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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Layne Dalfen about Dream Interpretation and the messages that we receive in the dream state. There is an overwhelming amount of information within the Bible when it comes to dream interpretation and the fact that the divine speaks to us within while we sleep. In this episode we discuss the spiritual and psychological connection of things that we experience while in the dream state. The ancients believed that God or ministering spirits were communicating with man while we sleep and maybe this is the psychological analysis of how He (God) does it. Layne goes on to explain how our dreams are trying help us to work out the problems that we have faced in our life from the week before and how every dream is symbolic for something that we are going through. Dreams are oftentimes not literal and the people, places, animals and situations that we face in the dream realm are symbolic for things that are happening or have occurred in our waking life. We talked about the aspect of the higher self or God wanting the best for us and how the dreams seem to be strategically articulated specifically for us to overcome fears and obstacles we may be avoiding while we are awake. We also covered the topics of sexual dreams, monsters, snakes and other metaphors that show up when we dream and how each symbol represents something different for each person. This is why we can run into problems when it comes to books on dream that tell you what something always means when it shows up in the dream. We can however look at the aspects of the characters in the dream as something to be interpreted universally but what it represents to us is always the deeper meaning behind its appearance. For me personally as a child I always had nightmares of monsters that were chasing me and trying to kill me. This is because of the amount of horror movies that I watched. Fear for me was represented as these grotesque monsters in the form of Critters, Gremlins or Freddy Kruger movies that I watched over and over. Someone who has never seen any of those movies most likely would not have dreams of Freddy or Gremlins but fear may appear to them in the dream state as “falling off of a bike” or spiders for instance. Fighting ones fears is a universal message but can appear to us as different characters in the dream state.

In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed; Then he openeth the ears of men, and sealeth their instruction, That he may withdraw man from his purpose, and hide pride from man. Job 33:15-17


Layne Dalfen has been interpreting her own and her client’s dreams for years. Her own interest in dreams stems from her early experience in Freudian analysis where dream work was the primary tool. Her appearances on live radio and numerous interviews expose a compassionate and articulate dream analyst with an uncanny gift to describe your dreams and plan a course of action.

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study in the spirit realm and esoteric and things that go bump in the night essentially for no reason we like to kind of bring this stuff to the table be open honest and talk about it and hopes that it will help somebody like we kind of been stating on some of the last episodes that you know everybody doesn’t have to kind of walk down those roads that we’ve done like you’re welcome to it’s available if it’s there for you on your life journey on your life’s path but you don’t have to the fastings and the wilderness experiences UFO ET encounters like if that piques your interest and you want to go down that realm it’s real and we’re gonna be open and honest about encounters with it but you don’t have to do that we can kind of go there do the study do the work do the fasting the psychedelic adventures whatever it is and kind of act as the shaman was able to go into those realms get the information and bring it back and then throw the pearls before the swine sometimes or we just present it in some people scoff at it some people mock it other people apply it to their lives and their lives are changed forever by the information that comes out of the ethers in the dream state in in these psychedelic realms and the the higher conscious to ethos the scribes have been writing about this for centuries and all of the holy books and all the holy writings and things like that are based off of these type of encounters in the mind and what happens whenever we go to sleep the things that go bump in and I we’re gonna be speaking about that today on the show so I hope you guys are ready to go in deep with this because that’s what we’re doing so I want to give a quick shout out and not go any further to us say a quick thank you to everybody who is faithfully supporting this podcast and my music and allow me to do this full-time with this stuff so I really enjoy it I am I stay in an attitude of gratitude for all the supporters and everybody who’s partnered with me with this vision thank 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today’s guest today I’m going to be speaking with Lainey dolphin about dream interpretation Lanie welcome to the show how are you I’m good Derek thank you so much for inviting me oh yeah so just a blessing and a privilege to have you here I’ve been writing I’m trying to write my magnum opus about everything I know in the spirit right all of these encounters how angels operate dreams visions and stuff like that and I really just got done writing some on the subject of dreams and dream interpretation there’s a lot of stuff in the Bible that’s really interesting when it comes to god-given dreams to man and communicating with mankind through dreams visions and met the imagination those type of things there’s a scripture I just kind of want to start off with that always intrigued me especially when it comes to dreams but it’s a job 33:16 and it says in a dream in a vision of the night when deep sleep falls upon men in slumbering upon the bed it says then he meaning God opening openeth the ears of men and seal if their instruction so every night when we go to bed something happens one of the things that happens the Bible says is that God opens up our ears so that we can hear and understand from the dreams and visions of the nighttime so there’s a lot of that stuff all throughout the Bible it’s very interesting to me and like I said at the beginning every holy text in tablet has to deal with this type of stuff so I’m excited to explore this with you a little bit today if you want to start off it’d be a really good place to start just kind of tell people who you are and what you bring to the table that’d be awesome I love what you just said and it’s a similar not similar it’s the same philosophy that I have and so this is what I’m here to say because I have a people different people have different perspectives about dreams and I have many perspectives about dreams but what I’m gonna talk about today is my main perspective and that is to and I take the mystery away and that’s what I’m gonna do here today for you and so the dream at the first level so I’m not going deep yet at the first level the dream is about something that either happened to you yesterday or something that you thought about yesterday and the dream is the discussion that you’re having with yourself about a very specific current issue that you are attempting to problem-solve this week so I’m not going deep yet about I like to I’m a first things first kind of girl and I like to and that’s the reason why I wrote two books because the first book just tells you how to do it in like a hundred pages or less and that includes the pictures because I just want to teach you how to decode why you had that dream last night and the incredible news I have for you which kind of goes so nicely with the way you opened up the show is that the solution to the issue comes to you in your unconscious of course before it gets to your conscious and so if you only know what the heck you’re trying to say to yourself with those pictures and metaphors and that’s what I teach you to uncover I teach you how to uncover and deconstruct the language of the pictures that’s what I do and once you tell me because I do it through a series of questions it’s the dreamer who ends up telling me what the dream is about and once you’ve named the situation oh I’m not happy with my job I want to break off with my girlfriend once we find out what event triggered that dream for you then we go back in the dream and I teach people what a solution looks like when it comes in the form of a metaphor and if you give me like about maybe two minutes I could go right to the depth so and then I’ll give you a one picture dream and it’ll tell you so we know for the rest of our discussion exactly where I’m coming from okay I want me to do that yeah okay so here’s what I would say and and it’s the reason why I do dream analysis and why I’ve been doing it for 45 years this is the reason I do it because when we are born we are born whole we come into this world with a plethora of possibility and I like to call it potential excuse me I am definitely coming down with something me too y’all sent energy definitely I am too it’s crazy I’m gonna send it right back to you and so we have the potential to be selfish giving shy assertive a hero we could be a chicken you know those people that are always the ones who are initiating I get together and the people who are always on the receiving end or maybe you were the comedian in your family or maybe you were more serious so we come in hole we have every possibility and the people that bring you up teach you that it’s better to be one way than another way and so we become what Frederick Perls called over-invested in certain aspects of our personality and underinvested in others and so you would have called your underinvested sides your shadow and Freud would have called your over-exercise parts your habitual responses to life situation and so he would have called it repetition compulsion and that’s what we do it’s like we keep repeating the same boring responses to waking life situations and it’s because there’s so many parts of ourselves that are under exercise so I’m gonna give you a very quick and a wonderful example it’s like one of my favorites is that if you’re born into a home with siblings you probably get the message that it’s not okay to be selfish because you hear things like go share your toys with your brother look after your sister and your whole life experience anyways is all about sharing your parents attention and so your whole being is about this thing about sharing and so um conversely if you’re brought up as an only child you really you don’t have to share your toys you don’t have to share your parents attention and you automatically become more relaxed and comfortable with doing things for yourself and what that turns up looking like and I don’t say it’s in all cases but in the majority of cases what you’ll find is you know those people that just don’t know how to say no you don’t know how to look after themselves to the point where they’re always saying yes and those are people that typically come from a home with siblings and people who are okay about looking after themselves more typically come from a life experience a childhood experience where there doesn’t need to be a lot of sharing so here’s a man who was dreaming it’s a one picture dream and I’m saying it also because I want you to know that if you have trouble with dream recall you don’t have to remember a story with a beginning a middle and an end because that expression one picture is worth a thousand words is really true and so here’s a man dreaming that he’s climbing up a ladder and papers are everywhere there’s paper all over the place and the higher he goes up the ladder the more paper fills in and at the top of the ladder is this man who was his college roommate who he has not seen in like 20 years but using a symbols point of entry I’m going to teach you several points of entry today but using a symbols point of entry I asked him to tell me very quickly what are the first two or three things that come to your mind about that guy and the is what he said he said I’m gonna say it exactly he said oh I associate him as a selfish take care of me first kind of guy that’s how he described him and the dream was about the fact that the dreamer has work piled all over his desk that’s all the papers in the dream and he uses a ladder because you know climbing the corporate ladder so he uses a metaphor of the ladder to link him to link his sophisticated unconscious and memory base he’s linking himself to using a ladder to talk about his work and the paper that he has all this work on his desk and the incident that triggered the dream was his friends the day before asked him they were trying to make plans to go see a movie and really the truth is the dreamer doesn’t want to go to a movie but he doesn’t have what it takes to say no and so he dreams about this selfish take care of me kind of guy roommate and that’s who’s encouraging him up the ladder and so the what happens is your ego or yourself you take the part in the dream that you feel the most comfortable with and you give out all the other parts of yourself to different people places and things even animals and so this dreamer the the roommate is the solution to the issue the dreamer needs to access that potential that he has to take care of himself and to say no I don’t want to go to a movie I want to stay I want to stay by my desk and finish up my work so I can feel relaxed and so because he understood the analysis of the dream it encouraged him he’s not going to become that selfish guy overnight I’m not here to tell you that change is easy I am here to tell you that change is possible and the solutions to the issues appear in the dream in the form of a metaphor and it is your first opportunity when they appear to exercise these under excercised aspects of your personality and what’s the prize that you get the first time you go to the gym we all know if you’re using a muscle you haven’t used before it really hurts the next day and it hurts even more two days later so the first time that this guy picks up the phone to tell his friends I’m not gonna go to a movie it feels weird and uncomfortable and strained because he’s not used to speaking up for himself but now he’s exercise that muscle one time and what does that look like next time next time it’s a little easier and the time after that it’s a little easier and after 15 years of practicing saying no when it fits you know because in my world I know I’ll just say this before I finish in my world there’s no good or bad there’s no right or wrong for me it’s all about appropriate and inappropriate what is the appropriate response was this dreamers situation that he brought forward is it appropriate for him to go to a movie or is it more appropriate for him to pay attention to himself and this way you become so powerful when you exercise these different muscles people stop imagining that you’re always gonna have that same reaction you surprise people because you have a bag of tricks what is the end goal for here though so like it’s almost like like you have a destiny or something and you kind of like that if we want to look at the hero’s journey or something we’re like you you have this destiny or whatever in you you’re like plagued by these thoughts and these dreams and I should’ve did this or I need to do this next or whatever but what’s going on with that inward dialogue are we dealing with are we dealing with the divine or we’re dealing with our own song-and-dance the trash from today is there a course that we want to be on or that we’re supposed to be on that would the dreams are trying to push us back on that path and it’s never an accident Derek because I been doing this for 45 years and I promise you the unconscious mind is so sophisticated it’s not an accident and it’s definitely not random that he chose that particular person to be at the top of the ladder that’s not random he didn’t see that guy for over 20 years and so I call it your higher self some people call it God but I can assure you that your unconscious mind memorized you never it never lies to you and it always delivers to you exactly what you can handle I love that you said what’s the end game I love that question because I’ll tell you what the end game is in the second my books are called have a great dream by the way and my slide is have a great dream calm and in the second half have a great dream book I I say I call it I don’t even golf but I call it playing a different game on the back nine because for the first 40 years I lived my life according to my parents perception of Who I am and what’s the right behavior in the world and in the end playing a different game on the back nine that’s me taking back all these parts of myself that I’m not as comfortable with and what is the end game the end game is called maturity Carl Jung would have called it individuation Freud called it maturation because little by little you want to be living your life as to who you think you are who does your higher self think you are and your unconscious is delivering the message it’s unbelievable and I only want to do is you more and more examples all that your unconscious is doing is presenting you with all of this potential every night when you go to sleep so the a lot of times the first half of our life were like I think we’re living by default I kind of coined that that’s what I call a default we’re just a product of the environment parents whatever schooling I just walked into a job interview and now I’m been here ten years or whatever we’re like on default and then we kind of like try to take the power back in in the dream state we’re like trying to right the wrongs of the first half of our life like we’re talking about and then once we do that then we’re trying to right the wrongs in the last week or the last day there’s a there’s there’s terminology in the Bible they call it like the sanctification process like we’re trying to write all these wrongs to become this new person or the person that we desire for ourselves and the higher self knows that I agree with that terms watching us like okay you’re supposed to do this this is what you’re saying here to do almost like a Avatar state where it’s like okay I know what you’re supposed to do I know the answers and I know how everything turns out and we can connect with that like I said some people call it God we look at the higher self that may be seated with the gods that’s not an idea but is that kind of what it is like we’re trying we’re trying to get to you’ve got a perfection of the dream that is for us right absolutely you’ve got the idea I just want to give you a couple of examples because then you’ll get more and more familiar with it and here I’m gonna use an action point of entry because for the first dream I told you it was more of a symbols about the latter and about the roommates the selfish roommate and this time I’m talking more about an action point of entry and this happens also in the second book is called the picnic dream and here’s a woman who’s dreaming that she’s at a picnic and when I asked her what is the definition of a picnic if I was a little girl and I don’t know what a picnic is how would you describe it and I’m writing like a maniac while a dreamer is talking because I don’t want my definition of the picnic or your definition of a picnic I want to hear what her associations are and that’s why you can’t look it up in a book yeah that’s good that’s gay I was looking at a book here earlier I’ve used books in the past to kind of give you ideas that what this might represent and I know that there’s like two fold on a lot of things they like you know if it’s a snake it could mean gossip it can be mean slander it can mean someone telling a tale it can mean so many things and I was looking at a book earlier that I was thinking about taking a course on with my my group but they only looked at the negative stuff like all of this stuff was only negative when like the snake also represents wisdom and knowledge and you know and and and and being smart right and so you have to figure out what it means for that person just because this right that’s right and not you’re so smart and not only that what it means for that person but how does it relate to something this week that’s going on like I know a woman using a play on words and puns point-of-entry because we use puns and play on words constantly in our waking life and also in our dreams and she said there were snakes all over the floor I couldn’t put my foot down and I said why who you’re having trouble putting your foot down with and it turned out to be a story about her husband this week though you want to said Matt was her using a pun or if you say I was so embarrassed I thought I was gonna die if you talk like that the language that you use then you might go to sleep tonight and dream that you’re dying and it’s not that you’re dying is that you’re processing some situation that happened yesterday in which you were very embarrassed but I’m just gonna tell you this woman’s Association about a picnic she said picnic is when you eat outside of the house on a blimp she says that there’s a few ants around but they’re not really spoiling the picnic and suddenly there’s an escalation of feelings which promotes for me a feelings point of entry she wakes up while there the small little ants have changed instead into a horde of ants that are everywhere ruining the picnic and when the dreamer wakes up she wakes up as she’s trying to get the horde of ants off her with her hands this is the way she’s getting rid of a word events pushing them away with her hands and so before I tell you what the dream was about I would ask you Derek do you think that that’s an effective appropriate way for the dreamer to get rid of a hoard events can you get rid of a hoard events by pushing them away with your hands not gonna solve the problem that way though before we even know what’s the story behind the dream and anything before we know the dream or anything we already know that the dream is showing us a reflection about a response to whatever the situation it’s not a competent response it isn’t because you cannot get rid of a hoard of ants with your hands and so I so we already know that looking at the action or the plot the action in the dream and so the dream was about the fact that she was having an affair she’s getting her sustenance outside of the house on a blanket there you see the metaphor happen and it’s about the fact that she’s having an affair and the small ants at the beginning that are not ruining the enjoyment of the picnic are his kids her kids her husband his wife and the reason there’s an escalation that happens is because he was transferred an hour and a half away from home and so now if she wants to continue the affair she has to drive an hour and a half to get to where he now lives then she has to spend probably another hour and a half or two hours to be with him and now she’s got to drive an hour and a half back to where she lives and get there in time to pick up the children at school so that’s the escalation why there’s now a horde events that’s out of her control the situation has gotten out of her control and what using what Carl Jung called active imagination is when you change the pictures even though you’re in waking life you’re not inside the dream doesn’t matter because as soon as you change the picture who are in essence living the dreamer another idea it’s what you said when you look up in a book you get ideas and then you see if you connect to them or not and what I said is maybe you should get out the raid because raid would get rid of a horde events and so I’m making I’m brainstorming literally that’s what brainstorming looks like when you’re doing real dream analysis respecting the dreamer so about two days later I got a phone call from her and she said to me I got out the raid and I ended the affair it is man you talk about brainstorming right using your intuition so if you were I’m in so many places even got some requesters for you but so if you’re having these dreams right and in your brainstorming and in somebody’s listening to this who wants to get into this field they want to help people with with their dream you’re talking about brainstorming we talked about using your intuition like you hear these things in like intuitively you already kind of know what those symbols represent for the people so there’s that almost like a spiritual aspect to the side of it is there is it more spiritual intuitive by tapping into the meanings that way because you’re also mentioning a lot of psychology you meant you’re mentioning a four-engine so they go together the psychology in the spirituality does it go together or are we just trying to find spiritual reasons to explain the psychology or they do kind of you know I’ll answer your question like this if I dream about my dad my father like if I have to go away on a business trip to speak which happens all the time and I have four by the way I’m 66 I have four lovely daughters one of whom unfortunately passed away a few years ago my eldest daughter but now what was I saying why I go there don’t you hate when that happens psychology and spirituality say that my father when I have to go away from the kids and the family that’s what I wanted to say and my sweet husband when I have to get on a plane and go away from my maternal side my who I may dream about my mother because she represents my maternal side when I dream about my dad he represents the business male side of my personality so I might dream about him when I need to access that part of myself because that’s who gets on the plane to go away from the family on a business trip and it helps encourage me to tap into my business side but how do you and I know that my dad is also not visiting me from the other side and you will never convince me that he isn’t also simultaneously I mean we are very sophisticated so what I am doing is I personally in business I am looking at dreams from a purely psychological perspective I am using Freud Jung addler and pearls those are the four main fathers of psychology that I am using but I so happen to be a spiritual person and you you know many times I bet you that it’s also my father visiting me because we are multitasking I’m doing the spiritual thing at the same time I’m doing the problem-solving thing it’s almost like III just like the way it’s like almost the science of it and then the spirituality they kind of they go hand in hand and they kind of prove each other whether we want to say you know God is opening my ear and speaking to me God opening your ear speaking to you is the site that you the use of the psychology about your dream and how our minds our brains our body is formed the scripture says that we’re fearfully in wonderfully made every single part about us so the whole even the allegory and symbolism and God opening my ear how my brains working to filter out you know the problems that I’ve made for myself in relationships and it happens to me you know just like even I like how you say even from you know that week or that or the day before now what about the childhood stuff does that come up too or you are you we specifically let’s talk about that and I’ll start by saying that all learning is good to me all learning is good even if so if you want to be surfaced like my husband and he any so QT guy but he doesn’t want to go deep he wants to know if he was flying on a cow last night before he goes to work he wants to talk to me about why the heck he was flying on a cow he doesn’t want to take it further and see how that relates to his early childhood relationship with his mother yeah okay he doesn’t want to do that yeah but I’m gonna give you an example I was brought up in a home and this is a deeper example I was brought up in a home by a European dad he was from Romania and my mother well she was born in Montreal which is where I’m from her parents were European so in my mind it’s like I was brought up by European parents period and I couldn’t not look at my father who was a big sweetheart but he had a big fat temper and I couldn’t look at him when I was six or seven and he was yelling at me and say to him excuse me I don’t really like oh you’re talking to me right now because that would have been considered disrespectful in the house I grew up in and I probably would have landed up in my bedroom and so I learned to become under invested in speaking up and over invested in shutting up and so me not speaking up when somebody is insulting me or hurting me I’m a my knee-jerk reaction so when I was forty that was the time I was studying dream analysis at the Alfred Adler Institute with dr. Leo gold from New York City and when I was 40 is also the year my dad passed away and I was also finding my voice that year and it makes sense in a spiritual or psychological way that the same year that he passed away was the same here I was exercising my voice and so one night I had a big fight with Andy while it was Andy’s big fight really not mine and he liked my father very sweet kind-hearted man who has a big fat stupid temper and he opened up a big mouth to me and I stood there not saying a word and when I went to sleep I dreamt about an aunt of mine who had already been dead for like myself what are the first two or three things that come to my mind about that woman and I could tell you the first thing that came to my mind is what a big mouth she had she was probably the most assertive person I ever met in my life and so the dream is creating a polarity because in waking life the guy is yelling at me and I’m saying absolutely nothing to speak up for myself and he which is related to my childhood and what it and I dream about the most assertive person that I that’s in my personal data base like that’s who I associate the biggest myth because and that is 40 that’s 26 years ago I said to Andy Andy I it really hurt my feelings how you raised your voice at me last night it makes me think like I’m six or seven I’m with my dad again and I really wish you wouldn’t do that anymore so that was the first time that I did that because was my response shaking in my boots like on seven and he’s my father is that response appropriate to the current situation no he was my equal and he is still my equal and I don’t have to stand there and take it so now I’ve been exercising that muscle for 26 years yeah I could tell you that maybe about 15 20 years ago and he stopped yelling at me he doesn’t even raise his voice to me ever yes that’s something about it that right he understands that there’s not this little girl there anymore who is there when we first got married what is it about people like that and we deal with these people all throughout life who with whether this is a spiritual side and to decide but a lot of times I feel like people can sense that in you when they meet you okay this guy is timid he’s not gonna say nothing if I take this from his I take as much money I you know I’ll pay the NIC a paste-like even on the job I’m gonna pay everybody else more than him because he don’t care he’s just grateful to be here like they they kind of know you we’re not even Saint you haven’t said anything you don’t even know him but they can pick something what is that and that is the reason you I just can’t I love when I talk to somebody smart I’m sorry to say that but it’s just so true it’s just I energizes me to speak to somebody who’s getting it and you have you have landed right there Darren exactly why I do dream analysis because you build up your bag of I call it a bag of tricks but really it’s a bag of responses because how boring would life be if you’re the same at 66 that you were at wealth and we know people like that and so what the dreams do is they give you an opportunity from your higher self from God from your better self they give you they give it back to you all the potential that allows you not to respond necessarily immediately to what’s going on in your life it gives you a chance to take it back and think for a minute because I want to add by the way your knee jerk response never goes away so if somebody’s very rude to me my initial knee-jerk reaction is still gonna be the same I’m still gonna shut up now then I’m gonna get to think about it if it’s my bank manager then maybe my knee-jerk reaction is is appropriate but if it’s ending or one of my kids I am NOT gonna stand there and and take it without speaking up for my so and that’s why you want to do dream analysis right there that’s why you want to do it yeah I’m like Christ do we need to change it though or do we just need to understand how you know know thyself like know how you work know how you operate know what type of situations you work best in maybe try to stay in those situations or do or should we try to change it like I’m definitely more passive I put up with a lot of stuff until it blows up you know what I’m saying some I’ll hold my tongue a lot unless it’s something I’m really passionate about and even then I’ll study learning and then just unload about it like that good or is that a character flaw should I change it or learn how to best use that to fit me in my life right and you want to start exercising that part of yourself that’s not speaking up often enough because what you’re talking about it reminds me of when you have to well starting to say it but if you have to pee you can hold it in hold it in hold it in a certain point you have to pee so hard you start hurting and it’s not even healthy to hold it in for too long you can actually hurt yourself and so that’s what actually that’s what a nightmare is a nightmare is when you’ve been holding in your feelings holding them in holding the man and then all of a sudden you get this huge nightmare and two things happen one is that physiologically speaking we are self-regulating organisms and so whatever it is that you’re under-reacting to in your waking life the dream is going to overreact to make you deal with it the overreaction is the nightmare or the recurring or a recurring dream you know the kind of recurring dream where you say I had that dream ten times in the last two weeks not not a recurring dream that you have over a lifetime yeah and you have it like short and so the the object for what you’re proposing about being the kind of person who builds things up and then you finally let it out your goal aureus should say if if I was you and if that was my my situation I would want to be practicing coming out more often small smaller more often opposite yeah because it’s no balance right it’s the balance right yeah and holding it in can get you a heart attack or it can get you a host of other things that happen to us physically because our nerves are frayed Wow I’m with you on it that’s just finding that perfect balance and like that’s what it is so I can play to my strengths but the key is to find balance to do both to kind of if that’s if that’s happening or you know kind of cater to the other side so that I’m more balanced and I’m not just you know lopsided all the time and I’m always holding and I just let anything fly because I don’t want to offend people and I don’t speak my truth because I don’t want to offend this person you know what I’m saying and yes the fine balance with that and find a little bit of balance it’s like since you’re sharing about yourself I’ll tell you also about me which comes from no-fault no-fault that and I write about this in the first book that I had – I have two sisters who are so significantly older than me I mean like one of them got married when I was four and the other one got married when I was six so I often as a child felt not included excluded because those two girls they were friends the two sisters and what are they gonna do with like a four-year-old sister or six-year-old sister I’m not gonna be included in who they’re dating or what’s going on in their life like that though it’s not a matter of fault but because I’m a person who has a button about being excluded I have for a long time following Freud’s theory of repetition compulsion because we don’t like change as humans and we get attracted to people who are gonna leave us out like if you’re a person who has inclusion issues I will automatically even though it’s not good for me be suddenly attracted to people who aren’t gonna be the one to call me and invite me out it’s more gonna be me as the initiator and more them who’s going to be the receiver because we resist change so much as humans that we actually veer towards people that are going to give us an opportunity to repeat the stuff that makes us feel bad and so because I’m aware of that like you said you want to put yourself in suit life situations where you can more use your strengths so when I catch towards the beginning of our relationship that I have attracted myself to somebody who’s not gonna make me feel welcome and included what I do now is I don’t get mad at myself oh my goodness I greet that part of Laney I greet her with a smile and love because she’s part of me that little girl who got left out by the sisters it wasn’t because they wanted to be mean to me and so now I have to be kind to myself and then I say is the I don’t want to try and change the other person is that you cannot change somebody else forget it you cannot change somebody else but the only power you have is over yourself to change yourself so I say to myself is this who I want to hang around with is this who I want for myself and the answer’s no Derek I don’t want to attract people in my life that make me feel left out I don’t want to do that anymore so once you make that decision it’s so spiritual and miraculous how suddenly the right kind of people start appearing in your life as soon as you feel you deserve something better Wow so right it’s so true story of my life right now – it’s about breaking the negative patterns right we see these patterns going over or these preconceived notions that we have of judgments and things like that and we’ve accepted and then we kind of learn with that because like even if I’m talking about being passive and holding stuff in I’ve kind of learned how to make that my strength like because I know like I learned how to use it and kind of working into my day to day and be successful with holding my voice at times because sometimes you kind of need to so there’s times where being passive like that helps and I guess I’ve tried to put myself in more situations where I’m always passive hey whatever it is versus the other side but really what seeing those patterns like that and like you said going back your body your mind God wants you to find balance in all things and kind of break those habits or patterns whether it’s being that or what would you say just to finish that yeah if that was my dream I’ll say it because that’s how you say it if it was my dream and I was you that’s what I’d be looking at I’d be looking at trying to get myself into situations where I cannot be passive yeah I’d be looking for situations where I’m exercising my voice because then you have you put it in your bag of tricks and when life happens real life happens I need to assert yourself if you’d have that muscle ready for you yeah you got to stand for something or you fall for anything right that’s it like at the end of the day it’s it’s it’s it’s so that you’re you’re making those good decisions and you know maybe this is sensitive because this can be like detrimental but drug addiction you know people like there’s people who’d is just gonna stay away from it nope can’t be around it somebody comes in they were once addicted marijuana or alcohol somebody brings it in they run they leave right there used to be me I was a teenager I got in over my head on own drugs and things like that I didn’t want to be around it couldn’t smell it brought up bad memories took me back to that place but there comes a time where like you know what I don’t care what you’re doing I’m at peace in every situation just because you bring that doesn’t mean that I have to do it or like stoop down to your level because there’s those people who come into your life and they have that that polar energy they you know I’m saying they bring something to the table and whether it’s peer pressure or I want to fit in that thing we’re talking about and you’ve got seven people who want to fit in and want to be with this person and so they all kind of flock to that but it’s really knowing yourself and not being you know I’ve people who have pass up opportunities and even me flying I’ve talked about this I don’t I was um cost of phobic as a kid my brother used to lock me in chess and put me in drawers like where your sock drawer he put me in the sock drawer and closed it and we’re just laying in there and can’t get out and I can’t be in small vehicles I can’t I don’t want scared to death to fly uh it’s in it’s coming over like I’ve passed up opportunities to go minister and to go do music and things and speaking engagements because they wanted to fly me out and it’s messing with me so to be able to know myself and say look I can see that this is a character flaw it’s now the psychological thing is now messing with me in my reality you know yeah it’s over that somehow through the dreams right through making decisions right yeah and it also has to do with how you see how you perceive yourself it’s your your your whole perception of yourself and how do we get over to the other side and it’s like the first time it reminds me of because I used to be a chain-smoker and so it reminds me of the first day that I went without a cigarette that was the first brick on the other side of the wall about my identity because my identity was a smoker and I knew myself that way from the time I was 16 years old and so now to see myself as a nonsmoker or you seeing yourself as a person who’s afraid to be in a confined space the first time you get on a plane just for a short ride right like even a one-hour flight somewhere no you know the first time you do that you’ve put one brick on the other side of the wall of your identity and the second time you do it you’ve got another brick and what do you discover you discover that like for me when I quit smoking it was like wow I’m like still breathing I’m still me I’m still alive yeah and I’m still Lainie yeah I still have my identity and I actually went 24 hours without a cigarette and then you go you know 48 hours and then so each time you get on a plane you’re you’ve given yourself you’ve exercised that muscle and the more you exercise the muscle the more it becomes a part of your new identity because you’re kind of reshape the way your brain works the way that you react and respond to trauma where we’re like victims by default right I’m a victim because it happened to me so I have to find this way to retrain my brain and really the only way is to kind of go with Dan for one but to actually step out and do it in small doses right very very behavioral so I’m very psychological well behavioral ISM is also psychology but I just mean I look at deeper psychology when it comes to the part about uncovering why you had that dream last night decoding it I’m using there I’m using the father’s of psychology but as for the solutions to the issue I become very behavioural because I I do believe in working out in the gym and X that concept of exercising those muscles and getting more comfortable with more responses to life situations and you want to you want to have that not only because of how people look at you or what they expect from you because of what you’ve shown them about yourself it’s not only the surprise element of having a different response than what people expect it’s also that I mean I’m a my first husband passed away when he was 38 Andy and I are children like my kids there’s a 20-year spread between my kids they go from 45 all the way down to because our youngest daughter was is Andy and my child so I have that experience I had cancer so I had that experience so there’s so many different experiences that life throws you and you want to equip yourself with a host of different responses and reactions to life situations you don’t want to just have the same like you know an Andy had cancer also we had cancer together very competitive couple what do you mean you have colon cancer like seven weeks later I was diagnosed with colon too bad for you I’m yeah you know it’s like yeah weird but I just mean that when he was sick I needed to be the style of personality that knew how to open up my mouth with doctors in the hospital and get what I wanted to get from my husband yes so that wouldn’t have been good for me to be that silent person who holds everything in and that’s what you’re even know like the information like I just told me this and that’s how I like it would be a passive it’s totally playing off in my relationship with my wife she’s gonna get to the bottom of it find it out I’m just like yeah they just said you know this you ask questions not really this is what they said you know take I just take what they said that’s what he told me and kind of you know right but if God forbid she would get sick you would need to play the role yeah she plays yeah because when you’re the one that sick you typically you you can’t really be the person who’s sick can’t always be dependent on because they’re dealing with the psychology of what the heck is happening to them and you need somebody who’s gonna know not be afraid to ask the questions and assert themselves when you’re BF that’s good let me ask you this so we’re talking about dreams right we’re talking about the symbols the signs about the day before the week before maybe childhood if that’s the case sometimes is this every dream is every every dream so the weird dreams of everything because like you kind of wake up you like no that was just that was just cheese that was the cheese I before I went to bed or the pizza but the dream that I had the night before that was definitely God speaking to me but it you think it’s every dream we have it’s all telling that inward dialogue that story is coming out because we’re not dealing with it right we’re kind of suppressing it so it comes out right exactly and it is about the first level this week and when you go deeper into the dream and you’re wanting to know about your response to today’s situation where does that come from and how can I change it that’s when you would go back into the that’s when you would look back into the past like a woman who’s being chased by a rhinoceros that’s the whole dream she was actually a podcaster like yourself and she told me a dream just a couple of weeks ago that she’s being chased by a rhinoceros and it’s this pressure this unbelievable pressure that she puts on herself and so she needs and she’s connected to the person who’s the victim running away where she needs two more connect to the rhinoceros part of herself the powerful part of herself that instead of being chased the part of herself that knows how to take on the heavy and run with it yeah run well yeah that’s good too so what about so we say in every dream right what about the people because I hear this a lot I don’t dream I just don’t dream do you don’t dream what you don’t remember your dreams or theirs you think everybody kind of has to deal with that every night nobody’s exempt no because dreaming is just thinking that’s all dreaming is I’m taking the whole fantasy and mystery away imagination but you’re dreaming in a language and the language is the language of metaphor and that’s what I teach I teach people how to understand what the rhinoceros is for you or the woman who’s an unbelievable procrastinator and she’s dreaming that she’s sitting in a chair and the chair starts on fire and so it’s literally pushing her out of the seat because she’s procrastinating and she needs a I was gonna say a freaking fire it’s like something to literally get her up and out of up and out of the chair and oh yes at the first level the dream is the discussion that your you’re having with yourself okay so if you want to remember your a dream I’ll tell you the one thing that’s the most important is the intention intention is everything if you leave pen and paper beside the bed and you decide that you want to have a dream don’t judge it and you take the judgments away and you don’t need to have a story that has a beginning a middle and an end and we know that by the fire in the woman’s seat to get her to stop procrastinating or the woman being chased by a rhinoceros or the guy climbing up the ladder you don’t need a big long dream it’s gonna tell you what you need to know and so that’s one way to do it and don’t get off the bed reach for the pen the minute you open your eyes and start writing or another thing you can do which is amazing is sit in the chair and take your watch off and look at the hands look at the face of the watch and now close your eyes and imagine the watch in your mind’s eye or you can then look around the room and look at all the paintings and furniture and the phone and everything around you in the room and now close your eyes and walk around the room in your mind’s eye and see how you do so this business of opening your eyes closing your eyes opening closing that’s the experience of waking up from a dream sometimes I’ll say to myself where was I just now where was I and sometimes that helps me get back into the dreams yeah sometimes you want to give back like sometimes you’re lucky enough to go right back in or then some well it’s bad when that’s a nightmare though right you like these people are chasing you and you wake up like thank God I woke up shake it off go back to sleep and they’re still chasing you like that’s crazy right it doesn’t happen to me but it proves that you’re that the dreaming is just thinking because it’s like you picked it up where you left off and the reason why a dreamer knows when on they’re having a discussion with me the reason why a dreamer knows that they’ve hit on the truth is because they get this what some people call it an AHA because you inside you know that you’ve you’ve caught your dream and the reason why you know is because you were just discussing it with yourself when you were sleeping that’s why you know cuz it’s you were just there talking to yourself about it man I just I have so many firing off and I’m resonating with this so you let me know when you need to go because I got a I got a handful oh I got a handful more questions here for you if you’re good so I come out of so many places I want to go with these questions let’s go here dealing with that those symbolisms right and what it means to us that’s how these stories are made the lion to which in a wardrobe like Lord of the Rings maybe every movie every story the hero’s journey that comes out it has to come from from somewhere first these people represent things in people’s lives or whatever the case is right so like Taylor James Taylor says that when he’s having trouble with lyrics to a song he just likes to pop off for an afternoon nap because he’s hoping that something’s gonna come to him which it did I mean fire and rain is from a dream and so Paul McCartney also mother Mary comes to me yes words of wisdom let it be that came to him in a dream a dream or LSD eggs up in the air but a same thing almost right my goodness I’m kind of getting overwhelmed with these questions here because I’m just trying to get ahead of myself but with this like a world within a world like these people you know the monsters the weird people that show up your your your neighbor from 20 years ago like that’s really not your neighbor you know I’m saying like that’s that neighbor represents the fun you had when you was a child or you need to get back to that he’s like hey man let’s go play you’re like oh I gotta get to work by the way just like you said that that you’re dreaming about someone who’s from your past your childhood when you were and you associate that person with having a good time and you’ve been working way too hard that you’re connected to that I call it a database by the way because every single memory an association that you have ever had since you’re born is there in your filing cabinet if you’re over 50 I call it a filing cabinet and if you’re under I call it a database and what happens is when you go to sleep tonight you’re unconscious the database it’s going to open up and all and all the associations that you have that help you say to yourself something that’s about this week something that you’re trying to problem-solve all those people will show up like in your database by the way you I heard you say that you’re married mm-hmm so in your database every single woman or girl that you ever dated in your whole life they are all in the same filing cabinet they’re in the same file with your wife and when something happens with your wife this week you are going to choose one of those girls but you’re not it’s not random you’re gonna choose somebody who made you feel the same way that your wife is making you feel this week that could show up as a stranger right sexual intercourse with strangers and some people don’t so a but but but but even that could represent your wife right maybe you represent a lot of things definitely like what you know like I like to say here’s a woman naming that she had unbelievable sex great was the metaphor for the fact that she doesn’t like boating or boats at all and her husband went out and bought a boat and she had just spent the weekend on the boat and got the biggest surprise cuz she loved it she had so there she was doing something that she ever imagined herself doing in a million years and yet she’s having like a great time so she used sex to say that to herself sometimes people come to me with a sexual sexual dream and it’s because they haven’t had sex in so long that they actually forget what it feels like and for me it’s like take that feeling and run with it that’s know you were horny and you forgot what it feels like to be horny so you want to take that feeling of the dream and run with it take care of yourself master yourself um we spoke a little bit of a while ago kind of about meditation do you think that meditation is like a way that we can induce the dream state or engine induced a trance State and I’d like to go back to the Bible and scriptures like it speaks a lot about the visions in the trance state and inducing trance States and receiving visions or whatever about about yourself or about decisions that you need to make so you think meditation is like a good practice and that’s kind of we’re doing the same thing in meditation that we do when we dream we are we are doing the same thing it’s the same it’s because you don’t although I’m just thinking that I guess I still feel like I have some control I could sort of step into meditation where you can’t really unless you become lucid you can’t really step into the dream yeah but I don’t think that the images and ideas that come to us I do not think they’re random I think I’m always trying to push like the thoughts of the life I’m going into meditation I’m trying to go deep and I have to push out you know these thoughts that come through and they are things that we need to do in the waking state I thought thinking about the dishes or thinking about the laundry and the and I have to kind of get past that to go deep like those are those are still things that we need to do to find balance you got a so I like to kind of I like to kind of like get all that stuff out the way let me go ahead and do this if you can sometimes you can’t get all that stuff out the way so when it’s time to go in it’s a lot easier and the things that are coming or is like the next level like it almost like the same defecation process like I’m talking about and we’re just trying to go deeper within our own lives whether it’s a cinch in or they’re trying to be a better person we deal with the little bitty stuff so that we can get down to the meat and potatoes childhood wounds and things like there’s a lot of people who help deal with childhood trauma but once we deal with that then what we can go deeper and deeper to unlock and unfold the mysteries of our destiny and things as well right absolutely absolutely it’s beautiful there’s a couple people wanting to know about certain types of dreams but but before I go into that and I mean let me just tell you about this we’re not when I was a kid I was over infatuated with horror movies still AM I had to kind of get over it kind of come back to it a little bit just to like it but I was like I watched so many horror movies that when I turn the lights out like dreaming was scary and I said no not the dreams for the most part but getting turning all the lights out and going to bed and that it was just creepy is there something gonna come in my room something under the bed something in the closet and then a lot of times I would go to sleep and I would meet those figures that I watched on the movies and they would plague me throughout my childhood I got so used to dealing with these monsters and Freddy and Jason and stuff and gremlins they would chase me in my dreams and so maybe this is a two-part thing for you let’s let’s a lot of times it would chase me and I’d run in slow motion a lot of people they’re running fast as they can but they’re not going anywhere let’s let’s look at that and then let’s look at the fact that I got so used to doing this that I knew that I was in a dream and I was lucid as a kid and I would say okay I need to kill myself because if I don’t Jason’s gonna get me they’re gonna chop me up or torture me I’m have to look at him so I got to the point where I would run and dive headfirst into a rock and I wake myself up out the dream I’d see an ocean or lake and I dive to the bottom of the lake and tried to wake drown myself so that I would wake up and like these Jason and these guys would try to pull me out the water sock they would try to prevent me from killing myself so I didn’t have to face the trauma and I’m just right no I’m explaining it as I’m explaining what it means in my life it’s all revelation as I’m saying it so it’s crazy who are you cuz I’ve been running run running from trauma running from the scary things in my my childhood Wow yes and you were dealing with it and also you were giving yourself a rehearsal about getting away from it or how to deal with it you give yourself a rehearsal because you know that expression been there done that yeah that’s what you were doing you’re giving it yourself in the dreams and then you when it happens in waking life you’ve been already doing that it’s like been there done that you remind me of when I was oh then oh no I’m gonna I’m reminded of something better about a woman who’s having rejection dreams rejection rejection and it’s just like overtaking her and really it’s because in an intuitive way she knows that her boyfriend is ending that relationship she knows it’s coming to an end and so what is she doing she’s giving herself these horrible dreams even though she hasn’t acknowledged it in her conscience her unconscious or higher self or intuition or whatever you want to call it or God she knows something’s about to happen and she is completely blind to it during the day but then the event actually happens and and she’s been practicing being rejected like three months already and so it’s like been there done that she’s actually exercised that that she’s been rehearsing and so she’s copes better you desensitize that’s the word I want you desensitize yourself in the dreams so when the life situation happens that you were probably anticipating you are actually better equipped to handle it yeah that’s good and it gives you an empathy I’ve been here before I feel for people I feel for people who were dealing with trauma like I genuinely do or the things I’ve come out of the things I’ve dealt with I have a genuine empathy to help get through their stuff right right let me ask you this about to dream too because like when I’m having those dreams about monsters and it just plagued me literally it was scary my my whole childhood it was a big part of it but now that I’m older and I’ve dealt with the things I’ve been running from I’ve dealt with my fears fear of dying fear of whatever the case is that those those traumas represent once you deal with them the nightmares stopped yeah I can still I can still enjoy a good horror movie a good thriller and not have to fight them when I go to sleep cuz I’ve dealt with that trauma let me so there’s that too if you want and I get the answers respond to it in the dream state and in the waking state it’s the same way but what about fighting those monsters I’ve heard this David Walker talks about this a lot and I’ve done it we have a reoccurring nightmare and you’re running from the shadow being the monster whatever it is and instead of running and then waking up you stop and you face it in the dream state and then something happens in reality what’s that about right and that is about that is exactly an example of the rehearsal that I’m talking about that the dreams give you a safe place to rehearse Kurwenal dreaming about my aunt who has such a big mouth and I don’t didn’t have at that time in my life I didn’t have my voice her appearance is the beginning of the rehearsal and then I’ll dream about somebody else or maybe I’d have a dream that and it would have to be a dream that’s really bad because like maybe I dream that I’m watching somebody get raped as I would choose a situation under which circumstance I would not stay quiet and sometime then you wake up screaming and it’s part of the rehearsal about speaking up a little bit but you’ll create a scenario in the dream yeah that forces you to scream because it’s giving you that it’s giving you the rehearse or or you have those dreams all these questions are piggybacking because I’m and I’m getting away from other questions but you have a dream the way that’s happening and you can’t scream you open your mouth and there’s no voice that’s excellent and when I hear a dream like that when you use that point of entry that there’s no sound coming out that’s the point of entry you go for then I would ask the dreamer what do you think is going on in your life this week what situation is happening where either you are not speaking up about something so you feel like you have no voice or is it that you are speaking and you’re really not feeling a heard hmm feeling like there’s no sound coming out it may as well be no sound because nobody’s listening to me or the woman who’s dreaming that she can’t hear she loses her hearing and she loses her hearing because there’s stuff going on that she doesn’t want to know about he doesn’t want to hear about it so she’s turning her ears off not on top of that so we have that where you have no voice in your dream and someone getting back to some of those questions people having wanting to know about sleep paralysis you have no voice in your dream some people transition out of the dream maybe it’s psychological maybe your body is still in though it’s still your body is still asleep but your mind is awake or your eyes are open and you have sleep paralysis right you wake up you feel like there’s entities or beings in the room or laying on top of you and you can’t talk you try to speak innate something’s got your throat no Gajic experience that happens sometimes and if it’s close to the time you’re waking up it it only lasts for a couple of seconds actually it’s like if you know that it’s going away in a couple of seconds so it doesn’t it’s not like a reason to panic about it I love when I actually love it and and I am so scared of spiders I hate them hate them hate them but – but it’s very normal to see a spider when you wake up and you’re having that kind of hypnagogic experience you know what do I do because now I know that it’s not staying there I’ll lie in bed and look at it and say it Tournament seconds engage it a little bit see that’s the weird thing because like we understand like if your body wakes up and it’s still asleep you have sleep paralysis you have I mean there’s so many names for this but the weird thing in my studies I’ve had this happen to me as a kid and it kind of shaped me to do what I’m doing now but the weird thing is maybe it’s because it’s embodied with the fear and you’re still asleep so there’s your fear that you can’t move and you can’t speak so your mind produces an image oh that is fearful because you wake up and I’ll have like gremlins on my chest or little beings walk in the room and the the whole thing that changes this thing that makes you think something’s there is the fact that there’s usually a monster you know the old hag syndrome a lady or old witch screaming in your face or I and Grey’s watching you is it just because you wake up and you’re in fear so your mind’s like first fear op oh you’re scared of you’re scared of pets so there’s a black cat you know is that how it works yeah it kind of does work like that and I want I don’t want to leave that question without saying to you that all those gremlins that are on you that’s the part of yourself that does what gremlins do and it’s coming up on your chest because it wants to get closer to you it’s like when you dream that you’re sleeping with someone you want to ask yourself what are the first two or three things that come to my mind about that person’s personality because it’s not random that that you’re in bed with that person because you want to be understanding what part of your personality is getting closer to you and you want to pick the part of the dream that’s the most uncomfortable the part you’re most afraid of or the part you’re running away from or the part you’re just plain uncomfortable with and you want to get closer to that personality trait because that’s probably what and who you need this week all of its kind of playing together because there’s I mean there would be people who would say okay well you’re just trying to explain the way that I was visited by aliens or I was visited by gremlins or demons right and so you’re trying to tell me that it’s explained away by in my mind but I guess we have to go back to the other side it’s like why’d one why do you want to be what’s inside of you wants you to be visited by aliens or demons and then two if you really were then why did they choose you why did they come so it all does still well however you perceive that you have to figure out why in it and there’s a lot of character traits as well and I’m finding this by doing all these interviews even what people who were into the healing arts most of them were into they were abused they didn’t have a mom and dad around there was stability that they found in spirituality or in God or in the church right from that heaviness or it represented that balance like I didn’t have a dad I come to Christ and I get into the church and God becomes my dad it balances it works right and the way that you can test out what your theory of what you’re talking about is if you use what the point of the entry if you use dreams as the point of entry and you follow the method that I have if you follow that method once you’ve attached the dream to the current issue because it will attach itself to a current issue and once you’ve done that then you can look at all these other aspects that you’re suggesting might also be going on then it suddenly makes sense suddenly it makes sense why these certain things are happening like I just was talking to a woman not long ago who’s dreaming that she’s so excited that she hasn’t a new puppy and she has the puppy on a table in front of her she’s in a chair at a table and she’s got the puppy on the desk and she’s so happy and all of a sudden the puppy who’s everywhere all over the table all over her and my question to her was what would be your solution in waking life take the story of the dream out into your waking life and tell me what would you do in your waking life if that and she said well the first thing I would do is get it off the table that’s the first thing I do I would take the puppy off the table and then I clean it up and clean myself up and that was about the fact that she landed a brand new job that she was so excited about and she couldn’t wait to get there so excited and after she was on the job for about ten days she found out that her job her boss is an abusive sob he was pulling all over her literally right and that and so what is the dreamers response what’s her solution when I asked her she said take it off the table and that’s what she did she what the job so with that something she had that dream while she was going through that or without like a precognitive dream so it was while she was going through it yeah it was after he was so abusive and then that night she had that puppy dream and it helped her quit the job she quit the job okay I’m gonna I want to ask you and the way she found it was by the feelings what happened recently that you were so excited about that suddenly turned into a pile of crap what happened in your life and as soon as I asked her that she got it um ask you about precognitive dreams and prophetic dreams here in a second but I want to address this one thing that I kind of touched on we didn’t go back to but running in slow motion in the dream when there you’re being chased when you need to get out of there you know you have a dream and there’s a little monster next to you you’re trying to run as fast as you can you’re like walking on the air and the question to the dreamer is what you want to ask yourself is what’s going on in your life that you’re trying to get away from that either is the dream fair this is always in the form of a question it’s like jeopardy is the dreamer right are you having trouble running away from something is the dream they’re telling you that you should not be running away that this is the situation where you better just stay still and the dream is giving you a rehearsal to staying still or is it something that you do want to be running away from and somebody’s got a hold on you and so you’re having difficulty getting away but the you know maybe you want to turn that running away into levitation or flying suddenly lifting yourself off you know it depends on what’s the situation and that’s what I do well that’s the dreamer isn’t over her Sulphur staying still is something you’re trying to avoid or is it that you should be trying to get away from something and the dream is there to grab your attention and get you noticing that you should get that egg out and away mm-hmm I know for me I know for me as I’m running from my fears and running from the trying to run from them and I can’t and need to face them trying to run right I don’t really have those dreams anymore but as a kid that was a common thing very normal that you would have those dreams like that as a kid because older and have more nightmares why do they have more nightmares they have more nightmares because you don’t have the control when you’re a kid you can’t say okay I don’t like what’s happening here I’m leaving I’m going around the block I’ll be back in a couple of hours because you can’t get into the car you can’t leave the house you’re stuck by your teachers by your parents and that’s why the feelings need to go somewhere it’s what I was talking about before about that you you can’t hold it in and so nightmares are very very healthy that’s why I call it all have a great dream you know have a great dream let’s go ahead and plug the book again because one of those people listening will plug it at the end as well but go ahead people people are asking about your books again just while they’re here so they’re both called have a great dream the first book is called book one the overview and I kind of wrote that for sort of for my 25 year old who said to me Mommy can’t you tell people how to do it and not in 350 pages but like in a hundred page could you just tell me why I had that dream and so that’s why I wrote book one the overview because it’s a hundred pages and that includes pictures and you get to find out why you had that dream last night and the second book is called have a great dream a deeper discussion and if you want to talk more about what you and I are talking about today then you would want to buy the bigger book also because that’ll help you out and of course my site is have a great dream calm awesome make sure y’all go check that out and support that I do have a couple more questions here for maybe one or two more questions okay show coming up great I do too what’s that hurry so these are good though when it comes to I come out of Christianity in the Christian Church right there’s just you know and I’m gonna probably explain this by setting the question up but there’s an over over zealous infatuation with the end of the world with Christ coming back just destroying the wicked cleaning this thing up you know birthing new life and so people have these dreams about the world ending and all of these things and they try to they try to they think that they’re prophetic like God gave me a dream that he’s coming back to destroy the world further study usually shows you that it’s not the end of the world but the end of your world and something going on within this dream state again the explanation is why do you want the world to be destroyed well because the world is a nasty place because my boss is an asshole you know what I’m saying why do you want this thing to be whitewashed and start over so people have these dreams and that’s the interpretation of it but what about the literal in the prophetic dreams I had a literal dream that this has happened this dream is not symbolic I mean I get met with this platform I get messages true sick I had a dream you’re gonna die I had a dream you were this I had a dream you were that I even me I understand that I represent different things to different people I represent liberation I represent exploration I represent living your dreams I represent whatever I mean to that person if somebody has a real lousy job and they can’t stand being there and they don’t like it’s not so much that the job is lousy it’s that they don’t like their work they hate their work and so there you are Derek a guy who’s doing work that he loves and the dreamer dreams that you died and that’s because that dreamer might be saying that the part of himself or the part of herself that doesn’t feel they’ll ever be able to get away from their their their job that they don’t like doing a dream that you died because you represent the part of themself that could have a job that they’d like to do the positively you don’t want to step in there and do it they’ll dream that you’re dying but all I’ll finish this show with telling you how I see synchronicity and yes as I say that and you already know this about me that I am looking at dreams from a problem-solving perspective and so while I’m doing that I also think that there are other things going on because we’re only using like much more going on but I think that we are simultaneously there’s things happening simultaneously and I’m gonna give you an example this woman in night this is all the way back to 1997 that this woman came to me and she said she was dreaming about the talk family the name of the family is called talk and I think they spell it T Ock but she dreamt about them and she knows the talk family she wasn’t even friends with those kids at camp because she was so much older than them but when she went to camp there were two brothers from the talk family that went to the same camp as she did and it and she dreamt that the talk family was in a hotel looking for shelter and the dream turned out to be about the fact that that same camp from so many years ago is the same place where she met her boyfriend and so the link because it’s so stricken sophistic got a big sometimes you know you away when you start to see the images that you choose and how precise they are so the the talk family links her to the boyfriend and she’s there looking for shelter and of course if you’re allowed to say something to somebody really what you want to say and they’re not gonna reject you and they’re not gonna break off with you then you’re you’re you you’re in shelter you’ve got you’re in a safe place and so she’s looking to be able to talk in a safe place that’s what the dream was about and it helped her link to the boyfriend and she went to the boyfriend and talked to him so she didn’t pick some other family she bit the talk family she needed to talk and so then about two weeks later in 1997 the ice storm happened in upstate New York and also Montreal like lower Quebec and upstate New York and we lost power for over a month and during that period of time this dreamer had to move out of her house because it was it was longer than three weeks that she had no lights and no electricity and so she went to this hotel in Montreal this is after the dream she went to this hotel in Montreal to try and find a room and she ran into the talk family who she hadn’t seen in like 20 years so she ran into these people looking for shelter just like in the dream so what I like to say is that because of what I do I say that we are problem-solving in our dreams and we are using memories from the past the present and sometimes from the future in order to problem-solve something that’s happening today well I love it no literal dreams no right they’re not really literal I mean even Freud said sometimes a cigar is just a cigar hey I appreciate you coming on I just want to ask you really quick have you seen the Netflix new series that just came out maniac no watch it watch it if I translate anything to you watch it we just started watching it but it’s it’s about everything that we’re talking about in this conversation Jonah Hill and I Emma Stone it just came out on Netflix it’ll blow you away it’s about dreams and regression and symbolism it’s a beautiful you will love it definitely check that out maniac on Netflix Lainey I appreciate you coming on I thoroughly enjoyed this this episode I’m gonna plug your book I’m gonna plug your website everything will be in the description so hopefully we’ll send some people your way hopefully some people are as touched by this episode as I was thanks again before you turn off that I did change not the title but the subtitles of the book and so the best way to get the book is to go to have a great dream calm because then I connect you to the right link on Amazon to get you to the right place and if someone’s having their own dreams and these reoccurring things and they try to get to the bottom of it they can’t obviously you kind of teach the people to do that for themselves yeah you could do a private appoint you can do you can book a private session I’m actually speaking in New York City on October 28th I’m doing a full-day workshop at the open Center for those people that are listening that live around the New York area you could come and join me on Halloween week heck yeah good stuff Thank You Laney for coming on I appreciate you thank you do it again okay all right bye-bye right Laney dolphin ladies and gentlemen I loved it I think I was getting deliverance at revelation the whole time the interview was going on man oh my goodness I really enjoyed this when I can feel it I hope y’all can feel it I really do oh man answering so many questions and and I’m trying to I’m trying to be observant of the chat and I see people in here and I got my brother Chris Baris he’s all we’re talking about psychology man and you just see how it mixes with spirituality and these psychological terms that explain our spirituality I think both are needed you know what I’m saying and I think they go together we’re talking about a dream many people think that this life is a simulation and that this literally is a dream within a dream so everything that comes into your life we’re like decoding our dreams that we have in the dream state but in our waking State maybe we’re playing out the dream that who’s having the higher self our self is having a dream there’s something laa bro bro what’s going on what do i do man okay the next step is this it’s crazy y’all when you when you really break it down but man I agreed with everything man it’s beautiful and just like I said it doesn’t like some people some people would get upset because you feel like the psychology takes away the spirituality I think the psychology and the science is reiterating the same things that we’re saying in a scientific method a different wording I think about they’re both right again like if you understood I’m trying to formulate these questions like you wake up in the middle of the night and there’s aliens in your room this is the session you have an angelic encounter you wake up your guardian angel is there with you in your room right you’re in all your and wonder whether it’s in your dream whether you had the dream about that why do you in this life not everybody we talk about this not everybody sees guardian angels not everyone sees aliens not everyone sees fairies but what is in you that you want to and you draw you drew that experience to yourself what is what does that represent to you on a deeper level the angelic encounter your guardian angel is it the fact that you know for many of us like we feel vulnerable we can’t speak up for ourselves we can’t protect ourselves so we have this angel that appears to reassure us that we’re gonna be okay because I have warring angels that fight with me like what encounter like why did you need that encounter like everything that happens in our life it doesn’t happen just for some weird reason biblically like there was there was encounters like that in the Bible and I don’t think they had encounters for the hell of it and a lot of people are just trying to have encounters for the hell of it no no no no no no no bad baby don’t do that encounters for the hell of it yeah it like it’s deep it’s beautiful mystical wonder all creativity so much comes out of those encounters but why did it happen it did not happen for the hell of it like we see in the scriptures where that that story happened and Elijah was praying with the young man who was scared to death right there was an army coming after them they scared to death he said look don’t be afraid man there’s more forest than our against us and the gods like naw man we were through what through his that look let me pray for you he prayed for the the young man the eyes of his understanding were open and he was able to see chariots all within the mountains Chariots of Fire it says UFOs starships whatever you interpret that to be micawber’s is what the the Hebrew breaks it down to but he’s seen them all in a mountain and then he it reassured him like okay yeah we got this we got this it’s almost like those those battles where there’s like I know it’s happened and like a lot of it happens in a lot of action movies and Marvel and stuff where like somebody’s running into battle and everybody looks at me Sarah all the enemies turn and run and it’s just one guy running running into battle and he gets his confidence cuz everybody turns and runs but he doesn’t know that there’s a big army behind him so you know what I’m saying and the interns around and they just run in the battle with the army and that person thinks that they’re that you know that that whole Army’s running from him right it’s just this confidence boost and and having these dreams and these things happen in these situations happen for a reason not by the hell of it not by chance like nothing none of that happened by chance those yeah they pay attention to the detail even in the dream state pay attention to the detail in the store in the Bible in the allegory and these beautifully careful carefully crafted stories that reveal your deeper inner essence and the way you’re created and and what they represented who Noah is to you and who King David is to you and who is your Goliath is your Goliath your boss does your boss boss laugh at you that do people that does your um does your professor laugh and scoff at your faith you’re a Christian oh we’re gonna change that right we’re gonna chill you’re a Christian we’re gonna change that that’s so elementary and in this this professor the boss whoever represents Goliath to you they’re mocking you laughing at you and it seems like there’s no way that you can overthrow them or out with them outsmart this person so these people represent things within our lives just like in the Bible the allegory the stories where did those stories come from they came from God okay where do use your dreams come from where your dreams come from the you know the trash from the day some people believe now that all comes from God God is in all and through all it is all God your mind God your heartbeat God your breath God your situations and circumstances God get the picture it is our one and it’s beautifully connected intricate every part is intricate telling the story all we need it all to coexist we need it all to function man I’m lost within the mystery and found within simplicity is is the deep esoteric breakdown of life of a basic dream I just dreamed that I was being chased by dogs on the very outskirts or esoteric or exoteric and in the esoteric is what do they mean let’s go deeper who are these dogs what kind of dogs were they German German pitbulls or whatever german whatever German shepherds what does that represent German Shepherd well my husband’s German Oh his family’s German and they don’t want us to be together Oh Lord Jesus there you go right and this is how this stuff plays out or it doesn’t it doesn’t all mean one thing that’s the whole thing she was talk about the dream books and I literally before we even did this episode I was looking at course material to go through with the group on Thursday nights and one was about dream interpretation I read through it and he had already had like four pages of symbolism and what they mean in majority of it I know that it doesn’t mean that or it doesn’t mean that to me or even like if you use an allegory in the Bible like it doesn’t even and this was a Christian book so I was like yeah I can so trying to figure out what it means being chased by a pack of German Shepherds you know let’s just what does it mean to you the Bible says that the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want the Lord is the Lord’s love is furious it’s aggressive he’ll chase you down like come on man what does it mean to you does it mean everything oh it mean to the individual to me it could be it mean something else but to you it represents this every symbol every sign every dream and then it plays over into our encounters and our experiences why we need these experiences while we want these experiences why do you want to see fairies did you lose your own wonder like to really get to the why if we’re gonna do the inward work and we’re talking about a cinch ascension there are things that you’re carrying on these certain lower level frequencies that you can’t carry to the place that you’re going you have to deal with it you have to pass the test in the dream and in the waking state and the big thing for me was like okay I’m passing all these things in the dream in my waking State let me pass these tests in my dream state man when I’m tempted or whatever the case is I’m like I’m trying to pass these tests maybe it’s because I’m you know overly thinking about that everything is a test that every it’s scripted by the grand architect you know what I’m saying the the one who created everything everything is created there are ways to work through and to manage and to deal with everything that that we’re facing in life so I’m trying to figure out what it means and so I’m trying to like I passed the test in the physical let me try to pass these tests in the dream state whatever it may be whether it is sexual temptation or whatever the case is like I’m not trying to have them I’m not trying to have those dreams I don’t want to have those dreams like why do they come and she played she explained a lot of that stuff really good a lot of it is the stuff that we’re entertaining in what those symbolisms mean to you and we’re talking about – I discussed this in a lot of detail is that and the Bible says that the Spirit of the Prophet is subject to the Prophet so you’re gonna have to have somebody who really understands the out man look most of the stuff we were talking about today I’ve been getting to the bottom of myself I don’t do a lot of I don’t read a lot of books I don’t I need to read Freud and I need to read a lot of these guys I know some of their quotes and stuff but I really want to read this stuff because this was the first time that have really had a deep and you guys can tell this was a genuine conversation man I really was elated but it’s tough coming out because I’ve been studying this stuff from a biblical perspective without commentary just reading the Bible getting the understanding from the dream stay in the Bible that’s the biggest dream manual ever like there’s so much from from Genesis to Revelation the dream state visions revelation trance state all of it is all in there and so this was the first time I really had got to pick somebody’s brain who you know went to school for this and and does this so it was so awesome I love this I love what I do man I just oh man it’s genuine and it doesn’t happen all the time with every guest you guys know that like I have some of those guests on that I had a guest off for 30 minutes on my guy I want to go longer I want to find common ground I appreciate you we will see you on the next one you know and it’s over but some of them I’m like how long can you stay let’s go deeper you know the last one I did with Tate like most of my older podcasts were two to three hours back in the day and maybe because I’m doing so much more and I’m producing more verses one per week and I have a lot of other stuff that I’m creating I don’t know why they got like shorter but it helps when you have somebody that you resonate with like how you supposed to have a three-hour conversation with people that you don’t even want to talk to personality-wise whatever the case is but this is one you’re probably gonna have to take notes on and we listen to I know I’m gonna listen to them I don’t like I said I don’t I don’t like to listen to myself back on the podcast but I like to listen to myself when the spirit is speaking when a spirits leading me in the spirit speaking through me I go back and listen to him and and I’ll get minister to and deliverance and revelation from the things that I’m saying I got sometimes I’ll tap in and I hit that vein man and you know that it’s the spirit and I’ll go back and listen to some of those and be like that’s good man like wow and I’m just ministering to myself so I like to listen to that when the spirits there so when an episode like this is definitely moving and there’s a bunt there’s a bunch of them though so that’s the good thing right but some of them are just like you know it’s just an interview whatever the case is you don’t connect as I encouraged her to go and and I don’t want to give it all away but as I encouraged her to go and watch the Netflix show maniac that just came out trust me it’s hard to follow at first it’s hard to understand and I don’t want to give too much of it away but when you’re talking about allegory and you’re talking about going within the dream state to interpret what’s going on or cope with what’s going on in the waking life that’s what that show was about it’s phenomenal it’s insane didn’t even know about it I’ve seen I got a YouTube ad the other day and YouTube ads showed the trailer and I was like what the heck I’m gonna watch that Jonah Hill oh I don’t know how much weight Jonah Hill lost dude he’s he had to lose 200 pounds man Jonah Hill was big especially like in a wolf of wallstreet let me google this right quick how much weight did Jonah Hill lose Jonah Hill shows off weight loss it seems Wow good I’m gonna show this for that you guys are watching on a on YouTube I’ll just show this here I think it should be nope that’s not it that’s not it where is this here it is okay so there’s a a picture of Jonah Hill and he I think he’s even smaller than this in the show he’s lost even more weight but he’s he’s a lot smaller than this actually you could see his chin man chin line and everything dude lost a lot of weight and he’s a phenomenal actor he’s been in a lot of major roles but he’s in this one and he’s killing it to make sure y’all watch that if you guys are into some deep stuff and you know watch that it’s a really really good good show but it’s it’s Jonah Hill and Emma Stone the redhead chick played on was that uh he’s playing on a lot of stuff but uh Scarlet Letter was what I’m thinking of all that stuff she played on a bunch so good show make sure y’all go watch it I do recommend that and if you don’t like it blame me but you’re gonna have to watch several episodes to really get into it because this it’s one of those things that like each episode like you have the next episode is gonna explain the previous one so you’ll watch an episode you and I want he’ll do not watch and then you watch the next episode it’s like mind blown Wow that’s what that was oh wow it’s one of those make sure y’all watch that stuff man such a good such a good episode man I’m talking about shamanism right I always talk about being able to go into the dream state pull stuff out and bring it into your your life into your reality in it I don’t know this is how my mind works now but even it was hard for me to tell her my dreams even as a kid that I’ve even overcome a lot of them through life but as I’m telling her the dream I’m interpreting it myself I’m like oh I was running from my fears running from my trauma what are your fears there’s a fear of Chucky and stuff yeah I’m scared of that but the deeper fears like you know dad left its mom gonna leave to like when I’m left at home alone with my brother is he gonna lock me in the in the chest again like I’ll just phears man and so when you go to sleep you just process all that fear and it just comes out and you have to deal with it had to get over and I’ll tell you like those dreams did stop as I did the you know the childhood healing stuff I went to deliverance ministry and stuff came out hard to like it was I would say you know there were demons attached to it but what are the demons right I say there’s demons attached to it the Bible talks about demons being in thought forms and ideas that are bad for you that kind of get in and sink in that stuff affects the way you react these bad perceptions that you have their demonic strongholds the Bible says if someone is going if you’re gonna plunder someone’s house and rob somebody says at first you must bind the strongman and in the Bible that strongman represents these certain types of thought forms and thought patterns demonic patterns that go against your your higher good and go against your greater good and you’ve got to bind them you got to deal with them you got to cast them out cast down every thought and every imagination and and you may have to get over some some stuff some judgments and for in forgiveness unforgiveness right running and fighting with unforgiveness in your life that’s crazy to try to get to the bottom of that good stuff so I’m since we’re talking about dreams I’m gonna go ahead and go into it just a little bit deeper with some things I had here so we got the out we got the allegory right you say no it’s not allegory it’s literal the Bible is literal the bhagavad-gita is literal you know we have to look at the allegory of this story’s like where does the allegory come from we look at like I said The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe Star Wars Lord of the Rings The Matrix it’s all allegory but we want we want them to exist deep within they exist right they’d all exist it’s all taking place within us like I said Joseph Campbell referred to it as the hero’s journey and the power of myth the power not the it’s the power of myths not the explanation of your faith myth no you’re looking at it wrong its power in those stories man unlock the power of those stories connect with the divine through those stories what does it mean what do they mean to you because if yeah literally like what does it mean to you no it’s not about what it means to you it’s about the literal meaning there’s nobody on this planet who’s gonna agree with everything in your religion in your Bible that book is too big it is subject to interpretation because we’re gonna read the same story and we’re gonna get something different from it and we’re gonna be it’s gonna be right for that person at the right time that’s what the Bible calls the logo swore to God the Word of God is the logos is what for what you need for you at that moment like what did it mean to you for that reason at that moment you know two years from now you might read those same stories and you’ll see deeper things that change the whole story but if you look back at where you were when you read it the first time it doesn’t change that it meant that for you and it helped you and it served you those thoughts and those ideas the logos that’s what the Word of God is to sustain you from day to day the manna from heaven only get what you need for today I’ll try to take more don’t try to take less get what you need for this day give us this day our daily bread give us I’ll give me tomorrow no Lord give us today the bread that we need for the week no give me today what I need to sustain me in to conquer this day and the goat go through those cycles men 24-hour period go through those cycles with the phases of the Moon with the cycle of the Sun the stars like where it’s all about that there’s stories as allegories as all telling the stories of seasons and cycles I mentioned man I mentioned what’s his name um Star Wars George Lucas admitted and talks openly about his influence from Joseph Campbell setting up the hero’s journey sounds a lot like Jesus’s journey the death the resurrection the rebirth accepting your fate you know Lord if it’s possible take this cup from me questioning your fate if it’s possible take this cup from me but if this is the only way I’ll do it like all that plays out in those movies and IKEA always told myself is like man why we keep seeing the same script in every movie while we can’t come up with something new why is it always the same the villain comes in there comes with a problem you know some we’re spending the majority of the movie trying to write that problem like every the majority of movies are like that it’s like man while we can’t think of nothing new there’s nothing new Under the Sun like it’s all been done you know they tried there is other movies and stuff but the most of them it’s like problem solving skills in the way that we like to conflict and resolution and order AB K order out of chaos where you like the chaos and then we like to fix it we like to see how it turns out that’s like every movie man all of this all of it the villain comes in and takes the or the villain comes in and tries to take the Infinity stones or whatever they are and then you find the whole movie you’re trying to get them back and and it all comes from the hero’s journey and it’s a beautiful story explains it um it kind of you know fits and personas fit in there a little bit like what you think about yourself how your your mindset is how you gonna embrace the day like she talked about like giving you courage to face the day through the dream state and stuff I remember when I used to play basketball a lot back when I was younger I would embody different basketball characters in my mind as I played so I had I had like people that I liked Tim Hardaway back in I was younger he was one of my favorites in that and he had a certain style of playing someone who’s gonna drive to the rim maybe shake you up and try to hit a a reverse layup right he wasn’t dunking he’s just driving in layups on you I loved his style of playing and I would embody that right and it would help me in my in my waking state and something happening in my mind affected the way that my output I would and then there would be other players I’m gonna play like Shawn Kemp today I’m gonna play in the post I’m taller than a lot of these guys out here I’m gonna play in the post and I’m gonna be getting rebound Dennis Rodman I’m getting every rebound this whole game I’m getting rebounds and I’m jumping over late I mean you don’t play with older people who are like 2 foot taller than me and I’m snagging rebounds boxing a mouse because it’s in my mind I can easily go back to Tim Hardaway said I’m gonna bring it to the outside i’ma shake this big tall dude up Drive bomb and try to lay up and I could do that too but it’s like this persona that you’re living out because of a decision you made in your mind so Tim Hardaway represents this style of playing Shawn Kemp represents this Dennis Rodman represented that and then I kind of play based off of those personas me embodying that it’s good stuff it sounds silly like we’re just being open but hey it is it crawling says how tall is truth 6 1 I’ll disappoint you I’m pretty sure I’m not that I’m not I’m sure but I’m not in that sort anyway back to the allegory they’re real bro people get mad and I’ve been doing some writing on this about the allegory and the power of it and then the defense mechanism is because you’re almost like saying that they think you’re saying that their religion is a lie they think that you’re saying that what they haven’t believed and have given their heart their life and their deaths their eternal salvation to believe this certain doctrine or whatever and they feel they get a defensive and think that you’re saying it’s a lie and I said you telling me that I’m I’m following a lie nobody likes to be told that so what is it it’s the allegory it’s the meaning apply the meaning the boy who cried wolf that really happened bro there was a boy who really cried wolf and then when the wolf came nobody came to help because they had already started coming so but that’s based on the true story bro doesn’t it make it it makes it real though if it was explained to you it’s like a legend you have urban legends it’s a legend a man is the dude right he’s always cried wolf man and they got him be careful dude you gonna end up like that guy it really happened and so it make this like what you’re watching a scary movie I love these scary movies you’re watching a scary movie and it’s like based on a true story who has changes everything I change is based on a true story I thought this was fake bro the Blair Witch Project based on a true story it’s really Aryan it wasn’t right at the end you find out it wasn’t actors and all that kind of stuff but when it came out that that show was phenomenal and movie was phenomenal and changed the way that from that point out of like cinematography where you could go out and do the first person thing so many movies came out after that first person they got the camera on themselves oh my god Cloverfield right and that came out years after but Cloverfield then we have all the Paranormal Activity type movies that tell you that hey this was this was a true story oh this person is shooting this firsthand this is cell phone footage this is real you don’t have saying even before that I kind of like to give homage to the the McPherson footage the McPherson footage was something that came out when I’m talking about these so call was a true story let me see uh the typing right here then McPherson footage I think it’s called it but it was an incident incident in Lake County the McPherson footage this stuff was it came out on the WB back in like maybe 97 1998 January 18th right after my birthday where they got the idea for what’s it called uh just blowing my mind now but um the Blair Witch but this was like the same type of deal but with aliens right there’s all these people at this birthday party they got out they literally have a home recording camera one of the big ones back in the day you have when your shoulders got I think they have one of those and they’re filming them at a birthday party power goes out all the stuffs happening they go outside they see aliens on the roof and oh Lord illness and it they were responded to it really bad cheesy acting but it they sold it when it aired on The WB like it was real and me and my mom watching horror movies scared to death of aliens as a kid I’m watching that guy eating laying in the back you know right now but um me watching that as a kid and then you see the disclaimer based on real real events this is a true story you’re like oh Lord then it goes into we’re thinking about like what’s the other alien movie a fire in the sky based on a true story the story of Travis Walton these aliens these demonic looking beings I show up and pick you up and kidnap you and beat you up and it changes the way that you perceive it because you’re like this is real this really happened bro that doesn’t come even though like somebody says the Fourth Kind Ali I refuse to watch that Ali I refuse to watch it that’s what when the Fourth Kind came out when I was doing having a lot of et contact right a lot of angelic contact and that was kind of like something that would discourage you from from doing that these abductions all kind of crazy possession type deal so that came out when I was having my encounter so it’s like nope not watching it still haven’t watched it to this day but all that stuff it shapes the way and even that they tried to say that was a true story and we even have real footage and I think they did like side-by-side footage of like Milla Jovovich is character amazing actor actress by the way she played that role and then like supposedly some real footage of the real person going through like would seem to be deliverance and all the crit and it just something like that would reaffirm the fact from a Christian standpoint that uh it’s demons bro see they’re demonically possessed because they watch that movie and they base their understanding of perception of aliens and demons off of this movie which was said to be real which in the end admittedly is all made up but you your level of belief and you let your guard down as thinking it’s just allegory or or if or a story you’re probably not thinking allegory at the moment but you let you go down to believe it and so the funny thing is like I’m watching gremlins and watching critters and all of this stuff and there was no there-there even was no no disclaimer that is real like we knew we didn’t know because I thought they were real they look real that’s my problem with horror movies now is the fact that these horror movies these monsters they don’t look real they’re CGI like it doesn’t even look real but you can have a little puppet run by us and the corner of the the dresser and the movie cat’s eye you know look at they live real it’s real they literally would dress you know people they would make a full-size suit and they would make a full-size set that would look like a you know a toy block Lego you know I’m saying the dresser they would have these real life-sized looking dressers and stuff and they would film it a real person in the suit running by the corner of the dresser and then they would put it on on film and then they’d show it next to a puppet and all that stuff and you’re like wow that’s like that’s real looking I don’t know why they do that anymore I hate the fact that they’ve got it gotten away from the the puppet stuff maybe it was the death of Jim Henson because he was responsible for a lot of that stuff right maybe with his deaths marked the end of that era but they don’t shoot horror movies like that anymore you see a CGI monster walk into the room or CGI water and this is not convincing but for me something man those little puppets and there’s Facebook groups stuff that I follow rubber little monsters is a really cool Facebook group that’s dedicated to like showing all of the like how they’re made and some of the really ones you even forgot about some of those things are super creepy like when you have something like in the flesh there versus something that’s just CGI and like you could tell man so that’s one of my things with with horror movies because I still love them and I’m kind of I’ve gotten over the fear and I think one of the reasons I like it I have liked horror movie t-shirts and stuff and I collect some of that stuff I got some horror movies back here let me just grab this give me two seconds for those of you watching for those of you who are listening I’ll explain to you what they are hold on one second all right so here is some horror movies that I found the other day or a couple weeks ago on a VHS in an old building but these are some of the best ones man this is the one of the originals of the collector’s edition of the Night of the Living Dead and this is really cool VHS collecting collector stuff that’s really cool right to have Dawn of the Dead by this is George Romano George Romero it looks like there’s a signature on this maybe it’s it’s an anniversary edition edition of the Dawn of the Dead those zombie movies right it looks like it’s signed I’m pretty sure that’s just printed on here I need to find out though he’s no longer with us that he was a great man George Romero and then here is one of the best man I got to let my daughter watch this one soon the creep show creep show VHS of the creep show man really good stuff the old the old throwback stuff where they used puppets or painted people up to be zombies I think you know maybe that’s one of the reasons while the Walking Dead’s doing so so good or has done so good and you know it was physically something there those zombies got more intricate as the seasons went on and they look man there’s some crazy makeup and artists who are affiliated with that show that can bring that to the table but for a part of me you would say like garbage in garbage out right if your and that that exists I think like what it what is fear is only gonna represent to you what you let in okay so to me fear represented Chucky fear represented gremlins and critters and those little disgusting little monsters for others the fear that represents itself to you and you in a dream could be something totally different it’s the point it’s it’s the the PIO are it’s the point of reference what represents fear to you in your dream and while you’re dealing with fear whether it’s from the movie or whatever or from usually like we’re talking about it’s not literally sousou-sama it’s not has nothing to do with the movie but they represent characters they represent personifications of fear what what does that fear represent to you so your fear may be riding a bike like you know I’m saying so a little kid who has not watched to Creepshow and not watch gremlins and stuff they’re they’re not probably not gonna have dreams of being chased by gremlins and critters they may have a dream that they keep there’s a bike you got a clowns right some people scared of clowns it’s whatever they see like dogs if you don’t have like these little monsters to kind of go back to the point of reference you’re gonna be scared of a dog and the dog keeps chasing you and a dog is showing up and a dog for me it was I think is intensified because I had these little grotesque looking monsters but it is still it’s still fear no matter what it is well no matter what it looks like it’s the the feeling that you fear like you can feel you’re gonna feel the same way by that dog of that’s your P o R or you’re looking at this guy from creep show like you’re still gonna feel that fear maybe it’s intense to me it would be I would think it’s more intense to see a gremlin trust me I was scared to death that night and I think they had something to do with it but you’re gonna you’re gonna feel that fear and you’re gonna know what it feels like and you know getting the courage that was just something beautiful she brought to the table is that you kind of processed those feelings and you know what it feels like so when you go through that transition in in the waking state state it’s not as hard and you don’t freak out and you don’t like mess your brain up and the way your brain functions by having all of your stress and stuff and like for me I I do that empathy in in life and I do that gratitude in life because I came from nothing like I showed if you go on my Instagram you go on any of my social media you’ll see where I came from I started out in a shack in the bayou like in the shacks on a shack in in the swamps of New Orleans Louisiana like right on the outskirts in the bayou behind you gosh as a picture of it I went back to visit it it was deep it looks like a shed like it’s crazy I went back to visit I come from that so and then I look back at my life and there’s you know things were I feel like I should have died man the experiences that I’ve had and guns pulled on me and smoking and ingesting things that probably should have killed me you know I’m saying so every day that I have in this life I’m here I’m saying I have that breath the breath is still there okay attitude of gratitude and honor give things let’s go let’s move forward like what’s next I don’t have to like I’ve dealt with the trauma I’ve dealt with that stuff and I embrace it I’m thankful for it so I’m thankful I made peace with those demons that existed I made peace with those gremlins right essentially you would think garbage in garbage out why would you entertain those things you’re supposed to renew your mind yeah it’s been renewed I have and now I’m approaching these things with that renewed mind now I’m able to watch a horror movie with the renewed mind not kid hidden in fear being bullied and beat up by his older brother and didn’t having to deal with bullies at school and all of this stuff right you know man just so much guys I’m having a I’m having revelation it’s like crazy on this show I hope you guys are too but I look at like my over infatuation with gangster movies gangster movies black culture urban culture like music you know what I’m saying like that personification I was over I loved it man I’m a little kid walking around up I remember my brother just like be quiet what are you doing I’m walking around the house singing songs at like eight years old nine years old about weighing dope I don’t know what it means I just I know the lyrics right I’m walking around I’m just saying it out lies I’m a mama here is you man she gonna take our CDs like oh and I’m like oh you know trying to process that but then I grew up watching those those movies and it began to became to personification for me of watching boys in the hood watching menace to society man watch menace to society over and over and over and over somebody said Goodfellas and it’s like I tell myself I learned how to fight by watching you know some of those movies so I watching uh you learn you learn from the things that you you watch man and uh it places but you have to ask well why do you like it like what does that for most people like it’s gonna it’s gonna fulfill a need man it gets into a lot of weird stuff about what you’re dealing with why you hooked on dope like why you smoking dope why do you why do you shoot shoot up while you’re shooting heroin while you smoking crack why do you smoke weed everyday’ why do you need to escape or why are me even on that side why I don’t do it cuz it represents and I understand what it represents to me and what it what I need it was my crutch and those things so you look at everything it gets crazy you look at everything man and say why am i drawn to this why am i drawn to video games it’s jay pizzle but then again I love art I love I’m competitive why are you competitive you’re just trying to overanalyze everything that’s all you doing is over analyzing it well you need to you’re trying to get to the next levels you trying to stay stuck on the video games you’ll never get nothing accomplished you were trying to stay stuck on there you try to stay stuck on gangster movies no I forgot why the hell I’m drawn to horror movies well I’m drawn to gangster movies why does it why did it you know maybe I learned lingo I learned how to talk while listening to rap music I learn how to talk listen into gangster movies how to fight and then it comes out and I’m a rapper right and all that stuff kind of plays out in it even before we went laughs she’s like I just love your voice like it helps me when I rap right but sometimes when I’m breaking down some intellectual material it you may take me less seriously but so I’ve kind of even with that kind of found a way to balance the two that I don’t have to always be super serious even though we’re discussing very serious subjects I can be the lighter side to it – Vinny Eastwood of spirituality occultism the Bible right going through it all so why do I entertain these movies God delivered me from a lot of that stuff I had to be delivered by working through it you don’t just get pulled out of it you got to work through it stuff would be stuck all on you you got to wash yourself and the waters of Lake Minnetonka you got to do it why man this is just craziest like one of those movies man why and somebody’s commenting here Christie folks it’s like talking about brother Wayne who the hell is brother Wayne where did brother Wayne come from he brother Wayne exists right brother Wayne is like the epitome of the Southern Baptist Convention and this this character that I’ve created who’s like I know it all you know preacher who is like the epitome of all the internet people exposing people so it’s just persona that I created that comes out through that but he wouldn’t having that persona I wouldn’t have it created that if there wasn’t a need for it I wouldn’t have created if it wasn’t an outlet and there was a lot of stuff that comes with that and it’s kind of diminishing a little bit but essentially all of these things come from somewhere and you create them in and he they serve you they serve you and you got to cut out the stuff that doesn’t serve you cut out the stuff that doesn’t serve you it’s NACO um again let me try to finish this wide why do I still watch horror movies well I’ve made peace with that right I’ve made peace with with my demons essentially whether the horror movies horror movies wasn’t my demons and I’d show my daughter some of this stuff and she laughs and this is not doesn’t have that mmm that it had for me or for my generation a lot of kids laugh at they laugh at our music it’s not good you know it’s just the ways of perception I left out my mom’s music but now that I’m older I love that music I love anything from that I literally love almost anything from the 80s and 90s it’s the nostalgia it’s the time machine that takes me back anything and you place it you know says Cyndi Lauper I mean I used to ride on my truck work truck girls I turn it on me turn it up man and it just brings you back right it brings you back not and I hated it when I was a kid man I don’t want to hear that I’m in the gangster rap man you don’t want to hear that when you’re I didn’t want to hear but now I enjoy all of it it takes me back and it helps me see things differently because I’m older well when I was in it you can’t see it you can’t see the forest from the trees and you can’t smell you know what I’m saying you can’t really deal with it but I’ve made peace with my demons and every I’m trying to because y’all feel like you don’t make peace with them they gonna get you ever seen a movie drag me to hell if I own love y’all seen that but they’re gonna try to drag you to hell man literally bitterness rage Envy why are you envious get something for yourself and I’ll guarantee you stop envying other people talking about the dreams you’ve given up on your dreams well go recapture the dream it’s you can do that you can recapture the dream I’ve done lots of episodes on recapturing the dream I’ve done it for myself and I’ve given up on my dream and spent hours and crying and things like that when it comes to dealing with my dream thinking that it’s lost forever and it’s a pipe dream and I’m following something that there’s no possible way that this can work and I’ve recaptured it there’s been key players and people in my life who have encouraged me to do that there’s books that I’ve read that were stories of allegory that played out my story even in the Bible and stuff like that so man this stuff is it it’s all theory it’s all beautiful crazy articulate dream state stuff until you have the power to bring it into your reality have the pot somebody says write their home sauce what our brother he’s saying as above so below he’s talking about the movie I did see that movie too but literally as above so below as below in your mind so it embodies in your life as above in the ethers in the heavens we’re talking about this so-called character or characters angels demons higher-self God that exists above you but also within you and on the earth as it is in heaven as above so below and so to be able to manifest that stuff in the reality and not just be a victim but to be a Victoire not to be someone who’s just on default but someone who’s making choices and you know what you want like that process from just existing – hey let me shake this thing let me mold this thing them to breathe some breath into this thing that’s the hero’s journey how long it takes you to get from here to here then from here to here the Israelites going wandering through the wilderness have no idea where the hell they’re going they’re just wandering until they kind of get vision someone with them gets vision and it took them like you know hundreds of years of slavery and the Sun years of wandering that it could have like I think somebody did the the math on it with Google Maps and uh you know that the map app on the phone and it was like a six day walk like a six day journey took him like 40 years wandering aimlessly and that’s how we are we wander aimlessly thirty years twenty years she’s talking about 40 in below right whatever it is aids that you’re waking up hopefully the younger the better you can deal with your stuff there’s a lot of more people who are waking up at a younger age and they’re becoming way more conscious we talked about it this weekend at the at the concert in the festival that we did but as quote in Christie Lee but Christie leaves working with people who were stepping into their destiny at 70 years old 60 years old who were just now dealing with the stuff that happened to them when they were 7 you’re 16 you’re now dealing with something that happened to you when you were 7 I mean it’s deep people don’t waste your life right deal with dues of work nobody’s gonna do it for you no one can do it for you you have to do your own inward work you have to do your own inward work the allegory the boy who cried wolf like you have to learn a lesson what does that mean what did what did what does all of this mean to you not to me I’ll articulate what it means to me you articulate what it means to you and we try to get to the bottom of it find common ground find the beauty in the blueprint but it might mean something else to you and that’s okay that’s the weird thing religion doctrine and dogma and sectarianism will have you believe and teach you that because we see different things we’re not the same or we can’t be friends or we can’t build together or whatever the case is you know I like everything but this I like all you stuff but that I don’t like what you say oh that’s fine I don’t care it don’t serve you I don’t like your podcast man that’s 17,000 other podcasts you could choose from I don’t like your music I like it all but this tune it out does that make me a bad person like what does it why don’t you like it and that’s we’re getting deeper again why don’t you like it like why don’t you like it well I don’t like it because this I have things I don’t like and I don’t like them for reasons not because I’m biased and judgmental but because I’ve dealt with certain things I hate depression I hate there’s a lot I hate bullies like I hate people who stuff people ingest you know I’m saying like you hate you you have you have a prejudice for a reason you’ve dealt with similar situations so it makes you angry why do you why are you reacting so that’s what you got to kind of get up get off onto like why are you reacting why is that person causing you to react I had this conversation like yesterday or the day before with a friend who talked about got friends who keep losing jobs I got friends who bounced around from job to job and it is insane seven jobs in six months like crazy stuff that’s weird what’s happening something’s up and this person is not really good he’s in customer service and they’ve reached a point where it’s just not good you don’t know how to talk to people it just quit scaring he just starts telling people how he really feels and belittling people and cutting them down and keeps getting let go from job to job to job like how are you responding to people man why are you doing that like you have to play to you’re strange like you got to learn not to do that or learn what it is I don’t like this stepping down on me like yeah I was on I was on the job years ago one of my first jobs I worked for the city here in a little town called Satsuma Alabama and I worked there and my boss they were a bunch of good old boys I’m coming off of you know gangster rap and just getting in church and trying to better myself and all that but I come out of this my eyes talk differently I some from New Orleans and I’m living in Alabama they don’t even like the way I talk they tell me to repeat myself they can’t understand me all kind of little funny redneck little jabs they would take at me right and I was on that job and it was just dealing with those type of people but then the boss would always talk to me like I was a kid and essentially I was I was 17 when I started working there and I really learned to grow up on that job too and but I had to relationship with the boss I was getting in trouble a lot like we had inmates and we were doing stuff and it was just it was crazy lots of lessons lots of memories too there at that job but um the boss would always talk down to me and then some of the employees would talk down to me as well like I’m a kid you know and I’ll talk to you like you’re stupid and I was there I think I was there five years and then so I ended up leaving that job once I kind of went to the next level got my CDL started driving another truck or whatever but I told myself that I’m not going to it was kind of there a little bit like I’m not going to put myself in that same situation and and let people talk to me like that like I’m not gonna let my but my next boss is not gonna stoop down over me and are you stupid all this kind of stuff or whatever they did talking to me like a kid so I told myself that I went to this new job and like the first a second day there there’s this little older white lady who’s the owner yelling at one of the truck drivers which was a bigger black guy and and she’s just cutting him down cussing him are you acting stupid you don’t know how to do your job yeah and she’s just laying into him right and so coming from this past job I told myself was gonna do that and I seen her picture okay that’s what it looks like I have to prevent myself from letting that happen I had to let this lady know if I do something that she don’t like which I did she cannot talk to me like that this he just taking it yes ma’am she’s like yes stupid this is crazy this little lady so this is their relationship when he gets out of line he does something wrong it’s okay for her to Vince she might be venting on whatever you know the company took a loss her husband says something out the way to her last night why are you responding to this man like that let’s deal with her in her childhood wounds right why you why do you feel like it’s okay to talk to anybody like that and if you you do like why do you feel like it’s okay why would you let her talk where do you stand so moving forward I made that same scene from talk to me like that hello I’m a grown-ass man I put my you put your pants on one leg at a time like me you don’t wake up and just jump into your pants you a person you can claim yourself you just just like me you’re nothing to talk to me like that so I took that with me I was early on and it that was my graduation point not being a push around not being a push over even you know being passive sometimes it’s about holding your tongue maybe that’s what that guy was going through but I had told myself I wasn’t gonna let anybody just talk to me any kind of way and so you have to everybody’s experience is this different man and you get to the bottom of it and I really you know I appreciate every single part every single role that we’ve played and we’ll be able to look back at it and you know thank God for the demons I really do I do at this point you know I don’t really you think you get to a place where you thank God when you’re going through them you make peace with your demons when you’re going through and you welcome them a mouse seen y’all before okay this is it okay that’s what y’all doing okay I get you I’ve dealt with job before you deal with people like that app comes with the prejudice thing that comes with the preconceived notions sometimes it’s healthy like there are prejudice for a reason people do this these type of people usually do that be careful don’t walk down a dark alleyway and at night by yourself if you a woman like there’s there’s things that exist for reasons like inward there’s wisdom in it you know it so it’s like I just don’t judge anybody know there’s prejudice and stuff and wisdom for a reason because you’ve done it before and the more experience you had the more dreams you had like she was talking about you’re able to kind of learn from it apply it and move on and go to the next level the next chapter in your life so you like having dreams about nightmares or something happened to you when you were seven deal with it get over it literally with grace but get over it talking about dreams man I’ve had I wanted to ask her about this our interest somebody asked me I think it was a Kris garner who’s uh wanted me to ask her about being naked in public being naked in public and I think that um I really don’t even think that you even have to ask her like I think you just see what it cuz you cuz she’s gonna ask you like why I asked her because she’s gonna ask you I she’s gonna make you kind of go within and see what it means right what it means to show up and not be prepared right that’s me like I didn’t really have a lot of naked dreams I had I had these weird rooms that I would go to school with no shoes on think I wouldn’t be naked in school I wouldn’t have no shoes I played them I ain’t got no shoes on I’m walking around barefoot you know anybody where’s your shoe there lies like calling it out you know what does that mean not being prepared or not be for me you know fear of not being able to play sports wow we’re just gonna go deep we’re just gonna do it not being able to play sports I mean it represents like my mom not being able to like I made the basketball team but my mom had to work in the evenings and couldn’t take me to to practice so I couldn’t be on the basketball team we live too far away so I’ll have dreams about going to school without my shoes which means I couldn’t participate in sports crazy stuff guys what does it mean to you it might mean something mean different to somebody else and then they can’t it probably does have multiple meanings as well but what does it mean to you I started being able to interpret dreams man I caught myself obviously trying to interpret my own dreams like why am I having dreams of tornadoes and some of these things kind of stand out why am i having dreams of tornadoes why am i having dreams of snakes like those are real current things earthquakes you know and those are those things may kind of stand out that they represent you know things like that you know in it I’m telling you even tornadoes what does it mean to you does it mean destruction is everything about to be twisted and turned around for you you know is there a new beginning coming it’s a devastation coming or it doesn’t all have to be negative that was one thing with that book I was looking at it was all negative stuff what’s the positive outcomes of it that means something negative what’s the positive outcome a stain what does the tornado mean to me positive how can that be positive for me one way for me would be a tornado coming into your life would see ascension Elijah I think Enoch to I’m not I can’t remember right off but uh I know Elijah he was caught up in a whirlwind he ascended left this place in a whirlwind he ascends it to the next dimension another level of density a new frequency this is that what it represents in your dream to you make the best of it why not let’s look for the good in all we’ve been there where we looked for the bad and everything that doesn’t really work out good you start you become a hermit you just become a know-it-all you become someone who is judgmental and not fun to be around you’re sitting there judging everything even before it’s a point in time um but yeah I begin to be able to interpret my own dreams and then I would be able to interpret my wife’s dreams and it was just like the Lord just speaking to me because I would be laying in bed and we’d wake up and I’d still be half asleep so I’m kind of still in the dream state and my wife said oh my god I just had this dream I was being chased by a wolf you know it’s always being chased by something right I’m being chased by this and then this comes up and then I seen so-and-so from church and then this person you know and it and as she’s telling me I’m already getting the interpretation right she’s saying there’s a wolf okay and then like the Lord would speak to me that’s your finances in your job situation and the wolf bit me and ran okay it took a piece of fur cause pain it caused harm our situation is causing or has caused or is going to call it’s my wife harm you know I’m saying and be able to say and this person came well this person just represents they go to my church so it represents my church family and then that person represents this you know and it’s not but you try to be literal with it you were like man look I got to be careful because if we go camping I might get bit by a wolf like that dream was surreal guys there was something to that dream if we go camping I’m watching out for wolves I’m just saying wolves if there’s a tornado warning I’m gonna be prepared like and you want to think its literal like you’re literally looking for to win the lottery I had a I had a overwhelming dream that I won the lottery in one Enza dollars and I thought it was literal we took a couple trips and I went to the slot machine a couple years ago he loved me and his dreams was real man I’m just gonna put this money in there just to say I did it and so I do it and we we literally stopped went in I put my money and it pulled it not wasn’t a millionaire walked out I’m just kids the dream was so surreal right I said look I’ve already won the damn lottery godliness with contentment is great gain yeah we you know we want to have money one way to do the things our hearts desire but we literally have that if that’s what you want you seek for it the Lord said if you delight yourself in me I will give you the desires of your heart so we think that money fulfills us but the Lord said the light in me and I’ll give it to you worried about this person giving it to you don’t worry about landing the big interview and that blowing up your podcasts don’t worry about landing that or don’t worry about this feature or getting a retweet from so-and-so you know cuz your heart kind of gets pulled away in those things in the creative process and ideas you’re like how can I make it but just get with the dreamer of dreams and the one who makes the dreams the one who gives them the one who opens up your ear in the middle of the night and gives you wisdom and tells you about it the Bible says that it was the Lord that does it all anyway so get with that person get with that entity that God that deity get with that first and I’ll find out look I don’t need to go and win the lottery it be beautiful great we do it it would take this to many levels right so many levels but um I’ve already won the lottery I’ve already pulled that handle well in what way well in the way that first of all I just told you that is an attitude of gratitude that I’m breathing y’all still breathing we breathing its air what they say in school we used to draw a line and say cross that line and if that person crossed the line we’re gonna fight if you cross that line we’re gonna fight cross that line it will say look ain’t nothing between us but air and opportunity bro just get it and opportunity that’s all it is air an opportunity there’s breath as long as you still have breath as long as you’re still breathing right now you have something to be thankful for something if you gotta if the world’s falling apart every other place is falling apart finances and and relationships and and thoughts are running wild and all of these things going against you like you still have breath you’re here you’re listening to this you’re still here man we can make something happen we can do an air an opportunity breath you have something to be thankful for so I won the lottery with that I’m still breathing because it could trust me I know people who aren’t they cannot claim themselves on the earth anymore they’re not breathing anymore I’m thankful I’m still here they didn’t kill me they tried to kill me he didn’t do it the Lord had other plans I’m still here I’m thankful for that that’s the little things let’s move on out you got your breath my heart hearts beating if that thing stops it’s over it’s so rap I’ll see y’all later if that heart stops I’m true it’s still breathing I’m still beating I’m still breathing it’s a good song by head PE caught still I think it’s caught uh what to call it it’s still standing I think it’s how it’s still standing but talks about that I’m still here I might be bleeding but I’m still breathing I’d be hurt might be wounded but I’m still here guess what you got time to do what’s your body naturally gonna do it’s naturally gonna heal it’s gonna heal itself like Wolverine right I’m Wolverine you cut me I’m gonna heal eventually let me get over it I got my heart I got my breath I got two hands I got a jacked-up finger it hinders me a little bit I have a job show y’all a daughter watching on camera I do have a jacked up finger it’s normal to me though it’s kind of like some kind of character if you look at it like what the hell is wrong with your finger son if y’all could see it is like it’s this finger here the ring finger is kind of jacked up I would Jack the finger it hinders me playing guitar a little bit I play bass better bigger strings but um that hinders me I got two hands a table fell on it when I was a toddler somebody was babysitting me and they were careless and somebody knocked over a marble slab that was like a table top and it fell on my finger busted it wide open I was an infant and they said I could eat they could either pick the finger off or have I have a messed-up looking finger they fixed it sewed it up probably low cost and I was back in the still functional it’s just weird-looking it misses me but I’m thankful I’m thankful they didn’t cut it off too right that’s think that’s thankful and he just move out man breaths Hart hands feet wiggle your toes humanity I’m still here you just move out like some of the exoteric things some of the things on the outside I got a house I got a job might not be the best job but it’s a job there’s people who would kill for your job right now the job that you’re complaining about the job that you were ready to be released from don’t grow weary in well-doing because there’s people who would love to be in that situation your relationship with your wife your relationship with your husband maybe rocky may be going through some things but there’s somebody who would love to step in your your shoes I’d love to be they’d love to have your husband they’d love to have your wife be thankful work on it well the grass is greener on the other side no put your thoughts back in the grass is greener where you water it was asking her that was a Mason ring who said that crawling that says is that a Mason ring no now this isn’t a Mason ring it’s an amazing ring and this is gonna lead me to tell the story if you can see on camera if you’re listening you can’t see so I’ll explain it this is ring the focus is there’s the focus if you can tell that’s the crown of thorns on my wedding ring he says he’s just kidding well now you’re gonna hear the story Rowling’s you did it it’s dirty I need to wash it but um it’s the crown of thorns man this is my wedding ring and so this is something that represents a lot of stuff right it represents represents Christ and I also represent there’s a scripture that says a three stranded cord is not easily broken and that’s always represented for us in marriage me and my wife and in God Jesus right so when we got married like we didn’t have anything I was working at McDonald’s my wife had a low-paying job she was serving tables and didn’t have a lot of money barely could pay the rent right and we prayed you know if God was gonna you know lead us to get married and we wanted to do that that that we would just pay for the Rings you know rings I think were 300 bucks and gave us a deal we knew the guy there who worked there the jeweler 300 bucks so then my dad was a sacrifice I was big so we you know saved the money up and bought our rings bought our wedding rings and represents Christ man the crown of thorns so anyway family came together and helped prepare and and friends and church family self-tan we had a really nice wedding and that was back in 2001 so little babies babies getting married 2001 I think I was 17 17 I think yeah 17 got married wife was 18 good stuff Christie folks says Erin is the best so yeah being at my wife being able to tell me her dreams and I was able to interpret it and I just start taking it further practicing it repetition reduces resistance just like a muscle you get better at it look at me flexing like yeah I’m pretty good I’m good at this dream thing I’m good at this wrapping thing when we start out you’re not so good I’ll give you y’all hear my early rap stuff it’s out there but if you hear the early rap stuff it’s silly I’m haunted by this sometimes but I’m thankful I’m not horny I like this some people were still around since those days very few but there is some people are still around um it’s beautiful so it but it all represent some represents alchemy I can show people the haters why started just like I can talk about the ring hey that’s why I started I can show y’all the picture of the shack in Bayou gosh Louisiana it looks like a shed hey that’s why I started I’m not there anymore I can show you a bitter insecure potty mouth like negative person I would rob you like I would love to break in your house back in it I would rob my friends back in the day I rarely robbed strangers it was usually my friends cuz I knew what you had I knew what your mom had a new way your video games were like we’re going in your house when you leave that’s I’m not that person anymore I can show you that person and where that person was headed where I was ended ended up mentally for one thing show you a person into a stupid weird occultism and all kind of stuff like that so I can show you that I came from that I have that to show you don’t you’re not gonna be able to know where you’re headed unless you know where you came from understand understand where you came from to understand where you’re going that’s part of it I’ve had some some dreams that dad have a system II they were prophetic right they they did they helped me like I had dreams about stuff that was gonna happen but it included me in some way or I do believe in prophetic dreams right I but but they are drenched in symbolism now I don’t think that there there are literal I don’t think that you’re gonna have a dream that this happened I had a dream and I’ve probably explained this before but I had a dream and I don’t know if I’ll give all the details but I had a dream that um the church I was going to at the time that day I had a dream that I was at that church and it was a black dude wearing all black had a black top-hat had black glasses black trench coat and he had a gun it was a futuristic gun had lights on it lighting up and and uh it was from the future and he was shooting proximity mines on the wall he’s just walking around keep walking all night – I knew he was giving me to blow it up he’s shooting these mines all over the wall hooking to it he blows up the church and then a lot of those people and at the church ran for cover and they ran to another church right down the road it was a bigger Church and and I say something’s up I can’t forget it I can’t forget the dream it keeps coming up I can’t get out of my head okay Lord what is it and I start praying I ended up going to the youth pastor at the time I was 7 I was 17 I went to the youth pastor there like I think that’s the devil we’re just gonna pray against it I felt like it was God so we prayed against it Lord take these dreams away you know all this kinda stuff I was like I felt like unfulfilled like I think we missed the point I think it was something more to that dream so I ended up bringing it to my prophetic circle that I was a part of on Thursday nights and who believed in this stuff and they had books and they worked in dream interpretation and still believed in it I brought the dream to them and they wrote it down we talked about the symbolism what does it mean to you okay who what is a black man okay well maybe all black represents evil black represents wickedness or whatever and that’s what it represented to me the gun the gun and in bullets and shooting usually represents God gossip and slander I painted that picture that there was evil gossip and slant slander the gun was futuristic so it would come later it was something that was to come I don’t know what the bombs were exactly but they were strategically placed in strategic things that would happen the church blew up and and the people ran to another church and quite literally the church had something happen through gossip and slander they had a fall out they had a blow-up and then people literally went to the other church and it was a lot of people overwhelming amount of people to pass the left and people went started going to the other church and I really feel like prophetically like if I was to meet with the pastor if I was to talk with an elder or somebody that we can one pray against it you pray about everything pray against it or deal with the confrontation okay listen address it hey it’s some slander we got to get to the bottom of some things some people are you know prophetically release it okay there’s some people here you’re thinking about leaving people have spoken evil against you people don’t believe in you I want to tell you you’re at the right spot God has a plan for you here and you that’s how the church works biblically like there’s not no one-man show like hey how you doing I’m the pastor I’m the pastor to preach you to teach you to prophet the evangelists the Apostle like I’m all of it in one how’re you doing no that’s not the church the church is a body of people who come together and within that body there are different members there are different functions there’s people who are better at other things than other people are some people are better at getting those dreams some people are better at fasting and going to the woods and coming back with the vision other people can help you unpack that vision other people can help facilitate that vision once the people can have the vision unpack it somebody can make it plain and write it down and bring people together and see how we can execute this vision bring it into reality and as a team of people that exist to do that it’s no it’s no one-man show run from those people run from that leader who claims to be the leader your teacher I’m your teacher you listen to me now the Holy Spirit is your teacher that’s his name that’s his name the Holy Spirit his name is teacher he will lead you teach you guide you into all truth I’m not gonna lead you into nothing that’s the Holy Spirit I can talk about these things that I’m blue in the face which I do and which I have but until the Holy Spirit reveals it to you you’re not gonna get any of it you might just like you to have your ears tickled or whatever it is but it’s the Holy Spirit that reveals an idea and a concept to you thoroughly believe that different levels you can in and we graduate from if God uses teachers God uses me God uses weirdos and whoever you pastor and the people you don’t like anymore like God used him while you were there you needed them you needed that for that season for that reason God needed it you needed it and God used it just like God using this podcast now for you I don’t know how long I’ll be with you you’re here now you’re learning you’re applying you’re doing the research things are happening you know that’s how it is it’s a body of believers a body of Christ we all come together Christian or not I don’t I don’t think that that’s a it’s that that that wording that terminology that phrasing is definitely a Christian thing I’ve told you my infatuation with the flower of life and what that means about the body and we’re all interconnected in lock s in like a shell akin I am you you were me I am another you you were another me everything that you’re everything that you’re doing to me you’re really doing to yourself everything that you see in me is an apparition of something that you don’t like within yourself we’re dealing with that so we address that so it may sound Christian it may sound Christian ease you can apply that but it’s I think this stuff is universal for anything to be true it’s got to be universal it’s got to be universal it has it doesn’t give a damn about your terminology and your phrasing and the way that you articulated and the names you put on it it’s universal it’s it’s universal if it’s a principle now if you want to brand it and you want to call it this you know and this exists with everything we talk about the spiritual gifts in the Bible I’m telling you you can break down those spiritual gifts in the Bible a lot better than listening to prophetic teachers you can break down that stuff by simply learning what ESP is extrasensory perception clairvoyance clairaudience klara sentience or you can use your senses to discern spirits that’s how you’re going to have to do it and you could do it a lot better so to say that anyone has the market or has the corner on that they’re lying nobody owns nothing at all we’re just expressions of that we’re just grateful grateful that we get to experience it that we get to feel a little bit of it right we want to feel something and and through it we feel like we own it we feel like we belong which we do but nobody owns it I don’t own anything when I die this stuff is gone like I don’t know I don’t even physically own anything I don’t even own my body my body is not mine but my body belongs to the most high in his power in Christ I’m crucified with Christ that it is no longer I that live but Christ that liveth in me there’s power in that there’s truth in that I don’t own this he owns it he gave it to me he’ll take it away bless him hey that’s the end of this podcast love you guys will do it again very soon again thank you guys for all the support backslash true seeker really this wouldn’t have happened without you thank you for co-creating with me today god bless you I love y’all join us over there in the discord chat I love to hang out with everybody listening peace peace [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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