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When entering UFOlogy many people’s first interactions are with stories from UFO Contactee Billy Meier. Billy Meier is said to be many things by many people. Some say he is a hoaxer, some say he is a messiah figure and others simply pass him off as a mad man. The fact remains that Billy Meier has some very interesting stories about interaction with off planet beings and photos to back up his claims. Still many think that Billy’s work is a sham and has been debunked years ago and other have even deliberately created smear campaigns and started rumors that Billy Meier has died. One thing’s for sure is that Billy Meier remains one of the most controversial men in UFOlogy and hasn’t changed his stance since coming public in the late 1970’s. Billy claimed to have contact with beings from the Pleiades and other star systems and could produce proof. This stirred up the small town of Ober-Sadelegg, Switzerland and Billy quickly had a target placed on his back. But it isn’t all negativity that surrounds Billy and his cause. Many people find his writings and teachings very enlightening and transformational and its believed that the information that he has received from the beings is why his work is still so profound and is proven to stand the test of time. Whether you choose to believe in UFOs, Aliens, Angels, Fairies or not is up to you but if Billy Meier is telling the truth, well, that changes everything. There is a word at play and much activity going on in our night skies. A world that if we try to reach out to, will reach back. Billy’s story has undoubtedly influenced so many people who are now prominent within UFOlogy. The fact remains that Billy’s story has and will stand the test of time. In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Michael Horn who is Billy Meiers representative in America. Michael unfolds Billy’s story and shows the holes within the accusations of Billy’s unbelievers.



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