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“Kendall T. Shoulders challenges the reader with his analogy of the Tola worm mentioned in Psalm 22:6. This prophetic passage states, ‘But I am a worm…’ Chapter by chapter, Shoulders unlocks hidden meanings and the significance of this unusual worm noted in the scriptures. Then, he compares these findings with the prophecies pertaining to Jesus Christ, boldly proclaiming, ‘Even in what man would consider obscure passages, Jesus is there.’ ”

[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][et_pb_row _builder_version=”3.0.71″][et_pb_column type=”4_4″ _builder_version=”3.0.71″ parallax=”off” parallax_method=”on”][et_pb_toggle title=”View Text Transcript” _builder_version=”3.0.71″]Today’s Podcast Is Brought To You By Web Creator Pros.com If You’re Looking For A Professional Website At An Affordable Price Head On Over To Web Creator Pros.com Type In The Promo Code Truth To Save $200 On Your First Website Web Creator Pros.com This Episode Is Also Brought To You By Kindle Shoulders In His New Book Jesus Is A Worm And A Snake Too Among Other Things Jesus Is A Worm Calm The Book Deals With Many Different Prophecies And Dark Sayings Of Jesus Particularly Jesus Calling Himself A Worm And King David Prophesying Of The Coming Christ Calling Him A Worm – What Does This Mean I Know For Me Personally When I Read Over It In The Scriptures I Would Just Kind Of Read Past It And Didn’t Know What It Means For The First Time You’re Going To Find Out What It Means When Jesus Says I Am A Worm It’s Pretty Deep Stuff Guys Check Out The Book Jesus Is A Worm Calm If You Would Like To Sponsor The Show Or Advertise On The Mythos Podcast You Can Do So By Going To Www.assist.org You Can Do That Also By Going To Mythos Astronomy And Become A Monthly Supporter We Appreciate Your Monthly Support You Are Now Listening To The Mythbusters Podcast Your Portal To The Paranormal Streaming Live @amoebasisters Any Your Hope For All Things Spiritual Esoteric And Power Normal And Now Your Host True Seeker Our Ladies And Gentlemen Thanks For Tuning In To Another Episode Of The Mythos Podcast Today We’re Speaking With Kindle Shoulders We’re Speaking About Biblical Prophecy And This Is Somebody Who Has Dedicated His Life To Searching The Scriptures And Finding Out The True Meaning Of Some Of These Somewhat Esoteric Prophecies In The Scriptures And What They’re Talking About So I Know I’ve Given My Life To Study In The Scriptures And Being A Biblical Theologian Myself I Understand That Many Of The Prophecies And Many Of The Terminologies That Were Given From The Mainstream Church It You Know It Doesn’t Line Up With The Scriptures Like If You’re A Student Of The Word It’s Not Hard To Read Some Of These Prophecies And Say Hey That’s Not Talking About That But Whenever We Bring Up Some Of These Subjects To Delay Church People Or Some Of The Pastors And Things Like That It Seems Like They Have A Agreed Upon Theology That Even Though The Scriptures May Teach Something Totally Different That We Can’t Come Against It Or They Can’t Open Their Mind To These New Paradigms Of What The Scriptures Really Mean And Some Of It Is Very Blatant So That’s Why I Wanted To Have Kindle Shoulders On The Show He’s Got A Couple Books Out We’re Going To Talk About That And We’re Really Going To Get Into Biblical Prophecy And Some Of These Strange Esoteric Sayings That Jesus Said Himself And Even Some Of The Ones In The Old Testament That Point Back To Jesus So We’re Going To Talk About That Kyndall Shoulders Welcome To The Show Man Hey Thank You Man I Appreciate The Opportunity To Come On Your Show Yeah Definitely We Were Talking Just Before The Show That You’re From Alabama I’m From Alabama As Well We’re Not Too Far Away From Each Other Yeah It’s A Great Man I Didn’t Know You Fell Alabamians Earlier Yeah Down Here Mobile Definitely Man With The Weather Is Just Crazy Freezing Cold One Day And Humid And Hot In X-men Yeah We’re Talking About That Earlier Today It’s It’s The Sign Of The Time Oh My Goodness Yeah It Is It Is Crazy It’s Crazy Whenever You Have A Hot Christmas That’s What I Judge Everything Off Of Like The Hot Christmas And The Hot Thanksgiving Man’s Like You Know I Can’t I Can’t Stand It Had A Few Days Of A Really Cold Weather And The Rest Of It You Know Been Kind Of Warm Yeah So I Wanna I Want To Talk To You Man I Read Your Bio And I Read About Some Of The Books That You Have Out And I Just Want To Ask You Just From Your Perspective Like How Did You Get Into Studying Biblical Prophecy And What Does It Mean To You Well You Know I’m Kind Of Along The Same Lines As You Are In The Traditional Thinking There Was Just A Lot Of Questions That You Know I Had Growing Up And And I Would Ask Those Questions And You Would Get The Typical Answer And You Know No No Real Insight On What You Know What The True Word Was Meaning Especially When It Came To The Old Testament You Know You Get Brushed Off Or People Give You Any Kind Of Answer Did They Feel Like They Wanted To And You Go Away Empty Because You Didn’t Feel That You Know You Know That You Know If This Is Really God If God Is Who He Say He Is He’s Got To Be Bigger He’s Got To Be Bigger Than What You’re Telling Me And So I Probably Back In The Mid To Late 90s You Know I Really Went On The Journey Because I Said You Know To The Lawyer Said If You’re Real And I Believe You’re Real I Said Got To Be More To This Than What I’m Being Told And So I Went On My Started On My Journey And You Know I Started Finding Things Out In Scripture That Didn’t Quite Line Up With You Know What You Know What We Were Being Taught On The Traditional Level And You Know I Got Real Curious My Fire Was Burning To Learn More And More And The More I Learned The More I Wanted To Learn And At One Point I Was Studying The Tabernacle And In The Process Of Studying Tabernacle I Got Some Study Materials It Was From One Guy And I Think He’s In Oregon By The Name Of John Corson And He Was Doing A Study On Tabernacle And I Was Trying To See What He Had To Say About It And He Mentioned Something That That Kind Of Blew My Mind He Mentioned This Tolai Work And And So When I Begin To Stay This Toll I Wanna Kind Of It Blew Me Literally Blew Me Away And So I Went Throughout The Scriptures Even In The Late 90s And I Began To See Where This Worm Would Turn Up All Throughout Scripture And Then I Went From There And I Began To Look At How The Tabernacle And And All Of These Things Even The People In The Bible That God Chose Are Pointing To Him And It Was Absolutely Amazing And Not Just In General I Mean Specifically He’s Pointing To Him And So When He Said Stuff Like You Know He Said I Think It Was In Luke 24 He Began To Talk About How He Said That That The Books Of Moses The Psalms And The Prophets Were Talking About Me And So When You Look At That The Psalms The Prophets And The Books Of Moses That’s That’s What We Call The Old Testament And So I Began To Look At It From A Different Perspective You Know This Whole Thing Is Really Just About Him Yeah And So If He Said He’s The Word Then The Whole Word Is Referring To Him And So His Plan Past And Future Are All Tied Up In The Old Testament If You Want To Know What He’s Going To Do All You Have To Do Is Look Away He’s Already Done You Know And It’s There To Be Searched Out And So That’s Really What Started Me On My Journey Yeah Um The More You Study The Old Testament And I Just Read It You Have To Study And You Know Actually Relate Precept Upon Precept Line Upon Line And I Would Encourage People To – If You Are Student Of The Word Get You A Bible That Has Down The Center Margin The Text That It’s Talking About In The Old Testament It Shows You The Reference So Like What I Found Is Stuff That We Don’t Even Know Happened In The Old Testament Almost Everything In The New Testament Is Taken From The Old Testament Exact Almost Everything I Know There’s Some Of The Big Prophecies Where They’re Quoting And It Shows It In Italics And Actually Quoting The Old Testament I’m Not Even Talking About That I’m Just Talking About Some Of The Wordplay That Jesus And Paul Use That’s Straight Out Of The Old Testaments Like Wow Like Because I Think We Kind Of Read It And Think That They Made It Up As They Were Going And It Was Something New Or Whatever But Now They’re Just Quoting The Old Testament You Know Yeah You Know And Jesus Makes These Statements You Know Like You Know I Didn’t Come To Destroy The Law I Came To Fulfill It And So When He Says Things Like That You Have To Take In This Consideration What Is He Talking About What Is He Mean He Came To Fulfill It And So As I Begin The State Of Scripture I Began To Understand That The Mosaic Law Was Simply Was Not God’s Laws Of The Explanation Of God’s Law And So He Uses The Mosaic Law Pictures And Shadows And Type To Explain The Essence Of The True Law Really The Law Of The Tour Is Really You Know Is Is Basically God’s Character Because When You Get In The New Testament He Says That That The The Law Is Spiritual Yeah We Know That God Is A Spirit And They That Worship Him Must Worship In Spirit And In Truth And So If That’s The Case Then The Law Itself As We Said Is Simply God’s Character Who Who Would I Be If I Were A Man Would I Be The Same As I Am Now You Know Until He’s Like If I Was A Man You Know I Wouldn’t Sleep With My Neighbor’s Wife Yeah If I Was A Man I Wouldn’t I Wouldn’t Lie I’ll Make False Witness Against My Neighbor If I Was A Man I Would Look Lord That God With All My Heart And All My Soul On My Mind And So He’s Telling Us Who He Would Be His Character In Heaven Would Be On Earth Would Be The Same As You Know And So You Know And That’s How We Have To Look At And So When We Begin To Take On The Character Of God Is Not About Following A Bunch Of Rules It’s Just An Automatic Thing That If You’re Following The Spirit Character God Comes Out So If I’m Following The Spirit Of God Walking In The Spirit Of God It Is Impossible For Me Then To Sleep With Your Wife It Is Impossible For Me Then To Bear False Witness Against You And So The Idea Of Keeping The Law Then Is Nothing Void Because Your By Default Keeping The Law By Walking In Spirit Man You Know What That’s A Heavy Revelation It Took Me Years To Get To That Because After You Know Getting Born Again Getting Filled With The Holy Spirit Set On Fire For God Eventually I Just Wanted To Study And Study And Study And I Actually Ran Into Some Friends Who Were Into Messianic Judaism And We Ended Up Getting Involved With That And Because I Just Like The Way It Was It Was From Like All The Crazy Charismatic Stuff Of You At The Time People Rolling On Grounds And Speaking In Tongues Standing On The Pews Jumping Hollering All Of This Stuff Going On I Wanted Something Different So I Was Around The Messianic People And They Were Like Real Solace Or Whatever It Was Just Like This Personal Communion With Like You Know Different Um I Guess Ceremony So Whatever Keeping Shabbat Keeping The Sabbath And Things Like That Something Is Like A Real Reverence But It Was Still Spiritual At The Same Time So We Ended Up Getting Into That And It Was The Emphasis Was On Keeping The Law The Emphasis The Emphasis Was On You Know If You If You Do This If You Don’t Eat Pork If You Don’t Eat Shellfish Or Whatever Thing Then You’re Closer To God And It Became You Know It Became About This You Know I Guess What The Pharisees Were Dealing With They Had This Outward Appearance Of Holiness But Inside Them They Were You Know Dry Bones There Were Dead People There Were Empty Supplicants As The Scripture Says And So We Did That For Years Man We Were You Know To Probably About Eight Or Nine Years Or Whatever And We Ended Up You Know Pulling Away From All Of The Different Traditions As Far As Christmas And Thanksgiving I Would Fast On Thanksgiving And All Of These Things And We Would Try Not To Be A Part Of This Worldly System Or Whatever That’s Already Established But Then Years And Years Of Studying And Studying Just Asking God To Reveal Himself And The Deeper And Deeper I Found Is Exactly What You Just Said That The Whole Law Everything Not Just The Law Not Just The Commandments But The Prophets And Everything Just As Jesus Simply Said Hangs Upon Love Love The Lord Your God With All Your Heart And Love Your Neighbor As Yourself These Two Things That If You’re Walking In Total Love For All Humanity For God For Nature And For Your Body You’re Going To Naturally Do The Things That Are Written Up In That Law So Instead Of You Having This Checklist Of I’m Doing This I’m Doing This I’m Doing This This The Holy Spirit Comes To Live Within Us And Teaches Us How To Walk In The Spirit And By Nature We Will Keep The Commandments Of God Because The New Testament Or The New Covenant Is He’s Written That Law All Of Those Commandments On Our Hearts So When We Still We Don’t Have To Be Told That We You Know We’ve Done Wrong Because We Know In Our Hearts That We’ve Had To Reason Within Ourselves And Try To Manipulate To Steal Or To Lie We Know When We’re Not Telling The Truth It’s That Conviction That’s In Our Hearts Or Whatever So That Being Said Off The Back Man That Keeping The Commandments And All Of That It’s Just Simply Walking In Love For All Creation And So Definitely Big Ups On That I’m Looking Forward To You Getting Into Some Deeper Discussion With You On That And Also Before We Go Too Far I Know We’re Going To Tie It Into The Warm Prophecies And Things Like That But And I’m Not Sure If You’re Going To Go This Direction But I Definitely Wanted To Touch On It And See If This Is If You’ve Done Any Research On This But We See In The Old Testament These Different Mentions Of Worms And Things And The Ancients Believed That These Different Parasites And Worms Were Actual Demonic Entities There’s Different Prayers From The Ancients That They Were Banishing Worms Out Of Their Bodies Because They Felt Like These Worms Were These Parasites That Got Into The Human Body And Causes That Have Disease And And Make Us Sick And Things Like That And So There’s A Lot Of Emphasis On These Dragons And These Worms And Things Like That Being Some Type Of Entities As Well Have You Done Any Studying On That No I Haven’t Done A Major Study On On How They Looked At Each Particular Worm I Know That There’s Two Main Words Using The In The Hebrew Language For Worm And That’s One Of Them Is Rima And One Of Them Is The Toe Lot Water And I Think I Think That The Basis Of The Argument Is Good Because When You Look At The Remo Worm It Always Points To Some Type Of Destruction Or Some Type Of Decay Or You Know In A Way Yeah It Always Points To That And Then When You Look At The Total Worm It Always Points To The Messiah And So You Even Find These Two Words For Worm In In The Same Scripture At Times One Of Them Referring To The Defeat Of Satan Himself When He Ends Up In The In The Pits Of Hell It Said That You Know The Worms Will Take Over Him But At The Same Time He’ll Be Covered By The Total Worm And So That’s A Reference To Him Being Defeated By The Blood Of Christ And So We’ll Talk About That As We Go Along But I Mean It’s A Powerful Image You Know When You Begin To Talk About The Two Different Worms That’s In The Bible Yeah Let’s Get Into That Because Like I Was Stating With You Know With The Demonic And You Know The Worm Being A Picture Of Something That Takes Away From You And There’s Different Prophecies And Blessings Where The Scriptures Say That The Lord Will Restore Unto You These Different Things That The Worms Have Taken Away From You And You Know The Worms Come And Destroy Your Crops And Things Like That So So We See It In This This Up You Know Negative Light This Demonic Light I’ve Personally Never Heard It In The Positive Light Of How It Would Be Something Of Restoration Or Something That Was Talking About The Coming Of Christ So Let’s Go Into That Now To Just Paint This Picture Of What You’ve Seen Through Prophecy Of How These Mentions In Represents Of These Worms Were Something Positive And Something That Represented Christ Yeah I Mean When You Say Like Psalms 22 And You Know If You’re Really Into The Messianic Prophecies Instead Definitely Know That That Psalm 22 Is Really A Foreshadowing Of The Crucifixion Yeah Of Christ And So When You Know That Then You Go In And You Begin To Say That You See Him Saying In Verse One Like My God My God Why Is That Forsaking Me And You Fast Forward A Thousand Years Later There’s There’s A Yeshua On The Cross Saying My God My God Why Have Forsaken Me You Know He Talked About The People Passing By And Shooting Their Lip Eyes And Shaking Their Head At Him And You Know When You Go To The Thousand Years Later Guess What He’s On The Cross And They’re Shooting Their Lips And They’re Shaking The Head You Know He Talks About The Bulls Of Bashan You Know Surrounding Him And Of Course We Studied The Spiritual Ram And I Really Loved That Book By Dr. Heiser When You Know And Talk About The Bulls Of Bashan You’re Talking About The Fallen Entities That You Know Tried To Take Over The Throne Of God And So Even They Were Around The Cross According To Psalm 22 He Talks About Him Being Thirsty And He Talks About They Cast Lots For My Garments And We Know That All These Things Were Prophetic Of What You Have What’s Around The Crock But Then There Was Just One That Struck Me In There When He Said I Am A Worm So If This Is The Messianic Prophecy Then We Have To Inquire If He Said I Am A Worm Was He Talking About Why Would He Call Himself Or Werner And So When You Look Into That He’s This Particular Word For Worm In Hebrews Is The Tolai Worm As We Mentioned Before What’s So Awesome About This Worm Is That When It When They Got Ready To Give Birth To Its Young It Would It Would End Up Crawling Up On The Side Of A Tree And Then It Would You Know Begin To Give Birth To His Young And It Would Get It With Deposit The Eggs Beneath Its Body So That It Would Protect Them While They Were Beginning To Mature It Would Allow The Young While It Was Alive To Eat Up His Body So That They Could Mature And Grow And So It Would Die In The Process Of Onions Young Eating Of The Body All The Time While His Eating Of The Body They’re Being Protected Then What’s Amazing Is That The Blood As They Were Eating Would Coat Their Bodies And They Would Be Forever Stained In Their Lifetime With The Blood Of The Parent That Was Protecting Them And Feeding Them With His Body And So When The The When The Young Mature They Would Develop These Wings And The Males Would And They Would Fly Off Okay And The Carcass Of The Tree Will Remain On The Tree And It Would Eventually Fall Off The Tree And When It Fell Off The Tree It Would Leave This Red Crimson Dot On The Tree And When What’s Amazing If You Came Back Three Days Later This Red Crimson Dot Would Have Turned White Absolutely Amazing And So When When Jesus Comes And He Says In This Messianic Prophecy I Am But A Worm Then He Was Referring To The Work That He Was Going To Do For Us He Was Referring To This Total Worm He Was Saying I Am The True Taut Worm I Am The One That’s Going To Attach Myself To A Tree I Am The One Who Who’s Going To Give Birth To My People While I’m On The Tree And As You Know When He Was On The Tree He Was Piercing This Eye And I His Side Came Blood And Water Which Two Things Are Significant Of Births You Know At Every Birth You Always Have Blood You Always Have The Breaking Of The Of The Water And So Then He Does An Amazing Thing Just Like The Tolai Worm He Tells Us He Leaves This This This Nice Ordinance With Us We Call In The Ordinance But It’s Supernatural In A Way He Says I Want You To Take This Bread This Represents My Body And I Want You To Take The Wine I Want You To Drink It And So Just Like The Tolai Worm Allow This Young To Eat Of Its Body In Order To Survive Now You’re Sure Comes Along And Tells Us To Eat Up His Body So That We Can Survive During This Lifetime So He Also Washes Us And His Blood Just Like To Tell The Larvae Of The Tolai Worm When They Begin To Either The Body They Were Forever Stained In Their Parents Blood Once We’re Watching The Blood Of Jesus We’re Forever Stain We’re Forever Washed You Know From Our Sin You Know And The Thing About It Like When It Fell Off The Tree It Would Leave This Red Crimson Died On The Tree And Three Days Later You Come Back And His Wife No Well That’s What Jesus Did Prophecy Said Though Your Sins Be As Scarlet He Said I Will Make Them Why This Note Yeah I Mean It’s I Mean It’s Absolutely Phenomenal And So Every Time You See This Toller Worm In Scripture He’s Always Pointing To The Work Of The Messiah And It’s Hitting In This Text In One Word I Mean Just One Word You Could Study For Years Just On Was One Word And There’s No Denying I Mean If You Just Study Psalm 22 And You See The Prophecies Of Jesus Fulfilled It’s Mathematically Impossible For One Man To Fulfill All The Things That He Did Just In Psalm Twenty And So When You Add All The Other Things That Would Probably Discuss As We Go Along He Leave No Doubt As To Who He Is And What His Purpose Was Even Through Like Something As What We Would Think As Trivial As A Worm He’s Talking About Himself And So He Says That That The Law Of Moses And The Psalms And The Prophets Are Speaking To Me I Mean Who Can Deny It When One Word Weren’t The Tow Lot Worm Is Pointing Directly At Him Yeah Now Was This Something That The Lord Gave You Exclusively Or Or Have You Studied Under Someone Else That Has The Same Revelation Now The The Concept Of The Worm Like I Said I Learned It From It Was A I Heard John Corson We’re Gonna Discuss It When He Was Talking About The Tabernacle Now The The The Revelation Of It Throughout Scripture He Gave Me Directly Uh-huh So I Went Throughout Scripture I Mean The The Concept But The Computer Was Awesome To Me Because I Was Able To Go In And And It Wasn’t Like I Used To Have This Concordance And I Had To Look Through The Book And Try To Do All This Stuff Man And Then A Friend Gave As A Gift Gave Me Some Software And I Could Go In And Do Word Studies And I Could Do I Could Put In One Hebrew Word And It Was Searched The Whole Scripture For Ya And So When I When I Did That One Terms That I Was Able To Search Out Was The Total I Went And I Saw Every Instance Where It Appeared I Didn’t Get The Instant Revelation Of Each One Of Them Right Then But Over The Years You Know Lloyd Opened Up My Eyes To Each One Of The Ones That I Explained In The Book And What The Purpose Was And So That’s What Prompted Me To Write The Book Because It Was Such A Powerful Revelation And You Know Everywhere Just Wanting Begin To Appear In Scripture Well The Name Of The Book Is Jesus Is A Worm And A Snake – Among Other Things And That’s What We’re Talking About I Know You Go Into A Lot More Details Within The Book But I Guess The Second Part Of The Title And He’s A Snake – Like What’s The Revelation You Got From Them Because We Always See You Know The Enemy Is Being The Snake And The Serpent And Things Like That Which I I Know That’s Not Always The Case But I Know In Christendom That’s That’s The First Thing We Think Of When We Hear Serpent We Don’t Think Of Wisdom As The Ancient Scene Of The Serpent Being A Symbol Of Wisdom You Know So Yeah We Yeah Would You Take One I Think I Think The Basic Premise Is As Correct It Is It Is An Evil Thing You Know The Serpent It Doesn’t Point To Anything Positive As Far As The Work That It Does And So You Know Of Course I Get Pushed Back Because I Said It But The Reality Of It I Didn’t I Didn’t Call Jesus A Worm And I Didn’t Call Him A Snake He Called Himself Yeah Those Things And So We When We Begin To Look At That The The Concept Of The Of The Serpent Or A Snake Came Up When The Children Of Israel Coming There In The Wilderness And They Had Been Murmuring And Complaining And Finally You Know God Had Gotten Tired Of It And He Sent Serpents Through The Wilderness And They Began To Bite The Children Of Israel And So Many People Begin To Die And They Asked Moses If He Would Somehow Intercede On Their Behalf Of Him Because They Had Sinned Against God Well What Happened Was That God Intervened And He Told Moses He Said Look I Want You To Take This One Of The Serpent’s That’s Biting And Killing The People I Want You To Take One And I Want You To Put It On This Stick It Was A Brass Or Bronze Stick And He Said I Want You To Hold It Up And When You Hold It Up He Said Everybody Who Look On That Serpent Will Be Saved But Those Who Continue To Look On The Surface On The Ground Will Continue To Die And So That’s What Happened He Held It Up They Looked At It And And Believed In By Faith In The Work That Moses Was Doing With The Serpent And They Were Saved By That Well When You Get Over Into The New Testament Jesus Refers Back To That Scripture And He Was Basically Saying I Am The One I Was The One Being Represented On That Stick That Moses Held Look He Says You Know Just As That Serpent Was Held Up On The Stick In The Wilderness If I Be Lifted Up I’m Gonna Draw All Men Unto Me And So We Said Well How Can You Know He Equates Himself To A Serpent And And It’s Confusing At First Until We Understand The Work That He Did You Know When Jesus Was On The Cross He Had To Become Sin The Scriptures Say First He Who Knew No Sin Was Made Sin And We Have To Ask Us Is What Does Sin Look Like You Know People Have Gotten Offended By This And That’s Okay To Be Offended That The The God We Love The Messiah You Know Became Like A Serpent But He Had To Do It Because Me And You Had All These Issues And Problems And Sand And Sand Upon Us And In Order For Him To Take That Away He Took It Upon Himself And He Became Just Like The Enemy So That Mean You Might Be Saved And So What Does He Look Like So He Said Himself He Was Made Sin And We Know That The Image Of Sin All Throughout Scripture Is Serpent And So When He Says He Was Just Like This Serpent You Know That Was A On That Stick You Know That’s What That’s What He Means He Became A Snake For Us You Know You Also See That Picture Of With Moses And The Staff When He Went In To Talk To The Pharaoh Uh-huh Oh Yeah Yeah You Remember That And He And He Took Kids You Got I Told Him Take His Staff And Well First God Demonstrated To Him At The Bush He Said This Is What I Want You To Do I Want You To Put Your Staff Down And When You Put The Staff Down It Turned Into A Serpent He Said I Want You To Take It By The Tail And Then When He Picked It Up It Turned Back Into Staff Well We Understand That That The Rock You Know Always Represents You Know The The Power Of God The Right Hand Of God And All Throughout Scripture In The Old Testament When You Hear You Know At My Right Hand Or By My Right Hand It’s Just A Reference To The Messiah You Know Because He Tells He Said The Lord Said To My Lord You Always Said The Adana I Believe Is How I Had To Go Back And Look At But Is God Saying To God Sit Here At My Right Hand Until I Make Your Enemies Your Footstool And So We Know That The Right Hand Always Points To The Messiah And So You Know Moses Puts Forth His Right Hand As God Commanded It Well Christ Put Forth His Right Hand The Power Through God Put Forth His Right Hand The Power Through Jesus Birthday Then Moses Put The Rod Which Literally Means Stretched Out And It Was Dead Because It Had Been Disconnected From Its Source And He Laid It Down Okay Well Jesus Did The Same Thing He Said No Man Take It Taketh My Life But I Lay It Down And He Was Literally Separated From His Source Of Power And That’s Why When He Was On The Cross He Said Into Your Hands I Commend My Spirit He Gave Up His Power In Order To Save Us Because He Took On Our Singing And He Was Stretched Out On The Cross You Know And So He Put He Cast A Rod To The Ground And Became A Serpent You Know And God Cast Jesus To The Earth To Become Thin For Us On The Cross So Moses Took The Surfing By The Tail And Picked Up Surfing Again And Then Once Jesus Had Paid The Price For Our Sins Went To Hell He Was Quickened By The Holy Spirit And He Said No Man Taking My Life That I Lay It Down And I Lay It Down I’ll Pick It Back Up Again So This Whole Idea Of Moses Picking The Staff Back Up His Rep Christ Picking His Life Back Up For Us So He Became A Serpent And And One More Picture With The Serpent When Moses Went To Talk To Pharaoh He Put His Staff Down He Became A Serpent But His Serpent Devoured The Serpent’s Affero When They Put Their Staff Down And So That Was A Picture Of Our Our God Devouring Sin On Our Behalf So You Know So We Might Live I Mean It’s A Beautiful Picture When Once You’re Able To See That Want To Go To A Quick Break And Then When We Get Back I Want To Talk To You A Little Bit About How Some Of Your Colleagues And People Some Of The Different Reactions That You’ve Got From Some Of Those Who Are Into Biblical Prophecies And Some Of The Church People As Well So We’ll Take A Quick Break And Be Right Back Talk About That On The Other Side When You’re In Business You Need A Professional Website When You Visit Web Creator Proz.com You Can Have The Website You’ve Always Wanted Without Spending Thousands Of Dollars For Just Seven Hundred Ninety Nine Dollars You Can Have A Professionally Designed Website A Registered Domain Name Seo Optimization One Year Hosting And A Website Store Use The Promo Code Truth And Save $200 What An Incredible Deal Everything You Will Ever Need For Your Website At A Price You Can Afford Go To Web Creator Pros.com There’s A New Book On The Market That’s Turning The Traditional Religious Circles Upside Down The Name Of This Book Is Jesus Yeshua Is A Worm And A Snake – Among Other Things Yes You Heard Me Correctly Jesus Yeshua Is A Worm And A Snake – Among Other Things The Theme Of This Book Is Based Upon A Little-known Ancient Masonic Prophecy In Psalm 22 Where Jesus Refers To Himself As A Worm Whether You Are Religious Or Not The Information Contained In This New Book Is Life-changing At Worst One Reviewer States Wow What An Interesting And Engrossing Book I Was Fascinated With The Writing From The Word Go This Has Been The Single Best Read On The Various Aspects Of The Bible That Laypeople Need Help With To Understand And Appreciate Listen If You Are Interested In Throwing Away Traditional Thinking And Learning The Truth Of Biblical Prophecy Get Your Copy Of Jesus Is A Worm And A Snake – Among Other Things From Amazon.com Barnes And Noble And Many Online Bookstores You Can Also Visit The Author Page At Wwlp.com Alright We’re Back And We’re Talking With Kindle Shoulders About Jesus Being A Worm A Snake And All Types Of Other Things Which He Said He Was So We’re Going Into Detail About That I Hope You Guys Are Enjoying This Show Kindle I Wanted To Ask You About You The Different Feedback You’ve Been Getting From People Is That Um You Know With With Something By This Title And In This Type Of Controversy I Can To Go Ahead And Tell You Right Now When I Mentioned That I Was Going To Have You On The Show I Had Some Some Brothers Like Oh You Sure You Want To Have That Do You Even Know What He’s Talking About What Is He Is He Teaching Something That’s Contrary To What You Believe Bye-bye And So I Already Know You Know As Far As The Title Goes With Controversy And Things Like That What Has Been Some Of The Different Feedback You’ve Been Getting From People Good And Bad Let’s Hear Some Other Well From From A Good Standpoint You Know Some People Who Would Not Have Even Been Interested You Know In In The Looking At Christ You Know They Saw That And I Said Well Let Me See What This Guy’s Talking About And So From That Perspective It’s Been Good And Then I’ve Had People Ask Me What You Mean You Know Especially People That Know Me And Know My Belief System They’ll Ask For What You Mean You Know And It Gives Me An Opportunity To Explain It And When I Do They’re Blown Away Drive You Know But You Know Yeah I’ve Had I’ve Had Emails And Different Things Of People Saying How Dare You And You Know How Dare You Depict My God Like That And How Dare This Now That And Then You Know I’ve Had People Tell Me That You Know They You Know They Understand What I’m Saying But I Could Have Done In A Different Way Uh You Know But You’re Not I Prayed On It Before I Did It And I You Know I Even With The Publisher And We Were Going To Change The Name And Then The Lord Just Told Me No I Don’t Want You To Change It You Know You Got You Do It Like I’m Telling You To Do It And He Said Because What I’m Telling You Is Truth Yeah He Said I’m The One That’s He Said So It’s Not About You Trying To Paint A Picture Of Me That Makes You Feel Good It’s About You Paying To Picture Me That I Want You To Paint Because If We Don’t If We Don’t Show People The Depths Of What Christ Went Through On The Cross And What He Actually Became On Our Behalf Then We’ll Never Get The Concept Of What He’s Talking About And That Was What He Was Trying To Tell Peter He Said Look If If When He Got Ready To Wash Their Feet We Had To Understand He Washed All Their Feet Even Jews His Feet Which He Himself Said Was The Devil Yeah And So He Humbled Himself To The Point Where He Watched Everybody Even A Devil In Order For So That Me And You Might Understand The Depths To Which He Was Kneeling Down For Us And So He Knelt Down He Took Off All His Clothes And Wrapped Himself Up In Linen And Peter Was Like No No Don’t Do It He Said If I Don’t Do This You Won’t Have Any Part With Me And So He Said Well Then Wash Me All Over And So He What He Was Saying Was If If I Don’t Show You The Depths To What I’m Willing To Go Through In Order To Save You Then You Won’t Understood Understood The Concept He Said The Idea Of Me Being On The Cross With Just A Couple Of Pierce Holes A Good-looking Greek Guy With His Head Tilted Over And Barely Any Blood And Covered In A Little Garment He Says A Lot There’s A Lie That Is Not Backed Up By Scriptures A Lot Of The Image Of What I Went Through It’s Just Not True And So Many Of The Reasons Why We’re Ineffective In The Church Because We Would Rather Hold On To Our Traditional Views Which He Said Makes The Word Of God And On Effect Rather Than Just Telling It Like It Is You Know And So We Want To Tell People Lies About The Church And Still Expect Them To Come In And Accept Christ And They’re Calling Us Out On Those Lies Right Now Yeah And So You Know How Can We Expect People Than To Accept The God That We Say We Serve But We Won’t Even Tell Them The Whole Truth About You Yeah But Yeah I’ve Gotten You Know Some Great Responses And I’ve Gotten Negative Responses But I Knew That Before Going Into It Yeah He Said Take Up Your Cross He Said They’ve Killed Plenty Of My Messengers You May Not Be Any Different So You Just Got To What You Had Yeah Yeah Well You’re In Good Company That’s For One Thing And I Want To Say That You’re Doing A Great Job Of Explaining It And I Think It Makes Perfect Sense And I Think It’s A Beautiful Picture Of The Work That Christ Did For Us And You Know I’m Saying The Picture Of The Worm Is Perfect Because I’ve Never Seen It I’ve Never Heard Anybody Talk About It And So As I Was A Little Leery Coming Into The Conversation With You You Just Wanted To Know Your Stance On It Whether You Stand With Christ And All That Kind Of Stuff But It’s A Beautiful Picture It’s A Perfect Picture And The Whole Thing About It I Think It’s Beautiful Too Because What You Said That Some Of Those In The Church May Not Want To Hear About It They May Be Confused Or Whatever But When You Talk To Them About It You Know When They See It At First Glance All He Says Jesus Is A Worm I’m Not Listening To It But When You Can Actually Sit Down And And They’ll Give You The Time Of Day To Break It Down Show Them In The Scriptures And Show Them You Know The Reason The Reasoning Behind It The Prophetic Picture That It Paints You Win Them Over Every Time If They’ll Hear You You Know I’ve Noticed That Too I’ve Noticed That Too And Then At The Same Time On The Other Hand Those Who Are Looking For Truth Those Who Are You Know Searching For God Or Just Searching For Something You Know That They Don’t Even Know What They’re Looking For It Opens Up The Door For You To Present The Message Of The Cross To Them You Know And So On This Show Man We Have So Many Different People Um Who Are Listening So Many People On Here That We Just Give A Platform And And You Know Quite Literally A Lot Of People Who Represent A Lot Of Different Belief Systems And Things Like That So There’s A Lot Of People Listening What Would You Tell Somebody Of The Significance Of Christ Going To The Cross Like Why Do We Need Jesus On The Cross Why Like I Think There’s A Lot Of People Who Feel Like They Don’t Need Jesus Or Whatever Or Maybe A Fable Yeah Yeah That’s That’s An Excellent Point Yeah Yeah I Would Say This That You Know The Reality Of It Is You Know We Have To Understand As People That In Order To Be In The Presence Of God We Have To Be Perfect And The Problem With Being Perfect Is That None Of Us All You Know And And So I Mean We Got This Real Dilemma Going On We Got A God Who Really Wanted To Spend Time With Us But Yet He Can’t Because We’re Imperfect You Know How Am I Going To Handle That Situation And So That’s A You Know Another Part The Second Book Now I You Know I Put Two Books In One So You Don’t Have To If You Don’t Have To Buy Two Books By The One Jesus Is A Worm And It Covers Both Of The Books I Just Really Want People To Have The Information About So Going Back To The To The Point We Have To Go Back You Know In The Book Of Romans The Book Of Romans Tells Us That Adam Is A Picture Of Christ And This Isn’t In The Book And And So When You Study Adam Then You Realize That Adam Himself Describes The Work Of Salvation That Christ Is Going To Do And This Really Explains The The Question If I Got A Little Time Out Here I Explained Adam Was Made Perfect He Wasn’t Born Like Christ He Was Made Perfect And He Was Made And God Formed Him And Then He Blew Into Him The Holy Spirit And He Became Alive And So He Was So Annoying It That You Know He Didn’t He Walked Around In The Glory Of God And He Didn’t Even Know He Was Naked And That’s Pretty Annoying You Know And So God Made A Covenant With Adam God Before He Pulled Eve Out Of Adam And And He Made A Covenant With Him And He Told Him Don’t Eat Of The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil And One Of The Concepts We Had To Understand What That Is That When The The Covenant Was Made With Adam And Not Eve And The Image Was That When God Pool Eve Ida Adam He Covered Her And So You Know He Put Adam To Sleep And It Was On The Sixth Day That He Put Adam To Sleep In Order To Bring Forth His Bride Eve Well It Was On The Sixth Day That Christ Was Put To Sleep On Passover For His Bride And So He Was Piercing The Side On His Side Came Blood And Water Well Adam Was Pierced In The Side You Know For His Right He Was Wounded For His Bride He Shed Blood For His Bride The Bride Was Pulled Out Of The Side Just Like We Were Pulled Out Of The Side Of Christ And So They Were Walking Around And Eve She Messed Up She’s Singing But Nothing Happened Their Eyes Weren’t Open They Still Didn’t Know That They Were Naked None Of Those Things Happen Because The Covenant Was Not With Eve The Covenant Was Made With Adam Did She Know That It Was Wrong Yeah Of Course She Knew Was Wrong Because He Had Told Her The Covenant That Had Been Made Between Him And God So She Ate Of The Tree And Nothing Happened It Didn’t You Know So He Was Still Able To Cover Her So If You Want To Look At Him Like Kind Of A Intermediary Between Her And God Now He Was That He Covered Her As Long As He Didn’t Fall She Was Good And That’s The Concept That We Had To Understand As Long As He Didn’t Fall She Was Good Because God Was Looking At Her Through Him Because The Covenant Was Made Through Him But Lo And Behold He Fell For His Bride Just Like Christ Fell For His Bride Intentionally Fail And So You Say Well Adam Fell For His Own Sin In Christ Fell For Our Sins You Know He And So You Know The Parallels Are Still There But What Happened Was Once They Failed The Glory Left And The Spirit Of God Left Adam And Eve That Was Their Spiritual Death And The Essence Of God Himself Actually Left It Left Their Bodies And So God Came Down And He Made A Promise To Them And This Is What He Did He Took He Took Animals And He Killed The Animals And He Literally Took The Skins Of Those Animals Those Bloody Skins Those Animals And He Covered Adam And Eve Up In Those Animal Skins And He Executed Judgment On The Animal The Animals Were Innocent And Eve Were Guilty But He’s Making A Promise To Them He’s Saying This Is How I’m Going To Save You I Am Going To Kill Something Innocent So That The Guilty Can Live And So He Made A Great Exchange Between That Which Was Guilty And That Which Was Innocent So That The Innocent Would Die For The Guilty And The Guilty Could Live Because Of The Innocent And So He Covered Them In The Innocence Of Those Skins And So Now When He Looked At Them He Was Able To See The Future Promise Of His Work And He Was Saying Something Innocent Died So That They Might Live And So They Were Living On The Promise Of God’s Grace And Mercy Because They Were Saying I Believe That You’re Going To Provide A Way Out For This And This Is In The Manner That You’re Going To Do It Jesus Comes Along He Says I Am The Lamb Of God And He Goes All The Way Back To Adam I’m The One Who Is Innocent And I’m Going To Take My Righteousness And Put It Up On You And I’m Gonna Take Your Sins And I’m Gonna Put It Up On Me And So We Have To Have A Substitute In Order For Us To Stand Before God Our Price Has To Be Paid And What If I Stand Before God And It Doesn’t Matter What That Is You Could Have Kept 99.9 Percent Of The Law But Is That Point One Percent That’s Gonna Mess You Up Because He Said If You’re Guilty Of One Part Of It You’re Guilty Of Olive And It Has To Be Perfection Itself And The Only Way That We Can Be Perfect Is We Had To Accept The Sacrifice That Christ Made First And He Imputes Righteousness Upon Me And You He Just Makes Us Okay By No Work Of Our Own He Makes Us Okay And He Puts Us On The Proper Foundation And He Empowers Us With His Holy Spirit And So That’s Why We Need Salvation Because We Can’t Stand Before Him On Our Own We Have To Be Able To Accept The Sacrifice That He Made And We Can’t Work Our Way In It We Can’t Fake Our Way In It You Know We Can’t It Doesn’t Matter What We Do Unless We Accept The Sacrifice That He Made Which Is To Me Is It’s The Easiest Thing To Be Done To Say Look I Know I’ve Lied I Know I Cheated I Know I Slept With Somebody Shouldn’t Slept With I Know I Did This I Know I Did That I Can’t Get The Guy On My Own But I Have Someone Who Actually Covers Me In Himself And He Takes Up On All My Imperfections I Mean I Don’t Know How Anybody Could Turn That Deal Down What’s The Argument You Know And So He Shows Us Through Adam And Eve And The Kill Those Animals Exactly The Manner In Which He Was Going To Save Us And So I Would Tell Anybody Who Thinks That They Can Get Into The Presence Of God Because They’re Good They’re Being Fooled By The Enemy If If You Know We Can Tell We Can Go To God And We Can Give Him A List Of Things That Like The Man Went To Jesus And Said I’ve Kept The Law And I’ve Done This And I’ve Done That And I’ve Done This And He Said Look To Him Say You Know You’re Right You’ve Done All Those Things He Said There’s One Thing I’d Like For You To Do For Me He Said Take All Your Riches Because He Was A Rich Man He Said Take Everything You Have And Sell It And Give It To The Poor And The Man Went Away Distraught And The One Law That He Didn’t Know That He Had To Issue It Was That He Loved His Stuff More Than He Loved God And That’s The First Commandment Love The Lord Thy God All That Heart And All That Sold All That Mind And So He Couldn’t Get In Because He Kept All Of The Other Law But He Couldn’t Keep That One Thing And So He Went Away Distraught And The Disciples Were Like Well Who Then Can Get Into Heaven He Said Well For Four Men This Is Impossible But For God All Things Are Possible Because I’m Going To Take Care Of This Thing For You He Says Easier For A Man A Camel To Go Through The Eye Of A Needle Than A Rich Man To Get Into The Kingdom Why Because He Won’t Accept The Salvation Plan Because He Thinks That He’s Good On His Own And Not Good Because God Just Makes Him Well And So We Need We Need Our Righteousness Imputed Up On Us Mm-hmm We Can’t Earn That And We Have A Guy That Loves It So Much That He Took On All Out All His Our Sins Upon Himself It Came Like A Serpent Fuss Went To The Depths Of Hell On Our Behalf Suffered For It So We Wouldn’t Have To Suffer But The Scriptures Say That You Know They Couldn’t Find Any Fault In Him Once He Paid The Price For Our Sin Then He Was Able To Cross That Great Gulf And He Was Able To Be Quickened By The Holy Spirit When He Got Up He Got Up With All Power In His Hand That’s Awesome That You Linked That Back To Adam And Adam Being The Picture Of Christ We Know The Scriptures Call Jesus The Second Adam Right He’s Basically The One That Came To Make Everything Right Adam Messed Up That’s Good And I Think The Revelation I Just Got What You Were Talking About You Know The Rich Young Ruler Or Whatever The God Who Came Up Who Had The Money That’s Like He Was Almost Like Showing Him The Situation Before The Cross Right Like He Was Saying Okay Look I’m Ready I’m Good I’m Fine You Know Let Me Into The Kingdom I’ve Done The Work I’ve Done The He’s Like I’ve Done The Spiritual Training I’ve Searched My Life For Whatever I Got Everything Out I’m Ready To Ascend Type Deal Right And Any Tells Him I Look You Know That’s Not The Way You Get In Because You’ve Already Messed Up You Know You’ve Already Broken One Part But It Doesn’t Go On To Show That You Know That When He Went To The Cross That Those Things Changed And So The Way That You Enter Would Not Be Of Your Own Righteousness Sake As This Person Was Trying To Get In Because Of His Own Righteousness Or He’d The Heat You Know He Did The Work He’s A Good Person You Don’t Get In That Way You Get In By Submitting To Christ To Accepting The Work That He Did Up On The Cross And Repenting Of Your Sins And That I Wanted To Kind Of Touch On This A Little Bit Too Because You Kind Of Mentioned It My Big Thing Right Now It’s Always Been Honestly But Right Now It’s Just The Emphasis On Intimacy With God Just Spending Personal Time And Communion With Just You And God And You Mentioned That God Wants To Spend Time With You So That Concept Even To Many Christians Can Be Um Foreign You Know They May Have Not A Heard Of That I’ve Had Some Powerful Spiritual Encounters And So I Mean I Talk About My Spiritual Encounters Openly And Um I’ve Had Some Really Amazing Experiences Some Some Experiences That I Can’t Explain I Deal With A Lot Of New Agers I Deal With A Lot Of Pagans I Deal With A Lot Of People From Every Sect Right But I Will Say This That Of All Of The Things That I’ve Studied And I’ve Done My Studying Of Everything That I’ve Been A Part Of Everything That I’ve Practiced Or Or Searched Through That There’s Nothing Compares To Just Simply Spending Time And Intimacy With Jesus None Of It Compares To It And I Published The Article It Was A Really Short Article But It Simply Says The True Christian Experience Is The Mystical Experience There’s Nothing More Intoxicating There’s Nothing More Satisfying Or Gratifying To Tangibly Sit With God For God To Literally Be In The Room With You And Like You Said Wanting To Hang Out With You I Want You To Touch On That A Little Bit Man Well I Mean What’s The Importance Of A Christian Doing That That Was A Beautiful Setup For That I Mean That’s Come On That’s Awesome And I Think I’m With You I Believe That That Is The Most Missed Aspect Of Of What We Call Christians Is That The Whole Purpose For God Was To Have Relationship I Mean It Was That Was The Whole Idea So That He Could Be Amongst His People And Have Relationship With His People And He Demonstrates That All Throughout Scripture I Was Reading In The Book Of Revelation Where He’s Talking To The Seven Churches Yeah And He Goes To Ephesus He Talks About Boy You Guys Are Doing A Great Job You’re Doing This You’re Doing That And You’re Doing The Other He Said But You Have Forgotten Your First Love And Then He Says You Need To Repent And I Was Like Wow You Mean To Tell Me That You Know These People Are Doing All These Great Works But They’re Wrong Yeah Because They Put The Works Ahead Of The God That Gave Them The Duty To Begin With And So Uh You Know He’s Pointing Out Right That It’s Wrong For Us To Even Teach People You Know When They First Could Say We Wanted To Get In The Choir We Wanted To Be A Her Sure We Want Them To Do All Everything – Yeah Dude It Makes Us Feel Better To See Them Doing Things You Know And So But The Main Thing Is God Himself Yeah And We Connect We Can Explain A Little Bit By Going Back To The The Old Testament The Desire Of A Man’s Wife And Old Tester Was To Bear Him Some Fruit And So The The Idea Of Marriage In Old Testament You Know The Concept Was That They Would Have A Betrothal And He Would He Would Give Her Gifts You Know And He Would Go Away For A While To Building A Attachment On To His Father’s House And Then When His Father Approved Of The Attachment That He Made To The House Then He Would Go Back And He Was Get His Bride In The Meantime The Gifts That He Left Her Was There To Help Sustain Her And Keep Her And Showed Her Value To Him As Well So It Was A Lot In That But But The But The But The True Desire That She Had Was That She Bear Fruit For Her Her Husband And So That Concept You Know It’s The Same Because Every Book Of The Bible Is Basically Written By Hebrew It’s The Same Concept You Know And So When We Get Into What We Call The New Testament And He Begins To Talk About Two Aspects Of The Spirit That We Get Confused Often When I Miss The Gifts Of The Spirit And The Other One Is The Fruit Of The Spirit And So The Gifts Of The Spirit It’s Just Simply What We Get Just By Becoming A Spouse To You Just By Being In The Marriage We Get The Opportunity To Be Pastors And Teachers And And Have Discernment And And And The Different Gifts Of The Spirit We We Give That In The Relationship But There’s There’s Some Things That Cannot Happen Unless You Have Intimacy With God I Mean Think About In The Old Testament He Would Give Her Gifts But Hurt Him Giving Her Gifts Could Not Have Gotten Her Impregnated You Know If She Wanted To Be Impregnated By Her Husband He Had To Have Intimacy With Him In Order For That Thing To Happen She Could Have All The Gifts In The World But No Intimacy No Gift I Mean No Uh No Fruit And So The Fruit Of The Womb Of The Woman In The Old Testament Is Representative Of The Fruit That We Gain From God In The New Testament We Accept Him As Our Personal Savior Of Course We’re Espoused To Him We Legally Betrothed To Him But Until You Have Intimacy With Him Then You Cannot Bear Fruit You You Don’t Have Long-suffering Without Having Interest Intimacy With God Yeah You Can’t You Can Love Your Enemies Without You Know Having Intimacy With God So It’s Impossible For A Man The Bear Fruit Without Having A Some Intimacy With God That Was The Point That He Was Trying To Make Him So We Had To Make A Distinction Between The Gifts Of The Spirit In The Fruit Of Spirit I Mean It’s An Awesome Thing Yeah And So And So We Look At It From That Perspective Then We Understand Just Like When When Jesus Went To Visit Mary And Martha And Lazarus What Was Not There At The Time And Mary Was Sitting At Jesus Feet No I Mean She Was Just Into Him And Martha Was Running Around Fixing Food She Was Getting Him Some Food Together She Was Preparing A Meal And Was So Awesome About It Martha In The Process Of Her Working In The Process Of Her Doing Something For God She Got Healed She Was Upset And She Like Could You Tell Her Basically While I’m In Here Working Could She Come In Here And Help Me Instead Of Sitting Down At Your Feet Yeah And Jesus Looked At He Said Martha Martha He Said You Have Coming About Many Things He Said But Mary He’s Chosen The Better Part And He Said That Part Will Not Be Taken Away From Her And I’m Telling You Man Our Rewards Our Hinge Upon This Concept Yeah Because We Can Do Works In The Church Yeah And It Might Be For A Good Motive And It Might Not Be For A Good Motive I Might Show Up The Earthship Because I Don’t Want I Don’t Want To Hear What Other People Got To Say About Me Not Showing Up I Might Sing In The Choir Because I’m Trying To Present Myself And Show Off My Kills Yeah I Might Give A Gift To Somebody Or Money To Somebody Because I Want To Be The One Who’s The Greatest Giver In The Church And He Said But Those Things Might Be Taken Away From You In The Judgment He Said But Relationship He Said These True Relationship Will Be Rewarded True Relationship Like Mary When It Comes Down To It These Things Will Not Be Taken Away From Her Because She’s Bearing Fruit And Her Relationship Is Not Dependent Upon Her Works Because If You’re Intimate With Somebody If You’re Laying In The Bed With Your Husband And Your Wife And You Say Sweetheart Would You Mind I’m Going To Give Me A Glass Of Water It’s Not An Issue You Just Said No No Problem I’ll Go Get You Some More And You Go And You Do It That’s What Intimacy With Hours Without A Christ Does You’re Intimate With Him And He Says Do You Mind Going To Be In Speaking To This Person Do You Mind Going And Doing That Well The Intimacy Itself Drives You To Try To Please Him Because Intimacy With Him Let You Know How Much He Loves You How Much You Cared About You But If It’s Only Based Upon Works Then You Know Satan Gets Involved In All That And He Said Why Why Are You Doing The One Doing It Why Are You Doing Working Why Are You Doing The Way In The Choir Why Are You Doing A Shrink And It’s Not It’s Not Necessarily Pure You Know Because Our Flesh And Stuff Can Get Involved In Those Things So That’s Why We Have To Be Willing To Bear Fruit And That’s How Jesus Said We’ll Be Known He Didn’t Say We Would Be Known By Our Gifts He Said We’ve Been Be Known He Said By Our Fruit Which You Said Of Love One Another He Said That’s How People Are Gonna Know Your Mind Yeah Because I Mean The The Greatest Deception In The World And I’ll Stop When I Say It But The Greatest Deception In The World That The Antichrist Will Bring Up On The World Is Is The Gift And When You Look At Him He’s Going To Come With Great Power And Lying Signs And Wonders And He’s Gonna Be So Gifted That He’s Gonna Fool People Into Thinking That He Himself Is God Simply By Looking At The Gift But The One Thing That Satan Cannot Do Is Bear Fruit And He Can Never Love And So If You Ever See Anybody Loving You Know That Comes Straight From The Father Yeah Babies But But But Just Because I’m Operating In My Gift Doesn’t Necessarily Mean That I Have Relationship Yeah The Scriptures Go On And On And On About Closing The Door To Pray And Going Into Your Your Prayer Closet Going Into Your Secret Chamber To Pray And Spend Time With The Lord And And That To Me Is The Essence Of Walking In The Spirit Because You’re You’re Spending Time With Christ And You’re Conversing You’re Talking To Him He’s Talking Back It’s This Relationship And That’s The Thing We Say It’s Not About Religion It’s About Relationship Well This Is Where The Relationship Goes Down Is In The Wedding Chambers Is When You Submit To God And Put That’s That Time Aside Many People Say That I’ve Thought To They Say You Know You Know I Talked To God Throughout The Day I Talked To God All Day So I Don’t Need To Put The You Know Put Away Some Time To Go Read And Just You Know Soak In His Presence And Just Talk To Him Like That Because I Talk To Him All Day I’ll Talk To Him When I’m Driving I Talk To Him In My Mind Or Whatever People Have That That Understanding But There’s Something Special About Stopping What You’re Doing Or Maybe Having Something Planned Like I Need To Do This But I’m Going To Just Spend Time With God I’m Just Going To Go Into My Room Close The Doors Put On Some Music Get In My Scriptures And Just Tell God What I Think About Him And Allow Him To Tell Me What He Thinks About Me And That’s That This Is What Happens And So We Talk About Walking In The Spirit This Is This Is It Going Into The Room Letting The Lord Speak To You He Also Said That That If You Seek Him In The Secret Place That He Will Tell You Things In Secret For You To Share Openly Exactly So It’s Not About Just Studying And Learning And Watching Videos And All Of These Things It’s About Just Like What Happened To You With This Revelation Going Into The Secret Place And Allowing God To Open Up The Word Up To You And Show You What He Wants You To Share With The World That’s How It Happens Is That Is How It Happens Man And There’s Always A Deeper Place In God Because He’s So Huge So Deep So Wide You Know That We Can Never Get Enough You Know We We Never Get There I Don’t Know What That There He Is You Know People Who Think That They’re There I Know I’m Not There I Can You Know There’s Always Improvement There’s Always You Know Areas Of My Life He Can Point Out To Me Why I Need To Do Better Is This Is I’m Not There You Know And So And So That That Means I Need To Go Deeper You Know I Can I Can Reach A Certain Level Where I Am But He’s Going He Always This Way He Always Does To Me I’ll Be Doing Good And Yeah I Couldn’t You Know And Then I’ll Be Going Along Good With Him He’ll Be Throwing Revelation Out At Me Man I Mean Like Crazy And It’ll Just Stop Yeah And I’m Like Man What’s Going On And He’ll Point Out Something To Me That I Need To Work On Mm-hmm And At That Point The Others Love Was Yeah If I Refuse To Work On It I Can’t Move To The Next Level Yeah But If If I Give It Up He Take Always Takes Me To That Next Level And These Are Challenging Things That He’s Asking Us To Give Up Yeah It’s Part Yeah That’s Part Of That Sanctification Process Man That That People Don’t Discuss A Lot Of That Stuff Openly But It Gets Weird That The Lord’s Wanting To Get Into The Different Chambers Of Your Heart And Seeing The Things That You Hold Above Him Mm-hmm And You May You Know You Know Be Doing It To Help People You May Be Doing It Just Because It’s Something You Want To Do As A Kid Whatever Like It’s Different For Everybody But Let Me Ask You This With That When We Talk About That Some People Say Okay Yes I Just Give It To God And It’s Done What’s The Longest Time That You’ve Been In That Situation Where God Tells You Hey Look I Want You To Deal With This And And What He Tells Me This Is I Just Want To Say If He Tells You The Same Thing If You Don’t Deal With It We Can’t Spend Time Together Like I Can’t Like You Can Pray You Can Read All You Want But Until You Address This Issue In Your Heart And Deal With This Idolatry In Your Heart Until You Deal With That Then It You Know I’m Going To Give You The Cold Shoulder When It Comes To My Presence Right I Mean The Longest Time Is Probably Probably About Three Or Four Years Exactly Something Yeah I Mean It’s Not A You Know Not For Me Anyway Sometimes It Takes A Little While You Let Certain Things Go Or Yeah Or Decided I Love Him More Than I Love This Thing Uh-huh And You Know It I’m Not Ashamed Of That Because I’m Proud Of The Fact That He So Gracefully So Merciful That He Continues To Work On Me And He Continues To Give Me Time To Let These Things Go But I Can Remember It Was Before I Got Married He Was Dealing With Me You Know And You Know Of Course You Know We Are Committing These Acts That We Shouldn’t Be Committing Before We Get Married And All These Type Things And He Was Just Telling Me We’re Not Going In Further Until You Make This Right Yeah And So You Know These Are Decision Making Times You Know You Got To Make A Choice And You Know You’re Not Going Into Further Than You Know And It Finally Got To The Point Where You’re So Heavy On Me That You Know I Said Yes Lord Not My Will But Thine Be Done And It Was Not He Was Beating You Up You Know He Was Just Showing Me That If This Relationship Is Going To Go Any Further You’ve Got To Let Some Of These Things Go And So He Keeps Doing It And We Keep Moving From One Level Of Faith To The Next Level Of Faith The Next Level Of Faith I’m Not There Yet He Just Recently Been Showing Me You Know Okay He Said You Remember What I Told You That Something You’re Not Gonna Bury Shake Them Except By Prayer And Fasting And So He’s Not Lying To Us There’s Some Things That We Will Not Be Able To Conquer Unless We Fast And Pray And So I’m Really Now Getting Into A For The First Time Just Really Concentrating On How Fast And How I’m Gonna Pray Because I Want To Go To That Next Level You Know It’s Challenging Uh I Was Finally Able To Go Almost Seven Days In December And You Know Just Water And I’m Gonna Try It Again At Some Point In The Near Future Try To Go At Least Ten You Know I’m Praying Fast You Know But You Know That’s A Challenge For Me You Know But You Know I Believe In What He Says If If If We Want To Break Something Oaks Yeah If We Want A You Know Shake Off Some Chains You Know There Are Some Of Them That We Cannot Shake Blessed And Fast And Pray You Know That’s The Interesting Scripture I Want I Want To Stick On Intimacy And I Know We’ll Get Back To It But That’s It That’s An Interesting Scripture Because I Know Some Of The Other Translations Of The Of The Bible Some Of The Other Versions Exclude That That Verse That’s Not Ends Some Of The Versions And To Me That Scripture Is So Powerful I Feel Like That’s One That We Need You Know Absolutely Absolutely And I’m Going To Tell You There’s Certain Versions Of The Bible That When You Read It There Has To Be An Intentional Effort To Leave Certain Key Scriptures Yeah I Think So As Well I’ve Done The Study As Well And That Became My Message And You Can Get You Can Get Carried Away With That Message I Know Some People Here Who Their Message Is King James Only Like That’s I Mean That’s Their Gospel Like They’ll Go To An Unbeliever And Ask Them What Type Of Bible They Have In Their House They Don’t You Know I’m Saying That Yeah Yeah If They Give Out Signs And Tracks And That That’s The Gospel Really But Um It Is Important Though I Think King James Version Is Awesome Version But It’s Still Not Perfect And And You Know The Translation Of The King James That Was Taken From The Masseteric Version Of The Hebrew Scriptures Which Was The Alter Altered In The Sense That They Put Vowels That You Know Because The Original Hebrew Language Didn’t Have Ours And They Put Vowels In In The Text And The Price Is Doing It It Was A Few Little Things That Got Changed And So When You You Go Back And You Know With It With The Date With The Event Of The Dead Sea Scrolls You Can See A Few Things That May Have You Know Changed And Then You See Also In The Translation A Few Things That Were Kind Of Left I Give You One We’ll Move On To The Intimacy Again You Know Like When You’re Reading In The In The New Testament You Know The Word Easter Shows Exactly You Know But In Reality There Is No Easter For For The Church There’s No Such Thing It’s Passover You Know It’s Passover And Unleavened Bread And First Fruits Second That’s What I Was Talking About There Yeah Yeah When You Look It Up In The Original Greek The Word Easter Was The Same Word That They Had Been Translating Passover All The Other Times In The Scripture But All Of A Sudden They Decided In The English To Use The Word Easter Why Because There Was An Agenda Some Way Yeah You Know And We Really Have A Lot Of Time Getting There But There’s An Agenda Out There Sir We Definitely Have You Back Home For Another Show With That Because That’s Something That I’ve Studied Would Have Been Passionate About In The Past As Well But Yeah Getting Back To The Intimacy Intimacy Thing When God Speaks To Your Heart And Tells You Look You Need To Lay This Down And It’s Different For Everybody And I’m Having Fun Talking About This A Little Bit Because A Lot Of These Things Are Kind Of Embarrassing To Talk About Right Now These Different Chambers Of Our Hearts These Different Things That We Exalt Over God And You Tell People And You Kind Of Embarrass Cuz You’re Like Really You Held That Over Intimacy With God Like I Would Never Do That In A Million Years You Know But The More I’m Talking About It With Other People In Private I’m Finding Out Like Wow I’m Not The Only One On This This Out This Trip Like You Know Other People Are Experiencing The Same Things And In You Know Like You Said About Three Years It Was Something That The Lord Was Dealing With Me With About Listening To A Particular Type Of Music And I Want To Say That We Get So Possessive We Think That God Wants To Take It Away And Never Give It Back But All He Wants To Do Is Purify It He Wants To Take It And He Wants To Make Sure That You Love Him More Than You Love That Thing And That’s Something That When You Know We Have These Different Plans And Desires And You Know The Scripture Says That If You Delight Yourself In The Lord He’ll Give You The Desires Of Your Heart You Say You Know What That’s My Desire I Want To Do This With My Life I Want To Be A Preacher I Want To Do This Yes I Would Know You Give Me That You Give Up On Being A Preacher And You’re Like And You’re Like Traumatized Like Oh My God I’ve Studied My Whole Life Like What Are You Doing No I’m Gonna Preach Or Whatever And Then The Fact That You Give It To Him He Purifies It And He Makes You A Better Preaching And You Can Ever Be But People Get So Scared That He’s Going To Take It Away And Keep It In All Of These Things And I’m Just Trying To Give You Wisdom Whatever The Lord Says Do You Have To Do It In Purity And Love And It’s Not The Scripture Also Says That He Has Plans To Bless You And Not To Harm You So It’s Not Like He’s Punishing You And The Whole Thing About Him Giving Us The Desires Of Our Hearts Is Once We Come To Him He Renews Our Hearts And Then Our Desires Have To Be Transformed Into His Disasters I Let You Let Him Give Us His Desires And Let Us Walk In That And He Will Openly Exalt You He Will Put You Where You Need To Be He’ll Give You Provision He’ll Give You Dreams And Revelations He Removed Heavens And Earth For You As A Son As A Daughter To Walk In Your Calling All You Got To Do Is Trust Him All You Got To Do Is Walk In Him That’s That’s Wisdom That I Mean That’s Key That Word You Did Say It Was Trust And So When You Begin To Talk About Trust You Know If If I Trust You I Might Tell You Some Things Yeah That You Know I Wouldn’t Tell Anybody Else You Know How We All Have This Best Friend That Will Tell A Little Bit Boiling With Ellen You Know Yeah It’s Because We Trust Him With The Information Yeah And You Know People Say You Know They Might Look At Me Or You And They Say Well I Would Never Put That Before God Yeah But I Can Guarantee You With 100% Of Surety Because Scripture Said They Have Something In Their Life That They’re Putting Ahead Of God Yeah And So We All Have Something And So You Know But He Want Us To See It For Ourselves And Trust Him With It However Vile However Awful However Whatever It Is And To Tell Him About It And If We Don’t Tell Him About It That Tells Him That We Don’t Trust Him Yet You Know And So There’s Not Anything That We Can’t Go To Him With That He Hadn’t Paid The Price For That He Hadn’t Suffered For The The Regards Of How Dark It Is And How We Can Go To Him With It And Trust Him With It To Help Us Out With It With That Thing And It May Take You Know Years You Know The Transform Is In In Shapers And Moulders But The Promise Is That He’s Going To Do It He’s The Great Potter Here Break Us Down And Build Us Back Up Again And Break Us Back Down You Know Even When We Bear Fruit You Know He Uses A You Know That As An Example He Say He’s Still Gonna Prune Us So We Can Even Bury My Fruit So There’s Always Improvement That We Can We Can Achieve Through Christ Yeah Says That He Will Complete The Good Work In Which He Started In You So Don’t Get Weary In Well-doing Know That You’re In A Good Place You’re In A Good Place You Know If He’s Dealing With You If He’s If He’s Chastising You You’re In A Good Place Because You Understand That He Only Does That To His Children Niggas A Stylist Doses Which He Loves And He Loves His Children He Loves Each And Every One Of Us And So That’s The Thing When We Walk In That Love And Take That Loving In Intimacy And Like I’ve Heard It Said That If You Don’t Know Where To Go With God If You Don’t Know What To Do Next Go Back To The Last Thing You Know That He Said And Like You Were Saying It May Have Been Three Years Ago And I And I Was One Who Walked That Out I Had Something I Was Was Holding From The Lord For About Three Years Playing In Bars And Doing Music And I Was Doing Heavy Metal Music And The Lord Wanted To Take That From Me At The Time And I Wanted It So Bad That Was My Dream And And I Wouldn’t Get I Wouldn’t Give It To Him And But I Would Still Try To Do Bible Studies I Would Still Show Up At Church And Try To Get In Worship And I Have My Hands Lifted And I Could I’m Like I’m Addicted To The Presence Of God Like That’s My Intoxication Like There’s No Greater Substance On This On This Earth Than Feeling His Tangible Oil Just His Oil His Presence Man And So I Would Be Worshiping God And I Could Feel When The Anointing Comes And I Can Feel When His Presence Goes In My Body And Cleans Out The Different Areas Of My Body That Needs Work He Does That With His Presence And So I Would Feel It Coming And Then It Would Hit A Brick Wall And Turn Around And Go The Other Way He Says Look You’re Not Getting It Until You Deal With What I Told You To And It’s Almost Like He’s Tempted Me With His Presence Man Yes And That’s Not A Good Place To Be And I Have To Sit Down And And Cry You Know And Sit Down And Ponder In My Heart Man What Do I Want More And That’s Simply All He Asked What Do You Want More Do You Want Your Desires Do You Want That Relationship Do You Want That Pornography Do You Want The Alcohol The Pills What Do You Want More That Ornette And I’m Telling You What There’s Nothing That You Can Give Up On This Earth That You’re Not Going To Receive Him Ten Times Fold Because When It Comes To Getting Our Rewards From From God And God Blessing Us With Rewards He Is Our Reward His Presence Is Our Ward He Is Our Inheritance There’s Nothing That Nobody Can Give And Nobody Can Take Away That Is Is Comes In Comparison With Just Simply Sitting In His Presence And Supping With God And I’m Telling You Like I Said I Want To Reiterate The Mystical Experience The Prayers And Meditations And Yoga All That Stuff If That’s What You Do Is Whatever But None Of It Compares To Simply Getting In The Presence Of God And Spending Time With Jesus Jesus By Name Calling By Name Not Sure If You Don’t Believe In Them If You Don’t Think He’s Real If You Think It’s A Theory Or Whatever I Tell You What You’re In A Perfect Place For God To Reveal Himself To You So All I Would Say Is Just Sake Just Asking Jesus If You Real Show Yourself To Me If You’re Real Prove Yourself To Me And If You Mean That With A Sincere Heart I Guarantee You That You’re Going To Have An Encounter With God I Don’t Know When It’s Going To Happen But You Can You I’ll Bet My Life On That Message I Agree Wholeheartedly I Mean You Know Just Trust We Got To Trust Him He’s Proven Himself Over And Over And Over And Over Again To Me And That’s Why I You Know I Wrote The Book That I Could Share You Know Some Of The Revelations He Gave To Me You Could Talk To Any Mathematician And You Could Just Pick Out The Things This Just In This Little Book I Wrote Of The Things That He Fulfilled It And Mathematically It Is Impossible You Could Probably Win The Lottery Several Times Over Before One Man Could Fulfilled All The Things That He Did In This Book And So He Proved Himself If We Open Ourselves To It And Say Okay If You’re Real Show Yourself He Will Reveal Himself It’s Awesome Thing Yeah So We’re Coming Up On The End Of The Show And I Just Want To Just Set It Up Man This Has Been An Awesome Fellowship Really Has Been Awesome Fellowship In The Spirit And I’m I’m Glad We’ve Done This Show There Was A Lot Of Good Insight That We Talked About And Even With The Revelation That You Were Given And It Was So Much More Man That We Were Just Touching On That I’m Like I Wanted I Want To Take Him Down This Path Of What He Just Said Because There’s So Much More Around It That Simply Just Paints A Picture Of Jesus Man He Uses Parables And The Things Around Us In Our Lives And Yes He Uses A Worm He Uses Snakes He Uses All Kind Of Animals And The Deep Part About It And You Kind Of Touched On It But To Represent Him And To Represent Other Entities As Well These Different Demonic Entities In The Scriptures Are Known As Birds And As Animals And Things Like That But He’s Really Talking About Spiritual Principalities And Powers So I Want To Get You On Another Show To Go Into Some More Detail About That As Well Absolutely Yeah Well Again Yeah We Barely Scratch The Surface I Don’t Know It’s Hard To Stay On Topic But I Know That Man And I Just Prayed Before We Had This Show And I Just Asked God To Get The Glory From It And And I Think He Did So What I Want To Ask You To Do Is I Don’t Mind I Want You To Pray For Some Of The Listeners With Everything Going On On Right Now And The Elections And The Confusion And The Chaos That Many Brothers And Sisters Are Caught Up In I Had Up I Had People Leave From My House Last Week In A Shouting Match About Who They Were Voting For And People Almost In Tears And I’ve Transcended That I Understand The Spirit Behind That But People Who Are Just Freaking Out Because They Had Their Trust In This Kingdom I Want To Ask You To Pray Man For People Just To Be Loosed From The Kingdom In The Desires Of This World And Just To Experience An Intimacy With Christ Which Is The Kingdom Revealed In Us That We Can Come Into Right Relationship And He’ll He’ll Have Us To Trust In His Kingdom Man So If You I Just Want You To Be Led Of The Spirit And If You Don’t Mind Praying For Our Listeners Absolutely Father We Just Want To Thank You For This Opportunity One Thank You For Being God And One Thank You For Being God All By Yourself We Know That You Sit On The Circle Of The Earth And Heaven Is Your Throne And Earth Is Your Footstool Father You Said You Have An Omega In That You’re Our Beginning And I’ve Aryan Isn’t You That We Live And As You That We Move And It’s In You That We Have Our Very Being Low We Living In A World Of Deception Right Now We’re Living In The World That’s On One Side Of The Other And Lord You Ask Us That Your People To Understand That We Don’t Live In A Democracy We Live In A Theocracy You Want To Understand Lord That We Followed By Your Pay Not By The Pastor Other Men But You Want To Understand It We Shouldn’t Put Our Trust In The Princes And The Systems Of This World That We Come From A Different Kingdom That We Are Sojourners Through This This Land And That We Should Store Our Treasures Up With You Lord And That Story I Treasures Up Doing It The Way That You Would Have Us To Do It Knowing That There Might Be Opposition And Knowing That We May Get Persecuted For Than Knowing That People Are Not Going To Like Us For The Lord Give Us Strength On The Mind Lord We’re Being Deceived As A Nation Right Now We’re Being Deceived To Thinking That This Nation Is Great Not Knowing That You’re The One Every Work Great You The One That Made It Great But We Deceived By The Selves Because You Told Us That The Reason That You Destroyed Sodom And Gomorrah Was Because She Had Full And Some Bread And Because She Had Too Much Pride And She Would Lift Her Hand To Defeat The Poor Lord We’re Looking At This Nation Right Now These Are The Symptoms That We Have Right Now As Well Lord And We Ask That You But Won’t Allow Our People To Be The Seed Open Up Our Hearts And Open Up Our Minds Lord So We Might See You And Not See Our Political Process We Might See You And Not See That The Arguments That Are Going On Because Lord You Said You’re Not In The Spirit Of Confusion So If There’s Confusion Though We Know You’re Not In The Midst Of It Open Up Our Hearts Open Up My Mind So We Might Receive What You Have Called Us For Seen So We Might Become Who You Have Cause Become In Your Son Jesus Name We Pray Amen Amen You Guys Received That Man That’s Powerful That’s For You Guys To Receive That Tangible Power Of Prayer It’s Just Not Something We Do To Closer I Get Together Our Gathering Or A Church Service Like Prayer Is Powerful Prayer Shakes Nations Prayer Moves Kingdoms Just To Reiterate Off Of That The Scripture Says Cursed Is The Man That Trusteth In Man So That Look To The Rulers Of This World For Your Bread Don’t You Know You Know That’s The Thing Man And Just Understand That Your Inheritance Comes From God Your Provision Comes From God And After If We Trust In Him Everything’s Going To Be Okay I Want You Guys To Go Out And Check Out The Book By Kindle Shoulders Jesus Is A Worm A Snake – And Among Other Things So He Has Two Books Put Into One On Here You Can Pick Up This Book At Myth Assisting Me We’re Going To Have A Lean To The Hook As Well And You Can Go To Jesus Is A Worm Dot-com Let Us Know In The Comments In Description Like If You Guys Want Kendall To Come Back On The Show This Is One Of The Best Shows I Think I’ve Done So I’m Definitely Going To Have Them Back But Yeah Just Leave Me A Comment Man Let Me Know If You Guys Got Anything Out Of This Show Thanks So Much For Coming On Kendall Hey God Bless You Man I Appreciate Blessings Man Shalom Alright Today’s Podcast Is Brought To You By Web Creator Proz.com If You’re Looking For A Professional Website At An Affordable Price Head On Over To Web Creator Pros.com Type In The Promo Code Truth To Save Two Hundred Dollars On Your First Website Web Creator Proz.com This Episode Is Also Brought To You By Kindle Shoulders In His New Book Jesus Is A Worm And A Snake – Among Other Things Jesus Is A Worm Calm The Book Deals With Many Different Prophecies And Dark Sayings Of Jesus Particularly Jesus Calling Himself A Worm And King David Prophesying Of The Come In 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