Aliens, Meditation, Psychic Abilities, Out of Body Experiences, Astral Travel are all written within the Bible. TruthSeekah is interviewed by Linol Anderson on The Linol and Robin Show about his spirituality and relationship with Jesus.

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Hello All My Friends This Is A ClA That’s Alien Contactee Lionel Anderson Here With You Guys Today With A Very Special Edition Of Alien Sunday’s. Today I Am Joined By My Co-host I Guess You Could Say Robin Markowitz Say Hello Robin. Hi Hi Guys I’m About To Try To Find This Video On Youtube As It Appears So You Guys Are Probably A Little Ahead Of Me If You’re Just Finding This Video Please Share It Everywhere Lets Broadcasts So Need Everyone’s Help Sharing It Everywhere All Across Social Media My Guys. And We Also Got Another Very Special Guest He Is A Hip Hop Artist To All The Ufos Much More Tons Of Good Stuff It Is TruthSeekah Welcome To The Show To See Shalom Shalom Brother Thanks For Having Me Man It’s Good To Finally Connect With You Guys And Do Something Productive Man Get On Here And Talk About Some Of Our Experiences And What The Spirit Is Doing In Our Lives Man I See You Guys Online Making A Huge Impact And Uh Taking Advantage Of The Technology So It’s Finally Good To Come Together And Put Our Heads Together And See What We Can Come Up With Man Thanks For Having Me Yes Definitely Before We Get Into Everything I Just Want Everybody To Go And Subscribe To To Sica Because We’re Not Going To Get Into It But He Lost His Old Account You Know So We Need To Get As Many Subscribers As We Can To Rebuild His Channel So I Just Wanted To Get That Out There Before We Start That Must Have Been Horrible When We Lost Your Account Like Imagine Man I Got I Got Depressed Man Part Of Me Was Just Like Looking For Other Other Ways To Promote And Thinking Of Just Not Putting Anything On Youtube Again And Just Trying To Go To Like Dailymotion Or Vimeo Or Something Like That But Then I Just Redid It Man Under A Different Email And Just Trying It Again And I’m Not Really Promoting It I Just Put Everything Back Up And Everybody’s Like Subscribing And Supporting And Everybody Just Encouraging Me To Keep The Information Come In And Just Keep Doing It So I’m Trying It Again Man So It Is Discouraging Man But I Understand How Important The Information Is To Get Out There And In It And How Delicate It Is So I’m Excited About The Future As Well So Meet You Brother All Right Well We’ll Start Off By In Your Music You Rap A Lot About Extraterrestrials Ufos And Stuff Like That And Since It Is Alien Sunday’s Here Let’s Start Off With A Ufo Question What Sparked Your Interest To Get Into Ufos And Extraterrestrials Like What Was It That Happened In Your Life That This Okay Became Something Yeah As A Kid Having A Lot Of Supernatural Encounters Waking Up In The Middle Of The Night And There Be Beings Standing Around My Bed Or Waking Up At Like Like Four Years Old And Having Night Terrors And Feeling An Entity Like Laying On Top Of Me Pinning Me Down To The Bed Having These Crazy Supernatural Encounters And Trying To Make Some Sense Of It All As A Little Kid And You Know Growing Up And Just Getting Into Horror Movies Getting Into The Alien Phenomenon The Alien Abduction Scenarios And Watching All Those Movies Fire In The Sky Was Big When I Was A Kid Cocoon Different Movies Like That Another Movie Flight Of The Navigator Which Was Awesome When I Was A Kid So Just Having This Passion With The Horror Genre And Then The Alien Genre Being Mixed In There With It The Sci-fi When It Comes To Monsters And It Comes And Stuff Like That When It Comes To A Lot Of This Of Being Just Make-believe The Alien Scenario Was Something That Could Probably Happen Like The Way They Explained It In The Movies Like You Could Probably Get Abducted You Know The Chances Of Getting Abducted By An Alien In Your Room In The Middle Of The Night Versus A Gremlin Or A Monster Showing Up In Your Closet The Alien Scenario Was A Little Bit More Scarier Because It Could Be More Real And There’s Like Based On True Stories And Based On True Events So That Stuff Scared Me A Lot So There’s A Lot Of Fear With It When I Was A Kid Talking About Aliens I’m Scared To Death To Wake Up And Have An Alien In My Room Or Like Yeah Or Like Get Abducted As A Kid And Never Return Home And Watching Those Scary Movies So I Was Scared To Death Of It But As I Began To Get Older I Still Had This Fear Of It But Becoming A Christian And Having A Lot Of Positive Encounters With Angels And Things Like That And Doing A Study I’m Having These Angelic Encounters And Then I’m Doing That I’m Trying To Tie In The Alien Scenario As Well And Most Of The Christian People When I First Started Doing Those Studies The Christian People Say That They’re Demons So That Aliens Are Demons And So I Started Studying That Realm In The Scriptures And Listening To Different People Do Lectures And Studies And That’s All They Would Say But It Was From A Biased Standpoint So I Started To Do More Research From People Outside The Christian Realm And Was Led To The Works Of David Wilcock Dr. Steven Greer Who Just Approached It From An Unbiased Standpoint And They Started Talking About All Of These People Having These Positive Encounters With Aliens And Ets And In Their Very Much Reminiscent Of The Angelic Encounters Of The Bible In These Angels Or These Aliens Or Ets Would Bring Messages Of Hope And Of Love And Stuff And So When You Do The Research You Find Out That These Aren’t Demons These Ets Or Aliens Are Not Demons That They Are Angelic Benevolent That They Have Our Best Interest In Mind And People Are Having Amazing Encounters With It And Then You Go Deeper And You Find Out That The Whole Abduction Scenario Is Is Like This Whole Fear-based Lie That They Have Created To Put Fear And Hysteria In The Field So That When You See A Light In The Sky You Won’t Go Out There With A Flashlight Or With A Cigarette Lighter And Try To Make Contact With It And Shine Lights At It You’ll Be Scared And You’ll Run So They Kind Of Discouraged Contact But Then When People Move Past The Fear And Make Contact For Themselves It Changes Their Life And They Find Out That These Beings Have Been Watching Over Them From The Beginning And Have Been Here A Lot Longer Than We Have And They Are Angels Of The Holy Books Admit It Changes Everything Man It Just Changed Everything I Was Gonna Say I Heard Somewhere That 80% Of What We Hear Through The Ufo Community Is Disinformation Yeah Cia Or Whatever So That Makes Sense They’re Trying To Spread The Fear That They’re Here To You Know Invade And Everything Instead Of Talking About You Know The Good Side Which There’s So Much Good Stuff How About You Robin And What What Sparked Your Interest In Ufos And Aliens Pretty Amazing Me And My Twin Flame Have Both Had Experiences With Extraterrestrials I’ve Been Taken In Heels And And Any Of Our Experiences Were Only Of Light They Were Benevolent They Were Not Terrifying But Yeah On The Other End Of The Spectrum I’ve Heard People Tell Me On Some Pretty Terrifying Experiences About On The Grays And Things That Have Happened With That So Um I Think That People Can Manifest Experiences With Demons That Might Appear Like Extraterrestrial Because These Entities Can Really Appear Like Anything That You See Them As But Um In A Different Kind Of End Of The Spectrum A Lot Of People Have Had Really Amazing Experiences And See These As Entities That Want To Heal And Teach Us Or Our Guardians And On Our Brothers And Sisters Basically So I Know There’s A Lot Of Fear Around A Lot Of Stuff That’s How It Is On With Anything Spiritual It’s Like You Wake Up And Then They Just Kind Of Push These Fear-based Opinions Back On You To Try To Put You Back Into Sleep Or Religion Or Whatever It Is So It’s Really Key To Use Your Intuition In Your Own Discernment When You’re Kind Of Looking At All This Information Overload Around All Of Us There’s Like So Much Information Just Use Your Own Intuition But Anyone Had That’s Had Their Own Experiences They’ll Tell You Usually How Amazing It Is How Mind-blowing It Is And Just Beyond Beautiful Of It So I Couldn’t Agree More All Right So Here’s A Topic I Want To Speak On Because Most Of My Aliens Sundays Deal With Pleadians Now TruthSeekah Got A Really Good Song Called Seven Stars I Recommend Ruin Check You Know It’s About The Pleiades So I Have To Ask You To Sica What Is Your Opinion Or Your Knowledge On The Play Diaz I Approach Everything From A Biblical Perspective Just Because Of Having All These Encounters And And Begin Becoming A Christian I Filter I’ve Studied The Bible And I Filter Everything Through The Bible And Through And Through The Ancient Texts And Even The Books That Are Removed From The Bible As Well Like They’re Just Near And Dear To My Heart So That’s Kind Of Like My Truth Man I Just Kind Of Filter Everything Through There And When We Talk About This Stuff Most People Demonize It Right So But If We Accept The The Information For What It Is Even In The Bible So There’s So Much Stuff In There That People Have No Idea That It Talks About The Pleiades Orion’s Gate The You Know I’m Saying A Star System Orion The Bear And It Talks About All Of These Star Systems In The Old Testament And In The Oldest Book Of The Bible So When We Talk About The Pleiades It’s Known In The Bible As The Seven Sisters In This It’s The Seven Star Clusters And For Anybody Who Doesn’t Know Much About The Pleiades And You Want To See It Go Out On A Clear Night And The Night Sky Preferably Close To A New Moon And When You Look Up In The Sky It Looks Like A Blur It Just Looks Like A Blur In Asti’s It’s A Cluster Of Seven Stars And When You When You Look At It You Can See Each Star So It’s The Seven Sisters And Revelations One In Sixteen Talks About Where Jesus Said It Says There In His Right Hand He Held The Seven Stars And Coming Out Of His Mouth Was A Sharp Double-edged Sword His Face Was Shining Like The Sun In All Of Its Brilliance And What’s So Beautiful About The Scriptures Is That It’s All Allegory About Us About Things That Happen In Our Lives And In Our Bodies Especially When We Come To Spiritual Awakening Those Stories Of The People In The Old Testament Or About Us They’re Not About King David And In The Trying To Kill Giants Of The Old Testament They Try To Find Out Where This Battle Was Fought It’s About The Battle That’s Fought Between Our Heart And Our Mind And Within Our Psyche As We Go On This Road Of This Spiritual Awakening Those People Represent Different Things In Our Lives And So It’s The Same Thing With The Astrology It’s As Above So Below Everything That’s Happening Within Us Is Happening In Outer Space That’s Why When We Talk About Jesus We See The First People Who Showed Up At His Birth The First People Who Showed Up At The Birth Of Jesus Was The Stargazers Was The Magi Was The Magicians Those Who Were Trained In The Knowledge Of The Stars And So Instead Of Demonizing Astrology In Astronomy We Find Out That In The Bible The Prophets Were Known As The Seers In The Word Prophet And Seer Translates To Stargazers These Guys Were Stargazers Man So The The Connection There Is Is It’s Phenomenal God Called Me As A Prophet And I’m Learning What That Is And Moving In Those Realms And Finding Out That There Is This Attraction And Infatuation With The Stars And The Things Above And So Many Times Jesus Has To Focus On The Things Above For The Things Of Above Are Eternal And That’s What’s So Beautiful About It To Me You Know Jesus It’s Just Something I’ve Always Thought You Know I’m Not Saying I’m Right Or Anything But Is There Any Possibility You Know He Could Be Played In Or From The Pleiades You Know He Mentioned It A Lot Of A Lot Of People Would Would Would Say That I Like So There’s A Bunch Of Scriptures That Say That He Took On Not The Likeness Of Angels But That He Came As A Regular Man So And Instead Of Trying To Prove It I Just Like To Say That What He What Jesus Did We Can Do And Greater For That’s What He Said He Said The Things I Do You Can Do And More So And So When We Try To Kind Of Tie In That He Was A He Was A Palladian Or He Was A You Know This This Special Person He Says He Took On Not The Likeness Of Anything Special But He Came To Show Us What You Know We Can Do As Far As Spirituality As Far As Walking In The Spirit Hearing The Voices And Feeling Energies Around Us Like All Of This Stuff Is Done Like Jesus Did It And His Disciples Would Continue To Do Those Works As Well To Travel Back And Forth From Heaven To Earth So Instead Of Painting Him As This This Special Avatar Showed Us That We Were Special And That We Can Do Greater Things As Well So That’s Why I Like To Trying To Try To Bring It Home Was He From That That Star System He Could Have Been But I Don’t Think It Was Nothing Special That That We Should Follow Him Because He’s Different But He Came To Show Us The Way In The Truths Right And He Came To Show Us The Path And So He Essentially He Is A Brother Right He Came To Show Us The Way The Truth And The Life And So That’s What’s So Awesome About It Is That It’s Not You Reading A History Book Or A Comic Book About A Superhero Which There’s That Aspect To But It’s That It Becomes Real To Us And We Can Obtain Christ Consciousness Walk In The Very Consciousness That Christ Walked In And See Things Like He Sees And He Was He Was He Knew About The Pleiades He Knew About The Star Systems He Knew About Spirits He Knew About The Spirit Realm About The Seal Of Solomon And All Of This Stuff He Knew It This He Was He Was The Embodiment Of It All I Don’t I’m Not Sure If You’ve Seen It I’m Sure You Have But There’s Like Ancient Paintings Where It Shows Jesus With Ufos Like That So I’m Sure He Knew Of Ships Oh Yeah Not Yeah I Mean Even In The Old Testament The Word Chariot So That’s The Word That Translates In The King James As The Chariots So Talk About The Chariots Of Fire Right And So It Says That God Travelled In A Cloud By Day In A Flame Of Fire By Night So They So These Israelites Are Being Led Through The Wilderness And During The Day It Looks Like A Cloud And We Heard Of Cloud Ships Or Ufos That That Travel In Clouds Not To Be Seen And Then At Night They’re Just This Radiant Beautiful Light Spectrum And They Look Like Fire Traveling Through The Sky Fire In The Sky I Mean That’s What We’re The That Comes From So The Whole Word Chariot Is Where We Get The Word In Hebrew Merkabah And We All Know That Which Means Vehicle A Vehicle Of Light The Makabe So We See That All Of This Stuff Is Is Is In The Bible And It’s Something Beautiful Jesus Definitely Knew About The Chariots Of Fire Definitely And There’s Times To Man Where Like There Was A Prayer That Was Done Because It Was Somebody Who Was About To Be Overthrown By Another Nation In The Bible And He Was Scared To Death He’s Like Man We’re Probably About To Die And The Prophet Prayed For Him He Said Let Me Pray For You And Open Up Your Eyes So That You Can See Who We Have Protecting Us He Prayed For Him And He Was Able To See Chariots Of Fire All The Way Around Them And It Was Able To See The Angelic Armies That Were There Watching Over Them And It Says They’re Able To See The Chariots All Around Them And That’s With Us We Go Out There Under The Night Sky And We Pray We Ask God To Open Up Our Eyes To Let Us See This Is My Story This Is What I Did Let Me See Your Chariots Let Me See The Seraphim The Word Seraphim In The Bible Translates To The Fiery Ones Those Who Are Made Out Of Fire In The Book Of Enoch It Says That The Angels Of God Traveled The Heavens Back And Forth As A Flame Of Fire But As They Wish They Can Come To Earth And Take Upon The Appearance Of Men And Hebrews It Says That We We Entertain Angels Unaware That We Don’t Even Know It Because They Look Just Like Men Down Here On The Earth And When When People Find Out That They Are Their Angelic The Men Begin To Try To Worship Them And And Follow Them And Things Like That And And And That’s Not What They Want They Don’t Want You To Follow Them And And Pray To Them And Things Like That They Come To Bring Messages The Word Angel Means Messenger Right And So In Essentially We’re Angels Of God When We Have A Message To Bring As Well You Said It Perfectly Robin Do You Have Anything We’re Kind Of Turning Into Angelic Angelic Grace Right Now As We’re Activating Our Dna I Also Love How The Stories Are Talking About Ufos And Chariots And The Sky And You Nailed It That Is Your Mark Of Awe Or Your Light Body So As You Said Before I Had Above So Below And These Stories Really Are About Us Amazing Thing About The Bible Is It Is Written Clendenen Code A Lot Of It And It Really Does Pertain To Our Bodies Our Ascension Activating Our Chakras Is In There Things About Our Light Body And I Think Right Now Is A Time When We Really Have Yourself Spiritually Strong We Need To Be Building Up Our Merkabah Or Our Right Body I’m Not Sure What’s Going To Happen I Don’t Think Any Of Us Really Know But It Wouldn’t Really Surprise Me If We Had Some Type Of Pole Shift Or Reset And Those That Will Survive Are Those That Have Their Light Bodies Strong Or Their Merkabah Activated Because That’s What You Need To Be Able To Pass Through All Of This I Think It’s Really Amazing How It Pertains To All Of Us And What We’re Going Through Right Now Oh For Sure For Sure All Right What You Didn’t Mention Something Here That I Just Have To Ask To See Kobo That’s Spiritual Protection Because I Find It’s Very Important Like If You Choose To Go Into These Different Realms Through Meditation Trances And Stuff That You’re Spiritually Protected You Know Yeah So Tell Me About Your Spiritual Protection What You Do To Keep Yourself From Negative Archons Yeah That’s A Good Question Cuz I Know You’ve Seen My Video About Is Meditation Demonic There Was So Many People Laughing About That Title But So Many Cuz You Know I I Deal With A Lot Of People Who Were Either In The Church Or Coming Out Of The Church Right So There’s A Lot Of People Who Are Still Holding On To The Hysteria And I’ve Heard It Said By Many People In The Church Around That If You Empty Out Your Mind To Go Into Meditation Then Demons Inhabit Those Empty Places And By Emptying Out Your Mind You Open Up Your Your Your Your Mind To Demons And It’s That Couldn’t Be Anything Further From The Truth But So Whenever You Get Into That Stuff There’s Always The The Doubt Well Maybe What If They Are True Like What If What If Demons Do Come Here To Inhabit Me And You’re Serious There’s Some Fear There And You Can’t Fully Give Yourself To The Experience Or Fully Give Yourself To The Moment Because There’s That Doubt And So We Understand In The Scriptures That Doubt Is The Enemy Of Faith And You Can’t Walk By Faith And Doubt At The Same Time So You Have To Walk In This Place Of Knowing Who You Are What You Are And Have Those Experiences With Confidence And So Going In Those Realms Early On Many People Will Walk And Fear But What I Would Say Is To Cover Yourself With The Holy Spirit Ask For Angelic Protection Angelic Persistence And Your Faith Should Allow You To Activate Those Realms And So I Go Into Those Realms Now And There’s No Fear There’s No Doubt I Don’t Have Any Fear About Anything In My Life Even Questions And Things That That Come I Have A Peace That Surpasses All Understanding All Human Understanding Surpasses It You Have People Most People Have No Idea That This Peace That We Hold Within Our Hearts And This Is A Peace Through That The Holy Spirit Brings Man And That That’s For Everything That’s For Meditation That’s For Being Surrounded In The Presence Of Your Enemies The Scriptures Say That He’ll Make A Table For You In The Presence Of Your Enemies A Table To Sit Down And Sup And Eat A Big Feast In A Big In Big Meal While All Your Enemies Are Around You Ready To Jump On You And So I Don’t Want To Paint Everything As Being Beautiful Because There Are Those Negative Entities Out There That Do Wish To Harm You That Hate You And They Want To Use Your Body As A Vehicle And Suck Your Energy And This Is How These Energy These These Different You Know Demonic Unclean Spirits Is What The Bible Calls Them They Exist So But When You Go Into The Spirit Realm And I Say This Most People Starting Off You Have To Deal With The Lower-level Entities You Have To In End It’s Fear It’s Doubt It’s Hurt It’s Trauma Fear-based Trauma That Happened When You Was A Kid Things Like That And There Are People Who Help You And You Know You’re Here To Help You Assist You Like Robin Like Myself Who Offer Classes And Private Sessions To Overcome The Baggage So If You Take That Baggage Into Those Realms Or Into Any Area Of Your Life It Begins To Come Out We’ve Seen Many People Who Are Even In The New-age Circles When We Mentioned The Bible We Mentioned God We Mentioned Jesus They Could Upset There’s Like This I Don’t Like The Religion And Not And They Get Mad Because Something Of A Pastor Or A Church Person Or A Parent Who Was A Christian Figure Spoke Over Their Life When There Was A Kid Or Did Something To Them That They Still Hold Resentment To This Day And They’re Well Up There In Years And So We Have To Deal With That Stuff Early On Going Into The Spirit Realm You’re Gonna Deal With The Lower Level Entities But Don’t Be Scared Trust A Perfect Perfect Love Cast Out All Fear So We’re Greater Than Them There They Are Here To Teach Us Things About Our Selves And To Move From One Level To The Next So They All Served Their Their Place They’re Here For A Reason But They Don’t Have To Affect You And Make It Where You Have Anxiety And And You Can’t Trust Anybody No More And Everybody’s Out To Get You And These Are Things That We Have To Deal With If We’re Gonna Ascend To The Higher Levels And Walk In True Spiritual Freedom Negative Entities Usually Heat When You Use Words Like Christ Christ Consciousness It Really Kind Of Just Exam So I Always Pay Attention To That Okay Putting Yourself In The Light Of Christ Consciousness Is One Of The Best Forms Of Spiritual Protection Or Praying And Asking Me And White Light On It’s Pretty Much My Go-to But It’s Also Really Good For Healing People And All Sorts Of Things So You Can Pray For Yourself To Be Put In My Light You Can Pray Enough For Anyone In Your Family Or Your Friends To Be Put In What It Lights Just Really Good But We Are Living In The Middle Of A Spiritual Battle A Spiritual War This Is A War Over Consciousness And Even Those That Have Mastered And Conquered Their Own Darkness There Still Is A Lot Going On Collectively In The Same Place So You Really Do Need To Protect Yourself All The Time And I Really Think I Like The Point Of Letting Go Of Fear Because These Energies Feed On Our Fear So If We Were To Eradicate Fear These Enemies Wouldn’t Even Be Able To Exist Or Thrive Here And I Know There Is A Place For What’s Going On On In The Lower Dimensions But We Can Get To A Place Where We Don’t Need Any Negativity Anymore We Don’t Need On Any Kind Of You Know Negative Enemies Around Us To Be Teaching Protect Yourself Work On Conquering Your Own Darkness And Work On Your Spiritual Attention And Let Go Of Fear Fear Is Like The Worst Just What We’re Here To Conquer I Already Had In My Life All Of My Fears Play Out Over And Over And I’ve Reached A Place Where I’ve Conquered Pretty Much All My Fears But I Know A Lot Of People Are Still Hanging On Here Right Now In Manifesting Situations Out Of Fear And There’s A Better Way I Really Like Also How You Brought Up This Sense Of Peace You Have Because That Is What I’m Working On So Hard For And Towards All The Time Just Become More And More Peaceful More And More Compassionate More Empathic And I’m Trying To Find That Peace Of Places Places And Stay There All The Time And It’s Really Amazing Because In This Same Place Where There Is Turmoil And There Is Negativity We Can Find This Great Sense Of Peace Where None Of This Really Phases Us Anymore And We Can Kind Of Lift Out All Of It Right Mm-hmm Agreed All Right Well You Were Mentioning The Holy Spirit Derek For Everyone Out There He’s Not Familiar With You Know Christianity Or Spirituality Just Simply Put What Is The Holy Spirit There Is No Christianity Without The Holy Spirit There Is No There’s No Spiritual Authority Without The Holy Spirit And So It Makes It A Lot Easier Instead Of Trying To Do Things On Your Own And Trying To Find Out Ways To Manipulate And That’s The Big Difference And So There’s A Scripture In The Bible Where Simon Peter Is Dylan No Philip Is Dealing With A Disciple Of Christ Is Dealing With Simon Magnus And Simon Magnus That Name Goes Far And The Realms Of The Occult Because He Was Following The Disciples Of Christ And He Seen Them Healing People He’s Seen Them Casting Out Demons And Unclean Spirits By The Power Of Jesus And Through The Person Of The Holy Spirit And He Was Following Them Watching Him And He Was Studied In The Occult And He Said You Know What I Want That That Power That Y’all Have Teach Me That He Said I Have Money I Will Buy It From You Let Me Buy That From You And They Rebuked Him Because Because They Knew Isn’t His Intentions Were Were Impure And Wrong And He Was Only Gonna Do It For Selfish Gain And For Showmanship And Things Like That And He Was One Who Was A Mocker Of Their Faith But He Wanted Them To Teach Him That And They Rebuked Him And So He Symbolizes Basically The Left-hand Path You Have The Right-hand Path Which Is Led Of Perfect Will Of Trust Of All Things That’s Beautiful And The Left-hand Path Which Is Which Is More Of I Guess We Can Say As A Blake Blanket Statement More Of The Satanic Self-mastery I Can Do This Look At Me Tight Path Or Whatever So There There’s Just These Two Different Paths Or The Two Trees That Are Symbolized In A Garden And So The Holy Spirit Is There For Us To Be To Embody And To Be The Embodiment Of Christ On The Earth And Essentially It Was Jesus Manifested Through You On The Earth And So In The Book Of Acts It Says That You Shall Receive Power Whenever The Holy Spirit Comes Upon You So People Are Looking For Power So You Can Look For That Power On Your Own And Figure It Out And Study In Books Or You Can Have That Encounter With God That Direct Encounter Direct In Spirit Experience Where You Receive What Is Called The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit Jesus Talked About It In Matthew 3:11 They Call It He Says There There’s A There’s A Baptism Of Water But There’s Another Baptism Of The Holy Spirit And Fire So It’s A It’s Fire And It’s Cloven Tongues Of Fire And When It Happened They Was Reported To Be Able To See Flames Of Fire On Top Of People’s Heads So You See All This Ancient Art Of The Fire Either On The Sacred Heart Being Inflamed Or The Fire On Top Of Their Head So It’s Literally A Baptism Of Fire And So When I When I Came Came To God I Was In Really Dark Witchcraft And Talking To Spirits And They Would Come To Me In The Middle Of The Night And Speak Languages That I Couldn’t Understand And It Scared Me I Got Sick Coughing Up Blood Going Schizophrenic Opening Up My Mind To Any Spirit I Wanted To Come Through And I Couldn’t Look People In The Eyes I Couldn’t Hold Conversation I Was Scared It Was A Place Of Pure Hell I Called Out To God And He Came In And Changed My Life And I Received The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit And It Came Through And Washed Me Of All Of My Sin Like I Felt It I Literally Felt All The Evil That I’ve Ever Done All The Bad Thoughts All The Impure Things I’ve Done The Stuff Stole From People Lied And Cheated Been In The Made Pacts With Devils My Whole Life And In An Instant It Broke And I Felt Clean And All The Wrong That I’ve Ever Done And It Felt Like A Fire And Water At The Same Time I Begin To Trump Trumbull And Cry And It Was A Euphoria You Know I Used To Love To Do A Lot Of Drugs And It Was A Euphoria That That Took The Place Of Anything Like That And There Was A Awesome Life-changing Experience And That’s The Power Of The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit And We Can Tap Into That At Any Time In Its Tangible And It’s Transferable For People To Receive That And It Comes With Forgiveness Of Love And It’s Beautiful Man And So The Holy Spirit In The Bible Is Known As The Comforter Because He Knew That On This Walk We Were Gonna It’s Gonna Be Hard And We’ll Need Comfort At Times So Those Times Where We Need To Panic Or We Should Panic And All The Nations Are Panicking We Can We Can Walk In Peace And Comfort It Says He’s The Teacher Said He Will Teach You And Lead You And Guide You Into All Truth Why For There Are Many False Prophets Who Have Gone Who Have Gone Out From Among You And They’re Here To Lead You Astray They’re In The New-age Circles They’re In The Christian Circles But The The Holy Spirit Which Is The Teacher Said He’ll Lead You And Guide You Into All Truth He’s A Teacher He’s That He’s That He’s The Comforter He’s The Protector And Without That It’s Dead Religion All Christianity And That And That’s Our Enemy Our Enemy Is Dead Empty Religion Or Even In A New-age Circles This Dead Empty Left-hand Paths Of Trying To Do It On Your Own Man It Becomes A Lot More Fun When You Have The Baptism Of Fire And It’s Known And I Open It Up It’s Known In Other Religions As Different Things It’s Known As The As The Kundalini Awakening As Well So We’ve Been In Many Kundalini Yoga Encounters And Stuff And In That Same Fire Is There Ins Presence So Every Every Religion Every Culture Calls It Something Different But It’s The Same Pranayama It’s The Life Force That’s Moving Through Everything And It’s Here To Assist You Guide You And Empower You With With Power From On High And And So I Have The Christian Narrative And That’s My Experience And Stuff But I Do Recognize It The Book Of Joel There’s A Prophecy In The Book Of Joel Where He Says I Will Pour Out My Spirit On All Flesh Your Young Men Shall Prophesy Your Old Men Shall See Visions And Your Young Men Dream Dreams In His Dreams And Revelations And Things That Are Coming That Happened God Poured Out His Spirit On All Flesh And He Said He’ll Deal With Anybody Everywhere Who Would Repent And Turn From Their Sins And Is That’s Like Number One People Don’t Like The Sin Word You Can Call It Your Ego We Call It The Flesh In The Bible It’s Called Your Fleshly Nature The Sin Nature That We All You Know Like To You Know Do What Feels Good For Today And You Know Regardless Of Any What Anybody Else Thinks Or Feels And So That That’s What The Scriptures Talks About And It’s It’s A Beautiful Thing Man I Got A Personal Experience I’ve Been Wanting To Tell You For A Long Time And I Figured I May As Well Do It On Air Here So About A Year Ago It’s Because I Was Listening To Your Music Actually Yeah Oh Holy Spirit And Everything And I Was Meditating And I Decided To You Know Say A Prayer And Ask For The Holy Spirit So I Did That And Immediately I Felt Like I Was Getting Sucked Into Something And I Saw All These Psychedelic Patterns And I Wasn’t On Drugs Or Anything Totally And It Was One Of The Most Psychedelic Experiences Of My Life What’s That The Holy Spirit Or Was I Just Creating That My Look So What So That’s A Thing And It This Kind Of Deals With The Fear – When You Go When You Ask God You Asked The Holy Spirit To Come He’s The Comforter He’s A Perfect Gentleman He’s Not Gonna Force His Self Upon You He’s Not Gonna Make You Follow Him And And And And Force Herself That Way He’s A Perfect Gentleman And In The Scripture Say This Is The The How We Can Know That He’s A Perfect Father And He Says That Your Father Being Wicked Knows How To Give Good Gifts For Your Birthday And Things Like That And Gives Gifts To Their Children How Much More Will God Give You The Holy Spirit If You Ask For It And So You Ask For And You Receive That’s All You Have To Do You Don’t Have To Jump Through Hoops You Don’t Have To Take All These Tests You Simply Ask For It And It’s All It Takes So Yeah That Was 100 Percent The Holy Spirit Man That’s Awesome I Got Chills From You Just Telling Me That And The Beautiful Thing Is Is That A Lot Of People Are Telling Me This Like That Like People Are Listening To My Music And They Feel The Holy Spirit From Day One They Get Chills And They Get Chills All Over Their Body And Then They’re Taking Places Spiritually They’re Taken To New Levels Depths And Heights And They Learn Terms And Phrases And They’re Encouraged To Pursue A Spiritual Life And So It’s So Beautiful That That God Has Gifted Me With The With The Ability To Be Able To Do That Because I’m Paying It Forward Because There’s So Many People That I’ve Listened To My Life Where I’m Listening To Their Music And I’m Having A Supernatural Encounter Or Whether It’s Feeling The Holy Spirit And That’s The Greatest Compliment I Can Get Is That Somebody Listens To My Music And They Have A Life-changing Encounter With God Through Listening To My Music It’s Awesome And Your Music Has Helped A Lot Of People I Can Tell You That Including Myself So Robyn Back To You Now We Were Talking About The Holy Spirit But I Can Do That One I Am Accessing That Same Energy I Called It Kundalini Energy Though But It’s Really The Same Thing And I Really Like That I Like Hearing On Different Perspectives Describing The Same Things Basically You Know That’s A Really Amazing Thing About Any Of These Religions Is That They’re All Describing The Same Truths And The Same Kind Of Thing And I Can Really Resonate With A Lot Of The Pictures Of Jesus And Mary So You Know The Circle Behind Their Head With A Lot Of Ascended Masters You See That In A Lot Of Western Religions Who They Have The Circle Behind Their Head Signifying The Crown Chakra Being Open And I Have My Own Experiences With The Squealing The Energy I Call It Coo Delaney The Divine Energy And It’s Something That Will Come Into Your Life And Literally Like A Fire It Will Terrify Everything In Your Body Your Mind Your Life Everything It Just Kind Of Burns Away Any Kind Of Negativity This Is The Same Kind Of Energy On But I’m Accessing That Opened All Of My Chakras And It’s Around Us All The Time On I Like To Also Call This Energy God In My Own World Or Intelligent Infinity There’s A Lot Of Different Names For It But You Know As I Come To Deeper And Deeper Spiritual Truths I’m Just Beginning To Recognize This As A God Force A God Energy Around Us But It’s Also A Conscious Energy That Is Able To Communicate With Us We’re Kind Of Like Children You Know To The Universe It’s Always Guiding Us It’s Always Pushing Us Teaching Us And Sending Up Scenarios And Situations For Us To Learn Into A Wall In The Grove And It’s Really Just An Amazing Energy And Power Force And It’s Also On A Ewing Energy And It’s The Energy Getting Our Whole Planet Right Now Okay The Same Energy I Guess You Guys Can Call It The Holy Spirit Is Hitting Our Planet But It’s Happening All Around Us And It’s Really Transforming Everything Around Us And We See On A Lot Of Things Happening Like I Know There Was Just A Hurricane And There’s Crazy Weather Going On And Earth Wind And Fire Are Kind Of Making Huge Impacts On Our Planet But There’s A Conscious Energy That Is Guiding Us And In Charge And Control Of All Of This So People Can Kind Of Just Let Go And Relax And Go With The Flow Um And I Know It’s In Our Nature To Be Like Control Freaks But We Can Kind Of Let Go Because We Have This Omnipresent Force Known As God Controlling And Guiding On This Huge Divine Plan So We Can Kind Of Relax A Little And Let Go But Cleaning Energy Is Beautiful The Holy Spirit As You Call It It’s Really Beautiful You Know What Kind Of Tying Together The Different Perspective Yep Yeah That’s Really Really Cool Well I Want To Speak Now On Psychedelics Because You Know Mushrooms Stuff Like That God Obviously Put Here On Earth I Believe Yeah So What Do You Have To Say About Psychedelics That’s Funny I Got It I Got It I Got A Question Today On My Youtube Somebody Asking Me About Psychedelics We’ve Done A Lot Of Shows On It And I Try To Um Make The Link Between The Bible And Psychedelics And In The Bible And Spirituality And Everything But When It Comes To Psychedelics I’ve Had A Few Life-changing Experiences And It Changed My Life With Psilocybin Mushrooms It All Is About The The Preparation And The Encounter I Don’t Think That It’s A Party Drug I Don’t Think It’s Something To Be Taken Lightly People Set Themselves Up For Bad Experiences And Things Like That But For Me I’ve Got A Song That I Put Out Called The Golden Teachers And So These Are This Angelic Race Of Beings That When I Took The Psilocybin Mushroom Called The Golden Teachers They Came And Assisted Me And Taught Me On This Experience And That’s What I Was Looking For That’s What I Got It Challenged Me It Scared Me I Was Taken To Suck Through Wormholes And Portals And Seen Where We Go When We Die And A Lot Of Things Made A Lot More Sense After That My Music You Know Made A Lot More Sense To Me In Hindsight After Write Writing About Angelic Contact And Traveling The Universe And Seeing The Star Systems And Go Into That Place And Gazing Into Eternity Like I’ve Experienced That Stuff But On The Psilocybin Mushroom Encounter There Was A Multiplied And It Was Like Okay You’re The Guy Who Was Talking About This Stuff Let’s Really Show You What It Looks Like Took Me Out Of My Body And When We Did It Was It Was It Was A Men’s Retreat A Couple Guys Got Together And We Were All In Sync So It Was Like Five Of Us In Anyway It Was Like A Roller Coaster We’d Go Up And We’d Come Down And We’ve Come And We Look Around It Scared Me I Didn’t Know How Strong It Was And We Hear About People On Like Ayahuasca And Being Sucked Out Their Body And Meeting Beans And Stuff This Happened On Psilocybin Mushrooms And So It Was Powerful Life-changing And Our Ancestors Did It It Was A Rite Of Passage We Don’t Have Rights Of Passage Anymore You Know I’m Saying So When You Have A Coming-of-age We Don’t Have That Anymore And All The Cultures When They’re Young Men Turn You Know 13 Years Old They Took Them Out On A Journey It Took Them To The Desert They Ate Mushrooms They Smoke Peyote They Ate A Handful Of Fire Ants And They Bite The Inside Of Your Stomach And You Go On A Psychedelic Encounter There Are All Kinds Of Stuff That Would That Was Done There By Our Ancestors But We Don’t Do It Anymore So For Me It Was I Was Greeted By Ancestral Spirits That Were There Watching Over Us And He Helped Me And And It Was A Piece About It So I’m I’m For Them I Am But I But Not As A Party Drug Not As A Party Drug Not As A Drug But As A Sacrament And There’s Something To Be Respected And I’ve Taken Very Soon And To Do You Yeah I Always Call It A Spiritual Tool I Totally Agree It’s Not Something For Partying Which A Lot Of Kids Do Do It For Partying You Know I Know When I Was 15 I Wasn’t Thinking With Spiritual Reasons But Now I Only Use Them As A Spiritual Tool What Do You Vote Psychedelics Robert They Were A Big Part Of My Journey I Think A Lot Of People Have Had Those Experiences Nowadays You Know As A Teenager I Would Do Acid And Mushrooms And I Would Say They’re Amazing But They Shouldn’t Be Taken Lightly These Kind Of Things Stick With The Natural Substances Like A Speck In Terrill Polzin Aura And Africa For You On Its Mana Hallucinate Stay Away From That That Is The Government You Thing And Fix And National Things Stick So Like Peyote On Mushrooms You Know Things Like That Um But I Would Say That A Big Part Of Our Journey We Do Release Dmt During The Mt Is Meeting There Survive And If You’ve Ever Been Through Any Kind Of Trauma And Everyone Can Raise Their Hand Right There Their Brain Has Already Made Natural Dmt Um So I Do Think It’s Best If You Can Do It Natural But These Are Tools That You Can Use Kind Of Like Crystals Spirituality When Done Right Okay So Just Iike I Just Got A Really Good Question You Know The Third Eye What Does The Bible Does It Say Anything About Our Third Eye Well As Far As Calling It The Third Eye See The Bible Talks About Everything In Spirituality Essentially Right It Talks About Traveling Back And Forth To Heaven Or Earth It Talks About Sensing Spirits Around You It Talks About Overcoming It Talks About Psychic Abilities Hearing Voices Being Led Of Voices Intuition All Of This Stuff Is In The Bible But It Doesn’t Use Those Terms It Doesn’t Say Psychic Abilities It Doesn’t Say Clairvoyance It Doesn’t Say Clairaudience It Doesn’t Use Those Terms It Has Different Names Just Like Every Religion Had They Have Different Names And Different I’m Saying Terminologies And Things So When It Comes To The Third Eye The Bible Does Talk About What Jesus Says It That If Thine Eye Be Single The Whole Body Shall Be Full Of Light And Has To Be Single-minded In The Scriptures Also Say That A Double Minded Man Is Unstable In All Of His Ways So You Have To Be Focused You Have To Be Single-minded And Know What You’re Here To Do And Do It Good Right So When It When It Comes To The Third Eye Everybody Has It And I’ve Got Some Teachings Out There That I Don’t Really Feel Like It’s Something That We Have To Open I Think Many Of Us Are Born With It Open That’s Why When We’re Children Were Able To See Into The Spirit Realm Wherever To Have These Encounters And Things Like That In The Spirit World And See Stuff And You See Children Who Report Just Seeing Like Angels And Stuff And Being Really Connected To That Realm Because They Have A Lot Of Innocence About Them And So With Us Going Through Trauma And And And Drinking The Water And All Of The Bad Foods It It What They Call Calcifies The Pineal Gland So It Almost And Almost Closes I Believe That We’re Born With It Open And So That’s Why We’re So Connected But There Are Techniques That We Can Do To Help Reopen The Eye Or Just To Be Able To Focus On How To Use It Essentially Because We’re Having This Is Why The Work That We’re All Doing Is So Important Is Because There’s Many Children There’s Many Kids And People Who Are Having These Encounters With The Spirit Realm With The Psyche With The Mind They Go Around A Large Group Of People And They Can Feel The Thoughts And Energy They Can Literally Feel It On Their Body They Can Hear The Thoughts Of People And This Is Freaking Them Out They Go To The Doctor The Doctors Putting Them On Ritalin And And Different Like Antidepressants And Stuff To Quiet Down Those Voices Where Our Ancestors Would Embrace Those Children And Teach Them How To Use It So That’s Why I Have A Lot Of A Lot Of People Who Reach Out To Me Man Who Were Going Through That And Who Are On Medications And Things Like That But My Music And And The Prayer And Like The Different Meditation Stuff It Helps Them So Much To Connect So Dealing With The Third Eye It Is How We Perceive The Spirit Realm It’s How We’re Able To See Into The Spirit With Our Eyes Closed Or With Our Eyes Open We Can See Things We Can Sense Things And It All Comes Through The Third Eye And It’s So It’s Tough It’s The Gateway To The Soul It’s How We’re Able To Peer Into The Other Realm Beautiful Right On Brother Now For Everybody Listening And Everybody Who Sees This As I Said True Sica Is Rap Hip-hop Artists And I Was Gonna Ask You If He Could Maybe Do One Of The Verses Of Mystic Mind To See Your Talent You Know Yeah No Doubt Brother Yeah Yeah I And So I Got A Song Called Mystic Mind And Have A Video Up All My Stuff Just Type In TruthSeekah With The Aah And You Better To Find All Of My Work My Podcasts My Interviews And All That But This Is One Of The Songs And I’ll Try To Do Some Of It So It Goes Um Transcend The Physical Spiritual Individual Faith Followed By Work So We’re Healing Them With The Syllables Third Eye Vision Will Teach A Mystical Principles Knowledge Uh From The Prudent And Giving Into The Simple Look An Overactive Imagination They Medicated And Then Sedated Expected Worse In Exaggerated I’m Frustrated Where We Headed It’s Not Where We’ve Been Is Kali-yuga We At The Hands Of The Fallen Men Righteous Teachers With Different Wisdom Like Solomon I Grab My Pain And My Blessings That Will Bind Up The Jinn It’s God’s Breath And I Feel It Like I’m Feeling The Wind I Come Too Far To Look Back And Start Over Again Stimulate Your Mind You See And You Will Find The Kingdom Is Inside Wake Up And Realize You Need Nothingness Aside The Blind Leading The Blind Pharisees And Scribes Religion Will Only Blind When Truth Is A Mystic Mind One Begins To Prophesy Dreams And Visions Dwell Inside Resonating Start To Shine To A Place Where I Reside Ancient Ways Through Space And Time Jacob’s Ladder I Will Climb Deep Inside The Mystic Mine It’s So Funny That We Were Just Talking About Everything That Was In That Song Right Everything Like You Saying The Medication That They Take Without For The Overactive Imagination Everything We Just Talking About Was In That Verse And The Chat Room Everybody’s Like Oh Yeah It’s Making Everybody Happy That’s For Sure So For So Well There’s One Last Topic That I’d Like To Talk About And We Spoke A Little Bit About It But You Know It’s Reptilian I’m Always Talking About The Reptilian No What Are Your Views On Reptilians And Also Would You Say That Satan From The Bible Is A Reptilian Because In The Garden Of Eden As A Top Snake And All That Yes Say On That Essentially When We Talking About Aliens We’re Talking About Ufos The Reptilian Word Comes Up Where It Shows Up In The Bible Exactly What You Said That The Serpent Which Was The One That Was Here To Beguile Even And To And To Go After Adam And So When God Comes In And He Puts In Between Enmity Between Her Seed The Seed Of The Woman And The Seed Of The Serpent So We See There At The Very Beginning Of The Book Of Genesis That There’s A Serpent And He Has A Seed Or He Has A Lineage Or A Line Of People And So When It Comes Down To It There’s All Types Of Theories And Stuff That People Have Seen With The The Elite The The Ruling Class Shape-shifting And There’s All Kind Of Crazy Videos I’m Not I Don’t I Don’t Give Credit To That Or Anything But There’s Some Interesting Videos Out There I Will Say That But So We Understand That The Seed Of The Woman Which Is The Seed Of Christ The Seed Of Man Will Fight Against The Seed Of The Serpent The Serpent Scene And These Are What We’re Known As The Thirteen Bloodlines The Ruling Class They’re All Related They’ve All Been Here They All Set Each Other Up With Positions Of Authority And Seats Of Power And They Control Everything They Control The Media They Control The Movies And All Of This Stuff And They Are The Princes They Are The Bankers They Are The Queen All Of These People Are The Ruling Elite These Are The Same People That Jesus Had A Problem With There’s The Same People That Moses Had A Problem With When We Understand Spirits In The Spirit Realm Spirits Don’t Die Humans Die Spirits Live Forever So The Same Spirits That Moses Was Dealing With With Pharaoh And And Jesus Was Dealing With With With Herod We’re Dealing With As Well So The Same Ruling Elite Figures Are Still Here So The Scripture Called It The Serpent’s So Where The Ets And The Good Guys Come Into Play They Want To Know Who’s The Good Guys Who’s The Bad Guys The Good Guys Are Travelling Around And Out Of Space When You See Those Light Ships When You See Those Beings Traveling And Forth Back In The Sky And If You Haven’t Seen Them Go Out There Give Yourself Enough Time Give Yourself To The Experience You May Have To Hours And Days But If You Want To See Them They’re Ready To Show Themselves To You It May Take A Little Time But Go Out There Make Contact They’re Traveling Back And Forth And They Are The Ones Who Put Us Here They’re Watching Over Us They’re Making Sure Everything Goes As Planned And So Those Are The Good Guys The Bad Guys Are The People Here On The Seats Of Power And Authority Who Look At Us As The Useless Eaters Who Look At Us As The Fuel Or Blood To Make Their Machine Work Where They Can Set Up And Live Lavish And And They Have Pacts With Demonic Entities And Demonic Spirits And Everything These Are The People Who Are Here And This Is A Lot Older Then Then We Know It’s Been Going On Since The Beginning And Hence All Of The The The Paintings And The Statues Of These Are Conic Demon Looking Reptilian Figures In It And They’re And They’re Still Digging Up Civilizations That Are Buried Under The Ground In Turkey Of These Huge Statues In These Places Where People Live With These Huge Statues Of These Demon Looking People That Look Like Reptiles And They Come Here And They They Were Venerated And They Were Worshipped And The Bible Gets Really Deep On This Man Because When It Talks About The Other Gods In The Old Testament Like These Gods Were Put Here By Yahweh So Watch Over Mankind And To Guard Over Different Regions And So Every Region Would Have A God Or A Spirit That Watched Over Them And These Were These Literal Kings Of The Bible And Ashtaroth Bale Who’s The Big One On The Owl I Forgot I Can’t Think It Was Noah Moloch Right All Of These Guys Existed That Mentioned Of In The Bible And What What They Did Is They Took The Worship Of The People For Themselves They Said Okay Don’t Worship Yahweh Don’t Give Credence To The Creator We’re Watching Over You Will Protect You Trust In Us And And And God Got Upset So In Psalms I Believe It’s Psalms 38 It Talks About That God Stands In The Congregation Of The Mighty Or Yahweh Stands In The Congregation Of The Mighty And It Talks About That Ye Are All Gods But Today You’ll Die Like Men For For Deceiving Mankind And They Were Doing All Kind Of Stuff They’re Making The Mankind Worship Them And They’re Eating The Children And And Killing Children And They They Required Blood Sacrifice Man Yahweh Put It Into That Stuff Man And So In The Spirit Realm Like The Spirits Of Their Children And The Fallen Angels Who Came Down And Got With Women And They Have Nephilim Children And There’s A Bunch Of Stuff We Can Go Into The Bible But Their Spirits Are Here Still On The Earth To This Day Warring Against The Soul Of Mankind And So They Need Bodies They Need Vessels In Order To To See What It Feels Like To Experience Fine Wines And Taste Meat Again And Things Like That That They Miss They Need A Body Or They Need A Host And So When They Inhabit The Bodies Of Humans Are Essentially Right Upon You So That They Can Cause You To Do All Types Of Craziness Confusion And Murdering And Things Like That Which They Love And It Takes Honor Away From The Most High God Who Brings Life That’s That’s What They’re Trying To Do And All Of The Stuff Is Spoken Of In Genesis It Goes Into More Detail In The Book Of Enoch As Well If Anybody Is Trying To Understand The Spirit Realm Enoch Is Like A Must Have When Trying To Understand How These Demons And Angels Operate Now And What They Mean In Our Lives Some Deep Stuff I Think That’s Pretty Amazing That You Mentioned That Were Battling The Same Spirit That They Were Battling On In Blood Local Times And That Is So True And So Important And I Think It’s Important That People Remember That We’re All Powerful Yeah Jesus Came To Show Us That We Could Do This Too He Was Teaching Ascension He Was Teaching His Disciples Ascension They All Were Ascended Masters I Think In The End So We Can Do These Things Too And I Think It’s Very Important That We’re Careful About What We’re Opening Ourselves Up To Because I’m Seeing A Lot Of The Same Kind Of Stuff With Negative Entities All Around Us In People Taking Over People Attachments And I Think The Best Way To Combat This Is To Be Service To All There Because It’s Really Try Young People That Are Service To Self In Some Type Of Regard Um So When Your Service Dollars Are Going To Be On Protecting Yourself And You Know Kind Of Putting Up A Defense For This Kind Of Stuff Right Well That Pretty Much Answers All The Notes I Had So At This Time I’d Like To Ask You To Secret To Let Everybody Know How They Could Get To You Um All Your Work Totally Totally Yeah You Can Essentially Just Go To And I Have A Podcast That I Do I Do A Weekly Podcast I Try To Get As Many As I Can During The Week And I Have Different Guests On And Interview Them I Have Round Table Discussions And Stuff So Subscribe To My Podcast That Way As Well As The Music All The Links Are On The Site If You Want Digital Music Cds Things Like That All Of Its Available And I Put A Lot Of Time And Effort Into The Video Side Of It So Every Like Like Even The Song That We Just Did The Mystic Mine There’s There’s Visuals For That And We Have Songs About Et Contact And Angelic Contact And There’s Visuals Behind It And It Takes It To A Whole Nother Level Of Seeing The The The Visual Aspect Of It As Well So All That Stuff’s On Youtube Just Type In My Name Anywhere And There’s So Much Stuff Man I Do A Podcast And Music And I Do Private Sessions Healing People Like Doing Group Therapy And Stuff Man And So Anyway That’s What I Do Man Thanks For Having Me On Lionel And Thanks You Thanks For Supporting My Work Lionel Is A Patron Like Lionel Is Supporting Over At My Patreon And I Want Everybody To Go Follow His Work To And Everything That He’s Doing With Patreon And It Helps Make Some Type Of Income So We Can Kind Of Pay To Keep This Stuff Going Pay For The Research And And Keep Doing What We’re Doing And What We’re Put Here To Do Man It’s So Awesome Yeah I Think It’s Awesome I’m About To Sign Up For Both Of You Guys To Be Patron This Week Too And I Think It’s Really Good You Guys Are Getting This Stuff Going Getting You Know Different Places To Put Different Videos Out So Definitely Check Out There Eh On I’ll Probably Put A Link Up For Both Of Them This Week On My Page How To Get To You Robin Near Youtube Everything Oh People Can Find Me On I Do Have A Youtube On Sparks Of Divine Light Healing Our Website Is Sparks Within I Like Healing Calm And The Best Way To Find Me I’m Robin Markowitz On Facebook All Right And Everybody Knows Who I Am And If This Is Your First Time Watching As I Say Subscribe To Survive I Cover It All From New Road Order Illuminati Extraterrestrials Ufos And Much Much More So Thank You For Everyone For Watching And We’re Gonna Try And Be Doing This On A Weekly Basis Me And Robin I Got Already Got A Good Guest For Next Sunday So Stay Tuned Stay Subscribed And Everybody Have A Good One Peace Lonesome

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