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Many religious sects claim to know the true sacred name of God. Some say it’s this and others say it’s that. Some say God will only hear your prayers if you ask in the proper name. Is this true? Do we have to get the grammar and pronunciation right? I’ve heard everything from Jehovah, Yahova, AhaYah, YHWH, Yah, Yahweh, Yahuwah, Jesus, Yahshua, Yeshua to Yahawashi and around these names are sects of religious groups claim to know the divine name for a fact. The truth is that the NAME of GOD is the essence and character of God. The name delivered to Moses was AhaYah which in Hebrew means “I AM” God goes even further as to say that His name was AhaYah Asher AhaYah which translates to “I AM THAT I AM AND I WILL BE WHATSOEVER I WILL BE”. GOD is a Spirit and those who worship must worship in Spirit and in Truth. The TRUE Name of God is the essence of God that you need at that moment. It is ever present and ever changing to life’s situations and circumstance. To the orphan His name is Abba Father. To those who are sick His name is Jehovah-Rophe “The Lord That Healeth Thee”. To those who struggle His name is Jehovah-Jireh “The Lord our Provider”. Whichever situation or circumstance that we find ourselves in in life GOD is with us. He is our very present help in time of need and understanding this is not to understand pronetics but an inward knowing that GOD is with us wherever we go and His love is able to sustain us throughout through anything. What shall separate us from the love of God? Nothing. Romans 8. This Is the TRUE Name of GOD.

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Becoming Psychic | Learning Your Abilities | Kristy Lee

Becoming Psychic | Learning Your Abilities | Kristy Lee

In this episode Truthseekah speaks with psychic Kristy Lee about becoming psychic and learning how to harness your god-given psychic abilities. Coming from a Mormon background, Kristy Lee’s experience has not been very easy….

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there is it can always you know all things work for the good for those who love God and so you can always find that silver lining of the glory if you’re willing to seek it even in the deepest and darkest of times there’s something there for you it’s a gifting yes we talked about it last night as well talk about the stuff a lot you know I’m saying it helps um in the name of Jesus we thought you know went on a rant like a show last night in the name of Jesus doesn’t mean praying in the name and saying in the name of Jesus I could probe you or whatever but in the name of Jesus is the likeness in character of Christ Jesus isn’t even his name he’s never heard that term in his life like that that wasn’t his name his name is Yeshua Messiah Yahshua was something along those lines versus Jesus so he’s never heard that that the name in character like I said in the biblical times just is is what you embody it’s not what they call you it’s what you answer to it’s what they are it had something to do with their life path I mean you speak it over like the vibration if you name that person something negative or something bad the more you say it like they embody it and grow into it for me on a personal revelation it’s just become true with my name that I chose for myself true seeker like years ago I had no idea where this would lead me I was just a Christian rapper looking for a cool name and that was the name that I got and I really grew into that name the more that I would write it down and tell people and introduced that you know okay you’re seeking truth within you like wow I’ve created this you know what I’m saying and it’s the same way that’s the that’s the character the embodiment the personification of that vibration of that name is all who call upon the name of the Lord it’s nothing there’s a bunch of groups out there say okay we got to find out his name what is his name you know I am James I am his names or in Hebrew it’s a hiya I love that name it’s a great name oh hi yeah I am that’s powerful I am that I am a higher shot a higher that’s power in that but that literally means I am that I am and I will be whatsoever I will be so essentially whatever you need me to be if you need me to be Jehovah Jireh your provider I’ll be your provider if you need me to be a friend of sinners I’ll be your friend if you need me to be your father if you need me to be your strong towel or your protector I’ll be that so all who call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved the name is the character in a personification of who he is it’s not about getting the name right there’s a bunch of people they call themselves sacred neighbors and they argue about God’s name instead of embodying the character of it and it’s essentially like what we see going on in the churches and in Bible studies and all of these churches who are debating about the Bible and what this meant and what that meant and what year this was written and well that was going to be taken out and there’s all of these cross references studying it and going exhaustive and crazy which I’ve been there but you know that’s why I can speak on it there they’re doing that but in there missing is to go out and simply do the things that Jesus said do love those who have never experienced love who don’t deserve it show grace unmerited favor from God to those who have never experienced grace I had to change somebody’s life you debating and arguing and trying to be right about a point right about a theology or a doctrine that’s not gonna change anybody you’re gonna get cool points and kudos from your little following and stuff like that and you’re in your denomination about we have the truth that we are right but at the end of the day it comes down to simply going out and doing the things that Jesus said do going out and be in life to a dead world to go out and bring healing to a broken world that’s Jesus that’s in the name of Jesus and I don’t care what that looks like I don’t even care if that’s embodies Hinduism or in another religion or whatever if they’re going out and they’re healing a broken world and they’re bringing peace love and light and anything that is good anything that is noble peaceful I believe that it comes from above I believe that it’s from our Father anything good versus what name in what stamp we want to put on it we think that work there’s many people who are going around and they do it really good the in the name of Jesus stuff and they got their Bible with them but inwardly they’re ravenous wolves inwardly they’re looking to take advantage of the weak weak minded individuals who just come off of drugs just come off a dope like you’re kind of when you’re in a susceptible State when you just come come out of that stuff and these people prey upon those those weak minded individuals let’s be honest if like you’re addicted to a substance and like you need to be built up you need to be strong willed and strong-minded so religion or religio which means to bind and hold back for some people it’s good early on it really is like that Paul called called it essentially the law he said it was like a schoolmaster to Christ like this is what you do touch not taste not like don’t do this don’t do that some people need that but in the midst of that we have to know who Christ is in us as the hope of glory and we don’t need nothing outside of us but we follow his voice is that my sheep know my voice that’s the spirit and personification of Christ that’s in the name of Jesus it really is we all you do is this give it time look at these pastors look at these big preachers look what happens they’re doing in the name of Jesus really good but at the end of the day is it really compassion to those who who need it and there’s some who do it there’s some creatures who are doing it good no doubt but it’s nothing to do with the terminology it is about the spirit the action and the intentions yes that’s what I want and that’s what I want to be around people who embody the fruit of the Spirit not about they’re just endless questions and genealogies the Bible tells us to stay away from that stuff quite frankly right it’s a spiritual walk spiritual encounter my wife Erin she posted in the comments right here she’s listening she said that um that all of the theology in the things that we’ve studied in the past and being a part of different sects and different groups and stuff and uh she said a lot of it you could even pray because when it was like we had all of these different teachings and studies and friends and ministers and people who were saying like you have to pray this way or don’t pray in the name of Jesus well that’s not don’t pray in the name of Jesus are you supposed to pray to Jesus and then about his name but you can’t say Jesus this Jesus is has really changed it so that you will call upon Zeus you know it when you’re calling upon Jesus you’re really calling upon the god Zeus so don’t use that word you caught you’re invoking demons when you say Jesus like all of these weird theologies that they’ve thrown in and then when it’s time for you to be like at a place where you were a broken place and just community hey god I need help like we can’t even do that because there’s all this weird was names Yeshua no his name’s just Shia no it’s yahushua this names jesus like all of these things will come in and it really became bondage really at the end of the day is it in the inner scriptures are clear when it starts talking about like anybody who causes these little ones to stumble anybody who has that childlike face like that and you’re putting upon them rules and regulations and keep the law and don’t eat this and don’t eat that hey that’s cool if that’s what you do if you’re a jew and you’re abide by the jewish law but this is something different this if they don’t go together they really don’t like the laws and the regulations versus life in the spirit those who are the true sons of in daughters of god are those who are led by the Spirit of God and that the law of God is written upon the hearts of men and he said that’s the new covenant I will write my laws my Commandments on your heart so then you can therefore go and do what you said it goes back to what you said as far as going to nature I’m able to see God in a in a drop of rain I’m able to see God when I gaze into my lover’s eyes you know what I’m saying I’m able to see God in nature in the water in the wilderness in my trials in my tribulation I see God in everything in it come that’s what it is like you come to this Christ consciousness where you understand that God is in all and throughout and you really understand when it says hear o Israel the Lord is one there is one God one faith one baptism and it’s all justice essence of our Creator and having an intimate relationship with them if you enjoyed listening to this podcast segment be sure to listen to the entire episode by clicking the video to your right also we are on iTunes you can download the mp3 versions as well be sure to subscribe for future episodes [Music]




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