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When entering UFOlogy many people’s first interactions are with stories from UFO Contactee Billy Meier. Billy Meier is said to be many things by many people. Some say he is a hoaxer, some say he is a messiah figure and others simply pass him off as a mad man. The fact remains that Billy Meier has some very interesting stories about interaction with off planet beings and photos to back up his claims. Still many think that Billy’s work is a sham and has been debunked years ago and other have even deliberately created smear campaigns and started rumors that Billy Meier has died. One thing’s for sure is that Billy Meier remains one of the most controversial men in UFOlogy and hasn’t changed his stance since coming public in the late 1970’s. Billy claimed to have contact with beings from the Pleiades and other star systems and could produce proof. This stirred up the small town of Ober-Sadelegg, Switzerland and Billy quickly had a target placed on his back. But it isn’t all negativity that surrounds Billy and his cause. Many people find his writings and teachings very enlightening and transformational and its believed that the information that he has received from the beings is why his work is still so profound and is proven to stand the test of time. Whether you choose to believe in UFOs, Aliens, Angels, Fairies or not is up to you but if Billy Meier is telling the truth, well, that changes everything. There is a word at play and much activity going on in our night skies. A world that if we try to reach out to, will reach back. Billy’s story has undoubtedly influenced so many people who are now prominent within UFOlogy. The fact remains that Billy’s story has and will stand the test of time. In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Michael Horn who is Billy Meiers representative in America. Michael unfolds Billy’s story and shows the holes within the accusations of Billy’s unbelievers.

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mouthpiece I guess would be a good way to put it someone who’s taken the case of Billy Meyer and then brought it to a whole new audience and and has continued to promote it and give his insight on the case and I think it’s really cool because on the interview that I had with all it is that was his finale and I I don’t know I thought I thought that Billy had passed away and I wasn’t the only one there was a lot of people in the chat who thought that there was some media years ago that came forth and said Billy Meyer had passed away but when we had Patrick on Patrick you know told us that that’s not the case Michael horn welcome to the show thank you very much for having me on I appreciate it and Billy Meyer is still with us very much alive in Switzerland how old is he now any type of smear campaigns that or fake death things that was put out there was that one of them that he had passed away have you seen any of that I don’t know if there was any particular seer campaign about that there have been plenty of smear campaigns against Billy and I remember a few people over the years even have said to me oh I thought he died and stuff is it no no no really still quite quite with us here so people do all sorts of things there’s been twenty three attempts in his life so tricky trying to say that he’s he’s not here anymore it’d be a kind of you know like campaign against him yeah so for the audience listening today if someone has no idea who billy meier is or what his his case means if you want to maybe start from the beginning just kind of give an overview of who billy meier is and what what he has brought to you follow G to the table if you want to go ahead and you know talk a little bit about that that would be awesome sure thank you billy meier as I say is now 81 year old man who claims that his contacts with extraterrestrial human beings that we now know are called played on but were previously referred to as Pleiadians began when he was five years old in Switzerland in 1942 he claims that these contacts with a variety of the people from the overall player and Federation continued to this day 76 years later the conversations that he’s had with these people there are now hundreds of transcripts of them there are well over twenty six twenty seven thousand pages of information that Meyer has published initially it’s all published in German and still only a small percentage maybe 6,000 7,000 pages have found their way into English and other languages it’s published in as well Italian and there are some translations that have gone into Spanish and to check into Japanese different languages and what I had what I like to say here is I mean there’s so much information but the minor case is the only scientifically proven still ongoing UFO contact case and recently you know within the last couple of years we’ve had four independent experts who were not directly previously involved with UFOs all who are high-level investigators and experts in their field come forward and basically say this is authentic and the most recent important one in my estimation took place just late last year when a a man who had been calling me for at that point nearly a year I learned finally his background he was the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations highest ranked case supervisor from the late sixties and early seventies he’d come across this information he thought it might be a host and he applied his investigative skills to looking at the evidence and information he determined that it was absolutely ironclad and that he personally would take on any skeptics that wanted to try to attack the case and basically his article which I have of course in my blog has ended this get note I’m not getting any skeptical attack me occasionally some loose cannon on the you know internet comes by but he ended the debate on it so we are pretty firm about saying while there are many people that claim this and claim that in terms of a verifiable scientifically proven actual contact case between someone on earth and actually extraterrestrials Myers is singularly authentic what do you fit in with this in this whole situation I guess moreover where do you fit in but what do you start like what was your fascination with UFOs or ufology did it begin with the Meier case or have you had encounters as well what happened is ever since I was very young I would have dreams about lights moving through the sky objects I remember dreaming about I think it was a dreaming being underneath the disc and it rotated and I knew that it could move in all these different directions so you know as a kid I was and this is going back ways obviously but it wasn’t until 1979 when I walked into a bookstore in Los Angeles and I saw the first photo book which I still had to this day that I found the Meier case and when I looked at those photos the from the first moment there was a knowingness that that was all authentic and you know this is really something else and it’s been over you know enemy now 40 years of being involved and that means 18 trips to Switzerland putting out five four five six films documentaries on Meir personally a lot of research once the UFO part is interesting but it’s it’s not the most important part at all once I got into finding out how much information scientific and world event related Meyer had verifiably published before the discoveries were made or the events occurred then I started to feel like wow this is about something else more than UFOs and even more than the extraterrestrials themselves this is something quite profound and to take along with the help of even skeptics we’ve had over 200 specific examples of what I call Myers specific prophetically accurate information and it’s unparalleled new mystery so what’s the the main agenda when it comes to these these encounters with ufology with with billy meier is it it’s its spirituality is that is that it is that I think usually the main message in the end to better oneself and how to fix humanity if you will yes and unlike it being just say you know you could say the overriding message you know is spirituality is what’s literally called the spiritual teaching and the the teaching is a very deep and extensive and it is a non religious belief free teaching so I what I say to people is if you want to learn how fix computers or electronics or anything else that’s a study but teach did you take that information you read study test and apply so there’s nothing to believe in the latter case whatsoever and people are free to you know study it test it or not but the spiritual teaching I see an underlying messages while underlying intention and that intention is that it is the key to our future survival literally the purpose of these contacts was is not frivolous at all the spiritual teaching presented again by the play arm and admire and through Meyer has been presented to us six times previously in human history and each time it’s been corrupted and changed and falsified but this time it will remain forever because a lot of because electronic media and the fact that more people now can read and write than ever could before throughout history yeah I was listening to an interview you were doing earlier and you were speaking about how there’s less communication and contact contact through video and pictures now seemingly that everyone is able to kind of recreate those images now with with a CGI and it’s really hard to tell what’s real and what’s not so it moves beyond just having some type of picture or video it’s it’s moving into people just having encounters and experiences as well talk a little bit about how that’s changed and how when it comes to that I think billy meier was definitely one of the first ones to do it and I think a lot of people’s kind of tried to try to follow suit I don’t think like you said not in a bad way people are just wanna you know wanting to kind of get into ufology or they feel called to it and that’s people want proof so they try to take pictures they try to get videos and stuff talk a little bit about the pictures and stuff like that from the early days that he was producing okay well this is a very important area and I’m sure that there will be people that are going to disagree with that with what I’m gonna say and it’s fine it’s up to everybody to make up their own mind Meyers photos and films also everything was pre digital era so it’s all you know film regular cameras this was done because they knew and they told them as well that once we entered the digital age in computer age people would be able to make effects no one would no one’s a date has ever actually duplicated one of his photos because when you do analyze his photos and they’ve been done dating back forty years the original analysis with what was state of the art technology then and now using computer technologies is that that have been applied to analyze this stuff there are people who made very good models of Myers you know the object to Myers photos but they can’t duplicate it because once you start taking those models out to photograph them you’re always going to be showing a small model close to the Canberra mitre had large objects a great distance from the camera and I want to make this clear even though as I say this will not sit well with people there are no people on earth were in contact with extraterrestrials now I say that because the other part of my statement is if anybody actually had that evidence I’d be of course very willing to see it so with everybody but miners evidence in which constitutes at this point proof is so extensive and is in at least five or six different categories of evidence that people claim things because let’s face it we want to feel a connection we want we have a sense that we’re connected to something greater than us to people who are but smarter you know oh maybe someones gonna help us out of the mess which is not going to happen that’s not going to happen at all we are the same as countless numbers of races human races throughout the creation throughout the universe the players have gone through their own evolution over a very vast period of time their ancestors were like Star Wars on steroids they you know they went through a lot of gruesome stuff with high tech and the capabilities they had that they also used for Wars or things so having settled themselves down into a peaceful state that they had now for well over their failures they’d like to see us avoid literally blowing ourselves off the face of the earth and to that end they have given us prophecies given us predictions they warned us of an incoming object that is heading towards Earth and first passively in 11 years if it doesn’t strike at that point they’ve done lots and lots of things are verifiable so the people that I consider my research team these are scientists military aerospace astrophysicists etc people who don’t care about claims about contact in t they want hard evidence that they can deal with evaluate and determine how do we use this if it’s really true so this is where a lot of the the the good intentions behind it wanting something you know some kind I get it and you know as I say nearly 40 years of researcher I’ve had seven sightings most UFOs folks are secret military including at least five of the ones I saw the extraterrestrials are not everywhere coming you know to visit us as all the stuff if any more than we in our current state with airplanes at all are going to find and visit let’s call it disturb any and all remaining more primitive people’s of the earth which of course we do we go invade disturb where will we find something so these people have a very hands-off very hands-off you know attitude they are inserting the information they’ve done it they’ve given us that which was their mission to put into our world it’s up to us now what we do with it totally up to us no one’s coming to invade us stake us or anything else the difficulties that we’ll have with other races will occur more in the future if we survive ourselves we are the greatest threat to our survival not from outsiders I agree um so let me let me ask you this so I did I did hear you on the on the interview as well there were some names that you threw out there of possible dissing foe guys people who were in it for the money people who were in it for the the fantasy or the lore behind this type of stuff right and some of these people are getting really famous and I I try not to take a neutral standpoint even if I have an inner knowing about some people I would really don’t have nothing that I can prove some of these people have gotten really big in ufology they’re doing the big conferences and circus circuits and things like that and and and you have called some names out of some people is there anybody that that you do appreciate their work that they’re bringing to the table somebody who that you would take your hat off to for what they’re bringing to you follow gee well it’s it’s a very fair question and it’s hard to answer the affirmative for this reason I appeared in a lot of UFO expose and conferences and things and I’ve been internationally and once I started to call out what I consider to be disinformation in that sense bubbly people didn’t want that because it isn’t there’s a business going on it’s yeah there now you know you’re in trouble when the government starts talking about you you know that there’s something fishy going on and believe me there’s something very fishy work or don’t believe you just check it out for yourself yeah almost this way if any if any of the people who are out there lecturing and carrying on about UFOs and aliens and all this energy if any of them had one verifiable piece of evidence of extraterrestrial manufactured origins I don’t mean like a piece of the rock coming through um I’d be interested in what they’re saying but to a person not a one of them will debate this they for the most part all of the big names in mythology will attack the meijer case because it puts an end to what we consider ufology no fun as an organization I’m sure you’re familiar with I happen to know I’ve I’ve interacted with the president I think he’s still up there Jim Harrison from move on he’s acknowledged to meet personally with a witness that he knew the Meyer case is authentic but it was too good to be true and all sorts of excuses MUFON is an organization that works with either the State Department or CIA with any good evidence it goes to them first and I have this real real good authority from someone who’s in the aerospace industry that they tried to recruit you have to understand something there folks it’s a hard one to say look I personally I don’t I don’t have to get anything against anybody personal I just tell you that I like people I there’s a guy named Stanton freedom I’m sure he’s a nice guy I’ve submit him up in Canada and all of the stuff Stanton Friedman wanted to be involved in the research of a minor case in the late 70s and 80s but the investigative team headed by a lieutenant colonel retired from the US Air Force didn’t know we are not bringing any UFO people into this because this all of Myers evidence it’s so it’s so good and it’s so controversial it must be analyzed only by independent experts so Stanton Franklin then start subtracting a minor case this is what’s happened with all these people and Stanton Friedman is talking but Roswell I knew Roswell was authentic when I was in high school a kid nice booth dad was in the Air Force was telling me they found a flying saucer yep this goes way back and Roswell was a real event there’s just nothing left for us to analyze and so what happens here is the when I say The MITRE case is the key to our future survival I I put on a DVD with by that title 14 years ago because I got it when I started to see his prophetic information and the scientific information and 14 years ago finding out that he was already a head of our scientists by decades the lights are going on for me the UFO community this is entertainment and here’s the problem people said to me when I was talking out against the people I said wait a well you shouldn’t say bad things about so-and-so I said wait a minute is this going to be the only field in which we’re not gonna think critically you have people from something called EXO politics and politics is full of all that but I’m not supposed to tell people and call it out when I know and I can show that it’s not true so you know I’m not I’m not gonna shut up about it because it’s too order survivals what’s coming down in this country folks which mitred has warned of us since 1981 and before this is no partying we’re seeing it unfold down we’re seeing the very things nationally and internationally that we’ve been warned and warned and warned about and what have they done to try to kill the man for they made an industry out of talking about UFOs and not on one of those people goes with their targeting rounds sure they bring information about third hand stuff about Roswell Rendlesham objects great wonderful technology what are you gonna do with it what about when you’ve got a man who’s meeting with people who have the capacity and capability to travel through space and time in some cases and who can tell him things accurately and we start ticking them off 200 of them that have happened there are events going on in Italy right now central Italy that he was told about in 1948 when he was 11 years of ages why are we wasting our this is I’m telling you this why are we wasting our time with UFOs extraterrestrials when we’ve been given literally freely a body of work that is invaluable that helps us in our daily lives it’s not about us looking always upward to the sky because like you’re talking about this is an inward journey and they’ve given us a teaching that we can apply our minds our intuition and everything else to end to test we don’t have to believe a darn thing people said to me would you believe in the billion my patients in our little oh but you represent I said I know it’s true I don’t have to believe it I don’t know everything that they’ve said about the distant past or the under eye futures true because I don’t have the tools yet to go back into time or we haven’t discovered this thing but we keep on discovering you know new discoveries Myer warns a 1981 about whether they have the time that they said we call it the red meteor is heading towards your planet unless your scientists come together and deflect with an atomic explosion it will either hit on April 13th 2029 or April 13 2013 6 23 years later NASA discovers what they call asteroid Apophis they’re not concerned about it in a 2009 thing is now they’re getting more concerned and then just a few years ago whatever they do they change the size estimates within 25 meters of what Myer was told minor never has to change anything we are constantly changing and making new discoveries to confirm what the man is console’ so this is why to go back to your core question of a UFO experts I will debate anything I offered to debate the top skeptics of the world James Randi in the rest I can’t even get them to take me on I have taken on skeptics astronomers all these people are lined with skepticism and stuff the game is over it’s not me my host material is ironclad they cannot it’s like one starting over Phil Plait some years ago is poo-pooing the whole thing holistic now he’s endorsing the very same thing that my loins about Apophis so but none of these people who give credit to Meyer because see whether you it’s the astronomers and scientists or see silly people in ufology the experts who don’t know it they all want their the light on them they want their payments yeah this is your world works it isn’t exclusive to them there are people who care more about the truth and our survival your generation the younger generation is below you the one just above there are people who care but you’re not going to find them and you follow you and you’re not going to find a lot of them in a science unless there’s something in it for them fortunately a couple years back I met a skeptical professor up in the area where I live in northern Arizona and for four months skeptic I met him in an all-day skeptics event before lunch he vented the mire in material until he said to me one day you’ve got a lecture about this at Mike and and here’s what happened which was on top of that in November of 2015 there had been the attacks by the radical Islamists in Paris he sends me an email guess what I said to my wife after the attacks yesterday I already knew that this was coming thank you Michael because I’d sent him my earth warnings which we’ve had even on my DVD since Paris from radical Islam which Meyer is the first person to warn about going back to 1958 so do I need to hear a bunch of people we’re gonna yeah more about imaginary blue avians lecturing on this and caring that about that I don’t mind you know you wanna say if anybody wants these people to to debunk the Meyer case or the debate with me I’m ready I’ll do it publicly I’ll do it anywhere just less gets of what this is about it’s the future survival of humankind not making it you know hundred bucks going into a UFO conference and getting up and babbling about things you have no experience with either the only person lecturing on UFOs about an independently scientifically proven ongoing case I’ve been within 20 feet of a small monitoring craft from these people and I perceived information from them through a Meyer but truth for me so that I could avoid a very very dangerous situation that proved to be 100% prophetically accurate do I care about Roswell with silliness later all that stuff going on when I have these you know experiences and first-hand knowledge and the only authentic case to report on that’s why you won’t find me most of these UFO events yeah they what they really wouldn’t try to make room for you there if you’re not afraid out there kind of caught call it out and even um let me ask you this though because if if I’m correct I heard you I heard you refer to what we would call extraterrestrials or aliens or angels or whatever people have different names from did you call them people that did you refer to them as people is there is there any revelation behind that Billy was told that they are to be called people or they are us from another time I mean what I mean what’s going on with that according to the information of the case that’s something I like to say a lot because there’s as I say there’s things I can’t prove according to information in the case the universe is teeming with human life and various developments of evolutionary development Heights skin hundreds of different skin colors there’s people there are people that are gigantic they’re people that are very small the people he meets with are virtually indistinguishable from us physically he’s met with people that we would say represent look like any number of the races on earth there are people that look we would use this from Asian or black Mediterranean Northern European this whole thing with aliens is part of the hugest disinformation campaign you can imagine sure are there unusual looking beings in the universe of I’m sure is he meeting with them no with the exception of one race that he met they’re all very much looking for it much like us and so well where do the little greys come from well I’m gonna tell you the greys were the androids the Android robotic artificial intelligence creatures found at the Roswell crash and perhaps maybe at one of the other eight or nine crashes that have taken place on earth where there were military retrievals by one country they were not the extraterrestrials themselves they were what we would do who would send a robotic you know vehicle these are robotic just like we are already you know making drama Darla’s and first stages of robotic creatures some from you know uses that are not exactly an elevated so these creatures when they found this became the model from the evil alien nobody here is being deducted abducted by any kind of ducted by extraterrestrials if you’re being abducted by anything where Jim mangas my lab is hypnosis it’s mass hypnosis people believing things fantasizing do not underestimate the power of the sudden or an unconscious person unified to take on all this stuff that has been pumped at us from the 50s on aliens we’re creatures and we get it in commercials we can through every form of media and so many people take it on if they have sleep paralysis yes they have in digestion gosh if there’s a military type of a thing they suddenly think they’re being abducted by aliens yeah what tells us that that’s not the case has it ever happened in our district yes there probably been a handful of these so-called contact examinations by some races curious about uh something you put a person out they put them in a deep hypnosis they examine them and most of that goes unnoticed an unrevealed sometimes something could pop through so has it ever happened yes but is this this whole thing of experiences and abductees no you know what none of us are important enough to space-traveling extraterrestrial long-lived high-tech races for them to come here traveling through you know light-years light-years of space and maybe time and dick around with Aunt Edna knuckle job to float them through walls and take their genetic material which is extremely inferior to the genetic material of races that have already genetically even engineered themselves to higher levels of development in order to travel through space so if you get into the mire material and you start to read and study and test it out oh my gosh she was right about this it’s right about that he’s right about this endlessly you go oh wait a minute what about all the wrestlers up lower City where’s the real evidence for it doesn’t exist well someone had an implant aha from where why would you think that it’s extraterrestrial instead of it’s more accurate and that is that we’ve had these technologies for decades and I know people who have been in the military its Special Forces that they were privy to stuff that’s we now you know we see now they’ve had it for a long time the problem certainly in America is we are being inundated with disinformation I put out I’ve got a video online the real UFO films the Pentagon had hid from you the Pentagon admits it spent a hundred and ten million dollars and they couldn’t find the freely available buyer material there’s not a mention of it they fund this guy Bob Bigelow who’s got a company that manufactures new technologies I hate to say what I think some of it’s about mr. Bigelow is very not interested in anybody talking about the Meier cases because all these people what do they want they want power it’s weapons development I was told by somebody who knew when you are reporting sightings for MUFON you’re helping to do free research for the military-industrial complex because since most of these crafts by secret military they want to know what did you see Paislee video so oh yeah extraterrestrial flying up no no not extraterrestrial flying all over these are things that are being developed secret military in various places and bases and for a hundred years on this planet there have been various parties that have had already had alternative craft they’re not interplanetary extra they are alternative and they’ve seen for decades on earth I’m sorry if this pops anybody’s bubbles but if we don’t get down to the business at hand which is art literally our survival not from a fear-based level but from what you’re talking about coming together with each other finding the best information working in harmony and peace and love and freedom with each other on the small levels that we now still have available before everything is now by various forces that hardly even secret anymore what’s coming is a global financial collapse there’s many things you can you can be finding out in the mire material what’s coming and test it out against your own perceptions there’s some comments here in the comment section and the chat going on there I’m gonna bring to the table you’re in it has to do with some of the the hoaxer stuff I remember when I got into the mire material some years ago probably around 2012 got into it and it’s one of those things where like you want it to be real and that’s probably the same thing with you know dr. Steven Greer james gilliland prophet Yahweh I don’t know if you remember him but so there’s this thing where you kind of want it to be real I read a lot of the material that Mara had put out and watched a lot of documentaries and stuff and then I came across these pictures that were so-called hoax or pictures and then there was also some photoshoots with these girls who were supposed to be maybe in a pop band or something and so people are commenting in the chat room about all of all of these fixture pictures being a fiction and and fake some someone said I think it was a patrocle only on here was talking about how those were like artistic recreations of his encounters and they would they weren’t shared to be legit can you talk a little bit about those pictures themselves actually whoever’s been bringing this up in the chat room he’s doing a huge service here so we can straighten this out I’m going to now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna refer back to the guy who’s the military investigator Joe test and what he did is he took Meyers first reports and photos from 1964 in India and Joe went through all sorts of stuff here and he said look unless any skeptic can show me how this man 27 years old in India in 1964 can have an album with 80 UFO photos doesn’t which still remain to this day that they’re shown to a reporter for a real legitimate well respected newspaper in India the man is interviewed in all of this the photos are still he says if you don’t show me how those photos to start the whole thing off are fake you’re done then he says I looked at the reports from a guy named Wally gentleman who was a special effects director for a film call 2001 that’s before a lot of people’s time because the film was made some time ago Wally gentleman says I could duplicate Meyers film but I need 15 people and tens of thousands of dollars to do it because everything in his film that he’s uses one hand with a little film camera is correct the lighting and shadow the thing it then I personally go to it I’m going to go back to every detail but they won’t answer on this then I personally went to the people who won the Academy Award for Independence Day in 2006 because we have a film out and I wanted you know their commentaries we in making our film which is called a silent revolution of truth and they said well we could duplicate that film but we’d have to use CG to do it because it’s clearly otherwise the guy’s got a crane and and huge wires he says that’s not a model so the experts and then that going to 78 to the photographic experts that analyzed right up to a couple years ago three new analyses what happened here is this Meyer has never hoaxed one photo there were falsified photos that got inserted into the ones because he never developed his own photos he lived photograph or film bring him to a camera shop they would send them out well they started to intercept some of those films and photos and sent back falsified ones to try and discredit him now I worked in 2009 through the internet with a skeptic in England who was trying to duplicate his photos uh-huh I was advising the guy said you’ve got to take your best shot and he came out with really good photos his films are not so good his photos were really good was working with Meijer originals and he’s a good model maker but he couldn’t even then duplicated the details he and he won’t have his photos or films analyzed because he knows that they’re gonna show to be modeled so I said look James Phil I said Philip he’s done really nice effects here but it’s not he couldn’t he Meyer has a very famous film where the UFO comes in and he zooms in it and you seen everything and the two lights go off broad daylight both open ended so he put some he pasted little white dots on tomorrow okay now you talk about the women they said oh well billy meier has has just photographed or filmed or whatever women from the Dean Martin show off of a TV screen yeah okay well there’s a lot of problems with the claims about the photography because it would have involved so much on Billy Meyers part to find out when a Dean Martin show is being broadcast in Switzerland in nineteen seventy five or six or whatever and having a camera his camera is set to infinity so he his camera is mainly useful for being outside and capturing the photograph so he would have to happen placed in front of a TV screen and then when he captured the photograph at the right moment but they would which would then have all these lines in front of it from these okay so when those photographs are analyzed you can see that they are overlays that were manipulated using actual like captured footage you know the videotaped footage where they even had moved images in it so that one of the women when you look is wearing a Dean Martin shirt stuff Billy Meyer couldn’t have even done but beyond that I mean literally we’ve got a page yeah I may say so those were hoaxed by someone else those are hopes but it’s not about somebody else later could we show all the reasons why he couldn’t have even done it and nobody has ever shown that he had access to the show I mean there’s a laundry list of all the ingredients and then you look at the actual photos in you have you say what’s not even the same woman it’s a composite now the woman that they’re talking about is a woman named Michelle della Fatima she was a singer and dancer on this Dean Martin show so last year in January I get a call from a woman New York saying she’s a friend of Michelle’s and they want to go and meet Billy Meyer because Michelle who supposedly you know whose face is supposedly before she says you know Michelle knows that that’s not her and that that Billy’s not a hoaxer so Meyer had not wasn’t seeing people anymore you that hard operational stuff but he made the exception and they came over in and there’s a video online you could find it where Billy is sitting with Michelle all the supposed you know the woman who looks like asking because she does she looked so much like asking and when I went over a couple months later Billy had the photos he took with um Michelle and then Suzy the other woman on his desk he kept saying to me she really does look so much like asket it’s amazing but here there’s even more to this because they warned Meyer going back I think it was 1975 I remember reading it and we have it it’s in a book where he’s told that in America there are a couple of women who are entertainers who look very much like a skit Nora and Billy says oh let’s go look in a they say no no for certain reasons we’re leaving that alone 13 20 years later whatever comes the whole controversy the the player and already knew and they knew many things that Meyer was going to get you know just gonna be really difficult but they couldn’t stop it because it had to happen they already had looked forward in some cases in time and they just said well for certain reasons we’re not going to mess with that but this is one of those cases that if anybody on my website on my actual web site they fly calm I have an article asked at Niren you can look at it you can look at the photos you could read all the information and I have an article on my blog where we updated all the additional reasons why Meyer could not have been the person who put this that fake photograph together but this is this is good because go back to the photos of of the craft he has never hopes the phony didn’t need to as joe said about the 64 evidence and there’s more to that because there was a woman who was a young girl in India at the time who was a witness with another woman they were witnesses to the craft and to this woman asket walking around with meyer and she comes forward 30 years later and joe says look can what’s in it for her she’s that retired un diplomat and why would she come forward and disturb her own life at this time and he said i this guy joe had done hundreds of cases for the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigation and he said look I have vetted people who were public office who are aspiring to be a higher office we ferret about spies and moles I’ve read people’s body language and everything this kind of billy meier is the most honest guy i’ve ever seen i’ve looked at every video of his and his evidence is real and he’s as i said he says i’ll take on anything he took onto skeptics who were attacking the minor case he told him they were just loaded and one of them is a so-called UFO researcher who blathers on about rise while on this and that all the silly stuff any joe calls me and he says i don’t know how you deal with these people they don’t know how to think they’re not researchers they’re not investigators and they’re attacking billy meier this is real get over it and then i had a a a guy another guy didn’t know who was an attorney and a former trial lawyer out of the blue he writes me says i haven’t looked at all this information he says this is proof beyond a reasonable doubt this is courtroom quality evidence on and on and go so for people that have heard oh it’s a hoax billy meier as joe says hi billy meier ever need the hoax anything when in 1964 he’s got any real UFO photos if you still have a dozen of them no that’s not how life works so that all that info is there for people to think through themselves i don’t twist anybody’s arm to tell you got to believe this because there’s nothing to believe see the true or listen let me ask you this because and this is kind of deviating a little but it’s something we touched on before we went live somebody in the chat room was asking about 5g and you mentioned you you have a necklace that you wear that kind of protects you from the 5g I don’t know if you want to call it radiation or not but you want to talk a little bit about that because I did have some questions here that people were bringing up and I thought I thought it would be fitting because you had some technology you were showing me that you have actually to Mesa slightly funny story I’ll tell you why I don’t wear any rings or watches or jury I never did until in 2004 I was in San Francisco at an expo and I was speaking at this Expo and I was walking around looking all the booths and I saw this object that for some reason I was really attracted to it and I want it I kept coming back and trying it outside water so I know Switzerland with it the next month and I go over to see Billy and everybody and I’m wearing this thing because I like it and there’s a woman she’s wearing a different object and I said well what the heck is that so I’ll give you the the visuals oculus for what it’s worth because I have both of these alright so this is the thing it’s just a little like a little pendant I liked it and so I bought it and bought tool and I go to Switzerland and there’s a woman walking around she’s wearing this and I said well what the heck is that she said well it’s called a rain guard and she said the play ahran you know the extraterrestrials that this is what really said that this these things actually work and they’re very good and they make them for this is like personal users and desktops and also she said and declare and tested it out they said you know that’s a good thing they have okay so I said well that’s really curious tie the like here’s she said well I like the one you’ve got so we switched this is the you know what I had to so I kept one when I when it came back to the states I had this and I can keep this usually in my pocket and I said to her well why don’t you you know what we were emailing digress to see if Billy can test out get the player and the test the one that I’ve got and she said okay but I don’t know if they’ll do it well so about a week ten days later she writes me back and she said you know Billy asked them they would do it and they did and quetzel who’s one of their like technical people are strong took the device you’ve got and he tested it everything about it I said well what would he do find out he says it’s absolutely useless against electromagnetics but because the human being generates that an energetic field and what they call flu evil forces and stuff objects like this just like other jewelry and things will hold those forces to it which is a good reason why we shouldn’t for the most part wear a lot of jewelry crystals and things that we think are beautiful they’re holding a lot of energies that aren’t good for us but if you feel good about this particular object and it’s holding these energies to it it could be helpful for you but it’s not anywhere near this at all this thing which is called the regard so recently this woman I know in Colorado who’s involved with the biomaterial decided she would contact the European manufacturer for the ring guard and sell it and I said to her hey look I’ve got that you know regard and I got I got the new one from her cuz it’s for 5g and all all the heavier stuff that’s coming towards us and she I said to her if I put up an ad for you on my blog could I give a discount code for people so that they could get money off easier not you know they’re not cheap she said yeah I’ll give him a good discount although you have to do is what’s your code I said when my code will be MH 1212 so you know if you go to my blogger you know email whatever you’ll find that this company if she’s got a website it’s called neutral Weiss or something like that and I linked to it off of my blog I haven’t put out of my website yet and with my discount code and I usually announce that each time when I put up my for my own little online show like I don’t Tuesday night so she also is giving away she has him for the phones too and now she’s giving if people come to her site and they can use my code and get a discount and she’ll give a free phone tip too because there are people coming out there’s videos and stuff about how damaging especially five g’s in brain-melting stuff and everybody’s carrying these things on so that little thing I wanted people to know you know I don’t run around everywhere worrying to think sir not just keep it under my shirt and you know make sure the people that I care about anybody knows about and then you’re free to get it or not but Billy they make them in different little like little pyramidal shapes and things for desks and homes and some you know you can get it really expensive ones but if you have the personal one I put it under my pillow and sleep with the – because we’re bombarded all the time and this stuff will work you know for neutralizing all that and you know it’s a little diversionary but they have it they were warning Meyer about cell phones and all these frequencies long before the reports were coming out here it’s in the material I mean that’s the weird part about the Meyer case you go through there they’re warning about this stuff decades ago all these different things or they’re telling him about wandering black holes and colliding black holes and the speed of gravity and the speed and then we get these new discoveries so I’m going this is where I come back to so-called UFO experts well tell me something of unique significance and importance that you’re supposed extraterrestrials have either given D because Myra was given metal samples you know and they he was given these little squiggles of metal pieces of metal and they said to turn this over to your investigative team that they should bring them to this man at IBM okay well they did and thirty years ago this guy named Marcel Vogel maybe more than thirty years ago sets up a video camera and electron scanning microscope and x-ray diffraction and he analyzes and basically says with any technology available to me as a scientist today I can’t make this Finnish explains why well when we go to the next 500 X magnification now we’re seeing all these laser cuttings and things and then when we analyze it with spectrum analysis every element and the periodic table is there in discreet to each other this wasn’t just put together in the furnace it’s made at a cold fusion or outer space I can’t do it i without you can’t make it we still can’t make this the thing so he’s saying you know there it is they’re sound recordings has been analyzed people say oh that’s just like a fishing line now they analyze the sound recordings the frequencies are very discrete patterns interfacing 32 different frequency I mean goes on and on and on and whenever you think you could oh that’s gotta be a book well no it’s it’s this and this is why this has been suppressed by MUFON the Pentagon so the Stars Academy and all this hope bulky stuff and it timed along you just a couple of Meyer photographs won’t even admit they won’t talk about it I just sent emails to these people I’ve tried to get in touch with all these people they don’t want to talk because you’re being scammed folks the UFO industry and that’s what it is yeah that’s what that’s my opinion yeah and I people disagree obviously and I’ll engage with anybody yeah you know the evidence here you going oh my gosh my ears got seven feet there’s a race of that works with a player and their little short guys the different species they have seven fingers on their hand and as a joke this was years ago 2006 they came one night and they’ve actually done it a couple times and they cooked because they have a very acidic skin they put their hands around different places even up to the elbow like this on a couple of the cars one of the cars was the little Subaru car of Myers Texan and it itched the papillary lines into the finish of the car which lasted for years years and years through all the seasons and I had a team coming of people from Great Britain who wanted to interview Myer and they photographed but we have the photographs on our website and it’s like you know Linda Moulton Howe says to me oh can I bring scientists to exam mili says yes of course just don’t destroy the car she never came why because suddenly all this evil alien abduction this and mutilation that goes out the window and what are you left with you’re left with people from another world saying people you are real trouble down there you’re better sober up nobody’s abducting you from outer space this is information we’ve been through all this grief we’ve been through the Atomic Age we survived you may not and as for all these people it’s your head straight so you know that’s me carrying on about this the evidence is overwhelming I’m trying to go back to these comments here but I’m somebody anything you want there’s a bunch of people listening and people from all backgrounds some people are new to the work via this podcast I’ve never heard of Billy Mayer some people love his work they love the messages other people seem like they believed at one point and want to believe and this is a question from somebody that wants to know why I think it’s uh Randall quit who is it Randy winters randy winters yeah why did he quit representing billy meier that’s what somebody wants to know wonderful question in 1986 I met Randy winters I had just been given 18 hundred pages of the first transcripts and somehow i coincidentally meet Randy winters is representing the Billy Meyer case and we got along very well together were both musicians and on Randy I really I like brandy tremendous it’s just uh intelligent good guy excellent speaker excellent and we make a film together called the Pleiadian connection which you can still find online 1987-88 and I used to be the opening act for Randy winners because I was writing and singing New Age comedy songs about everything you can imagine UFOs channeling crystals healthfoods the rest of it I have a song called leave your body here with me I wrote a song called new-age blues ship on the White House law all this stuff so I’m beginning out for Randy at these events where he’s presenting I do all the silly stuff sit down and I’d watch the presentations but it started to bother me because I’m noticing wait a minute I’ve read the same material Randy head but Randy had already gone to Switzerland and met with Bill but Randy’s saying things which I know are not right there it’s changing stuff that I know this material just like Randy does that’s not right why is it so at one point in about 1987 I said to Randy you know Randy I would like to also make my own presentations of my own case Randy was very generous she says you know what that’s great I’ll give you a rack of slides you know this is way before a PowerPoint and all that so I started to go out and make these presentations and other people who were watching Randy stuff started to complain to Switzerland what is he talking about you saying that’s the saying that so in Switzerland in the 90s summer in 1990s they said to him please stop do not represent us anymore you’re making a mess and so into in 2000 I went to Switzerland for the first time you need Billy and everybody and I’ve gone just about every year since 1810 so in 2004 I said to them I’d like to represent you officially and here’s what I will do and his federal promise to do I will deliver your information the way you have it I’m not going to add or subtract anything as long as I have the right to say I don’t know or I don’t agree with this but this is what’s in America so I’m a free person and you don’t pay me anything I don’t pay you I do it voluntarily and they said of course that’s fine you’re your own person you have your own opinion whatever and you know as long as you stay – if you present it present what we have and that’s I’m now in late I don’t know 14th year or but you know the two seven-year agreements we wrote them out so that I could do that officially because I want it to be very careful to not do what Randy did and to intentionally or unintentionally be spreading disinformation so if I don’t know something about the case any troubles I don’t want people to believe the Meyer case it’s not what this is about but it’s like you know people saying I understand what they mean you know what I really want to believe no don’t don’t want to believe find out however long it takes you whether it’s true or not make your determination based on everything that you would evaluate that’s very driver I am and my green tea is the minister but anyways this is why it’s so important that people question like the people in your chat room that is kind of what I live for when people email and they say well I have trouble with this or you know what’s the answer to that where you gonna where’s the evidence I see critter so we dialogue about it or I send them the links that I know and I say look my blog my website search engines they have links to all the other websites start to do your own thinking because what is always spiritual teaching about the buyers publishes book miners Britney nearly sixty boarders ladies you jump that’s a lot it’s about how to think how our feelings work with our thinking works with our acting how our intuition actually functions how the higher senses get developed over time and through evolution it’s it’s so mind-blowing when people who have been for years and decades studying metaphysics or Karen or they start to read Myers books they’ve never they’ve never come upon this and it’s so clear it’s a teaching it’s not a belief system it’s not from so-and-so on Planet never follows someone’s know this is how thinking words this is how a thought leads to feeling then you get another thought based on the feeling which leads you to decide if you’re going to take an action and it all is happening usually below your conscious level of thought so when you’re doing what a lot of people now fortunately are wanting to do their wanted to become aware of what they are thinking because we’re thinking 24/7 and we’re doing stuff we’re feeling we don’t even know where it’s coming from because we don’t stop to go inward enough for instance in 1990 I created a therapeutic process based on thought feeling and feelings in all my body and I didn’t know about the scourge of teaching the mire case so years later when I found out about it I said I said workshop on this I’ve done this I was taken to Europe by a consultant Princess Diana Lakers fan to teach through European business people and government people at all because it’s an internal processes like a meditation incorporating body mind spirit well Billy said no no no keep doing that because that is compatible that’s part of what we’re teaching through the spiritual teachings there’s many ways and elements of things that this is doing something that we are teaching so teach that to people so I put the DVD up on my um night in my little shop of DVDs and books and stuff like that so if people come upon that they can start to use those elements but the best stuff of course is you start to study that the whole body of the material from building from this virtue teaching so this is what we’re trying what we’re doing now is trying to focus as much as we can on that because what is coming societally what is coming environmentally geopolitically the civil war is coming to the u.s. that mired has been warning about since 1981 we’re at the beginning of that now and i think a lot of people can see it we must learn how to take control of our own thinking field work with other people like minded people and build networks of like-minded people not look I have friends who are lifelong in religious systems that are totally different than anything I would but I did a show about to see it and I said the reason we’re friends because sometimes we’ll look at each other bail out it would come from such different cosmologies but we overlap in the center that’s what values are I have a friend who’s a lifelong Mormon I’ve got another friend who’s a very you know deep Catholic I’ve got friends who were Jews from the rest of I’ve met people in the Baha’i faith I’ve said to people with strong religious beliefs and this is where it really gets it to me it’s funny I said I have absolutely no respect for your beliefs and I hope you feel the same way about mine but I like your values because that’s where we overlap so love freedom peace community family all of this good stuff that’s where we are one yeah in the or being and that is what the teaching is about in the minor case there’s no believes there’s no religion there’s no fear of damnation and promises of heaven you know no sex because the the spiritual teaching is far more ancient and it’s been brought to us by the prophets of the past and changed and we know the names of some of the other contactees for the playard of the best this thing is like when you pull the first thread on the mire case you go I didn’t know that you mean this you mean yeah this is this is not the first rodeo for these people here Meyer is the final contactee prophet person for them that we will have on earth we now have all the material we need if we want it we study it and we test it awesome I think we can agree with that that’s a good place to end on as far as though I mean that’s essentially what this show is I have people like you say the friends I have those people from all faiths from all belief systems walks of life and a big part of it is the discussing ufology and and how things do overlap and even when it comes to the religious values and tradition how they overlap and in how we just have an AR we feel like we own the terms and we own the practices when a lot of this stuff is universal so I think that’s a good place to end somebody who has been very consistent in the chatroom someone named Brittany here ends with this comment here this is she’s been sending me a bunch of comments for you but says okay I think this interview changed my opinion about mr. horn for the better so you won one over by you know coming on this show so thank you so much if you want to go ahead and share your links out where people can check out your work and check out the Meyers story in a little bit more detail if you want to do that okay thank you it’s my website is called they fly they fly my blog is called they fly blog then I come I updated more frequently because there’s always so much stuff the new prophecies and predictions from Myer from last year are up on my blog and we even have stuff meeting back to 1948 from his first teacher and it’s happening now I have an online little show of mine on Tuesday nights as you know Patrick he’s gonna have to get you two to be a guest to an on our show and we’re you know having people from different walks of life come and also be you know guests in our show and we’re just trying to work with all of this on my blog I have information so to link to Carole site for this I answer all my emails it just takes me time to get to it so I will tell people that and then if there’s any questions or challenges please you send them just give me a little time because I also travel and do stuff but I will respond to all that there was something else oh yeah you know what if anybody who wants if you go into our shop and you see a book by Billy or a DVD or anything like that you want to get that and you order it and you put in your order the name of the show or Derek or every tooth secret whatever you want to do as long as I know Kane I will send you a free DVD – I’ve got a new presentation from just last year I might probably just send you that because lays out everything on my case so as long as in some way we refer here to Derek and the show then I’ll send you a free with whatever you order from my chef so that’s my big Pro Bowl I’m not really good at promoting but that may be yeah yeah yeah hey free free is always good so yeah just mention mention in this context okay and I really thank you for the interview I know there’s harsh things you know we’re saying but this is about our survival it’s not about careers as UFO experts and chasing lights in the sky yep I agree I agree it’s about the inward work as above so below essentially at the end of the day I appreciate you working what you bringing to the table thank you for hanging out with me I appreciate it we’ll talk to you soon thank you thank you brother Michael horn ladies and gentlemen the Billy Meyer case very interesting stuff very interesting stuff and when I was just consuming hours upon hours upon hours upon hours of research Billy Meyer you definitely come across his work and some of the people you may look up to in the field they mentioned his work and now some people who have no idea who Billy Meyer is they hear true seek I mentioned I’m they’re gonna they’re gonna look into it and I’ll tell you this like he said I will agree with this you have to you have to come to your own conclusion you have to do your own work you have to you know don’t let anybody think for you don’t feel that just because I have somebody on this show that I vouch for them that’s definitely not the case I’m not afraid of their story I’m not afraid to you know I’m I’m still learning – there’s a lot of that I don’t I’m not an expert on everything and I’m willing to say that and that’s how I come to my conclusions that’s how welcome to my conclusions is if the person claims to be an expert or claims to be the prophet or the end-all know all type of person and I will have to say that uh you know I feel like I feel like Billy my I feel like they’re trying to create almost a religion behind Billy Meyer you know if I have to be honest with you all he is the the go-to guy I was supposed to have some other guests on the show a while back and I would talk about spirituality with them before we went on the show and they would say that they’re the only person that can do this like I am the only one that can make contact with the aliens or with the angels or with Jesus I mean some of your you know reverence or saying that type of stuff you know even without saying it put it that way but they claimed to be the expert and and and they’re the one to come to for the knowledge and so I gave Michael the chance to to vouch for anybody says is there anybody in ufology who you feel is doing a good job who who I’m saying who’s doing something good there’s tons of people I’m reading the comments here people are mentioning james gilliland I love James Gilliland’s work Peter Maxwell Slattery he’s you know what I’m saying there’s some good stuff that Greer’s doing Grier is up in the air right now for a lot of people but there’s some good stuff he’s doing I did like um you know David Wilcock early on until he introduced Corey Goode and all of that stuff that’s just me personally but you have to come to your own conclusions and don’t think that just because we have these people on that I vouch for them or they’re telling the truth like but don’t but just because I say they’re lying or question them doesn’t mean you have to it’s I think we all have the gift and ability of discernment some of us a little bit more than others and some people may be able to see a bigger picture that I can’t see with particular people but when anybody and this goes for pastors teachers whoever claimed to be the end-all no all like I am the contactee I am the one you should be listening to all of this stuff and they they down other people’s work or say say stay away from it there’s nobody we’re the only ones teaching the truth stay away from those people run as fast as you can even Jordan Maxwell tells you that so you know what I’m saying run from those people I mean I’ll say this so I used to listen to a lot of this would be funny I used to listen to a lot of um Jimmy Swaggart the preacher Yeah right so especially with me getting so deep into a lot of stuff that I’ve studied over the years like even if we’re talking about the Hebrew Israelites or getting into mysticism or whatever the case is I would always be able to I was a truck driver and I would be able to listen to Jimmy Swaggart and they had this thing where like their big thing is we preached the cross which is the true way of salvation right the cross of Christ and but this is annex inclusive thing just to them like they are the only one who have that message that revelation and and I’ve heard Jimmy Swaggart preaching and I’ll say this I said all that to say Jimmy Swaggart would help keep me grounded as far out as I would get in ufology or mysticism or they black Hebrew Israelites or whatever that what I was studying at the time I’ve studied many paths that would help me stay grounded to my faith in Christ so but I’ve heard Jimmy Swaggart crying on air on radio and from the pulpit crying his eyes out that they are the only Church preaching the truth they’re crying weeping wailing that they’re the only church that has the truth crying over America and the state of the churches and things like that you got to stay away from those people anybody who claims to be the end-all no although we’re the only ones with the truth many denominations are like that in Christianity they say hey the Mormons say stay away from the these people the charismatic states say stay away from the Baptist the Baptist tells you that the charismatic so crazy everybody has the exclusivity and they’re the only ones teaching it true I know that’s totally not not not the case well I think everybody has a piece of the truth and people are even mentioning in the comment section about Billy Meyer that they say some of his stuff is on some of its spot-on I think that’s the case with a lot of them even Jimmy Swaggart and people are commenting now as I’m bringing this out saying Jimmy Swaggart a fraud it’s all about the money some of Jimmy Swaggart is good he’s got some stuff that’s right on really good that you’re not gonna get from billy meier you’re not gonna get from any other preacher or whoever so I think everybody has a piece of the puzzle man it is really walking in the spirit of discernment to be able to learn a little bit from all of these people and hold on to the good because I think it’ll resonate with this some of us have to go down paths like maybe you have to jump on board in my case with the black Hebrew Israelites to go down path and learn something there’s things that I learned from from that cult or that sect of people that I would never have learned in an evangelical Christian Church I would never learn studying euphology or mysticism I learned how to study I learned scriptures that many people look over even with their mysticism we’re getting in the Jordan Maxwell there’s stuff that I’ve learned that I would have never learned down any of these other paths and stuff so I believe that all of that stuff happens for a reason but we just got to make sure that we don’t get into the veneration of people or the veneration of other men greater than ourselves yeah I deal with this stuff with like you know I’m saying people who follow a chart even a church leader cuz y’all still deal with a lot of Christians and church people and stuff and so like I’ve dealt with some of Brandon bothrops groupies here here lately and and they love him like they say everyone needs to follow this man he has the truth his revelation is on point I try to I try to check you guys when you guys say that about me like a lot of people try to say it about me but I’m I’m Lama with y’all like I were studying this together and I’m trying to take knock these people off of these pedestals because they are to the Brandon bloss a regular dude Jimmy Swaggart regular people Billy Meyer so regular dude these guys are regular people man and and they’re not privy to anything that you that you aren’t if you’re if you if you seek it you can have whatsoever you ask for whatever you want to find whatever you want to search out and in life and the universe and the scriptures you can give yourself over to it and there’s amazing things that you can find and you can see you don’t have to go through another medium another source to get your information or to follow a person obviously we all learn from each other one another and our hierarchy goes sideways it doesn’t go up and down in the shape of a pyramid you don’t have this one dude sitting up top who’s got all these people under him it goes sideways we are to submit ourselves to one another to make sure that we’re in check that we’re in line and that we have one another’s back that’s what it’s about so I mentioned these people man I think the have something good to the table I’m at a weird place too and I have to you know I have to check myself because you know I entertain some of the some of these conversations I’m not scared of the conversation I enjoy the conversation I don’t go around having these conversations in day-to-day life with people about the aliens or the pleiades like I don’t go out looking for conversations I’m very much a hermit I have my routine I deal with my family and my friends on you know social occasions but they’re very rare we have our routine so I enjoy the conversation and in the form of a podcast this is essentially what it is but then again just because I have to I’m at this point where I have to like not be scared to call people out like I’m a host I’m and I really have learned a lot from George Noory listening to hours upon hours upon hours of coast-to-coast am well he’ll let these people come on his show share their story and even maybe if he feels like they’re lying he’ll it makes for a good story and then they could be telling the truth he because he you know maybe he has the grace enough to say that he doesn’t know that they’re lying about their story so he’ll let people call in and say hey I was staring at the moon and the moon you know started move in and all kind of you know just weird stuff that sounds and he will sound very interested and what they have to say maybe he is he doesn’t call BS just on random people just because he doesn’t believe them maybe even without proof so I’m at a point like that but I but there is some there should be some wisdom that is used as well because some of these people I’ve had on as guest man these people turn around and bite me on ass say straight up Brandon bar top has been one of them I’ve had people come on the show as a guest and in the next day they’re talking about putting a lawsuit on me and suing me if I promote the content in a particular way I’ve had people that I do not associate with anymore that I’ve interviewed and we had great discussion and I’ve entertained stuff part of that is because of my background I come from the Christian Christianity that where you had to be right about everything like no matter what it was in Moton usually from Christian doctrine you’re talking about the Trinity the Holy Spirit baptism miracles the supernatural angels demons like all of these topics like you had to have you had to be right on and so all of these different all of these different denominations claim that they are right about all of these different things right they all claim that they hold the truth or the in down no all upon baptism or aliens right I mean there’s denominators getting popular now to talk about aliens even in churches or whatever and so I come from the path of debating people and wanting to win you over to my belief system or my doctrine I mean that’s what’s taught in Christianity or anybody who’s evangelical essentially someone who goes out there in evangelizers to try to make disciples you have to get them to agree to your your doctrine so I come from like a really deep into that especially with the Hebrew Israelites we would go out on streets and debate people you know in the open stuff in in to win or to be successful was to get them to like renounce their belief system and follow your teaching I was miserable when I was doing that and when I had my spiritual awakening man and it went even deeper what and I I essentially embrace love and I embrace the fact that instead of looking at somebody’s belief system or religion and see what what made us different and see where they were wrong and where they were off because hey we all have it I mean there’s people who look at me and they they see something a little I have a hat that has an eyeball on it I say they see that all-seeing eye they turn it off they can’t listen to me I’m in the Illuminati bah bah bah bah bah bah bah you find things that you disagree with that makes makes it what you can’t walk with this person and religion taught me to do that but now I embrace what’s right with people I’m able to look at people prophetically and see what’s good about them see that the potential within them even that the potential that they don’t see within themselves that’s a spiritual gift not everybody can do that but I found so much peace in my life to look at you and say okay I could I could I could see that I could see the best in you even what you can’t see it in yourself that’s a blessing but at the same time it has come to be a curse as well because with people like Brandon Barth right people I had many people as I interviewed him and they say man stay away from that dude that dude is out there that dude is bad news he’s got some crazy off-the-wall doctrines and belief system he’s poison to the community stay away from this guy don’t give him a platform and I said look I’m not scared of brain abarth up I’m not scared of his message and because I see the good that he’s doing yeah he’s crazy he’s back he’s crazy dude is crazy right but he’s got some good stuff that he’s doing he’s taking people off the street people are coming through his ministry they’re getting off drugs to kick in heroin they’re kicking meth habits like that’s the stuff that I’m with all this other stuff he’s doing that’s crazy I could see past that to see the good that Brandon boss was doing right so I would just build upon that and uh and that’s good and people are and I’ve lost followers or lost an audience we sell here true so you’re dealing with Brandon I can’t deal with you if you think Brandon is legit then we can’t deal with you true see good cuz your discernment is this out the window it’s not that I think that he’s legit I believe that he’s doing some good just like everybody everybody has some level of good that they’re bringing to the table and I like to build upon that it’s essentially being able to look at the valley of dry bones in the scriptures and see these bones that are dead but being able to look at look at the dry bow and say look this is an army if we can if we can wake these dry bones up and if they could become flesh again we would have an army let’s prophesy over them let’s speak over them and these bones grew flesh and stood up and begin in the valley of dry bones became an army again because someone’s seen the potential in them someone spoke out the potential that they’ve seen and I do that it’s such a blessing to do it I’ve won people over to God to Christ to spirituality because I seen potential in them that they did not see within themselves but it it’s a place where you let you overlook the bad stuff that sometimes comes back to bite you on the butt maybe that’s part of it you know I don’t and I’m trying to learn the place to be a good host to be a good spiritual leader and still you know not go around causing contention with everyone just because I don’t believe a hundred percent in what they’re bringing to the table some of the stuff is poison man you know what I’m saying I in and you have to discern man and I want to teach you to think for yourself man I want to teach you too to be able to discern to be able to look at these people and be able to see the good within them but also be where we are the bad be wary of the poison you know what I’m saying this what would they say they say be able to eat the meat but spit out the bones don’t choke upon the bones that is poison to some of these people are putting out there everybody has a piece of it man everybody has something good that they bring it to the table a lot of people are operating out of hurt a lot of people are operating out of wanting to be accepted you know I’m saying so they build a platform where people adore them and appreciate them for something that they didn’t get from their parents or mostly just like in Brandon situation from the church you know they kicked him out they you know they he got too crazy for him they he didn’t want nothing to do with him so he’s like I’ll show you you know what I’m saying let me start my own platform and and let me show you so you have to be able to judge the intentions of people’s hearts man but um and that that comes with practice man so wherever you are in the in the spiritual realm use discernment I’m for looking into it all but you have to discern whether how far you gonna walk with these people and be careful I don’t want to be guilty of getting someone to join a UFO cult you know what I’m saying and some of these people they’re out there and you think I’m like trust me I’ve I’ve been a part of movements that uh tell you to sell your possessions let’s move out of the country and people do it and they start communes and crazy stuff crazy people and then pick it up the leader begins to sleep with everybody his wives just like Jim Jones and dr. Malachi York and all of these different cult leaders over over time and they’ve all all done it these people are out there man you know so you have to be able to walk in the spirit of discernment for before everyone it was shot out the everybody was holding me down in the chat we got a lot of people hanging out here Kristy Lee lil T Britney Britney says I actually quit listening to seeker it was too focused on religion but this has been amazing you know it’s funny cuz like I have the people who listen to me because I discuss religion and then they’ll say true secret talks about aliens too much I’m cool I’m stop listening I enjoy it all I think all of its a part of the conversation I think that UFOs or angels or whatever you want to call these aliens or whatever it’s part of spirituality especially in this part of religion like all of this stuff has to do with it but and it’s funny that I can I can look at the good at the whole Billy Meyer thing or I’m saying to Michael horn what he’s bringing to the table is like we did agree I do agree with the fact that it’s about bettering yourself spiritually there you know but as far as like when people you start demonizing other people you have to be careful of that like that shows you that person’s intention that they’re trying to build a platform I can easily get on here and do it and I don’t do it maybe I should I don’t know I really don’t I’m still learning when it comes to this I’ve seen good and bad come from come from it but the discernment is wish you you got to walk in you have to learn so binary says no no worries truseq I think I speak for the many when I say we think you’re cool eh thank you bro I think you’re cool AF – bro somebody says you speak for me bhai nari I love you guys man yeah I think we all have a piece of the puzzle and understanding that people would have me just to kind of go live and do my own thing and bring my own information out which I do try to tie it in to the to the show but like this platform essentially was built upon having discussions with people even people I don’t agree with and then trying to you know believing that they have a piece of the puzzle and bringing it out and if you only hear one or two things and I use Jordan Maxwell that’s a perfect example I do not agree with everything Jordan Maxwell talks about some of his stuff is is crazy some of his stuff is speaking from a place of hurt and hatred and bitterness – you have to be able to discern that if you can’t discern that you need to you know you got it you gotta learn man you got it you got to you got to put this stuff in into practice you can you can tell people’s motives and intentions when you bring up sore subjects to them you know even maybe even me maybe even me when I mentioned Brandon ball so up and his uh his followers his groupies you know what I’m saying like those people are nasty man he’s that there is some bad stuff in and what he’s doing but I’ve kind of even with him though on the show I’ve discussed that like I’ve talked about his mimicking followers you know when people just being rude and cursing people out and sending nasty emails and exposing people it’s it’s insane and Christie’s been a Christian coot my friend Christie least like it Christie Lee she’s been uh she’s been in that in that circle before to where people uh you know talk down upon you and send you nasty emails because they don’t believe that you’re doing what you’re called to do right because if they had the platforms they would do it different right that’s the thing many people like when you build your platform and you have something that you’re just showing up people get jealous of that people people get jealous with that they you know they feel like they can do it better or you don’t deserve that or you’re teaching and influencing a lot of people that they feel like they should be influencing trust me I’ve dealt with the for a long time Carolyn’s joining us now good friend Carolyn she says came in late but we’ll watch the whole thing I think you’ll like it Carolyn I think you’ll enjoy this episode make sure you listen to the whole thing definitely talking about Billy Mayer so it’ll be good so what is behind our religion the main ones is not the same as the people who is following the cult is always extreme and corrupted yeah definitely I agree with you memoryless memoryless meme las’ thank you guys for hanging out with me in the chat I do want to plug what I’m doing again definitely through patreon for those of you guys who appreciate the show and support the work make sure that you support through patreon it’s what helps keep me going I really do depend on it so thank you guys for keeping the channel going keeping the podcast going and my music as well I get to do what I love because of you and so I try to bring something valuable to the table for you guys and try to just be open as well so backslash true seek is where you can support also you get access to the school of the Mystics and we’ve been really enjoying that and I’ve even man this last week was really good if you guys are looking for community and looking for a place to belong if you want to have one-on-one dialogue and discussion with like-minded people most of the people not most but a lot of people who are commenting in the in the chat room right now they’re part of the school is the Mystics as well and like I said its training equipping and then activation where we actually get to practice hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit feeling the energies that people are feeling and speaking it out to try to be effective with if it’s if we just have if you just have the revelation that’s one thing you can know all of this stuff about people have this inner knowing and being intuitive but if you don’t have the interpret this we learned all this last week too so you’ll learn this stuff everything’s everything is it’s in the archives too so if you have the revelation there’s one thing you have to get the interpretation and once you get the interpretation then you have to walk into application and apply it and we’re learning how to do to do this together in a save space so make sure you guys join us at the school of the Mystics every Thursday night 7 p.m. if you missed missed it would

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