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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Christy Warnick about learning and letting go of healing modalities to find the truth of what healing energy really is.

During the conversation we talked a lot about empathy and being able to feel others peoples baggage and how or if we should respond to these feelings. On the internet it seems that everyone is a guru and most claim exclusivity to the path of healing and how it should be done. On her path Christy said that it wasn’t until the let go and started to “unlearn” what she had been taught was the proper way of transmuting energy did she find breakthrough in her personal life as well as her private session.

Born with empathic abilities, Christy has been slowly guided toward spiritual pursuits her entire life. But the path that led her there wasn’t always easy. Being able to physically and emotionally feel what others were feeling could be overwhelming at times, and it led to emotional issues early on in life that turned into more serious health conditions. So before she was able to fully do this work in a more unlimited way, she had to discover more of who she truly was and how to observe instead of absorb others’ energies in order to heal herself.

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