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In this episode of the TruthSeekah Podcast I am joined by Catheriene Auman as we discuss the subject of exploring Tantra to being about a deeper level of conscious awareness. Tantra, Sexual Energy when released it is believed to be the basis of spiritual power within the human body. Catherine Auman is a Los Angeles psychotherapist specializing in transpersonal psychology, also known as spiritual psychology. She also spent time learning under the doctrines of spiritual leader and guru Osho who many have recently seen in the new Netflix series “Wild country”. In many christian circles and other Gnostic sects sex for pleasure is frowned upon and many of the things practiced in the privacy of the marriage bedroom is forbidden by some stricter religious denominations. I do not think that we were ever intended to fully abstain from sexuality even as devotees to the divine. We are now getting to see what the result is when we suppress sexuality by looking at the accusations surrounding the priests of the Catholic Church. In the past many boxers and MMA fighters state that they will not have sex for at least a month before a fight in order to keep their endurance at a level of peak performance. Keeping the semen in is said to retain one’s physical strength and vigor whereas the release of the semen drains one of their stamina and vitality. In freemasonry and other occult circles sex magick is held in high regards. Some teachings speak about raising the semen through sexual stimulant or masturbation up to the point right before its orgasmic release. Showing self-control it is said that if you focus on that energy and keep the semen within the body you can harness the energy within the root chakra. The Holy Bible holds sex and intimacy in high regard as well. The ancient Hebrews believe that it was through sexual union that marriage was ordained before the eyes of God. When a man took his wife as a virgin and the two came together they created a blood covenant before the Lord as an everlasting covenant decree of marriage. In first Corinthians 6:16 the apostle Paul says that he who joins himself to a harlot has become one flesh hence reiterating the power of this sexual union. Regarding the release of orgasmic energy the scripture says that one should abstain from sexual intimacy during fasting and spiritual consecration but not to deny one’s partner of sexual affection. This was an interview that I almost canceled because I wanted to be sure that I didn’t promote promiscuity which is already at an unhealthy level not only within the new age and spiritual communities but also the Church. Most of what we find online about Tantra is a bunch of far out images and doctrines about group sex and orgies. Catherine Auman even mentioned being a part of tantra circles with anywhere from 15 to 50 people present. Personally I’m open to the conversation but is not something that I wanted to promote. However, we did get to talk about tantra on a one-on-one basis where this is something that couples are embracing within the privacy of their own bedroom. So this was a conversation that I’m glad I had with my guest as we focused on the spiritual power of sexual union.

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great definitely really really good to have you you cover a lot of stuff on your website you’ve been doing this for a while and there’s a bunch of stuff that we talk about on here that I’m sure we can get into but first let’s just kind of give people a background about what you bring to the table and some of your good credentials and who you are if you want to do that sure I’d love to I am a spiritual psychotherapist in practice here in Los Angeles and I’ve been doing that for more than 30 years what that means to me that means a lot of different things to a lot of different people but I am a licensed psychotherapist that I started my work studying transpersonal psychology which is the study of not only mainstream psychology but higher levels of consciousness and so we study not only Western psychology but Eastern religions Native American traditions shamanism we include that as all it just as valid as a Western psychology so at that viewpoint I work a lot with people in the yoga communities meditators intuitive’s and past and and that’s and I have at the transpersonal counseling center here and lately we’ve been also working with psychedelic integration for people who are having psychedelic experiences maybe want a little help integrating that back into their lives so these are my passions as it sounds like they are for your listeners and so happy not really happy to meet you guys yeah definitely um that kind of is a good segue for something I found out today for some reason and I know people have hit me up in my inbox and told me in the past but I just found out today that um or last night rather that Amanita muscaria is illegal in the US I thought it was illegal thematically I don’t know the answer to that yeah I would be surprised to prove legal and everything that I’m funny why are there everything that I’m finding online is showing that Amanita muscaria is legal now you know the golden teachers and all these other strains of mushrooms which we’ve used in the past are illegal but for some reason everything I’m finding on that I had some friends tell me this in the past and I just didn’t believe them but I’ve been doing the research and I can’t find anything online saying that it’s illegal really interesting so when it comes to psychedelics do you have you had personal experiences with these yes I have I experimented quite a bit in my 30s I did it probably about thirty times and then recently have been getting in more into MDMA and I’m doing some micro dosing so at least experiences have really I have a couple videos on my website and on my youtube channel about how I really feel that under the right circumstances these can really enhance consciousness and help people grow and understand higher states of consciousness and of course they are illegal we have to make that disclaimer but that they’re often if they’re used with the right set in setting you guys have probably talked about that before and now there’s a lot of guided work being done for particular psychological issues that’s very exciting so I see it as valid I support maps which is working on legal research showing the benefits the potential benefits of these substances and I certainly don’t want to advocate for people doing them irresponsibly but I think that they could teach you a lot about joy and and expanded consciousness definitely I’ve had some pretty profound encounters if I mean I can count them on one hand when it comes to having a I guess a hero dose of going in but it was definitely a life-changing experience and kind of doing that life review getting over the trauma trying to find the next thing that you’re supposed to do in life and almost how to do it and kind of mapping that out and what that looks like some really profound experiences that have actually changed my life on like the deeper hero dose level but when it comes to the micro dosing what is your experience with that how does that make you feel if you would just to take a micro dose and how much is that would you suggest is it either I know a lot of people say either a gram or less what is actually don’t actually don’t know the measurements I looked it up at Jim Fatima’s book which is the psychedelic explorers guide which I’d recommend to anybody who’s curious so I don’t know the actual amount because I have a little spray bottle that was given to me and you just take one spray oh wow so it’s a very small dose you may may just notice a little speediness a little a little more focus a little more just a tiny or a sense of the awe and mystery and wonder of the everyday world would you would you say that you feel more connected to things to your emotions to life in general is that does it make you feel that way that sounds that sounds like an accurate description it helps you get the to know it tune in and then for me the purpose of that is to more and more train my nervous system to fill that connection all the time so we can do that through meditation we can do that through a micro goes we can do that through attention where we put our attention just if we put our attention on those connected states that we felt and try to bring that into the everyday life that I believe this is the purpose that’s the goal I’ve said it in the past mistakenly and I know a lot of we’ll say it as well because there’s people who were scared of it because it’s illegal because they don’t want to give their mind over to another substance or whatever the case is there’s there’s different fears and I think there’s healthy fears in general right you don’t want to just run into something headfirst but I’ve said the the phrase that you can reach those same psychedelic states through meditation or through Kundalini Yoga and I’ve caught myself because they’re not the same right the psychedelic realms are different states of consciousness that you that you access may be privy just with that substance maybe you’re talking about some of the Eastern philosophies and things like that Native American shamanism Indian that there’s different spirits that are attached to these plants that you actually commune with in build with over time tobacco is one as well different plant medicines and things like that would you say that’s accurate that you did it’s a it’s tow it’s a different experience than just you know I can reach those heightened states of states by simply you know fasting and you don’t say meditation or whatever it’s a different it’s a it’s a great question I with my I haven’t meditated really high states I’ve just done more like daily meditation my sense of it is that they’re all roads all very different roads leading to the same end so if we set out today and started driving towards New York City some of us might go through the Grand Canyon and some of us might go through Kansas and some of us might take a detour and go through Santa Fe New Mexico and I think that all of those roads are going to give us different experiences but we’re all gonna end up in New York City so I think that the higher state of consciousness is the goal there’s many different paths to get there but I don’t think I don’t think psychedelics are for everyone yeah I someone’s really afraid I think they should honor that fear I know in my own life I sensed when I was younger that I wasn’t really psychologically stable enough to use psychedelic drugs and I was right and I waited until I felt like I was stable enough and I think it’s very good that I did that and I think people with psychological issues maybe their lives aren’t going too well might not be the best time to experiment with those kinds of substances I think it’s I think if we’re afraid then we should honor that fear and and pay attention to what the message of the fear is necessarily just a discount it yeah I agree I think they’re there for a reason you know and you have to kind of get over your own hurdles and stuff too I think it could be it’s not always a negative thing where fear comes in like I believe in healthy fears as well whenever you’re talking about studying different philosophies from around the world especially in the East and things like that maybe looking into and he says shamanism Hinduism Buddhism and things like that and there’s different principles and things like that that stick out to you right and I think a lot of us right now are kind of in this stage of I guess what we would call syncretism where we study these religions studied these spiritual practices and things and see what links us together what makes us the same versus what makes us separate or different and to see the things that we like in each one and kind of building our own philosophies out of I’ll take this from here that from here and this and kind of make my own thing with it sometimes those people in those religions we may get offended that you’re using their terminology or you using their prayer beads or anything like that was that something that you’ve kind of did with all of your studying a sec I like this but I don’t like the dogma I’m gonna keep that or whatever I mean I’ve that’s kind of what I’ve did with my spirituality over the years of study and just keep the good stuff let the bad stuff go is that kind of what happens when you’re studying all of the philosophies is that healthy or does that lead to confusion where are we at with that I would agree with you on that I think there’s a great phrase in need and leave the rest and I think that whatever I think that we’re really lucky to live in a day and age when we can choose when we can sample a lot of things when can’t see what feel what’s right for us and I think as weeks experience higher states of consciousness we really start moving into whatever promotes love whatever promotes connection this is what’s true yes if it’s my way over everyone else and everyone else is wrong that’s not to me leading in the right direction but if it’s like I accept more and more people I feel loving towards more and more people I feel the connection with myself with all the other beings on the planet animals nature existence this to me is a sign that we’re go moving in the right direction yeah and that’s kind of with you know each one of those philosophies there’s different sects within the religions and things like that some of them are more open some of them are more closed off you know and then for any of them to feel like theirs is the only way it kind of gets into you know just some muddy ground or whatever to think that this is the only way this is the only way to God the only path to God so I come from a you know judeo-christian background and I definitely come from that I mean that’s kind of like you know here and here here in the West I mean you know the majority of people you know a Christian so when we’re talking about some of this stuff out of out of the East or these different philosophies or whatever people feel like they have it figured out but the same dogmas and stuff that I’ve experienced in Christianity you’ll find people obviously I guess the Abrahamic religions but some of the other more which you would think would be an open philosophy some of those people feel like they have it all figured out and everybody else is wrong as well right exactly well I live here in Los Angeles was kind of the capital of the Yoga New Age I’ve seen and there’s what I would call fundamental is fundamentalist New Agers of like you know my coconut milk is purer than your coconut milk and you’re wrong and so I think fundamentalism can come in any garb where we’re used to talking about fundamentalist Christians but we have I think fundamentalism I’m not sure the meaning of the word but to me that means my way is right and everyone else is wrong that’s just coming from ego yeah it’s just I’m better than you I’m better than everyone else that’s an ego position that can get quite dangerous yeah I wanted to talk to you as well cuz you got a lot of work out there about Tantra I’ve studied it somewhat haven’t really practiced it I know a lot about sexual energy and know a lot about the anatomy and connection and things like that so I wanted to talk to you about that I and I have to be a hundred percent honest I’m kind of a little scared of the subject a little bit when it comes to just some of the stuff I’ve seen online maybe just with any religion or any type of spiritual practice you’re gonna find people who take it so far I’ve seen some weird stuff online looking up Tantra practices and really weird so what people are rubbing on each other and these big groups of like orgies and stuff and angle lines it kind of scares me a little bit so I was kind of if you’re like I really want to have this conversation but I’m curious right because I understand sexual energy I understand the power of coming together I understand the power of intercourse right so I wanted to talk to you a little bit about Tantra to try to get you to explain your your position on it and what it means to you some of that stuff scares me as well I just have to say so good yeah yeah so myself I was like oh we’re talking about this oh Lord under fundamentalist I actually come from what’s called neo Tantra I come out of the tradition of Osho who was Rajneesh who some of your listeners may have had a unfortunate encounter with on the Netflix show wild world country yes which wasn’t really about Osho so much as with some criminals who were following him but anyway he was that guy in white but he thought he was a Tantra master and he taught that Tantra he said there basically if you get down to the root of it there’s two types of spiritualities there’s the type where all is sacred and there’s the type where this is sacred and this isn’t yeah so most like the judeo-christian that we grew up in is very much this is sacred and this isn’t so basically you grow up being told basically I was taught that if it feels good it’s bad yeah yeah if it’s fun it’s bad yeah so you know I think most of us have kind of have rejected that and and so but you see this even subtly here in the New Age movement you see you know this coconut water is good and there’s coconut wires bad and you know you’re gonna go to heaven if you fast in it not if you eat and not if you enjoy your life and sex was basically bad and all this sort of right and wrong sort of philosophy yeah a no-show taught that at its core the Tantra philosophy is that all is sacred and this is actually hard for the mind to grasp on because the mind is always trying to divide and compartmentalize analyze in the heart however and in these expanded states of consciousness we get into the place where we actually experience not think about actually experience oh all is sacred ah this raindrop ah this human being sitting next to me this flower this we start to get a higher up perspective that even some things that seem wrong with the world maybe that’s all just part of the unfolding of the planet and so from this position of all is sacred sex is also sacred and sex is sacred is a very unusual concept for anybody in judeo-christian upbringing any sort of fundamentalist upbringing in this very scary and frightening and early tantrikas were actually burned alive and killed for celebrating that sex also is sacred sex has obviously made people that makes people pay attention it’s really only a small part of a tantric philosophy okay so what so else so if is it that all is sacred or is it the sacred energy or tapping into that energy would be Tantra and it’s just Sal’s a part of that as well if we go to the core and we see that all is sacred and sex is sacred then we start approaching sex as a way to tap into the sacred and to go to higher levels of consciousness ya know some people in the West have gotten ahold of this and they’ve started here’s here’s all these techniques for higher orgasms and so on yeah that’s not that’s okay but that’s not actually what we would call really a tantric approach so I was lived in a Tantra ashram in India for a year and for example we would meet a man and a woman or two lovers of either any persuasion and we would attempt to be in this moment sharing love whether that’s sexual or not regardless of the Western mind which is like I could only share love or sexual energy with this person based on how they look or how much money they make or all this criteria of the mind that in a Tantra perspective it actually doesn’t make any sense so it starts from this let’s share love let’s just sit and and see how much love is possible in this moment so it does it so then by expanding into these states of more loves and more and a positive approach to sex then sex becomes something where it’s sharing energy instead of trying to reach this goal of orgasm okay and now is is this what we would call an orgy or something well we didn’t everybody participating or just these two people and everybody’s there supporting I mean how does that how does that work okay so we would have we would have various different exercises so we didn’t really ever have orgies just to have orgies there was there was a sense of in fact if there was ever anything that was like an orgy I was out of there but here’s an example of an exercise but we would do certain exercises for example I think this is very beautiful and I talked about this even when I talk to conservative audience we would be blindfolded we’d have maybe female and we would be blindfold and we would reach out and we would in a blindfold today we let’s say I would reach out and touch your arm and I would just in that moment feel what’s the energy of this human being about being able to see what’s the energy of this human being does this feel like friend because I still like my brother does this feel like what’s the difference can I even tell through the touch if this arm is a male or female does this feel like nervous does this feel so we learned to start sensing the physicality of another person without that prejudice of sight and we started learning so much about other human beings and how to pick up people’s energy through sensing through touch and this it later on would enhance the sexual experience but in just in that moment learning to relate to the world through this higher state of consciousness of using all of the senses in the West we’re told that the eyes are the only thing of value more and more it’s just like who’s sexually attracted to us more and more as being told it has to look like somebody who’s in a music video you know and getting away from that idea to sense where is my actual attraction with the person where could I share the most love the most sexual energy on a on a intuitive loving level so did it almost teach you how to type into your ESP extrasensory perception to like be able to pick up on who this person is I mean the touch is one thing and there’s not really a lot that you can feel it’s you know except just our body or whatever but so it was something you would feel within maybe and with your intuition that you pick up on people to know what to offer or definitely it’s its own that it’s a matter of training that you’re it what you call ESP actually becomes your second nature as you start practicing approaching other people in this way in a tantric way which is that I’m attempting to already love everyone how can I feel your essence in this moment instead of that instead of what society has told me I’m supposed to be looking for I’ve actually written a book on this called Tantra dating for listeners who might be single about how to go out and how to date from a tantric perspective rather than a mainstream perspective which is do you meet this list of criteria like do you look like this do you have this car do you make this much money do you dress cool enough for me which is a very ego face versus a spiritual base of let’s meet first in love now is there any downfalls to this or any warnings any people who maybe know how to manipulate you know these type of people who hang out or kind of are drawn to these circles where they know people are open that they may be able to take advantage of people or even opening up your energy to strangers is there any warning to that or you pretty much protect it can you does that person have a piece of do they walk away with the piece of you how does that work is there any warnings there well I I know what you’re talking about because there’s a lot of people who hang around all spiritual circles who are really spiritually well so I think this is part of being on the planet Earth is that we’re always how much do we open up and especially as we start growing as spiritual people sometimes we have a false notion that this means we should just open up to everyone and we do need to make sure that were for example these Tantra calm exercises were very safe groups the doors were closed there was a safety car how many people was like the majority of what I’ve seen so what I haven’t finished it you know I’m saying a documentary but a good bit how many people were like involved it like the highest numbers well at the top at the ocean Ostrom there were at you know half a million people at some point but I don’t know I don’t know how many were actually at the place in Oregon I’m not sure yeah but I mean in our little private groups we would have between 12 and 50 it was all it was people who already pre-qualified as being spiritual it was people who are already going through exercises of love and trust so I think that if for a listener who’s wanting to start to look into Tantra I’d say look for teachers where there is a lot of love and trust established not just go and learn how to have a higher orgasm nothing wrong with that it’s not particularly a tantric approach where you would it would be a good idea to get vulnerable and and take some risks yeah there’s I mean I’ve seen videos out there now where like energy healers and people who do Reiki and things like that they will they had this thing out there where they try to make you have an orgasm without touching you like being able to move the energy and you know be able to UM arouse you without even touching you was anything like that going on like moving energy without touching or is it more about the physicality with well I found that’s happening to me spontaneously when I was in the very high consciousness environment I started just I would be sitting in a chair and I would have an orgasm that doesn’t that happen to me in the West but in that very rarefied environment where everyone was working on higher consciousness so I do know that that’s possible in the Tantra that I study and I teach orgasm is not the goal higher consciousness is the goal in fact having what we’ve really found and what we teach is that having a goal of having an orgasm keeps you out of the present moment because you’re looking towards the future you’re using sex to try to get somewhere you’re trying to get to this place of orgasm if this could be very frustrating for women especially and for men who are trying to help women have orgasms and sex in a lot of cases now in the West has become although it may be an enjoyable experience it’s also become very frustrating because everyone’s focused in on this goal of orgasm and whether women are having it whether they’re not how soon we’re having it how this and that and this creates a frustration into sex that actually defeats the purpose of using sex for a higher consciousness my lover and I can make love for four hours never focusing on orgasm at all during that time the energy is building the love that’s happening between us is a very higher frequency expands our ability for consciousness the lovemaking goes on and on and it’s not only just a physical of making it’s going into spiritual realms in this way so this is actually possible for people it’s never actually talked about in the mainstream which is why one reason I wanted to really come on your show is to say that nobody’s talking about the possibility of sex without orgasm at all or infrequently or just if it happens rather than the mainstream sex has really drawn people and I’m sorry like it happened in an orgasm it has to end in an orgasm and that that’s the point and the goal and as spiritual people know the journey is important not the goal right we hear this a lot from spiritual teachers but we never we know it’s never occurred to us unless we’ve gotten out of the mainstream about sex that perhaps that’s true with sex as well perhaps the lovemaking is more important than the goal of orgasm I mean that’s all that’s all kind of put down and called foreplay as if that’s lesser that’s a lesser thing to get to the orgasm the point studying sex magic and a lot of deep stuff in like masonry and things like that harnessing the power of the Chi there’s a lot of stuff out there where they get aroused to the point where they’re about to Jackie ejaculate and then they cut it off and they’re able to harness that energy that they rose the semen to such a level and it gives them spiritual energy and spiritual powers and you know things like that or did Joss was is that some of that at all where it’s not about the ejaculation but getting there then having control over it almost like you’re able to tell it no or whatever yes and what my boyfriend says is that it’s even more tantric than that which is that he gets to that point and then instead of cutting it off and saying no he relaxes at that moment and through that getting up to that peak and then relaxing there’s no harsh cutting off but then there’s the ability to go into a higher state of consciousness and follow the sex energy even further and further and this creates levels of bliss that are not possible with just getting to orgasm and stopping you get you it you’ve got that so use it as a vehicle it’s a vehicle for higher consciousness it’s actually a vehicle and a spiritual path which to me is a lot more enjoyable than sitting alone meditating I come with my partner meditating insects yeah because our consciousness is just like in meditation we’re in the present moment focusing on the feeling focusing on the love focusing on the energy the breathing and you’ll start you actually start having you can have visions you can have messages come to you from staying in these higher states of arousal and not letting it all go with the orgasm which is what mainstream sex is telling you is the point and you haven’t heard of any health risk by doing that I have not I’ve tried to research that I tried to research if there were any negative now sometimes later in the day you might feel a little congested energy in the genitals which means that you haven’t helped it move through the rest of the body and then sometimes you can do some massage and move the energy through the body so that you don’t want to keep it congested in the journals but you want it to move throughout the whole body yeah there’s a lot of study out there now then it’s coming out talking about like people who were like addicted to masturbation and they just don’t have that you know get up and go about themselves they don’t have that creativity they’re like wasting their life force almost as they’re doing that and there’s a bunch of study out there now a best that’s linked to chronic you know pornography a addiction and having that that drive and I know like if I mean I mean all of these practices talk about it a little bit interesting thing is there’s a if you understand that this and then you read the Bible there’s some stuff in the Bible that actually kind of talked about this to about saving your energy and and and not wasting it and I know like if we look at boxers or MMA fighters for the most part the whole month that they have if they have a fight coming up the whole months they won’t be sexually active at all because they don’t want to you know release that that that I guess tension maybe that builds up and that power that they’re able to harness yeah and again I think that’s about the ejaculation and then are not taught that to be able to raise that energy and then not ejaculate and share it with a beloved is actually a higher level of development so I work with some guys who are addicted to porn or sex addicts and I believe that that’s a frustrated desire for sharing with a partner I don’t think anyone really given the choice of masturbating by themselves or making beautiful love with a partner I think everyone would prefer a beautiful lovemaking time and so I feel like these poor people who are caught in this addiction if they were able to part of my work is helping them open their heart so they can attract a beloved and make love all day instead of instead of doing it making love to yourself all day share that create more love on the planet sexual love is meant to be shared it’s meant to be juicy and wonderful and without frustration and the way the mainstream culture is teaching us about sex is leading to a lot of lonely frustration so for people listening I know you kind of touched on it a little bit it doesn’t have to be necessarily Tantra practice with the group of people this is someone this is something that can be done in the privacy of your own home with your spouse and studying these techniques and things right oh absolutely the whole group thing is kind of sensational and isn’t really that much a part of it you can start by just even if you’re pleasuring yourself you can just start with focusing in on not having the goal to be orgasm but to be present in the moment without a goal of focusing on pleasure this is very different than what the mainstream teaches whose focus on pleasure pleasure pleasure and if you get close to orgasm practice relaxing and then when you’re with your partner making love you can focus on changing the idea that anything that’s not orgasmic is for place not for play it’s ball play and focus on being in the moment meditatively with making love and let go of the goal of orgasm you can orgasm at the end if you want but start training yourself to be a better lover by focusing on what’s happening at this moment instead of trying to get somewhere this is pure Tantra and it’s actually meditation through sex and meditation as we’re talking about earlier in the program it’s one of the routes to higher consciousness so we can use sex to get to higher consciousness by meditating while we have sex bringing a meditative approach to sex instead of using it as a race card trying to get to that to the end of the track so which religious text really covers this to most would this would be some of the Vedic texts and things like that or have you found this in other cultures as well Osho talks up a lot about the particular text themselves I can’t really pronounce them and I don’t know them well enough there’s a something like there’s some Sanskrit texts Veda isn’t about the vaquita and things something like that and there’s particular texts from Tibetan Buddhism sera ha was actually the original teacher of Tantra and talks about this meditate while with a partner while in sex so a lot of this stuff actually came from Osho so a lot of the text on it that we have now and the information came from him it’s a really good place to start because he explains it in language that we can understand and it’s really this idea of become more meditative and sex instead of trying to reach some goal and the West as we know as your listeners know is all about reaching the goal of more money more stuff more than that and as anyone who’s a truth seeker anyone who’s a spiritual person is going I think there’s more to life than that and all the spiritual teachers say the truth is here in the present moment and that means not focusing on the end goal but on how we get there so if we bring this approach to sex we’re not focusing on it in some end goal of orgasm we’re focusing on what’s in this present moment what’s the pleasure that I’m having now and when you can really get in the place a present moment with pleasure it starts expanding it’s so do you think as someone who was on that that that true seeker journey that path of awakening and they’re exploring almost every other area of their life about how to be in the present in the now your dreams your goals your family your thoughts everything kind of being in tune our moment eventually you have to kind of cover the topic of sex as well right well I want to highlight some spiritual seekers are in a tradition where they believe sex is not going to get you there you know many people believe that to become a truly spiritual person you know I can still find this in myself because I was raised with that and then I when I stuttered Eastern traditions it’s like well the truly spiritual person is a guy sitting in a cave somewhere yep and I think we’ve all been indoctrinated with this idea that a true spiritual person is a monk or a nun or some Hindus sitting in a diaper in a in a cave you know and so we have this idea that that’s what’s being spiritual means and the Tantra say that’s not that that’s fine they can live their lives that way I don’t want to I want to experience higher consciousness through sex through everything I do everything is sacred it’s very revolutionary compared to the attitudes towards sex and spirituality that we grew up with yeah we’ve been teaching that God is in everything like you care if you can’t see God in all then you can’t see God at all and so to say that God is this God is that he’s not this he’s not that or it’s not this it you know God is all even the Scriptures talk about here o Israel the Lord is one everything is God he’s in it and through it all so to say that that’s what we like to do we got it we got to untrain ourselves and especially especially when it comes to enjoying the things of this world or you know have a monetary pleasures or gain or enjoying you know I’m saying good food and things like that we have to unlearn and I’ve come from the Christian persuasion as well where it was pretty much a gnostic understanding that you have to be the suffering servant if you know that the one who was spiritual among you is the one that does without who doesn’t have any possessions or just kind of you know lives in the woods or lives on on someone’s couch and I know people who have taken vows of poverty and they live in the woods they literally do and it was because of a religious vow because they thought that that’s what the text communicated to them and they don’t have any possessions or belongings and I’ve kind of signed that stuff away so to move from that that thinking it’s it’s in all the other traditions as well as Christianity that are you know that you can’t enjoy life exactly and I enjoy life yeah and I think it’s an ongoing process as a spiritual seeker to keep rooting that out of ourselves because it keeps cropping up you think you’ve made some progress on it and you have but then you notice oh I’m secretly thinking that you know to have pleasure is it’s not spiritual and it’s a continuing to unwind the fact that God manifests in all of this as well all of this is sacred all of this pleasure is sacred and that goes that that conditioning goes deep that were not supposed to enjoy things we’re not supposed to enjoy sex we’re not supposed to enjoy things that we can buy that this is somehow anti spiritual we’re not you know like I keep talking about here and there’s a lot of stuff here about in Los Angeles about not enjoying food because you’re just kind of supposed to eat green green grass and [Music] you know stuff that doesn’t really taste good and that’s more spiritual than to go out and enjoy your meal so I think that the one of the great teachings of Tantra is that pleasure can be a route to God it doesn’t mean just self-indulgent whatever we feel like because as you progress you realize that overindulgence isn’t pleasure either yeah that’s true so it’s following your pleasure but should truly follow your pleasure take some self-discipline to go you know another beer won’t cut it right now another another helping of this cake yeah might give me pleasure but I think my ultimate pleasure is in not having it so I feel great later exactly really trusting that pleasure comes from God also and as we said earlier I just grew up in a culture where if it was pleasure it wasn’t God and Tantra has taught me that the opposite is true now you know back to the warning thing have you haven’t seen any like psychological stuff because I know you deal with psychology too where like people show up and then they’ve just they’re like plagued with this connection that they can’t get rid of or these thoughts that won’t leave them about the person that they were involved with and I feel like you could do that was like some type of spiritual so ties that happens when you do anything spiritual with someone there’s just connectedness there and I’ve seen people in spiritual circles to leave their spouses that they’ve been with for 20 years because there’s another woman that shows them attention and there’s some and they can’t quit thinking about them because that’s the spiritual leader and this guy is spiritual it happens a lot and have you seen anything like that happened with with Tantra or just being connected or like like that person left with something that they didn’t come where that was maybe a way in their mind or something well in all groups Tantra or not that I’ve been involved with or that I’ve led we always have a disclaimer you know don’t make any decisions about your life for at least seven days after you leave you know or maybe even a month because you know people will come out of a Tony Robbins seminar and wanna just you know quit their job and no cheating any and stuff it’s like okay it’s great that you’re enthusiastic but let’s just let’s get back to our lives and see how this integrates so there’s always a process of reintegration with with from psychedelic drugs from meditation retreats from Tantra seminars there’s always a period of how does this fit back now into my life yeah we really always want to remind people that all these experiences are very powerful and that an integration period is important that’s why we now have psychedelic integration Tantra integration we could say we have from any higher consciousness take some time to see what how that fits in and then maybe from the hero dose of going deep and having this crazy revelation about life about the universe about death and all of that on something really far out there break break bringing it back home to something more practical whether even if it was something like in your daily routine whether it was micro dosing psilocybin or something like that versus having this crazy you know a revelation and wanting to keep having that big thing over and over and that’s kind of like it what it was for me you know going into those states and I had crazy revelations about my life and I’m doing this now because of those encounters and I had other friends though that came out of it and they’re like I’m ready to do this again next weekend it’s gonna be seven months while I pack all this and I know I have to you know take this stuff in my in my I’m saying my daily walk and I will say that it ended up bad for that person who tried to go next weekend and and do the same thing but you know everybody’s different but for me it’s about like you said having those beautiful encounters but then bringing it back to what I call to you know practicality where it just kind of integrates into our lives and helps us like if our spirituality can’t help somebody like in our day to day and everybody you know around us is suffering but we’re spiritual and on cloud nine like if that’s not what it’s about it’s about bringing it back down to earth to benefit everybody around it’s not just being selfish for ourselves right absolutely and and you’re right there can be this phenomena of kind of chasing the hi just wanting to be high all the time yeah and that’s called addiction and as I said before I think anyone who’s truly on the spiritual path will start noticing that that’s not bringing me true pleasure chasing the highs is always followed by a terrible low and I don’t know for me personally I want to just not have the lows anymore I didn’t mind having the highs but the fact that the lows came afterwards is why I wanted to not chase highs anymore so for example most people think it’s most people have experienced how fun it is to drink a bunch of alcohol with your friends and then the next morning the hangover is hangover is why most people start drinking less yeah not because it’s not fun to drink a lot yeah you have to pay for those experiences yeah hangover that most people’s decide I don’t want to drink that much anymore so I think the same thing is true with getting really enthusiastic about doing psychedelics or going to Tantra someone ours or anything it’s like I don’t want that crash that comes afterwards I want to be able to the purpose we do these things it’s change our lives but not to have such a radical change that it throws us off balance when we get below yeah there’s that famous phrase I’m sure you’ve had it on the show before but you know what do you do after enlightenment now what do you do before enlightenment chop wood carry water what do you do after enlightenment chop wouldn’t carry water so it’s like life goes on we have these experiences to change our lives and then the real work begins what do I do with this how do I serve people how do I share this how do I help enlighten everyone because we’re all in this together we’re all one being so how do I help my brothers and sisters what have you seen and this gets into the psychological part as well have you seen the people who you know they have those encounters and they come back and they think that they are an avatar or they think that they are the Messiah figure I mean a lot of these cults and sects and stuff like that are kind of born out of a lot of that stuff and these people there’s a bunch of them now and I refuse to have these people on my show a lot of people want me to hate interview this guy like no it’s dangerous no no no stay away I’ve been a part of weird cult stay we are the only way and I am the Savior and only what I say kind of stuff and I’m really you know that stuff’s nasty really but have you seen that at all with the uh you know Eastern spirituality and things like that I have I have and it’s something we talk a lot about in in transpersonal psychology and you know it’s a little misunderstanding because you can do a psychedelic drug and you can get that I am Jesus yeah I am God and then you but the real realization is that we’re all we all are we all have that in us you know it’s like I I think that anything that makes you feel that you’re more special than anyone else is dangerous yeah yeah I think that can be kind of a handy rule of thumb as if somebody thinks that they’re better than everyone else it’s really a position of narcissism yes people could put themselves out at teachers and be humble and say hey I know some certain things about life that you don’t and I’m happy to share them I’m not gonna tell you I know it’s right for you I I have to I have to warn people to stay away from those those guys you know I’ve dealt with them there’s a bunch of them out there and um I had a conversation with a guy last night and he was in my inbox and um he was wanting to know like deep knowledge and you know expand his knowledge so that he can so-called be closer to God and I had to let him know look you’re not gonna be any closer to God than you are right now there is no less knowledge ain’t gonna make you closer or like special secret knowledge it can like you can you have a better understanding of God in the universe and things like that and use that in your spiritual life now that that happens but as far as like I’m closer than you because I did this or because I know this I don’t believe that I don’t teach that and there’s been people who have had to doubt or deal with who have come out of those coats and I am the teacher and I’m I have the knowledge and anyone who says anything different you know expose them and it’s really weird especially with Christianity I’ve dealt with that actually I think another rule of thumb is that of someone everyone still has stuff to work on everyone no one’s no one’s achieved some sort of perfection and I think that we I think we look to our teachers to be able to be humble enough to say hey here’s where I’m still working on myself you know I yelled at somebody in traffic the other day I’m not really proud of that you know but that’s where I’m still working out myself and I think that if anyone puts themselves out as they’re perfect whoo watch out for that yeah manly pijo’s yeah he said that you know if the status of your dog’s life if you’re if dad this is so spiritual and a Mason or whatever and he’s such a good guy but he still kicks the dog on the way out the door then he’s got some improvement that that needs to be done and so kind of you know basing your spirituality off the the well-being of your dog you know exactly yeah I think I wrote something about that recently I mean if someone goes home and and yells it their way if then you’re no they’re not my goodness they’re not who we aspire to be I’ve seen that so much again with Christianity and I’ll give this quick example but there was a guy who was at a big church and he was worshipping God at this church would they had the music to praise music he’s got his hands in the air hallelujah he’s jump in he’s shouting he’s happy God has done a work in his life and he’s so excited about it he’s jumping in a little old lady behind him said sir can you keep it down you’re a little disturbing and he turned around he gave her a tongue lashing that you wouldn’t like a beat Joe a in this little old lady I was like oh wow so you’re in this super exuberant moment with God in the presence of God then you turn around in an instant okay something’s up like something he didn’t know that that little old lady was God’s voice speaking to him yes and I know with this particular person that became a pattern like that would happen a lot I found out but yeah that’s a you know in it ain’t no church everything people and I guess when people are into spirituality or into religion they’re trying to fix the stuff a lot of times right they’re trying to not what can I do to not blow up on my wife or when I watch the television and Donald Trump comes on air and my skin boils like what can I do like whatever it is that kind of hurts you so we go to church or we do spiritual practice and stuff to try to help us with that so a lot of people do go to church Sunday morning and 12:45 they get in that car and they’re already screaming and fighting with the with the family and things you know but I think a lot of people are trying to do better and they’re trying to do good so we kind of embrace spirituality and religion at the same time to try to help us out with that definitely let me ask you this so when it comes to Osho and things like that will actually led you to his work and actually you you you you you stayed for a couple years at I don’t know if you’d call his commune was it was lived for a year at that was that the main one at first that was the first one that’s when oh that one’s been there since I don’t know the 70s I think and then they started the second commune in Oregon I visited the one in Oregon but I never lived there yeah I’ve been around that for quite a while I don’t know I just think I was always kind of born interested in spirituality I was I was that kid in Sunday school was actually asking questions yes I was just interested and I was always reading books and I just grew up with this interest in and I think also I was kind of isolated at bookworm and I when I was little I didn’t have very good social skills so I just kind of thought about stuff a lot and grew up just asking questions and reading and trying to find out what we’re doing here and then I just was always kind of interested in subcultures and followed my interests into spirituality I think a lot of us I think also having you know I had a difficult childhood and I think for a lot of people a lot of your listeners and I think a lot of people because we have psychological issues to deal with it leads us towards spirituality I’ve been noticing that you know I was I was just depressed a lot as its child and I trying to deal with that depression led me to spiritual solutions so I often tell my patients or other people it’s like psychological issues if you have them might not might actually end up to be a blessing it might be one of the roads that spirituality takes I think so lead you to question life and actually get to levels of higher consciousness that aren’t available to people who have just always been happily in the mainstream yep yeah that was one thing I’ve always seen in in the church and stuff was that like people like myself I used to speak in churches and tell my story and stuff and I came out of like really dark witchcraft and spirits and it was crazy dealing with possession and stuff like that but I would go to churches and tell my story and then there would be other people who would come in who would who used to run drugs or were in gangs or whatever type of crazy deep lifestyle that they came out of and and you loved your like at the edge of your seat listening to these stories and how they were into the stuff and now they’re following God or whatever yes I was one of those sharing my story but there was always full of people who would be kind of feel let down because they didn’t have that type of story like they were just from suburbia you know just regular people never got into running drugs across the border or with summoning spells and demons they didn’t have these cool stories and they kind of felt like they were left out when it comes to those stories of having that you know spiritual path or whatever very glamorous anti glamorous or something right you try to encourage them say Noah it’s good like yours it’s good that you haven’t experienced it you don’t need it yeah but they’re not gonna be able to stand on a stage and do that and they kind of thought that that’s what it’s about you know like this is what you’re supposed to be doing as a believer or whatever the case is and this is not the case at all your spiritual path can start just right now today where you are you just tuned into being present because we spend most of our lives not present we’re thinking about something else so almost all of us our minds are off in some other place than where we are right now in this moment yeah if we could start training ourselves which is called meditation just be here in the present moment with what my life is yeah and that is your spiritual journey yep and then when we’re talking about Tantra earlier trying to bring that level of awareness into lovemaking God’s a vehicle for higher consciousness who knew who knew sex could be a vehicle for higher consciousness but it definitely is yep so you talked about you know being a part of the religious church and Christianity and stuff like that I want to ask you about cults and stuff you dealt with Osho and I guess you have a pretty good outlook on that sect and things like that have you ever gotten to any other cults or religious sects that you’re glad you got away from her you barely made it out or you knew that it was a controlling group of people did you ever get into those situations as well I don’t really have any sort of glamorous stories like that but I have been involved you know I think this word cult if you look it up the dictionary definition it just means a small group of people who think alike yeah so I think we I have definitely been involved with groups of people who are teaching things that other people may have referred to as a cult yeah I was inside it and felt like I had total freedom yeah whoa leave I have a different opinion whatever but other people would look at it from now saying oh that’s a cult thing my experience on the inside of being with Osho being with these other so-called cults was that I’m sure they were very controlling cults you read about him Jonestown on this type of thing but the cults that I have been involved in I had total freedom to I wanted leave if I wanted I was given anybody money unless I felt like making a donation it was no pressure so dude I think we need to be careful with this work called that it’s got you know everyone’s using it like that’s a terrible thing and sometimes it is and sometimes it’s just a small group of people who think alike the Catholic Church is a cult I mean if you think about it it’s nice but there’s a lot I mean you like you said you mentioned Jonestown and mentioned like Heaven’s Gate and I was involved with the Hebrew Israelites for some time and uh well you get it you know why you’re in it you feel like you know this is the truth and this is the you know the you know God led you here for a reason but then a lot of times when you can’t see it until until you’ve been there a while or you come out of it like wow that was a that was a crazy experience you know now I’m glad I’m all out of that belief system it changed the way I view the world it changed the way I view my family my people who you know all this kind of stuff I believe people were going to hell and gonna burn for eternity and God hates a certain type of people these different understandings that change the way you see the world and some of those I don’t think you know I don’t think that’s healthy at all even with Catholicism or Christianity that to teach you that the people you bump shoulders with in the streets are going to hell and if you don’t tell them that then you’ve missed an opportunity that’s that’s really really strange to kind of live your life that way you know yeah I think again if it’s greeting more fear yeah and more separation it’s not healthy if it’s breeding more love and acceptance I think that that’s a good thing for people I think it’s pretty clear to look and see if this is making me hate and fear other people more yes probably a dangerous cult yeah turning me against my own family it’s probably a dangerous cult there’s no need for that for that at all we talked about psychedelics we talked about Tantra sexual energy what about awareness breathing which is a fun one achieving heightened states of consciousness through holotropic breathing changing your breathing patterns making sure that you’re breathing you know all of these type of these I mean what have you experienced with that type of awareness breathing yes I have I have a couple of free awareness a guided meditations on YouTube I started discovering that you know he probably had people talk about this but in the West were taught to breathe very shallowly and very rapidly and most of our breath is just in this part of our body and that kind of breathing actually fosters anxiety yeah and this is a way that were controlled because if we if we’re very anxious all the time then we can be sold goods and services now in all types of breath work we start breathing more deeply and this calms us and this to me is why the Buddha is always shown with a big belly because he’s showing us that to breathe into our bellies thanks and calm state yeah okay I’m burning with Al and it could be wrong but that’s but what I imagine so we practice breathing more deeply we start we start becoming free beings and this is just another way that anyone in this moment can further their spirit original path is by taking a deeper breath just taking a deeper breath will bring you more into the body less into the hypnotized mainstream culture and holotropic breathwork is something I’d recommend if anyone wants to check it out it can be a little frightening because it can actually just through the power of your own breath and you can have psychedelic experiences in the same way that you would have on a psychedelic drug yeah right there in your own body and your own consciousness just by breathing deeply it’s amazing it’s not something you do on your own this is something you do with your people yep you just get into they do yeah of just breathing so deeply that we’d get in touch with higher consciousness so there’s all these all these paths from higher consciousness sex breathing that are available to anyone like we just tap in and then you combined it all in your and an ascended master everything’s good combined everything [Applause] breathing I’ve definitely learned a few things and I have a long ways to go yeah well I appreciate would you bring it to the table you’ve been at this for a while you were Sanh you were on extra some years ago to write good stuff you think you actually have the video that’s awesome thank you people can find that am youtube channel then having a lot of fun making a lot of videos so please visit my youtube channel can I go ahead and spell that out sure thank you everything CA te h er INE au ma n my website is comm you could search for that on youtube i got about i got 60 videos now and um you know shoot me any email or check out my books you can do my meditation videos however i can help you just let me know i like to share what I learned all right Katherine well I really enjoyed this podcast and will have to do it again thank you for coming on hanging out with me I appreciate that I love it and thank you so much for the work you’re doing I’m just so excited about it awesome no problem thank you my friend want to connect again soon alright I look forward to it alright bye bye bye Katherine almond ladies and gentlemen I was a good show I was very nervous about this show but you know what that’s a good thing it’s really a really good thing actually you run into a problem when you don’t get nervous anymore when you’re just doing something you got it down you know what you’re supposed to do that’s one thing but it takes away that magic from something if you don’t get those butterflies in your stomach before you go out on stage I remember when I did gospel wrapping and in the Christian community and there came a point where I just wasn’t nervous I just knew how to do my song and dance and went out there and did it and killed it did my thing or whatever but it takes so those butterflies are there for a reason man and being excited about something and so there’s been times in the past where I just kind of go through the motions that can go through anything like I’m doing I’m making music I can go through the motions writing a song go through the motions doing a podcast but my wife said this to me yesterday she’s saying like the ones that that I question or the ones that I don’t know about those usually end up being the best podcast so you said the community’s gonna love it and I think I think you guys did I’m reading the chat here and I enjoyed it so that’s what it’s about for me I want to have a conversation that I’m engaged in and I’m still trying to learn right I have a lot to teach there’s a lot of them teaching but I have to learn too and I remember some some time ago and it was probably my friend Leo I’m not really sure but we were talking about how I don’t really watch a lot of documentaries or read a lot of books anymore like I used to I’m now trying to take all of the stuff that I’ve learned throughout the years that I’ve done this years of studying and trying to articulate it and put it into music and put it into videos into podcasts and things like that and to share what I’ve already learned that works right so when I have these guests on that are you know diving into a topic that I’m it makes makes me remember those early days well I don’t have it all figured out right so in Tantra was definitely one of them so I really enjoyed that talk it was really good Katherine almond calm make sure you guys check that I’ll support her work Kris Garner’s in a chat he says she just gained herself one more subscriber so yeah y’all make sure y’all support these people it’s awesome cuz I don’t have to tell you how y’all do I see y’all on their channels and comment on their stuff that’s what it’s about but um man sex is uh you know and I kind of had a um I had second thoughts coming into this this podcast because sex is powerful man like sex is uh is sacred you know everything but she’s saying everything is sacred right so we moved from all life is sacred all thought is sacred and why shouldn’t sex be sacred so I didn’t want to promote promiscuity I didn’t want to promote the fact of just hey we just eat up and have sex with random partners because we’re spiritual trust me there’s a lot of that going on in the spiritual community a lot of people who are open about their sexuality and you can’t tell me what I can and can’t do and they’re just running wild with that stuff right and and I’ve and so I’ve been with my wife for since I was 14 I’m 34 and so I believe that sex is sacred I believe in that Union is sacred and I think it I think it’s a I think that the Bible shows that it’s sacred I think that a lot of other texts and traditions show that is sacred as well upon further studying in the scriptures about that there’s a lot of stuff about like covenant coming into sexual covenant with someone that in the West we’ve believed that having a marriage license is how you get married to someone but the Scriptures got some really deep knowledge on this that actually sex is marriage and when you come together with someone sexually you’re coming together in a sacred spiritual union and before God you’re married especially when it’s dealing with the blood covenants right when you come together sexually with someone and every everything is sealed in in blood covenants and blood oaths in in the Bible and just not just the Bible throughout the world man they all deal with blood the Bible says that the life force is in the blood and when you think about that there’s a couple different scriptures man I just kind of give a couple examples in uh in the Old Testament um I think it was Jacob who wanted to marry Rachel so he went to work for Laban which was Rachel’s father he said look work for me for seven years do your best and I will give you my daughter’s hand in marriage and I guess she was like the most beautiful of all her siblings or whatever so anyway he was I guess engaged to to marry her he worked for Laban seven years they were gonna do the big ceremony right where you bring the families together trade off you know here’s my daughter you know I’m I want this from you your families come together right it was more than just you get my daughter like they trade an ox in and divide and stuff up and bringing resources together they’re having this big celebration Laban tricks them though so they go through the ceremony and then they go into the marriage bed right to go and consummate the marriage to have sex and when Jacob goes in there Laban tricked them and he put his other daughter Leah in there so Jacob goes in and he turned they turned out all the lights and he can’t see anything and he told Leah what to do Jacob goes in there has sex with Leah comes out and Leah is now his wife because he came together with her that way Jacob said oh you tricked me about why did you do this is like oh yeah you can’t does I don’t know whatever he tried to explain himself or whatever we said I’ll tell you what give me so many more years work with me some more years and I’ll give you my other daughter as well I’ll give you Rachel so in this story that’s what he does he works even longer and eventually has Rachel as well and so what that shows you is that sex is marriage in the New Testament Jesus is talking about spirituality in all of the how we come together and stuff and he says did you not know that he who joins himself to a harlot has become one flesh he’s saying that when you come together with a prostitute less your wife the two have become one flesh the two have become one that’s where we get to turn my other half my soulmate as people are saying here in the chat my soulmate my other half sex is sacred everything is sacred why wouldn’t sex be there are some studies that come out and there’s um there’s some some debate on it and there’s some truth to it but there are some studies that came out of some articles that said did you know that women retain the DNA of every sexual partner that they’ve ever had and immediately there was some backlash from different other websites and organizations and stuff and in this one Snopes and stuff proving it to be false but there are certain things about that about it’s not just sexually did dealing with the semen and the DNA and stuff like that so they were trying their best to debunk it man but there were some aspects of it that was proven to be true you remember those partners it’s what we will call spiritual soul ties when you come together and you’re joining that covenant with someone and it makes sense that the Bible’s calling it the two become one flesh you remember that person that one-night stand you can’t quit thinking about them there’s a spiritual energy and a spiritual connectedness that comes with sex be careful you know and there’s people who are trying to pray that stuff away they’re in a committed relationship but they’re still thinking about the one that got away man whatever happened to her where’s she at now I still love her they having these weird thoughts right everybody’s thinking about this stuff to pray it away that people are trying to pray it away and they’re fasting in a way and it won’t go away and a lot of trust me in the church realm we’ve dealt with that a lot a lot of people trying to sever ties with their exes or whatever but they still feel like that person is a part of them sex is sacred men sex is sacred so be careful and I didn’t want to promote promiscuity man I don’t want to we talked about these spiritual soul ties and you can’t quit you can’t quit thinking about that stuff you can’t quit it just keeps coming up over and over so do this study do the knowledge do the research sex is marriage and it’s beautiful someone to make sure that I covered that too from like a biblical perspective and there’s so much other you know spirituals it’s cool when the spiritual community or the new-age community or the secular community started embracing some of these ideas or they explained it for you in other terms they’ll use scientific terms I can’t break down those side scientific terms I can talk about the spiritual side of it they break it down in a very scientific way and then you have the spiritual way then you have the religious way and I’ll start singing something similar so uh yeah check that out it’s special um I think that’s pretty much it how long have I gone on here an hour and a half man an hour and a half I don’t know um let’s see what its gonna say patreon if you’re not support me on patreon shame on you now thank you guys for supporting me on patreon it really means the world everybody who’s doing it I’m really excited about this this new album and I’m almost done I’m just in I’m in the process of waiting for some features to come back and I have probably two tracks to finish probably two tracks and I’m gonna try to finish them by the end of December so that the new year will come out with a new album and then right after there’s already a couple songs that’s gonna be on the next EP right after it’s gonna be the ESP EP so there’s gonna be two EPs coming back really really close to each other so make sure y’all check that out and a lot of that stuff’s already on patreon so backslash true seeker if you would like to support my work I would really appreciate it and I am listen or support it and couldn’t not do this without your help bring you these awesome conversations I mean I’m honored thank you I want to read some questions here in the chat Chris garner says could marriage in the sex aspect just be a literal meaning as in marriage defined as a combination of two or more elements I think so um it gets deep man in the Bible it talks about to know somebody they’d you it talks about sex but it says he knew her knew he knew her you come into this union with someone where you know them they’re not just there you know that person in a spiritual sense to know everything about them even the the you know the the intimate details about that person you know that person and then it’s the cool thing is is that a lot of these terms are still used when it’s talking about God knowing God does he know you do you know God in an intimate way in the same way like you would approach that relationship with your spouse the wedding chamber coming together intimately talking to them building with them like that’s the same aspect that you bring into your relationship with God to know God on these deep levels and he knows you when it comes to the the word the the Bride of Christ is a term that’s used the Bride of Christ you looked at like a I’m saying like a woman like God’s wife and he is a jealous God I remember that that whole thing with Oprah years ago and it was a big clip I don’t know if you guys have seen it I’m not gonna play it but I’ll just look it up if you haven’t seen it but um they’re talking about God on The Oprah Show years ago in a we’re talking about God and uh someone said God is a jealous God rightness what the scripture says God is a jealous God and she says she does not want to follow a God who is jealous why is God jealous of me it’s not he’s jealous of you he’s jealous over you and we shouldn’t and we are made in the image and likeness of that God we have that jealousy within us not with jealous of but were jealous over and it’s used in a biblical sense where like you belong to God like that’s your husband that’s your spouse you belong but yet you’re in his terminology like this whoring after other gods after other things you’re married to God but you’re cheating on him with idolatry you’re cheating on him with pornography addiction you’re cheating on him with these things that he doesn’t that that’s hurting you right it’d be like if you had a spouse but they’re addicted to drugs right you’re like man we’re trying to get you help but you just you run off and you you’re on these binges and you’re just addicted it’s this jealous love this compassion for you this this righteous anger you know and there’s nothing man I’m telling there’s nothing more hurtful than seeing someone who is in love head over heels for someone and the other person doesn’t feel that way I hate divorce men hate it with a passion when someone’s in love with someone and the other person’s running around and you found out you had your other half your lover is seeing someone else on the side or doesn’t that love isn’t reciprocated what that does to an individual man I’ve seen lives destroyed man big Tom see ministers for you know for the most part people who come out of drug culture people who come out of reckless lifestyles and they get restored and they get in church and they clean their life up and they got the kids and they got the fam and everything is going good all of a sudden a woman runs off or does something and then just everything spirals out the person is in jail or dead now or man or addicted to a substance man it’s sad to return that love man to return that adoration when you come together with a person it’s beautiful man there’s nothing more sacred than that really when you find that person but then when you do it with God that’s that’s beautiful when you come together with with the father cuz I look I love you I want to spend time with you I’m trying to you know bless you and you’re kind of busy you got a lot of stuff going on you’re somebody now you got a podcast you know you got you do music you know you’re kind of a big deal when you break away from that and you go back to the place where it all started you go back to that intimacy that’s what it’s about for everybody your busy life your busy day breaking away from that stuff to draw away unto God man with that sexual union intimacy so people get mad I mean I said but then some people take it to a whole nother level right this intimacy with God of being something of mockery or something where I’ve seen people do it you know some of these cults are kind of mentioning get into like this weird weird stuff when it comes to that but God wants to know you man he wants that relationship to be deeper to know that you’re not alone to know that you got somebody that has your back like that’s a big thing that was big for me especially coming from a broken home knowing that I had somebody that loved me no matter what this is both this is the spouse sign and this is the spiritual side when I met my my wife and she was my girlfriend at the time man I knew that I had somebody who who loved me for me I didn’t have to perform I don’t have to be somebody else but that just loved me regardless men changed my life as a teenager gave me liberties that I didn’t have gave me a confidence in myself just to know that I’m loved and then on top of that that’s one thing that was powerful in the physical realm but when it comes to God understanding the love of God that no matter what you did no matter what you’ve done God still loves you is still trying to pursue you there’s no way you can go there’s no way you can run away to get away from the love of God to hide from the presence of God the Bible is full of stories from Genesis to Revelation where people have been in this relationship and then they get into some things or open up doors and they step away maybe even for years maybe that’s even some of you maybe that’s your story you’ve been away for years and I know people who feel like God’s giving up on them or they feel like they hurt God there’s no way God would take me back I wouldn’t take myself back he stops tonight I thought says waves are not our ways man the love of God that moves past anything and everything that we could do to think that we’ve passed the point of no return that we can never come back there’s nothing we can do nowhere we can go that we can hide or run away from the love of God every single one of us man to pursue that and then get into that intimacy get alone with God we talked a little about a lot of crazy stuff on here we’re very open with spirituality we talk about all of the aliens and psychedelics and all types of angels and just crazy stuff that would seem way left field man you know I’m open to all of it but it first comes out of a relationship with God elementals spirits all types of stuff is a lot of it’s in the Bible and that’s what gets me right but that relationship with God with the father whenever your father brings you two out of that in intimacy whatever he revealed that their secrets in the universe about life about the earth about everything their secrets that God has and he’s never told anyone about that he’s willing to just do pillow talk with you hey yeah we want to tell you how I do it this is how I do it look at the stars look at this you ever thought about this it is like beyond your wildest dreams I has not seen and ear has not heard the things that God has in store for those who love him it gets crazy guys but it’s beautiful it is a journey man it is a journey so for I don’t see how anyone would want to run or do it without the assistance of the Creator like would do it on your own terms or just the way that you want to this song and dance man this journey is so beautiful it is awesome when you find out how consciousness works when you find out that the steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord and nothing happens without a reason you don’t meet people for no reason just so just yeah kind of cool everything happens your life starts to line up your journey it becomes really live somebody’s watching me somebody knows these thoughts I’m thinking somebody wants to hang out that notion right there blew my mind as a teenager I was depressed a lot thought about suicide a lot I always felt like I was by myself but then when I got born again when I came into the knowledge of Christ and I came into this relationship with God there was one thing that changed because I still was like actually by myself a lot but I never felt alone again from that point never felt alone always had somebody there I always had somebody there that relationship that confidence that love man loneliness nobody understands throw that out the window they God is their man and this is this is beautiful man this whole song and dance with the universe with the Creator that your life has meaning your life has purpose people have given up on you your families given up on you your teachers gave up on you your friends everyone’s giving up on your feelings whatever man I gave up on myself a long time ago why not but you understand that God is not giving up on you that the promises of God are yes and amen didn’t Jeremiah his plans to bless you with the future doesn’t have any ideas or plans to harm you or to punish you you’re in trouble come back into the loving arms of the Creator that’s what it’s about man that’s a grace that allows you to explore that’s the grace that allows you to seek out the deep things of God I wouldn’t have died wouldn’t have to get got into any of this on the other side without God but God man you know if you mad blame God that’s what it’s about work with God instead of against him that’s just spell my song and dance here lately walk would work with the presence of God and working against which we’ve been doing the majority of our lives right so I hope that spoke to somebody’s heart just to be open and honest about this about this relationship with the Creator that’s what it comes down to at the end of the day at the end of the day you don’t want to open up any doors you don’t want to do anything like the scripture says Jesus said I don’t do nothing that I don’t see my father doing may that be your prayer may you love the things that God loves and hate the things that God hates hold yourself to a higher standard man sexually made you work upon your second virginity whatever it is wherever God finds you man he finds us all in different places man I’m gonna reach out to this lady man she was an ex-prostitute I actually had one on a long time ago and the weird thing about that one angie duncan an ex-prostitute right sex worker and I think she was in some porn films and things like that she was on the show and she told her story and God finds people in different places man paul Washer the great preacher listened to his story man he shares it with tears in his eyes God found him laying in a his own piss and vomit on a drunken stupor woke up throw up on his shirt and piss all over herself God found him caught him he repented of his sins I’ve been following the Lord ever since God finds us in different places God found me in a place where I couldn’t hold a thought together hearing the voices and seeing spirits and it was not good God finds us all in different places never forget where you came from and it’s so easy to do man it’s like 20 years ago 20 years ago it’s easy to forget everything’s good now stuff is way behind me it’s easy I needed him then you wake up every day understanding that I need God as much today as I needed him laying in a pool of piss don’t whup all over me I need him as much as I needed him in 1998 I need him more without him where would you be that’s the grace the same grace that was applied back then I look at these people man you know I bring this stuff up this these people have you know lost their families lost their health and I’m just always just thankful man you know and to know that [Music] you can lose it all too I could lose it all but it is the grace of God that keeps us it is the grace of God that restores us no matter where we are to maintain that a lot of people can get to a lot of places man with your good looks with your talents with your abilities will you let your talents and your good looks and things bring you to places that your character can’t keep you this isn’t a game it’s not a game it’s not a game it’s not a gay men sort of real deal one wrong move one careless flirtation one email response one nightstand can mess up something that took years for you to build your career your marriage whatever it is man whatever’s in your lap those who have been forgiven of much much will be required those who have been forgiven much they love much that’s what it’s about [Music] love you guys man Chris garner says that your character can’t keep you that’s profound truth we see it all the time man it’s why you know we’re talking about the alcohol thing you have to pay for that it’s like those quick fixes man you got to pay for the process is there for a reason when you understand the price we get weary in well-doing and we’re like makeup and doing this for years and why is everybody else married why is everybody else have a ministry or why does everybody else have an awesome career and do what they love look trust the process at the end of the day God is the one who orchestrates it all trust the process don’t give up don’t give up don’t get discouraged trust the process how much longer learn everything that you need to learn at their job learn everything that you need to learn in the wilderness feel like God’s a million miles away everything you need what are you trying to tell me learn it all and didn’t learn some more eventually if you don’t break if you don’t crack if you stand the test of time your breakthrough is going to come bad [Music] trust and believe okay I’ve learnt everything I’m past ready what else do I need to do keep it up man it’s coming you’re almost there you don’t even know it you don’t even know it it’s good stuff it’s wisdom with dad again man thank you guys for hanging out with me today hope you guys enjoyed this podcast I really did so with that I would say peace is shallow follow us in all the social media links all that kind of stuff join us on discord if you want to build with our community I’d love to talk to you all the links are in the description but that is a peace and Shalom guys later [Music] [Music] well that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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