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TruthSeekah speaking about his experiences with synchronicity. One particular experience included watching David Wilcock during his 2012 Enigma presentation where he begins to speak about being able to time travel while focusing on a loud ringing in the ears often referred to medically as a condition called tinnitus. Synchronicities act as bread crumbs from heaven. Its as if God is letting you know that you are on the right path and headed in the right direction. Sometimes the information that comes through is mind blowing and other times the synchronicities seem to have a comedic edge. Whatever you believe it is you can be sure that there is a consciousness aware and letting you know that simply you are not alone.

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somebody says uh you got a Celebi back there just chillin yep yep a that there Celebes stories deep for me man I got that Celebi for a reason and it has to do with synchronicity David Wilcock in Pokemon synchronicity David Wilcock in Pokemon quick story I’ll go ahead and get that out just so we talked about it so essentially when I was having that awakening back around 2011 things were going getting deeper I was already thought I was deep but as I got deeper man and just start having all of these crazy encounters and experiences started hearing about synchronicity start I found the work of LCOB Lost Children ababil and their music started listening to coast to coast started having my own encounters found David Wilcock 2012 enigma I’m watching that and David Wilcock is talking about these this ringing in the ears that you would hear and you know when you get quiet some people hear this really loud ringing sound in your ears and he went back to ancient Egypt and he showed like these different writings and stuff in his diagrams on how that when you would get quiet and you focus on the ringing in your ear that you can actually time travel and leave your body by focusing in on that pitch that frequency we put tones and frequencies like that on to meditate to anyway right but if you get quiet some people hear that that high-pitched noise I hear it well that was the first time I heard somebody speak about that in a documentary or or ever and I’ve always heard that sound when I every time I would get quiet or try to go to sleep at night it would be so loud they say it’s a medical term called tinnitus I had it as a little kid you know I get quiet and you hear something it’s a tune man it’s a tone you’re in tune with the frequency i watch the 2012 enigma David Wilcock mentioned it the next day come home from work I’m laying down on the floor and I’m watching put the Pokemon movie with my daughter or watching Pokemon and all these little creatures are flying around and stuff and there’s a little creature in the back back there Celebi he’s at Pokemon and and he was in the movie and so they were being chased through the woods by the bad guys like they were trying to catch the Pokemon and so they can use their power for evil they’re chasing Celebi and the kids that run into the forest and they stop and they heard this loud pitch high-pitched frequency in their ears they said what is that Celebi if we focus on the tone we can time travel we can leave and they got quiet and they focused on the tone and they held Celebi or caught him or whatever and they traveled right when they were fit we’re fixing to get attacked by the bad guys they heard that tone in a time-travelling I was like this is synchronicity and that was like some of the first synchronistic things that sort of happening in my life and it would started happening like crazy I mean a lot of times when people start have any synchronicities it starts freaking them out like you say a fright we just said earlier like it’s we laugh at it now we have synchronicity so much now we laugh at it my daughter’s still don’t understand you just see the labs as we get a kick out of it we’ll say a phrase in literally one second later the TV somebody on the TV will say the same phrase or something on the radio or you’ll say something and there be a billboard that passes and it has that same phrase that you say crazy stuff it gets really deep and if you follow the signs with synchronicity and follow that stuff man you will be where you’re supposed to be I really truly believe that I truly believe that that’s how God speaks I believe it’s God’s bread crumbs like Hansel and Gretel you go through the words you put them bread crumbs out I believe it’s God setting up bread crumbs letting you know LaHaye you don’t you on the right path you headed in the right direction just letting you know hey look at that sign hey look at this hey open this door closed that door you start seeing these signs man follow the signs so that’s what Celebi represents for me The Awakening synchronicity for me so I found that doll so I had to buy it man this is beautiful it reminds me you know I’m saying there’s different things that we have of symbols of tattoos of monuments in the scriptures man the Israelites would conquer a hardship or go to another nation or whatever and they would build a monument and that monument was there every time that they would see that it would remind them of the thing that God did in their life and it’s the same way with us we get tattoos or you were the symbol of a cross on your neck and every time you see that cross it reminds you of the work that God did for you though it’s beautiful I’ve got many more stories about synchronicity and about how you follow the signs like somebody somebody’s mentioned in here says how does Pokemon synchronicity show you on the right path sometimes my synchronicity seem meaningless sometimes they do I mean cuz like you would think that and I’ve heard people say pay attention to the information that comes through because it’s key information not all the time sometimes it’s just that pat on the back it’s just the humor of God just to let you know hey you’re not alone I’m watching you like you’re going the right direction but sometimes the information that comes through is legit and it will lead me to this next synchronicity this was for a friend of mine this was a guy some years ago who he was into my music he was into my teachings and what I bring to the table um but his church wasn’t like he was on the fence about me he liked the spiritual concepts and what I bring to the table but some stuff aliens now Kundalini not like he can’t go there there’s those trigger words for some people some people everybody has their own triggers so he had his and he’s like nah I like true seeker but I’m not gonna I’m not gonna um reach out to him cuz he was thinking about messaging me and actually wanted to contact me and and so he was thinking about doing it but he said no he’s sitting in traffic he’s actually at a red light in traffic in Louisiana over two and a half hours away and he’s scrolling to his Facebook about the message me but he’s like now I’m not gonna message him I don’t want to contact him as I might take you down to here though up in front of him there’s a seek truth bumper sticker I had a bunch of bumper stickers back in the day a big seek truths bumper sticker Lucy get calm he’s sitting in traffic in Louisiana the Baton that called me he looks up he sees the bumper sticker it’s ok god I’m gonna call him but he ends up calling me he gets in touch with me sets up a meeting we planned this big event we go to Louisiana to do a float tank experience that we documented and we went to his house he had us over we got to go visit and pray with him and getting a spirit and fellowship about what God was doing in our life and we started a relationship pay attention to the signs sometimes it’s just a pat on the back sometimes it’s about walking through the doors that God is opening for you and sometimes we need you know in Christianity they call it confirmation the Lord gave me confirmation I was gonna call true seeker but then I seen the sticker he just confirmed it for me confirmation everybody has their own way of putting it synchronicities and things like that so Celebi David Wilcock the information that came through yeah those tones frequencies meditating it means a lot to me if you enjoyed listening to this podcast segment be sure to listen to the entire episode by clicking the video to your right also we are on iTunes you can download the mp3 versions as well be sure to subscribe for future episodes [Music]




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