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TruthSeekah sat down with Bill Bean to discuss paranormal experiences and how to overcome attacks from the darkside. Later on in the interview Bill talks about the Mandela Effect and how it is now happening within the Holy Bible.
Bill Bean is a world renowned spiritual deliverance minister / exorcist, and is known as “The Spiritual Warrior.’ He’s also an internationally known author, lecturer and paranormal / supernatural expert.
Bean is currently being featured on TLC’s “A Haunting” series as well as the Lifetime Movie Network series, “I was Possessed.”

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What’s Up Ladies And Gentlemen I’m Your Host Truthseekah You Tuned In To Another Exciting Episode Of Thetruthseekah Podcast. I’m Excited To Be Here It’s My Honor And Privilege To Be Here Speaking Over You Guys And Bringing Some Content To The Table So This Would Not Be Possible At All Without Your Help So I Want To Say A Huge Thank You To Everybody Who Is Supporting On Patreon . So For Any Level Of Giving Per Month We Have Extra Podcasts We Have Unreleased Music Most Of You Guys Are Listening Because You Are Fans Of The Music And Fans Of The Information That Comes Through The Music So There’s A Lot Of New Music Over There That’s Unreleased To The General Public And Only For Those Who Are Supporting On Patreon So I Just Moved Into A Place Where I’m Doing This Full-time And This Is My Full-time Ministry My Full-time Calling And So Anything That You Guys Can Do To Help It Goes A Very Long Way And I’m Me And My Family Are Very Grateful So Head On Over To To Sign Up For Any Level Of Giving And Get Rewards At The Same Time I’m Excited About This Show Because A Lot Of Reasons So We Just Went Live The Other Night And I Had A Special Guest On I Had Jordan Maxwell On In Reading The Comments Section People Were Going Nuts Because We Have A Lot Of People Who Were Into Spirituality A Lot Of People Who Are Christians Who Believe In Jesus And Have Faith In Christ And Listening To Jordan Maxwell Speak For An Hour And A Half They Had A Lot Of Questions And Didn’t Get A Lot Of Answers And So Some Of The Questions That I Brought Up To Jordan He Didn’t Really Go Into A Lot Of Detail Kind Of Dodged Questions And So One Of The Big Things I’m In The Reason I Bring In Jordan Maxwell It’s One Of The Big Things That I Kind Of Cleaned It Up At The End But When Jordan Maxwell Got Off Before He Got The Phone He Was Talking About Satan And He Was Talking About There’s Nothing You Can Do Against The Adversary The Enemy And And And He’s Smarter Than You You And He’s More Cunning Than You And I Tried To Set Him Up For Questions And Stuff And Let Him Answer But He Said There Was Nothing We Can Do Right And That Couldn’t Be Anything Further From The Truth Especially When Someone Quotes The Bible And Someone Is Going Into The Information And Knowledge Of The Bible Spirituality 101 And Jesus 101 Is About Spiritual Warfare About Overcoming The Enemy So Tonight’s Show Is Important Because I Have My Guest Bill Beane On With Me Tonight Who Is A Deliverance Minister And Exorcist And He Specializes In Spiritual Warfare So Tonight It May Weigh Out Some Of The The Different Info That Was Going Back And Forth But I Think It’s Good To Have Your Beliefs Challenged I Think It’s Good Because You Know Sometimes We Find Ourselves In A State Of Confusion Many Of Us Get Scared When Our Beliefs Get Questioned But I Think That That’s The Only Place To Know What You Truly Believe Because Nobody Can Take That From You And So I’ve Been In Places Over The Years Where I’m Just Kind Of Rocked Back And Forth But It Made My Foundation Even Stronger Because My Foundation Was Built On Christ Who Is The Solid Rock It Wasn’t Based Upon Some Theory Or Somebody Else’s Encounter With God But Upon My And Kind Of With God In My Revelation Of Jesus Christ So Over The Years Has Only Gotten Even Stronger With Having My Faith Tested And Checked So Tonight It’s Gonna Be An Awesome Night We’re Gonna Get In A Spirituality Spiritual Warfare If You Guys Have Any Stories The Phone Lines Will Be Open Go Ahead And Call In And We’ll Take Those Calls About Halfway Through So Without Further Ado My Guest Bill Beene What’s Up Brother Welcome To The Show Thank You So Much My Brother It’s Great To Be Back With You It’s Been Way Too Long And We Certainly Have A Lot To Talk About That’s For Sure There’s A Lot Going On In The Spirit Realm Right Now And Like You Said There’s A Lot To Come To Kind Of Go In On Um Without Just Jumping Into It And Getting Into All Of The Goodies Kind Of Kind Of Give The People Who Haven’t Heard Of You Before Kind Of Give Them A Little Background On Who You Are And What You Bring To The Table Yeah Well I’m Known As The Spiritual Warrior And God Has Called Me Not Only Be A Humble Servant But A Fierce Warrior For Him Because I Was Once A Victim And My Family And I Were My Family Was Destroyed Now Was Nearly Destroyed As Well By Demonic Forces I’ve Written Three Books And In The First Book Which Is Called Dark Force I Talked About This Of The Events That Took Place And I Have Been To The Lowest Of Lows And I Have Suffered Crazy And My Family Suffered As Well So I Travel All Over The Country God Has Worked Through Me To Help People From All Over America And Even Many Different Parts Of The World So God Has Worked Through Me To Have Helped Thousands Of People Literally How To Become Free From Demonic Strongholds And Oppression At Some Times Possession And So I Have Seen And Experienced Things That Most People Could Not Imagine In Their Wildest Dreams Or Wildest Imaginations And So By The Calling And Power And Anointing From God I’m The Guy Running Into The Burning Building When Everybody Else Is Running Out So This Requires Me To Be In Total State Strength And Courage And What I Call Warrior Votes 24/7 I Refuse To Lose And I Can’t Let Down For One Second Because I Have To Be Somebody To Somebody Each And Every Day Of My Life So And You Have Been On Your Show Several Times Before And I’ve Said It Then And I’ll Say It Again Now The Journey Really Began In Probably Not Long After Coming Into This World Derek I Think God Had A Plan Purpose For Me Before I Ever Came Into The World And I Also Threw Soda Graphic Evidence Discovered Photographs That Were Taken Of Me At The Age Of Two And Again At The Age Of Three To Wear Some Anomalous Phenomena Was Taking Place In The Photographs And You Know There Were Other Types Of Beings In The Photo With Me And For Anyone Who Would Like To See Some Of Those Photos Please Visit Bill Beam Dotnet And Click On The Photo Gallery There And You’ll See Some Very Bizarre Photos That I View Either Taken Over The Years Or That Have Been Taken Of Me And You Know I Say Did It All Begin When My Family And I Moved Into A Three-bedroom Ranch Style Home Located In An Area Collaborating Maryland A Community Called Erin Dale But Again It Really Goes Much Much Further Back And I Found Out After Writing The First Book Dark Force That My Mother Had Makes For Natural Experiences And Her Siblings As Well In Their Childhood And It Goes Even Further Back Than That I Found Out That There Was Some Family Members Many Many Many Years Ago Who Actually Conjured These Demonic Spirits And They Came Upon The Family And Caused A Great Amount Of Destruction Throughout The Years And So In Moving Into That House Which I Was 40 Years Old At The Time That We Moved In There I Knew From The Very Beginning At The Age Of Four That Something Was Wrong My Sister Was 13 At The Time And She Too Had That Terrible Uneasy Feeling And I Recall Us Both Standing Out There In Front Of The House Just Looking And Knowing That Something Was Very Very Wrong So The House Is Located At The Bottom Of The Downhill Cul-de-sac And It Was Semi Dilapidated My Dad Weave Senior Who Was A Master Carpenter Saw It As A Restoration Project And He Did Just That He’d Restored It A Great Bit Of Work To It And Made It Look Very Nice And The House Was Equally As Ominous And Foreboding On The Inside Derek In That Dark Brown Paneling All The Walls A Very Heavy Vibe And Feeling To It When You Went Into The House And You Would Enter Into The Front Door Into The Living Room Area And I Can Just Imagine And There Are Some Photographs Of The Interior Of The House On The Go Being Dotnet Website And You Can See For Yourself That You Know This Dis Paneling Was Just Dark Brown Oldest Black In Color So Even On The Brightest Of Sunny Days It Was Still Dim Dimly Lit In The House And So You Would Enter Into The Living Room Make A Write Down A Long Hallway Which Had A Tiled Floor A Hard Tile I Was On The Floor And Often Times Would Be Laying In Bed Middle Of The Night Carrying These Footsteps Coming Down The Hallways Like Hard-soled Shoes Or Boots Or Something Like That It Would Reverberate Also Deep Paneling You Know On The Walls In The Hallway And My Mom Was The First To Have An Experience Not Long After Moving In And It Took Place In The Living Room While She Was Unpacking And Organizing My Dad Had Taken Us And I Have An Older Sister And A Younger Brother Patty And Bobby And He Had Taken Us With Him For The Day – My Grandparents His Parents House To Allow My Mother To Unpack And Organize And What They Thought Would Be Peace Without Us Being Under Her Feet And It Was During The Course Of This That My Mom Felt The President’s Coming Into The Room And In Her Mind She Thought It Was My Dad Sneaking Back In To Play A Joke On Her To Try And Scare Her And At One Point She Spun Around Fully Anticipating On Seeing Him And To Her Shock Nothing Was There So She Was She Was Taken Aback By It She Was Unnerved She Was Perplexed All These Things But Eventually Able To Go Back To Which Was Doing And It Wasn’t Long After That That My Sister’s Bedroom Door Slammed Shut By Itself And That Was Enough To Make Her Go Outside And Wait Until We Returned So That’s Where It Began And It Gradually Escalated Into More Of These Noises And Door Slamming And Feelings Of Presence It Escalated Into Violent Physical Attacks On Us From These Demonic Entities That Greatly Contributed To The Destruction Of My Family And I Have To Tell You You Know Looking Back On All This You Know Are There Things That I Wish That I Could Change Certainly Knowing What I Know Now If I Could Go Back In Time You Better Believe It Would Have Been A Different Story But I Can’t Change Them These Things Happen And So Now I Say That I Couldn’t Be Here Had I Not Been There So It Was A Necessary Part Of The Journey We All Have A Journey In Life That Sometimes Those With The Greater Calling Suffer The Most And So I Really Believe That Some Of It Was Necessary In Helping To Shape Me Into Who I Am Now As A Spiritual Warrior Helping Other People Yeah Then Let Me Ask You This Because Just Kind Of To Actually Piggyback Off Of That Notion And Maybe This Is Going To Be Getting Too Deep On Some Theology And Things Like That But One Of The The Thing That Things That I Wrestle With Because I I Believe Both Sides Of This Coin But So We Understand That God Leads Us Down Certain Paths And We Have These Life-changing Experiences Obviously If You Wouldn’t Have Went Through That Stuff At An Early Age You Wouldn’t Have This Almost Righteous Anger In You For The Other Side Or To Kind Of Combat The Other Side Right It’s It’s There For A Reason Because I’m Derek Yeah That’s A Very Good Way Of Putting It It’s Of Fury Exact I Take These Things Very Very Personally Because Of What And There Is A True Fury And A Real Fire Burning There Because Of What Took Place So Ok So God Allowing That To Happen Setting It Up However We Want To Call It Okay So We Have This This Thing Because We Know That Trials And Tribulations Come Into Our Lives To Build Character And There’s Reasons I Think That We Go Through Seasons In And I Honestly Feel Like They’re All Orchestrated By God I Think I Feel Like God Is Sovereign And You Know Everything Is Orchestrated About Him You Know The Good And The Bad There’s That Sense There Okay We’re In A Season I Agree You Know Of Everything Able To Create It Being Mm-hmm Exactly Great And So What So How Do We Look At It When These Trials And Tribulations Are Ordered By God Because He Has Something To Teach Us And There’s Something In It To Learn And We’re Gonna Keep Taking Those Tests Over And Over Again Until We Learn It Versus Pray Over Me Cast These Wicked Spirits Off Of Me And Help Me Get Out Of The Season What Does That Kind Of Tie In Together It’s Almost Like We Want To Be Just Like Automatically Okay Pray Over Me Pray The Blessing Pull Me Out Of My Affliction Verses I Have To Be Here To Learn What God Is Teaching Me You Know I’m Sam Well There’s A Fine Line Everything In Life And That Is A Fine Line So We Have To Stay In The Center There On That Fine Line And Every Season And Every Chapter And Everything In Life Is For A Reason And So That’s It God Also Wants Us And I Am Convinced Of This Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt Because My Life Drastically Changed When I Started Thinking Differently And Started You Know Certainly When I Make God First In My Life And This Night Became Fierce And Then God Really Had A Great Favor And I’m Going To Go On Me So That Is A Message That I Give To People As Well So God Can Work Through Me All Day Long To Cast Demons Out Of People However There Has To Be A Mindset Change So When People Who On Earth This Type Of Attack And Affliction In This Type Of Attached Oppression Or Possession They Are In The Fear Based Trauma Based Way Of Thinking They Are Victims Hey I Was A Victim To A My Family Was Also So I Understand It But You Have That Mindset Living In That Fear-based Toronto-based Way And You Expect These Things To Happen And Then You Accept Them Into Your Life To Happen And So Then Life Is Just Unbearable But For Us It Was Unbearable But Acceptable In The Sense That We Anticipated And Expected Those Things And We Became Very Robotic Very Zombie Like In The Sense That You Know Now You Are Just Existing You Were Just Surviving You Are Literally Trying To Get Through One Day To The Next And So I’ve Often Said Derec People Human Beings Operate On Frequency And Vibration So When Our Frequency And Vibration Is On High Life Is Generally Good Things Are Positive And You Are Moving Forward And To Me That’s What Life Is All About So When We’re Really Making God First And We’re Walking In That Warrior Mode A Strength The Courage We Are Moving Forward But When A Person Is On Low And Again I’ve Been There So I Understand It Everything Sucks Life Sucks It’s Like The Black Flower Over Somebody’s Head Nothing Ever Goes Right There’s Always A Problem A Drama A Situation And Never An Answer Or A Solution So I Say To People Look I’m Every Bit As Much A Counselor And A Life Coach As I Am A Deliverance Minister Because Sometimes You Have To In These Jeans With People Yeah Right Exactly But You Have To Reach These People To Change The Mindset And Say Look Now We’re Going To Get Busy Living We Are Going To Get Busy Winning And The Next Time The Devil Tries To Come Into Our Life We’re Going To Kick Him In The Teeth And How Can We Do This By The Power Of God Yeah I Don’t Do These Things On My Own Accord This Is The Power Of Congress Into Duty 6 I Could Not Do These Things Without The Power Of God Working Through Me There Is No Way So I Praise God For That So I Try To Preach This And Plant These Seeds With Others Said Hey When We Get Into This Warrior Mode God Will Have Honor And Favor On Us Just Like He Did With David Because David Was A Man After His Own Heart Because Of His Faith Strength And Courage And God Will Honor That So That’s What It’s All About For Me And That Is The Main Message That I Preached That I Want People To Stop Being Victims And I Want Them To Be Kicked Tours Yes When We’re Talking About Busting Up Satan’s Kingdom When We’re Talking About People Who Have Evil Spirits Or Unclean Spirits On Them Around Them And In Them And We Go Through And We Rid People Of That Stuff We Whatever They Have Going On In Their Life Whether They Need Counseling Whether They Have Ungodly Beliefs That It’s Given The Right For These Entities To Be Here Well We Counsel People Out Of That Or Pray People Through It There But There Comes A Target On Your Back Especially Someone Who Has Touched Many As Many Souls As You Have Right So And You’ve Actually Been Doing This For A Very Long Time Now And You Know Whenever We Hear The Word Exorcist A Lot Of People Think Of Catholicism Right When We Hear That Word Some Of The Main Leading Exorcists Say That You’re Only Good For A Few Years In Deliverance Ministry And I Think That’s An Ungodly Belief Right There I Think That’s Just Anticipating Your Defeat Talk A Little Bit About That About How You’re Able To Do It Like You Said It Was Through The Strength Of God But Not How He He Brings You To It Through It But He Sustains You To Keep Moving On In Those Directions To Fight The Enemy You Are Absolutely Correct And Without God Again I Could Not Do What I Do And I Praise Him For It There Are Times Derek That It Was Getting So Crazy And I’m Thankful Now This Is The First Time In Probably The Last Six Months That I’ve Had A Little Bit Of Rest I’ve Been At Home Now For Week And A Half And It’s Great To Be Able To Recharge Up Tons Of Things Locally And Now People With Phone Sessions But Just Not Having To Travel For This Little Bit Of Time Has Really Reenergized Me And Reinvigorated Me Because Life Was Becoming A Blur When You’re Traveling That Much You’re Constantly Getting On And Off Of Airplanes And In And Out Of Airports And Hotel Rooms There Are Days That I Wake Up In Hotels And Say Wait A Minute Where Am I Half Right Now What City Am I Am Yeah I Mean That’s How Crazy It Was Getting But Again Through It All The Power Of God Was Helping Me Too So If I Would Wake Up And Have That Confusion In The Morning By The Time I Get To The Client Or Clients Or Family Or Wherever It May Be I Am On My Game I Am Sharp I’m Strong I’m Right Where I Need To Be And That Is The Power Of God That Is Just Coming Into Me And Re-energizing Me And Strengthening Me It’s Sharpening My Mind And My Spirit As Well Because I Have To Have That Spiritual Discernment When I’m Involved In These Things And It’s Just Amazing How God Works In That Way So I Heard You Say Something About This Jordan Maxwell I’ve Never Met This Man I’ve Seen A Couple Videos On Him And I’m Sure He’s A Very Educated Man However Boy Whatever Like To Have It Debated In Some Time In The Future About Not Having Any Power Against The Enemy And All That Which Is Absolute Garbage And And Look I’m Not Going To Put The Man Down I’ve Never Met But I Could Tell You This From Personal Experience From God Working Through Me All These Times To Help People That We Do Have Great Power It Is The Power Of God That Works Through Us To Defeat The Enemy To Really Kick The Enemy Out Of Our Lives You Know I Have Suffered Just So Much In My Life And My Life Could Have Turned Out So Vastly Different Really I’ve Been In Many Life-threatening Situations And I Shouldn’t Even Be Here On There But The Power Of God He Was Right There With Me Keeping Me Alive And Keeping Me For This Present Time Right Now So There Is No Doubt In My Mind Based On My Experiences Alone That Our God Is Real Our God Does Love Us Our God Is With Us And He Is For Us Especially When We Call On Him And Our God Makes The Impossible Possible So The Key To Defeating The Devil And His Minions Is To Make God First Keep Him First Have Christ In Your Heart Of Christ Guiding You Be Fierce Begin That Warrior Mode Be In That Ste Strength Occurs Where You Don’t Fear Anyone Or Anything Then There’s Nothing To The Double Defeat On Because Fear Is The Number One Tool For The Enemy He Loves It And He Feeds Off Of It And Furthermore By Our Fears That Lowers Our Frequency And Vibration Right Down Into The Realm Where He Is And His Minions And That’s Right Where He Wants Us To Be Because When He Gets Us Down Into Those Lower Realms Then He Can Track Us Back So When We Were God We’re On High We’re Moving Forward The Enemy Wants Us On Low At Second Drag Us Backward Are You Still Um Attacked Like You Were When You First Started Cuz I Know Like A Lot Of What I Do And A Lot Of What I’ve Talked About Is When I First Started And Was Having All Of These Demonic Encounters But I’ve Noticed Like You’re Saying Of This Different Level Of Vibration That We’re Walking In On A Daily Basis And Our Hearts Are Set On The Things Above Our Minds Are Continually Set Upon Him Will Only Keep Good Things You Know On Our Hearts And In Our Minds And We Only Talk About Good Stuff You Know We Don’t Dwell Upon The Negativity And Stuff It Seems Like A Lot Of That Stuff Just Disappears For Me Now So It’s Not Like The Attacks Are There Or Like Waking Up With A Demon In Your Room Or Whatever That Case Is And I Don’t See Much Of That Anymore Even Though We Are Still On The Offensive With The Enemy And Still Helping People I Don’t Feel Like There’s Like A Like A Rebuttal In That Case Maybe There’s Other Attacks That Come That A Little Bit More Well-crafted Not That The The Demons Appearing Outside In The Night Is What’s Going To Scare You Or Confront You It’s Something Maybe A Little Bit More Traumatic Or Deeper Fears That Are Embedded So Are You Still Having Like Personal Attacks To This Day That Are Still Like These Bodily Manifestations Or Is That Stuff That’s Kind Of Kind Of Gone Now That You Know Who You Are And You’re Walking In Higher Levels Of Operation On Angelic Levels Essentially Yeah Totally Gone Brother And I Praise God For I Would Never Ever Have That Again Because It’s Something Worth Manifests Before Me Right Now I Was Literally Leap Out Of My Chair And Attack It And I Do This By The Power Of God The Worst For Me So I See Or Not For I Know That God Is With Me And When We Are In That Type Of Thinking In That What I Call That Warrior Mode When We’re In That Those Demons Fear Us Because They’re Not Fearing Us They’re Clearing The Power Of God That Is Within Us And There’s Nothing That They Can Do It Neutralizes Them They Have Nothing To Feed Off Of At All And They Have To Flee Into Part You Know It’s As Simple As That I Refuse To Lose So I Won’t Have Any Of That I’ll Never Be A Victim Again Ever And That’s What I Can Try To Preach To Other People Say Hey Get Into This This Really Aggressive Mindset Where It’s An Intense Chase It Really Is I Mean This Is How I Am Every Day This Is Intense Face At Knowing What God Has Done For Me Knowing The Favor That God Has Over Me And Knowing That Our God Loves Us So Much That He Makes The Impossible Possible And So When He’s With Us If God Is With Us In Force And Who Can Be Against Us Nobody That’s A Good So We Have To Stay In That Mindset That’s True That’s True That’s Truth In It I’m Glad You Quoted That Because The Scripture Says That His Word Is Truth Right And Everybody’s Out There Looking For Truth I Mean Even The Name Of This Podcast True Seeker Podcast He Is Truth His Word Is Truth You Shall Know The Truth And The Truth Shall Make You Free So I Think That That’s How We Should Judge This Stuff Whether It’s Jordan Maxwell I You Know I’m Saying I Love Jordan I’m He’s Welcome Back On Maybe In The Future I Don’t Know We’ll See But I Love Them But What Is The Message That’s Coming Across Is It True That’s Making You Free And I Think That’s How We Can Judge If It’s Are You Are You More Bound Up By Fear Hosteria Ha Blood Pressure After You Hear This Stuff I’m Telling You There There’s Been And I I’m Using Jordan Maxwell As An Example It’s Nothing About Him There Are Many There Are Many Jordan Maxwell’s Out There I’m Using Him As An Example We’ve Had Him On The Show Even In In Years Past Where He Like You Can Feel The Air Being Sucked The Life Being Sucked Out Of The Atmosphere While They’re Speaking And Uh And It’s A Spiritual Experience While They’re Speaking And It’s Not Good If It Had To Cut Them Off And Kick Him Off My Show The Most Polite Way I Could And Then Try To Bring Some Truth To What Was Happening So What Is The Message What Is The Truth That’s Is It Making You Free Or Is It Making You More Bound Up And Having Living In Fear Or You Live In In Righteousness And Victory And That’s Why It’s So Awesome Where You Say That Just Trust In God And You Know It Sounds Easy People Want This This Really Complicated Stuff That We Can Bottle And Sell But It Is So Easy When I Was Knee-deep In Witchcraft And Occultism And I Had Demons Speaking To Me And I Was Going Crazy Losing My Mind The One Scripture That Was Given To Me That Helped Me It’s My Favorite Scripture When I Saw An Autograph Since On Cds And And Merchants Things Like That I Signed The Scripture James 4:7 Therefore Submit Yourselves To God Resist The Devil And He Will Flee And That That For Me Is A Forgery I Think That’s A Formula It Says Well Mm-hmm I’m With Your Son Brother And It’s The Truth And That’s That’s The Thing People Even Though They May Be In A Bad Place In Their Life They Still Have Discernment To Know And Feel Yeah The Truth Because Again We’re Talking Frequency And Vibrations And So We’re Speaking These Words Which Are Absolutely 100% True Light Discos Dis Resonates Yeah It Resonates At These People And They Can Feel It And And It Is All Goodness Because It Is Of God If You’re With God And The Truth Is God And So What Somebody Else Is Speaking Things That Are Not True And It Is A Dark Type Of Message People Can Also Feel That And It Was A Good Analogy What’s Used About Like The Air Being Sucked Out Of The Room And Off Like That People Could Feel That Kind Of Negativity And All I Could Say Now Is That We Are Truly Living In A Time Like No Other And It Is More Important Now Than Ever Before To Come Back To God Renew Your Everlasting Covenant With Yahweh Make His Son Yes With Jesus The Christ The Messiah The Christos The Savior He Always Saves Through Him Bring Him In Accept Him Come Back To God In This Way And Allow God To Guide Your Life And Have This Covering For You Because The Times That We Are In And The Times That Are Coming Which Are Very Soon And Look I’m Not About To Say I But Know This And Know That God Told Me When The End Is Coming And All That Be A Lie That’s Not True But I’m Basing This On The Stakes That Are Happening Happening Right Now Currently In Our World And The Things That Are Right Around The Corner We Need To Be In That Everlasting Covenant With Our God And We Need To Be Under His Mighty Shadow And Under His Covering And Covered By The Blood Of Yeshua Jesus The Christ Because That Is The Only Way We Are Going To Get Through These Things Up Firmly Convinced That God Will Protect He Will Protect Us He Will Save Us From This Great Terrible Day That’s Coming But Woe To Those Today Know Who They Are That Are Doing All This Wickedness And Have Sold Out To The Enemy That Some Of These People Are In The Churches That Have Sold Out To The Devil And They’re Telling People Now They’re Telling Their Congregations That It’s Okay That If You Take The Mark Of The Beast You Can Still Be Redeemed There Are Actually Pastors Telling Congregations This Now This Is A Lie From The Pits Of Hell And The Way That The Mark Of The Beast Is Going To Come Is Through These Chips So You Just Saw The Story About The The That Company That They All Just Got Chipped And They Had A Party And All This Kind Of Stuff And This This Is What’s Gonna Happen It’s Already Started But What Is Right Around The Corner Most People They’re Not Seeing It Okay There’s A Device Called Cern Are You Aware Of That Device Derek Yes Okay All Right There Are The Things Existing Now That Work In Concert And Containing Conjunction With This Cern Device And They Are A Wave Quantum Computers There Are Supposedly Only Three Of These In Existence Right Now I’m Sure There Are More Than That And More Are Coming These Things Are Like Living Organisms Have You Heard Of These Derek Yes I Have Yeah They’re Like Living Organisms Supposedly They Have According To This Guy Geordi Rose Who’s The Marketer For These Things Supposedly They Have Human Comparable To Human Heartbeats And They Can Solve Problems At Light Speed And Just They’re Like Nothing We Have Ever Seen Or Saddened In Our Wildest Dreams And So This Technology Is Here And Now What They Are Doing And This Is A Common Theme Going Throughout Now When You Really Pay Attention To The Bigger Picture What’s Happening Here These Devices Are Working In Conjunction With Cern Device And They Are Opening Doorways And Portals To Of The World And Losing More And More Demons On The Earth This Is Why I’m So Busy Has A Deliverance Minister Non-stop Traveling To People Because So Many People Are Being Affected By This War And Where These Demons Are Coming Onto The Earth They’re Coming Up From Underneath They Are Coming Through These Portals Because Of This Cern Device In These Dua Of Computers And As Crazy As This May Sound And I Grant You It Does Sound Crazy It’s Going To Sound Even Crazier With What I’m Going To Say Next But Don’t Take My Word For It And You People Listening Don’t Take My Word For It Do The Research To Yourself Pray About It First And Ask God If What I’m Saying Is True And Secondly Start To Dig Into This And Do The Research So These Do You A Quantum Computers Working In Conjunction With This Cern Device Or Literally Able To Now Turn Back Time And How Can I Say This Because If You Were To Check Your King James Bibles Right Now You Would Be Astounded Now What I’m About To Say Is Not Fear-based Trauma-based I’m Not Saying This To Put People In Fear I’m Saying This To Empower People Because Knowledge Is Power So I’m Saying This Not To Scare You I’m Saying This To Wake You Up Is Very Important For You To Know What Is Going On Right Now And It Is Super Important To Make Your Covenant With God He’s Apt So Derek I Don’t Know If You Are Aware Of This I Was Made Aware Of This Nearly A Year Ago By A Friend Of Mine Who I Had A Skype Session With And I Performed A Deliverance For Hurst Lives In Scotland Via Skype And She Sent Me This Information And At First I Didn’t Believe It You Know I She Asked Me If I Was Aware Of This And And I Think Scioscia For Sending This Information To Me But At First I Was Ready To Delete It Because I’m Very Busy And When I’m Home I Have A Million Messages To Answer All The Time People Are Always Calling Me Or Text Or Me Texting Me Or Emailing Me So I’m Always Playing Catch-up But Anyway I Look At This Message It’s A Video And It’s Talking About These Changes And And I Thought You Know This Mandela Effect Stuff But I Thought I Don’t Have Time For This I Am Going To Delete This Right Now And I Started To Delete It And God Stopped Me Right In My Spirit God Stopped Me And And Put That Urging On Me To Watch This Video And I Watched It And I Thought Okay I’m Going To Disprove This Right Now I Have Four King James Bibles I Have A Hall In Study Bible On My Desk I Have A Bookcase Full Of Other Bibles One Of My King James Bibles Designer 57 Years Old It’s Given To Me By My Dear Friends Top Row I Have It In The Top Of My Office And Cause It’s The Bible This Travels With Me All Over The Country Is 20 Years Old So I Get Them All Out I Lay Them Across The Desk And I’m Flipping Them Open And I Started With The Isaiah 11:6 Turk Can You Tell Me What Isaiah 11:6 Is It’s One Of The Most Popular Scriptures Out Of The Bible There Are Meetings And Statues And Depictions Of It All Over The World Elvis Sang About It And Other People And It’s Oh Wow I’m Looking At It Now I Got To Get This Oh My God That Scripture Is The Lines To Lay Down With The Lamb Well Not Anymore Not Says The Wolf The Lion Is Jesus The Lion Of Judah Is Ulemas Lamb Of God Jesus The Wolf Is The Devil My Son Sheep’s Clothing Crazy Oh It Gets Better Than This And I Created A Website For Anybody Who Really Wants To Take A Look At This It’s Nice For You What I’m Saying Is 100 Percent True The Website Is Www.hs Calm Punch That Up And Be Ready And So Here’s The Best Explanation For This God Is Allowing This To Happen Because This Is Part Of The Great Deception This Is The Ultimate Test To Say It Is Upon Us Now So Amos Eight Verses 11 And 12 Says This Behold The Days Come Saith The Lord God That I Will Send A Famine In The Land Not A Famine Of Bread Nor A Thirst For Water But Of The Hearing Of The Words Of The Lord And They Shall Wander From Sea To Sea And From North Even To The East And Shall Run To And Fro To Seek The Word Of The Lord It Will Not Find It That’s Exactly What Is Happening Right Now So There Are Hundreds And Literally Seriously There Are Hundreds Of Scripture Changes And Alterations That Are Taking Place They Started With The King James Bible And It’s Just Like Going On For Every Year Now And They’re Going To Other Bibles Now And So I Have To Thank Cat From Extol Joshua Dot-com She Has A Website A Youtube Channel And She Has I Think She Has It It’s Either Joining Or Salvor She Has A Team Of People That Have Helped Her With Combing The Bible On A Daily Basis And And This Lady Is To Be Commended She Has Found So Many Changes In The Bible And If You Visit Peen Bible Changes Com You Could Click On Three Different Files A File That I Have And Two Files That She Has Compiled Of These Changes And Just Be Sitting Down That’s All I Could Say Because When I Saw These Changes For Myself I Nearly Fell I Nearly I Just Nearly Dropped I Couldn’t Believe What I Was Seeing I Couldn’t Believe It I Looked In My Bible That I’ve Had In My Possession Four Of Them And One Is A Hundred Fifty Seven Years Old And I Looked In There And It Was Changed And I Thought Dear God What Is This I Can This Is Out Of It Crazy Because I’m Looking Here Now On Some Older Websites And People Are Quoting That Scripture And They’re Quoting It Wrong In There Quoting With The With The Lion And The Lamb So Now We Have Words In There Like Matrix Msync Models Butler Unicorn Naughty Kate Gorgeous Stuffs Couch Kisses Space Flesh Hooks Jupiter Suburbs Highways Tires Mufflers Ovens Bridges Pots Wharf There I Haven’t Heard That One Test We Have Ebonics In There Now Wow We A Precedes Yeah I Think I Remember You Know So If You Visit You Know Beam Bible Changes Comm They’re All Here The Lord’s Prayer Our Father Who Art In Heaven Hallowed Be Thy Name Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will Be Done On Earth As It Is Done In Heaven Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread And Forgive Us Our Trespasses As We Forgive Those Who Trespass Against Us And Lead Us Not Into Temptation But Deliver Us From Evil For Thine Is The Kingdom And The Power And The Glory Forever More That’s The Way It Always Was It’s Not That Way Anymore And That Is Matthew 6 Verses 9 Through 13 And Now It Says Our Father Which Art In Heaven Which Art In Heaven Hallowed Be Thy Name Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will Be Done In Earth Doesn’t Say On Earth Anymore It Says In Earth So If You Will For Those That Are Listening In And If You Don’t Have A Bible Go To Bible Gateway Comm Punch It Up Bible Gateway Comm It Punched In Matthew 6 And You’ll See Go Down Verses 9 To 13 And You’ll See Exactly What I’m Saying So Net Huh It Doesn’t Say Our Father Who Art In Heaven It Says Our Father Which Art In Heaven And It Says Instead Of Saying On Earth It Says In Earth And Instead Of Saying Trespass And Trespasses It Says Debts And Debtors Very Very Interesting Man I Have Definitely Looked Into The Mandala Effect But Never On The Christian And Never That It Was Being Done In The Bible As Well That’s So Interesting That’s Crazy Other Crazy One Brother This Is Genesis The Morning And Took Bread And A Bottle Of Water And A Bottle Of Water Let Me Tell You Something For Those Who Don’t Know The Word Bottles Was Never In The Bible It Was Skin So Water And Wine Were In Skins Not Bottles Bottles Is A 14th Century Word It Was Never In The Holy Scriptures Ever In The King James Bible And It’s Paired Now So Abraham Rose Up Early One Morning And Took Bread And A Bottle Of Water And He Gave It On The Head Or Putting It On Her Shoulder How Would You Put A Bottle Of Water On Somebody’s Shoulder You Would Put A Skin Of Water On Somebody’s Shoulder But Not A Bottle Mm-hmm Well Is That Not For Phosphorus Or What Yeah That’s Insane And Sure There’s A Lot More To That’s Oh I Could Go On And On And On I Mean Genesis 40 Verse 1 Says And It Came To Pass After These Things Now The Word Was Always Cup Bearer Mm-hmm Came To Pass After These Things That The Cup Bearer That’s What He Said That’s What It Always Said But Now It Says That The Butler The Butler Of The King Of Egypt And His Maker The Butler Oh Well Now We Have Butler’s Back In Genesis That’s Insane So Many Goes On And On And On And Words That Don’t Even Exist In The English Language Like Crookback Cr Oo Ka Ba Ck T That Word If You Punch It Up All Webster Online That Is Not A Word In The English Language But Yet There It Is In Leviticus 21 Verse 20 We’re Back Now A Crookback Would Be Another Word For A Hunchback Yeah Not A Crook Back Not With Et That Word Does Not Exist And There It Is In The Pittacus 21 Verse 20 It Says We’re Crookback Or A Dwarf Dwarf Hmm So So Let Me Get You Two More That They’re Gonna Really Flatten You Here Okay So We Know The Shadow Of A Doubt That A Man Does Not Reproduce A Man Can’t Get Pregnant A Mission Doesn’t Have Pressed Up With That Baby Could Suck On Four Milk None Of These Sakes Now We Know This Is True Correct Correct Okay Let Me Hit You With Verse 11 Verse 12 And Used To Say Nursing Woman Now It Says Have I Conceived All This People Have I Begotten Him That Tells Her To Say Unto Me Carry Them In That Bosom As A Nursing Father Barras The Sucking Child 8 Nursing Fathers Used To Say Nursing Woman Huh There’s A Lot Of Long Turns Over That One But Soon Be Going Crazy And Jo21 Verse 24 Says And He Used To Say His Body Is Well Fed And His Boats Are Moisten With Marrow That’s What It Always Said Now It Says His Breasts Are Full Of Milk And His Bones Are Moistened With Marrow Mm-hmm His Breasts Are Full Of Milk That’s Wrong And So Now I Want You To Think About This Also And Let Me Say This Now I Love All People And I Have Nothing Against Anybody But I’m A Truth Seeker And I Seek The Truth So I Know The Truth So I Could Speak The Truth So I Could Teach The Truth And Part Of That Truth Is That Over The Last Eight Years In Our Country – The Main Agendas Were The Homosexual Agenda And The Transgender Agenda Men Again Look I’ve Helped Many Homosexuals I Don’t Have Anything Against Anybody I Don’t Condone Or Endorse It At All But I Love Everybody In We’re All Killed You’re Salting So That Said With Those Two Agendas Firmly In Place And And What We See Happening Certainly With The Transgender Thing Now Let Me Take You To Luke 17 34 And 1735 Jesus Says I Tell You In That Night And It Used To Say In That Night A Man And A Woman In One Bed It Said Man And A Woman Yeah I Says I Tell You In That Night There Should Be Two Men In One Bed Two Men Two Men In One Bed One Should Be Taken And The Other Shall Be Left Now Says Two Men So The Next Verse Luke 17 35 It Always Used To Say It Always Said There Would Be Two Women Grinding Great Together At The Mill One Would Be Ticket And One Will Be Left Now It Says Two Women Shall Be Grinding Together Oh My God Yeah Wow Bill This Is Too Much Man I Wouldn’t Expel What’s It Ready For This The Bible Is The Truth And There’s No Substitute For It And Then Again Is Part Of What’s Going On And I’m Not Saying This To Scare Anybody I’m Saying This To Wake People Up And Do Empower People Yeah And To Urge Them To Come To God Right Now And If You Haven’t Made Your Covenant With God And Accepted Christ I Urge You To Do It Right Now And Get On Your Knees And Ask God To Forgive You For Anything And Everything That You’ve Ever Done Just Like I’ve Got All My Knees Asking Him To Forgive Me God Loves Us In Spite Of Ourselves And If We Will Make Him First I Guarantee You He Will Bless You And He Will Protect You And Have Favor On You Ma’am And You Won’t Have To Worry About These Things That Are Upon Us And These Things That Are Coming So The In Game Of This Whole Thing And I’m Going To Say One More Scripture And Then I’m Going To Tell You The End Game So In Revelation 1 Verse 13 Jesus Is Always Described As A Commanding Officer That At A Gold Sash Across His Chest You Remember That Yeah Derek Mm-hmm Okay Now It Says And This Keeps Right Up With The Same That I’m Saying Here In The Mist And This Is Revelation 1 Verse Candlesticks One Like Unto The Son Of Man Clothed With A Garment Down To The Foot And A Girt About The Paps That Means Bra Across The Breast With A Golden Girdle So Now They’re Describing Jesus As A Transsexual A Girt About The Paps Is A Bra Across The Breast With A Golden Girdle It Used The Same Old Sash Across His Chest Wow So Here’s Where It All Leads To Its Leading To The In Game The Game Is That They Are Going To Say Very Soon Due To These Do You A Quantum Computers They Are So Magnificent They Can Do Anything They’re The Greatest Things Ever And They’re Going To Say This They’re Going To Say That We Have Come Up With The Greatest Technological Discovery In The History Of Man Time Produced By These T-waves Quantum Computers If You Will Take This Chip And They One Surface Chip Into The Right Hand With This Long Needle And You Won’t Be Able To Get It Out By The Way Once They Put It Under There There Put It In A Place Shocker Be Over You Wouldn’t Be Able To Cut It Out So Anyway They’re Going To Say That If The People Will Accept The Chip They Will Become Immortal It Will Be The Merging Of Man Machine They’ll Never Die They Will Never Be Sick Again And It Will Be Part Of The D Waves Quantum Computer And It Will Be Like Gods And People Are Going To Fall For This Derek They’re Going To Line Up In The Millions To Take This And Over My Dead Body Will I Ever Take It Or My Wife’s Never And So What I’m Saying Is That This Is Right Around The Corner God Has Not Told Me This I See It Yeah Yeah And It Does Doesn’t At All Yeah Right Exactly So What I’m Earning People To Do And For Those Out There Listening You’ll Have To Believe A Word That I’ve Said Here But I Urge You To Do The Research Pray First And Then Ask God To Guide You To Ask Him Number One If I’m Being Truthful Number Two Ask Him To Guide You To The Research So You Can See It For Yourself And That Way You Can Be Wise And Have That Spiritual Discernment And Then Be Strong And Put On That Armor Of God And The Way To Put That Armor Of God On Is The Number One Making First Accept His Son Yeshua Jesus To Christ And Then Walk In Warrior Mode Say To Strengthen Courage And If You Can Do These Things You Won’t Have To Worry About Anything No Matter What Happens I Mean That’s That’s That’s What Uh We’re Supposed To Do Man That’s The The Countermeasure To The To The Darkness Into The Evil And That’s How We Know We Are To Be Sealed And To Be Protected No Matter What’s Going On Not Any Fear Not Any Doubt Not Any Unbelief But Just Trust In Faith And Thrive In The Midst Of Persecution And Thrive In The Midst Of What Everybody’s Going Like Whatever Is Going On People Are Confused I Don’t Know What To Believe In What The Trust And It’s Getting Is Getting Crazy And I Don’t Want To I Don’t Want To Harp On It Too Much And I Know You Don’t Want To Either But We Can Definitely See How Remember In The Church Man Let’s Say 15 Years Ago Everybody Was Talking About This Comin Persecution That Was Gonna Bring About Revival This Comin Persecution Is Coming Change That Would Come To The Church And Come And Persecution We’re There We’re There For You To Stand Up There And And If For You To Stand Up In A Group Of Peers On A Social Level And Say That You Believe In The Gospel And The Gospel Changed Your Life And And In You You’re Saved You’re A Believer You’re Gonna Be Black Dad You’re Gonna Be Ridiculed You Know I’m Sayin And So To See That And All Of These Different Agendas Out Here And It’s Like It Is It’s Insane Man We Got It We Got To Stand Up For Truth And And Be The People That God Has Called Us To Be And And And Understand What That Is Man The Genderless Aliens You Know All Of These Things People Are Becoming Out There It’s All Part That’s All Behind You Yeah Next Time I Come Back On Maybe We Can Dig Into That As Well Because It’s All Part Of It Everything Is Tied Together And I’ll Say Joshua 1:9 Right Now Have I Not Commanded Be Strong And Of Good Courage Be Not Afraid Neither Be Thou Dismayed To The Lord That God Is With You Wherever Though We’re Without Go God Is There He Is With Us So We Want To Worry About Anything Then Isaiah 41:10 Do Not Fear For I Am With You Do Not Anxiously Look About You For I Am Your God I Will Strengthen You Surely Or Help You Surely I’ll Hold You With My Righteous Right Hand I Believe That I Lived That Every Day It’s All 91 Is My Favorite I Believe That I Live By That And Other People Suit As Well So God Gives Us Blessed Assurance And If You Take These Words From God To Heart And You’re Not Going To Fear Anything And You’ll Be Ready For These Things That Come And How Can We Be Ready Because It’s Again If God Is With Us And For Us That Nothing Is Going To Stand Against Us Amen Bill You Got Time For A Phone Call Let’s Do It All Right We’re Going To The Phone Lines Phone Lines Are Open Now If You Guys Want To Call In And Ask A Question Or Have A Story That You Would Like To Share Go Ahead And Do That The Number Is Scrolling Across The Top Of The Platform And As Well It’s In The Description So We’re Going To North Western Arkansas Who Are We Speaking With Hunter Can Y’all Hear Me Alright You Got A Question Or Comment Oh Yeah Legal Question And This Is One That’s Been Up Are You Used Only Plus On This True Second So I’m Just Gonna Try To Make It Short And Sweet Real Quick Cuz I Try To Ask Jordan About This And He Just Kind Of Went Off On My Questions Probably For Good Reason Though That You Jordan Okay So It Starts Off With Um I’ve Been Having A Lot Of Moments With Synchronicity In My Life Big And Small But Either Way It’s Been A Sexually Big Time Or Another One Of Those Notes In Synchronicity Was I Think I Want You To See And Want Your Podcast Ruth Uh You Were So Much In A Dream State You Brought Back To My Memory A Dream I Had About 18 19 And In This Dream I Was Sitting In The Living Room A Parent’s House And Also I’m Just Completely Silver Being Just Appears I Don’t Know Where By The Front Door And The Front Door Wasn’t Open So It Phased In Obviously Somehow I Remember It Picked Me Up Kind Of Like Carry Me On This Arm And All Of A Sudden I’m Outside Across In The House And I’m Surrounded By A Group Of Other People And This Dini Has A Remarkable Speed Because It Was In A Running Stand Right Before We Appeared Outside So It Would Be A Remarkable Speed And Everyone The Group I Recognized In One Way Or Another And When I When I Got Where I Stood There I’m Looking At The Beam Again It’s Completely Sure But It’s Like A Mirror I Can Clearly See My Reflection Off The Being Body They Had No Facial Features No Like Special Body Functions And No Jenna Tell You What Slower The Only Thing That Kind Of The Stranded Was It Has Human-like Hand You Know Like Feet Again Completely Silver And Absolutely Nothing But Hands Feet And I Remember I’m Doing Three Of Them And They Were All Circling Around Sounded Like Watching Up And Breakfast Where The Dream Ended I Remember Sort Of Saying We Have Been Chosen And I Posted This In The Page The Group And Someone Who Richly Said It Was Probably Angels Because They Didn’t Really Appear As Being Delight As Apparently Somebody Was Doing Which I Was Not Aware Of So I Just What Do You All Think Certainly Sounds Like It It Certainly Sounds Like It’s Possible And God Does Have Callings For Us And As I Stated Earlier In The Show Those That The Greater Callings And Life Stuff For The Most So There There Will Be Periods Of That Verse If You Haven’t Already Had That There Will Be Trials And Tribulations And Most People Go Through Trials And Tribulations In Life But When People Are Called The Greater Callings There’s Trials And Tribulations Are Amplified Magnified Greatly So It Very Well Could Have Been Something From Gods And Angelic Realm I Mean Psalm 68 Seventeen Says The Chariots Of God Or Twenty Thousand And That’s All Other Topic Will Get Another Time But I Firmly Believe That For Whatever Reasons Our God Yahweh Who Is The Creature Of All Things Is Certainly For Whatever Reasons Either He Uses Or Has The Heavenly Hosts Use Some Of These Flying Vehicles And I Believe That Saith And A Third Of The Angels Were Cast Out Of Heaven In Those Flying Craft And I Think They Came Down Here And So Human Women And Produced A Hybrid Offspring Of Giants Called The Nephilim That Ended Up Just Wreaking Havoc On The Earth And This Is Why God Caused A Great Flood But I Do Believe That Some Of Those Things Escaped The Planet To Mars And As Crazy As That Sounds There Are Statues And Monuments And Spaces And Pyramids And Everything Else On Mars And I Think That Some Of Them Escaped And And Went There And When Things Calmed Down Here They Came Back But This Ties In With Theirs Bigfoot Creatures As Well Because In The Book Of Enoch It Talks About These Giants These Nephilim Having Unnatural Sex Acts The Beasts Of The Field And That Was With Bears And Aids And Such And This Would Explain The Bigfoot Creatures And So Everything Is Very Much Tied In So What We You Know Call Alien Phenomena It Is All Tied Together So Yes God Does Have The Angelic Realm And I Do Believe That Some Operators Craft I Believe That It Created Life Elsewhere Out There It’s Beyond My Understanding But I Absolutely Believe In The Vastness Of Everything He Did And And Some Of Those Beings May Be Coming To Our Planet In Those Vehicles I Believe That Our Government Has Control Of Some Of Those Vehicles Back-engineering Them Operating Them And I Believe The Devil And His Minions Also Have And Operate Those Types Of Ufo Crowds So It All Ties In Together But Based On What You Said I Certainly Can Believe That It Was A Divine Angelic Experience And I Pray That God Is At This Blessing In Favor And Will Continue Out That To Have That Blessing In Favor Over You Amen Yeah It Was Just An Anomaly Because I First Obviously Know They Have An Aliens But I Remember I Never Sought Shit There Was No Ship In Sight Never I Was Trying To Rack My Brain In This Dream Like What’s Their Shape And I Was Like No The Workmanship So Good Of The Knavery They Were All But I Also Remember Days Also Really Thought They’re Like Sunny People Remember I Mean It Threw Me Off When We Had With My Ages Remember Him Saying That I Was Only Expecting To Be More Human-like So That’s Purposely I Kind Of Grew Up Being In The Church In Law Was Angel’s Always More Human Rights I Always Ask I Want To Send His Giant Warrior Angels When I’m Ready To Go Into Battle And The First Thing I Do Before I Go Into Someone’s Home Is I Say A Land Blessing Out There And As I Doing The Land Blessing I Ask God To Send His Junk Warrior Angels To Come And Carry Off Any And Every Demon That May Be Present In Honor Around The Land The Property The Home Where The Family Of Their Pets And Take Them Into Custody And Carry Him Off And Deposit Them Back The Pits Of Hell Where They Belong And I Absolutely Do Believe It God Sent His Angels In That Way So I Believe Your Story And It Certainly Sounds Like You Had A Divine Angelic Experience On That Day Oh That That Blows My Mind Away Like All We Could Say Is Praise God And Now It’s Time For You To Realize How Blessed A Favorite You Are And I Pray That Your Life Is Very Good And Very Blessed At This Time But I Say Let’s Take The Next Step Forward And Let’s Get Busy Not Only Living But Winning In The Way That We Win Is To Allow God To Work Through Us In That Mighty Way To Take Us To The Next Level In The New Chapter In The New Season However He Will Do That Week Toby Are Committed To Him And We Totally Trust In Him That He Will Guide Us On The Right Path In The Right Way For His Glory So He Will Have Us To Be Where He Wants Us And Needs Us To Be And That Will Be Exactly Where We Want And Need To Be Well One More Thing I Wanted This Guess Before I Talk Before Y’all Kick Me Off Of Here Morning I Didn’t List Up I Looked At Midnight Matthew 6 We Was All About In Hearse Now I’m Used To Reading The Niv Bible So I Looked Them Up First The Niv Bible Mentions On Earth But Yet I Decided To Look At The Kjv 1 As Well And Then That One Says Earth Exactly Right And That Shows You Right There We Don’t Live In Earth And So I Have In My Home I Have A In A Fresh And Its Own Paper The Lord’s Prayer And Not Far From That On Top Of A Bookcase I Have Lord’s Prayer That’s Etched Into A Stone And So It Got Up One Day And The Lord’s Prayer Was Changed In The Frame So The Way I Say Now To Where It Says In Earth And You Know Our Father Which Art In Heaven And And All That And Trespass And Trespasses Have To Change The Debts And Debtors But Yet The Lord’s Prayer In The Stone Was Not Altered At All So I Know Xers Of That And So That’s It It’s Proof That However This Cern Device And These T-wave Quantum Computers Are Doing This They Are Working In Concert In Conjunction With One Another Pi And Nor Does Any Other Human I I Wouldn’t Think Would Have The Answers To Exactly How This Is Working Unless These Humans Are Literally Right There And I Believe That They Are Working With Fallen Angels This Is Fallen Angel Technology And They Are Literally Able To Supernaturally Whether That’s Through Frequency Vibration Sending Light Orbs What Some Sort Of Energy You Know Through A Through An Orb Or Something That Would Come Into A Person’s Home Or Private Space And Be Able To Alter And Manipulate These Scriptures Again I Have A Hundred And Fifty Seven-year-old Bible That Has Been Changed A Twenty-year-old Bible That Has Been Changed In My Possession In My Home On My Person These Things Have Been Changed I Don’t Have An Explanation For That Other Than To Say That It’s True It’s Real The Scriptures Did Not Read That Way Prior To This And So This Is Something That Is So Far Beyond My Understanding That It Took Me A Couple Weeks To Really Grasp This As To How This Could Be Possible Okay So Like One Thing Is On With The Words Changing Does That Mean There’s A Prayer Still Really The Same Or Does It Completely Go 180 Wake Up Through The Kjv Niv Bibles On That Lord’s Prayer Well They’re Going To Change Them All And They’re Working On It Now And So What They Want To Do Is I Think This Is A Test Just To See If There Are People Awake That Will Catch This Because Some Of These Words Are Just Preposterous I Mean You Know You’re Talking About Words Like Ranges Nothing’s And Frying Pans And Highways And All This Kind Of Stuff Mufflers And Tires These Words Are Actually In The Bible Now And And So This Is Ridiculous But I Really Think This Is A Test To See How Asleep The Masses Are And I’ll Tell You I Have Contacted These So-called Big Shots You Know In The The Churches And You Know And Derek Is Aware Of What A Whole Other Topic But You Know I’ve Contacted These Types Of People It’s Supernatural With Syd Roth’s And All These Difference And They Don’t Want To Hear It They Don’t They Just Don’t Even Want To Go There Now I Have Contacted Some Priests And Pastors And Some Of The People Say I’m Not Even Going To Look At That You’re An Age You Know The Devil For Saying That All That Kind Of Stuff They Won’t Even Go There But You Had Some Apps And I’m Thankful That A Few Happened They’ve Had Me Come To Their Church And Speak To The Congregation’s It Used To Hurt The Gas Yeah In The In The Audience What I’m Saying What I’m Saying Here About These Changes And They Look In Their Own Bible And To See It And They’re Just Like Gasping Hmm So Does That Make The Enemy Bomb Isn’t Good Monica Then Or What Does That Mean In The Long Run I Didn’t Hear What You Said There He Wondered He Wanted To Does That Make The Niv Bible Demonic Now Well Know What This Is Designed To Do This Is Designed To Corrupt Them All No Take Fool They’re Corrupted Ten People Are Going To Say You Know As A Matter Of Fact I Had It To Paint With A Man About A Month Ago And This Man Is A Brilliant Man He’s A Bible Scholar Pastor Credentials The Length Of Your Arm Good Men Um He Since Become A Friend And But He Was Really Opposed To What I Was Saying Until He Realized It For Himself And Now He’s On The Same Page With Me And Understands What The Enemy Is Doing Here But We Actually Were On A Show And Had A Debate And You Know After That I Praise God For Opening His Eyes To See That The Enemy Is Really Doing Something Here And This Is Designed Because He Said It Himself In The Debate He Said Well If I Don’t Have My Bible I Don’t Have Anything And I Said Wait A Minute Hold On That Is Not True If You Took Every Bible Off This Earth Here And Now That Does Not Affect Any Way Shape Or Form My Covenant Or My Relationship With God So Yes The Bible Is A Great Writing It’s The Most Popular Book In The History Of Mankind And It Is Inspired However It Is Not And I Repeat It Is Not The Infallible Word Of God Because Men Have Corrupted It From The Very Beginning That’s A Whole Other Show As Well However That Said If These Bibles Were Taken Right Now It Would Not Affect One Bit My Relationship With God So I Stressed That To Him And He Understood What I Was Saying And Stressing That To All We’re Listening Right Now Just Because The Bible And People Say Well The Word Of God Is Forever It Can’t Be Changed God’s Word God’s Spoken Word It Is Forever And Does Not Change Unless He Changes It However We’re Talking About A Book That Men Have Access To And They Certainly Have Add It To And Take It From And It Will Continue To Do So Now We Have These Other Forces At Work In The Demonic Realms Engineered And Orchestrated By The Enemy Himself To Do These Things With Making These Alterations And It Is For A Purpose And Agenda So It Is Very Important For People To Be Aware Of This People Need To Be Awake And I Mean Like Right Now Awake Because It Is Super Important I Can’t State It Enough It Is Super Important For People To Come Back To God Now And Reestablish Their Everlasting Covenant With Him And When We Do This You Will Have Blessed Assurance And Knowing That God Will Make A Way For You And These Things That Are Coming Will Not Affect Those That Are In This Great And Strong Face With God I’m Telling You Right Now I Believe This With All My Heart That’s One Thing That When It Comes To Bill Being That Stood Out From Timmy From Day One Is That Whenever I First Heard Bill Was On Coast To Coast Am And I Would Just Consume Hours And Hours And Hours Of It When I Was On My Truck Driving Job And I Was Listen One Particular Morning And Listening To Bill Being On As A Guest They Had The Exorcist On Talking About Demon Possession And Things Like This And This Was The First Time And Maybe Only Two That I’ve Ever Heard Anybody Go On Coast-to-coast Radio And Preach The Gospel Telling People How To Stop These Demonic Encounters And Demonic Possessions And People Being Tormented And Haunted In The Middle Of The Night Bill Bean Went On This National Syndicated Show And Continues To Go On There And Goes On Other Shows And Preaches The Uncompromised Gospel And In The Time Where There Wasn’t Many People Doing That Especially When It Was In Some Type Of Secular Arena So And I Always Mention That Every Time Bill Comes On I Was Like The First Time I Was Came Into Contact With His Work He Was Preaching An Uncompromised Gospel On Coast To Coast Man And I Thank You Brother And It’s True And I Praise God For It I Can’t Be Any Different No Matter Where I Go You Know I Fit In So Many Different Types Of Settings And I’ve Been In Places To Where There Were All Non-believers I’ve Been In Places To Where I Was Giving A Lecture At One Place In Particular I Was Giving A Lecture At A Paranormal Event And I Was Speaking About God Just Like We’re Talking Now And Some People Got Up And Walked Out They Said We Didn’t Come Here To Hear About God We Came Here To Hear About The You Know The Scary Story And All That We Don’t Hear About God And They Got Up And Walked Out Yeah I’m Sorry I Can’t Be Any Other Way This Is The Way That God Has Made Me To Be This Is The Calling That God Has Put All My Life I Will Never Change Never For One Second Because I Am Quite Happy And Thankful To God For A Jointing Mean Calling Me In This Way So As Long As I Have A Breath In My Body I Will Be Speaking The Same Way No Matter Where I Go No Matter Who I’m Talking To Amen And That Right There Man That Is What Many People Are Looking For Authenticity Many People Out There They Don’t Know Who To Be They’re Just Like A Chameleon Around Different People They Change With The Wind And And They Are Not Comfortable In Their Own Skin They Don’t Know How To Be Themselves Because In It Has A Lot To Do With My Friends In The Church Arena They Can’t Be Who God Called Them To Be Or To Like Different Things Outside Of The Box Or Whatever The Case Is Because They’re Demonized Or So I’ll Have People Who Can’t Be Affiliated With Me Just Because We Talk About Aliens You Know And Stuff Like That So They Can’t Be Seen Around Me They Can’t Talk Because Their Church Friends Would Disown Them And Look At Them You Know And Not Invite Them In Their Circles And Stuff And So For Somebody To Be Authentic And What They Believe And Who They Are Man Money Cannot Buy That I Totally Agree With You And See This Is Another Part Of The Agenda In Our World Today Our Country And Really The World As Well As Made Up Of Mostly Followers So What They Do They Assemble The Best And The Brightest And They Get These People Coming Out Of College And They Put Them In The Sink Tanks Like The Brookings Institute It’s Like That So Where They Say Okay Let’s Tap In To The Masses And How Do We Manipulate Them How Do We Introduce These Fads And Trends This Is All Gauging On How To Control People So Most Of Tv That’s Why It’s Called Tv Programming It Is Mine Programming So The Things That You Hear In A Lot Of Today’s Music And Tv Shows And Movies Things Of This Nature This Is All Mass Mind Programming It Is Designed To Dumb People Down To Make Them Subservient And To Make Them A Follower So When You Got Everybody Following Along It’s Very Easy To Control People The Masses Yeah Yep And It’s Easy To Go With The Flow And But I’m Telling You That’s What I Mean It’s So Easy To Do That But I’ve Been In Churches Years Ago When I Was Just You Know Going To The Youth Groups And I Used To Do Gospel Rap Music Right And I Do A Lot Of Churches From Stuff So But There Was Deeper Truths That The Lord Was Waking Us Up To Where There Was The Illuminati Or The Government Or The Prosperity Pimps In The In The Churches That Was It That Was Like My Awakening That Was Early On For Me And So I Would I Would Mention This Stuff From The Stage And I Would Get This These Weird Looks From The Pastor’s And The Leaders But Some Of The The The Members And Somebody Used Their Eyes Would Open Up Really Wide And They Were Really Into It And They Finally Heard Somebody Vocalizing What They Already Believed On The Inside So For You To Stand Up And Just Voice The Truth About A Map About A Matter It Can Lead People Out Of Darkness And Into The Light And To Really Shine A Bright Light On That And I’ve Just Been Like A Poster Child I Was You Know Pretty Much You Know Had My Head Cut Off For Doing That But I Did It And It’s Part Of The Process And I Know The Power Of Speaking The Truth Even If Your Voice Trembles And Even If Nobody Else Is Speaking The Truth Around You To Open Up Your Mouth And And Declare The Oracles Of God No Matter What Opposition You Have Out There And And The People Who Resonate With It’s Gonna Resonate With Whoever It’s For They’re Gonna Get It People Listening Right Now If It’s For You You Get It If Not And That’s What’s Telling Somebody There’s A Million Freaking Videos On Your Sidebar Right Now You Can Click Any One Of Those Videos And Leave And Go And Be Taking That Other Rabbit Trails And Listen To Other People But If You’re Listening To This For This Long Something’s Something’s Got To Be Going On In Your Spirit Something Has You Have To Be Resonating With Something There’s A Million Different Little Brother And For You To Be So We Don’t Have To Convince Anybody To Have To Trick Anybody To Follow Us Or To Believe Our Gospel Or You Know To Believe Our Good News If The Lord’s Dealing With You It’s Between You And Him And We May Be Like Totally Great Vehicle For That And That That’s How You Got To Know Your Calling Bill Is No You Don’t Have To Trick Anybody You Don’t Have To You Have To Pulling The String You Just Be A Child Of God You Be A Manifestation Of The Sons And Daughters Of God On The Earth And Watch What Happens Things Begin To Open Up Doors Are Open You Have Power And Authority To Walk In It Becomes A Lot More Fun And Then We’re Not Broke Busted And Disgusted And And Just You Know Living To Get By Life Becomes Worth Living It Becomes A Lot More Fun As Well I Totally Agree With You Brother And See This Is Where And Look I Know There’s A Lot Of Great Churches Still Out There And God Bless Them However I Have To Say This Because If I Didn’t Say It Then I’d Be Doing A Disservice A Lot Of Today’s Churches Are Sold Out And That Goes For You Know Look Some Of Some Of Our People In The High Places Whether It’s Government Or Entertainment More Athletes Whatever It May Be They’re All Selling Out And I’m Sorry To Say This But It’s Absolutely The Truth And So This Is Why It Is So Important With The Foundations Of Everything Kind Of Coming Apart It Is Very Important For Men Like Us To Stand Tall To Stand Strong In That Warrior Mode And Say Look No Matter What Happens Here We Are Going To Continue To Be Strong And God Is Going To Continue To Strengthen Us And We’re Going To Be A Voice We Can’t Force Anybody To Do Painting Nor Do We Want To Force Anybody To Do Anything But If You Look Into Some Of Today’s Churches That’s Exactly What They Do Because They Will Say If You Don’t Believe Like I Believe You’re Damned To Hell If You Don’t Do This This This And This You Are Damned To Hell If You Do This And This And This You Are Damned To Hell So What Happens Is These People Start Ruling By Fear And Once They Have The Congregation Those Who Are Listening To Their Message Under That Type Of Fear Then They’re Going To Control Them And They’re Going To Be Able To Dominate Them And Manipulate Them Into Things That People Would Never Imagine That They Could Be Manipulated Into Doing And This Is Where Some Of The Churches Cross Into That Cult-like Type Of City So We’re Now This Pastor Is Being Worshipped And The Pastor Is Now Doing All These Crazy Things And The People Are Just Totally Afraid And They Become Serbian And So They’re Just Literally Under The Roll And Under The Thumb Of This Individual That’s Supposed To Be A Man Of God Yeah And Then When The Pastor Falls Away From God Or The Pastor Gets Caught Up And Some Cut Type Of Extra Marital Affair And In The Pastor Fault And The Sin And Then They Quit Believing In God Because Of Something The Pastor Did Shows You That The Trust Wasn’t In Christ But Their Trust Was In This This Leader Of This Follower Which Was In A Stir Yeah Ken We Cannot Do That Our Trust Must Always Be With God Because We As Human Beings We’re All Fallible There’s Not One Of Us That Are Perfect And I Would Be The First One To Say I Try To Do The Best That I Can Do And Be The Best That I Can Be Each And Every Day In My Life But I Fall Short Too I’m A Human Being So We’re All In This Cessful World And We’re Going To Make Bad Choices From Time To Time So Nobody Is Exempt From Making Mistake Now I Do Something That I Know Is Not Pleasing To God I Get On My Knees And I Ask Him To Forgive It So I Confess It Before Him And I Ask Him To Forgive It And Then A Blessing Always Follows That Because Got The Lights When We Come Back To Him In That Type Of Childlike Reverence For Him And Asking Him Please You Know We Confess It Before Me He Already Knows But We Confess It Before Him And And He Delights In That When We Have Humbled Ourselves And Come Back And Literally Got On Our Knees And Asking For That Forgiveness And A Blessing Always Follows Mm-hmm Bill Thanks So Much For Coming On The Show Man As Always It’s A Pleasure I’m Glad We Got To Do It Again It’s Been Too Long Brother It’s My Honor And Pleasure And Please Let’s Schedule Another Show Very Very Soon I’ve Enjoyed This And God Bless You And Your Family Brother Derek And God Bless Everybody Out There That’s Listening In And May God Keep Everybody In His Heads Protection 24/7 And May God Bless All Of You With An Abundance Of Love Peace To A Good Health And Prosperity For Life Father We Give You The Praise And The Thanks And The Glory Forever More In Jesus Name Amen Appreciate You Brother My Brother I’ll Be In Touch All Right Bless You So Long Good Night Bill Beam Ladies And Gentlemen We’ve Done I Think We’ve Done Three Shows Total In The Past And One Of The Last Ones Like He Said Was About Him Was Supposed To Go On I Think It Was Cbn He Was Supposed To Do They Came Out And Shot A Segment They Shot A Story About His Testimony About Him Dealing With Demons In The Dark Forces And Stuff And There’s A Lot Of Stuff That Builds Him And Actually Involved With Where They Use His Story On Television And Stuff Like That But The Christian People Wanted To Come Out And Do It So They Came Out And They Shot The Film What’s With The 700 Club For Cbn I Believe It Was Believe I Got That Right And They Came Out And Filmed It And They Gave Him A Date That It Was Gonna Air And He Was Looking Forward To It’s Gonna Be Great Publicity A Lot You Know A Lot Of People Will Be Able To Hear His Story And You Know Bill Would Would Would His Name And Renown Would Get Out There They Gave Him A Date The Date Came And Went It Didn’t Air And So He Emails Them They Give Him Another Date That They Came And Went The Segment Never Aired Well Come To Find Out Some People Wrote In To When They Heard That He Was Gonna Be On The Show And Told Them A Little Bit About Bill’s Fascination With Ufos And So Bill Had And I Think He Still Has It But You Go To His Website His Bill Being Calm I’ll Put It In The In The Description But Yes Pictures What He Was Just Prompted To Take Pictures Of The Sky Just In A Certain Area And You Couldn’t See Anything But When He Got The Film Developed These Ufos Ships And Orbs Were Appearing Not The The Little You Know Orbs That People Show Up In The Camera With The Lights But These Metallic Looking Ships And Like In The Middle Of The Day And He Had A Bunch Of These Pictures Of These Different I Don’t Know If They Were Actual Ships So They Were Beings Because That We Know That They’re Beings Of Light That Are Out There As Well So He Had A Bunch Of This Stuff On His Website Really Awesome Work And I Thought Oh I Thought It Was Really Cool But They Called In Or They Wrote In And Told Him About Him And Cancelled His Segment They Did They Chose Not To Air It Because Of His Fascination With Ufos And In That That Sucks Man You Know It Sucks For Him And I Think There Was A Period Of Time Where He Quit Talking About The Ufos And Stuff A Little Bit Too Because That Happened So You Know I’m Reading The Coffee What’s Up Madi Brother Also So Mad He’s Saying Complete 180 From Last Week’s Podcast Lol And Somehow Says He Is The Real Deal Yeah It Is It Is A 180 And This Is What You Get Man We Have A Lot Of Different People On Here With A Lot Of Different Opinions And Voices And I Try To Get Mine In There A Little Bit Here And There Here Here They Here A Little There A Little As The Scriptures Say And But Yeah And We Talk To Everybody This Show Man If People Give Me Hell About It Like When I Have Jordan Maxwell On Or Something In There Like You Know They Get Upset Because He Speaks As An Authority Figure On Some Things That Or Even False Right And We Know You Know I’m Saying And I Don’t Want To Be Like I’m Talking Crap About Jordan Cuz I Really Do Love The Guy And I I Feel Like I’m Gonna Be Used To Speak Life And Speak Truth Into That Man And I Have A Relationship With Him Even Though We Don’t Agree On Things You Know I’m Doing What I’m Doing Because Of Jordan Maxwell It’s Been Such An Influence But But You Know What People Are Saying This That You Know Jordan Is This Jordan Is That He Has An Agenda Whatever The Case Is And I’ll Say This Jordans Tom Is Come And Gone He’s On His Last Leg It’s Our Turn It’s Our Turn You Men And Women Out There Who Have A Call Of God On Your Life And You Have Breath In Your Lungs And You Have The Truth And You Have A Fire In Your Stomach To Get That Truth Out Out There It’s Your Turn It’s Your Turn To Do That And Be Encouraged Be Equipped To Do It And Don’t Be Scared Of Anything Speak The Truth Even If Your Voice Shakes No Matter What It Is It’s Your Turn Even Prophetically I Released That Over You It’s Your Turn To Do It Stop Watching Videos Stop Doing The Research Stop Debating It’s Time Just To Get Out There And What The Scripture Says To Do The Work Of The Evangelists Get Out There And Do It That’s The Whole Difference With What We’re What We’re Doing Now Versus What Was Going On Back In The Church Days In The Church Days We Would Just Have Bible Studies And We Would Just Debate About The Words That Jesus Said Or The Debate About What Paul Said Well What Did He Really Mean What Did He Really Mean When It’s And We’d Have These Debates For Hours And We Go Back And Study And We Come Back And We Debate And Stuff But We It’s Simple Go Out And Freaking Do What Jesus Said Do Don’t Debate About What He Said And Try To Find The References Myself I’ve Been There And I’ve Done That And I Can Do It And I Was The Fourth Season But Just Get Out There And Simply Do What Jesus Did Go Out There And Love The Unlovable Go Out There And Show Grace To Those Who Don’t Deserve Grace Show Mercy To Those Who Don’t Deserve Mercy And Do That And Watch Things Begin To Open Up Watch God Begin To Bless That Watch God Begin To Breathe Upon That The God He’ll Give You The Resources He’ll Open Up The Doors That No Man Can Open He’ll Close Doors That No Man Can Close It Is Simple May We Try To Make It So Hard And Try To I Don’t Even I So Crazy I’ve Been Talking To A Lot Of People Lately About The Church Realm And How They Just Divide And Try To Divide The Followers Like There’s All These Followers You Have All These People In These Different Ministers And Even In The Fringe Circles Like Where We We Dwell And I’ll Say It Again I’ve Been Saying Like It Like A Broken Record But I’m Gonna Keep Saying It Just In Case You Didn’t Hear The Last Episode There’s People Who Are Trying To Get Followers And They Demonize The Other People So That They Can Get Their Followers Even In The Church Realms Whether It’s For Donations Or For Money Or Things Like That They Look At Different People Like Myself And You Can Look At Me And Find All Types Of Flaws Whatever You Want Loominatee Tattoos You Know I’m Saying The Way I Talk May Seem Less Educated Whatever The Case Is You Can Find All Of These Things Wrong With Me So That You Can Promote The Work Of Somebody Else Or Say Yeah Check Out Our Our New Teachings On This And Present It With And Speak As An Authority Figure Or Whatever The Case Is But These People Are Doing That To Get Followers For Themselves And I Don’t Want To Do That To Other Ministers Or Just People I Don’t Give A Damn If You’re A Minister Or Not Do It To Other People So That You Can You Put Other People Down So That It Makes You Look Better And That’s Just Even The Spirit Behind It When People Are Gossiping And Ain’t Got To Have Nothing To Do It Religion Or Spirituality Just Gossiping Talking About Other People You Know And I Tell You What When It Comes To Jesus Jesus Spoke About Hell A Few Times And He Condemned A Few Practices And One Of The Practices That Jesus Said Was Worthy Of Hellfire Was Backbiting And Talking About People In Opening Your Mouth About People Why Cuz He Understood The Power Of Vibration He Understood The Power Of The Spoken Word That Life And Death Is In The Power Of The Tongue And You Create As You Speak In The Same Breath That Breathed Us Into Existence It Dwells Within Our Lungs And We Had That Same Power Within Our Voice He Understood That He Didn’t Play With All This Backbiting And Gossip And Stuff That Goes On In The Religious Arena And Even Outside Of It It’s All About Truth So Instead Of Looking At People And Seeing What What I Don’t Agree With And What I Don’t Believe In And Pointing Those Things Out Or Whatever Even Though There’s A Time For That Don’t Get Me Wrong I Would Rather Look At You Or Look At A Person And Find Out What We Can Agree On And Build On That Versus In The Church Realm They Teach You To Find What You Disagree On Wicked Man There’s People I’ve Lost Really Good Friends Man Or People I Thought Were Friends Because We Agree On So Much And Have So Much In Common Whether It Was Music And And Stuff Like That And Then They Want To Know My Beliefs On Every Day Like Quiz Me They Like Drill You On All These Subjects When It Comes To Religion And Belief System Or Whatever Until They Find Something That They Hold As A Core Belief And You Have A Slightly Different Opinion And Then They’ll Use That Okay We Can’t Work Together Anymore We Can’t Kick It And They Tell People Stay Away From You And Demon Ah It’s So Crazy Man It Is So Crazy And I’m So I Enjoy Having People On With Other Opinions With Other Belief Systems And I Have A Belief System Too And I Let These People Speak And I Try To Straighten It Up A Little Bit At The End But I Do Understand Why I’m Here And I Know What I’m Doing And So I Just Want To Empower You Guys To Know Why You’re Here Why Are You Here What Does Your Call Find It And Do It Man And I Tell You Like They’re Such There Is Such Liberation And Being Who You’re Called To Be First Of All Find Out What That Is Some I Know Many People Don’t Know That You Know What They Are And While They Have Find That Reason And Then Do It And Then Walk In It And Then Thrive In It And And Things Will Start Lining Up And People Will Envy You Man People Who Are Chameleons People Who Are Just They Don’t Know They Just Pushed Around By Every Different Belief System Or Every Different Persona And Personality In Spirits Right And So Just Be Who You’re Created To Be Love Yourself Know That The Message Of God The Message Of Jesus Is Is Universal Love Love For All People Who Don’t Deserve It As Simply While I’m Here Doing This Show Tonight That’s The Grace That Empowers Me To Pursue My Dreams The Grace That Empowers Me To Be A Good Husband A Good Father A Good Friend It Is Grace That Has Been Shed Upon My Life And I Take That Same Grace And Extend It To Others Even Jordan Maxwell Even Jordan Maxwell Many Of My Friends Look I’m Telling You They Want Me They Want Me To Tear Him A New One They Want Me To Give Him On Here And Debate Him And Tell Him Off On Camera And Stuff Like That We Disagree On Stuff You Know It’s Part Of It You Know But Uh There’s Grace For Jordan Maxwell Jesus Loves Jordan Maxwell And Uh So Yeah Reach Out To Him Man You Know Everybody Wants Me To Do It You Guys Can You Guys Could Do To Work To Do The Work Of The Evangelist And Do What I’m Doing You Know I’m Saying So With That Being Said I’m Gonna Say Shalom I Enjoyed Hanging Out With With All Of You Guys I’m Reading All The The Messages In The Comments-section And Thank You Guys So Much Davey Paranormal Intermission Chris Garner Thank You Guys So Much For Hanging Out With Me Hunter Thanks For Calling In Listening In Brother Maddie Maddie Says Got To Use The Sermon And Balancing Everything No Doubt Man We Present The Work And Uh It’s Up To Us Up To You Man That’s Just Part Of It There’s Gonna And It’s Hard For Me To It Is Even Hard For Me To Promote People To Say Because People Are Okay I Have I Get Messages In People They Want To Know Who I’m Into What I Listen To And They Get My Opinion My Opinions On People And With An Open Heart I Try To I Try To Share What Works For Me And What’s Helped Me But For The Most Part Like It’s Hard For Me To Say Okay Listen To This Person’s Work Because I Know There’s A Bunch Of Stuff In There That Is Dangerous So I’m Not Gonna Promote Them You Know I’m Sanz And That Happens A Lot Of Times People Message Me All The Time And But I Guess I Kind Of Play Kate’s Right To Everything Let’s Say And Though Right You Know People Trying To Get Followers But You Know I I Don’t Know Man It’s Just Whatever You Listen To Whatever Minister Or Whatever Conspiracy Theorists Spiritualist Whoever They Are Mystic I Think That Everybody Has Something For Us I Think That Everybody Has A Piece Of The Puzzle And What I Used To Say At The Beginning Of Every Show When I Described My Podcast Years Ago Is That We’re Just Taking Our Piece Of The Puzzle And We’re Putting To Get Putting It Up To See If It Fits See If We Can Make A Picture Out Of It Take Some Pieces I Have The Caller’s The Guests Throw It All Up And See If We Can Make Something Fit See If We Can Make A Picture Out Of All Of Our Pieces And That’s Still The Goal To This Day And So I Enjoy Doing It I Enjoy Talking To You Guys And Spreading The Message So Thank You Guys So Much For For Staying On Hanging Out With Me If You’re Listened To Do This On Youtube Or Any Other Platform That’s Video Make Sure You Guys Go Subscribe To The Audio Version As Well On Itunes So We Are On Itunes We’re On Stitcher Runs But If I Were On I Heart Radio Everywhere That Podcast Are That’s Where We Are And It’s Awesome That We Just Got All These Places Actually Opening Up Now So We Can Get Into Some Places That Are Hard For Podcasts To Get Into It’s Not A Lot Of Podcasts On I Heart Radio And On Spotify But We’re There So That’s Part Of That Favor So A Lot Of People Who Are Able To Hear The Show And Who Have Would Have Never Heard It On Youtube And So We’re Kind Of Permeating Every Place That We Can So Be Sure To Follow Us On Itunes Subscribe There Rate The Podcast And It’ll Help Push Us Up The Rankings And All That Good Stuff And If There Was Something Valuable In This Episode Some True Something That Resonated With You Be Sure To Share The Episode Out With Somebody On Social Media Because I’ll You Know I’m Saying All That Stuff Helps Man Put It Out There In Front Of Their Eyes In Front Of Their Consciousness There Was Something In The Show That They Needed To Hear If You Feel That Way Make Sure You Hit That Share Button And Also For Those Of You Who Are Wanting To Support What I Do Because We’re Doing This Full-time Now You Can Go To Patreon And Fund Me There Backslash Truth Seeker And The Link Is In The Description I’ve Made It Easy For You To Click On Anybody Who Wants To Give Their First Of All Huge Shout Out To Everybody Who Has Been Given You Guys Are Freaking Awesome Helping Me Do This And Helping Me To Do What I Love But At Any Level Of Giving From $1 All The Way To 10 15 25 $100 Whatever You Want To Give We Have People Giving It Every Level There And It Helps So Much To Go Back And Fund What I’m Doing But With That Being Said You Get Unreleased Music There’s A Bunch Of Music There And Therefore All Of You Guys Who Have No Idea That I Even Do Music I’m A Hip Hop Artist And Many Of The Stuff The Things That We’re Talking About Tonight I’ll Put In My Music We Have A Song On There Right Now That’s Only On Patreon And It Hasn’t Been Released To The General Public Yet But You Can Access It Through Patreon We Have A Song About Spirits And Elementals And These Different Beings That Dwell On These Other Planes Of Existence That Are Over The Earth Air Fire Water Elementals And And How They Operate And What They Do And It’s Crazy The Stuffs In The Bible Elementals Are In The Bible These Different Spirits Were Meant Enough And I Love The Stuff Man So I Take It All And I Put It All In My Music We Talk About The Planetary Alignments We Talk About The Stars Of Orion Be Leading And Garden They Cover Me Down To The Top Of Mount Zion We Talk About Ufos We Talk About All This Stuff I Put It In My Music And Share It So You Guys Can Get My Music On Patreon And Get On Itunes And Everywhere Else Where You Consume Music And Check It Out So If You Enjoy The Podcast Please Check Out The Music As Well Huge Thank You To Everybody So With That Being Said I’m Gonna Say Shalom And We’re Gonna Catch You Guys Again Very Soon Peace Peace

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