A Look Back The The Past 100 Episodes On The TruthSeekah Podcast

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Yes! We did it! Finally! 100 Episodes in with The TruthSeekah Podcast! It has been a great experience and I have the great privilege to talk to so many wonderful people from all walks of life, backgrounds and spiritual beliefs across the scale. I do have my favorites but each and every episode if filled with so much beauty that it would be hard to choose a single favorite! Each episode stands out for different reasons. So with that stated I did two separate podcasts where I talk about each episode and gave a short commentary and honestly said the first thing that comes of mind when I remember that particular show. The first one is just me talking about the first 50 episodes and I went for over two hours giving commentary and telling background stories about the guest and what that show means to me. I knew that I had to try and cut it down for the second 50 episodes so I tried to cut it short with a little less commentary. I think this look back is good because for me personally I got to reflect and see the progress that I have made as an individual and also see the strides made growing as a person. Another aspect of these two reflection episodes is that people are are just getting into the podcast can listen and then go back and hear some shows that they probably would have never even checked out if they’d not hear the commentary. I always like to point out that some of the best episodes are from people who the majority have never even heard of before, regular people just like you and me who have come a long way in their own journey and been through things unimaginable and lived to tell about it. Its been an amazing 100 episodes and I would just like to say… buckle up. We are just getting started!

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