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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast I am joined by my guest Michael Basham as we dive deep down the rabbit hole christian mysticism and spirituality related to the bible. We cover everything from elemental spirits, angels, aliens and what it means to believe in the unseen and interact with beings within other realms. There is a place where the supernatural not only becomes natural but practical. This is why the scripture says that these signs shall follow them that believe. The people of the bible were a people of faith who believed God for the miraculous yet Jesus tells us that greater things shall we do in his name than ever before. There is a dispensation of grace upon the hearts and minds of every believer who will trust God for the impossible. You are able to go as deep or as shallow as your mind and imagination will carry you. The scripture says that if you will believe it that nothing shall by any means be impossible unto you, that “nothing” is different for each and every one of us. It is through faith and belief and then practical implication what we learn the depths of who we are and what it means to be a people who walk in the spirit. The entire world is awaiting in earnest expectation for the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God to arise and take their place by faith in the earth. We have seen varying levels of this demonstrated by different personalities, ministries and religious sects across the globe in varying degrees. To deny the spiritual giftings that are divided among each of us is to deny people a part of Jesus. To keep this to ourselves and to not explore this is a dis justice to those who are seeking the answers that we hold dearly within. It’s not about proving that we are right it is about a demonstration and manifestation of God’s glory in the earth unto all. It is written that the just shall live by faith and that without faith it is impossible to please God.

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truth-seeker and/or its affiliates are not responsible for any strange phenomena that may occur during or after listening to this podcast which may include the following heightened senses of awareness psychic abilities UFO sightings alien contact time loss out-of-body experiences ringing in the ears ESP lucid dreaming increasing chronicity astral projection telepathy stronger intuition levitation miraculous healings and all remote viewing please be advised to assume a Julian decision [Music] [Music] speakest and when I don’t be [Music] you are now locked into the to think about gaming live at Utica come to the paranormal esoteric and all paying spiritual yo what is up ladies and gentlemen this is the true seeker podcast I’m your host true seeker excited delighted to be with you guys here today did not think I was going live I had a guest who was a no-show and then I had a special guest come out of nowhere so we’re gonna do this podcast today and I’m pretty sure we have a lot to catch up on and it’s gonna be good I’m gonna be speaking with Michael Bassam today so we’re gonna jump into that interview here in a minute first of all I want to say a huge thank you to all of my patreon supporters everybody who believes in the work that has been entrusted to me you believe in the vision and you want to partner with me to help fund it thank you guys again from the bottom of my heart we are a listener-supported show and could not do this without your help again thank you um if you would like to support head on over to patreon comm backslash true seeker there is a link in description and there you can come on for any level of giving per month that your heart desires and you get access to my entire discography of music ten plus albums over 200 songs and I’m still putting out new material so every time a song is done it’s uploaded straight to patreon and yeah you get access to all that cool stuff working on two EPS right now the colors EP and the ESP EP so colors is almost done 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special shout out to analog The Alchemist and ISA gate thank you guys what up Chad he’s in the chat – thank you guys for believing in the work love y’all so without further ado I’m gonna bring on my friend Michael Bassam what is up my brother yo yo in that now I’m not gonna do it you always do that every time like every time you mention my name you start getting all swag love yo what up what up in the dog thing but yet you do it every time you mention my name it’s like it’s like if you if you even get near to a seka you hear this like awesome music to start building and just want to start like getting groovy and hip and I’m just a dork I come from a classical music family and I was never allowed to listen that kind of music groans I like the list of the Final Fantasy and Chrono Cross when I go live on my show Chrono Cross Chrono Trigger no way those games Secret of Mana yeah yeah I stopped playing video games like five years ago but I still listen to the music behind every single broadcast that we do they don’t flag you for it oh really I noticed you put that in there um you guys a lot to catch up on man we’ve been we’ve been talking about trying to get up together and do another show and every time I mention Michael bashing me I was like get Michael bash him on he’s so funny he’s so funny and spiritual at the same time we’re getting back on so a lot of people really with your personality and how you can talk about such deep matters but be so nonchalant and silly about it at times and you know I think we I think laughter is a medicine and we hit we have to kind of come to this place where we don’t take ourselves I’m so serious that we can’t laugh about our beliefs or our flaws or what we’re so serious about right I hope so I appreciate it and likewise big fan really appreciate your work whatever I think about what you’re doing I’m just like thank God thank God he’s doing it I I wouldn’t be able to interview all the people that you’re interfacing with but it’s such a bridge for people in both worlds learning about we’re gonna talk about this a little bit today I know where we were you had someone scheduled to talk about alien infections and we can go into that but um what you’re doing is you’re really giving people the ability to learn something outside of their realm whether it’s the Lord you know if their New Age followers you know or Christians to open up their eyes a little bit more and so that’s been really just integral and of course you’re on the fringe radio network although I haven’t figured out how to patching your feet because I don’t get your podcast through our network right now so I got to talk to Johnny about that but there’s a lot of a lot of shows a lot of content that we have there that’s a dovetailing together and and it’s just a great I have cards now we gotta get you one of these men I know you you’re just gonna pass those out everywhere I know it you’re specifically just for the network I mean it’s good it’s it looks good to have a network and to be able to share mmm the fact that hey you know your well actually it makes us look good that we’re associated with you likewise person hopefully hopefully I mean some people may say true seekers on the friends what you know that was an issue in the beginning it was like we can’t have truth seek on he’s gonna get us in trouble and then it was like wait no that’s good that’s exactly what we want what Souls man we want souls and that you know that’s that’s awesome you see the vision man not everybody does but there’s a lot of people who do you know so it’s really weird that I have to I kind of go in like a sheep in wolf’s clothing almost and I but I go in Mission mind it and I tell you my mission like I’ll let people know kind of like after the fact take the hat off hey it was me the whole time you know that um and there’s nothing wrong with having these conversations like why is it wrong to have these conversations with these people just cuz I interview this person doesn’t mean I agree with them and just because I don’t cut them off or correct them doesn’t mean I agree with them or believe in what they’re they’re bringing as well there’s a lot of people who believe that you let that person say it and you didn’t say nothing I’m hoping for the conversation I’m having the conversations that y’all refused to have or y’all can’t have and you can’t have it just looking at these messages you’re sending me you’re not gonna have this conversation with these people you’ve given up on these people so I’m gonna have those hard conversations you know I’m saying Jesus loves them and just as much as he loves you and me and that same grace that God has shown me I’m gonna try to show it towards the New Agers and the Christians as well because they both need it and what you’re doing is is opening doors that I think both of us have engaged and are experiencing spiritual warfare and we need to watch out for each other we need to pray for each other I can see what you’re doing you know I don’t I don’t judge you and I think that there’s going to be in the future just a huge harvest and flock of people that are gonna come to know God but real God not just like the church God or you know Christian club God but here in Hawaii since I came here we haven’t spoken in the last few months actually but I came here in the summer and we’ve we’ve had a lot of interesting experiences just with the locals and roubo ham and Peter good game and some different names that are fringe Christians that dovetail with some of the Jason Westerfield stuff we saw John Crowder got to meet and we’re gonna try to bring him on the show I’m trying to give him one for awhile man you’re kidding yeah yeah I think I probably even told you that the first time we talked but uh but he’s like yeah I’ll do it man this let me get open date and I was like two years ago I was like come on man yeah you gotta just keep you know he’s he’s just a busy traveling he’s got his ministry you just gotten these kind of people you just got to keep calling them he needs a secretary that’s what yeah he used to have one actually that’s how that’s how mean you got hooked up really is through AJ you remember he yeah he travelled with John cloud all over the world yeah yep Wow trains brother all over the world with them yeah that’s awesome we got a we got a call AJ what’s he doing these days I don’t know he’s been kind of you know in this isn’t just a tow AJ under the bus but this is to throw a lot of people under the bus or just not talking about it but this is just what it is like if you’re trying to if you’re trying to get back in the church and just do the Jesus thing or whatever like strictly Jesus that’s it you have to distance yourself from me from anything esoteric from anything quote-unquote new-age and so you try to get away from all of it get it out your life into so if it’s friendships or whatever you’re gonna try to steer clear of all of that so that’s the weird thing with people who do come and it’s not just me or what we’re talking about but any type of anytime you’re dealing with religion or dogma when somebody comes to a new revelation or something deeper or they’ve struggling with it or they may have found my podcast because they’re just running from God you know what I’m saying and then they find it they come back to God and then they just you know what I can’t listen to that anymore cuz now I’m back in church and my pastor says that he’s this so you see a lot of people come and go you know what I’m saying that we want relationships man that’s really weird I was just doing real life with people but in dealing with Dogma you’re gonna see people who may be there for six months a year whatever and then you never hear from them again I mean close people like the people you talk to every day and all of a sudden I’m not gonna hear from again and there’s a lot of that that comes so guys we prepared for that I know many of you guys listening have already experienced things like that whether its family members or friends but long-suffering one of the fruit the fruits of the spirit is long-suffering don’t get hurt over it don’t get bitter long-suffering continue to show them people the love of Christ no matter who they are and I believe in seasons man I do believe people come first in it come for seasons and get what they need and partake and eat from your table and you have to be open to that and uh you know saying pray not for the world but pray for the ones that the Lord has given me out of the world and so those people who are there with you striving with you you know they might not always be so I’m thankful for it really every moment that I have with with people with friends and in general you know the way I look at it is these these shows these these movements they’re like airplanes they’re like starships you know you’re going in a battle you’re going up against these death stars and they might you might look at us like oh you’re these little guys whatever what are you doing there this is your little hobby what are you doing you know yeah or you just you’re all into this New Age aliens alien abductions or and but they don’t see the the missionary heart and like you said those sheep in wolf’s clothing I love that but sometimes it’s too much you know and I think there can be burn out especially with interviewing people all the time you’re doing two big names a week that’s like wow that’s a lot I can handle let’s see right now I mean I’ll sometimes go up to three or four and then I’ll just be like burned out for like three weeks no trust baguette I get burned out too man I have to I had to start speaking over myself and prophesy on myself really do yes yeah I mean we haven’t even really talked a whole lot off air but you know we should just be praying for each other brother just I talked to Johnny a lot like he has his days as well producer of the Fringe video network and we’re constantly he got attacked by somebody with like a crowbar and he had a hairline fracture and the concussion and thank god he’s okay but it came during a time when I believe we’re taking a lot of ground and the enemy does not want you to listen to truth Sica or my show or these bigger shows and I’m I’m not big at all like I really haven’t even been worked on marketing or any of this stuff we finally got a website thanks to a really kind listener bought us a website put everything together and he’s like here you go I’m just good thank you and that spirit wars Mediacom you can find all immersed up there but um shameless plug but yeah it’s a warfare it’s spiritual warfare my grandfather Don Bosch um famous Exorcist writer of deliver us from evil worked with Derek Prince you know these are this is my foundation and we want to share that foundation and going from that I mean my journeys been through Asia living in Japan China and trilingual I keep having weird things happen even after leaving Taiwan bizarre miracles have occurred which I can get into but I know that God has us on this path and yesterday night I was asking him I was like well Lord why haven’t we gotten bigger like is there something that I’m missing here like I mean we’ve interviewed freaking Rick Joyner last month like that guy put our website on his facebook page with hundreds of thousands of followers and maybe like three likes I know my box Rick rants we have those on podcast on the fringe you can listen to those as a part I get in traffic on an analytic side is that getting traffic there you know they will once people know that we have them but we just haven’t figured out how to tell its people that hey you can listen to Rick’s stuff on mp3 as a podcast I think people don’t even know what podcasts are a lot of the time mm-hmm and my wife and I were talking about well how can we get into the am/fm spectrum and that would be where if we did get in there I would be like okay get truth-seekers latest stuff because we could be like if we were on a show let’s say we bought airtime like a few hours a week which cost hundreds hundreds of dollars we could bring our premium content from the network and put that out there and then attract people to us on the on the web and iTunes or whatever that’s we just we need to think this way but I was asking Lord like well why haven’t we yet and he was like do you see these big names out there right do you not realize when today reaching their millions of people what is coming is going to be the next layer of all this you know liberal takeover communist takeover deep state takeover they’re going to go on a rampage and these big names are not going to be there where they are today so we need to be prepared for that situation I don’t know if you follow a whole lot of like the recent events Infowars kind of stuff oh yeah man yeah yeah what’s your radar showing up like that have you gotten any like censorship on YouTube as anybody flagged you yet warned you I have any your whole platform oh yeah man um I have lots of things on there from like years ago that are copyright I don’t have like a very clean YouTube channel as far as like it’s all my nice stuff it’s just I post all kind of trying to be careful with it now I do have a there’s a Chrome extension it’s an add-on there’s two of them once called vid IQ and once called tube buddy and they have packages where you can pay per month and they help you get your YouTube videos ranked and that kind of stuff but they will show you when you upload a video and you use a a word in the title or even in the description it’ll say that word that’s a flag word if you use that word they’re gonna you know I’m saying pulls a you know they’re gonna flag it and then I be able to monetize that video so I’ve had some stuff that I’ve put up that was that that that was d monetize but then you can submit for review and if they go and look at its okay well this is harmless or whatever let’s let it go um but the first Jordan Maxwell when I put on that stuff so that’s why the cool thing is like patreon it comes in and obviously must show my videos are littered with ads right it’s kind of lets you know hey if you want to watch this ad for your listen ad free just go to the podcast app there’s no ads there listen to me on a podcast whatever so I always have that available but yeah that two hundred and thirty dollars really helps at the end of the month you know helps my wife and you know saying pay bills and keep the lights on and all that kind of stuff so the monetization every little bit helps at the end of the day but again that’s where patreon comes in and that’s where people like Blake comes in we got a donation right quick from Blake snap or as its app I can’t really see I know who you are Blake I just can’t remember I think it’s now thank you for the donation brother he says iron sharpens iron and that’s what we’re doing here today so thank you guys for the donations quick shout out to everybody holding us down in the chat we got a bunch of people listening hanging out in the chat King James is hanging out with this alley Joshua lumens here Chris garner and a bunch of other people hanging out too so yeah shout out to all you beautiful people hanging out Thank You Derek for those um those insights I didn’t I didn’t want to ask you anything like oh how much you make you know you got those ads I mean that’s a good thing for people to know that youghal is stealing from so many creators and what this is how they get you today all right they shadow ban you they restrict your freedom of speech and they do it in a slow way like you’re gonna find like oh you talked about Muslim immigration you know oh now you that video doesn’t get monetized and you’re like okay and then they go along and then they’re like oh you know this was copyright you know I this is so funny because Ian Clayton has the Secretary finally and he contacted YouTube because and I thought I’d deleted all these and by the way this has a good ending to it but they were he was he was like look this guy has in Clayton’s sermons his YouTube channel and I was like crap I thought I deleted those but instead of reaching out to you they reached out to YouTube right I found out the claim was issued by so-and-so and it was because a video that I had but as unlisted was still showing up in someone’s playlist so they found it and I was like crap I didn’t want to deliver video with just hundreds of comments it’s like well maybe he wants to see this someday you know maybe but no you have to delete it completely you know No anyway I got in touch with the secretary and he was just going he was scanning every single Ian Clayton sermon on YouTube and just flagging them and putting a claim copyright and it was my whole channel is gonna get deleted I had like in Italy like three strikes and I’m like look I’ve interviewed he and Clayton I talked to him I told him like I’m really sorry this was years ago and I’ve posted hundreds of sermons of tons of people from the past including my grandfather Neville Johnson I’m not making any money from this anyway he was like okay well we’ll retract the claims so they D monetize me you know we used to get it super chats from friends some people they just like to in the live video they like to do the super chat they yeah or they they give you a donation and it’s fun seeing everything anyway turns out in Clayton has a patreon finally so you can find all of his stuff there and I’m his first patreon and then we’re looking for more material so if anybody has an clayton sermons from like years ago probably knows where to find him because he’s listening it and I know flume ins been on your show – Joshua Lumet yeah lumen we got to do another show we had literally like all hell broke loose as soon as we did a show Joshua Lumet yeah but yeah anyway happy ending you know we got on good term terms with them we learned our lesson YouTube will D monetize the platform they’re just ready to push the button they are ready to delete everything of you on Google I try I try to back up everything I mean it’s it’s what they did to Alex Jones man they pretty much yeah I mean they tried to actually delete his name off of the internet almost and everything that was just weird man you know I’m saying I know he it’s debatable and it’s it’s crazy but that’s weird what they did and they have the power to do that oh we don’t like true Seeger let’s delete his facebook let’s delete as YouTube listed leaders Instagram let’s delete his PayPal you know what I’m saying all of this stuff where Wang you know I’m saying exist online or whatever and in this form they can do that they’ve even talked about it on patreon man some people patreon it’s have been pulled you know because they had type of content and and you know all the while there’s people who selling like they’re using this stuff for evil and I’m saying wickedness and things like that and they’re just let’s yeah like we’re okay you’re originally so people are gonna click on this because they see an alien looking at a person in a spaceship and it’s like whoa like great choice of the thumb but I may change it after the fact because we did know well what if we can save it what if we can tie everything together yeah what are these people like who who has the time and the money in the gumption to go after everybody that’s exposing the truth and in the first layer of it is Alex Jones it is the info where I look at it in my mind it’s very clear there are these circles of information kind of a Venn diagram in some areas but you have the first layer of truth is political people a lot of people don’t go past that you know they’re all about queueing on or they’re all about you know all right my wife just is getting ready for work here trying to get her on here you know sure her first time seeing me was your Photoshop of me honey you’re gonna come on here at someone love you anyway we’re um we’re getting ready for work so sorry about the Sun but anyway there’s layers upon layers upon layers and they get into the deep state now everything’s about the deep state cueing on exposing the Satanists we’re getting people coming out about SRA div they’re talking they’re all talking about how they were abused in these cult my babysitter Janet woods you can listen to three-part testimony of hers on our show Janet woods going into very gory detail of how she was in the satanic cult were they they were burning babies they were torturing her mutilating her sexually and others and this is in America and these are organized satanic cults and they have been going on hog wild like for decades and decades maybe hundreds of years yeah and now it’s the showdown and so it goes layer after layer after layer you go deeper than that you think it’s nice and oh it’s New Age oh it’s witchcraft but once you get into organized satanic ritual abuse it’s burning the babies it’s I was up late one night I couldn’t sleep and I was watching a top 5s and you sure I couldn’t say hi oh okay well we’ll get her on next time Jennifer Christine my beautiful wife she has a real job Danny we uh I couldn’t sleep one night I was listening to top 5s going on about the top 5 scariest pictures ever captured by a dear camera Kota and he just goes on with this creepy music and you’re just like glued you know the middle of Night Watch it’s just a fun thing you’re like whatever known in I’m sorry I said you got to look behind you every now and then when you’re watching this stuff oh man it’s like I’ve been seeing things like we haven’t been live in a while I have literally been seeing things in my room and all the night I’ll wake up and there are physical objects in my room and I’ll get to that because I believe that the dimensions are starting to cross over and I mean my wife and I have been engaging with the sphere like we want to see we want to go into it we want to take ground that like what you’re doing like take back from other religions other whatever it’s a dent we’ll get into the Book of Daniel Daniel showdown with Babylon with babylons strong Rogers at the tail end of their kingdom before Nebuchadnezzar is about to lose his kingdom Daniel was there and they were showing that the God of Israel is above all the Babylonian star gods of Enki and Enlil and all those guys so there was there is that I’ve been doing this whole study on that but um basically I want to just finish this story that there was this picture of a girl on a deer cam and it is creepy as I can’t say any bad words on here but you’re just like oh my god like that that is not a ghost that is there’s this little girl running through the woods in a white dress probably about ten years old eight to ten years old and she looks confused she looks like she might be drugged she’s got her hands are out like this and it’s blurred and her face is turned behind her and she’s just running through the middle of the woods milla night and nobody knows who she is nobody knows how she got there but I know enough about these these cults that you know Resta stars is exposing they have all kinds of missing kids that they they know horrible things too and it just I it was like he was like ghost videos was like no sorry that’s not a ghost that’s probably one of those kidnapped kids my daughter’s kind of been watching some of those videos she’s getting into consump conspiracy stuff all on her own and oh wow she was watching the JonBenet Ramsay stuff and freaking herself out watching that stuff and then there’s some conspiracy stuff about that you know what I’m saying like they had and there’s conspiracy stuff they say that you know she didn’t die and they just had to kind of psyche eyes her image or whatever the death of this star and just I mean there’s all types of crazy stuff but it’s out there man all the conspiracies and all the crazy people being kidnapped and I’ve dealt with it man and you know and I’m where you are I mean you’re over on that side of the well I told you I mean I’ve talked about several times like that church that I came out of got involved the N I’m saying ritual abuse and sacrifice and child molestation and stuff I left I don’t know if it was just like I’m saying before they got into it or I just didn’t see it when I went there was a regular church they had other evangelists coming in town to speak and I was only there a couple weeks and it was just like a regular Church but two years after or so is when supposedly all this stuff came out and there’s still tons of stuff on they didn’t glad I didn’t I mean I guess I wish I would have seen it cuz I would a topo who hooked on drugs they found people who were very impressionable at the lowest state of their life and they’re like hey here you go let me help you let me help you and then they’re like hey this is what we do this is in the Bible this is that and getting into weird stuff nobody ever tattletale nobody ever says anything yeah and more people are awake then we can start taking the country but you know if you’re in the CIA or in the FBI or any of these groups these organizations be do the right thing like and get involved in local politics and let’s take back the country that’s how we got the pret if you mean them it’s a huge topic but basically we are taking back segments of the government but it’s not gonna be like we’re just gonna win through politics this has there has to be were tribunals there has to be justice and Jesus is coming back you know I believe in the body I believe in my Bible I got my King James Bible right here somewhere and it’s all about Jesus Christ coming back and his government is going to rule and it’s a physical government like you’re gonna actually see a court system that doesn’t go and sue you when you’re trying to take care of people that are in a pedophile sex cult which I did encourage I want when you were interviewing me that was like the beginning of it I think you reached out to me about a few months before all the hell started in my ex-mother-in-law kidnapped my daughter and literally locked her in a room for almost a year and then just started filing court like suing me over and over again basically just in the Taiwanese court system which is like totally useless I found that out the hard way and they’ll just they’ll just go on well we don’t have proof that your daughter was abused so we can’t help you and I reached out to everybody American government you know the Coast Guard I was able to get to see her a few days a month in the end that’s all they gave me and then they were like oh and they’re suing you again and now by the way they want hundreds of thousands of dollars now it’s like I don’t even have hardly any money like I had to get a you know legal assistance basically I didn’t have to spend anything by the way which is I’m I’m trying to figure out how this cult got this much money just to donated missionary money that’s supposed to be for kids in Nepal to sue Michael bash him and take his daughter away and we’re still in a battle to save her well and if anybody is listening from Taiwan you know if you see kyobashi we haven’t even heard from them in a few months they’re not even answering the phone and they’re just absolutely criminal criminal people but we are in this war and it’s real and yeah I have a sense of humor but it’s almost like gallows humor like we are fighting Luciferian Satanists stupid pedophile people that allow or people that allow pedophiles to run things and we have to start doing stuff about this you have to be brave I have a handful of people that I can count with less than one in actually that’s wait that’s impossible that’s a tentacle I have a tentacle worth of people that I can tell you who are brave from the colony there look I’ve been living in this this hell zone for for this last year and a half it’s been thanks to people like you and thanks to my wife that I am NOT a murderer I have not called the Mafia even though they’re trying to say that I am a mafia guy they’re the mafia people in Taiwan everything works through mafia you should call the mafia if you need anything the feds won’t work the police are useless the government is useless it’s not in the United Nations by all means go to Taiwan do mission work but if you get involved with the court system there is nothing that anybody can do for you and watch your friends disappear too because I used to have hundreds of friends that were in family international cult really I didn’t think it was that dangerous because I was just interested in learning about fringe mysticism how to call on spaceships how to you know hear from Jesus how to talk to angels and I learned all that stuff but I didn’t know that there was this undertow of pedophilia which if you go on Netflix and you watch the documentaries about the children of God the cult there are a lot of exaggerations saying that oh every moment was pure hell no there were blissful times where you were in this kind of group together with people all serving God together but there was that undertow there was an antichrist to the children of God they think I’m like their worst enemy I was there last spokesperson I was like the last person out there saying like really cool guys read the mo letters you’re gonna learn all about it’s like the info war in the myth and there was never any justice for all the sex abuse in the past then people started to go crazy and wonky and I’ve told the story so many times online and that it’s just ridiculous but I have to keep warning them because they think that they got away with it and they’re not getting away with it I mean they messed with the Bashan family like there’s going to be some serious things and as soon as I left Taiwan two of their kids committed suicide and of course they blame me for even saying that or connecting that but the good people that I can count on one finger who left are still fighting for God and are still getting revelations and the rest of this morass of like kind of confused people that are controlled by pedophiles they’re losing their kids one by one they’re jumping from buildings or dying in weird ways in Taiwan like people within our closest circles back there that that refused to help us so I think there’s gonna be like god is gonna be the one to revenge us and this is practice because we’re going to lead people through some of the darkest days of human history and the family used to talk about this to us a lot there’s a lot of prophecies about this like you’re being trained for this end time scenario where the Antichrist is here forget about that trib free trib rapture thing not gonna happen there’s gonna be three and a half years spoken in the Book of Daniel spoken in the book of Revelation of tribulation I don’t know if we’ve talked about this before Derrick are there do you believe in that like are you are you preparing for any kind of like I’m not preparing endtime situation I’m not preparing for it you know I’m I’m more the preterist understanding that the early church said the same thing and it happened like you know 70 AD or whatever three years like they were crucified upside down they were hunted for game you know I feel like a lot of that stuff has already happened and um so yeah I guess I’m probably partial preterists it’s just I’ve seen my life is too weird and I’m seeing too many things I’ve been there I mean I’ve been there in the churches where we’re like get ready to make a stand for God and yeah you’re gonna have to stand up against this wicked generation and I think I mean I think that we’re in a place like that now with Christianity I’m mentioning Jesus and you’re laughed at and ridiculed but it’s not you’re not being killed you may be getting sued you may be getting you know sued by the gays for not serving cake or whatever the case is like you know I’m saying but you’re not being crucified and honey for a game and you’re not having you not be right now you’re not getting beheaded but as you said that you love Jesus but there were a people here who did like they said that they follow Christ they were burnt and you know more than all types of craziness so I believe for us to act like that didn’t happen I said that was bad but there’s something worse coming I don’t like that’s like foxes Book of Martyrs and understanding history man I think a lot of that stuff played out as far as the prophecies where Jesus said that uh you know this generation standing here shall not pass until all these things be fulfilled like I literally believe that you know what I’m saying yeah I see where you’re coming I’ve listened to a lot of teachings on that I I’ve come kind of come to the conclusion that based on what I can read in the Bible and we should get into alien stuff too I don’t want to like people think this is just like you know I mean this – well maybe it ties into the aliens because there’s this prick of Christ maybe the return of Christ is the the aliens coming back somebody just commented in the chat who says the the return of Christ is the return of the Kundalini and and my we would say Holy Spirit right the the spirit are taking God coming back to dwell within the temple and kind of reigning in the temple in the hearts of men which I believe you don’t say metaphysically is the return of Christ to the temple which we are the temple you know your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and God dwelleth not in temples made with hands and there’s all this stuff even now I mean this has been going on for years but even now that they’re trying to rebuild the temple get ready everybody in Israel they’re rebuilding the temple they’re getting all the priests ready and they’re trying to like get people riled up like oh it’s coming like no it’s already happened like Christ has come and he has taken I’m saying dominion over the hearts of men and you know I’m saying the second coming of Christ is already here and so I believe that but I also believe that we that something is going to change that that you know it is gonna get bad and because the people who who have the their their their Kingdom and Dominion on the earth right now if you want to call them reptilians if you want to call them aliens whatever whatever demons were the elite whatever you want to call them this is their Kingdom and when Christ comes back he’s gonna set up his the kingdom and these two kingdoms cannot coexist so when that happens then I believe we’re gonna see all-out war then I believe we will take our heavenly shape or whatever I’m saying the light beings that we are then we will rise up and we will war against the nations of the earth with Christ and it’s trying out for a return physically and I believe that that may be what a lot of people would call an alien invasion a UFO light ships lights horses chariots and is coming down from heaven to invade the earth but I think we’ll be fighting with them against the kingdoms of this world that’s what I believe goodness I couldn’t have said it better I will you know there should have been some really cool rap music behind you know take it dude – awesome I’m talking about in my music man I talk I’ll talk about the return of the elohim and the e lo and you know i’m saying over i sprinkle that stuff throughout my lyrics yeah well it needs to be reiterated and shout it from the roof roof roof roof he tops rooftops because this is the thing like there is an army that is being trained and i have stood with people when kind of in the good old days back when there was this like we’re getting ready for the end time and you know nobody else is doing this nobody else is living off the grid like I stood with with men and women that fully understood this stuff and we’re telling it to us in 2004 like they were the ones that showed me the info work and so I was like you guys do you realize like all this Illuminati stuff it confirms all the mo letters and teachings and like why we need to get trained with the spiritual weapons you know have this like constant flow the Word of God and understand what the Bible says because it says that those those who understand among the people in the last day is they shall they shall shine like the Stars and they show them struck many and what does that even mean like so I went in read the Book of Daniel recently we read the whole thing on air we skimmed through the first few chapters cuz everybody knows you know Book of Daniel Daniel little Einstein Shadrach Meshach and Abednego and you know you know the dream of Nebuchadnezzar right Daniel chapter 2 people have they’ve listened to that so much you know and then we really focused on like the weird parts of Daniel with all the animals and all the weird Wars like for the Antichrist and like nobody could figure that out we focused we read every word of that so if you want to hear that that’s somewhere in our in our spirit where’s Mediacom you plan anyway it was who’s like holy crap like literally like Daniel and those three guys they were the representatives of the God of Israel versus the star gods I mean the Babylonian star gods like they might have been on their tail ends like Darius is about to take over with meets the persons like that night of well Belshazzar had a party you know they had all the the de precios you know the temple dishes they took him out to worship the false gods and to make fun of God of Israel yeah and then that hand appears in the wall and it says men and Minotaur go up Shem you’re gonna like lose your kingdom this is your last day this was the kingdom of Babylon with all those Babylonian star gods that everybody’s channeling and worshiping and that the people that work that research this stuff Stan Dale talked about this a lot that the biggest thing going around the in the underground government’s is that the Babylonian star gods are returning and so we’re seeing these guys and they’re literally those gods like Israel wasn’t in some archaic civilization that didn’t know jack squat like Egypt – they knew their stuff they had their astrologers their Chaldeans and magicians and wise men and wizards they had those guys those guys were the real thing and there was a lot of emphasis pay attention to Joseph’s story as well with Pharaoh there’s a lot of emphasis with dreams with dream interpretation so people really got that pay attention to what they’re seen in their dream state this is the wisdom of the Ancients that God wasn’t standing there pointing his finger at Pharaoh saying you’re your Luciferian you know so New Age talking about Kundalini you know know in that specific place like that is where God can show off where it’s like all right let’s see who’s more powerful let’s see if it’s the gods of Egypt and Babylon or let’s see if it’s the God of Israel let’s see whose God is really God and O God is like yeah let’s do it yeah cuz we’re fire he’s scary and this is the thing with me too is like I I do my best to focus on positive things every day I am in the future already I am in the place where they come after you they censor you they demonetised you I even added my patreon removed for a period of time like they shadow ban you and then suddenly you’re still alive and you’re like what the heck just happened well God is going to walk you through the whole epic story of Joseph of Daniel of going into prison going all these weird things are gonna happen to your whole Bible the whole Bible is gonna happen to you yeah really it is yeah it’s the whole Bible I mean read the Bible it’s like – yeah that part – and you’re focusing on that part so that’s good too you know well it’s it’s the god of battles that is going to stand with you the force in Star Wars let’s use the Star Wars analogy and I keep having these recurring dreams about Star Wars is real – Han Solo and Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader like the characters are made up but that overall picture of this galaxy more than we know men more than we know bro oh I mean Rick and Morty my poor wife has to watch Rick and Morty with her husband we watched the last episode of season two yesterday and it’s all about this intergalactic Empire and their flies riding starships where ever heard that before oh yeah belzebub Lord of the Flies or you could even interpret it Lord of the Flyers that are an illegal but they consider themselves the rulers of the galaxy you know Rick and Morty it’s pretty crass show but I bet we’ve spoken to Jerry Lee manifest Riata he talks a lot about the fact that Satan has an intergalactic Starfleet and there are these Reptoids and greys and other beings that he’s buddy-buddy with even though he’s going to be chained onto this planet we’re gonna interview Peter clang tomorrow he talks a lot about this as well Peter clang is is such a cool guy you gotta interview him toots if you have time but that Jesus Christ is this intergalactic star-lord Son of God coming back with his clouds of heaven spaceships he was born on the earth manifested physically son of man rose again son of God coming back to take the planet over he thinks that the royal family bloodline like through someone like Prince William will be the Antichrist maybe but it’s gonna be this showdown and it’s it’s gonna happen in our generation this is the thing but anyway to get back to the Bible like if you don’t know the Bible at least you know star wars okay do you really want to live in star wars do you really want your father to be Darth Vader and try to kill you and find out you know after you chops off your arm and then you see your friends all get burned down and in galactic star fights it’s not comfortable to go through this but in the future they’re gonna try to shadow Ben you they’re gonna sue you they’re gonna drag you before courts and unjustly accused you of all manner of evil I have been accused of literally everything from like incest to pedophilia to being guilty of everything that the enemy is guilty of they’ve gone before the unjust court system of Taiwan and accused me of that stuff like they’re gonna do this to people and you are going to have the God of heaven rise up and he is going to protect us and this is the thing he’s scarier than we are like even if we go and we become evil and do all kinds of evil things and formulate a fringe radio network gang where we go around and we beat up anybody that hates us I saw you talking about my buddy truth seeker the other day we’re gonna get you and then you know like burn down their houses Molotov cocktails to like beat up people with sticks like Network gang gang Lords even if we did that which we want it wouldn’t be as scary as what God does to avenge his people God actually takes away their Kingdom and God causes Pharaoh’s kingdom to be destroyed but first you know you have to let things play out you got to go according to his timing and pay attention to your dreams see how God will will speak through you people signs and wonders will follow I had one last night I talked to some Japanese that know people in Japan that I lived with literally when I was 17 I just met them randomly I meant a Taiwanese guy a month ago on Halloween night actually who used to own the house that we lived in in Taiwan that you interviewed and you interviewed me from it’s like a ghost house I’m telling you I saw so many things that house God will do things to confirm the steps of his people but it’ll be like obi-wan has PTSD have you ever seen that YouTube video where it’s like obi-wan just to spoil it for everybody quick don’t listen or go watch this video you’ll either laugh or cry or both but Obi you wanna standing there Lucas like how did my father die or did you know my father a nobody wants like Veda was seduced by the dark side of the force and and then he’s likes getting flashbacks of episode one two and three you know and he’s seeing Anakin Skywalker and he’s like how do i how do I tell Skywalker his dad is Darth Vader I can’t tell him but he’s like seeing the days when obi-wan and Anakin were working together and then in the end he’s like chopping off Anakin’s limbs and a kid is like burning and he’s like he’s like supposed to be the chosen one he’s like to me the Jedi are evil he’s like then you are lost you know and that’s what you’re gonna see in the wars of the Spirit with friends I’ve never betrayed Derek cross birth or it joining the iron or any of the other people but I have been betrayed by former Jedi from the Clone Wars in the past and many warfare fights I in my mind are hundreds of great Jedi who have fallen some of them have come after me and tried to kill me or get me to join the dark side the dark side is not learning about Kundalini or like interviewing alien abductees the dark side is like where you betray your brother unto death and you’re like I’m sure in God and it’s exactly oh yeah doing doing justice by doing so yeah they will drag you before the court systems they will and that’s what we need to learn about the court systems of heaven so that we can turn around and say look you got nothing on me I am standing before God yeah you gotta know who you are man that’s the big thing about identity you know what I’m saying and yeah man and like knowing who you are in Christ and I mean that’s why we talk about this stuff there’s a lot of people who don’t know who who they are there’s an identity crisis and so a lot of people out there like chameleons and this they’re just good at adapting to the environment adapting to the situation a lot of them have kind of had to do that to survive I mean you get thrown in something you have to adapt and survive so now you get around people groups wind of doctrine that comes and you don’t really have your feet rooted and grounded in Christ to know who you are so because if you know who you are you don’t allow them to tell you who you are because trust me we’ve all had to go through it that’s part of the hero’s journey that’s part of this you know saying Jedi battle you’ll never be nothing all that God’s done with you he used to use true seeker he used to do this and God used to do miracles through true Sikh and true Sikh you used to be a great preacher and true Sikh used to win people to Christ and my brother I used to this has been this you know I’m saying there’s nobody now this person who’s and people still think that I’m like a has-been or I don’t know what they think but they’ve definitely given up on me but um but God is doing more now then then I’ve ever been privy to do and I’m thankful for all of it but I Know Who I am and they were tied to go through that well what if they’re right what if I’ve been deceived what if this and I go before God God what’s happening where am I what are you saying it am I making this up but Baba you’re trying to figure things out but you have to know your identity man this identity crisis and we’re hidden and found in Christ to know to know who we are is to know who he is you know what I’m saying is to know that the book of Colossians that lets you know that all these demons and all these principalities and powers and aliens and devils or whoever you can think of obi-wan any of it I’ll have to answer to King Jesus every single one of them all the mediums the psychics the Chandler’s every knee will bow every tongue must confess that Jesus is Lord I believe that I choose to do that on this side of eternity I know who he is I know that there was nothing created that didn’t come through him he is in here’s the expressed image of God made manifest in in human form he is love made manifest in the form of a person if love became a person it’s Jesus and I serve him I talked to him he talks to me we fellowship you can’t tell me who I am he already told me you can’t dictate my future you can’t prophesy over my future you can’t speak death into my life into my ministry into my hands I have the power of life and death in my tongue just like everyone else listening you’ve been told that hey you know you’re into thing you’re over your head and God God doesn’t love you anymore this is crazy stuff these religious people come up with and we believe it because we’ve been told just to kind of adapt to whatever people are saying whatever they’re doing especially when it comes from a place of authority the pastor your parents right I mean I know people whose parents said that the parents have given up on their children and they say that the kids are going to hell and he said we don’t we don’t deal with her anymore we’ve parted ways with her because we’ve given her over to Satan what you give me over to Satan that ain’t you you know had no power to give me the Satan I’m his what you mean I’m a daughter I’m a son I’m a child of the King to get you got to know your identity men know who you are and and I really believe that getting into that Bible Genesis to Revelation putting your face in it in prayer wanting to know God wanting to have him reveal himself to you you’re beholding yourself as you’re looking into a mirror as you read that Bible you’re discovering who you are as you’re going through your journey and your trial in your tribulation it’s becoming clear how to overcome it’s becoming clear where the peace is it’s becoming clear who the enemy is it’s becoming clear all of this stuff starts to make sense man and I truly believe that and that’s why I do what I do then it has impact it really does and and you have to know who you are man you really do well you know I mean I can totally resonate with everything you just said like – well bro and it’s so you have been elevated you have been you passed many grades in the spirit and I can just tell you right now that in my mind of real true Jedi who are actually still fighting and who aren’t like serving the dark side even if they’re just doing so by betraying their brothers or going along with evil maybe they haven’t shown their true face yet we’re still in that kind of gray area I know you have a lot of these voices – in the past notice how they always come at you with the Bible like they’ll mists quote the Bible all the time which is why you have to know the Bible how did Satan face Jesus with the Bible only the Bible when Satan attacks Christians yeah he doesn’t use Aleister Crowley it uses the Word of God and he twists it he’s like you know I’d rather him you’re just being critical right now I think God’s telling you you may just start being more loving doesn’t the Bible say love your neighbor and forgive Derek you better forget but by the way I’m gonna you know blah blah blah to you and we’re gonna try to destroy that that is the test though like how do you that like that’s the test and I’ve had to deal with that on on many levels even recently you want to get into retribution let me show you what I can do just like you said you mess with my kids let me show you what I’m gonna do to you and you get into your flesh you get into your thinking I hold on I’m starting to plot evil I’m something to dream evil thoughts I’m starting to wonder how I can get back at you and the test is to pull your hands stop it vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord Michael I got this watch what I do I could do it better than you and I can take vengeance without any Karma any repercussions coming back to you and I’ve been talking about this like you don’t want to rip off a witch I’ve stolen from a witch and was one of the worst mistakes I’ve ever done like a real witch someone who can summon elemental forces against you I did that I paid for it big Tom it’s not a good idea how much more should you not steal or should not double-cross a child of the king how much more construct rustman you do not want to cross a witch how much more do we just get pushed on do we just get No vengeance is mine saith the Lord he will fight your battles for you and he’s a lot better at it than we are he owns tide he owns existence is in his hand and it’s not to wish death upon anyone is to wish repentance upon them let them learn the error of their ways that they don’t do it again but that’s between them in him that’s right not between you I literally was shown a verse moments before being cornered by someone and I won’t give any details because I don’t know if they’ll ever listen to this and I love this person I want them to know God but there’s someone that is living in total rebellion to God and has just treated people horribly and I was tempted in this instance to tell them off and to say to their face look you are a loser and I condemn you to the deepest muddiest little pitfall pits of whatever but it was like okay I’m just not gonna say anything and literally God showed me the verse I just opened this little Bible right here that I I got for free at a local church because I didn’t bring any Bibles from Taiwan I lost my last Bible and I was like I’m a missionary that just came from Taiwan and I don’t even have a Bible well they’re like sure take three Bibles so now I have three Bibles from this Unitarian Church down the road anyway it’s kind of funny but I was opening this thing and it literally said take no thought of what you will say when they come when they drag you off or whatever it will be the spirit of your father inside of you at that moment showing you what to say and so I was just like mmm and then suddenly they were like okay Michael we need to talk to you so I was like okay fine what’s what am I in trouble for what and it was literally not very big deal but the spirit of it was was like it was bullying it was very very low class way to treat people and I just looked at them in the eyes and I said very honorably like what is our vision here what are we doing together what is your purpose what are we and I got them like they were like uh uh well we are and they had to kind of speak very carefully like well you know because these were people in authority in this specific organization that I was working with recently and within about five minutes of this taking place one of these people got a phone call and one of their family members had just died and they literally like rushed off and I was just sort of watching a movie or something it was literally like what is happening because I wasn’t going to go and attack what I wanted to do was save really mean things and I was just standing by the word and I literally saw the anger and the feeling of just like there’s something happening here God’s Spirit is mad but also there’s a chance to reach out to this person and I love them yeah although there is going to be judgement when you start picking on God’s people everywhere it’s like it’s you don’t want to do that but you do need to know the word and the word says fight the good fight of faith lay hold on eternal life whereunto you are called and has professed a good profession before many witnesses and Derek you’ve already gone through the church grade you’ve stepped through the religious grade now you’re in the realm of the people who are really literally looking for truth and who are literally in the fight it could be Jordan Maxwell it could be all the people around Laura Eisenhower don’t matter where they are there’s a lot of them in the church you know and a lot of them are still in the church a lot of them you know what they’re looking you know what I’m saying so it doesn’t matter where they are if they’re searching you know what I’m saying they’re gonna get it if they’re why channel or if they’re Laura Eisenhower fans of – Jordan Maxwell fans and they’re looking for truth I got it I got it and we should be lean oh I love talking with you and getting into the business of it and you know I’m sharing my heart with you as well and so my battles but I’m still in the same zone where I was you know Episode one with new Skywalker just like I want to be a Jedi like my father you know I want to be in the in the know in the the latest spiritual weaponry in technology of today the things that your audience is tuning in to your show to listen me to I want to be in that they have some things figured out in the New Age or in these realms not all of it they have some things figured out that we don’t and I like to say the fact I say we as far as like Christians don’t in the biblical perspective because a lot of times the the Bible just gives in an overview of these things and they don’t really get into the nitty-gritty on how these technologies work spiritual technologies how it works how does what is the word of wisdom what is the word of knowledge and some some prophetic movements Morningstar like we we’ve both you know you know been influenced by their work we’ll go into more info than others but there’s people in in the occult circles who will map it out ESP extrasensory perception you can hear you can smell you can taste you can know you can see clairvoyance clairaudience Clara sentience and and and then we look in the Bible and say wow Jesus was clairvoyant Jesus was clairaudient his disciples were – they were able to hear the voice of the Spirit I would wake them up and say hey don’t go to that City hey stop judging those people and they was with this fellowship with a spirit what does that sound like what does that look like there’s a lot of pictures in the Bible saying even with that x10 call no man Evo call no man unclean what what does that sound like what does that look like you know I think they have a peace of God and to say that we have it all figured out to say that if it has to be called this or these words or the terminology you’re using you shoe is so funny you see we see there’s Christians and stuff now who talked about the breath the breath of God the inhale the power to heal and the Holy Spirit in nuuma in the Ruach presence of God it’s coming through breath dude there is Vedic stuff that teach you the power of your breath and the power of breathing and cleansing and then there’s Christians who are just now getting a piece of that the power of the spoken word when you put that stuff together everything starts to make a little bit more sense and you judge it against the Word of God you judge it against the Word of God but I’m judging clairvoyance clairaudience with the life of Jesus and the disciples and the prophets who were very spiritual who were people who were leaving their bodies by Loki pack this thing by location telepathy all this of written through the scriptures it comes alive man and if you don’t have anything to kind of reference that to you’re just like yeah that was a one-time occurrence and the Bible repeatedly talks about them falling into a trance how do you fall into a trance I was just random God just pulled him in a trance while they were on the road to Damascus they pulled him in I think they practiced trance state when Jesus was transfigured at the Mount of Transfiguration we’ve talked about this I think that happened all the time in I think that that was a common occurrence when when he went into the spirit there was just the first time we kind of got to see a camera go in there and follow Jesus and what he did when he went into his courts of his father during prayer he was being I’m telling you and we told him it taught that toss back the starwars for me at the end of one of the episodes Yoda is taking obi-wan I think is obi-wan and he’s bringing him off into the sunset it says follow me I’m going to teach you how to commune with your leader he’s like qui-gon and I’m like boom cuz in me that whole time I’m watching that quad ghana’s Jesus to me in the whole time I’m watching that and it’s like I’m gonna teach you how to commune with him so I can teach me how to commune with Jesus in the secret place Oh Lord because deep that’s deep man I know it sounds dorky to be talking about video games the Star Wars and all this stuff but I literally like everything ties together with that and I have seen stuff I’ve seen angels I’ve talked angels I’ve probably seen aliens but here’s what praying medic taught us and his praying medic is all about cueing on right now he was on Dan Duvall show recently I would recommend listening to him go on about that but he put together a book called traveling in the spirit made simple and he brought all these stories you know in Clayton stories and different Christians Margy Mormon who we’ve interviewed a bunch of different cool people and what it would it gets down to it’s just you need to sit down and you need to get rid of all distractions and make sure you’re not like gonna fall asleep but get comfortable and and you know practice meditation but not meditation as in yoga or something but meditate on the Lord find some scriptures meditate on go through the gate of the word and let God show you stuff spirit travel it’s not astral projecting although I had an experience and I’ll tell you I’ll tell you my experiences as fast as I possibly can but these are the things that have happened since we last talked in the midst of some of the most heavy sphere to warfare ever in Taiwan first off I was sleeping after a long heavy battle where I was trying to upload a video to the fringe radio network regarding our marriage I came to Hawaii to get married by faith with my wife here Jennifer Christine it was totally by faith we haven’t met yet and we already declared like okay we’re getting married I’m going there we’re gonna move to the big island and I have my spirit pastor Matt Evans who deals with SRA and like alien spirits and stuff and people getting healing from their their parts is really amazing guy Matt Evans we’ve interviewed him to where he’s agreed to marry us in the spirit today so we did this whole show jennifer night and that night the exact place we named that we were gonna move exploded in the volcano in Hawaii like the exact placement and so we have this show and it’s documented it’s like front page Drudge Report news the next day the volcano explodes right after we say we’re gonna get married and move and and started like a mission base there or something so a few days later I’m trying to upload this thing because it’s it’s a timely thing it’s a time scent sensitive thing and literally this is in the middle of all the court garbage and my daughter was with me that night she was there sleeping the room and I was there furiously trying to get this thing uploaded suddenly a relative emails me and messages me sneakily trying to say Michael why are you so negative why are you doing these things why did you say those mean things about the nice missionaries I’m like what is this who did they tell you because the next day was the court hearing it was like another trial it was it was all stupid it was all completely ridiculous they were trying to sue me for hundreds of thousands of dollars they were about to lose everything all the money they had wasted trying to sue me so they were calling all my relatives to get to me and I’m just trying to get my freaking marriage thing uploaded and I’m like you mother I’ve never spoken this way to my my flesh and blood family but I was so angry I got the thing uploaded I stopped talking to my relative and I lay down and God was like listen you need to listen to the story of Joseph put it on your headphones lie down listen to Joseph’s story it’s like alright God fine I was I’ve never been more frustrated and angry in my entire life at them than I was at that moment so I lay down you know I was like 3 o’clock in the morning and I just sort of dozed off and then I woke up and I saw with my eyes in the room these rings and layers of energy that were physical it was as physical as this camera stand up just like I saw it in the room and it was layered with these like patterns and symbols and like I can’t describe what they were like except they look kind of creepy because they were like really detailed it was like a metal it was made of metal and it was emanating from where my daughter was sleeping in the room like in a circular pattern like expanding from her body and as soon as it went by me I was just staring I was like and then all the fear all the anger all the negativity just disappeared from the room and I was like I don’t know what that was but I feel great and I fell asleep for good next morning I was like god what was that and he’s like don’t you think there’s a reason why they’re trying to destroy kaya Basham your daughter and I thought about that for a while and I was like okay so she’s got superpowers all right got it cuz I literally saw this and we started to see stuff after that like literally I started to see these these um just out of nowhere we Jennifer and I started to practice some meditation we had the whole silver cord thing manifest I don’t know if it was the silver cord but I literally saw this thing in my room as well one night following that event I was on the phone with her and then I think she had to go or she fell asleep and then I was lying in my bed just thinking and meditating and wanting to manifest stuff just like focusing on God yeah suddenly I had the impression that somebody was gonna come in the house from downstairs and they were coming up the stairwell there’s nobody in the house I was alone and they came in the room and my eyes were closed the whole time and before I could get up or do anything they stepped into my body into my stomach area and I was like whoa and I opened my eyes and I saw this white like almost like a jellyfish kind of organic material just slowly rising out of my stomach into the air in the room and I’m just staring at this thing and we was there for like a good 10 seconds and I can describe exactly how I mean it just reminded me of like seeing the tendrils of like a jellyfish and the feeling was not of fear again it was this excellent amount of peace and just goodness the only way I can describe it so I don’t know if that’s what people call the silver Accord but those were those were the the experience that we had in meditation though in following the voice of God listening to the Word of God and spending time in prayer and literally asking God to manifest up oh my gosh rod is listening I’m sorry I turned on my facebook life dude weirdo rod and rowdy Miller anyway I’m great to be able to share this stuff on your show Derek what did I do you have any interpretation for any of that stuff you interviewed anybody that’s seen some report things I mean I’ve talked to we talked about this in our school of the mystics the other night I remember driving through at Moore Alabama and there was a billboard with this nice graphic looked really expensive brand-new and on the Billboard was a man laying in the bed with the the cord coming off in his astral body leaving his body right and so as a person astral traveling on the Billboard and all it had was the scripture in the Bible that mentions this silver cord I forgot which scripture it is right off but it just had that scripture and I looked it up and I said you know don’t let this silver cord break or whatever the case was you know and um and there was no website there was no phone number no nothing somebody paid to have that up there to manipulate the consciousness of the people and they didn’t even want credit for it I there was no hay fought were a cult we’re a new age group Christian community whatever look us up there was not not even that there and so that’s when I looked into us like wow there’s a scripture on the silver cord and in me and flew man kind of went back and forth and wondering if it is symbolically the silver cord maybe that’s even where the term comes from but it talks about let not the silver cord be severed and I think it’s in Kings I’m not 100% sure with that but that was interesting some people here or in the chat were mentioning that maybe the silver cord it was something demonic like some kind of cords of attachment which you know there there you could see those right I’m sure we did you know that may be easy to to mix up people have cords of attachment on them that connect them to other people to other ideas and things if you were able to see that in the spirit realm what that looked like but essentially what does believe the silver cord is what it’s connected through your navel I believe to your etheric body and that as you travel out of your body you leave the silver cord is what helps you find your way back or snaps you back into your body so I don’t really have no it no experiences with the silver cord but I know what the theory of it is okay well I don’t know I’m not sitting here as a teacher either and I alarmed a lot of Christians with with that experience that I just tell everything like as I’m seeing it which was what a lot of people are doing you know and that’s I mean who would that excuse me but what the heck is the Bible hey I left my body I’m writing about it this is what happened like come on like if we don’t tell nobody that people have a nice time getting messages from people crazy experiences I had this vision where all of this light hit my body and this blue crystals appeared and I felt like it pulled out all the negative out of my body and I said it was crystalline and bah-bah-bah and somebody is like what is it true seeker I’m like I don’t know right but then again I have another friend who hit me up as like man I was in a vision and it was a woman appeared to me and she was taken away all of the bad stuff that I did and she said her name was crystalline and I’m like wow I don’t know what that is I’ve never heard of it but if you was to blog about it and if you was to blog about it and that person who was searching what is crystalline healing what is who is this woman or there’s a couple blogs a couple people have stories about this woman or these beings that show up in administer healing from God then we have something so it’s about having these encounters and being vocal about them not being scared what about the imagination what about which is a big thing what about the people who are making this stuff up as they go I’m convinced even some of our Christian greats I’ll toe in Clayton out there I think a lot of the stuff is he kind of gets division he puts it out there and it’s kind of okay Lord what are you saying okay here it is this is what it looks like what else God okay this is this is the diagrams I kind of think that they’re making it up as they go but who is to say that that does not become their doctrinal truth and the people who follow that and they try those steps and they try to meditate and they chant the first time I’ve seen anybody chin yo David Haye was Ian Clayton I seen the video of Eden Ian Clayton at a church chant got the whole church chanting yo hey which is the name of God chanting this and it was beautiful and I’d do it now right we get into sessions where we do it but um it comes we’re like okay what if they’re making it up as they go and they very well could be right in the Christian circles the new-age circles Corey Goode David Wilcock these big names to creating content and they got followers and people believe it but as a man thinketh in his heart so shall it be if you think that there’s people who get in the shin in the shower right and they’ll take a shower and they’ll imagine all I do this all of the negative energy washing off of them when the water hits them and all of the negative energy the negative stuff for the day and they they believe it in their mind when they get out the shower those sins and those negative ideas of have been washed on the drain there’s a scripture in the Bible that says His mercies are new every morning and I’ve been in a place where I would maybe commit sin or have these unconfessed sins in my life and I would confessor before the Lord and I would wake up the next morning and feel like that slate was was was washed clean and I may have carried that sin all day even if I’ve confessed it I still feel like it’s lingering like maybe I’m dirty but that next day when that Sun rises His mercies are new every morning I feel like I have a fresh touch of his mercy right I don’t know if I do I don’t know if my sins and all that stuff washed off of me and I’ve received clean energy or whatever the spirit or quite physically but in my mind I did and as a man thinketh in his heart so shall he be and I lived my life and I went and I made decisions based off of those feelings whether their ungodly whether I made it up but to me it was real and there’s people who are doing that in churches you have crazy doctrines in church that you believe God that is ordained from God and God ain’t said a damn thing close to that but churches have passed it down about tithing and about cursing you if you don’t tithe and you think God really speaking that to you and you live in your life if you don’t give that money then God’s gonna curse you I’ve been through that and I thought that was real and I made my decisions and based my life upon if I don’t give then God is gonna take it because pastors have told me that God never said anything close to that but it but it became real to me because as a man thinketh in his heart so shall he be that’s why we’re supposed to be true seekers that’s why we’re supposed to get in the word and know what God says and and test it and try and think about lofty things that can help us out they kind of don’t dwell upon all of the nasty negativity cause it’s out there and as a man thinketh in his heart so shall he be you whatever you entertain garbage in garbage out that’s why I’m I like to talk about prayer that’s why I like to talk about meditation and sins being washed away and all of this stuff because as you think it as you believe it I went on a new-age show I don’t even want to call it a new-age so I went on a show with a guy and he interviewed me and he was drilling me about the Christian thing there’s Jesus well people say Jesus never existed people say this and he was just made up what do you say I said you know I live my life like he did and and it does something that story if he never I talk about allegory in the Bible in the Old Testament and if they prove that hey we made this up and there’s people trying to say that that we made the Bible up and it’s it’s a Vatican ploy to control the world and all text or made up to throw people off I live my life like it happened and there’s power in that story there’s power to think that if I confess my since that he is faithful and just to forgive me and you telling me a duck doesn’t happen even if it doesn’t change anything there’s power when I live my life in this way that it’s already happened that’s the whole Bible that’s all the view or coat esoteric text you study whatever if it’s real to you you create it as you speak it and you it creates your reality all of it and that’s how all of this works if you don’t believe it it’s not gonna work Jesus the Son of God made manifest in human form walked in the towns to heal people man as Jesus man he’s a carpenter man he’s a carpenter side we know Jesus can’t heal nobody Jesus walked into towns and cookin was rendered powerless couldn’t heal people a prophet is without honor save in his hometown then he goes into other cities where these people are hungry they’re thirsty for truth they’re looking for God oh jesus is coming I’ve heard stories about this guy I’ve heard stories man I don’t know who he is but I’ve heard stories and I’m desperate man I need I need God I’m desperate maybe he’s got something for me if only I could touch the hem of his garment maybe this blood issue that I have I’ve been bleeding internally my whole life maybe if I touch the hem of His garment I could be healed I don’t know but let me try it and they believed it and they tried it and it worked unto them everybody said what are you doing Jesus just bizzy’s he’s dealing with the you know the rich people whoever right now get back stay back this woman reached through the crowd touched to him of his garments and it was rendered unto her because of her faith and that’s what it takes to please God without faith it’s impossible to please God I believe that this is a faith game man we we you know we we can’t prove this stuff we have these encounters we have these experiences and we can go on for days and we’re trying to make sense of it we’re trying to find other people we have stories in the Bible we have stories and books taken out of the Bible we’re trying to make sense of this stuff and all these other churches and denominations claim to have it figured out and this is the way that’s the way no this is the way they’re lying this is the way and I’m trying to make sense of it all man but it is that it’s moving from that faith to a place of knowing God and knowing Jesus within however you want to explain it whatever it is to you I’m gonna tell you what it is to me he said who do you say I am give a damn what these people said I am who do you say I am and that’s what he’s asking each and every one of us that’s where the powers I don’t care what they say who what they said I did I don’t care if they said I existed what did you say you exists you’re the son of God you changed my life what’s your story that’s your testimony good words man I appreciate you because you do put yourself out there in your hometown like as far as I know you’ve been living in that area yeah it’s and it’s a hundred percent like the Bible says it man really you know my family actually was around you Mobile Alabama that was where a great deal of our cult which called the chip not the children of God called the shepherding movement Derek Prince Don Basham Bob Mumford they were centralized in Mobile Alabama for quite some time so whether you might I don’t know if it’s the same moment there’s something called the fathering movement is that you think it sounds like and it sounds like a mutation man it’s been like fathering movement if you have your your apostles and the ones who you have to be fathered by an apostle or by an overseer and that kind of gives dude that’s like I thought we flushed that years ago it sounds like they got a real drainage problem there yeah and so yeah who’s your spiritual father and yeah kind of stuff you can listen listen I say go to earn Baxter’s teachings on broken bread teaching calm broken bread teaching or something like that just look up earn Baxter you’re gonna find some of the best freakin awesomest teaching from the Bible ever ever made like what period I’m I’m in the process of uploading it into podcasts build a special brand you know right there means yes it was actually known and if it’s oh if they’ve been here awhile back in the day Mobile was known as the bay of the Holy Spirit where the outpouring of God would come and has been revival as a spark in mobile and around Pensacola and things like that Mobile is known as the Mobile Bay is the bay of the Holy Spirit that’s what they named it Wow well no doubt there’s a contest over that so you’re engaged with the religious spirit which was the dregs and the final dead body of our movement was the shepherding movement it was all about you got to get under this or that guy you gotta get you know and it’s kind of weird like personally going into podcasting and sharing online YouTube being everything every chance I get just posting stuff everywhere I was contacted by my father’s Shepherd from that movement and guess what other cult he was in before our cult the children of God called so he his name was Richard Dalton and he is one of the most amazing people actually that that was after this point of time when I was born it was in Lansing Michigan so it went from Mobile Alabama being kind of a centrifuge to Lansing where I was born and this gentleman was my parents Shepherd but then he also left that call and then joined another movement because it’s like movements died and but then they become cults you know and people become controlling you stayed too long you got to be able to move with the spirit most of them in yeah and in craziness I mean look at Toronto blessing I mean look at Lakeland I mean Azusa Street you know all these big revivals that broke out eventually got into weird heresy almost you know well and you know either Lakeland revival if anybody knows what we’re talking about with todd Bentley and these guys that were like you know taking people or like grabbing them by the shirt and punch him in the face over and over again oh god they were punching people kicking old ladies well they said they got healed man I mean you know my favorite know that it takes to be a feature takes faith sorry we’re talking over each other go ahead I mean little Pacific Ocean you go ahead well I was saying it takes faith man you hear stories about Smith Wigglesworth you know they had that main story from him you could see how that would influence somebody like todd Bentley Smith Wigglesworth being onstage preaching and somebody brought a baby allegedly I mean this is the this is our some of our stories of faith some of the big guys who are not far removed from us right where he was preaching somebody brought a baby up there with no arms and no legs and the story that we’ve heard passed down for generations is that God whispered in his ear and said you have to kick the baby punt the baby and I’m gonna heal it and he’s you know going back and forth with his head about God is this really you was just the devil don’t want me to kick the baby and in my ministry am I going to jail you know what I’m saying and so he drops the baby and kicks it and supposedly when the baby hit the ground it sprouted arms and legs and and a great night will happen before we just before I’ve know that was um have you heard that I’ve heard that before um two things first of all you need to listen the street fighter preacher with Benny Hinn with his magical jacket oh yeah no they somebody mixed that yeah listen street fighter brothers was always my floor and second of all Rick Joyner takes a lot of flack not just for being the Knights of Malta which I I don’t know what I remember when that happened I was because I was I was proselytizing Rick Joyner hey mortis or manifestation – yes I remember when that came out I was like he was being night it was like in for me anyway it was like I would say I have never seen Rick Joyner do anything that is Illuminati confirmed since 2001 and in fact all I’ve seen is Rick Joyner get in trouble for trying to help people like todd Bentley you know whose ministries were tanking and he reached out and he salvaged a lot of of God’s investment in those ministries and that is also something that I want to do and then I actually am doing and I’m getting persecuted for it to the raishin I mean there’s a lot of spiritual weapons in the family there as the identification as the Bride of Christ it wasn’t culty like we’re all wearing dresses or anything but it was like you know what we’re gonna literally as a movement marry Jesus and watch watch how he’ll take care of us and he did he would take care of everybody like weights too well understanding about the end times the keys the kingdom spirit helpers I’ve met our cthe on and some of these angelic energy beings that the family was channeling I’ve met them and they’re they’re great allies to have in your were fair you know now the gene that and the key of David the ability to live out of the future today that’s something that was the family was all into that the anyway it goes on and on just there’s like millions of orphan angels of spirit helpers that were channeled that these members all lost and I’m like send him to me you know I’ll I’ll take him Rick drivers in the business of restoration man and that whole thing that happened with with todd Bentley and him falling getting go having an affair leaving his wife and all that stuff and so there was a short season there when I just started running with the the Hebrew Israelites and getting into maybe some john macarthur and things like that that i really pulled away from anything spiritual and i had been into the Messianic movements i had been just in a little bit of all of it but pulled away from the charismatic stuff and i started speaking against it i started speaking against the manifestations of the Holy Spirit and calling it demonic and calling it Kundalini like I went behind my research so there was a short period of time several months that I did that and in in the sense I was persecuting the Lord when I did it you know what I’m saying and that’s what he revealed to me I took a move of God to God to slay me in the spirit and just wash me clean and break me down but um while he was doing that was wind that that Todd Bentley thing happened because a lot of my mom to do who led me to the Lord and all their circle was like yeah you gotta check out this guy in Lakeland man you’ll like him he’s got tattoos and he’s all this kind of stuff when yours before I seen Todd Bentley as a short plump redheaded man his hair wearing suits and he looked like he was an aging young an aging man he was in Africa you know healing people and he’d pray for people and they all fall out in the spirit and it was beautiful stuff at the time but then the next time you see him he’s covered from head to toe and tattoos and he’s wearing Harley Davidson shirts and holey jeans and in churches and he looks you know he’s trying to be youthful he’s shaving bald and stuff and got earrings and piercings and all that stuff so it’s like hey what happened here like so that happened I seen him they reached out to me they thought that I would like it because he’s got tattoos and he’s healing people moving in a supernatural but I tried to check it out I was like I’m not into that or whatever started preaching against that and even when that happened with todd Bentley he fell oh he fell off rick joyner I was gonna restore him I even spoke out against Rick Joyner I was like how is somebody who needs restoration gonna heal somebody else who needs to be restored themselves you know and I was preaching against that stuff and uh you know I sold all my rick joyner book collection man I had a collection bro and I gave it I sold it to the dude who let me to the Lord I was like I sold my 15 books for was more it was just a season man and it was well needed though you know I got two I got rid of all the Christian fiction stuff you know and just started studying the word man I was like you know I don’t want this this is what the Lord says and all these prophetic books and teachings know how to interpret the Bible and teaches about demonology and teachings about all of his crates of it let me study the scriptures for myself and God begin to take me deeper into the word and I was led to the Hebrew Israelites to who understood how to break the scriptures down and how to actually study from that point from from like I’m saying before that I was only reading the Bible I thought I was studying because I was reading quiet time but I’d know how to trace scriptures back to other scriptures and okay when Jesus said that he’s only quote like the weird thing is Paul and Jesus most of the time never spoke anything original there’s they have some original stuff but the majority stuff you don’t even know some of it’s in italics and some of it the majority of it is quoted from the Old Testament or they’re just in it and if you know how to do like you get you a Bible and I’ll show show you guys listening like this one here I’ve had this one for some years now so a lot of times a lot of times there’s there’s there’s scripture the references where they go down in the middle and this is for those of you watching I’ll try to explain it but here’s my old King James here but um a lot of times in the middle I’m dropping stuff all out of it too but a lot of times down the middle they’ll have a bunch of just scriptures right going down the middle mine doesn’t have it mine has the scripture after the scripture so there’ll be a reference after you read the verse there’ll be like three or four sometimes and it’s not every verse but just some things that kind of stick out to you and a lot of times it’ll quote the Old Testament or go back and you go back and read where it came from and you like wow you just quote in the Old Testament and and that’s how you do your your your Bible referencing some of them have them down the middle this one has it after the verse so that was really cool to kind of go back and start linking things out and these ideas that we thought were new and something new that Paul made up or something new that Christian said Oh Christian Jesus said they’re just quoting the Old Testament you know I’m saying it sometimes in different words and sometimes it’s in italics so we know they’re quoting right as they’re quoting it but um but other times you don’t even know it it’s just like it’s us in the text and so I just begin to break the Scriptures down that way and start referencing things back and kind of building my doctrine off of okay I’m not I’m tearing down everything I ever learned and Lord just reteach me over because I’ve been taught wrong and I began to wear you know people had doctrines and things based off of one scripture or doctrines based off of things like that and I just begin to base my doctrines personally over things that were reiterated over and over that you can actually prove over and over not just one scripture it baba says here a little there a little line upon line precept upon precept so that you can prove this stuff and I’d be just begin to tear this thing open man and this was God led me to that and that was in probably 2010 today it was probably from like honestly the journeys been the whole time but to really dig into the scripture was from like 2008 to 2010 brother I had a similar thing happen when I was in a Jesuit University in Tokyo where my dad is a he’s a violin professor University of Miami at the time and we got free tuition to go to this really nice school but I was all about like I’m gonna be a missionary I’m gonna go to Asia but but first used the opportunity to go to one of the top schools in Tokyo literally not even just a little jog away from the Emperor’s Palace and it’s the school that’s named after one of the very first missionaries to Asia Francis Xavier and I believe I contacted him at that time it was kind of a weird experience I kind of believed in the patron saint thing although I think it’s a little bit different than what most people think but anyway I had brought Rick Joyner’s anthology of the final quest with me to just kind of study again because my mom gave it to me when I was like 13 in 1998 or something like that and so I was in this mode where I was just wanting to know God completely and I was reading GK Chesterton and I would just sit under a tree and like you said like just read the entire Bible all the way through hey I see your laughs man what are you doing I hate that when you see your life or see your doings I’m here let me call him up maybe he’ll answer and give me a shout-out yeah I know literally this is a Honduran TV actor I’m gonna call him at later but I just wanted to finish about Rick Joyner because what his book did for me was it prepared me to begin to engage with God personally not to put Rick Joyner on this platform or Plateau like wow you got to repeat every prophecy he ever got you know every prophecy where you know how he talks to all the saints and he talks to Paul and he talks to all these different people in heaven that’s literally something that any of us can do you can all get the final quest on your own and I realized that in Tokyo one night and I started to engage in the spirit I started to go into the visionary quests and the closest thing I can compare it to was Final Fantasy just go into these other worlds and write down whatever those characters are telling you and it’s cheesy I mean if any of you have ever tried to play Dungeons & Dragons or something it’s similar to that it might not look that good on paper but the thing was God started to talk to me through that it was like this imagination portal gate or whatever and that was it was uncanny how many things came true that he would show me and it would be like you can talk to Enoch you can go to heaven you can go visit your heavenly house and you know it would be something that is just between you and God or maybe certain segments you might want to share with the world but only through faith in the Word of God was I able to really not go crazy like knowing the Scriptures like you said cross-referencing reading the Bible for yourself no reading it over and over again meditating on it and then God will sometimes just start to open things up for you we’re going I’m I’m gonna start sharing some of those visions but one of my one of my big conquests right now is to go through the book of Jasher and we’re reading the story of Joseph in the book of Joshua if you know the Bible you’ll be really excited to know that you know how when Jesus was born they killed all the firstborns and they said oh the voice of Rachel weeping for her children well that’s a very very cryptic prophecy in Isaiah I think that came true with Jesus but did you know that in the book of Jasher there’s literally a scene where Joseph goes up to the tomb of his mother Rachel and he starts summoning her and she starts weeping with him oh wow I don’t know that to talk to him from the grave yeah yeah and you never you literally never get to that part of Jasher because you know anybody that’s tried to read the book of Jasher you make it through like all the way until chapter 15 or 16 and then you’re like okay I’m done it’s kind of like what I got for me honestly not apologizing about destruction and stuff but I loved the first half of Enoch you know oh yeah we could read the first half like every other day maybe what we need to do is like start on the second half of Enoch like just oh like prophecies about destruction and into the world and snow and the flat earthers think it’s it’s like proof that the earth is flat whatever that was another thing we were going to talk about I know our time is probably running short but uh Derek and I’m sorry Daniel Duvall interviewed a lady regarding the elementals that since listening to her I just started to get get into this and I can’t remember her name but I’ll post it into the chat she literally brings forward testimonies of people that she’s ministering to that are sra that are demonically subject but then they are telling us information about how the elementals are not necessarily demonic yeah things that the witches are using and trying to channel all of them some type of verb it’s some type of angel almost yes yes and if you know the Lord of the Rings at all like they’re very similar to the ents anything like there might be beings that can communicate to the trees to the Sun to the elements the way that they are on this planet is very mystical it shows you how work I mean they they have a purpose like they have I mean there’s certain angels that have purposes to communicate to bring messages back and forth from heaven earth to do things to humanity to appoint rulers and and and and see see that track see that earthquakes in tornadoes happen like its kraid like this is all this and we don’t want to attribute the bad stuff to God only the good stuff right so when it comes to those realms man they exist and and I’m not they’re not bad I mean but then again they’re not good you know what I’m saying they’d a good job they’re bad or good is that they just axis man you know what I’m say it uh excuse me I’m kind of under the weather a little bit but I don’t know if you can connect with a man and you can you can see them you can go out there and and pray and meditate and ask God don’t ask them ask God bring everything through him because it’s not if it’s not of him then don’t do it but bring it through the Lord and if it be his will for you to see these things may it be proven to you but I feel like if you’re seeking it and you want it he that desires in you for a reason but you can go out have the scriptures open have some other text that maybe talk about the elementals excuse me oh my god there’s a really you know the Book of Enoch is the thing like it gets into this stuff and there are angels over these elements but you know there are like we kind of gloss over stuff about the wind and the trees and yesterday I was reading um you know the mountains from their hands the trees and the nature is you know yearning and groaning for the manifestation of the sons of God we need to stop being afraid of stuff that the witches are using because what one thing that was confirmed to me is I go through a lot of mind battles to like everybody but yeah I have to be listening to stuff like sometimes I can’t sleep unless I’m getting something of the truth being downloaded I could listen to your show I can listen to the Bible just by itself I could listen to people being interviewed and I was listening to this specific show on this specific day and I just couldn’t sleep and I was like and I reached over for my phone to plugging it in and right as I did the lady Daniel Duvall was interviewing she said witches will plug into and charge as I’m plugging into it charging my phone yeah from trees and those trees if they do not go along with their program they will begin to die that’s why you’ll see a lot of areas where witches are or where like maybe the front yard or the tree next door something just totally dead because there’s this this aspect where they will curse the tree they will curse that thing and that actually works because there’s some trees that wickedly go along with it so that’s why we’re all confused we think like Oh nature’s evil no only some of it is like nature actually has free will I don’t think nature is wicked I think nature knows that we’re wicked you know what I’m saying and so when God put enmity between man and animals they know that we’re gonna sigh to catch them and kill them you know that’s why birds don’t come up to us in squirrels they run from humans they don’t think so I think would be the other way around that that that stuff’s wicked or whatever that they know that hey we might if we catch you we’re probably gonna eat you and I’ve heard about people who have changed their diet and changed the things that they partake and they have a different relationship with these animals and they’ve been able to communicate and this is talking about you know magic mushrooms but I’ve talked to a friend of mine who was on magic mushrooms at one time and he said he walked outside and then he said he started communicating with the tree in the trees like man I watched you grow up and I’ve been watching over you providing shade for you and your family and like this tree like communicating with him because he was on that wavelength and just telling them how proud he was of them and about him watching him since he was a boy and all of this crazy stuff and I haven’t had those experiences on magic mushrooms but I have been in a time of meditation outside in the cool of the day like when Adam walked with God and I’ve been out there meditating and reading some materials on Manley P Hall and spending some time in meditation early and I was meditating and I wanted to connect and I opened my eyes and I was surrounded by birds there were birds all around me and I was like oh my god if I move they’re gone and they literally were like probably 80 birds out there just all around me in my chair and then the wind wind started blowing in the trees the the leaves doing like the world winning got up and I could see the the wind blowing through the trees and it wouldn’t it would start and it was just this magical enchanted place that I was in that’s always existed I’ve just become conscious of it it’s always there it didn’t just happen when I seen it it’s always there it’s whenever you change the way you think changed your your you got stuff to do we got to go it’s like the little rabbit off of Alice in Wonderland when you slow down you can be like Alice and be taken down through there and see the majestic things of the world and how the universe works and who would are they without what you know well is there anything in the Bible there maybe a little bit in the Bible but the Jewish mystics believe it and they wrote a book called their Zohar and you get into the Kabbalah where they go into more detail about these specific angels who guard over time and angels who guard over the wind and the angels who were over the stars and even enoch talks about it and the bible gives some reference back and forth and it’s like wow all of this stuff starts to connect and then you become an experiencer and then on top of that you have the texts to prove it and back it up for yourself and for others to if they want to learn right you have the text there and so that’s what it’s been about for me it’s not learning these deep truths and then going out experiencing them and then on the other hand experiencing crazy stuff and say okay God where is this and the fact of the matter is a lot of stuff that we already know because the Word of God is written upon our hearts we already know this stuff but then the Lord has to reveal it to us in the scripture there it is I knew that was there I had this inward knowing and I know if I spoke it out in church they’re gonna think I’m crazy I can’t tell nobody about this but a couple of my friends who we entertain these things and then we’re finding it in the Bible the Pleiades though you know I’m saying the Orion and all of these storm systems mentioned up in the Bible and how the Lord is near and dear to them and how I’ve seen these crazy things and stuff just starts proving so I I really do you know it I used the Bible to prove this stuff and maybe people would say that I’m manipulating it to say what I want it to say or whatever the case is but really I’m trying to I’m a I want to experience the stuff I want to know the depths it’s my – to know the secrets of the universe and how it works and I’ve been shown a lot and as we all have and we all have a different piece of our lot we bring it together and say hey this is what I’ve seen I said well I’ve done the same thing well hey I want to try that you know and other people’s stories and testimonies about you know their revelation of the word and then then back to with practical experience that was the thing that I think Jim will help Senna always said that practical experience and I’ve I’ve been repeating that ever since I heard him back in the day practical experience and that’s what it’s about um Chris Garner you got a bunch of comments here in the chat Michael Bassam just stepped away for a second um but Chris garner says nature is protective of its life it’s really good that you say that maybe that you bring it up because I don’t know if you remember but I had um dandelion on the podcast and he mentioned my wife had a question for him she wasn’t on but I asked her has to him a question for he gets into you know plants and and and knowing what plants are edible and what purpose of the plants and trees and stuff are there’s a name for it I can’t think of it right off Chris going I know you can post that but she she’s a severely allergic to poison ivy like it almost eats through her skin it’s so bad it’s almost literally is like a poison and he wanted me to ask him about what’s the purpose and uh he talked about how Poison Ivy’s purpose is kind of shown to to be the protector of the forest this one like the outskirts and the outer rims to protect on the outskirts of it so I thought that was really cool so nature is protective of itself and nature will take over if we don’t cultivate and we just stop cutting the grass and all that stuff and nature will eat all of this stuff they’re finding pyramids and civilizations that are underwater and that are under the dirt and under the trees and if they got a rock they uncover this rock and the rock is a freaking you know 700 foot pyramid or something you know I’m saying that is just gone and so if we don’t do anything nature’s gonna you know I’m saying eat eat this whole world if we stop cutting the grass you know you stopped replacing the roads and all that stuff nature would I don’t know how long it would take but it would eat all of this stuff and it would replenish it that makes you makes you wonder like the past civilizations there must be many many of those from the back up backwards history I mean the fact that they’ve only they’re finding them is crazy right the one in Turkey man what is it a goblak gobekli tepe Tepe and then it has all of these different statues of these space gods in these things these I hold on man these people were here before us they were in touch with something they find any civilizations man all of them it isn’t very interesting that’s this is what we’re on a quest to uncover and this is why it’s sometimes it is beneficial to listen to some other faiths to a certain extent as much as it what’s the word as much as you are able to withstand and not get sucked into becoming a Buddhist by all means have some conversations with with Buddhists you can find a video of myself in front of like thousands of Buddhists just talking about the French radio network and there’s this guru with me and and she sat down and talked with me all about you know the spirit world is like oh you’ve seen ghosts okay well we need to talk about ghosts and you know don’t i’m not telling people to do mushrooms but by all means like if you can get into the proper wavelength to say talk to plants and just see what they have to say like just don’t mind being crazy for a little while and you don’t have to be like alright how are you mr. rose oh good what did you have for breakfast today but if you if you do mushrooms and you’re sitting there be like well and then you like touching this tree I feel so much love from this tree Oh nature’s so full of love and why can’t you get quiet and see what happens if you were the tree what would the tree say like get into that mode it you don’t have to feel it for it to be true you don’t have to actually hear a voice from to receive a message from God he can speak to you through your own heart a lot of people I mean that’s why they would maybe laugh at this podcast cuz they’ve never experienced God in that type of way they’ve never unicorn in the background yeah I see that Unicorn there that’s my wife’s and I’ve got my statue next to it but it’s covered up by the unicorn everybody makes it Legend of Zelda I can’t see the Zelda but um you know cuz they’ve never experienced that I mean I and I think it would be foolish to just believe it without experiencing it though right I mean I remember people in churches like upset because they didn’t get the baptism of the holy spirit like other people and they didn’t fall out and speak in tongues and roll down the aisle you know what I’m saying and they they never felt it that way so they felt like they were doing something wrong or God doesn’t love them or God is holding that back from them or whatever the case is right everybody’s different – in their experiences so you know and I would and and I don’t think that there’s many people even listening who like a fooled or something I think many people find something that they resonate with you know not that you believe all these encounters and I’m not asking you to believe any of them but a lot of times people listen because they’ve had similar encounters they’ve been stargazing and they’ve seen things bleak it you blink at them while they’re stargazing they’ve had crazy experiences in meditation or in the Bible or in the church or whatever the case is man and they’re trying to find someone to relate to and we’re talking openly about it going back to my two friends having the crystalline experience whatever that was if they would talk about it it would save people a lot of work or blog about it because then Google comes in and we get to Google crystalline experience or crystalline healers or whatever it is and we’ll be able to find some stuff and so you know you’re not telling nobody it’s gonna be secret for the good and for the bad we’re talking about exposing the darkness have no fellowship with the fruitful works of unrighteousness but rather expose them yes talk about the bad stuff to talk about this I mean you know be you got to do both man and so for people learn you know people learn and they don’t have to kind of and at the same time light but they don’t have to go through the same heartache that we went through like we’re saving you a lot of time I know yeah and Derick is doing a lot of the hard work of actually interviewing these people I get exhausted even just after a couple interviews with like Laura Lee Solomon I was on her show path to the great adventure we had Douglas Dietrich on a bunch of times and it’s not like he’s new-age but it’s just there’s this drain of the negative when you’re focused on it for so long jordan maxwell like jordan he’s literally man like supernaturally it wasn’t just me several people on the phone lines we felt the air being sucked out of the room while we’re taught at the end of the jordan maxwell interview and i was like i gotta kick up i know i got one of the greatest occult lecturers on my show but you gotta go you gotta go you need to pray you know what i’m saying and this they are like they had to kick him off they wasn’t ready to handle the truth no he was sucking out like spiritual forces are at work where people don’t want to hear the truth and they’re not gonna hear the truth and but we want to reach out to their audience as we always say that’s what happened this yeah Mayuri started the super soldiers yet the the james rink guys you know max spears you died really got big into the super soldier stuff and one of the things about that was the fact that um you know I had Kerry Cassidy on and some of her biggest episodes or whatever you want to call them videos or about the super soldiers who come back and is there’s literally millions of views on them but they’ve come back and I have renig on their testimony and say hey we made it all up you know and she still says no no this this true like she’s after they came out and she knows that a buddy of mine called in when I was interviewing her and he asked her about it and she fought him on it or whatever you know that he did guys cometh hey we made it up and uh in those video and people believe it and it how many people have watched those videos and applied that to their life and when I didn’t told their friends man that you don’t even know what the government’s doing bro they got super soldiers bro this guy he was only Kerry Cassidy man he told everything I believe him he’s really well-spoken you know and all this kind of stuff anyway I haven’t really looked a lot into it I’m not saying that it’s real all right Jarek you’re you’re wrong they were telling the truth Cary’s right well they were they said they were threatened you know they were threatened they had to say well this is the thing though there’s people that have corroborating testimonies I’ve actually met one of these people but the thing is they’re not super soldiers there they’re super victims and their super brainwashed and but a lot of the things that they carry do corroborate the black goo that max Spears barked up before he died yeah a lot of james casbolt and a lot of their things turned out to be pretty made-up but that was that was part of the testimony was they were programmed to tell some of these lies now like is there a Mars Jumpgate you know I don’t know if that’s really that important but it’s very important to know that there are so many of these guys that have the same exact yeah when you have Laura Eisenhower on your show and you have Lloyd didn’t you have Laura eisenhower yeah I mean she’s into the Mars Jumpgate thing you know I can’t wrap my head around it you know it’s just it gets so occult and weird and twisted and here’s the here’s the underlying factor with everything satanic ritual abuse they shatter people’s personalities they create programming in them and you’re literally listening to people’s alters half the time and it’s it just gets into the mystical it gets into the spirit that’s why we need to know the Word of God we need to not go through the MK ULTRA route I believe that we are going to take control of these different systems the montauk chair or whatever for the kingdom and that technology is stolen angel technology it’s not it’s it doesn’t belong to the aliens or but I mean the the thing is alien abduction is a real phenomena too if you listen to a lot of the fringe researchers le Marzulli and friends Joe Joe Joe Jordan we’ve been listening to these for years you know and it is a real physical phenomenon that does happen I’ve had someone stay in my house who was abducted and taken to they believe Antarctica they thought it was another planet until they found out about all the Antarctica stuff they’re like whoa yeah those were the shape of the ships in Antarctica and you’re thinking about Nazis you’re talking in major occult stuff like they were all into Jack Parsons NASA space drug experiments on humans and stuff and oh yeah I mean it’s all like it’s all interconnected it’s all twisted and disgusting and you feel sick after you listen to too much I don’t listen to too much of it anymore I mean I’ve done my homework though you know I’m saying so now I’m just I kind of come to this point to where like there’s nothing you can say that it’s gonna blow my mind like for it to be real like you know that Obama put chemicals in the drinking water or you know that Michelle Obama is really a man named Michael Obama and you know just crazy I first of all I don’t I don’t care anymore but I’ve studied so much and I’ve been convinced that the wicked are ruling right now you know and you just just look at the fact that they they serve us McDonald’s and tell us it’s you know good food and you’re all this kind of thing and they know they knowingly give us you know stuff that poisons us man and knowing it and be like okay with it and feeding us fake plastic rice and all of the crazy stuff that they’re putting in the food and fake lettuce and all that you know just that by itself was should alarm you you know I’m saying looking into that so just to know that the the wicket in the corporations and capitalism and all the stuff is wicked and in itself man there’s nothing that’s gonna blow my mind I just found this out man they’re trying to do this whatever you know right and I really I really do give back and I know we shouldn’t be blinded or like blind to the attacks of the enemy but I do really believe when the scripture says to think about these things whatsoever is pure what servers noble whatsoever is of good report think about these things because what you like I’ve seen those people in the conspiracy movements freaked out when I got into it for the first time I was head over heels in the joy not joy well some Jordan Maxwell but 9/11 truths and watching all the documentaries I could and Alex Jones and I was I was holding my stuff together but my wife was freaking out like you know and my wife was like you know I’m talking about the FEMA camps and the FEMA come baby come watches they got FEMA coffins look at these trains you ever heard of a FEMA train a FEMA train what does the FEMA train was these white trains with all these handcuffs on them all the way down to train and they’re gonna put us on trains and take us to concentration camps in the US because we don’t accept the mark of the beast and it’s crazy freaked out stuff where some of you are and some of you have been I know I don’t sound crazy that’s somewhere we you have been but if you have it don’t go there it’s not worth it but there’s all that stuff there and trust me the whole RFID mark gonna be stuff we were we were waiting on this in 2008 like we watched the videos and people who would give dates and say and they would show government I guess they were fraudulent but somebody made on Photoshop but they saw these government documents that look legit and I said you know 2008 of February 6th everyone was gonna be is gonna need the RFID chip the radio frequency identification and so to buy sell a trade and to travel you have to have this and like that my friends were preaching this on the street corners like I wouldn’t open-air preaching I could show you videos on it and they were giving dates and times and scaring people and these fear works fear you shock them what hold on oh man I heard about that marketing beast yeah I read that in the Bible you know and it gets on all this fierce of fear porn is with what it’s called but um you know at the end of the day good wins and so we got it we got to be able to UM because that fear fear can uh neutralize you like a like a deer in a headlight and you get so and you get you saying grow weary in well-doing and you ain’t nothing we can do what can we do because they’re literally there is nothing you can actually do to change that to overthrow the government to we’re gonna stop this we’re gonna rally against them everyone anti NWO Bob let’s March let’s protest let’s vote get out there and vote it gets into that and I have friends who go down that path and if you go down that path and most of you have probably been down that path you find out that you can’t vote the devil out of the office but what you can do is take control of your life spiritually you can’t teach people you can bring forth healing to the world and so people who are moving out of out of fear based trauma moving out of alien or demon implants or demonic thoughts and stuff bring forth healing to them and in fact change the world I’m not talking about voting against abortion I’m talking about going forth and teaching your your children don’t do this this is the way that a child of God behaves don’t have multiple partners don’t use needle dirty needles after your friends like teach them righteousness and sometimes it should be common knowledge but it is and people get freaked out out there so I don’t think that you know saying gun control or legislation passed is gonna change anything I believe it’s the hearts of men and that’s what we’re talking about that’s in every single one of us have this this whether you want to call it sin nature or fall in nature or it’s the yin to the yang or whatever we all have this duality the positive and negative it’s there for a reason it is the path of the Jedi it is the hero’s journey it is the story of Jesus of Christ and us being christened as his followers man we all have to go through it and we all have to make those choices every day and you can’t vote it in and all in it we’re not machines man it’s it’s an inward journey it’s an inward struggle between you and the Creator and no man has any authority over that no pastor no preacher no father no teacher nobody it’s between you and the father and once you pass those tests and once you take it from one level to one faith to the next phase from one level of glory to the next I don’t give you permission to do that your pastor your father don’t it’s the most high who created everything follow those rules and regulations when he says do this he says do that and if you follow the spirit you’ll know the difference between good and evil the renewed mind knows the difference to be able to tell what’s right and what’s wrong and what’s of God and what’s not it’s about having the renewed mind of Christ and that’s why we talk about it on here and we discuss this stuff and be open about our our experiences about what it looks like what does that look like I know what you can quote it we can talk about scriptures but what does that look like made manifest you know in our lives and then being practical with it a man yeah and I’m I’m agreeing with you and I also believe that we have to be really keyed in on the truth to not get swayed by the lies by distractions either by too much information about the Illuminati whatever there’s always so much coming out about them every day in it it’s it’s like I think you know and I listen to Steve quale and I’m thankful for what they’re doing that’s a fight that certain people feel called to just engage with every day thank God for Alex Jones every day four hours a day and now all day was like five other shows you know he’s got Owen sure he’s got David Knight and thank god they’re doing it so I don’t have to do it you know if I’m gonna talk to you about the Illuminati I’m wasting my time you should go listen to them they’re the experts about you know politically how to fight this what what do I got well what’s my background what do I know you know where I’m committing to the people that listen to my show with my wife that we will go through extra biblical texts will actually read stories of Jasher pretty thoroughly we’re gonna go through the rest of the book of Joseph or the start of the story Joseph sorry probably today we’re gonna interview people that in order to reach out to their audience but also to kind of put pieces together that you might have never heard of before Chris Carter is a person that people might want to hear he has a lot to say about the stars not the producer of the x-files Chris Carter is a Christian pastor my mom went to the football player play for the Bengals Chris Gardner okay I don’t know if it was that but he talks a lot about how different angels are over different star systems and kind of like recrystallizing the astrological thing so that we’re not throwing that into the which Ben yeah and if once you know the truth the truth shall set you free and you shall be able to get quiet and you don’t have to listen to stuff just to keep your sanity unless it’s that period of time if you’re really severely under attack I wouldn’t recommend going and meditating and talking to the orphans you know go and we’re gonna do the Father don’t do anything else like Jesus don’t do anything that you don’t see the father doing right literally not clean Jesus no that’s Jesus I can do other to know that is good for him is good for you don’t do anything that you don’t see the father doing ask him for everything ask him about your decisions that’s why your life is in shambles right now he’s you’ve been making decisions on your own based upon your own understanding and your or your lack thereof ask the most high he cares about every little minor thing he cares about your diet he cares about where you live he cares about your mortgage he cares about it all man so you know like I always been saying it’s like work with God and versus work against them like the one who created everything like what’s what can you lose you created everything well I don’t get to it you know I don’t get to I think that’s what people think I do though I think that I get to work with God or whatever or talk about Jesus and stuff but I still get to keep my sin or whatever the case is just because I’m open about the things and honest about the things in my life but I don’t like that’s that’s the thing so people look like I think a lot of people fighting is God because they think that like they have to give up there’s certain certain things that they enjoy doing I weather it if it is sin or whatever and in the sin that God’s asking you to give up there’s only things that’s harming you you know it’s only things he’s not gonna take something away from you because he’s mean he’s got something better for you like if you give him what’s in your hand he’ll give you what’s in his I believe that I’ve been a product of that even if stuff that’s good like I had good stuff I had Christian bands and different pursuits that I was in and God said now you need to stop quit it don’t be in a band I got something better and like no I love it I’ve always wanted to be in a band all right that’s what you want to do let me see what you can do you do it on your own because I this is what I’m telling you to do and keep building your you little Empire or you go to fanbase and doing your show and it’d be dry in the spirit and not be able to move anything but once you are working with the father man there’s nothing that could stop you what’s the scripture say there’s so many scriptures about you know what God has joined together let no man to tear apart if God before me who can be against me whoo-hoo Trump Obama my pastor who the devil if God before me another y’all can stand against me but you got to make sure that God is for you and you’re on his team well the truth you’re the truth Sica you know your employees after the truth every single time and God will talk to you he’ll tell you when it’s time to listen to Jordan Maxwell or that truth seeker podcasts with that new-age astrologer alien abductee sure I get I do some shows and I guess I don’t do my research that’s part of the fun of it like I don’t I got no way I could and I get on here some people bring some stuff to the table I’m like oh my god we’re going to get myself into it was like but the weird thing is is that a lot of people in the audience they love it they’re all like come on keep doing it yeah I love it this is it’ll be some of the shows that skyrocket and because I know that that’s how but but I don’t want that to sway me either like even though like I’m talking about Laura Eisenhower I’m still trying to like I’m still trying to find that streamline there like there is balance there there is some truth in there there is something that I’m gonna bring it home or at least try to bring it home it’s not my goal just to be far out and trying to get the clicks or whatever the click bait or whatever that’s not my goal and I don’t I I don’t want those numbers to sway me I mean some people even see I may get 200 views on the podcast at the end of the day on YouTube or whatever so it’s not about the clickbait it’s about bringing content that’s gonna help people man that’s gonna change lives and there’s no price there’s no click on that but I’m not afraid of the conversation I’m not afraid of the ridicule and and and I think you know I don’t think I know that sometimes in those weird conversations there’s people who pick up and they say hey yeah and I could say it now I mean everybody listening now there’s a lot of people listening whether it’s on YouTube or whether it’s on that the podcasting apps there’s a lot of people listening and yeah what do we call a lot I mean anybody thank you whoever you are you’re special man i prime appreciative for every person but there’s some wait you found this podcast whether is looking up Jordan Maxwell or or looking up which is somebody far will say far left or cultism or my interview with Brian Trejo or interview with my former pastor you know what I’m saying like these different Christian leaders or these different occultists or whatever like you’re here and you’re staying for a reason some of you guys put up like they put up with the other sides too there’s some bastion there’s some fighting that goes on in the community here you know we have discord we have people who are Hindus we have people here who would say hey Hindus you know and we’re just trying to so it’s not just me it’s all of these people trying to coexist and I believe that if it’s possible to live peaceably with all men if it be possible that’s what the scripture says and that’s what we’re trying to do but there is growing pains and things but again something led you here you too Michael like there’s some reason while we’re and something led me to you you know something I’ve seen in you that I like in a friendship and a camaraderie there man so you know what I’m saying there’s something that my old pastor used to call him lures lures like fishing lures there’s a lure and he’d used I wasn’t going to a biker Church and he’d let me get up there and rap before all these bikers you know what I’m saying and he said he’s a lure he’s a lure he’s not for us might not be for all of us but somebody you know and it’s something out there for everybody man so would will reach out to their Michael Bassam community will reach out to the Adam star seed Bay community will reach out to we can give the big names there’s a bunch of little ones too so every little show that I’m like what was that show and then the audience is like hey we love it man I’m into that I love it talk more I’m into even though I’m not into it the audience they’re into it and so we’ll have those conversations and then the next time I go live there’s somebody’s hair senior interview with the lady who said she’s an alien and I checked you out I found you because of her and I love what you do I’m ready to ride let’s go what are you gonna tell me and here we have Michael Bastian here we’re talking about the supremacy of Christ the spirit round how to be free of spirits and entities and dealing with that and your authority and your position in Christ that’s what it’s about I’m on the same seeking the truth with you bro and I feel humbled and honored at the same time to be able to be friends with you and to be able to just at the drop of a hat you know be like invited it to glad you came on man yeah my I was is that the cigarette smoke next door all night and I was standing outside beautiful sunrise in Waikiki Hawaii everybody’s happy you know waking up and I’m just like I’m all grumpy Am I we gonna we gonna work tomorrow and there’s like cigarette smoking I’m taking pictures of the apartment trying to figure out who it is anyway and then you’re on the key thing is that there was never any cigarettes being smoked it was the Lord sent forth that spirit that smelled like smoke to wake you up to get on the true seeker podcast it is a blessing it is I really do appreciate it I appreciate your audience and finally I want to I want to share one more cool thing recently about being here in Hawaii and engaging with the spirits of nature they call them the elementals and our territorial spirits we had one try and bust through our door in a dream vision a lot of the ways that we engage is through dreams and you know there was this giant Hawaiian guy just came right into our room and was not like I don’t know if I think I don’t think it was necessarily like a witch attack it just seemed like it was a territorial spirit that was there that we had somehow threatened and we started to go snorkeling a lot and I started to have these dreams with all kinds of sea creatures and underwater beings like mermaid type of things and whales and dolphins and I really believe there’s something to your region where you are that and I challenge the audience to try this pray over your area pray over the forests pray over the lakes the Kriegers the ponds the area where you are and take authority and command and and replenish and bless the earth and see what happens you know I had this big whale come at me in one dream and it was missing like it was really and it was an angry whale I don’t know how to describe this but I was trying to engage with it because it was a whale you know whales are nice and then this dolphin comes up to me and starts warning me do not mess with this whale and the dolphin was like like underwater and the whale I realized anybody that got in its way would get beaten up severely and uh the next morning there was all this news about whales dying with all this plastic in their stomachs and I’m not an environmentalist but I mean that’s just too much like we can’t let whales die from all this plastic they’re gonna be all that’s just that’s not taking care of the earth not not forgetting about the satanic ritual abuse and stopping that but there’s something to engaging with nature the earth will help the woman when the Beast opens its mouth and there’s this flood of lies against the woman the earth will help the woman and give her a place in the wilderness to survive through the tribulation for three and a half years this this could literally be places like the Big Island in Hawaii I mean the earth opening its mouth think about it like the earth just opened its mouth that we might even be able to bring people there our vision is to have and we should talk about this off air sometime to in the future what are our practical goals here for our audience what about having a retreat in Hawaii for people like a kind of a nature farm or something where people could just pay their way by just hanging out and picking fruit or something you know where what about in your area like where are safe places as they’re possible like to do air B&B with truth Zika you know we are we’re definitely gonna move into that and I don’t know if it’s whether you know we’re moving into new seasons and we’ve done men’s retreat in retreats in the past and we’ve done prayer meetings where we got up and we do meditation or yoga or whatever and we get a lot of people sometimes we charge to kind of pay for the building or whatever and I’ve thought about doing lectures where we have people come down and we’ll do this and Michel Backstrom gets an hour to kind of do what they’re doing it like portal to ascension or any of these other conferences like there maybe even host our own conferences right and to set that up and promote it and get people down but we’ve done men’s retreats and in the past they’ve been with psilocybin and so you can’t really wait we promote it but but at low-key and we’ve had a lot of men show up and go out having these life-changing experiences or whatever for weekends and and every time well like people have hit me up like we got to do another weekend man another men’s retreat another men’s retreat yeah and as I talk about them and people will email me hey I heard you talk about men’s retreats I want to come got business business owners from all over the US hit emailing me hey you mentioned a business retreat I’d like to get in it’s like I don’t have anything planned right now this is just some things you’ve done in the past so I definitely want to do some things like that man and have our do our own thing whether it is the fringe network right we could do one we got enough people with interesting ideas and we’d make a whole weekend out of it somewhere I mean come on man let’s do it I mean people are ready I’m ready I recommend people reach out to the people in your area be the network in your area wherever you are I have met three people in this area through the internet physically and Andrew boham was the best one he was like bro bro dude let’s let’s ask God right now let bring us someone and we’re just sitting there having coffee you know absolutely right you actually hung out with him in person yeah yeah a lot together dude did you go live together no but we record it we prayed for a guy for his legs again all the stuff is cool it was fun and it was like the conversation we were we were planning stuff we were like all right how are we gonna take over Hawaii like what are we gonna do that who’s so cool and the energy the power of just two of us most of us are alone most of us walk through our days and we’re surrounded by people who don’t believe any of this crap yeah I’m sorry crap it’s cool all this stuff that we’re talking about there we are alone in these worlds until your atmosphere is joined with another person’s atmosphere and you’re like sharing that bubble of and that’s why getting married to the right person that’s really important too but it’s different with your I mean with your spouse your one flesh you are already one mind together like when you meet someone separate from your household who is in alignment with you like anderbeau ham or Peter good game or you know we all met at the end we all met at the John Crowder conference that was the coolest thing about the conference was like all I went to the John Connor comic conference it was you know he did his thing he preached his sermon um I’ll post the videos later great great guy really nice person huge guy like I mean he is like a bear of a man like you do not want to piss off yeah I was like gosh I hope he doesn’t remember that video I made about him where I was kind of like making fun of him for punching at Ian Clayton and he saw a few minutes and he’s like this is bull crap oh I remember that yeah I remember that bro yeah he was looking at me kind of funny and I didn’t want to make it about it to you I was frame or something or at least mention the video I remember that you told me yeah it was but it was he’s a really humble like he loves God he loves preaching the gospel it was basically like sitting in a podcast life yeah so it was cool but if we did a conference you know I would be all about the audience I would want to see what does home sauce productions have to say what is the flying penguins dealing with what about Geo Panettiere and a Kia na who loves the idea word and people who have ideas about things and people are like Ginny Brooks she came to taijuan through meeting on youtube she wanted to work with us there back in the days when things weren’t crazy and she is probably one of the most glory filled people I’ve ever met like she just sits on the couch it just gets in the glory and she does her little giggle thing too sometimes which he knows how hard yeah it’s great though it’s like wow like here’s a person that and we tried to get her a podcast but she’s just not the podcasting right but she just gets into this glory filled thing and then she’s researching all the time and you know these are our audience like they’re gold people that I why we’re doing this why are we doing this yeah it’s about the audience it’s about these awesome honorable people that listen that have gold to share you know maybe they just haven’t figured out how to set up a YouTube channel yet no I mean do you know we’ve seen them you know we’ve I’ve had on many of them on my podcast for the first time ever and the cool thing is is that you know I do interview some of the bigger names and the bigger people but sometimes some of the best shows people aren’t gonna click it because they don’t know the name so maybe we can get an interesting title and some you know promoted some type of way but most of the most interesting shows is when I go through the audience and interview some some of the patrons or some of the people who listen to every show and they know like they’re listening for a reason so we get them on and pick their brain and hear about their stories and stuff and they have awesome stories to it and we’re thing is it does I say it doesn’t get a lot of views it’s really weird because the YouTube views versus the podcast views are very different very different very different so people but but people do are privy to those numbers right that you see the podcast you see okay I did an interview with true seeker we got 300 views I hate 300 views is good with 300 people who haven’t heard your story but on the podcast and that 300 view episode maybe you know 3,000 views or whatever the case is on the podcasting app you know it’s just different people can’t really see that but the far as the content goes man we’ve had some really good talks with these people who are just starting out you know and eventually I believe a lot of these people like I see the vision and I see the fruit in them and a lot of them are starting out look at you know Adam star seed Bay he’s been on both of our shows and he’s got his own show and flew man and man less goes on and on man Danny would we be live-streaming not at star seed Bay he’s just like the ultimate riding shotgun warrior like he’s doing at night man he’s a trooper man inspirational yeah better he recognizes all my video game songs dude I know he mentioned those song I mention those two games a while ago Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross but uh I don’t know if you heard us talk about it or what but we uh I definitely mmm a gamer you know what I’m saying so uh I beat I beat Chrono Trigger and they’re all about multi layers of dimensions and time travel and basically the reason I don’t play video games is that I believe that the spirit engaging with the spirit is the video game we are invited to go on a quest where you and anybody want to just get some good practice on this listen to Tony Floyd the spirit cowboy he goes on spirit ships he goes and attacks Lucifer’s bases and he gets artifacts from Hell the last one he talked about was Goliath’s shield and he like goes into these battles and dude I mean it sounds like he’s making everything up yeah I’m telling you one night I had a dream where he came to our house and aspects of the dream briefly it was like I I stuck a key into a hole like a Lego thing he and I was trying to like crush this little scorpion inside and it died and then the door opened and there was this like Illuminati like old Rothschild mansion type thing all dusty and there was a red curtain and I pulled back the red curtain and then I looked outside and I saw all these libraries popping out of the mountains of lost books that were hidden by the Vatican and of a dream the next day I get on the phone with Tony Floyd and he tells me his latest spirit trip was this giant scorpion had attacked him was pinning him down and then this demon was coming to kill him with a pole and then something killed the scorpion and he was like I don’t know what that was but they saved my life and I was like brother I just had it like an all night long dream where you came to Taiwan and then there was scorpion and I killed the scorpions like brother and then everything he’s been about is about exposing the vatic and secrets about like in the spirit traveling into those archives and you know and underground bases and dauntless a base and everything I mean it sounds so hokey but I’m telling you I had that dream the Lord confirmed it same thing with Ian Clayton I don’t know how to tell you what or what not to believe I’ve Ian Clayton I ran into him Clayton in Taiwan on the street the Holy Spirit made me walk in a building Ian Clayton was standing in the lobby of a hotel and I just I swear to you not lie to you he was right there and I had already been blogging about him writing about him youtubing about him talking about him talking to him in the spirit not kidding and later on I would interview him and then get in trouble with him – but like me – I got in trouble with them – oh really did he come did he show up in your house oh that’s how you got in trouble he came to your house thinking for you he’s like a spirit traveler man you don’t know no no he didn’t come to my house in the spirit maybe he will but um I’d be I’d love to have him but um no I think I told you I used his clip in a song one of my best songs I’ve ever done I used this clip I had this lady I was excited hey tell him tell him I used this come one I want to get him on my podcast tell him I used a song I want you to show him the song he got mad he wanted money because I need to be paid for this somebody owes me money I like I don’t have no money okay here’s what I want to say about that because I was mad I was like dude that’s so low like look at us we’re all sharing our content here we get donations that’s it yeah he doesn’t understand the Internet he doesn’t understand YouTube he doesn’t understand like the way things operate yet things but here’s one thing that that he operates it is a very legal like contractual method and if you think about it truth see go you can literally much you can have dominion and domain over every word that you say yeah you should own everything I mean you’re giving so much away for free but if you wanted to you could restrict that segment of whatever you said in and own it or all of it and you have every right to do that it’s your property in the reason I think that Ian Clayton is actually a trendsetter in this unless he’s just some greedy boy that is losing his business or something I don’t think that’s the case here’s what I think YouTube is trying to censor everything and but we have domain over our stuff so you can put algorithms robots that will detect every time there is a certain music or a voice and you could use that literally for your own stuff so that the enemy cannot overtake it so I think that he might be a forerunner for us to also learn how to control our stuff well the end there – I’m there – just like I know we’ve kind of briefly touched on this at the beginning about who owns what and reuploads and stuff and there’s a lot of people podcasters especially like I said I make 200 and anywhere from 190 to 230 dollars a month I prophesied that that will be more but that’s what I’m making from my youtube channel per month and I have to pay taxes on that so cut that down by 30% whatever $200 is – 30 % 60 bucks off of that right I have to pay taxes on it and that’s the government they send you a w-9 or w2 whatever it is in the year but I have other channels reupload in my my work and and they make it 5,000 views 5,000 views comes out to be a lot of money right at the end of the day 5,000 views times however many ads are on the channel it may be enough to freakin buy my daughter looks lunch at school for the week you know I’m saying school lunch for the week whatever it comes to me so I’m like every little bit counts so I have other channels upload myself so I have to I have to continuously search for my stuff and and I don’t market I always hit them up with a comment first and I let them know hey I need you to pull my video down if you don’t do it I’m gonna I’m gonna strike the video and you’re gonna get a strike I’m just letting you know and I may give them three weeks to a month and if they don’t respond then I have to take it down and most of the time I have to strike it because dude these are channels in like India where they’d do tutorials and tell you how to make money on YouTube is to upload paranormal and conspiracy videos because they had its own niche and they get thousands of views it’s what they tell like I’ll watch tutorials on this and like then I see people re uploading my work my Jordan Maxwell interviews and all of this kind of stuff and uh so I have to report them and these people don’t respond to me when I comment because they don’t check that account they have account they have a David Wilcock account they have david icke account and it upload all these videos and you guys sister Jordan Maxwell fan Jordan Maxwell don’t have a YouTube ladies and gentlemen it’s not Jordan Maxwell’s channel so I have to go on there and even still I don’t want to pull your channel but I want my videos down so I kind of see where he’s coming from it’s a weird place because this is the contention I did have a little bit it’s like a lot of the secular people love to hear or use my voice let me hear it they send it out to their fan base that made that video immediately twenty-five hundred views because james gilliland shared it out to his email list hey check out ruzek at his beautiful art about and so here I am in the kingdom brother Ian claim I usually avoid sin it’s a beautiful art check out what I did I want money right now so oh damn there’s a difference here and I’m telling you man that’s one thing that led me down this path that I’m on there’s a lot of that going on in the Christian circles I have people who make make videos to make their own videos with my song I love it oh my god you did that you took the time to make that you created that you you were inspired by my video and made your own I’m flagging that cool let me share it out hey y’all subscribe to this person really cool you know and that’s the thing there so that’s just what for me being a creator who is having my work you know where it’s stolen or reuploaded or whatever and I’ve listened to Jimmy Church from from the Jimmy Church Network or whatever he’s talked about it and it’s like a full-time job trying to stay on top of your Content ID but then again there are BOTS and this is only for the huge channels we’re not huge channels but there is worth it where YouTube will go do and the algorithms will say hey this is a true seeker podcast anything from this channel is already his so that’s what’s beautiful about us streaming this that I have a timestamp hey which stream in this life everything that I say was is a date on it now anything that’s uploaded after that date is mine you know what I’m saying so that’s the it’s it really gets into a lot of legal stuff and everybody sees it differently that’s just the way I see it and I can only you know show grace as much as Grace has been shown towards me in that battle and understanding and like I said in Clayton has no idea how this stuff even works you know he probably you know he’s I think again like I don’t think he’s necessarily greedily trying to get money I mean he seems to be someone that God is blessed through his business and like a pool cleaning business in New Zealand I looked at I think what is this business that you know I love the guy I love his revelations I believe that it’s something that belongs to the church that needs to be broadcast everywhere my bad for sharing some of it I wasn’t I was careful not to monetize anything that I ever hosted of his you could say that its clickbait or whatever but anyway I want his message to be mainstream yeah and I don’t understand the people who keep hiding themselves when we need this message we need more of this and I appreciate what you’re doing to put a lot of stuff out there for free obviously if somebody’s claiming that they’re your video is theirs then you have every right to go after them yeah and no they’ve actually like the ones that I did mark they replied with an email to YouTube saying that I was lying and they owned my content yeah there you go this person is lying making it up this is my original video that I bought was that oh my god hey I’m the freaking host like this is my show yeah and I mean there’s certain ways that like you can I don’t know if you if you’ve really thought of doing this for not but like cutting an interview in half and then putting half of it into Vimeo and a private video that only patreon supporters get to watch I’ve done that but did I’ve done it but the bad thing about it is you save your good content for the payin customers and I didn’t want to do that so I just write and so I did the first hour was free and we would flirt with what was going into the second hour and in early on we didn’t have a lot of patrons there was for people who go were privy to this really good you know content and and you that’s how you would try to get your listeners or get people to sell subscriptions I mean I was you know I had a bunch of other networks try to pick me up but they wanted me to sell $5 subscriptions to their network that are big really big and really and yeah what’s the truth frequency radio um Christine yeah yeah they tried to pick me up but then again he he had some weird stuff to say about Jesus and uh hey man I like everything you know consciousness and third eye man but what’s with the Jesus stuff man what’s with the old-time religion he just would always take these little shots in my I’m not building with you man you sorry like so anyway and he wanted me to sell subscriptions to $5 a month to to pick up their stuff or whatever and um so I mean this does this etiquette with it all and just understanding how it all works and and it’s evolving when weird times you know yeah but so that’s why I did the first hour free hey join us on the second hour on patreon and it’s like you say if you could like if I’m being honest you’ve saved the good content you know I’m saying like right gonna get into some juicy stuff here on the second hour only for supporters and they they should have me sing supporters should be privy to some stuff too though at the same in which they are we have to kind of go above and beyond to foot for the patron supporters and there are a lot of things that they’re privy to but you know that’s just what I didn’t do it the second the thing the thing that I keep getting is don’t throw your pearls before swine there are certain things that actually the normal majority don’t care about anyway like what was that and they’re not watching it right now Japan in the 18th century with this angelic being from the moon like that’s not gonna get you too far publicly or maybe will but it will though that’s the baby it might be something to just reserved for people that actually care about that but yeah that’s the hard part is like some people they do search for that I had a heavenly encounter with David Flint you know the guy that that wrote the temple at the center of time and I was just I was reading the book of Revelation and then I would get visions of heaven and I I saw him and I talked to him and I wrote it all down and then one day I was probably feeling a little bit uh relaxed and I was like whatever I’m just gonna just gonna talk about this online post it whatever and that video has thousands of views and literally opened up so many doors to meet so many people because it was public and it was the weirdest I can’t even listen to it myself I think it’s too weird like there’s times where you’re in the mode and there’s dinosaur you’re not in the boat you don’t I mean yeah but anyway I kinda I hate listen to myself back anyway no matter what I’m saying well I’d say that when a spirit speaking I’m I’m all for it man so but you know yes yes not always like that sometimes as uh I mean I mean there’s some times I listen to my stuff back in the Lord speaking to me through my stuff and there’s just when the Lord speaking is speaking man and this is for everybody and that’s one thing to do you know understand that like the stuff you’re giving out to people usually is the stuff that you’re going through yeah like the stuff you just talk about him and be open about it you like nobody feels this way man nobody believes that nobody’s struggles with this this is weird nobody struggles with that you start talking about like oh wow people start coming out the woodwork cuz you’re a beacon of hope or just somebody who’s being open about it right so uh you know that’s what that’s what the Bible says were supposed to be uh I’m saying a lighthouse suppose we have beacon of hope you know I’m saying we’re supposed to let our light shine and there’s some light in those stories man amen look we’ve almost done three hours man we’re ten minutes I of three hours and oh you’re kidding me because like girl austin we could keep going and people have been you know I always say me and my long episodes are the ones that are I’m enjoying if not I would have kicked you out a long time ago so looking back on and we’ll take a five-minute break now with you later though I’m gonna go page for those of you guys who are listening make sure that you head on over and type just type in Michael Bastian on on Facebook add him there he gives you notifications and stuff every time he goes live and you better see his YouTube channel and all that stuff so Michael Bastian goes live a lot more than me well yeah could be I want to do a better job I want to get a studio we’re literally just doing this like you know on a shoestring budget any chance we can do it yeah you know a little laptop an old laptop yeah oh do our website you’ll find all kinds of awesome interviews there I put them all in like one big list I think this is not a 30 a third talk together right maybe fourth third it might be the fourth yeah it’s been I remember there were a few where even my little daughter like popped in though yeah cream pies like really super late at night but I was I woke her up the first one yeah I remember at least we’ve done three probably four it was really good and I appreciate it appreciate your artwork to everybody always everybody always mentioned you so shout out to Christie folks he always like get Michael bash him on get Michael bash them on tell Michael bash him to join discord mr. don’t unders Carmel okay how do I join your discord um there’s a link in the description but I’ll send you a link and so do you know what this Court is yeah I just I just yeah you can get on your phone or your computer and so anytime a have a free time or anything just jump in the chat at the text chat like we have the text chat here and there’s also a voice chat as well where we can just get in and hang out with most of the people who are in chat they jump into voice chat from time to time but we just build and throw ideas and say Derrick I like that show you know have this person or we just we pray man we just do community together or to that thing awesome alright well let’s all talk to you there yeah I gotta make everybody I’m gonna my my friend is calling me from our brother hurt Fernando he’s a trained actor god bless and good to talk with you I appreciate you bless to you thank you for all of your time and all I’ll message you on discord I’m not everybody I must Shalom nanu nanu is what he says I alright ladies and gentlemen that’s my compassion for you good stuff man Wow almost three hours crazy stuff I love it I love it I love it I love it oh man a lot a lot of new stuff coming I’m really excited about this new music man very melodic a lot of singing a lot of soft synths going on and has its own vibe to it it’s true Sica esque but it has its own really etheric a lot of reverb out there it’s good stuff and you can listen to the what’s out right now by becoming a patron by joining patreon you get access to that stuff now those aren’t final versions there’s going to be some edits edits done I want to rerecord some things that I think I couldn’t drop better a lot of times when you first write something you don’t know it I have friends who you can tell that they were like when they write their rhymes you can tell that they’re reading it off a paper if the Lord tells me to do it I will everybody done it you could tell that they’re reading it and sometimes if their reading isn’t that well like mine sometimes that happens so once you record it listen to it you know it better and then you can drop it without reading it or whatever the case is and it just flows a lot more naturally so I’m gonna be recording some of the verses on there definitely and there’s one on there that I just need to drop a lot softer and too much off in it so uh yeah but yeah you get access to a lot of cool stuff there’s probably like eight songs on there right now that aren’t available to the general public there will be a couple months down the road you get stuff much ahead of everybody so and it helps me you know keep going I’m transparent you know two hundred bucks that’s definitely that’s what I make off of YouTube and it’s definitely not enough to support what I’m doing but every little bit helps so every dollar two dollars five dollars one hundred and fifty dollars whatever you’re able to do they’d have a donation here from one hundred fifty dollars from Benjamin weaned my brother I Love You Man thank you and your family for supporting my work and believing in division and believing in the ministry Christopher bars thank you as well for your generous support and everybody who’s been supporting man those people that I mentioned of like early on who was there when there was only four people shot out Chris Barse is one of them Grimm is one of them Kristy Lee I mean there’s a bunch of people who were there just at the beginning those first few people man who are just troopers who believed in the word man they’re still there it’s awesome thank you guys for believing in the world and it uh there’s some beautiful stuff coming I’m ready let’s do life we’re moving into new seasons people every single one of us like I’m get some congestion going on still right now but in the spirit there’s some congestion going on you’re moving from one season to the next and that transitions not always as easy as you would hope that it would be it’s not always as smooth sailing as you would hope that it would be but we are transitioning from one season to the next and so the things that God is bringing forth in 2019 for you are gonna be greater than the things that are behind you if you believe it if you pursue it if you prophesy it claim it reach out there and claim it man that the things that God has for you or greater than the things you’ve already seen that’s hard to fathom even for me even for me I’ve made I’ve said things in a passive God if you never speak to me again I’m good off of everything you’ve already shown me off of all the things I’ve experienced and encountered and the love and the passion and the secrets of God if you never spoke to my heart again I’m good but I’m not that’s an level of gratitude there but deep down we want more we need to want more because God has more for us there’s more that God is ready to pour out his spirit and to be being filled daily there’s an attitude of gratitude but there’s this weird place that we’re supposed to be at where we’re content with the things that God has given us we’re content with our life we’re content where we are but we’re always hungry for more our arms are open ready to receive and God has more to give as long as there’s air in your lungs as long as you have the breath of life within you it’s not over the Lord city has plans to bless you plans to prosper you and not to harm you say if the Lord believe that receive that prophesy that over your truth we talked about getting stagnant sometimes we get stagnant sometimes we don’t feel it sometimes I don’t know which way to go I don’t know I feel in my body I feel this way in the spirit I feel that way in my head I feel this way what do I do prophesy to that situation right those visions down right those dreams down and just begin to prophesy to that vision prophesy unto the four winds let it be known that love wins man prophesy speak life to whatever it is to your relationship my dog is going through some skin issues right now we just been on this day where it’s like we’ve been speaking death over her and we’ve been convicted we need to start speaking life so I’m speaking life to her skin so I’d spent some time just even this morning prophesying over my dog and over her health over her conditions and and all the little things man God cares about the minut things he cares about the trees cares about the wind cares about the waves cares about all the little stuff that we just seemingly forget about the birds and stuff and it’s – you’re able to see the hand of God moving through that stuff then you know that he is in everything he is in the little dogs I saw prophesied over the other one ones in perfect help Rob Lee signed over him I’m thankful for these little guys man attitude of gratitude enter his courts with thanksgiving enter his gates with praise whatever gate that is whatever court that is that you’re entering into whatever level do it with praise men do it with praise man do it with the spirit of thanksgiving man every day I’m thankful that there’s a video man I don’t know if you guys have seen it maybe it’s over your head but he just reminds me of God there was a time probably four years ago now Marshawn Lynch the football player he got he they did interviews with him for football and he was mad because they were like reporters were sitting were like doubting him and saying he’s not going to do this he’s has been all this kind of stuff he said look I don’t want to even talk to y’all in these interviews but he’s under contract to talk to him look these videos up he’s under contract to talk to him so eventually they would ask him questions and he would just shake his head he’d just say yeah ya know and he just answered with one word cuz he was under contract we’re gonna find him I think they did find him that’s why he just kind of came back and was saying yes and no but he got this one video man he just goes back and he’s like they ask him questions hey you did really good you scored a touchdown he sounds thankful all you did this man you that you’re putting up stats with it with the team I’m thankful what are you doing for this you know this is Christmas what are you doing for Christmas I’m thankful his only only response was I’m thankful tried sit alone in the presence of God put on some worship music put on some music they just lavishes your adoration upon him upon the Creator and just say I’m thankful or what about this what about that I’m thankful well what about this what about the things that are kind of hard thankful what about the trial what about they almost killed you I am thankful they didn’t still hear what about you wanting to give up what about people got dirt on you what about this thankful what about this and just start maybe even counteract that stuff man when those negative thoughts come to you replace that stinking thinking with something positive or you know you know people don’t maybe to make fun of you before people tell you this stuff and that end of starts come back we know this is a I am thankful you know what this that whatever it is know yourself man know yourself and you’ll be known you got to know your vision cuz once you know it nobody can tell you anything different nobody can take it away from you you go into the secret chambers of God I love those dogs they’re not coming with me now we can create atmospheres in there that’s a whole nother story and bring that atmosphere of heaven out to our families and to our friends in to our podcast whatever our job and they experienced those realms and those realms of glory with God as well if you learn how to do that but you must boldly each of those chambers by yourself man we can go in with our wives and with our friends there was a church or whoever but none of that is exalted more of this that personal time with you and God that personal prayer time nothing’s more valuable but that’s more important than that and then what happens when you come out gyeo in the chat says every day is a blessing every day I should have been dead years ago and I can give you many occasions where I almost died so yeah you’re right every day is a blessing every day above ground is a blessing I came with nothing I’m leaving with nothing a map when I’m when I retire from here I cannot get to bring anything with me [Music] but what we do with his life will echo an eternity it may be the only thing they get to hear is a which is thankful man for grace just a sinner saved by grace at the end of the day as powerful and as as authentic and as much as we know and the glory in the realms and riches of heaven that we’ve seen at the end of the day it is by grace through faith lest any man should boast didn’t do nothing to earn it I don’t deserve it it was freely regev given and I freely receive it and that’s for you guys too I bless y’all with that man thank you guys for hanging out with us man three hours three hours it’s been a good show I love you guys and we will do it again god bless and stay in touch with us [Music] well that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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