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In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Ufologist and Conspiracy Hip Hop artist ALLiTiz about his research into UFOs, Aliens and his views about disclosure. The two share a common interest in UFOs, Spirituality and Music and have recently released a track together entitled We Are Not Alone the Remix. ALLiTiz found TruthSeekahs work through his interview with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot and then reached out to network. This conversations covers many topics such as Kerry Cassidy and her heated debated with Dr.Steven Greer about the benevolence of alien entities and UFO disclosure as a whole. They also share about their personal encounters with UFOS and how it relates to religion. In much of the old renaissance art you see religious pictures of Jesus and many times in the background of the painting there is a person pointing up towards a UFO in the sky. There is a famous painting of Jesus on the cross that shows two little men flying spacecraft across the sky while the crucifiction is taking place. The strange thing is that most of the cave drawings and religious paintings that depict sky people or aliens was done before technology was anywhere close to where it is today and we now have a lot of technology that is shown in the ancient art. One thing for sure is that the ancients were visited by extraterrestrials and made sure that they kept their art and writings as memorials for these encounters. The Bible if full of experiences of people being communicated with by beings unannounced such as angels and The Lord Himself. In all actuality it is very likely that what we know as the Biblical angelic figures of antiquity are what we would call aliens today. The prophets would fast and pray and then head out to the wilderness or to the top of a mountain and there they would be visited by angelic figures or even God himself. This is very similar today with people who practice the CE5 Initiative to initiate contact with extraterrestrials.

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gonna be awesome so yeah thank you guys for supporting my work via patreon let’s see I got a new album coming out I got a new video that’s released and this is stuff you guys got to check out check out my new video because a lot of synchronicities a lot of stuff involved in that I’m gonna do a video where I just go into detail explaining that video and breaking it down so again from the bottom of my heart thank you guys for supporting my work backslash true seeker and all the donations too man you guys are awesome today’s podcast we’re gonna get into UFOs aliens spirituality all that good stuff and I like to talk to people who have had experiences and encounters and so hopefully our guest today is gonna be able to bring some of that to the table it’s different when like I listened to a lot of hip-hop artists and some of them just talked about the stuff that I talked about in my music because they’ve studied it and it kind of loses the magic for me even though it’s cool it kind of loses the magic because like you asked him about the stuff they’re talking about and they’ve never experienced it you know what I’m saying that they’re talking about UFOs and aliens and summoning UFOs on the top of Mount Shasta and all kind of stuff like this and you’re like let me I want to get this person on my podcast to tell me about this stuff like I’m really wanting to dig into this stuff and uh and you get them on in there like now I’ve never experienced anything like that you talk about meditating and Kundalini Yoga but you’ve never done it that’s crazy so Oh our guest today which is a hip-hop artist by the name of all it is maybe he’s had some encounters because he talks about a lot of this stuff conspiracy research and stuff in his music welcome to the show brother what’s going on true seeker thanks for having me man it’s a pleasure and well as far as some actual experiences going we might be a little lackluster on that story but what’s uh well there’s something that got you into it man I mean you know I know we you know I’m saying we just did a song together everybody go check out this song we did a remix to to one of your songs and it’s a beautiful track it’s is it on I think that’s on iTunes right now isn’t it Spotify iTunes it should be on all spot you know social platforms everywhere it’s called we’re not alone you blessed me with two verses in the beginning and really drop some knowledge to to where even a person like me that is I you know has some experience in doing some research I had to take some of your lyrics learn them and go type it in and see what I could find and even even ask you what was that type of ship you were saying I I had to tell you maybe it’s just my maybe just couldn’t understand me my speech or something but I’m not no I know you’ve heard of the cloudship you’ve heard of that the right speaking of Mount Shasta definitely I was just telling a buddy if you want to go see some most likely some genuine UFOs google that and you’ll see a few enter in Mount Shasta which I’ve heard are dromeda and and others are from there but in that’s all speculation yeah man we’re talking about you know Project Camelot I know you mentioned in that song you mentioned Kerry Cassidy you mentioned Project Camelot is always good to pay homage to the people who kind of bring this information out and I think you found my work through my interview with her right absolutely so it’s really cool and I asked her about the Steven Greer stuff you know what I’m saying when I got into ufology Steven Greer was one of the the guys who was making conscious contact and I love the worked out that he was putting out speaking of Mount Shasta there’s a beautiful video of him where you can see like every star the sky man and and you start in there stars that move and stop on a dime and then do all kind of weird aerial phenomena at Mount Shasta that there’s video from Steven Greer so that’s cool yeah I mean Steven Greer he’s also gets mentioned in that song I go if you were into this stuff and you want to get start the disclosure project video testimony from credible sources which still to this day I have some opinions about Steven Greer – I don’t think that all you know aliens or crafts are positive you know that would just be like saying that I mean we’re not all positive and if we were to evolve even be positive I don’t I don’t I think we have that potential and I think everybody does have that potential but this is a universe of chaos and I think we will see negatives and opposites throughout and so Steven Greer I just wish he would kind of adjust his message and say he’s open to the fact that there could be you know because there is a lot of experience a lot of testimony and it contradicts a lot of what he offers but that being said he is still one of the best people to get into I think if you’re just getting into this the disclosure project just shocked me it floored me because I was my whole thing when getting into this is after a while I wanted to hear it from the horse’s mouth I wanted to hear it from military scientists that it had to be somebody with a little bit of credibility and sure enough you go down that panel let alone the 250 people that weren’t on that panel publicly yeah and then start doing your research on each of those names that took me a year in itself to go down that list and sure enough we could have some we could have some people working for the government they’re giving this information most likely maybe even half the panel was filled with this information people but if one of them one story that’s the tale in the truth yeah so when I go to try to wake people up you know like the friends the family where you’re trying to just give them the quick the you know here check this out kind of thing that’s what I say if you’re into this stuff start the disclosure project video testimony from credible sources search all the names to see what’s important and then we get into Project Camelot and I think that’s a level up from the disclosure project because you do start getting more out of the specifics more into spirituality more into nefarious stuff a dark agenda where Greer kind of kept it even keel but yeah I mean to kind of get into Kerry Cassidy a little bit went by the time I got to her this is it once again it just floored me I you know if I was making music at the time all’s I wanted to do was get into this stuff and check out all these videos because it was just three hours of jaw-dropping stuff and then you know you start watching these videos and are these people lying okay maybe he’s lying oh the next is maybe he’s lying or maybe this person’s genuine maybe this person is genuine you you really you have hundreds of people to kind of do that true seeking with you know and to to kind of use your discernment and and weigh your options but that’s a real tricky thing we have in this community is you know who who is true if you hold somebody as true are you holding it true because of facts are because of faith or because of you know it’s tricky and to hold the belief system in hands or to have it be changed can happen a lot in a foundation of our belief systems often gets shooken up a lot if we’re doing the right things I think in in this truth seeking search to say that again yeah there’s so there’s so many people and it’s kind of sucks though but I guess that’s with everything you got to figure out who’s making it up I mean it’s it’s with every circle though especially when someone brings something to the table and has little to no proof you know what I’m saying it’s just a theory or whatever that’s what I liked about Greer or like about Greer is that they’re going out doing the ce-5 initiative like going out under open skies making contact and ships are appearing and and people are getting in touch with spirituality and yoga and chanting and drum circles and stuff like that and you know it’s greer and james gilliland i they’re kind of wanting the same for me early on I love James I love his work I’d like to get out to his ranch one day I know that’s that’s a guaranteed contact vacation right there yeah lots of that rants and you’re going to see something and that that’s incredible in itself – and I mean those are the stuff that really was waking me up i when you get to the because you get to those corners the James corners the Steven corner no matter what there’s something there there’s something there that is not normal that is not being told to us by our normal you know governments or whatever it is in and that that was enough for me to keep me at the state and to add to the fire of which is being awake and kind of you know just finding that stuff out that’s you know that’s part of my thing too because I’ve seen some crazy stuff man like I’ve spent hours out there meditating and making I’ve made contact I really have I’ve seen ships I’ve summoned ships I’ve with the groups of people crazy stuff that just blows my mind but I wanted to see it just to like not to prove to people but to prove to me that something was going on and try to get to the bottom of it for myself but one of the things I look at is with these people who claim to like be able to pinpoint everything that’s going on there’s a there’s a big level of skepticism there for me cuz I’ve seen so much stuff and I still can’t tell you what’s going on I can’t you know and we listen to interviews with people who claim to have it figured out and I’m skeptical of that now just because I’ve been so so and maybe that’s arrogance maybe that’s saying okay you’ve been so far and so you don’t think nobody’s been further than you you don’t think nobody’s made more contact than you or whatever the case is but to say like yeah these are the beings from you know Orion from this star system and they this is what they do which is what they look like it gets I don’t know a man so they you have to ask yourself like who’s making it up who who’s um maybe who’s had the experiences in the encounters but then they’re like just building on top of it it gets fishy man you know that’s tricky and I mean we’re talking to bring it back to Kerry Cassidy someone I love and I admire she is honestly the most courageous person in this field because she’s fearless but I feel like there is a problem there because she has so much information so much stories in a lot of people she holds dear to herself and some contacts that she you know holds dear to herself that kind of gets the story a little muddy and and we do want to try to you know follow people then and take their word for it but if you start doing that you enter a dangerous game because we don’t always have the facts we’re not and you know getting the testimony from these people personally but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t entertain it we shouldn’t run it through our belief system and see if you know what the discernment does do it and that’s another thing I wanted to eventually get into is a big thing for me was more spiritual was finding out that I think we all as people everyone especially people that are in this you know community have a lie detector in their body like literally we can detect lies and can detect truth through our heart through our soul now that doesn’t mean that we can’t have a belief system that will force us into a belief that maybe isn’t right and we’re always changing but I think when it really comes down to it if you look in and you ask yourself I want to find truth and I don’t want to be deceived you do start to to get a better clearer picture I feel like because I feel like you know the truth will speak to you enough that can be explained I bet in many spiritual ways through God Christ any I’m not amount of ways but I feel like it is a very personal personal thing and a lot of the searching we do is person definitely man there was a guy who got me into a lot of this stuff especially coming from like a biblical perspective like I was in churches I was in church I was a Christian evangelist man doing my music and telling my story traveling at churches and stuff and uh when I started having these encounters man you know and to be a psalmist or be saw a poet you’re gonna write about what you’re going through so my music started shifting a little bit right I started it like and I knew I couldn’t just jump right now sort of just season and in it a little bit and putting stuff here and there you know in it that maybe people could pick up on until I just went all the way in a head-over-heels and um it’s weird because like put putting that information out there and in the music and and and talking about it people I people they don’t everyone has a preconceived notion man you know what I’m saying and it like it scares people you know especially like talking about being abducted and stuff like that like some of those scary excuse me cases uh that we’ve heard back in the day and one thing I was gonna ask you because I’ve brought this up I think I asked Kerry about it I always ask James everybody who I have on we don’t really hear the term abduction anymore we don’t I don’t really hear people coming out saying look I was abducted by aliens they picked me up in a field they did all kind of horrible experiments on me a lot of the times like they still kind of seep through on coast to coast but a lot of times you can you can totally tell that the stories they’re making the best they go with it what would you say about the whole abduction phenomenon because now we’re hearing contactee experience or I enjoyed it I’m the one who I initiated contact I’ve always had a fascination you know and at the ce-5 initiative which is a big thing now what would you say about abduction versus contact Deaton now well actually I kind of connected to that a buddy of mine who’s a pretty big skeptic and a real big skeptic and but it’s very interested in this stuff sent me an article that basically said since the dawn of cellphones sightings have gone down substantially and this can be actually backed up through MUFON even though that’s not the greatest and other sources that we substantially have less sightings since cellphones have come and and my answer was the ham well as I say if they want to be seeing they’ll be seen if they want to be cloaked they’ll be cloaked it’s no it’s no joke you know we purposely I think got most of our sightings before that stuff and in wartime but um with uh with the abductions and stuff like that and I think when you had carry-on I was able to talk to her and I was kind of trying to insinuate to her that could possibly be that these abductions are maybe mostly not alien abductions and our our government in art and she said my labs and stuff like that and I really do think that square does have a point I think when you do evolve to a certain point you you you will get more spiritual you will get more peaceful we’re not going to be here – we’re not going to be pulling people out of their beds – do experience experiments on them a thousand years from our personal expected I don’t think you know so to me even though I think that that has happened and I I do kind of subscribe to the I’ve heard that we’ve maybe accepted the abduction before in the previous life I do believe in reincarnation we’re talking about the government like there’s there’s a there’s a theory where like the government agrees to so many abductions and let them do it their experiments with people right technology for one thing and then we’re talking about to my lab you’re talking about people who recall these abduction experiences and they wake up on a ship or in a room wherever they are and there’s these little green men around them and then there’s a person in military garb standing in the corner watching everything yet and we’ve heard that we’ve heard that maybe even that’s costumes for the for the aliens and that could be set up for the Project Blue Beam which is another thing that I’m very into but kind of as like kind of like a a hot topic or you know the project blue being the whole thing kind of seems a little Hollywood if you will like if we all the sudden are having a fake alien invasion we’re in for it and that would be truly exciting but I have I’ve wrapped about that and I’ve I’ve bring that up when I’m talking to people about this stuff that it is Nereo that I guarantee we have some holographic technology some actual ships and if we want to put on the show we’ll put on the show and yeah back to the abductions oh really quick I I think I would subscribe more to the fact that if we are being abducted by aliens that it isn’t is bad as we think it is not to say that there isn’t bad races out there or but if our psyches gonna try to recall that and remember that there’s most likely we are gonna you know dampen that with some some scared thoughts and stuff like that but who knows it’s really tough to say but witness testimony is one of the best things we can do and you know you watch the witness and and does it speak to you and a lot of times I think people are going to be confused about other stuff but it’s it’s a really muddy muddy territory you know but it’s with everything though man I mean because there is um in and so this isn’t in the Christian realm like there was this guy who so-called was playing his guitar singing worship music to God and was recording it and he said angels begin to sing with him like he could hear these angels singing these notes that he was playing and he recorded it and you go back and listen to it and to me someone who deals with music you can tell like there’s certain hot harmonizing effects that you can see you got a bunch of keyboards behind you so you may know this there’s certain like harmony engine and things like that that you put on your vocal that will create all these harmony layers and delays and it’s a real beautiful sounding and when I hear it I want to entertain the fact that maybe this did happen you know maybe this dude did capture angel singing there’s been a lot of people claim to do that in the Christian realm in the charismatic circles but I can hear them like man that’s a that’s a delay and a harmony engine and uh but it got big like he was traveling the churches they had him on the Christian talk shows and they’re playing it and he’s talking about it and stuff and then there was some speculation between me and a friend of mine and supposedly he came out and said that it was okay to do that like he made it up but it was okay because it built people’s faith they got them more into it and stuff and then you hear we hear other stories now of people like in the Christian circles who claim to go to jungles in Mexico and reach reach people who are uncivilized and they don’t have technology and stuff like that and so they’re out there dealing with these people who are in too deep occultism and stuff and they’re seeing miracles they’re seeing demons cast out of people they’re seeing there are people being raised from the dead like cuz over in these parts if somebody dies like they have to keep that that body until they bury it they don’t the government doesn’t come take the body to the morgue and keep them there and like they if your uncle dies he’s in the back room and you guys bury them that type of deal and so they have all these crazy miracles and there’s a guy named David Hogan is one of the bigger ones and there’s a bunch of people and then it comes to the fact that maybe they’re making these stories up to build people’s faith to get people more into it you know what I’m saying and maybe that’s the excuse that they have that it’s okay because it builds interest in the field type deal and I kind of see the same thing with myself with on you know UFO UFOs and stuff I think that’s a great point and I think probably and I’ve done some research into what well how people lie why people lie because I mean that’s the fields we’re in and I think you made a good point that I think a lot of the times people are in their psyche doing it for a good reason and and I’ve like spent some time where I didn’t really you know I was in the ascension circle or channeling and stuff like that and we and we know if you’re experienced researcher you know that maybe lost are you know in that right now bro and there’s clearly something there but I think a lot of the times too if somebody were to be faking that like a bash our I don’t really trust Bashar that much but I do think honey heard me talk about this at all no I haven’t but I do think that he is in his psyche and although he could be doing more like a connecting to the Akashic records or something like that but I think he’s doing it for for people basically and that’s how he justifies they think he’s doing it for himself yes here’s my theory and like not in a bad way my theory is that because I’ve there’s it gets really deep I’ve been doing a lot of biblical studying about familiar spirits and and channeling and stuff and I’m open to a lot of stuff you know what I’m saying I’m open to receiving impressions from spirits and things like that and spirits being in your midst and changing the way that you feel all this is biblical right but when we look at channeling of you tuning out and a spirit comes or a ghost and speaks to you takes over your body when we get into that I think that’s Bashar Abraham I think that they have these messages within them that they feel a certain type of way about humanity they have this level of peace that they want to share they have prophecies and and blessings for people that they want to share but them in their selves don’t feel qualified or they’re too shy or who would listen to me people would think I’m crazy if I came out so you have a scapegoat if you channel and say oh that wasn’t me that was me sure people do that with religion mm-hmm like getting the Holy Ghost in the air it kind of sad there’s part of that but then there’s the part of the scapegoat as far as okay you don’t like gay people well guess what God doesn’t like gay people oh I love gay people but God doesn’t like them right so there’s a scapegoat thing there were like and and I’ve noticed this because I have a care I have characters that I play God was doing I came up doing prank calls my whole life and and it got I had a youtube channel where I would do parodies and stuff of this old religious bitter redneck guy pastor and I could do the voice really good and people that people think he’s a real dude that’s the thing and and I could say stuff with confidence as this guy that I would I dare it couldn’t say I probably get in trouble if I said some of the things and so it’s a confidence there and you really do channel a persona like you can like we can you change your voice and when you get into it the deep stuff that gets really deep is that you study because I I was just doing this on my own watching the stuff and it’s like you know what man I watch the documentary on ventriloquist and it’s the same thing they got the puppet on their on their hand and it’s a little shy timid kid little nerd he’s never had no social interaction but he’s watched a lot of movies he knows what to say and then a fine-looking woman walks in he’s like hey Tut’s he can talk to her and say stuff that this shy timid kid would never say but hey it wasn’t me it was it was the puppet you know what I’m saying and so it’s a scapegoat you’re able to say things and do things that you would never do and then getting deeper into the ventriloquist like I started doing a studying is deeper because learning to channel familiar spirits ventriloquist’s that’s what the word comes from the word comes from channeling like the arm coming through then yes it that’s what the Oracle of Delphi in ancient Greeks who would do this stuff they were a with channel spirits and and Inlet spirits speak to them and in the word for it was ventriloquist they were called the ventriloquist there was no puppet they were the puppet that the Spirit was speaking through it gets really deep man I’m open to a lot of stuff yeah but you have to you have to use the discernment and be careful and know like I’ve went on I went on some and I have a lot of people who support me I went on a show there were people channel right and I’ve told this they kind of got upset with me and I said look this is ain’t nothing personal this is what I’ve been studying I’m bringing it to the table you’re supposed to be confident enough in what you’re doing where you know if this is true this truth but if it’s not then I shouldn’t I’m not accusing you I’m just saying I this is a theory you know now we were talking about David Wilcock Oh earlier I mean he’s tried it himself or done it and he’s tried to channel rah have you are you familiar to Roger that that was one of the crazier channeling for me because I felt the information coming through her was definitely not at her caliber she was talking about stuff that was way more you know way more intellectual and talking about the future and shit and that really got me the raw sessions did but um also with that I kind of started doing my own research him from what I understand and I know I mentioned a little bit earlier that I believe in reincarnation I want to get into that info later but um that I think that say if we were to die and we died a person that was a hoaxer we’re still a hoaxer in the next life and if channeling is a way to kind of spiritually cross over I think a hoaxer in one light can be a hoaxer in the next and I think we also had people that have playing the same games they played when they’re alive when they’re in their waiting process to reincarnate because channeling to me is intercepted a trickster right and I’ve heard that from other people that be you know be weary of the channeling because it can be intercepted and then the message can be whatever they want it to be but that being said there’s stuff coming out of these Chandler’s that in certain you know not truthfully Bashar hasn’t dropped my jaw with stuff he’s saying he’s more kind of insinuating the raw sessions did do it for me and have you are you familiar with allies of allies of humanity no not but I know Kerry Cassidy had this guy on I can’t think of his full name but he’s basically doing some channeling but in a different way he’s saying that there’s this race that’s however many light-years away that will not make contact with us because they don’t make contact with people but they are going to give us some guidance and they’re going to tell us about the troubles we have facing us in the future and he’s this real innocent nice guy and the stuff they’re saying is not it’s not an agenda by any means but it makes me think you know for one is it is he doing it just to help humanity himself to is it is it intercepted and or somebody just playing a game or three is it just BS well you know these people could be I don’t want to say fooled they could be like Carolyn says here that Daryl or Bashara says that he doesn’t know if he’s channeling and he said that he doesn’t know if he’s channeling an entity or if it’s his own subconscious or what doesn’t really know what it is I think that the mind is powerful I believe that we can pick up on when we get into spiritism and things like that and being influenced by spirits impressions I mean the church is founded on that being speaking influence of the Holy Spirit is what’s called prophecy or prophesying it’s speaking with the utterance of in the power of the Holy Spirit and it’s not you speaking like I’ve experienced that too I’ve been on this podcast and I can feel the Holy Spirit be upon me and I know that the words that I’m saying are influenced in its and it’s moving something in the spirit realm it’s touching people like I know and when it’s done like I’m back I don’t own out but I know that when I’m speaking it’s for somebody like it gets really deep right but there’s there’s many different layers to that when we’re dealing with the subconscious man I have to bring I’m like you I’m doing a research I’m bringing it all to the table and I’ve noticed like I’ve done similar stuff with the voice that I do and my channeling a deceased old bitter preacher cuz like people think it’s real I’m able to say stuff it’s hilarious it’s very funny um but um but it’s so it’s a weird thing man you know it we have to consider everything I’m not saying anything for a fact all of it could be in our heads the Holy Spirit channeling the Holy Spirit that could be in your head that could be just your higher self and you connecting with all that is good or the parts that are good with you we could do the same thing with with all the negative stuff but it’s the scapegoat thing there’s things maybe now that I want to say about people but I don’t I’m trying to keep peace I’m trying to do this I’m trying to do that but I can’t and I won’t say the way I feel about certain people some people I want to cuss out you know what I’m saying I know they’re faking I know they’re making it up but I think one thing you said though that was really important to me that just resonated it was just that even something you hold dear you just said you don’t know for sure and that is a huge thing and I think definitely you know that too because you talk with more religious faithful people and and stay in that those circles but that’s so important to have something that you hold dear a belief system if you will and be able to say I’m not sure besides down to it I have a pretty good sturdy belief system but when it comes out to it I don’t know that we’re not some computer program or there’s nobody better exactly and and once we do kind of have our belief system and tie it down tight we got to watch out and and how hopefully into it a little bit later and I kind of am at that point right now where I have a couple things where I’m holding tight to and I really feel like they they’re the truth and I’ll get into a little bit I wanted to segue a little bit into just a religious aspect of it because I know that that’s a big topic for you and some of your guests and I’ve seen a couple of your guest on your podcast talk about how they grew up in the church and I did I was baptized Catholic and spent every Sunday and Bible study Wednesday’s in a Christian Church and like a lot of your guests I remember being in this church and kind of feeling like things are being said and are not exactly right to that innocent child you know if five years old asking print your parents like so word the right one and and they’re the wrong one or word the word we’re potentially going to heaven and they’re potentially going to hell and not potentially yeah and and I think that’s important too and I have a five-year-old daughter right now – it’s just that innocence we are so close to the truth been talked about how I was talking about we have that truth lie detector in us that’s it and we have it as a child – and you know that innocence that that pureness is is will tell you the truth so I went to church all my life up into like 16 years of age just confused by the whole thing oh you’ve ever oh okay I watched the documentary zeitgeist and the guys who put your – max well kind of play the side Partin and all the sudden eyes basically being just like Jesus born on the 25th resurrecting and all the stuff and it shook me because all the sudden I had facts that were showing me that this story is not exactly true and for a second that was it I pulled my fuck my religion out from under me like a rug and just ditched it because I had enough and from that point on it was like oh you have every war is a conspiracy you know all religions are conspiracy and I kind of just left it at that but I also realized that I wasn’t doing any real research I was just watching somebody this research and then saying oh well there’s a predicament and you know not only recently am i reading some of the works of Manley P Hall where he’s specifically telling you about in the cases were fascinated with math wars and when the the old initiated ones would find out the truth it was more simpler than they thought it was so I say something like you’re the God or you’re the you know you’re the Anointed One or whatever and now how are we going to tell the people oh we’re not going to tell the people we’re gonna make a parable we’re gonna make a metaphor and we’re gonna we’re gonna steal a little bit from this philosophy or theology and because the people are too illiterate to get to the truth they don’t have enough patience to get to the truth and I think that’s kind of where we have a bunch of religion but to kind of get back into it how I kind of ditched my Jesus and the whole religion and then how it came back in in segments was very interesting to me and I’ll talk a little bit about that too is when I moved forward I kind of got in I’m just kind of looking at a note I had here you know because in my earlier music I was mentioning God in my lyrics and talking about heaven and hell and praying every night saying dear God this year got that and a lot of times even making promises and I got sober about 12 years ago off alcohol and hardcore drugs and you know we got quite a big part in that for me and I still to this day don’t drink and do any hardcore drugs or nothing like that but I made a sort of a promise or an agreement kind of to my my belief system and said if I can if I can stay away from this stuff I can pretty much make my music a success and I know now that we there’s not a gamble you know you don’t you don’t ask people for something that’s more like selling your soul you know but here I am praying to God for my success and stuff like that and stuff has truly changed since then I have such faith and I believe in God but I think God actually I don’t call it God anymore I call creation I think God is actually an extraterrestrial that is a name for an alien that is just has substantial wisdom and I’ll get into that later of where the yesh the where that name came from and and how it pretty much turned into a conspiracy and that I still believe in God and I still believe in Jesus even though I also think that there’s a conspiracy there too and that that’s not his actual name and that he wasn’t actually the anointed one he was the the bringer of knowledge and I’ll get into that a little bit later but yeah there’s a lot of people who believe that Jesus became the Christ like there’s that theory that it could have been other people and then it happens to other people they lived their life a certain type of way then they become the Christ or someone that God wants to use whether it’s dealing with the prophets or Jesus himself going back to the innocence of childhood I want to touch on that because I had a kind of awakening with that with when my daughter was young like maybe five six years old we’re taught in the church that they have to say a prayer and invite Jesus into their life to be saved and things and so I was still in that that’s been some years ago now and I would try to do that to her I would try to like explain Jesus to her and and you know and tell her that she needs to be saved and asked Jesus into her heart but she would look at me like I was crazy she’s like I already love Jesus like Jesus is already in my heart what are you talking about yeah and they leave me dumbfounded like I’m supposed to convince her that no he’s not in your heart I put on like out of the mouths of babes you know this scripture talks about if we want to get close to God we want to walk in the kingdom of heaven we have to be like the little children after learn from these showed she’s like I’m already there you know what I’m saying and now that the world is convincing them otherwise or Christians or media it’s like no you’re falling you’re dirty you’re this you’re that it’s like no that that was a big thing for me it’s like man how do I do that am i failing or am i doing it right if she dies will she go to hell like all these different dogmas and stuff that kind of come into play from that perspective and I don’t agree with that anymore you know what I’m saying I learned a lot from that I learned a lot from even looking up what hell is you know what I’m saying and we’ve had pastors on the show who have another biblical look not just their own opinion but a biblical look on Hell and like even if so as far as the Bible is concerned that it’s not even real I know I don’t believe in it now I think it’s just a another metaphor and like I said if we live in Hell that this life we will live in Hell in the next life it’s we’re not we’re not any better when we leave this life we’re the same person and we’re here to grow and we’re gonna continue to grow like I said I believe in reincarnation I think we’re here for millions and millions of life’s and when we talk about intention and stuff like that it’s another thing that you know I kind of got caught up in for a little bit was the Ascension the channeling thing and it’s it’s a it’s a candy-coated story because I don’t think we’re going to ascend in the next you know year or so or this lifetime if that is a metaphor for something that’s going to take millions of lifetimes to do to get to a new spiritual level or we’ll leave our body form and and and be teachers in the spirit form and I think there is that spirit form out there that does teach and has provided us with prophecies and prophets and that when we get into that we’re not talking about God we’re talking two branches of creation we have a chance to ascend to a christ-like form but we’re talking millions of years millions of lifetimes and it’s kind of my grand finale of where I get a lot of this with them from but another person I wanted to bring it back into was neville goddard i don’t know if you’re familiar with neville goddard this man did a huge thing for me because when I was kind of absent from the Bible and I’ve read the Bible on the New Testament more than once the Old Testament at least once and this never got a guy what he basically does is breaks down the esoteric mists of the Bible and shows that anytime we’re talking about certain things we’re talking about Christ within and and that God is just creativity creativity that you as a person if you if you think of something you can create whatever you want and I truly believe that so Neville Goddard was one of the first people to bring up a thing called he called it the law of assumption not the law of attraction this is the law of assumption if you assume something it will happen and he goes over and over and over again in lecture and lecture with numerous people he’s taught the skill to that he says that basically anything you want you can have you just have to assume it and I find a lot of truth in that because that’s happened in my life anything I’ve obsessed over or just know I need it for better or worse I’ve got it any time I prayed to God dear God even though that I think that God was not you know it doesn’t matter what mother was yeah it’s totally back remember that we get what we want we are creators and we do have a portion a piece the smallest portion of what I call creation what we call God and I think we can have whatever we want and we talked you’re talking about earlier like what experiences have I had like you know with UFOs or anything like that the biggest experience I’ve had is closer to magic than anything it’s that it’s using the law of assumption and in getting what you asked for I haven’t very have a strong feeling that you know anything respond after I’m gonna do it and that’s why when my old my old gamble with God will please give me this music dream it’s still very relevant because I won’t let it go I will my you know you see all the stuff behind me I will be involved in music whether it’s writing songs making you know songwriting and are managing I will do some because it is my life I’ve assumed it I know I will and Here I am and then we get more synchronicities because once you know what you want it starts happening a lot faster so neville goddard have you really Alchemist I know I haven’t you gotta you’re slacking that’s gonna be that that’s gonna be the icing on the cake for you man okay that’s like the last person I got to do it now because like four people have recommended that yeah especially everything you’re talking about right now you have to read it definitely bio just never got it though check out some of his tower there’s some there’s some people in the chat right now I’ll Carolyn that she’s devoted to reading his works excellent he’s excellent just in such a genuine guide he’s a believer you know he believes in the Bible he’s just its esoteric let me ask you this did he have a book with the alchemy symbol on it I don’t believe so okay okay are you talking about a blue book though yeah I think I know what you’re talking I had that book and uh in the name sounded familiar I didn’t know who it was it was like referred to around the Manley P Hall type material and I had it and uh the names close to it well I’m not I’m not a hundred percent sure right right around the same time and I know you’re familiar with Edgar Cayce yeah that was another thing that kind of brought my religion back in not religion my faith back in into my core because Edgar Cayce was another devoted Christian or Catholic I’m not sure but he was somehow the sleeping prophet was doing these incredible things was curing diseases was making predictions he was the first person to talk about the the storage banks the Akashic records which is one of my favorite topics because basically we talk about truth seeking with the Akashic records we’re good people all lies will no lie will be untold because the Akashic records have the storage makes they have everything that’s happened and when we need to find truth eventually we’re going to go to the Akashic records and we’ll find the truth and Liars will end then and west probably hundreds of years from now when we are all able to but you know you talk about channeling I think part we’re able to get in connection with the storage banks and from that we are able to pull all knowledge so if there’s somebody that’s channeling giving this incredible knowledge it’s up there it’s in the universe the universe is a computer we are we are expanding and always storing our information and man if you haven’t looked in the Akashic records that is that one of the funnest rabbit-hole adventures there is an Edgar Cayce the sleeping prophet was a big thing for me and let alone a person that had these anomalies happen and then still kept his faith I went to his old shop he’s actually from Selma art what is it I thought it’s called or something his uh um well they it’s actually like uh it’s a store now but his old studio that he used for like the photography stuff for a while because he you know that’s like the perfect example of somebody trying to make a living and being a spiritual person as well he had to like you know I’m saying dude he was in the photography and stuff like that to kind of pay his bills but then he would do those sessions and stuff but um no there’s like it’s that they actually have a big plaque in downtown Selma Alabama a big plaque that says the sleeping prophet and it’s just big you know right up on them and it’s really cool try that son of a shop I went out there took a picture in front of it I used to travel a lot for work and it’s about two and a half hours away from here so I got a picture with that thought that was really cool cuz that even you know until I drove by it one day I was like what he also talked about Atlantis and stuff like that which is really awesome because if you if you get into the Atlantis story then you’re it’s really good because you’re going twenty thousand years back and Wow could take the spirituality from that time and it’s very interesting one thing he talked about with the UFO thing that stands out to me he talks about the Battle of Armageddon and he says the Battle of Armageddon will be fought in outer space like this spiritual war for the end of the world and the ruling of humanity or whatever it’s gonna be farting out of space that’s something that he brought to the table – which is really cool and I do like the fact that he was a Christian he was a believer and he yes Bible with them when he was doing that that’s really cool man you know he was that’s definitely in that and that was uh and that to me was important too because it kind of let me know you can see some shaking stuff that’ll really pull some stuff out from under you like if you’re not careful it’s really easy to find out that Jesus is just based off of some other some other people and then you could just sell his story short and count them out but the Jesus story is incredible and even the fact of the the controversy and conspiracy around it is incredible but clearly there was we have prophets in our in our lifetime and I feel like Jesus was just one of them I feel like we’re as we continue our life and it’s going on we’re always going to have bringers of knowledge that come in here because uh we all have missions I feel like we have an individual mission ourselves who’s you know prophets have missions too and they’re gonna keep coming yeah there’s some I mean I agree with you obviously I am a Christian I have faith in Christ and I believe I believe he was a prophet I believe there’s many awesome prophets I believe that the stuff that Jesus taught that we can apply to our life and everything you’re talking about man as far as like expecting stuff and assuming it and thinking about it as a man thinketh in his heart so shall he be you can have what so what you can have whatsoever you ask for in prayer it’s not it’s not the it’s not the part of-of begging God for it or asking God for stewpot it’s the act of you speaking it out and declaring it as the Oracles of God and that’s what’s what’s so cool about the spoken word in general and it talks about like when it talks about being saved in Romans this is really cool because there’s a formula here for me it talks about if you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth then it’s established like you’ll be saved or whatever and it’s just like that for us like we can have these thoughts in our mind or these dreams in our hearts you want to be a musician but but when you connect that thought with your your your spoken word and you declare it it begins to manifest you begin to tell people you kind of get into the power of the I am I don’t want to be a healer I am a healer I don’t want to be a rapper I am a rapper and watch me do it I can show you better than I can tell you this is gonna happen for me I do that with the podcast I talked about odd and I’d use it as a form of prayer too because I’m connecting with the universal power I’m connecting with this creative life force this pranayama the Holy Spirit which permeates through all life connected so when I pray I connect with the energy I connect with with God as we call it or Jesus or what not and it’s it’s beautiful something’s watching over us man like something and that’s what’s cool about the whole alien thing and it ties into this we’re talking about aliens being I believe they’re angels I believe they’re spoken of in the scriptures and traveling back and forth from heaven or earth people fasting people making contact with angels that are traveling and meeting them and telling them things about their life past like I’ve passed I’ve had experiences like that and many that’s why these got like I can come as a Christian to the disclosure project and listen to these and like have biblical references for it all because that’s just how my mind works you know I can go back and have chapters invert okay whatever reminds me of this and people talking about fasting and not eating meat for a certain period of time and then have an angelic contact or UFO encounters from like hey Daniel did the same thing Elijah they were caught up and seeing visions and these Scrolls in the air and these tubes they call them Scrolls a fire by night cloud by day we’re talking about the cloud ships you know what I’m saying so just it all runs together and in paints this we have to look at everything absolutely can’t just say oh you know what this is it this and we have our truths because we have what works for us and that’s all we can have like if that something doesn’t work for you then you I wouldn’t promote it I wouldn’t share it but if it’s something that’s bringing joy and peace to your life and to the people around you it makes you a better person I’m all for it and I think you make a good point there and I think a lot of people could take advantage of this as I think when we get into this community into doing conspiracy research and stuff like that religion and the conspiracy research can kind of separate sometimes even though they’re so close together I feel like I’d really feel like we need to come together more and like you did you can you know say you hold one belief it doesn’t matter that you can go to another thing and experiments have an experience with that but one thing about the Christians out there because they are really adamant about their beliefs and they have a belief system in play that they do the best research they do some of the best research loominatee all that stuff they really because they’re passionate but I think I think that we always have to be challenging our belief system I’ll say this so there’s like I come out of that of debating scripture and doctrine and what’s right no the Bible says this no the Bible says that like I come out of that so I try to stay far away from it but I’ve experienced that going on these other shows I’ve experienced that with Kerry Cassidy I’ve experienced her asking my story and then cutting me off no no this is it I’m like you have me on as a guest to tell my story now you cut me off doing this because you have an agenda you have something that you’re trying to push and I’ve experienced that from the church people like when you sit down and you debate doctrine or about the Trinity about who Jesus was about Christmas and no nope Christmas is a pagan it’s not of God and it cut you off and as a matter of fact and and I try not to do that even though we have differences of opinions and stuff I’ll let the guest speak or whatever and I may try to you know kind of give my opinion at the end or whatever but I don’t try to debate people or get it uncomfortable or something like that but uh but it’s that same a matter of fact or but you got to look at it like they base their life work upon this yeah and Christians not only their life but their eternity they base their eternal salvation on I have to be right oh you’re telling me I’m wrong I’ve given not only my life that’s one thing but your eternal salvation and you’re telling me that I’m wrong you know what I’m saying that’s where it gets into this fight or flight and no you know what you’re stupid I’m done done with you don’t listen to this guy you know that kind of stuff I read this book one time because that was kind of one of the things I wanted to prove wrong about religion that it wasn’t inerrancy or it was an errand see that anybody that thought the Bible is inerrant was wrong I wanted I wanted to find that out so I read this book called misquoting Jesus with the hope that this was going to end it all and what ended up happening was a great book if you check it out misquoting Jesus this guy’s a scholar lived his whole life studying the Bible non-stop pretty much grew up thinking the Bible was inerrant and then went and learned five different languages and studied the Bible and was able to prove that in fact it was in error and there was a lot of error but it was not necessarily not true that the man Jesus is very very documented and as far as like we have older philosophers than Jesus that have more documentation or we don’t consider Socrates not to be true so but like there’s so much documentation of these stories and that’s how we used to pass on stories was witness testimony and oral Edition the scribes most definitely did change words by mistake I found out one thing was very interesting that the word virgin didn’t exist in the Bible back in the day that meant young woman simply meant young woman so that’s a that’s a huge thing to be like oh it could she might not have been a virgin like I don’t think she was man I don’t I don’t think so either and like I said I got my grand finale of where I bring Jesus back one more time but I wanted to get into one other thing I mentioned that book yeah another guest you had on a while ago I want to make sure I mentioned rest in peace JC Johnson man that just had not too long ago and I saw that on your show that was one of my favorite stories he told about the cryptozoology because he had a theory that everything was basically coming from under us the caverns the caves there and everything we think is coming from outer space in the earth what if they were just telling us their millions of miles away or light-years away when they’re really right under us because they just don’t want to be bothered because they’ve been there for thousands of years and that just really I could never count that out you know or he had an account where every all these people that have been abducted or seen hags or trolls or any of these things all smell sulfur and that you go into these caves you leaves these case sometimes spelunkers or whatever they they smell like sulfur and it’s just there there’s so many good theories out there to where well maybe it’s not even out there it’s right here when we look at those other planets we see like I think it’s Mars or whatever that has all the holes in it like there’s all these holes and stuff man and these craters and stuff so it’s like maybe there’s not life on the outside of the planet maybe it’s a shell in there inside the planet and the same thing with with earth you know there’s so much stuff I mean even if I guess I mean we’re like digging up civilizations like still now we’re finding civilizations that are under the dirt that existed but now they’re they’re underground and and all the Nephilim quite possibly maybe dude there’s like there’s stuff even just a couple thousand years ago where the Christians like created underground cities to hide from persecution yeah there’s a bunch of stuff in Greece and there’s there’s one I’m not sure what country it is but it’s like the psychedelic cult I don’t know if you’ve seen it and they had like all of these beautiful paintings and murals it looks like an Alex grey exhibit but underground and they just found it and it’s in this the people there I’ll keep it keeping a secret of it’s beautiful its underground it’s it’s crazy there’s beings and angels and and just the most elegant eloquent art and things and so there’s so much stuff going on underground so who’s to say that that’s not happening and we see UFOs going into mountains we see the underwater UFOs people on ships claiming to see UFOs come out of the water and and I’ve heard stories that people see you know under ships and boats and things like that and in the ocean so something is definitely going on on under our feet yeah I’ll do a quick segue from that I you know when I got into David Icke for a little bit of course the reptilians are like you know you can’t avoid that and sure enough that really made an effect on me like what are what is this thing and so I ended up actually writing a song about the Lacerta files I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of who certifies it’s a supposedly document documentation of a person that was you know roaming around that ran into a reptilian and this reptilian gave them their story and I wrote a song about that it’s called down down down and that was one of the first songs I actually went in and dove into a conspiracy topic and I had a great time doing it and realized wow I like doing this I like picking a topic and actually writing a song about it although the reptilian agenda and all that I’ve kind of moved away from a little bit I think we kind of hold it a little bit too too strongly and I feel like it is getting saturated and stuff like that but he’s kind of deviating from it a little bit – a little bit yeah and he has so much knowledge and so much stuff that I think he kind of pigeonholes himself to like Kari does a little bit it’s just you’ve got so much information and and you do end up having some belief systems and in play you know what the weird thing is is like he can talk to us about it we’re like yeah tell me more yeah yeah I’m into it but if you watches his uh his interview on on the the show what is it Religulous I think it was called did you see that now that Bill Maher with Bill Maher actually I did see that yeah yeah that in it does that clip online and stuff but that he just no he makes it yes he never does get publicly it doesn’t go were people who actually know that aren’t into or who people who aren’t into it and don’t believe ice interviewed him and he pretty much didn’t do a good job on Vice either I mean it’s it’s kind of one of those things where if we if we only talk about reptilian agenda you know these hot topics of the conspiracy stuff we might push people away rather than kind of get him to to come in in there but um to kind of go off that a little bit and on our song we’re not alone I actually wrote that song almost five years ago four years ago closer to when I was just starting to wake up and in the chorus I listed the alien races Anunnaki Nephilim Anunnaki Canadiens reptilians and although now I realize huh I’ve made it named two of the same races as two different nicknames from because the Anunnaki it seems could be the Nephilim or the Nephilim could be the Anunnaki the Anunnaki can also be the Nordics and it’s it’s really wild that there’s there’s clearly these races out there but who’s who what’s what and and to kind of point people in the right direction to here you should go check out the Pelagians which I actually you know I’ll get into that a little better I put I put a lyric out in my new album it’s a contact with the pale paladin’s who resemble evanka practice Tantra and my modulus talked about how the Palladian look like Ivanka yeah you know you know beautiful woman or whatever the case is blond hair blue eyes ideal and uh you know senator pale for ladies who resemble Ivanka practice Tantra and my monstrous banish monsters glory to the Father yeah that’s all that’s all my new project but um yeah but you know in the stand about being 100% right and we talked about Cory good before we went live and you know wondering if he he’s been blacklisted from some places we talked about me being you know having my account shut down on project Avalon which came last me which came out of Project Camelot you know and I’m posted there for years and I guess he I don’t know you have to ask him maybe he’s got a different story I don’t know but I’d like to get you back on there man I know I love those people man it’s insane it’s a huge form family it really is do it I felt awesome and getting like all those people commenting on my stuff and reaching out to me and I mean where else were supposed to go you know I’m saying like what the hell it’s a community man that’s why I was even saying even if we are like if Cory good gets proven to be a hoaxer let’s not banish him let’s just you know let’s make it I want it I want these stories to go public so we know we can practice discernment and know the blue avons are not real but let’s go on to the next one what are what Israel you know yeah what that’s that’s what’s good about like you like you know I was kind of putting it where you were talking about uh you know maybe getting it wrong you name the same race twice or whatever the case is and this I don’t think it’s about getting it down to the tee I think it’s about sparking creativity and wonder and getting those people out there to get into the work and get into the field and look those terms up and let them make those assumptions on their own or like wow what are the platings just people listening to this right now I have no idea what the hell a palladium is you know and this is like this is early stuff that for you you know you’ve been hearing about this a research unit for years so it’s about putting that stuff into music and in the interviews and stuff and like peek in people’s interest to let them do the work for themselves and then once they’ve done the work they can come back and listen and be like and learn more you know and I we talked about the LCL be Lost Children of Babylon before we went live – and how like there when I was just coming into the stuff I was listening to their music I didn’t understand the majority of it okay and then I’ll be reading Manley P hall and I’m like damn that’s what you’re talking about Wow in a talk about like the initiation of the pyramid then I read about the initiation of the pair there are in the Great Pyramid and Manley P halls book the secret teaching of all ages and I mean right now beautiful how things just kind of come together and people experience that through our work – yeah like man truseq you said this and then I was watching a movie and now I know what you’re talking about like I you know that concept was in this movie and then it’s in the Bible here and this hyper so it’s just creativity you’re talking about God is creativity I I believe it man God is a creator and if we’re made in the image of the creator and the likeness were to create – and us creating hopefully good stuff that’s what we’re trying to encourage people to bring something beautiful to the table versus creating deception and destruction and things like that in a negative way but when you create something beautiful man I think you’re I think you’re honoring God I think you’re worshipping God to the highest extent because we’re made in that image and likeness I believe that man well that’s and that makes a lot of sense right there – it’s just um I think we’re all at different walks of life and I’ll get into this another person I already mentioned Edgar Cayce believed in reincarnation but I think that we’re all here to learn lessons and if somebody here is just you know had a bad walk of life or not as evolved as the rest of us that that is where they’re at and I feel like that’s where a lot of respect is going to come in a lot of love it’s just when we realize that we’re not all on the same level there’s a reason some of us are more intelligent in certain aspects it’s that we you know we’re at different walks of life and and we all have a chance and not any of us are really wrong this hole right and wrong thing yeah I think you could leave a whole life completely wrong and maybe the consequences wouldn’t be as bad as we imagine it’s just it’s just living and we’re gonna have to learn these lessons but um to talk about more about reincarnation while that’s a really big thing to me and how that I keep on cross-referencing that it keeps on coming up and it really holds true to me but one of the things we’re not alone to kind of go off that the original cover for that is a poster that built our picture that Billy Meyer took who is uh pretty popular as far as you contacts now a lot of he’s pretty popular as a hoaxer for the most part because it’s pretty easy to see that those girls that he had like that welllike entertainers and stuff they were the play the ends and well actually that he spoke on that too and he’s actually had that girl that was in that photo talked to him and they explains why that picture was falsified and and you know that he’s up against it himself but that picture was a photo taken by billy mayer it was actually beyond the original x-files poster I want to believe was a billy meier photo though I spent the longest time avoiding his case because your comment she was a dancer yeah yes and she was and she just recently like I within the last four months was at Billy Meyers ranch and talked to him and he explains right to her why Billy Meyer was no he’s he’s alive he’s alive and well man he’s alive and well I thought you’ve been past now he doesn’t switch he still has contact to this day which I’m gonna get into more so I got into Billy Meyers case in I started reading his contact notes because he has up to six hundred plus contact notes with the play are not the Pleiadians the played Ian’s they made that name for a certain reason but it’s called the play Aaron is what they are and I started reading the contact notes in quickly I just started realizing I’m reading the best story I’ve ever read in my life period by period the best story ever now I read it the whole way thinking okay this is a hoax is this guy’s a hoaxer I wasn’t around right at all this is incredible that he’s lying about all this and not until about the end of the two hundred contact or something or before that I realize this man is not lying and he has evidence substantial amount of evidence to prove that he is telling the truth he has the most photos ever taken of crass he has group witnesses that have witnessed multiple crafts listen he has metal samples that had been given that had been tested by multiple scientists that cannot be proven to be from here he has sound and film testimony he has multiple prophecies and predictions that have came true he predicted the Internet he predicted 9/11 he it goes on and on and on and basically I’ve said some of my my my biggest skeptics my friends over there that uh you know one of my buddies that’s a doctor who is really well versed in doing good research and stuff like that I was like go prove Billy Myers case wrong go do it go prove it wrong and you can’t now you can however go spend an hour online and watch a video that shows you know this wedding cake UFO that looks a little bit unbelievable or those girls on this show that was on The Ed Sullivan Show err so there was some in there that there was another guy who got big over here and Gulf Breeze Alabama or Florida and and he would have these little like pans or pie pie pans or whatever and there would be these little UFOs that he would shape and make and he would hold it out far and it would he’d take a picture of it and it looked like it was real or they would be hanging from a string or whatever and he had a bunch of sightings that he can go out and you know have these sightings or whatever and then I did see some pictures from the Billy Meyer stuff that was these little models or whatever and he’s standing up close to him but if he has when he’s when you’re away from it and you have it with the landscape it looks like a legit huge flying saucer and yes he definitely he made some models but that he basically said that he never used a model in the photo what ended up happening is he would send his camera into a place to get it developed because this as well before all that he’d actually have to get the film developed and there you know Billy Meyer was also he had attempted assassinations on him over like 15 times people tried to kill him shot at him he has bullet holes in trees where people shot and like people were trying to get at in because of some reasons and definitely took some time to try to falsify his story because like I said it’s it’s very very hard to debunk there’s only like one person out there that is thoroughly trying to debunk him and he’s having a very very hard time with certain things but people I strongly suggest if you’re if you’re in this waking up process to check out billy meier go ahead prove him as a hoax are in that one hour it takes to go to your youtube videos but you have to read the contact notes you have to read the prophecies the predictions and you have to read the contact notes he’s still having to this day because they are incredible and also he’s getting information from the Pelagians the play are and who are you know thousands of years more advanced than us who talk about our original origins where we come from they talk about creation and and about the falsification of jesus but also who the real man of jesus was and his name was emmanuel and i know Jesus was called Emmanuel in the Bible by or you know he has a few hymns and songs that refer to him as Emanuel but basically that’s another thing Billy did he’s he unearthed the tablet l mud of a manual which is basically the proper you know the Bible of Jesus that was wrote and by Judas Iscariot not as a scary uh I don’t know which one there’s two of them but the supposedly you know turned his back on Jesus know that this is the theory goes where he was actually he knew all everything he was doing and purposely gave it gave us information up but you’ve got to read this tablet of Emmanuelle in the billy meier story if you have time because it takes if I’ve been reading the contact notes for years now and I’ll thoroughly try to debunk it Michael horns kind of his liaison a guy named Michael Horn who speaks on his behalf in America he has a podcast you don’t shariq english buzzing billy meier he does but he doesn’t openly okay and i’m sure you could probably get Michael Moore on your Michael horn actually on your show he he’s extremely versed in the billy meier case and it’s so fascinating it really is and even if it’s a hoax yeah it’s radical story exactly it is definitely worth looking into yeah I’m like the ones like because I was the other way around like I listened to it thinking that it was real and then I came into the hoax I was like ah and it was like weeks into it you know research and listen to have the interviews of people talking about him and coach the coast specials done on him and stuff and and then seeing the hoax tough and that’s use like what it is but I mean there’s hope stuff about everything once you get so so big and that’s what I was talking about with some other people is like you kind of you kind of made it once there’s hoax videos out there about you or or that you’re a shell or whatever the case is you reach the level of Fame or whatever or people want to destroy you or want to you know they have you know they want to disprove your work because it goes against what they believe or whatever and then they’ll stretch lies and I mean we could see that 100 percent with the dam the stuff going on right now the the the crisis actors oh yeah and like so this it’s just gonna wrap it on the internet for an for right now it’s been like with each school shooting and there’s all this stuff and people are stretching with these pictures and holding two peoples pictures up next to each other it’s clearly not the same person it may have the same nose or something look it’s crazy theories but then when you look up like the I’m saying what the news is covering in because now they’re having to speak on it because it’s getting so big like they’re telling you like like what the deal is and there’s this one with the it zooms in on the kids ear and he’s got a little earpiece and they’re like look they’re feeding him his lines he’s an actor he’s a crisis actor and and but you watched a news special he’s having a remote session with the lady in in New York he’s having he’s been interviewed by a lady in New York so he’s got a earpiece so he can hear her like there’s all this stuff and like somebody who’s good at putting together YouTube videos can do that and people would believe it and that thing’s had like a hundred thousand shares on this false flag information stuff that people love they eat it up that’s one we got to be careful like what the stuff we promote and I think there is a difference between just getting caught up in conspiracy theories in truth like you saying you have your truth in these things that you’re sure of or whatever but hopefully your truth is something that can benefit humanity and not you know just bring about more questions and it’s always up for debate enough allowed and you know all this kind of stuff you know yeah it’s just my belief system is always going to be on the table I can’t I can’t lock it in and although it’s hard I just recently read it’s very hard for people to hold to contradictions in their head you know cognitive dissonance basically but yeah it is it’s hard to have your belief systems rattled but it also is very very fun and awakening and spiritual and who knows like I said we don’t know that we’re not some little kids experiment and I I’d hate to say this too because you know and I’m sure you know familiar with psyops and and what what stuff is going to be out there that is clearly to just have us sound like nutters and and sound like we’re crazy I just recently got into watching a flat earth documentary just because I mean although it’s really easy to say that’s bullshit I don’t you listen it’s compelling stuff and that’s the only thing I want to people to get out of that is that there is you got it before you my buddy said this too recently and it stuck with me he’s fascinated by things that people hold hold dear and that they’re you know there’s no changing why they hold it dear is my thing why are you adamant on the government lied about this conspiracy you know yeah or the Flat Earth or whatever you know exactly but then again you dive into it you see what they’re passionate about and that’s another thing I’m under the impression that everybody as as right in some portion you know I’m with you yeah in and maybe even on a huge huge mental point like if you if you were to think the earth is flat and you have all this information maybe it is but just for you like maybe you’ve made a flat earth and it when you when you die when you see it when you Remote View towers exactly and and and who knows that that’s it’s not the way we don’t see the world as it is we see it as we are again yeah we like projected out and we see it the way that we are and I mean that’s the the number one thing with religion that’s with politics I was thinking about that on the car ride home this morning like with politics I can get it because this it’s a middle ground I think most intelligent people when it comes to right and left there’s a middle ground where most compassionate people are it’s not about that day I mean just look at the end of Obama’s administration all the weird crazy stuff that passed and they come through with the floodgate and then Trump is like the response to the left and he’s super right you know and it’s just crazy fight I think the truth is somewhere in the middle and I’m listening to maybe not Trump because people looked at that it’s Trump who’s saying it was look at look at george w bush’s on trump’s a bad example but the more you listen to someone with who’s on the right and explained their their you know where they’re coming from and why they’re doing this it sounds feasible like eventually you can like yeah that sounds right the more you listen to the right or the left or whatever the opposite side you know yeah these guys are making a lot of sense I see what they’re doing but obviously the truth is somewhere in the middle and the same goes for watching documentaries if you listen to Jordan Maxwell long enough or who and Jordan Maxwell can be completely wrong but just the presentation and him being a little bit more well-spoken I feel like I’m though I’m the worst person to try to talk about some of this deep stuff and righteousness and understanding just because the way I look right he’s looking at this this guy especially what before we went live we were talking about rock Costello who went live with John Lear and John Lear’s got this guy who’s got tattoos and and and piercings looked a lot like me you know what I’m saying and he had an interview and he like belittled this guy by the way he’s young punk I’ve had jordan maxwell talk about like you know he didn’t see couldn’t see me at the time because he’s talking about people’s end of basketballs we’re in a basketball jersey you know he couldn’t see me but he’s like belittling pop culture and you know you want to have fun and you want to drink get drunk and do all this kind of stuff like from a real bitter standpoint so it’s like a lot is with the packaging so much so that I wanted to wear a suit is like you know what this information I’m dealing with I’ve got I’ve got a suit I’ve done podcasts and interviews wearing a suit you look more credible but it’s like when we’re talking about being authentic just be yourself be authentic and now look my podcast is booming right now like so many supporters and subscribers and people are resonating with it it’s being authentic whatever you are but hearing that information come from a more elegant spoken person or somebody from the UK or England like for some reason we’re just like we want we want to believe them and but the whole thing about being wrong maybe it’s right for them we look at a broken clock a broken clock is Right twice a day yeah you know I think you another great point you made there it’s just um and I kind of grew up this way I grew up in a Republican household and my dad was at Fox News on all day to where I pretty much walked into school one day now I was a Christian and a Republican just because that was what I had in front of me and when I got to high school and they kind of liberal you up a little bit or you just get more open it’s not liberal you up or nothing but then I started then I’m all of a sudden full liberal and then when I finally grew up I realized what I have to do is I have to check out the right check out the left and explore both sides because you have to see both sides of the story because if you with your heart look into it you can kind of get sensitive with people and feel where they’re coming from no matter if and I think that’s a huge part of the research we’re we’re doing the field we’re in and I have to say about you in general which I admire is that you are fearless because one thing I’m fearless about is putting stuff in music and if it’s in the music I’ll promote it but I’m not that way I don’t talk about the stuff on my facebook because my parents and family are there and I’ll share some stuff you know my shows don’t have to buy all of my peers I was told not to do this podcast don’t share and we’re talking about drug use we openly talk about eating mushrooms and and they like oh I have at the time I had a full-time job and a and all of my co-workers had Facebook and they want to tell on you and things like that I had I had to block all my co-workers at work but all my friends who were diehard into this stuff they loved it but they would never share it on an open platform and that’s what I did differently and I religious even from a religious perspective they’re like oh you’re a Christian and you’re talking about eating mushrooms yeah hell let’s do I got friends who have churches in their in their churches that use those sacraments they eat mushrooms at church they have these religious encounters in Alabama in the Bible Belt you know what I’m saying so I stuck my head out there and I had to play the martyr and I did and for years it was hard but now now it’s okay now like I’m a people are having questions it’s not just me and so it’s just like a beacon it’s like hey this guy’s talking about what I’ve been thinking about I get those messages you’re articulating the thoughts that go on in my head but I can have nobody to talk to I have nobody to roll these ideas off of if I talk to my parents I’m crazy to talk to my pastor my friends my I have nobody to talk to I have to go to the Internet listen to podcasts calling the shows I was there that’s why I’m doing it because I was there I was – dude listen in a project camelot and then going out listening in the greer having experiences on who the hell do I talk to and talk to my friends about I do it it was hard for me to talk to my wife about it yeah my best friend yesterday kind of preparing for this said is it hard for you to have all this stuff in your head and not have anybody because I’ll talk to him about it all the time but he’s not he doesn’t research this stuff he just basically makes beats with me and is in my in the studio and I’m talking about the stuff when I can but he’s like is it hard to hold all that stuff in your head you know yeah it really is man and I think part of the reason is is I’m not talking about it openly enough and I’m not being fearless so I admire that and I really do want to take a step in that direction but more importantly you know and I and I obviously the reason I’m here too is they had more people check out my music because I will be honest in my music I will write more about these topics and that that is where I feel fearless is when I put it into a piece of art though talking to somebody like yourself you know this stuff comes naturally so I wish I was talking about it all the time I probably would feel better I mean look at the ancient art let’s just I mean we can look back at like the the painting of the Mona Lisa and some of the Jesus hanging on the cross UFOs flying in the background doing piloting little ships like the art man the artists in the time about being creative and being self expressive like where did that come from was there persecution or was this guy like a was that like commonly known at the time I think probably it was but what if it wasn’t in this guy’s eye okay I want you to draw this picture of Jesus who died for Humanity okay I’m gonna draw them but I’m gonna I’m gonna put these little Easter eggs even like the Mona Lisa and some of them other ones they’re Easter eggs you have to look there’s a man standing on the mountain pointing up at a UFO in the background of these ancient this ancient art man or just like Renaissance art that we have that was commonly known to these pieces this isn’t nothing new there’s like all of these ancient sightings and I’ll just it call it the New Age I hate that term I don’t identify with that term at all because the stuff we’re talking about is very old it’s not new at all it predates your religion yeah most definitely and I’m right now I’m currently reading man you manly P Hall which I’ve been familiar with but I was watching one of your interviews and Gordon was adamant about Jordan dreadful and so I was like I gotta read this book finally it’s just incredible how much like basically a and and just philosophy in general like we used to get together as people and just talk about this stuff that was religion it was philosophy what what could what could we ponder what could this be if we didn’t have any ideas we didn’t have we had ideas we didn’t have any facts and that’s intriguing to me because I feel like we’re still at that we don’t have as many facts as we think we do we have science information though you know so to pinpoint who has the facts okay that’s Kerry Cassidy there’s the Catholic Church there’s the Protestant Church there’s the Muslims maybe the Muslims is the ones that’s right maybe we’ll just look exactly but looking to get it sugar I think we all have a piece of it so you know when it comes to religion and we’re religion I bring in UFO everything we’re talking about I think we’d like you said we all have a piece of the puzzle to bring to the table and when it comes to the spirituality behind the religion and the terminology I think we’re all talking about the same thing there is a universal presence there is a universal God if you will whether it’s an alien that created us and we call him Yahweh and other people call him this and that and ba ba ba ba ba ba but they’re still connecting whether it’s you go internally and you’re eight we have antennas to connect with this energy and we’re all with the language barriers and and and what we can relate it to and say what it is I talk about the Kundalini and the Holy Spirit and Chi energy tachyon energy the pranayama I think all that’s the same thing yes that’s called different things and different religions but I think it’s all the same thing and people are so caught up on on being right said no no it’s different yes and obviously with each culture there’s gonna be some difference there’s gonna be some variants and stuff and people who have kind of marketed it and called it their own but I really think in all of this we’re looking at the same thing and we’re just kind of interpreting it from our standpoint of view you know from our point of view of which we’re standing looking at the same thing you know and it is pretty incredible that all across the world we have some of the same stories that in itself you know from what’s been carved into two pyramids or whatever or the pyramids made every way it’s like it’s such an anomaly that we are clearly talking about the same things well maybe it’s not an anomaly and it’s just like we’re after the same spiritual thing and we’re just we have so many different metaphors for what is our you know what we’re doing here and but kind of one thing you maybe think of is a lot of people when you talk about this stuff and they’re into religion if they’re into the Bible or they have faith and they and they’re not into this stuff but it’s like the Bible talks about so many different stuff Giants angels monster even j-just the angel thing with Christians a lot of Christians believe in angels guardian angels but there are no demons like they’ve got in their mind demons don’t exist or they passed away or Jesus rules and there’s no evil a lot of church people do not believe in demons yeah oh oh we have the other way around in the churches out the charismatic churches I come from they love talking about demons oh I had a demon army I was smoking meth and it was a demon on my back end I got friends who have these crazy encounters with demons and it’s and we love they expect demons they look for casting out of demons but when we talk about angelic contact okay I was stargazing and the Lord spoke to me I seen an angel drove I stopped said hello kept going like I’ve had that happen and what we talk about angels they’re like no no no no that’s not happening but it’s okay to talk about demons and they love it and they welcome it when you talk about angels then they’re like no I’m calling BS there’s so much closer to being on the same page you know I think that’s a one of the biggest things for me is that just you know I want to be on the same page with people if it’s uh if it’s something simple to like you know I don’t know like getting the fluoride out of your water there’s something simple you know like it’s just simple stuff let’s be on the same page are we what are we being lied to about what can we what can we come together with because there’s a couple things it doesn’t need to be right or wrong it’s like oh yeah we’re being lied to definitely and let’s move past into that and try to get to some truth and there’s a lot of that going on right now but luckily there’s you know more and more people I think every day come into podcasts like yours press and pause when they hear a name they don’t know do it you know doing it they’re doing it in the comments I don’t know if you can see the comment section on YouTube but everybody’s saying okay how do you spell billy meier how do you smell it like there’s definitely talking about just one more time that was Billy please you cannot just watch videos for that or you’ll do yours know something funny about that I thought he was dead Carolyn who’s super well researched in all this stuff she thought he was dead and then somebody brings up in the chat they brought up the Mandela effect or mendala effect and it’s like a B you know and then somebody brings up Billy Graham IRA I’m a Christian like I thought Billy Graham was already dead he died yesterday rest in peace well I thought he’d been dead for some time you know and I mean the Mandela effect really gets me mad that’s another thing that kind of throws me off of my grasp of things it’s like what the heck is this man I don’t like this feeling maybe it was right to you like you’re saying you created it and at some point you’ve seen it in the movie and it became truth to you that’s no but you live your life like Billy Graham’s dead you know you think of him in the past tense even though this man is still living and driving you know and it’s like that with everything and if with religion cognitive dissonance and I like we look at people like the Mormons and people who like are into polygamy today like they have they’re like they’re still trying to like live by these biblical kingdom standards where like a woman was of age at age 13 or 12 or whatever like this people who still believe that that’s truth and they’re still doing that most Christians will scoff and laugh oh no that’s them that’s pedophilia they’re not but people are still like religions are based on that Islam like they’re still doing it that’s their truth that’s totally disgusting it’s demonic to us now but people in their mind too and they’ll go to their deathbed living with that truth that that’s right to them that’s been it’s wild and in who’s to say they weren’t because that I mean no they can you can definitely that’s another thing at that point of time like that was like that was their truth it really was the accepted truth and some people still hold on to that that’s the weird thing to look at and all of this stuff that was it’s it’s weird how all of it’s a little bit by a little bit we’re evolving we are a change and we’re becoming something else the whole even with the homosexuality thing in the churches right now like it’s a it was a big deal when it was first introduced now there’s becoming more gay pastors more gay bishops eventually it’s gonna be normal if you say anything about it you’re gonna be the outcast but they’re they’re fighting it right now right but it’s slowly coming in and it’s not and that’s just an example we can look at women being pastors that was never a thing in the biblical times now there’s churches on every corner with women who are the lead pastors single mothers that’s the pastor leading the congregation of men that would have never happened and you look back at it the way they did things it something else got introduced and they fought it but eventually we look at technology we look at the RFID chip look at everything like they’re slowly we’re changing man as a people as religious and then they claim to have it figured out but you’re going back to the roots of your religion man these people like I look at Christianity and I see more of Hinduism in ancient Christianity of the way they they walk they meditated spent hours in prayer you know I’m saying fasted all this you don’t see that in the West that looks more like Hinduism right now to me going in and in and out of trances like that’s biblical they did that stuff but like it doesn’t it’s so it’s so far removed from what we know the religion or the belief system to be today yeah and just one last point I said I know a couple of times I’ve said you know maybe you were right or we’re all right in our way I just want to not confuse that with I know you talked about the New Age movement i I agree with you that that’s a lot of the stuffs been going on before but I think with the New Age movement maybe what they’re trying to say sometimes as we we eat up a lot of this the good stuff the Ascension stuff and that’s good but and/or the law of attraction where everything you you know you’re responsible only for yourself I think that’s a kind of a PSYOP in itself is to get us to think that we’re not responsible for other people’s bad doings or that stuff the evil stuff is okay because we’re not a part of it and we’re not you know we’re not thinking about that but that’s not the case we as people do need to point a finger when stuff is evil and wrong and and we can’t just because we’re on the right spiritual journey we don’t want to entertain that knob burner I’ve been there mark passio is a great person to check out who’s definitely who’s put me on that that term like yes I mean we got a fight for or for this stuff and just not go oh everything’s okay because I’m spiritually in tune and I just don’t want to affect what we’re doing it’s like no we really have to know what is right and wrong I could see a little boiler and we’re all that walks in our life well I’m a little bit more passive now you know but but for this reason because I used to be aggressive you know what I’m saying I couldn’t I couldn’t have a conversation if you with you for believe it’s something different I wanted to show you why you were wrong and me and my crew and my people and and I’ll talk about this all the time because this is big but you find validation and other people believing in what you believe well if I can win you over to this realm of understanding and that maybe that’s still going on it goes on in religion but it’s universal it goes on with I’m saying ufology and and Kerry Cassidy having her interview with Steven Greer and I’m right no I’m right no this is it no this is it you know and if you know who was to say if one would have won the other over how that would have made them that gratitude him okay especially if somebody with a seat of authority somebody who’s a little bit bigger in those realms and so it’s the same way with religion and wanting and having validation about other by others believing in what you believe and we have to move past that I think we do I think we have to know our truth and and and and let our freak flag fly and just be ourselves and be authentic and whatever it is like you know and this is me this I’m tattoos and you know bad speech at times you know what I’m saying and uh stuttering at times like and that’s me you know I’m new I’m gonna I feel like I sell feel like I’m one of the last people who should be doing a podcast you know as far as wanting to listen to but something’s working there because people are freaking listening to it like the information that’s coming through and that’s what it is about being authentic you look at Joe Rogan I got friends and I talk about this all the time I got tattoo artists who love what they do for a living they’re themselves they get the clock in and and they’re on the clock doing what they love to do and Joe Rogan does it loominatee Congo I had these people in my life that I’ve met and I just see this like they love their experience they love everything about it and now I’m at that place I love everything and I’m trying to share that with people and let them know what’s working like this is what I did this is what I’m doing me and you talked a little bit before we went live up it’s about consistency it’s about showing up and doing what you love and enjoy doing and if you enjoy getting into conspiracy theories keep doing it like be consistent with it like if you enjoy just people who enjoy though like working at McDonald’s there’s people who enjoy driving doing um Center the the delivery driving jobs and but there’s people who are just Restless within them and they feel like they want something more and they want to be this but they’re stuck here and it there’s a goal in between you know and I think that even the religious books are talking about this how do we manifest that and walk in our calling and become that person that we see in our minds I’m am I think that’s what the religious text is about as well we got a community and I think we do need to come together more I think what we are coming together is a lot of people are coming to the podcast in viewing but we you know there isn’t a lot of places I can just openly talk about this and I hope that changes I hope that changes you have to create it man yeah exactly whatever it is no matter how big it is how scary it is nobody will listen to me do it if you if that’s your vision stick with it we’re doing it man like I’m not the only one I’m inspired by other people like and then putting my twist on it in and adding what I like from this guy and what I like from that guy and then who I am it could be done man whatever you want don’t be scared the music the podcast the community we have we have we have a roundtable now it’s called the school of the Mystics we do on Thursday nights and it’s for like people who are supporting and stuff but we have a community there that we’re building with where people don’t have to just be like a spectator like they you know there’s people and it was somebody I’ve talked to the other day but they listened to the podcast religiously and I have a lot of people on who listen to the show and they let they’re listening to this conversation and all these people in the chat right now they’re commenting right now they’re literally commenting but there’s people who are listening like I want him to ask me that question you know I’m saying look dude 10 years ago how do you what do you think I was saying listening to Kerry Cassidy talk to Jordan Maxwell asked me about the UFOs ask me about aliens guess what the law of attraction the law of imagination like all of it it happened bro we’re making we’re creating this as we speak it as we believe it and being consistent don’t just think it of it I hate that that would be cool and I thought about that for days you know say I confess it I walk in I believe it came true whatever you want to build in your reality you can bring it to the table that’s what everybody let alone that’s how you start your podcast each day and it’s saying that this is work and this is you know that’s great you know saying it out loud not only a prayer prayer a lot of times in our head which I believe in the power prayers so much I believe you know people could be an atheist but please you practice the power of prayer even if you’re an atheist watch it works you know speaking over people to like you do it for yourself and it would do it and so that’s praying for people absolutely there’s the big difference in the church to like pray for healing and God would you please heal my brother your brother suffering from a mental illness there’s a difference if we look at how the prophets and Jesus and the disciples said they didn’t beg God to do something they can’t cleared it they declared it they say in Jesus name you’re gonna be healed you’re gonna behold I speak wellness over you I’ve seen it bro I’ve had phone calls with people whose legs won’t move and they’re on the other side of the world and we’re on the telephone together and I begin to speak to their legs and they get feeling in their nerves again bro like crazy stuff and it’s because I believe that when I said it wasn’t like god I hope maybe if I pray this maybe you hear them I said I believed it in my heart and in my mind I confess it over them miracles dude I’ve seen so many miracles that’s why I believe something there’s something to this thing whether it’s the confession and with the faith or whatever you have faith whatever you believe will be possible that’s good stuff and bad stuff you believe in bad stuff and negativity and I’m just always broke man I don’t have time for I’d love to do a podcast I don’t never have time or just start confessing it I’m gonna make time I’m gonna find time I’m gonna I’m gonna make these connections on my lunch break dude I’m telling you man I wrote all my albums working on the job somewhere you know what I’m saying like I’ve been like you have to make time to do it I could’ve did so many other things man but it that’s the power of manifestation man and creating the life that you want for yourself absolutely and I mean the way you Spray described healing right there talk about billy meier that’s exactly how he describes it it is just the will and you can you can the blind will see you know you have you have to be so powerful in your determination to denote doubt no no doubt and once you remove that doubt we are we are created part of the biggest part of removing the doubt is just doing it for you to like okay if this doesn’t work I look like a fool I look like a crazy person so let me if you move out of your comfort zone and do it like we’ve I’ve done this in public like I’ve been in hospitals and and laid hands on people and prayed for people and seeing them go come and start crying and in tears and and and their back straighten up just people death like I’ve seen this happen dude and part of the of respondent to the faith is you just doing it you we can all of us dream of this stuff but it’s the fact that if you step out in faith and that’s what the Bible is full of these these damn just I’m not this isn’t nothing new like I’m just like doing the stuff that I started seeing them do and it’s working that’s not even if it’s only works in my mind and man when that person cuz to me is real and we talked about the law of attraction and we see it done with like the secret we hope we can get a good parking spot even with the job and things like that or you know I hope I get this so I’m gonna pass this test or whatever but I use it for for healings for miracles for change in people’s lives and and I speak it okay when I go out today I’m gonna get a word for somebody God is gonna speak to me or the Holy Spirit or whatever your connection is gonna speak to me about something that somebody’s going through and I must speak to it and pain is gonna I’ll prepare myself and expect it and you go to walk go to Walmart with that expectation and and see if your trip to get groceries see how it changes it’s crazy man you have people coming up and like divine appointments of people being sent to you who need what you have but you have to be willing to step out if you don’t step out it’s gonna pass you by and you have to be willing we’ve only known each other for about a week and that that all happened on that in those terms I feel like – just real quick and I mean let alone you just being a real one and helping out with that too but it all comes together and I think I watched on one of your podcasts you say yeah the number synchronicity is cool you’ll see the numbers all day but wait but wait till you get to the next step and that’s kind of where I’m at right now I’ll see that is it to me it means you’re doing the right thing like if I’m writing a song if I’m about to be on your podcast and I see the thing you know that I’m on the right path but hey I’m ready for the next step because although I haven’t seen many things in the sky or anything you know I know you’ve seen the other things oh man you know you’ve seen other things absolutely and uh it’s it’s only the beginning you know I I don’t you you start you say people say how long they’ve been researching we don’t end you know I’ll be doing this till the end of to the end of time you know it’s just like I’m in here to learn then you know I talk about the synchronicities I’ll talk about the television and you say something and then it comes on right on the TV right as you say and stuff and signs and wonders and all these weird things that only make sense to you in that moment but they mean something I’ll talk about it all the time because we have to give examples and stuff and it happened there’s seasons where it happens more than others and and I also talked about it and it has it happened in a while but yesterday my my wife sent me a snapchat of her being silly talking about cornholio from beavis and butt-head and she’s being silly and because uh because one of our friends kid was walking around doing that I’m calling holy oh I need TP for my bunghole this is beavis and butt-head but he said his name is Cornelius it was it was cute because he has no idea who BBC I think this heard somebody say it so my wife sent me that snap yesterday I get home we’re watching TV we watched his television show and there’s this kid on there I was like man this kid looks like Davis man as soon as I said that he pulled his shirt over his head I’m Cornelius tiny I was like what we looked at each other and we just started laughing I was like yes Lord I’ll answer the call you know what I’m saying I hear you Lord or whatever because it happened so much that it it becomes comedic but it lets you know that I’m on the right path in and be and pay attention to the information that comes through man we’ve seen a lot of people break through and stuff like that yeah when it whenever that that happens but I’m if anything you’re on the right path when you’re seeing all of this stuff happen absolutely yeah that makes me think about fad cross-reference a few times that we potentially might be able to see in the future by a couple days or so like our spirit or conscious can see predictor or knows what’s going to happen that’s why if we are in a serious situation or other senses because I believe we have more than our five senses we probably have seven one of them being instincts and stuff like that which probably just comes from our spirit consciousness that can that knows our path more than we do because I really do feel like we have our body and that’s just our body will do away with that we have our soul and we also have our spirit consciousness that goes from soul to soul with us that carries all of our knowledge so yeah I might have I might have learned this stuff in my last life yeah it works it works like that but then again you have to look at the flip side and say maybe I didn’t get that from the future but maybe it came through like it was from the future and then I created it and walked in it because I because I thought that it was gonna come like in this when we talk about manifestation I think that I’m gonna be a successful rapper I believe it whether it’s coming from an outside so you should like when people speak over you blessings dude man people I’m beginning a lot lately they’ll speak prophecies and blessings and you’re gonna touch many people like I feel God you when they do that and it creates it the power of the spoken word versus like the power of somebody speaking I’m saying death of you and destruction and stuff it’s about the power of the spoken word and creating it but we have to be careful there man there was just one scenario we talked about I have some friends who were psychics some really really cool friends and I guess I’m psychic to an extent right it’s just the the UM saying the terminology you want to put on it but I remember years ago watching Sylvia Browne which was the world renowned psychic in the 90s right she was on Montel a lot and she would do readings for people on Montel shows a talk show people who don’t know people would stand up and they would ask about you know my loved one passed away do you know if he’s in heaven or hell or we can’t find them and she would give a reading and tell the person where it was but there was something dangerous that she said that always caught me off guard man it mess with me because I know the power of the spoken word this was a single woman and she said well I found the love of my life Sylvia Browne stands up and says yes but it’s gonna be your second husband it’s not gonna be your first one your first one won’t work out and the lady received that so that lady so she spoke that over her so if they haven’t if she has her first marriage in the back of her head she’s gonna thank you know what Sylvia Browne said that the first one was gonna be Rocky and in that the second my second marriage was gonna be the love of my life this how impressionable people are and the power of expectation especially with the Bible we talked about people without my healing talking about people wanting to be healed or inspecting suspecting exactly there was towns that Jesus went in he couldn’t heal anybody this is so called the son of God it made manifest in flesh going in a town you telling me he couldn’t heal people no because of their doubt and unbelief he couldn’t do nothing because they knew him they’re like man this dude’s a carpenter I always say that Jesus is only a carpenter in some town yup and it wasn’t and I’ve seen that I’ve seen that dude that’s people who look at me like oh that’s true Seeger he’s into Rastafarian and he thinks it’s a Jew he thinks he’s dead he’s experimenting he’s on mushrooms like they got they got all kind of stuff to say but when the internet or you go out I’ve been out of town and then I’m we’re able to see a lot more healings and stuff and where people don’t know you yeah because that’s because of their doubt or unbelief it’s not that we have any power at all we’re just like you can’t do it for you and your faith what the Jesus I want to help people because of your faith get up and walk because of your faith you’re gonna be made whole there was there was one there was women who had children at home dead he said would you pray for my son so he’ll get up and live he said woman because of your faith your sounds already touch the garment right touches garment yeah and I’ll be healed I have no facts for this or whatever but it really did touch with me and I was watching a podcast or something where somebody was saying talking about the placebo effect and was talking about chemotherapy and that chemotherapy might just be a self-healing process where people think that there are this is going to help them so they start their pussy Bo effect of self healing and it’s a scary thing you know I don’t want to say that you know that’s all chemotherapy is all bad or the power dollars a big part of that to me as a spiritual person makes a lot of sense if you want if you want to heal yourself you want to live in your not doubting it it’s that you assumed it being open the power the healing power forgiveness at that I was listening to a podcast other day and it was just dr. on he was talking about back in like the and they thought that if you had AIDS you were gonna die back then right you you essentially were but the people who were homosexual and open about it it wasn’t hiding it from their family and they were getting treatment all of these guys had AIDS and they were going to get treatment but the gay guys who were open about their homosexuality with their family and friends and they were okay with who they were they lived two years longer than the people who were hiding it from their family and scared to come out of the closet back in the 80s just because they were they were holding that stuff in and they wasn’t open with who they were and okay with with being who they were that’s a yes huge man we’re like a tuner you know and and we can vibrate the right way and sometimes and it’s just you know if somebody hits us and vibration comes through boom hey well we can get in tune so quick but we also can sit there stagnant but you know yeah yeah when you play it’s like it’s like a guitar man yeah when you play that note it begins to vibrate in the same thing with everything is vibration everything is in tune and when you become I mean there’s power of meditation when you’re meditating to a note that’s a certain frequency that brings about healing or brings about an aura or a frequency to make you feel a certain type of way and you listen to their music that’s the power of music and it’s how we’re vibration in the law of spoken word which is vibration as well the laws of universe universal law is dealing with vibration everything is moving and we can influence that in positive ways or negative ways man absolutely well um do before we jump off here man you want to go ahead and plug your links and plug your your website your album all that good stuff make sure people download the new song that we actually have together as well absolutely uh al ll ITI z that’s all it is i never really got to talk about how I got my name I was talking about that right quick let’s talk about the record all of this back in the day my name was Donna bill in high school and stuff like that I was going by dollar bill and one day you know I was doing my drinking and smoking and even in you know to hardcore drugs like cocaine and stuff like that I called my best friend who is my man beware who we produced together make music together I called him and I was just going a thousand miles a minute about what our dreams what we’re gonna do and how this music thing is real and after saying all that I said that’s all it is that’s all that is man and right then and there I just knew that’s all it is to came as a man yeah it continued as people would be telling their stories and music or their stories about whatever and then they’d say that’s all it is and I’d say that’s all it is right there and it’s not in a little bit ice holler my name it’s your name – because you described it when you say that’s all it is and that’s what it is and let alone all that is that’s that’s not the answer – no that’s the power of the spoken word that’s the power of Amen what does the word Amen be means so be it when you say Amen at the end of a prayer or at the end of a sentence Amen so be it so mote it be and I’m saying wicker that’s what they say and the scripture say it this is powerful too the scriptures say that the promises of God are yes and amen and it’s referring to whatever you put out into the universe do you will you say it’s yes and amen that’s God’s response back to you whoa busted and disgusted everybody always hates me people are always talking crap about me guess what they’re gonna continue to do it because the universe response was okay this is what you want that’s what it is Alchemist bro I read that and that says read to men it’s a short real just to touch on that really quick but when I when I pray I say now and just recently – I’ve kind of restructured the way I pray a little bit I say it is my will and I think that’s important to willow but just to get back to all it is you know go check all it is sometimes I put a four at the end of it but I’m the only all it is out there we just were on yep we did our song together we’re not alone which is awesome with touching on a bunch of different aliens but how you you know what you’d be seen in the night sky I hear the home and yes I have two projects coming out

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