Breaking Down The Hidden And Cryptic Meanings Of Some Of My Song Lyrics
TruthSeekah Breaks Down is a new idea that I had where I go into details about the meanings behind some of my song lyrics.

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Gateway to the Seer Realm

Meditating with the sages and seers, Look inside there is nothing to fear
By the holy ghost drawing us near, Kundalini finding us here
Dwell in a realm that is so unseen, bound by the sound of the Seraphim,
We are the children of the elohim, comunicate through dreams, green light beings
We access what they cant see, just rationalize call it make believe
and I open my eyes in disbelief, and I see the signs but tell me what does it mean
Your words speak and my heart perceives, receiving insight when I’m deep in my dreams
My reality, its not what it seems, I signal E.T’s with my laser beams
Different choices, following voices, raised from the dead now your boys rejoicing
No more poison now I’m following stars, The root of religion which blasphemes God
Sittin in my posture, chillin with the Gnostics, we remain conscious
Staring at the starships, entities are harmless, building up my chi and the energy is harnessed
We were made flawless, prophetic psalmist, obedient to calling & ego is demolished
Standing the spirit and we’re walking in the promise, never look without, look within to find solace
And I’m, meditating with the sages and seers, look inside there is nothing to fear
By the holy ghost drawing us near, and kundalini finding us here

A little glimpse of something magical, a little taste of something divine
The feeling something intangible & some things they would blow your mind
My eyes close and mind opens I lose sight but gain focus

Exoskeleton shell of an alien, on the mother ship I fellowship with E.T. & Elliot
Hold your semen, walk in power, develop it. Cleanse your mind from the Succubus hold it in and stay celibate
Awaken from your slumber buy got sleep in your eyes, I may appear as a devil but I’. an angel in disguise
Love, Joy, Peace is what descends from the skies so don’t give in to the hype, don’t give in to the lies
I’m connected with all creation through the universal mind, See out thoughts unfold and then we touch the divine
Why must people die why must wars be fought, We are not the same we are worlds apart
I know that I can bring some change through my rhymes and art
when I talk I spark I feel the power depart, I’m seeing love come alive in the darkest hearts
So knuckle up and buckle we’re about to embark
We are so much more than just useless eaters, So much more than just mindless slaves
Power in our words, breathe the breath of life, See the dead come alive rise up out their graves
I see deities, deceiving thee, and I pray to my God I know the evil will cease
Make the demons run and make devils flee, see the strongholds break and chains release
By the holy ghost drawing us near, and Kundalini finding us here

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Whatis Up Ladies And Gentlemen You’re Now Tuned In To Another Exciting Episode Of Thetruthseekah Podcast. Today I’m Gonna Do Another Break It Down Episode Where I’m Gonna Break Down The Lyrics To My Song Gateway To The Seer Realm Which Is Off Of The Album 333. I Asked On Facebook Which Song Should I Do Next And It Was Really Between That One And Meditation So I’m Gonna Go Ahead And Do Gateway It’s A Really Good Song And Excited To Get Into It Revisit It For Myself And See If We Can Get Some Nuggets Out Of It As Well The Phone Lines Will Be Open I Will Take Calls After I Finished Doing The Lyrics So If You Guys Have Questions Or Comments Or Anything You Want To Say Hello Phone Lines Are Open The Number Is Streaming At The Top Of The Stream And It’s In The Description So Hit Me Up On That First Of All Before We Go Any Further I Gotta Say A Huge Thank You To Everybody Who Is Donating On Patreon So Patreon Is A Way Set Up Where You Guys Can Support My Work Support The Music Support The Podcast And All That Good Stuff To Help Me Make This Stuff Happen It Really Matters Right Now Because I’m Doing This Full-time This Is My First Week Of Doing Art Music Podcasting Graphic Work All Of These Things So I’m Able To Make A Little Bit Of Money From Everything And Try To Do It Full-time So Hey It Means So Much That You Guys Are Helping Me And My Family So Stepping Out In Faith And I’m Believing And You Guys Are Supporting You Guys Are Helping You Guys Are Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is So So Many Times People Go Through The Search Engines And Try To Find My Music For Free So People Assume That I’m Doing I’ve Been Doing Music For Full Time Or Something Like That Or I Get Paid A Lot Of Money Because I Guess The Work Is You Know I Think There’s A Level Of Professionalism There And People Think That I’m Full-time And They Think I’m Making All Kind Of Money Really Don’t Make Much Money Off Of The Music So Patreon Is The Perfect Way For You Guys To Help Fund What I’m Doing And And Help Me Make A Little Bit Of Money Off Of The Music Because People Just Download Torrents And Stuff Like That Nobody Buys Music Anymore So Everybody Who’s Already Supporting Thank You So Much And If You Want To Do That You Can Go To And When You Do You Sign Up At Any Level You’ll Get Access To My Entire Discography Which Is Like Ten Plus Albums You Get Access To Music That Is Not Released To The General Public Yet And We’re Gonna Do A Facebook Group Where It’s Just The Patrons Over There So Head On Over There And Do That At Any Amount It Would Mean The World And I Want To Give A Shout Out To Some Of The New Patrons Right Now This Month We Have So Far Bobby Light He’s A Patron Thanks So Much Welcome Aboard Asad Bashir Thank You So Much For Coming Aboard And Supporting And Eugene Hemmings Thank You Eugene For Your Generous Donation Man That You Did Way More Than You Needed To So Thank You So Much For Believing In The Work Believing In What We’re Doing Here And Supporting Us To Go Full-time To To Get The Information Out There To Bring You New Music And To Really Get Some Of The Guests On The Podcast That You’re Not Gonna Find Anywhere Else Well You Got You’re Gonna Find The Guest But It Just Something About The Questions That We Bring To The Table Here We’ve Had Some Really Good Interviews We’re Gonna Be Doing Some More Roundtable Discussions I Think Me And Dan Asked A Pen So You’re Gonna Do More That’s The The Highest-rated Interview That I’ve Done Yet If We On On Itunes And Everything Is The One With Me And Dan About Christian Mysticism Or The Past Path Of The Christian Mystic Really Good Episode So Much So Many Gems In There So Many Nuggets Of Truth And Wisdom Man I Go Back And Listen To It And I Just Let I Just Like The Words Speak Over Me And Wash Over Me So Definitely Check That One Out So Without Further Ado We’ll Go Ahead And Go Into Some Of These Lyrics And Okay Gateway To The Seer Realm So Much To Be Said I’m Just Gonna Go Ahead And Jump Into It All Right Meditating With The Sages And Seers Look Aside There Was Nothing To Fear By The Holy Ghost Drawing Us Near Kundalini Finding Us Here Right So Meditating With The Sages And Seers In Essentially When I Wrote That That Means When We Meditate When We Go Into The Spirit Realm And We Have Access Into That Holy Place That There Are Many Sages Who Have Gone Before Us So When We Do It We Can We Can See That Uh You Know Many Of The Patriarchs Of The Scriptures Who Are Seers Write The Word Prophet In The Bible Translates To Seer The Seers Of Yahweh Samuel Was Called A Seer And Many Of The Other Prophets Written Of In The Bible They Were Called Seers And The Word Seer Breaks Down To Stargazers Right So Gateway To The Seer Realm So Meditating With The Sages And Seers It’s Just An Embodiment Of When We Go Into This Sacred Place We Have We’re Basically Standing On The Backs Of Giants Like Everybody Who Was Who Was Gone Before Us Who Have Who Has Paved The Way For Where We Are Now Meditating With The Sages And Seers Looking Side There Was Nothing To Fear So Many And That Those Lyrics Mean So Much Because And I’ve Talked About It Several Times Is That In The Christian Community Where We Come From Many People Fear Meditation It Sounds It Sounds It Sounds Elementary For For Many Of You But Uh There’s People Who Believe That You’ll Be Demon-possessed If You If You Meditate That If You Go In Inside And You Empty Out Your Mind And Demons Will Come And Inhabit That That Empty Space Of Your Mind So People Believe That So That’s Why I Say Look Inside There’s Nothing To Fear By The Holy Ghost Drawing This Near So Many Times In Prayer And In Meditation It Is A Personal Encounter With The Presence Of The Holy Spirit That Prana Spirit Which Is Everywhere With Is Watching Over Us Which Is In Us And Around Us It’s In The Very Air That We Breathe Which Is The Holy Spirit Which Is Translated Breath The The Holy Means Separated Or Set Apart And Spirit Means Breath So The Separated Breath Which Is Which Is Which Is All Around Us And Just Focusing On The Breathing Just Like That You Can Actually When It Comes In You Can Feel The Holy Spirit Permeate Your Body Just Like That The Holy Ghost Drawing Us Near I Remember There Would Be Times Where I Would Spend In Prayer And And Just Reading The Scriptures And I Have Like Worship Music On Playing In The Background And I Would Just Be Called Away And To Enter Into Like Deeper Realms And I Remembered Years Ago Man It Was Just So Beautiful Like I Felt The Holy Spirit Wooing Me To Get Up And Just Begin To Dance With The Holy Spirit And I Just Began To Dance In My Living Room By Myself With The Music On Just Listening To Some Intimate Worship Music And I Can Feel The Holy Spirit Wrapping All Around My Body And Just Dancing With Me It Was The Most Joyous Ecstatic Feeling Ever It Was Amazing So By The Holy Ghost Drawing Us Near So With That Being Said Listen Because The Holy Ghost Is Drawing Us And In The Scriptures Talk About How God Just Goes Back And Forth Throughout The Earth Just Seeing Who He Can Get To Worship Him To See Houki Who He Can Get To Listen Because Everybody’s Too Busy Right We Got All This Stuff Going On So We Need To Set Time Aside To Let The Holy Ghost Draw Us Near And Draw Us Deeper Into His Presence And Revealed A Heart Of God To Us All That Goes On In Meditation And When We Speak Of Meditation I Meditate I Focus On The Holy Spirit My Ascended Master Is Jesus He’s The One Who Is My Teacher I’m A I’m A Devotee Of Christ And When I Go Into Those Realms This Is Who I Sup With Now Many Many Things Happen In Those Realms To The Great Cloud Of Witnesses Are There Before Us That Even Goes Back To Meditating With The Sages And Seers Is That We’re Being Looked Over By The Great Cloud Of Witnesses Mentioned Of In The Book Of Hebrews So It Gets Really Deep So By The Holy Ghost Drawing Us Near Kundalini Finding Us Here Now I’ve Mentioned Many Times That I Used The Word Kundalini And Even In Kundalini Yoga Which Which I’ve Done On Several Occasions Which Had A Powerful Experience Doing Yoga And And Focusing On The Prana Focusing On What They Call The Kundalini Fire Which Was Exactly To Me The Holy Spirit And Fire I Baptize You With The Holy Spirit And Fire And So I Would Go Into These Realms And Do The Yoga And Do The Positions And I’m I Feel The Whole Holy Spirit All Over My Body And It’s It’s An Amazing Exciting Experience And Then When You Go In And Do The Research And You And You Go Even Deeper You Find Out That The Holy Spirit And The Kundalini Is The Same Thing And Many People Hear That And They Don’t Want Nothing To Do With It Because It’s Just Foreign And It Seems So Different But The More Research You Do When You When You Test The Fruit Of It And I’ve Covered This Many Times And I’ll Continue To Cover It Doing Tests The Fruit Of It It’s The Same Fruit The Same Aesthetic Encounters The Holy Spirit Washes Over You Burns Out All The Wrong That You’ve Ever Done Through The Presence Of Jesus Kundalini The Same Thing The Kundalini Fire You Feel It Take Over Your Body That’s A Euphoria That Comes In And You’re Made New You Wash New And It Looks Exactly The Same And With That Being Said There’s A Huge Movement Of Christians Out There Who Want To Expose The Charismatic Christian Circles And They’re They’re More Of The Streamline Baptists And Other Just Streamline Denominations Who Really Don’t Get Into Any Spirituality At All Nothing There’s None At All Like The Book Of Acts Is Closed All That Stuff Is It’s Like A History Book It’s Not For Today That’s What They Believe So Even Even This Morning I Was Talking To The Vigilant Christian Many Of You Guys Know That I Was Supposed To Have Him On The Show Well He Hit Me Up This Morning And Talked About Wanting To Come On Not For An Interview Not To Pick His Brain Or To Hear His Story But He Wanted To Come On In Either Debate Me Or Really Debate Brandon Bara Because I Just Did A Second Podcast With Him He Wants To Debate Brandon Bar Throb About How His Practices Are Not Biblical And It’s Kundalini And Stuff Like That And There’s A Bunch Of Christian Dogma That Says That The Hope We See In Holy Spirit In The Christian Circles Is The Kundalini And They Say That’s A Bad Thing That It’s Not Good To Me It’s Beautiful I Love It And So There’s That People Call You Know They Think It’s Demonic They Think That These Bodily Manifestations The Holy Spirit Taken Over Your Body Filling You And You’re Crying In Tears You’re Being In Total Supernatural Encounter With God They Say It’s Demonic Kundalini And They Say It’s The Kundalini So Anyway We’re Gonna Get Into That I’ve Put I Don’t Wanna I Don’t Really Do Debates On Here With People That’s Not I Mean I Used To Do That Years Ago Then I Was Bitter And I Was Arguing And And My Mindset Was How Can I Win An Argument And How Can I Do Bunk You And I’m Studying On How To Debunk You And Your Faith And Your Religion I Don’t Want To Do That Anymore I Have A Lot Of Peace Where I Am Right Now And Just Instead Of Looking At Your Religion Looking At Your Face Looking At What You Believe In Trying To Dissect It To See What What Separates Us Have More Peace Now To Look At It And Say Okay What Can I Find That That Makes Us The Same How Will We The Same In This Oh We Both Speak In Tongues Okay We Both Do This We Both Believe In Prayer We Both Believe In Angels Or Whatever And Just Kind Of Seeing What Makes Us The Same There’s So Much More Peace In That Y’all Next Verse Or The Next Bar Dwell In A Realm That Is So Unseen Bound By The Sound Of The Serafim We Are The Children Of The Elohim Communicate The Dreams Green Light Beans All Right And Even If You Guys May Have Missed Translated There Because It Makes Sense So Many People At The End Of That Where They Say I Say I Say Green Light Beings Green Light Beings Which Are The Eloheem The They Come From The Green Light Right And This Is This Is Uh There’s A Lot Of Text In The Egyptian Of Circles About The Green Light And And Thoth And The Emeril Tablets And Coming From The Emerald Light So These Light Beings Which Look Like A Green Light And I’ve Seen Them I’ve Seen It Many Times In Meditation Be In My House It’s Meditating And Going Deep Into Those Realms And I Would Essentially Feel It Come Up And Stare At Me And You Can See The Silhouette And It’s Just It Looks Like A Green Alien Gray Maybe You Could Say That But That’s Like Glowing Like Radiating It’s Just A Humanoid Figure Right The Green Light Beings Dwell And So People Think I Say Green Like Beans Ve Ans I’m Not Saying Green Like Beans No Green Light Beans So We Dwell In The Realm That If Someone’s Seen Understanding That There’s Different Dimensions That Are Here That We Exist In This Dimension But Also In Other Dimensions We Exist In Heavenly Places That The Scriptures Say That We Are Sitting In Heavenly Places With Christ Jesus And This Is Where The Aspect Of Your Higher Self Comes From And It Gets Really Deep Guys But It’s Almost As If You Are Seated In Heaven Watching Yourself Have This Experience On Earth And You Can Connect And With That Aspect Of Yourself Which Has All The Answers Which Knows What You’re Supposed To Be Doing And You Have To Get Quiet And You Can Go Into Meditation And Access Those Realms And Access Your Higher Self Bound By The Sound Of The Sarafine We Are The Children Of The Elohim All Right The Children Of The Elohim Even That Let Me Break That Term Down Because We Did The Interview With Jordan Maxwell The Other Day And Jordan Maxwell Was Talking About How In Genesis That You Know The Heavens And The Earth So That Word Gods Is It’s Translated Eloheem And So The E Lo Or The El El Is Translated Basically To Yahweh But When You Put Him On It It’s Plural It Means More Than One In The Same Same Verse I Mentioned Serafim The Seraph Or Angels The Cherubs Are Angels The Ehlo Are Angels But When You Put Heme On It It Means Plural More Than One So The Scriptures Would Essentially Say In The Beginning The Gods Created The Heavens In The Earth So Since Lee Who The Lor Or Who The Elohim Are To Us Is The Angels The Angels Who Created Everything And God Spoke It They Went Out And Did It And There’s Many Of Them We See That In Genesis 6 Let Us Make It Says Let Us Go Down And Confound Their Speech Genesis This Us In Genesis Where These Council Of Of Beings Are Talking To Each Other About Mankind And That Gets Into Genesis Council Of The Elohim And We Did A Whole Show On That With Michael Heizer Michael Heizer Has A Really Good Breakdown On That But It’s Essentially In The Old Testament These Other Gods Existed Weather And Even The Word God It Really Gets Into A Lot Of Wordplay Because The Word God In The Bible So There’s Instances Where The Word God Is Used With A Little G And It’s Talking About Ghost The Spirit Of The Of The Deceased One And It Says Gods There’s Other Places Where The Word God Is Used And It’s Talking About A Demonic Entity There’s Other Places Where God Is Used And It’s Talking About Yahweh So You Really Have To Break Down The Context Of Where The Word Is Being Used How It’s Being Used And And Who They’re Talking To And A Lot Of Times You Can Go Into The Hebrew Lexicons And It’ll Actually Give You More Information About What About Who Who That Was Speaking To And Which Entity It Is And Like I Said It We Did A Show With With Michael Heizer Definitely Go Back And Listen To That One He Goes Way Over Your Head Really Fast But I Made Him Slow It Down And Put It In Layman’s Terms Where Anybody Can Understand So That’s A Really Good Episode We Are The Children Of The Elohim Communicate Through Dreams Green Light Beings So Communicate Through Dreams So Many Scriptures In The Holy Bible About God Or The Divine Speaking To You Through Dreams The Word Angel Simply Means Messenger These These Message These Angels Come And They Bring Messages Messages Even With That Word Right We Hear Angel We Think Of These Divine Beings Right Who Are Beings Of Light Who Traveled Back And Forth From Heaven Earth Who Are In Heaven With God We Think Of Michael I’m Saying Uh Raphael All Of These Angels Which Are Which Are Different Races And They They Bring Messages But In The New Testament The Scriptures Call Paul And Angel Which The Word Simply Translates To Messenger So Then Again We Have To See Who These Messengers Are What Is The Context Is This An Angelic Being Or Is This A Messenger Of God Just A Human Messenger Right So And There’s So Many So Many Scriptures About How God Speaks To Us When We Go Go To Sleep And We Go Into Those Realms And He Deals With Us Through Dreams And Through Visions And And Through Through Communication And That’s One Thing That I Believe That You Can’t Run Away From God Like You Have To Put Your Head On Your Pillow At Night And All The Dirt That You Did All The Times You Messed Over People That You’re Wrong People You Have To Deal With God In The Wee Hours Of The Morning So That’s Why The Scripture Says That That You Shouldn’t Let The Sun Go Down On Your Anger That You Got To Deal With That Stuff Because When You Go To Sleep You Got To Deal With It In Those Realms And You Give Access To Two Beings Into Angels To Come Around You By The Stuff That You Do During The Day We Access What They Can’t See They Just Rats In Our Last Call It Make-belief And I Open My Eyes In Disbelief And I See The Signs But Tell Me What Does It Mean We Access What They Can’t See Obviously The Unseen Realms That We As Seers And As Prophets And As Children Of God We Have The Ability To Go Into Those Realms To Move Stuff Around To Make Things Happen To Get Answers In To Commune With The Divine To Commune With Jesus With Angelic Beings All Of This Is Part Of What Happens In Those Realms They Just Rationalize And Call It Make-believe So Maybe Even Those Other Christian French French Circles They Make Fun Of This They Think It’s Fairy Tales We You Know There’s A Lot Of People Who They Just Make Fun Of It They Don’t Think That It Exists They Don’t Believe In In The Divine The Book Of Acts Is Close To Them Like I Said So They Just Rationalize And Call It Make-believe And We’ve Been Made Fun Of On Many Occasions About Christ Consciousness About Aliens Ets Ufos From The Christian Community Here They Think We You Know They Use It As A Joke Because They Haven’t Encountered Those Realms And I And So I You Know There’s Really I Really Don’t Blame Them Because They Haven’t Encountered It So I Mean It Does Seem You Know Kind Of Far-fetched Unless You’ve Encountered It Unless You’ve Been In Those Realms But Most People Who Listen To The Work That We Put Out And And And Listen To The Music You Guys Have Encountered It And Many Of You Have Encountered It By Listening To The Music That’s What Makes It So Beautiful There’s The Music The Info The Revelation That Comes Through In Kabbalah Is Called Lights So The Info Is Light And You’re Dealing With Light And Things Happen In Those Places Man It’s Beautiful And I Open My Eyes In Disbelief And I See The Science But Tell Me What Does It Mean So Basically In The Realms Getting The Info Info And Then You Wake Up And You’re Trying To See How Do I Break This Down How Do I Make Sense Of It All Because I’m Telling You Like A Lot Of Times We Get So Much Info In Those Realms Right In The Stages Of Rem Sleep Right Before We Go To Sleep And We Can Feel There’s Just All This Stuff If You’re Conscious Of It There’s All Types Of Info That Comes Through And To Try To Grab Grab It And Write It Down And Hold On To It It’s Slippery What Goes On In Those Realms Is Real Slippery So It’s You Kind Of Have To Do The Work It’s Not Like Something Easy It Is A Process We Have To Learn How To Do It So I See The Sounds But Tell Me What Does It Mean Your Word Speak And My Heart Perceives Receiving Insight When I’m Deep In My Dream Essentially You Know The Heart Of God Speaks Speaks To Me And I Perceive It With My Heart Receiving Insight When I’m Deep In My Dreams My Reality Is Not What It Seems I Signal Et’s With My Laser Beams Right All Right So My Reality Is Not What It Seems That Should Be Self-explanatory These Other Realms That We Go Into They’re Hard To To Make Sense They’re Hard To Explain Paul Talks About Taking Trips Back And Forth To Heaven And Not Even Knowing It So It Was So Real To Paul That He Didn’t Even Know If He Took His Body With Him Or Not He Didn’t Know That If He Literally Teleported And Went To Heaven And In And Journeyed The Astral Realms Or If His Spirit Left His Body And In Journey Of Those Places So Paul Even Talks About That In The Book Of Romans I Believe It’s Romans 7 See The 7 Or 7 Or 12 Always Get Those Two Mixed Up My Reality It’s Not What It Seems I Signal Et Is Where My Laser Beams So Essentially And That’s Just Almost Like Just Giving Homage To Like Watching A Lot Of The Work Of James Gilliland Steven Greer These Guys Would Go Out And Do Something Called The Ce-5 Initiative And I’ve Got A New Song Coming Out It’s On Patreon Right Now Where I’ll Go Into Detail About A Ce-5 Encounter Ce-5 Is The Close Encounters Of The Fifth Kind So That’s A New One That A Phrase That’s Been Coined A Term To Where First Kind It’s Like You See A Ufo Second Kind Is You Know They Make Contact With You And In The Third Cons When You Get A Abducted And I Think That’s The Fourth Kind You Get Abducted But Then The Ce-5 Close Encounters Of The Fifth Kind It’s Not Where They Contact You But The Fifth Kind Is Where You Contact Them And So Essentially James Gilliland And Those Guys They Do To See E5s And They Go Out In Fields And They Have Night-vision Goggles And They Have Laser Beams And You Can Get Them To Get You A Nice One They’re Actually Called Wicked Lasers As A Company And They Shoot Out Like A Hundred Miles In Space And So You Can Get This Lasers You Can Shoot Them In Space And And And That They’re Shooting Them At Lights That Are Outside Of The Earth’s Atmosphere And I’m Trying To Make Contact And These Lights Are Blinking Back At Them And They’re They’re Coming Down To Make Contact And They Use Laser Beams And So We’ve Done It As Well We’ve There Was Tom’s Like Early On Where We Would Take Groups Of People Out And Just Go Out And We’d Have Laser Beams And We Lay In The Field And We Would See If We Can See Anything We Try To Make Contact And Which Shoot Signals Up With Laser Beams And We See Stuff We We Make Contact We’d See Ships We See Light Ships We See Beings Flying Back And Forth Throughout The Earth’s Atmosphere Stuff That Will Blow Your Mind So This Is The Stuff That Really Happens So Just Even With That One You Know There’s Just So Much Info That Goes There And It Just It Just For Me It’s Almost As A Monument I Can Go Back To And Kind Of Kind Of Relive Those Early Experiences When I When I Read The Lyrics And Just Remember Going Out There Years Ago Early On Man I Wanted To I Wanted To Know That It Was Real And We’d Go Out There We’d Make Contact Different Choices Following Voices Some Raise From The Dead In That Your Boys Rejoice In A Normal Poison Nama Follow In The Stars The Root Of Religion Which Blasphemes God I’m So Different Choices I’m Following The Voices So Jesus Talks About That My Sheep Know My Voice And A Strangers Voice They Will Not Follow So We Have To Be Able To Discern What Voices Are Out There What Voices Are Trying To Make Contact With Us When You Go Into The Astral Realms Or Even In Even This All Ties Into Religion Didn’t You Know I’m Saying Dealing With Religion Is That We Got To Be Able To Discern The Voices And Somebody’s In Intentions And You Can Do That You If Those Of You Who Have The Gift Of Discernment You Can Discern The Intentions Of Others You Can You Can Discern The And The Intentions Of Music Like You Can You Whenever They Wrote Music You Can Feel A Vibration Off Of It And You Can Sense It Not Everybody Can But That Is A Spiritual Gifting In The Bible Called The Shifting Of Discernment Raised From The Dead And Now Your Boys Rejoicing So It Was Essentially Given A Second Chance My Born-again Experience No More Poison Naamam Following The Stars So When I Say No More Poison Here I’m Talking About Religion I’m Not And When I Talk About Following The Stars I’m Talking About Getting Back To The Ancient Path Of What The Sages And Seers Did What The Prophets Of God Did They Followed The Stars We Look At The First People Who Showed Up At The Birth Of Christ Who Was It Was It The Biblical Scholars No It Was The Magi You And What Were They Doing Following The Stars They Read The Story Of Christ That Was Written Of In The Stars They Read It And If They Followed That Story To The Place Of His Birth The First People That That That Showed Up Was The Magi The Magicians The Stargazers They Were The First Person First People To Show Up At The Birth Of Christ No More No More Poison I Will Follow When The Stars To Ancient Religion Ancient Paths And Even In The Book Of Jeremiah God Says Return To The Ancient Paths The Route Of Which The Route Of Religion Which Blasphemes God Sitting In My Posture Chilling With The Gnostics We Remain Conscious And This I Think Most Of This Is Our Pretty Self Explanitory Sitting In My Pasta Chilling With The Gnostics We Remain Conscious Staring At The Starships Starships Light Ships Entities Are Harmless Right Building Up Mighty And The Energy Is Harnessed Chi Is Another Word For The Holy Spirit Another Word For Prana Another Word For Kundalini Right He Says Different Schools Of Thought Different You Know Christian You Have The Hindu You Have The Egyptian And They Are They All Call This Same Life Force They Call The Different Things The Native Americans We Talk About The Great Spirit And They Also Have Another Word Not Just For The Great Spirit Of God But For The Energy That Just Flows Throughout All Creation Manna That’s Right That’s Another Word Mana Or Mana I Think That’s How You Say Mana And Um What Is It Um Hawaiian Hawaiian Culture I Did A Song For A Buddy Of Mine He Wanted Me To He Wanted Me To Use That Because He’s From Hawaii Mana Guided By The Mana Is Without What I Said So Um Building The Machiya And Energy Is Harness We Were Made Flawless Prophetic Psalmist Obedient To Calling In Ego Was Demolished We Were Made Flawless Were Created In The Image And Likeness Of God And We Are Beautiful Because He Is Beautiful And Were Made In His Image Prophetic Psalmist Prophetic Means Of Pretty Much Of The Future Or Those Who Are Able To Go Into The Realms Or In Into The Prophetic Realms Move Things Around So A Prophetic Psalmist The Psalmist Is One Who Sings Songs But On Top Of That Is One Who Is Anointed By God To Go Into Those Realms And Things Happen When They Play Music Man There’s I Can I Can Tell You There’s A A Group Called Shane And Shane When They Begin To Play The String Instruments Much Like David The Anointing Of God Would Flow And That Was Their Calling And And Stuff What Happened Just When They Begin To Play The Guitar Or The Harp Or Stringed Instrument You Can Feel The Energy Transmuted Or Translated Through The Music Just When They Play Not Even Opened Up Their Voices When They Open Up Their Voices It’s Something Totally Different And Even A Psalmist Who They Speak Out Prophecies Prophetic Psalmist I Know People Who Can Play The Piano And They Sing Prophecies Over People So We We Did Up We Did A Healing Session Me And Sanne Where She Was Was Singing Healing Singing Freedom Over People And As She Would Sing They Would Feel The Chains Break They Would Feel The Burdens Lift As She Sang Or Beating It The Calling In Ego Was Demolished So The The Ego Is Essentially I Would Say Essentially Our Enemy But It’s Used In A Good Way To Teach Us About Overcoming And Teach Us Teaching Us About Ourselves And Those Things That We Need To Overcome And Another Word In In The Christian Community For Ego Is The Flesh We Call It The Flesh In The Bible Is Called The Flesh But In Other Circles They Call It The Ego So So It Talks About The Flesh And The Spirit Or At War One With Another Standing In The Spirit And We’re Walking In The Promise Never Look Without Live Within To Find Solace Essentially Talked About The Ego Is Demolish So We’re Standing In The Spirit Walking In The Promise Walking In The Promises Of God Walking In Our Destiny Never Look Without Look Within To Find Solace The Scriptures Say That The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Within You That You Don’t Need Nothing On The Outside You Don’t Need Nothing That Anyone Is Selling You Everything Is Within He Has Given You Everything According To To His Good Imperfect Will So Everything Is Within So Many So Many People Are Selling Selling Stuff And You Got To Be A You Got To Be This And You Got To Be That But Everything That You Need Is Within And That’s What’s So Beautiful About The Kingdom Of Heaven And The Kingdom Being Within You Is That We Don’t Need Anything Outside Of Ourselves Who’ve Seen Many Times Even In The Scriptures Where Paul And Silas Were Thrown In Jail They Were Thrown In Prison And They Just Began To Worship God They Didn’t Need Nothing On The Outside They’re In Prison They Have Nothing They’re In Chains But Within Them What’s The Kingdom Of Heaven And They Begin To Worship God And And The Very Foundations Of That Jail Begin To Shake And They Were That Their Chains Broke Just Going Within Speaking To The Creator Lifting Him Up No Matter What The Situation No Matter What The Circumstance Was That’s The Power Of The Kingdom That’s The Power That You Have Within You To Break The Chains Standing In The Spirit And We’re Walking In The Promise I Never Live Without Little Bit In The Physalis Look Within The Physalis In Your Piece I’m Meditating With The Sages And Serious Look Aside There Was Nothing To Fear By The Holy Ghost Drawing This Near Kundalini Finding Us Here Right A Little Glimpse Of Something Okay So Here’s The Course And I Want To Set Up Where I Wrote This At I Wrote The Course When We Were On Vacation In The Mountains Of North Carolina And We Were Way Up In The Mountains And I Was Just Walking It Was Freezing Cold I Was Just Walking Out At Night By Myself And Stargazing On Top Of A Mountain And Was Just Moved By The Spirit And Just How How Beautiful God Is How Beautiful The Stars Are All Of Creation And As I Was Just Stargazing These Lyrics Came To Me And I Said A Little Glimpse Of Something Magical A Little Taste Of Something Divine The Feeling Of Something Intangible And Some Things That Will Blow Your Mind My Eyes Closed And My Mind Opens I Lose Sight But I Gain Focus My Eyes Closed My Mind Opens I Lose Sight But I Gain Focus Eyes Closed Going Into Meditation So We Close Our Eyes We Close Off What We Can See With Our Sight And With Our Eyes We Close Our Eyes But We We Get A New Site Within We’re Able To See Into The Spirit And See Things As Though They Are So My Eyes Closed But My Mind Opens I Lose Sight But I Gain Focused Right So That’s What Those Lyrics Meant To Me So This Next Part On The Second Verse Comes From A Song That We Did A Couple Years Ago Entitled Spiritual Awakening Or Spirit Awakening And It Was On Spiritual Alchemy And This Was Featuring Alexander The Great And A Couple Other Guys That He Works With Out Of Out Of California Anyway It Was A Beautiful Song I Wrote The Hook On That Song The Hook Was So So Dope Man They Wanted Me To Get On The Hook So I Did The Hook For Their Version They Let Me Do A Version Where I Added A Quarter At The End And Recorded It Put It On My Album Well The Beat Maker Was A Guy Named Amos The Ancient Prophet Makes A Lot Of Beats For Many Of Us In The Spiritual Community He Makes Beats For The Lost Children Of Babylon He Made He Made To Be For Comerica Well He Sampled Some Monks On Another Song That He Found From Another Group Of Some German Gothic Group Or Something But They Had A Song With These Monks Chanting Where He Took The Chanting Changed The Pitch Change The Tempo And Put A Beat Behind It And It Was Awesome Awesome Song And Well Come To Find Out Once I Put My Album Out Several Months Into It You Know I Had A Copyright Dispute Come Up Saying That It Was The Property Of Arcane Music Group Which Was The Group Out Of Germany And They Disputed It And I Guess They Contacted Itunes And My Company Which Is Uh That I’m Hosted With Which Is Cd Baby The Contacted Them And Said That They Owned It And They They Pulled My Entire Album And I Tried To Go Back And Forth With Them To See If We Can You Know Get Our Rights Tuned To Use The Sample Or Whatever The Case Is I Didn’t Know Where He Got It From I Didn’t Know I Thought It Was Original But He Sampled It So Anyway They Pulled It And They Wouldn’t Let Me Use It They Gave Me A Cease And Desist And Made Me Pull The Song Off The Album And They Pulled It Off At Youtube And They They Did Their Research And They Went Everywhere They Could Find That Song And They Pulled It Saying It Was Copyrighted And Stuff And Just Because I Had That In There But That Verse That I Put Even The Chorus Man I Need To Use The Course For Something Else Really But Um The The Verse I Wanted To Use The Verse So I’ll Put The Verse On This Song So Many People Heard This And They’re Like I Think I Heard That Before I Heard I’ve Heard You Talk About This Cuz It’s Kind Of Kind Of Stands Out So Second Verse Exoskeleton Shell Of An Alien On The Mothership A Fellowship With Eating Elliott Arm Exoskeleton Shell Of An Alien On The Mothership A Fellowship With Eating Elliott And I Thought That Just Sounded Cool It’s Something Talking About Aliens Talking About Et Right And So I Put That In There There’s Nothing Really Deep About It But The Second Part Hold You See Men Walking Power Develop But Cleanse Your Mouth From The Succubus So They Didn’t Stay Celibate A Lot To That Right Hold You See Men Walking Power Develop It Many Many Fighters The Must That They’re Supposed To Fight A Big Fight They Won’t Have Sex They Won’t Masturbate They Won’t They Hold Their Semen Because That’s The That’s Their Power And A Lot Of Tantric Practices A Lot Of Even Masonic Rites They Practice Sexual Magic Insert It And What They Do Is They They Either Have Sex So They They Masturbate But They Get To Write To That Place Where They’re Supposed To Ejaculate And They Cut It Off And They Hold That Power And Suppose Supposedly That’s What Gives Them The Energy And You Can You Can Focus In On That Energy I’m Not An Expert On Sex Magic Or Tantric Sex But That’s A Big Part Of It And Even It Makes Sense In The Scriptures Where Jesus Talks About Whenever You Fast That You Should Fast From Sex As Well So Say If You’re Fasting And You You Don’t Have A Lot Of Energy Anyway From Fasting You’re Not Eating Food You’re Not Drinking Water Whatever The Case Is And Then You Use All Of That Energy And Sex Or Masturbation For Some Of You People You Take All That Energy And You Release It Out Of Your Body And You Know You’re Tired After After You Have That You Know You’re Tired It Takes Everything Out Of You So They Said When You’re Fasting – We’re Staying From From Sex And Even To Have You Know That Cut That Off So Hold Your Semen Walk In Power Develop It Cleans Your Mouth From The Succubus Hold The Dentist Stay Celibate Who Is The Succubus What Is The Succubus Understand The Succubus You Got To Understand The Incubus So The Incubus Is A Ban Right We All Know The Band Incubus A Great Band Love That Band Where Did They Get Their Name From The Incubus And Succubus Is Mentioned In The Testament Of Solomon Not The Song Of Solomon Not The Books Of Solomon But The Testament Of Solomon And Even In The Apocrypha There’s Some There’s Some Solomonic Texts There There’s Magical Rites Of Solomon Not That But It’s To Test Them Of Solomon And This Is Something This Is A Must-read For Anybody Wanting To Understand The Spirit Realm The Testament Of Solomon Because Excuse Me It Goes Into Detail About The Incubus And About The Succubus These Are Spirits That Present Themselves On Men And Women In The Midst Of The Night They Come Upon Upon Them And They They You Know They Mess With You And This Is Where We Get The Term Having A Wet Dream From Is When The Incubus Of Succubus Gets On A Man Or A Woman So The Succubus Would Get On A Man The Incubus Will Get On A Woman And They Make Them Ejaculate And They Touch Them In The Nights And Stuff And Even In Ancient Art There’s A Lot Of Art Of Demons Laying On On These Women And You Know Messing With Them Sexually Or Being On Men And People Talk About Waking Up In The Middle Of The Night And Being Pinned Down To Their Bed And In Many Of These Cases It Could Be The Incubus Or Succubus But Essentially In The Testament Of Solomon That Goes Into A Little Bit Of Detail About That So Solomon Has This Ring From Michael God Gives Michael The Ring To Bring To Solomon And It Gives Him Authority And Power Over All Of These Demons And Solomon Big Was Basically The Wisest Man Who Ever Lived And What He Did With The Ring Is He Brought All These Demons Before Him And He Spirits Before Him And He Asked Them What Sign Are They Under What Planet Are They Under What Angels Bind Them And What They Do And So We Have The Incubus And Succubus Who Were There And There’s Many Other Spirits That Are Death Dumb And Blind Spirits That Presented Themselves And They Essentially Tell You How To Bind These Spirits Up I’m Bound Under You Know So-and-so Planetary Alignment And These Angels Are The Angels Who Have Authority Over Me To Bind Me And So Solomon Was Trained In All Of This Stuff Jesus Gives Mention Of It In Matthew 12 Where He’s They’re Talking About How Jesus Is Casting Out Demons By The Order Of Beelzebub The Testament Of Solomon Explains Who Beelzebub Is It’s He’s Only Mentioned One Time In The Bible Many Christian Say That It’s Satan It’s Not Satan Beelzebub Is The Prince Of Demons He Is Something Totally Separate From What We Call Satan So That’s Mention Of In The Testament Of Solomon As Well Jesus Gives Reference To It He Tells You He Says Look Y’all Talking About Casting Out Demons And You Calling Me A You Know A Devil And Saying That I Only Cassimy By The Order Of Beelzebub But He Knew That They Knew About Solomon About The Testament Of Solomon Solomon All These Books Were Known By Them I Mean And This Pretty Much Seals It For Me But Jesus Said There’s One Greater Than Solomon Standing Before You Now And So He Says How Can Satan Cast Out Satan Unless He Fucked You Know Unless You Know Can A Kingdom Divided Against Itself Stand No He’s Not Gonna Bust Up His Own Kingdom So Trust Me Read That Testament Of Solomon Hold You See Men Walking Power Develop It Cleans Your Mouth And The Succubus Oh Didn’t Stay Celibate Awaken From The Slumber But I Sleep In Your Eyes I May Appear But The Devil But I’m An Angel In Disguise All Right Simply Put Awaking From Your Slumber But Got Sleep In Your Eyes I Think It’s Uh I Think It’s Romans 13 13 I Think It Is Or Time For Us To Waken Out Of Our Sleep I May Appear With The Devil But I’m An Angel In Disguise So Many In The Christian Community You Know I’m Saying Coming Out Of That Stuff They Would See The Things I’m Involved In The Philosophers Who Follow My Quote Manley P Hall Michael To Syrian Maybe Some Of Jordan Maxwell At The Time I Think My Favorite Max Was Changing Every Day But Um Especially Since The Last Two Interviews I’ve Had With Them I May Appear Was In A Devil But I’m An Angel In Disguise So Many People You Know Even This Hat This I’ve Christian To See The Hats All You Got To All-seeing Eye And It’s It’s Demonic And All This Stuff Or Even Like I’ve Got A Esoteric Tattoos I Don’t Know If You Guys Can See In The Video But I Got The All-seeing Eye At The Very Top Of My Arm So Which Is A Beautiful Symbol But People See That And They Think Illuminati They Think Freemasons And Stuff Like That But Uh You Know All Of This This Imagery And Symbolism Get Called The Devil Worshipers Essentially That’s What They Were Calling Me But I May Appear With The Devil But I’m An Angel In Disguise So I’ve Been Able To Go Into Realms That People Would Never Hear About Jesus They Would Never Hear About The Things Of God And They’re Learning Precepts Out Of The Scriptures That Can Help Them That Can Change Their Life They’re Learning To Grow In Intimacy With The Father And Learning Who They Are To Walk In Christ Consciousness So I May Appear As A Devil To You Church Folks But I’m An Angel In Disguise I’m Essentially A Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing And It’s Working It’s Damn Sure Working Lovejoy Pieces What Descends From The Skies There We Go It’s Just Taking A Little Shot At The You Know Aliens Or Demons In The Christian Community They Say Aliens Are Demons So I Say Love Joy And Peace Was What Descends From The Skies So Don’t Give In To The Hype Don’t Give In To The Lies I’m Connected With All Creation To The Universal Mind If Those Of You Watching On Video Can See The Symbol On My Arm Which Is The Flower Of Life Which Is The Circles Where They’re All Connecting They’re All In One Another Touching In Agreement They Are All One So That’s Essentially What We Are We Are All The Same But With The Description Talk About The Body Of Christ And For Us To Really Understand What The Body Of Christ Is We Got To Understand That We Are All Connected And We All Have A Different Part To Play In That Body In Different Roles Different Things That We’re Good At It Different Things That We’re Anointed To Do I’m Connected With All Creation Through The Universal Mind I’ve Talked About The Universal Mind Man It’s Like We Talk About The Internet And Facebook And Stuff And We’re All Connected Through Facebook I Mean There’s People I Remember When When I Was Really Getting Into Facebook And All This Stuff I Would There Was Interviews Even The Santos Bonacci Interview That I Did Where I Didn’t I Didn’t Like Technology Man Facebook Was Like A Mimic Of What Something That Already Exists And So Facebook Essentially We’re All Connected Through Facebook And Through The Internet But It’s It’s It’s Mimicking The Universe Sumon We’re All Connected Anyway Those Of You Who Are Able To See Into The Spirit You Can Walk Into A Room And Somebody Is Grieving Somebody’s Got Some Stuff That They’re Dealing With And They’re In Their Spirit Some Stuff They’re Dealing With Heartache You Walk Into The Room You Can Feel It Instantly Bing Oh Wow Who Is That And You Know Who It Was And There You Can Minister Healing And Freedom To Them I’ve Done It Done It On Many Occasions You Can Feel It’s Like Sometimes Like Somebody Punches You In The Chest No Matter What They’re Going Through You Can Feel It’s The Transfer Of Spirits You Can Feel That We Are All Connected So I Would I Would Usually Go In On Facebook And Stuff Because It’s Like A Mockery Like It’s It’s It’s Like A False Sense Of Being Connected And Many Of Us You Know Don’t Even Hang Out Anymore Or We Don’t You Know We Don’t Have The Need To Be Sociable Anymore Because We’re We Have Our Social Media And That Adrenal System That That It Gets Taken Care Of There Because We Feel Like We’re Caught Up On Everything Will Read Our Facebook News Stream Newsfeed And We’ll Know What Our Friends Are Going Through We’ll See They’re Having A Birthday We’ll Look At Their Birthday Pictures Will Like Them But We Won’t Go To The We Won’t Go To The Birthday Party But It Does This Weird Thing That We Feel Like We Were There Because We Know Who All Showed Up We Know Some Of The Jokes They’re Commenting So And We See Them In Public And We’ll Talk About Their Birthday Oh Yeah Man I’ve Seen The Party Man I’ve Seen Who I Was There Yeah How’s He Doing You Know And We And So It Takes Up This Sense Of Being Sociable Anymore We’d Be In In Like In Public With People Sitting On A Bench And Everybody’s Looking At The Phone Everybody’s Connected With Somebody Else And We You Know We Kind Of Forfeit You Know What What Those People Who Were There With Us And What We Can Make From Those Situations So I Just Encourage People To Kind Of You Know Get Back To That Man Put The Phones Down Every Now And Then I Know It’s A Part Of Our Lives I’m Not Hating On It Anymore But Essentially We Utilize It To Disciple The Nation’s We Do You Utilize It To Stay Connected And We’re On It A Lot And We’re Definitely You Know Trying To Make The Best Of It But Even Me Man Like I Can I Could Sit In This Room And Just Work And Study And Do And Do What I Do And Not Leave And I Can Take Up My Social Experiences Online And Feel Connected But You I Have To Make Myself Be Social I Have To Make Myself Get Up With Friends And Go Visit And You Know Go Out To Eat Or Something Like That So Yeah That’s Just Where We Are Man You Got To Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself I’m Connected With Our Creation Through The Universal Mind See Our Thoughts Unfolding Did We Touch The Divine I Thought Some Folding Did We Touch The Divine So With Our Mind With Our Brain With Our Imagination We’re Able To See Into The Spirit We’re Able To Communicate With The Realms Unseen With God With Angels All Of The Stuff When We Talk About Aliens We Talk About Angels They Cook They Communicate The Most Part For The Most Part Telepathically They Communicate Telepathically Right While Most People Die While Most Wars Before We Are Not The Same We Are Worlds Apart I Know That That Could Bring Some Change To My Roms And Also When I Talk A Spark I Feel The Power Depart All Right Some Of That’s Basic Why Most People Die While Most Wars Before We Are Not The Same We Are Worlds Apart And Looking At You Know Us In You I’m Saying The Wicked We Look At Like Donald Trump Or People Who Are In High Places Of Government We’re Worlds Apart They’re Not The Same They Have No Idea What We’re Talking About In Many Of These Cases We Don’t Have Much In Common When It Comes To A Lot Of This Stuff But I Know That I Can Bring Bring Some Change Do My Rhymes In Art When I Talk I Sparked I Feel The Power Depart When We Talk Like I Said Earlier We’re Dealing With Light We’re Dealing With Qabalah The Information That Comes Through Is Light Light Language You Guys Heard That Term Before Right A Little Bug Messing With Me Or When I Talk A Spark I Feel The Power Depart And You Can Feel It You Know What You’re Doing And Have The Intentions Behind It To Know That You’re Sending Out The Intentions And You’re Sending Out The Energy When You’re Talking When You’re Speaking Over People I’m Seeing Love Come Alive In The Darkest Heart So Knuckle Up And Buckle Up We’re About To Embark We Are So Much More Than Just Useless Eaters That’s The Word That The Elite Used For The Lay People Useless Eaters Who Were Just Taking Up Resources And When You Get Into I Don’t Try To Get Into Too Much Of This Oh I Know Some Of You Guys Do You Get Into The Georgia Guidestones And Things Like That Or We’re Overpopulated I Don’t Really Get Into Too Many Conspiracy Theories Anymore But That Is A Term That’s Used Useless Eaters That’s Who We Are That’s What They Say We Are That’s How They View Us We Are So Much More Than Just Useless Eaters So Much More Than Just Mindless Slaves Here We Go Power In Our Words Breeze The Breath Of Life See The Dead Come Alive And Rise About Their Graves When We Talk We The Bible Says That We Have The Power Of Life And Death In Our Tongues To Speak Life Over Situations Over Circumstances Over People We Have The Power To Speak Over Them I’m Sitting Here Trying To Watch The Chat A Little Bit And I See Some Some Brothers And Sisters In There And Call Rawson A Really Good Friend Of Mine He’s There’s Been Towns Where We’re Just Going Through It He’s Called Me Up And Said Hey Man I Need Help And This Is What’s Happening I Need Prayer It Will Speak The Words Of Life Over Him And His Situation Will Change Like That By Speaking The Words And Believing It I’ve Seen It Happen On Many Occasions Power In Our Words Breathed The Breath Of Life So The Same Breath That Is In Us Right Now Is The Same Breath That Was In Here That Was Here Since The Beginning Jesus Breathed Upon His Disciples They Received The Holy Spirit The Word Spirit Is Breath Is Numa And We Have The Breath Of Life Within Us That Animates All Creation Is The Breath It’s Here This Is Here That The Same Word The Same Voice The Same Breath That God Spoke Everything Into Existence The Words The Logos The Lowest Is Is The Now Word The Rhema Word We Have That Ability To Speak To Those Things That Are Not As Though They Were And That’s The Definition Of Faith Hebrews 11 I See Deities Deceiving D And I Pray To My God I Know The Evil Will Cease Make The Demons Run And Make The Devils Flee See The Strongholds Breaking The Chains Release And That’s That’s Pretty Self-explanatory I See Deities Deceiving Dean Being Able To See In The Spirit And See When People Are In Bondage And They Can’t Seem To Get Over Some Of These Sins That They Just Keep Committing Over And Over And Over Even The Little Things That Were So Easy For You For Other People May Seem A Little Bit Harder Take Them A Little Bit More Time So We Have To Show Them A Little Bit More Grace And I Pray To My God I Know The Evil Will Cease Make The Demons Run And Make The Devils Flee See The Strongholds Breaking A Change Release Back Into The Course And So That’s The End Of The Song Gateway To The Seer Realm It’s One Of My Favorite Ones Man I Got To Do A Video For This Song Because Before I Move On To All These New Songs And Trying To Shoot Videos For Them I Definitely Got To Do A Video For This Because This Is One Of My Favorites By Far But I Want To Get Into The Sample A Little Bit So There’s The Samples I Used A Lot Of Movie Samples I Use A Lot Of Preachers That Use A Lot Of People Who Are Just Doing Lectures And I In And I Think That’s Even Where I Got The The The Name Of The Song From Was From A Guy Named Ian Clayton Who Is A Preacher But He Gets Into A Lot Of Weird Esoteric Heavenly Realms And He Draws Diagrams Of The Heavenly Realms And He’s Got He’s Got A Lot Of Good Stuff He’s Got A Lot Of Truth So I Found An Interview With Him And I Sampled It I Thought It Was Good He Was Talking About The Angels And Angelic Realms And I Used It A Sample Of His Work It Wasn’t Even His Interview But Says Interview Somebody Else Did But Recently I Had A Facebook Friend Who Was Booking Ian Clayton Down For A For A Lecture For A Church Service Or Whatever And I Sent Her The Song As Hey Can You Make Sure Ian Clayton Hears This Song Like I Want Him To Hear You Know The The Art And It Creates Everything And I Used What He Was Saying In It And She Said Okay I’ll Do It And And She Let Ian Clayton Here And He Got Upset He Was Mad That I Used His Vocals And I Guess He Wanted To Know How He Can Get Paid Off Of Me Using His Voice And I’m Not Making Much Money Off Of This Anyway So You Know He Said He Got Upset And Here’s My Thing Here’s A Big Reason What You Don’t See Me In Many Church Circles Building With Too Many Church People Anymore They Are Very Possessive When It Comes To Their Platform They Feel Like They Have To Defend It That There Can’t Be Any Beliefs Associated With Their Platform That Would Maybe Teach Or Preach Otherwise As Far As Doctrine Is Concerned And Things Like That They’re They’re Really A Member Of Doing Gospel Rap Years Ago When We Had A Lot Of Friends Man We Did A Lot Of Stuff Up Me Watch Me And Paper Boy Boy Gospel Taught Cross Man Goodwill So Many People We Had A Big Community Of Christian Rappers And Stuff And So We Were On Like The Spiritual Tip Even In Christianity But Some Of My Friends Got Into This Place In The Baptist Circles Called Reformed Theology So Some Of Our Favorite Christian Rappers At The Time Lecrae And Flame And Those Guys They Were Really Big Into Reformed Theology And All That It’s About Regeneration And Like I Said There’s No Spirituality To It You Know Like The Book Of Acts Is Closed The Bible’s Done It Is What It Is You Read It As A History Book And That’s It So I Don’t Believe That At All You Know I Think The Books Of The The Giftings And Abilities And The Spirituality Is Still For Today It’s Obvious We Believe It We Receive It And The Scriptures Say That These Signs Shall Follow Them That Believe And They Are It’s Working It’s Happening So When People Get Into Like The Reformed Theology And Stuff Our Friends Date They Parted Ways With The State They Didn’t Want To Do Concerts With Us Anymore Because People Would See Us And Think That They Cosign Our Beliefs Of Spirituality Of Speaking In Tongues Of You Know Praying In The Spirit In A Selling Out In The Holy Spirit And Things Like That So They Were Distancing Themselves From That So They Wanted To Distance Themselves From Us And So And I’ve Seen It Time And Time Again Where Many Christian Artists They Want To Know All Of Your Belief Systems And Then What Do They Do They Want To See Which Belief System Which Beliefs That You Have That They Don’t Agree With And I Say Oh We Can’t Do The Song Or We Can’t Do The Concert Because You Guys Believe In This And We Believe In That And They Will Go Out Of Their Way To Break Down Your Belief System To See What They Don’t Agree With And That’s Why I Don’t Debate People Anymore Because I Essentially Got Into That And I Was I Do It With Catholics I’d Do It With Jehovah’s Witnesses And I’d See What Why My Religion Was Right Or My Denomination Because We’re All Essentially Christians In That That Realm But Even The Christians Would Fight Amongst Themselves So I Would Do It And I Don’t Want To Do That Anymore And I Found Tremendous Peace Not Doing It So Now Instead Of Looking At Your Religion Like I Said At The Very Beginning I’ll Say It Again Instead Of Looking At Your Belief System And Seeing What Makes Us Different I Want To Look At It And See What Makes Us The Same What Is Similar And I Found Tremendous Peace In That And So That’s Why I Don’t Really Want To Have People On To Debate Like I Said The Vigilant Christian Is Known For Exposing People He’s Got Almost Five Hundred Thousand Followers On Subscribers On Youtube And I’m Supposed To Interview Him Just To Have A Conversation But Then He’s Seen The Interview With Brandon In Jordan Maxima Well Now He Wants To Come On And He Wants To Debate Brandon Bartha Up On My Show And Tell Him Why He Is Following Demons Essentially I’m Like I Don’t Think This Guy Is Gonna Come On And And Have A Debate With You You Like In This Ride Some People Want To Debate You Should Have Caught Me Eight Years Ago Five Years Ago Whatever I Would I Would Have Debated You In A Heartbeat That’s What I Was About Debating You And Getting Into Debate That’s Why I Stay Far From It Now So Yeah You Kind Of Miss Your Window Of Opportunity For Debating With Me So Anyway I Don’t Know What’s Gonna Happen There I Don’t Really Want This Guy To Come On The Platform And Just Start Name-calling And Saying That Everything Is Demonic Because In Those Christian Realms They Demonize They Don’t Understand So Just As Many Christians Will Demonize Will Distance Themselves From Me And From Other People’s Work Who They Don’t Agree With I See Michael I Mean Michael Bastian Comment In The Comment Section What’s Up Brother Perfect Perfect Example They Left A Comment On John Crowder’s Page About Michael Bats John Crowder Is Another Like Mystic Christian He Used To Determine Mystics But I Don’t Know If There’s Anything Mystical About What He’s Doing Honestly But Uh He Uses That Term And He They They Demonize Every Other Belief System Other Than Theirs So That They Can Get Followers And I Can Do The Same Thing But I’m Not I Used To It Used To Work I’m Not Doing That And So Michael Bastian They Had Some Of His Work On There And Then John Crowder Demonized It And Said This In What He Said I Think He Said This Is More New Age Bullshit And I Think Michael Bastian Is So Far From New-age If Super Super Christian Loves The Lord You Know That Says It Bible Studies It’s About The Heart Of God Things Like That And Just So How They Would Just Demonize Everything Brandon’s Done It To Brandon Does It Too They Need They All Demonize And Fight With Each Other I Love Everybody I Can See The Beauty In Everybody And Brandon People Demonize Me Because I’m Affiliated With Brandon Brandon Barth Rob The One Who They Did The Vice Documentary On I’m Affiliated With Him I Love That Guy We Have Differences But I Don’t Even Care About That But Since I Interviewed Them People Distance Themselves From Me Because I Interviewed Him And You Can Take That You Could Take That Somewhere Else You Could Take That Somewhere I See Pass Through The Obviously Pass That We’re Not Dealing With That We Don’t Debate No More We’re In A Season Of Declaration We Call The Things That Are Not As Though They Were We Speak Life Where The Death Is And We Change The Atmosphere Around Us We’re Not Debating We’re Doing It That’s Where We Are Guys No More Debating We’re Doing So All Of This Stuff Want Ahead Do Podcasts And Debate Nope We’re Not Doing It We’re Not Debate And We’re Doing You Should Have Called Me Like I Said Eight Years Ago We Could Have Debated All You Want It I Would Love To Get An M And Pick You Apart So Going Back To Eating Clayton He Didn’t Like You Know That I Used His Uh His Voice I Guess He Wants To Get Paid And Then So All Of The Christian Guys Would Do That They Were Like Distance Themselves Because We’re Because We’re Different Even Amongst Themselves Man There’s So Many Schisms Amongst Themselves With Lecrae And He Worked With A Secular Artists Or Now Lecrae It’s Not It’s Just Crazy Babylonian Confusion Stuff Really And It’s Stupid So Stupid But I Don’t Deal With Them Too Much In On That Sense Because The People Who The Christian Community Would Call Worldly Or Or Not Christian Essentially The Lost Children Of Babylon In My Book They’ve Been Open They’ve Been Open To Share Their Platforms And These Are People Who Have A Big Following Who Have A Big Platform And They’re Down To Work Like Even Though At The Time I’m A Christian You Know I’m Saying And They They’re Telling Telling Them I’m Saying Not To Work With Me At All Because I’m A Christian And All That Kind Of Stuff So I Found That People Just Regular People Who Are Not Christian Or Not In That Community Or More Like Open Hearted They’re They’re More Understanding They Have Long-suffering And I Think That God Deals With All Men Just Like The Bible Says In The Book Of Acts That God Deals With All Men As Long As They Will Repent And That’s What We’re Dealing With And I Just Getting In Church Circles Or Begging To Get Into Churches And Stuff Man I’ve Been Kicked Out Of Churches For Speaking The Truth I’ve Been Demonized Like I Said He Called Me Every Name In The Book And And It’s I’m Fine With It It Was Hard Coming Out Of That But Now We’re On The Other Side We’re Not Debating When We’re Just In The Season Of Declaration That’s Where We Are So If Anybody Wants To Call In And Chime In The Phone Lines Are Open If You Guys Want To Do That I’ll Make Sure To Open That Up Because People Begged Me To Do It To Open The Phone Lines And Then Sometimes When I Do It Nobody Calls In Probably Because I Don’t Play In The Episodes I Just Kind Of Find Some Free Time And Do It And So This Is The First Time That I Did The Episode Live With The You Know To Break It Down Where I’m Just Talking Here About About The Music And Stuff And So Just The First Time I Opened Up The Phone Lines And Actually Went Live With This So With That Being Said Man I’ve Told I Told Many Of You Guys That I Actually Lost My Job Last Week And So Many Things Going On With That But The Weird Thing That I Was Let Go For No Reason At All That Stuff That People Do Every Day Just To Go Into A Little Bit More Detail About It I Actually Got Hurt On The Job Probably Three Years Ago And When I Got Hurt I Blamed It On My Boss Because It Was My Boss’s Fault There Was Some Stuff Going On With The Safety Inspector Safety Guy Came In There Made Us Change The Way That We Were Doing Things At The Job I Used To Deliver Car Parts But We Worked In A Warehouse Where We Would Sort The Parts Not Gonna Save The Name Of The Company But We Would Sort Parts Out And Safety Guy Came In Seeing How We Were Doing It And Said We’re Doing It Wrong What We’re Doing Is Dangerous This Is The Way You Need To Do It Bring Three Pallets Off The Truck Because My Boss Would Bring In About 14 Pallets And There’s People Just Picking Off Of Every Pallet Putting Big Old Car Parts Where Where They Go By The Doors To Each Route And So He Changed It It Said We’re Not Bringing Up 14 14 Pallets We’re Gonna Break Out Three Pallets You Guys Break Those Three Pallets Down We’ll Bring Out Three More And So The Safety Guy Changed It They Drew These Big Rectangles In The Floor Where To Put The Pallets And So On The Safety Guy Was There That’s How We Did It While He Was There As Soon As The Guy Left The Safe To Do Left And Went Back To Where He Came From From Corporate They Did It The Boss Man Went Back To Doing It The Same Way That He’d Been Doing Is Get All 14 Pallets Off And There’s Just People Walking All Throughout These Policies Pilots Are Like Eight Foot Tall Shrink-wrap With Huge Heavy Car Parts And In There They’re Not Wrapped Properly They’re Leaning And All This Kind Of Stuff Anyway I Was Pulling Picking Up Parts Off Of One Pallet And Somebody Behind Me Took A Razor And Cut The Pallet Behind Me So There’s A Pallet Right Behind Me And Somebody Cut It And It Went To Fall Over On Top Of Me And I Looked Up And Some Piece Fell Down And It Hit Me And The Whole Thing Was About To Land On Me I Probably Would Have Died If It Would’ve Hit Me But I Was Holding A Part In My Hand And I Tried To Hurry Up And Jump Out The Way And When I Did I Tripped Over Another Pallet And I Felt Like Hit The Ground Really Hard Holding This Big Heavy Part It Jarred My Back Up And That Pallet Slammed Down On The Ground Right Next To Me And It Scared The Piss Out Of Me Really And So They Had To Do A Injury Claim On An Injury Report Sent Me To The Doctor And All That Stuff And Sent Me To Two Weeks Of Physical Therapy Getting Really Work It Was Like Baby Exercises That They Had Me Doing It Was Real Simple Stuff And It Didn’t Work So I Told Him I Wanted Another Doctor Because It Was Sending Me To The Company Doctor I Told Him I Wanted Somebody Else So They Sent Me To Another Doctor Who Was A Specialist And Essentially They Did All The Cat Scans And All That Stuff And Were Saying That My Back Was Severely Swollen It Was Like Jarred Up And Messed Up But It Wasn’t You Know I Didn’t Mess Up Any Vertebrae Nothing Like That So They Scheduled Me For Some More Physical Therapy And I Went To Those Sessions With Somebody Else And It Was A Real Deal Like They Made Me Focus On My Core It Was Like Hard Things That I Had To Do And It Was It Was A It Wasn’t Pleasant Like It Was A Work But It Worked Man They Focused On My Core Of Getting My Core Strengthen Again And Getting My Back Worked Out And I Feel Better That Was About Three Years Ago They Gave Me A Month Off To Go Ahead And Finish That But The Bossman Knew That When I Gave My Deposition With Corporate That I Told Him It Was His Fault I Said It Was His Fault And I Gave The Example Of What I Just Told You Guys About The Guy Coming In So He Was Probably Scared For His Job And Then When I Go Back To Work The Boss Man Doesn’t Look Me In The Face Anymore I Tell Him Good Morning He Says Good Morning Just Looks Looks Down He Won’t Talk To Me And This Was Three Years Ago And For Probably About A Year And A Half After That It’s The Same Thing Every Morning He Wouldn’t Even Want To Tell Me Hello And He’d Look Away And This Was Somebody Who Was Talking Most Mornings And Cool And Joking With Everybody I Guess He Was Scared For His Job Or Something I Don’t Know But He Got Promoted To A Higher Position And When He Got Promoted To That Higher Position He Left The Company He Left All Our Warehouse But He Would Still Come Back Because He Lived In Town So He May Be A Tall Warehouse For A Week Or Two But It Was Still Awkward He Wouldn’t Talk To Me It Wouldn’t Look Me In The Eyes And So Three Years After That I Talked To Lawyers And Everything About What Was Going On Man Cuz I Didn’t I Didn’t Want To Like Get Hurt And Then Fire Me Right After I Get Hurt So I Wanted To Make Sure I Was Legit But I Feel Good And Three Years Later I Shorted Parts Out A Customer Because We Deliver Car Parts And I Shorted Parts So I Essentially Gave Somebody The Wrong Part And It Happens All The Time Throughout The Company All We Do Is The Next Day Either Well Either That Day You Can Go Back And Bring Those Parts Back To The To The Customer Or The Next Day The Next Driver Will Pick It Up And Bring It We’re Supposed To Go It’s It’s Frowned Upon It’s Definitely Not A Reason To Be Fired Even If They Do Fire You They Have A Chain Of Commands They Got To Go Through And They Have A List Where You Have To Be Written Up Then You Have To Be Suspended And Then You Have To Be Fired It Didn’t Happen I’ve Shorted Some Parts One Day And Like I Say Employees Do This Every Day Every Day And Shortage The Parts Got I Got Back One Night Late One Night And My Boss Was Waiting On Me There And Told Me That That It Came Across The The Table Of Some Of The Higher-ups And They Seen The Email And They Said Just To Let Me Go People I Don’t Even Know This They Seen The Email They Said Just Just Go Ahead And Let Him Go Right So That’s What Happened I Got Let Go And I Knew Something Was Up When I Seen This Truck There Because He He You Know He Doesn’t Hang Out At The Shop So He Let Me Go And I Was Like Alright I Appreciate Everything You Done For Me Shook His Hand This Isn’t The One That I Got Into It With There Was Another Boss But Shook His Hand Thank Them For Everything Left Cordially Kind Of Nervous But I Had A Peace About It Because I Was Just The Crazy Hours They Were Working Me I Was Just So Restless Knowing That I’m Called To Do Greater Things And To To Build Kingdoms Here With People And Speaking The Lives Of People And I’ve Seen My Art I’ve Seen The Podcast I’ve Seen Prayers Change People’s Lives And I No This That’s What I’m Supposed To Be Doing For A Living Like Full-time To Give My Full Attention To That I’m Able To Make A Little Bit Of Money On The Side But I Was Just Restless In The Spirit And My Wife – She Just Seemed Like What Kind Of Place It Was Doing To Me And Like Trying To Like Put Me In Like A Place Of Depression Thinking That I’m Gonna Be Doing Like Delivering Car Parts For The Rest Of My Life And Stuff And All Of This And So I Knew What I Wanted To Do But There Was No Way For Me To Do It I Would Have Never Quit My Job To Try To Pursue This Because I Have A Family I Have A Wife And A Daughter That I Have To Provide For So I Was Fired But At The Same Time There’s A Little Fear There There Was Still A Perfect Peace There And So Not Only For Me But For My Wife Because We All We Felt Like Something Was Coming We Didn’t Know What It Was But We Knew Something Was Coming And It Was Just Like I Work For That Company For 11 Years And Then Like That They Fired Me For Shorting A Customer Which Somebody Does People Do Every Day And There’s A Perfect Peace There And We Feel Like It’s It’s God’s Timing We’re Trying To Cut Down All Of Our Bills So That We Can Survive I Have A Daughter And A Wife And I Have To Keep The Lights On And All That So I Make A Little Bit Of Money Off Of Doing Graphic Work On The Side It’s Done Of Money A Lot Of Money At All I Make A Little Money From Like Cd Baby And Like Itunes You Know I Make It Like A $20 Payment Here The $40 Payment There $6 Payment There Sometimes I May Make $100 A Month Off Of Itunes Other Months I May Make About 150 So That’s What I Would Make That In A Day On My Own My Day Job So That’s What Happened To Me But We’re I’m Not Trying To Go Back I’m Gonna Try And Pursue This And Keep Doing What I’m Doing It’s Working I See The Enemy Coming Against It There’s Just So Many Things Happen My Computer Shut Off For Two Days And That’s How I Kind Of Make Make My Income Now By Doing Websites For People And Just Little Things Mail The Enemy Trying To Come Through But We’re Believing God And Believing For Breakthrough And Believing That He Set This Up For A Reason And Many Of You Guys Are Coming Out Of The Woodwork To Support Like I’m Getting Donations People Many People Are Signing Up On Patreon And They Just Want To Help And They Want It They Want To Hear More Music Because The Music’s Touched Their Lives And They Want To Hear More Podcasts And More Teachings And Everything And So If You Want To Want To Help Build What We Have Going On It Helped Me Pay Some Bills Man It All Goes Back Into It I’m Nothing You Know Nothing Lavish Here Man Everything’s Trying To Go Back To Pay Bills Just So I Can Stay At Home And Do This Full Time So Go To And At Any Level You Want To Give Man Five Dollars A Month A Dollar A Month Like I Said I Got Fourteen Thousand Fans On Facebook If Everybody Gave A Dollar Man We’d Be Able To Accomplish So Much And There’s So Much That We Want To Do And I’m Excited About The Future Now The Podcast Is Growing My Numbers Are Increasing On On We Just Got On A Tour On Itunes We Just Got On I Heart Radio We Just Got On Spotify All These Big Places That It’s Really Hard To Get On I’ve Had Favor And The Podcast Is Being Pushed Out To All These Places Where People People Listen So I’m On Like Every Platform Right Now And The Numbers Are Increasing I Have A Lot Of Bigger Guests Who Want To Come On Who Are Messaging Me And We’re Gonna Be Doing More Teaching And More Training And Me And Danny Oscar Penske Are Gonna Be Doing A Lot More Here In The Future With Roundtable Discussions And Stuff As Well And If You Guys Have Any Guests That You Would Like To See On The Show Just Send Me A Message You Can Leave It As A Comment On The Video Or Send Me A Message And We’ll Try To Make That Happen Man Anybody Who You Would Like To Have Us On And Like For Me To Have On To Kind Of Pick That Brain Or Whatever The Case Is So Thanks Again For Everybody Supporting And You Guys Mean The World To Me And My Family Man Thank You Guys So Much With That I’m Gonna Say Peace Is Shalom I’ll Be Back Probably Tomorrow I Think We’re Gonna Be Interviewing Bill Bean About Some Of His Paranormal Encounters And Also Dealing With Ufos And In The Church Realm As Well We Did A Video Years Ago A Couple Of Them Actually But Uh That That Dudes A Good Good Do Man He’s Got His Own Television Show And All Kind Of Stuff So Bill Bean Was Supposed To Be On Tomorrow And Also We’re Supposed To Have Santos Bonacci On This Weekend Finally I’m Gonna Dedicate The Show To The Flat Earth Stuff I Know That That Pisses A Lot Of People Off And I’m Not Really Big Into It But I’m Gonna Kind Of See What He Has To Say About It So Alright So Before I Go I’m Gonna Just Go Through These Comments Real Quick Because I Haven’t Didn’t Have A Chance To Read Just A What’s Up To Everybody Console Was Something My Brother James Penises Ain’t Mrs. Dope A Mister Ancient Prophet No Doubt Carl Said I Called Hung Up Bro Kids Acting Up Phil Harris Got The Kids Acting Up In The Background Cause A Good Brother Man We’re Gonna Meet Up Soon Man Let’s See What Else We Got Alright So James Says Do You Practice Absence Abstinence I Thought You Were Married Yeah I’m Married So No I Don’t I’ve Been Married For 16 Years Been With My Wife In 19 Years Ever Since I Was 14 Been With My Wife Since I Was 14 Koster’s Abstinence Of Sin Of Hate I Do Not Give Me A Choose Basis All Right All Right Yeah I’m Trying To Read These Comments Right Quick And Those Grim Wassup Grim Says He’s Hella Late My Brother Keyblades Which Is Michael Bastian You Are Awesome He Says You Are Awesome Bro Thank You For Fighting For Unity Amen That’s What We Here To Fight For And Unity Versus Division Right Andrew Says Much Love And Respect Brothers And Sisters Gamble Thanks For Sharing This Very Encouraging And Inspiring Don’t Let Up From Doing What You’re Inspired To Do And Bless You Bro Yeah Thank You So Much Gamble Thank Everybody For Hanging Out With Ron Do This Live It Makes It A Lot More Fun And We’re Gonna Do It A Lot More Often I Have A Lot More Time To Do It And Thank You Guys So Much And With That Unsaid I’m Sick Peace And Shalom Holla At Y’all Tomorrow Peace

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