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Another in studio episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast with my wife Arien Spirit Wolf. We did a live hangout and took questions from the chat which led to some background stories of beliefs and support thereof. Blessings

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truth-seeker and/or its affiliates are not responsible for any strange phenomena that may occur during or after listening to this podcast which may include the following heightened senses of awareness psychic abilities UFO sightings alien contact time loss out-of-body experiences ringing in the ears ESP lucid dreaming increasing chronicity astral projection telepathy stronger intuition levitations miraculous healings and all remote-view eggs please be advised – a simple joint assertion [Music] what you [Music] faintest and when I don’t be [Music] [Music] you are now locked into the to think of filling live at Utica calm to the paranormal esoteric and all things spiritual and now your truth seeker ladies and gentlemen I’m your host from seeker this is the true seeker podcast and I am joined by my lovely wife Erin back a few months few months we did our episode together one year going full-time doing the music and podcasting and one year of being let go from my job so we did that episode where I brought you on and we talked about the journey and then a lot of people loved it a lot of people were wanting you to ask and if you have excuse me your own podcast where do you share your thoughts and things like that so a lot of people were asking about that so people were saying we should do more stuff together and it just so happens that we’re off together today so figured we’d do it um so we’re just gonna do a Q&A there’s already questions piling up we’ll try to tackle some of those questions if you have questions for us as a couple or Erin by herself or whatever go ahead and do that we’re just gonna hang out with you guys here they’re on Thanksgiving Eve the day before Thanksgiving so I want to say a huge thank you to everybody who is supporting the channel supporting the stream supporting the podcast my music all of that good stuff supporting us as a family thank you guys so everybody was doing that via patreon I want to give a quick shout out to some of the newest patrons within the last week or so a special shout out first of all to people who are supporting at the diamond body level somebody give a shout out to Benjamin Wien Benny Wien and his family thank you guys for supporting the work also to Adam brink supporting at the diamond body level thank you brother for your commitment man and believing in what we do so thank you for that some of the newest patrons within the last week or so shout out to Angela green shout out to home sauce my brother for doubling down thank you brother I see that on the back end thank you for – analog who just joined us let’s see who else we have here and the alchemist Chad what’s up brother welcome and someone named Issa gate thank you guys for believing in the work in joining via patreon if you’d like to support please head on over to patreon comback slash truth seeker true seeker um this show doesn’t exist without your help we are listener funded so if you believe in the work and you want to see more episodes and take it to the next level please head on over there and do whatever you can you get access to my entire discography of music which is 10 plus albums all the new music that I’m doing it’s uploaded I’m one song away from finishing the colors EP which is the chakras EP one song away from that but everything else is uploaded already so all the songs that are done are already there it’s gonna be some changes some mastering I’m gonna do some other takes and stuff so but you guys get to hear the raw material that’s there so back says true seeker you also get access to our Thursday night school of the mystic sessions which are really near and dear to my heart we won’t be doing school of the Mystics this week because it is on Thanksgiving but we will be going live tonight Wednesday nights we do our open lines prayer and healing and psychic readings was Christy Lee so that’ll be streaming on the channel as well if you’d like to call in the phone lines will be open so make sure you guys take advantage of that we always have a lot of fun tapping in and tuning in with that so with that I’m gonna say thank you guys and we’ll just go ahead and try to jump in to some of these questions here ask your questions we’ll try to get to them and I’ll read them for Erin and try to be interactive and not have dead air because that sucks Christie Lee right off the top says what are few of Aaron’s favorite essential oils what oils does Erin recommend for people who are new to oils okay well a few of my favorites are here lately frankincense is one of my favorites frankincense is supposed to be a really good meditative oil it’s supposed to help you awaken and enlighten spiritually and that’s the oil it’s everybody knows this baby Jesus oil that’s the one they gave Jesus at his birth it’s extremely healing and potent and I think it smells wonderful it’s kind of a piney resinous Mel and lately recently I got poison ivy and anyone who knows me knows I’m severely hyper allergic to poison ivy and usually it takes over my whole body and I have to go several doctor visits get steroid shots get prescriptions and I’m just usually miserable for months but this time when I got it instead of doing all of the doctor visits and stuff I used my oils on it and thankfully I did not have to go to the doctor it stayed local to where my body was infected and I mean it still was an irritation but it didn’t spread and I was really thankful for that so that’s frankincense has become one of my favorites because of that because it saved me a lot of heartache and paying money and doctor visits some that I would recommend for people who are new to oils are the starter kit comes with 11 different oils and it’s a really good way if you want to start using essential oils in your life for your family some of my favorites in there are peppermint it’s good for cooking and flavoring things it’s also good for driving the other oils down into your skin so when I use the frankincense on my skin I put peppermint on top because it opens the pores and drives it down really deep into your tissues so peppermint is a really good starter oil yeah peppermint yesterday yeah I made hot cocoa yesterday and put peppermint in it just for flavor and the pure peppermint essential oil it tastes so much better than the artificial peppermint flavor what do you think would be good for other people starting lavender oh yeah yeah lavenders interesting and I want to throw this in there just to kind of weird conspiracy stuff I remember listening to coast to coast a.m. and there was this this caller who called in and they had these reports of these UFOs that had landed in a field somewhere it was a lavender field and they said the aliens were getting out the ship picking lavender and then my mind immediately goes to okay lavender helps you sleep and these aliens have this type of chemical they come into your room and spray you with this lavender so you know the husband wakes up but the wife he’s shaking her the wife the kids a dog everybody’s asleep but the person they’re trying to take so my mind immediately went to that not saying that that’s the case of aliens are actually doing that but that’s where my mind goes with ufology and lavender because lavender does help you sleep I’d have problems sleeping in a lavender helps you go to sleep so that’s a that’s a good one to start with I think so peppermint lavender and if I had to pick one more I’d say thieves thieves is really good you can use it for cleaning for detox it will numb a sore throat yeah it’ll heal an ulcer in your mouth you know that’s not approved by the FDA but that’s those are the things I use it for and I use thieves cleaner to clean the whole house it it kills germs on countertops and will kill mold and it’s just that’s one of my favorites too so that I would start with those three if you only want to start with a couple and all three of those are in the starter kit thieves for me is like now associated with cleaning that they’re cleaning smell you know like if you have commodore 409 or something used to clean the house with all these nasty chemicals and stuff like when you smell that you automatically think of cleaning chemicals and poison and stuff but now you know we have a spill we get thieves out so thieves when I smell it it’s reminds me of cleaning stuff and uh yeah when I had that that chest cold that I couldn’t shake man for like a while it I couldn’t quit coughing honey infused with thieves really helped it so that was that was cool it was nasty but I drunk it in their head helped I mean it’s crazy so um yeah and your the whole thing with um frankincense as well getting to like a biblical look like there’s some really deep esoteric metaphysical properties when it comes to frankincense that the the genetic makeup of the scent that comes from it is small enough to get into your pores as you smell it and it like repairs your DNA and it fixes your body and stuff like that there’s some really neat articles online when it comes to frankincense and seeing that that’s what they brought baby Jesus right when he was born they they brought him frankincense and myrrh and that stuff so that’s interesting too when it comes to frankincense so we have um some of the resin as well she bought me some resin so I had this frankincense resin that I use and it’s pretty cool yeah for those of you who listening on the podcast she’s holding up some of the resin but it’s it’s hard and I’ve talked about it before but it’s kind of hard but if you play with it and just work it in your hands it gets soft and gummy and I’ll just stick it on my on my hand and just let it stay there and absorb the the healing benefits from it so it smells good something about aromatherapy too with with incense and the oils and anything like that just just actually smelling this stuff can put you into relaxed States or euphoric states or whatever the case is when you’re burning types of incense and using those oils too which is really cool and there was like different oils and scents and things like that that were used in Temple ritual in every culture they used them in every culture like the Mayans used in the Hebrews used it like even now still in the Catholic Church you have the person who goes through with the incense you know that stuff puts you in a relaxed state heightened senses of awareness to help you to enter trance state so that’s why they use that stuff right back another question from Christy Lee is what your what’s her favorite Barnes story and just to preface it really quick she works at a place called the buckaroo barn where they do physical therapy for disabled children on horseback so we got to go into a lot of detail no we did it last time but one of your favorite stories right off the bat would be cool probably one of my favorites that comes to mind first anyway is this child named Todd and when I first started there about ten years ago Todd was coming for therapy and he was walking with canes or a walker he had to have assistance and I remember him riding the horse and was telling us about his latest doctor’s visit where the doctors told him he would never be independent he would never walk and he just told us and I told that doctor that he was wrong and I’m going I was gonna walk no matter what and now a few months ago I asked for an update on Todd how he was doing because he’s graduated high school now he’s very very smart child and he’s now going to college and living in a dorm and he’s on his own he’s he’s living the dream he does have someone that assists him when he does need assistance but he’s living on his own independently attending college and making great grades and great strides and I just can’t wait to see what he does with life it’s awesome you guys have seen a lot of kids take their first steps we have that’s awesome yeah I mean because sometimes you know a normally developing child will take their first steps you know between a year a year and a half at age usually around that time and some of these kids these parents have been working with them their whole life and they’ll be four five six eight and still have never taken independent unassisted steps so those moments when those children take their first independent steps are really emotional and it’s it’s fun to be a part of that and to get those kids as strong as possible and help them to reach their potential right Austin Kerr says how do you guys maintain balance in your lives balance from what but finding somebody a spouse who complements you instead of complicates you I haven’t somebody who like assist you and your your other half that’s good at the things that you suck at like you know we talk about like building a team and finding partners and friends and stuff in your life and you are everybody wants to you know do the same thing or find people just like you and that’s good but building a team a family is a team and so you need people who play to your weaknesses like the stuff that you suck at you need somebody who’s good at it like and so I think that that helps us balance a lot of stuff out you know as far as handling the day-to-day stuff through life homework I suck at homework like she knocks that out and uh and in and you know it’s hard for her too but uh you know just having having somebody in your life that complements you place to your weaknesses and then you guys make a good team a power couple that that’s that’s the balance right we do balance each other out you know like yin and yang we’re very different we have a lot of in common a lot of similarities but we have different talents and gifts and I feel like we do balance each other out and I hate to put that on another person though like to say we maintain balance in our lives by having each other but we really are like two halves of a whole that’s just how we operate and I think that’s how God designed our lives to be but not ever you know has that other person yet so I’d say to find balance like he said try to do that within yourself to focus and develop things that are harder for you and sometimes you have to find that balance within yourself and and that’s okay just try to stay away from extremes I would say yeah that’s a good one yes I like a lot of times people I don’t think or hope that Aaron is just like me what like but I’m saying we’re different but I think that and I caught some flak in the past from people close friends like Oh Aaron’s not as spiritual as you or she doesn’t do you know these caught type of things like she’s like the balance man she’s very spiritual she’s back very intuitive very empathic but no she doesn’t go outside for hours on end in stargaze and try to make contact with the avians races she doesn’t do any of that that kind of stuff it’s more her I think her spirituality is more of just a personal inward connection with God through prayer through meditation through just an inward knowing that you’re connected to the whole universe to every person to every being so I think for her it’s something that’s more of just an inward knowing she she doesn’t go out and do that kind of stuff she doesn’t go out and hey guys let’s go stargaze and try to signal no it’s not like that but it’s a balance in it because like she’s more grounded and I’m I’m I’m pretty far out and but that helps me to be grounded that’s my tether right each other to to reality to life to kind of bring me back at times when it’s easy to get far out there there’s a lot of people who get far out there and they they don’t come back you know what I’m saying they’re still out there they don’t have that strong anchor in their life and so I think Aaron is that for me but not to negate that she’s not a spiritual there’s no I don’t think there was a thing that’s a spiritual just because there’s so many different aspects of spirituality or just of life that you can focus on in all of it counts it’s all at the end of the day like I say spirituality is it should be practical right it’d help you in your day-to-day I mean most of these people blogging about spirituality and doing videos they’re doing it from their parents basement you know what I’m saying they’re do they’re talking about spiritual practice from their parents basement that’s kind of weird to me you know what I’m saying there’s so spiritual minded that they’re no earthly good it takes both we should be so spiritually minded that we’re early incredible so it’s about balance man and you’ve got to find that person and what God has joined together let no man tear apart and know that that’s the person God has for you and we’ve been together since I was 14 so you know we’re still falling in love daily and learning new things about each other and just growing together and learning this whole thing so it’s an interesting Road Word says what are your thoughts on alcohol and then right after it Desiree says I believe alcohol is called spirits for a reason wine in spirits well my thoughts on alcohol are I don’t think it’s necessarily evil in itself I do think excess alcohol is not a good thing because if one of the fruits of the Spirit is self-control then it would be fair to say that the opposite of fruit of the Spirit would be a lack of self-control and you can’t if you drink too much you can’t control your actions you can’t control your body you can’t control what comes out of your mouth and I think sometimes those things can do ear like irreparable damage so I think having a glass of wine or having a beer it’s not evil unless God has specifically told you to stay away from that but it can be if you take it to excess that’s you’re supposed to have balance in all things and I think excessive alcohol can be a bad thing and in moderation I think all things are good but um you got to know yourself too at the end of the day you have to know yourself I talk about all the time I know people and I’ve been around people who once they start drinking they want pills once they saw drinking they want to smoke crack this is how it is so you know that guess what you can’t drink you you have to know yourself and know what it leads to some you know everybody’s different know yourself and you know I’m saying it’s a it’s a it’s a fine line you got a you know a lot of people Teeter that line they you know try to find balance on that line but they could they cross it you know and some people there is no line they just go whenever I know people when they drink they try to get as much as they can they can’t have a beer or two or a glass of wine or two they they want more and get more alcohol and then more drugs more substance whatever it leads to so know thyself and you will be known Chris Gardner says I think he says what is true seekers man he says man code like I think he means man cave you think I don’t know a man coldest technically like something that a woman could power through but a man acts like he’s dying sick so maybe I don’t know because he’s laughing about it yeah you know be more Pacific he’s living he’s living he’ll survive it be more Pacific I’ll be dead like I would have died no I would have died like if she wasn’t there taking care of me oh I keep him I keep him properly oiled Ali Graham shoutout to Ali says what is her favorite thing to do oh I don’t know I like to do a lot of things I like to spend time with my family cuddled up on the couch that’s one of my favorite things I love to go hiking hiking in the mountains would be way up there on my list of favorite things to do I love to ride horses and just be around horses I think my favorite thing to do would be to spend time with my family and friends but if that time was spent hiking in the mountains that would be ideal or horseback riding Austin says any opinions on earth angels and our purpose here um earth angels I really feel like I’ve met a few earth angels in my life and I don’t mean necessarily that there’s some otherworldly being I think they’re just the ones that I’m talking about are human beings that are open and hear the word of God and the voice of the Spirit and they follow it these people have greatly impacted my life directly answered prayers that I’ve asked God for and just a great great source of joy and confirmation of things in the spirit and I’ve met several people that I would call earth angels but I think that they’re just really open spiritual beings who hear the spirit and obey it it’s soldiers real weird man but everything is planned out like you’re not alone God has your steps ordered and he has angels and boundaries and human angels who hear that his voice and then etheric angels as well who hear his voice and do his will to keep you on that path to teach you nothing is by chance nothing is by mistake and that’s the beautiful thing about it and no matter where you go what you do you’re in his plane you’re in his will and so you know we talked about finding out what that will is and working with God on that will versus working against God once you find out those strides and everything happens for a reason the song and dance becomes a lot more beautiful but talking about angels this is the cool story that maybe you can share because I don’t know if you really talked about it but talk about when you were working at neighbors and speaking in tongues incident that happened that’s something bring up because he came in at you know like an angel we thought it was the angels or something at first right yeah and it goes back to just someone who was open to the spirit and when the spirit told them well I used to work at a restaurant called neighbours and I waited tables and at the time I was bringing my Bible every day reading highlighting studying just devouring the Word of God and we were in church at the time and I really wanted the gift of speaking in tongues but I’m not one to force anything that’s my spirituality is a little different that it’s constant and I see my Creator God and everything and in creation all around me and my relationship with him is constant almost like I’m talking to myself but I’m talking to God so I wanted so badly to speak in tongues but I refused to just do it and force it in church and this man came in I was waiting on his table and I don’t remember how the conversation started if he said I think he may have seen it saw me with my Bible on break or something and asked me about it and he asked me if I had the gift of speaking in tongues and I said no and he said well do you want it and I said yes and so right there in the restaurant he sort of helped me open up and let the utterance start coming out of my mouth on the job on the job in the middle of the restaurant and yeah it’s weird to think about but I wanted it so badly but I was too afraid to open up and do it in church because I don’t want to force anything but then God sent me this earth angel that came to my place of work and helped me to open up that side of myself I was awesome definitely an answered prayer for sure Christie says tell your alien stories I don’t know if you have any I am an alien that’s the latest story I don’t know I don’t it’s hard because I’ve seen lights in the sky I believe in angels but I don’t really call them aliens I don’t know I don’t really have that many alien stories Christie also says oh my god your hair is beautiful thank you it is it’s awesome shout out to Wendy my girl you can’t really start let’s see turn another way you can see how is there’s some highlights and even stuff it looks really good shout out to Wendy let’s see Alex’s thank you for what you guys do so nice to see Aaron garner says happy merry Thanksgiving everybody every Thanksgiving everyone Rene Ruiz is here our friend Aaron hello I see our shared love of Metallica what’s your favorite album my favorite album is Master of Puppets that’s my first album I ever bought by Metallica and I just devoured it I wore it slept out and still every time I hear those songs I love it yes Metallica is the best yeah we got to see him there’s definitely a bucket-list experience and it was fun Atlanta last year year before it was 2017 so a year and a half we did we did like that was just an awesome week because I surprised you with the Bush Bush concert – that was so fun mm-hmm it was so funny analog says glad to help brother your teaching is invaluable Holy Spirit led me to your teachings and I’ve been learning a ton that’s so awesome and thank you again for the support garners has put frankincense on your hand and let your dog smell it so funny okay 2020 website says hey there is this a chat question or call-in show chat we’re just in the chat right now tonight we’ll do the call in so if anybody wants to join conversation tonight or need prayer or a reading or just wanted to say hello the phone lines will be open every Wednesday night so we’ll be doing that tonight all right one time life from the UK have you heard of obits oil it is a menthol strong oil helps to unblock sinuses and it knows what other oils do you recommend to unblock nasal yeah whatever those laws are I need them I’ve been stuffy I haven’t ever heard of that unless it’s another name for something else yeah but we use eucalyptus there are several different strains of eucalyptus and they all work really well for opening up the sinuses and your breathing and so I would definitely recommend eucalyptus there is a blend I’d have to look it up to see what all is in it but Young Living has a blend called Raven that is really good and I know that it has eucalyptus in it and it’s good for opening up your nasal passages Adam Starseed what up brother says what books do you like besides Harry Potter lol do you like spiritual books I do I really liked the alchemist when I read it and I’ve been wanting to read that again I right now I’m in the middle of a book called unexpected and it’s how to deal with unexpected things in your life and to not see it as wholly negative but how you can learn from it and get past it and dear friend of mine gave me that book so that’s what I’m reading right now before agreements you read that right yeah yeah I like they’re really good easily applicable to daily life did you know a lot of that stuff in The Four Agreements like before you went in does it kind of like something you’ve already adopted on how to forgive and not hold grudges and move past stuff or did it or did you get a revelation of a deeper understanding by reading it because I feel like a lot of that stuff we already kind of do yeah I think a lot of that stuff we already do and know but we sometimes maybe need a reminder of how important it is deeper breakdown of it almost yeah yeah that was a really good book I enjoyed that one let’s see Adam says do you practice meditation I do I actually have an issue sometimes with my heart that my heart will beat irregularly and even meditation will physically affect my body where if I focus on my breath work and close my eyes and try to clear my mind and I can I can meditate and affect my heart rate in a positive way so I do practice and believe in meditation our child is in the Chatwood up art and he says much love everyone Adam keeps mentioning every time I take a sip of coffee for those of you guys watch and he said mug shot I have these mugs available at truce tiga calm if you want one so this is the true seeker logo and so yeah those these mugs are available so this is the the mug shot yeah true seeker calm click click on shop I think it is and you can get a mug if you want one release this beautiful work sister I don’t know what this person is talking about staff I’m just gonna skip that it’s just kind of weird Aaron is perfect the way she is Chris I was thinking two something man I want to bring it up man I know you remember but I um I did this thing and this is like right when me and Chris started talking online several years back probably 2015 if not before I took my website and I highlighted just a little piece of text like maybe one word and I made it like if you click on that word it would take you to a secret page of the website and whoever was the first one to find it I didn’t tell nobody it’s just there if you’re hanging out on my website and you scroll and you accidentally click the word this or the in a little big sentence and you open that link up it would take you to a secret page of the website where you got free merch and I remember Chris screenshot I said hey what is this I found this this page on your website said I found the secret page and I get free merch and sent them a bunch of merch for finding that link but I was a cool little Easter Egg that I did and I may do it again so hang out on my website it helped me increase the retention time on my website I don’t think it took him very long to find it either it didn’t seem like it was up for that no it wasn’t like I didn’t even turn about it I hate find it like it was just scrolling reading the bio and stuff and found it so yeah that was cool yeah Chris found that Chris bars Adam says in a relationship it should always be centered to growing into the best friend in your life balance is key I feel many relationships focus more on attraction instead of finding a friend instead of finding a friend you can yeah okay yep yeah I agree cuz you got to think physical appearance does not last forever it doesn’t even last that long really so you need somebody for us I mean you know you have to have a deeper connection than just what you see on the outside some people are beautiful on the outside and really ugly on the inside yeah so it should every every area should be good but you should definitely fall in love with your friend best friend Chris bar says they go to Whataburger yeah they people are hating on us for this water burgers no that’s funny though we made them everybody wanted to go out to eat when we was on our trip to Tallahassee and see everybody off and just go to a nice restaurant we took them to water burger we got him Chris chris says ask Aaron what’s her favorite thing about what a burger I do have a favorite thing about water burger actually they’re vanilla milkshake tastes like homemade ice cream and I love homemade ice cream so that that’s probably my favorite thing vanilla milkshake Adam says his wife saved him from going down the alcohol path that’s awesome garner says I was a bad binge drinker I had to go several years of not drinking to find out how to be moderate yeah man yeah I remember when I got born again like I put all that I quit everything put all that behind me didn’t want to be around it and for me like you know I was witchcraft and stuff and we I was possessed with spirits and so in my mind I wanted I didn’t want anything to do with that old life so even becoming a Christian several years removed probably probably six years removed six seven years removed from alcohol drugs anything like that we would go to them some friends would have Shabbat which is the Sabbath service every Friday night we got involved with the Messianic circles and the men would have wine for communion every Friday night and and I would drink grape juice with the with the women so because I’m doing that so I remember drinking wine again for the first time and how scared I was and how hope these demons don’t come back and make it be like a gateway like you opened it up and opened that door back up so there was a you know several years in between where I did that and then from there to doing it recreationally or hanging out with friends having a strong drink or whatever the case is but on that was a big step for me coming out of the world back into where it wasn’t gonna I wasn’t gonna get possessed or become an alcoholic if I had a sip of alcohol type of deal you shouldn’t let anything you know you know be unbalanced or like she was saying be in excess whether it’s drinking whether it’s smoking pot whatever the case is like shopping like anything like don’t let it be in excess be a balance in all things garner says she got the man cold question right I’m just messing around analog says Amen Chris I’ve experienced the same thing quit drinking for three years before I could actually sit down enjoy a beer or two yeah that’s a good place though man I’d love to see that I really do enough and not everybody is there so you got to be careful I remember I’m there a lot of my friends are there but I have friends who are and they’re gonna try to take her to that level and we’re gonna have to call the cops like I’ve had to do that I’ve had friends over they just take it to that level and and there’s probably pills involved or something and they they don’t drink to have a good time they drink to forget and in and that’s the problem so you have to be careful not everybody has that same liberty that you have not everybody knows who they are so it could be a problem it could be a problem this is a good question from from wild things do you guys ever question each other’s belief like honey that’s a little crazy or do you just accept with what each other says and I just want to say that like it was it was it was hard for me to come out and tell her about the alien stuff I knew it was crazy like I knew it would sound crazy hey I’m talking to aliens or I can summon them or this is what I’ve been doing and I felt like I was it was weird and you know all this kinda stuff but we actually went out to eat and I sat down and told her and I had to get the nerve to tell her like what I was doing was like stargazing and feeling like I’m making contact and things that so I’ll just preface that question with that and didn’t let you take it from there I mean I know we talked about this a little bit on the last podcast but yeah there have been several times when you brought something to me and my reaction was that sounds a little crazy mushrooms or no there’s no way that’s good yeah you gotta stop mushrooms one of them we we definitely well I don’t know I had definitely questioned things because if it’s something that God hasn’t quickened in my spirit yet then I’m gonna question it I’m definitely not a sheep that’s one reason my name is spirit wolf like I definitely go on my own to seek my own truth and God reveals things to me in his own timing sometimes it lines up with true seekers timing sometimes it doesn’t but if it’s of him you got to believe that he’ll always reveal it to me but my initial reaction sometimes has been that that sounds a little crazy I’m not sure about that took a long time for her to come around for good reason you don’t just accept anything and everything especially you know especially anything like drugs or something illegal that’s a whole nother thing on top of it just being weird right it’s illegal you can get in trouble I can take your kids away from you you know I’m saying this kind of weird stuff like so you you have to have balance and and stuff and some people have it some people don’t when I did it like I didn’t tell her about it we went on a men’s retreat men’s trip and I did it I had been studying it researching it and I want it felt like it was calling me for months like that’s why I was listening to when I would drive 17 hours on the road I’m listening to stories about how this stuff has changed people’s lives and helped them in these encounters and stuff so I eventually felt like it was calling out to me I’ve did it on a men’s retreat and it changed my life and I was scared to tell her but it was about being open being honest and kind of shining the light on the dark places and not hiding anything and so I was like there’s no way I can keep it from her like especially if I feel like it’s something beautiful that changed my life I have to tell her you know and I want to be honest and and maybe she won’t understand maybe she’ll be mad the thing to think that I was out doing drugs with the friend you know I don’t know what she was gonna think but I was definitely I don’t want to hurt her you know what I’m saying so I don’t want to keep anything from her so it was kind of hard to tell her and it took a long time like for so long she wasn’t even cool with it even when we planned another trip to go out you know as I was leaving like it wasn’t Pleasant you know I was I was going out with them fellas and it was like months later you know and she wasn’t cool with it but eventually I don’t know if she had she’s seen what it did to mean she’s seen the fruit in it right and I think that that’s why she kind of knew that it was legit but then our other friends would maybe try to say the same thing and they’re just doing it to get high to have a cool experience or whatever the case is and so I guess you had to see that that wasn’t what I was doing it it was something legit and I didn’t play with it like it was something that’s very near and dear to my heart and changed my life yeah he wasn’t going out my worried like we knew people who would go out every weekend dumped their kids off on their grandparents for four or five days and just go get high yeah and every week sometimes weeks at a time like these people would just go you’d be mushroom there do mushrooms and other stuff too so so that I think that’s why I took me so long cuz it I haven’t I have the ability to I don’t I don’t barely do anything I go if I’m into something I’m a hundred and ten percent so I know you you know that and so hey I do mushrooms now yeah great I just lost my husband he said be gone every weekend I’m gonna be here with Nevaeh it’s gonna be bad but it was not like that at all and so it just took time it took me time for God to show me and I’m definitely like Thomas and the fact that he sometimes he has to show me yeah even with that though like I haven’t even done it like a whole bunch like I talk about it because it uh it changed my life and my encounters changed my life and I’ve only had a couple enough I’ve talked I talked about how you know I did it one time and it wasn’t even a whole bunch I did and it was so beautiful and I did podcast speaking on it as an expert like yeah this is what happens when you do it and doing interviews with people and stuff and um and then I went in and did a stronger dose and blew my mind even deeper and some crazy crazy stuff but it was so beautiful and it literally changed my life and so I’ve only done it a couple of times like that you know actually like only two times I think man two three times and in the past since like 2015 and in I’ve had people say you know they get mad that I’m even talking about it openly talking about it and I have to talk about it because they’re not they won’t talk about it so I week I started talking about it as soon as did it something beautiful and like if there’s something that changed my life I’m gonna talk about it you should have seen me when I got born again I had like this secret like I had what everybody is looking forward and I started like I was overzealous with it so I made sure that like I talked about it in the podcast and stuff and I continued to talk about it it’s not like I always do it I’m just a proponent just over no it’s not like that but some people may think it is but it’s not but for something to be that powerful how many times do I have to do it before I have the ability to talk about it they were said oh you’ve only done it twice and you’re talking about like your name how many times does it take like you know it kind of goes back to my podcasts how many encounters how many angelic encounters do you need before you talk about it how many how many times do you need to get born again or be or get baptized or whatever the case is before you talk about it you is it seven is it 17 in the Bible like when something happened like it happened for a reason and they talked about it and it changed their life it changed their you know I’m saying course of their destiny and I feel like that’s what it did for me so I don’t speak on as an expert I speak on it as my experience and what happened to me and the fruit thereof and I don’t encourage anybody to do nothing unless it’s calling to you so I’m not like a proponent telling you to go out it’s illegal it’s hard to get you know I don’t even know but if it calls you it calls you and we’ll get off that rant let me jump here to some unless you have something you want to follow up on that I mean just that I’ve never done it so I can’t say and I won’t ever do it unless like you said I feel called to and I haven’t yet so Adam comments and says those Secret Angels surround us daily Real Talk Zack says hey guys my friend reads tarot cards and tries to use them in biblical terms what do you guys think of that I don’t think anyone needs tarot cards to give you a word but I think it could be used as a tool that’s what I’m gonna say about it and it was weird for her because when we were in ocultism and witchcraft like dark stuff she was into tarot cards she did Tara readings so now that we’re on this side of it her connection probably goes back to what she came out of just like my mind went back to alcohol is used to getting for you to get messed up and you know and you have this cognitive dissonance this association with it that you know you have to contact spirits to use tarot cards and the spirits are gonna speak to all of this kind of stuff so I’m sure that that’s would you still kind of hold that a little bit or I mean you can’t help it even if you you don’t let go of it and your minds mindset evolves I mean kind of the same thing we’ll question this stuff I have some tarot cards I’m gonna reach and grab these um and this kind of goes to your question these are I guess if you want to call them Christian tarot cards but they’re off of like like a game website like a UH they sell like Parker Brothers stuff but these are called the turret of the most high I don’t read terror I don’t know the stories and what each one means and all that kind of stuff but I’ve used these as a tool I don’t need them I used them they’re beautiful I can you I know how to listen to the spirit just like the Spirit will speak expressly to anything through billboards through science through television through donkeys through your family through me like the spirit can use whatever he wants to to talk if you’re listening and so I used these tarot cards and and these are done in such a way where they have the you know the original arcane terror written at the bottom but across the top of these cards they have like the Christian terminology and scriptures written on each one so that like if we’re doing a reading or if we’re in prayer and we pull a card for me the first time I tried it like it was something that whatever that person was going through whatever we were talking about the card had something to do with that and so I would use it in a way that I would actually pray and release things whatever they were going through according to the card in every time I wanted to find out if it’s something I can use is it real whatever the case is in the first time I did it we did the open lines and every caller I had it just kind of helps me like a nudge okay pray for this okay do that okay do this and it’s just it’s a tool everything is a tool prayer is a tool meditation is a tool chanting is a tool incense all of these things are tools to be used in your spirituality and you can use them for good or evil if you’re praying to God if you’re praying to Christ and fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit and channeling the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that’s good but if you’re praying the demons and you’re doing satanic mantras trying to give leave your body and let demons come in inhabit your body and things then it becomes demonic then those prayers and chanting and meditations become demonic so that’s what it is when I think she kind even when I brought those in the house I’m sure she kind of like what you’re getting in the tarot cards so but I don’t read tarot ask as you know a psychic reader I don’t do it like christie Lee christie Lee is in chat Christine leaves the but I don’t knock it either because it kind of works the same way if you were to open the Bible and just open it and pull and read the scripture the same thing yeah we used to do that and a lot of people and I I got a check doing that like a lot of people over the Lord what do you want to speak to me Lord open the Bible and just go to crazy of Scripture and most of the time because maybe because there’s a lot of good stuff in there and you go to something and you need it for the day or it just works out but there’s other times I’ve opened it up and read it in this I’m going to curse you and your your family will be destroyed by locusts and I’m like oh Lord that was the wrong one let me do it again in jesus name next scripture oh that’s a good one Bible magic 8-ball yes like the Bible magic type of way so let’s see we’d get back to these questions here alright so so anyway is that that’s to answer your question and my view on that using a minute in a biblical way if that’s even applicable I mean I don’t think they’re biblical I don’t think that there’s instances in the Bible where they use tarot cards but it goes back to divination which is a biblical source in a biblical word that they did for good and it’s the spirit speaking to you using cards using a pendulum using the the young senator drawing of straws okay Holy Spirit whoever supposed to be the the thirteenth disciple well you know when we pull these straws that’s the will of God they pull straws or through the lots at the ground and there’s different divination practices that we use it up that’s what the Holy Spirit says we’re going with it and it’s like by luck it’s it’s where you get the term the luck of the draw it’s divination and not in a bad way and in the Bible talks about it in a good way flu man Here I am about to text you truth that I was thinking of you and then I remember that you have a podcast right now what’s up flume and love you brother in an analog since I’ve been seeing that as well as that talking about the cards Christians using angel cards I’m not sure why I stand on that it would be interesting to see what true seeker thinks about it there was a ministry out of Australia and I tried to I need to reach out to him again they brand it the term destiny cards and so somehow it related back to Bill Johnson and Bethel and that got really big that Bethel and those guys were practicing tarot readings from a Christian perspective and they called it destiny cards and I think that they would do something similar maybe they have their own cards or whatever but I reached out to them to try to get them on the show and you can see like at the he was kind of skittish thinking that I’m like a Christian minister ministry that wants to expose then or you don’t say why it’s not right but I might look I’m open let’s talk about it you know and we email back and forth a couple times but we just never got a date but I’m gonna I’m gonna message those people but anyway there was a lot of articles if you type in Bethel Church tarot cards Bethel Church destiny cards were and and I think Bethel renounced it they said no we don’t do such things right but they’re the ministry that they was involved with out of Australia were doing it so okay so Chris bar says ask Aaron if Derek is growing them dreads next question yeah next question next question she doesn’t like dreads they’re disgusting I don’t talk about him anymore you got to give me that we’ve come to an understanding yeah I I gave Chris a dreadlock when we was on vacation last year about this time next question I gave Chris a dreadlock and he his wife made him take it out one life talk talking about the the eucalyptus he says it’s really helpful Kirk says is the gamer girl gonna make an appearance on Twitch again I don’t think so Eric’s been around a while from our twitch days I flirt with that idea because you I like the game you know and why not hang out with the people who want to see that you know we like the game we we have we play online with our friends that’s kind of our downtime thing that we do we game together I love it but um no more twitch it’s it’s a job right you have to do it regularly and I’d really like to take breaks from the video games cuz I just it it gets in mice under my skin it makes me so angry and I start cussing and so I’d like to be able to take a break from it yeah and plus with a name I even changed the name the gamer girl cuz I can’t stand people making sexual comments and all that stuff it really is a different crowd who comes to some people can just let it roll off but it it gets to me too much I can’t take it a different crowd garner says I he says I unknowingly got married on Hetfield’s birthday talking about the leasing of Metallica’s August 3rd we found what’s my birthday January said Denise is hard days before that’s how I always remember it we found out by going to the concert on our first anniversary when they announced James birthday wife looked at me and asked if I planned it yes I did babe he said I did not but it’s so cool synchronicity yeah Barr says how’s the snake doing Norbert’s doing great he’s getting really big he’s like 35 inches long now we have a pet snake she has a pet snake I guess I like to I like to play with it you know snakes I like him and he’s so easy to care for to like our dogs and everything we have to get pet sitters when we leave the house and Norbert I’m just like by Norbert see you in a week um sunray says hello it’s great to join you both what’s up sunrise welcome to the stream adam says promote dumb bugs brother yeah I know we’re a couple questions behind so hopefully by intuition we can kind of pick up on where you guys were going with the questions so we’re a couple questions behind but we’re gonna run through these I guess I’m Adam posted a question and I see Christie mention it so maybe it’s time Adam says talk about the glasses you’ve been making Aaron Oh talk about what it’s for – I’ve been making beer mugs I’ll go grab a couple I’ve set it up she’s making beer mugs and shot glasses and stuff and she does this printout and can do custom edges on the glass and so she’s doing it to raise money because my daughter’s going to she has her school trip which is going to Washington DC and it’s a lot of money so we’re trying to do little things we can they’ve been doing stuff that like at the grocery grocery station and of course you say Cindy uh I guess your shirt yeah the grocery store and stuff like that trying to raise money and she’s been making these mugs and I want to see you when you come down we’re filling that thing up and you’re gonna drink it with moon filled up with moonshine Chris oh my god he’d done it before though y’all you say what really yep go back and listen to the podcast I interviewed Chris Barse and he talked about his spiritual awakening on moonshine in the mountains of Tennessee which we need to get back to y’all we’re gonna do it soon yeah I’m making those glasses to help support my way to go on the trip with Nevada to Washington DC it’s just it’s gonna be a really awesome thing she’s so looking forward to it and it’s something I really want to share with her an experience I really want to share with her so all the money I make making those doing the glass etching it’s going towards my part of the trip are you shipping those or you’re not oh you’re not going to ship it cost cost a lot and it’s kind of fragile right yeah I can ship it but it’s gonna cost way more and then the shot glasses I can ship safely but the wine glasses and the more fragile things I don’t I don’t feel like I could ship them safely it would probably just break but um if you’d like to donate to that let me know it’s I have a link in the description wherever you’re listening to this ad and if you’d like to donate for her trip you could do that that’d be awesome it would be much it’s a lot of money we got a raise so let’s see word says my mom wants to know about her mug do y’all still have that one for sale who is who are you word I don’t know who you are I don’t buy that name I made this one too so I could do a custom order I could make one like this or even do the glass etching with this design yeah she made that one too yeah that’s one that that was my logo for the mythos podcast and so she she actually made that one so that’s what’s up bars everybody just comments bars for Chris bars and flume and says that was his first time ever going to water burger so we had to take you man and to break you in the gardener says I’m going to water burger for lunch today he’s full I got Connor has to bring his lunch it’s not bad don’t get the height I know your financial situation garner you had to bring your lines I’m joking hit that what about grub Gardner yeah bar says sunray how does possession occur like at what point do you drink alcohol that can happen hmm so possession or demons of alcohol say this like it I don’t know about possession I’ve heard stories demons hanging out at bars cuz they know that that’s a place where people throw off their inhibition you know I don’t know about getting possessed their stories there’s documentaries but I think alcohol can bring out your demons you cast off all restraint and so drinking alcohol get into a place where you just say what’s on your mind or do things or so I think that those demons can come out those negative attributes that you’re holding back that stuff you need to get off your chest you should get off your chest somehow but you may not do it the best way you know so or you know people it’s scary man so yeah thought becomes word and word becomes action when you speak it out it creates something even when you think it it begins the creation of something and so that’s why we’re supposed to take every thought captive and if you have negative thoughts that you have to take captive when you’re completely sober if you’re drunk and you can’t control that or you have less control over that your mind could wander and just go on and on and you could really end up opening doors or creating something in your life that you don’t want so there’s a lot of people who their lives have been changed forever because they got intoxicated yeah whether they got into an accident and killed somebody or killed a friend to people and my family killed themselves they were alcoholics intoxicated killed themselves so you have to be careful man and with that you know and it’s you do things that you can’t take back you know what I’m saying and you didn’t mean it you might not have meant it I’ve done stuff you know I’m saying and just little little stuff you like yeah why’d I do that you know the stuff that you know you wouldn’t do if you weren’t drinking if you weren’t buzzed or whatever so you got to be careful Kristi Phillips a friend she says hello to you both and Happy Thanksgiving I wanted to see if y’all are Twin Flames or what your opinions about the Twin Flame connection and the connection to Christ through it the term twin twin flame I guess we resonate with it you know I feel she’s my other half she’s my soul mate I think I like that term soul mate twin flame is I think it’s somewhat the same thing I do believe that that God has that person for you like you have that person out there that complements you if you lose that person or they get away you know maybe God has another one or somebody who can fill in I don’t really know and it’s definitely nice yeah I’m pretty sure there’s not a lot of stuff in the scriptures about it but um somebody I believe in I believe in Happy Endings men I believe everybody deserves a happy ending I believe that uh everyone deserves are happy I hope everyone deserves a happy happy life I’ve been having to change my you know the way I word that cuz i think i hope everybody everybody has the ability to have a happy life and a happy ending and i think that should be the goal man time is something else time has its way with people time will change your heart i’ll be waiting at the door steps with love right time proves time test its tests marriages it tests faith belief systems love time has a way of changing people and in situations change I don’t like it I wish you know mate and maybe I feel that way because I didn’t have a dad or whatever you know but I’m really when things are going good I think how can we preserve this how can we keep this like this you have to work at it that’s why my terminology is changing that everyone deserves a perfect life where everyone deserves a healthy marriage you deserve what you work for you deserve what you invest in if you don’t invest in it like everyone deserves a good podcast everybody deserves a good job deserves to have your dream you don’t deserve anything you can it’s there for you but you got to work for it sometimes you have to fight for it it takes blood sweat and tears that’s the alchemical you don’t say make up for anything for a good marriage blood sweat and tears for a good job for a good career whatever your dreams are you have to work for it so fight for what you believe in and and I believe in that and I’ve seen people over the years especially when it comes to spirituality especially when it comes to religion ministers pastors preachers evangelists who seem like they have the cookie cutter marriage and they have you know they have they have wife and kids and a dog and and then the guy goes outside of the I’m saying wedding bed and and leaves the woman he’s been with for 20 years for somebody who looks younger and and they totally tear up that whole beautiful thing that that they built and I’ve seen people do that and they’ll quote that they’ll say you know that wasn’t the one God has for me and I was with the wrong person and if you’re married and got kids man and do it like that’s the person God has for you but people I don’t like that I don’t have no time for for deadbeat dads I don’t have no time for people who try to wreck homes on either side and that’s just that’s just my thing I believe that God has that that person out there for you and so you have to be careful when you have a platform for sure or when you’re spiritual I mean you got to be careful no matter what you got but even so much so this cuz like people they see something and they want it maybe it’s a challenge to try to break it up break up the marriage or I can be a better spouse to that person or you know it gets really weird and we’ve heard about it for years in the churches where it happens man and I’ve seen it happen in spiritual circles and people leave their wives their wives are kind of out of shape you know they’ve been doing the family thing for 15 years and they meet somebody on Facebook who’s like oh you’re a spiritual leader spiritual guru and they leave their family because some younger type body woman comes up and it just undoes everything then that person dips and there’s still spiritual leaders they still have people following them I don’t like that man I’m against you like that’s not good and God is against you if you breaking up happy homes and marriages and you got to fight for this stuff man it’s not nothing’s given nothing you got to fight for it all yep I think a lot of times when you have a platform like that people maybe watch videos or they sit in the audience in a church and they hear the person speaking and feel like they’re speaking to them and they know them and know something personal about them and they just read way too much into it yeah like that person takes it in a different way than it’s meant whenever you speak it I mean there’s I mean this is even healthy I think that we do this on the stream you know there’s a lot of and I’ve talked to people who talk about uh you know they say don’t don’t post pictures of your family don’t post pictures of your wife cuz it if you want to be successful you need to make the the viewers think that they have a chance with you you know what I’m saying like there’s a lot of celebrities who are married but you don’t know they’re they’re married you see just all these models all these great pictures and Photoshop and makeup and you’re like and maybe maybe if I go to this club or go backstage whatever maybe I have a chance with them you know what I’m saying so they tell you don’t show that side of you make the people think that they have a shot and the chance with you but I think it’s healthy that we do this to let people know that look you don’t have a chance like you don’t have a shot so don’t even try it people try care anyway they take that as the challenge yeah you gotta you gotta protect what you believe in and protect your family and I believe everybody should fight for a happy ending and it’s it’s sad though maybe even that’s a bad cause like the more I believe in that the more I see other people’s families other people’s lives their mind go to waste like you know it’s like the more you fight for your marriage or whatever in the more you preserve it you see other people man fallen by the wayside you see them getting divorces you see them losing their mind you see somebody who’s been clean for ten years go back to addiction and I know ministers who like I said who have fallen from grace people who were preachers over churches and leaders over celebrate recovery and overcome meth addiction and all that stuff and have beautiful families and and in time comes and they don’t preserve it and now they’re in prison and another man is in their home taking their kids to the mall taking their kids to the park holding their wife you know what I’m saying it like time is something else man you have to fight for what you believe in so that’s a rant yeah Aaron do you share truths love for the work of Manley P Hall cuz gonna ask I’ve heard a few things and what I’ve heard I like but I’ve never read any of his texts or anything I probably should I feel like I felt read on my wood like I’m and agree with a lot of it you’ve probably I think we’ve probably read stories out of like he put out that that book where he wrote his own stories I don’t know if I told you to read it or not read some to you it was out of the book called the way of the lonely ones where this guy had like an experience with Christ and he’s sort of seeing Christ in everything I don’t know if you read that I remember showing it to you though I’ll have to get him to recommend one to me to start with I think I would like it but I just have never taken the time to read it garner says I don’t I do not like it when people drop their kids we do everything with our kids if kids aren’t allowed I’m not going there you go Rene says it’s an Internet running joke the cold thing I think I’ve heard it before so yeah wild thing says do you believe there is any way to distinguish between synchronicities where you are being shown something versus just mere coincidences I don’t believe and I don’t believe in coincidences but yeah I think the difference is perspective if you want to if you want to be looking for synchronicities and what you’re doing and correlate that with the fact that you’re on the right path or that that’s God’s Way of saying hey I’m watching you I’m with you then you’re gonna see it that way but if you don’t you’ll look at it all as coincidence I don’t know that there is any difference other than perspective yeah its perspective then like you become open to it – you know it’s weird like we’ve been having them happen so like four years now and they’re seasons though it feels like if I’m not where I’m supposed to be I don’t see those coincidences or they maybe show up in other ways cuz I do feel like those same coincidences show up in God kind of nudging at your heart to get back on the right path and you’re kind of plagued with it trying to do your own thing but you see things that kind of nudge you say hey I’m calling you you know I’m saying watching movies and that’s why I’ll talk about like God speaking to me watching Josie and the Pussycats at one point you know that movie I’m sitting at your mom’s house watching it and the Lord’s dealing with me saying okay they’re trying they’re gonna fail and they’re gonna keep failing turn it on their own strength and this is you pursuing your own stuff and just the whole plot changes him so even maybe if you’re off the path God still has that way of you know I’m saying wooing you back cuz those things and showing you and you know hey I miss you type deal but um we’ve had so many and they occur occur more when you’re on the right path I believe cuz they’re just happening like crazy right now so much so that our daughter is not like showing me so hey Dad comes look at this you know and I’ll say something and it’ll be on TV or we’ll talk about and so my daughter 14 she she knows what it has to you know I don’t know if she knows deep down what it is but she finds like hey this is weird that we’re talking about this and now it’s showing up or whatever synchronicities are beautiful though Renee says y’all look so happy hiking hiking in the mountains is definitely my happy place man I love it wait we wait for the weather to get a little bit more cool so we can go out and actually enjoy the day we haven’t been yet but we do need to take a trip to Lake Lee or something like that for the day Kristi says he loves Renee Zack says that’s good very good terminology thanks guys blessings Adam says the band tool is awesome yep we’ve seen tool last year year before I don’t I’m sucks for me I can’t everything runs together Tom is this insane for me it’s funny I mean most Christians do that or have done it you know Renee says and justice for all I’ve seen them cool analog says they they did used to cast stones in the Old Testament depends on what type of casting stones you’re talking about stoning false prophets or rolling casting the lots of the stones in the Dyson thing they do dice you know with rooms on them and with different things so yeah Wow well we okay Dan there’s a whole bunch we’ll try to run quicker all right it’s still commenting on the magic in the Bible magic 8-ball deep Christie says do you guys know what could have manifested to me and particles of blue white and purplish light pulsating with life force swirling around me healing me and communicating light codes to my DNA that sounds beautiful man sounds like angels I mean different ways that they show up they’re just being able to see that energy like if you’re spending time and meditation and your need that repair done you spend time with the Holy Spirit I believe that that’s happening you’re you were just blessed to be able to see it like when you do that breath work and you visualize that energy coming into your body and you’re dealing with some things that you need to get off of you and release I believe you can I believe that that stuff’s happening and people a lot of times when they’re dealing with depression and stuff like that in their own and they go to a psilocybin retreat or ayahuasca retreat like they go deep in and they see beings most of the time Terence Mckenna called them mechanical elves repairing their DNA and doing work on them so I believe that like that um you know that that energy is healing us that repairing our DNA and changing our DNA as we spend time in the presence of God and you know sometimes we were able to see that sometimes not Adam says dread the beard no Rick Scott says ask Aaron about frankincense oil what’s the spiritual aspect of frankincense oil I think we kind of covered that right at the beginning we covered at the beginning if you want I don’t know if you were here but um we talked about it Adam says Aaron how serious of a gamer is true Seagal I don’t think I’m as serious anymore like I still love it we still play but it’s not like it used to be at all I wouldn’t call you serious maybe I’m competitive but it’s for fun but I’m competitive when I play I want to win you know yes that when I play basketball I want to win when I do anything I want to win when I do a podcast I want to win I want it to be good I wanted to you know I wanted to do its desired task so Christi Lee okay she’s asking about the etched glass okay so we’re a little bit behind garner says he doesn’t like snakes um Christy Christy says it uploaded the light information to my DNA said it was amethyst crystalline being of pure divine light I tried looking into it resonates a bit what Sara film I don’t know much on that yet see here’s the thing man if that’s what’s communicated with you and you can’t find anything on it write it down do a podcast like because there’s other people who are having those same experiences but they don’t know how to put it into words like me you know what and that sounds a lot similar to my buddy drew having an encounter with a woman who showed up and said heard and that was her name crystalline you know crystalline he said this woman in the ethers he went in and this woman appeared to him and said that was her name and was there to heal him send forth healing so I’m like write that stuff down because if you don’t write it down and put it in a book or put it on the website and other people are trying to google this stuff that’s happening you’re not gonna be able to find it and people are gonna be trying to figure out a ask question so if we’re open and honest about it and write it down especially typing it out you know people will be able to Google and your experience may come up to help somebody Adam says snakes symbolized knowledge and wisdom yeah I’ve been dealing a lot with the snake terminology because I’ve been talking about the Kundalini again a little bit so taking off some of the hysteria and fear behind snakes and religious symbolism so I love Chrissy says I love that Aaron so cool can you buy a coffee mug like that with that logo in color by chance yeah I can do that for you towstee her you could do that yeah cool yeah um Garner I’m playing it risky today going to step out and spend money for lunch okay he’s been about four months I’m their baggage yeah I know it’s like a treat man you got to save that for Friday though well I guess you know maybe it’s Thanksgiving Eve you got it got a like a you know kind of make that connection in your mind and say I can do it today cuz that’s Friday I remember like I would have bagged lunch it in Fridays a lot of times I would get McDonald’s or something you know kind of like reward yourself for finishing the workweek Adam says alcohol can bring out this dark side of the soul flu min says time is of the essence something the Lord told me a few months ago and he continues to show me how important time is yeah Kristi says choose a happy life and happy ending Travis says uh you feel them on the lunch thing it’s what wolf you feed garner says that’s good reads through somebody’s let’s see he says you deserve it my friend yeah you deserve what a burger brother Ali says I believe in Christ all the time I guess but the happy in my life is Kenny’s arms around me yeah we work towards keeping our bond thankful for our friends when things get thick good friends help hold families yeah it takes a community man you know we need friends and I’ll say this to you talking about Kenny’s arms and stuff I remember when I first came to the Lord we did a lot pair meetings and stuff and uh one of the guys would let me to the Lord and discipled me told me he got the revelation that when we hug each other and embrace each other we’re huh it’s like Jesus hugging us so we would always impart that every time we we hugged one another and felt like the the Lord hugging us as well so that’s good as like maybe I don’t know I don’t know if you want to brag but what does you have any revelation of it like what it feels like to be in your lovers arms if you feel protected and safe and does that kind of come across at all yeah like I mean you know sometimes I’ll ask you for a hug and we just stand there and hug for like a good 30 seconds which it doesn’t sound like a long time but if you’re just standing there hugging somebody 30 seconds is a long time and it it causes physical change in your body and in your aura but also in your body it makes your brain release different chemicals and hormones and yeah I love to yeah there was um there’s a lot of stuff out too of even with premature babies who are born and they need people to hold those babies and and you know saying coddle those babies and uh and it actually helps them there’s the documentary which is a really good one man it’s um the zeitgeist documentary but it’s the second one its zeitgeist moving forward make sure you watch that it goes into a lot of detail about kids who have grown up without their family showing them affection without the dad to hug the kid and hold the kids and kids who who want that and didn’t get that and what that does to people there’s also that that lady under it was an Indian lady I don’t think it was Malala but it was a different Indian lady who would hug people and heal them with her hugs and you can look that up online so hugging and just human touch and human interaction goes a long way so I didn’t really get a lot of that you know as a kid so I make sure that I do it for my daughter and and hugging and things since I was just touching human interaction goes a long way with the touch it’s powerful it does it just makes you feel safe protected it’s a physical way somebody shows you that you actually care about you and yeah it’s awesome garner says you always make me smile Christine let’s see Christie says I breaks my heart to witness that occurring in relationships yeah Christie says I resonate exactly with that I’ll learn I’ll lean towards being a confirmation that I can manifest blessing and God’s will into our union pray for him to find Christ and his love through love yeah created as you speak it I mean that’s what these other people are doing we have these people who were watching them they have big platforms they’re making it up as they go and they’re and and a lot of times they’re you know they are being honest with their experiences and we look up to them we want to know more tell us more and so I really feel that like a lot of times we want we’re looking for confirmation in others to say okay how does this make sense to you and if they say no then we just kind of abandoned the idea or abandoned the truth that was imparted to us but we just got to start declaring this stuff man and just being open with our encounters and abilities and just say try it just try it and see what happens like because there’s a lot of new stuff that’s happening right now we’re getting into a lot of new information we’re being open and honest about stuff and it’s you know helping others to do that and if you have these experiences and don’t talk about them it’s just like this unspoken thing that you get people are gonna kind of have a hard time deciphering what’s truth or if they even should look into it because nobody’s talked about it and so there’s a lot of stuff like that that we experience in the spirit realm and ethers and what that looks like and you know what what’s imparted it so I really believe in being open with your experiences and not even saying that it is truth but this is what happens me this is what I interpreted as ba-ba-ba-ba you know because everybody cuz you know I mean people but when you do when and I think a lot of times people don’t want to be open and honest because you’re gonna get ridicule you’re gonna get scrutiny you know you’re gonna get trolls you’re gonna get people saying it’s demonic don’t do that you know everybody has a preconceived notion and a lot of people are commenting on things that they have not even experienced so that’s a big thing about it too this experience that gives birth to this information in Revelation so be open and honest and embrace your story whatever it is son races thank you so much for answering questions I understand that different they definitely make sense awesome let’s see moving along let’s see curses I found Christ speaks through my heart as long as I listen to the heart I will know I won’t stray from the divine yeah this is so amazing after the night I’ve had much love from Invercargill it in Caprica I don’t New Zealand much love hey much love Curt it’s really cool I got a lot of people were joining from all over the world man I’m getting messages all the time and I and they give me shots out during the live streams and I just I’m trying I try to give shots out just to kind of tag where these people are and they’re all over Ireland there’s some Ireland friends hanging out we got New Zealand Australia sending CDs to China like that’s awesome okay Adam brings up a good thing too I’m talking about this he says you really see time fly when your kids grow up it’s crazy it brings it into perspective how frail life is and how fast life is and everybody always tells you when you have a baby you know cherish the moments they grow up fast and and it becomes cliche cuz everybody says it but until you experience it like then it becomes more real and yeah they are that they or what help keep you tethered to time and to use your time wisely cuz they’re growing up and they don’t stop growing they don’t slow down and it’s the weird thing man cuz you have to learn at each stage how to be a father or how to be a mother and what do they need at that stage they don’t like it’s different now she don’t need me to roll on the floor and pull out the Barbies and play Magic School Bus anymore like there’s different things and you have to learn and adapt to be a you know instill principles and hope that it you know don’t spoil them and help don’t let them feel like they’re entitled like there’s all kind of stuff that you got to make sure that you’re imparting to your kid that they grow up to be good citizens and good people you know yeah it seems like that birth to one year for me for her it just seemed like it took forever but then after that it was like I blinked and now she’s 14 talking about what she wants her first car to be Range Rover what did she say at first so she wants a Tesla right Range Rover Tesla or a Mercedes G Wagon yeah at the first car she’s been watching too much YouTube yeah youtubers are driving around with all these cars so I told her that she said what car do you think is good for someone’s first car I said whatever their car their parents okay yeah well your parents call your parents get a new car and give you their car I was thrilled I was thrilled to have that huge maroon pontiac bonneville yeah garna says yeah Adam yesterday was 14 years ago yeah rukmini Rutland’s jumping in the stream he heard us talking about perfect circle and this is silly but he says a perfect circle versus tool lol I think a perfect circle wins yeah they’re both good though anything manor touches is good and then garnishes blasphemy the omni-flex album is great man didn’t do a perfect serve was amazing that new album is good too so oh and it’s so Jamie’s comment on that he says he doesn’t know much about tool because they’re not on iTunes better buy the album fool they got into some legal stuff and I think we’re Alex gray because he did some of the art for them and there was some legal stuff with him getting royalties I think so Christie C Christie says yay thank you let me know how much and I’ll send it PayPal right away super excited so for a mug I guess a mug like this or something with her logo on it in color I’m not good at price what message you yeah okay I’m trying to get there here everybody’s talking about tool and Puscifer and maynard music now one time one lifetime says can I have you read a poem rhyme I wrote a bit strange but it flows sure send it to me on email or messenger or something Curt says Wow okay I barely even get to hear the cast live and there’s so much I wish I could say I know right so many people you know they listen and they listen to interviews and they like they want to ask the guests questions so they want to chime in you know in the yell let their phones and stuff and then I get I get backlash from people and like you had that person on and you didn’t say this and you didn’t do that you didn’t do this and so it’s always something to bring to the table and like I try to honor people when they come on they’re like I don’t tried it’s not a debate show I’m not here to debate and prove my point over yours if you ridicule me or you don’t believe in there so whatever the case is I’m gonna state my truth and even if the person doesn’t believe in it agree with it I’m still not gonna fight them on it maybe once they leave the episode I’ll kind of give my take you know or whatever um but it’s so funny I get a lot of messages people you know and I hear it from people you got New Agers on and you didn’t tell them about Jesus you know and all this kind of stuff like I get that I get that from people and it’s so funny I wonder if true seeker supports j-rok Jaime you know I support you man I’ve given you a lot of wisdom over the years and you trample it under your you do not heed warnings you do not listen when I give you sound advice so you know it’s on you you gonna you’re gonna do what you want to do Jamie everybody knows Jamie man he gonna do what he wants to do Jamie uh Jamie ran over a cow and the man tried to and it totaled his car and the man tried to get him to pay for the cat love you bro spout creation is anyone feeling lonely on their spiritual journey I can’t find anyone who understands me family that’s why discord is here we have I mean we’re creating community with this and that we’re hanging out being silly answering questions and stuff just being honest about life or whatever but there’s other people too man we have a strong knit community and we operate through discord and the link is in description if you need somebody to talk to if you have ideas you’re trying to roll off of people you need to talk discord is there and that’s totally the place to do it so many people there so I will suggest that you hang out with us on discord and everybody who’s in chat the majority of these people are members already so make sure you check that out it’s definitely a good way to not feel alone in your beliefs yeah we take that like I said I’d like to take that right away nobody understands me nobody believes in me I don’t have nobody to talk to because we all feel that way like in life you don’t just like you might not have those people like I was going to church I want Finn to talk about this stuff to a bunch of church people like I needed to go online and I needed to call in the podcast and I needed to listen and do research and that’s why I do this today that’s because this is what I needed when I had my awakening and didn’t have nobody to talk to so this cords there so that’s a really good tool would take advantage of the technology Christy Lee says hugging mystic and Phoenix contributes so much in my life Phoenix lets me hold him like an infant rocking him and walking him and such I try to do that too chippy yeah you should see Phoenix though like he really lets Christie Lee she’ll just hold him like this on her on his back and she can rub his tummy and he’s just laying there he loves it so cute Kurt says I think I’ll head to your website soon and send you an email so amazing that you’re doing stuff like this and still remember eight years ago as a pursuit meddler gee discovering LCL be mmm me too I remember it too and when I discovered LCL be and now I’m the L Co being for a lot of people that’s a really big honor privilege to be able to do that because it changed my life to that music Adam says communication is key in relationships was one spouses friends and children yes and that could be you know that’s kind of like you know she complements me I talked about that and having your partner and like I hold stuff in she don’t I mean maybe she tries to but it comes out a lot sooner I hold stuff in to where I blow up you know I’m saying so she kind of helps me work through those stresses and stuff and I might not say it if I’m not like I hold it in and try to work harder or do better or whatever you know hold it in and it’s not good to hold that stuff in you need to be vocal and had that spouse that you can confess it to I mean that’s what a Bible talks about confessing your sins or confessing the things that are bothering you one to another like we really need to do that to find healing Adam says he holds his cats like babies too Rene says I bartend so I cleanse myself before each shift yeah Chad says can you hold up the mug again which one so I got my mug on chat and I’m holding it up it’s too low true seeker logo for you guys who are listening and then we have the other one that my wife made and then there’s the the beer mug we just got mugs everywhere so is the beer mug it’s huge but I will drink that full of coffee I will totally fill that up with coffee and drink it actually for bars it’s huge yes for Cris bars when he comes down I guess or Nicole comes down wifey let’s see haters gonna hate rows gonna troll if you think you can do it better step up fool yeah show me I can show you better than I can tell you so one life says I can’t fit it here 972 characters send it to my email I’ll read it check it out I guess it has many and she says even my daughter was my soulmate oh it’s awesome love bug says is that your wife yes that is my wife on stream so selling Souls yeah well how long have we gone so far almost I went 40 minutes we haven’t even got anything to eat so one life says you sent it to Facebook alright I’ll check it out do you want me to read it on air I mean let me read it first I read it first so yeah we enjoyed this time if there’s any straggling questions we’re about to log off here but if anybody has something they really wanted to ask and didn’t do it go ahead and send your message now for spirit wolf or myself or whatever and we’ll try to answer these last few questions anything that you wanted to say or talk about or do before we get off just thanks for putting up with me I know I’m kind of awkward on camera but I mean I’m here I showed up thanks for the questions thanks for making it easy thanks for the the haters for not showing up oh they’re here they’re watching yes somebody somebody dislike this video before it was even Weaving went live yeah they like I think we know who it was Aaron’s website does she have a YouTube my website is spirit wolf living calm but it just takes you straight to the Young Living order page where you can order your oils and stuff or you can do facebook Messenger you can message me at backslash Aaron G Aaron GA RI en G and she does video she has some some videos online some inspirational videos covering some subjects on her Facebook and every time she does one people are like they want to hear more they want to know more so I don’t know where she has her own podcast what just comes on here to help me from time to time but yeah you’re cool as a fan that’s what dad says thank you Christy says Thank You Aaron and truth for being you and sharing your journey with me and everyone else y’all are beautiful thank you maybe this is a quick question I guess but it’s asked it’s kind of a weird question but it says uh this is from spiral creation do you think there are any implications spiritually to getting a mortgage I’m not sure if it’s the right thing to do I don’t know if it’s the right thing to do getting a mortgage I know people have taken vows of poverty and they don’t believe you’re supposed to own anything but if you want to it’s kind of like how our world you get like doing that you just got to make sure it’s the right thing yeah think about the long haul like you know cuz you’re gonna probably be locked into something like that for a long time so make sure that is the right thing whether it’s a car note whether it’s a house mortgage or whatever so always you know do everything with prayer and supplication and make sure you’re in the right place God wants you and has you all right analog says thanks for sharing YouTube very inspirational blessings guys and again thank you guys for supporting my work and making this possible it definitely wouldn’t be possible without your help and support especially to this capacity that we’re doing it and we’re touching a lot of people man it’s just I think I need to just do a a partner thing where I kind of show you guys some of the impact and show you most of you guys know that support like you you you guys have been blessed by the music or by the podcast or whatever even if it’s just to know that you’re not alone and there’s other people like you and there’s a safe space to kind of be yourself so um I’ve been thinking about you know and I I have before but showing you guys some of the messages on the backend cuz it’s not possible without you guys supporting so um again thank you for the impact and I believe you guys sharing that harvest with us and so you should see those messages man because without you I don’t think they exist to that capacity the music changing people’s lives I mean people who were suicidal people who gave up on God gave up on life their family like but just new life has come to them through the podcast through the music and all of this stuff like literally man this stuff is every podcast every guest it’s all strategic it’s all a calculated step even if I don’t see it when it happens like there’ll be topics that we touch on and things that we talk about that we’ll get new eyes on to what we’re doing only to tell them look God still loves you and hasn’t forgotten about you has a plan to bless you prosper you and hasn’t you know regardless of what your pastor told you regardless of what your parents told you God still loves you and it’s in love with you and wants a relationship and even that right there man has the power to change somebody’s life I have the messages to prove it we have the fruit you guys are giving and giving and sowing into good ground and so the money and things like that that keeps us going being able to do this man it’s making an impact in the earth and it’s growing and it’s blowing up for a reason it’s giving life to people man so thank you each and every one of you guys no matter what level what way you contribute to the stream to the podcast to the the music the encouragement you know all of that stuff matters and and it really is having an impact on the earth so again everybody support my work via patreon enabling me supporting this financially thank you guys from from the bottom of my heart it truly truly would not be possible without you guys some people look at it and because they see it growing you know what I’m saying there’s more people who are giving so they say okay I don’t need the support anymore because there’s a lot of people supporting and then they pull out but they don’t know that like they’re part of that lot of people or they’re part of you know every little bit helps at the end of the day it really does and so like thank you you know I can go into detail and all that kind of stuff but again just just thank you and we’re gonna try to make it worthwhile I’d like you get a lot of cool stuff it’s not just giving money like you get access to some really cool music if I had to say so myself that you join and sign up for so thank you guys again I’m gonna just run through these questions right at the end here garner says Thank You Ann for being such a support to the podcast this platform helps so many people behind every great man is a great wife this is a greater greater greater wife yes she’s great excellent and then Kristy Lee says yes you’re excellent I love it I’m I’ve always supported it I’ve always known this was your calling I’m just thankful that you get to do it freely and full time now that you’re not going on three hours of sleep and just doing a two hour podcast I’m so grateful awesome god bless many many thanks Love Bug says do you have any info on organ donation if it’s a bad idea I’m an organ donor I am too but I think I want to take it back because I think when we get resurrected when Christ comes back I need my parts I need my I want new parts I’m giving my all things away I’m joking has crossed your mind this is weird things that crossed your mind though well there’s a lot of weird conspiracy theories about it and a lot of people say if you’re an organ donor they won’t save you at the hospital they’ll just let you die so they can take your organs and sell them to somebody let’s say people have been targeted too that’s a conspiracy with that if you’re an organ donor that they have targeted people that have stuff that they need but I do know people I know people who have gotten organ donations and it saved their life children even so like if I’m dead just take what you need if you could save somebody else mm-hmm that’s my view on it see house dog says what up truths got your wife got your wife on good stuff my friend much love to you both from Ohio that’s Eric what up go bucs Eric well that brother yeah man good to hear from you man your story dude when I when you reached out to me that one time bro like as as powerful as that prayer and was for you it was it was more powerful for me too brother said I was good for us to connect like that a couple years ago now and still have a friendship after that so that that just kind of grew my faith of what God can do over the phone over the airwaves man you know so blessings to you Eric Renee says great shows tool your vessel have given to your patrons is amazing a blessings Chad I’ve heard some conspiracies about organ donation yeah I’ve had yeah some of those too but um it’s interesting man don’t know this world can be dark man it could be cold so words as thanks for everything y’all do and being positive light in the world yes we have to it’s what we do thank you guys for being you every single one of you guys donating to the stream just being here regardless like we’re all a part of this and you guys this doesn’t exist without you like weird even this whole show we pulled from the from the chat man we’re family here so you guys should do a mukbang on here I don’t know what that is look it up eating challenge or something I did some of that on the camera not eating a whole bunch of food but we did um me and my team we did like Burger King come up with some new stuff on the menu and me and Nevaeh did videos you should have seen the hate oh yeah you’re spiritual but you’re eating chicken like just Burger King you’re poisoning your family and just yeah you’re supposed to be ascended and all this kind of stuff and people just have their own ideas of Who I am and what we do and I will say this I’m very spiritual I love spirituality but I sound more spiritual on that on my music then I really I’m a real person too I’m a real boy and so you know it’s that’s the balance through this whole thing being able to balance being you loving to do regular human stuff interaction making people laugh versus being a hermit or a monk who just is always meditating or always leaving your body it’s a it’s a it’s both of it man and it you don’t get one without the other it’s almost like when in the Bible when God was taking care of his people and they kept begging him for a king or a ruler yeah like like you know we’re real people we’re living together we’re making it work and these people wanted this weird like public figure like they people say they want you to be real and they want you to be a real person but at the same time you have these other people who almost wish you had a mask this fake like they want you to be some spiritual guru on camera and not be who you really are mm-hmm thank you for the donation Chad thank you Adam says tribe love love you to see again and keep shining bright you too yeah and y’all keep doing y’all stayin man everybody whatever you contributing to to life and in your dreams and goals like I said like this stuff is practical it’s it’s hard work whatever you want to do but fight for it do something today like I have so many it’s soso garnishes Viola valve vegans um I have so many friends who were just gifted and talented and so many things so much so that I’ve like I’ll like go through my friends and interview them like most of the people chatting in here like a lot of these people have been on the show as guests who have these amazing stories and these beautiful things that they bring to the table so whatever it is that you do keep doing it fight for what you believe in you know you can find ways to make an income and do your passion full-time I believe in that whatever it is that you want to do and I’ll try to encourage people to do that and that’s man I think it’ll be such a beautiful world if we could if everybody got to do with their hearts desire it’s harder for other people some people have given up on it whatever but I think we should fight for it fight for what you believe in and fight for creating that life that you want like whatever vision you have to make that thing come to pass you can do it every single one of you if you have a podcast if you’re going live if you’re sharing wisdom you’re sharing knowledge you’re making music you’re making videos you’re doing psychic readings like whatever you’re doing you’re doing Reiki keep it up man and I believe in you God believes in you and you know what the Bible says of God before you who can be against you make sure you’re not fighting against God get what God work with that essence of who God is and and know that God is blessing you in your visions and your dreams and make it come to pass so dad I’m gonna say piece of Shalom you good yeah thanks for having me on she’s good guys I love y’all we’ll do it again peace peace happy Thanksgiving everyone [Music] [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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