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Jordan Maxwell speaks about UFOs, Aliens, Religion and the Occult with TruthSeekah in this episode of TruthSeekah’s Podcast. This was an amazing talk and slammed packed full of info on the historical Jesus as well as Astrology and how the two connect. In this interview Jordan shares his immense respect for Jesu Christ and the story of the crucified savior of Nazareth. 

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Jordan Maxwell, the godfather of western esoterics discusses Aliens, UFOs and the Kingdom of Heaven with TruthSeekah. Jordan has been bringing information to the limelight about these topics for years and has since been a forerunner in UFOlogy and the study of aliens. This is most definitely because Jordan Maxwell himself has had encounters with extraterrestrial aliens and UFOs in the past. He has shared some of these stories on podcasts and interviews with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot. To many, Jordans stories are far fetched and downright unbelievable but one thing they do bring with them is fascination. This fascination is then backed up with Bible doctrines and texts that talk about humans having interactions with angelic beings and objects that sound eerily like UFO ships. These stories are spread wide throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Stories about fire traveling through the skies at night giving protection to the Israelites and then appearing as a cloud by day speaking to and guiding them through the desert. There are so many obscure passages in the Bible that speak about what sounds to be a lot like aliens and UFOs. We can also go into other ancient texts such as the Vedas, The Book of Enki, The Bhagavad Gita and so on and find similar stories of the gods coming down to communicate with man. This has given Jordan Maxwell’s work and stories a frame of reference when winning over the minds of those who study the ancient scriptures. There was one story that Jordan told that many people call him on and with this story he loses all credibility for many people. Jordan Maxwell tells a story about an experience that he had when he was a young boy. He tells of how he and his dog trapped a baby T-Rex in the corner of his yard and his dog was barking fiercely at the baby dinosaur. Yes, you read that right, a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex is what Jordan said that they had captured in his yard. Is this just a tall tale or is it ture? One thing for sure is that Jordan Maxwell has some great stories. Heck, have you ever heard the tales of the Thunderbirds that people report seeing? For those who study cryptozoology they are well aware of these Terrordactyl type creatures with reported wingspans of 10 to 15 feet wide.





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