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Originally a native of Baltimore, MD now way of San Diego, Beleaf Melanin is an Inspirational Hip-Hop artist that blends sharp lyricism with spoken word poetry and soulful grooves. He has traveled the country performing at countless colleges and festivals with his group theBREAX opening for artist such as Lecrae, Andy Mineo, War, Arrested Development and Wu Tang.

A very technical and concept driven artist, Beleaf aims to give the listener the freedom to imagine their dreams coming true and focusing on the dream until it is a reality. This is important to Beleaf because he was a victim of physical and mental abuse and grew up struggling with depression because of never believing he was worth much and often contemplating suicide. Now that he is liberated, his goal is to celebrate life with his family and change the world with his art.
Beleaf In Fatherhood is an effort to equip Fathers, give hope to Mothers and inspire Children. We do this by posting videos of our lifestyle, this gives people a window to see what it’s like to be a parent fighting to stay present in a their children’s lives. The pledges will help us in many ways, but the main thing it will do is give Beleaf an opportunity to focus on the videos to secure 2 videos a week. Also It will enhance the quality of the videos, better gear, bigger hard drives for storage, more experiences for the Chocolate babies, etc…Beleaf In Fatherhood | Faith, Family & Foundation | Interview