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In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Joshua Fluman about his experiences in engaging the prophetic realms and experiences in spiritual warfare. There are many ways that we are able to tap into the spirit realm and do so even unintentionally in our own day to day lives. We talk about the the similarities in the prophetic giftings mentioned in the Bible and also what is known as psychic abilities or E.S.P. (Extra Sensory Perception). These experiences are written within the Bible but the phrasing and terminology is different. As we discuss during other episodes I believe that we are speaking about the same things yet from a different perspective and standpoint and have coined particular terms that seem to be privy to our own personal belief systems, dogmas and religions. I do not believe that any one religion holds all of the answers, even though I am a Christian, I know that what we call christianity today in the west is so far from its original state as a spiritual discipline that it’s not even funny. So, yes, I follow the teachings of Jesus and believe the gospel but many of the interpretations and understands that we have here in the west are no even close to the spirit or even nature of what was trying to be communicated by the writers of those texts. Christianity and spirituality in general should be an inward journey in growing in relationship with God and the divine that it overflows into every are of our lives. There is an importance in going back to study christianity in its original state especially when talking about engaging the prophetic because these gifting and abilities were a part of their daily lives from the prophets, apostles, disciples and even Jesus. These were in fact some of the most spiritual people that have ever walked the face of the planet and I believe that if they needed the prophetic giftings in their day then so do we. Jesus said that greater works shall his disciples do than him because of the infilling of the holy spirit. The very word for power in the scriptures that speaks about being endowed with power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you is the word Dunamis which literally means ‘miracle working power”. Jesus also goes on to say in Mark 16:17-18 

And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

This is our inheritance as sons and daughters of the most high God we will walk in miracles and see signs and wonders. A huge part of the signs in wonders is learning to hear God’s voice about what he would say to others and there are many ways to tap into hearing his voice inwardly. This is growing in the prophetic and trusting God enough that we are will to step out and reveal his heart towards other in a very practical way. 

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episode last night but I ended up getting some crazy sinus stuff going on with all this pollen and all the changing of the weather and all that stuff it’s not uh it’s not good on my sinuses so anyway we’re doing it today and I’m excited to talk to my guest before we get started I’m gonna give a quick shout out to everybody who’s supporting my work over there on patreon thank you guys so much for the continued support I couldn’t do this without you everybody who has been supporting giving donations helping me financially create this thing thank you so much an episode before this I I went through a bunch of names of all the new patrons and people donating so make sure you go back and listen to that one today too that one was really good so if you want to support my work want to see more podcasts more music all that good stuff you can do that by becoming a patron at any level of giving anywhere from $1 $10 $5 whatever you could do you could do that at backslash true seeker there you get access to my entire discography of music which is like 10 plus albums and all the new music that I’m working on as well you also get extra podcast and a bunch of cool stuff and get to be a part of our private community so also we do the school of the Mystics on Thursday nights at 7 p.m. central if you want to be a part of that you get access to that to any level of giving get you access to that so school of the Mystics is just something where we we build we come together and we’re teaching mentorship just kind of being there one for another cuz it’s it could be lonely out there man so we wanted to kind of formulate something with the podcast that brings everybody together versus just listening to a podcast you actually get to talk to the guests in and and all this cool stuff and kind of meet the people behind the scenes I know a lot of you guys are meeting on a community on Facebook on the facebook chat rooms and stuff like that or message boards or groups is what they call on Facebook calling it everything but what it is but um yeah we have awesome community there and so today on this podcast we’re gonna be speaking with Joshua flume in a KA the Gothic disciple and he’s a member over there as well so the cool thing is there’s so many cool people that listen to the podcast and support the podcast like I like to have them on as guests and kind of hear their story to understand why they feel that they should listen to or support or share someone’s work like myself so they have to be a special type of individual so Joshua flume in the Gothic disciple what’s going on my brother welcome to the show pretty good yeah bro man you’ve been supporting me for a while and I minuteman ever since it was under the whole myth assist me is for a long time and you you’ve been you’ve been a day one dude man it’s a support in the vision and everything and you know the power of support man so I want to thank you man publicly for your support brother thank you once I was brought to you I had from it originally for many years I was not not too much of a fan for rap but once I heard your music like – this is deep yeah that’s what’s up man so we’re gonna hear about your story tonight we have a lot of stuff in common you’re definitely ministry minded you you are one who practices the spiritual giftings and called to be a healer and bring forth healing to the nation’s may want to hear about your story and things like that so I guess I wanna let everybody know – we’re gonna be opening up the phone line so if you have a question for Joshua or myself make sure that you call us up let us hear your beautiful voice and and become a part of the show tonight – the numbers scrolling across the top of the platform it’s also in the descriptions as well so make sure you guys do that um so Josh what where do you get started with your spiritual awakening meaning Jesus that had come together what came first tell us a little bit about your story oh well let me just say this is that I would say I’ve probably been a disciple what I call it a sec you know an actual follower of Christ you know trying to be transformed or around me transformed by and about four years ago I was stuck in a religion mind you for through the process of unlearning all this stuff that I learned in religion and having the Lord reprogram my mind to the point where like okay this is okay this is not but even though this when I this is okay because I’m using this specific his power in us the enemy’s power insulated slate this reprogramming it’s it’s been a trip I think that’s like when we’re talking about Awakening and this is probably universal but definitely coming out of the church realm there’s a lot of unlearning that has to be done what you’ve told touch not taste not stay away from this as as if the kingdom of heaven was in me to drink right we understand that best from the Scriptures that it’s not but we’re told these rules and regulations and then we’re told once we do the studying that most of it’s wrong like we’ve been told just the opinions of men and it’s okay to have opinions I mean it’s okay to kind of to say you don’t know but we come from a place where it’s absolutes and this is truth and this isn’t and if you deviate you’re in trouble so talk a little bit about that that unpacking process because there’s gonna be a lot of Christians who litter listen to this and then there’s gonna be people who aren’t Christians and have no idea what we’re talking about but the process is similar so talk about like some of those ideas that you had to say okay because I know we’re kind of generalizing like okay I can hang on to this not that this is what he’s using but what are some of them specifically of things that you dogma you learned from the church that you had to kind of let the Lord we teach you on well let me just get back a little bit so then kind of get a bit bigger picture um whenever I was I want to say that it was like 18 or 19 – my prophetic gifting really started started coming apparent to me because I know I don’t even know how I just found out about it just started happening I’m like I I was at church and I think was I think was soon after like you ever heard of ATF your qualifier oh heck yeah yeah what’s the guy’s name I have no Ron Lou my mom Ron Luce that sounds right I think so well I think that was like well 779 I actually had a I actually had a 30 second dish experience with the Lord at ATF that prevented me from going fully atheist so like skip for a little bit so I was like gifting $0.02 fears now mind you I have no idea how I knew I just I felt things and no one was there so I just automatically assumed it was spirits know and Lafon you know blowing away when got the club yada yada silence Illinois spirit for a few years and then skip forward a little bit and you know I just become a actual disciple and this was probably like March or April of 2014 and actually no it was probably like in November of 2013 after my divorce feels like right when that happened like my prophetic gifting just came on full full force like I knew new things were going to happen in a certain month that came back into the fulfillment that continued for two years so that that was almost like me waking up is I had no prophetic training at all period so I was saying this thing’s going to happen and it happens or you know I didn’t really say I was very generalized like I was I would tell my dad or my parents Oh something’s gonna happen you know in this one to me but again I was still very self not really self conscious overseas I’m very selfish I always thought it was me me me yes and I weren’t during this process I was at my sister’s birthday party it was September I was near the end of a month-long fast and I had always I had always wondered you know pride myself one to give my parents their first grandchild once I realized they know just went through a divorce that’s probably not going to happen I in my heart I look I released her to be you know to want to give my parents their first grandchild right then the Lord said she’s gonna get pregnant have a child almost a year later she’s having that child know do that know during that time you know there was a time where the Lord would say five months and violence later she announced that she was pregnant and then like well after that Ward says his six months and then at that six-month period he was he was being born and he was like things like five or six weeks young preemie everyone was freaking out that uh you know that uh he was a preemie and due to like a complication with her oath her pregnancy yeah I’m just perfectly fine like he is gonna be okay my my uh my family’s like how do you know that because alarm Oh tell me if if you know something would have went wrong at one home prophesied prayed and her seen if I 3045 minutes that everything would go so smoothly that doctors and nurses would be amazed next morning birth goes smoothly doctors and innocents are amazed now that can that kind of continues as I as I grew and matured Incred not mind you I’m still very you know I’m still very low and on the maturity because I I have a I’m a mentor that’s like six years my junior but he is a lot more mature than I am so like I’m learning all these things and all this stuff all this stuff that’s going on that I know about or all these different little areas of the Lord’s training me on like how to understanding my dreams yeah how to understand visions that I know that it gives me there or that I see and you had no no training nobody up until no 2014 I actually started going to a church that done its the pastor is actually a world-renowned or not actually he travels around the world based really mainly not nationally renowned and the Lord kind of use that as my prophetic training a little bit or actually one because you know I have never grown so much in that three and a half years I was there for than the 27 years prior so it’s all just like have he shown me how to understand that all the different symbolisms of different things in my dreams and the in divisions trying to not only say control but be able to see one it’s my imagination it’s going crazy because I’m just doing something versus that’s something that the Lord’s given me and this is what’s going to happen or finally or seeing something that I think is accidental but realize wait a second that was the vision and then since yeah that’s the tricky far right and when I was taught and about being taught man I really think that’s what the Scriptures speaking of when it says that the Spirit of the Prophet is subject unto the prophets yes there’s things that go on in your head yeah oh that’s just your imagination oh don’t worry that’s your imagination but no that’s that’s your prophetic utterance that your prophetic giftings you’re seeing these visions and you’re feeling these sensations in your body different things like that a pastor might not know what the hell you’re talking about yeah it’s gonna take a prophet someone who’s been through that somebody who has empathy for younger people we look in the scriptures in the Old Testament they had a school of the prophets where they would teach the prophets like this is what you do this is how it operates but now it’s tricky because most of us are kind of left on our own to figure it out like there’s so much weird we’ve talked about Dogma no no that’s a broad statement Dogma but there’s so much of control and this is the way things are and if you’re a threat to that you’re out of here that type of stuff but when you’re dealing with the prophetic man all bets are off it really are there’s things that work and there’s things that help but somebody stuff is hard man it’s hard it’s tricky it gets kind of squirrely especially whenever it has to do with a fellowship that doesn’t know anything about the prophetic or it doesn’t even know and and you know and then no mind you I didn’t have this happen to me but I’ve heard of different people finding out you know that you know they’re either and prophetic that they they are called to hold the office of a prophet or hold the office of a seer and they’re having all these things happen in the in the things they know and then the church he kicks them out or gives him a hard time because he’s like you’re a psychic see there’s a difference there psychics use the wrong use the wrong power the wrong energy and they don’t use Jesus as the door versus you know seers prophets anyone who has that prophetic gifting actually I guess to that extends probably would be a seer it’s just prophetic people can only go so far versus you know the prophets and seers have it the full range but they the other gotta understand the church has to understand and it’s it’s slowly growing mind you I’m not trying to put the trigger but they have to understand that though the prophets and seers who are wanting and wanting to use if I heard that before the Lord they’re using the Lord’s power everything in Jesus name but if know anyone who has been classified as a psychic through you know they’re using the you know basically this thing’s power how else can you say you know in some groups I guess like ours can say that you know well I have a friend like I’ve got I’ve got I’ve got a good friend Christy Lee exactly she just started calling herself a psychic and that’s and that’s only by title of one who uses the psyche to uh yeah you know I’m saying in so if we are to classify even the gifts of the Holy Spirit within the Bible like you’re probably gonna get more teaching from a clairvoyant psychic then you will from a local church that’s that’s the sad that’s a sad thing for the the church realm yes but the way the Holy Spirit speaks there’s not a lot of teaching on it biblically we can say that a lot of it is we get examples though we get examples of the still small voice we get examples of the feeling and of seeing and be able to smell and feelings in your body like that’s Clara audience Clara sentience clairvoyant clear vision like this is something that’s commonly known in the psychic world but when we start talking about this stuff in the church what’s on because it’s because of the terms exactly only thing the church is calling this is word of wisdom and word of knowledge like a any there’s other ways to interpret it and ways to receive it so that’s piques my interest to like hold on Jesus is talking about being clairvoyant or st. Claire audience been over here there he knew there exactly exactly 100% whatever I read that like you know I don’t know how many times I had gone over this verses but whenever I was it there was a time I wasn’t last year was a couple years ago where the Lord had me read over all four of the Gospels like Matthew made me read it seven times before he graduated me to mark and whenever I’m still I stay in Matthew I read that one I’m like wait a second Mark Luke I go back to the same he’s not use rating their thoughts into a church again oh you know what’s your psychic you’re out I’m prophetic the words giving the stuff yeah yep and you see where it was needed and and I actually have a some scriptures that I actually mapped out in Matthew in that same chapter which I think it’s chapter 9 I want to say I went over these notes the other day think so I’ve got two written down but um he talks about and it was the Lord had me go back and read Matthew and show the importance of spiritual gifts and while we need them and write down the examples and I came to that instance or whatever and it showed the the word of knowledge that came forth and then it went on to show that a miracle came forth and then he was able to win them over through the signs and wonders and then they all began to glorify God when healing and awarded knowledge came forth and stuff and this was like something that he used and then we see it you don’t saying being used more times in the scriptures as well and it shows you the need for it and the need is because obviously there’s people of all faiths and all walks of life who listen to this show but when we’re talking about the church dealing with the spiritual giftings and psychic abilities and things like that because people are having these encounters people like yourself in church and me and many others the church doesn’t really have an answer for them they tell them it’s demonic they demonize it and then so guess who has a an answer for him the New Agers oh yeah let us yeah that’s clairvoyance let me show you how to operate in that mmm this is the church’s role that’s why we have to we have to we have we have to kind of stand up man the spirit of the Prophet is subject to the Prophet and we can’t hold the pastor liable they have no idea like I say what we’re talking about they’ve never experienced that stuff they don’t even know the stuff yeah that’s why it’s demonic because they think it supposed to be packaged in this Christian cookie cutter way some of the visions and dreams we get would seem demonic they’re scary when nightmares there’s people being ripped apart there’s earthquakes and famines and snakes and alligators and all the symbolism then prophets get in their dreams man they don’t know what we’re talking about and then here we are you know trying to make sense of things so that’s why there are churches out there Bethel Church is a big one and there are a lot of churches now that embrace the prophetic and teach teach younger people so we can’t say that none of them but they’ve there definitely is a lot out there but its dominance it’s as few and far between it’s not you can’t just go to any Church to say hey I had a dream last night that this happened to the church and I feel like it’s a sign from God they’ll rebuke you and send you packing churches I’ve had it happen yeah definitely ouch yeah I know like I you know the Lord blessed me by sending me to uh to the church I was out for three and half years and it’s better than because I know whenever I was nineteen twenty and coming up with a realization that I had this gifting and I went to psychics because I didn’t I was not aware of anyone in my trusted circle the time that had the gifting that could help me so of course you know I did the only thing that I knew how to wasn’t the greatest idea but whatever you know it got me to work eventually got me to where I needed to be so now you know on functioning correctly and you know I just wish that there was more avenues for those who do have the gifting and it is getting out there just sometimes it kind of it it sends me that it’s not as much as it should be but no that’s the kind of that’s the main idea of my channel is it people broken from religion can’t think of you can’t think of everything that’s that you know that happens these days I call oh my gosh this demonic look at you do you know your father okay look at what he no look at what’s saying yeah thank the event that happened does it look like a characteristic of him no it doesn’t look it again pray to Him mostly I’ve noticed that a lot of times when they’re not sure of something they they say they have they say they pray and they really haven’t and it’s it’s laziness but you know you still get all of them and kind of just kind of yeah it’s it sucks because like a lot of times there’s a threat there you like you actually become a threat to their structure so you know you have I’ll say this all the time you now have what they used to have like they had that fire God used to speak through them now they just kind of going through the motions they know how to play Church they know how to move a crowd they know how to give a good message or whatever right you you learn how to do these things and so when when a young person comes and they have the fire of God and God’s really using them when they pray things happen when they speak to spirits they leave you know what I’m saying and so people in the congregation naturally what kind of gret gravitate towards that person and the pastor the Deacons they’re envious of that I’m telling you man it gets it gets it gets crazy I’ve seen it happen with me you know saying not just me but I’ve seen it I’ve seen it with other people too and you become a threat because now we’re not looking to the pastor we’re looking to brother so-and-so in the congregation and and then they have ways of stopping that and it’s usually ghosting or pulling you to the side or asking you not to pray for people anymore like all kinds of stuff you know yeah some people don’t pick up after that yeah if they wounded yeah Wow and I’m Christian I’m actually not pretty sure I know that once that happens or that that creates a bad what’s that word looking for that wound towards the church and you know that’s probably why a lot of people don’t go to church period regardless you know regardless of what kind of gifting them that’s what the church is all about and they don’t want to go back but and that’s what’s again that’s neat learning it’s really difficult was finding that church that that fellowship that we’re supposed to be with and but also remember at the same time is we’re human we make mistakes and you know this word forgiveness comes in but that’s that’s it’s yeah you got to show the same grace that was shown to you man you know nothing in those situations and uh you know it’s all it’s all a learning process people to people so it’s about learning from that stuff and moving on as quick as you can mm-hmm and not trying to operate out of hurt or out of I mean you learn you got you have to guard your heart you learn to guard your heart that’s good you learn not to just trust any spirit or any person because they can present it better or they have followers or they have you know in anything in like I’ve seen it man even just on like the um send the the Facebook and YouTube gurus and stuff who have their own following and like I’ve seen those people show their bad side you know and uh but at the end of the day we’re all human we’re only human and it’s part it’s part of learning and growing so so when so you said this was 2014 when you started kind of taking it to the next level with it with the psychic abilities or if you even want to call it I don’t care myself i transcend it I don’t care it’s also on don’t I I go back and forth between the warnings depends are you talking to really well so it’s like you know I can call it you know or fed a gifted psychic it’s like you get Kings or whatever but sometimes I do it just to kind of mess with the the religious spirit mm-hmm it’s like you know you’re talking someone in and you say psychic ability or you say empath ability and they automatically you know just kind of rare religious feral my careers it’s on its head and you kind of say nothing of it this way this this this this you’re like well 2014 that’s whenever was like March or April 2014 whenever I had the the shackles of religion broken off me because of friend Aaron he pulled me in and I got me into the job I am and now and you knew that was a medal in so you know either why don’t you check out this band I was ever heard of a head from corn yeah sorry I started listening to his music dye religion guy yeah I loved his music even like you know and I started listening then I looked up his his testimony and that’s what did it for me because DiNardo listen to his judgment like this is awesome and then it clicked with me you didn’t go for doesn’t make him remove his tattoos miss piercings or his makeup yeah so out with Lord make me do that and at that point it just clicked for me I’m like I can be who I ever yeah I can be Who I am and how the war it made me doing that like I can get another tattoo for one kind three gauge my piercings if I want I can grow my hair out from London wear makeup for what he is on doing it in the Lord’s name and for him was like you know I screw this I’m gonna do and yes that was kind of what I did at that point everything just exploded for me I know like I had during during the previous year I was going through a lot of depression or whatnot you know during the year of what I called the year of hell whenever I was going through my divorce and I was I had no these symptoms of bipolar disorder I was never classified with the thank God but I am like my last little episode in in early 2014 and then about six months later you know I think it was either September or October don’t let her exact words when I once but um I was crawling down the hallway of my apartment and the this extreme heaviness of depression was upon I just got pissed off somehow screen jeez is so loud I’m surprised my neighbor didn’t hear me right when that happened instantly all the depression left and I haven’t dealt with it since and so like at that point like okay so this I can now combat depression and do this and do that in at the same time you know all my dreams are coming full throttle you know it was summer where I was having three or four dreams at night I must say though that’s other than you know like knowing when things are going to happen visions and and dreams there are some giftings that we have that I didn’t really get to experience until like later on so it’s but it was it was a trip but I I’m still learning bro yeah exactly mine started man mine started what maybe 2003 you know in the church realm anyway it started way before that when I was into dark witchcraft and stuff like that get getting into that but as far as the prophetic opening up in the in the church learning it was 2003 and I’m still learning I would be a lot further if if we would have those mentors and I had some mentors but for the most part they were learning you know and all they could show me was what they’ve been shown and a lot of it was kind of new for them too but we had we had we had a school of the Spirit here and this kind of reminiscent of what we’re trying to do with the school of mystics right yeah we had a school of the Spirit in every every Friday night they would have prophets come in town from like um Sam Mike Bickle all the other big-name prophets who travel the prophets circuit I guess you want to say that the people who’s on the Elisha list and stuff like that and they’d come down every Friday night and you get words but it but then it eventually got into like you were you wanted somebody to prophesy over you every time you went to war and now you’re just like what the Scott what does God have for me and like pray for me and you know you start chasing this stuff or whatever even though it’s beautiful this is awesome especially when it’s new to you but it’s like you got to start doing something with the information that you’re getting yeah you got to start putting it to use if you don’t it’s gonna become stagnant and you’re not gonna grow and actually and able to get to the next level you’re not you have to the information that comes through you have to step out in faith you have to release it you have to intercede over I mean whatever role that you’re called to be in you have to you have to actually step out in faith yeah the image and or like warding I God as you’re saying that was like we have to get out of the arms of our father you know being being carried and started walking mm-hmm we have to start walking out on ourselves rather than having everything being given to us yep exactly man dude I’m gonna tell you what I keep trying to find this episode but I was thinking I was home one one day sick and this was probably $2.00 probably that same time man 2004 2003 I was home from work sick and I said home and I’m just flipping through television and I watch I was watching Sesame Street I just happen to stop and I felt like it was God he’s like hey watch this foot man I got to show you something at home by myself a grown grown man watching Sesame Street and in this particular episode was uh what the segment was called baby bear learns to skate and and and I’m watching it and the Lord speaks to me says okay your baby bear I’m popular okay put on your skates I don’t know how to put them on can you help me sure I’ll help you he picks them up puts the skates on them he’s like okay we’re gonna learn to skate is like no I’m afraid I’m afraid to skate I’m gonna fall down I’m gonna hurt myself if you fall down you’ll be okay if you fall I’ll catch you and it’s like everything that this character on the show babe Papa Bear was telling baby bear God was speaking in my opening me up and speaking in my spirit I’m sitting here watching Sesame Street by myself at home ball and tears shaking whoa holy glory all over me I’m like what is happening right now and like from start to finish he’s just like reassuring them I’m scared papa I’m a father I said look I’m gonna teach you I’m gonna hold your hand but eventually you’re gonna soar you’re gonna go out there by yourself and you’re gonna be able to skate all you want and you’re gonna be able to do it without me because I taught you and I was like oh my god I’m getting chills taught thinking about it now it was so prophetic man and it was like the beauty that God uses whatever he wants to talk to us and if we listen he’ll speak through any circumstance any situation and any any part man that’s that’s the beauty of this this just dance that we’re in with God is that he uses everything so then the psychic stuff doesn’t look that scary anymore then you know I’m able co-host the psychic talk show I run I run the boards and everything on Kristy Lee show but she lets me come in and I’ll give prophetic words to these people and I pray over them and I use this name and they start crying healed I’m on a psychic show man you know what I’m saying and it’s about transcend transcending the labels or you see here that oh my god people are gonna see me on a psychic show and and they’re gonna not follow me anymore or whatever the case is but it’s like we have to be strategic we have to be wise a serpent’s man harmless as doves to kind of be able to move into these realms ran because people are dying and they’re not going to church man church attendance is down so much and the church thing is like at this point us for and no more like we have our club and if you don’t do this you’re not in it you have to I feel like I had to put on a monkey suit and go be somebody I I have to be a hypocrite most of times to go to church because I had the word hypocrite is playing multiple roles in a in a play and uh and I feel like I had to put on a mask to go there and if I was to be like hey I’m what do you do I do this I do that I do a podcast you know you talk about aliens yeah you talk about psychedelics yeah you can’t do that hey brother please God hey man look God’s good I want to tell you he’s doing the work in my life you have to like put on play put on this role and uh and and that’s that’s not of God at all you trying to be somebody else when you are fearfully and wonderfully created he put those things in you for a reason you’re into tattoos you’re into art and creativity and and and makeup and things like that for a reason you know what I’m saying but you we have to find out who we are man and and once but that’s the desta key because once we find out who we are then nobody can tell us who we are because we already know and somebody tries to call you outside of your name or call you outside of your character you won’t respond to that because that’s not who you are or it shall by no means harm you they say about you that’s why we talk about reading the Bible and the scripture getting into the scriptures because it’s a mirror we’re able to spend time with the father as we’re reading the scriptures and we’re gazing into a mirror of who we truly are I’ve heard all types of stuff about Who I am okay father let me see who you say I am oh you’re this you’re that you’re the apple of my eye yeah I would leave the ninety nine to come after you I’m pursuing you I have I’m pursuing you with a reckless furious love and then like it’s the real deal he is he loves me but it’s so easy to start believing the naysayers and oh yeah yeah you know you had a successful ministry years ago but God stopped using you the anointing left I mean we look at people and I’m not I’m I’m gonna I’m an example obviously but we look at people who’ve gone before us even like Jason Upton one of the most beautiful prophetic worship leaders out there he went through a season where he started writing songs about him and his son his relationship and he wrote a fun song about him and his his son wrote a song about their dog and any seunga in indian the blogs and the church folks of religious spirit they say he lost his anointing and gosh not with him anymore now he’s singing about the dogs and hanging out the window and having fun and it’s like this is so weird man like you got you have to know who you are cuz if you don’t you’ll be able to be moved about who they say you are by the opinions of man and that’s that’s what it actually building upon this foundation man which is your iced i know like right after i came out of the clubbing scene I would I know I thought that gothic thing you know side of me was was completely simple so I I started changing myself to how everyone thought I was supposed to be and you know I still had my piercings in and I still wanted to choose but then whenever I started gaining on starting my ex you know I I just full-on complete change myself to the point remove the piercings and the like no more tattoos and that started killing me inside literally like over think I don’t know how long but by the time by the time that relationship was over I had realized that I was dead inside no no not just spiritually he’s stuck in religion but also so literally that makes sense like my inner self which is complete dead as I have been there was supposed to be like in like for example at you it was a one through period about four or five months after after the divorce in October of 2013 that I church taught for a little bit just you know just couldn’t find my place and I started going to this one church and my parents had suggested me trying and I you know it was it was okay it was it was and one I think was one Wednesday went there you know I had my spiked bracelet on I had put makeup on I don’t remember yeah mymy Gothic boots on you know just like I you know I was goth doubt yeah and I forget what the preacher was talking about oh yeah he was talking about non biblical statistics which was great you know here’s a lot of the churches and know that and at the end he was like I feel like someone is wanting to come back from the occult I want to give the time when I give the opportunity for someone to do this like all sweet yes excellent watch watch nothing people need time people they don’t come out yeah so you know the church you know as you create or as he greeted everyone whatever they’re leaving I came out to him like I want to thank you for giving those statistics because not everyone know is that he looked at me don’t doubt it man I used to hate they’re going up to the to the altar for prayer you know in and they’re trying to lead you to Christ eight years bro like what’s the deal you know what I’m saying that’s so funny man I tell you this so I got a story for you if anybody wants to call in and join the discussion you guys can do that too I have shared this a couple times but I think it’s fitting my brother-in-law back when he was in high school he went to he was in the demon hunter you had the demon hunter t-shirts and all that stuff right and in their symbol is a it’s supposed to be a demon head skull with a bullet in the forehead I I’ve actually got demon hunter tattooed on me for those watching this is a Kinzie Oriental demon hunter video but he went to this church it was a backwoods church in backwoods Alabama tent revival or something and he goes there with another friend who listens to that kind of stuff and he visited visited with a friend and they they called him out they said hey son uh how do you have the audacity to wear that shirt wear that shirt in church a shirt with that with that demon skull on it you should be ashamed you should know better power God’s here you know and he said no this is a Christian band he said I don’t know you’ve been lied to young man it’s not a Christian band you’ve been lied to us demonic and you shouldn’t wear it in the house of God they made him take his shirt off in the congregation he had to take his shirt off and then they prayed for him and they kept they tried to cast demons out of him they were holding him down to the floor pouring anointing oil in his mouth they’re praying in the Holy Ghost they’re shaking their Jesus they’re going through the motions the religious people like some people could do that religiously like this they just do it it’s their song and dance right they do it and uh they’re pouring anointing oil in his mouth casting demons out of them and and and he’s just like hey no I’m a Christian like no you’re not it’s insane and this dis dude is still a Christian to this day he still faithfully goes to church and everything man but it’s crazy how weird stuff like that happens man in these in these churches man and uh it’s insane somebody in the chatroom Siddarth dogs whiskers he said lmao pouring the anointing all in his mouth WTF kind of s is that yeah dude we’ve seen some weird stuff in these churches and in the prophetic realms man and then some people use it for for manipulation you know they they use did they know how to do that to shake you out of your last dime you know they it’s crazy man it just crazy that the stuff that we’ve seen in the church is out or not of God and I can’t go there and sit sit quietly anymore like I couldn’t do that I couldn’t go there and watch it now and and be okay with it I have to say something like I’ve done that I’ve when I’ve protested outside of church it’s like I’ve been through many different phases man and and uh and I’ve been a rebel of those who preach stuff contrary to the truths and I’ve done all that stuff right I’ve tried those who claim to be apostles and or not but are false the prophets like the revelations you know I’m saying I’ve done that and uh it gets it gets so weird man it comes down to simplicity though ro you know it comes down to just the work that God has done in your heart through Christ man and and that should be available for for anybody who you’re dealing with regardless of religion or regardless of race or creed and so with you being obedient to the Holy Spirit he could send you places that nobody is gonna is gonna reach that nobody that you’re gonna be able to win people to his glory that would never stop a foot inside a church I mean look at something as as I’m hosting this podcast on my bedroom I’ve been doing it for a long time you know and it’s finally getting wheels behind it you know it at first like it was it was a stumbling block for me you know what I’m saying because I would I would come here and we would do these podcasts and talk about this up and then they would talk about it at church without me like hey you know true Seger talking by aliens and talking about this and talking about that and uh and so I didn’t I didn’t know who I was so when they would talk like I would believe him well I wanted to be accepted so bad that I was willing to act like I don’t like aliens I’m not into that no more and it all Jesus brother all God brother and I would do that like I would throw away my books Manley P ha books I’m a I really love Manley halls work I would throw his books away or anything that wasn’t Christian I get rid of it and I try to present myself back to the church people to be accepted and they would have me back but then they would still kind of look at me sideways stuff but like you were saying you fell like your spirit was dead like oh like man they’re saying Who I am like I’m into this stuff for a reason like God has put these these feelings within me for a reason and me I feel like I’m running from my calling and I feel like I’m running from God doing that and that was what even early on with the way I look my appearance my address you know I went to the the clean cut you know I’m saying hairdo and and no tattoos in like Utama Brian Head Welch was a huge stepping stone for you to embrace who you were and seeing him doing it so well it was it come down to that for me it was like it was like a fork in the road okay do you do the things that make you happy that got that that you feel that you’re called to you like these things for a reason or do you listen it’s quit listening to the metal quit listening to the rap listen to nothing but worship music and try to be one of the beautiful people essentially right and yeah you have to find out who you are man and that takes years for a lot of people you know and you have to once you find out who you are then you have to get to a place where you’re comfortable being the person that God called you to be you know couple weeks a month straight listening to only music and that’s not something that I try like and then there are times whenever I go a month straight when I just listened to a lot of different metals and but I stole throw on you know the worship music just because you know I’m Jesus there’s a time a lot for all of it man confidence it’s a time for war a time for warfare like there’s times for all of them we’re in different moods and I’m the same way bro I listen to I listen to a lot of heavy stuff I listen to a lot of 90s alternative music honestly right now just for a long time it just brings me back to it easier a simpler time and yeah I just really love the music I grew up on I listen to a lot of that but um yeah I listen I’m with you man and it go from anything hard screamo to stuff you can barely understand to the most beautiful psalmist tree worship music imaginable the memory I just a little bit ago a way that he broke a fear of mine because I had I had a fear of aliens for 25 years maybe longer yeah and the way that started is actually interesting whenever I was six um for like 25 years I had thought that I had that I had nightmares but it wasn’t until about two years ago before right now right before the Lord started we had started me to study demonology you know I’m like you know what I’m gonna get rid of I’m gonna start working on my fears to get over them and the first one that came to mind was that what the fear of aliens it’s like you know Lord show me I prayed for two months Lord show me the nightmares then I’m for about two months straight of this it hit my spirit one night what if those weren’t aliens and it hit my spirit what if I was seeing demons what happened whenever I was six is my parents put up a poster of the et in my room yeah I thought nothing of a know most people went but something about that toaster I saw demons for a while and it scared the crap outta ya and no they took it down and and the vision stopped but no 425 degrees anything that I’m doing with the but aliens I load with the passion I even took point I seriously jokingly would tell my friends if you ever walk into my house dressed as an alien you’ll be shot at that’s like that’s how string yeah the eighth record itself I think it was no spell last year ish I I’m like you know what I need to get back I need to get over this fear of aliens and so I went straight to the source [Laughter] the movie ET yeah so I sat down I’m like lord I can’t believe I’m actually doing this I need you to give me strength so I watched the entire movie like mind you there are some points in the movie I’m like this I’m not bad I’m like especially when somebody’s on River just to give you an example where were me my extra still together we went to I think it was Universal or something like that yeah there have you talked me into going on that right thinking that that there would only be like one or two we come through the freaking ride and there are ETS at every single curve yeah all the line I’m like I’m like this I’m like this on my legs just watching like like I just I wanted to pull him shoot abolish and we get how the of the other ride and she’s like I am so sorry but watch them early and now since then I can walk the rest my new video which one did you watch my new video I put out yesterday alpha know I go watch it yeah make sure you have some lights on them it’s an alien eye I can walk down the hallway with with it being pitch black and with no fear yeah I watched I actually bought the alien series all four of them yeah watched watched all those I’m like nothing it’s like it’s like yes thank you Lord for removing that fear but it’s it’s so weird how that no that no that happens and it’s having any form of feel like they’re just not godly and I love how he works to get those fears out of us it’s awesome I laughter I have to watch that he’s not actually and we’re waiting to see that because I don’t like spoilers I like to listen to an entire album all at once and don’t like I want to watch that spoiler yeah yeah I had to go through some stuff similar to that as well when I was having all my UFO experiences or whatever you know I would see I would see lights come coming close down above my house man and it would freak me out you know and I have my I have my daughter with me and stuff and it would it would literally freak me out so because of watching those those movies hold on one second I got to start this chat hold on it’s gonna make a noise cool some problems with the phone record it was like okay we get we got the phone on its back up my phone reset but yeah like I would see like fire in the sky you know there was another another show what was that communion was a big one and with our whitley strieber that was don’t look it up don’t look it up but I took some of those scenes and kind of reworked them into that new video so definitely check it out but no I’ve had I had some instances like that that were pretty pretty crazy that I had to get over that fear yeah I’m pretty sure like in the back of your mind like even though you want it to you wanted something to happen you want to make contact but that’s like yeah Oh Lord I’m figuring to be taken away and never be brought back you know like that was a legit fear yeah I’m pretty sure like getting over that fear was like one step of singing stand seeing into the spiritual realm because you know whatever I mentioned that that thing on Thursday I’m pretty sure that was like the first demon I’ve seen probably since I was six not ever I don’t even remember that ya know the fact I have looked over this thing crawling like I just see them I mean anything else that I’ve seen what you know it’s always been my guess but they call shadow people always in the corner I yeah somebody was asking about that Adam was asking about that those are the only times I’ve actually caught something you see something in the corner I you move and you turn to look and there’s nothing there yeah but see that thing there that Thursday I’m like with the current so that was but I’m pretty sure that is just like a stepping stone of getting there but all of this timing and I’m I’m not in any rush is I know people that see in that realm 24/7 they say and get overwhelming yeah oh yeah job you mad if you don’t know how to I mean just think we talking about having someone to talk to wow I’m reading somebody’s comments when I’m trying to hold a conversation and Carolyn says that she had I’m so scared of communion I had to hide the Alpha pick truth because I was scared of it you know what and I don’t want I’m the last person to push a fear of aliens like I’m for the one let’s make peaceful contact you know what I’m saying so it’s it’s funny that I did one that was more of kind of based off of a horror spin on it but it’s it just I’m gonna do a podcast I mentioned earlier I’m gonna do a full podcast where I go into detail about that video because like some of those scenes that’s in that video I pulled out of the dream state like when I was yeah there’s a scene in there with my daughter and it was a nightmare scared scared the hell out of me but I uh I had to had a nightmare of that years ago when I first got into ufology and stuff and uh but I turn around and put it in the video man make something creative out of it something beautiful out of it you know what I’m saying something something cool I say it’s beautiful but anyway make sure like look at look at revelations yeah you interviewed I think several months ago where he says that he believes that’s his the one the Lord’s favor John resists is for just because of the imagery that’s in like Daniel and be a good doll was my job yeah no that was good yeah no doubt I’m going jump to the phone lines here we got a couple people on the line I think this is a brother Reggie calling from Georgia you there Reggie on screen are you there Reggie Georgia can you hear me now guy here we go yo brother welcome to the show man what you doing doing great man we’re talking about you know these crazy experiences and church people having it all figured out and things like that and there’s some we have a mutual inside joke and every time I talk to you I go into the voice of this guy we’re talking talk a little bit about talk a little bit about the apostle dude I use him in a lot of scenarios of how far and how seriously you can take this religious experience and uh and go far out there that’s pretty far out there when we talk about the apostle talk about this guy that uh that you met and I ran into him somehow I really forget the full story but the interactions we had with this guy was Oh talk a little bit about that that guy had it yeah it’s a fun story it was almost 10 years ago oh it was actually what was it about two thousand nine so nine years ago oh yeah I had moved from Mobile Alabama where I met Derek and we met via myspace back before Facebook was a thing and we had hooked up a few times and you know and then I moved to Mississippi and I actually became part of a church there arm but somehow so this is kind of how it went down a guy that I knew and I wouldn’t say I was mentoring him but he was like you could say he was like a younger spiritual brother if you will and he was like kind of bumping up to me you know and stuff like that so when I moved out of town he called me in said hey man I ran into this guy and he says he’s like he is apostle he’s an apostle of Jesus Christ and so he started telling me how this guy came to town and he lives off the land he he basically took a vow of poverty and it’s just some of his family and his I don’t 8 kids or having kids yes and it’s basic basically he he said that the guy was from Meridian Mississippi where I had moved to and that he had come down there I guess since the Prophet I don’t know cost I don’t know if he was looking for converts or whatever I guess it’s what people like that are always doing yeah but um he came down there and he somehow met this particular guy that called me I won’t name names but he said that he somehow met him and was talking to him and said hey man I want to disciple you uh-uh under you rather I want to learn from you and this this guy who called himself an apostle said ok well that’s fine that’s great but you need to go sell everything you have and give your money to the poor and come follow me it was basically what he said to him and and I was like oh wow dude that sounds like I mean I was like that’s cool it kind of sounds like Jesus or whatever but you know I don’t he said yeah you know in the you know you remember when the Apostle started the first church you know everybody all the members of the church are selling all their belongings and bringing the money and laying it down at the Apocrypha and I can’t remember 100% if he it if he had told my friend to go sell his money you go so it everything you had to bring him the money or if he said he’ll give your money to the poor I can’t remember but it wouldn’t surprise me either way but um but again it’s nine years ago and he said you know I really he said I don’t know man he said I really wish I had somebody I kind of asked him a few questions and he’s like it he said I wish I had to make a talk to him but I took him to my pastor and my pastor ran from it what and he won’t talk to him and he said any said I feel like I’m a sheep this just couldn’t be kind of left left out to whatever rather he’s a wolf or not I don’t know but he said it really it really is like dang dude you know you’re my pastor you’re supposed to be my shepherd and you just kind of left me hanging out here and I I mean he even brought him to the church and everything like that and that didn’t go over too well obviously but um so I said well give me his number I’ll call him so anyway so I touch base with him and again he claimed long the long story I guess I can condense it down a little bit of bridge version but he basically said he is he was the official video pie they kept floating him not just video pavia possible right right he quit he was quoting scripture from Jeremiah I think where he said all the Shepherd’s have gone astray and they’ve all lost their way and he you know he’s my kid oh yeah he’s like an any-any he kept referring to that he kept referred to the fact that he’s read the Bible 168 times or so I can’t remember how much and and I’m like oh okay that’s that’s nice but um so I kind of struck up a conversation with the night I really and I’ll be honest with you I’m kind of naive to my hurt sometimes and I I was really impolite him with him you know and saying look man I understand because I was at a place where Derek you knew me back then I was like ready to just sell it all and you know and just go follow after Jesus you know and and it was like um I kind of I kind of I don’t know like I saw him doing that I’m like man that’s the kind of passion I feel that’s the kind of steel I want so I started talking to him and sharing some stuff with him and I was in I was kind of into entering into a different phase of my walk and kind of going in the direction of like you know Messianic Judaism at that time and not so much Christianity but that was the long that’s a long story there but I started he kind of basically related to me where I was but then it was weird man because he was trying to tell me that that God led me to him right but then whenever I would start telling him okay well God spoke to me and told me this and God spoke to me and told me that and God said this sharing my testimony wasn’t and he said well he said you know I don’t I hate the busted verbal of your bubble but you think you’re hearing from God but you’re not and I’m so he basically made it out like nobody’s hearing from God but him but then he’s going to turn so that was like okay so the brother if if I’m not here from God and how do I know God led me here you know so that’s kind of like a you know so it really contradicts yourself so where you came into play brother truth is I think we got on the phone I’ll fucking you up like I haven’t on his weird dude and in a reason I would be telling you about it because man you were like hooking me up on three way calls with all kinds of people from all over the place and I was meeting some interesting characters you know for you and so I was like I was like dude I was like dude let me do Devin talking this guy he says he’s apostle he’s like I think he’s kind of out of his mind man a little bit I mean I I don’t know like I don’t want it I don’t want say that but I was feeling that and I was strong like he I just something wasn’t right about the guy so then you were like well give me his number I’ll call him hey it hit him from there man it was from there well that’s where I think you kind of hopped in man but yeah it ended up oh it’s for your story takes off from there but I could say that my story ended whenever all right so he came back to Meridian and they had their little church or whatever I don’t know it maybe consisted of him his family and maybe one or two other people who stole all their possessions and followed him but uh he he was like he called me or texted me or something was like hey come join us for closure because I was talking to him you know on a regular base and I think he was trying to like you know kind of uh if you will convert me to whatever he is and and and so I went to my church right and he was texting me while I was sitting there in church and I saw texting back I said well I’m actually at my church and he’s like oh you found another fellowship of truth will tell us where it is and we’ll come there yeah and I mean like nothing but chaos and and yes and stuff because his family his kids he made the news cuz yeah I only got sick and he wouldn’t take him to the hospital because he didn’t want them shooting him up without scenes and stuff and they his kids were dying and stuff and yeah he’s pretty yeah hey I I had talked to just I talked to several people that know my actually had people and found out that I was talking to him calling me so I don’t know if my friend back in Mobile was given my number out or whatever but I asked he small I mean it’s like hey what did you feel from yeah it’s like what did you feel for me man I felt like he was possessed by a devil and all this and I’m like I was like well yeah and then I started hearing stories and stuff and the kind of chaos and stuff that followed him yeah and I was like you’re not coming here man so then he started calling me and blowing up my phone and texted me and he left me like 18 voice messages back to back I’m getting creepy them and to be like I thought he would call I think you overhear him on three way because that’s when I do the I do the uh the impersonation you say the brother reg it’s me yeah pasal give me a call if you want to know what God’s saying if you just like back to back boy brother reg I’m calling again yeah yeah I told me to call you you know it’s like what you think you’re testing us but you’re the one being tested yeah you know nothing like that if you decide to repent we’ll take you back yes you’re a reprobate and I’m like I’m just quite really dude what am I just let him go but I think I think maybe you had a few conversations with him but I just mean I’m on you like he lives out there in the woods you know in any travels on foot little tea family and few disciples that he has and that just shows you how seriously you can take yourself and I’ve gotten out there own some religious stuff you know I wanted to be separate and wanting to give everything to follow Jesus like it was in the Bible right I mean you know we look at the Bible where I look at Western Isles Christianity and what I hold on something doesn’t add up but we had the super super national encounter with God through the person of Jesus Christ and we know that to be truth and so that just sets us on this truth-seeking journey from that point on and you’re open to a lot of stuff because you know you kind of throw off one bondage which is the world and and end out those things whatever that consists of for you when you was in the world you give that up for Jesus but then you receive another bondage which is the bondage of religio which means to bind or hold back which is the Latin word for religion you know I’m saying how to bind you and and stop so I’m right there with you I’m right there with you brother I I did the exact same thing and I’ve done it and and not maybe not to the extreme of this apostle but I mean I felt it in me and I’ve done it and and I think it’s just ego man somebody I think it might sound want there was somebody else Reggie that uh that we were mutual friends and we ran into him I think I invited you to a Bible study that he led maybe he had a song called ha ha oh yes yes yes I remember that yeah I know yeah yeah yeah yeah the king the King James only guy yeah yeah yeah yeah what was his name again Jean brother Jean oh yeah what Jean Duffey yeah whatever happened to helmet you know yeah he’s still doing that uh yep they go and they do Street ministry and street preaching and stuff but um yeah that that guy he’s in he’s another one who just gets way out there and you know he’s an older gentleman now and and it’s his duty and I always mess with my wife joking but it’s a fear in the back of my mind that one day I’m going to end up like one of these guys you know what I’m saying Oh lose that idea like what they grounded brother this is just like you know at the end of your life the final years that you have you’re like you have to make it up to God so he goes to Walmart and preaches wood on a loudspeaker he goes downtown to preach and he goes anywhere he can to preach and it’s almost like this duty that he owes like a debt he owes to God or someone’s like cuz we seen him all the time you know I mess with my wife I say yeah that’s gonna be me I know I should be speaking that over myself but I choke enly but uh but you see it’s sad to me it’s sad to me though that date that they owe that to God to go out there and do that and uh but because this guy will go out there with nobody listening right and it gets gets weird like it’s the weird delusional that you go out to a field with nobody to you and start preaching on a loudspeaker like if you’re gonna do it go to where the people are you know I’m saying like a universal universe is so much bigger than us man it’s like you can’t you can’t isolate yourself like that and develop your whole worldview based on your inhalation yeah boy you know now wait well you have what do you have the draw from other than ego you know it just be kind of I don’t know you’ll paint yourself into a very small corner of the universe that way mm-hmm yeah so many people do it in a silly man nobody understands me that’s a lie you know what I’m saying like I’m the only one who’s going do this you don’t know what I’m going through no that’s that’s definitely a lie there’s no way possible that you’re the only one who’s ever experienced that I mean just look at this type of platform we have here on the spot I guess now that people are it’s a beacon like that the people who have similar stories they’re kind of drawn to this show man who have been to those churches in the backwoods you know who had those weird religious encounters where they those reasons they should give up or whatever but then they find out that they’re not alone you know what I’m saying but with you if you if you isolate yourself it sees to kind of get into that pity party nobody understands me and nobody believes in my calling or whatever the case is but then you gotta you gotta put yourself around like-minded people people who have I’m sent a vision who’s similar to you not with otherwise competing and I mean there’s all kind of stuff like that going on and he’s these charges man mm-hmm hey you’re right you’re right on there brother you right on there but I guess like if you’re asking I’ve always thought of it and I mean this may be one-sided but I’ve kind of asked myself a cuz I have done that before you said no one else believes and yeah my calling or nobody knows what I’m going through why do I need everybody else to get it you know yeah my question isn’t like do I do I believe in it you know and if you do you do if you don’t you don’t and so I don’t know it’s kind of what I know that we feed off the energy of others I don’t get that but at the same time I’m thinking man if you know why what you’re what you’re doing or feeling called to do is like I have to do this or I’m gonna miss my purpose in life then do it if you do it alone you know and I think you’ll see like the you’ll see the benefits of it come later sometimes you don’t see it but but like ripple effect and the people that you’re touching yeah is really like you just see like the tip of the iceberg in your lifetime you know yeah I think because secretly those us us winning those people over or getting them to agree with us and it gets harder when you go further out and away from you know the traditional stuff you could be right you know but getting other people to kind of believe you it brings false like a inward validation of your belief system and you’re not wrong because you’ve won these many people over or this person believes you and you know what I’m saying and that I mean that’s the whole thing of Christian I’m a fan of like win people over to doctrinal issues doctrinal issues that don’t matter like little stupid stuff that people split and have schisms over and stuff like that you know but there but it means enough to them to get you to believe everything that they believe that they’re willing to break fellowship if you don’t you know that’s the kind of weird stuff that it gets into yeah man well we were kind of talking about that one time before about how basically I mean and I don’t like using this word loosely but you know a lot of religion and a lot of modern day if you will fundamentalist Christianity can be that it could be like basically repackaged Gnosticism where basically your status your spiritual status is based on your knowledge you should know and that’s why and yeah and it’s like well heck you don’t know you don’t understand God the way I do or you don’t believe what I believe so you’re damned and I’m like well you know last I checked none of us had this all figured out and none of us had the full picture and even the possible that we all see in part right and so I’m thinking you know um why whenever we get into that hey you got to believe what I believe and you got to see the universe and the Creator the way that I see it and believe it and if you disagree that I’m gonna break fellowship with you that just comes from insecurity and immaturity it doesn’t come from knowing thyself you know doesn’t come from being solid and who you are and in your relationship with with with the Christ you know anything sweet oh Mack yeah throw it out we got another caller here from Southeast Texas caller welcome to the show I’m someone calling from Southeast Texas okay maybe they just wanted to listen but yeah man it’s a it’s just about making yourself tangible and you can get way out there you get it you know we talk about our friend who’s out there doing that stuff and preaching on the street corners and you know falling upon deaf ears you know he this is the same guy who’s you know his his gospel is the is so weird man there’s so many delusions bro I’ve seen so many delusional people who are drunk off the wine of their own doctrine man you know this guy he he goes up to unbelievers in the street who were drunk asking him what kind of Bible do they have in their house and said I’ll have an NIV and then he goes in a dialogue how that’s demonic and you need to get a King James Version because it’s the only correct version it’s like that’s how he’s like that’s his plight now you know what I’m saying that’s his well whatever it meant whatever helps you get through the day man you know it’s something out there for everybody though I guess you know it helps him he feels like he’s doing his service to mankind and you know what I’m saying and you okay knock it I guess you know my two preferreds pretty much good mm-hmm yeah yeah I prefer people asked me all the time I still think what King James but I like to go into other versions as well ESV NIV amplified ESV is a really good version that’s some cool is some cool versions out there so yeah with that man you stood at reg Reginald are you still there yeah okay yeah brother cool cool yeah brother I’m still here brother yah yah I’m gonna head it I when you swap swapped over muted Uncle Mike and tried to get over to it yeah bro we gotta have you on here – come on here share your story man for four Episode bro you gotta schedule it’s make it happen that sounds good to me brother I’d love to do it man hey talk a little bit about the Green Bob what I think I think you called me up and left me a voicemail and years talking about give me some green thought my dumb kids give some green Bibles to the kids to hand out some I don’t remember what you were saying man that was brought out when I was brother why not before he was uh before he was brother way before you was it before you with a youtube star right yeah my channel the leader for good the funny stuff it was it was beautiful man I hate I lost all that stuff yeah I mean that’s I think that’s part of it some of this stuff gets delusional we could I could bring that oh I’m not gonna say anybody’s names but if you know the personation I just did I sound just like him I know but we had a friend we was in a love nest dear brother we were praying for some people and stuff and rumors were being cast out and then this guy gets up and he’s holding his head he’s like hi man one of them had cut me did y’all get cut we’re like what did y’all get cut y’all get cut a demon hair flew by cut me in my head yeah we can create some interesting fantasies with this uh mind that God gave us you know man I totally crazy you starts buying yourself though right now I was just saying you tell yourself something long enough you begin to believe it you know which I’ve been I’ve been victim of my own folly there too so yeah I get I’ve gotten messages over the years from having somewhat of a platform or from like all kind of weird people a lot of people who I don’t want to make fun of them but people who are on medications and who you know have stuff wrong with them upstairs and stuff and and I say that my music creates a safe haven for some of those people but I think some of these churches do too you know what I’m saying for the delusional people to have a platform and be okay you know what I’m saying so there’s some of the crazies who kind of they’re not just in Islam they’re not just in the New Age they’re in Christianity as well so I have some people who were like reaching out to me and I had one woman and I hate to even say this because I have fear that this woman’s watching this stuff it’s insane but I don’t fear but I don’t want her to watch if you watch what this is like obsessed and she was like you know who you are not watching out ten ten women quit watch no she was kind of like she won’t see me messages and stuff talking about the Illuminati in the Masons have ordained us to be together and that my wife isn’t the person that God chose for me and stuff you know what I’m saying it gets into some weird stuff and like your mind can kind of like – how fanatic can these fans get I mean we’ve seen stories and weird stuff that happens and uh but no like and then I have had other people who message me and tell me that they’re my mother from a past life and they’re like yeah I’m you know I’m your mother from a past life and I’m Lois I just brush it off like I don’t think you are you know it’s okay though you know blah blah blah and it’s the older lady she’s like no I’m Your Mother and God sent me here to watch over you and it’s just like don’t you make fun of me I’m Your Mother I was your mother and I’m like okay mom thanks mom you know I get other people who message mister hey brother I want to meet you tonight in a vortex in the dream state I’m gonna come through the vortex and I’m gonna ask for travel over there and we’re gonna hang out in the dream state me you and like some celebrity and I’m like man these people are crazy you know but and that’s some of the delusions that you can entertain with your mind man but here’s that here’s the here’s the tricker what if okay and then another guy hit me up say he’s the Archangel Michael and he just says and he says okay do you believe me bro and I’m like you hit me up on facebook messenger telling me all this weird stuff you asked me if I believed you if you all show me a sign like won’t you fly over here or you know give me a apparition make me let me believe you know I know I don’t believe you and so what if we get to heaven we stand before God and God says Derrick I had much to show you I sent the Archangel Michael unto you and you didn’t believe him you made fun of him and you said he was a crazy person and then I sent your mother your mother travelled through another dimension and the time portal to tell you that she was watching over you and you didn’t believe I know that’s probably not gonna happen but that’s the devil’s advocate of the whole thing you know yeah crazy stuff who are we to say though I don’t know that could have been Michael I doubt it but how did it resonate with your spirit when you whenever they were saying well the light resonate no not at all I mean because and that’s the weird thing because it is a bad like we do talk about some really intense stuff here that okay let’s put like this this is the crazy thing the way I look at those messages and those people right and they’re out there to me I don’t believe them the church people look at me like that all true seeker says he’s in contact with uh angelic beings he can summon UFO he’s seen UFOs and he hears God and he’s in the Kundalini so they you know as I would look at these people who were maybe led astray or maybe watch too many movies or something you know like those not the church people look at me but you guys to when you guys are talking about this stuff they look at you like I’m not sure how much we had a friend I’m not sure I’ll say his name uh it was a man named arnesto did you know much about that Reggie that whole incident with him which one was that one his name was arnesto and anyway he was in the church he was talking about numerology and he got really far out there he had to go to the doctor because he wasn’t taking his medicine but he got in like weird stuff like he went and test drove a car and it was a white Porsche and he drove it to test drive at test act like he was gonna buy and he drove it to the church and he had a sword with him he was driving around town saying that he was the second coming of Christ riding the white horse and he was going at like 12 charges I had to be like committed and stuff and he was teaching and leading in churches and like when all that stuff what happened we looked at him like yeah he needs help he’s just way out there he says he’s a second coming of Christ he’s driving a you know and so the fear is that like those people look at me and you guys too like I said that you’re those people who are way out there and making it up and you need help and I can’t believe people follow you you know what I’m saying that’s the weird dichotomy of this whole thing because it cuz we’re we walk a fine line like some of this stuff brother it blows my mind daily I don’t even you know what I’m saying like it’s it is stuff out of movies like they do make movies about this stuff that we’re talking about that we’re into like it’s in they make movie scripts about it so it’s crazy it’s far out there man but but there is a line like where did you draw the line where do you call the person I say hey look you’re not my mom my mom’s alive she’s here with me I don’t think that was you or how much do you entertain it it gets dangerous there’s healers and people out there who entertain this stuff and these people pay them money come unto them and other people from seats of power and authority are telling them this stuff like that hey okay you’re true seekers mother like there’s people who will go to sessions and they like fill their heads with this stuff it’s insane brother like that’s the weird part we talk about we can’t just say that we’re clear of it all because we entertained some out out there stuff to even have this conversation you know what I’m saying and I would be dumbfounded to say they’re crazy but I am the one who’s fine mine I’m good I know how this stuff sounds you know what I’m saying it’s the weird dichotomy of it all man where’s the line Reggie the Bible I got the line it’s the line for me honestly well I could say I can say you I can tell you this brother I know that like for example the reason I can talk to somebody like you is because you talk and I mean I heard oh listen I didn’t get to jump in on the front end of the podcast tonight because interestingly enough I had somebody from Mobile Alabama called me and was wanting to talk about the you know the demonic realm and stuff so that’s kind of a separate story but I was thinking about like you know I heard you guys talking about like shadow people and then seeing aimed angels and stuff like that well I’ve seen I’ve seen those things and if I want to be honest about it I can talk to somebody like true seeker about it you know there are people out there like yeah man I’ve experienced that too but then there’s like you said there this is so this is a platform where we could say hey man you know if you have experienced or seen something like this you could like these are things that like you go talk to your parents about and they tell you oh hush hush son we don’t talk about that you know this is not real is probably just the devil trying to mess with your mind or whatever but then every now and then you you run into that person who’s on the same the same level with you on the same vibration whatever you want to call it same channel and you can and why is that well because they’ve experienced the same thing hey I used to see shadow people in my room whenever I was a kid all right scared the day I scared me man because they were standing there watching me and I’m like I would go over there and try to touch them and I’d walk right through them and stuff like that and I always thought it was like my dad standing in my doorway and I going to his room and there is laying there sleeping and stuff and then I I would see angelic beings you know peering around the corner and running in a field and stuff like that you tell people like that I’ve had people laugh at me I did stuff like that above but then I approached somebody like like like truth seeker and I’m just like hey man you know I’m listening to your stories and I believe it now is it something that did I can get on a videotape or something and show to everybody else no maybe it is something that’s happening in my spirit and in my mind maybe it is but the fact is is that I acknowledge that it has happened and we could talk about these things what are they you know and in this forest like you said the line being drawn it’s kind of like I mean we lit just live a practical life you know stay grounded down to earth do ya do what work yeah you know I’m not gonna does it is it practical to go start a monastery where we talk about these things or whatever and only the people like us can come with their I don’t know if that’s practical or not but but I mean to have an avenue where people who are dealing with these questions and stuff and thinking man am I crazy and they can’t like you said you can’t go to the church and what are the religious studying and and talk about it heck you can’t even talk to you can’t even have these conversations that were beer with people you know people want to talk about sports and stuff they don’t want to talk about all this stuff and so every now and then though you run into people and they’re like yeah man yeah what you know what I saw aliens I’ve seen spaceships are up and just like okay that’s cool man tell me about your experience and I can deal with that that doesn’t scare me but then whenever they start acting weird and start trying to convert you to a cult then I’m kind of like alright yeah that’s you know I believe I believe what this is and I know this is subjective too but when we tell people to kind of have that relate that relationship with God I’m saying to be led of the Holy Spirit about any truth any dogma that’s coming your way then you can first of all bear witness in your spirit with it and then like as far out as we go I still use the Bible as my plumb line I really do and the Bible has some beautiful things in it that’s some really deep things in it that people have no idea that’s in there we talk about some of the deep stuff as divination psychic abilities like crazy stuff that we can’t fathom that’s actually in there and it is spoken of in a good light like I enjoy that stuff so I still if we’re talking about aliens we can get into the different types of angels and the different the Watchers and this Seraphim in the cherubim and the fiery serpents and the four living creatures and what you know there’s so much to get into there that it opens up this realm for us but um I still try to use that as my plumb line you know like that still is yeah I’ll filter everything through it you know it in in it but my studying has led me to a point that I know that there’s so much more in there and there’s so much more of a spirit behind it but so we have to test the spirits between with anybody and yeah but like I said I think that is still subject to its open for subjection because one person says hey I bear witness with it I’m cool with the other person’s like no stay away you know so there is that weird who’s right it’s the Holy Spirit speaking of you or is the Holy Spirit speaking to you because you’ve studied a realm or a belief system and you’re open up to a little bit more that gets into some of the delusions to the Holy Spirit God told me this God told me that God told me this and then nothing pans out that’s God speaking to you and you ain’t ain’t nothing panning out like is God really speaking to you like we throw that around in the charismatic churches that shouldn’t be thrown around like that the Lord told me to tell you this the Lord told me to tell you that that’s your husband like I’ve seen this in churches the Lord told me that that’s your husband let me pray over you guys right now I’m gonna release this over you guys random people a homosexual guy honestly homosexual parents parent a woman just got out of a bad breakup with a homosexual trying to get his life together you guys are meant to be I see it right now in the spirit I’m gonna join you guys there and then they try to hook them up and this guy’s attracted to men and they join them together to get married and and they it’s a man there’s so much this is the stuff with talking about like I’ve been in this thing long enough to know this stuff exist man like I’ve seen it and I’ve seen it failed miserably and nobody know we’re like we should be able to like kind of throw up a flag of caution now when we see stuff like this and I just entertain it oh my god she said that she god really that about you all and like they it’s a breeding ground for this weird stuff that’s not checked even in like well-meaning churches and well-meaning circles man I’ve seen it a bunch of times I’ve seen the pastors run off with the women in the congregation with their I’ve seen the passion pastor cash in his older woman for you a new younger one who’s who’s in the in the church and everybody’s cool with it God had other plans and it just like okay whatever you say no hold on we gotta have something we do have to have a plumb line man we gotta have somewhere where we draw the line I know we’re just not gonna everything fly even though we’re open for so much I don’t let anything fly there’s stuff I’ll put up with a lot of stuff there’s stuff that out that you don’t want to see the bad side of me come out like if you cross a line you know what I’m sayin I still have those lines with my family you know what I’m sayin with the things that I believe in you know I’m sayin fighting for the for those who can’t fight for themselves you know what I’m sayin so who being so open but still being grounded you know what I’m sayin along the lines of people not thinking for themselves and I’m not saying you know thinking for yourself is question the Lord in you but there’s a difference between hearing a supposed to work from the Lord and applying that to the Word of God versus hearing anything that someone tells you and then going with it without even asking any questions or or checking with the word itself because you know Lord you know the level says that they the Lord hates divorce yeah and people are saying that oh the Lord coming to divorce the or soon married this person yeah that goes it completely against his word yeah yep that’s that’s that’s where like you said bro the truth the the plumb line man is if you say that God or the Lord said that’s which God which Lord you know if you’re saying it’s the god of the Scriptures then it’s gonna be you know it’s gonna go by what the scriptures say it’s not gonna fire like that if it violates that then if we’re going to be practical and intellectually honest about it it’s the god of your own mind the god of your own desire whatever you want to call it psychologically on you know and intellect intellectually we can’t say yeah we can’t say if we’re just being honest here we can’t say well this is the god of this book because we’re violating what that God and that book said that he likes or dislikes you know yep created a God in your own image and your own likeness you know what was that like God created man in his own image guy and then man did him a favor and created him in his something like that yeah godly God God created man in his own image and minimal turn the favor I think yeah creating a god man creating a guy you know but that that it’s true though man you know it’s it’s true for us too yeah it is true for us too I know it may sound bad but we only can look at God to what knowledge of him or her that we have or it’s whatever you want to call it and and that’s that’s as far as God’s gonna go to all the study and the depth step that we’ve perceived God and that’s what it is that God is in the Box it’s in our box of what we can understand what we can comprehend some some people can comprehend a lot more or a lot less and and then we get into the the fact that the God that you create in in your image is to God who for all intensive purposes loves the things that you love and hates the things that you hate oh you don’t like gay people well guess what God don’t like gay people oh you want sinners to burn for eternity oh you’re in luck God wants sinners to burn for all eternity you don’t like wearing mixed fabrics guess what so it is a we’re in a place now maybe maybe not in the beauty and essence of it but maybe that’s why God sent Jesus right because it is so messed up it is so backward we don’t know which way is up and down anymore right and so we’re trying to figure it out as we go people tend to have these gods that endorsed with what they endorse and like oh you know you don’t think people should eat pork well guess what God doesn’t think people should eat pork either or meat okay you know and it’s just what and you can just fill in the blanks oh you like tattoos God likes tattoos God says it’s okay let me show you scriptures whatever the whatever the circumstances call you like there’s a bible scripture that you can bend or that’s vague you know what i’m saying that kind of promotes it and people tend to create that God in their own image even and they could be well-meaning people like I don’t I don’t think those people are like like intentionally subconsciously they are but I think in intended their striving for truth and the truth that they have found in their studies is that God hates the wicked you know God will destroy the wicked and God hates sinners and how God hates this and you know and then and that’s that becomes their God and how they perceive God but then somebody else can look at the same text or or read more and say you know what God it’s not God’s will that any should perish but it all come to repentance and he’s a life giver to all who will repent and turn from their sins and you know I’m saying so the way you interpret it it goes as far as you’ve studied and and we have to be careful you know what I’m saying and I and that’s what has made me more open now that I’m like you know what I’m like Paul or he says you know this is my opinion like I don’t know about this but I will give my opinion and say that this so go ahead you still there Reds oh yeah I’m your brother I’m sorry okay I didn’t play anything up okay wait I heard something I don’t know some feedback or something but yeah man that’s it you know in that I think we all have to be careful with that and uh and uh and it’s it’s a it’s an ever it’s an ever growing thing because like I said I mean in mething me I read you a good examples we’ve known each other for so long and we’ve been on this journey together they know there was things that we would you know fight for years ago ten years ago that we wouldn’t be caught dead and we’ve had apologize to people and to each other I mean red used to go at each other yeah overall kind of stuff man yeah we we we have we we’ve parted ways and come back several times and I think and and I was you know we talked about this all the time it’s like man you know I didn’t realize what I was doing I thought I was doing the right thing you know when I was really you know well who what are we trying to protect you know whenever we’re like cutting people out of our lives oh because heck I remember the first one of the first disagreements we had you were telling me every time I got on the phone with you yeah man I’ve been reading The Book of Enoch about the Watchers and I’ll be like whoa just be careful that you’re not spending too much time doing that brother and and read the Bible more you know you like will read don’t you know that the Bible led me to read this you know this is why I’m reading this and I was like okay man I’m just trying to say be careful just stuff like that but you gotta let you got to let people go you got to let people walk their own path man and we’re we take this this whole this whole accountability way too far where it branches outside of hey are you living you know you being good to your fellow man and being moral into hey man let me micromanage your spiritual walk got him that lineup book line yeah you know I think it goes back to what I was saying earlier just that it helps you feel validated that I’m right because Reggie agrees with me your reg believes in the same doctrine I believe about the Trinity and that’s just an example I mean people die well people will fight you over that great fellowship because you believe that Jesus was God or Jesus was the son of God I’ve had those conversations with people that I look forward to building with and they’re like they drill you on these questions why don’t you say that Jesus was the son of God no he was God I was like wow okay I see where this is going and you said you know what uh there’s a validation there when people do agree with those things and that’s the point of proselytizing you’re trying to get people to come to your church just like wouid you know when it doesn’t you want to call him God the Son of God or Messiah King whatever title you give him I know that when I see him I’m falling on my face you know so whatever title you give him I know that he said he is he is definitely the ruler you know he’s the king you know so he’s he’s in command of my life anyway look man we’re coming up on the end of the show I enjoyed hanging out with both you guys Joshua thanks for coming on man I know there’s so much more we didn’t even touch we just like the beginning of your story and it just opens up so much dialogue and stuff but everybody listening he’s part of the family Joshua lumen is part of the family the Gothic the site disciple for some reason was a gnostic this the gastic the Gothic disciple you guys check him out on on YouTube check out his channel he’s got some really deep stuff but it’s it’s really easy to understand so I really like what he’s doing make sure you guys subscribe to his YouTube channel and all that good stuff he hangs out with us usually on Thursday nights and the school is a mystic stew so if you guys want to hang out and have this discussion over there make sure you guys do that on some but become a patron and you could access to all that good stuff and all my entire archive of music and extra podcasts and all that good stuff so I had to plug that thank you guys for supporting my work Reggie we got to have you on and do a whole show dedicated to your story man and kind of get into some of the details between our walk and how they kind of zig zag in and out over the years you know and we’re still here strong so there’s been so many people come and go brother hole years you know and we’re still doing it so yes that’s true thank you brother blood would be a blessing man all right with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom everybody I’m gonna say a quick prayer before we get off of here and I just definitely want to say hello to everybody in the chatroom Jared Adam Matthew Carolyn Danny Andrew Jackson Hayden all of you guys Christie Lee everybody hanging out in the chatroom live on YouTube people who are listening to this on the podcasting in I always want to know how they can join the chatroom well we stream live on YouTube and then it’s uploaded to the podcast so it subscribe to the YouTube channel and there’s the chatroom on that Carolyn said that she lost her her kitten she has a cat that she’s been taking care of for a long time and she talked with us last week about it and so just prayers going to Carolyn and hopefully that uh the Lord bless you and keep you whatever you’re going through just give you peace right now and and whatever you you’re going through dealing with the loss of a pet man that could be rough I mean how close you were but I know you spend a lot of time and a lot of money seeing into that cab but like you said I read your comments you said God proved themselves strong even through that whole situation so I’m gonna say a quick prayer right quick just bless us out father I thank you for your grace and for your mercy I thank you for Jesus who came to die in our place that he who knew no sin became sin that we’ve been be called the righteousness of God lord I thank you that you call us righteous you call us holy and you call us as your own God whoever needs a touch in their body gotta ask you to touch their physical body right now from the top of the head to the soles of their feet God we just ask for peace and in your presence to go father god before them the heals them God anybody who needs a touch in their mind people are dealing with these thoughts that are running wild on them and they can’t they can’t close their eyes they’re seeing images they’re seeing they’re seeing death they didn’t need help God I’m asking for peace right now in their mind that you silenced the voice of the enemy silence the voice of the accuser that give them peace God you said you give us a peace that surpasses all understanding that no man can give and no man can take away I thank you that that’s our inheritance God and I bless each and every one watching right now with that tangible piece they just receive it right now that Peter and I breathe in peace of God rest of God right now in Jesus mighty name god I thank you for breaking the yokes of bondage just God thank you for a hedge of protection that you sent them forth right now Jesus name Amen we’ll do it again gentlemen thank you guys for hanging out with me Shalom Shalom well that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker com and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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