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Christian Mysticism – Near Death Experience and more! Interview With TruthSeekah

This interview was a few months back and is a reupload from the Our Daily Magic Podcast With Kaí and Dell Henderson. Their YouTube can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxSbmHv4bUU2FfUpGYddiyQ

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The episode starts with getting to know who TruthSeekah is (10:43) in what he does, what he became and what he’s becoming. Dell then probes what inspired him to seek truth (13:20) which led him to his name. Truthseekah then shares about an experience similar to sleep paralysis (13:53) as the catalyst for his lifelong mission.

He was asked to elaborate his practice “Christian Mysticism” deeper, as well as explain what angels and demons really are (21:28) where he shares an experience from his teens about his transition from studying the dark side like witchcraft and Satanism to studying the side of the light (28:13).

A question from a viewer launches a discussion about entities if they are actual beings or just thought forms (40:23) then Dell opens up a discussion about a deeper explanation of Satan and Satanism (45:11).

TruthSeekah talks about ego from the biblical perspective (51:51) and unprocessed trauma as triggers from a generational curse (53:41) and how to break the cycle.

Dell then asks about how TruthSeekah dealt with the misperceptions and persecutions as a spiritual folk who came from being religious by those who are only inclined to the religious side (58:06) where our guest shared a beautiful story about an encounter of an atheist with a hard Christian believer (1:11:23).

They then talk about dealing with conspiracy theorists in which we should not only believe one side but do our own research with the other side to see the bigger picture, then we can decide what to believe in (1:20:45) where TruthSeekah referenced his experience with Madame Balvatsky’s works.

Kai proceeds by posing a question regarding changes in beliefs which launched a discussion with growth and how our guest handles it (1:36:57) and Dell suggesting that we instead find our own truths and live them (1:45:48).

They then delve in deeper to near death experiences (NDEs)and how different people goes through different NDEs (1:55:52) where TruthSeekah shares his own NDE when he contracted COVID recently (2:01:52).

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