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In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Danny Wilten about the Orion Nebula and some of the hidden cosmology within ancient art. Danny Wilten, an analyst, alchemist, symbolist, & hermeticist joins us to discuss his Ebook, Orion In The Vatican. There is a mystery associated with the Orion Constellation found in indigenous cultures all over the world that dates back to ancient Egypt. Danny discusses man’s connection to the Orion Nebula and its association to the human body and consciousness. He talks about the mystery of how the Orion Nebula has been subconsciously depicted by some of the greatest masters in religious art including Michelangelo, El Greco, Bernini, and others, yet the intimate knowledge of the Orion Nebula found mysteriously in these paintings precedes the discovery of the telescope and still would require technology that rivals some of our most powerful telescopes today.

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What’s Up Ladies And Gentlemen I’m Your Host TruthSeekah We’re Back With Another Exciting Episode Of The TruthSeekah Podcast I Want To Say Peace And Blessings To Everyone Who’s Watching This. Laughs Everyone Hanging Out With Us In The Chat Rooms Right Now Over On Youtube You Guys Are Awesome. So Tonight’s Show I’ve Been Looking Forward To It For A While We’ve Been Trying To Make This Happen For A Couple Months Now. Good Friend Of Mine Who When I First Got Back Into Podcasting This Is Like I Want To Say 2012-2013 The First Show That I Did On My Podcast Was Entitled The Awakening Podcast The First Guest That I Had Was Danny Wilten And So He Joined Me For The First Episode And It’s Been Several Years Now So When It Comes To Research When It’s Come To The Topic Matter That We’re Gonna Be Discussing Tonight He’s Dug A Lot Deeper First Of All It Was It Was Deep To Begin With And Some Of The Information And Knowledge That He Was Bringing To The Table And Now So Much Has Happened Some Of The Stuff I’ve Been So Behind These Past Couple Years – And Research With Something Says Way Over My Head Now Someone Who Was You Know A Person That Everybody Looked Up To As Far As Knowledge And Research And Understanding And These Last Couple Years Man I’ve Been Just Trying To Interpret What I’ve Already Learned And Put It Into Proper Perspective Then I Go Back And Check On Some Of These Other Guys Danny Wilton Be In One And Some Knowledge Is Way Over My Head So That’s One We Have Them On Tonight To Go Into Some Of This Information About Orion’s Nebula Which Is Something Near And Dear To My Heart And Some Of The Other Stuff Ease Into But Before We Go Into That Before We Bring The Guests On I Want To Say A Huge Thank You To Everyone Who Is Supporting Via Patreon Because Without You Guys This Show Wouldn’t Exist You Are What Helps Me Make This Stuff Happen So Everybody Who Is A Partner Over At Huge Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart We Have A New Patron Who Just Joined The Team And This Is Lionel Anderson Lionel Anderson The Ufo Contactee I’m A Good Friend I’m Actually Gonna Be On His Podcast Tomorrow Morning So He Has A Show I’m Gonna Be Interviewed On That Tomorrow Morning So If You Guys Want To Stick Around For That I’ll Be Sharing The Links So You Get Access To All Of My Music My Entire Collection Of Work You Get Access To Songs That Aren’t Even Out Yet So You Be Privileged To That Podcast That We Haven’t Released That Aren’t Public You Guys Get Instant Access To That And A Whole Bunch Of Other Cool Stuff As You Guys Can See There And So Immediately Following This Episode We’re Gonna Do A Patron Only Hang Out So You Those Of You Who Are Watching Who Are Patrons Be Checking Your Email So As Soon As This Episode Is Over You Guys Will Get A Private Link To Come On And Hang Out And Talk About Whatever So Head On Over To Patreon Comm Backslash True Seeker And Support For Any Level Of Giving You Guys Can Come On The Team And Be A Part Of What We’re Building Thank You Guys So Much Everybody So Without Further Ado My Good Friend Daniel Wilt And Daniel Welcome To The Show I’m Well Brother That’s Kind Of An Inside Joke For Those Of You Who Don’t Know But I Had A Parody Channel Where It Was A Guy Named Brother Wayne And I’m Bringing Brother Wayne Back But As A Parody Where I Would Have Control Researchers And And Stuff Like That Because We’ve All Seen The Exposed Videos Especially Danny Will Hey Danny Would Seen His Fair Share And He’s Done His Fair Share Right So I Just Don’t Fit Right I Fight Back Sometime Yeah So I Had A Parody Channel While We Just Kind Of Lash Out At People And It Was Just It Was Just Done As A Parody As We See People Like The Vigilant Christian Who Somebody That I Think Everybody Oh My Job Is Making Videos To Expose People So It Was Kind Of A Parody Of An Older Version Of Him Maybe Him When He’s 65 Years Old And So He Goes Around Calling Everything Demonic And Trolling And Stuff So He Was The Inspiration For That But I Did A Video On Danny And I Commented On His Video And Posted The Link That Danny Checked It Out The Video Of Brother Wayne Exposing Him And He Shared It Not Knowing That It Was Me Controlling And It Was As Funny To Me The Comments And All That Good Stuff Man It Was And I Was So I Was I Was Kind Of Depressed Man Well My Channel Got Deleted Because I Had So Much Comedy Gold On There Man And And Bringing Smiles To The Page I Did Man I Didn’t Daniel Is A Guy Named Daniel Well Known Youtube Does Is Because Cows Everything Evil He Calls Evil Good And Good Evil The Word Of God Tells You Not To Follow Such People I’m Bringing I Tell You What Man I’ve Had My Fair Share That’s I’ll Tell You I Know Man There’s Just Seems Like As Soon As You Get In As Soon As You Get Into Study And Stuff Like This For People Who Don’t Know I Guess You Can Share Any Of It With Anybody The Next Thing You Know Is The Meaning Of Being Called Satan Worshiper All Kinds Of Stuff And You Know At First It Kind Of Bothers You You’re Like What The Hell Is Going On Why People Tell Me This For For Studying This Stuff Right I Mean Come On And I Guess I Don’t Know Where They Learned To Do That But I Guess They Somebody Told Them Along Down The Road That You’re Not Supposed To Be Looking At You Know Stuff Like That Keep Your Head In The Bible And All That Stuff And You Know It’s Good To Read Everything But Then Once You Once You Stop Getting Angry At And Then It Just Becomes Funny And Comical And Kind Of Feel Sorry For Them At The Same Time Yeah Yeah Yeah Actually Speaking Of The Vigilant Christian Man You Know I’m Saying I Personally Like To Talk To Everybody Like From All Walks Of Life Or Whatever So I Was Supposed To Have Him On For An Interview I Had A Deal With Him I Was Gonna Trade Out Some Work For Him Because I Do Graphic Art I’m To Deal With Them I Do Some Graphic Art For Him And He’d Come On For An Interview And He Said Okay I Made Him Some Graphic Art And He Was Supposed To Come On And I Didn’t Want To Be Exposing Nobody Nothing Like That I Just Wanted To Talk To Him About Why He’s Doing What He’s Doing How He Got There What’s Working For Him Those Type Of Things Right And So He Was Gonna Do It And Then I Had An Interview With A Guy Named Brandon Bothrops Who’s A Friend Of Mine Who Was They Did A Vice Documentary On Him About The Christians Who Were Getting High Off Of Off Of God And I Was A Huge Huge Vice Documentary Had Him On My Show And Individually Christian Says He Wants To Come On My Show And Expose This Guy And Say Once He’s Not Of God And It’s Demonic In Style God Yeah Everything That Idols Of This Videos Man Yeah Every Title Of This Video Says Someone’s Exposed Satanic Illuminati Yeah I Mean Every Single One Of Satanic Illuminati I Mean It’s Like It’s Like I’m Saying The Clickbait Stuff I Remember Years Ago Man When I Was Online Man I Would Say If I Would Have To Guess I’d Say 2009 Maybe To Where Like There Was Only A Few People Doing Those Exposed Videos Right And They Were Big On Youtube And You Know Saying They Were They Were Known For It And Now You Know The Whole Comedic Thing Behind It For Me With The Whole Brother Wayne Thing Is That Everybody’s Doing It And Everybody Is An Expert So They Can You Know They Watch One Video On Somebody Then You Know I’m Saying Now They’re An Expert And Now They Can Go Out And Expose People And Do All That Kind Of Stuff It’s It’s It’s It’s Kind Of Funny It’s Kind Of It’s Kind Of Comical But Yet Like You Said It’s Sad Too You Know Yeah And Sort Of What Happens Basically Is Is That And I Don’t Know Whether Some Of These People Are Paid Or What The Deal Is They’re You Know If You Are If You’re A Real Research And You Get Into Your Research And Then Somebody Does Something Like That Next Thing You Know You Hear About It And It’s You Know So It’s Okay To Respond Maybe Once Or Twice And Stuff Like That Already Once In A Great While Because If You Never Respond When Someone Or When People Do That Kind Of Stuff It Just Makes You Look Like You’re Guilty Because It Makes You Look Like All These People Are Accusing You Or You’re Not Saying Anything Backs To This Obviously Something Going On If You’re If You Were Like A Public Figure And Really Large You Would Make A Difference Right Yeah When You’re Smaller And You Got These Other People Trying To Do That If You Never Stick Up For Yourself Then What Ends Up Happening Is It Makes It Look Like A Filter So You Got To Stick Up For Yourself Once In A While A Problem Is Is That If You Do It Too Much Then It Distracts You From Your Research Right Then You Spend All Your Time Trying To Fight These People Instead Of Doing What You Start What If You Wanted To Do To Begin With Yeah She’s Research This Stuff Right So They’re Gonna Find Balance Between All That Kind Of Stuff And The Way I Look At It Is I Make My Point If Somebody Keeps Her Lasting Me I’ll Make One Video Make My Point And Then I’ll Leave Alone You Know I Think They’re Kind Of You Know I’m Saying Trying To Trying To Uh Punch Up To Get The Get The Attention Of The Researchers Of The People So They Say You Know You Can Get A Thousand Positive Comments All Day And Those Pilot Those Comments Are Near And Dear To Our Hearts They Help Us They Motivate Us To Keep Going It’s Like A Paddle In The Back But That One Comment All Denny Wilton’s A Fake Above About All This Stuff For Some Reason It Sticks Out To You And So That Those People Know That If They If They Dig And They Dig Hard Enough They Can Get Us To Respond So Early On It Was For Me Was Like Like Thinking That I Was I Guess On On The Offense By Being Quiet And Not Responding Because They’re Just Begging For My Attention And The Attention On On The Platform That We’ve Built Like They Want On Your Platform They Think That They Should Have Your Platform And You Shouldn’t Have It Because You Don’t Deserve It Because Your Research Is Flawed Or This And That So They Want To Come On Your Platform And Tell All Of Your Followers Or All The People Who Back Your Work This Is Where You’re Wrong This Is Where You’re Wrong And I’ve Had It’s A War Complex Game It’s Like A Chess Game Right I Mean That When You Choose To 20 Choose A Time To Respond It’s Also Good That When You’re Responding You’re Really Not Responding To Just That Person What You’re Trying To Do Is They Put Something Out That Is Teaching Everybody Something At The Same Time So Like Whatever It May Be Like I Remember So These I Remember I Bombarded With All These Flat Earth People For A While Okay I Don’t Know Where They Came From Like Out Of The Woodwork She Know Just Just Coming At Me You Know And So I Eventually Had To Quit All My Youtube Videos On Approve For The Comments Yeah Because I Was Getting So Many Of These Damn Things Yeah So Finally After So Many Of My I Just I Said I’m Gonna Have To Make A Couple Videos Show Her People Where I Stand On This Crap Because Then All These People On Facebook And Everything So What Do You Think About This Would Ya There’s Nobody Wants To Research Anything Themselves They Just Asked Me What You’re Doing Right That’s What They Do In Turks – Man What Does The Pastor Say Right That’s What He Says That’s What I Believe Nobody Has An Opinion Of Them From Themselves Or Whatever And That That Actually Is Pretty Much The Same Everywhere Most People’s Opinions Don’t Company Yourselves They Usually Come From A University Or A Teacher Or Some Other Person That Very Very Few People I’ve Sat Down And Actually Look At Things Themselves Yep That’s What That’s The Weird Thing Man Cuz Because I Got Hit With The Flat Earth Thing As Well And And I’ve Said It Before I’ll Say It Again Yeah And I Think It’s The Funny Thing Was The Last Two Times I Was Supposed To Have You On The Show Not For Any Particular Reason But I Was Supposed To Have Santos Either Right Before You Are After You Both Times We Tried To Make Something Happen And I Had Santos On The Night Before Last And He Went Into Flat Earth Or Whatever And The Reason I Stayed Away From Flat Earth Is Because Of And I Told Santos This The Reason I Stayed Away From Is Because I Seen What It Did To Santos And His Following Like They’d Somebody Who’s Researched A Lot Of People Looked Up To Syncretism Astrology Everything He Was Doing And Then He Jumped Ship With Flat Earth And He Kind Of Became The Laughingstock Of That Community And I’m Like That He Called I Started Going Around Calling Everybody Demon Worshippers And Why They Do That Neither I Said Oh No He Called Him Demon Worshippers Ever Used To Call Me What Is This Okay So The Fan Matt Masturbator Our Excellence Name Is A Cartoon Just Track Yeah Where’d They Come Up With This Shit You Know Yeah But Did He Start That Or Did You Cuz I’m Not Following I’ve Just Seen Little Pieces Here And Some Of The Stuff You’ve Done But Well I’ve Always Had A Problem With Santos Because This Has Probably Gone On For A Long Long Time So If We Have A History And The History Goes All The Way Back To When I Met Wendy And I Were Used To Do The Radio Show And Then So We Were You Know I Was Kind Of New To It All In Everything Like That But I’m Also A Systems Analyst Okay So In My Real Life What Do I Do I Analyze Stuff I Develop Software So I’m Always Analyzing Things To The Detail And If Something Doesn’t Make Sense I Recognize It Pretty Quick So The First Thing When I Notice Is That When I Was Looking At All This Kind Of Stuff Because I Approach This Whole Orion Nebula Standpoint From Not Something That These Pie-in-the-sky Some Kind Of Crap Like That I Was Approaching It Like An Analyst I Actually Saw Something I Could Analyze And I Could Prove Right But When I Heard Him Started Sort Of Doing This Wordplay Crap And Then I Noticed That This Other Guy His Name Cause A Real Popular Guy He’s A Real Popular Guy That’s One Of Santa’s Mentors I Forget What Is Gordon Maxwell Yeah No Yes Jordan No Yeah I Think That Is Him Okay Anyway They Started Doing That Damn Warplane So I Started Looking Up On Youtube Other People That Have Done The Same Kind Of Stuff And Then I Started Reading About I Was Like This Is All Bullshit I’m What The Hell Is Going On Here I Started Reading On That Stuff And I Found Out It’s A Form Of Uh It’s A Form Of Psychological Mind Control Because They Start Using Words That Sound The Same And They Pair Them With Others And It Disconnects The Association Inside Of Your Brain Of What One Thing Means To Another Like When There’s Or They So That Way When They People Who Are Religious People When You Say The Son Of God Now They Think Oh You’re Talking About The Sun And The Sky Right But You’re Not Because The Way It Was The Way That Sun Me Or What It Means Actually And What It Was Written Like In Hebrew Two Different Things And Then When You Start Digging Into All Of That So You Have To Kind Of Dig Right But Most People Don’t Dig So They Just Get They Just Get Wowed By These Things That Sound The Sing And And So These People Just Make Up All Kinds Of Crap So Him And This Truth Lehrer See Guy And A Few Others And But I Think On The Flat Earth When I Heard Santos Was Into The Flat Earth I Think I Made A Quick Video About It And It Wasn’t Too Much Longer After That Were He’s The Guy That Does The Make Matrix Videos Yeah He Does That Not So I’m Not Sure Right Off He’s Really He’s Really Good Guy You Know You Probably Talked You Know I’m You Took Part On My Jordan Maxwell Right Yeah I’m Not Talking About Him I’m Talking About The Other Guy He Was Glass He Said He Was One Of Manley P Hall’s Best Friend Yeah That’s True It Maxwell Yes I’m Not Talking About That With Him With Santa’s Yeah But I’m Not Talking About Him I’m Talking About Somebody Else Anyways Yeah So I Made A Video Saying You Know Santos Is Now Looking At The Whole Flat Earth Thing And It Wasn’t After That Too Much Longer After That Um You Know I He Started Making All These Videos And Going Online About Me Being A Demon Worshiper Everyone So I Started Capturing A Little Bit Of His Stuff And I Was Like This Guy’s Going Nutball I Don’t Know What They Did To Him But He’s Gone Nuts And Anyways So It Was Just Something For A Little Bit Then I Realized He Was Just Just Totally Lost It So I Just Let It All Go Yeah My Research Again So From From Their Perspective So Do You Think This Is An Art That They Have Studied And They Pursued As A As Us Like A Stance Or Like A Art Form To Like How About This Word Play Yeah Like The Word Pie Deep So I I Mean Is It Is It Blatantly Obvious Or Is It Something That They Studied Like This Is An Easy Way To Kind Of You Don’t Saying Break Down Somebody I Think I Think I Think It Is In That Sense I Think They Studied It Enough To Realize Whether They Can Get Away With But I Definitely Know That They’re Not Doing It Thinking They Really Believe It Okay So What About The The The Maritime Admiralty Law Have You Heard The Discourses On That I Don’t I Don’t Pay You Don’t You Know What Uh You Know I’m Saying The Birth Canal And Whenever You’re Born You Come Through The Canal And That’s Where A Shipment Is Coming And You Know That’s A Bunch Of Bullshit Man That’s Jordan Maxwell Said Just Like When He Said When You’re Born The Reason They Take Your Your Footprints Is Because They Want To Own Your Soul Yeah I Mean Give Me A Break Dude This Is What They Do It’s A Bunch Of Bull Crap Right I Mean So Anyways The Weird Thing Is With All That With All The Researchers Man Is That They Have Like Like Thumbs And A Little Bit Of Stuff That You Like And The Stuff That You Can Agree With And Stuff That That They Can Win You Over On And Then They’d Come With All The Other Crazy Stuff Like Jordan Maxwell Has A Lot Of Good Stuff That Dudes Been At It For A Long Time But Then He Sneaks In I Caught A Baby A Baby T-rex In My Backyard He Talks About When He Was A Kid Only Everybody That I Respect Is Dead Well He Tries To Get In With Their Names And Stuff Though You Know They Try To Get In And Say Well Yeah Well You Know Manley P Hall Left Me All Of My You Know All Of His Work Before He Died As If Manley P Oh No I’m Like A Lot Of Those Guys That Were That Big Like That They Ended Up Just Kind Of Fallen By The Wayside Because They Really Didn’t Anything To Offer Except For This This Little Magical Spell They Put On Everybody For Just A Little Minute Mm-hmm That’s It So I Learned That The Best The Best Thing My Best Teacher Are Old Books So I Like To Read A Lot Of Old Books And I Look At Right Now At Least I Look At A Lot Of Geometry And A Lot Of The Older You Know The Pyramids And Stuff Like That And And That That Is A Teacher Actually In Itself The Whole Complex Is A Teacher If You Know What You’re Looking For But You Kind Of Have To Be You Kind Of Have To Find That One First Thing On Your Own And Then You Go Oh My God Somebody Did This On Purpose And Then You Start Taking A Little Bit More And You Go Oh My God And You Go Home And It’s The Next Thing You Know It Turns Into This Whole It Turns Into Some Huge Thing And So Now I’m Doing All Kinds Of Research On Them That Yeah Just A Different Ratio At The Ratios Of The Pyramid And Kids In The Geometry And All Kinds Of Stuff Like That Well You Know Yeah Talking About The Pyramids We Understand That They’re Lined Up With The Three Stars Of Orion’s Belt And And I Think I Think The Work That Led Me To You To You Was The Horsehead Nebula Being In The Paintings From Who Was It Um Was It Davinci Feline That They’ll Actually Okay I Actually It’s Still Lion Otherwise That This Is The Painting That You Found With Michelangelo Michael And Anna In Most And Most Of The Other Paintings But Those Three Pyramids Being Lined Up To Orion Is Definitely One Possibility I Think That There’s Other Possibilities As Well As I’ve Been Studying This The Orion Nebula Doesn’t Lose Its Importance Just Because There’s Other Possibilities But I Think That These Things Had Multiple Things That Were Happening At Once In Other Words When They Were When They Built These Things To Show You Something It Wasn’t To Show You One Thing It Was To Show You Many Different Things For Example Right So You Take A Look At Khafre Which Is The Middle Pyramid Right And The Middle Pyramid Has A Side Length That’s Very Specific And When You Look At All This Geometry Including Stonehenge And Stuff Like That The Side Hit The Side Length Of Khafre Is In Feet The Exact Same Number That You Find When You Take A Look At The Square Root Of Two Now I Know That Doesn’t Mean Thing To You Right Square Root Of Two Has A Very Specific It’s A Very Specific Number And It Has Very Unique Qualities And A Spanish Specifically Related To A Square Okay So It’s One Of The Only Things That You Can The Only Number That I Know Of That You Can Divide By Two So If You Take A Square Root Of Two And Divide It By Two You Get Side Length Of Capri Which Is The 707 Point 106 Seven Feet Right That Take That And Divide That By A Thousand What You’re Really Doing Is You’re Turning The Pyramids Into Ratio Numbers Rather Than Large Numbers Right So The Great Pyramid Becomes Point Seven Five Six And Khafre Becomes Point 707 106 Seven So When You Look At Them Like That Now You’re Looking At It As Ratios Which Is What I Think They’re Trying To Show You So It’s The Only Number That When You So If You Were To Put A Circle Around That Pyramid If You’re Looking At It From Above And That Circle You Put It Around That Pyramid And That The Circle Touches Each Corner The Pyramid So That’s Actually The Square Root Of Two Of Khafre All Right So In Copper A Is Seven Hundred And Seven Point One Oh Six Seven Feet And That Circle That Surrounds It It’s 1,000 Feet In Diameter It’s A Very Specific Number That They’re Trying To Show You So A Lot Of This Has To Do With Squaring The Circle It Has To Do With Showing You Because The Whole Complex Itself When You Look At It From Above Which Is Also Very Interesting Because A Long Time Ago You Couldn’t See This Stuff From Above All Right But From Above Is Where You Capture All This Information So I Don’t Know What All That’s About Right Because That’s When You Start To See All The Different Relationships Between These Various Things Is When You’re Looking At It From A Satellite View Yeah Which I Think Is Extremely Interesting But That Means That They Designed It For Somebody To Look At It From Above And So The Geometry Of This Stuff Is So Precise Not Just On One Pyramid That All Across The Hall Complex From From The Corner Of One Pyramid All The Way Across The Complex Three On Three Thousand Twenty-four Feet To The Other Side Like A Mile And A Half The Other Side Right I Know It’s Just Like A Mile Or Happy Not With Us But To The Other Side And The Geometry Is In Is In Like Within A Two Foot Range Of Accuracy What They’re Trying To Show Which I Think Is Absolutely Amazing It’s Like If You Were To Put An Architectural Drawing On A Piece Of Paper And Look At It From Above There So Exactly That Shit All The Way Down To You Know 3,000 Feet Away You’re In A Margin Error Of Like Two Feet It’s Pretty Amazing Stuff And So You Realize Are You Trying To Teach Your Stuff Right As Well As Stonehenge And That Kind Of Stuff So It’s Really Interesting But Right Now I’m Crunching Numbers And What People Aren’t Really Too Interested In That And Me Away Man But So I’ve Had To Go Back To Basically School On My Own When It Comes To Math And We Learn A Lot Of This A Lot Of This Stuff Trigonometry And All This Kind Of Stuff I’ve Been Doing At Home But Now I Have A Reason You Know On Yeah In School They’re Just Teaching Us Stuff And You’re Like What The Hell Is This You Know I Couldn’t Stand Math In School Yeah I Know But Now It’s Not It’s Not About Like In Math Or Not Liking It It’s It’s Like Getting Surprised With All These Neat Little Things You Start Finding Out With You Know How To Plug These Certain Things In A Certain Way And It Just Becomes A Tool Right To Figure Out Some Huge Puzzle And I Love It But And Then I’ve Got My My Tool That I Use Here Which Is Inkscape I Don’t Know What I Would Do Without Inkscape It’s Free You Know Anybody Can Download It But When You Can Start Putting In Geometry And Calculating Things Out And You Can Look At Exactly What You’re Trying To See Visually Which Is Something I Could Never Do When I Was In School You Know I Couldn’t You Know They Teach You Something They Want You To Memorize All These Numbers And Formulas I Did Nothing For Me But If I Can See It Visually I Can See The Geometry That Changes Everything So I’ve Seen Someone To Work You Were Doing And Showing Almost Like I Think I Think It Was A Picture Of Stonehenge And It Was Like If You Was Too Tulay Metatron’s Cube Right On Top Of It It Fits Perfectly With All The Points That Are In Stonehenge And Even Some Of The Things That Are That Are Set Up Around It Some Of The Other Things Right So Are They Trying To I Don’t Know If That’s How They Build It Just Using Geometry Or They Trying To Show Us That That There’s Power Embed It Within The Symbols And Stuff And I Because I Know That That Power That Power Is Not Some Is Not Some Special Kind Of You Know You Don’t Doubt That Power Is There’s The Knowledge Of What’s Contained Within Side Those Numbers For Example Why Would They Make Stonehenge 360 Feet In Diameter I Mean In 60 We See That In Circles Right We Know This Circle Has Have Any Circle The Size You Know Diameter Be 360 Degrees Why Choose One Is 360 Feet And Diameter As Well So When You Start Looking Into That And You Look At The Size Of These Things That Are Inside Of It And You Realize That The Size Of The Things That Are Inside Of It Things Like Things Like That And You Start Looking At Those You Realize Those Are Also Angles Those Are Angles Of Things Of Like Stars That Stars Have Angle Or Five-pointed Stars Have Angles Of 36 And Only Are They Using The Size But They’re Also Using The Distance And Then You Realize After A While That All These Angles And Stuff Like That In These Circles The Way That Geometry Works Within Itself There’s Something Special About The Numbers How You Get From One To Another And That’s Kind Of What You See And That’s The Way It Kind Of The Universe Is I Think That’s What They Were Teaching And What They Were Probably Also Learning At The Same Time When They Were Doing That Kind Of Stuff They Were Testing Things And Trying To See If They Were Wide About Certain Things And I Think The People That Did The Pyramids Already Figured All Of It Out No So So So Do You Believe That You Know Kind Of Like The Fung Shui And The Way That We Have Things Set Up It Helps For The Energy To Kind Of Move And And Shift You Know In A Space Is That What Would Stonehenge Is For And The Pyramid Setup So Energy Can Move And Be Conducted And Whether It Was Like You Know I’m Saying Cold So You You Know You Don’t Think That Went Into That At All It Was Just How They Were Building Their Structures Or What I’m Not Saying That They Were Into That Kind Of Stuff But I Don’t Think That They Were Into It Just Because Of Something Magical It’s Because They Knew Something Right They Knew Something That Made Sense It Wasn’t This Because You Place Things A Certain Way And You Know Lights Come On Everywhere And You See Angels White You Know It’s Not Like That Right It’s It’s A Bay It’s Like Science Is What It Is But It’s The Science It’s The Kind Of Science That We’re Not Allowed To Or Steered Away From Nowadays And Which Is Which Is One Of The Reasons Why I’m Doing Research Behind This Stuff Is Because I’ve Learned A Lot Of Things That People Have Been Taught That Are Wrong Now And Lately I Think This Whole Thing Around Pi I Think Is Is Wrong And The More I Discover And The More These Pyramids Of What They’re Showing Me The More I Know That It’s Correct That It’s Wrong What They’re Showing Is About That So And Then I Started Looking For How They’re Deriving Pi And All That Kind Of Stuff And I And I Realized How They Got The Numbers Over The Years But If You Go And Try And Look For That Online And And Look For Something In Detail On How They On How They Just Derive It It’s Ridiculously Complex And It Doesn’t Make Sense And Especially When You Start Taking A Look At It In Association With Some Of These Ancient Megaliths You Realize That These Guys These Guys Knew Something That We’ve Lost And That’s The Reason Why You See A Lot Of The You Know The Old Stuff Like That You See Things That Look Like High Technology That No Longer Exist What We’re All Baffled About How They Did How Did They Did This That And The Other But That’s As Far As It Goes Because Nobody Wants To Admit That They Were Smarter Than We Are In Waterways You Know Ever Heard Or You Go To Much I Guess Yeah So As Far As Like Aligning With The Stars I Mean I Know That I’m Saying The Ancients Definitely Venerated The Stars And They You Know Try To Line Up Things Were There And They Believed In I Mean I Think If We Look At That The Ancient Writings Even With The Bible Just Looking At It About Astrology And Symbology And Stuff Like That What Do You Think The Secret To Orion Is Like What Do You Think It Is Do You Think It Is A Stargate Do You Think It’s A Portal I Mean Would It Would Be What Do You Think It’s So Special About Orion That The Ancients Knew That They Hid It In All Of Their Stuff Or Is It The Geometry That Was Sacred To Them That That That’s What They Were Hiding And Everything That Sounds Like What You’re Getting At Now Well What I’m Doing Right Now Is I’m Is I Am Trying To Go Over And In Detail Some Of The Stuff That I Didn’t Do When I Wasn’t Using A Lot Of The Math And Geometry And Stuff Like That That I’m Using Now And I Know That That You Connect But I Have To Get Into More Detail On This Before I Can Make The Other Connect There’s There’s What You’re Asking For Is Extremely Difficult To Describe Because It Touches In Areas That Nobody Has Ever Really Thought Of And So Therefore To Explain It It’s Like Trying To Explain The Color Blue To A Blind Person You Know How Do You Do That And So So I And I’ve Spoken To A Couple Of Master Catalysts About This As Well But There Is This Old Saying And You Find It In The Emerald Tablet Not Tablets Which Everybody Keeps Bringing Up All The Time Because There’s Only One There’s Only One Emerald Tablet And So It Describes Things Like If You Take A Look At The As Above So Below Thing And People Don’t Really Understand What That Means You Hear I’m Quoting All The Time But They Don’t Really Think About It As Above So Below Has Something To Do With The Way Things Are Constructed In The Universe Both Physically And Mentally I’m Not Talking About Just Physical So So For Example Say You Take Your Body And You Were To Magnify It 1 Million Times Right To Where Now Your Body Doesn’t Look Like Your Body But It Looks Like A Whole Different Universe Containing Other Thing Mm-hmm Right But You Would Find That Would Be A Similarity Between Your Body Or This Universe That We’re In Versus The Universe That Exists Inside Of Your Body After Magnet After All Right Magnifying At 5 Million Times There’s Some Kind Of A Correlation Or Similarity There There’s Also A Correlation And A Similarity In The Way That Thought Transpires And This Gets Into Plato’s Archetypes And Things Like That The World Of Forms You Know There’s This There’s This World That Exists It Has The Perfect Whatever Of Everything And And So When We Kind Of Think About Things Like The Orion Nebula And If You Look At All Of The Ancient Hindu Texts And Stuff Like That As It Describes Kind Of The Descent So Think About This For A Second So Everything Has To Come From One Thing And That Includes Everything That Includes Like Even The Christians They Say Oh No Well Satan Can’t Come From No That’s Not True If That’s Kind Of What The Tractus Is You Know That Thing Looks Like Ten Little Dots Right You Well That Top That Top Dot Represents Everything In Unity It Represents The Starting Point Everything Right That Unity Starts Branching Out And It Starts Branching Into Polarity And Then Just Like A Tree How A Tree Grows Right And It Starts From One Point It Grows Out And Now It’s Everything It’s The Whole Universe So It Actually Becomes Everything But It’s But Everything Is Also It At The Same Time It’s Just That Everything Is Not Aware Of Everything Else In The You Know One Branch Is Not Aware Of Another Branch Right And They’re Not Aware Of The Branches Until They Kind Of Come Together At A Higher Level And Then All Of A Sudden They Realize That They’re Oh They Were All Just One Branch Right Kind Of The Way The Universe Is So The Way It Describes It In These Ancient Texts North Move From A Point Of Invisibility And When I Say That When I Say Invisibility They Would Kind Of Almost Mean Something That’s Spiritual When I Say Spiritual I Don’t Mean The Same Thing That You Would Think Of When You’re Thinking About The Bible Spiritual Is Kind Of The Spirit World Or Whatever It’s Kind Of The World That Exists Before The Physical World So When You For Example If You Want To Create Something In Life You Don’t Just Sit Down And Create It Without Something Going Through Your Head First Right Yeah So You Have To Think About What It Is You Want To Do And Then That Trends That Kearns Into Analysis Which Means The Motion That Happened And Then That Motion Turns Into You Using A Physical Body If You Create Whatever You Want To Create In The Physical World But It Didn’t Start In The Physical World It Started In Your Thought Process And So The Universe According To These Guys Exists The Same Way So The Orion Nebula Is This As As A Point Of Creation Where The Invisible Or Spiritual Breaks Into The Physical Yeah Yeah And It’s Very Possible That That It Represents Starting Point Of Our Branch Of The Universe So We’re The Were Whatever We Are At Out Those Higher Levels As We Come Through That And The Physical You Know The Earth Solar Systems Everything That Came From That It Seems To Like It Seems To Me That With What I See In An Older Art And The Kabbalists Of Kabbalists And I Agree On This And That Is Sometimes That Happens And It Comes Out In Our That It’s Unconscious And They Don’t Realize That It’s Happening And This Has To Do With Some Stuff Of From The Other Philosopher Karl Yune Which Talks About The Collective Unconscious Which Has To Deal With These Archetypes And Things Like That It’s Embedded In Everybody But They’re Just Not Aware Of It But You See It Come Out And Things Like Art Stuff Like That Yeah Like Michelangelo Obviously Was Extremely Connect Did He Painted It In Such Detail I Could Zoom In On It Graphically With Measurements And I Could Show Bits And Pieces All Over His Painting Of That Creation Of Adam How It Was Indeed I Mean I Was Even Looking For Software That Would Do It For Me That Would Show It To It Because People Just You Know They’re Like No That Can’t Be Possible You Know That’s As Far As They Go You Know They Don’t Want To Think About It Anymore But And That’s Fine I Don’t Expect These People That We Have To Do That But The People That Will Do It Are The Ones That Matter And That’s All That Matters To Me Yeah Kind Of Going Above And Beyond Of Just Like That Taking Somebody’s Word For Someone That That’s Actually Doing The Research And Taking It To A Whole Nother Level Of What You’re Doing And Kind Of Time Some Of The Points Together Man I Know Pi And Somebody And And In Some Of The Different Geometry Is Something Near And Dear To Many Of The People Who Are High Levels Of Freemasonry When We’re Talking About Pi And This Complex Geometry As Well So If This Is Where People Like People Are Looking For It But You Got A Dig And So You’re Actually Digging And Doing The Work Man I Wonder I’m Diggin And I’m Not I Don’t Care What They’re Doing Either Right So Yeah I’m Right Are You Are You In Touch With Any Any Masons Have You Had Anybody Who Is Open To Talk To You To Kind Of Roll Some Of This Work And Ideas Off Of You Are You Just Kind Of Doing It By Yourself And Just Just Kind Of Go Have Some Clean Nights And Plans But From What I’ve Been Told I Know More Than Them And This Is What I’ve Been Told I Have No Idea Whether This Is True Or Not But They Told Me That I Know More Than About 90 To 95% Of Them I’m Sure There’s Just A Very Few At The Very Top Yeah No But You Know Most Of You Into Freemasonry Yeah Yeah Most Of Them To Get In There They Just Care About Some Raw Edges And Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Very Few Yeah Yeah I’ve Got Some Friends Who Joined Thinking That They Were Gonna Get Into The Deep Mysteries And Knowledge And It’s Not What They Expect It It’s Kind Of Insane Yeah But Yeah We Got Some Phone Calls Here If Anybody Would Like To Call In And Ask Danny A Question Or Add To The Conversation You Can Do So The Numbers Scrolling Across The Top Of The Screen It’s Also In All Of The Descriptions Of The Video And Everywhere It’s Listed So Give Us A Call And It’ll Show Me That You’re In Queue And We’ll Take Your Questions And Comments For Danny Wilton So We’ll Go To The First Caller Believe This Is Uh Donaldson What’s Going On Brother Hey What’s Up That’s Amazing Timing You Have There Sir With My Because Mason What Well I Mean Y’all Just Good Time With With I Was Having A Discussion With Two People About Rock Climbing And Then I I Came Right Back To The Call And As I Came Back I Was Being Unmuted So That Was Timing Yeah That’s Not Worse I Want You If You Want To Talk About Synchronicity Right Then That’s That’s Probably Giving Emphasis And To The Underlying Theme Of The Call Yeah I Really I You Know I Really Have Been Moving And Shaking As As You Would Be Too If You Were Recognized Recognizing Yourself As Being On The Leading Edge Of Stock That’s How I See Myself And It’s A Very Very Uplifting Place To Live – Who Wouldn’t Want To Feel Good All The Time Oh Yeah I Agree With You Yeah Yeah Question That Do Uh What That You Have A Question Or Comment For Danny Wilton About Uh And In This Work We’re Talking About Well I’m Barely To Be Honest With You Barely Chimed In And Then As I Chimed In I Was I Was Paying Attention Then I Got Distracted Some People Were Climbing Up The Side Of The Building And It Looked Like A Rock Climbing Adventurous And I Had To Administer First Aid Yeah Just For A Moment Yeah So What I Mean If I Could Get One Sentence To Describe The Theme Of The Call And I’ll Ask A Question Based On That One Sentence I Already Know That It’s About Spiritual Awareness In Our Modern Time Okay So So I Mean What Is The Gap Tonight Particularly On About Hmm Well We’ve Kind Of We’ve Kind Of Titled The Show The Mystery Of The Orion Nebula So Anything Concerning Spirituality Or Concerning The Alignment Positioning With The Pyramids And Things Like That Especially When It Has To Do With Geometry That’s Kind Of What We’re Talking About Tonight I Would Say I Would Say We I Would Read To Find Out A Little Bit More In And Say That That There’s A Show Is Really About Exploring Things That Might Have Been Lost As Far As Knowledge That The Ancients Had A Long Time Ago And Work Goes Into Areas Where Modern Science Refuses To Go Because It Kind Of Borderlines Religious Beliefs And Religion Excuses To Go Because It Had Challenges Whatever Views That They Have Whether It Be It’s Not It Doesn’t Work With Their Particular Religion Which We Say All The Time Or They Believe It To Be Satanic Or Whatever Reason So You Kind Of In The Middle Of Both Worlds Right It’s More Philosophical World So I Would Call It More Of A Philosophical Discussion Right And You Know What What Or Not May Phillips Philosophers We Need Them Without Philosophy We’re Lost Okay Here’s One Thing One You See You Mentioned Religion And I’ll Just Mention Two Other Words Here Civil Religion Okay And About I’d Say Probably Seven That Almost Eight Years Ago I Had An Awakening Moment Where I I Saw A Connection Between The Spirituality And The Law To Legal The Legal Profession Okay And And That This Here’s A Sentence From An Article The Law Review Law Review And It’s 68 407 For Tomography It Says Ultimately The Balanced One Strikes Between Judge And Jury May Depend Upon Whether One Thinks Of Law As Social Engineering Or A Civil Religion And And And There’s Other Areas That I Could Sit Here And Touch On As Well That Would Highlight The Point Here Undertaken And Not To The Detriment Of The Group But Actually To To The Benefits Okay Simply Because Everyone Has Their Individual Talents And As We As We Actually Come To Terms With Who We Are Right Those Talents Become Extremely Emphasized Here You You’ll Especially If There’s A Process That You Follow A Natural Process Of Releasing From The Attachment To Things Okay So So What Does That Mean The Attachments Or Things Well It’s A Mental It’s A Mental Really It’s The Mental We Wanted Not A Why Is It Not Okay To Be Attached To Something Good Well Let Me Hear Me Out I Think You Might Get It I’m Not Saying It’s Not Okay For That What I Am Saying Though Is That Being Bound By Ideas About Ourselves That May Be Misleading Can Be Detrimental To Our Authentic Desire Outside What You Just Decide What That Is Though That You Do Use And It’s Also It’s Also Ejective Right So I Mean You Can Recommend That But Everyone’s Still Going To Have Their Own Point Of View About Themselves You Really Haven’t Got Anywhere All You Really Done Is Just Tell People That Be Careful What You Think About But Everyone’s Gonna Think About What They’re Gonna Think About The Words Authentic Desire Before When Did You Last Hear Those Words Or Say It Say The Word Authentic Desire What Is That I Think Things Mean What Does That Mean To Me I Think That Could Mean A Lot Of Different Things Depending On The Thing I’m Talking About An Offer To Desire For A Wife Authentic I Said Authentic Desire Mm-hmm What Is Your Authentic Desire Is It Really To You Tell Me What Yours Is So I Know You’re Coming From And Then I’ll Tell You What – Well Hold On Hold On Let’s Get Back To The Chatroom Here Your Call Is The Awakening With Truth Sika Right Yes Yeah Your Call Yes Yes Okay Right So So When I Speak Of The Cup Of Subject Matter Along The Lines Of Inner Awareness And Inner Awakening I Think We Have Consensus That These This Subject Matter Is In Harmony And We Have You Know With With The Core Theme Of The Call Do We Have Consensus About That What Do You Think There I Don’t Know We Just Had To Come Back To You Donelson I Don’t Know I Didn’t Know Where He Was Going Man I Could Trying To Let Him Now He’s A Good Guy Man I Just Figured You I Figured You Thought I May Be Trolling You Is It Possible You’re Talking To An Analyst So I You Know I Don’t You Know I’m Not Gonna Go Down The Road Of All This Kind Of Getting Us Off On A Subject Matt He Had He Hadn’t Been Listening So You Know If You Go Back And Listen To The Shoe Man And You Can You Know Ask A Question Accordingly I Guess He Just Blindsided Hey Let Me Think Of A Question Anyway Yeah It Happens Man He Actually Called Into The Santos Episode He’s A Big Fan Of Santos So I Figured Why Not Bring You Baby He’ll Kind Of You Know Be A Fan Of Your Work If He’s Never Heard Of You But Yeah We’re Talking To Danny Wilton Who Was Our Guest Tonight I’m Here For A Few More Minutes Danny Is There Anything That We Didn’t Touch On That We Didn’t Go Into That You Wanted To Talk About Before We Got Off Of Here Well I Just Want To Say Basically That You Know There’s A Lot Of People Out That Are Doing Research And Stuff There’s A Lot Of People Out There That Are I Can You Know Get Worried About How Popular That They Are Are They Worried About You Know Do I Have Enough Subscribers Or This Kind Of Stuff That’s Not The Reason You Should Be Doing Whatever It Is That You’re Doing So If You’ve Got All That Is The First Thought In Your Head Then You’re Not Going To Learn Whatever It Is You’re Trying To Learn Because Only You’re Caring About Its How Many Subscribers You’ve Got Stuff Like That So It’s One Of The Reasons Why You Know I Have A Job And Stuff Like That So That I Can Do This And I Don’t Have To Worry About What Anybody Thinks Or Years About And Stuff Like That So And I Could Stay Focused So As Far As The Research That I’m Doing Right Now I Would Suspect That There’s A Lot Of People That My Audience Is Probably Going To Change A Little Bit Because I’m Digging More Into The Mathematical Stuff And Less Into The The Artistic Stuff Yeah And What That Comes A Change Of Audience People That Don’t Like Math Is Just Going To Eyes Within A Bore But You Know I Didn’t Like Math Either Until I Could Get Visually Good Job I Mean Those Are The Things That Kind Of You Know Saying Kind Of Stood Out To Me Was When You Incorporated That You Don’t Send The Pictures That That Went Around The Numbers Right I Mean And That’s What I Want I Design Software That’s What I Do I Put It On I Don’t Just Do Things With You Know Stuff With Math And Stuff Like That That’s Written I Make Diagrams And I Show You The Way Things Are Going To Look And I Do This And That’s What I’m Kind Of Trying To Take Into All This Because I Have To Explain It To People In The Business World That Don’t Understand Software I Have To Explain It To Business People And So I’m Using The Public To Kind Of Take Things That Are Hard To Understand And Try To Interpret It For Them And The Process And What Actually Happens Is I End Up Learning It Better Because Of That So It’s Good For Me As Well Yep It’s Uh It’s Peering Into A Whole Nother Level I Think You’re Taking It Deeper Then Then A Lot Of People Are Willing To Go And Then Like You Said You You’re Able To Kind Of Follow The Research And Not Really Care Who Stays Or Who Follows Or Who’s For It You Know Those People Come And Go As They Will And Wherever Your Heart Leads You Wherever They’re The The Information Leads You And Obviously That’s Where It’s Led You And You’re Coming Out With Some Good Interpretations From It And Some Really Deep Information And Like I Said Keep Doing The Diagram Stuff Too With It Because That’s What Keeps The People Like Me When I Get People On Here Man Especially With You That Stuff’s Over My Head Right So We Try To Get On Here We Try To Try To Break It Down In A Way That You Know I’m Saying The Average Layperson Can Understand It I’ve Had A Lot Of Like You Know Same Biblical Scholars I Think You Play More With One Picture I Can Explain Well With One Picture That I Could Like This With One Died If I Had To Describe Some Of This Geometry Stuff That I’m Doing Yeah You Couldn’t Do It Over Did You Imagine Yeah It Works Man It Works Having That You Don’t Sound Like You Said Just Doing The Math And Them Just Telling You How To Do It And Then Doing The Numbers And Crunching The Numbers Versus Having You I’m Saying This This Picture Or This Visualization Of It That That Almost Encouraged You To To Stay Tuned Because Mum Said Most People Are Visual Learners They Have To See It In Front Of Them Or And So It Was My Dear I Can’t I Have To See It Myself I’m The Same Way Yeah I Mean It Kind Of It Kind Of Helps For Me Because I Mean I I’m Gonna Have A Good Imagination Which Somebody’s Explaining Something I Can’t Kind Of See It But It Helps So Much When You Have A Frame Of Reference As Well So When You’re Presenting That With Your Work We Got Another Call Before We Hang Off Of Here I’ll Go Ahead And Jump To This Next Call This Is Clarissa A Clarissa You Got A Question For Danny Clarissa See Alright Probably Just Listening A Lot Of People Call Up And Listen And You Put Them On Heat I Know Yeah Yeah There’s A Couple There’s A Couple Of Them There’s A Couple Chat Rooms There’s One On Youtube That’s Going Live On Youtube And Then The One On Talk-show So We’re Streaming Live On Both Of Those So Are You Still There Danny Prizes Right You Start Seeing These Same Numbers Popping Up All The Time And Then You Start Seeing How The Same Numbers Pop Up And Gives A Complex And Stuff Like That And They’re All These Little Surprises You Know And That’s Kind Of What Keeps Me Going If I Didn’t Get Any Of Those I Probably Put It Down But I’m Always Getting These Little Surprises All The Time And It’s Forced Me To Go Back And Learn How To Do Some Things But Whatever It Is I’m Learning How To Do What I Didn’t Remember How To Do And That Is Sticking This Time Because Because Now I Have A Reason So But Anyways I’m Loving What I’m Doing Right Now And I Appreciate You Having Me On The Show Yeah Me I’m Reading In The Comment Section Somebody Was Saying To Mute The Guy Who Called In That He Calls Him To A Lot Of Shows Just Trolling Couldn’t Tell I Couldn’t Tell When We Never Had Santos On He Was Up To Speed With Doses Work So I Don’t Know If He’s A Troll Or Not So I Didn’t Know I Just Wanted To Keep The Cut The Conversation On The Phone Useful For People You Know That Are Calling You Know That Are Listening And Everything And I I He Was Going Off On Some Weird Tangent I Just Had No Idea He Was Talking About So I Just I Had To Call Him Once That’s All Yeah Who Knows We Might We Might Never Find Out So Anyway Danny I Appreciate You Coming Off Finally To Hang Out With Me For A Little While Man Talk About A Catch Up Is Always Fun Maybe Brother Wayne To Do Another Video And You Bro Who Knows Right So Brother Wayne I Said Hi But Uh I Am Gonna Show Up In The Church But This Time I’m Stealing The Wafers And Wine That’s What’s That Brother All Right Man You Have A Good Night Bro Thanks For Hanging Out Alright Peace Peace Danny Wheldon Ladies And Gentlemen Like I Said The First Show That I Did Back I Think This 2012-2013 Danny Wilton Was My First Guess And We Went Into It About Orion Nebula Having Linked With All Of These Paintings The The Michelangelo Painting And They’re Just Like All My Research That I’ve Seen And One Of The Big Ones L&g White From The Seventh-day Adventists He Had This Open Vision Of Seeing These Angels Traveling Back And Forth To Orion From Orion Back And Forth To Earth Cities Angels Were Traveling Back And Forth From Heaven Earth Through Orion And Then Science Is Putting Out Some Stuff About The Orion Nebula Is Creating Stars And Things Are Coming Out Of The Orion Horse Head Nebula And Stuff Is Forming Out Of There And We Understand That Like A Lot Of Religions A Lot Of Texts Talk About Orion Being Where Everything Is Formed Where The Horse Where Is There Like The Seed Of All Creation That Everything Comes Out Of This This Stargate Or Something Like That Right Many Biblical Scholars Believe That The New Jerusalem Which Will Descend From Heaven Upon The Earth In The The Reign Of Christ Will Come Out Of Orion’s Nebula As Well And Then It Leads Me To An Experience I Had Where I Seen These Either Either Entities Or Starships Or Something These Huge Lights In The Sky Posing As Stars When I Seen Them And Notice That They Were Weren’t The Stars That They Were Posing As They Lit Up Really Bright And They Flew Into The Orion Nebula Into The Pretty Much Enter Or The Belt Of Orion It Was Awesome Blew My Mind They Were Just Sitting There Put Posing As Stars And Then They Lit Up And They Flew Into The Stargate So A Lot Of My Work A Lot Of My Research Is Is Formed Around Orion And Then I Think It’s Awesome I Think It’s Beautiful To Read The Scriptures And See That Orion’s Mentioned Throughout The Scriptures As Well Orion Is Mentioned Of In The In The Book Of Job Which Is Like The Oldest Book Of The Bible And It Talks About Orion It Talks About The Pleiades The Seven Sisters The Seven Stars That Talks About The Bear And When We Talk About The Seven Stars Which Is The Pleiades Or The Seven Sisters It Says As Well It Talks About In Revelation That Jesus Is The One Who Holds The Seven Stars In His Hand And So All Of This Stuff Starts To Make Sense And Everything Starts To Connect When We’re Talking About Astrology And Astronomy In The Bible And How It Has A Huge Significance And Even Where God Tells His People To Follow The The Signs In The Heavens And Jesus Says To Continue To Watch This Disguise And The Word Skies Is The Same Word As Heaven So All Of The Stuff Just Starts To Connect When We When We Do The Proper Research Whether We’re Reading It From A Christian Perspective Or You Know I’m Saying Although All The Other Holy Books Talk About This Stuff Man It’s Crazy It’s Old Like Jobe Is The Oldest Book In In The Scriptures And It’s Given Reference And Naming Orion Though Ryan’s Stargate It Is Deep Man So Anyway This Is The End Of The Show And I Just Want To Let You Guys Know That If You All Want To Join The Hangout That We’re Doing The First Patreon Hangout After This Episode Check Your Email And If You’re Not A Member Yet Go To Seeker Sign Up At Any Level And As Soon As You Sign Up I Will Send The Email Out Where You Guys Can Join The Chat And We Can Hang Out For A Little Bit Talk About Whatever You Guys Want To Talk About Just Hang Out Do Whatever You Guys Want So We’ll Be Available Here After The Show For About An Hour Or So So Head On Over To Patreon Comm Backslash Trustee Guy And Like I Said You Also Get Rewards And All [music] That Does It For This Episode Folks You Hear More Episodes Of The Truth Seeker Podcast Head Over To Eat Snickers Calm And If You’re Wanting To Support The Show And Get Rewards Go To Our Patreon Page At Forward Slash Truth Seeker

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