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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Brooklyn & Jah Love from the band Jambiance about spirituality, art and overcoming addiction. This was the first ever TruthSeekah Podcast that was live in front of an audience. Brooklyn and Jah both came together and set up the first ever Shanti Fest in Tallahassee Florida and I (TruthSeekah) was on the bill to perform as an artist. I figured that this would be a great first opportunity to take the podcast on the road and it was! We had an amazing time altogether with great music, yoga, guided meditation food and friends. I had to opportunity to meet some of my long time Patreon supporters for the first time who came to be a part of the event as well.

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[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] something makes sure it’s good [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] beautiful what’s up Chavo is with me love put the van jumpy on so we’re gonna get into some discussion about spirituality Awakening and all things spiritual that we do go any further was a huge thank you to all the patron supporters everybody who I enables me to be able to do this full-time you guys are awesome to be here you guys are awesome to all my people from like four hours+ so thank you for being good guys good stuff so um if you want to support backslash truce you’re going to get access to a bunch of cool stuff that way so make sure you guys check that out too ality man awakening arts music painting like all of this beautiful stuff they’re not changing the consciousness man one song at a time when verse seven it’s now one meditation so I want to get into a little bit of that one spoke you today well this just start off this by giving a little bit of your background who you are what you bring to the table and maybe how you got into spirituality and what we call this stuff [Music] from [Music] [Music] started [Music] music has been part of my life like I wouldn’t be here without you I think it’s one of the most important things right now it’s pretty awesome straining a conscious vibration elevating that vibration but for me I was very Methodist [Music] [Music] [Music] so basically small-town sexuality SD is that personal growth of that journey of going to the place of darkness and finding God for yourself and in its it’s funny took the Scriptures talk about like the new company of what this thing is of proclaiming the message of the Bible is the new covenant and Christ which means you don’t need your neighbor to tell you about God that in those darkest moments that you can hit your knees that you can look up to the night sky and you can interact with this creator which you hear and loves you and that essence oh it’s coming from those dark places man and man that’s pretty much a special blessing for those people who have dealt with it at an early age like you dealt with it when you were young you have to deal with it you know later in life and everything from crumbling down you lose your job you lose your marriage all this comes up you deal with that darkness and it kind of prepares you to learn how to deal with the BS and the negative stuff that comes at you I’ve dealt with it before this is all you’re throwing at me I’ve dealt with that I’ve dealt with you know I’m saying bigger demons and Devils in so that’s really cool when we struggle at an early age and we learn from it we build from it it isn’t a spiritual alchemy and everything so we bring that to the table I love that I love I love talking to people who I want to know how you came out of it like how did you come because you deal with addiction not everybody makes it out not everybody finds recovery some people dying in it so we lose friends I got countless loved ones man just crazy stories and then no longer with this what was like the thing that helped you the most was it going to recovery when they go into a a or something like that what was it that kind of helps you get out of that rut I [Music] realize that I adapt this reality hit me like I was living the same cycle over just heartbreak and just the same cycle over again we’re just a barn or saying people the same time a betrayal I was looking for connection and I turn on places and I think eventually like was nerdy and that’s what I find especially write that in there it wasn’t something that I went to churches like my god no it was in my bed when I was arrogant so I think that it was when I finally accepted it’s awesome we’re watching have you ever struggled with addiction [Music] good way of life but through that I was able to there should be so much higher state ever experienced yeah like when I did that it helped me really see a lot of the patterns I was unaware [Music] yeah take your drug free right now right what about like a blog so you can say that drugs are medicine like sanity I represent Lee agencies that work for the theater okay yeah I think it’s up to the individual thing for me personally it is because I’m really good at taking something that’s to define the state that will be easiest but it’s always like the but like the patterns that are usually destructive in our lives there’s the quick fixes but what can give me joy that I didn’t have to work for like you have to work hard to feel when you say like you have to do things if you want to create a event you got planned you guys helped plant this event right you guys helped bring everybody together to travel from all over to be here and you have to sit down all come together and enjoy this but it takes a lot of work to do that and just like anything in my a great marriage a great friendship a great relationship with God I can to work and all that stuff nothing’s given so with with the drug then you spent quickly so they’re easy happiness or the alcohol the addiction whatever it’s just instant release of dopamine and serotonin and things that just give us this quick fix that didn’t work for that didn’t work for that take it back from your funny the next day I kind of come down for myself you’re having a great life good wrenches are the stuff and you can say it right you want something you believe in something you spend money on it you’re going to spend time investing in making so that’s awesome it’s also a big story um I wanna cuz I’ve talked to you online in private about spirituality in demons evil spirits those type of things and we have a short conversation last night about some stuff and exploring the idea of what we were look if we had things going bump in the night with little kids waking up with weird stuff going on we don’t feel like a little kid like here you’re marked like they’re kind of glued on the earth to do great things and then there’s this floodgate of evil that wants to stop it wants to scare you and keep you away keep you in the closet I understand what were some of the comments you had as a kid that kind of made you know that the spirit realms we’ll the things existed on the other side I had so much stuff and I’m doing what I’m doing right now because the things are having something when I was four you know what I’m saying it is shaking me [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] looking back at you kind of feel like you were trying to like you were marked good how are you doing thanks for [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] the legal aid [Music] and be able to are you able to see it because you’ve dealt with that early on and you know if somebody’s in the closet you know if somebody’s being bullied like you didn’t pick up on that it’s not it’s basically not being understood in a [Music] sensual experience but that’s not who you are your experiences we have a theory that I’ll put in one of my song backs it got from Christy Lee life isn’t it isn’t happening to you like this happening through you and everybody quotes that and I think I’m a bit leery but I got to give sign up to Christine’s I got it from her but that’s the things I did not you’re not a victim anymore you know I’m saying place where you have to kind of shift gears a little bit you have myself gonna own this I’m making from it I’m going to forgive and walk in freedom to value those people who did those things to you they have to have gone on with their life and they haven’t thought twice about it we’re stuck in a place of of shame and guilt or something to happen to us 113 you know we’ve been married for 20 years or 40 years 60 years some people some people go to their Grady taken and stuff with them and it affects their relationships moving forward with whoever the tiger the person was a type of person that person had whether there was a pastor or that it was a father figure that walked out and remember it is never there or boyfriend that meet you or left and you started judging all men are pastors according to this relationship you have with this one pastor or all Muslims or this are all Christians or that or whatever it’s like judging everything so to be able to release that stuff and just go through life you’re not a victim of the circumstance but you’re a victor over this stuff and we have to kind of click to head off of that giant like in the protocol senseof hold it up and say look that that giant has been tormenting me for 20 years there’s this head take it addiction whatever perversion whatever it is and just get rid of a minute fine let people know that it’s awesome to be cosmic vocal about everything I think I was doing as far as the art side of it in and bringing spirituality and awakening through art through music painting do you know say the way you carry yourself your hair like everything is an expression man of art and so what do you believe that like as far as like the power of art whether it’s what it has on the culture like we’re down here downtown to wherever we are there’s like our everywhere I get all these buildings and those are because everybody’s just beautiful and glowing and creating stuff what’s the power of art and music and creativity for you and like why do you do it I feel like art and creativity are where they can express higher [Music] and it like you said that it comes through us spirit that spirit has an infinite way to express itself come on so much catches a glimpse of that would ever come up to a poetry or freestyle we don’t and this like you let your spirit sweet down man us give you guys were you with jamming last night some beautiful stuff I don’t know if you wrote it or if you just freestyling last night I was down [Music] [Music] [Music] that’s the best of all readiness we can go back and revisit experiences three hard with you know everything [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] they should be like I’ve seen so many clients are like when they’re breaking out like they stopped breathing [Music] [Music] if anybody has any questions we had a question of YouTube do you want to know something I can you were a different story Mike but yeah if anybody has any questions anybody here or anybody on YouTube feel free to ask us if I make you a part of my favorite events that we’re doing this live podcast first time for everything we’re going to do many more but the whole thing about having those ideas right but we talked about last night we have so many ideas but you have to like which one do I grab would you want to do I think which song do I write we’ve got 70 songs going to get ahead in a day which one are you gonna manifest which one are you going to slow down and bring into this reality but if you don’t do that it just exists as a good idea and we all have great ideas right but it’s when we can be consistent and learn how to be a shaman and go into the dreams they go into the realm it bring it out in it created and existed in this song didn’t exist this whatever meaning event did not exist until you went there and you had a good authority speaking it out telling people don’t have things and you burnt it into existence and [Music] how this came about it was just an idea a little bit on this on this journey and that’s broken this can be dark you could be lonely at times and especially when you’re saying countercultural you’re different you go against through the grant or whatever we do feel like I’m the only one who feels like this I’m the only one going through it until you start to organize and stop talking about it and open with your story look it’s a whole movement of people who just waiting for people to speak up and you get to try you know what I’m saying there with you that’s T so we got a question from YouTube like Kenny asked one of these questions pumpkins what about Christie [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I think that’s definitely relevant for my life I think I was asleep and not myself and eventually I came to know broken at what’s happening with the whole world without know [Music] [Music] it can be weird especially in the spiritual realm spirituality is like always be positive always blessings don’t eat Kurtz’s you sick not sick you just think you’re safe those type of things you know and just want to put up fake it till you make it ideal but you know dealing with the dark stuff and the people who are you know just opening honest about the painting about the struggle it helps other people to know that they’re not alone that means me when I was a teenager I remember you know getting into the band Korn and this guy was the first one who Mike in his music openly talked about rape on a station getting bullied and beat up and all this kind of suffering he talked about it in the song and just that he would cry in the record insist you go back to once like their early recording sessions he’s man he’s there’s some stuff coming out of him and he’s reliving now what it felt like and he’s recording it and so for other people I wouldn’t listen to that stuff and cry in through similar situations and stuff so just to act like this is like spiritual high voice I call you it never happened it’s okay you’re good I’m just gonna go down through there man and eat that stuff out [Music] yeah and then be it fuels me it makes me maintain whatever it is what maintains that I have hey there’s my defect there’s my pain of letting a change and how do I keep building and how do i hard I think pain pills are angels worship their fuels their life s like we out like me like I would once it connects so badly budget and experience pain and so it’s really like I don’t want any creases and resist it maybe some people I think you really like serious the same thing every day yeah yeah your deep calls up to deepen those who have like if you’ve been forgiven of a lot you’ve been freed of a lot you have a lot to be thankful for so there’s just gratitude every day a person like with gratitude like a I’m not where I should be but I’m not what it used to be and I’m thankful that I mean to breathe because I didn’t need you seven eight times that I probably should have been dead or should have been in a psychiatric ward or came a little order whatever the case is right and I’m still here so every day is a blessing every conversation every song everything is a blessing and I’m thankful and I want to help people who are who have been through some other things it gives you an impetus for people like you know what that demon looks like you can sense it on people you’re able to be empathic and you have empathy where you want to help them and heal them whether it’s writing a song about it or whether it’s having a conversation about their you know what I’m saying bringing healing to those woman’s man dad a lot of people don’t address can you said we got some more comments here some questions from YouTube [Music] yes [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] press [Music] [Music] [Music] recognize the planets and then you but you have a conscious choice of your semi driver to come out of it even though we’re talking about it yeah the pressure exists but when you’re in it where you just feel like laying down and eating Oreos and playing video games are just doing nothing like sometimes like it’s hard to pull yourself out of that rut you know that but it always helps make this exercise and like getting active you know and even just this morning it’s beautiful I feel refreshed from it I’ve heard I’ve heard y’all Rogan say like if you want to meet the most shield people go outside of our studio where we’ve just done an hour of yoga and I’m gonna be the most Campos you know and those people so going back to our spirituality creativity in there there’s something just there about you creating something that would have existed without you breathing your breath of life into it now whatever it may be hopefully it’s something beautiful in those people creating wicked stuff and crazy stuff all the time but something beautiful that’s going to help people get through life make their trip a little bit easier more comfortable let them know they’re not alone those are the things that I like to focus on but we’re talking about the power of music right and I’ve been exploring that these realms that you can get your in so we have been able to listen to songs from NACO or whoever you want to name corn and I you know and they can take you back they in the start but he can take you back to the bathroom bedroom other ballistics is going on it somehow to bring you there and relive that with him and you start crying and you’re dirty listen to it I can have that power right same thing with spirituality of what we’re trying to bring to the table in Allen we talk about stargaze and receiving messages while stargazing and lyrics and stuff writing them down and we’ll move into a song we share them to people and now you’re translated in the spirit to the top of the mountain stargazing with me I had those thousands of people have been able to experience that and to understand the power of that energy you know and that’s why I would want to create we don’t want to focus on the negative stuff we want to create the positive spaces no matter where you are you can put your headphones on and you could be on that mountain with us stargazing but whatever you’re going through through the woods once inside and like talking to God like you can write something to pull people back you can relive that man isn’t that something interesting when when people are playing music and it just has that energy to change the atmosphere [Music] the [Music] [Music] like a time machine to like you can put on a song that you’re this song that don’t listen to because it takes me back listen to the corn stuff doin thinking more guys like I don’t want to go back to that place but it has the ability to bring you back to if you have a song with you know saying your lover or whatever in your your song that when you met the song was this was the top song on the pop charts that was always on the radio when we met that season right and you when that song comes on immediately I got you know Chris Barnes playing with his phone over there he can do you know miss out there buddy in the live stream and hanging out with us too so but yeah as far as like Chris they’re like we talk about the specific song we talked about this yesterday there’s a song that means so much to me that I barely listen to it I don’t want the newness of that song to where you were talking about how it’s able to bring you back to this encounter psilocybin encounter as soon as you hear the opening note the atmosphere changes that’s the power of music man you don’t understand vibration music one thing is vibration vibration slow down slow down the time it’s making a sound we might not be able to hear it sometimes through meditation and like practicing yoga and breath work we can learn to hear these things I got pretty called like the third year this hard sometimes because there’s so much stimulation having cars you know power lines that that affects the psychic network electric so it creates a lot of distortions of our reality and so it can be difficult to hear because there’s so many distortions happening but with practice if you really want to hone those abilities it’s it’s so possible there’s nothing stopping that and we can we can work together and pull our abilities and create a stronger foundation of community on earth through these practices one thing I think school is like I think people that have also shared the same pain or like I’ve tapped into you like my third year is like you all these people come together and they’re creating our music whatever it may be and then out of nowhere there’s at least seen through those feet where it is like as if they’d been practicing this song her whole life but we have it’s like our first time playing and like well we just like create a great song I kind of know where in my garage I did like colors would be all tucked in to the same frequency at the same time and we all got the same back to like I was talking about everything is vibration like I’m a vibration vibration and everything’s a vibration so I feel like music there’s something really special about it being expressed never-ending I don’t know where it began it’s ever changing ever shifting everything there’s many faces many shapes it’s beautiful like I feel through all that darkness all the pain that I’ve experienced then everything shifting this is beyond us you save a kiss that operation of man kind of make it happen pull it out we’re talking about like life the vibration and the planet and the universe like everything the music of the spheres like there’s like science that shows you that trees are creating like a little they’re like had this metronome or whatever they’re the drums there’s a video of somebody just stare it out that’s what they can fly or something but anyway it was a someone who had these little microphones that they put on a dandelion sunflower it is playing this really high pitch angelic synth and I’ve seen people take all of those tones and those noises I mean that’s what we get the chant on from is the south of the Sun the song of the Sun is so we join with all creation essentially singing their worship song back to the Creator and we kind of you know our life and everything that we’ve been through and we want to connect with that sound and in unison with the whales and everything that’s not weighted making that noise and this was so beautiful um I feel like that ancients know about this stuff man you know I mean carving the ancient scriptures and all of them right and like they knew something now we kind of are getting dumbed down or whatever and it’s about trying to recapture that stuff do you think like the Mayans the Egyptians in the Hebrew so ever you can eyes do you think these people knew about this that our body held this technology that we can tune in that we can do think through different hand mudras and things again and tap into the frequency of the universe most definitely if you look at a lot of culture all around the world most knowledge wasn’t passed down like traditional schooling you see 19th century a lot of that has been lost but like I said knowledge was passed down through song and dance and I feel like weightless but it’s still here most definitely like there’s still I feel like the agents still walk this earth they’re trying to reach out to you at times like when you can get quiet and you get those inspirations like I know something that they knew and they’re like we’re walking [Music] it’s timeless information Thank You coaches somebody say hi to some somebody something just communicating right and we’re able to tap in whether it’s that constant records or heaven in or whatever the case that way it’s moving into something greater outside of ourselves and grab a piece of it and bring it especially it’s also when it’s healing so we’re coming up on date the end of the podcast so I’m asked you got this one last question where do we go from here and what’s next don’t we just keep keep doing what’s working consistencies with it right this is working let’s keep doing it let’s keep building tell the people explain expanding the message like where do you go from here as far as moving forward with the directions I feel like it’s kind of an ominous known just actually communicating getting the message out there keep playing music keep painting keep keep creating being that like I think people like that’s the only way to go forward and I think that I think we should bring a lot more of our ancient ways that knowledge has been passed down through song and dance like when you hear through dance and song I feel like it sticks better tune into it looking forward to continuing this path I don’t know where physically it will take me but I know that spiritually it’s going to align everything everything is aligning everything’s energy for so just I’d like to move forward and just continue to believe in yourself whatever it is you believe in whatever your truth is live that children be weird whatever whatever yes he be strange the eccentric individual big plans you’ve got a pretty fun future have you something you want to give it [Music] [Music] [Music] it’s huge thank you to everybody who’s hanging out with us right now in this sacred space talking about these things I mean when you talking about this stuff like stuff happens in the spirit realm man I stopped happening to it is happening to conversation that’s what you know you’re really spiritual or we like we don’t have the book a session we just have a conversation and I can see chains and strongholds and ideas that are hurting you could just fall off do you know what I’m saying so the beautiful thing about spirituality just being spiritual through conversation and so I love talking about this uh being open and encourage everybody to speak their truth and continue doing that so each other everybody holding us down on YouTube while they do choose family there everybody listening to this podcast on your favorite podcasting app whichever one that is and a huge special thank you again to everybody supporting my work through patreon if you would like patron head on over to see if you could access to my entire discography bunch of cool stuff as well as our Thursday night school of the Mystics where we pretty much do this for the most part on a personal level so another sign up for everybody driving as far as you guys did always to come hang out this is our try out man for hours you guys are awesome Joshua looming like it’s good to meet you man you’ve been supportive for a long time but it’s our first time meeting you come out here and hold it down so brother thank you again publicly for the support you’ve been on the podcast Chris it’s been on the podcast you guys up now down here Kenny’s been on the podcast it’s cool like when you have a bunch of cool friends because now I’m not this big Christine’s been on the bike like I have a big pool of people that I can pull from hey you got an awesome story you got something that’s working let’s talk about it and share with the community and thousands of people listen to it and comment and their lives are changed by you being open you live in your truth and stepping in it you’re like I said change of falling off just for you being authentically you so with that was insane your home as well thank you guys peace and Shalom

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