryann T shares his testimony of how God called him out of gang affiliation and a lifestyle of indulgence after the death of his twin brother Ryan Keith “Woo” Trejo. Bryann T picks up the ministry that Woo started saying “I am gonna be sharing his music and legacy he left with us. Woo started kingdom muzic, it has grown into a powerful ministry and tool that is used for the Glory of christ kingdom, salute in Jesus name. Love you bro, even through your death you blessed and inspired me, see you when I get there. Heaven gates.” Bryann T and family members sang a song in memorial for Woo that was filmed and then uploaded to WorldStarHipHop where it accumulated thousands of views and touched a lot of lives.
Bryann T talks about his success touring with Kingdom Music as well as the pain that he relives sharing Woo’s story each night in hopes that someone will listen and find a better path in life. Bryann T also talks about the Kingdom Music Discipleship Ministry that they have designed to help people who have come out of the street life grow in their faith with Jesus through their interactive mentoring program.
Bryann T is a Christian rapper based out of Texas who share the gospel through hip hop and his wonderful testimony of how Jesus Christ can change lives.

Gospel Rap: Christian Rapper Spits A Deep Freestyle With His Family For His Twin Brother Who Was Murdered

Bryann offers some of his music for FREE Download At

Bryann T

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