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In this episode of the TruthSeekah Podcast I am joined by Catheriene Auman as we discuss the subject of exploring Tantra to being about a deeper level of conscious awareness. Tantra, Sexual Energy when released it is believed to be the basis of spiritual power within the human body. Catherine Auman is a Los Angeles psychotherapist specializing in transpersonal psychology, also known as spiritual psychology. She also spent time learning under the doctrines of spiritual leader and guru Osho who many have recently seen in the new Netflix series “Wild country”. In many christian circles and other Gnostic sects sex for pleasure is frowned upon and many of the things practiced in the privacy of the marriage bedroom is forbidden by some stricter religious denominations. I do not think that we were ever intended to fully abstain from sexuality even as devotees to the divine. We are now getting to see what the result is when we suppress sexuality by looking at the accusations surrounding the priests of the Catholic Church. In the past many boxers and MMA fighters state that they will not have sex for at least a month before a fight in order to keep their endurance at a level of peak performance. Keeping the semen in is said to retain one’s physical strength and vigor whereas the release of the semen drains one of their stamina and vitality. In freemasonry and other occult circles sex magick is held in high regards. Some teachings speak about raising the semen through sexual stimulant or masturbation up to the point right before its orgasmic release. Showing self-control it is said that if you focus on that energy and keep the semen within the body you can harness the energy within the root chakra. The Holy Bible holds sex and intimacy in high regard as well. The ancient Hebrews believe that it was through sexual union that marriage was ordained before the eyes of God. When a man took his wife as a virgin and the two came together they created a blood covenant before the Lord as an everlasting covenant decree of marriage. In first Corinthians 6:16 the apostle Paul says that he who joins himself to a harlot has become one flesh hence reiterating the power of this sexual union. Regarding the release of orgasmic energy the scripture says that one should abstain from sexual intimacy during fasting and spiritual consecration but not to deny one’s partner of sexual affection. This was an interview that I almost canceled because I wanted to be sure that I didn’t promote promiscuity which is already at an unhealthy level not only within the new age and spiritual communities but also the Church. Most of what we find online about Tantra is a bunch of far out images and doctrines about group sex and orgies. Catherine Auman even mentioned being a part of tantra circles with anywhere from 15 to 50 people present. Personally I’m open to the conversation but is not something that I wanted to promote. However, we did get to talk about tantra on a one-on-one basis where this is something that couples are embracing within the privacy of their own bedroom. So this was a conversation that I’m glad I had with my guest as we focused on the spiritual power of sexual union.



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