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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah is joined by Daniel Cook as they discuss the Hebrew Living Letters. The Word really is ALIVE!

We have been given the power of co creation with Yahweh. This co creation takes place within our hearts, then manifests into the material world by our spirit (breath) through the spoken word. The Hebrew language is a very magical language. There are depths of beauty to each word that is translated from English back into its original Hebraic meaning. In this episode we discuss the belief that not only are the words are alive but also the letters. David shares how the letters themselves are emanations of Yahweh, each beholding a part of His majesty and splendor. Some people claim to even have had spiritual encounters with the letters themslves where they appear and begin to unfold into beautiful angelic beings.

When Yahweh first began to teach me The Living letters, He began to reveal not only a greater depth of who He is, but also a greater depth who I am in Him. I started to see the Living Letters in all areas of my life. As I dug deeper, the Letters began to show me the path of The over-comer and Peace that passes all understanding. Our payer is to help unlock the mysteries that have been hidden by only a simple veil. – Daniel Cook

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