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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah is joined by Jenny from Christalignment as they speak about Christalignment, New Age, The Occult and Jesus.

Christalignment have a beautiful ministry where they share the light of Christ in places that most churchgoers would never dare to go. The work that they are doing is embracing their own unique spiritual giftings and abilities to show people the great light of Christ and it is powerful and effective! I first heard about them through their use of Destiny Cards, something that people were calling Christian Tarot Cards. Some of my friends who knew that I am interested in some of the deeper things of the Spirit and knew that I had posted about using cards myself as a believer sent me articles on Christaligment‘s and Bethel Church’s involvement and connection with them. The majority of what you find from the Christian community concerning Christalignment is a bunch of heresy and exposing videos from YouTubers warning people about Christalignment. My conversation with Jenny (one of the founders of Christalignment) was a huge blessing and it was a pleasure to hear about the miraculous things happening on a daily basis concerning their efforts to show Christ to those marginalized by most of the church. Ministry seems to be a way of life for Jenny and the Christalignment team versus a badge or degree and it really shows.

The church of the west has mostly lost its way when it comes to the spiritual gifts. There are a few ministries and denominations that specialize in teaching and cultivating one’s own spiritual giftings, the ones given to each person freely by the Father (Such as Morningstar Ministries and Bethel Church). This has led many Christians who are having supernatural encounters that they cannot explain to ask bigger questions about what they are experiencing spiritually, and many in the western church simply respond with “It’s Demonic”. It doesn’t matter what it is; anything outside of the Christian norm is labeled demonic and has led to pastors and leaders trying to “pray away” supernatural encounters from God leaving the person baffled because after the prayer the encounters don’t stop. This happened to me as a youth full of the Holy Ghost and I began to receive dreams and visions in the night from God about future things that were going to happen within our local church body. I went to a pastor to tell him about the dream and he said it didn’t sound right and it could be demonic. He then led me in a prayer for God to shut the dreams down. I left the meeting feeling discouraged and let down. I did not feel in any way that this was something “from the devil”. The dream came through as a warning with signs and symbols and other churches involved. We ended up going to a small home group for prayer on Thursday night and the couple whose house the meetings were held at were very much involved in the prophetic movement and believed that God still speaks exactly like He did in the Bible. I shared my dream with them and they had a book about interpreting dreams. It was uncanny how many prophetic symbols were in the dream once they helped me understand the dream symbolism. A few weeks later the warning in the dream came to pass and the pastor was removed from that church. Once he left many of the congregation left to go to neighboring churches as that church was left to rebuild and restructure. I believe that within the five fold ministry we can be so close to the Father’s heart and each person can specialize in their own unique gifting and ability so thoroughly that the church begins to function as a living organism rather than an organization.
The prophetic is still alive. God still speaks to His people, it just depends on if you are listening or not. Is your ear trained to hear His voice?

He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.’
Revelation 2:29

The scripture says that the Spirit of the Prophet is subject unto the prophets; this means that it simply “takes one to know one”. People all over are having God encounters in the spirit realm. They are even having angelic visitations, going into trances, experiencing God in the dream state and many other supernatural phenomena. If the church does not step up to the plate when it comes to the spiritual gifts mentioned in the Bible, we are going to continue to lose the battle to the New Age and The Occult. People are having these supernatural encounters and then going to pastors and leadership for answers, and they oftentimes provide none. But one thing is certain, I guarantee that the New Age has the answer. Heck, if they don’t they will make one up. People have questions that they feel strongly about and have encounters that they just aren’t going to explain away as demonic or ungodly. The ugly truth is that most Christians demonize what they don’t understand, and quite frankly many don’t understand spiritual gifts. Most of them have totally given anything of supernatural origin over to the New Age and Occult and in doing so have even given over many well-meaning Christians looking for answers as well. This is not something that is going to stop or go away, so we as followers of Christ must embrace the spiritual gifts just like Jesus and the disciples. Their power was not in word but in deed, as everywhere that they went they carried a manifestation of the supernatural. The entire New Testament is filled with these encounters. From Matthew to Revelation people are being healed, set free of demons, and coming to the saving grace of Christ all because of those signs and wonders followed them that believed.

Christianity is the only religion that kills its wounded. If a person is in sin or may be into practices that one deems to be wicked or detrimental to their faith, then we are commanded in scripture to go to that person and seek their restoration. We should be moved with compassion when it comes to restoring a fallen brother or sister. Instead, in Christianity I have seen on a large scale people who are afraid of conflict and would rather gossip and slander those people struggling instead to reaching out to them to help. This always does more damage than good and is something that Jesus always spoke against. Why? I believe that one of the biggest reasons is because he knew that life and death were in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21) and that on the day of judgment every person will give an account for every idle word that proceeds out of their mouth (Matthew 12:36). One of the fruits of the Holy Spirit (how we can actually tell one spends time in His presence) is long-suffering; simply meaning being able to suffer long with someone and go the extra mile to fight for them even when they cannot fight for themselves. If the Christian church at large simply did this one thing, I believe that the world would know us by the love that we have for one another. Again, the church would rather sever its own hand than apply the proper medicine and take time to nurse it’s own wounds.

I wish that I had found a team like the folks at Christalignment when I was going through my own phase of questioning. There is so much info out there that it can seem overwhelming as to who or what is right (This is within the christian church as well as without, there is no exception).
Love in action can truly change the world.

The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that wins souls is wise.(Proverns 11:30)

I just need you to see Jesus. I don’t care how. | TruthSeekah

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