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In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Ufologist and Conspiracy Hip Hop artist ALLiTiz about his research into UFOs, Aliens and his views about disclosure. The two share a common interest in UFOs, Spirituality and Music and have recently released a track together entitled We Are Not Alone the Remix. ALLiTiz found TruthSeekahs work through his interview with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot and then reached out to network. This conversations covers many topics such as Kerry Cassidy and her heated debated with Dr.Steven Greer about the benevolence of alien entities and UFO disclosure as a whole. They also share about their personal encounters with UFOS and how it relates to religion. In much of the old renaissance art you see religious pictures of Jesus and many times in the background of the painting there is a person pointing up towards a UFO in the sky. There is a famous painting of Jesus on the cross that shows two little men flying spacecraft across the sky while the crucifiction is taking place. The strange thing is that most of the cave drawings and religious paintings that depict sky people or aliens was done before technology was anywhere close to where it is today and we now have a lot of technology that is shown in the ancient art. One thing for sure is that the ancients were visited by extraterrestrials and made sure that they kept their art and writings as memorials for these encounters. The Bible if full of experiences of people being communicated with by beings unannounced such as angels and The Lord Himself. In all actuality it is very likely that what we know as the Biblical angelic figures of antiquity are what we would call aliens today. The prophets would fast and pray and then head out to the wilderness or to the top of a mountain and there they would be visited by angelic figures or even God himself. This is very similar today with people who practice the CE5 Initiative to initiate contact with extraterrestrials.



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