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Breaking Down The Hidden And Cryptic Meanings Of Some Of My Song Lyrics
TruthSeekah Breaks Down is a new idea that I had where I go into details about the meanings behind some of my song lyrics.

Gateway to the Seer Realm

Meditating with the sages and seers, Look inside there is nothing to fear
By the holy ghost drawing us near, Kundalini finding us here
Dwell in a realm that is so unseen, bound by the sound of the Seraphim,
We are the children of the elohim, comunicate through dreams, green light beings
We access what they cant see, just rationalize call it make believe
and I open my eyes in disbelief, and I see the signs but tell me what does it mean
Your words speak and my heart perceives, receiving insight when I’m deep in my dreams
My reality, its not what it seems, I signal E.T’s with my laser beams
Different choices, following voices, raised from the dead now your boys rejoicing
No more poison now I’m following stars, The root of religion which blasphemes God
Sittin in my posture, chillin with the Gnostics, we remain conscious
Staring at the starships, entities are harmless, building up my chi and the energy is harnessed
We were made flawless, prophetic psalmist, obedient to calling & ego is demolished
Standing the spirit and we’re walking in the promise, never look without, look within to find solace
And I’m, meditating with the sages and seers, look inside there is nothing to fear
By the holy ghost drawing us near, and kundalini finding us here

A little glimpse of something magical, a little taste of something divine
The feeling something intangible & some things they would blow your mind
My eyes close and mind opens I lose sight but gain focus

Exoskeleton shell of an alien, on the mother ship I fellowship with E.T. & Elliot
Hold your semen, walk in power, develop it. Cleanse your mind from the Succubus hold it in and stay celibate
Awaken from your slumber buy got sleep in your eyes, I may appear as a devil but I’. an angel in disguise
Love, Joy, Peace is what descends from the skies so don’t give in to the hype, don’t give in to the lies
I’m connected with all creation through the universal mind, See out thoughts unfold and then we touch the divine
Why must people die why must wars be fought, We are not the same we are worlds apart
I know that I can bring some change through my rhymes and art
when I talk I spark I feel the power depart, I’m seeing love come alive in the darkest hearts
So knuckle up and buckle we’re about to embark
We are so much more than just useless eaters, So much more than just mindless slaves
Power in our words, breathe the breath of life, See the dead come alive rise up out their graves
I see deities, deceiving thee, and I pray to my God I know the evil will cease
Make the demons run and make devils flee, see the strongholds break and chains release
By the holy ghost drawing us near, and Kundalini finding us here




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