Carl Vibe aka Carl The Crusher joins TruthSeekah in this episode as they discuss aliens, ufology, the paranormal and consciousness. It got pretty deep.

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Carl Vibe is a famous YouTuber named who owns the YouTube channel Carl the Crusher with over 3 million subscribers.

He created another podcast channel under his name Carl Vibe where he posts about his extraterrestrial and paranormal investigations. In this episode we speak about aliens, consciousness and all things paranormal and his encounter.

Carl The Crusher & TruthSeekah Timestamps

00:00 Intro
03:24 Shout out to Joel Lambert
04:19 Shout out to Daniel Thorness
05:07 Benefits of being a supporter on Patreon
05:59 Reset/Refresh/Renew retreat
07:06 the interview begins
08:26 Carl Vibes channel started a weight loss competition
09:52 Full time job and family business
10:26 Carl The Crusher says the kids are growing up
13:08 What it takes to work for yourself
15:22 You have to show up
18:14 Something bigger than yourself
20:30 A refining process
21:32 Remember the why and walking on water
23:44 Karate and a step out of the boat
26:03 It’s all about mindset
26:34 Youtube tutorial
28:15 It’s about getting involved
30:36 Learning
31:51 Re-ignite your passion
34:20 Get back into life
36:17 Encouragement
37:10 commercials
40:39 CE5/ Monroe Institute and government
44:01 Experiences with his (Carl the Crusher) own method
45:15 Telepathic communication
45:53 The skies are busy in Utah
47:00 The real paranormal
48:38 Is reality real?
50:26 Dicotomies
51:03 What you think it’s true, is real
52:01 There are other realms happening at the same time
53:17 Psychedelics and watching entities
55:00 When more of two people see the same thing
56:25 Tuned in
01:00:03 Stargazing
01:01:57 The Void
01:03:53 Sometimes people want to show up
01:06:15 Mentioning Dee Wallace from Steven Spieldberg movie
01:08:10 Grandious spaceship encounters
01:09:00 Bible and aliens.
01:09::14 Mormonism told Carl he was opening himself to harmful entities
01:09:44 Experiences for years
01:10:29 Awakanes something innate in us
01:12:55 Science and religion complement each other
01:14:52 All saying the same thing in different ways
01:14:48 Mind controling a plane
01:16:09 Heavenly minded and earthly grounded
01:18:41 Re-ocurring dream as a kid
01:22:20 Created a place to contact my dad that passed away
01:25:47 Could what happened in a Netflix documentary be happening to you?
01:27:08 What if the dark inside of you showed up in your face?
01:29:29 We are looking up, as truth seekers
01:31:17 A paranormal experience wakes you from your mundane daily life
01:33:56 Are bible stories literal?
01:34:46 A change has to happen when you have these encounters
01:35:41 95:41 Weight loss leads to self awareness and purpose
01:40:47 Theories about the government and telepathy
01:42:52 Be careful about naming things
01:49:31 Perfection
01:55:44 The Bigger Picture
01:58:07 Language
02:02:21 Lou Engle prank
02:07:05 Mirrors and perceptions
02:12:16 Wrestling
02:12:51 Haunted houses
02:14:56 Label ourselves
02:16:34 Spiritual Awakening
02:18:17 Put the pieces together
02:19:01 Messiah
02:21:26 Alchemy
02:21:49 There will be a next time

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