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Jordan Maxwell Exposes The Illuminati – TruthSeekah Podcast

Jordan Maxwell joins TruthSeekah in this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast, where Jordan doesn’t hold anything back regarding the illuminati and conspiracies.

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I was privileged to have the first Jordan Maxwell interview of 2019. Jordan Maxwell exposed the Illuminati, NWO and the secret elite that are ruling the planet. During the interview I try to get Jordans reaction to some things going on in current events but Jordan Maxwell always responds with a resounding “I Don’t Care” when it comes to the social issues of our day. In fact Jordan is obsessed with ancient culture and its impact on society as we know it. Jordan comes off brash at times when it comes to religions around the world especially Christianity and the catholic church because of the immense research that he has done over the years. Whenever you open yourself up to “Know The Truth” it is hard to go back. I will say that it is possible but it can be very hard and the research that Jordan has done has caused him to not want to look back. I have had Jordan on The TruthSeekah Podcast several times now over the past few years and every time he comes with some truth that is usually a hard pill to swallow.

I don’t not take EVERYTHING that Jordan says and run with it as gospel truth,

but he does give you other angles to approach concerning religious research. I believe that a part of his scrutiny comes from the fact that the catholic or universal church has kept the rituals of the pagan cultures of antiquity and have tried to white wash or Christianize them and lay claim on the ancient truths when in fact they are stolen. Many people on their pursuit of truth eventually wind up here looking at all the holes in the story of that which passes off as modern day Christianity. When the seeker eventually finds out that December 25th (Christmas) wasn’t really Jesus’s birthday or the fact that Easter has nothing to do with Christ they usually start digging deeper. I mean, what does bunnies laying eggs have to do with Jesus anyway? Bunnies don’t lay eggs. As you begin to look deeper you find out that these practices and rituals were stolen or plagiarized from the other pagan nations. But the more research that you do you find out that that stuff isn’t even Biblical. Scoffers and people who try to debunk Christianity or the Bible jump on these things and try to say “See, I told you it was all a lie” but those things again are not even Biblical. Even Jordan Maxwell and his Zeitgeist material which got really popular with the release of the documentary by Peter Joseph took a huge swing at this stuff passing Christ off as just another risen savior that was stolen from the other religions. But again when you do the proper research the claims that Jordan Maxwell and others have made have nothing to do with Jesus at all but have everything to do with what happened to Christianity once emperor Constantine got a hold of it and mixed all the religions together under the catholic church. So now those who are “In the know” can still venerate the ancient gods of antiquity through the rituals that were preserved through the catholic church.

The very word Catholic translates to Universal.

This doesn’t change or debunk anything but it has caused many Christians to question or abandon their faith because of a well put together documentary or lecture. There’s something about a person who speaks from a place of authority or as an expert on the subject even if they have no idea what they are talking about. In studying hypnotism and hypnotherapy one of the main tenants is to be confident that you can help the person or in this case teach. Even if its wrong yet you explain it with confidence and as a truth it is much easier to win over the crowd if you “seem” to know what you are talking about. I believe that is largely the cause when it comes to the subject of the Zeitgeist because there are other documentaries such as Zeitgeist Debunked or even The Zeitgeist Challenge where they offered a ten thousand dollar reward from someone who can prove the claims made by the Zestiest and yet no one has stepped up the plate or won the money. There simply are no scriptures, writings or books that prove any of this and many of the claims that were made and dots that were connected were dismissed and laughed at by some leading scholars from within the other religions. They were far stretches and embellishments at best. In several interviews that I’ve had with Jordan hes trying to debunk the Bible or Christianity moreover as it seems, because

as a person who believe in God Jordan Maxwell has a special place in his heart when it comes to Jesus and the scriptures.

I can see this as well and try to get him to open up a little more about it and sometimes he does and other times doesn’t. So much so that in one of the last interviews that I did with Jordan Maxwell people in the comment section were confused because he spent the majority of his time talking about how magical the Bible was for those who truly understands it and how the story of Jesus and what happened to him is what happens to all who try to live a life of Godliness and stand for the truth. The comment section went crazy on that interview because it was the first time that they heard Jordan speak about the Bible in a beautiful way.

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