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People demonize what they don’t understand and cognitive dissonance plays a huge part in religious thinking around the globe. It doesn’t matter the specific religion each one claims to be the chosen path to God and righteousness. From my studies there are more things that are similar throughout these religions versus the things that separate us. Though names and dogmas may change it is the essence of the practices that remain true at the end of the day. Many are doing the same thing but with different terminology and will fight tooth and nail to hold on to their truth rather than finding that common thread that links us together. Around 2008 Revivalist Andrew Strom did a video likening some bodily manifestations that were going on in the Pentecostal churches to what happens during kundalini awakening in spiritualist circles. The video immediately went viral on YouTube. Andrew’s Stance was that a false spirit called The Kundalini which he deems as demonic had invaded the church and was masquerading as the Holy Spirit. It did not take long for this idea to catch on in many of the streamline churches who were already attacking the Pentecostal charismatic movement. During this podcast segment I try to unpack some details about this growing stance and why what we call The Kundalini, Prana, Chi (Qi), and Tachyon Energy etc. is the Holy Spirit (Breath). I also give an overview on the 7 Hermetic Principals and how they relate to spirituality and ascension.



“The Principles of Truth are Seven; he who knows these, understandingly, possesses the Magic Key before whose touch all the Doors of the Templefly open”.–THE KYBALION”

The 7 Hermetic Principles



The Principle of Mentalism

“All is mind, the Universe is Mental.”

The Principle of Correspondence

“As above, so below; as below, so above”.

The Principle of Vibration

“Nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates.”

The Principle of Polarity

“Everything is Dual; everything has poles, everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree’ extremes meet, all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.”

The Principle of Rhythm

“Everything flows out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the wring to the left; rhythm compensates.”

The Principle of Cause and Effect

“Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.”

The Principle of Gender

“Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes.”

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truth-seeker and/or its affiliates are not responsible for any strange phenomena that may occur during or after listening to this podcast which may include the following heightened senses of awareness psychic abilities UFO sightings alien contact time loss out-of-body experiences ringing in the ears ESP lucid dreaming increasing chronicity astral projection telepathy stronger intuition levitation miraculous healings and or remote viewing please be advised to asymmetry indecision [Music] [Music] to stand when I don’t be don’t you come [Music] [Music] you are now locked into the truth seeker podcasting live a juicy calm to the paranormal esoteric and all things spiritual and now your host truth seeker ladies and gentlemen how goes it how are y’all doing this is the true seeker podcast I’m your host true seeker I’m gonna be by myself today I supposed to have a guest but they couldn’t make it today they say the kids got dropped off at the house and it’d be kids running around in the background so we had to reschedule so I’m gonna do a Q&A today interact with the chat my homies and I’ve got I’ve got an idea about some things I want to speak about that’s kind of been on my heart the last couple days and you know we some things we’ve been talking about on other programs and sometimes you don’t know what to speak on you don’t know what the Spirit is saying to deliver a message to others you want to help people you want to inspire people but usually when we’re going through things in our own life it’s what the the other people are going through it too you know we think we’re the only ones we think we’re the only ones who have been through this kind of stuff but other people around us are experiencing very similar things and a lot of times its principles that we have to learn we’re not above reproach we need help we go through these same cycles and stuff and that’s what kind of gives us the authority to speak on it we’ve been through the stuff we’ve been through these situations and testings and trials and we can tell you how to navigate through them most of the time you know it’s that’s wisdom wisdom and we’re asking for wisdom on how to apply the knowledge do the knowledge so that’s what we’re gonna talk about a little bit imma get started with some of that and then like I said I’m gonna be taking messages and stuff from the chat so if anybody has a question about anything you know nothing’s on untouched so nothing’s off topic so we’ll get into some of that I want to say a huge shout out to everybody support in my work and in abling this part you are enablers this show is listen or support it listener funded in back so thank you again from the bottom of my heart everybody supporting on patreon and whatever means you’re supporting as well thank you guys for believing in my work and so I want to give a shout out to some of the newest patrons that we have here within the last week or so isis gate shout out I believe Isis gates in our discord as well Austin Kerr shout out to you brother thank you for your support Herbert Gibson the third my brother so my brother came on big herb and became a patron shout out to herb man thank you so much for supporting brother and literally thank you so in everybody else support my work thank you guys so much in whatever shape fashioned of form that you’re doing it but especially those on patreon if you’d like to support head on over to patreon comm backslash true seeker and there you get access to my entire discography of music all of the new stuff that I’m working on is uploaded there as soon as it’s done months before it’s available for the general public so you get access to some cool stuff also our Thursday night school of the mystic should get access to that by supporting so uh that’s that in and of itself is is enough man that is so fun and the community aspect to what we’re building here with the podcast hang out with us live not just me but also the community so yeah that’s tonight 7:00 p.m. central as every Thursday night we’re doing that so yep you get access to all kinds of cool stuff backslash true seeker every Wednesday night I’ve been doing for about over a year year and a half been doing a show on Wednesday night with Christy Lee tap in tune in so it’s a good friend of mine and so she has her own podcast or radio show where she takes callers and she does psychic readings and things like that any energy healing and prophetic utterances and stuff so I’ve been assisting her with that and just started streaming it back on YouTube it’s like we shared the links out on Facebook and email and things like that for people to join and people will go and blog talk has its own audience and stuff people join us there plus just the last two weeks I just started streaming it from my end what it looks like here what I’m doing and so a lot of people on YouTube you know they I guess it’s their first time knowing that we’re doing this every Wednesday been doing it almost two years now and so yeah those archives are available if you want to check that out tap into is Christie Lee’s website and so you can check out everything we’ve done over there and I’m gonna be continuing to stream as well on my end so every Wednesday night we open up the phone lines make ourselves available accessible for prayer healing and just getting in the spirit together it’s good stuff so we did that last night there’s two episodes or sessions if you want to call that on YouTube available for you to go back and check so that’s good stuff a lot of people didn’t know we do that so we do that every every Wednesday and um really interesting to watch the chat last night we’re trying to you know get into the spirit and get into prayer and things like that and then like I have the chat open so you know I’m watching the chat a little bit and I can’t always watch the chat you know some people come in to troll some people come in to be silly or whatever the case is we are a family man we’re a tight-knit community here so you know I may have grace on you the chat might not so they will you know ban people if needed and so people get out of line or try to be silly or be funny or whatever sometimes the chat you know the admins in the chat will take advantage of that and it’ll block people so be careful chatting and being silly and stuff like that because they will block you we don’t really tolerate any foolishness and crazy stuff but um I may have a little bit more grace you know on you then the chat does I have to say that so they maybe I will have longsuffering and put up with you a little bit longer the chat with any any signs of any full assistance chat might block you so just letting you know that everybody hanging out with us on YouTube they chat has a mind of its own it’s his own living moving organism itself and some really cool people a part of that so I wanted to and I wanna see people are already dropping some comments and stuff like that so I’m gonna try to address that here shortly but I wanted to start off with a couple scriptures man just something that’s been on my heart that I’ve had to kind of checked my own self with man you know I mentioned this a little bit last night on on Christy leash so but uh you know a lot of times we want to take matters into our own hands right when somebody wrongs us when somebody takes something from us or someone says something against against us we want to defend ourselves we want to make it known that hey you’re taking my kindness for weakness I know I’m a ain’t no killer but don’t push me you know I’m a Christian but I still you know you know I might push back the next time you shove type deal and you know that stuff happens man and we’ve been wronged and messed over and things like that and you know that flesh still rises up and there’s many times that I want to get into flesh you know we talk about spirituality healing modalities ascension all of this beautiful stuff but we’re human you know we’re regular people you know and so we’re not above anybody we’re down here on the on the same level playing field with with everybody so there’s nothing you know we’re tested and tried in those same ways and so when someone takes from you or wrongs you and sometimes you want to get into flesh and you know I it happens man people still from us I’ve man I can you know this whole spiritual walk and things I’ve been taking advantage of man giving people get most of the time giving people money before they come through with what they promised whether it’s been through features which so-called spiritual hip-hop artists I’ll pay them for a verse and then I never get the verse pay somebody for another thing or whatever never get it recently paid somebody for video and that was almost coming it’s like five months ago and haven’t got it have put out filmed and put out videos with other people since then and then haven’t even this person won’t even return my calls anymore you want I want to jump to the flesh my mind is working let me let people and for good reason you know I like to let people know hey watch out for this guy he does shady business stay away from him so my mind starts working I want to expose them I want to put out a video you know what I’m saying all of this kind of stuff just so when people Google’s their name this comes up hey don’t work with this guy give him a bad review pop up about all of this stuff cuz you know I’m saying writers right wrong is wrong nice takes from you somebody steals from you like it’s bad businessmen and I point out last night like when I was in witchcraft right when I was in the occult like really deep dark occult days I’m like I stole something from a warlock and it was a bad decision he had spirits that went out and and got the stuff and brought it back and torment at me and other people who wronged them they had spirits that were sent out to do that and this is talk this is somebody dealing with the dark arts and so you don’t cross a witch you don’t steal from a witch I’m letting you know we’re talking about what works and what don’t work stealing from witches someone who really knows their stuff I’m not you know somebody who really knows how to summon spirits and things like that it can be done don’t cross that person right and so how much more should you not cross the righteous right so the righteous are just taking advantage of or you can take advantage of me because I’m a spiritual person because I’m gonna pray that I don’t repay evil for evil those type of things right those are the principles that we live by especially if we you know try to follow Christ and his teachings and his example right there’s so many scriptures that talk about that I’m gonna get into a couple of them but the whole thing with that man is to know that like it is not a good idea to cross the righteous it is not a good idea to mess with those who are servants of the Most High even though we might not do nothing to you the end result of that person who does that is never good it’s never good never do not do it man whoever it is don’t cross somebody don’t plot evil against them whatever don’t try to mess up their family get into their home like whatever it is don’t cross the righteous that’s a warning it’s a warning in the Bible right the scripture says in in Psalm 105 church but it says do not touch my anointed do my prophets no harm don’t mess what God’s anointed because messing with them you have to answer to the Father you have to in he is like a bear a mama bear robbed of her cup her cubs God comes out you don’t play it it’s never good even though we may not plot against you even though we may not throw hands with you whatever it is we praying against that Lord help us the Bible says that God that it says vengeance is mine saith the Lord and that God will go out and he’ll make he’ll make it right even though I lost $300 on this on this CD or this this video shoot I believe the way the universe works the way God works he’s gonna bring it back he’s gonna bring it back it will have her way he does it you sees it fit if I don’t respond if I don’t go track this person down or take it upon myself because trust me I thought about it I wanted to I can many different things I can do and I’ve done it in the past you know what I’m saying and it’s caused more problems because that’s not our battle the battle is mine saith the Lord that the Lord fight your battles for you and so that you just kind of pull your hands out of the mix and say look it’s not mine I’m not going to respond like that they’re trying to get you to respond like they would respond and it’s not it’s not up to us to do that it’s not so that’s Psalm 105 prophets no harm first Peter 3 and 9 I’m gonna let’s see I’m gonna read the King James Version it says not rendering evil for evil or railing for railing but but contra wise blessing knowing that ye are there unto called you should inherit a blessing that if you don’t repay evil for evil but turn around in bless those who curse you that’s hard man because we want to you know we want to respond but we have to we have no dog in the fight you’re not messing with me you’re messing with the Angels you don’t cross a witch right how much more would you not wanna cross the righteous those who are fight have heaven fighting for them making things right I’m telling you that the end result the God does what he does it’s not that we want God to punish that person you know we hope we hope God you know I’m saying blesses their man and changes their heart and whatever we hope that they make it right you know what I’m saying that they would come and make it right it doesn’t always happen but it’s never good do not repay evil for evil don’t retaliate with insults when people insult you instead pay them back with a blessing that is what God has called you to do and he will bless you for it first Peter 3 and 9 so these these are promises of God these are secrets of God I really believe these are universal laws if you do it it works it really does if you pull your hand out of it obviously you if you respond and you try to track this person down you know you may get in trouble you know you may get in trouble with the law you may get in the road rage somebody cuts you off and you want to cut them off and and just seen people take stuff like it can it can escalate really quick and you can be in trouble really quick with a tweet you can respond with the tweet I’ve seen people do that trust me I’ll have Christian rapper friends who would see things that they don’t like that other pastors were doing that other Christians were doing and they just man their Facebook is like this is somebody who is into the spirit into God and then the next moment I mean they’re cursing people out through Facebook posts like dirty dog stuff like demonic utterances are on their Facebook man and and you can’t undo that you know you can’t take those words back you can’t undo once people see it they’re like watch this guy man you know he’s you know I didn’t a then they want to minister then they want to say I’m good I’m good I’m good no man you can’t do that you can’t take that stuff back and so responding to the flesh responding without thinking responding to the ego is never the way to go another similar scripture Romans evil provide things honest in the sight of all men I look I love this one if it be possible as much as it lieth in you live peaceably with all men live peaceably with all men not just Christians not just Muslims not just Hindus not just spiritual people with all men as much as you have the ability to do so do it to me that I rock the coexist symbol I got it on my or I had it on my old car and I caught a lot of flack from my Christian church friends or whatever because it’s got all these religious symbols and stuff or whatever and you know they’re like oh you’re promoting those religions that’s not promoting those religions it’s saying live peaceably with these men that’s not biblical what do you mean if it Romans possible as much as it life in you live peaceably with all men that’s coexist men coexist with these people men dearly beloved avenge not yourselves but rather give place but rather give place unto wrath for it is written vengeance is mine I will repay saith the Lord so don’t think that these people go unpunished don’t think that these people just get away with it they stole from you they did you wrong they’ve been gossiping about you trust me those people that are in the churches or whoever they are that are going out gossiping about you to their friends they gossip to their other friends about those friends it’s just I mean it goes on so it’s what happens I’m trying to read the text here some people say they’re seeing a black Green I don’t know so anyway let me know if this dream is working but yeah we are live right now therefore if thine enemy hunger feed him if he thirst give him drink for in doing so thou shalt heap coals of fire upon his head be not overcome of evil but overcome evil with good and that’s that’s hard that’s hard because we want to repay evil with evil we want to go above and beyond we always want to get the last word in of debates on Facebook you got to learn the last word is not worth it people call you out love about you got to stay in your character never let somebody call you or pull you out of your character don’t let them do it so I just bless you with that man don’t respond don’t fight upon your own accord man and it’s tempting and I have to run remind myself there’s different things to do you can pray pray for that person release them have a time of releasing and just wave you wanna sit sit down and close your eyes and meditate taking that breath breathe it out and when you breathe it out release release them those starts release those thoughts release those words off of you those word curses release it all I’ve had to do it I’ve had to release friends I’ve had to release these people who have wronged me because it they’re just living rent-free in my head I’m thinking about ways to do them I thinking about what they did to me all of this stuff and I said you know I can’t do that I can’t how am I gonna you have to be if you’re gonna walk in the spirit as a vessel you have to be clean and you have to be holy you can’t you can’t be trying to to heal you can’t be trying to give words of wisdom and knowledge and encouragement and hear from the Holy Spirit and speak that out into others lives if there’s this mucky stuff in the pipes it doesn’t flow right you can’t receive and then there’s pornography stuck here you can’t receive and then this bitterness ray it stuff gets filtered through and it messes up the way it comes out you have to keep your hands clean in your heart pure that’s my rule that’s my room I won’t I won’t deal with any of it I’ve made that commitment to myself I don’t I can’t flow I have to make things up if it’s not about the Holy Spirit and what the Spirit is doing I don’t want no part of it I don’t want to come to your church I don’t want to be a part of your meeting I don’t want to meet your psychic friends if it’s not the Spirit of God moving in them and through them I don’t want to be a part of it right and so that goes for us as well when our hands are clean and our hearts are pure then we become an open vessel and we become a conduit for heaven to be able to bring heaven to earth on earth as it is in heaven as the scripture says we’re that conduit you got to be able to flow in the spirit and if there’s stuff clogging up the pipes it’s not gonna flow it’s like an artery to the heart of God quite literally and if it’s blocked blocked up if it’s clogged it’s not gonna flow the blood is not gonna flow amen that’s wisdom guys um let’s see someone asked a question a while ago okay I’m gonna read this from Brandon Brandon Brandon Higgins brother he says this is his quoting scripture Deuteronomy 32:35 and it’s a good scripture a good chapter Tim to me belongs vengeance and recompense their foot shall slide in due time for the day of their calamity is at hand and the things that shall come upon them make haste yep Kris garner says when you wrong another you invite recompense the level you wronged is paid back in increasing intensity yeah man it’s it’s Karma you know you want to call it karma except I don’t think you get it you know three lifetimes from now I think you get it in this lifetime it’s called you reap what you sow seed time and harvest whatever you put back put out into the world it’s gonna come back to you you know speaking evil of people gossiping you gossip about people it’s gonna come back to you you’re gonna have people gossip about you that’s how I learned to stop gossiping I had hold churches gossiping about me that doesn’t you can feel it man when you’re empathic and intuitive whole church is gossiping about you to people who don’t even know you so you meet people and they know you and you don’t know them and you got to figure out who and who told them about you and all this kind of stuff that gets weird man it really gets weird and so yeah whatever you do man it’s gonna be it’s gonna be given back unto you and it’s about being pressed down and shaken and run it over for that to be true for the blessings it’s gonna be true with the curses as well Deuteronomy around around those chapters I believe 32 as well talks about the blessings in the curses and so for one thing to be true the opposite has to be true as well for there be fruits of the spirit that are good if you spend time in the spirit of Christ then the opposite has to be true as well if you spend time in the flesh if you spend time entertaining dark stuff demonic stuff stuff that is not edifying and lifting up the body or lifting up yourself if you spend time with that there’s fruit that comes as well in the Bible talks about it right it talks about the fruits of the spirit and what we can call the fruits of the flesh fits of Rage men that’s a that’s one of them you’re not spending time with the Lord you’re not spending time in the spirit and in prayer fits of Rage you blow up easily hey hold on why’d you just punch that wall why did you do that hold on let’s talk about you screaming why are you yelling hold on something’s up you spend time in the spirit you’re gonna produce these these fruits men and they’re beautiful and people partake of those fruits and you want to hang around those people just like for there to be blessings there has to be cursors for the for one thing to be true the opposite has to be true as well let’s go through here some more Christi Phillips just thinking I want to watch YouTube before work thinking I hope true seekers on live for my birthday happy birthday Christi clicked on and the universe has spoken synchronicities love it and your work much love thank you Christi Phillips happy birthday again and man this thing and you know what Chris Chris Baris you know before I went live he was like man talk about synchronicity as well you always talk about synchronicities right yeah in their increasing especially when you’re on the right path now I wouldn’t get discouraged if you’re not seeing them but there’s seasons where they come and they’re just everywhere and they’re weird and it’s strange things that the TV is saying that things you’re saying or the you think something then it’s on Facebook or as you’re scrolling and or you hear terms or phrases or songs I remember it used to be songs for me back in the day man I would think of a song that I hadn’t heard in years and I would think of the song and then all of a sudden he would come on the radio and hadn’t heard it in years it started weirding me out when I started getting into the prophetic ministry and and hearing the voice of God and seeing into churches they call it confirmation they don’t use synchronicity they’re trying to borrow some of the New Age stuff they started I think the churches are starting to use the word downloads I got these downloads from God you know what’s you know it’s interchangeable I believe but I started to see those synchronicities and signs in my life and I begin to kind of freak me out so much so that I called the radio station because when a song would be going off I would sing the next song before it came on and it started happening like crazy I would say it two seconds later boom the song was on and I was able to predict the next songs that were coming on the radio you know it all this was new to me I didn’t know what I was doing it’s just my imagination I don’t know how this stuff works I called the radio station I said hey look is there like a loop like a rotation that every day you guys play all of these songs together and I’m learning what’s the next one like am i learning and she said no you know this this is new and I play I play different songs every day and we changed up the format and everything and I was like wow and I just kind of explained to her as a Christian radio station and uh I told her what’s going on and and she said well the Lord’s trying to speak to you and maybe those titles of those songs maybe that word those words that were coming to me that God wanted to speak to me and so that was the beginning of it for me the next the next steps was going to visit my brother in prison at the time and meeting him there and and I would look in and see all of these people meeting with their families and I knew why they were in prison right I looked at them and I said he did this and he’s in here for that and he is in here for that and it was scary stuff and I was like I started to get overwhelmed and I started to pray against it most of the time this stuff scares you you start praying against it right and so because I felt like I was judging these people I felt like well I don’t even know these people why am i judging this man being locked up and just making these things up about these people but it wouldn’t go away as much as I prayed against it I’m trying to figure out what it was man and it’s it’s kind of overwhelming but the Bible says this a spiritual man judges all things and so you’re able to see in the spirit if you’re spiritual you’re able to pass righteous judgments and a judgments according to the fruit according to the spirit those who walk in the spirit will not commit the deeds of the flesh you won’t be committing those deeds let’s see go through these questions here somebody asked me about hermeticism and I didn’t I think it’s on up some more I don’t know if I can find it or not but um okay so akia says what are your thoughts on the Hermetic philosophy the most I know about Hermeticism are the seven home attic principles and I love them that’s why haven’t really studied a lot of the hermetic tradition but those seven hermetic principles I love and I’ve talked about them a little bit and I think that they’re good I think that they’re righteous let’s see if I can read some of these um I can find them I’ll read these out for people who have no idea what they are and so this is a really my extent on it though I just I I like these um the overview and I have a you know revelation on each one especially when it comes to the scriptures or whatever all the stuff ties together for me um so there’s that the principles but let me find the chart here Assyria seven hermetic principles here’s the chart let me just pull this out I really like this chart it’s pretty good I don’t know if I can I’m just gonna show up probably not and it’s kind of small Oh Lord I can’t read that let’s see okay here we go Bing Bing okay I’m pulling it up right now this is from a third monk net but this is an image that circulates on the internet for those of you who are watching it for those who are and I’ll read it but are glyphs for the seven hermetic laws of ancient Kemet or commit principle the first one is principle of mentalism the all is mind the universe is mental for me that’s um you know we’ve been talking about consciousness your your consciousness your thoughts create your reality those type of things and so that kind of fits into that with me the principle of Correspondence as above so below as below so above as within so without on earth as it is in heaven these principles your your your body is a mirror image of the heavens of the throne room of God the Bible says that that God dwelleth not in temples made with hands but your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and your body is fashioned after that and I need to do a deep teaching on that everything in your body your heart is the throne of God your ribcage your whole Anatomy mirrors heaven so that’s when a physical perspective of the throne room of God your body is the throne of God and it also relates spiritually as well as above so below shoot another way that relates for me is like when we’re talking about UFOs and we’re talking about angels and these different types and hierarchies and what they look like and it gets weird and especially when you’re getting into you know when you’re trying to connect the dots there and you maybe get into ufology and you’re talking about these different types of aliens that have been seen and encountered or even types of spirits and angels I mean there’s just so many they look different they act different they have different things that they do in the universe so we’re talking about that as above so below gets interesting when you go into the deep depths of the ocean when you go to the deep depths of the ocean and all these weird fish that they’re finding even some of the ones that aren’t so deep like there’s footage Meniere’s like shape-shifting acha octopuses they’re like there’s octopus that change color and it can camouflage and cloak and all of that stuff and then you see similar things stargazing you see ships you see beings in the night sky that can fly and cloak that can go clear seeing things flying around that you can see through very interesting you can see through them there’s fish like that that’s fish you can see all the way through or you see all you see is their organs you know when they eat something you can see it in their stomach there’s fish with lights on their head they have they light up I mean there’s all types of crazy stuff that shape-shift in that pose and they adapt to the environment same thing in heaven the Angels the aliens the spirits elementals whatever you want to call them they’re out there man and they mirror the ocean it’s awesome it’s crazy there’s there’s um beings and there’s crafts that mirror stingrays they look like stingrays it looks like a stingray flying in the sky phantoms it’s really interesting the principle of operation nothing rest everything moves everything vibrates everything is moving sound man get in the sound your minds gonna be blown what is it called man what is the shoot cymatics I want to do that myself I understand it understand the 432 frequency I understand that there’s certain tones certain pitches especially going into meditation this is key there’s different tones that you can play that bring forth healing to your body repair your DNA and things like that as you hear the sound everything is moving but getting into cymatics you have these different shapes and the many of you have probably seen documentaries with this car Matic is a good one and there’s just there’s a bunch of them everybody talks about this but man dr. emoto’s rice experiment dr. emoto’s rice experiment that were made up of water atoms were moving vibrating our body is the dr. Emoto rice experiment is where you greet this container of rice and water you greet it with a blessing hello I love you you look great yeah it’s so good to see you I’m glad that you’re here you’re such a blessing one in the middle you leave it alone don’t say nothing to it and then another one where you curse it you’re stupid I can’t believe that you’re still here nobody likes you everybody thinks you should die everybody think everybody’s been talking about you and nobody likes you and over a 30-day period or however long we actually did this the dr. Moto e moto rights experiment we did it and I had the video I may I still have pictures but I had the video on my old channel and after 30 days the one that we were blessing and speaking blessings to it fermented a little bit turned brown but it still looked good that’s what rice does the other one this stayed that we didn’t do anything to it it started looking bad as Luke start looking back had mold on and things like that the one we were cursing was disgusting like it um had mold all in it it turned green it was sort of growing all kind of nasty stuff in it and like out it was just disgusting man we had to get it out the house but it worked after like feeling bad about cursing this thing I think I knew what I was doing I didn’t want to uh tur those words you know and they’re been they’ve been doing this study in school with uh and schools without plants and you can you can find that let me see um let me just google it speaking to plants to school let’s see talking to plants that seed experiment bizarre experiment shows how talking to plants can see them thrive yeah they’re doing this in schools and I’ll um I don’t know how much I want to play on here because they’ll you know mess my video up for doing that but I mean you can look it up for yourself definitely look up the dr. Emoto rice experiment they featured it in a documentary that was on Netflix called water I think it’s called water of the great mystery and it talks about how there’s life in the water and what messes up the quality of the water and how to get your water and I got friends who are really big on spring water and alkaline water and things like that and so it actually has energy in it let’s see where is this thing at right here so anyway here’s the here’s the see if I play it okay verbal bullying it talks about so they’ve done this okay so this one’s at IKEA yeah okay this was done at IKEA where they’re selling plants and stuff come by each day and say what’s it say let’s see clicking all over the place so there’s the messages that are played on loop and they’re telling people to compliment go through the end of it I say here’s the end okay look at that come on I’m trying to pause it and this is very interesting that your words are vibration that your words have power the Bible says that life and death are in the power of the tongue that you create as you speak the ancient phrase abracadabra when a magician was gonna perform a feat in a trick pull a rabbit out of a hat whatever he says abracadabra that’s a Kabbalistic term it means I create it as I speak it that’s the truth you create as you speak whatever reality whatever type of day you probably get a prophesy over yourself prophesy over your visions prophesy over your dreams prop us all over your family your friends your children and see things start to change see if you see it in your mind’s eyes you can speak it out and create it that’s part of this whole shamanism are we able to go into the spirit realm go into the imagination and see a vision what God has for us and then be able to see it through work with God on creating that part of it is speaking it there’s something special in the scriptures when it’s talking about salvation and getting with God it says that if you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth it’s one thing to simply believe it you could believe whatever you want there’s people who believe all types of theories there’s people who have all these dreams and things but they haven’t told nobody they haven’t started speaking it out it’s something that happens when the visions of the heart and the visions of the mind come into connection with the the mouth and you audibly speak it out and you create it something happens when those two connect the ideas the visions of the heart and you speak it out tamo says water holds memory it is pure consciousness david says they Dave voltner says ohms in 432 is awesome yep Ohm’s even even oh my mean the whole the anatomy of what that is it’s the song of the Sun the Sun is vibrating making a noise and it sounds like the ohm it is the song of the Sun bobis is all creation it’s praising the Most High – baba says that if you cease to praise God that the rocks will cry out how would the rocks gonna cry out I used to see in my head and reading that scripture that rocks opening up singing praises the God singing worship songs you know but through vibration does the rocks have a song – the crystals have a song the earth has a song the trees have a song there are microphones where you can record this and listen to it back play them all together in symphony I believe they’re singing praises to the Creator as the Bible says and then when we join with that if we join with the ohms if we join with the chance if we join with the worship songs whatever it is or we sit in silence and we connect with that Pythagoras talks about the music of the spheres and even the planets are making these noises and it’s this sound in these tones praising God that’s what you get the Pythagorean theorem from string theory playing the guitar vibration sound what works together what goes what doesn’t there’s pictures of these tones there’s pictures of these words playing over and over where our water has been frozen and the geometric shape the geometric pattern that it makes are these really beautiful sacred geometry looking things right it’s really uniform when it’s playing at own a certain frequency and you freeze it it freezes at that shape that’s what the cymatics is right but they’ve done it with loud noises drop tones other tones or whatever that are not good they make you feel bad when somebody plays it it makes you feel bad there’s other tones when they play it in this other frequency this other pitch it makes you feel good and they have pictures of what these look like the ones that are the ones that make you feel bad right these lower tones for the most part they look like confusion when you when you freeze them or you get a picture what they look like through cymatics by taking anybody can do it I’m gonna do it you can get a you can get a balloon you can get some type of plastic or certain pans there’s some that are really expensive that you can get a lot of people use the professionals but I’ve seen this DIY stuff on YouTube where you just take that balloon hold it over maybe a PVC pipe get it on there really tight make you another layer where you can put water on there or salt you could put salt or sand anything that’s gonna respond to the vibration that you can see it and then you put a speaker up under the pipe you put a speaker under there so that the sound is coming through and and you get to in it actually when you play the sound loud enough the water moves this the sand moves the salt moves or whatever and it forms these geometric patterns sacred geometry sound find out what they do colors get with that stuff man and it will change your life man so there’s music to like there’s there’s apps for the phone where people it automatically changes whatever song you’re playing on your phone it raises the pitch to the pitch for you so whatever you listening to if it’s in that lower darker pitch you can listen to a darker song or negative song but you listen to it with that 432 pitch and it it just feels like it’s something good right but the but the lyrics are bad you know and they have it and if there’s people who have made those on like YouTube for anything you could’ve seen like Atlantis more set in re-uploaded her music at that tool that feels good they’re listening a tool at of my stuff and as an artist I don’t like the way it sounds after the fact that it’s made because it breaks this mind I use a lot of tics you know I’m saying in the beats and stuff and so it it uh it makes them sound really really high so it’s almost tinny when it does that so don’t the experiences that I’ve done to my music with that experiments is that of experiments I’ve done with my music have done that I really didn’t like the sound but I put a lot of that stuff in there anyway some of the instruments are in 432 the chanting and all that stuff that’s kind of mixed in there it’s kind of done to kind of put you in that trance state anyway so we can keep going we could do it the whole episode on sound in the voice and show you man the word the word became flesh creating it as you speak it’s creating entities in birthing them through a Tulpa by creating it in your mind and speaking to it and man all types of weird wild stuff that goes on with the word and this is the spoken word what about the written word man what about the golems where the story of the golems come from being able to write these incantations and draw on these magical symbols and bringing things to life the golem the mud man that’s where you get the story from Frankenstein really let’s look here next we have see okay next we have the principle of polarity everything is dual everything has poles everything has its pair of opposites like and unlike they are the same opposites are identical in nature but different in degree extremes meet all truths are but half-truths and all paradoxes must be reconciled that’s deep man and it’s just like what I said a while ago first for one thing to be true the opposite has to be true it has to be someone I see is comment on here says I saw talked about the the the spoken word the written word and says the living word Christ amen for one thing to be true the opposite has to be true there’s polarity and everything that’s the whole thing man and most of us have to get out of that thinking I think religion messes a lot of us up and it took me years to get out of it maybe even still trying to get out of it to two different degrees this is God that’s God oh that’s not God all is God the Lord is one here o Israel the Lord is one the Lord is all there’s nothing that exists that God isn’t in that Jesus isn’t in the Bible says behold I’m the LORD thy God I create good and evil God doesn’t create evil the devil create no what the devil creates things he creates evil no the Lord the Lord does it he may use your devil to do it he may use you to do it but the Lord orchestrates at all everything so if God creates something or something is expressed their spirits who go out and do it but guess what they get their orders from somewhere else they don’t have no power to create they just have the power to manipulate Adam star C Bay says duality and polarity is the divine order of life this is what people struggle so much with the self and I’m telling you like in religion we like I said we’ve talked about this as God that’s not God and we’re like compartmentalizing what’s God secular music is it God like trying to listen the only Christian music well what about this second music that makes me feel good what about what about I sing these songs to God as I’m singing these secular song and it’s just weird you know saying different dichotomies that we’re told in the church to stay away from this stay away from that stay away from this and God uses everything which what he does man he’s an OG he uses everything to us to himself and to reveal his glory to us um so let’s see a battery positive and negative positive and negative elaborately polarities United let it go but don’t never try to fight it the veil is ripped so we journey behind it in the silence that we found solace I closed my eyes and disappeared within the darkness Who am I I’m here to impart this and they don’t really want a war with the prophets bidi elements well only travels stop forms that your mind can’t handle never mind when the mind is baffled as a silver cord and rivals polarities positive and negative the yin and the yang whether you want to call it God in the devil whether you want to call it good and bad righteousness and wickedness you know what I’m saying like they exist to complement each other it’s the contrast I’ve been talking about this I’m gonna continue to talk thank God for the contrast Jesus is the contrast he lets you know they talk about the seesaw the balance in all things duality I embrace the duality not fighting it and not trying to stay away from it that’s not Christian that’s not God that’s not this you’re gonna drive yourself mad you’re gonna drive yourself mad because God is calling you to deeper deeper levels and you’re like no this isn’t God this can’t be this can’t be no no chaplain telling you you try to fight God on your calling and say what is God and and I hear you are the Bible says call no man good or evil call no man unclean call nothing the Lord is purified everything whatever it is it might not be beneficial for you but it’s there and nothing in and of itself is it’s wicked or evil call no man clean or unclean where the Lord is purified at all the principle of gender gender is in everything everything has its masculine and feminine principles gender manifests on all planes I mean in our day of age that I guess they’re trying to they’re trying to change that they’re trying to add genders and multiple and all this hermaphrodite in the original man was done Aphrodite and all kinds of weird things but as far as gender man even the the qualities of the mother and the father we I look at God the Father some people have a hard time of looking at God as a father some people get mad when I say that God is a man God is that this God is not a man but it’s the masculine and feminine God is there in the in the feminine as well for me through the Holy Spirit through the Holy Spirit it’s the motherly aspect of God if God is the father or you perceive him as the father it’s the hand of a hand of Correction let me teach you let me in part and then sometimes when the father gets on to you the mother come on sign it’s okay you know he loves you he’s still in the Holy Spirit nurtures you like a loving mother it’s in all things even in God the principles of rhythm everything flows in and out everything has its tides all things rise and follow the pendulum swings and manifest in everything the measure of the swing to the right is the mother that is the measure of the swing to the left rhythm compensates find your rhythms get in that rhythm the flow state that’s a rhythm you can get in I enter it during the podcast at times start flowing and there’s a rhythm of God you know when the Lord is speaking through you you know when God is animating you that will you know when you’re prophesying you’re speaking as the Oracles of God you know it not all the time not all the time the word doesn’t return void if you’re speaking the righteous Word of God that never returns void that’s prophesying in and of itself of just declaring the righteousness of God declaring the victories of God that’s prophesying in and of itself everybody can do that everybody can prophesy Corinthians 2nd Corinthians 14 but not all maybe profits but you may all prophesy one by one so that you may be edified and it says that Jesus is the spirit of prophecy that it’s about exhortation and edification to build people up never to tear someone down never to make a mockery and make them look like a fool but Jesus is the spirit of prophecy to love and bring forth restoration healing and speak faith to see those things that are not as though they were prophesying unto the valley of dry bones with your voice there’s a spoken word speak to those bones are dead it’s in there there has been stay used to be a great army but God’s raising up another army no no this army God’s not done yet as long as there’s air in our breath air in our lungs power there’s Numa there’s a spirit this pranayama is the life force as long as that’s still there there’s still hope we can prophesy of our situation prophesy with those dead bones that they will become a great army again there’s the vision of Ezekiel prophesy over your marriage props over your vision man you waiting with somebody else to do it sometimes we are that’s a weird thing I’m still waiting for people to come on to help me when you ain’t showed up yet you know if you want something done you got to do it yourself you know and God sends people to you but don’t wait if you’re waiting I remember this is a weird thing we’re coming out of the church you know we we spent a lot of time in prayer not coming out of the church this was in church but there were seasons where we would pray for each other and and be looking for reasons to pray this is what we did man and there were seasons where nobody would pray for us like we would you know nobody kid if maybe felt like nobody cared or would be going through stuff and we’re looking for prayer maybe he’s too scared to ask for it and stuff and then you feel like I don’t know if you feel abandoned but you kind of feel like people don’t care cuz nobody’s asking to pray and you’re carrying all these burdens and stuff because you’re not releasing them you’re not praying over yourself you’re not seeking the Lord for yourself to get that stuff off of you so I remember going through seasons like that man but if you want to get that stuff off of you sometimes you got to release it I’m some of the biggest most of the biggest times in my life where I’ve had spirits loosed off of me or being had trials I had uh you know the weight lifted off of me that I was trying to carry myself and not telling anybody it was when I confessed it a lot of times it was in front of people you know you don’t want to confess it your doing holding stuff in doing stuff wrong the more you hold it in it’s just gonna sit there and we’re waiting for somebody a prophet who can call it out and trust me they can they can read your mail but if you’re waiting for a prophet you might be waiting a while just few and far between it seems like these days but um you know if you want something done you got to do it if you want freedom you got to go get it you got to get it you got to do the work you got to put in the work if you believe in something enough you will and that’s the proof that you want it because you won’t give up when you should have gave up when everybody else around you gave up you didn’t you really wanted it you’re not there just because it’s because you really wanted Dave vote no I believe I believe that we are all created through Christ in a journey is discovering how we can all be connected to him through the Holy Spirit amen yeah we’re definitely man I mean the book of John you know talks about he is the light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world is that only Christians is that I think it’s I think that’s quite literal every man that cometh into the world and woman woman principle of rhythm we have the principle of cause and effect and a lot of these I think tie together right every cause hasn’t its effect every effect has its cause cause and effect chain of events I think that’s Joe Diffie first concert ever went to it what it is going the first concert I went to was a Joe Diffie concert my mom took I was probably like eight seven or eight to me that concert gives us free it was like a big outside outside of me and it was weird man because like it was the first time being around a bunch of country people I was out of my element you know I’m looking I’m still listening to Metallica Beastie Boys MC Hammer Vanilla Ice you know that kind of stuff I listened to the Ninja Turtle soundtrack you know I’m saying listen to the coming out of our shells tour where the Ninja Turtles actually had a band y’all know nothing about that okay anyway we went to this country concert Joe Diffie and there was this guy’s look tight tight pants on back in like 94 whatever a year it was and they’re all like got these boots on they’re tapping their toe and they’re just clapping big old hats on them like them so so weird cuz I like that I like that song I like Joe Diffie so I sung those songs as a kid but um first concert ever cause and effect it reminds me of those lyrics everything happens according to law chance is but a name for law not recognized there are many planes of causation but nothing escapes the law uh-huh Grimm groans comment and go ninja go ninja go go go I got a story about that you know of us diehard Ninja Turtles I went to uh I went to school and it was for Halloween I was in man I think I was in the first grade and I dressed up like Michelangelo they had this uh you know the little bandana – orange bandana it had a nose on it big ol turtle nose they had like a turtle shell backpack they had a turtle head I was a ninja turtle right and I went there I went to school yeah tuck Tucker Elementary in Louisiana and I got in a fight with some kid I don’t even know why some kid we was about to fight all the other kids joined around me and there was a made a circle and we’re about to fight in a circle we were getting ready I’m trying to emulate what I seen on the movie I’m a ninja turtle – I’ve got to do gear on I’m ready to get it in and then everybody starts singing go ninja go ninja go go go go go go ninja go ninja and I was like oh my time and I don’t think we fought what we were getting ready to and I just remember those weird stories don’t y’all get me off man oh I have to share that so let’s see what’s up christie Lee christie Lee says pulls a dart out of your back bless the person people for the experience and praise God for having your back yeah there’s the scripture let me find this scripture I used to quote it I don’t know I see you know talks about the the armor of God right and I always heard it said that um putting on the full armor of God and it talks about that but it talked there was just understanding that the soldiers they had the breastplate they had a helmet of salvation the belt the truth the shield of faith the breastplate of righteousness I think it’s the shoes of the gospel of peace I think it is right and so it’s this warrior this picture of this warrior who’s ready to go to battle is when a spiritual warfare but there was this idea that the breastplate didn’t cover the whole thing I know in like some Romans they had on that did but there was this idea I don’t even know if it’s true that it was just the front for the for the breastplate but I think it may have something it just whatever culture I mean they’re all different depends I mean this is ancient Hebrew so thought I had like cloths and bones and stuff I don’t know but Isaiah 52:12 says for ye shall not go out with haste nor go by flight for the Lord will go before you and the God of Israel will be your rear guard rear guard this is really interesting most versions here as I’m looking at this say the Lord will be your rear guard that’s how I remembered it another one says the God of Israel will protect you from behind I’m worried about looking back the Bible tells you don’t look back never look back you can’t put your hand to the plow and look back what I used to be what might have been I try not to think about what might have been cuz that was then and we ate come on don’t sing that song don’t think about what might have been men the Lord will go before you the God of Israel will be your rear guard another one says the God of Israel will protect you from behind a lot of that rear guard God’s got your back I remember a gospel rap song back in who got your back God who got your back God you know but there’s this other version here just kind of kind of new to me but um it says the God of Israel will be your reward and that kind of changes it right the Lord the God of Israel will be your reward that’s that’s good too but I think that’s it’s a difference there hmm a lot of different versions say a lot of different things but the principles are still there he will man won’t he do it won’t he do it but that for me is about I haven’t read the Kabbalah nah I need to read it I’ve watched schematic er which goes into a lot of details on the Kabbalah um but I’ve never actually read it the hermetic principles and I know those seven hermetic principles and I think they’re great I really do so let’s see if anybody has any more questions because I think I’ve reached the point of what I was trying to talk about let’s see see says what would you say to those people whom say that the Kundalini is evil see who the whole thing was that Kundalini stuff man and I’m at so I was at the I was at I was there at the forefront of that stuff in the churches now despite thousands of videos on it but early on there was a minister that I followed his name was Andrew Strom he was a revivalist and this was probably let me if I was to guess 2006 would love to have you as a guest on my channel true seeker how can I contact you I just go to my website true seeker comm there’s a contact form there I’d love to come on but around 2008 the revivalist Andrew Strom I followed a lot of his work we taught his Bible studies at our we had a little small church that we met at that I was like the head over it was called The Awakening Church in Mobile Alabama or somebody let us use their building and we were growing it we were meeting two three times a week for Bible study and then going out street preaching on the streets right this is about 2008 following a lot of Andrew strumpf stuff he had a lot of good stuff you know little little things about the church and how you know the most churches in the West are ran by one man like you have the pastor who is over everybody and just the way that that’s not the biblical biblical example of the body at all there was never a one-man show there was always a staff there was always a five fold ministry that works together for a reason the Prophet the preacher the teacher the Evangelist and then people who are anointed in the Ministry of helps and people who in it works together for a reason and when you get together with people like that in a body it happens a lot in small groups and prayer meetings when those people work together X’s you have one man who wants to be the teacher or wants to be the center of attention when you get in the spirit and you work together man you can like the Prophet can tell what the Holy Spirit’s saying what the Spirit is doing they’re focused on that the teacher can teach the Apostle can oversee like everything just kind of works together as a body and that’s how it’s supposed to be and so Andrew Strom really emphasized that and had a really good teaching about it so I was really I listen to his stuff you know while I was driving and all that stuff so anyway he did the teaching and it’s the biggest one on YouTube I mean and it’s taught it’s called the Kundalini invades the church and this was in 2008 you know early still the early days of YouTube essentially bad quality videos and bad editing but he did pretty good so anyway he just did an interview where he just gave this long he come out of the charismatic movement talking in tongues rolling on the floor you know all that kind of stuff miracles and signs and wonders which like any movement can get into chaos and get into weird stuff happens he started speaking against it and he left the charismatic church because they got too crazy you know did the laughing movement came and all types of you know the thing there was a movement you guys can look this up if you don’t know but there’s something called the Toronto blessing the Azusa Street revival ‘s where it got really weird it got really weird and I mean really really really really weird actually and most of the times they do if they’re not organic if you got you still have to be careful you know what I’m saying you have to have overseers got that and it got weird you have people crawling on the ground and in churches uh wearing ties and their their wives and stuff we’re leading them around by their tie like a dog saying that that’s how God leads them around and they would bark and say they would bark for God and if they stepped out in faith and barked then the Holy Spirit would move it got really weird todd Bentley you know this was early on a lot of churches kind of mimicked that movement Brownsville revival came I was a part of that changed my life amazing encounters there but if you have to be careful you know sometimes you go over to over the edge sometimes you miss the mark right but anyway so that was happening with the charismatic movement Andrew Strom comes out of it he says look I’ve wiped my hands of that stuff I know God still heals I know God still moves in the spirit but not like that I mean that’s where most Chargers churches are now God still moves but not like that God still speaks but not like that like we do it but not like that and so everything that’s the whole contention where all these churches and all these people feel like they’re the ones who have it right how you know all these different denominations and they’re the only one who’s got it right all the other churches and denominations have a piece of the truth but we have the bigger chunk so follow us you know trust me that yeah that’s like an unspoken rule that you build your ministry off of I try to stay away from that and God’s blessing it so hey I’m good you don’t have to name-call and point fingers and stay away from unless unless it’s need it and sometimes it is need it so anyway Andrew Strom come out of the charismatic revivals and begin to speak against it but still believed it and so he did that documentary it’s an interview of him it’s talking about the Kundalini invades to church and let me just I’ll pull it up Kundalini and I invades and I was a big follower of him at that time Kundalini warning looks like there’s even a put out a book on it but okay and I don’t even know if this is the original video but the original video blew up it’s on YouTube there is a book Andrew Strom ended up putting out a book on it updated the edition in 2015 our false spirits invading the church so he showed he talked about the Kundalini and the characteristics of what it is and what it looks like and it’s in foreign spirit these weird words that we foreign spirit that invaded the church and then they would show these videos of Brownsville / zoos the street of Toronto blessing of todd Bentley with all these crazy manifestations right you know when you get into energy you’re gonna get crazy manifestations it’s it’s gonna you’re gonna cry you might scream you might shake you might twitch you might fall on the floor you might roll a demon comes out of you it might happen like you don’t know you’re gonna get weird manifestations I mean and so a lot of that stuff’s recorded from these blessing these are church services so he took that stuff and he took that stuff and he made a documentary and say okay and he showed similarities between Kundalini awakening these big services where these gurus would do to Kundalini awakening or do Kundalini Yoga and lay hands on people just like they’re doing a church and the manifestations where people shaking and crying and twitching and there were times where people would go and they would shake their head for days they’re called crius he talks about it in the thing and we’re you know days after a Kundalini awakening or whatever the person’s twitching their head because that energy is still being released they still getting a secretion of their energy that their energy up their spine in it and it makes you twitch it gives you a weird manifestation I’ve talked to they’re in it got in the church I mean there were times where you’d be talking to people mid conversation my old pastor who I interviewed on here he would yell out hey in the middle of of preaching or middle of conversation when he felt that jolt of the Holy Spirit he let out of oh hey hey you know you’d yell and this is a common thing a lot and it got really weird if you go back to the early Jesus culture stuff Kim Walker Smith I love their music but it was a top I was a time where I came against this stuff when I was with Andrew Strom in ba-ba-ba-ba and the early Jesus culture music you hear Kim Walker Smith yelling out this hey in the middle of her sentences she’ll be singing and then she would yell hey or ha ha it is weird laughs right and you know there were times where the churches would shut down because everybody’s laughing the spirit of joy comes in and Sir Andrew Strom would relate that back to the Kundalini they say that’s not the Holy Spirit that’s the Kundalini and so I I was on this kick for awhile I’ve encountered those bodily manifestations I’ve seen all the charismatic craziness I’ve been a part of it and and I wanted something more biblical but something more sound something more easy and so I got into that for some time for me you know and I know I’m this is I have a bunch on this I’m gonna have to make this a segment or something but for me I was speaking against it the whole any any type of bodily manifestation any falling out and he crying and he screaming and he shake and I said that was demonic I was following Andres Trump’s teachings and stuff I said that’s a Kundalini Kundalini invaded the church you don’t see in the Bible where this happened there’s some cases where you know little things happen where people fell back when Jesus came and different stuff like that and you know these people are not drunk with wine they thought that people were all drunk when the Holy Spirit came and stuff and so there’s just some little things there but for the most part the Bible really doesn’t go into a lot of detail on a lot of this stuff so I came against it I needed up going to a church out in Pensacola Florida a small black church when I was against it and I was going to be ministering there I was gonna be doing some music and sharing my testimony and they got into playing those drums dude student students and in this the Holy Spirit revival broke out in this little black church man and I looked over at the pastor I knew the pastor and he was buckled over screaming they were praying for him he’s ah he’s shaking in there and other people are crying he’s like my friends were with me Watchmen and the voice was with me there and they’re like man what’s up with the pastor and I’m like man he’s birthing something in the spirit man and quite literally I believe he was but um that was happening and I was against that stuff at the time I was like man this is crazy and this man no word coming forth man what is this you know God is not the author of confusion this is confusing you know anyway the pastor came up to me and he stood next to me and he gave me a hug he grabbed my hand and gave me a hug and when he did man I felt that transfer and the Holy Spirit broke me down and I just in what it was on him come upon me and it was beautiful it was the Holy Spirit and brought me down was like you know almost like he did in the scriptures what Paul is Paul Paul why are you persecuting me this is what I’m doing and you’re saying it’s demonic you’re saying this this and that and God broke me and I hit hit my knees and buckled and fell upon the altar and snot-nose in the car bed and just cry a man and the Holy Spirit cleaning out you know the inside and doing that good work within me man and those times are beautiful so and from that moment on I stopped persecuting it and kind of went and kind of you know I’m saying renig and apologized to my friends and apologized to the Holy Spirit you know that’s blasphemy against the Holy Spirit it’s for those manifestations to happen and you to say that it’s demonic it’s not the other way around even with the Kundalini Awakening and all of these people in the churches they’ll say that these people are doing this stuff in it’s demonic it’s not of God that’s blaspheming against the Holy Spirit that’s what they did Jesus Jesus was healing people and I’m sure there was manifestations Jesus was healing people and they say that’s that’s the devil he’s doing it by the order of Beelzebub he’s full of demons look at him the only way he can heal people is if he have has demons or look at him he’s touching people and they’re falling out under the glory the only way he can do that is if he has a spirit and so this was the type of thinking that that Christians were doing not knowing that they’re blaspheming the Holy Spirit a attributing to God or tributing to Satan the works that God is doing that’s in the Bible that’s what and that’s what these people are doing when they see the Kundalini stuff or there it’s not Kundalini it’s whatever you want to call it that’s where we’re at now it just its energy it is the Kundalini it is the Holy Spirit it is the pranayama it is the life force it is the Tachyon energy in Egypt it is the Chi energy you can feel it when you breathe the Bible says that the Holy Spirit is the breath of God and you can breathe in and feel that energy that life run through your body through your veins you can fill it fill up your lungs it’s all the same thing people want to compartmentalize and say this is God that’s not God this is God that’s not and you’re gonna find yourself in a whole world of trouble stooped in religion and so that’s what Andrew Strom brought in 2008 or so brought that to the table with that documentary it blew up it got big and then everybody started making their own right but early on I made one I had a fellow on my show The Awakening podcast right after that probably 2010 actually and we talked about the Kundalini being the Holy Spirit and where it comes from the terminology the Hindi words the the the Sanskrit the word where it comes from via energy in a weird thing with symbology I mean the Christians like it’s it’s called the the serpent energy right and so Christians think serpent think devil serpent energy devil energy serpent energy demonic energy so you’re releasing a demonic energy that’s already within you you are fearfully and wonderfully made everything about your Anatomy your DNA it mirrors heaven it’s beautiful God didn’t put no secrets in you if you unlock it the devil’s come no that’s all outside stuff everything is within you the kingdom of heaven is within everything that you need is in here breathing the breath of the life do it I’m telling you so it’s nothing coming from the outside the serpent symbolism in Egypt they had it on the headdress come out of the pineal gland or the third eye which symbolized that they were a were awakened it symbolizes wisdom the Bible says be harmless be wise as doves but harmless s I’m sorry harmless sir harmless as doves why is the Serpent’s in the ancient world serpents symbolized wisdom when everyone was sick with the Hebrews Moses grabbed a serpent put it on a stick and God said if you hold the stick up with the serpent upon it everybody who looks upon that symbols they will be healed Moses holds up the staff the serpent is around the staff it is the conduce the caduceus symbology he holds up the staff the medical and they were healed the medical community still uses that symbology that that’s their logo I’ve got it tattooed on my arm for awakening for healing the energy rises up out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water people ask me all the time am i a nurse or whatever because they see that and a lot of nurses have that but you know so it’s all the same thing man I made a documentary with this guy I did a podcast interview and I named it early on and I got a lot of views on this because it was still new there wasn’t a lot of people talking about it I seen what Andrew Strom did did my own studies did my own stuff interviewed this guy broke down the symbology broke down the terms the very energy the coiled energy it refers to a serpent because it’s coiled and it springs forth like a serpent with jump and strike and it’s the same way like the Holy Spirit no Kundalini no nothing you mean to tell me you can be alone in your bedroom praying you could be alone in the church or with the group of Christians at church and you say father fill me with your Holy Spirit you’re a beautiful Holy Spirit which you give freely I’m asking you to fill me with your Holy Spirit and then these things start happening is up that’s a demon you missed it what you’re crazy you’re delusional you’re compartmentalizing this stuff you want to be right you’re alone praying asking for the Holy Spirit you begin to shake you begin to tremble I know people where I wind blew through their house a chill oil come upon their head they begin to sweat and burn up nobody’s touching them no it’s just them in God God fills them with the Holy Spirit beginning to cry to begin to weep they begin to scream they fall to their knees and buckling God cleanses it all out and you mean to tell me that’s the Kundalini know there’s Kundalini awakening where people are doing Kundalini Yoga they’re doing Chi exercises and the same thing happens I’m reading the descriptions for this stuff and they’re the same they’re the same I’m reading what happens with a Kundalini awakening oh my god that happened to me like when I asked Jesus to come into my life and forgive me of my sins like wow that’s kind of weird is it a coincidence is it different are they lying maybe they’re lying maybe they’re not telling you that other spirits are coming along with the Holy Spirit and you know just whatever this weird theories out there you did tons of videos right the Holy Spirit comes in the Bible says that God is the giver of good gifts and if your earthly parents know how to give you good gifts how much more your heavenly father how much more the Bible says that if you ask for a loaf of bread father would you send me a loaf of bread I’m hungry and it’s symbolic it’s a principle if you ask for a loaf of bread God is not gonna give you a stone here you go son eat that you know what I’m saying if you ask for fish it’s not gonna give you a serpent you’re asking for the Holy Spirit Jesus is the bread of life you’re asking for fish you’re asking for the Holy Spirit and he sends you a demon you guys are crazy you’ve lost your mind if you believe that that we can innocently ask children the righteousness of God created in Christ Jesus to do good works ask our Father he said whatsoever you ask of my name I will give it to you ask for the Holy Spirit and he give you something else you’ve lost your mind whoever you are that leads us into syncretism it leads us into looking okay let’s just at least look at this stuff let’s look at the fruit let’s look at what happens after a Kundalini wake awakening you know like I’m for all the manifestations I love them I love feeling that energy I love feeling the Holy Spirit moved through my body cleansing me out moving shifting things around I need it I still need it the Bible says be being filled I can’t live off the back of yesterday’s successes is a continual walk with God continual when he said I’m when the Lord moves you got to move when the spirits moving you got to move you have to be so close to the Holy Spirit that you’re able to hear what he’s doing that’s that daily they know that just happened in happened in 98 20 years ago my life is still impacted from what happened in the walking with God syncretism studying these different faiths studying these different practices and see what makes us the same so long we’ve been taught in the church to see what makes you different your cure your people you’re set apart you’re holy you’re different that’s true but how are we the same well don’t worry about that worry about how you’re different what set you apart these people have set apart in different – we taught my Billy Graham talking about the end of his ministry Billy Graham says God has a people group for himself all over the world and they may be in Islam they may have never even heard the name of Jesus but they’re his they know deep down that they need something other than themselves and they Annette’s God and they may have never even heard the name of Jesus for Billy Graham the greatest evangelist of our day at the end of his ministry to say that he knew something something’s up man and then what happens in the church a lot of them say oh yeah you know he was a has-been yeah but and they just kind of negate everything he’s done his whole ministry because he was more of a inclusion estat the end of his life more of a universalist I look Jesus died for everybody Christ sue he said while we were yet sinners Christ died for us and this is the stance he took at the end of his ministry and a lot of people he’s getting old you know it just don’t listen to it man this guy served his time he did he ran his race and at the end of his life he came to this conclusion that the Apostles came to that the disciples came to in the book of Acts the Bible says that God is willing to deal with any man as long as they will repent of their sins whoever you are that’s the gospel man if you turn from your wickedness put your faith and trust in Christ he’s provided a sacrifice for you if you do that he’ll deal with you righteously that’s for everybody if you want to be lost in your sins and in your having fun that’s between you and God but God is willing to deal with any man as long as they will forsake this in and put their faith and trust and what he did for them it’s beautiful it takes the power away from you or the power to be right or the power to say that I’m right in their wrong spirit wolf my wife is in the chat says serpents aren’t wholly evil there’s the duality again yeah it it’s it’s the symbology man you have to understand that everything has the duality we’re talking about the Serpent’s there their wisdom or if they’re poisonous you have to be able to tell what kind they are right my wife can do that I can’t you know when it comes to literal serpents you’ll walk out and pick up a snake she gets it from a dad I won’t do that even never thought I knew I don’t want to get bit but um symbology you look at the lion right the Bible says that Jesus is the Lion of the tribe of Judah till you haven’t dreamed just seeing symbols of lions and things like that it’s Jesus here’s a line of Judah but then again it says that the enemy walks around as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour there’s the Sun there’s the duality it’s not all this sort all that so with the Kundalini I um you know I’ve done Kundalini Yoga and and it was beautiful and I feel the Holy Spirit doing Kundalini Yoga I’m not the only one so uh that video that I did with the UH with the guy and it went viral and I vowed for me a hundred thousand views or so close to that on YouTube I was set to lead worship with a friend of mine at a church so our local church we used to go to and since this thing was kind of getting bigger they knew I’m in the spirituality and stuff but uh this whole Kundalini aspect everybody’s talking about it now preachers are talking about it they have sermons written up on and now people are taking know his work and kind of plagiarizing it and preaching it now that it’s out there since 2008 and there’s tons of videos now you’re gonna find tons of videos but I had one early and and so what that means is that I was at the top of the search history when you type in Kundalini in church or Kundalini in Jesus my video popped up I was posting on other sites and sharing it so there were two search engines and the ranking and stuff my video up so if you typed in Kundalini Jesus Kundalini church you found my video some of the people from that church was doing their own research and studying and then they found my video and then so for them that’s blasphemy cuz on its own us on the opposite side they don’t understand they think that we’re attributing to Jesus the work of the enemy or tributing to the enemy the work of Jesus it kind of works hand in hand but it’s a little backward anyway they thought that they asked me not to come to the church I made a big spiel about it and stuff like that but um that was the video that set me apart um early on and uh and I would I deleted the video and then I had posted on forms of people I hate was the video it’s not up an ivory uploaded and it would skyrocket again you know went through that thing going back and forth because I wanted to keep doing music I wanted to keep ministering at churches I didn’t want you know I wasn’t ready to kind of I wanted to look back I wanted to look back don’t ever look back you can’t look back so that’s the whole Kundalini Holy Spirit thing how I’m and I’m gonna do another one I’m gonna do another video I’m gonna this is gonna be a snippet as well so I’ll label it throw it out there I kind of went into the history of the Kundalini and their church and stuff so um you know they see these people falling out in the church to see and there’s some powerful experiences in if you if you the weird thing is it works like this if you’re watching it and you’re not in the spirit of it if you’re watching a live stream or a video of it as a spectator it’s not you’re not gonna get it but if you’re there in the spirit of it you can get into it and you get it and there will be people there who are just looking for something wrong then they don’t they have the truth and you don’t so oh you’re doing this they’re not gonna get it when you record some of those things it kind of works both ways a lot of times you’re not gonna get it if you’re watching it later but then again for some people who really want it it has the power to pull you there into that realm with them you’re able to kind of try today and almost feel like you’re there if you want to be like you have that ability that happen I’ll talk to uh what’s his name um from Morningstar your boy the worship leader from Morningstar ministries who was a I mean Dave probably Andrew Strom probably got the most clips from his uh from Morningstar ministries because they would have leaders who operated under the power of God and when they spoke things happen when they touch people they fell out and people would bring messages and it looked tribal they would play the djembe that would play the drums the tambourines and kids were dancing people were dancing all violently like David danced in the Bible and it’s really a tribal atmosphere that they tapped into so there was a lot of footage from Morningstar ministries that was on that that are still in these our Kundalini and Holy Spirit videos or Kundalini invades the church and the fall spirit and it’s invading and that kind of stuff so a lot of people were um it still creates that duality because you’re watching manifestations and you’re like is that God or is that not God I’m all for it I love it it’s beautiful again I love the energy I love to tap in we need to do it more you know what I’m saying um but I’m more about the fruit what happens when you get up okay you’ve fallen on the floor rolling crying’s you know and it happens in churches it’s always happened in churches in the Pentecostal churches I’ve seen it man I’ve seen people but I want to sit I want to know what happens when you get up in Babylon the women were weeping for Tammuz it talks about that in the Bible they’re weeping for Tammuz under the symbol of the t the cross at the altar weeping and wailing I’ve seen women in church weep and wail at the all and it’s weird it’s bizarre all religions do this stuff all religions speak in tongues is called gloss alia they all speak in tongues they all shake when the energy hits them they all vibrate it’s very similar and that’s what opens it up for me what syncretism it says look man we’re not the same we can’t what you know you can have God you can’t this is god this isn’t I’m judging about a fruit man that really messed with my head when I started understanding this and then I seen people of other faiths or people with lack of that was just spiritual walking in Christ consciousness walking and producing the fruit that Jesus produced jesus says judge no man judge nothing before it’s a point at a time but judge all things according to the fruit just because hey hey I’m a Bible my name is so-and-so pastor so-and-so how you doing praise God how you doing I’m a bastard a praise god he’s got a word for you know you judge people according to their fruit I got a friend of mine and these stories are endless I shouldn’t even get into him but I got a friend of mine who went and visited a church right down the road a really big church they’re building this church as we speak even bigger they’ve expanding for the third time really charismatic pastor worships decent a friend of mine went and visited they had a speaker come in got a speaker coming the guy came and he spoke and he was a traveling evangelist the guy was trying to petition her to go out on a date and like one it was gonna offer to pay her to come back to the house and massage him and stuff and like weird stuff y’all walking in the spirit y’all Chris is also holy but you can’t discern these people who were in your pulpits again the dude who led me to the Lord somebody rebuked them and said look y’all and all this prophesy and all these encounters and miracles and gold dust and angel feathers and all this weird stuff you guys are encountering but you can’t discern the pedophiles in your church that are holding your children right now y’all are at the altar prayin your child is sitting in this man’s lap that man is a convicted pedophile and you don’t even you can’t even discern it in the spirit but your spiritual right you judge all things right but you can’t judge that this stuff I love the spirituality I love the manifestations I love doctrine I love the mysteries but again the stuff is practical stuff it comes back to practicality man was not way out lost in disillusioned and way out there in the spirit that you’re no earthly good man so sharpen your gifts understand that look God is willing to deal with anybody even you pastor if you’ll repent turn from your wickedness God will deal with you you’ll restore you am god is in the business of restoration you have to let go of the things that you’re holding you have to confess your sins you have to get that stuff off of you so he can give you more you have to let go of what’s good to you so he can give you what’s better he can give you what’s great that’s how God works there’s a scripture um that I really help me going back and forth really helped me from from going back and forth and thinking that God was done with me and things like that and even with my name truth-seeker right you know I had times where I would go back and forth and I didn’t know what the will of the Lord was and I’m trying to figure out what I’m supposed to do what’s it look like you know all of this kind of stuff Jeremiah 1519 is this something I just kept coming back to and it was like a for me it was a it was a go to scripture therefore thus saith the Lord if thou return then I will bring the again and thou shalt stand before me and I will take forth and if thou take forth too precious from the vile it says thou shalt be as my mouth let me return unto thee but return not unto them in a sense right here and I will make the unto this people a fenced brazen wall and they shall fight against thee but they shall not prevail against thee for I am with thee saith the Lord I’m with you to deliver thee let’s see there was a there’s another version that I really like is he this was one of them and then the other one is huge fund maybe it’s the NIV I see therefore this is what the Lord says if you repent I will restore you that you may serve serve me if you utter worthy and not worthless words you will be my spokesman if you repent I mean that’s a law if you repent I will restore you you have to give that stuff up man get the Confessor yet that you have to talk to somebody man give it up that’s the law and I’ve seen it happen in my life you know what I’m saying just kind of being out there by myself and not knowing which way to go repent turn from your wickedness whatever it is man let the Lord restore you let the Lord hear you that’s what it’s about so man how long have we gone an hour and 43 minutes good stuff tonight we have the school of the Mystics 7 p.m. central every Thursday night we’re gonna be doing that we’re gonna break down into groups tonight hopefully we can get in the spirit and practice our gifts and our abilities and prophesying and calling out the goodness and the gold in people where people have been told that they were nothing that were told that that God was done with them they were told that they’d never be nobody we’re gonna practice and see if God will give us a word for them to be able to prophesy and sealife come back into them whoever it is if you want to be a part of that join us every Thursday night school of the Mystics also join that in our discord community as well most of the time after the podcast we hang out in discord and get into conversation and build community there and so that’s just the lifestyle that we do practicing prophesying over one another and we do life together that’s what it’s about so yeah with that I must say peace of Shalom thank you guys for supporting my work if you’d like to support please head on over to patreon comm backslash truth seeker link is in the description you get access to a lot of really cool stuff so with that I’m gonna say peace of Shalom and I hope y’all have a good day to you my friend peace [Music] [Music] that’s it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]




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