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Jordan Maxwell, the godfather of western esoterics discusses Aliens, UFOs and the Kingdom of Heaven with TruthSeekah. Jordan has been bringing information to the limelight about these topics for years and has since been a forerunner in UFOlogy and the study of aliens. This is most definitely because Jordan Maxwell himself has had encounters with extraterrestrial aliens and UFOs in the past. He has shared some of these stories on podcasts and interviews with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot. To many, Jordans stories are far fetched and downright unbelievable but one thing they do bring with them is fascination. This fascination is then backed up with Bible doctrines and texts that talk about humans having interactions with angelic beings and objects that sound eerily like UFO ships. These stories are spread wide throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Stories about fire traveling through the skies at night giving protection to the israelites and then appearing as a cloud by day speaking to and guiding them through the desert. There are so many obscure passages in the Bible that speak about what sounds to be a lot like aliens and UFOs. We can also go into other ancient texts such as the Vedas, The Book of Enki, The Bhagavad Gita and so on and find similar stories of the gods coming down to communicate with man. This has given Jordan Maxwell’s work and stories a frame of reference when winning over the minds of those who study the ancient scriptures. There was one story that Jordan told that many people call him on and with this story he loses all credibility for many people. Jordan Maxwell tells a story about an experience that he had when he was a young boy. He tells of how he and his dog trapped a baby T-Rex in the corner of his yard and his dog was barking fiercely at the baby dinosaur. Yes, you read that right, a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex is what Jordan said that they had captured in his yard. Is this just a tall tale or is it ture? One thing for sure is that Jordan Maxwell has some great stories. Heck, have you ever heard the tales of the Thunderbirds that people report seeing? For those who study cryptozoology they are well aware of these Terrordactyl type creatures with reported wingspans of 10 to 15 feet wide.

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patrons everybody supporting my work at that’s backslash truth seeker the last time that I talked to Jordan I had just been released from my day job ten years being a truck driver and got fired made somebody mad they let me go kick me to the curb and then so it was just like a beckoning from the universal said okay you’re doing music you’re doing podcast you’re doing interviews let’s take it let’s do it full time I’ve tried that there’s been a few months now I’m probably about four or five months now and now we’re even stronger than ever because you guys have come out of the woodwork to support my music my work you guys have been supporting on patreon thank you guys from the bottom of my heart us if you guys want to give you can head on over to patreon comm backslash truth seeker and you get all kind of cool perks unreleased music extra podcast you get access to my discordant we got that up now private discord chat and hang out and bunch of cool stuff but enough about me we’re gonna get right into the show Jordan Maxwell what’s going on my brother how are you well I think okay for the moment couple days ago so but I’m doing pretty good considering everything well good to be back on the on the air with you happy belated definitely oh thank you it’s good to see you good spirits you know what every time we do a podcast you know how about you know how to get the people riled up man it’s something about having a controversial show which sometimes just walking on eggshells but I found out that controversy sells like that’s what the people want to hear what is it about Jordan Maxwell that always brings forth the controversy well I think it’s because I I have always always even as a kid I’ve always gravitated toward the secrets the dark stuff that nobody knows and nobody wants to talk about and even as a kid I would ask questions of adults that made them very uncomfortable they don’t want to talk about these kind of things and in even my mother used to say well those are not subjects that polite people talk about polite company and I said well then let’s just assume I’m impolite I want to know I’m questioning the integrity of everything I want to know what God is of what God isn’t and what the government is and where the money comes from and who’s running the show and so I you know I started off on the bottom and I kind of worked my way down from there and so I’ve always been controversial because that’s the way I think I mean III always look at the dark side of everything I mean you see a beautiful marriage taking place and all the people are happy but I’m you know I’m looking at the next 20 years let’s see what’s gonna happen yeah and so and so and then when you see a pretty girl or a handsome young man you know outwardly they’re very handsome a beautiful until you talk with them and then you find out that there’s nothing upstairs at all I have no idea in the world what they’re doing and their life is going to be a tragedy I could tell by the way they’re talking and things they’re saying I could tell they have no idea what’s going on in the world and so I’ve always kind of tended to look at the dark side of everything and now all I can truthfully tell you after doing it for some 58 years everything has a dark side and and so you need to wake up and discover the world you live in it’s not what you think it is and there’s there’s a lot of good but far far more evil far far more deception and there are good people doing good things and I and I appreciate that but there’s a lot of a lot of dark stuff going on in the world today and I think the people waking up to that fact you know it’s not all which is not like like George Carlin said about the people who run the planet it says a big club and you mean in it even if you think you’re smart you’re not you’re not in it and so I have my own viewpoints on on subjects but I have discovered that in religion and government and commerce and life in general nothing is what you think it is there’s always another part of the story you were told and and so that’s true in banking and commerce and business and why you know why people get in trouble in business is because they don’t know what they’re doing they don’t know what the words mean they you know so that’s what I do or I try I purposely try to not and anyone because that’s not my purpose is to offend but what I want to do is to catch people’s attention yeah and and and then once you’ve got their attention explain to them how the world really works and it doesn’t work the way you think it does there you find that you go like Apostle Paul with the Apostle Paul say have I become your enemy because I tell you the truth exactly and and so I believe that the New Testament story in the Bible the story the basic story of Jesus in the New Testament I believe based on my work that I have all they’ve been looking at it for 58 years but but I’m sure they’re I’m onto something I believe the New Testament is a metaphor I think it’s a symbolic story and it’s well developed in symbolism and and and if you don’t understand the symbols and what the different people and the different places represent in the symbology then you’re never going to really get the real story of the New Testament you’re going to take the New Testament as history and if you take it as history then you’re really going to be confused and that’s exactly what’s happening today in Christianity all over the earth is nothing but confusion the eastern part of the world Eastern and Greek and Russian Orthodox are do not see things the same way the Roman Catholic Church does the Protestants and the Western world don’t see the things that the church does so there’s all kinds of confusion and chaos and so I’m saying that the reason why this confusion and chaos in religion in government in commerce and everything else in life is because you don’t understand the symbols you don’t know what’s going on here so you are you know not you but I’m talking to the world you’re like a a naive young man going in to a Las Vegas casino and you sit down at the table and and you get ready to play the game and before you know it you’re out of the game they just took everything you own you know you ran out of money and they asked you to leave yeah and you’re thinking what happened I just sat down I lost everything well because you don’t know how to play the game didn’t study the rules you don’t know what the rules of this game are so that’s why I get in trouble because I do try and awake people and you know make them aware of how much they don’t know the rules I think for the I think for the young man sitting on at the table you trying to tap them on the shoulder say hey come read this manual before you sit down at the big boys table go play some slot machines or something like that that’s it down with these Devils right here yeah and then we just sit down with them here’s what they gotta say you gonna say this this and that but that’s not what they mean yeah you know so so true the whole sleight of hand even even with the car dealers and all that stuff that that that whole analogy is perfect Jordan maybe before we went live I showed you my new shirt that I had made yeah Hall – yep you know I’m saying the man of mystery great teacher you were talking a little bit about how he left you some of his work and how you miss him and how he was a great mentor yeah it was a wonderful wonderful man I myself just my opinion but I think he was probably one of the greatest teachers this world has ever known in any era of time one of the great masters of knowledge and wisdom and education that’s ever lived on this earth and I mean going back into the gated Grecian Empire the Grecian Roman Empire and all the great minds of the philosophical teachers of the world III know about so much of that history I cannot in my mind anyone who comes close to the work of manly Parma Hall he was an incredibly brilliant man and he never promoted any particular religious belief he never particularly never promoted any particular philosophical or political viewpoint at all what Manley P Hall did was nothing short of phenomenal he taught everyone about every religion and concept and philosophy in the whole world as a master I don’t care what it is and from China to Japan to Africa to any country in the world any nation any race creed or color any belief system any religion he was a master in all of it what an incredible and credible man he was and he was a dear friend of mine and I learned so much from him and I learned humility from him because for being such an incredible teacher he was always very humble and very quiet and very you know just a wonderful wonderful teacher and I learned a lot from him the world could learn a lot if they just settle down and listen to the old man you know there’s this I don’t know there’s hundreds of hours Bently p hong on the web and talking and people could just sit and listen to him and just be amazed at the brilliance of this man’s mind and I know more about him than most people I could tell you a lot about mainly be hald that but anyway I just always loved him I’ve always respected everything he does and he’s gone now but his work is still with us and you didn’t see it on go on the web anybody listening could go on the web to Manly ma and ly p hall h al and go on to youtube and just type in Manly p hall and listen to him you tell me if he’s not the most incredible that you ever heard I love him because he like you said he doesn’t teach it like he’s trying to teach community or Buddhism and Daoism or whatever but he simply acts as a historian telling you what they all believe in how they all kind of seem to run together and essentially essentially lets you choose I have a lot of people that say Manley P Hall teaches this and he teaches that either he doesn’t vote for any of it he presents it and say hey this is what they believed how does that apply to you right yeah I and he would say and he would say if you want to talk about Buddhism then understand it correctly it’s not that simple and then he would go into two hours of explaining all of the different kinds of Buddhism and what each one taught and each one believes and where it came from and where they got their ideas from he’s not promoting it if you gotta believe something well here rest of the story you didn’t know and so I’m just amazed what he was able to do and especially I was very much impressed with his astral theology series his like about seven I think it’s seven 90-minute lectures he did and he called it astral theology and what it was as he explained where all of the beliefs and Christianity and Judaism have come from and the ancient and prehistoric ancient world the the belief systems that finally became known as Judaism and Christianity where did those ideas belief systems words in terms and symbols come from where did it all actually be yet going back to the very beginning you know millenniums ago thousands and thousands of years ago where did religion start and where did it come from and what a masterful job he did without you was startling to anybody who has an open mind and remember your mind is like a parachute don’t work if it’s done open yeah but if you’ve got an open mind and you really want to know go on the web to Manley P Hall and look up astral theology and it’s like about seven or eight hours where he explains the whole of world religions where it comes from what it all means so yeah he was a wonderful man and I loved him greatly and and yeah when he passed away he left me his research journals it was a priceless priceless a collection of all of his work of his life he left to me you said in any light on how he passed I’ve read different things online that he was taken out and that there was different things done to him do you have any knowledge on his final hours I thought I did I thought I did because I was told by people on the inside who knew I know something about man if he holds death and from what I gathered about what the story is is two or three of them out there each one’s different but the bottom line on all three stories is a saying he was murdered he was killed and and so but he was like I don’t know in his 90s I guess yeah is still going beautiful brilliant mind even at 90 years old he was dazzling the audiences with his lectures because he could talk about the ancient sumerians the ancient Egyptians the Babylonians the ancient Chinese dynasties what they believed why they believed it and what they taught and you know and just it was just a magnificent teacher and I’m delighted that all of his work is still out there on on YouTube because people don’t know about him so I’m trying to make a where go as listen to Manley P hall you know you won’t be amazed at what you would discover what’s the oh it’s the oldest Manley P Hall book that you have I love collecting his old his old work oh yeah yeah I had I had his all-seeing eye book I can’t remember I’ve got so much of his stuff and yeah yeah but it was all very very fascinating and the one thing I liked about him too is that on his lectures and and and in his writings and on his lectures he always started right on the hour you know and his church or his little group he’d always start right on the hour and exactly 90 minutes to the second he would end it and it would be a perfectly beautiful lecture on some subject some religions and philosophy that he would start exactly on time and exactly ninety minutes later he came to the end and it was perfectly beautifully presented and I’ve often wonder how in the world because he put together a beautiful flowing a mind trip on education and have it in appropriately perfectly right on time each time now was he reading a lot of that stuff away I’m just going off the top Wow this going off the top of this many hours upon hours the powers that out an hour hundreds and hundreds of hours and I used to go to a lectures all the time on Sundays on Sundays he would have a you know a big meeting like at a meeting hall and he would come out his old man and he would come out and they’d sit him down and a big a big huge chair on the stage and put the microphone up for him and he’s just an old man and there’s no notes there’s nothing and he would sit there and dazzle audiences with brilliant stuff people have never heard the kind of things that that he was talking about he was explaining the Bible of where it came from who wrote it and the Quran who actually wrote it and what it is actually saying not what you thought it was they and and the and the depth of insight into philosophies of religions he was magnificent I can’t say enough I think I think I heard your timer go off I know you was waiting on some food I don’t know if it’s that time yeah that’s one yeah it could be though let me go check it I’ll be right back gotta take it for a minute definitely manly P Hall I’ve dedicated my music to his works the first couple albums that I put out manly P Hall was on the intro and as well as in the credits and things like that so it’s an honor to talk to Jordan Maxwell about manly P Hall because it’s manly P house work that inspired me to create it and to do what I’m doing and then Jordan Maxwell as well whenever I was kind of having second thoughts about the esoterics and disbelief systems but it was through conversations with Jordan Maxwell that encouraged me to keep headed in this direction so it’s just a privilege to talk to Jordan about about manly as well both of these guys are just like heroes in our book you guys if you guys don’t know if you got some new to my to Jordan’s work Jordan is essentially by my recognition and a lot of other people’s not his own he’s pretty much the Godfather of esoterics as you know it now in America with everybody who has podcast everybody who’s in the lecture of circuits they’ve all are expounding upon the work of Jordan Maxwell so it’s just a pleasure to have you here with me again well thank you for that I appreciate that yeah I I started doing the public lectures back in 1959 that’s 58 years ago on religions on political movements of the world and how the banks work and how government works and and the whole incredible social order that the human race lives under we don’t understand and and I’ve been trying to wake people up to all the darkness that’s around the world that we’re not aware when you start to find out how the world really works and what America really is huh I Dick Gregory used to say you better find out what it really is he was the truth oh yeah I mean he was sensational yeah and I was a very good friends with dick we used to do shows together I was on the stage with him and sometimes he would introduce me sometimes I introduced him and but we we’ve been on panels together and I loved Dick Gregory because he was so incredibly right on target and everything but it was funny with it yeah yeah yeah yeah that’s it that that’s a big thing now because there’s people who they see the like the spiritual leaders or the people who present themselves as spiritual leaders of our day even in the esoteric circuits and how they’re they’re all poised and they’re all dressed really nice and fancy and they’re always spiritual but then there’s people who like to tell jokes they like to laugh they like to see a room of people laugh and they’re still spiritual and they’re spiritual leaders and gurus as well and people are fighting within themselves to what how much of themselves should they let the audience see that they’re just a normal person just like them can you talk a little bit about that yeah that is very true that’s I I have I have said so many times on our interviews and lectures I’ve done around the world I always try and start off by saying that I am NOT the world’s foremost authority on anything I’m smart enough to know how much I don’t know and so I’m then an authority on anything and I say I feel better to say that I’m just an ordinary man pursuing extraordinary knowledge I fascinated with wisdom and knowledge and they hidden the hidden story of the world we live in wanted to ask you because with you you have you’ve been working with some people you work with a TV talked a little bit about that I know you have one interview that’s out was George Noory and you just got done with a pretty big meeting with those guys let’s just talk a little bit about that because they’re like one of the main sources of people who are putting out alternative news and spirituality and stuff like that and are they gonna back you yes working together yeah yep we’re working together as a matter of fact I’m doing my first show with them on on Monday this coming Monday on the and that will begin a whole series of shows I’m going to be doing over the over the next period and so I’m living here now in Boulder Colorado and the office is only about about six blocks from me and so I’m very happy to be here with them but I I need to say that I’ve had my own radio show about seven times in my life I used to do a morning talk show for about three hours in Las Vegas and then also I also have a late-night talk show in Las Vegas also I used to do a late-night talk show in Los Angeles on like ABC affiliate and I was on KPFK and many other stations so I’ve done a lot of radio over the years and in stations and I I’ve always got the same problem I’m always getting shut off or shut down and and people lose the they lose the feed and I know what it is because I’m talking about things that are the people who own us and who control us and who own us don’t want me talking and I and I know why they don’t want people hearing what I have to say but I’m not out looking for trouble and not out trying to harm or anyone or offend anyone but it’s so the truth many times offends people and it really offends government government as government has an agenda and the agenda is very simple and not hard to understand they are in the position of power to control and they damn well want to stay there in control and they don’t want to hear anybody who’s got the mind to understand who they are and what they are doing they don’t want that person talking anywhere period and so so many good people that were very knowledgeable and had important things to share with with the world ended up dead assassinated or the wheel fell out their car and then the whole family would died so assassinations and and those kind of things happen to people who are on the front line of trying to help their fellow man understand what’s going on because the government’s do not want you knowing what they are doing period and even more so is that true of religion churches religions synagogues the mosque all of these major religions of the world are not interested in you shooting your mouth off and telling people what they’re really doing they don’t they’re not interested for you to go out there and spoil their game they’ve got a whole they got a whole show they’re putting on and if you happen to know what’s really going on behind the scenes and you go out and start talking about what the synagogue is really doing not what you thought was doing and what the church is actually up to that you didn’t know anything about at all believe me that’s when you are starting to get on peoples nerves because there’s a story out there about who owns us and who controls us and where our country came from and where we’re going it is a very very powerful and frightening story when you know how big this operation of running the world really is and when you start to find out how this world really works then you begin to get in trouble because now you’re talking about things you’re not supposed to know and you’re not supposed to talk about so I’ve been talking about these things for years so I just do the best I can we’re trying to help people to understand the world they live in and so I get cut off quite a bit on radio I’ve lost radio shows because the the the station’s just dropped B immediately and I was told you’re not talking on our station about the stuff you talk about no thank you why not it’s true every baby sure but you’re not going in and I got talk on this station about it I want the difference you can’t handle the truth right that’s it that’s it I want the truth you can’t handle the truth the truth is about what you think it is Oh anyway that’s who I am that’s what I do and that’s what I caused people who get here this show I think I think I think they know what they’re getting into with Jordan Maxwell now so if they approached you hopefully they know what they’re getting into you’re not gonna pull a rabbit I’ll have you know what you see is what you get with Jordan that’s right you guys came to meet idea all right that’s that you know and so or but I really appreciate their kindness they’ve been extraordinarily kind and courteous to me and very very supportive and and everyone there is very very nice to me and that’s something I haven’t seen all my life as well people who you know come to be in and show me that they are appreciative and they’re decent and honorable and and and a very generous and well that’s Gaia Gaia is a sensational company and what they’re doing is they want to put I think they’ve got over 8,000 different videos now that you can access when you join Gaea it’s only yeah oh yeah I do I ever liked that link because you get a kickback when they sign up under your eyes helps you try a new your word let’s put that people who want to join sign up under me because it not only helps to be financially it’s just a very small little bit but it also shows the company the value of my person yeah and and that’s what’s important to me I want the the people or Gaea to understand who I am and the value of what I do and who I am and so well that shows up if you got a lot of people joining because of you then that shows that you know people care about what you’re doing if people care about what they’re learning we got a lot of questions and just comments generally in the chatroom of people yeah people just thanking you for your work that people want to know where they can can donate to your work as well that would be nice since I practically live on donations and that’s why I live so modestly but it helps immensely to have for donations and so you just go on my website Jordan Maxwell show very important you add the words show sh o w because that’s my website there are other websites out there that you use my name but it’s not mine yeah only one that’s mine is Jordan Maxwell and if you are in Jordan Maxwell show there’s a place for donations there’s a little button right there says for donations but there’s also even more important there’s a flyer a little notational note advertising my research website I have a second web Oh a second web site is called the Jordan Maxwell Research Society or a research website and what that is is website and you have to join it and it’s all just a little small donation of one time donation for a lifetime subscription and and and so I am having my webmaster upload every day uploading all the documents videos pictures research materials white papers are connections links lectures all kinds of research stuff I’ve been doing for years and all of my personal friends who are top of online researchers with me what they’re doing and who you should know about and what you should read and and all the recommended material so it’s a it’s a research website and and you get to it just from going to buy it Jordan Maxwell show and it will you’ll see a little things as Jordan Maxwell research join that and you see I’ve got enormous amounts of stuff on the site already I’m a member yeah but it’s gonna be far bigger I’ve got like four terabytes which is four thousand gigs of research material but there’s always so much a web man can do in one day and so I my web man’s working around the clock to put all that stuff on there but it’s gonna be enormous it’s already big it’s gonna be a lot bigger so and if you just wanted to donate that would be very much appreciated and that’s right there on the homepage you’ll see it Jordan Maxwell show calm all the infos there make sure you guys go over there and do that as well I’m a member be like me join Jordan Maxwell’s Research Society definitely a lot of cool stuff there I’ve been exploring that stuff there’s some questions here about UFOs they asking like when’s the last time you saw a UFO people are really blown away by your UFO stories but I guess a little bit deeper is the government just released some footage of this a fighter pilot following a some type of craft a UFO whatever it is did you happen to see that footage that no III haven’t seen a lot of other stuff it’s been all over the news and it’s it’s funny it’s funny cuz they’re like okay we admit that we’ve secretly been investigating them you know the UFO phenomena well it’s about time it’s about time yeah I don’t I don’t I don’t want to hear their explanation though I don’t I don’t think we can trust what they tell us they are if they come out and say hey they’re a threat from you know from a distant galaxy or another planet I’m not gonna trust that I think disclosure is happening I mean you’ve had tons of encounters I have to by listening to your work and you’re talking about your encounters I’ve went out under the stars by myself meditate it and just tried to make contact and I’ve had amazing life-changing encounters with craft with beings out there in the stars man that’s where disclosure is happening that’s right as it’s out there and eventually it doesn’t matter what government wants it doesn’t matter what government wishes period whatever is out there is bigger than your government and it will make itself known when it chooses to and it hasn’t got nothing to do with you or me somebody else is out there obviously we’ve known that for a long time the the Pharaohs of Egypt knew and all the ancient cultures of the world talked about and wrote about and and talked about the extraterrestrial life-forms that are out there and they’re coming here of that there is no doubt in my mind no doubt in my mind that we are being visited by alien life-forms from a long time ago and people want to say that okay well what if it’s just advanced government technology what if it’s back engineered craft that you’re seeing a lot of times with these sightings comes telepathic communication well they transmute a thought back to you I strongly distilled us here they’ve been watching over us for a long time if they want it to destroy us they were have been done it they’ve been watching over absolutely wrong man and that’s why I’ve even said today to the people who visit me today that every single culture that has ever existed on this earth from Alaskans to Russians to Chinese the Africans Asians every single group and culture on the earth period now and in the thousands of years in the past it’s very important to think about this every culture in the world has the talk and talked about the aliens the gods who came here from another place the gods the UFO the alien life-forms and Christianity we call it God in the Angels well where is God well God’s out there even a kid would tell you if you ask him where is God well God’s out there well then that means if a God’s out there he’s extraterrestrial he’s not from Alabama so he’s out there and that means he’s an extraterrestrial do you believe in angels in spirits and angels yes well where are angels well they’re out there with God oh there’s other other living organisms out there was God out there yeah well if it’s out there is extraterrestrial so every religion on the face of the earth every philosophy has always talked about the gods the the alien life-forms that are in the universe that will come here we call them aliens demons Devils angels sons of God yeah and Anunnaki and go down the line and all the ancient cultures everybody knew about it except Americans we don’t know for nothing it has to hit us in the face before we will admit it but just keep in mind the reason white government and churches do not admit the obvious is because the whole system that controls us on the earth is government and religion holding hands as it’s the two hands that control the human race on the earth government religion and so these are one of those hands want you button in and telling people what’s really going on because now it’s bad for business yeah no they got to get rid of you because you’re waking people up yeah and that that’s why that’s why the churches have the backlash to when you start speaking the truth in churches and talking about doctrine and dogma and and the truth about the scriptures and stuff like that and and you’re in that midst of people trying to do it you’re bad for business I would do the same thing like if like if you try if you tried to take away from my livelihood that’s what you’re doing you’re taking away from their livelihood when you do that that’s exactly right you got to get out of there your threat they gotta get you that’s right because if you let him stay here your name’s gonna be all over town and you’re not gonna you’re not gonna do anything nobody’s gonna hire you nobody wants to work with you nobody wants to have anything to do with you why cuz everybody knows who you really are and what you’re really doing and so that’s just bad for business and that’s the name of the tomb was government is a business that’s why all churches are in denominations you know like twenties and fifties hundreds yeah churches are in denominations and government is in business the whole governmental system in the world today is a business and and we could talk about that for hours but it’s a really interesting story about how governments govern their people and you know for instance you think if you’re in the u.s. today you think you’re in the United States of America you’re not in the United States of America there is no United States of America it does not exist legally or lawfully on the earth you are now living if you’re in North America and living below Canada you’re not in the United States of America sorry go back into your homework America is no longer the 1776 Republic that was founded back in 1776 that was done away with officially in 1870 after the Civil War the United States was a lot of things but not United after the Civil War we were not United what half the country was killing the other half and we made a lot of enemies both north and south and so we were a lot of things in 1870 but United was not one of them so what are you going to do after the Civil War because there’s half the countries killed the other half and we’re not and we don’t have any friendly feelings of between each other in the north and south and there was a terrible bloody war but now that the war is finally over what are we going to do with the country what was I going to do how we’re going to run the country because we’re not United and so it was decided that we would that the people who had the money the wealthy people who ran the place they decided to instead of having a country they would now make it into a company a corporation like Sears like Exxon and the oil companies and big corporations United States today as a company as a corporation it was incorporated in Delaware so it’s pretty much a privately owned company or corporation and so today if you are a US citizen that does not mean that you’re from the United States of America that’s USA but you will not see us a to many places anymore you’ll see you asked the u.s. did this in the US did that look and find out that u.s. is a privately owned company as a Municipal Corporation and so it’s owned by owners so the United States is a corporation and if you are working for the corporation you’re a citizen of the United States and but once you understand that that that opens up a whole can of worms as to other words in terms that we use because at the United States today is one corporation one company then if you come into this country and into this land without paperwork and then you are illegal because you are coming into a corporation that didn’t hire you they didn’t hire you but we found you and the Ford Ford Motor Company found you and their warehouse one night and you don’t work for Ford so what are you doing here if you don’t work for for it so they put you under arrest and so the idea is that if you come into this what you think it’s a country it’s not a country it’s a corporation and if you come in here and start working and making money and you are undocumented they don’t know who you are then they are going to the company can put a mechanic’s lien on you mechanic’s lien simply means if I paint your house and you don’t pay me I can put a lien on the property and that means that you have to pay me before you could do anything because I put a lien on your property well that’s what happens when the corporation called United States finds out that you are here from Mexico or from South America and you haven’t registered and they’re not making money off of you then they put a lien on you that’s called mechanic’s lien and so you become known as an alien no it’s not a lien they put a lien on you and becomes a lien a a lien and so it all has to do with Commerce banking business the whole world is a business mr. Beale if you’ll remember that in the movie Network many many many years ago movie network and the head of the network was telling the newsman if you watched a movie the whole world is a corporation a company we do business around the world as just business and has it got nothing to do which will America be in the land of the free and the home of the brave because you ain’t free or brave you got a got a question here but take some of these questions in the chat the phone lines aren’t up anymore since the computer shut down but this is from a friend of mine of Adam Starseed Bay it says question from Maxwell do you have any info or theories on why Antarctica is such a hot spot for ETS in history and article well first of all if there has been if there has been a pole shift and and from what I’ve heard from scientists who have said yes we’ve had pole shifts in the past maybe millions of years ago but they have happened well the pole shift simply means that if you’re living on the equator today as it’s hot and humid because that’s the equator but if the magnetic poles of the earth change then north and south north and southern North Pole and South Pole are going to be humid they’re going to be jungles and the equator is going to be freezing cold and because the whole life of the earth has been changed around so the heart becomes freezing cold and what was freezing cold is melted and becomes a jungle it’s called a pole ship well I’m saying if there was a pole shift maybe as Zecharia Sitchin and many other writers have talked about that there were aliens actual other world aliens who came here and they obviously picked a warm spot on the earth to land and so they probably had a whole network of life-forms that were here hundreds of millions of years ago and then there was a pole shift now it’s freezing so may what we talked about the Antarctica be a freezing of solid frozen and North Pole maybe it wasn’t frozen you know two million years ago five hundred thousand years ago and maybe there were life-forms here from other worlds and maybe today if you go down there government’s not gonna let you go down there and it’s our international laws you can’t go down there let’s say it’ll allow you to and so I’m thinking that there is something going on down there there has to do with other life-forms that are on this earth and there’s no doubt in my mind that there is in fact the life-forms on this earth which are not from here that I am totally convinced that what’s your relationship with caesarian because I know he speaks highly of you and talks about how you kind of prepped him up and kind of trained him up and what he’s doing now yeah yeah Michael is a sweetheart Michael’s always been a very very kind and very very supportive dear friend Michael cesarean and he is absolutely awesome he’s a very brilliant mind very very smart guy and he’s done a lot of research on the world we live in and and and he used to come to my lectures many years ago and afterwards he and I would go out for lunch or dinner or whatever and I’ve always admired him because he’s extraordinarily articulate spokesman for the alternative viewpoint of the world and so yeah I like Michael very much and and he’s very smart guy he talks about like a lot of the into ancient paintings and stuff we see the these different serpents and he’s et looking beings walking around town in the ancient artwork and that these these beings were known by the people back in the day do you know any anything about that yes if you go back to the Bible in the book of Genesis Genesis 1 and 2 it’s really all the way up to like Genesis 19 from Genesis the first chapter to 19 chapter is just filled with stuff talking about the extra-terrestrial who came here I remember talking was a very famous a very well-known famous rabbi in America many many years ago knocking at the back in his 60s mid-60s and he was saying that there there he told me no place in the Bible especially in the Old Testament no place does it say God created man and there’s no scripture that says that so the church teaches that God created us but no that’s not what the scripture says and there’s no places or that there that says God created us at all and then I of course asked about what what does it say it christianity will show you in the Genesis 1 the first chapter and it was the godless Son and Holy Spirit created every yeah yeah and then I don’t know no that’s Jewish that’s Old Testament there ain’t no father’s like Holy Spirit and the Jewish world oh you better go back and do your homework on what that word means and so but but the scripture says and the Christians will tell you God created man why where does it say that and so I said that to the rabbi and I said because in Genesis 1:28 God says come let us make man in our image after our likeness and then Christians will say there it is right there God said come let us make man the rabbi said no no you’re reading it wrong go back and read the sentence correctly what is being said is God said come let us who’s us who’s us if God says come let us would you talk about us now God said come let us make man in our image after our likeness he’s already here but let’s make him look like us let’s make him be like us so let’s cross our DNA this creature we call the the Neanderthal creature are the ancient ancient hominids that we all know existed as we see you know we see their their their skeletal remains so we know there was an ancient ancient creature that looked like us a little bit and walked on two feet but they weren’t us well that’s what the Bible says God says come let us whoever that is let us make man in our image after our likeness because he’s already here but let’s change him and make him look like us and so he did he created man and then later on a couple a couple of chapters later God said to whoever is us whoever the us is God said now look what you have done look what we have done we have created man in our image and our likeness and now he is able to do all kinds of things now he’s able to do mathematics and science and there’s nothing he can’t do there’s nothing he can’t do so now he’s become like us knowing good and evil now he’s become like us knowing what’s really going on so see what you’ve done you’ve you taken this creature this hominid creature this Neanderthal man and woman and you have bred into them our DNA and logo by little by little it starts changing that creature until one day we come into the world with lasers and beautiful music and and rockets and all kinds of incredible knowledge and technology where did we get it we got it from the gods the gods are and the Bible is called the Elohim the gods who came here and said let us make man like us after after our likeness so I’m saying today we humans look like the guy who created us that’s exactly what the Bible is saying most people I have no idea in the world what those words really mean in the Bible because they don’t do their outward yeah when you when you let the scriptures interpret themselves with themselves versus kind of skipping ahead with the whole father son Holy Spirit thing I did you know they have to have a reasoning for something like they have to have an explanation and that’s totally not who that is talking there you find out like I said Genesis 18 and 19 when the US came down and a incepted with Abraham and his wife and then the other two angels went to a Sodom and Gomorrah to judge the city these were the beings that created us they and the people and the people in Sodom and Gomorrah said that they were good-looking men em en not angels not demons no good-looking handsome men and and when and when God comes in – in the story in 18 Genesis 18 Abraham and Sarah are in their tent and three men come walking up and Abraham goes out and crawls on his falls down and says what is my Lord saying to his servant and and he said and the Lord said take your shoes off the very ground you’re on is holy why cuz I’m here I’ll take your shoes off and remember who you were in front of and then Abraham asked him to stay for dinner he’s gonna fix him dinner and they said no they don’t have time you know I’m fine and so then he insists him that they stay for it for a quick sandwich or something and so the they said thank God still okay we’ll make it quick and so Sarah fixes dinner for them very quickly and the scripture says in Genesis 18 that Abraham and Sarah said under the tree with the three men and they all had dinner together and then two men got up and says after dinner well we have to go we have to go but the but the one who was a spokesman for the three that his name was in all capital letters lol Ord was in all capital letters which means in Hebrew will tell you that that was the God the God the main creator and he had with him two angels or two associates you know those two yeah well those two associates went on into Sodom and Gomorrah and the men of the town said that they saw these two men and they were very handsome good-looking men what does that tell you if the guard comes walking into the camp and all three of them are men and they sit down to have dinner with you and then the the people in the other city they went to said they were good-looking handsome men it’s telling you that whoever created us we look like them now we didn’t look like them in the beginning but they came here and said come let us make man in our image after our likeness so what am I saying it’s appearing that in the Bible the heavens are filled with other life forms and they look like us and if that’s true then maybe they are so smart we didn’t find them they found us we can’t go there because we’re not smart enough but they could come here and for us to say all was too far they would never find us it’s too far out no no it’s too far for you cuz you have a brain that a head it’s not too far for someone who drives a Maserati and it was a there’s a damn genius intellectually superior to you and as a human and it’s been around his his life form has been around for five million years he knows more about the universe and you’re ever gonna hope to know and he knows how to find you he knows how to find life in the universe you don’t but he does and then if he wants to he can come here you can’t go there you can’t even fly you know from one place to another without trouble he can come here from other worlds that are far far away hundreds of light-years away why cuz he knows where you are he knows how to find you yeah and he looks like you and that’s a scary process that’s what description tells us in now Hebrews that I that you know to be courteous to strangers because some of you have entertained angels unaware didn’t even know it well where that’s what the Apostle Paul said the Apostle Paul said be always be hospitable to all men for some have entertained angels unaware meaning always be careful when you’re talking to us someone talking to another man because the gods who created us created us to look like them and therefore they could still be here on the earth and they look like men yeah well you made a mistake though guy you were talking to yesterday it was not a regular man you have no idea who he is and where he’s come from and so that’s why there are certain people today that are extraordinarily gifted and can do things we can’t do and was white because they’re not from here they’re not like you you just happen to look like them in your a body form and you look like them they look like you but there’s that’s the same you are not like them where they’ve come from they are they present themselves to you and you see them as God or you better see them as God because they are far superior to you just like the people didn’t indeed and the ancient orient when when the Second World War when America would fly in all their big jets and all that big planes with supplies and food and everything in the islands and and and Malaysia and those islands the US or setting up their forts and the people had never seen Americans they’d never have seen an airplane or a jet those big bombers they’d never seen that and so they assumed that these strange creatures that kind of look like us a little bit but they come in our great spaceships and come here what fooling okay no it’s just the Americans yeah yeah the technology so far above their heads that they think we’re gods let them think what they want so we feed them a little cookies and bread and give them some yeah we give them some trinkets and some rings and jewelry and they just think we’ll Oh wonderful gods who have come here from another world well yeah well it’s another world we live in LA it’s not like Borneo but then you know you have on the other hand I know it’s kind of controversial some of the other tribes who when they see a white person they instinctually get scared and so this is the devil everywhere you go you’re causing confusion you’re you’re poisoning the water you’re polluting the air we can’t drink the water it’s so there’s these other trials away in the woods where they see a white person they think it’s Satan himself yeah you know yeah and then if I’m talking to a bus yeah I think you’re right is that interesting too close right the cargo cargo closest is very interesting and it’s crazy that I think there’s a documentary out there I don’t know if it’s tour if it’s real is that footage real or is that a remake I’m not sure which one you’re talking about but there’s been many documentaries talking about this subject of the the gods that created us our God that created us looks exactly like us and so it says that and the Genesis it says that God walked and talked with Adam and the cool of the evening well the word walked and talked with is a word in Hebrew which means that you hear footsteps on leaves and branches so when you can hear something footsteps on the leaves and branches you know somebody is there and somebody is behind you you may not be able to see them but if you’re hearing branches breaking leaves smashing you know somebody’s in the wood they’re watching you and they’re following you so that’s what the scripture says that God walked and talked with Adam and the cool of the evening was why because Adam could hear somebody is walking with us hello we have a question here also quote I guess it’s a comment but it kind of leads to a question it says this is Carolyn talking let’s say I think we have another person joining you dare Jordan okay Leo are you there no yeah no I can see you okay cool maybe you have to call in again oh I’m trying to join somebody to the video chat but so she says one teacher opened my mind when she said angels are energies but when they come in to visit physicality they can look like anything they want to I guess it kind of reminds me of when you said that prayer when you knew that there was something out there watching over you but you said please don’t come to me in the middle of the night as a little gray being right and they can change their shape as I guess at will and appear however they want right well we we have that kind of technology ourselves nowadays we were on the cutting edge of technology we have recorders digital recorders we can record the voices it’s absolutely flawlessly your voice as your personality in that voice but it’s just a digital recording and then we there’s science right now that can replace body parts you know and so it looks just like you but it’s not you and so we don’t know what technology aliens have from another world that they’ve come from say a hundred thousand light years away in another galaxy and another time-space continuum and they come here we don’t know what they are like we don’t know what they can do but you have to assume logical to assume that they’re smaller than you are I mean if they found you you didn’t find them and they came here and they’re smart enough to get here and go home you’re not so why it’s kind of a scary proposition when you start thinking about what the Bible was saying about God cuz we look like him Lee are you there I am hello hello hey you got you on with Jordan brother nice hi Jordan oh nice to hear from you the last time we all got together with Derek what are we doing now do we lose him now do you have a question leo or I do can you hear me yeah Oh perfect there you go so Jordan um I’ve been I’ve been itching to ask you this question for a while and it’s it’s a pleasure to have you live right now doing this thank you but I’ve been doing some research into the mazzaroth and I was telling Derek Matt I really like free to ask him if he could clarify what the difference was between the mazzaroth and the masses a lot because from what I’m hearing is that there’s there’s an understanding that the mazzaroth were those who believed in the astronomy and the mozilla were those who believed in astrology and I’m just kind of trying to bring this all together but from the standing is there are those who believe in astrology those who believe in astronomy and they’re there Christians who believe in the narrative that the Bible has an unraveling story in the stars of the coming of Jesus Christ and that’s what this this all means we looked at this we look to the stars for signs of the times and the the coming of the second Adam was was that sign the sign that Jesus Christ was to become the second Adam but then there are both well let me let me yes the word mazzaroth appears in the Bible in the Old Testament and it appears in the oldest book in the Bible this thing go oldest book in the Bible his job job is the oldest book in all Bible researchers and authorities will tell you that’s the oldest book in the Bible’s joke and in job the 38th chapter of job and number then 38 31 31 can you say it again sky can you bring forth the mazzaroth yes that’s correct but what I was going to say is that mazzaroth all Bible commentaries all Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias will tell you all of them say the same thing it’s the mazzaroth is the zodiac and let me explain to you how this connects to the the the bullet am I trying to say the kingdom of God we hear about the kingdom of God all the time and those Christians are working toward the kingdom of God well first of all you need to understand what’s being said with that term kingdom of God we humans on the earth put all life forms into categories the fish are in schools geese are in flocks cattle are in herds dogs are impacts lions are in prized you know and so and fish are in schools so we humans put animals and creatures into a into a family life and then we give them the term there’s either school or a Packer oh whatever well what kind of creatures on the earth do we humans put into a kingdom what kind of creatures do we humans say are in a kingdom yes animals the vote the blockade the 12 signs the 12 apostles the animal kingdom I agree yeah but my point is we humans say that animals are in a kingdom okay animals are in a kingdom and not birds animals and the reason why I’m saying that is because animals are in a kingdom and we are told to pray to God our Father in Heaven that’s a whole idea too that we need to talk about why is God a father well it’s because there’s a reason why we call God the Father but but we say that we want God’s kingdom to come into his will to be done on the earth as it is in heaven so what you’re saying is that the that the kingdom is a kingdom of animals where do you find animals you find them in a zoo so this is where we get the word zodiac our zodiac zeo it comes from the word zoo look it up in a dictionary a zoo is where you find animals and there’s animals in the zodiac and so the kingdom in heaven is the zodiac as the animal kingdom and the zoo or zodiac and so what you are doing when you pray the Our Father prayer you see our Father in heaven hallowed be thy name let your kingdom come and let your will be done on the earth as it is in heaven well of course his will is in heaven if we are under a Pisces whether you like it or not we’re going to have a Piscean age and whatever Pisces represents that’s what’s going to happen whether you like it or not and if we are we happen to be living under Taurus and the constellation of Taurus one of the 12 signs of the zodiac therefore 2150 years the world is going to be living like Taurus so if you want to know what’s going to happen for the next 2150 years yeah study yeah that’s what you’re gonna live to it all the help thinking Kings twenty-three thousand 150 years so the good could you shine light on what second second Kings to do away with the adulteress priests appointed by the kings of Judah who burned incense on the high places of the towns of Judah on those around Jerusalem and those who were incensed to bail to the Sun the moon to the constellations and to the man’s a lot my original question I was trying to get information on what the difference between the mazzaroth and them as a lot were I hope if I were you if I were you I would go through the Jewish encyclopedia and look up the two words and see what they have to say and then men they Palma Hall has done a couple of lectures on that subject of mezzo la semana será Katherine yes this pattern is very simple the Sun the SU end that comes up every morning the Sun is the basis for your life if there was no Sun you would not be here to start with there would not be an earth with plants and animals and and and food and the earth would not be here it would be solid ice miles and miles thick so their whole idea is that the Sun represents life to humans and to the world of mankind into the world of living things the Sun is the reason why you’re here and if the Sun does not come up that’s what we say Jesus is God’s Son because the word Jesus comes from a Greek word Iesus IES owe us and then from a es or us you can extrapolate from that je s on us and then and then we drop it in Latin – Jes us or even Yosh Yosh a meaning here in the highest I think calling him when he came into Jerusalem hosanna in the highest yeah Anna could you Jordan could you expand well I haven’t finished yet let me finish oh I esis becomes Jesus and Jesus is God’s Son while you ask yourself who owns the Sun there’s Africa on it does Russia on it know who owns the Sun that comes up every morning well obviously you don’t own it and nobody on the earth owns the Sun so theoretically we could say that God owns the Sun it’s in heaven so God’s Sun is in heaven with the father and so he has 12 helpers which only he has 12 apostles God’s Sun is the light of the world the Bible says Jesus is the light of the world so therefore God’s son is the light of the world well of course the Sun is the light of the world what lights our world if it’s not the Sun and so they’ve Jesus is God’s Son he has 12 followers that’s right the zodiac and consequently the the whole kingdom of God is astrology but the church does not want you knowing that because it’s a cult the word are cult in people’s mind is devil and demons and all the dark stuff know the word occult is a Latin word meaning hidden so if you put your hand in your pocket by dictionary definition your hand is now on a cult pan because it’s hidden it doesn’t mean it’s evil or bad it just means anything but just hidden well let me tell you the one thing that’s been hidden more than anything else is the truth and like the movie says you know I want the truth you can’t handle the truth the real truth is that God we understand is in the Stars as in the planets as in what we call astrology it’s a whole world of knowledge has never been properly given to the people to understand but it’s now finally coming out there’s now that making movies and now there’s people like what Gaia Gaia is coming out with incredible spiritual intellectual superior lectures and teachings and now what am I trying to say documentaries there’s oh like 8000 documentaries on all the hidden wisdom of the world that Gaia is now making available to the people of the world with all the top writers speakers teachers astronauts scientists all the most important people on the planet are now coming to Gaia and doing lectures on all of their work and so Gaia is making it possible for people all over the world to come to one place they hear the best of the best from everybody and so that’s what yeah my my my link to my website is Jordan Maxwell show Jordan Maxwell show com if you go to Jordan Maxwell show you will see one of the first thing you’ll see is me on Gaia and I’m inviting people come with me – kaya come and join Gaia and and it’s only twenty dollars for three months of eight thousand more than eight thousand documentaries of all the peoples of the world that are that are talking about every kind of subject you can imagine what an education was like six bucks a worm a month and so and then I also have I also have a research website on there you can also join that – the two of them give you everything guy has given you a thousand documents all kinds of subjects say it again do you plan to re to go over the topics you used to cover like I used to I remember you used to talk about the skulls Calvary Golgotha and the temple the key the temple of Soloman and it would really be nice to really hear you expand on how the Calvary or Golgotha the cranium is just one big story as in Plato’s allegory of the cave it’s just men’s enlightenment coming out of darkness into the light again of understanding and wisdom have you ever had a chance to to revisit that topic and do you plan to expand on it yes as a matter of fact I’ve done videos on that subject and I’m going to be doing a lot more in the other than with Gaia and you’ll be able to see them if you join Gaia you’ll be able to watch all of my videos along with the other and I’m just amazed at the different people that they have been able to find and get them to come here and do their work and videotape everything they’re doing and it’s all there for anybody so there’s a whole world of knowledge that people are just not aware of and I if I get started on any one subject it does well it just so convoluted the world we live in is so well connected behind the scenes your laws your government your banking your military we honestly think this is all going I mean is it are we are we heading towards some type of transhumanism are we back to the stars where do you feel where does Jordan Maxwell feel we are going and I think that we are going toward artificial intelligence and that the human family as we know our fellow humans on the earth the people on the earth ultimately we are going to be transformed into a different kind of life-form on the earth we’re no longer going to have grandmothers and great grandparents and and and marriage and all the ways that we look at life today and we understand each other’s life we all have fathers and mothers and children and grandchildren and we all have the you know ideas about life and this is what the human world is all about well I’m telling you what is coming is that we have we have higher intelligences on this earth that see us as an experiment and now they’re preparing us to go into a whole different kind of human existence when no longer going to be free to think and question anything they’re there connecting computers all over the world are being connected with your brain quantum is taking taking they’re taking tissue out of the brain and connecting them to diodes and little high technology and computers so that the computer will eventually be thinking like you and it could talk with you and then eventually it will take over your life so they don’t have to pay you a large sum of money to work for them the computer will work as long as electricity so I see the human family as it is this today is slowly but surely being totally destroyed off the earth and preparation for a new kind of civilization which is coming that has nothing to do with anything you can imagine it’s referred to as the New World Order and as coming because of the Age of Aquarius and people say the Age of Aquarius is going to be a wonderful time when the world would be washed clean and there’ll be freedom liberty and all kinds of wonderful things in the Age of Aquarius well I Got News for you you need to go back and look at the Age of Aquarius and look at the symbols and what the Age of Aquarius is all about it’s not going to be pretty it’s going to be a frightening time and you need to understand that the coming age is going to be absolutely frightening in relation to what you call human we are going to be totally transformed out of being human exactly yeah it’s an incredible story of what Age of Aquarius really actually means and what is going to do to us I have to go to a whole a whole episode just dedicated to transhumanism and technology and yeah yeah you know the video gaming’s and stuff halo right all that stuff the oculus rift oh yeah the gaming headsets and stuff I appreciate you coming on hanging out with his brother we’ll do it again you know we will do it in yeah okay I appreciate it I’m definitely looking forward to some of the old work coming back out again with fresh video fresh teaching want some of the old work where you can actually go in and I just talked about the mazzaroth but sit there and break it down with scripture in context because I know you do that oh so I’m ready for the new stuff to come yeah and that’s what I’m doing I’m getting ready to put a lot of new stuff out there and I’m putting it on my Research Society till and but there’s only so much my web man can do it was eight hours and one day and so he’s always behind but but we’re putting a lot of information on my research society so you need to join that also I’m a man again I want to thank you join yeah I appreciate you Jordan thank you so much for coming on man good right yeah we’ll talk later bye Jordan Maxwell ladies and gentlemen the man is a wealth of knowledge just beautiful beautiful insight truly cherish him yeah you think you want to add that you wanted to kind of touch on yeah I was really really just wanting him to yeah I saw a comment in there where they were trying to find the verse second Kings 23 yeah I was I was trying to find that when my computer cut off man right right right so the thing is that it’s there’s a translation a discrepancy there right so if you translate it in ancient I think it’s an ancient Hebrew the term comes up as maz Allah instead of starry instead of stars or constellation right now what it what is the description second Kings you said second Kings 23 second Kings chapter 23 do you know diverse it’s just 23 I haven’t pulled up right here 23 5 5 I don’t see math a lot there is it after that yeah if you look up planets under translation it expands on it by saying it’s the signs of the zodiac the Mosel off or them as a lot and the reason the reason I’m bringing this up is and I was hoping I can get some closure on this but there’s these two narratives right okay he’s approaching it from this astro theological narrative well okay where the stars are in essence these celestial divine bodies right and that’s the astro theological right the twelve apostels constellations the houses jesus’ the rising and setting of the Sun shinin the horizon as forest and you go on and on and on with his knowledge that he shared but then you have other people who think well historically the Bible wants us to interpret the Bible as signs and wonders and signs of the time and you know interpreting it as no calendar that’s our calendar that’s what that’s what God put that stuff there for yeah to see the energies and all the other stuff that’s going on so that you can prepare everything when you’re gonna plant like literally when you’re going to plant right spiritually when you’re starting something by the new moons like spiritually physically everything goes by the moon and the Sun and the planets and I mean that that’s essentially the story that that descriptions tell indefinitely and I get what you’re saying is it is it uh is it a logic or is it I don’t think it is I don’t think it is and that’s where I can have the conversation with Jordan or Santos and I’m intrigued by the asteroid the asteroid theology because essentially it is telling his story or a story of Christ this is I mean the the Magi which is the wise men who followed this the Stars were the first to arrive at the birth of Jesus they knew where he gonna be born at the exact location by following his story written of in the stars so right yeah I mean all the Hebrews everything was about the stars like all the constellations and stuff they’re all mentioned of in a good way as a calendar and I believe it I believe is telling his story and there’s other there’s other work there’s other work besides some of these guys in astral theology that are teaching that you know in a different context we before the Gregorian calendar or even the Halil calendar which is the Jewish calendar right that they’ve enacted for so long we used to read the times and the months there’s something called Aviv which was the reading of the barley and that’s how a lot of that’s how a lot of this was deciphered back then is is and also by the reading of the of this of the moon so the Feast of Trumpets was deciphered as the time when Jesus was born and everything everything was according to the FIFA right you just it’s when you shall blow the trumpet the moon the moon slither above the barley I mean all of these have these deep rich meanings that a lot of people have been disconnected to because I mean we dogmatically read the Bible we only see it a certain light but we don’t read the historical context so how do we really know what’s going on in the Bible they don’t actually we’re disconnected from the historical narrative you know and then we’re being we’re being fed this astra theological narrative which is beautiful shit shines a lot of light on it but that’s just one angle there’s something in July down the middle bro and you know that with all truths you know that with all information that it’s usually somewhere right down the middle and that’s why I entertain both sides you know that’s why we’ll talk about the astros the astrological aspect of it and then we’ll talk about the historian historical aspect or or of Jesus and in his life and and the person that he was and things like that and how it his story relates to us and how he’s telling our story and it’s it’s somewhere right down the middle man you know I can’t say that the Western Church has it figured out then you can’t say that you know Jordan Maxwell has it all figured out and I don’t want to talk down upon his work cuz it seems like I’m doing that at the end of every show I’ll bring up some things but we talked about this where it’s like you can’t really completely discredit one work or the other you really need to be able to appreciate it holistically to put it all together to understand the the history and and the creation and and and our where we’ve been and where we have we are going as humans and I I appreciate his work out there following them for so long I just I just really hope that us as true seekers we don’t research so much material and and get stuck in these theories and concepts that it becomes dogma we need to continually refreshing spin to all these different perspectives so that we don’t get stuck in dogged by the way a church does and I really and that s in that sense I always want to be learning I always want to be open to everything it is the mark of a wise man to entertain something as you know as truth right I don’t know completely accepting it I am I was thinking the other day you know and really like honestly thinking like why it’s my podcast driving right now like why is my inbox littered with messages of people’s lives who have been changed by listening to these conversations your voice right now leo like this conversation why are people’s lives being changed by us being open about this stuff and I’ve come to the realization I had a revelation from it I felt like I was asking God I said what is it and I felt like the Lord told me there’s a difference between the Jordan maxwell’s there’s a difference between and the Lord showed me Michael Heizer right there’s a difference between me and Michael Heizer and as far as on the book smarts and applying the knowledge and all that stuff he’s got me under the books right everybody’s needed each part of the but other bodies needed but what sets what sets me apart from him and what and and from Jordan Maxwell is that we apply this stuff to our lives and we’re experiencing this stuff I think this is part of our spirituality like this is real for us this isn’t a theory when I said they’re debating doctrine we’re like we’re wanting to know so we can go out under the stars and make contact with God with the Holy Spirit we want to know this deep stuff so that in prayer we’ll know how to pray we’ll know help them see results when we pray all of this stuff is applied to our spirituality and it’s not just theory for us anymore man and people people resonate because I was even talking to my partner a while ago about how I just I feel off sometimes I feel so affected by my things sometimes and I was telling her what about this Mercury retrograde what about on first we had this you know this this this this partial eclipse you know what about Venus that’s in retrograde you know there’s this can’t just be a concept where it’s like oh it’s in retrograde nothing’s happening there’s definitely an effect that these solar bodies have on our ball on our auric and Merkava our energetic bodies and we’re feeling it and that’s probably why we’re feeling the way we do sometimes so I can’t completely discredit everything and and say no to it I address I agree with you completely you know we need to be able to not just practice it in theory but we also need to be able to walk the walk and not just talk to talk and and I agree with you Michael Heizer and all these theorists a you know they’re putting into their theorizing they’re having a stop there I want you to go out into nature I want to see you being affected by the elements or the stars I want to see you experiencing and enacting what you know I don’t just want to hear you be a voice you know to these theories I agree and that’s why I appreciate your work so much dirt is because in everything you do you’re not just having a podcast you’re not just talking you’re experiencing these things you know when you talk about going out into nature and trying psilocybin the mother teachers you know the golden teachers you know going out into the Stars and signaling ETS with your laser beams I mean there’s there’s got to be a theory and there’s got to be practice yeah yep and now and what we’re doing is we’re trying to prove their theories man that they’re not doing I think Jordan did years ago though at least his story says you know say he did and those those stories or what kind of won me over you know building and you know what he went out and it made contact and things you know those story but we don’t get much of that maybe we will on gaya but I watched the guy your presentation and his first one that he did with George Noory and it was good it’s very similar than what we just we just hopefully hopefully there’s a new vigor like a new fervency for him to kind of get that old material out that he can’t promote anymore many you guys know that he went into a lawsuit we don’t know the details but someone else has the rights to his work and can’t promote his old work anymore so he doesn’t really you can’t really go in and into detail about it so I think would gaya he’s gonna begin to do that but all of that stuff man it’s a connected the video I was really I was talking about how like I really wanted him to go over all of these concepts he had gone over long ago I mean you’re talking about stuff like the twelve- confessions the Sun the Moon the 12-step program good and evil the Trivium I mean all these the all these different topics and concepts called the skull in Golgotha you know the mazzaroth missoula he reached here II summarizes everything in the way cuz he has already done historically and I agree with you with with what he did on Gaia he’s just reiterating everything he’s already said I really want things to be refreshed rehashed and expanded on and then interrelated in the interconnected with everything that’s going on presently in our life you know with this the thinning of the veil you know everybody in this day and age even in hip-hop culture is talking about you know spirituality in consciousness and the stars and spirituality and I really want him what do you expect it’s a it’s a generational gap you can’t expect someone to do everything this is what the rains have been passed to you people like you a connect it all into bringing about and refresh it in a very interesting right the way you’re doing so I can’t expect him to do everything but it would be nice to really hear him start to refresh and rehash all his theories and just just kind of have a you know an update to it yeah that’s what uh that’s what some people are saying in the in the comments you know that we’re just picking up the torch where he left off and kind of running with it and bringing his work and he may never transition over to that way it may it may pick up with us you never know man I hope I hope he does I hope we get some more awesome work from Jordan you know I think we will but um but it is up to us and it’s not about just having a theory and and and just sitting there talking about the Bible see that’s what Paul talked about in Corinthians it talks about like how these Pharisees and Sadducees would come with it’s just the elegant see and the wisdom of words and they knew all the right words and they’re very well-spoken and trained in the universities and all that stuff but Paul said I come with power and demonstration in the Holy Ghost illustration that’s not so so we’re not just like a charismatic church in the south where that’s all they are is just Cara’s mania and stuff that’s going on we kind of blend the two we try to we try to balance the two with the knowledge with the information with this studying as well as the spirituality that goes along with it so we’ll know how to act in the spirit realm how to interact with the energies and and and and we can prove it but then we do it with you and your audience makes you accountable for everything you say do it an experience so when you’re out and about experiencing these things and you’re talking about them it’s interesting because your audience is not just dead it’s alive it’s it’s it’s like iron sharpens iron they’re they’re refining you as you help them understand concepts and it’s in its it’s not a monologue in the sense that it goes one way it’s a dialogue it’s it’s dualistic in the sense that you know what I love about this podcast is that you go to your audience and say what do you want you guys think can we get questions you guys can call in so I mean that’s one of the things I really want to emphasize to every it’s all 21 viewers that are watching right now don’t ever hesitate to call in please call in leave questions in the chat because in order for the concept the dialogue to continuing to be more rich in understanding and to achieve more in the moment we need good questions from you guys it’s not just a monologue it’s not just Derek telling you guys one thing interact with him take the take charge don’t be afraid to call in yeah man it’s it’s so funny that I’ve been you know reading these messages in hearing what people are saying and one thing that people are saying and I understand like this podcast is helping a lot of unchurched believers like people who have faith in God and then many even call themselves believers they believe in God they believe in Jesus but that may stop there there’s nothing else with Christianity that resonates with them but they have faith in Christ you know what I’m saying a faith in a higher power that they don’t even care what you call it and well and so I understand that maybe this podcast essentially it’s- churched is the church for people who don’t go to church it’s because what the church is supposed to be a community it’s not supposed to be something that you just go and you watch a play when I quit going to church is when I felt like I was gonna watch a production and I and they gave me an itinerary and I read it okay the offerings coming next okay there’s gonna be a short skit okay next is gonna be this and I was like man we’re just showing up to watch this stuff and I was like man this isn’t organic this isn’t living and breathing of something that was supposed to be a part of so I wanted to make sure that what we’re doing is something that’s driving and all the messages are saying one thing stood out to say they love it you know most people don’t even like the guests that I have they just like when the guest leaves and then we get the talk and and I get to kind of share some final thoughts and stuff but from that point and then when I go into prayer a lot of people saying that they’re really touched by the prayers that I do at the end of the show and so I want to make sure that after every show even a show that kind of gets wavy and I had Jordan on some good stuff for a while then it got kind of negative and stuff so but even though I don’t care where the show goes I want to end it on a note and I want to pray for people so I’m gonna say a prayer and I’ll let you pray a blessing as well man whatever you’re feeling and I feel like that whatever we are going through even if we’re dealing with some stuff I think we can address that in prayer that so that we can we can we can see what other people are going through similar things man so whatever you want to pray for I’ll let you do that too but I’ll go ahead and pray I’ve been getting a lot of in boxes man for people struggling it’s 20 18 man it’s time for us to face this thing head-on it’s time for us to to live our dreams and and get the reach down deep and grab those visions and breathe life into them so we’re gonna do that and people who are struggling with an addiction and depression and a lots of things and there are some people out there who say that they’re struggling with entities and demonic oppression that they feel like they can never be free from and I want to address that we’re gonna pray so whatever you’re feeling whatever it’s going through your head and you need some some you need some help we want to we want to ask the helper which is the Holy Spirit for help and I’m just gonna pray over you and we’re gonna end the show out I’ll pray then Leo you go ahead okay a bunch of people even in the in the chat right now and uh and all of you guys who are listening all you guys who are watching this is for you join with us I’m gonna say father God I thank you for your presence god I think the thing I’m thankful that you let us see another year and that you’ve blessed us and you’ve called us for such a time as this God I’m asking you right now just to move upon the audience and everybody listening under the sound of my voice just stir within them God your spirit the quickening of the Holy Spirit let them feel that they’re not alone that you loved them and that you’ve called them for a purpose and a reason God and you have not forgotten about them you have not given up on anyone you have long-suffering God in this women the scripture says that we’re going through tribulation and we’re going through through terror and all kinds of stuff on the left and on the right guy you said that you are near to the broke so I just speak to the brokenhearted right now those who are who are distraught I just pray for peace right now it would be sent right now in Jesus name I thank you for peace god I ask you to move right now move upon them God from the top of their head to the soles and her feet break up anything that’s been stagnant all that stagnant water get it out of there and you said they’re out of there our belly shall flow rivers of living water god I thank you for that right now I claim it over my friends right now rivers of living water newness of life all the old out the window just to release the old breathe in a new life for us Holy Spirit we thank you for the life that you animate all objects and your dwelling with us in Jesus name I thank you for peace power and understanding spirit of confusion I bind you right now you people are being confused I don’t know which way to go they don’t know which way is up down left to right they don’t know they try to ask questions to people they see on on the internet and friends and nobody knows which direction to go god I’m asking for you to send peace right now in a place of confusion that Babylonian spirit to be rebuked in Jesus name peace be still quiet stillness in the storm Jesus mighty name Amen and the father I asked for encouragement I ask for endurance for for this community I asked us that you allow us to be of like-mindedness the same attitude of mind towards each other as Christ had my assembly father that you allow us to walk on this path towards you towards enlightenment towards abundance and encouragement I ask that you allow us to live in the fruits of the spirit humbleness human humility love towards each other honest that 20:18 be just a beautiful transformative year for everyone that they get their lives in order that they accomplished goals they need father God that you give them the strength to to find that light and that encouragement in that new sense of direction in them so that they have the power to overcome whatever traps mental traps whatever confusion whatever roadblocks whatever ethereal chords are holding them back that they break free from these chains of stagnation that you spark creativity in them that you awaken that fire inside of them that Kundalini that rises to their to the throne the Holy See and their pineal gland that their their eyes just open up with clarity so that they can see clearly what they need to do to transform the world transform themselves and that you just continually keep us grounded father God because we know we’re not grounded we’re so easily pushed over by anything and that you are that you just continually guide Derek father in his work in his ministry in his studies and it’s true seeking his podcasts and that father God that you you continue to pour in these these supporters for him in his mission father God and also as father God about this this whole civil war between uh between brothers that you bring called that’s and unity because right now father God it seems like this confusion this vigilance is tearing apart the community father guard that you open their eyes to see that we’re all brothers we’re all on the same journey we’re all facing the same enemy here and and that enemy is ignorance the enemy is darkness and we need to fill it with light with your light father guard so that we can see clearly so we can love others instead of judging instead of holding down and so we can break through these shackles these fetters of ignorance as Plato says we can escape that cave of ignorance and enter into a new light father God we thank you Heavenly Father for everything you do and we think you Derek and the community and your heavenly name father blessings awesome fairly oh thank you brother yeah thank you for the blessings man whoo good stuff man good stuff this is what uh that’s what people been waiting for man there’s people who listen to this show and they’re waiting for that part we gotta take a step further there’s something else that that’s got to happen there’s something else that’s got to come I’m just trying to get some materials together I don’t know what it is I’m feeling I don’t know if it’s a school or or just an online fellowship that we have to come together because people have giftings people have talents and abilities that they need to hone in on they have questions that they want to ask and not even in front of an audience like they don’t they don’t want audience I know I do private work and stuff like that but I’m talking about as far as community is concerned litleo so if the Lord gives you anything man I’m feeling some type of school of the Spirit whether it’s one night a week where we come together and on sputum I don’t even know if it has to be broadcast live I think it’s just a personal training thing that we need to do there’s people I talked to who are empaths who deal with spirits on a daily basis and they don’t know how to interact with it it’s getting the best of them and we need we need to address this stuff man you know I agree and I feel like I agree with you every every historically in these podcasts and and working with you I’ve noticed that there’s so many gifted smart people with so much rich knowledge to share and you know it’s kind of just not being shared because you know they’re there they don’t have a platform for their voice they don’t have before the way you do and I and I really do feel 2018 should be a platform a forum to bring about the community to have them share their opinions and you being that what you being that person that allows the community to speak out as well you know equally like-mindedness you know so as it says in what spirit when mine in Christ and I hope that that opens up and I think I will definitely joining on that yes something Carolyn Adams Starseed Bay Chris and Nicole bars Kristy Lee Gann oh man we have so many people who are leaders in their own right and then they and some of those people are stepping out testing the waters and they’re learning and it’s so awesome to see these chills right now because Dan you know Donald’s out there and the jungles right now on some Island looking like MIT in nature right now man you’re doing these podcasts 2018 an amazing year and I’m feeling you’re gonna you’re gonna you’re gonna break through some break through a lot there’s gonna be some beautiful things that are about your your live we have we have to we have to make a community where people can test their gifts and see that that’s what I was raised up in we went to meetings and home group meetings and sessions where people could test their gifts test out the prophetic giftings and test out being able to hear the voice of the holy spirit and and have confidence to speak it out and people being empathic you’re able to pick up on spirits and what’s on people and around people and not just to pick it up on it just for it to be something cool but to actually help them get through that situation and what they’re dealing with yeah so that’s coming ladies and gentlemen I want to thank everybody for hanging out with us we always got something cool here and to bring to the table and interesting podcast tonight I’m gonna have to piece this together cuz it was done in like three parts I think and uh I don’t know how I know how to fix that that mess up so I my pieces together see what we can salvage and uh make sure you guys support us we will be on here oh yeah I got it announced this the stream schedule is now on my website if you go to truth seeker com go to the top there’s the YouTube stream schedule so as I get confirmations with guests who are gonna be on here and even if we do some other stuff I’m putting the stream schedule on there and it’s usually either at 10:00 a.m. central or 7:00 p.m. central those two times I kind of go back and forth with people’s schedules so there’s about five or six shows that are up there I got james gilliland coming back on that’s going to be good but Brigitte Nielsen’s coming on she does a lot of stuff with Corey good and star children and stuff like that so we got some more interesting conversation so so you don’t miss an episode you guys want to catch us live and get in on the prayer and all that kind of stuff go check out the stream schedule and we’ll try to keep that updated with every new email data book with uh with guests so with that being said do you guys want to support the work as well head on over to patreon comm backslash truth seeker there’s now a discord chat that’s available patreon links with discord download discord support me on patreon and you get access to my private discord chat and there that’s what we’ve been using a lot for our hangouts here and there’s some people who’s using that we found out it is working Bret Stacey me and have been hanging out on that thing he’s supporting me over here so backslash truth seeker you get unreleased music there’s a bunch of new stuff there too with that I must say cheese and Shalom and we will catch you guys on the next broadcast peace [Music] [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker calm and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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